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The Resonance Project

Abstract: Transcribed from a live call, 18 April 2012, Nassim

Haramein talks about Living in a Conscious Reality and The
Mechanics of Meditation. The information presented here may
have life changing affects, so get ready by opening your heart
center to truly feel if this information Resonates with you.
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Living in a Conscious Reality

Were writing a paper currently that describes the holographic nature of the structure of
the vacuum and its interaction with the event horizon of black holes. This paper is really critical.
As Im writing it, it blows my mind how beautiful and simple it is in nature and how ubiquitous
this fundamental principle of the structure of the vacuum actually is interacting with the
material world, being the source of mass and the source of the material world. How clearly and
how fundamentally it defines our existence, our relationship with each other and the world and
the foundation of creation. Although this paper is a physics paper, it is a technical paper but it
has profound implications in our understanding of our world, our place in it, and our relationship
to it.
As people work with these equations and begin to understand them at the deeper levels,
Im seeing this over and over again, there are so many transformations and transcendence of
consciousness that occur. In some cases people have to actually go and integrate for a few hours
after working on these equations to be able to continue their journey through them because there
are so many deeper levels that emerges of the realizations of our existence at the deepest level of
transcendence of, what I like to think of, our veils. Many of our veils are being placed by our
cultural interactions from our educational system, from our upbringing and so on. Were not
necessarily conscious of these veils, meaning that we might think of ourselves as very evolved
and so on, and we are. But still, so many things can be present from our upbringing and from all
the education weve received, or so-called education weve received.
There is kind of a sense that although were dealing with very advanced concepts, in
some cases complex equations and complex ideas, many of the people that come in contact with
these views and these equations find that these are concepts and ideas that were natural to them
as children. Early on in their lives, people typically tend to think this way, or it seemed natural
for them to think that way. They were really brought away from that because of educational
systems and upbringing, and in some cases religious beliefs that actually steered them away from
this fundamental knowingness. Ive found it so many times while Im teaching with adults,
teaching with the public at large and with children.
Typically children get this really really quick because they naturally will think in
unification. They will naturally feel and experience the world as this interconnected web that
theyre interacting with. They slowly, due to all of these stressors in our society, lose sight of this
connection, lose sight of their relationship to the universe and the world at large and start to feel
isolated and separated and the result is typically erroneous beliefs that develop about themselves,
and about the world. Eventually thats what produces a society and organization on a planet that
looks like ours. Where people are very much individualistic, are typically living in deep fear of
not having enough, and having to fight for what they need. As well in a society in which
individual and separate relationships with the world are encouraged. Our humanity, at the highest
level of humanity, our love for each other and our sense of fellowship is really fundamental to
this change currently.
In one way we can think of our consciousness evolving to a more open, open hearted,
highly connected awareness which leads to a similar, higher, more open and more connected
time. A science that encourages new ideas, encourages discovery, encourages concepts of
infinity and concepts of abundance. Instead of believing that the universe is a random function of
entropic systems running down and that we are some kind of fluke that occurs in this messy soup
of random events. This is really crucial, its actually at the root of our evolution right now, is this

transcendence. What is needed for the individual to bring this transcendence into their daily life
and to remember, is continuous reminders.
Because we are living in a world that is fundamentally opposite to these thoughts and we
are influenced by this world. We are bathing in a morphogenetic field where every second
thousands of children die from starvation, women get raped, people get tortured, every second
somebody is hurt by a firearm and so on. There is a very deep level of distress that is present and
it is critical for us at this time to be able to maintain this higher view, this higher intent and in
order to do that, in order to have that perspective, in order to be able to rise above and view the
world from a different angle, from a different objective we have to constantly refer back to that
unity consciousness, to that feeling of connectivity, to that relationship with the world, with the
galactic community, with the universal community.
In order to do that we have to remind ourselves and we have to be present to that reality
everyday. This is so important. Even if its just a few minutes a day, to be able to do this, to be
able to return to that connection, return to our fundamental self and to feel that link with all
things and to feel the relationship we have with all the mechanics of creation. Then walk into this
world with that awareness, and maintain it so that we can have more and more positive influence
on the morphogenetic field and make more and more of an impact. As we do this, we connect,
and walk that awareness, we as well connect with others all around like a grid structure, all
around in the morphogenetic field of the earth that is thinking and existing at that level and were
making links and cords that become stronger and stronger in the morphogenetic field so that we
can eventually overcome the current state of affairs and bring our world to a whole new level of
This will come with as well very advanced technologies that are being developed right
now and the most advanced developments in consciousness and evolution that this world has
seen in some 5,000 years or more, maybe 10. Its a very exciting time and its easy at this time to
feel discouraged or isolated or frustrated. At the same time as we experience these emotions we
have to keep our eyes on the eight ball knowing that if we continue to maintain that level of
awareness these changes we are hoping for are going to occur.
There is as well, obviously a whole component to this that has to do with having a
committed understanding of what is unification, how does it work, what are the mechanics. Not
just a bake feeling, not just some belief, but actually a cognitive understanding of the mechanics,
the physics and the mathematics on how this works. You dont need to know the details of the
mathematics but at least the fundamental principles, the fundamental principles that describe our
Universe. These are the principles that I am flushing out in the papers I write, specifically in the
paper I am writing right now. Which is extremely simple, I mean a high school student can go
through the equation with a little algebra and understand them.
Really what it says is that we live in a soup of pixilated information structure, a metrical
information structure of teeny weenie pixels. Pixels that are in our universe, as in the orders of
magnitude of the Planck entity, which is 10-33 cm, so its extremely extremely small. Within that
pixilation structure you can imagine that even if you were looking at the surface of a proton,
which is extremely tiny, its a tiny dot in the middle of an atom, which is already very small.
To give you an idea of a scale, if you were to take the size of stars and relate it to the size
of our universe you would have about the same scale relationship as if you were to take the size
of an atom and relate it to the Planck size, it is many many millions of billions of orders of
magnitude of smaller and smaller entity there. Even at the proton level you would not see the
pixilation yet. Imagine it is fluctuating oscillators of information of Planck pixels informing all

of creation. This soup being the vacuum structure, being the space between things, informing all
things of everything thats going on, everywhere. This holographic pixilation soup you are
floating in right now, you are absorbing its information, you are interpreting its information as
the material world around you and then you are feeding it back information from your
interpretation. You are self-producing fluctuations in this soup which is informing all of the
Universe and the Multiverse, and as Orus, my son likes to say, the Megaverse and the Gigaverse
and so on.
When you experience becoming aware of that relationship, it demands a certain amount
of time and energy but when you are aware of it, then you can be a much more influential and
powerful individual in that field because you can amplify your influence on the structure of the
vacuum. You see how the mathematics and the description of the metrical space becomes critical
to our capacity to have a large influence and to make significant changes in the morphogenetic
field of our planet and our level of consciousness and the universe as a whole.
The Mechanics of Meditation
You can think of meditation as yoga for the soul. In yoga, or in various practices such as
yoga like Tai Chi and so on, the principle is of being centered and balanced. To achieve that,
yoga for the soul if youd like, by increasing the spin youve increased the bog rate*. By going
towards center, bringing your attention to the center of your being that is inward from the event
horizon of you existence, you actually literally go to center. When you do, because you are
bringing your attention there, you are bringing more information into that system. As you do, the
gradient changes so the spin rate goes up, just like a gradient of density between the water in a
tub and the drain of a tub. The higher the gradient of the drain, the spin of the water goes up.
This change, which produces the exchange we see, is the air in the drain exiting as the water goes
down. Thats actually the information exchange.
As you go towards center, this is why all mediation techniques, typically demand that you
concentrate inward, that you go towards the center. You can think to the center of your body, or
you can think to the center of your cells, or you can think to the center of your atoms, or you can
think to the center of the protons, or you can think to the center of Plancks distance and so on.
All those are centers, and depending on the center that you are bringing your level of awareness
to, higher is the spin rate and higher is the information transfer because the deeper you go the
larger is the gradient.
This is the actual mechanism for consciousness. Thats why meditation is an important
technique to help remember that there is not only an external world but as well an internal world.
Know that the two are in relationship with each other in such a way that as you gain more
information, you are fed more information by the field because your awareness is rising. As you
absorb more information you can interpret more information and so on so that you have a
positive neg-entropic feedback loop with the vacuum.
*Bog rate was referred to earlier in the call as any impedance within a system.
Haramein, Nassim. "Conference Call." The Resonance Project. Holualoa, HI. 18 Apr. 2012.