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Solyom v. World Wide Child Care Corp., Not Reported in F.Supp.

3d (2015)

2015 WL 7567432
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United States District Court,
S.D. Florida.
Janos Solyom, Plaintiff,
World Wide Child Care Corp.; Children
of America, Inc.; International Child Care
Marketing Corp.; Baby Guardian, Inc.; World
Films, Inc.; Visitel Enterprises Corp.; Thad
Pryor; and James Perretty, Defendants.
Signed 11/23/2015
Attorneys and Law Firms
Marc A. Burton, The Burton Firm, Peter J. Solnick,
Peter J Solnick PA, Aventura, FL, Daniel J. Poterek, The
Burton Firm, Miami, FL, for Plaintiff.
Alan P. Fraade, Edward C. Kramer, Mintz & Fraade, PC,
New York, NY, Kraig Scott Weiss, Paul K. Silverberg,
Silvergerg & Weiss, P.A., Weston, FL, for Defendants.



1. Defendants shall have the funds due to the Plaintiff
pursuant to the Settlement Agreement transferred to
the Solnick Law Firm trust account by the close of
business today, November 23, 2015.
2. The funds shall not be released from the Solnick
Law Firm trust account until defense counsel notifies
Plaintiff's counsel that the Defendants have all of the
documents required by the Settlement Agreement, to
a. The admission(s) set forth in the transcript signed by
the Plaintiff;
b. The exchange of releases;
c. The confidential liquidated damages clause signed by
the Plaintiff;
d. The stock certificates signed by the Plaintiff.
3. Defense counsel shall provide notice of receipt of
all of the documents required by the Settlement
Agreement within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt
of the same.
4. The Motion for Contempt and for Sanctions is
DENIED. The Court finds the parties had a good
faith misunderstanding and no sanctions or award of
attorney's fees is warranted.

JAMES I. COHN, United States District Judge

*1 THIS CAUSE has come before the Court upon the
Plaintiff's Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement, for
Order to Show Cause Why Defendants and Their Counsel
Should Not Be Held In Contempt of Court and For
Failure to Comply With Settlement Agreement, and for
Sanctions [DE 365]. The Court having considered the
Motions and having heard argument of counsel, it is
End of Document

DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers, Fort Lauderdale,

Florida, this 23 rd day of November, 2015.

All Citations
Not Reported in F.Supp.3d, 2015 WL 7567432

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2017 Thomson Reuters. No claim to original U.S. Government Works.