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USB3.0 Dual SATA HDD Docking Station

With Offline Clone Function

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FD2002 HDD Docking Station

Instruction Manual(EN)
Main function
This product support data copy and clone between dual HDDs. Meanwhile, it adopts
USB3.0 (Super Speed) with date transfer rate up to 5Gbps and SATA3 (6Gbps) and
backward compatible with earlier versions as well. This excellent transmission performance
and good compatibility is convenient for data exchange and perfectly suitable for the men
who need to batch processing and clone data at some certain places, such as film and
television production, Backup & processing IT data, Schools batch processing data etc.

Product schematic

LED indicator
Clone Button

DC-IN Jack
Power Switch

Normal use
a. Connect DC power adapter with docking station
b. Connect docking station with computer by USB cable
c. Insert HDD into slot of docking station correctly.
d. Power on, lower right comer of computer will have a mobile hardware prompt after
device has been recognized, disk management will also have one.

Instruction for the removal of drives

Please note: Before the removal of the data storage device, please stop all data access and
transfer to the device, so that the storage can be normally removed. Forced removal may
lead to damageor loss of crucial data. To prevent any data loss, please strictly follow the
steps for removal below!
a. Removal from Windows systems: Right click on the hardware or USB device removal
symbol in the status bar, click on the periphery to be removed. When the system
notification reading the device can now be safely removed. shows up, you can remove
the data storage.

Another way to remove the data storage is through the device manager (Computer ->
Device Manager -> Drives -> Click on Remove for the drive to be removed, so that
the drive can be detached safely.

b. Removal from Macintosh systems: Please choose the symbol for Portable drives /
devices, choose the menu function Remove from the drop down menu by right
clicking onto the symbol. You may also drag the Portable device to the rubbish bin.
Now, the device can be safely removed.

Offline clone
a. This product supports offline duplicate function which can clone the HDD directly without
connecting to computers by USB port.
b. Insert the HDDs to "A"&"B", A is the HDD to be cloned, B is the target HDD to cloning,
HDDs capacity requires BA
c. Start cloning: Press "Clone" button on the product about 3 seconds, when release the
button The LED indicator of 100% will light up, and quickly click "Clone", then it start
cloning. Indicator lights (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) flash up in turn during cloning, and
whole lights on after completion. Cloning is done.

Sleep Mode
a. After finishing cloning HDDs under offline duplicate mode, product goes to sleep mode
if there were no operations in 30min and HDDs stop running. Power Indicator light
flashes up every 3 seconds, and other progress indicator lights and disk light still work,
that means clone is done and goes to sleep mode without any operations. HDDs will
wake up again to stand-by mode by press clone button shortly.
b. When USB3.0 port connects to computer, product goes to sleep mode if there were no
reading or writing on hard disk in 30min and HDDs stop running. Power Indicator light
flashes up every 3 seconds, and disk light keeps working. LED lights flash up when
computer reads and writes again.

Partition and Formatting

If your HDD has been partitioned, please connect directly with docking station to use. It will
be showed New Disk in computer.
If not, in the premise of system can correctly identify HDD, you can use the partition and
formatting program come with system to do it, or third-party software (such as Fdisk, DM,
PQ Magic, etc.) to do it. (The following comes to Win7 system partition and format for

1. Right-select the computer, select the management into Computer Management and
select Disk Management, then right-click the disk name in the left region, select
Initialize the disk, then right-click in the right area of the disk, select set up new simple

2. In the New Simple Volume Wizard, click Next, according to the desired partition resize
disk partition size, and select Next, specify the disk drive letter, Click Next, select the file
system, enter the volume label, and select Disk formatting way, click Next, click Finish,
the disk will be formatted. Above, the operation can be repeated according to disk size.

3. After operation finished, open My Computer, it will apper the New Disk except the local
disk, indicated that it connect computer successfully.

Technical data
Product name

USB3.0 Dual SATA HDD Docking Station with Offline Clone Function

Product type

Inateck FD2002





Supported drives



USB3.0 up to 5Gbps


Aluminium Alloy and ABS plastic

Hot Plug, Plug & Play





450mm length109mm width60mm height

Operation environment

Storage: -20 to 70 C; Operation: 5 to 40 C

Supported operating systems

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS 9.0 and higher

Tool free


Required Driver


Packing list


FD2002 Docking Station


USB 3.0 Data Cable


Instruction Manual


DC Power Adapter


a. Unable to start cloning: Please check whether the actual capacity of B disk is higher than
A disk (BA), otherwise it wont work when A disks actual capacity is higher than B
disks. (B<A )
b. Indicator light stops flashing up during offline duplicating: it might because of disk bad
sectors so that data couldnt be cloned as usual. Its better to change a good disk.
c. After cloning, the rest capacity of B disk is showed and operated via Computer
management - Storage - Disk management.
d. Why over 2TB hard disk couldnt be identified by USB? Because the maximum capacity
of hard disk which Windows XP can supports is 2TB and couldnt be identified by
system if over 2TB. It only supports after upgrading the operating system above Vista
(64 bit) version and we suggest changing hard disk into a GPT disk partition, or the
operating system will not support over 2 TB disk partitions.
e. Please make sure that B hard disk data can be covered before cloning data. Because
once you start cloning, B hard disk partition methods and data are completely cloned as
A hard disk. Our company does NOT undertake any responsibility for data or economy
loss which could bring by damaged data.
f. Please do not remove your hard drive or insert a new one while the other hard drive is
being accessed, as doing so the other drive temporarily disconnects and this could
damage your hard drive and result in data loss.

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