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The Electrical Power and Control Systems Group conducts research addressing fundamental

engineering and economic challenges facing electrical power systems, energy systems and future
cities. Current research efforts include:

Advanced control methods and decision making tools for infrastructures such as energy
systems, environmental systems, technological processes, defence systems and
telecommunication systems, etc.
Intelligent decision support and control of large scale complex systems,
Multiagent softly switched robustly feasible model predictive control
Integrating monitoring, control and security of Critical Infrastructure Systems

Energy system modelling, economics and policy

Smart energy systems and smart cities
Whole system modelling and analysis of energy systems
Integration of energy storage into energy systems
Energy policy, energy economics and market design

Operation, control and planning of power grids and smart grids

Smart grid architecture
Real-time power grid simulation, monitoring, protection, control and optimization with
PMUs and wide area synchronised measurements
Integration of large scale renewable energy sources (PVs, Wind and Wave) into power
Power system stability and control
Demand response and energy management of distributed energy resources including
PVs, EVs, energy storage and renewable energy

Cyber-security and privacy of Infrastructure Systems

Control of DWDS under malicious attacks on water quality
Cyber-physical security of power grids
Cyber-security and privacy of smart energy control, smart metering

Our research is highly interdisciplinary with strong collaborations via the Institute of Energy
Research and Policy and the Birmingham Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage sponsored by
UK EPSRC. Excellent collaborations have been established with leading power companies
nationally and internationally such as ALSTOM, E.ON, National Grid, etc.

Prof RC Bansal (Ramesh)


Professor and Group Head (Power)


PhD, ME, (Power Systems), MBA, Grad Cert in Higher Ed (GCHE)

Professional status

CPEngg (UK)

FIET (UK), FIE (India), FIEAust, SM IEEE (USA)


EAD 410 Electrical Drives

EKK 320 Power System Components

EKK 410 Power System Analysis


EEN 732 Renewable Energy

Research Fields

Diversified research Interests in the areas of Renewable Energy and Conventional Power
Systems which includes wind, PV and hybrid power systems, distributed generation,
analysis and control of induction generators (SEIG & DFIG), grid integration of renewable
energy, power systems analysis (reactive power/voltage control, stability, faults and
protection), Smart Grid, FACTS and power quality.
Address and contact details

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

Engineering 1, 14-26
University of Pretoria
Lynnwood Road
Telephone: (+27 12) 420-5446

Fax no: (+27 12) 362-5000


Dr RM Naidoo (Raj)

Senior Lecturer: Power and Energy Systems

Dr. R Naidoo
Department of Electrical Electronic & Computer Engineering
University of Pretoria
0002 Pretoria
South Africa
Visiting Address:
Engineering III Building, Room 7-88
Tel. +27 12 420-5239
Fax. +27 12 349-8332

B.Sc Eng (Natal)
M.Sc Eng (Wits)

Professional status

Registered as a Professional Engineer, ECSA







Electrical Design (EWE320)

Advanced Wiring (ESP300)

Power Distribution Engineering (EEV732)

General Research Fields

Power and Energy Systems

Research Areas and Possible Topics

Energy in buildings

Smart distribution systems

Motor efficiency estimation and condition monitoring

Preparing the workforce for smart distribution systems

Optimal Residential Load Control With Price Prediction in Real-Time Electricity

Pricing Environments

Autonomous Demand-Side Management Based on Game-Theoretic Energy

Consumption Scheduling for the Future Smart Grid

Optimising cooling fan performance for optimal energy savings for cold room


FRD Scholarship for B.Sc Eng (Electrical) Studies

Eskom Scholarship for M.Sc Eng Studies

Eskom Managers Award for Best M.Sc Student

DL and Associates - Best Presentation Award


Eskom TESP Grant 2004 - current

NRF Tutuka 2005 - 2008

NRF Thrip 2007 - current

Recent Publications
Papers Published in Journals

Dlamini V, Naidoo R.M, Bansal R, A Motor Management Strategy for

Optimising Energy Use and Reducing Life Cycle Costs, Journal of Power and
Energy Engineering, 2014

Naidoo R.M, Dlamini M, A non-intrusive method for estimating motor

efficiency using vibration signature analysis, Electrical Power and Energy
Systems, Elsevier, Vol 45, pp 384-390, 2013

Naidoo R.M, Manning E.J, Optimal network topology and reliability indices to
be used in the design of power distribution networks in oil and gas plants,
Australian Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2013, Vol. 10 Issue 2,

Smit P, Naidoo R.M and Naidoo V Reserve optimisation incorporating

demand market participation,, Energize, Jan/Feb 2008

Naidoo R.M, Pillay P, A new method of voltage sag and swell detection,, IEEE
Trans. on Power Delivery, Apr 2007, Vol 22, No. 2

Recent Papers Presented and Published in International Conference Proceedings

Dlamini V, Naidoo R.M, Bansel R.C., An Improved Motor Replacement Strategy

using Non-Intrusive Motor Efficiency Estimation, Industrial and Commercial
Use of Energy Conference (ICUE 2014), Cape Town, August 18-20, 2014

Van Zyl S, Slabbert M, Naidoo R.M, A revised MV feeder protection philosophy

for Eskom Distribution South Africa, Martin Slabbert, Eskom Distribution, ,
University of Pretoria, South Africa, PAC world africa conference, 30 July - 2
August, 2013, Cape Town, South Africa

Naidoo R, Naidoo R.M, Multi-Period Co-optimisation of Energy and Reserves

using an Optimal Power Flow Formulation, accepted for presentation, IASTED
International Conference on Power and Energy Systems, which will be held
Apr 02, 2012 to Apr 04, 2012, in Phuket, Thailand

Dlamini V, Manyage M, Naidoo R.M, A Non-Intrusive Compensated Slip

Method for Motor Efficiency Estimation using Vibration Signature Analysis,
accepted for publication, IEEE Africon, September 13-15, 2011

Naidoo R.M, Dlamini V, Manyage M, Practical evaluation of motor efficiency

estimation techniques, Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy Conference
(ICUE 2010), Cape Town, August 10-12, 2010

Kala Konga L, Naidoo R.M, A design model for a fuel cell compression system,
Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy Conference (ICUE 2009), Cape Town,
June 10-12, 2009

Smit P, Naidoo R.M, A generation reserve optimization model incorporating

demand market participation, IEEE PES Africa 2007, Johannesburg, South
Africa, July 16-20, 2007

Naidoo RM, A Nonlinear Method of Detecting Sags for Single Phase UPS
Application, PCIM China Conference 2007, 21 23 March 2007, Shanghai

Naidoo R.M, Pillay P, An online method of extracting single-event sag indices,

IEEE PES Africa 2007, Johannesburg, South Africa, July 16-20, 2007

Naidoo R.M, Barendse P, Douglas H, Pillay P, A new algorithm for improved

dip/sag detection with application to improved performance of wind turbine
generators, IEEE IAS 2006 Annual Meeting, Tampa Florida, October 8-12,

Grobler M, Naidoo R.M, Determining Transmission Line Parameters from GPS

Time-Stamped Data, IEEE IECON, Paris, November 2006

Recent Papers Presented and Published in Local Conference Proceedings

Carolin T, Naidoo R.M, A model of a transient stability stabiliser, SAUPEC,

January 2005.

Nene M, Naidoo R.M, Harmonic penetration from capacitor coupled

substations, SAUPEC, January 2005