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Volume I: A New Order of the Ages
Book 2: Routine Ritual Inclusions
Part 5: The Hexagram Rituals
The Hexagram is also used in Magick (see section 6 of this part, following this section). Whereas the Pentagram is used for dealing with Elemental and Stellar Powers and spirits, including those associated with the Signs and Constellations, the Hexagram is used for Planetary ones, including those associated with Earth as a Planet rather than as an Element. Consider the following diagrams: Th 1=7 * * * B 6 * 4 G Sh 1 * 3 A * * 2 M R 0 * * * 2 D

P 3

K 5

(In each of these two diagrams, above, the numbers indicate the order in which to trace the figure, going in a continuous line from point to point until reaching the origin once more. The first is a Unicursal Hexagram -- a six-pointed figure that is traced in one continuous line, rather than with the two used to

trace the more usual Star of David. In it, the “0th” or center point, R, is not part of the Hexagram itself; it is created as the result of the crossing of the trace over itself at that point. The second is an equilateral triangle which also represents the top triad of the Tree of Life, including its first three _Sephiroth_ in their normal order.) The points of the Unicursal Hexagram shown above and, following it, the Triangle of Art, with their associated Hebrew letters, correspond to the Planets, as follows:

Hebrew Letter Shin Mem Aleph Tav Kaph Peh Resh Daleth Beth Gimel

Roman Equivalent Sh M A Th K P R D B G, C

Planet (with Elements) Pluto/Fire Neptune/Water Uranus/Air Saturn/Earth Jupiter Mars Sol Venus Mercury Luna

Pronunciation S, Sh M A, E (as in Al Shaddai) Th, T K P, Ph R D B Hard G (“girl”), soft G (“gem”), sometimes hard C (“cat”) or soft C (“cinder”)

There are also Hexagrams for the Elements, just as there are for the Planets. But unlike the latter, those for the Elements are not traced using the Unicursal Hexagram diagrammed above. They are as follows: 1) Fire Th * Sh * * A P * * * M K

I.e., two triangles are traced. For the invoking form, the first is Th*D*B*Th, the second is G*K*P*G. The second triangle is traced after the first, and superposed on it. For banishing, first trace Th*B*D*Th, then, superposed on the first, G*P*K*G. Note that the Hexagram of Fire is identical to the Hexagram of the Planet Pluto. 2) The Hexagram of Water P * * K


* * Th B * * D

In the invoking form, first G*P*K*G is traced, then, just below it, Th*D*B*Th. For banishing, first trace G*K*P*G, then, below it, Th*B*D*Th. This Hexagram is identical to that of the Planet Neptune. 3) Air Th * B * P * * G For invoking, first trace Th*D*B*Th, then, below the first triangle, G*P*K*G. To banish, trace Yh*B*D*Th, then G*K*P*G. This Hexagram is the same as that of the Planet Uranus. 4) Earth (the Element) The Hexagram of Earth is identical to that of Saturn, which, like those for Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, is traced out as shown in the table given below, with reference to the Unicursal Hexagram (the following diagram): Th * P * * B * * G With reference to the diagram of the Universal Hexagram given above, the Planetary Hexagrams are traced out, point to point, as follows: Planet Luna Mercury Venus Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn/Earth Invoking Trace G*P*D*Th*B*K*G B*Th*D*P*G*K*B D*P*G*K*B*Th*D See below* P*D*Th*B*K*G*P K*G*P*D*Th*B*K Th*D*P*G*K*B*Th Banishing Trace G*K*B*Th*D*P*G B*K*G*P*D*Th*B D*Th*B*K*G*P*D See below** P*G*K*B*Th*D*P K*B*Th*D*P*G*K Th*B*K*G*P*D*Th * D * K * D * K

*The Invoking Hexagram of the Sun is made by tracing the Invoking Hexagram of Saturn, immediately followed by that of Luna. **The Banishing Hexagram of the Sun is made by tracing the Banishing Hexagram of Saturn, immediately followed by that of Luna.

Calls can be constructed out of the tracings of the Hexagram, just as they can from those of the Pentagram. As an example, consider the Invoking Hexagram of Luna. Represented as a string of Roman letters, the transliterations of the original Hebrew letters associated with the points of the Hexagram and the Planets, it is G*P*D*Th*B*K*G By inserting vowels to make this string of letters pronounceable, as if it were a word, we get something like GaPeDiThoBuKaG (Which vowels are selected for this last is mostly a matter of taste since, Magickally speaking, only the consonants have Qaballistic, hence Magickal properties and powers which we desire to activate by means of ritual. Thus the choice of vowels is up to the Operator, because by themselves they are unlikely to affect the outcome. However, it is recommended that you select those vowels you find easiest to use for this purpose and which, if anything, add to the resonance and power of your voice as you make the Call.) After you’ve settled on a choice of vowels to make this string of consonants into a pronounceable Magickal “word,” you should then practice, practice, PRACTICE saying this “word” until you can use it in your sleep, and have no trouble at all remembering it. This is true of all these Calls which, like the physical inscription of the figures of the Hexagrams and Pentagrams, should be overlearned so thoroughly that, short of major brain-damage, you’ll be able to recall them at need without any effort. Nota bene: This method of representing a lineal figure by means of a purely vocalized Call can be extended to any graphic which can be represented as a finite set of points, each of which has associated with it a unique letter of some alphabet. The interested reader may wish to experiment along those lines. Below is a representation of the Pentagram in which the various letters are associated with its points.

Sh 2 * V 4 * * H2 1=6 * 3 I *5 H1

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