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MISSION STATEMENT: Cloud 9 Cruisers Club (C9CC) is an unincorporated off-road atv/utv club formed by a
group of individuals primarily for the purpose of fundraising efforts to assist in restoration, preservation and improving
the assets of Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc. C9CC is committed to improve the safety aspect for anything necessary, be it
trails, playground equipment, campground pads, pools etc. for the owners, based solely on input and approval.
C9CC’s mission is to facilitate the atv/utv enthusiasts with the necessary support to raise funds to procure necessary
supplies and equipment needed when a project has been established for the benefit of Cloud 9 Ranch. C9CC’s
members will work with ranch management/maintenance to prioritize areas of concern when restoration, preservation
or improvement is necessary anywhere on ranch property. Cloud 9 Ranch owns it, we only want to preserve, restore
and upgrade it. C9CC officers consist of: Two co-chairmen, a secretary, treasurer and project coordinator. C9CC’s
fundraising efforts for the benefit of Cloud 9 Ranch will be delivered by a C9CC officer; accounting for the use of
those funds will be tracked and verified by Project Coordinator. Upon completion of project, a detailed report will be
presented to C9CC membership in an eNewsletter and other ways of publication available. Upon request of a C9CC
member, C9CC reserves the right to provide additional fundraising efforts from time to time for charitable causes not
associated with Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., as long as the larger portion of all fundraising efforts are for the benefit of
Cloud 9 Ranch Club assets and properties.

CHARTER: The first 100 memberships acquired (or number of memberships in the months of June & July, 2010) are
considered Charter Members of C9CC. All Charter Members receive a membership card, tee-shirt OR a hat free.
When Charter Membership drive is completed, Charter Member decals will be ordered and distributed. ONLY

OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS: Election of Officers will be held in June of each year. All officer positions have
no term limits and any officer can be elected multiple times. The initial officers of C9CC have been chosen by the
organizers and will serve until June 2011. Present Officers each year must declare their desire to remain in office.
Persons wanting to apply for an officer positions in 2011 and each year thereafter, must submit a request in writing to
a present officer prior to April 30th of each year. Voting procedures will be discussed in eNewsletters, determined by
Charter Members and announced prior to March 31, 2011.

Step 1: Upon conclusion of the Charter Membership Drive, membership in C9CC will be increased through a
sponsorship by Charter Members. Sponsored members do not have to be a CLOUD 9 RANCH owner. Revenues
received from membership drive go toward fulfilling the C9CC mission statement above (after cost of goods and club
expenses). Upon receipt of forms and $25 donation, sponsored members receive i.d. card, decal (ONLY) and
eNewsletter. Additional C9CC items are available for purchase Hats-$10; TeeShirts S-M-L-XL -$12; TeeShirts 2X &
3X -$14 (prices subject to change from year to year depending on cost of goods).

Step 2: Members will complete a questionnaire giving information as to his/her skills that can be utilized and a level
of involvement C9CC can expect from Members who will agree to participate in fundraising efforts and club social

Step 3: Members will sign the C9CC Application and Guidelines & Agreements.

Step 4: Renewal of memberships will be on an annual basis when an additional $25 will be donated to C9CC for the
specific use of fulfilling our mission statement. If member chooses to not renew, their membership number will be
held for a period of one year, then re-assigned to a new member.

Step 5: Beginning June 2011 through June 2012, at any time a Member wishes to convert his membership to Lifetime
Status, a one-time donation of $200 will reserve their membership number for life. A Lifetime Status Membership
Number may be passed down to an immediate family member upon approval by C9CC Officers, with an additional
$100 donation under the new member name.


James P. Marshall, Co-Chairman Halsey L. Taylor, Co-Chairman

Dawn M. Orr, Secretary-Treasurer Wendell B. Ward, Project Coordinator


While on Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., C9CC members agree to ride trails and roads responsibly and
participate in preservation efforts by being “eyes and ears,” and to report immediately to security
or management any witnessed abuse, misuse or destruction to trails, streams, ranch buildings, hay
fields, compounds, stables, or any other asset of the Ranch: C9CC members further agree:

1. That excessive use of alcohol when operating an ATV/UTV is an unsafe practice and
should be avoided at all times.

2. That it is a safe practice for any minor under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while operating

3. To promote memberships to both the Ranch and C9CC by helping to promote fundraisers
even when unable to attend or participate.

4. To support the facilities and amenities on the ranch by purchasing food, goods, gasoline
and ice whenever possible.

5. To keep their Cloud 9 Ranch membership(s) maintenance fees and usage paid on the day
due and not become delinquent (which could result in loss of C9CC membership without a

6. To support efforts to help restore, preserve or improve ranch assets, including trails,
streams, ranch grounds and buildings, playground equipment, sporting and game
equipment, and all other amenities and facilities provided not specifically listed herein.

7. To conduct themself in a wholesome manner while wearing the C9CC attire that
distinguishes them as a member.

8. That designated project funds (when available) shall be delivered on a regular basis for the
specific use of prioritized restoration, preservation and improvements to Ranch assets,
facilities or amenities.

9. That no funds collected through donations, fundraising or otherwise will be turned over to
any committee or other entity associated with Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., but rather to ranch
management for specific costs of approved prioritized and designated projects.

10. To not litter the trails and roadsides on Cloud 9 Ranch property, and will make every
effort to pick up litter when noticed.

NAME: _______________________________________________________________
MAILING ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________
PHONE: ____________________ E-mail: ____________________________________
CELL PHONE:__________________ C9CC’S preferred method of communication

Yes No
( ) ( ) I understand that C9CC is not a committee or affiliated with the not-for-profit
corporation known as Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc., except through approved fundraising efforts held
on Cloud 9 Ranch property to support the Ranch assets and property.

( ) ( ) I understand that C9CC is unincorporated and uninsured for any group activities or
fundraising efforts and it is my responsibility to provide any necessary insurance to cover my
person or property. I further agree to hold harmless C9CC and any other entity that approves a
C9CC event in which I participate.

( ) ( ) (For Information Purposes Only – not required) I am a member in good standing of

Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc. If yes, Mbr #___________

( ) ( ) I spend more than 30 days on the Ranch each year.

( ) ( ) I have training or expertise that would be of benefit to C9CC.

Example: You may not be able to do manual labor, but can provide promotional items, supply an
item to raffle off or donate prizes for fundraising efforts.
If yes, give brief description: _______________________________________________________

( ) ( ) I am willing to help with club activities (cookouts, picnics and other social events
for C9CC members). If yes, number of days notice desired: _________________

( ) ( ) I am willing to help organize or work with C9CC fundraisers when possible and time
allows. If yes, number of fundraisers per year you believe we should sponsor on the ranch: _____

FUNDRAISING SUGGESTIONS: __________________________________________________


By signing this application and completing the questionnaire, I certify that I have read and
understand the Charter and Mission Statements of C9CC, and agree to accept, support and promote
the Mission Statement of C9CC. I further certify that I have read and signed the Guidelines and
Agreements set forth on the reverse side of this application.

SIGNED: ____________________________ DATE: _________________

Approved by C9CC Officer Name/Office _______________________________________

$25 received on ______________ Tee-Shirt Size: _______ or Hat Received
ASSIGNED CHARTER MEMBER #_________________ Expiration Date: ___________