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High Detail Resin

UV-cured resin prints display fine details, sharp edges and a smooth finish. Color availability is limited,
but it is easily paintable and can also be semi-translucent.
High Detail Resin is ideal for printing intricate designs and sculptures, as up to 0.2mm is enough to
create clearly visible details. Apart from size, resin comes with hardly any design restrictions.

SLS Nylon

It's the perfect all-rounder: easy design rules, strong and slightly flexible. Nylon allows for functional
end products and complex designs. Its surface is a bit grainy, but it can be polished for a smooth
Nylon prints are laser sintered on industrial 3D printers. The technology gives you a high degree of
form freedom and you can even print moving parts in one go.

Fiber-Reinforced Nylon

Fiber-Reinforced Nylon materials are designed to print parts with the strength of metal. Thanks to
Markforgeds continuous fiber fabrication process, you can now 3D print parts with a higher strengthto-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminum, up to 27x stiffer and 24x stronger than ABS.
Available materials include Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass reinforced nylon, allowing you to optimize
your print for strength, stiffness, weight and temperature resistance.

Rigid Opaque Plastic

Rigid Opaque Plastic (Vero) is the go-to material for realistic prototypes, providing excellent details,
high accuracy and smooth surface finish with up to 16 micron layer heights.

With Rigid Opaque Plastic, you can 3D print attractive prototypes that closely resemble the look of
the end product and test fit, form and function, even for moving and assembled parts.

Rubber-Like Plastic

With Rubber-Like Plastic (Tango), you can simulate rubber with various levels of elastomer
characteristics including Shore Scale A hardness, elongation at break, tear resistance and tensile

This material enables you to simulate a wide variety of finished products, such as non-slip or soft
surfaces on consumer electronics, medical devices and automotive interiors.

Transparent Plastic

Transparent plastic is one of the clearest 3D printing materials available; combining clarity with high
precision and smooth surface finish.
This material is ideal for form and fit testing of see-through parts, fine-detail model building, enabling
you to prototype clear and tinted products from eyewear and lighting covers to medical devices.

Simulated Polypropylene
Simulated Polypropylene is tough, flexible and durable. It provides great impact resilience combined
with smooth curves and a beautiful surface finish.
This material enables you to rapidly create precision prototypes that look and behave like
polypropylene. Test form, fit and function for snap-fit assemblies, living hinges, durable housings and

Simulated ABS

Simulated ABS is designed to imitate ABS engineering plastics by combining strength with hightemperature resistance. It provides high impact resistance and shock absorption along with a beautiful
smooth surface finish.

With Simulated ABS, you can create high precision engineering tools as well as tough and durable
prototypes. It is the fastest and most affordable way to produce high precision injection molds for small
injection molding runs of 10-100 pieces.