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pan 23 Diesel Injection System Quick Data Index Diesel Injection System —Coid start cable 23.5 —Engine speed 23.5, —Fue! cut-of solenoid 23.5 —Fue! delivery valve/ housing 23.7, 23.8 Fuel fiter water ingicator kit instaling 23.10, 23.11 —Fuelinjoctors 23.8-23.10 injection pump 23.6, 23.7 —Injection pump/valve timing 23.3, 23.4 injection system 23.2 —Injection timing 23.4 23 Diesel Injection System Accelerator cable adjusting, 698 Repair Group 20, WARNING Disconnect battery when warking on fuel system. Never smoke wien working with tual for have anything in area that can ignite it ‘Always replace seats and fuel hose clamps Injector pipes. 25 Nm (181 1b) Injectors 70 Nm (51 ft 1b) removinglintalting page 23.0 Cleaning page 239 ‘checking page 20.10 old start eabie ‘aajusting page 23.5 aot dolivery valvos 45 Nm (9 Ith) checkingieplacing Engine speed checsing/agjusting page 205 Injection pump removing page 238 Som ce Installing page 23.7 ‘adjusting page 23.4 Fepair Group 28 ‘hooking page 23.3 Tensioner use too! US 4499) 46 Non (23116) Drive belt ramovingninetalling atte S8 Repair Group 13, 25 Nm (18 1 10) Injection pump sprocket tn (14 11) An ‘moving page 23.7 Intormesiate shaft putty 48. (951819) (81) CAUTION | = 1 Grankahett sprocket | To avoid damage, keep injection parts clean when removing, installing, disassembling and assembling. Da not spill diesel fuel on any rwaber hoses Grankshatt sprocket bolt 10Nm (80 1), 129 not use locking compound Double Vbelt pulley 23.2 wectonyam [Diese] Diesel Injection System 23 jection pumpiValve timing, checking Wark sequence eta Drive beft must be checked for proper tension and ‘te centered in sprockets before checking Injec- on purraivatve timing —remove eytinder head coveridrive belt cover rotate engine until lobes of camishatt on cylinder No. 1 point upward (TDG position) install setting bar 2065A on cylinder head luin camshaft until one end of setting bar touches cylinder head measure gap at other end with feeler gauge take half of measurement and insert feeler of this thickness between bar and cylinder head ata —tuin camshaft so bar rests on fevier gauge insart second feeier gauge of same thickness botwoen other end of bar and cylinder head 1B “~eeok that marks on sprocket, pump and ‘mounting plate (black arrow) are approximately aligned YES, pump in correct position, continue with work sequence INKO, pump incorrectly positioned, adjust iming (see page 23.4) {engine removed) —altach tool 2068 to crankcase set scafe to 100 mm (arrow A) —tip of scale must align with TDC mark on clutch pressure plate (arrow B) {engine Instatied} —check that TD€ mark on clutch pressure plate is In fine with boss on bell housing If YES, valve timing OK; next check injection timing (see page 23.4) INO, valve timing incorrect, proceed as follows: loosen camshaft spfecket bolt # turn —tap back of camshaft sprocket with rubber hammer nti itis loose —hand tighten sprocket bott until end play is eliminated but sprocket still urns freely on camshatt —rotate engine until TDC marks aliga on flywheel torque camsnatt bolt 10 45 Nm (33 ft lb) recheck marks —check injection timing (see page 23.4) wists pmpnabetining 2D