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University of Santo Tomas

Faculty of Civil Law

Remedial Law Department

I. General Principles
A. Concept of Remedial or Procedural Law
- Priscilla Alma Jose v. Ramon C. Javellana, et al., G.R. No. 158239, January
25, 2012
B. Nature of remedial law
- Ateneo v. De La Rosa, G. R. No. L-286, March 28, 1946
C. Substantive law vis a vis remedial law
- Bustos v. Lucero, G.R. No. L-2086, March 8, 1949
D. Procedural laws applicable to actions pending at the time of promulgation
- Panay Railways Inc. v. Heva Management and Development Corporation, et
al., G.R. No. 154061, January 25, 2012
E. Liberal construction of procedural rules
1. Felix Martos, et al. v. New San Jose Builders, Inc., G.R. No. 192650,
October 24, 2012
2. Maria Consolacion Rivera-Pascual v. Sps. Marilyn Lim, et al., G.R. No.
191837, September 19, 2012
F. Rule-making power of the Supreme Court
1. Commissioner of Internal Revenue v. Migrant Pagbilao Corporation, G.R. No.
159593, October 12, 2006
2. SM Land, Inc., et al. v. City of Manila, et al., G.R. No. 197151, October 22,
3. Pinga v. Heirs of Santiago, G.R. No. 170354, June 30, 2006
4. In the Matter of the Petition for the Issuance of a Writ of Amparo in Favor of
Lilibeth Ladaga v. Major General Reynaldo Mapagu, et al., G.R. No.
189689/G.R. No. 189691, November 13, 2012
G. Nature of Philippine Courts
1. Classification of Philippine Courts
2. Principle of judicial Hierarchy
a. Audi AG v. Mejia, G.R. No. 167533, July 27, 2007
b. Delos Reyes v. People, G.R. No. 138297, January 27, 2006
c. COMELEC v. Quijano-Padilla, G.R. No. 151992, September 18, 2002
d. United Claimants Association of NEA v. National Electrification
Administration, G.R. NO. 187107, January 31, 2012
e. Emmanuel De Castro v. Emerson Carlos, G.R. No. 194994, April 16, 2013
3. Transcendental importance
United Claimants Association of NEA v. National Electrification
Administration, G.R. NO. 187107, January 31, 2012
4. Doctrine of non-interference or judicial stability
Sinter Corporation and Phividec Industrial Authority v. Cagayan Electric
Power and Light Co., Inc., G.R. No. 127371, April 25, 2002
5. Doctrine of Primary jurisdiction
a. Omictin v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 148004, January 22, 2007
b. Republic v. Lacap, 517 SCRA 255 [2007]
6. Doctrine of adherence of jurisdiction/continuing jurisdiction
Abad, et al. v. RTC of Manila, et al., G.R. No. L-65505, October 12, 1987
II. Jurisdiction
A. Over the parties
1. How jurisdiction over the plaintiff is acquired
2. How jurisdiction over the defendant is acquired
a. Optima Realty Corporation v. Hertz Phil., Exclusive, Inc., G.R. No.
183035, January 9, 2013

b. Afdal & Afdal v. Carlos, G.R.No. 173379, December 1, 2010

B. Over the subject matter
1. How jurisdiction is conferred and determined
a. Fe V. Rapsing, et al. v. Hon. Judge Maximino R. Ables, et al., G.R. No.
171855, October 15, 2012
b. Mendoza v. Germino & Germino, G.R. No. 165676, November 22, 2010
c. Remedios Antonino v. The Register of Deeds of Makati City, et al., G.R.
No. 185663, June 20, 2012
2. Objections to jurisdiction over the subject matter
Lasmis v. Dong-E, G.R. No. 173021, October 20, 2010
3. Effect of estoppel on objections to jurisdiction
a. De Leon v. Court of Appeals, 245 SCRA 166 [1995]
b. Tijam v. Sibonghanoy, 23 SCRA 29
4. Error of jurisdiction as distinguished from error of judgment
First Corporation v. Former Sixth Division of Court of Appeals, et al., G.R. No.
171989, July 4, 2007
C. Over the issues
De Joya v. Marquez, et al., G.R. No. 163416, Janaury 31, 2006
D. Over the res or property in litigation
E. Jurisdiction of Courts
1. Supreme Court
2. Court of Appeals
3. Sandiganbayan
4. Regional Trial Courts
5. Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts in
Cities, Municipal Circuit Trial Court
6. Sharia Court
F. Jurisdiction over Small Claims
A.L. Ang Network, Inc. v. Emma Mondejar, et al., G.R. No. 200804, January 22,
G. Rule on Summary Procedure
Fiorello R. Jose v. Roberto Alfuerto, et al., G.R. No. 69380, November 26, 2012
H. Barangay conciliation
1. Gegare v. CA, G.R. No. 83907, September 13, 1989
2. Sanchez v. Tupaz, G.R. No. 76690, February 29, 1988
3. Vda. De Borromeo v. Pogoy, G.R. No. L-63277, November 29, 1983
4. Peregrina v. Panis, 133 SCRA 75
5. Librada M. Aquino v. Ernest Aure, G.R. No. 153567, February 18, 2008
6. Crisanta Alcaraz Miguel v. Jerry D. Montanez, G.R. No. 191336, January 25,
I. Totality rule
Flores v. Mallare-Phillips, 144 SCRA 377
III. Civil Procedure
A. Kinds of actions
1. Ordinary civil actions
2. Special civil actions
3. Criminal actions
4. Civil actions vs. special proceedings
Ramon Ching and Po Wing Corp. v. Rodriguez, et al., G.R. No. 192828,
November 28, 2011
5. Personal actions and real actions
Paglaum Management & Development Corp. and Health Marketing
Technologies, Inc. v. Union Bank of the Philippines, et al., G.R. No. 179018,
June 18, 2012
6. Local and transitory actions
7. Actions in rem, in personam and quasi in rem
a. Belen v. Chavez, 549 SCRA 479

b. Planters Development Bank v. Julie Chandumal, G. R. No. 195619,

September 5, 2012
c. Yu v. Pacleb, etc., G.R. No. 172172, February 24, 2009
8. Independent civil action
B. Cause of action
1. Meaning of cause of action
Goodland Company, Inc. v. Asia United Bank, et al., G.R. No. 195561, March
14, 2012
2. Elements of cause of action
a. Relucio v. Lopez, 373 SCRA 578
b. Juana Complex I Homeowners Association, Inc. et al. v. Fil-Estate Land,
Inc. G.R. No. 152272, March 5, 2012
3. Right of action versus cause of action
4. Failure to state a cause of action
5. Test of sufficiency of a cause of action
a. Misamis Occidental II Cooperative, Inc. v. David, 468 SCRA 63
b. Juana Complex I Homeowners Association, Inc. et al. v. Fil-Estate Land,
Inc. G.R. No. 152272, March 5, 2012
6. Splitting a single cause of action and its effects
a. Goodland Company, Inc. v. Asia United Bank, et al., G.R. No. 195561,
March 14, 2012
b. Philippine National Bank v. Getway Property Holdings, Inc., G.R. No.
181485, February 15, 2012
7. Joinder and misjoinder of causes of action
C. Parties to civil actions
1. Real party-in-interest
a. Salonga v. Warner Barnes & Co., 88 Phil 125
b. Fortich v. Corona, 289 SCRA 624
c. Samaniego v. Aguila, 334 SCRA 438
d. Theodore and Nancy Ang, etc. v. Spouses Alan and Em Ang, G.R. No.
186993, August 22, 2012
2. Indispensable party
a. Simny G. Guy, et al. v. Gilbert Guy, G.R. No. 189486, September 5, 2012
b. Living @Sense, Inc. v. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc., G.R. No.
193753, September 26, 2012
c. Philip L. Go, et al.v. Distinction Properties Development and Construction,
Inc., G.R. No. 194024, April 25, 2012
d. Sepulveda, Sr. v. Pelaez, G.R. No. 152195, January 31, 2005
3. Representatives as parties
Theodore and Nancy Ang, etc. v. Spouses Alan and Em Ang, G.R. No.
186993, August 22, 2012
4. Necessary party
5. Indigent party
6. Alternative defendants
7. Compulsory and permissive joinder of parties
8. Misjoinder and non-joinder of parties
9. Class suit
a. Borlasa v. Polistico, 47 Phil 345
b. Newsweek Inc., v. IAC, 142 SCRA 171
c. Oposa v. Factoran, 224 SCRA 792
d. Ortigas & Co., Limited Partnership v. Ruiz, 148 SCRA 326
e. Juana Complex I Homeowners Association, Inc. et al. v. Fil-Estate Land,
Inc. G.R. No. 152272, March 5, 2012
10. Suits against entities without juridical personality
11. Effect of death of party-litigant
a. Riviera Filipina v. CA, G.R. No. 117355, April 5, 2002
b. Lawas v. CA, et al., G.R. No. L-45809, December 12, 1986
D. Venue

1. Venue versus jurisdiction

Nocum vand Philippine Daily Inquirer v. Tan, G.R. No. 145022, September
23, 2005
2. Venue of real actions
Paglaum Management & Development Corp. and Health Marketing
Technologies, Inc. v. Union Bank of the Philippines, et al., G.R. No. 179018,
June 18, 2012
3. Venue of personal actions
Theodore and Nancy Ang, etc. v. Spouses Alan and Em Ang, G.R. No.
186993, August 22, 2012
4. Venue of actions against non-residents
5. When the rules on venue do not apply
a. Theodore and Nancy Ang, etc. v. Spouses Alan and Em Ang, G.R. No.
186993, August 22, 2012
b. Paglaum Management & Development Corp. and Health Marketing
Technologies, Inc. v. Union Bank of the Philippines, et al., G.R. No.
179018, June 18, 2012
c. Polytrade Corp. v. Blanco, 30 SCRA 187
d. Sweet Lines v. Teves, G.R. No. 28324, May 19, 1972
E. Pleadings
1. Kinds of pleadings
a. Complaint
b. Answer (Negative defenses, Affirmative defenses, negative pregnant)
Republic v. Sandiganbayan, G.R. No. 152154, July 15, 2003
c. Counterclaims (Compulsory counterclaim, permissive counterclaim, Effect
on the counterclaim when complaint is dismissed, effect if compulsory
counterclaim is not answered
d. Cross-claims
e. Third (fourth, etc.) party complaints
Philtranco Service Enterprises, Inc. v. Felix Paras and Inland Trailways,
Inc., et al., G.R. No. 161909, April 25, 2012
f. Complaint in intervention
g. Reply
2. Pleadings allowed and not allowed in small claim cases and cases covered
by the Rules on Summary Procedure
3. Parts of a pleading
a. Caption
b. Signature and address
c. Verification
o Felix Martos, et al. v. New San Jose Builders, Inc., G.R. No. 192650,
October 24, 2012
o Georgia T. Estel v. Recaredo P. Diego, Sr., et al., G.R. No. 174082,
January 16, 2012
d. Certification against forum shopping
o Pascual and Santos, Inc. v. The Members of the Tramo Wakas
Neighborhood Association, Inc., G.R. No. 144880, November 17, 2004
o Elsa D. Medado v. Heirs of the Late Antonio Consing, G.R. No.
186720, February 8, 2012
o Vivian T. Ramirez, et al. v. Mar Fishing Co., Inc., et al., G.R. No.
168208, June 13, 2012
e. Effect of signature of counsel in a pleading
f. Effect of signing by a person not authorized to sign
o Atty. Fe Q. Palmiano-Salvador v. Constantino Angeles, etc., G.R. No.
171219, September 3, 2012
4. Allegations in a pleading
a. Manner of making allegations
o Ceroferr Realty Corp v. CA, 376 SCRA 144





o Asian Construction & Development Corp. v. Lourdes K. Mendoza, G.R.

No. 176949, June 27, 2012
o Spouses Fernando & Ma. Elena Santos v. Lolita Alcazar, etc. G.R. No.
183034, March 12, 2014
1. Ultimate facts
o Tantuico, Jr. v. Republic, G.R. No. 89114, December 2, 1991
o D.M. Ferrer & Associates Corp. v. UST, G.R. No. 189496, February 1,
2. Alternative causes of action
o La Mallorca v. CA, 17 SCRA 729
3. Condition precedent
4. Fraud, mistake, malice, intent, knowledge and other condition of the
mind, judgments, official documents or acts
5. Pleading an actionable document
o Ledda v. BPI, G.R. No. 200868, November 21, 2012
6. Specific denials (effect of failure to make specific denial, when a
specific denial requires an oath)
Effect of failure to plead
a. Failure to plead defenses and objections
b. Failure to plead a compulsory counterclaim and cross-claim
o Financial Building Corp. v. Forbes Park PARK Association, G.R. No.
133119, August 17, 2000
a. When declaration of default is proper
o Natividad Lim v. National Power Corporation, et al., G.R. No. 178789,
November 14, 2012
b. Effect of an order of default, effect of partial default
o Magdiwang Realty Corporation, et al. v. The Manila Banking
Corporation, etc., G.R. No. 195592, September 5, 2012
c. Relief from an order of default, extent of relief
o Philippine Tourism Authority v. Philippine Golf Development &
Equipment, Inc. G.R. No. 176628, March 19, 2012
o Leticia Diona, etc. v. Romeo A. Balangue, et al., G.R. No. 173559,
January 7, 2013
d. Actions where default is not allowed
Filing and service of pleadings
a. Payment of docket fees
o Manchester Development v. CA, 149, SCRA 562
o Sun Insurance Office Ltd. v. Asuncion, 170 SCRA 274
o Ballatan v. CA, 304 SCRA 34
o Sps. Go v. Tong, G.R. No. 151942, November 27, 2003
o NSC v. CA, G.R. No. 123215, February 2, 1999
o Original Devt & Construction Corp. v. CA, 202 SCRA 75
o Re: In the Matter of Exemption From payment of All Court and Sheriffs
Fees of Cooperatives Duly Registered in Accordance with RA NO.
9520, [A.M. No. 12-2-03-0, March 13, 2012]
o Ricardo Rizal, et al.v. Leoncia Naredo, et al., G.R. No. 151898, March
14, 2012
b. Filing versus service of pleadings
c. Periods of filing pleadings
d. Manner of filing
o Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. v. NLRC, G.R. No. 89070, May 18,
e. Modes of service of pleadings
o Salvador O. Mojar, et al. v. Agro Commercial Security Service Agency,
Inc., et al., G.R. No. 187188, June 27, 2012
a. Amendment as a matter of right


Amendment by leave of court

Formal amendment
Substantive amendment
Amendment s to conform to or authorize presentation of evidence
Supplemental pleadings, distinction between amended and supplemental
o Ma. Mercedes Barba v. Liceo de Cagayan University, G.R. NO.
193857, November 28, 2012
g. Effect of amended pleading
F. Summons
a. Effect if court has not validly acquired jurisdiction over the person of the
o Planters Development Bank v. Julie Chandumal, G.R. NO. 195619,
September 5, 2012
b. Nature and purpose of summons in relation to actions in personam, in
rem, and quasi-in rem
c. Voluntary appearance
o Afdal & Afdal v. carlos, G.R. No. 173379, December 1, 2010
o Oaminal v. Castillo, G.R. NO. 1527756, October 8, 2003
o Optima Realty Corporation v. Hertz Phil Exclusive, Inc. G.R. No.
183035, January 9, 2013
d. Personal service
e. Substituted service
o Planters Development Bank v. Julie Chandumal, G.R. NO. 195619,
September 5, 2012
o Manotoc v. Court of Appeals, 499 SCRA 21
o Robinson v. Miralles, 510 SCRA 678
f. Extraterritorial service, when allowed
g. Service by publication
h. Service upon
o entity without juridical personality
o prisoners
o minors and incompetents
o domestic private juridical entity
E.B. Villarosa & Partner Ltd. v. Benito, 312 SCRA 65
o Foreign private juridical entity
o Public corporations
o Defendant whose identity or whereabouts unknown
o Residents temporarily out of the Philippines
G. Motions
1. Motions in general
a. Definition of motion
b. Motions versus pleadings
c. Notice and hearing of motions
o United Pulp and Paper Co., Inc. v. Acropolis Central Guaranty Corp.,
G.R. No. 171750, January 25, 2012
d. Omnibus motion rule
o Heirs of Mariano Favis, et al. v. Juana Gonzales, et al., G.R. No.
185922, January 15, 2014
2. Motion for bill of particulars
a. Purpose and when applied for
o Republic v. Sandiganbayan, 540 SCRA 431
b. Actions of the court
c. Compliance with the order and effect of non-compliance
3. Motion to dismiss
a. Grounds
b. Resolution of motion
c. Remedies of plaintiff when the complaint is dismissed







d. Remedies of defendant when the motion is denied

o Republic, et al. v. Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, G.R. No.
192975/192994, November 12, 2012
e. When grounds pleaded as affirmative defenses
f. Instances of motu proprio dismissal
o Heirs of Mariano Favis, et al. v. Juana Gonzales, et al., G.R. No.
185922, January 15, 2014
Dismissal of actions
1. Dismissal upon notice by plaintiff; two-dismissal rule
o Go v. Cruz, et al., G.R. No. 58986, April 17, 1982
2. Dismissal upon motion by plaintiff; effect on existing counterclaim
3. Dismissal due to fault of plaintiff
o Shimizu Philippines Contractor, Inc. v. Mrs. Leticia b. Magsalin, et al.,
G.R. No. 170026, June 20, 2012
o Ma. Mercedes L. Barba v. Liceo de Cagayan University, G.R. No.
193857, November 28, 2012
o Eloisa Merchandising, Inc. and Trebel International Inc. v. BDO
Universal Bank, et al., G.R. No. 192716, June 13, 2012
1. Concept of pre-trial; nature and purpose
2. Notice of pre-trial
3. Appearance of parties; effect of failure to appear
4. Pre-trial brief; effects of failure to file
5. Distinction between pre-trial in civil cases and in criminal cases
6. Effect of failure to set case for pre-trial
7. Court Annexed Mediation (CAM)
Real Bank, Inc. v. Samsung Mabuhay Corporation, G.R. No. 175862, October
13, 2010
8. Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR)
9. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (Special Rules of Court on ADR [A.M.
No. 07-11-08-SC])
1. Definition and nature
2. Requisites for intervention
3. Time to intervene
4. Remedies if motion for intervention is denied
1. Subpoena duces tecum
2. Subpoena ad testificandum
3. Service of subpoena
4. Compelling attendance of witnesses; contempt
5. Viatory right of witnesses
6. Quashing of subpoena; grounds
Modes of discovery
1. Depositions pending action
2. Depositions before action or pending appeal
3. Interrogatories to parties
4. Request for admission by adverse party
5. Production or inspection of documents or things
6. Physical and mental examination of persons
7. Consequences of refusal to comply with modes of discovery
1. Notice of trial
2. Adjournments and postponements
3. Requisites of motion to postpone trial
4. Order of trial ; reversal of order
5. Consolidation or severance of trial
6. Trial by commissioner

N. Demurrer to evidence
1. Nature of demurrer to evidence
Nenita Gonzales, et al. v. Mariano Bugaay, et al., G.R. No. 173008, February
22, 2012
2. Ground
3. Effect of denial or grant of demurrer
4. Waiver of right to present evidence
5. Demurrer to evidence in civil cases versus demurrer to evidence in criminal
O. Judgments and final orders
1. What is judgment?
2. Requisites of a valid judgment
Acosta v. COMELEC, 293 SCRA 578
3. Contents of a judgment
4. Judgment without trial
5. Judgment on the pleadings
De Luna v. Abrigo, 181 SCRA 150
6. Summary judgments
a. Requisites for a valid summary judgment
b. Meaning of genuine issue
Spouses Ramon Villuga and Mercedita Villuga v. Kelly Hardware and
Construction Supply, Inc., etc., G.R. NO. 176570, July 18, 2012
c. Summary judgment for the claimant
d. Summary judgment for the defendant
e. Partial summary judgment
f. Judgment on the pleadings versus summary judgment
g. Rendition of judgments and final orders
h. Entry of judgment and final order
i. Several judgments
j. Memorandum decision
k. Doctrine of immutability of judgments
Dare Adventure Farm Corporation v. Spouses Felix and Nenita Ng, et al.,
G.R. No. 161122, September 24, 2012
l. When a judgment or final order becomes final and executor
m. Effects of finality of judgment
n. Doctrine of the law of the case
DBP v. Guarina Agricultural and Realty Development Corp., G.R. No.
160758, January 15, 2014
P. Post-judgment remedies
1. Before finality
a. Motion for new trial or reconsideration
o When to file
o Grounds for new trial
o Grounds for motion for reconsideration
o Remedy when motion id denied
Neypes v. CA, G.R. No. 141524, September 14, 2005
b. Appeal
o Judgments and final orders subject to appeal
o Matters not appealable
o Modes of appeal
! Ordinary appeal
! Petition for review
! Petition for review on certiorari
Eastern Shipping Lines, Inc. v. BPI/MS Insurance Corp., et al.,
G.R. No. 193986, January 15, 2014
o Period to appeal
o Perfection of appeal
o Appeal from judgments or final orders of the MTC

Appeal from judgments or final orders of the RTC

Appeal from judgments or final orders of the CA
Appeal from judgments or final orders of the CTA
Review of final judgments or final orders of quasi-judicial bodies
! Perez v. Ombudsman, G.R. No. 131445, May 27, 2004
2. After finality
a. Relief from judgment
o Grounds
o Time to file
o Contents of petition
b. Annulment of judgment
o Grounds
Pinausukan Seafood House-Roxas Blvd, Inc. v. Far East Bank and
Trust Co., et al., G.R. No. 159926, January 20, 2014
Leticia Diona, etc. v. Romeo Balangue, et al., G.R. No. 173559,
January 7, 2013
o Period to file action
o Effects of judgment of annulment
c. Collateral attack of judgment
Q. Execution, satisfaction, and effect of judgments
o Cagayan de Oro v. CA, G.R.No. 129713, December 15, 1999
o Ayo v. Violago, A.M. No. RTJ-99-1445, June 21, 1999
1. Difference between finality of judgment for purposes of appeal; for purposes
of execution
o Heirs of Reterta v. Mores & Lopez, G.R. No. 159941, August 17, 2011
2. When execution shall issue (execution as a matter of right; discretionary
o Buaya v. Stronghold Insurance, G.R. No. 149020, October 11, 2000
o Vlason v. CA, G.R. Nos. 121662-64, July 6, 1999
o Pallada v. RTC of Kalibo, G.R. No. 129442, March 10, 1999
o Jaca v. Lumber Co., 113 SCRA 107
o Eudela v. CA, G.R. No. 89265, July 17, 1992
3. How a judgment is executed
a. By motion or independent action
o Infante v. Aran Builders, Inc., G.R. No. 156596, August 24, 2007
o Ting v. Heirs of Lirio, G.R. No. 168913, March 14, 2007
b. Issuance, form and contents of a writ of execution
c. Execution of judgments for money
o Villarin v.Munasque, G.R. No. 169444, September 17, 2008
o Leachon v. Pascua, A.M. No. P-11-2972, September 28, 2011
d. Execution of judgments for specific acts
e. Execution of special judgments
f. Removal of an improvement
g. Requisites before demolition order is issued
h. Effect of levy on third persons
4. Properties exempt from execution
o Spouses Versola v. CA, G.R. No. 164740, July 31, 2006
5. Proceedings where property is claimed by third persons
o Ching v. CA, G.R. NO. 124642, February 23, 2004
a. In relation to third-party claim and replevin
b. Distinction between third party complaint and third party claim
6. Rules on Redemption
7. Remedies in aid of execution
a. Examination of judgment obligor when judgment unsatisfied
b. Examination of obligor of judgment obligor
c. Enforcement of attendance and conduct of examination
d. Order of application of property and income to satisfaction of judgment
e. Appointment of receiver


f. Sale of ascertainable interest of judgment obligor in real estate

g. Proceedings when indebtedness denied or another person claims the
h. Effect of judgment or final orders
o Two aspects of res judicata
! Bar by prior judgment
! Conclusiveness of judgment
Social Security Commission v. Rizal Poultry, G.R. No. 167050,
June 1, 2011
LZK Holdings and Development Corp. v. Planters Development
Bank, G.R. NO. 187973, January 20, 2014
i. Enforcement and effect of foreign judgments or final orders
o St. Aviation Services v. Grand International Airways, G.R. No. 140288,
October 23, 2006
R. Provisional remedies
o Ma. Carminia Calderon, etc. v. Jose Antonio F. Roxas, G.R. No.
185595, January 9, 2013
1. Nature of provisional remedies
o Estares v. CA, 459 SCRA 604
2. Purpose of provisional remedies
3. Preliminary attachment
o Davao Light v. CA, 204 SCRA 343
a. Grounds for issuance of preliminary attachment
o Equitable v. Special Steel, G.R. No. 175 350, June 13, 2012
b. Requisites; issuance and contents of order of attachment; affidavit and
c. Purpose of ex parte issuance of writ of attachment
d. Rule on prior or contemporaneous service of summons
e. Manner of attaching real and personal property; when property attached is
claimed by third person
f. Discharge of attachment and the counter-bond
o Peroxide Philippines Corp. v. CA, G.R. No. 92813, July 31, 1991
g. Purpose of counter-bond
o Security Pacific Assurance Corp. v. Tri-Infante, 468 SCRA 526
h. Satisfaction of judgment out of property attached
4. Preliminary injunction
o Palm Tree Estates, Inc. v. PNB, G.R. No. 159370, October 3, 2012
a. Definitions and differences: preliminary injunction, temporary restraining
order, and status quo ante order
b. Requisites of preliminary injunction
c. Kinds of injunction
d. When writ may issue
o Miriam College Foundation, Inc. v. CA, G.R. No. 127930, December
15, 2000
o Executive Secretary, et al. v. Forerunner Multi Resources, Inc., G.R.
No. 199324, January 7, 2013
o TML Gasket Industries, Inc. v. BPI Family Savings Bank, Inc., G.R. No.
188768, January 7, 2013
e. Grounds for issuance of preliminary injunction
f. Purpose of injunction
o Manila International Airport Authority v. Rivera Village, 471 SCRA 358
g. When preliminary injunction improper
o Spouses Nicasio Marquez and Anita J. Marquez v. Spouses Carlito
Alindog and Carmen Alindog, G.R. No. 184045, January 22, 2014
h. When can a temporary restraining order issue
o Bacolod City Water District v. Labayen, G.R. No. 157494, December
10, 2004
i. Requisites of temporary restraining order


o Strategic Alliance Development Corp. v. Star Infrastructure Corp., G.R.

No. 187872, April 11, 2011
j. Period of effectivity of temporary restraining order
o Australian Professional, Inc. v. Municipality of Padre Garcia, 668
SCRA 253
k. Limitations on the issuance of a temporary restraining order or injunction
5. Receivership
a. Purpose
b. Cases when receiver may be appointed
c. Nature of the duty of a receiver; general powers of a receiver
d. Requirements before issuance of an order or receivership
e. Kinds of bond
f. Termination of receivership
6. Replevin
a. Nature of replevin
b. When may writ issue/requisites
c. Affidavit and bond; redelivery bond
d. Remedy of adverse party
e. Sheriffs duty in the implementation of the writ; when property is claimed
by third party
f. Rule in case writ was issued in favor of the Republic: bond not required
7. Support pendente lite
S. Special civil actions
1. Ordinary civil actions versus special civil actions
o Reyes v. Enriquez, G.R. No. 162956, April 10, 2008
2. Interpleader
o Ocampo v. Tirona, G.R. No. 147382, April 6, 2005
a. Requisites
o Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation v. Metro Container Corp., G.R.
No. 127913, September 13, 2001
b. When to file
c. Limitations in filing of interpleader
o Wack-Wack Golf v. Won, 70 SCRA 165
d. Inchoate right not a basis for interpleader
o Ramos v. Ramos, 399 SCRA 43
3. Declaratory reliefs and similar remedies
o Province of Camarines Sur v. Court of Appeals, 600 SCRA 569
o Almeda v. Bathala marketing Industries, 542 SCRA 470
a. Declaratory relief not within the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court
o Allied Broadcasting Corporation v. Republic, G.R. No. 91500, October
18, 1990
b. Who may file action
c. Requisites of action for declaratory relief
o Jumamil v. Caf, G.R. No. 144570, September 21, 2005
o Bayan Telecommunications v. Republic, 513 SCRA 560
d. Declaratory relief treated as mandamus
o Salvacion v. Central Bank, G.R. No. 94723, August 21, 1997
e. When court may refuse to make judicial declaration
f. Proceedings considered as similar remedies (action for reformation of
instrument, quieting of title, and consolidation of ownership)
o Dionisio Manaquil, et al. v. Roberto Moico, G.R. No. 80076, November
20, 2012
o Spouses Santiago v. Villamor, G.R. No. 168499, November 26, 2012
o Phil-Ville Development and Housing Corporation v. Bonifacio, 651
SCRA 327
4. Review of judgments and final orders or resolution of the COMELEC and
a. Application of Rule 65 under Rule 64


o Aratuc v. COMELEC, 88 SCRA 251

o Lokin, Jr. v. COMELEC, 621 SCRA 385
o Reyna v. COA, 642 SCRA 210
5. Certiorari, prohibition, and mandamus
a. Function of writ of certiorari
o Angara v. Fedman, G.R. NO. 156822, October 18, 2004
b. Requisites for certiorari
o Tan v. Antazo, G.R. No. 187208, February 23, 2011
c. Petition for certiorari distinguished from appeal by certiorari
o Land Bank of the Philippines v. Court of Appeals, 456 Phil 755
d. Rule 65 not a remedy for lost appeal
o Ruben C. Magtoto and Artemia Magtoto v. CA, et al., G.R. No. 175792,
November 21, 2012
e. Certiorari involving actions/omissions of MTC/RTC in election cases shall
be filed exclusively with COMELEC
o Galang v. Geronimo, G.R. NO. 192793, February 22, 2011
f. Prohibition
g. Requisites for prohibition
o Ongsuko v. Malones, G.R. No. 182065, October 27, 2009
h. Mandamus
o Spouses Augusto Dacudao and Ofelia Dacudao v. Secretary of Justice
Raul Gonzales, G.R.No. 188056, January 8, 2013
o Special People, Inc. Foundation, etc. v. Nestor M. Canda, G.R. No.
160932, January 14, 2013
i. Exceptions to filing of motion for reconsideration before filing petition
o Barrazona v. RTC of Baguio-Branch 61, 486 SCRA 555
o Tang v. Subic Bay Distribution, G.R.No. 162575, December 15, 2010
j. Injunctive relief necessary to stop proceedings below
o Juliano-Llave v. Republic, 646 SCRA 637
k. Effects of filing of an unmeritorious petition
l. Grave abuse of discretion
o Spouses Nicasio Marquez and Anita Marquez v. Spouses Carlito
Alindog and Carmen Alindog, G.R.No. 184045, January 22, 2014
o Ralph P. Tua v. Hon. Cesar Mangrobang, et al., G.R. No. 170701,
January 2, 2014
6. Quo warranto
o Tecson v. COMELEC, 424 SCRA 277
o Divinagracia v. Consolidated Broadcasting System, G.R. No. 162272,
April 7, 2009
a. Distinction between quo warranto under Rule 66 and under the Omnibus
Election Code
o Fermin v. COMELEC, G.R. No. 179695, December 18, 2008
b. When government may commence an action against individuals
c. Who may commence the action
d. Judgment in quo warranto action
7. Expropriation
o ATO v. Gopuco, Jr. 462 SCRA 544
a. Two stages in action for expropriation
o National Power Corporation v. Joson, 206 SCRA 520
o City of Manila v. Alegar Corporation, G.R. No. 187604, June 25, 2012
b. When plaintiff can immediately enter into possession of the real property
in relation to R.A. No. 8974
c. Defenses and objections
d. Ascertainment of just compensation
o City of Iloilo v. Contreras Besana, 612 SCRA 458
o Republic v. Rural Bank of Kabacan, Inc. , 664 SCRA 223
e. Appointment of commissioners; commissioners report; court action upon
commissioners report


o National Power Corporation v. De la Cruz, 514 SCRA 56

f. Remedy of unpaid owner
o Yujuico v. Atienza, Jr. 472 SCRA 463
8. Foreclosure of real estate mortgage
a. Manner of foreclosure
b. Judgment on foreclosure for payment or sale
c. Effect of sale of mortgaged property
d. Equity of redemption
o Spouses Rosales v. Spouses Alfonso, G.R. NO. 137792, August 12,
e. Writ of possession ministerial
f. Deficiency judgment
g. Judicial foreclosure versus extrajudicial foreclosure
9. Partition
o Cano Vda. De Viray v. Spouses Usi, G.R. No. 192486, November 21,
a. Modes of partition
o Figuracion-Gerilla v. Vda. De Figuracion, 499 SCRA 484
b. Who are indispensable parties to partition
o Sepulveda v. Pelaez, G.R. No. 152195, January 31, 2005
c. Matters to allege in the complaint for partition
d. Two stages in action for partition
o Lacbayan v. Samoy, 645 SCRA 677
e. Order of partition and partition by agreement
f. Partition by commissioners
g. Action for partition imprescriptible; exceptions
o Heirs of Restar v. Heirs of Cichon, 475 SCRA 731
h. Effects of judgment of partition
10. Forcible entry and unlawful detainer
a. Definitions and distinctions of forcible entry and unlawful detainer
o Nunez v. SLTEAS Phoenix Solutions, G.R.No. 180542, April 12, 2010
o Dela Cruz v. CA, G.R. No. 139442, December 6, 2006
o Sarmiento v. Manalite Home Owners Association, G.R. No. 182953,
October 11, 2010
o Juanita Ermitano, etc. v. Lailanie Paglas, G.R.No. 174436, January 23,
b. When demand is necessary
c. Nature of the proceedings (Summary Procedure; prohibited pleadings)
o Delos Reyes v. Spouses Odenes, G.R. No. 178096, March 23, 2011
d. Issue of ownership merely incidental
o Rural Bank of Sta. Ignacia v. Dimatulac, G.R. No. 142015, April 29,
e. How to stay immediate execution of judgment
o Herminia Acbang v. Hon. Jimmy Luczon, Jr. et al., G.R. No. 164246,
January 15, 2014
11. Contempt
o Lorenzo Shipping v. Distribution Association, 656 SCRA 331
o Siy v. NLRC, G.R. No. 158971, August 25, 2005
o Rivulet Agro-Industrial Corporation v. Anthony Parungao, et al., G.R.
No. 197507, January 14, 2013
o Regalado v. Go, 514 SCRA 616
a. Kinds of contempt (Direct and Indirect)
o Encinas v. National Bookstore, G.R. No. 162704, July 28, 2005
o Re: Letter dated 21 Feb. 2005 of Atty. Noel Sorredo, A.M. No. 05-3-04SC July 22, 2005
o Cruz v. Gigoyon, 658 SCRA 254
o SBMA v. Rodriguez, 619 SCRA 176
b. How contempt proceedings commenced


c. Where to file
d. Penalties and remedies against direct and indirect contempt
e. Contempt against quasi-judicial bodies
o Robosa v. NLRC, G.R. No. 176085, February 8, 2012
o Land Bank of the Philippines v. Listana, 408 SCRA 328