:: Aurora Lariat by
Scarlett Lanson


:: Colorplay Bangles
by Barbara Richard

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Designer of the Year Projects
34 Jeweled Epaulet Necklace Laura McCabe
Use flat, odd-count peyote stitch to create decorative  
pendants of plum and gold seed beads and bezeled  
crystal rivolis—the tubular herringbone strap is  
accentuated with pearls

14 The Challenge
18 Stitch Pro Jean Campbell

Bead crochet 62
Brick stitch 18
Chevron chain 42, 72
Fringe 46, 68
Herringbone stitch 18, 34, 38, 42
Ladder stitch 38
Netting 16, 18, 46, 72
Peyote stitch 18, 25, 28, 34, 42, 46, 54, 64,
68, 72
Picot 16, 34, 68, 70
Right-angle weave 18, 28, 42, 70
Square stitch 16, 18, 38, 72
St. Petersburg Stitch 64
Stringing 34, 46
Triangle weave 28, 50

22 Cool Stuff
23 Katie’s Finds Katie Hacker
25 Simply Seeds Lynette Fisk
28 Scarlett’s Style

Bronze metallic cubes, green and gunmetal seed beads,
and snakeskin jasper rounds are tubular herringbonestitched into a subtle but substantial necklace

42 Band of Jewels Melanie Potter
A right-angle-weave and chevron-chain band creates  
the base for thirteen herringbone-stitch-bezeled  
cabochons in this regal bracelet

46 crystal twilight Nancy Cain

Scarlett Lanson

94 Techniques
96 Bead Artist: Rebecca
Roush Tina Koyama

2      beadworkmagazine.com

38 earthly hues Carole Ohl

16 Custom Cool

stitch index

Number 5

Three silver-and-gunmetal tubular-netted ropes  
with inner cores of crystals are the centerpiece of  
this sophisticated necklace, while silver peyote rings  
create a geometric strap

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experienced beaders looking for a quick project

Our three-level project rating
system, found on the opening
page of each project, is your
guide to deciding which projects
to make first:

Designs for an intermediate beader, a beginner ready
to expand his/her skills, or an advanced beader looking
for a project that won’t take weeks to complete


Start here if you are up for a challenge or looking for a
detailed project that requires a longer time commitment



58 Margie’s Guide to Fearless Colorplay
Margie Deeb
Increase your color confidence! Color expert Margie Deeb
shares tips and answers readers’ questions about everything,
from how to get out of a color rut to choosing inspiring colors
for your studio space

on the
:: Star Fruit Bracelet
by Heather Kahn


50 Star fruit Bracelet Heather Kahn
Triangle weave in luscious colors and different sizes of crystal  
bicones gives this ombre-style bracelet a soft and elegant drape

54 Heavenly Hexagons Mikki Ferrugiaro
Peyote-stitch silver and copper cylinder beads into hexagon  
shapes—this reversible bracelet is cleverly accented with differently  
patterned sides


62 colorplay Bangles Barbara Richard
A bead-crocheted rope of cylinder beads provides the perfect foundation for this easy-to-wear bangle’s vibrant assortment of glass rings

:: Earthly Hues by
Carole Ohl

64 evening sky collar Jennifer Airs
This statement accessory, inspired by the cosmos, is composed of  
St. Petersburg–stitched chain and citrine crystal embellishment—the
result is a collar with irresistible drape

68 paisley drops Jane Lock
Peyote-stitched seed beads echo the elegance of late-summer leaves
while crystal-bicone centers add a hint of sparkle to these earrings

70 pretty picots Nancy Peterson
Delicate and divine—right-angle-weave squares of crystal bicones  
and lustrous seed beads form this airy necklace

72 elegant endings Kelly Wiese
Offset by two tubular peyote-stitched rivolis, the toggle clasp becomes  
a chic design element in this modified-chevron-chain bracelet


on the web!

Color expert Margie Deeb presents







Color Balance and

Katie Hacker shares great tips
for using magnetic clasps
On the Web at beadworkmagazine


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