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Katelyn Meitz

Mr. Salow
English 11
Teaching Religion in Public Schools

My research project is about teaching religion in public schools. For a long time now Ive
been interested in this topic. In English 10 I debated a topic similar to this, and it was a lot of fun.
Even before this though, Ive heard this topic debated before. Its been mentioned on the news,
online, in articles etc. Many academics argue for teaching religion in school, but many are
against it as well.
Since religion is such a touchy, and popular topic to debate, I knew this would be a good
choice for my research project. Its important to analyze how I am persuaded with this topic
because of how strongly religious people feel about their religion. I need to be able to decipher
between the right and wrong ways of persuasion (pathos, logos, ethos).
In order to reach my goals, of knowing right and wrong, I have chosen the articles below
to tear apart. I will carefully read and inspect the academics articles, sentence by sentence, and
word by word. I will be able to tell which article is using logos, or pathos, or some other form of

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