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Qlippoth Guide

Libra-Abiriron-(The Clayish Ones)

Demon of The Order of The Qlippoth

Scorpio-Necheshthiron-(The Brazen Ones)

Sagittarius-Nachashiron-(The Snaky Ones)

000-Ain-Qemetiel-(The Crowd of Gods)

Capricorn-Dagdagiron-(The Fishy Ones)

00-Ain Soph-Belial-(Without God)

Aquarius-Bahimiron-(The Bestial Ones)

0-Ain Soph Aur-Athiel-(Uncertainy)

Pisces-Nashimiron-(Malignant Women)

1. Kether-Thaumiel-(Twins of God)
2. Chockma-Ogiel-(The Hinderers)


3. Binah-Sateriel-(The Concealers)
4. Chesed-Gasheklah-(The Smiters)

11. Aleph-Amprodias-(Vampiric Slyphs)

5. Geburah-Golachab-(The Arsonists)

12. Beth-Baratchial-(Poison of God)

6. Tiphereth-Tageriron-(The Hagglers)

13. Gimel-Gargophias-(Lemurs)

7. Netzach-Oreb Zaraq-(The Raven of Dispersion)

14. Daleth-Dagdagiel-(Babalon)

8. Hod-Samael-(Poison of God)

15. Heh-Hemethterith-(The Herd)

9. Yesode-Gamaliel-(The Obscene Ones)

16. Vau-Uriens-(The Bloody Ones)

10. Malkuth-Lilith-(The Queen of The Night)

17. Zain-Zamradiel-(The Clangers)

18. Cheth-Characith-(The Black Ones)

Zodiac Guardians Of The Qliphoth

19. Teth-Temphioth-(The Flaming Ones)

20. Yod-Yamatu-(The Scratchers)

Aries-Beiriron-(The Herd)

21. Kaph-Kurgasiax-(The Smiters)

Taurus-Adimiron-(The Bloody Ones)

22. Lamed-Lafcursiax-(The Clayish Ones)

Gemini-Tzelilimiron-(The Clangers)

23. Mem-Malkunofat-(The Deep Ones)

Cancer-Shichiriron-(The Black Ones)

24. Nun-Niantiel-(The Brazen Ones)

Leo-Shalhebiron-(The Flaming Ones)

25. Samekh-Saksaksalim-(The Snaky Ones)

Virgo-Tzaphiriron-(The Scratchers)

26. A'ain- A'ano'nin-(The Fishy Ones)

27. Pe'-Parfaxitas-(The Arsonists)

North East Angle-Aggereth

28. Tzaddi-Tzuflifu-(The Bestial Ones)

North West Angle-Abbadon

29. Qoph-Qulielfi-(Malignant Women)


30. Resh-Raflifu-(The Hagglers)

31. Shin-Shalicu-(Tannim)

Ten Hells in 7 Places-The gateway to the 7 head of the Dragon

32. Tau-Thantifaxath-(Ghouls)
Triple Hell

Four Great Dragons of Qlippoth Realm

1-3(Shahul)-Triple Hell
1st- Samael/Lilith/Cain


2nd- Beelzebub


3rd- Lucifuge Rofocale


4-Abaddon-The earths Demonic underworld

Qliphoth Rivers-

5-Asmodeus-The underworld of passage, of the Humans when they die

North- Earth-Acheron

6-Belphagor-Where the human end up in the end

East- Air- Cocytus

South- Fire- Phlegethon

7-Bael-The temporary underworld of the dragons when they die

West- Water- Styx

8-Adramalech-The temporary underworld of passage when dragons die
Angles9-Lilith-The qlippoth realm where dragons end up
South West Angle-Lilith
South East Angle-Cain

22 Dimensions of Qlippoth world


5-Geburah-Golachab-Tower-Destruction, war, confrontations, powers and

strength, abilities gain, maker of the tools of magic and the power behind it

Ain Soph-Belial
Ain Soph Aur-Athiel

1-Kether-Thaumiel-The Fool-The Black Sun, Lord of the Qlippoth World:

Spirits of: Gameliel, Barashiel, Ebaikiel, Lebrexiel

6-Tiphereth-Tageriron-The Sun-The hidden of powers of the qlippoth, seeking

darkness and power, Dragons of Tagariron are shades of energies of
darkness, creation and power, creating servitors, bring things to form

Spirits of: Lufugiel, Mahaziel, Abraxsiel, Azazael,Thadekiel

Spirits of: Mephisophiel, Gobraziel, Rebrequel, Taumeshriel,Raqueziel
2-Chockma-Ogiel-Magician-The Averse Planets-

Spirits of: Dubriel, Lufexiel, Alhaziel, Chedeziel, Itqueziel, Golebriel

11-Daath-Typhon-Gateway to Qlippoth

3-Binah-Sateriel-The Universe-(Lucifer)-Hidden Knowledge, Concealment,

hides in shadows, invisibility, darkness, Guards the Qlippoth realm from the

7-Netzach-Oreb Zaraq-Aeon-Control and command astral forms and

shadows, night or ravens to a specific goal, includes dreams, projection and
the astral, masters magick powers, dragon powers,

Spirits of: Helebriel, Satoriel, Baruchiel, Reteriel, Refreziel, Labreziel,

Astoriel, Reptoriel,

8-Hod-Samael-Hanged Man-The will of Lucifer embodied within, to become

a god, to know darkness and light, a dimension that protects dragons from
the light of earth, absorb knowledge and wisdom, the truths of Qlippoth, to
sacrifice what's not needed, the pathway of the Black Sun, initiation of
dragon kind

Spirits of: Saturniel, Asteriel, Reqraziel, Tagariel, Abholziel,

Lareziel, Abnexiel

4-Chesed-Gasheklah-The Wheel of Fortune-Brings wisdom to the path

unseen, brings change and continual motion, beginning of initiation,
Illumination of the black flame towards path of becoming gods

Spirits of: Sheoliel, Molebriel, Libridiel, Afluxriel

9-Yesode-Gamaliel-High Priestess-Shadows and dark beings live here, where

magic is being formed, sex and lust, the moon of Lilith, the place where
there are tests, place to draw power and energy, night magic, dreams and

Spirit of: Malexiel, Gabedriel, Chedebriel, Amdebriel, A'othiel, Theriel

Spirits:Idexriel, Materiel, Lapreziel, Gedebriel, Alephriel, Labraeziel

10-Malkuth-Lilith the younger-Empress-Five accursed Nations-Earth,

humans, animals and fairies, the physical world of chaos, where Algol does
his will, magick manifests here

Five accursed Nations-

1- Amalekites-Aggressors
2- Geburim-Violent ones
3- Raphaim-Cowards

earth, mastery of earth and Qlippoth realms, helps write spells and gain
spell ideas, empowers with energy, to make manifest

15-Adimiron- Taurus/Hierophant- Wisdom and information from the Qlippoth

realm, secrets of the Qlippoth realm, finding hidden knowledge, astral
travel, dream work, brings magic storms, using dragon powers to create
and destroy

16-Tzelladimion- Gemini/Lovers- Awaken the spirit of Luciferian magick to

become gods, to be initiated, sacrifice the old for the new, Hidden
knowledge of the gate to the Qlippoth, to direct ones magic, awaken magic,
learns the art of Qlippoth magic, bringing its knowledge within, this path is
opened by the words: Zazas Zazas Nasatanada

4- Nephilim-Sons of the Fallen Angels

5- Anakim-Children of chaos, Anarchists

Spirits: A'ainiel, Thauhedriel, Molidiel, Heteriel, Nobrexiel

11-Dagdagiron- Capricorn/Devil- Sexual forces and death, night,

manifestation, creative power, initiator, power to create or destroy

12-Behemiron- Aquarius/Star- Forms of force and harsh manifestations,

change, essence of the black flame, and the eye of set of awareness
manifestation of the Luciferian current

13-Neshimiron- Pisces/Moon- manifestation of the female current, breeds

other dragons, bestowing power of female dragons who seeks their power,
sex magick, awakens the Luciferian essence

14-Bairiron- Aries/Emperor- Power and authority with balance,

communication and wisdom, the antichrists will made manifest on the

17-Schechiriron- Cancer/Chariot- To be fully awakened, to acquire and

attain the art of Qlippoth magic, sending out magic forces and will,
guidance on the path of the Qlippoth, journey to attainment, guide the
magick, expand visualization, manipulating energies

18-Shelhabiron- Leo/Strength- the union of forces or powers, lust and

desires, the essence of Luciferian magic, to bring completion to something,
to induce and sustain realization, instinct and strength, the will of the
magician, to bind energies to a goal, motivating the self, the process of a
goal, to attain what one desires

19-Tzephariron- Virgo/Hermit-The pathway to the Qlippoth realm, to achieve

a goal, to seek illumination, the connections between things in magic,
finding associations to things, to awaken inner power, awakening to the
Qlippoth realm, finding knowledge within that realm, find others strengths
and weaknesses, to seek dark powers and consume the light

20-Obiriron- Libra/Justice- Destructive energy, to form new beginnings, or

makes spells end, to draw in energies to form and send, refine and
manipulate powers, to prevent things from moving to quickly, destroy
energies that try to harm

21-Necheshethiron- Scorpio/Death- Shedding the unwanted, gain powers,

become more powerful, getting rid of issues and the past, restoration
magic, overcome something, inciting chaos, bring things to an end or its
death, to find important information, gaining draconic knowledge, guides
you on the path of power, guidance of the Qlippoth realm

22-Nachashiron- Sagittarius/Temperance- Transmutation and shapeshifting,

transformation from one thing to another, development, to make things
manifest, counterattacking, bring the best or worst out of something, incite
passion, gain strength, to aid in focusing, to bring balance, lord of war and
storms, understanding the Qlippoth, and working with dragons, rules over
the dead, magic to become godlike

2-Zodiac Guardians Of The Qliphoth

Aries-Beiriron-(The Herd)-Sending things, sparking anything, glamour

magic, perception and reality, shape-shifting, alterations, beginnings,
initializing, war, attacking, conflict, aggressive magic

Taurus-Adimiron-(The Bloody Ones-)- Storage of energy, multiplying

anything, find lost things, to bring damage to something, new abilities, to
gain anything you desire, make things disappear or reappear, to acquire
something, returning anything

Gemini-Tzelilimiron-(The Clangers)-Telepathy, mind control, influence

thoughts, travel, communication, sending messages, immediate
environment, find information, getting magic books, spell crafting, gossip
finder, learning magic, change something, alter thoughts, alteration
magicks, quicken something, make things move

Cancer-Shichiriron-(The Black Ones)- Protection, hidden issues, bring an end

to something, graves and the undead, ancient magic, finding what was lost,
servitor creations, spirits and shadows, demons, weather magic, storm
raising, altering the past, the past and history, to preserve something,
emotional issues, nature magic

Leo-Shalhebiron-(The Flaming Ones)-Lust and sex, creating anything,

messengers, ego magic, law of chance, illuminates issues, awakens
energies, stimulation of something, gaining power, wish magic, primal
energies, revealing anything, burns problems away

Virgo-Tzaphiriron-(The Scratchers)-Healing, to purify, cause sickness and ill

energy, make others do what you want, repair energy, animal magic, to
alter something, chakra magic, to contain something evil for protection, to
bring change to something, to hide something, summon energies

Libra-Abiriron-(The Clayish Ones)- To create links, to combine a force, to

create strife, make arguments, attack something, catch a thief, attract
something, domino effect, sending forces elsewhere, creating the opposite
of something, balancing anything

Scorpio-Necheshthiron-(The Brazen Ones)-Transformation, the dead,

creating fear, recreate something, banishing, reflect something, bring to an
end, make someone obsessed, occult powers, invisibility, hiding anything,
altering something, research, secrets and hidden information, destructive,
shadow magic, wraiths, shades of the dead, necromancy, raising the dead,
darkness, night magic, death magic, astral magic,

Sagittarius-Nachashiron-(The Snaky Ones)-Make something grow,

expansion of an issue, astral travel, dream magic, prophetic, to learn new
magic, energy manipulation help, movement of something, freedom,
connecting with aliens, learning tarot and astrology, manipulating
something, cosmic magic, gaining knowledge, remote viewing, revealing
the truth of an issue

Capricorn-Dagdagiron-(The Fishy Ones)-Manifestations, influencing

someone, gain power over someone, gaining authority, success in
something, overcome obstacles, creating faades, the past, restricting
someone, curses, bind someone, banishing, protection, confusion spells

Aquarius-Bahimiron-(The Bestial Ones)-Banish gossip, wishes come true, to

bring confidence, getting what you desire, know others plans, desires of
someone, brings chaos, changes, the unexpected, revealing something
unknown, destructive, breaks barriers and blocks, strange energies, occult
knowledge, awakening energies

5-Golachab-Demonic assassin or punisher of those being judged

6-Tageriron-Demon that covers things up, and things that others dont want
Pisces-Nashimiron-(Malignant Women)-Revealing secrets, revealing the
hidden, to undo someone, psychic powers, finding spies, undermine someones spell, to capture someone, to hide something, bindings, escape from
an issue, confine evil, free an issue, karmic release, invisibility, finding
someone, revealing deception, finding the truth

7-Oreb Zaraq- Warfare and espionage demon

8-Samael-Demon of death

(000)-Qemetiel- A Demon that gives inspiration and illumination dealing

with arcane knowledge

(00)-Belial- A shapeshifting Demon that shows alternatives to a goal or


9-Gamaliel- Demon that aids in bringing death to the world

10-Lilith-Demon who stops things from happening, and moving forward

11-Amprodias-Demon that brings death to an issue or an ending of any sort

(0)-Athiel- Reveals the nature of different Demons and their purposes
12-Baratchial- Demon that reveals the magick being cast, and why and who
did it
1-Thaumiel-Demon of death and all it entails, the afterlife and such
13-Gargophias-Demon of chaos, brings fertility to a goal
2-Ogiel-Demon that destroys blocks that restrict the inflow of true

3-Sateriel-The head demonic messenger that sends and sorts information to


4-Gasheklah-Demoness' messenger that judges the strength of persons


14-Dagdagiel-Powerful demon that changes and expands your ability in the


15-Hemethterith-Demon that brings justice and destruction

16-Uriens-Demon thats relationship is to reveal evil or good in the world

17-Zamradiel-Demon that stills something to see whats happening in the


18-Characith-Demon that helps make a decision on what path to go

19-Temphioth-Punisher like demon, brings them enslaved and in jail like

20-Yamatu-Demon that alters something that could incriminate him

29-Qulielfi-Demon that helps with meditation

30-Raflifu-Demon of the movement and flow of knowledge that the he

keeps, protector of knowledge

31-Shalicu-Demon that tells people what they want to hear, misdirection

32-Thantifaxath-Demon that keeps magick and whatever you want invisible

from outside forces

21-Kurgasiax- Demon that awakens magick to work in any working

Zodiac Guardians Qliphoth
22-Lafcursiax-Demon that helps with astral magick, and what makes you
have a hard time, and negative stuff that may go on

15. Aries-Beiriron-A demon that mirrors anything you want it to, it can be

23-Malkunofat-Demon that renews the magick will and confidence of it

24-Niantiel-Demon that restores what was changed in magick back to its

16. Taurus-Adimiron-A demon that has the power to reveal what it destroys
or hides it from you

25-Saksaksalim-Demon that helps to direct magical force to focus and to

bring magick into creation

17. Gemini-Tzelilimiron-Demon that stops something from happening

18. Cancer-Shichiriron-A demon of the unexpected

26-A'ano'nin- Demon that either destroys or creates something
19. Leo-Shalhebiron-A demon that helps you understand something
27-Parfaxitas-Demon of undermining someone, or revealing your magick
being undermined secretly
20. Virgo-Tzaphiriron-Demon that sends disinformation to those who dont
need to know the truth
28-Tzuflifu-Demon that opens portals, and moves anywhere through time
and space, he is like a guide

22. Libra-Abiriron-A demon to make something backfire on someone else, to

screw someone over

14. Empress-Dagdagdiel- the darker aspects of nature, dark Fay magick,

creation of servitors, manifesting into existence, ancient power

24. Scorpio-Necheshthiron-Demon that manifests your working and shows

you what changes were made

15. Emperor-Hermetherith- controlling others through magick, powerful

energies, to influence someone, make things go your way

25. Sagittarius-Nachashiron-Demon of justice and order

16. Hierophant-Uriens- reveals things, connector of other forces, helps with

magic ritual, guide to the underworld

26. Capricorn-Dagdagiron-Demon of the weird, strange and odd, annomilies

17. Lovers-Zamradiel- to illuminate what direction to go, the truth of
something, division of anything, weapon to protect
28. Aquarius-Bahimiron- A demon to hide magick workings, and animate
the dead

29. Pisces-Nashimiron-Creates beings, their DNA and their existence, makes


32 Tunnels of Set

11. Fool-Amprodias- To make things unaware, astral travel, Qlippoth guides,

a gift of dark power, dangerous issues, to see mistakes, to know ahead of
time, guidance, freedom,

12. Magician-Baratchial- energy work, elementals, gaining powers, directing

forces, magick of all kinds

13. High Priestess-Gargophias- inner alchemy, hidden knowledge, dark

energies, opening the unseen, awakening, initiation, psychic powers,
portals and gateways

18. Chariot-Characith- astral travel, protection and defense, to make

invisible, spoken spell craft, memory manipulation, altering the past, great

19. Strength-Temphioth- Telepathy, helps to control powers, power to

destroy, protection, to gain more power, to gain awareness, to see past a
faade, see others motives

20. Hermit-Yamatu- dark powers gain, wisdom of the black flame, to gain
knowledge, learn from, secret workings, shadow magick, time magick,
illumination, revealing anything

21. Wheel of Fortune-Kurgasiax- the fate of an issue, its destiny, to bring

change to something, to evolve, spiraling downward, bad luck,

22. Justice-Lafcurisax- justice and defense, to bring judgment, curses,

teaches dark magick karma of something, repelling magick, deflection, to
unbalance something

23. Hanged man-Malkunofat- Inner alchemy, astral magick, chakra work,

getting psychic powers, reveal deception, hide things, sacrifices, brings

32. World-Thantifaxath- To consume someone's magick, to annihilate

something, to create a servitor, or to destroy one, ending something, or
beginning something

24. Death-Niantiel- Necromancy, learning the art of evocation, death

magick, shadow powers, guide in the underworld, bringing changes into
something, sex magick

Kabbalah of The Qlippoths

25. Temperance-Saksaksalim- Reality morphing, altering anything, keeping

magick working, switching energies, switching souls, drawing and swapping

26. Devil-A'ano'nin- Binding spells, banishing energies, sex magick,

restricting others, bondage, glamour magick, dark energies and magick,
blocks, releasing them

27. The Tower-Parfaxitas- To destroy something, bring an end to, brings

chaos, secrets revealed, to know the truth, to bring surprise, weirdness, the
odd, revenge,

28. The Star-Tzuflifu- access to the universal mind, other dimensions, occult
knowledge, the black flame awakened, illumination, darker Fay magick

29. The Moon-Qulielfi- Dream walking, astral magick, dark workings, to

discover the hidden, psychic abilities, expose deception, awaken third eye,

1-Kether- Thaumiel-(Twins of God) never ending always producing, the

unchangeable, cosmic creation and destruction, androgynous nature, two
force in one force, force of chaos, to multiply the forces of other Qlippoth,
sends off the work to the rest of the Qlippoth, gives energy to the Qlippoth,
the source of power and its force, generator like activity

2-Chockma- Ogiel-(The Hinderers) Splitting the creation from Kether to two

separate forms, marriage of energies, to conceive what Kether desired,
differentiates where the power is sent, the sorter of demons and where
they are processed in the hierarchy to work on, mirroring what Kether
wants done, to work to bring something to existence, a force working
together, preparing for issues to germinate

3-Binah-Sateriel-(The Concealers) Gives birth to the conceived energy or

thing, the Qlippoth of timing the Qlippoth's actions being defined, their
plans being executed, the purpose of what the Qlippoth are doing, destiny
and the law of its actions,

4- Chesed- Gasheklah-(The Smiters) Fully manifested, solid foundation of

the energy, where its played out, limitations, restrictions, the place where
the Qlippoth work, the astral realm, as if poured onto the earth to work, the
Qlippoth of Chesed bring changes and alters things, reveals truth, and
opens anything

30. The Sun-Raflifu- can make things dry up, or make things grow, to
radiate a certain energy, glamour magick, to unfold new powers

31. Judgment-Shalicu- Breaks barriers, and limitations, to expand

something, awakening into dark power, to bring termination, to stop a spell
from working, to resurrect something

5-Geburah- Golachab-(The Arsonists) Qlippoth that sends energies,

workings and messages for good or ill, to bring conflict and injury, gives the
judgment of the manifested working, gives force to something, brings war
to the issue, force of magick, the spark of action, the desire to act, The
Qlippoth of lust, power complex

6-Tifereth- Tageriron-(The Hagglers) Qlippoth that brings unrest, animates

the first 5 sephiroth's power, brings energies to an end or brings energies
to existence, illuminates and fructifies the latent power stored and flowed
through 1-5 Qlippoth, can bring death, the evolution of the Qlippoth
through the tree

11-Aleph-Amprodias(Kether/Chockma) Creator of life or destroyer, dweller

in the mountains, breath of life or breath of death, awakening forces, rod of
power for good or ill, struggle between evil or good, dark spirituality,
keeper of time, alpha and omega, the godhead and creator of all, bringer of
chaos or bringer of peace

7-Netzach- Oreb Zaraq-(The Raven of Dispersion) The force that connects

Qlippoth's or anything together, that lets creation be as it is, the blood that
sustains, to keep things functioning, forces of nature, organization of forces,
brings disorder, Qlippoth that creates and manifests as does Binah, (a
lesser form of Binah)

12-Beth-Baratchial(Kether/Binah) Source of the Qlippoth's sanctuary, where

they come from, their beginnings, coming into existence, birth place, the
home of many Qlippoth's, secret retreats and secret places, the hidden
home, the home of the other world

8-Hod- Samael-(Poison of God) Qlippoth of time and cycles of activity of the

Qlippoth's, brings movement to magick sent, divides and sorts where the
action goes, (lesser form of Chockma) to bring enfoldment of the actions
released, death but evolution to a new form, decay and corruption, the
cause and effect of actions from other Qlippoths, balance and imbalanced
energies, the ceaseless movement of actions, the flow of good or evil,
transmission of forces, the contained force that moves, a tester, the grim
reaper like, slayer of forces

9-Yesode- Gamaliel-(The Obscene Ones) Qlippoth that initiates and ends

cycles of magick, finalizing things that was created by the beginning of the
initial work, blooming and getting ready to complete, reflects the Qlippoths
work, expresses it, Qlippoth of silence, stillness and foreboding, moving
towards a result, astral magic and travel, invisibility and walking unnoticed,
protection of working, prepares for manifestation, to bury the old, to bury
the dead, temptation

10-Malkuth- Lilith-(The Queen of The Night) Completion of all of the

Qlippoths work, completion of forces in action, endings, and full
manifestation of desires, endings, to return to Kether, fulfilling the cycle of
powers, new things dawning, total evolution, redemption, flaws in the
design, perfection, outpouring of light or darkness, unfolding into matter,
destroying life, hellish consequences, destructive vs. constructive, the hand
of the Qlippoth or force, rebellion, and revolution, fountain of death and life

13-Gimel- Gargophias(Kether/Tifereth)- The portal and passageway to Beth,

the Qlippoth's world, those that don't deserve Beth, will be brought disease,
bloodshed, and ill health, but can also give energy and strength, the life
force of a working, sacrifice and redemption

14-Daleth- Dagdagiel(Chockma/Binah)- Qlippoth destroys activities on the

physical plane, brings death, and putrification, decay and loss, the ending
of an age, womb of death, the left over of another time, but on the other
hand it represents the other world of fertility of life and new life, rebirth,
represents 2 fold truth: Old and New

15-He- Hemethterith(Chockma/Tifereth)- Qlippoth's function to bring the

renewal of life, rebirth, the breath of life, releases the old world of flesh and
limitations of matter to behold the wonder of the new world, sacrifice the
past, to see the possibilities, to look into the new world, to see with new
eyes, to bring change and regeneration, sacrifice

16-Vau- Uriens(Chockma/Chesed) Manifestation of a new cycle, switching

polarities, as above so below, completion of a cycle of darkness, renewal,
union of two forces, sudden creation, the eye of Qlippoth, seeing through
the soul of something, revealing, unveiling

17-Zain- Zamradiel(Binah/Tifereth) Qlippoth of war and the creation of war,

and strife, to act in conquest, ruling Qlippoth's, directing where to strike,
dominion and control, to conquer the old, victorious in anything, mastery of
creation, gaining control with the He' Qlippoth, trickery through speech

18-Cheth- Characith(Binah/Geburah)The process of bringing upon war, the

cultivating of war, its ongoing growth, to gain control of the forces
preventing evolution, to become supreme and mighty, to bless Qlippoths,
the steps of evolution is death of the old, cultivation is the key, to attain
justice, and attain harvest

19-Theth- Temphioth(Chesed/Geburah) Initiation to a new way, shedding

the old, Qlippoth of immortality, new characteristics and traits, new
personality, gaining new powers, casting away death, disease and decay, to
over come death, to be protected, and concealed, awakening the 3rd eye,
magic strengths, and controlling powers, sustaining energy, the astral
force, and astral energies, Qlippoth of great wisdom

20-Yod- Yamatu(Chesed/Tifereth) Qlippoth of completion, and source of the

rest of the Qlippoth's, reincarnated ego, to multiply in force, infinite rebirth
and incarnations, unfolds new manifestations, Qlippoth of evolution, the
start of a new existence, a new cycle

21-Kaph- Kurgasiax(Chesed/Netzach) Qlippoth of the past, the hand of fate,

the karmic Qlippoth, records of the past, learning lessons from the past,
what you did and are capable of, your potential or your weaknesses,
balance the actions from the past in the present to grow, to bring rejection

22-Lamed- Lafcursiax(Geburah/Tifereth) The power of your karma, deciding

what you become, the use of evil or good powers, judgments, sexuality and
its use, to become balanced, power to manifest, and aids the
accomplishment of something, Qlippoth of guidance and help

23-Mem- Malkunofat(Geburah/Hod) Qlippoth who rule over energies in the

astral, meditation, magical workings, creation of anything, forms things in
the astral to manifest in the physical, other dimensions, portals, parallel
universes, spirits and other entities, faeries, aliens, where you are before
you are born,

24-Nun- Niantiel(Tifereth/Netzach) Qlippoth of creating, and generation, the

stirring of new life, Qlippoth's purpose to formulate new energies, tends to
the new growth, helping and supporting, feeding what's needed,
energizing, guidance

25-Samech- Saksaksalim(Tifereth/Yesode) Completion of cycle of rebirth, to

emerge anew, be born, link between two things, getting rid of the old for
karma to be reaped, to face the music, Qlippoth deflecting things and
returning to sender their forces, releasing painful issues, returning to the
source, fatality, and destiny, Qlippoth astral passageways are seen here,
reflecting things

26-Ayin- A'ano'nin(Tifereth/Hod) To see behind facades, to see the truth of

reality, to see what the Qlippoths see, to be illuminated by the truth,
enlightenment, the psychic senses, to scry for answers, the real reality

27-Pe'- Parfaxitas(Netzach/Hod) Qlippoth messengers, to make things move

quickly, swift actions, to cloak thoughts in darkness, the decisions of the
Qlippoth, master plans of the creator, the power of the mind, dark matter,
astral sight and perception, seeing the invisible, repository of memory and
thoughts, to perceive the truth

28-Tzaddi- Tzuflifu(Netzach/Yesode) To the path evolve to become godlike,

to be protected by Qlippoth, the wisdom of the initiated, near completion,
an aim to succeed in something, a means for an end, movement to desired
end, to accomplish successfully

29-Qoph- Qulielfi(Netzach/Malkuth) Qlippoth that discerns good and evil

and balances them, mysteries of life, Qlippoth that defends you, effort to a
goal, awakening thought, fulfillment of renewing the earth, to build to a
new form, to control your destiny, gives joy and harmony as a reward

30-Resh- Raflifu(Hod/Yesode) Strength of silence and no movement,

dissolution of death, and peace or war, to rule a new world, government
issues, the sense of space and time, past and future disappear and become
present, forgetting the past, preserving memory, power of memory

31-Shin- Shalicu(Hod/Malkuth) The final sparks of creation, the change of

reality, the force to become a new form, the union of two powers to create
anew, alteration and change, sealing the final touches, the fires of lust and

32-Tau- Thantifaxath(Yesode/Malkuth) The power to rule, leading, godlike

power, the great work, the new world, a new way of life, Qlippoth home of
another time and place, completing something