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Digital Portfolio: Students will maintain a personal portfolio to hold written and studio assignments.
Studio Investigations: Throughout the semester, students will participate in studio art activities in and
outside of class. Students will collect these creative expressions and reflections, and connect them to
future teaching. Works should express creative, thoughtful, well-crafted adaptations as well as concepts,
media, and problem-solving techniques presented by the instructor and classmates. 25% of final grade



Website Foundation
Clarity and organization demonstrated by outlining pages:
ART 133 (and introductory paragraph)
Digital Portfolio
Unit Papers
Lesson Plans
Unit 1: Identity
Subconscious Explorations (optional)
Identity Constructions
Unit 2: Power
Exploring Earth
Unit 3: Vulnerability
Empathy Braid
Graphic Editorials
Unit 4: Play
Finger Puppets
Playing with/in Nature
please do not discard this document after check-point
Unit 5: Structures & Systems
Chance Operations
Co-Curated Installations
Group 1
Studio Investigation
Group 2
Studio Investigation
Group 3
Studio Investigation
Group 4
Studio Investigation
Group 5
Studio Investigation
Group 6
Studio Investigation
Each studio image should best represent your completed Studio Investigation. Please consider the following
questions before posting imagery.
Is the image upright?
Is the image clear / in-focus?
Is the image cropped (but not too much) and void of distractions?
Is the image large enough for online viewing?
Is the image displayed on a neutral colored (black or white) background?
Amber Ward, PhD
ART 133: Elementary School Art Education