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Wine Vendors

The Union and Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital’s 4th annual Paint the Town Pink will be held on October 28, 2010
from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, 11228 McCourtney Rd. Grass Valley, CA, 95945.

The cost of the booth is FREE! The applicant agrees to donate 1400 tastings of wine the night of the event. You will be
provided with a booth space to serve wine tastings to guests and promote your business. Wine vendors may be paired
with complimentary food, depending on space at the event.

Included in your welcome package will be an In-Kind form, which will qualify you for a tax-deduction on your entire
donation to this event. Simply submit an invoice to The Union after the event with your cost breakdowns and the Sierra
Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation will provide you with a tax write off at the end of the fiscal year.

The Main Exhibit building at the Nevada County Fairgrounds does not provide water. The main exhibit building does
provide power.

Set-up for the event can begin on Thursday October 28, 2010 at 12:00 pm.

If you have any questions, call (530)477-4241. You may fax this application to (530) 273-1854. Mail contract to:
The Union
Attn: Paint the Town Pink
464 Sutton Way
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Space Reservation Request

Business Name______________________________ Owner/ Contact_________________________________

Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip________________________________ Email Address: _______________________________

Website Address______________________________ Day Phone: __________________________________

Fax Number_________________________

Credit Card #: _______________________________________ Expiration Date: _____________

($150 will be charged to your credit card if canceled after October 15, 2010)

I would like to donate a silent auction prize to The Union & SNMH’s Paint the Town Pink Yes No

If yes, give a brief description of the product


I have read, understand & will comply with all rules, regulations and guidelines of this contract for Paint the Town Pink. By filling out this
application, you are committed to participation. Failure to participate will result in a $150 charge to your credit card to cover the cost of
additional wine that we will need to purchase if you fail to attend that you are committing to serving by signing this contract.

Date_____________ Signed: _______________________________________

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