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Teachers’ guide:

Song: Last dance

Language: so and because (practice or recycling) + introducing some vocab (#4)

Lead-in: Do you like dancing? Why? What are some good reasons to dance?

#1 Competition/ grammar: What pair can write down more plausible/funny/different reasons and
consequences in 3 minutes?
 open answers
 E.g.: I like this song, so let’s dance. It’s cold in here, so let’s dance.
I need you because you are good to me. I need you because I have nobody else.

Monitor hard to see if they understood the concept of so/because.

Classcheck to declare a winner. Have a laugh with the sentences. ;)

Have them check their predictions (#1) to the lyrics while they listen to the song.

This song can be very long depending on the recording, so turn it down and let them do exercises
2 and 3 before going back to it, if they want to sing it.

#3 Reading comprehension/ grammar: It’s the last dance, so it’s my/the last dance for
love/romance. OR It’s my/the last chance for love because it’s the last dance.

#4 Vocabulary
a) Mr. Right c) hold me
b) scold me d) so (use this to differentiate the adverb from the connector)

#5 Conversation: In pairs or groups of three. Elicit some feedback at the end.

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So Let’s Dance!
Do you like dancing? Why? What are some good reasons to dance?

1. In pairs, cover the lyrics and complete the sentences with possible reasons or
consequences. How creative are you?

a) ____________________________________________________________________, so let’s dance.

b) I need you because _______________________________________________________________.

Last dance
Last chance for love Yeah, will you be my Mr. Right?
Yes, it's my last chance for Can you fill my appetite
romance tonight I can't be sure that you're the one
for me
I need you by me, But all that I ask is that you
Beside me, to guide me, dance with me
To hold me, to scold me, Dance with me, Dance with me,
'Cause when I'm bad yeah
I'm so, so bad
(Repeat # 2, # 3, #2)
So let's dance, the last dance
Let's dance, the last dance So, come on baby, dance that
Let's dance, this last dance dance
tonight Come on baby, dance that dance
Come on baby, let's dance tonight
(Repeat # 1, 2 and 3)
(“Last dance”, Donna Summer)

2. Join the two first verses into a sentence.

It’s _____________________________________, so it’s ______________________________________.
It’s __________________________________ because it’s ____________________________________.

3. Look at the highlighted words and expressions in the lyrics. What do they mean?

a) the perfect man for someone: __________________________ c) hug: ______________________

b) reproach, like a parent does to a child: __________________ d) very: ______________________

4. Conversation
a) Do you like dancing? c) Do you like disco music? Why (not)?
b) How often do you go dancing? d) What kind of music do you usually dance to?