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Golden Vital Signs Planning for Role Out October 2011

Planned Date Activity Responsibili Completed Date

February 15, Identify/assess other indicator DLE February 20,
2010 projects1 2010
March 15, 2010 Determine community/key stakeholder DLE, GE June 2, 2010
interest in Vital Signs2
May 10, 2010 Secure project budget and staffing3 DLE,GE June 4, 2010 Comment [CL1]: Funding confirmed,
budget in place
June 24th, 2010 Establish Steering Committee/project DLE4 July 15th, 2010
management structure
General Call and preliminary info
session to determine interest in SC
ongoing Work with CFC on consistency of DLE, Staff, ongoing
approach SC
Communications and Engagement
September Hold community consultations and SC, CFC September 30, Comment [CL2]: this is a presentation
to stakeholders about what is VS / stories
engage key stakeholders, along with 2010 from other communities?
presentation by CFC representative
October Determine how volunteers and key SC October 30, 2010
stakeholders can be engaged in the
April 2011 Create communications plan SC, Staff, June 15, 2011
April 2011 Enlist media support/media partner SC, Staff, June 1, 2011
CFC Comment [CL3]: This is done locally,
CFC can provide examples of how other CFs
Indicator Research and Grading have done this but we are not involved in
April 2011 Develop set of indicators with input SC the negotiating at the local level.
from key stakeholders
May 2011 Manage indicator research and data CFC
analysis process
May 2011 Recruit graders from the community SC
May_June 2011 Develop grading system and manage SC
grading process
Vital Signs Report
June_July 2011 Determine which indicators will be SC
1 th
Original document updated May 14 , with more input from GAI,
Support to be determined through Grant in Aids to ToG, CSRD interest. Next step CBT AA/CI Grants, final
support shown through CBT Small Community Grant, June 1, 2010. Time lines adjusted. Budget attached. Needs to
be detailed by staff. Budget as present to CBT CDP for Small Grant
It is assumed at this point that the administration $s in the budget will allocated to ED, GDCF.
SC structure will be determine by SC, project management structure will also be determined by SC. Those
interested in being on SC will be asked at general call for commitment in time.
August 2011 Decide on other content (messages, SC
local context, photos, etc.)
Write and design the report SC and
Ongoing to Design web site TBD September 2011
October 2011
October 2011 Print/disseminate the report SC
Launch Event
October 2011 Plan a public event to launch the Vital SC October 2001
Signs report
Ongoing Develop an evaluation plan November
November 2011 2011
Manage feedback ongoing

DLE:Denise English

GE: Glewn Ewan

SC: Steering Committee

TBD: to be determined

CFC:Community Foundations of Canada Vital Signs Representative