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Minnies Limited

Quarter #1 Year <2014>

General Summary of Quarter

In the first quarter, I was working on 3 businesses including; Minnie
Store, Minnie Foodland and the newest company called Minnie Beauty
Salon and also one closing business, Minnie Farm. From the day I started
my business, only 1 company makes profit.
Minnie Store is the shop that I open first; it sells clothes, shoes and
jewelries. This is my first time trying to run the business and Im not making
much profit at the first time. After running for many days and get to
understand the process of it, at the last week, I make quite a lot of profit.
The reasons are Im buying very expensive jewelries in the last week, and I
also converting game point into a management qualification.
In Minnie Foodland, Im selling Foodstuff, grocery and drugstore. This
store focusing on selling variety of food and drug, so it doesnt make any
profit because it still have to fix with the quantity of each product. The last
one is Minnie Beauty Salon; still not making any profit because it is very
new and it is the first service business in this year.

Graph below shown a revenue of all my enterprises in Quarter 1

Minnie Store
Minnie Salon


Minnie Foodland



Minnie Techatadakarawin

Minnies Limited

December 11, 2014

Minnies Limited
Quarter #1 Year <2014>

Summary of Financial Profits and Losses

Minnie Store - This store is having $122,490 in revenue and $106487.60

in profit which is very high because its having very few expenses at
$16002.40 compares to the number of profit, and this is also the most
profitable business in my company too.

Minnie Foodland - It has $5876 in revenue but have $7456.82 in

expense, this company losses the money. One of the reason for that is
this store I invest only a very little money.

Minnie Beauty Salon - The newest business that recently build has

$12000 revenue, but it has $20962.17 in expense means that it still have
to improve more. The equipment to start this business is quite expensive
too, so I have to wait until it make some more profit.

Plan for future growth and profit

I will increase more
products in all of
my enterprise.

Minnie Techatadakarawin

Try to add more

advertisement in
some profitable

Minnies Limited

Open more

December 11, 2014

Minnies Limited
Quarter #1 Year <2014>



Quarter 1


This graph shows you a price of

stock per share in the original price
compare to the end of quarter 1 price.
As you see, the original price is $100
per share but after the first quarter
ends, it gain to $129.4 per share which
is 29.4% increase.



Price of Stock per share

Company Balance


This graph give all you overall

revenues, expenses, and profit
in Minnies Limited company.
My company is making
$140,357 in revenue, $52,116.98
in expenses which the profit
would be $88,240.






Minnie Techatadakarawin


Minnies Limited

December 11, 2014

Minnies Limited
Quarter #1 Year <2014>






The last graph shows you the

percentage of enterprises efficiency in
different section including office, store,
advertising, stock-farm, and service.
We can assume from the chart that
the stores efficiency has the highest
percentage and its mean Im doing
good in the store, and I believe that it
will grow more as the time goes.



Minnie Techatadakarawin

Minnies Limited

December 11, 2014