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White Right Wing
Republicans Attack
New Black Panthers
The House Judiciary to ploys of all types using mothers, fathers, grand- ing the rights of blacks ex-
Committee recently reject- notable names such as “Joe mothers, and grandfathers ercising their right to vote.
ed a 15-14 vote for a Res- the Plummer” in an effort are at stake, it is our duty to The party line vote
olution of Inquiry against to stifle the rising popular- respond. The Black Panther sought by Rep. Frank R.
members of the New Black ity of the virtually unknown Party became the viable vehi- Wolf and Rep. Lamar Smith,
Panther Party. Not because Senator Barack H. Obama. cle for voter protection orig- ranking Republicans on the
of political alliances, but The Philadelphia poll- inally defending the rights House Judiciary Commit-
because the matter was al- ing place is not invincible of black people’s right to tee, is an insane course of
ready decided in court. to white racism or attacks vote in Alabama’s, Lowndes action. Judiciary Commit-
In the November on black life, therefore, the County district. Stokley tee Chairman John Cony-
election of 2008, the atmo- Philadelphia chapter of the Carmichael and black peo- ers Jr. of Michigan voted the
sphere was heated. White New Black Panther Party ple in Lowndes County or- resolution “unfavorably” out
racist were threatening to had to respond. When the ganized movements armed of committee, calling the
kill black men and women lives of our children, babies, and ready to die defend- Philadelphia polling disrup-
if then Senator Obama won, tion an “isolated incident.”
“America’s golden prize.” The resolution was sent to
Mr. Obama received numer- the House floor weighing
ous threats against his life the facts against the ha-
for being a black man who tred determined to provide
dared to aspire to the nation’s balance to the onslaught.
highest office, President of Rep. Wolf wrote
the United States of Amer- seven letters over seven
ica. It is no surprise then months seeking informa-
that he is the only president tion on the case. Each time
(and his family) to receive he wrote, the Department
the most death threats – hun- of Justice responded ac-
dreds daily. Senator John cording to standard policy.
McCain and members of the
Republican Party resorted Continued on page 31

‘Red-Neck Republicans’ Out to Get Them,

New Black Panther Leader Says
al last May of voter intimida- Conscious Chats on Blogtalk 2008, where two members
tion charges against his black Radio. Shabazz singled out of the anti-white and anti-
power group, a decision that GOP Reps.  Frank Wolf (Va.) Semitic fringe group stood
sparked conservative pro- and  Lamar Smith (Texas) - in military-style garb, one of
tests. But last week in a pod- two critics on the House Ju- them carrying a night stick.
cast interview, Shabazz let diciary Committee, along One of the members
loose – with a racially tinged with “Old  Uncle Tom  Mi- of the party in Philadelphia,
rant against the Republicans chael Steele, the black Ne- he added, “just happened to
he said are trying to turn the gro who heads the Repub- be a little too black or too
issue into campaign ads for lican National Committee.” strong,” and “made a mis-
this fall’s midterm elections. “We are gearing up take” by bringing a weapon
“These white right- for a showdown with this to the polls. “They are beat-
“Shabazz Blasts Back” wing, red-faced, red-neck cracker,” Shabazz said, al- ing these war drums – it’s
Republicans are attack- though it wasn’t clear to constantly on the front page
By Ryan J. Reynolds ing the hell out of the New whom he was referring. “If of the Washington Times [...]
Black Panther Party, and he keeps talking, were go- and I’m expecting some ads
New Black Panther we’re organizing now to ing to Capitol Hill; we’re just with the New Black Panther
Party president Malik Zulu fight back,” Shabazz told gearing up right now.” At Party for midterm elections
Shabazz hasn’t said much the podcast host, a man who issue is an incident at a ma- in 2010,” Shabazz said.
publicly about the Obama calls himself “Brother Gary,” jority-black polling place in
Justice Department’s dismiss- who hosts a show called Philadelphia in November
US Department of Justice
Panthers, Republicans
EMROILED in Major Fight
Timeline of Phony Voter Intimidation Charges
By Chawn Kweli didate Barack Obama, as well as black campaigners (for Obama) and he owes
men and women across the country. us no favors.” Behind this unceremo-
The year 2009 for the New Black Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael niously veteran Civil Rights Defense
Panther Party was very “eventful,” to Nutter also hushed the propaganda in Attorney Christopher Coates lost his
say the least. During 2009, the name a statement saying “No one has been position as Chief of the Voting Sec-
of the New Black Panther Party was denied the vote… this is the Unit- tion, and transferred to the U.S. attor-
brought up in major newspapers and ed States of America and unless [the ney’s office in South Carolina accord-
media outlets more times than any men standing outside] break the law ing to the website www.mainjustice.
in recent memory. The Washington or do anything, they have the right to com, which reported no official an-
Times specifically launched a smear stand out there. We don’t need any- nouncement of the personnel change.
campaign against the New Black one trying to trump up anything or In the final days of the George
Panther Party and the Washington generate any kind of excitement,” W. Bush administration, Coates signed
based Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz. Mayor Nutter stated to reporters. off on the controversial voter intimi-
The deeper question in all of this is Unfortunately for those involved, dation complaint against the New
why? In a lawsuit filed in federal court that’s just what happened. Atty. Ma- Black Panther Party and three of its
in Philadelphia, the suit alleged that lik Zulu Shabazz, Mr. Samir Shabazz members. The dismissal resulted in
two men wearing NBPP uniforms: and Mr. Jerry Jackson’s names were outrage by some of the Republican
Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, an dragged through the mud. According members of Congress, and a formal
to Michelle Malkin, ultimately the vot- investigation by the U.S. Commission
er intimidation suit as written by Pub- on Civil Rights, which subpoenaed
lic Affairs Spokesman Alejandro Miyar Mr. Coates and J. Christian Adams
was dropped against Mr. Samir Shaba- (the lead attorney in the case), to tes-
zz, Mr. Jerry Jackson and Atty. Malik tify why the complaint was dismissed.
Zulu Shabazz “after careful review.” Joseph H. Hunt, director of the
In a statement to the Associated Justice Department’s Federal Programs
Press, Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz said, Branch, ordered the lawyers’ silence
“The U.S. Justice Department made in a formal letter to the attorney for J.
the right call in dismissing a voter in- Christian Adams, the lead attorney for
timidation lawsuit against the New the department in the alleged voter in-
Black Panther Party and recent ques- timidation case. Justice Department
tions about that ruling are a political Civil Rights Division chief Thomas E.
witch hunt to discredit Attorney Gen- Perez, a Maryland lawyer who served
eral Eric Holder.” Atty. Shabazz also as Maryland’s labor secretary, was ac-
stated, “No insider influence played cused by Rep. Steve King of Iowa a
a role. The Panthers “were not active Republican, of not being “truthful”
elected member of the Philadelphia
Democratic Committee and a creden-
tialed poll watcher, intimidated vot-
ers on November 4, 2008 by staning
outside a polling place, with Samir
Shabazz holding a police style baton.
New Black Panther National
Chairman Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz
was also named but not present dur-
ing the alleged incident. Dr. Shabazz
is a well respected attorney who has
fought many high profile cases. Ac-
cording to informtion obtained by Dr.
Shabazz, there were earlier reports of
men in Nazi style uniforms seen at the
polling place. Dr. Shabazz explained
the presence of the BPP men by re-
minding the media of the racist threats
being spewed at then Presidential can-
while under oath, to such an extent that of voter intimidation. Rep. Frank Wolf, I take oversight of the department
“There are people who have gone to jail in a recent opening address pressed very seriously. I also strongly support
for such a level of purported dishonesty.” for the Department of Justice, pursued voting rights protections. In 1981,
A fair question to Mr. King is, “Do you not a comical course saying, “I rise today I was the only member - Republican
understand the maximum penalty was to introduce a Resolution of Inquiry or Democrat - of the Virginia delega-
sought in the alleged intimidation case?” directing the attorney general to trans- tion in the House to vote for the Voting
Frank Rudolph Wolf recently took mit to the House all information relat- Rights Act, and was harshly criticized
the lead in the charge for a re-opening ing to the decision to dismiss an im- by the editorial page of the Richmond
of the alleged voter intimidation case. portant voter intimidation case, United Times Dispatch. When I supported its
Representative Wolf, serving since States v. New Black Panther Party.” The reauthorization in 2006, I was criti-
1981, is a Republican member of the case sought to enforce Voting Rights cized again by the editorial pages.
United States House of Representatives Act statutes against members of the Time and again over the last year,
from Virginia’s 10th Congressional Dis New Black Panther Party, alleging the department has stonewalled any ef-

T H E LY N C H M O B : W O L F, S M I T H , A D A M S , & B E C K E R O U T T O G E T T H E P A N T H E R S

trict, and is the most senior of they threatened Philadelphia voters, fort to learn about the decision to dis-
Virginia’s eleven Congressmen. both verbally and physically last year. miss this case. I have written Attorney
Rep. Wolf has been called in This case was inexplicably dis- General Holder on six occasions ask-
some circles, a war-monger, a man missed earlier this year over the ar- ing for an explanation for the dismissal
who puts politics ahead of justice and dent objections of the career attorneys of this case. To date, I have received no
a liar who promotes torture. The Lees- overseeing the case as well as the de- response from him. I wrote the DOJ
burg Tomorrow blog wrote “He comes partment’s own appeal office. It is un- inspector general to request a review
across as a kindly grandfather, and is fortunate that Congress must resort to of this decision. He deferred to the
always around for a photo op with oversight resolutions as a means to re- Office of Professional Responsibility –
babies and hardworking families. Of ceive information about the dismissal which reports directly to the attorney
course, that did not prevent him from of this case, but the Congress and the general. I have written the Office of
enabling the Bush administration’s as- American people have a right to know Professional Responsibility seeking in-
sault on the middle class for eight years.” why this case was not prosecuted. formation on its investigation, and the
Rep. Frank Wolf accused Attor- As ranking Republican mem- Office refused to share any information.
ney General Eric Holder of ignoring ber of the House Commerce-Justice-
his requests for an explanation why the Science Appropriations Subcommit- continued on page 30
Justice Department dismissed charges tee that funds the Justice Department,

Uncle Tom Michael Steele

RNC Chairman, Disses NBPP
In his new book en-
titled, “Right Now”
Uncle Tom Michael
Steel Bootlicks and
Buckdances to please
the White Man by
Attacking the New
Black Panther Party on
Page 5 and 64 as part
of his war against the
Obama Administra-


& The United Snakes
Justice Department
By Chawn Kweli fice, enforcement of civil rights laws come to the people, we’re going to bring
was null. The Bush Administration the people to the federal government.”
The Famous quote by entertainer filed virtually no cases under section In view of the facts, Kanye West
Kanye West drew criticism during the 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. was not only right, but courageous.
aftermath of Katrina. His statements When the Administration did, it was The Obama administration, work-
may have been unfavorable, but cer- against black people. The Bush Ad- ing to correct wrongs by the previous
tainly worthy of further exploration. ministration failed to enforce voting administration, made the right call
The George W. Bush Administration rights or equal employment rights. not to collapse to right wing pres-
authorized and promoted the illegal How can the Bush administra- sure. Hatred of our organizational
use of torture on captives of the wars tion have the nerve to file “voter intimi- politics and efforts does not give any
in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The New dation” charges against the New Black entity the right to press false charges.
York Times detailed solid evidence that Panther Party? Katrina is a shining ex-
approval for torture came from top ample of the type of neglect offered to
Bush/Cheney Administration officials innocent black life throughout the Bush
stating, “A prosecutor should be ap- Presidency. The government’s lack of
pointed to consider criminal charges response to Katrina and the impact on
against top officials in the Pentagon and black life in New Orleans has not been
others involved in planning the abuse.” adequately discussed. This reminds me
We look to the courts to enforce civil of Reverend Al Sharpton’s remarks to a
rights but find nothing is right about it. crowd in Atlanta during the Bush era,
The Civil Rights Division of the “We feel that the federal government
Department of Justice was created in has failed to intervene in the cases of
1957 by President Eisenhower. While hate crimes - swastikas and nooses,
the Bush Administration was in of- and since the federal government won’t

Wolf chases panthers

Smith. For good reason, they refuse to she is being vetted by some of the same
let the Justice Department bury ques- people who presumably would be
tions about a voter-intimidation case questioned in the Black Panther probe.
against the New Black Panther Party. OPR also came under fire two weeks
The case involves two Black Panthers ago when the department’s senior ca-
who stood outside a Philadelphia poll- reer officer, David Margolis, overruled
ing place in November 2008 while the office and criticized its shoddy
wearing paramilitary garb and using work on its review of the conduct
racial epithets, while one of them bran- of two George W. Bush-era lawyers
dished a nightstick. The Obama Justice who wrote memos on enhanced in-
Department dropped three out of four terrogation of suspected terrorists.
charges in the case last May after the In light of OPR’s own apparent or poten-
cases, in effect, had already been won. tial politicization, Mr. Wolf asked the
At every turn, the Justice Department Justice Department’s inspector general,
has stonewalled the two lawmakers Glenn A. Fine, to conduct his own in-
Reprentative Frank Wolf and others wanting an explanation for quiry into the mishandling of the Black
( R - VA ) , 2 L E G G E D D O G the dismissal. Since September, the Panther case. In early February, Mr.
department’s Office of Professional Fine declined, saying such an investi-
Responsibility (OPR) supposedly has gation is out of the scope of his respon-
By THE WASHINGTON TIMES been conducting an investigation into sibilities although, he added, he had
March 09, 2010 why the charges were dropped. To out- long told Congress that such questions
side observers, that “investigation” has should indeed be within his purview.
Give credit for honorable per- seemed lethargic at best. Meanwhile, Enter Mr. Wolf again, this time
sistence to Northern Virginia’s veteran OPR chief Mary Patrice Brown report- joined by Mr. Smith. On March 2, they
Republican congressman, Frank Wolf, edly is on the verge of an Obama nomi- sent another letter to Mr. Fine, urging
and to Texas Republican Rep. Lamar nation for a federal judgeship, for which continued on page 31

New Black Panther Party

Bold And Strong
After 20 Years
demonstrated by the
members of the New
Black Panther Party for
the members of the
original Black Panther
Party during the three
day event, was quite
the contrary.
Attorney Malik Zulu
Million Youth March, NY 1999 Shabazz, National
Chairman of the New
Black Panther Party,
put that debate to rest
during his keynote ad-
dress stating “How is
it that we are in error?
Cinncinatti 2001 Could it be that our
critics have been mis-
By Chawn Kweli New Jersey, Kentucky, Geor- taken? Could we be
gia and Virginia. the reformers under
Osiris X (TX) & Hannibal Rushadeen our father Khallid Ab-
December4th-6th was During the three day (NY) at 2009 Summit
one not to miss. It represent- convention, original found- dul Muhammad?”
ed a historic summit marking ing member David Fore- differences” first with self, The New Black Pan-
20 years of struggle for the man led a large Panther our families and the entire ther Party has been the sub-
hearts and minds of our peo- caravan throughout the city black Community at large, ject of much debate on the
ple by the New Black Panther of Dallas, TX to historical created an electric atmo- legitimacy of “rightful heirs”
Party throughout the burn- landmarks, such as the first sphere amidst the highly an- to the Legacy of the original
ing hells of North America meeting place of the New ticipated reunion with alleg- Black Panther Party for Self
and for Africans worldwide. Black Panther Party, as well edly warring and quarreling Defense. While The New
Having roots in the city of as the street where the foun- factions of the original Black Black Panther Party contin-
Dallas, Texas the New Black ing members did their first “ Panther Party and the New ues to receive much criticism
Panther Party went home to Thug and Drug “ Patrols. Black Panther Party. from the media for well over
its founding state to remem- According to David 20 years,
ber those who sacrificed so Foreman, who serves as Na- b e i n g
much to keep the legacy of tional Minister of Defense called an-
the Black Panther Party alive for the New Black Panther ti-Semit-
and well in the 21st century. Party, “The thug and drug ic, bigots
Hosted by Sister Crys- patrols began because chil- and rac-
tal Muhammad who serves dren were unable to play ist, their
as Regional Representative outside due to the presence efforts to
for the Southwest Region of of drug dealers, who were assist with
the New Black Panther Party, openly visible to the entire the Disas-
the stage was set for one of community.” The Party be- ter of Hur-
the most historical events in gan conducting armed pa- ricane Ka-
recent Panther history. Crys- trols securing the territories trina were
tal Muhammad diligently or- of black Neighborhoods in- totally ig-
ganized and hosted attend- fested with U.S. introduced Min. Zayid Muhammd on fire and nored by
ees to ensure a successful crack cocaine, heroin and organizing in Newark, NJ, 2009 mainstream media.
convention. Ms. Muham- other forms of chemical and T h e Coming off the
mad and members of the biological warfare aimed at split portrayed by main- heels of the Black Power
Dallas Chapter had a full our people. stream media is one of “ir- Convention and the Black
house hosting chapters from The unity theme of the reconcilable differences,”
as far away as New York, convention, “working out but the love shown and Continued on page 31

20 Years of Struggle on
The New Black Pan- er Mike Mgee had also lit a
ther Party and its leadership fire in Milwaukee by form-
has been much misunder- ing the Black Panther Militia
stood and maligned since and threatening violence is
they stormed into Jasper, the city did not meet cer-
Texas in 1998. The New tain demand in helping the
Panthers alliance with the poor Black residents. 1989
popular and fiery Minister Dr. Khallid Muhammad be-
Khallid Muhammad began gan his alliance with, and
in 1994, following an as- mentoring of the Howard
sassination attempt on Mu- University Student Revolu-
hammad’s life. Dr. Khallid tionary Malik Zulu Shabazz,
Muhammad had ran into the current NBPP National
controversy as a right hand Chairman.
man and spokesman for Na- In the Summer of 1998,
tion of Islam leader Louis The New Black Panther Par- Shame on Jamestown, 2007
Farrakhan. ty stormed into Jasper Texas
As the New Black Pan- twice to demonstrate and
Najee Mahammad, Hashim had even sued the party in
ther Party openly embraced take a stand for self-defense
Nzinga and other young the early 1990’s.
in the wake of the
leaders to lay the National In a shocking turn
lynching and behead-
Foundation. Dr. Khallid of events on February 17,
ing of James Byrd.
tapped his mentee and long 2001, Dr. Khallid passed
The Panther militant
time defender and Million from amongst us from seri-
strategy, aided by
ous medical in-
the military prow-
juries or even
ess of David Fore- “There has been no organization more
suspected neg-
man and Robert ‘war’ active on the frontlines in the last 12 years,
ligence or foul
Williams, marked a than the mighty New Black Panther Party.”
play. The entire
clear departure from
controversy and
Civil Rights leaders
Youth March organizer, At- the weight and stress of his
at Byrd’s funeral who
torney Malik Zulu Shabazz mission was turned over to
called for peace and
to be his National Spokes- his student and confidant,
nonviolence. Khal-
Lynching of James Byrd, Jr., TX, 1998 man and Minister of Justice. Attorney Malik Zulu Shaba-
lid Muhammad was
In his tenure as the NBPP zz and the other Panther
Muhammad’s radical teach- named the National Chair-
leader, Dr. Khallid Muham- leaders who remained loyal
ings and activism, the mar- man in 1998. Muhammad’s
mad crisscrossed the coun- to his cause. In 2001 Attor-
riage between them quickly national following and Mil-
try, preaching a militant doc- ney Shabazz as the National
bore fruit. Armed demonstra- lion Youth March recruited
trine of self determination Chairman began a period of
tions dealing with The Texas young leaders into the New
and self defense. The former leadership that marked great
Church Burnings marked Black Panther Party all over
NOI Supreme Captain was advances and maneuvers for
a coming to a birth of into the country. The New Black
a relentless organizer. At a the New Black Panther Party.
national attention by the up- Panther Party spread from
Panther national summit in
start radical outfit. two cities to over twenty-five ( PART 2 NEXT ISSUE)
October, 2000, he stormed
The New Black Pan- (25) cities during the dynam-
the Israeli Em-
ther Party started small in ic times of Muhammad’s
bassy in Wash-
1989, which was not so co- ‘;chairmanship. The Harlem
ington with over
incidentally the year of the Million Youth March of 1998
90 New Black
passing of the Honorable ended in a brawl with po-
Panthers. As the
Huey P. Newton- founder lice and Muhammad’s forc-
influence grew,
of the BPP from Oakland. es and 17 cops were sent to
Dr. Khallid and
Co- founders David Fore- the hospital in a major me-
the New Panthers
man and Aaron Michaels lee. In 1999-2000 Khallid
took intense criti-
began in Dallas, Texas and Muhammad tapped Divine
cism from Bobby
began by combating drugs Allah, Malikah Muhammad,
Seale and some
in the Black Community and Minister Zayid Muhammad,
Original Panther
abuse of power by school Minister Malik Shabazz
members who
board officials. Command- (Detroit), Hiriam Ashantee, Duke University, 2006

The Haitian CRISIS:

The Words of Suffering
An Insider Look into the REAL situation in Haiti
cared for also pitched in and helped us
got in from night duty she was there,
clean the rest of the patients. I was so
I think she must have taken the day off
grateful for their help, I said to them
or was going in late. She showed us a
“thank you so much for your help” picture that she had taken on her digi-
One of the brothers said in Eng-
tal camera of someone’s hand that had
lish back to me, “no, thank you” I al-
an open sore with maggots, both of us
most started crying but I did not. For
broke down and started crying. There
some of the patients who had family were mornings when I got off work that
members sleeping on the floor under I was so physically and emotionally ex-
By, Khadijah J. Shakur RN or next to hausted, eyes burning from fa-
New York Chapter, Chief of Staff their beds we tigue and dust, and right across
got them up the street from us I’d look at
The City of Port Au Prince itself and had them the determined resilience of
is overcrowded. There was no electric- clean their my people; selling their wares,
ity in certain parts of the capital. Not loved ones cooking and trying to rebuild,
every building was affected by the which helped and I found myself looking to
earthquake. There would be heaps of us out a lot. them for strength.
odorous garbage on the street. next to Bro Zayid ad- February 12th the 1 month
the rubble and there were sisers selling vised me to anniversary of the quake, there
vegetables and other items. At night we journal my was church services, singing
would see piles of garbage on fire in the experiences worshiping and praising , not
streets. There was a Nursing School in which I did just that day, but all week-
the gated area not far from the Internal most of the end. The Island was closed
Medicine building where Neferti and I days I was for 3 days, businesses were
worked 12-13 hours a night for7 nights. there in Haiti, closed…I saw sistahs wearing
After climbing up the rubble as far as I it was an emo- white with bible in hand going
could safely go, to try to look inside I tional release to church with their families
could smell the stench of death in that for me along stepping over piles of rubble
building; a brother from the 101st Air- with crying to get there. When I went in
borne told us the best angle to see and now and then to work those last 3 nights pa-
to smell. of course not tients had their radios tuned
There was a wide in to the church services
range of of patients we throughout the island.
took care of ; ages ranged There is a RN sister we met
from 23 to 90. They had in Haiti she rode with us into
swollen stomachs and Santo Doming on our way
were thin; had TB, HIV, black to the US we had dinner
malaria, diabetes, and at a friend of hers just before
stage 3 bedsores with they drove us to the airport.
maggots; you name it, Donne has an orphanage and
our people had it (there school. we need people to
seems to be maggot in- adopt and raise our babies.
festation of patients). I Any black people interested
saw the spirit of Pan Af- in adopting call or email Don-
ricanism in the patients ne Sylvanie Joseph her email
family membersand one is she is
particular night stands out. Nef and I in public in front of the patients. bilingual,and has the soul and smile of
started cleaning a patient, which his We met another RN from Miami an angel her number is 509 3673 3032
son helped us to do, but not only did who worked days (12 hour shifts),and (yes, that’s how you dial the number)
he help us clean his father, he helped she stayed in the same compound we or call 509 3493-3134.
us clean most of the patients. After- were staying, in Croix de Bouquet.
wards, two brothers of a man that I had One morning when me and Neferti Continued on page 32

How much do we really know?

Fidel Castro Speaks Out on Haiti
January 14, 2010 – have been the case if the earthquake ery, expelling the colonial powers of
By Kiilu Nyasha victims were European? Britain, Spain and France.  In fact,
  Haitians won their war of indepen-
I cannot remain silent in the face Blame the victims
dence against Napoleon’s crack troops
of so much racism and disinformation in 1804, and were celebrating their bi-
Ignored by most commentators is the
streaming over the mainstream media centennial when the U.S. kidnapped
truth of Haiti’s historic and ongoing
regarding the ongoing Haitian tragedy.  and exiled (for the second time) their
poverty-in classic “blame the victim”
This 7.0 major earthquake of popular President Jean-Bertrand Aris-
coverage.  E.g., it’s not mentioned that
January 12 and its aftershocks have tide who won two landslide victories
Haitians fought their way out of slav-
left in its wake a state of emergency in internationally monitored elections. 
unlike any of us has witnessed in our The majority of Haitians have demand-
lifetime - just 700 miles from our East ed his return ever since.
coast shores.   Mainstream reporters describe
Upwards of 50 thousand people this U.S.-backed coup as Aristide be-
are already counted as deceased, and ing ousted by rebels, implying his
many more injured and dying for lack own people ran him out of the coun-
of basic medical care. Estimates are try. They talk about Haitians living on
reaching a possible 100,000 deaths, a dollar a day but fail to mention that
not to mention the devastating destruc- part of the reason Aristide was attacked
tion of homes and buildings, including involved his attempt to double the
the Presidential Palace.   minimum wage to about $2.50 a day;
Time is of the essence, yet the or that American factories exploit Hai-
international response has been pain- tian workers in underpaid, overworked
fully, tragically slow.  Would this pace sweatshops.
of rescue - where every minute counts
in digging people out of the wreckage Continued on page 32

Why Red Tape and No Medical Tape?

By David X major and minor disasters, especially
when it concerns black people.
Haiti is in desperate need of It is reported that more than 400 mili-
food, water, shelter and medical sup- tary personnel are in Haiti now, sup-
plies. Government officials, mainly posedly helping with the aid effort.
United States bureaucratic agencies, More than a total of 5,000 military
are dictating the who, what where, personnel, (3,000 soldiers and 2,200
when and how to handle the Haitian marines) are expected to be assigned
people’s tragic catastrophe. There are there indefinitely. Why?
many unanswered questions as to why Black folks need a Black United
this catastrophic earthquake even hap- Emergency Response Team, A Black
reminisce of similarities with the vic-
pened. Haitians are wondering why Cross, or maybe a United Black Way
tims of hurricane Katrina. If the disas-
help is moving at a snails pace. organization to come to the aid of peo-
ter in New Orleans taught us anything,
ple of color, (Hue-man beings). And
then we too should take a closer look
Why are much needed medical, if black/latino so-called celebrities and
at the devastation in Haiti. How do
food, and personal supplies having dif- the black well to do rich elite donated
we as black people make sure needed
ficulty making its way into Haiti, while at least one million dollars each, black
funds and supplies are allocated and
the military manages to deploy many folks would have enough to start self
distributed to the people and families
troops, heavy equipment, arms and help emergency relief funds for food,
in need in Haiti? The U.N., Red Cross,
ammunition all throughout Haiti with clothing, shelter, medical supplies and
F.E.M.A., United Way and other so
no logistics problem? man-power needed for any natural or
called main stream help groups have
This should have us to ponder and any not-so natural disasters.
proven to be untrustworthy in times of

A Revolutionary History of Haiti

soldiers, as he was a gifted leader and in to Toussaint L'Ouverture, giving the
military strategist and used discipline island to his army. He initiated the
for his troops. Toussaint negotiated abolition of slavery in Santo Domingo
with General Laveaux and changed his and made a new constitution which
position in May 1794. named him governor for the rest of his
He fought against the Spanish life. Toussaint L'Ouverture played the
Empire and delivered the North to the strong role in the first real attempt by
French Republic. He fought against the one in bondage; to get free in the hells
British as well. Bell (2007) affirms thatT of North America.
oussaint controlled most of two prov- At the confrontation of the French
inces. His two lieutenants Jean-Jacques Revolution, the colony known then as
Dessalines and Henry Christophe were St. Domingue, provided two-thirds of
extremely effective. Toussaint’s success France's overseas trade, operated ap-
drove Andre Rigaud, a man of color proximately one thousand ships, and
who was leading forces in the south- was captained by fifteen thousand
west, to renew his attacks where free French sailors. It became the richest of
By Chawn Kweli

First given the name Haiti (Ayiti)

by the Arawak and Caraibe Haitians In-
dians, the word Haiti means, “Land of
mountain.” It was a country governed
by five well organized kingdoms, the
Magua, the Marien, the Xaragua, and
the Higuey. Haiti was self sufficient
and its population lived in perfect har-
mony, peace and contentment with the
land before Christopher Columbus’ ar-
rival in 1492. His presence wielded
colonial powers, opening a wound for
the Spanish, the French and the English
to wrestle for the rule of Haiti.
The original Haitians were be-
lieved to be in an upwards of 1 million
before Columbus’ occupation. After
his arrival, the original Haitians died
by the thousands and were enslaved.
By 1697, the Spanish recognized the
French's control of the western third
of the island, and named it Saint
Domingue. The smallest accounts of
the Haitian Revolution are that the
slaves rebelled in 1791.
By 1803, the whites were driven
from Haiti. In the words of the Wu-Tang
Clan, “Can it all be so simple?'' Several
Revolutions were being fought on sev-
eral fronts. The key figures in the rise of
the oppressed in Haiti were Toussaint
L'Ouverture, whose name meant "the
awakening of all saints," or "all souls
rising." According to Bell (2007), he
was born on the Bréda plantation of Touissant L’Ouveture Jean Jacques Dessalines
Bayon de Libertat, near Cap Francais.
When freed at age 33, he mar- people of color were concentrated the European nations. It was a fertile
ried a woman named Suzanne. He was in Port au Prince. Rigaud controlled slave market for the European and was
a high degree of the Masonic Lodge a force of officers of color and black a financial booster for the French econ-
of Saint-Domingue. By early 1794 troops who controlled the South. He omy because St. Domingue thrived off
Toussaint L'Ouverture was organiz- was also successful in leading his troops of slave labor.
ing 4,000,000 blacks into a band of (to gain the withdrawal of 10,000 Brit- Continued on page, 31
ish soldiers). By 1801, the Spanish gave
Gambia Recognizes NBPP, Dr. Shabazz for
Solidarity during their 45th Anniversary
Dear New Black Panther We can say at this
Members and Black Com- point that if any person is
munity Members in General, qualified they can go to
work or live in Africa due to
Enclosed is an exerpt from our International Efforts
an article by the Gambian
Press in which our National Nat. Chief of Staff Hashim
Chairman Dr. Malik Zulu Nzinga
Shabazz was one of the cho-
sen few leaders that was rec- Letter to the Gambian Presi-
ognized for standing with dent acknowledged by Press
the Gambian President and More World leaders, others
our Gambian brothers and felicitate President Jammeh
sisters on their 45th anni- Africa
versary. Many Africans who
were enslaved came from The Gambian leader His
the Gambia. Thanks to our Excellency Sheikh Profes-
international Ambassador sor Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh His Excellency Shikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh
Brother Hughie Rose who is continues to receive more
always in the Gambia, the felicitation from world lead- Republic of Cuba, HE Mo- niversary celebration and
New Black Panther Party is ers, diplomats and individu- hamed Ould Abdel Aziz, national day of your coun-
being offered international als on the occasion of the president of the Islamic Re- try, I seize this opportunity
recognition and land and countrys 45th Independence public of Mauritania and to congratulate Your Excel-
trade with our Gambian Anniversary celebrations. HE Paul Biya, president of lency, government and the
brothers and sisters. The latest messages the Republic of Cameroon people of the Republic of
We are working on came from HE Mahmoud among other diplomats and The Gambia on this historic
getting The Gambian Presi- Ahmadineejad, president prominent personalities. event.
dent Jammeh and the Hon. of the Islamic Republic of I am confident that
Robert Mugabe on by satel- Iran, HE Raul Castro Ruz, The messages read: [exerpt] under Your Excellencys wise
lite during our Black Power president of the Councils of On the auspicious occasion and dynamic leadership,
Convention. State and of Ministers of the of 45th Independence An- the gain registered with the
framework of our warm and
AMB Hughie Rose Raising The Gambia; our constructive bilateral
relations over the years will
the Fastest Growing NBPP Chapter be further enhanced for the
mutual benefit of our two
countries and peoples.
Whilst wishing Your
NBPP International Ambassador Excellency continued per-
and U.K. Chairman Hughie Rose sonal well-being and good
is doing a marvelous job. He has health, as well as peace,
spearheaded the growth and devel- progress and happiness for
opment of the NBPP’s fastest grow- the brotherly people of the
ing Chapter in the Gambia. In addi- Republic of The Gambia,
please accept Your Excel-
tion Brother Hughie has established lency and dear brother the
official diplomatic ties between the assurances of my highest
New Black Panther Party Leader, consideration and fraternal
Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, and esteem.
several international heads of state.
The NBPP International Ministry Mahmoud Ahmadi Neejad
and the Pan African influence of the President of the Islamic
Republic of Iran
NBPP is growing daily due to the
strong works of this well travelled, Continued on page 33
bold, young black man.

Dr. Khallid Abdul

What qualities did the Honorable Khallid Muhammad
possess that made him well respected, feared and loved?
It is one thing to have a radical teaching and another
matter to maintain that teaching when under intense pres-
When I met him in December, 1988, via my grandfather sure, criticism and attack. When the controversy erupted
Malik El Amin (Thomas X), I had been watching his video over Dr. Khallid Muhammad’s speech at Kean College in
tapes as a student at Howard University. I was already in November 1993, he came under blistering scrutiny. Mu-
awe of him when we met; I was not let down in the least hammad came under attack from the Congress, the white
in person. He confirmed what I believed: Khallid Abdul press, Black Politicians and a bevy of other forces. Dr.
Muhammad was one of the greatest Black Men of all time. Khallid had studied Minister Louis Farrakhan’s and Minis-
The number one reason I chose to help and later follow Dr. ter Malcolm X’s history in controversy well. Every step he
Khallid was his consistency. made in the first 5 months of 1994
You could rely on Dr. Muham- were divine steps and charged with
mad to stick by the principles of what valuable lessons to be learned in the
he was teaching and regardless to cir- Black Nation.
cumstance he delivered sound doc- Initially, after his suspension, he
trine. He believed in the teachings tried his best to tone down his rhet-
of the Most Honorable Elijah Mu- oric without deviating from his core
hammad and refused to waver. As a principles. He was under pressure to
Law Student I grew in my allegiance remain loyal and adhere to the rules
to him because he could debate and of the organization of which he had
voraciously defend the Messengers been a member since college, the Na-
teachings- and everything else he tion of Islam. After a while the spirit
was teaching-with “undeniable, ir- of the ancestors took over and he rose
refutable, facts, truth, proof and evi- to another level of mastery by teach-
dence.” Staying true to core Black ing the classic Khallid Muhammad
Muslim teachings, Nationalist-Pan teachings to the world, but he had
Africanist Ideology and Revolution- a team of researchers and advisers
ary Doctrine in a time when every- around him that convinced him that
body was running for cover is what I his teaching was both needed and de-
admired the Sword of Allah for, first fendable. Witness the Destruction of
and foremost. Phil Donahue in May, 1994. Dona-
This is why Khallid Abdul Muham- hue was soon dumped by the Zionist
mad was called the “conscious of media masters after he was knocked
Minister Louis Farrakhan,” by Attor- down several times and intellectually
ney Alton Maddox at the Black Holo- TKO’d by Dr. Khallid Muhammad in
caust Nationhood Conference, Octo- a debate over Muhammmad’s Kean
ber 15, 1995. College speech.
The Black Nation relied on The genius of Dr. Khalld has not
Khallid to remain hard on the white been properly understood. One sim-
man and uncle toms. The Black Na- ply cannot reduce Dr. Khallid to mere
tion relied on Dr. Khallid to defend slogans or lyrical rhymes. By God’s
separation and self defense. The Black Nation Relied on Dr. grace, this series will open your eyes to one of the Greatest
Khallid to teach a radical , revolutionary, spiritually based, Black Men of All Time.
Black Liberation teaching and Harold X did not disappoint.
Khalld Muhammad was consistent, even when under fire By, Atty. Shabazz
and intense pressure.


Fighting Racism with Solidarity

Remembering Fred Hamptom
By Carlito Rovira were common. His great- bert, Martin Luther King Jr., students alike. The year after
grandparents had worked on Malcolm X and others. He he graduated from Proviso
The wave of repres- a plantation in that region gained a reputation for his East, a school administrator
sion unleashed on the black under the horrors of slav- knowledge of black history requested his help to calm
liberation movement in the ery. Like millions of Afri- and began to sense the need racial tensions among stu-
1960s and 1970s by the FBI’s can Americans, Hampton’s for struggle. dents. At Triton Junior Col-
“Operation COINTELPRO,” parents left the South during As a student at Pro- lege, he studied law as a de-
reached its height with a the Great Migration of the viso East High School, he fense against police brutality
series of murderous attacks 1930s to look for a better life noticed that most of the stu- aimed at the black commu-
on the Black Panther Party. and flee the constant threat dents who failed were black. nity. He joined the National
One of the most horrendous of racist terror. They settled Hampton began to speak Association for the Advance-
episodes of this onslaught in Maywood, Ill., a suburb of out against the school ad- ment of Colored People and
took place 40 years ago. On Chicago where they worked ministration for not provid- became the leader of its
Dec. 4, 1969, Black Panther youth council at the West
Party leaders Fred Hampton Suburban branch, galvaniz-
and Mark Clark were assas- ing a membership of 500.
sinated by police. While Hampton was
Despite a life cut short, in the NAACP, the Black
the young Black Panther left Panther Party was opening
behind a rich legacy of strug- chapters across the country
gle. A powerful speaker and and becoming a prominent
brilliant leader, Fred Hamp- force in the black liberation
ton dedicated his brief life to struggle. Hampton began to
revolutionary struggle. In a absorb and understand the
coordinated effort between revolutionary content of the
the Illinois State Attorney’s Panthers’ political perspec-
Office, Cook County Police tive, and joined. He soon
Department, the Chicago Po- demonstrated his leadership
lice Department and the FBI, abilities and became deputy
a heavily armed assault was chairman of the party’s Illi-
launched in the early morn- nois chapter.
ing hours on Fred Hampton’s His disposition and
residence. With a vicious skills as a speaker earned
sense of racist hatred and Hampton a moral authority.
no regard for human life, the His political achievements
police fired their weapons at included brokering peace
will towards the wall sepa- with the supposed “street
rating the hallway from the gangs” of Chicago, amongst
apartment. The two revolu- at the Argo Starch Company. ing tutoring and remedial them the Puerto Rican group
tionaries were killed. An event that likely af- programs for students. He the Young Lords. Hampton
In the days that fol- fected the young Fred Hamp- was also critical of the fact was instrumental in trans-
lowed, law enforcement of- ton, much as it affected most that the faculty and adminis- forming the Young Lords
ficials were quick to reinvent of Chicago’s black commu- tration were all white when into a revolutionary politi-
the facts, claiming that the nity, was the 1955 gruesome one-fourth of the student cal organization. Hamp-
occupants of the apartment lynching of Emmett Till. The body was black. Hamp- ton valued the need for a
fired guns at police. Their 14-year-old Till was visiting ton challenged the school’s multinational revolutionary
story never held water, as family in Mississippi when exclusive racist practice of struggle, and organized the
evidence gathered from the he was abducted and killed nominating only white girls original Rainbow Coalition
forensic investigation and for allegedly whistling at a to compete for “Miss Home- comprised of the I Wor Kuen
other inquiries pointed ex- white woman. Till was the coming Queen.” He orga- of the Asian community, the
clusively to police savagery son of family friends and nized a protest, walk-out and Brown Berets of the Mexican
in the attack. neighbors of the Hamptons. school boycott. As a result, community, the poor white
Hampton was born in Hampton was attracted to the following year black fe- workers of the Young Patri-
Chicago on Aug. 30, 1948. books, and took it upon male students were included ots, the Young Lords and the
His parents originated from himself to read the speeches in this contest. Black Panthers.
Hayneville, La., where share- and writings of Marcus Gar- Fred Hampton was re-
cropping and racial injustice vey, W.E.B. Dubois, Joan El- spected by white and black Continued on page 33


fighters. Sheila cannot do this alone and
However, this fluctuation in needs our help. We need to call both
blood sugar levels will be a continuing Wende and Commissioner Brian Fisch-
problem for Seth, as the prison does not er in Albany and demand that a diabet-
provide a diabetic diet. Although the ic diet be provided to all inmates with
prison is classified as a medical facility, diabetes at all NYS Correctional Facili-
fresh fruits and vegetables, which are ties. The contact number for Commis-
important to diabetics, are practically sioner Brian Fischer at the NYSDOCS
impossible to find in either the visiting is 518-457-8126.
room machines or the commissary, not The contact number for Wende
to mention the mess hall. is: 716-937-4000. Ask to speak with
Apparently NYSDOCS has nev- the warden about providing a diabetic
Robert Seth Hayes Update er heard of whole grains or a heart diet for inmates; be sure to use Seth’s
healthy diet. One has to wonder how DIN number, which is: 74A2280
We are happy to report that due dangerous a green pepper, a cherry to- Due to the forces of inertia, ob-
to his recent diabetic episode, all disci- mato or some spinach leaves must be viously this will be difficult to accom-
plinary charges against Seth have been in the hands of an inmate and what a plish. Never-the-less, Seth’s wife Shei-
dropped. He is back on the honor threat this is to the guards. An entire la is more than willing to provide him
block and no longer in keep-lock. It green salad would probably cause a with fresh produce until the dietary is-
is truly amazing to think that a diabet- total lockdown! sue is resolved.
ic incident in which a person’s blood Seth’s wife Sheila is working hard
sugar plunges to 32 and then soars to on being granted permission to bring Please write to Seth, as it is very impor-
620 within a short amount of time can Seth fresh fruits and vegetables when tant he receive letters at this time: Rob-
be classified as a disciplinary incident, she visits, but prisoners at Wende are ert Seth Hayes #74A2280, Wende C.F.,
but all DOCS rules are made to be only allowed two 20 pound food pack- P.O. Box 1187, Wende Rd., Alden, NY
broken when it comes to our freedom ages a year. 14004-1187

Mumia Supporters Petition Justice Dept.

By ‘Little Red’ hausted. federal court of appeals pa- death sentence. Just weeks
This is not the first thetically overruled their ago, Mumia’s attorney Rob-
They came in droves. time they have come to the own precedents and turned ert Bryan put it this way to a
Despite the chilly Novem- Justice Department in Wash- their backs on Mumia’s bid Dutch audience: “Mumia is
ber wind and the callous in- ington for Mumia. They for freedom and justice. now a global symbol against
difference of a steady rain, came in the height of the Most recently, the na- the death penalty. This is the
and in spite of incredible glory days of Bill Clinton’s tion’s top court said that all most dangerous time for Mu-
distances many had come, presidency. They were told the new evidence was either mia since his 1981 arrest.”
they came in droves. In a by then Attorney General Ja- too late or too insignificant So now is indeed the
rain bowed wave of human- net Reno that they had come to make a difference in a time for the Justice Depart-
ity, they came to protest the much too early, as there trial. They have in fact said ment to do what a Justice
persisting persecution of an were too many avenues to that they would even enter- Department is supposed to
incredible human being fac- pursue within the courts be- tain renewed calls for the do.
ing an incredibly inhumane fore they, meaning the Jus- reinstatement of Mumia’s Continued on page 34
ordeal in the land of the free tice Department, could give
and the home of the brave. it serious consideration.
They came to Wash- Since then, all of those
ington, DC, the seat of Amer- options were pursued with
ican governmental power a vengeance, armed with
and authority, to demand new exculpatory evidence,
justice for Mumia Abu-Ja- armed with clear evidence
mal, the irrepressible ‘Voice of the blatant racial and po-
of the Voiceless,’ now in his litical animosity and bias
27th year on death row in making a fair trial absolute-
Pennsylvania, now with all ly impossible, and yet still,
of his appeals virtually ex- at every turn, even the U.S.

Revolutionary Hip Hop Report

"Hip-Hop aint dead, they using it the wrong way" -UNO The Prophet

20 yrs of Conversations
Hip-Hop has been the subject of much how Tupac was targeted and ultimately
attention. We call clearly see what the assassinated and how the Government and Enter-Views
Problems are within Hip-Hop, Vio- and the media sought to exploit a cre- Professor Griff,
former Minister of
lence, The Promotion of the Sale/Use ated rift between East & West Coasts in Information from the
of Drugs and Guns, Pimp Mentality, order to instigate an internal war among Legendary
Thug/Goon Mentality, Msyogeny and Black People. We have witnessed nu- Revolutionary
the objectification of the Black/Latino merous other deaths and even more Hip-Hop group
Woman. We can also recognize that imprionment of “Rap Stars” Lil Wayne, leases “Analytixz”
Hip-Hop has been under attack and Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Remy Ma, Lil
the watchful eyes of the US Govern- Kim, C-Murder, TI and many more.
ment through both the Hip-Hop Cop So there it is again a summary of the
Programs across the US and the overall overall problem. We are well acquaint-
extension of CoIntelPro which we call ed with the problem. Allow us to in-
“RapIntelPro” which seeks to achieve troduce to you the people.... the Solu-
the same goals. The prevention of a tion... Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity!!
Black Messiah who could galvanize the Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity
Black Power Movement. We witnessed

Bill Cosby Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is?!

After a highly controversial critique on
Black America, received bitterly by some
and highly praised and called much-need-
ed by others, Bill Cosby has done what few
have. “Dollar” Bill Cosby put his money
where his mouth is. After blistering com-
ments about the state of Hip-Hop, rather
than remain a sideline critic, the Cos has ONLY $19.95
thrown his hat into the ring. Cosby has Buy Now from
formed a Hip-Hop group “The Cosnarati”, Contact Griff on MySpace
scooping up artists from across the coun-
try to create and release the positive Hip-Hop de- professorgriffofpublicenemy
but album entitled: “State Of Emergency”. This new
group includes our brother the Hip-Hop Medicine
Man Supa Nova Slom (featured on Hip-Hop 4 Black THE 5% ALBUM
Unity’s Conscious Hip-Hop Artist Database) as well Lord Jamar of the Legendary
as Jace the Great and Brother Hahz all from New- Group Brand Nubian blesses
ark, NJ. Since this debut, The Cosnarati has been the people with a Hip-Hop History
featured on everything from the Jay Leno Show, To- of the 5% Nation of Gods & Earths
day Show and XXL Magazine. In his new entre into (NGE) and Father Allah (Clarence
the world of Hip-Hop we would only like to remind 13X)
Mr. Cosby to not forget the Postive Hip-Hop that is available online!!
“Conscious”, “Pro-Black” and “Revolutionary”, we
cannot discount or overlook the contributions of artists like Public Enemy or Dead
Prez because of harsh language or imagery. We must embrace all aspects of Hip-
Hop which are fighting against the oppression and miseducation of our people.
CONSCIOUS serve those who love “Con-
scious Hip-Hop” as a tool to
ing all of these artists in order
to facilitate tours, collabora-
HIP-HOP ARTIST get hip to artists they may not
have heard before. You may
tions, events, conferences
and to be able to lend our tal-
us a powerful tribute to his Son Tu-
DATABASE not like everything on this ents to concentrated efforts pac Shakur.Features music, lyrics &
list, but I can guarantee you towards our Liberation. Al- poetry from various artists includ-
The Conscious Hip-Hop Art- are going to like something. ready there is a rumor float- ing Dr. Mutulu and other brothers in
ist Database is the first proj- If you don’t then you are ing around about a mighty
probably just a Hater and/or union rumored to be called
Federal custody
ect of Hip-Hop 4 Black Uni-
ty. The goal here is multi-fold. a Self-Hater and in that case the Drop Squad, we assume
1. We seek to provide a shin- “I Can’t Do Nuthin For Ya from the 1994 Spike Lee
ing example for our people to Man”, ironic I would quote movie, DROP Squad (DROP:
witness of the good, the righ- Flava Flav in this instance. Deprogramming & Restora-
teous, the positive, the revo- Currently, The Conscious tion of Pride) stay tuned for
lutionary within Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop Artist Database updates as they come in....
2. We seek to silence the crit- features over 80 entries. and if you hear something
ics who claim that there is no These are our people, from about the Drop Squad let us
good to come from Hip-Hop all across the Nation Black, know!
by having a readily avail- Latino, Solo/Group, Male/ In the meantime, below I
able list of artists who im- Female, Muslim, Rasta, 5%, have featured a select few art-
mediately disprove this lie. Kemetic etc. I would submit ists from the Database, which
3. To shine light on those this is the most expansive list I think represent a good cross
who may not normally be of conscious artists to date. It section of what our potential available online!!
exposed to people beyond is important to note that not represents. Familiarize your-

Food, Clothes & Shelter

their own location. This da- only is this just a list, but we self with these artists.
tabase is nationwide and will are in the process of organiz-
THE FTP MVMT. coordinates
this mix CD effort which features
a who’s who of the Revolutionary
Hip-Hop Undergro undarths (NGE)
and Father Allah (Clarence 13X)

top row (l-r): NYOil, Jasiri X, UNO The Prophet, narcycist, Mujahadeen Team bottom
row (l-r): Maroon Society, Labtekwon, StarChild, X-Clan, Wise Intelligent
Jasiri X
UNO The Prophet
Stahhr The Femcee
available online!!
Narcycist www.
Mujahadeen Team
(featured in film “New Muslim Cool”)
American History X
JASIRI X brings us his latest pro-
Maroon Society
Labtekwon duced by Paradise The Grand Arki-
StarChild tech of Legendary XCLAN
Wise Intelligent


PROPHECIES available online!!

Right-Wing Red-Neck Attack on
New Black Panther Party
Since November 8, 2008 the New Black Panther Par- Maryland), and of host of other lying, deceitful, manipu-
ty For Self Defense has been under direct attack from the lative, racist devils have taken great public offense to the
Republicans involving a so-called voter intimidation law- dropping of the false charges against the NBPP. Recently, in
suit. This incident took place at a polling station in Phil- an historic 15-14 vote, the U.S. House of Representatives
adelphia on national election day. Shortly thereafter the Judiciary Committee barely rejected the Republican de-
United States Justice Department, under George W. Bush, mands for the U.S. Justice Department to open up the files
filed Federal Civil Rights Violation and Voter Intimidation and turn over the litigation documents in the New Black
charges against NBP Philadelphia Chairman Samir Shaba- Panther Case.
zz, Jerry Jackson, The New Black Panther Party and National
Chairman, Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz. When the Presi- The lynch mob is making a call for a re-prosecution
dency changed hands to Barack Obama, his Attorney Gen- of the Party and Attorney Shabazz and these devils are not
eral Eric Holder’s Justice Department took a fresh look at giving up. The Republicans, as evidenced by Michael Steel’s
the case and decided correctly that the charges should be new book, “Right Now,” are gearing up to use the New
dropped against Mr. Jackson, the New Black Panther Party Black Panther Case as key ammunition in their mid- term
and Chairman Shabazz because the evidence revealed that election advertising and talking points as they wage politi-
New Black Panther Party- nor did its leader- conspire to, cal war against President Obama. Attorney Shabazz, in his-
condone, commit, or perpetrate in any way whatsoever, toric address at the New Black Panther 20 year Reunion in
any acts of voter intimidation-period. Dallas, Texas, warned that he, and New Black Panther, will
not sit back and let the enemy defame and attack us in 2010
The white, right wing enemies of the Obama Admin- and we not fight back. Whether the fight is on Capitol Hill,
istration, led by lynch mob leaders Frank Wolf (R-Virginia), in the halls of Congress or on the devils doorstep, the New
Lamar Smith (R-Texas), The Washington Times Newspaper, Black Panther Party will vigorously defend its reputation,
the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (wrongs), Republican mission, legacy and leadership; and we will do this BY ANY
National Committee Chairman Michael Steele (Uncle Tom- MEANS NECESSARY.

The New Black Panther Newspaper is published by:

NBPP Communications Committee

NBPP National Ministry of Information
Aza Nedhari

Assistant Editor:
Regional Min. of Info. Chawn Kweli

National Distribution Manager

Imam Akbar Bilal

Zayid Muhammad, Hughie Rose, Khadijah Shakur, David X, Divine Allah, Sister Jennah, Jamrhl Crawford

Cover Design by Jamrhl Crawford

The Relevance of The New Black Panther Party
Black People in America and In as much as the pledge of allegiance to a nation, they do
Black Revolution are frequent- not pledge to a democracy, but to the republic for which it
ly placed at opposite ends of stands.
our social equation. However, Our black liberation was not entered into the equa-
our divine justice and divine tion. The framers of the constitution never intended for us
black liberation seem to find to attain our black liberation. They established a depart-
us at an extreme in this crucial ment of justice which is frequently referred to as his-jus-
hour of our social and po- tice (for and by the white man) and his-story. Truthfully, it
litical development, with very has never been our story or our black liberation. We suffer
little economic development. from under utilized abilities, which everybody in America
Therefore, there must be a net- benefits from except black people.
work to become an equalizer The relevance of the New Black Panther Party for
Imam Akbar Bilal, National to balance the scales. Not Self Defense is that we will hold the line, not only for
Minister of Justice just the scales of justice, but divine justice but, “We Shall Fight for Our Divine Black
our social evolution as well. Liberation, and WE SHALL BE SUCCESSFUL!” In a post
We have been divinely prepared to raise the black Obama era, we must hold Obama and his cabinet ac-
woman and child from dust to divine. Most black people, countable & deal with the issue of our black liberation.
including black leadership, have walked away from the This is a highly sensitive issue, as most of our peo-
equation entirely void of any responsibility, knowledge, ple, including black Leadership have not been trained,
wisdom or understanding of our divine black liberation. Continued on page 30

The Nerve of These Devils!

What gives a suspected drunk, and warmonger like The New Black Panthers, who have been a thorn
George W. Bush and his followers the right to file charges in his side for many years, is one of the groups who chal-
against any member of the New Black Panther Party?  The lenged the demon on every move he made. A few days
same President, a former cocaine user who had trouble after September 11, it was the New Black Panther Party
reading teleprompters and trouble speaking. spearheaded by the God sent “Attorney at War,” Malik
George W. Bush, known as the “Texascutioner,” due Zulu Shabazz. Attorney Shabazz, a handsome, bold,
to the inordinate amount of people on death row when clean-shaven, courageous black
he was governor. He has a terrible record on civil rights man held a meeting at the National
and is a straight up war loving murderer. George W. Bush Press Club and blasted his politics
was weak as wet toilet paper when it came to the case and policies. “We don’t blame Bin
of James Byrd. Let us not forget Shaka Sankofa. Bush was Laden, we blame George Bush,”
governor for both cases. Yet, some how his little pea brain said the NBPP National Chairman.
convinced him to press charges on a group of dedicated He went on to say, “The num-
men and women who he knows are not guilty of the al- ber one terrorist is not Bin Laden;
legations. (what allegations?) During the tragic episode the number one terrorist is the
of September 11, 2001, he sat in a classroom with little United States and Israel."  On the
children while the country was in turmoil. If such a tragic mall in Washington, D.C., he
Chawn Kweli, Central Region
event had occurred in any other country in the world, do remarked “Impeach Bush.”  Minister of Information and
you think that nation’s leader would simply sit in a chair Newspaper Co-Editor, is a
reading a children’s book?  Continued on page 34 rising star in the NBPP

New Years Reloaded

By Dawud Muhammad are they doing to make life better for you and I?  The masses
possess no property, nor do they know how to create jobs
NEWPORT NEWS, VA-Now that the New Year 2010 has or opportunities for themselves. Perhaps these government
arrived (according to the Gregorian Calendar), many have officials are speaking to the wealthy because we, who are
said "happy new year," but do we really understand what poor, don't feel any happier about the conditions in which
it means to wish this greeting, or are we wishing a “Hap- we continue to live - no more than someone living in a jail
py New Year” with last year’s problems? In examining the cell. These are perilous times in which we simply cannot
meaning of happiness, we learn that to be happy means afford to go back to sleep. The government bailed out Wall
to be fortunate, successful, and enjoying pleasure from the Street, but the majority of us live on Main Street! Until we
possession or fruition of good. decide to do something for ourselves, we will remain the
Yet, as we observe the prevailing conditions such as permanent underclass.
homelessness, poverty, and joblessness in cities throughout Let us reflect on the lives of those who fought, suf-
America, people are being displaced from the inner cities fered and died to free us from this miserable condition.
under the guise of urban renewal. For those in govern-
ment wishing everyone a “Happy New Year, what exactly Continued on page 33


1. Dr. Shabazz, can you describe to our readers how it the best of planners. I know one thing, the New Black Pan-
feels to have the opportunity to serve in such an important ther Party will not sit back timidly and be continuously de-
position of National Chairman of the New Black Panther famed by any one-especially racist confederates. We must
Party? vigorously and aggressively defend our good name and
organizational interest. We are not afraid of these white,
Shabazz: Brother Chawn it is an honor and a chal- right- wing rednecks and by God’s permission, they will be
lenge, or I would say a blessing and a burden to serve as put to flight in 2010. So what I will be doing is what Allah
NBPP National Chairman. It is an honor to have been and my legal counsel advise me to do.
able to serve and fight in the liberation movement of Black
people since my career was launched in April 1988 on the
campus of Howard University. After being blessed to serve
under the direct leadership of Minister Khallid Abdul Mu-
hammad for 13 years and as the National Chairman of the
New Black Panther Party for nine (9) years, I know that I
have the required experience and training to really help not
just the NBPP, but Black people at-large. It is also a chal-
Consolidating and organizing and making produc-
tive a Black Nationalist outfit like the New Black Panther
Party is not easy and I have sacrificed much to make the
NBPP stronger and better. So on balance I would say that I
feel good about what I have been blessed to accomplish as
an individual and what I have been able to do in pushing
the NBPP and the Black Nationalist agenda, duly accepting
all burdens encumbered. However, I expect much faster
progress from the NBPP in 2010 because I overstand that
I and we have really just begun to make our mark in terms
of what is required of us and promised to us in the divine
scheme of our resurrection and rise.

2. Dr. Shabazz, what are your thoughts on all the contro-

versy surrounding the Department of Justice dismissal of
Voter Intimidation Charges against yourself and the New
Black Panther Party? What do you plan to do next?

Shabazz: I overstand that the Republican devils are

using the New Black Panther Party “voter intimidation” case
as a political tool in their broader war against the Obama
administration; specifically here Attorney General Eric
Holder. But this attack on the NBPP is also aimed directly
at us, since the trumped up charges were filed by the Bush
Justice department as part of their long running harassment
and surveillance policy against the New Black Panther Par- 3. Dr. Shabazz, Recently, the country of Haiti was severely
ty. The GOP Congressional enemies- and their proxy’s- The struck with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a 6.0
Washington Times, the right wing U.S. Commission on Civ- aftershock. What can members of the New Black Panther
il Rights and a host of other right wing reactionary media Party and the black nation do to help in this time of need?
publications and organizations keep howling and pressur-
ing the U.S. Justice Department to open up the files of this Shabazz: We must do all we can and must do more
case as if there is some smoking gun of favoritism given to than what we are doing. As the Party Chairman I am sup-
the New Black Panther Party by the Obama Administration- porting 5 Major efforts as well as placing personnel on the
which is absurd. The GOP political strategists are gearing ground as we speak, this can be found on www.newblack-
up to make the New Black Panther issue a part of their mid-
term election, demonization of Obama plan. So I say as I We must really support efforts like the Black Cross
have always said: “The New Black Panther Party, nor Malik within the NBPP. We must move beyond rhetoric in terms
Zulu Shabazz was ever liable for, or guilty of any form of of emergency preparedness and survival training. I plan on
voter intimidation.” going to Haiti as soon as I can get some proper representa-
The case was a weak case and it deservedly was tives on the ground to lay a base for the long term work we
dropped so the devil can keep planning and Allah will be must do in Haiti. In the meanwhile I will push the above

organizations and efforts as well as spread the truth that I what I have been getting at all along and that is we must
know about the history of genocide, slavery, colonization, have an African United Front and a Black Power Movement
imperialism and racism practiced on our sisters and broth- because there really is not much beyond symbolism that
ers in Haiti. Obama can offer the Black Nation at this point. Republi-
The New Black Panther Party members and chapters can pressures and victories have forced President Obama
should be doing more to help Haiti. Not enough supplies even more toward the center and everybody is dissatisfied.
and clothes or needed items are being raised by the party. The Blacks, from Congressional members to Civil Rights ad-
Admittedly, Haiti is a huge problem of immense international vocates as well as the working class are dissatisfied. The
proportions, but the New Black Panther Party must get much, Republicans are dissatisfied. The Democrats are divided
and dissatisfied. The independents are dissatisfied. This is
all written in the scriptures and in the words of the most
Honorable Elijah Muhammad who said that “dissatisfaction
is the mother of change,” and that confusion would reign
in America in her last days. This is a modern Rome and
Babylon and the nation cannot unite because it is not writ-
ten that she should unite, despite the leadership of an Afri-
can descendant who was elected, in part on hopes of the
former slaves, and the hopes of many whites who wanted
relief from the devilishment of George W. Bush. Political
prisoners, police brutality, poverty, unemployment, racism,
poor health care, bad schools and a host of other ills have
not been abated, and show no signs of abatement during
the term of this administration or any other. Despite my
respect for what that Presidential Black Family represents
to our people, and despite my desire to see any Black man
successful; I must firmly again say that our hope for free-
dom and independence and a nation of our own does not
come from Washington; our help cometh from the Lord and
from our support from the masses of our people.

5. Dr. Shabazz, With the high court returning to the case

of Black Panther Party, Minister of Information Mumia
Abu Jamal, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Cir-
cuit new hearing, will you please speak to the case of
Mumia Abu Jamal and to the history of political prisoners
in this country.

Shabazz: This enemy is serious about executing Mu-

mia so all efforts to sound the alarm raise the stakes must
be implemented. I visited Mumia in prison last year and
will return soon and I want to thank Brother Minister Zayid
Muhammad for representing the NBPP well on a variety of
much stronger if we are to handle the variety of immense chal- Political Prisoner fronts. Mumia is no doubt innocent of
lenges that African people will face in the years to come. So the fraudulent charges he was convicted on. His trial was
New Black Panther leaders, please get up and do more to help. infected with COINTELPRO and racism. The United States
is one of a handful of nations that won’t admit that it has
4. Dr. Shabazz, Some segments of the black community feel political prisoners and the political prisoner movement in
there is “no need to struggle” since the election of President the United States has fought this fight the best they can.
Barack Hussein Obama. Will you speak to whyan organiza- For the last 5 years I have been calling for a consoli-
tion such as the New Black Panther Party is still necessary dation of all forces-political and legal-that are fighting to
in this day and time with the election of a Black President? free New-Afrikan Political Prisoners. That’s the only way to
win this fight- through unity. Through common coordina-
Shabazz: To say that there is no need for an organiza- tion of political, legal and other strategic resources we can
tion like the New Black Panther Party in the Obama Presi- make progress to free fall political prisoners in the belly of
dential era is equivalent to saying that there is no further the beast. In the meanwhile the New Black Panther Party
reason to fight for our freedom and that we have achieved will continue to improve and upgrade in our correspon-
the prize of our total liberation. I don’t think so. In fact the dence and advocacy for political prisoners and prisoners in
political hell that Obama is going through right now proves general.

6. Dr. Shabazz, there has been a resurgence of interest in

the life of the Black Power General Khallid Abdul Muham- The New Black Panther Party must upgrade to the modern
mad. Can you share some memorable moments with our times and fulfill its obligations to the liberation of people.
readers of your times with the General; Can you tell us We must have a new government of efficiency and respon-
your mind-state at the passing of Dr. Khallid Muhammad? sibility that gives better meaning to the program Black Pan-
How did you and the New Black Panther Party get through ther Party. Our newspaper, The New Black Panther, will
such a terrible time? What would you say to those who say be out quarterly this year. Our overall web attack will be
they love Dr. Khallid Today, how can they help in his mis- much better with targeted use of the social Network, Twitter
sion of Black Liberation? and Facebook. Our Blog Radio and New Black Panther TV
is up and running as we speak with a weekly schedule of
When Dr. Khallid fell ill and passed from amongst us it was shows. The National Ministry of Communications and the
the most stressful and trying of times. Dr. Khallid was so National Ministry of Justice are up and going strong. The
strong he was the source of strength for all who followed new Black Power Manual is under review and ready for
him. There is nobody in the wilderness of North America re-release. The National Defense Ministry, Economics Min-
who has an where near the direct time, experiences, war- istry, International Ministry, Political Prisoner/Prison Min-
wounds and training under Dr. Khallid Muhammad, other istry and other key Black National Government functions
than Minister Hashim Nzinga. As his National Spokesman will open up this Spring. We will process all who desire to
and Representative I really laugh at negroes who claim to join in a much better administrative way. Those that join us
be so pro-Khallid while he is gone but ran and hid from us must meet better run NBPP chapters and start up new NBPP
while he was alive. We gave up careers, lives and wives chapters that perform better than in the past. We will bring
to travel, build, organize, struggle and confront the enemy up new leaders and sit down dysfunctional leaders in 2010.
with Dr. Khallid. I breathed and absorbed persecution from The key difference in 2010 with me is that I will be push-
a whole host of opponents on a daily basis to be a com- ing the Party harder than ever before to perform better and
panion with this hard driving, flame-throwing Minister. I ready to purge the party of all dead weight. We are now
am forever shaped by my direct experience by my beloved, writing our history to meet our own home circumference as
hard-nosed mentor. we speak.
Dr. Khallid’s true disciples are in the the ranks of the
New Black Panther Party, but they also exist in the Nation 8. Dr. Shabazz, you recently organized a very success-
of Islam and other circles. Dr. Khallid’s legacy and work ful Black Power Conference at the Crown Plaza hotel in
will continue far into the future as we do our work. There Marietta, Ga; How difficult was it to pull together so many
are so many war stories I could tell you, the best of which different schools of thought? What lessons do you hope
took place during our battles with Giuliani over the Mil- that young activist and organizers take from the successful
lion Youth March, or the tense times surrounding Minister event of the Black Power Conference?
Khallid’s suspension. I think the National Communications
Ministry should work with me and Hashim and others to do Shabazz: Our Black Power Conference in May was suc-
Dr. Khallid’s book and DVD and even secure a museum or cessful because I have made friends and allies in many
sacred place in his honor. walks of revolutionary life in my career. Hashim Nzinga
has that kind of rapport as well. Therefore, when we make
a call for a Black Power Conference we can pull the Politi-
cal Prisoner supporters; Mike Roberts; Tim Reid; Dr. Wes-
ley Muhammad; Mukassa Ricks; Nation Of Islam under the
Honorable Louis Farrakhan and Honorable Silis Muham-
mad; December 12th Movement; Dr. Leonard Jeffries and
many others. The national work that the NBPP has been
doing contributed to the conferences success. I have been
disappointed in the follow up. The Convention was sched-
uled for October, 2009 in New York and the people want
and deserve follow up-particularly the youth. God willing,
we will remedy the problem and the Black Power Conven-
tion will take place this spring in New York. Once the Black
Power Convention takes place we will be where we want to
be in terms of building a real-live, well-run National and In-
ternational Black Power Movement. In the meanwhile we
will retool, renovate and upgrade the New Black Panther
Party so they can properly handle the weighty assignment
of spearheading a broad based Black Power Movement.

 9.  Dr. Shabazz , Given the fact that you are a Attorney
what is your advice to other brothers and sisters in the
professional field; who want to be a part of the liberation
7. Dr. Shabazz, you recently spoke on the “New direc- struggle of Black People but are afraid to step out with
tion” of the New Black Panther Party. Can you explain to groups like the New Black Panther Party because of affilia-
our readers what you mean by that; and how will the new tions with  state or federal positions ?
direction differ from the old direction?
years as Attorney and he “does not want,” as it
is written in Psalms in the 23rd Chapter. I could
even tell you that the white man will respect you
more when he knows you are free and indepen-
dent. My advice to the Black Professional, stand
up sincerely and help your people and God will
bless you; and if you don’t take a stand you may
achieve material success but the devil will have
mastery of your soul and you will not be happy.

10. Dr. Shabazz,   Many of our youth today are

not listening to so-called Preachers, Leaders or
teachers for guidance, why do you think this
is?  Who do you suggest the youth listen too or
study in today’s time?
Shabazz: 95% of the leaders and preachers
are compromising so I understand the dissat-
isfaction. However, the young people are still
streaming into some churches. In that regard I
would advise conscious teachers in the libera-
I say to all Black Professionals that you must fear God tion movement not to ignore the spiritual and
and God alone and trust in the laws of MAAT. Don’t be so theological needs of the people. Of course I would tell the
afraid of the white man and what the white man may do to youth to listen to the New Black Panther Party and Attorney
you if you stand up and help your people. So many Black At- Malik Zulu Shabazz. I would tell the youth to hear my min-
torneys, Doctorates, Doctors and well placed Blacks could isters, Minister Hashim Nzinga, Minister of Information Ja-
make such a difference in the forward progress of the Black marhl, Minister of Culture Zayid Muhammad, International
Nation if they would lose fear of their former slave-master. Minister Hughie Rose, Minister Najee Muhammad, Youth
So I say to the Black Professional: Take comfort in the fact Minister Divine Allah, Minister Hannibal, Minister Chawn,
that Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz has been out front on Minister Shaka Shakur, Sister Ministers Asale, Amirah and
the attack and under attack for 14 Years as Attorney and he Krystal and all of those that are properly preaching our
“does not want,” as it is written in Psalms in the 23rd Chap- doctrine. I also advise the youth to hear from Dr. Wesley
ter. I could even tell you that the white man will respect Muhammad and ALLAH Team; the Malcolm X Grassroots
you more when he knows you are free and independent. Movement; the Uhuru Movement; Nuri Muhammad of the
My advice to the Black Professional, stand up sincerely and Nation of Islam; Reality Speaks; Zulu Nation; Black Riders
help your people and God will bless you; and if you don’t Liberation Party. These are just some of the new generation
take a stand you may achieve material success but the devil of teachers that I have respect for.
will have mastery of your soul and you will not be happy.
Take comfort in the fact that Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz
has been out front on the attack and under attack for 14

Making Black Power A Reality Through Politics
By Chawn Kweli

CW: What Inspired You To Start This


DA: I’ve observed for some time a lack

of conscious, revolutionary/activist
minded men and women from my gen-
eration who are not utilizing the politi-
cal arena. We must use every avenue to
reach, teach, galvanize, mobilize, and
organize our people. Although what
we do is always political, often we fail
to position ourselves in particular areas
in which we have some hands on input
in affecting policies by creating local
ordinances, rules, etc. Such policies
ultimately affect the way we live and
consequently, determine what services
our communities have access to.

CW: Tell Us A Little Something About

Yourself - Who Is Divine Allah?

Divine Allah is a man with vision; one

who understands that a true man in-
spires manhood in others. I am a cre-
ation of all thoughts of positioning my-
self to be of service to others. Divine
Allah has an earnest desire to do some-
thing of significant value; to affect the
lives of the people in my community in
a positive and proactive manner. You
could say that I am a man reaching my
potential and enjoying the pursuit of
my dreams. I’m in a good place in my
life. the libraries, or on college campuses. modes of dress, character and inter-
In 1990, while on the precipice of re- actions with others. I learned that the
I was raised by both parents in Don- alizing what manhood was all about, highest degree one can achieve is the
nelly Homes Projects, affectionately my father passed. During this same knowledge of one’s self, and I wanted
known as Divine Land, in a North time period, I received a dose of the to aspire to those levels of greatness.
Trenton, New Jersey housing complex KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. I attended I feel blessed to have come full circle
with the usual up and downs of any catholic school most of my life and with the strong man I am today, ma-
impoverished, crime-ridden, inner city spent 4 years in public school at Tren- tured and striving in my purpose
community. Poor Righteous Teachers, ton Central and East Orange High. The
the popular conscious hip-hop group environment was a cultural experience What Do You Hope To Accomplish
originated from these same projects. and sent me on a path to seek my DI- Should You Win In The Upcoming
My father was a construction worker VINE purpose. Elections?
and my mother was a home health and
nurse aide. With both parents work- Although most of my friends did not Honestly, it would be an accomplish-
ing, there was little time for teaching have both parents at home, there were ment to represent the people of Tren-
the African and black cultural learn- more than enough father figures acces- ton, particularly the North Ward. I’m
ing experience. Thus, my learning was sible to us in the North Trenton area, not afraid to listen and speak to them
limited to the yearly showings of the which kept us out of serious trouble. openly and uncompromisingly about
Dr. King movie played by Paul Whit- In my neighborhood, I became drawn the challenges they face in their com-
field. Throughout the years, I yearned to those brothers and sisters with the munities. I am that person whom they
to know more and found myself on a knowledge of self and a since of pride. can see, hear, and connect with on a
quest for knowledge originating from These men and women served as role
the street ciphers with the GODS; at models with their body language, Continued on page 35
Black Cross & IN-CERT
Emergency Response For
The Black Community
KM: After Hurricane Katrina, we jour- ting aide and relief to Haiti. Right now
neyed with Attorney Malik Zulu Shaba- ships and vessels are delivering water
zz and members of the New Black and food to Haitians. We plan to take a
Panther Party to conduct a search and delegation to Haiti to do what we can
rescue mission. Five days after Katrina, and make a difference.
we realized we were ill prepared for the
real aftermath of the disaster. We con- CK: What do you need right now?
ducted logistics on how to provide for
our people and many became certified KM: Volunteers to help sort clothing,
for disaster preparedness. We learned bedding and food; shovels, sledges and
hot to form a coalition for black emer- wheel barrels are needed so that the
One-on-One with Krystal Muhammad gency response. The concept was pre- people of Haiti can help themselves.
By Chawn Kweli sented to the National Central Commit-
tee of the New Black Panther Party and CK: What has been your most reward-
Many who are ignorant to the the initiative was formed. As we build ing moment so far?
facts hardly know anything about our nation, we must be able to protect
women in the liberation struggle. Even our nation. We understand self defense KM: Honestly, we haven’t been given a
less do they know about Sister Krystal does not mean armed with weapons, dime, so were taking money out of our
Muhammad. Sister Krystal Muham- it relates to all levels. Self Defense is own pockets. All of our resources have
mad presently serves as the Southern a part of our 10 point program in the been coming from black people – it is
Regional Representative of the New New Black Panther Party. In the spirit of beautiful.
Black Panther Party. She is a warrior Marcus Garvey, we formed a coalition
and a force to be reckoned with. with black nurses. I, along with Broth- CK: Where are your Headquarters lo-
er Osiris X, Brother DK and Capt. Da- cated and hours of operations?
Chawn Kweli (CK): As-Salaam-Alaki- vid Foreman, chartered this initiative.
um (Peace be Unto you) KM: The Black Cross Distribution Cen-
CK: What is the number one priority ter is located at 2417 Riverside Dr.
Krystal Muhammad (KM) :Wa-Lakium on the list right now in terms for the Houston, Texas 77004. For more infor-
–Salaam (Peace also be unto you ) mission of the Black Cross? mation, call 832-623-6086. Our web-
site is: www.blackcrossreliefinitiative.
CK: Please describe how you became KM: The first Mission right now is get- org
involved in the Black Cross.

One on One with Khallid Greene ing to assist. Anyone who is interested a younger brother, whom I checked
Written by Chawn Kweli can receive training by IN-CERT to pre- on when Hurricane Rita was headed
Photo courtesy of IN-CERT pare them to be first responders in di- to the city. We were told to evacuate
saster situations. Enjoy the text of this the city, and in so doing, a lot of elders
When most major disasters occur across powerful interview. and wheelchair bound people were
the country, you see and hear respons- left stranded. At that time, Houston,
es from the Red Cross or Blue Shield. CK: What is the name of your organiza- TX was like a ghost town. We cleared
Seldom do you here about the heroes tion? roads to ensure it was safe and secure.
in our own community who “brave the KG: The Name is In-cert. Also known We had a team of three guys experi-
storm” and go wherever they are need- as the Inner City Emergency Response enced in law enforcement and child
ed. Read and learn about your own Team. protective services.
survival team called “IN-CERT.” Based
in Houston, Texas, In-CERT stands for CK: How did INCERT come about? That was the day we decided “we need
Inner City Emergency Response Team. KG: In 2004, the year before hurricane to take care of our community in the
The team is headed by Mr. Khallid Katrina, we started initially as “Help- event of man made and natural disas-
Greene. IN-CERT is about being pre- ing Hands” for the elders, helping them ters.” We took classes, prepared
pared; people helping people; disaster with their yards and other chores. I had Continued on page 35
safety and being considerate and will-

Farrakhan Speaks Out

darkness,” Farrakhan said at the an- ease their plight, but you can use your
nual convention of the movement that bully pulpit. Speak for the poor. Speak
embraces black nationalism. “It ain’t for the weak.”
ego, it’s my love for you.”
He said helping the Nation of Islam,
An estimated 20,000 people attended which has worked to reform black
the heavily guarded Saviours’ Day inmates for decades, would also be an
event at the United Center in Chicago. answer.
Followers — men dressed in navy uni-
forms and women in white skirt suits “Put some money on back of us,” he
with matching hijabs — cheered on said. “We can reform our people.”
Farrakhan with shouts of “Allahu Ak-
bar,” Arabic for “God is great.” Farrakhan has vigorously supported
Obama for years and used his presi-
Farrakhan spent most of the fiery near- dency as a call to action for blacks.
ly four-hour speech recounting a 1985 That was even as Obama distanced
vision he had in Mexico. Farrakhan himself from the group for Farrakhan’s
has often described how he believes past comments that many considered
he was invited aboard an unidenti- anti-Semitic.
Saviours Day 2010 fied flying object he calls “the wheel”
where he said he heard the late Na- Supporters say Farrakhan’s words are
CHICAGO (AP) — Nation of Islam tion of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad often taken out of context.
Minister Louis Farrakhan, boasting his speak to him.
divine stature, on Sunday predicted Farrakhan continued his praise of
trouble ahead for President Barack He said that experience led him to Obama Sunday, and said the nation’s
Obama and urged him to do more to inklings about future events, including first black president was manipulated
improve the lives of blacks and the the United States’ 1986 bombing of into disavowing Farrakhan.
downtrodden. Libya.
He would not say if he and Obama
The 76-year-old leader said the “white Farrakhan recounted how his divine had ever met on the issue.
right” was conspiring to make Obama knowledge has allowed him to rec-
a one-term president, and pointed to ognize countless warning signs over “They all want to know did I ever
his stalled efforts to introduce health the decades — such as natural disas- meet with him and what did I say or
care legislation as proof. He said ters such as the earthquake in Chile what he say,” Farrakhan said in the
those opponents and lobbyists were — and said they indicate impending speech. “I ain’t going there.”
trapping him into a future war with trouble, including for Obama. ___
Iran that could lead to mass destruc-
tion. Dressed in ornate creme robes, he ad- Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day 2010:
dressed the president directly:
“The word ‘prophet’ is too cheap
a word. I am a light in the midst of “Your people are suffering. You can’t


Is In Need OF Fresh New
Leaders, Activists and
OR CALL (202) 397-4577
In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting Black Women who are and have been trailblazers in the
struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. These women, often unheard of, have along side our brothers, laid the foun-
dation for Black Women in America.

Woman Extraordinaire, Nannie Helen Burroughs

Born May 2, 1879 in Orange, Virginia, Nannie Helen Burroughs was the daughter of ex-slaves John Burroughs - a farmer
and baptist preacher and Jennie Burroughs - a cook. At the age of 5 when Nannie’s father passed, her mother moved her
and her sister to Washington, DC in pursuit of a better life and better education for her daughters.

Ms. Burroughs has led a very colorful life and is remembered as a Black edu-
cator, orator, businesswoman and religious leader. In 1896, she graduated
with honors in business and domestic science from the Colored High School
on M Street (now Dunbar High School) and worked with other women (Jose-
phine Rffin and Mary Church Terrell )to establish the National Association of
Colored Women (NACW) the same year. In 1900, Ms. Burroughs moved to
Louisville, Kentucky to work with the Foreign Mission Board of the National
Baptist Convention. In 1907, she received an honorary M.A. degree from
Eckstein-Norton University in Kentucky, and two years later in 1909, she
founded the National Training School for Women and Girls in Washington,
DC, which was later renamed in her honor as “The Nannie Helen Burroughs
School” after her death in 1961 at the age of 82.

Ms. Burroughs created a creed of racial self-help through her program of

the three b’s: the Bible, the bath and the broom. The Bible, the bath, and the
broom stood for a clean life, a clean body and a clean house. She believed
domestic work should be professionalized and even unionized. Ms. Bur-
roughs trained her students to become respectable employees by becoming
pious, pure and domestic, but not submissive. She emphasized the impor-
tance of being proud black women to all students, by teaching African-American history and culture through a required
course in the Department of Negro History.

In 1976, Mayor Walter E. Washington and Councilwoman Willie Hardy (Disrict of Columbia, Ward 7) proclaimed May
10th as Nannie Helen Burroughs Day. Councilwoman Hardy’s legislation to change Deane Avenue and Grant Street
(from Minnesota Avenue to Eastern Avenue) to Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, Northeast was presented. This legisla-
tion was unanimously approved by the City Council on May 3, 1976; the dedication ceremonies were held on May 10,

The High Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone

Eunice Kathleen Waymon (February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003), better known
by her stage name Nina Simone, was an American singer, songwriter, pianist,
arranger, and civil rights activist. Although she disliked being categorized, Sim-
one is arguably most associated with her performance of jazz music. Simone
originally aspired to become a classical pianist, but her work covers an eclectic
variety of musical styles that include classical music, jazz, the blues, soul, folk,
R&B, gospel, and pop music. Her vocal style is characterized by intense passion,
a loose vibrato, and a slightly androgynous timbre, in part due to her unusually
low vocal range which veered between the alto and tenor ranges (occasionally
even reaching baritone lows). Also known as The High Priestess of Soul, she paid
great attention to the musical expression of emotions. Within one album or con-
cert she could fluctuate between exuberant happiness and tragic melancholy.

Nina Simone recorded over 40 live and studio albums, the greatest body of her
work being released between 1958 (when she made her debut with Little Girl Blue) and 1974. Songs she is best known
for include “My Baby Just Cares for Me”, “I Put a Spell on You”, “Four Women”, “I Loves You Porgy”, “Feeling Good”,
“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, “Sinnerman”, “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”, “Mississippi Goddam”, “Ain’t Got
No, I Got Life” and “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl”. Her music and message made a strong and lasting impact on
culture,[3] illustrated by the numerous contemporary artists who cite her as an important influence (see Legacy and influ-
ence). Several hip hop musicians and other modern artists sample and remix Simone’s rhythms and beats on their tracks.
In particular, Talib Kweli and Mos Def routinely pay tribute to her outstanding and soulful musical style. Many of her
songs are featured on motion picture soundtracks, as well as in video games, commercials and TV series.


Newark Family Protests Police Murder

By Little Red Barnes, the district leader in Farrell’s said that his posture was so maddening
neighborhood, who said Farrell was that she lost all of her composure and
                Neither the rain nor elect- like a son to her. “I went to our Coun- that’s when “the vengeance came out
ed indifference was going to stop this cil President (Mildred Crump) and told (towards him),” she explained.
march. Defying a steady and some- her about how all of the eyewitnesses
times heavy rain, the family of Basire are each telling the same story, that Ba- Although three city councilp-
Farrell marched for justice this early sire was tasered; that his body shock ersons live in the once famous South
summer Saturday with the help of the uncontrollably, that they put him in ward, the district where the fatal beating
Peoples Organization for Progress, the handcuffs and proceeded to beat him occurred, Council President Mildred
New Black Panther Party and others. Crump, Councilman-at-large Donald
Payne Jr. and South Ward Councilman
                Farrell, a 30 year old Newark Oscar James, no one from the city has
resident, was beaten to death by three yet to contact the Farrell family to even
Newark police officers several weeks offer an apology or their condolences
ago just days before his 31st birthday. for what happened to Farrell. Newark
“This is this family’s third march that Mayor Cory Booker came into promi-
they led themselves I must say proud- nence representing the Central Ward,
ly first, and each time we come out, I but he too has a South Ward address.
hear more about what happened and Interestingly, the names of the three
get more outraged at the madness,” officers involved have been withheld
said Zayid Muhammad, a national of- pending an internal investigation.
ficial  of the New Black Panther Party.
“Not only should we have their
                Muhammad was referring to names, but we should have their pic-
the many eyewitness accounts which tures postered all over town “wanted
not only established that Farrell was for murder! Armed and extremely
not only tasered and shook violently even after paramedics covered him dangerous!” to let people know just
helpless while he was handcuffed, but with a sheet on the ground,” she angrily whose masquerading around this town
he was also savagely beaten to death exclaimed. She explained that she was in blue as police officers; they are noth-
while handcuffed. Meanwhile Newark abruptly stopped by Newark’s chief of ing but a menace to society,” Muham-
police denies their officers have tasers. police who asserted that Newark po- mad said angrily about the character of
lice officers do not have tasers. She the investigation.
                That was challenged by Eula

Seattle Cop Killer: Made In America

young man that he planned to become Seattle Rail-Supply Company.  Accord-
a plumber. So how does a man with ing to a company report “Clemmons
the zeal and spirit to be a plumber end was punctual and a good worker.”  The
up in a shootout with four Lakewood judge who had urged Clemmons re-
police officers on Nov. 29, 2009?  lease, Marrion Humphrey was the pre-
Mr. Clemmons relatives de- siding judge and marked a significant
scribed him as a man suffering a men-
tal breakdown.  Maurice Clemmons Continued on page 35
was shot and killed by a police officer
on Dec. 1, 2009.
Maurice Clemmons was born
in February 1972, during a tumultu-
ous period of protest due to discrimi-
nation and impoverished conditions.
The Clemmons family resided in Mari-
By Chawn Kweli
anna, Arkansas, a poor county in one
of America’s poorest states. Unemploy-
What would cause a normal
ment averaged nearly 30 percent, and
“regular” black man or woman to
the average family earns approximately
snap?  I ask that question in view of the
$24,000 a year, which isn’t even close
recent murder of Maurice Clemmons. 
to the national median.
Maurice told a parole officer as a
Clemmons worked at Nortrak, a
New York NBPP Using Old School
Tactics To Feed The Masses
NEW YORK ( - An-
gel, a 34 year old unemployed
resident of Spanish Harlem, stood
in 26 degree temperatures enjoy-
ing a plate of food doled out by
volunteers from the People Surviv-
al Program. Their presence in his
high poverty neighborhood made
the remaining line of hungry men
and women smile in warm appre-
ciation for their turn to eat.
This was Angel's first hot
meal since the day before, he said.
And, like most of the nation's
unemployed, he wants to work but
cannot find opportunity.“This feed-
ing program is key,” he explained,
“I see lots of hardship, homeless-
ness while top execs scam the
government and leave the little
people in need.”
Spanish Harlem.Mr. Shakur explained that the veterans of
The presidential election of 2008 was the triumphant
struggle have been very forthcoming about the strengths
culmination of year-long rallies that brought tens of thou-
and weaknesses of that earlier period.
sands of white and black Americans to the rallying cry
“Both the Panthers and Young Lords have told us that
of, “Yes We Can!” It was another pivotal moment when
feeding our people is key and that you must have a spiritu-
a black person was pushing America's moral potential to
al base of ethics and morals to guide the membership,” Mr.
correct a perilous plummet into war, unemployment, fore-
Shakur continued.“Therefore, areas where we set up food
closures, loss of industrial capacity, unparalleled debt and
tents have the greatest concentration of need which means
loss of respect among the world's nations.
that our good deeds will have that greater impact, like this
This volunteer food program in Harlem reflects a
area on Lexington between 124th and 126th Streets which
growing realization that the hoped for change from the top
is filled with men and women who need motivation and
must give way to people saving themselves and their com-
The presence of the food program every second
The People
Friday draws an immediate line where
Survival Program ‘The working together to feed and clothe our people is a
hundreds of men congregate before
is gaining the at- humbling experience and you don’t have big egos getting
getting on city buses that take them to
tention of govern- in the way when you see the needy close up.’
Wards Island, a complex of homeless
ment funded and —Shaka Shakur, NY Chairman NBPP
shelters that can accommodate 800
non-profit organi-
zations because
“Imam Jamil Al-Amin has clear words of wisdom
the successful six month experiment by the New Black
for activists,” Mr. Shakur said while nodding to the line of
Panther Party has pulled 14 groups together for the com-
hungry people, “and, that is a hungry man's revolution is
mon interest of feeding and clothing the needy.The task
food and a naked man's revolution is clothing.Furthermore
was made easy for the party because of its ongoing food
for anyone undertaking coalition building they need to
program that brought it into contact with other groups on
pay attention to the Mission Statement of The Million Man
the same mission, said Shaka Shakur, New York chairper-
March and the ministries concept of the Millions More
son of the party led by Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz.
“This is the first time in my experience where black
As the food ran out other volunteers came forward to
people see black people doing for one another without in-
give out winter coats to another line of men and women,
terference from others,” said Mr. Shakur. “In fact, the work-
some with children.One of these volunteers, Brother Yoda,
ing together to feed and clothe our people is a humbling
said they could serve food all day; they just need more
experience and you don't have big egos getting in the way
people to step forward to offer food.“What warms my
when you see the needy close up.”
heart is the appreciation spoken and the smiles,” he said,
The New Black Panther Party members are a youth-
“because we're repeating a successful time in history of
ful group attempting to recapture the energy of self-pride
the original Panthers and Young Lords feeding the poor and
and community action indicative of the 1960s and 1970s.
conveying self-respect and this time we've added our own
Towards that end they have actively sought the knowledge
of original Black Panthers and even the Young Lords, the
Continued on page 31
Puerto Rican activist group that upset the status quo in

Voter Intimidation, pretty close to ridiculous.” At- which was widely distributed with those who fight with
continued from page 3 torney General Eric Holder via internet around the world, us. If it is the right-wing that
has a record of standing strong did not even show voters being opens fire; then we return righ-
In fact, the only response I re- against injustice and has been intimidated; only people go- teous fire in defense of our-
ceived is from a legislative af- fair minded and consistent in ing about their daily business selves and the black nation.
fairs staffer, and was woefully his dealings. Attorney General and a man with a cell phone
incomplete and, in places, in- Holder, in a speech delivered harassing members of the New Relevance of the NBPP,
accurate. Two months ago, I on February 18, indicated that Black Panther Party who were continued from page 19
met with House Judicia- we do not talk to each other otherwise minding their own
ry Chairman Conyers to enough about race because business. The Department with very little social orienta-
ask for his assistance in ob “it is an issue we have never of justice spokeswoman also tion on this issue. We intro-
taining this information, but been at ease with.” Mr. Hold- added,” The decision to end duced this subject because this
he has yet to take any action. er has candidly called Ameri- the investigation was made by is where our expertise lies. If
This is a shameful failure to cans “cowards” to American career officials, not political we are not the experts in black
provide necessary congres- efforts in the realm of race appointees.” Rep. Wolf comes Liberation, then someone
sional oversight. It is not only relations and serious mat- from a long line of right wing needs to inform me who has
Congress that is being stone- ters like voter intimidation. pundits who share the Presi- divinely been prepared. And
walled by the attorney gen- Rep. Frank Wolf has dent George W. Bush theory if we have not been divinely
eral; the U.S. Commission on been heartless in his pursuit of “War now, Peace Later.” prepared to deliver divine lib-
Civil Rights has repeatedly against the New Black Panther If the New Black Pan- eration, then who will? If not
sought this same information, Party and its National Chair- ther Party received the same now, when?
in fulfillment of its statutory man Malik Zulu Shabazz. In kind of media and newspaper
responsibility to ensure the en- a letter to Holder on June 8, coverage for its efforts in black There exists a network
forcement of civil rights law. Rep. Wolf wrote “he could not America, such as mentorship of Negro and congressional
After being similarly re- understand how the depart- programs, educational classes, leadership who have avoided
buffed, the commission filed ment could drop the case.” juvenile reformation, feeding our divine black liberation in
subpoenas with the depart- Clearly showing the per- the homeless, free food, free the face of opportunity to suc-
ment for this information, as sonal motive of Mr. Wolf and clothes, housing programs and cessfully achieve our black lib-
well as to interview the career members of the right wing, its push for self-determina- eration, if we would just unite.
attorneys that handled the case. Mr. Wolf later goes on to at- tion, every chapter of the New “The eternal question we must
However, we understand that tack the leadership credibil- Black Panther Party would all deal with is; how are we
the attorney general has in- ity of Attorney General Holder swell to capacity. This is why behaving in the face of our di-
structed his department to ig- and continued his allegations the right wing has to work so vine opportunity?”
nore these subpoenas. The by saying, “I worry that the hard to keep our work and im-
nation’s chief law enforcement department’s commitment to age smeared with flimsy tales It is our social and polit-
officer is forcing these career protecting the ‘fundamental about voter intimidation and ical circumstances which will
attorneys to choose between right to vote’ is wavering un- make the New Black Pan- be evaluated and perhaps even
complying with the law and der your leadership. I fail to ther Party the boogieman they diagnosed in this crucial hour.
complying with the attorney understand how you could dis- must defeat to ‘remain heroes.’ They tend to force feed failed
general’s obstruction. At least miss a legitimate case against The most heinous of social political prescriptions
one of the attorneys has been a party that deployed armed crimes is the push to re-file the which have proven themselves
compelled to obtain private men to a polling station -- one charges against an innocent useless to the black man, wom-
counsel. I urge the House Judi- of whom brandished a weapon man, Atty. Malik Zulu Shaba- an and child trapped by social
ciary Committee to report this to voters -- who harassed and zz and the New Black Panther circumstances in “The Hells
resolution out favor- intimidated voters, and could Party. There is NO EVIDENCE of North America.” However,
ably and to demand then decide such actions do Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz or- when we decide to take our
that the attorney general an- not constitute a violation.” dered, condoned or suggested black liberation, I believe the
swer the questions surround- Rep. Frank Wolf is a anything to the result of alleged same divine power will aid us
ing this case. The career attor- prehistoric right wing agent of voter intimidation. To say the in “Taking Black Our Divine
neys and Appellate Division war, who is being propped up least, Atty. Shabazz was no- Black Liberation and Black
within the department sought by internal forces to take aim at where near the polling station. Power! Allahu-Akbar!
to demonstrate the federal Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz and He never spoke words to the
government’s commitment the New Black Panther Party, public that would incite voter Shaka Zulu raised an
to protecting voting rights by by using a meritless case of intimidation, nor did he give army to check the bloody Brits
vigorously prosecuting any voter intimidation to achieve orders to members of the New and said “To hell with that
individual or group that seeks his bigger goal of discrediting Black Panther Party to intimi- bloody Brit” and other Eurals
to undermine this right. The Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz. Fox date any voter. Atty. Malik Zulu (Europeans). We have raised
House must not turn a blind news reported a Justice De- Shabazz was clearly named an army. No matter what oth-
eye to the attorney general’s partment spokeswoman told for political reasons due to his ers may think of us, we have a
obstruction. He has an obliga- the hill newspaper, the facts activism against the injustices black army. Even Obama ad-
tion to answer the legitimate don’t back charges that NBPP in this country and abroad. mits there will be armies here
questions of the House and the National Chairman Malik Zulu The Neo-Conservatives in the hells of North America
Civil Rights Commission. It is Shabazz and party member Jer- and Militant right-wing ele- which are not paid by the
imperative that we protect the ry Jackson violated the law or ments have been trying for U.S. government. Ask Hugo
right of all Americans to vote attempted to intimidate, threat- years to figure out a way to Chavez if he is Commander &
- the sacrosanct and inalien- en or coerce voters. get Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz Chief at CITGO in Venezuela.
able right of any democracy. Why have so many tied up in court, but their dirty He stated “George W Bush is
“The idea that a Demo- agreed there was no voter in- tactics will only serve as their not a devil, but the Devil.”
cratic U.S. attorney is going to timidation, but Rep. Frank own undoing. With the help
do something different than Wolf continues to insist there of our GOD and the spirit of
a Republican U.S. attorney is was? The YouTube video our ancestors, we will fight
Right Wing, continued that Mr. Fine and OPR con- From the strong stand brothers plantation owners from their
from page 2 ducted simultaneous and Aaron Michaels and Captain homes tearing off their limbs,
complementary investigations David Foreman made in the strapping them to racks and
It appears that Rep. into the firing of eight U.S. early 1990’s starting the NBPP, sawing them in half.
Frank Wolf wants to see Attor- attorneys by the Bush admin- to the revolutionary leadership White Plantation own-
ney Malik Zulu Shabazz and istration when some of the the Honorable Dr. Khallid Ab- ers in America knew of the “po-
the Philadelphia members of same considerations applied. dul Muhammad displayed as tential” for trouble, but only af-
the New Black Panther Party One way or another, the truth he ushered the NBPP to the ter the Haitian revolution did
punished above the means of will get out. It doesn’t take In- national scene; to the many the threat become real. After
the “alleged” crime. Wolf said spector Clouseau to figure out unnamed servants, soldiers, the slave revolution of 1791,
the committee’s failure to ap- that if the Justice Department comrades and warriors who slave uprisings in the United
prove the resolution has set a has the image of springing currently make up the rank States increased greatly. When
“troubling precedent.”The day Panthers from the penalty box, and file of the NBPP - the idea the great Denmark Vesey or-
has finally arrived in which you it looks mighty suspicious. of self-determination of the ganized to burn Charleston,
cannot do anything you want original Black Panther Party South Carolina, there is strong
to black people and not expect Summit, continued from of the 60’s era, stands firm in evidence that Vesey, commu-
them to defend themselves. page 6 the hells of North America nicated with black Haitians
Wolf went on to say, “Congress Considered one of the and even believed that black
and the American people have Power Summit held May last ones still standing strong, Haitians would support his up-
a right to know why this case 22-24 in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to Black Power, Pan rising with an invasion.
was not prosecuted.” National Geographic began Africanism and Black Nation- The strong example of
airing a slanderous national alism, the NBPP has answered Toussaint, led a revolt that
The case went to court TV documentary on the New the call numerous times to forced the oppressor to take
and the matter was decided Black Panther Party in which righteously defend the rights of note. In reaction to the black
Mr. Wolf, so let it rest. Rep- the New Black Panther Party black People, and ensure the revolution in Haiti, the United
resentatives Wolf and Smith, was accused of a number of saturated white racist histories States enacted several laws
through their behavior, have things, including racism and and theologies of the educa- and regulations keeping con-
exposed themselves as the rac- distorting the legacy of the tional system do not go unchal- tact with Haitian slaves to a
ist cowards we suspected all Black Panther Party of the 60’s. lenged in the hearts and minds minimum. The People of Haiti
along. We thank them for the The positive contributions of of black and African people in have set strong liberation ex-
confirmation. the NBPP, such as consistent the United States and the World. amples for oppressed blacks in
food and clothing drives, po- As we celebrate 20 years America. Now, in their time
WOLF, continued from litical education classes, self- of struggle, we will forge ahead of need, black people in the
page 4 defense training, marches, ral- until we win the ultimate strug- North America, whose condi-
lies and acts of service to the gle called the liberation and tions are not far removed from
the IG to reconsider because needy, were totally ignored salvation of the black Nation. theirs, must set a strong exam-
of “the host of troubling ques- by enemies in the mainstream ple for them.
tions about whether the De- media, as well as party oppo- Haitian Revolution, References
partment’s political appointees sition within the ADL and the continued from page 10 Bell, M.S. (2007). Toussaint
abused their power in this case Southern Poverty Law Center. Louverture: A Biography. New
for political purposes.” They Most recently, Repub- With whites in the col- York, NY: Pantheon Books.
listed at least five major ques- licans in Congress have been ony living well, and the blacks
tions they think the IG, not pressuring U.S. Attorney Gen- living low and working for little New York NBPP,
OPR, can best answer, includ- or nothing, it produced a ha- continued from page 29
ing “whether White House of- tred and resentment during the
ficials attempted for partisan hot night of August 22, 1791. flavor, coalition build-
political purposes to influence The colony of St. Domingue ing with other groups and
the [Black Panther] case [and] was set ablaze. Hundreds of therefore our efforts have
whether senior Department thousands of slaves set fire a more powerful and last-
management officials and to plantations, torched cit- ing impact.” According to
political appointees actually ies and righteously killed the Shaka Shakur, the 14 groups
colluded for these purposes oppressive white population. brought together under the
with White House officials The events of that night are People Survival Program are:
to derail the [Black Panther] regarded as the most success- the Almighty Universal Zulu
case or cases against minority ful revolts in history by slaves, Nation, The Fraternal Order
defendants in general.” They lasting 12 years of Black Spades, Black Law
wrote that those “larger is- The black Haitian revo- Enforcement Alliance, Street
sues in this affair, whether for Rock of the Southeast, Mnister lution established the second Corner Resources, Harlem
the pursuit of impartial justice, Najee Muhammad independent nation in the Single Stop, Harlem Tenants
the pursuit of criminal jus- Western Hemisphere, produc- Council, Church of El Bar-
tice for government officials eral Eric Holder to re-open and ing the first black governed re- rio, Black Student Union of
or the credibility of the STELE re-file charges against Attorney public. The Haitian Revolt was City College, Safyia Bukhari
This point is important. Malik Zulu Shabazz and the felt as far as the United States. and Albert Nuh Foundation,
New Black Panther Party. At no Forcing Slaves here in the Unit- Black Panther Commemo-
At some level, there time has it been directly or in- ed States to contemplate and ration Committee, United
needs to be some indepen- directly suggested or otherwise act on behalf of their own free- Muslim Alliance, Mosque
dent authority, untainted by implied for any member of the dom. Stories told of revolution of Islamic Brotherhood, Dr.
political entanglements, who New Black Panther Party to vi- waged on the island of Haiti Barbara Ann Teer’s National
can investigate allegations of olate the laws, rules or regula- detailed young white children Black Theater, and the New
improper political entangle- tions of the laws of any state in at the knife point of bayonets Black Panther Party.
ments. The congressmen note the United States of America. and slaves dragging off white

Haiti account, continued CESSFUL HAITIAN REVOLU- ther exploit Haitian labor.   racist, refusing to recognize the
from page 8 TION !!! LONG LIVE THE latest genetic science proving
SPIRIT OF DR. KHALLID AB- Racism in coverage  that race is a fiction, a stupid
The slow response and construct.  We are one human
My heart is still there in DUL MUHAMMAD!
the level of aid all points to species that originated in sub-
Haiti, for all the MRE’s ,wheat
the kind of racist attitudes we Saharan Africa; our differences
crackers, trail mix, water, coke ASHE
saw during the Katrina trag- are essentially cultural and of-
a colas and sardines and pro-
Castro, continued from edy – the devaluing of black ten political. If we were to rec-
tein bars I ate, for all the ex-
page 9 lives. About this same time of ognize this, we would clearly
haustion and sorrow I felt I
massive death and destruction see that Haitians are among
would do it all again to go
black to Haiti. An example of such (the worst quake in 250 years), the most vibrant, creatively ar-
mainstream media is having a tistic, socially conscious, cou-
I want to give a shout American corporate greed is
fit about racist comments re- rageous and resilient people
out to the sister that lived the case of Disney using Hai-
corded in a new book about on the planet earth.
across from where we stayed tian labor to make their gar-
the presidential campaign of
who cooked dinner for us ments at 27 cents an hour. 
2008.  Let s/he who is without Obama’s pledge of assistance
before we went to work at Haitians organized and de-
racism cast the first stone. Pres. Obama has
night……May Allah keep her manded a raise to 50 cents. 
Senate Majority Leader pledged $100 million in aide
and her babies safe and bless Disney threatened to move to
Harry Reid’s statement that to Haiti, days after its worst
her with prosperity and suc- China (where labor was even
a “light-skinned” black who disaster ever with a climbing
cess. To Luna Charles, Chief of cheaper) - and they did. 
Operations from the Bed Stuy On his re-election in doesn’t speak a “negro dialect” death toll of tens of thousands,
could win the Presidency was severe and life-threatening in-
Volunteer Ambulance Corp 2000, Aristide built schools,
simply the truth.  Moreover, it juries, incalculable suffering,
for taking care of the logistics hospitals and clinics, a medi-
helps if he’s male.  History’s les- no infrastructure, no food, wa-
there in Haiti for us lodging, cal school to train doctors with
sons testify to the preference of ter, electricity, shelters, or even
negotiations..etc and for the help from Cuba, and demand-
black men over women of any tents with some three million
vision, passion and love that ed restitution from France for
hue.  In fact, Sojourner Truth homeless.
Commander James “Rocky” the main reason Haiti is the
warned Frederick Douglas that True to form, main-
Robinson CEO and Founder of poorest country in the West
if he didn’t stand up for univer- stream pundits are praising
the Bedford Stuyvesant Volun- – France’s extortion of (in to-
sal suffrage instead of compro- Obama’s contribution.  I was
teer Ambulance Corp shows day’s currency) $21 billion,
mising to allow black men to not impressed, so I decided
for his people and life itself. the total paid to the French be-
get the vote without women, to find out what $100 million
For those that thought about tween 1925 and 1946 as loss-
it would be a long time before will buy, with the help of my
me and wondered if I was okay es France suffered whenended
women would have equal vot- assistant, Nedzada.
and tried to help me on my and their richest, sugar-produc-
ing rights.  It took another 50 We discovered that
journey to this mission, Thank ing colony was liberated.  The
years, 1870 until 1920!  So it Obama threw a party that cost
You for concern over my health guns of Britain, Canada and
was predictable that Hillary $50 million more than he’s
as I was sick as a dog ( with the U.S backed France’s rob-
couldn’t win over Barack.   But sending to Haiti.  Yup!  He
a bad cough and stuffy nose, bery. This same quartet contin-
I digress. spent $150 million on his In-
and fatigue) calling every day ues to occupy Haiti through its
Just how many dark- augural Ball. 
to see if I was okay. Bro Zayid UN Peacekeepers, a misnomer
skinned black people do you We also learned the fol-
Muhammad National Minis- if ever there were one.  Their
see in the media?  It’s kind of lowing: Top U.S. Firms are on
ter of Culture of the NBPP, Sis. brutality is well known among
comical to watch light-skinned pace to award $148.85 Billion
Sheena Afrika Regional Field Haitians.
Marshal,Sis Maati Sekmet Lo- Media gives undue blacks along with lighter- in payouts for 2009, according
skinned whites attacking Reid to a Wall Street Journal Study. 
cal Chief of Staff in Trenton, NJ, credit to Bill Clinton in both
since they’d be unlikely to Billions with a B! You can
and David X our MOI. A shout his former role as President
have their jobs were they dark- also buy a Beverly Hills man-
out to Dr. Ikuhara from North- and his current position as
er skinned.  Skin color in col- sion, a yacht, or a painting for
Western University Hospital UN Special Envoy (a first-time
or-struck America is nearly al- more than the relatively mea-
who was so helpful,walked post).  While it’s true that Clin-
ways the elephant in the room. ger sum Obama is donating. 
with all the meds we needed, ton helped pave the way for
When I was a young Obviously, we cannot rely on
did all the dressings and start- Aristide’s return in 1994 fol-
woman entering the employ- this government to do the right
ed all the IV’s that needed to lowing massive international
ment offices of NYC in the thing by Haitians in their hour
be restarted, what a blessing pressure, it was not without
for Nursing that night. preconditions that tied Aris- late 1950s, early ‘60s, I knew of need.  It never has.
after being hired that I was of- So I would implore you
For the elder man that tide’s hands in solving Haiti’s
ten breaking the color barrier to give all you possibly can,
died on me as I dressed his enormous problems.  After all,
- finding myself the only col- making sure you’re getting
open sores May Allah alleviate it was the U.S. that backed the
ored girl in the company (the your contribution to the best
your suffering and receive you 1991 military coup in the first
spook who sat by the [elevator] possible agents for direct assis-
into paradise. For the 20 year place.  The regime change in-
door) or one of two or three tance to the Haitian people. 
old Queen that died of TB, stalled Gen. Raul Cedras, who
light-skinned office workers. Finally, if you’re plan-
for the 13 month young boy unleashed the death squads on
Those were the days when the ning to go to Haiti, I hope
who died, for the sistah who Aristide’s Fanmi Lavalas party,
generally lighter ethnic groups you’re planning to wear jeans
died of Meningitis, for the el- and conducted a reign of terror
hadn’t yet replaced us as do- and carry a shovel.  Haitians
der who died of Malaria. And resulting in some 10,000 Hai-
mestics.  Now, as blacks fill the need real help trying to dig out
for all those that died, in your tians deaths and the maiming
prisons, we’re seeing a cradle victims who may still be alive,
memory I, Khadijah J. Shakur of countless others.  The U.S.
to prison pipeline.  And it was not opportunistic posturing
dedicate this story of my expe- arranged for the General’s asy-
just reported this morning (Jan. and photo ops.
rience to you and May the An- lum in Panama and his golden
15) that African children in May the Haitian people
cestors receive you with love exile, with impunity for his
massive crimes. America have a 50% poverty turn grief into strength and
and light.
More recently, Clin- rate. keep their faith in the people,
So what has changed? not governments. All power to
LONG LIVE THE SPIRIT OF ton has been busy setting up
Not much.  America and the the people.
THE HAITIAN PEOPLE, LONG investment opportunities for
world are still color struck and
LIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE SUC- Wall Street corporations to fur-
Gambia, continued from transparency and commitment Penn., and confiscated files re- mation gathered by O’Neal to
page 11 to the liberation of our people. vealing the hidden operation. murder Hampton. Hampton’s
We see The Gambia as a bea- murder was part of a pattern
On the occasion of the na- con of hope and true model in As the Civil Rights move- of police raids, false imprison-
tional day of the Republic of which other African countries ment advanced, galvanizing ment and executions of Black
The Gambia, I extend to you can adhere too. strength from all sectors of the Panthers. COINTELPRO docu-
and to The Gambia govern- population (which broke the ments proved that assassination
ment and people, cordial The NBPP has recognized and despicable Jim Crow laws and of black leaders was among its
congratulations and reaffirm adore your dynamic leader- compelled the U.S. Congress aims. Fred Hampton and the
to you the resolve to continue ship which has been exempla- to pass other progressive leg- Black Panther Party had to be
and enhancing the relations ry, and we are proud to con- islation), the FBI increasingly eliminated simply because
of friendship and cooperation gratulate you on this historic turned its attention to the black they had touched upon capi-
existing between Cuba and occasion. Wishing you pros- liberation struggle. The Black talism’s greatest weakness - the
that sisterly nation. perity and long life. May Allah Panther Party openly advocat- decisiveness and strength that
continue to guide and protect ed for socialist revolution, and a multi-national movement
Please receive the assurances you to achieve Vision 2020 on openly supported the Chinese has in a battle against this sys-
of my highest consideration. behalf of all our people. and Cuban revolutions. The tem.
Panthers’ breakfast program
Raul Castro Ruz Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz for children, among other so- The Black Panther Party
President of Councils of State Chairman, NBPP cial programs, underlined their arose from the struggles of the
and Minister of the Republic Author: Daily Observer commitment to meet the needs African American people, his-
of Cuba of communities that received torically the most oppressed
--------------------------------------- Hampton, continued from nothing but oppression and and exploited group in the
The celebration of your coun- page 14 neglect from the government. United States. They symbol-
trys national day gives me the ized hope and received the
greatest opportunity to address The Black Panther Party set The staunch anti-cap- greatest affection. They attrib-
to you my warmest congratu- standards for waging strug- italist stance of these young uted black oppression to the
lations as well as best wishes gle. Their enthusiastic projec- revolutionaries who declared capitalist system, and dared to
for your continued good tion of socialism allowed many themselves Marxist-Leninists pick up arms against the state.
health and happiness. I am to envision its relevance to Af- made them the target of the The militancy and defiance
also pleased to pray for the rican Americans and other op- most ruthless, racist elements of these young revolutionar-
progress and prosperity of the pressed nationalities. in power. On numerous oc- ies deeply impacted the Civil
brotherly people of the Sister casions, FBI Director J. Edgar Rights and socialist move-
Republic of The Gambia. The white, racist U.S. Hoover expressed a special ments.
ruling class was appalled. disdain for the black struggle,
I am convinced that the excel- How dare the descendents of particularly towards Dr. Martin Hampton and the Black
lent relations of friendship and African slaves call themselves Luther King Jr. and Malcolm Panthers believed all would
cooperation that happily bind socialists and aim to achieve X. Many were not surprised benefit if the banner of the
our two countries will con- black people’s right to repara- when Hoover declared the struggle against racism and
tinue to grow from strength to tions! Even more daring was Black Panther Party “the great- national oppression was taken
strenght for the mutual interest the Black Panther Party’s call for est threat to national security.” up by the white masses as their
of our peoples. the overthrow of capitalism—a own. Hampton knew that it
demand the ruling class could The slanderous editori- was possible to smash the ra-
Please accept, Mr. President never tolerate. Their ability to als against the Panthers in the cial barriers created by capital-
and Dear Brother, the assur- forge unity in struggle was a capitalist-owned mass media, ism to divide and conquer the
ances of my highest consider- threat in itself. All this was combined with Hoover’s fre- working class. His confidence
ation. happening while resentment quent verbal attacks, reflected was based on the strong be-
for the war in Vietnam was on the wishes of the ruling class lief that this system provides a
Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz the rise. The men of privilege who sought the complete de- motive for all to unite and en-
President of the Islamic Re- and wealth, with a stake in pre- struction of the Black Panther gage in revolutionary struggle.
public Mauritania serving the imperialist system, Party and the ideals it embod- Long live the memory of Fred
--------------------------------------- grew apprehensive the more it ied. Internal FBI memos show Hampton and the Black Pan-
On behalf of the New Black became apparent that a mass that the government had a spe- ther Party!
Panther Party Central Com- revolutionary movement was cial interest in Hampton’s po-
mittee, under the leadership arising. These circumstances litical activities and his asso- New Years, continued
of Dr. Malik Zulu Sabazz, we compelled the government to ciations; Chicago police were from page 18
want to send our well wishes destroy the Black Panther Party. encouraged by the FBI to find
and greetings to you and the a way to lock up Hampton. If we can’t truly live life, then
Gambian people, with soli- . Operation COINTEL- we must give our life for the
darity and African love on this PRO, an acronym for Counter Prior to Hampton’s salvation of our people. May
45th Independence Day of The Intelligence Program, was es- death, police raided the Pan- the Creator and the ancestors
Gambia. tablished in the mid-1950s to thers’ Chicago office on three continue to bless you and keep
deter the development of any separate occasions. William you close. Forward forever;
We wish you success in your movement deemed a threat to O’Neal, Fred Hampton’s body- backward never! “They got
implementation of your 40- the existing social, economic guard, was a police informant money for war, but can’t feed
year vision for Gambia. We en- and political order. It remained who was instructed to draw the poor.” Tupac Shakur
deavour for all African nations secret until 1971, when anti- up a floor plan of the targeted
to be modelled on honesty, repression activists broke into apartment weeks earlier. Law
an FBI field office in Media, enforcement used the infor-

Mumia, continued from African-American district at- As they were being deliv- the New Black Panther Party
page 15 torney, Seth Williams, who ered, Orie Ross of Brooklyn was meted out by members
vowed to pursue the rein- asked them if they were fa- of the Republican Party. A
To drive that home, statement of Mumia’s death miliar with the case. When Texan representative, Lamar
demonstrators delivered at sentence. they admitted they were not, Smith, Virginian representa-
least 25,000 letters and peti- Serious legal observ- Ross, in a straightforward tive Frank Wolf, the epitome
tions calling for a civil rights ers believe the Supreme matter of fact manner very of an “Uncle Tom Negro,”
investigation into this incred- Court may even use the case reminiscent of Rev. CT Viv- Michael Steele Republican
ible case. While many were of a neo-Nazi, Frank Spisak, ian’s confrontation with Bull Chairman, Bill O’ Reilly and
from all parts of the United who is on death row in Ohio Connor many years ago on racist affiliated Sean Hannity
States, a considerable num- with a similar fact pattern, to the right to vote, laid out the and a few other misfits, all
ber were from abroad, from reinstate his death sentence background of Mumia’s or- thought it would be a good
places like Japan, Spain, by ruling against Spivak, and deal, especially when detail- idea to take aim at the New
Mexico, Greece, France, then reinstate Mumia’s death ing the new evidence and Black Panther Party. Not a
Germany and South Africa. sentence, without even hear- the extreme racial bias of the wise idea, for we now have
In a press conference ing the case directly. The late presiding trial judge Al- the good fortune to expose
before the demonstration tireless Pan African bottom bert Sabo’s “I’m gonna help these deceivers as the hypo-
and delivery of the letters, lined the status of the case in them fry the nigger,” com- crites they really are.
Fignole St.Cyr, a trade union this way. pelling Mijar to blush with
leader from Haiti who came embarrassment. Frank Wolf’s efforts to
to personally deliver nearly “Mumia is innocent. keep the pressure up by ral-
a thousand letters, said that They are about to commit Nerve of Devils, contin- lying behind some trumped
“the world should observe out and out murder,” she ued from page 19 up charges for a National
American justice because said emphatically. Zayid Chairman with no record of
the U.S. is supposed to stand Muhammad, a national of- The New Black Pan- violence or voter intimida-
for democracy. Justice ficial of the New Black Pan- ther Party, who roots are in tion. Given the plethora of
should not be two-faced. ther Party, joined the New Bush’s home state of Texas, wire taps bestowed upon the
Justice for black people and York delegation and person- has been a resource of pride NBPP, courtesy of Homeland
for white people should be ally delivered his organiza- and protection for the black Security, rest assured that if
equal.” tion’s letter and pleaded with Community when needed.   the National Chairman of
Attorney General Holder not It isn’t the state killing black the New Black Panther Par-
On the positive side, to allow “political conven- folks; it is black folks de- ty, Malik Zulu Shabazz had
this enormous demonstra- tion” to get in the way of de- fending themselves indeed ordered soldiers on
tion comes on the heels of livering justice to Mumia. the ground to “intimidate”
the NAACP, the nation’s old- Ever since Doctor Khallid voters, it would have been
est civil rights organization “The affirmation of Abdul Muhammad marched known prior to Novem-
now in its centennial year, slavery and the property the streets of Jasper, Texas ber 2008.
passing a resolution at their holding rights of slave mas- in 1998 with an armed
national convention stating ters was once the political cadre of New Black Panther Black people suffer
their new interest and com- convention of the day,” his members and community daily in this country and if
mitment. They were best letter read. “Jim Crow seg- members, George W. Bush as much time was invested
represented by Marvin ‘Doc’ regation and the practice of has been intent on destroy- working to eradicate dis-
Cheatam of the Baltimore lynch mob terror to enforce ing the New Black Panther enfranchised, as opposed
Chapter of the NAACP, the that order was also once Party. Bush modeled his to politicizing trumped up
biggest chapter to not only the political convention of behavior after former FBI charges, our country would
come out for Mumia, but to the day. However, on this director J. Edgar Hoover, be in a much better place.
also come out for other polit- date, at this incredible hour, who became obsessed with
ical prisoners. Under Chea- in this enormous historical destroying the
tam, the Baltimore Chapter moment, with the eyes of Black Panther party
has been steadfast in its call the world upon us all, we, in the 1960’s. The
for justice for Marshall Ed- not just as in we, the inter- right wing loved
die Conway, the Baltimore national human rights com- George W. Bush
Panther now imprisoned on munity, but we, as in ‘we the when he was in
account of a COINTELPRO people,’ simply cannot al- office; not so with
driven prosecution since low this to happen!” President Obama.
1969. No assuring, up-
The most poignant lifting words have
Internationally, the point in the demonstration been forthcoming
demonstration also comes occurred at the end with the for him.Besides
on the heels of the City Coun- delivery of the letters and finding a dress to
cil of Munich, Germany, one petitions. The Justice De- match his high
of Europe’s largest, coming partment sent out a phalanx heels, destroying
out for Mumia. Dangerously, of African-American officers the Black Panther
it comes on the heels of the at the Department’s entrance Party became J. Ed-
Philadelphia District Attor- to prevent the demonstrator’s gar Hoover’s num-
ney Lynne Abraham’s pursuit entrance with the petitions, ber one priority.
National Asst., Amirah Shabazz is dedicated
to have Mumia’s death sen- and sent out a Latino repre-
and consistent on her post
tence reinstated. Philadel- sentative, Alejandro Mijar, The most recent vi-
phia also just elected its first to actually receive them. cious onslaught for
Divine for Council, con- These are only a few of the Public relations number is
tinued from page 24 Our National Chairman, Attor- rescue projects we are proud 713-294-7331; the Dispatch
ney Malik Zulu Shabazz and to have assisted with during line is 832-352-6192. We
regular basis. I’ve cultivated a the spirit of the Black Panthers 2004-2008. can be reached on the web at
connection with the commu- will always be my number
nity over the years and it’s a one influence. Councilman CK: What is the day to day life
great thing. I am excited at the Charles Barron out of Brook- like for IN-CERT and Khallid Made in America, contin-
opportunity to play an integral lyn, New York is a political role Greene? ued from page 28
role in building and uplifting model in our region right now.
my community, by utilizing Ras Baraka out of Newark, KG: After Hurricane Ike, after change in Mr. Clemmons life.
the skills and knowledge I’ve New Jersey, Congresswoman a man made disaster, people The Seattle Times reported,
mastered over the years. Cynthia McKinney, Chokwe turn the community back into “Clemmons was known to offer
Lumumba out of Mississippi, the hands of unwanted ele- his car to relatives who needed
Winning the election would and all young brothers and sis- ments. We set up daily neigh- it.”   This kindhearted brother
definitely give us more of a ters who are considering the borhood watches and citizens is the same man shown to the
consistent base of power to political arena as a means to patrols, our E.M.S runs daily. world as a monster. Maurice
educate, mobilize, and orga- mobilize towards self-determi- It was really easy because we Clemmons was arrested for as-
nize the community. I aspire nation. never thought about the extra saulting a sheriff’s deputy. He
to use my position to inspire time we have in between our told the officer, “Here’s what I
the younger brothers and sis- For Anyone Who Wants To days. We teach communities want your report to say, “Presi-
ters who admire what we do as Help You In Your Campaign, that instead of taking the regu- dent Obama, he’s my brother.”
Panthers, revolutionaries and What Can They Do? lar route to work drive around Many reports of his kind deeds
activists, and to become ac- your neighborhood and check preceded Mr. Clemmons.
tively involved in the politics The election is on Tuesday, it out. You may become the Later, Clemmons would
that affects their community. I May 11th. For those who re- eyes and ears of your commu- write while incarcerated, that
would strive to create a politi- side on the East Region, please nity. That part of our program he “fell in with the wrong
cal rites of passage program for call your relatives in the Tren- has been in operation for a crowd,” and wanted to “fit in
young brothers ‘in the hood’ ton, NJ area and let them know year. Since then, we have tak- and be accepted.”  After serv-
who choose not to play ball they have a committed, dedi- en a mile stretch of neighbor- ing 11 years, Clemmons ap-
or attend college. They may cated candidate on the ballot hood and cleaned it up, when pealed for clemency to state
choose a different route and for North Ward City Council, many people said could it not Governor, Mike Huckabee.  
delve into the political arena, Divine Allah. Your vote is be done. According to the Seattle Times,
to affect change with the day needed and most appreciated. Mr. Clemmons wrote in his pe-
to day social injustices that If you would like to contact CK: How important is the re- tition that there was “absolute-
many young men deal with. us, volunteer, or donate to my covery progress after a Natu- ly no excuse” for his criminal
campaign, address your inqui- ral Disaster? past, and he lamented about
What Has This Campaign ries and contributions to: 966 the shame he had brought to
Taught You About The Present Princeton Ave. Trenton, New KG: One thing that is impor- his family’s name.  
Politics In America? Jersey 08638 (609)338-2236. tant with the recovery process, On losing his mother
Do You Have A Website Or people will rush in with search while in prison, Clemmons
I now have a greater under- Headquarters Address? and rescue teams. Since these wrote, “I was not able to be
standing regarding the lasting My website is www.divine- recovery efforts could possibly with her and make her proud
effects of local politics, which On Face- hinder our people after a man of me before she passed away.”
has taught me that we still have book: divineforcouncil. made or natural disaster, we Prosecutors pushed twice for
a tremendous amount of work pattern our programs by the Clemmons to remain behind
to do. A lot of our people are Is There Anything Else You old adage “teach men to fish.” bars.  Marion Humphrey a Pu-
seeking substantive change, as Would Like The Readers To laski County judge pushed for
they are still caught up in that Know? We teach people to do for clemency saying, “Clemmons
moment of inspiration that sur- themselves through self de- cumulative sentence was too
rounded the election of Presi- This is our time! WUCUSU termination; that in order to long.” Gov. Mike Huckabee
dent Barack Obama. People (Wake Up, Clean Up, Stand recover, they will need food, granted the request in May
have an earnest desire to give Up). I want to thank everyone clothing, shelter and medi- 2000, citing Clemmons “youth
to this administration the ben- in advance for your support, cine. In the recovery effort, if when the crimes were commit-
efit of a doubt. Many brothers donations to my campaign you cannot assist in providing ted.”
and sisters in my neighborhood and your willingness to believe supplies, medicine, etc., then Before his death, Clem-
previously had no interests in in my abilities to serve your take the expertise you have mons said “Many white people
politics, but now they’re talk- community. I look forward to and use it for the recovery ef- will be killed” if they do not
ing politics and staying abreast meeting each of you on Tues- fort because in recovery, all as- right their ways.” I think it is
of local, state, national and in- day, May 11, 2010. Let your sistance is appreciated. safe to say Maurice Clemmons
ternational events. Each time vote be heard. was “Made in America.”  No
they see me and the ‘Divine CK: How can people get in matter what you may think
for Council’ team, they eagerly IN-CERT, Continued from contact with you and IN- about the actions of Mr. Mau-
want to hear our views on cur- page 25 CERT? rice Clemmons, one thing is
rent issues and how they may certain, Maurice Clemmons
be a part of the issues that im- ourselves and had several inci- KG: The basic classes we give is a product of the racism, ha-
pact their communities. dents we responded to. Hur- are free of charge, and the tred and bigotry black people
ricane Ike was a major one in equipment you use is free of face every day in America and
Who Have Been Some Of Your which we rescued and fed 400 charge. The excuses are taken the elements of hatred will not
Influences And Motivation people. Keep in mind this was out; all you have to do is get prevail, until black people re-
Thus Far? when the city was shut down. the people to show up. The ceive equal justice.


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