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Message from the Board Chair

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)
Pride Month is celebrated each year in June.
President Barack Obama has declared June
2010 to be LGBT Pride Month, stating:

“I call upon all Americans to observe

this month by fighting prejudice and
discrimination in their own lives and
everywhere it exists.”

Robert H. Gleason Over the years, LGBT people have risen to

Board Chair, prominence in positions of leadership at the
San Diego County local, state, national and international levels.
Regional Airport
Authority 2
Message from the Board Chair
Several local elected and appointed officials have been
groundbreaking members of the LGBT community, including:

first LGBT person elected in City of San Diego, as Council-

member in 2003; elected to State Assembly; now serving in State Senate.

City Councilmember from 2000-2008; served as Acting Mayor in

2005, making San Diego then-largest city in the country with an LGBT Mayor.

former judge, now District Attorney; first lesbian D.A. elected

in the country; recently elected to third term with no opposition.

recently confirmed by U.S. Senate as U.S. Attorney for San Diego;

only second LGBT person in such a role (both appointed by President Obama).
•Superior Court Judges: (first gay man elected
county-wide), and
Message from the Board Chair
Several current and former San Diego officials are proud to
be part of the LGBT community, including:

former Mayor of Chula Vista.

and current San Diego City Councilmembers.

Solana Beach City Councilmember.

former Coronado City Councilmember.

former San Diego Fire Chief.

former Superior Court Commissioner.

 According to the Victory Fund
(, the number of openly
LGBT elected officials has increased from 50
in 1991 to just over 500 today. This does not
include appointed officials serving at all
levels of government.

 This presentation from the Airport Authority’s

Diversi-Team introduces a sampling of
notable LGBT leaders who have served, or
are serving, in elective office. 5
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 1978

 Harvey Milk was one of the first

openly LGBT elected officials in
the country (not the first, as is
often reported).

 Milk was posthumously awarded

the Presidential Medal of
Freedom in 2009.

 This year, California became the first state in the

nation to honor an LGBT citizen with an official day 6

of recognition. Harvey Milk Day will take place each

year on Milk’s birthday, May 22.
Speaker of the California State Assembly

 Sworn in as the 68th Speaker on

March 1, 2010.

 Represents the 46th Assembly District

in Los Angeles.

 Longtime advocate of the LGBT


 First openly gay person of color

elected to state office in California.
U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts

 Chair of the House Financial

Services Committee, which
oversees the securities, insurance,
banking & housing industries.

 Re-elected by wide margins

since 1982.

 One of the most prominent openly LGBT

politicians in the United States. 8
U.S. Congresswoman from Wisconsin

 First elected in 1998; currently in 5th


 First woman elected to Congress

from Wisconsin.

 First openly lesbian non-incumbent

elected to the House of

 Leading advocate for universal health care, 9

energy independence and renewable fuels.

U.S. Congressman from Colorado

 First openly gay Congressman elected

as a freshman, in 2008.

 Co-Chair of the House LGBT Equality


 Founded several successful internet

companies, including
 In 2004, Fortune magazine estimated his
personal wealth at $160 million.
Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island

 First openly LGBT mayor of a U.S.

state capital.

 Elected in a landslide victory in

2002, with 84% of the vote.

 Oversaw drop in Providence crime

rate to lowest level in 30 years.

 Candidate for U.S. House of

Representatives. 11
Mayor of Houston, Texas

 Elected in 2009.

 Made Houston largest

American city with an openly
LGBT mayor.

 Her top priorities for Houston:

improving transportation &
balancing the city's budget.
Mayor of Berlin, Germany

 Mayor of Berlin since 2001.

 Made Berlin largest city in the

world with an openly LGBT mayor.

 Possible Social Democratic

candidate for Chancellor of

 Coined now-famous German phrase, "Ich bin 13

schwul, und das ist auch gut so“ – "I am gay, and
that's alright, too.”
Mayor of Paris, France

 Mayor of Paris since 2001.

 Re-elected in 2008 for new six-

year-term (2008–2014).

 Has given Parisians access to low-

cost bicycle rentals and car

 Possible Socialist Party candidate for President

of France.
Prime Minister of Iceland
 Took office February 1, 2009.
 First openly LGBT head of state in
the world.
 World's first head of state to enter
into a same-sex marriage.

 Iceland's first female prime minister.

 Former flight attendant for Loftleiðir
(predecessor of Icelandair).
 Listed by Forbes magazine as one of the 100 most
powerful women in the world.
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