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Oregon Middle School

Grading Assessing Implementation Plan for 2010-2011

Key points
• Summative vs. Formative grading practices
• Separating student behavior/participation from grade
• Defensible, consistent system for grading
• Common vocabulary training
• FULL BOE REPORT March 14, 2011
• Quarterly Updates to BOE from buildings

Resource Ideas
• Other schools who have implemented similar system (Verona Savanna Oaks)
• Invite Staff from Verona to come over and visit/meet/discuss/present
• Keep/Modify Extended Homebase for student interventions
• Gradual transition of weighting of homework as we move to 2nd semester
• Survey to get a sense of knowledge base for OMS Staff
• How to speak/communicate rationale of assessment grading system.
• Books for staff to read
• Book(s) selected based on OMS end of year survey
• A Head of the Curve - Rick DuFour

• Tracking/monitoring grades for quicker intervention and response
• How to help students get help quickly
• Only access during lunch - not all students have study hall or study hall with team
teacher support

Timeline 10-11
• Before End of 2009-2010
• Survey Monkey using HS Survey link sent to OMS Staff
• Share resources Chris receives from Verona with staff
• June 2010
• OMS Leadership team or Grading Team
• August Inservice
• September
• October Inservice
• BOE Update
• Dec. Early Release
• Jan Inservice
• BOE Update
• Feb E/R
• March 14 2011 Full BOE Report
• Apr Inservice
• May E/R

Tentative Adoption OHS suggested timeline

Year 1 - exploration
• Voluntary Pilot Team s implement self-selected parts of the policy
• Collaborative staff groups to explore grading policy implications, questions, and issues
• Professional Development at inservice for collaboration, discussion, speakers, etc
Year 2 - problem solving, data collection and selection
• All staff implement something [or many things] of grading policy Level of
implementation is self-selcted
• Data collection and analysis of different models of implementation
• Ongoing professional development dedicated to collaboration and training
• Establishment of consistent implementation model based on pilots, data, and other input
Year 3 - widespread implementation
• Ongoing professional development for problem solving, reflection, data collection and
analysis, collaboration on effective practice and implementation

page 9-10 BOE Paper

1. Effective Sept 1, 2010 the district will utilize grade-based system of reporting student
proficiency of standards content and not a combined system of letter grades and outcome

2. Grades will measure student proficiency of content. Grading content rubrics will be