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Incident Summary Page 1 of 7 Fort Worth Police Department Use Of Force Report Incident Entere incident Details Date Received Date of Occurrence ‘Tm of Occurrence 6/972013 5/24/2013 01:39) Record 1D # Report No TANo 21425 13-50816 F2013-276 Date/Time Entered 6/9/2013 01:19 Incident Summary Officers arrived on scene to a call with suspects on the roof of Dunbar High School. When Officers were seen by the suspects, they jumped off the roof and ran on foot. One of the three suspects that ran were tazed by Officer Martin after he jumped a fence. After being engaged with several suspects, a high fence, and inability to see if suspects iad weapons, Officer Martin fired his taser. Officer Martin missed on his first cartridge and ‘made contact with suspect upon firing the second suspect, who was then taken into custody. Incident Location Use of Force Specific Information Reason for Use of Force Service Being Rendered Passive Resistance Report Call Weather Condition Lighting Condition Distance to Citizen 22 feet to 25 feet Citizen Injured Citizen Taken to Hospital Citizen arrested Yes Yes Yes More than 1 Citizen Involved Yes Citizen's Build Citizen's Height 101 - 150 Ibs 57" to 59 Officer Assessment of Citizen Condition During Incident None detected Officer(s) Injured Officer(s) Taken to Hospital No No Complainant/involved Citizen Information Lace ENE 2: Bleck Gencer: Male Incident Summary Page 2 of 7 Del Phone Injuries sustained by this citizen Injury | rasions | Tcerations le i FRONT BACK Injury Locations. II ce: slack Gender: Male Injuries sustained by this citizen Injury Regions Injury Locations Prove marks hup:// vidINLZXo2xzJ... 8/6/2013 Incident Summary Page 3 of 7 BACK @ Qo) | 4 I Race: Black Gender: male Involved Officers Officer Bradley Cantu - ID Number: 3847 Officer JARED HEBBARD - ID Number: 4024 Officer Jonathan Lohmer - ID Number: 3030 Officer JOSEPH MAGNETICO - ID Number: 4017 Officer William Martin - ID Number: 3572 Officer Jeri Roberts - ID Number: 3473 hup://¥ vid INLZXo2x2J... 8/6/2013

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