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heard: and as he is the Prince of peace may (b by his fpirit joyne togec ^er our minds , that i^ it be poffible , we
mayallthinkeoneand the fame thing in the Lord. Bjt
to ftrive, braule, and fiercely, and frowardiy to contend,
as fenfers



taught of God


from becoming

men that


feemely for modeft or civill pcrfons. And if fobe that in all,yea even in the very
leaftaffiirsof mans Ufe, that rule of modeftie is to be
kept, what, I pray you, is to be done, when we are in hand
with God and Gods matters ? Surely,hoiy things are holilyand devoutly to be handled, in the feare of God, and
love of our neighbour. Who, ifhe goe out of the way, is
by the fpirit of meeknelTe to be called backe again ; but
ifhe take the right way, he is more and more to be inftru.
<Sted therein, to the end it may appeare j that we are not
driven by any motion of man , but that in all things our
mindes are ruled and governed by God. YetalaSjfuchis
the fpot and ftaine of our times,that the evill cuftome of
writing whatfoevcrjandcvenof railing,hath feifed upon
the wits, and mindes not of raeane men onely, buteven
of thofe,whom it moft ofall behooved to doe the cleane
contrary. The rablc of lefuits , and fuch other like fellows, ( whofe very reward is the earneft of bondage and
curfed fpeaking ) how (hameleily and outragioufly they
are carried againft us and the truth; and with what biccernefle they caft out againft us fuch things, as they have
been taught in the fchoolc of fhamelefnelfe , it may be
fufficiently perceived of any man.
For they , when they feele themfelves prefled with

as that it is not

moft ftroug reafons and overcome with exprefle places

of Scripture, they run to cavils and flanders, as to the
onely refuge of their errours. They fay we have revolted from the Cathohque Church, that we might follow


they cry aloud that we

afeheretiques,fchifmatiques,and fe<^aries, and they ofttimes

the divers imaginations of