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times in mockage call us Confeffionifts and moreover

they lay in our di(h,that we neither agree with our felves,
nor with others , who deteft the Bifhop of Rome
there are as many Rehgions among us,as there are Con:

of Faith. And that they may feeme to procure

credit to themfelves , and to give a checke to the Germane Churches efpecially, they bring forth bothcertaine other writings, and efpecially that Forme of Agrcerakent , of late publifhed in Germanie, in which there are
certaine things to be feene farre differing from thofe ancient Confcffions of Faith , which the Churches of the
Gofpcll have even fince the beginning given out. But
let them fo thinke , that the fault of herefie is not to be
laid upon thofe , whofe faith altogether relieth on moft
fure grounds ofScripture:that they are no fchifmatiques,
who intirciy cleave to Gods Church , fuch an one as the
Prophets and Apoftles doe defcribe unto us nor to be
accounted fe<fi:aries,who embrace the truth of God,w'^ is
one and alwaies like itfelfe. What do they meanej pray
yoUjby the name of Confeffionifts fo often repeatedPFor
if every man be commanded to make confeffion of his
Faith fo often as Gods glory , and the edifying of the
Church (hall require ; what a wonderfull or ftrange thing
oughtitto feeme, if Cities, if Provinces, ifwhole kingdomes have made profeffion of their Faith , when they
were falfely charged by the Popifh fort , that they had
gone from the dodtrine of the true bcleeving Church ?
but they wil fay,there ought to be one confeffion of faith
andnomoc: as though forfooth, a confellion of faith
were to be valued rather by the words, then by the thing


What therefore will they fay to our Anceftours,

who when they had the Apoftles Creed yet for all that
fet out the Nicene
Chalcedcnian and many moe fuch

it felfe.


Creeds ?

Thofe Creeds



were generall.

Yeafurely, but fo generall, that a great part of the world