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bacifbments , down-fals, woes without number,

and torments , we fhould alfo beevillintreated by
tiiofc, of whom fome comfort was rjther to be looked


for. But that ancient

enemic ofthe Church is farre decei-

by whofefubtilties this evill is alio wrought for us

while he hopeth that we may by his crafts be overwhelmed. But bearing our felves bold on thatlovejwhich the
merciful! God through lefus Chrift our Lord beareth
untous, and who hath planted a love and feare of him in
our mindesjwe leap for joy in thefe very things, and boaft
with the Apoftle, thatit will never be, (the fame grace of
Godalwaies preventing us) that tribulation, angui(h,hunger, nakedncfTe, thefword, falfe accufation , orcurfed
ipeaking fhall withdraw us from the truth once knowne
and undertaken. For we know that faying of Chy^fejlgme
to be true, // is n$t evill, tofuffer, but to doe evtU, Neither
are we any whit dilgraced hereby,but they whom 1 know
not what diftemperature whettethagaiuft us having deferred nothing, and to repay them like for like, quitting
ray ling with rayling, far be it from us, whom God vouchfafeth this honour, that being faihioned like to the image
his Son we might through good report and evill report
walkeon , upholden with the ftay of a good confcience,
yea we have refolved with our felves not only to abide
the open wrongs ofour enemies,but even the difdaine of
our brethren, although never fo unjuft.
And what we furthermore thinke of the dodirine of
our Lord lefiis Chrifl, the confefEon of cur faith, {qz
forth many yeers agoe,hath made it known to the wholeworld and we have God , and Angels together with
men,witnefres of that fincere endeavour,by which we laboured,and doe as yet,to the uttermofl of our power, labour to fet up againe and maintaine the pure worftiip of
God among us ont of Gods word.
And, even as we (hewed our felves to be ready at all