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Volume 10, Issue 11, December 2016

Going abroad and higher study
Transfer of Job-Promotion
Prediction of Marriage considering Age of Planets
And many more

KP Ezine

December 2016


Volume 10, Issue 11, December 2016


Par culars




Going abroad and higher study

Kanakkumar Bosmia



Transfer of job - A developing story (II)

Sumanadasa Namarathna



Predicting the an event By using only Ruling

Gunti Nagaraju



Promotion in Job

Kanakkumar Bosmia



Prediction of Marriage considering
Age of Planets

Dr. Abha Jain



Recovery from illness

Gunti Nagaraju



C.A. Exam

Mahedra K Gajjar


VSM Murthy


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KPAstro 4.1TM




Selling of lands

Planetary Position for December 2016

KP Ezine

December 2016


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Hence. www. Saturn is occupant of 8. owner of 1-10. Mercury. Sub lord Mars is occupant of 1. Star lord Jupiter is occupant of 5. Thus. Ayanamsha: 230. Cuspal sub lord Cusp 5th (Cancer 170.46" Dasa Days: 365. Cusp 11th (Capricorn 170. and going abroad for higher study is 9th from the 9th which is the 5th) be the significator of 9. 9. owner of 8-9. going abroad for higher study is promised. On the contrary. owner of 11-12. the 11th cusp sub lord. After one year.58'. KP Ezine December 2016 4 . Saturday. checking of the 11th sub lord is a must. Sub lord Sun is occupant of 12. signifies 5-110 and is connected with 4-7-12-1-8-9.35’. Thus.B. Bosmia 613– P.58”): The sub lord of 5th is Mercury. No planet is in the stars of Mars. Number: 249 (out of 249) Date of Judgment: 28-03-2015. My opinion: The 5th sub lord indicates higher study abroad. Parekh Tower Nr. it indicates the 8th. 12 going abroad for higher study is promised during the joint period of the significators of 3.58”): The sub lord of 11th is Saturn. Outcome: She did not get admission this year.Going abroad and higher study By: Kanakkumar B. Time of Judgment: 11-28-03 AM IST Place of Judgment: Kankariya-Ahmedabad Long/Lat: 23° N 0'. Thus the 5th cusp sub lord.25 Hints (Higher study): If the cuspal sub lord of the 5th (9th is higher study. Here you have asked about a desired program and Name: Female Question: Will I be able to get admission in desired program and course in Australia? Or I will have to compromise in both. owner of 4-7.35’. Phone: +91-7925460376 Email : kanakbosmia@yahoo. But the 11th (fulfill of desire) does not signify 9 (higher study). owner of . signifies 8-11-12 and is connected with 8-11-12-6.kpastrologer. Thus. she got admission. Saturn. Mercury is occupant of 12. 72° E 36'. meaning in the next term and not in the same term that she asked for. Diwan Ballubhai School Kankariya-Ahmedabad: 380022 Mobile : +91-982531165. and Mars is CSL of 12. 12. Mercury is in the star of Jupiter and sub of Mars. Saturn is in the star of Saturn and sub of Sun. I don’t think you will get admission in a program or college as per your choice. You will have to compromise.

Ashada(3) 11 Sravana(3) 12 Satabhisha(4) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Jupiter Dasa 22-Jul-2010 .com KP Ezine December 2016 ϱ . 12 11. GUJARAT. (A) .22-Jul-2026 Jupiter 22-Jul-2010 Saturn 09-Sep-2012 Mercury 23-Mar-2015 Ketu 28-Jun-2017 Venus 04-Jun-2018 Sun 03-Feb-2021 Moon 22-Nov-2021 Mars 24-Mar-2023 Rahu 28-Feb-2024 Saturn Dasa 22-Jul-2026 .Bhadra(3) Mo Punarvasu(2) Ma Aswini(2) Me P.22-Jul-2112 Mars 22-Jul-2105 Rahu 19-Dec-2105 Jupiter 06-Jan-2107 Saturn 13-Dec-2107 Mercury 21-Jan-2109 Ketu 19-Jan-2110 Venus 17-Jun-2110 Sun 17-Aug-2111 Moon 22-Dec-2111 Rahu Dasa 22-Jul-2112 .Planets in Owner's stars (D) . 7 1.: 249 Question : Will I be able to get admission in desired program and course in Australia? Or I will have to compromise in both. 12 6 Mo 5 4 1. 249/249 Sun Rise: 06:36:40 AM Nithya Yoga: Atiganda Sun Set: Hora: 06:53:18 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365. 12 Ra+ 4 6 5 Ke 8 12 11. 28/Mar/2015 Time: 11:28:03 AM SID: 23:09:49 Lat: 23:00:00 N Lon: 72:36:00 E Place: AHMEDABAD.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Su.Occupant of house (C) .Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su+ 8 12 11. 3 M. Ruling Planets . 10 5 Ma+ 12 1 8. Me.Horary No.Bhadra(4) Sgl Ju Me Ma Ju Mo Ma Ma Me Ju Stl Sa Ju Ke Ju Me Ve Sa Mo Sa Sbl Ra Me Su Ma Ke Ra Su Sa Ju Ssl Ju Me Me Sa Mo Me Me Ke Ma Sssl Sa Me Mo Sa Ke Me Su Sa Mo Significators . Me.22-Jul-2130 Rahu 22-Jul-2112 Jupiter 04-Apr-2115 Saturn 28-Aug-2117 Mercury 04-Jul-2120 Ketu 21-Jan-2123 Venus 08-Feb-2124 Sun 08-Feb-2127 Moon 03-Jan-2128 Mars 04-Jul-2129 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.22-Jul-2062 Mercury 22-Jul-2045 Ketu 19-Dec-2047 Venus 15-Dec-2048 Sun 15-Oct-2051 Moon 21-Aug-2052 Mars 20-Jan-2054 Rahu 17-Jan-2055 Jupiter 06-Aug-2057 Saturn 11-Nov-2059 Ketu Dasa 22-Jul-2062 . 7 Ju 12 5 4.Phalguni(2) 7 Chitra(2) 8 Visakha(4) 9 Jyeshta(4) 10 P. Navami Bal.kpastrosystem. 9 Me 5 12 1. 10 Ve 1 1 2. 3 Sa 8 8 11. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www. GUJARAT. Dasa: Jupiter 11 Y.22-Jul-2069 Ketu 22-Jul-2062 Venus 19-Dec-2062 Sun 17-Feb-2064 Moon 24-Jun-2064 Mars 23-Jan-2065 Rahu 22-Jun-2065 Jupiter 10-Jul-2066 Saturn 16-Jun-2067 Mercury 25-Jul-2068 Venus Dasa 22-Jul-2069 . 12 Rahu acts as agent for: Su.22-Jul-2089 Venus 22-Jul-2069 Sun 21-Nov-2072 Moon 21-Nov-2073 Mars 23-Jul-2075 Rahu 22-Sep-2076 Jupiter 22-Sep-2079 Saturn 23-May-2082 Mercury 23-Jul-2085 Ketu 22-May-2088 Sun Dasa 22-Jul-2089 .Bhadra(4) Ju[R] Ashlesha(1) Ve Bharani(2) Sa[R] Anuradha(3) Ra Hasta(2) Ke U.House Owner 9 3 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Revati(4) 2 Krittika(2) 3 Mrigasira(2) 4 Punarvasu(1) 5 Ashlesha(1) 6 P. 10 4. AHMEDABAD.22-Jul-2105 Moon 22-Jul-2095 Mars 22-May-2096 Rahu 21-Dec-2096 Jupiter 22-Jun-2098 Saturn 21-Oct-2099 Mercury 22-May-2101 Ketu 22-Oct-2102 Venus 23-May-2103 Sun 21-Jan-2105 Mars Dasa 22-Jul-2105 . 3 2.28/Mar/2015 11:28:03 AM KANKARIYA.Placidus Star: Punarvasu. Pada 2 Star Lord: Jupiter Rasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: Mercury Lagna: Pisces Lagna Lord: Jupiter Tithi: Shukla Paksha.25 D Karana: Balav Horary No. India V 17:35:58 Ju[R] 18:49:04 Ayanamsa: 23° 58' 46" [KP Ayanamsa] . Ju. Man Machine Systems. (B) .22-Jul-2045 Saturn 22-Jul-2026 Mercury 26-Jul-2029 Ketu 03-Apr-2032 Venus 13-May-2033 Sun 13-Jul-2036 Moon 25-Jun-2037 Mars 24-Jan-2039 Rahu 03-Mar-2040 Jupiter 08-Jan-2043 Mercury Dasa 22-Jul-2045 . 24 D VI 19:26:13 XII 19:26:13 XI 17:35:58 Ra 16:23:29 VII 27:53:20 X 21:17:27 IX 26:52:40 Sa[R] 10:47:40 VIII 00:31:19 Sgl Ju Ve Ve Me Mo Su Me Ma Ma Ju Sa Sa Stl Me Su Ma Ju Me Ve Ma Ju Me Ve Mo Ra Sbl Sa Ra Ju Ju Me Ra Sa Mo Ju Ju Sa Ma Ssl Sa Ve Me Mo Mo Ve Sa Su Me Su Ju Ju Sssl Sa Ve Sa Ra Ve Ve Sa Ju Sa Mo Me Ve Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su U. India Planet Sgl Lagna Me Moon Me Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ma Ve Sa Ve Ju Me Me Me Day Lord: Saturn Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 01:00:31:19 III 01:26:52:40 2 Ma 00:03:28:07 Ve 00:19:00:43 I 11:27:53:20 XII 10:19:26:13 Ke 11:16:23:29 Su 11:13:15:40 Me 11:00:49:55 XI 09:17:35:58 11 10 2 IV 02:21:17:27 Mo 02:23:54:06 X 08:21:17:27 12 6 VII 05:27:53:20 V 03:17:35:58 Ju[R] 03:18:49:04 IX 07:26:52:40 4 8 8 5 Ra 05:16:23:29 VI 04:19:26:13 Ma 03:28:07 Ve 19:00:43 Sa[R] 07:10:47:40 VIII 07:00:31:19 II 00:31:19 III 26:52:40 IV 21:17:27 Mo 23:54:06 I 27:53:20 Ke 16:23:29 Su 13:15:40 Me 00:49:55 Name: Admission in desired Gender: Male Date: Saturday.22-Jul-2095 Sun 22-Jul-2089 Moon 09-Nov-2089 Mars 11-May-2090 Rahu 15-Sep-2090 Jupiter 10-Aug-2091 Saturn 28-May-2092 Mercury 10-May-2093 Ketu 17-Mar-2094 Venus 23-Jul-2094 Moon Dasa 22-Jul-2095 .

(Transfer of Job . (SW used KPAstro 4. Udugampola Road. the editor of this KPEZine. Mercury. the rules are: RULE-1: MORE THAN ONE marriage is indicated if BOTH the following conditions are satisfied simultaneously: (i) The sub-lord of the 7th cusp OR its Star lord is deposited in a dual sign (Gemini. Dasa: Rahu 12 Y. Sri Lanka. Also. Pisces (Meena) are Dual signs (for this study). 27/Jul/1973. I wish to lengthen this story by discussing two other tested rules for assessing multi marriage. Sagittarius. Veyangoda. Rahu is a depositor of cusp 10 ( 12th to 11. Justice of Peace No. by hidden planetary behaviors which came out of a KP rule relating to transfer of job. and in the sub of Mercury. Moon and Mercury from the sign Gemini. I discussed and proved the KP rule for separation between husband and wife. Let's see the chart of the husband. Sign to Sign are considered. a prominent KP Scholar. Mercury is in the sub of Moon the lord of 6th in 4 as discussed above.1) The sub lord of the 7 cusp is Rahu who is placed in 10. the Sub lord of Rahu.partner going away from residence to be separated /second marriage) and 12 (separation). is in the star of Jupiter (R). Hindu Aspects (Vedic aspects) with no orbs. loosing the permanent tie of friendship with partner). KP Ezine December 2016 6 . Time: 08:45:00 PM SID: 17:02:22. have been separated from their father. in the star of Kethu in 4. Date: Friday. Lon: 81:41:00 E. the two children. being the sub lord for 3 (away from home/family). too. North Eastern. 02 M. Pada 2. Sagittarius. 6 (separation). a well known nasty sign for separation. 1 below. Pisces). for Multi Marriage has been satisfied. and for separation or divorce. For the benefit of the newbies of the KP system. OR if the sub-lord of the 7th cusp is Mercury/Jupiter.e.Transfer of job . the family members involved in this issue are different from the nature of such general separation owing to a job transfer. Kalathrakaraka Venus+ aspects from the 6th cusp (untying the legal bondage). 9 (being 3rd to 7 . Although these types of separations are frequent when a job transfer is involved. known as a walking Encyclopedia of KP. Lat: 07:18:00 N. SRI LANKA Email: sumana1946@gmail. JUP (Budha and Guru) owning these signs are considered as DUAL Planets (for these guidelines only). the KP rule No. As per the story.22/1. Marapola. lord of 2 and 11 posited in 11.A developing story (II) By: Sumanadasa Namarathna (Sunaparantha Kalyan) Ex-Accountant. Ayanamsa: 23° 23' 52". in the sign Sagittarius (A Dual sign) and as per the rules of Nodes. and also the husband had to separate from his wife. While finding or checking significators of houses within these parameters. 00 D. Place: Ampara. MERC. Thus. And (ii) The sub-lord of the 7th cusp is also a significator of either of the houses 2 or 11 or both. and Sri Tin Win ji. under the guidance of Late Sri Raichur ji. Bal. Star: Aridra. Name: Male. i. that is also under the co-rulers of Kethu and Saturn the lord of 12 & 1 (separation) in 4 (losing the lovable affairs). The assumptions are: Gemini (Mithuna).com In my previous article on this topic. but associating the 12th cusp by a close orbit. Lagna: Aquaries . Rahu represents its aspecting planets Saturn. propounded by Sri Kanak Bosmia ji.A developing Story Part I that appeared in the November 2016 Issue of KPEzine).

12 Ra 4 10 Ke 10 4 (A) . India Planet Sgl Lagna Sa Moon Me Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ra Ma Ra Ve Ma Ra Ra Ra Day Lord: Venus Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 11:24:09:22 Ma 11:28:49:27 XII 09:18:12:34 I 10:20:03:30 III 00:25:25:11 12 XI 08:20:00:37 Ju[R] 09:14:10:57 10 9 1 Sa 02:06:00:18 Mo 02:10:59:15 Ke 02:12:51:37 IV 01:23:20:24 X 07:23:20:24 Ra 08:12:51:37 11 5 VII 04:20:03:30 Su 03:11:02:03 V 02:20:00:37 Me[R] 02:29:58:53 IX 06:25:25:11 3 7 6 4 Ve 04:09:40:29 VI 03:18:12:34 III 25:25:11 VIII 05:24:09:22 IV 23:20:24 Sa 06:00:18 Mo 10:59:15 Ke 12:51:37 V 20:00:37 Me[R] 29:58:53 Ma 28:49:27 II 24:09:22 Name: Transfer Gender: Male Date: Friday.Ashada(3) 12 Sravana(3) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Rahu Dasa 28-Sep-1967 .28-Sep-2020 Saturn 28-Sep-2001 Mercury 01-Oct-2004 Ketu 10-Jun-2007 Venus 20-Jul-2008 Sun 19-Sep-2011 Moon 31-Aug-2012 Mars 01-Apr-2014 Rahu 10-May-2015 Jupiter 17-Mar-2018 Mercury Dasa 28-Sep-2020 . 8 3.00 Place: Ampara.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su+ 4 5 1.Placidus Star: Aridra.28-Sep-2070 Sun 28-Sep-2064 Moon 15-Jan-2065 Mars 17-Jul-2065 Rahu 22-Nov-2065 Jupiter 16-Oct-2066 Saturn 05-Aug-2067 Mercury 17-Jul-2068 Ketu 23-May-2069 Venus 28-Sep-2069 Moon Dasa 28-Sep-2070 . Man Machine Systems.Transfer Sun Rise: 05:56:02 AM Nithya Yoga: Vyaghata Sun Set: Hora: 06:23:18 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365. 2 M.25/Nov/2016 01:30:37 PM KANKARIYA.28-Sep-2044 Ketu 28-Sep-2037 Venus 24-Feb-2038 Sun 26-Apr-2039 Moon 31-Aug-2039 Mars 01-Apr-2040 Rahu 28-Aug-2040 Jupiter 15-Sep-2041 Saturn 22-Aug-2042 Mercury 30-Sep-2043 Venus Dasa 28-Sep-2044 . 12 7 Mo 10 4 6 Ma 5 2 5. Sri Lanka Su 11:02:03 VI 18:12:34 I 20:03:30 XII 18:12:34 Ju[R] 14:10:57 Ayanamsa: 23° 23' 52" [KP Ayanamsa] . Sa.28-Sep-2037 Mercury 28-Sep-2020 Ketu 24-Feb-2023 Venus 21-Feb-2024 Sun 22-Dec-2026 Moon 29-Oct-2027 Mars 30-Mar-2029 Rahu 27-Mar-2030 Jupiter 14-Oct-2032 Saturn 20-Jan-2035 Ketu Dasa 28-Sep-2037 . Me. 11 5.28-Sep-1985 Rahu 28-Sep-1967 Jupiter 10-Jun-1970 Saturn 03-Nov-1972 Mercury 10-Sep-1975 Ketu 30-Mar-1978 Venus 17-Apr-1979 Sun 17-Apr-1982 Moon 12-Mar-1983 Mars 10-Sep-1984 Jupiter Dasa 28-Sep-1985 .Phalguni(3) 8 Chitra(1) 9 Visakha(2) 10 Jyeshta(3) 11 P. 11 Ve+ 4 6 4.28-Sep-2001 Jupiter 28-Sep-1985 Saturn 15-Nov-1987 Mercury 29-May-1990 Ketu 04-Sep-1992 Venus 10-Aug-1993 Sun 10-Apr-1996 Moon 27-Jan-1997 Mars 29-May-1998 Rahu 05-May-1999 Saturn Dasa 28-Sep-2001 . 27/Jul/1973 Time: 08:45:00 PM SID: 17:02:22 Lat: 07:18:00 N Lon: 81:41:00 E TZ: +05:30 DST: 0. Sa. AHMEDABAD.House Owner 8 2 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 P. Dasa: Rahu 12 Y. 8 Ju 4 11 6 2.25 D Karana: Gar Ruling Planets . (B) .kpastrosystem. 10 1. Trayodasi KP Ezine December 2016 7 . Me. 9 Sa 2 4 3. GUJARAT.28-Sep-2087 Mars 28-Sep-2080 Rahu 24-Feb-2081 Jupiter 14-Mar-2082 Saturn 18-Feb-2083 Mercury 28-Mar-2084 Ketu 26-Mar-2085 Venus 22-Aug-2085 Sun 22-Oct-2086 Moon 27-Feb-2087 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. Ma. Pada 2 Star Lord: Rahu Lagna: Aquarius Lagna Lord: Saturn Tithi: Krishna Paksha.Planets in Owner's stars (D) . (C) . 10 Me 11 5 2. 0 D Ve 09:40:29 VII 20:03:30 VIII 24:09:22 XI 20:00:37 Ra 12:51:37 X 23:20:24 IX 25:25:11 Sgl Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Stl Ju Me Ve Ma Ju Me Ve Ma Ju Me Ve Mo Sbl Ju Ra Me Ma Ju Me Ra Ra Me Ma Ra Me Ssl Ju Ra Ju Ma Ju Ju Ma Ra Ju Ma Ma Ve Sssl Sa Ra Me Ra Ju Ma Me Ra Mo Ra Ra Su Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Pushyami(3) Mo Aridra(2) Ma Revati(4) Me[R] Punarvasu(3) Ju[R] Sravana(2) Ve Magha(3) Sa Mrigasira(4) Ra Moola(4) Ke Aridra(2) Sgl Mo Me Ju Me Sa Su Me Ju Me Stl Sa Ra Me Ju Mo Ke Ma Ke Ra Sbl Mo Sa Sa Mo Ju Sa Mo Me Me Ssl Mo Me Ve Sa Sa Me Ju Ju Ke Sssl Ju Ra Ju Ve Me Me Ma Me Mo Significators .28-Sep-2064 Venus 28-Sep-2044 Sun 27-Jan-2048 Moon 27-Jan-2049 Mars 28-Sep-2050 Rahu 28-Nov-2051 Jupiter 28-Nov-2054 Saturn 29-Jul-2057 Mercury 28-Sep-2060 Ketu 30-Jul-2063 Sun Dasa 28-Sep-2064 .Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Mo. Ju.Occupant of house Ketu acts as agent for: Mo. North Eastern. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.Bhadra(1) 2 Revati(3) 3 Bharani(4) 4 Mrigasira(1) 5 Punarvasu(1) 6 Ashlesha(1) 7 P.28-Sep-2080 Moon 28-Sep-2070 Mars 29-Jul-2071 Rahu 27-Feb-2072 Jupiter 29-Aug-2073 Saturn 28-Dec-2074 Mercury 29-Jul-2076 Ketu 28-Dec-2077 Venus 29-Jul-2078 Sun 28-Mar-2080 Mars Dasa 28-Sep-2080 .

has completed its significations for multi marriage. 6. Jupiter. all the DBAS were connected with the 12th for separation at the time of his wife's transfer. Thus. .. and sub lord of 3.3: 9th Cuspal sub lord is Mercury. Mars.2: Second marriage is indicated if the sub-lord of the 2nd cusp is also a significator of either of the houses 7 or 11. that is in the star of Sun in 12. 7 or 11 happen to be the significators of 1. then in one’s horoscope. 10 Siagnificators of 2: Jupiter (6). Mars (10) and Saturn (1. who owns 2 & 11. a significator of 12 & 8 in the transfer chart. 6. then second marriage is indicated if the sub lord of the 9th cusp is a significator of either of the houses 2 or 9 or 11. If the person does not like the wife and goes away.Page 192 Significators of 2. as discussed above under Rahu. 7 and 11 are all detrimental for smooth. being posited in the star of Jupiter. 9 & 12 in the natal chart. It is crystal clearl that a separation or divorce is in operation as said by Sri KSK ji in his Reader IV titled Marriage. 10) Significators of 7: Sun+ (1) Significators of 11: Jupiter. pleasant family life with wife. Rule -2: The second cuspal sub lord is also Rahu and the same results come out. the signifiator of 7 will also be the significator of 6 and 9. Bukthi lord Rahu. Date of transfer vs running DBAS of husband At the time of the transfer of the wife. then second marriage is denied. "The 12th house to the houses 2. What will happen in future? My Pranams to Sri KSK ji and my KP Guru Sri Tin Win ji KP Ezine December 2016 8 . On that Day. Rule -1: above has already been satisfied (see the explanation of 7th cusp sub lord above). Anthara Lord. Rahu.If any of the above two conditions is not satisfied. Mercury (10). was transiting in the 9th cusp in the star of Mercury posited in 11. was also transiting through the 7th house in the star of Sun placed in 12. RULE . If the significators of 2. being the 7th cuspal sub lord of his natal chart. Rule . Married Life and children. then separation will surely happen and then it may lead to divorce… If separation is caused by wife running away …. 6 and 10. Mercury (as above) Thus all the significators of the marriage houses concerned are signifying detrimental houses for marriage. then we have to judge the houses 3 and 12. Shookshama lord. was transiting through the 7th house in the star of Sun placed in 12. the husband was running Saturn.3: As per Kanak ji :THE ASSUMPTION IS THAT THE 2ND WIFE IS CONSIDERED AS THE YOUNGER SISTER OF THE FIRST. RULE ." . MD Saturn was transiting in the 10th of his natal chart in the star of Mercury posited in 11. 7 & 11 and their significations for 1.. Jupiter and Mars respectively being DBAS.

4) Sun transit—presently. represents Mars. Presently. Retired Bank officer 12-13-668/5/2.500 017. Jupiter is transiting in Venus star up to 24 July 2016. Rahu and/ or Kethu subs and sub subs as ruling planets at some level in some form or the other. So the event is promised. Jupiter should give the result before it leaves the Sign of Sun. 2) Saturn Transit—Saturn is transiting in Mars sign and is conjoined with Mars. whom we will. Sun represents one month period. Rasi=SAT-MOON-SAT. So Sun should also give the result during this period only that is before 24 July Querist. So.VENUS 31/5 MARS --SAT----. or by Moon transit also. Secunderabad. Venus is in the RPs and is strongly reflected twice.SUB – SUB SUB. Moon represents day and date. therefore. 27/5 VENUS VEN---MOON—RAHU—RAHU 28/5 SAT --RAHU—KETHU 29/5 SUN --JUP---. are-Kethu CAIIB.On 27 May my daughter. the event is promised. So. I preferred to use the sub sub lord’s movement of the Sun’s transit— Sun transit will give the result when it transits in Saturn. 1) First let me check whether the event is promised—if the 11 th cusp sub lord signifies 11th or any one of the relevant houses of the matter in question. SUN. Moon is the lord of 10 placed in the 4th and signifies 4 at both levels.KETHU. I have erected a time chart @16-39-39 hours at Secunderabad--Ascendant=VENUS-RAHU-KETHU. 5) Day and date are arrived at either by using sub sub lord’s movement of the Sun. Mrs Krishna. and Sun star-Uttara. Venus star-Pubba. Rahu represents—JUP. Scorpio. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Saturn represents more than one year period. Leo. Nagarjuna Nagar. Venus and Moon.K). from Solihul (U. JUP AND SAT. AND SAT. Out of the Ruling planets I am now left with SAT. Both.nagaraju@gmail. deem to be among the RPs. 9490752371 Email: gunti. Jupiter represents within one year period. Day Lord=VENUS. So. Jupiter should give the event before it finishes its transit in Venus star that is before 24 July 2016. 3) Jupiter transit—Jupiter is transiting in Sun’s sign with Rahu. represents Sun and Jupiter. Now let me see the Sun transit---DATE DAY SIGN—STAR. / Kethu represents—MARS. are in the ruling planets. The 4th is one of the relevant houses regarding the matter in question. Second floor. ruling planets are=VENUS (2)-SAT (2)-MOON-RAHU. The available stars in Sun’s sign. which is an RP. asks “when will I get a house for rent?” On 27 may 2016.JUP 30/5 MOON --JUP---. Saturn should give the result before it leaves Mars sign. Lagna represents time in hours and minutes.SAT 01/6 MERC --SATMOON KP Ezine December 2016 9 . which is a ruling planet. Sun is transiting in Venus sign in Moon star from 25/7 to 8/6.Predic ng the an event By using only Ruling planets By: Gun Nagaraju KP astrologer M. Tarnaka. Tel: 040-27172206. As per the time chart – the 11 th cusp sub lord is Moon. Kethu. Rahu. So. RAHU AND KETHU.

Pada 3 Star Lord: Moon Lagna: Libra Lagna Lord: Venus Tithi: Krishna Paksha.Bhadra(2) Sgl Ve Sa Ma Ma Su Ve Ma Su Sa Stl Mo Mo Sa Ve Ve Su Me Ve Ju Sbl Ra Sa Me Ju Ra Ve Ve Sa Sa Ssl Sa Ra Ve Ve Su Me Ve Ju Ju Sssl Ve Ra Sa Me Ma Ra Sa Me Su Dasa Summary Bhukti VI 17:19:38 Sgl Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Significators . 7 M.28-Dec-2045 Rahu 28-Dec-2027 Jupiter 10-Sep-2030 Saturn 03-Feb-2033 Mercury 10-Dec-2035 Ketu 29-Jun-2038 Venus 17-Jul-2039 Sun 18-Jul-2042 Moon 11-Jun-2043 Mars 11-Dec-2044 Jupiter Dasa 28-Dec-2045 . Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www. GUJARAT. Man Machine Systems. 8 Sa 7 2 9. 0 D X 14:55:30 XI 16:39:47 Ju 19:44:30 Ra 23:48:12 XII 17:19:38 III 14:03:43 Sa[R] 19:37:25 II 14:18:52 Ma[R] 06:02:36 I 15:04:33 Stl Ra Sa Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Mo Ra Sa Ve Mo Sbl Ke Ra Ve Ju Ve Me Ve Ju Me Ju Mo Sa Ssl Sa Ve Ma Ve Sa Ve Sa Sa Ju Ju Ju Ra Sssl Ma Ra Sa Ju Sa Me Ju Ma Su Sa Mo Me Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Rohini(1) Mo Sravana(3) Ma[R] Anuradha(1) Me Bharani(3) Ju P. 5 2.Ashada(1) 4 Sravana(2) 5 Satabhisha(3) 6 Revati(1) 7 Bharani(1) 8 Rohini(2) 9 Aridra(3) 10 Pushyami(4) 11 P.25 D Karana: Gar Ruling Planets .Phalguni(1) 12 Hasta(3) From Bhukti From Bhukti From Moon Dasa 28-Dec-2010 .Placidus Star: Sravana.28-Dec-2061 Jupiter 28-Dec-2045 Saturn 15-Feb-2048 Mercury 29-Aug-2050 Ketu 04-Dec-2052 Venus 10-Nov-2053 Sun 10-Jul-2056 Moon 29-Apr-2057 Mars 28-Aug-2058 Rahu 04-Aug-2059 Saturn Dasa 28-Dec-2061 . 27/May/2016 Time: 04:39:39 PM SID: 08:45:24 Lat: 17:27:00 N Lon: 78:30:00 E TZ: +05:30 DST: 0. ANDHRA PRADESH.kpastrosystem.28-Dec-2080 Saturn 28-Dec-2061 Mercury 31-Dec-2064 Ketu 10-Sep-2067 Venus 19-Oct-2068 Sun 19-Dec-2071 Moon 30-Nov-2072 Mars 01-Jul-2074 Rahu 10-Aug-2075 Jupiter 16-Jun-2078 Mercury Dasa 28-Dec-2080 . 8 3.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Ma.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .Occupant of house (C) .28-Dec-2020 Moon 28-Dec-2010 Mars 28-Oct-2011 Rahu 28-May-2012 Jupiter 27-Nov-2013 Saturn 29-Mar-2015 Mercury 28-Oct-2016 Ketu 29-Mar-2018 Venus 28-Oct-2018 Sun 28-Jun-2020 Mars Dasa 28-Dec-2020 .Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 4 8 10 11 Mo 4 4 10 10 Ma+ 2 1 4. 8 Ke+ 11 5 3. Sa. Ju. (A) .Mrs Krishna Sun Rise: 05:41:20 AM Nithya Yoga: Brahma Sun Set: Hora: 06:45:08 PM Saturn Dasa Days: 365. India Planet Sgl Lagna Sa Moon Me Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ra Ra Me Ra Ma Ma Me Sa Day Lord: Venus Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 07:14:18:52 Sa[R] 07:19:37:25 XII 05:17:19:38 Ma[R] 07:06:02:36 I 06:15:04:33 III 08:14:03:43 8 6 5 9 IV 09:14:55:30 Mo 09:17:13:12 Ra 04:23:48:12 Ju 04:19:44:30 XI 04:16:39:47 X 03:14:55:30 7 1 Me 00:21:14:53 VII 00:15:04:33 Su 01:12:35:26 Ve 01:09:45:51 V 10:16:39:47 Ke 10:23:48:12 11 IX 02:14:03:43 3 2 12 VI 11:17:19:38 VII 15:04:33 Me 21:14:53 VIII 01:14:18:52 Ve 09:45:51 Su 12:35:26 VIII 14:18:52 IX 14:03:43 Ke 23:48:12 V 16:39:47 Name: Mrs Krishna Gender: Male Date: Friday. 6 Rahu acts as agent for: Su. AHMEDABAD.28-Dec-2104 Ketu 28-Dec-2097 Venus 26-May-2098 Sun 26-Jul-2099 Moon 01-Dec-2099 Mars 02-Jul-2100 Rahu 28-Nov-2100 Jupiter 16-Dec-2101 Saturn 22-Nov-2102 Mercury 01-Jan-2104 Venus Dasa 28-Dec-2104 .28-Dec-2130 Sun 28-Dec-2124 Moon 17-Apr-2125 Mars 16-Oct-2125 Rahu 21-Feb-2126 Jupiter 16-Jan-2127 Saturn 04-Nov-2127 Mercury 16-Oct-2128 Ketu 22-Aug-2129 Venus 28-Dec-2129 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.28-Dec-2027 Mars 28-Dec-2020 Rahu 26-May-2021 Jupiter 13-Jun-2022 Saturn 20-May-2023 Mercury 29-Jun-2024 Ketu 26-Jun-2025 Venus 22-Nov-2025 Sun 22-Jan-2027 Moon 30-May-2027 Rahu Dasa 28-Dec-2027 . 7 Me 7 7 1. 12 4.28-Dec-2124 Venus 28-Dec-2104 Sun 28-Apr-2108 Moon 28-Apr-2109 Mars 27-Dec-2110 Rahu 26-Feb-2112 Jupiter 26-Feb-2115 Saturn 28-Oct-2117 Mercury 28-Dec-2120 Ketu 28-Oct-2123 Sun Dasa 28-Dec-2124 .com KP Ezine December 2016 10 .Phalguni(2) Ve Krittika(4) Sa[R] Jyeshta(1) Ra P.28-Dec-2097 Mercury 28-Dec-2080 Ketu 26-May-2083 Venus 22-May-2084 Sun 23-Mar-2087 Moon 27-Jan-2088 Mars 28-Jun-2089 Rahu 26-Jun-2090 Jupiter 13-Jan-2093 Saturn 20-Apr-2095 Ketu Dasa 28-Dec-2097 . 12 Ju 7 11 1. Dasa: Moon 4 Y. 6 Ve 8 7 11 1. India Mo 17:13:12 IV 14:55:30 Ayanamsa: 23° 59' 45" [KP Ayanamsa] . Ju. (B) . Sashti Bal.Phalguni(4) Ke P. 8 9.00 Place: SECUNDERABAD. 5 Ra+ 7 11 1.25/Nov/2016 12:54:36 PM KANKARIYA. Sa.House Owner 4 10 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Swati(3) 2 Anuradha(4) 3 P.

So. Facts of the case---Mrs Krishna has informed me over the phone that she has shifted her erstwhile house at Solihul. KP Ezine December 2016 11 .U.KETHU.MOON (STL). All the planets will be reflected as RPS on 04/6/2016 on the said longitude in Venus sign. the event date would be 04-June 2016.(SBL).K after finalizing the rental agreement on 04 June 2016.02/6 03/6 04/6 05/6 06/6 07/6 JUP VEN SAT SUN MOON MARS --MERC---MERC --MERC---RAHU --KETHU—VEN --VEN-----VEN --VEN-----JUP --SUN----SUN Out of the above trasnsit dates---I have chosen 04/June/2016 as Sun will be transiting on Saturday (SAT)-in VENUS (SGL).around and during evening hours.RAHU (SSBL from 20-00-00 degrees to 20-0607 degrees)--.

bhukti lord Jupiter indicates 6-11. Parekh Tower Nr. Venus. Bhukti lord Jupiter is in the star of Venus and in its own sub. Can I get promotion and get administrative position? Number. Rahu and Ketu. We have discussed about dasa-Antra lord Venus above.38". owner of 9-10.40’. 72° E 36'. Cuspal sub lord Cusp 11th (Pisces 090. Hence. Kankariya-Ahmedabad. 6 or 10.03’. Mars. www. Thus. the 11th sub lord.27’.31”): The sub lord of the 11th is Venus.kpastrologer. Star lord Venus is occupant of 11. hence represents Mars. 6 and . Outcome: Prediction comes correct. Saturday. Dasa Days: 365.Promo on in Job By: Kanakkumar B.04” Mercury 0 Moon: Aries 21 . Joint Period At the time of judgment running Dasa of Venus continues till 11-09-2024. Ruling planet: At the time of judgment ruling planet are as under. My opinion: Promotion is sure before 13-08-2016. Venus is in the star of Saturn and sub Sun. is significator of 7-9-10 and is connected with 11-1-6-4. Joint period running is Venus-Jupiter-Venus till 13-08-2016. Sub lord is also Jupiter. bhukti lord. owner of 4. Aynamsha 230. Phone: +91-7925460376 Email : Name: Male Question.B. Jupiter. is significator of 11-1-6 and is connected with 4-8-11. Venus is occupant of 11. Jupiter is in the RPs also.14” Mars Star Lord Sub Lord Rahu Venus Venus Jupiter Ketu is aspected by Mars. Time of Judgment: 11:28:18 AM IST Place of Judgment. Date of Judgment: 09-04-2016. Day lord Sign Lord Day: Saturday Saturn Ascendant: Gemini 150.25 Hints If the cuspal sub lord of the 11th be the significator of 2. Sub lord Sun is occupant of 11. Venus is also in the RPs and appears twice therein. owner of 1-6. Jupiter is occupant of 4. indications of 6-1011 give you promotion. Venus. thus assuring promotion. Long/Lat: 23° N 00'. KP Ezine December 2016 12 . Jupiter. owner of 1-6. The ruling planets are Saturn. Thus.59'. Bosmia 613– P. Diwan Ballubhai School Kankariya-Ahmedabad: 380022 Mobile : +91-982531165. owner of 8-11. Mercury. Hence. 36 (out of 249). 11 promotion in service is promised during the joint period of the significators of 2. 11. Star lord Saturn is occupant of 7.

Bhadra(3) Sa[R] Jyeshta(2) Ra P.Bhadra(2) 12 Bharani(1) From Bhukti From Bhukti From Venus Dasa 11-Sep-2004 .House Owner 11 5 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Rohini(4) 2 Aridra(3) 3 Pushyami(2) 4 Magha(3) 5 U. 11 Rahu acts as agent for: Su.Phalguni(3) Ve U. India Planet Sgl Lagna Me Moon Ma Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ra Ve Su Me Ve Ju Ve Mo Day Lord: Saturn Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 02:15:08:10 Mo 00:21:03:14 XII 00:15:38:33 I 01:20:26:40 III 03:09:31:57 3 Su 11:25:49:26 Me 00:11:57:08 Ve 11:10:23:13 XI 11:09:27:31 1 12 4 IV 04:06:56:02 Ju[R] 04:20:37:55 Ra 04:26:21:31 Ke 10:26:21:31 X 10:06:56:02 2 8 Sa[R] 07:22:13:49 VII 07:20:26:40 V 05:09:27:31 IX 09:09:31:57 6 10 9 7 Ma 07:14:30:16 VI 06:15:38:33 Me 11:57:08 XII 15:38:33 Mo 21:03:14 VIII 08:15:08:10 I 20:26:40 II 15:08:10 Name: Jagadish D_Promotion Gender: Male Date: Saturday.11-Sep-2100 Saturn 11-Sep-2081 Mercury 14-Sep-2084 Ketu 25-May-2087 Venus 03-Jul-2088 Sun 02-Sep-2091 Moon 14-Aug-2092 Mars 15-Mar-2094 Rahu 24-Apr-2095 Jupiter 28-Feb-2098 Mercury Dasa 11-Sep-2100 .11-Sep-2065 Rahu 11-Sep-2047 Jupiter 25-May-2050 Saturn 18-Oct-2052 Mercury 24-Aug-2055 Ketu 13-Mar-2058 Venus 31-Mar-2059 Sun 01-Apr-2062 Moon 23-Feb-2063 Mars 24-Aug-2064 Jupiter Dasa 11-Sep-2065 .Bhadra(2) Sgl Ju Ma Ma Ma Su Ju Ma Su Sa Stl Me Ve Sa Ke Ve Sa Me Ve Ju Sbl Ra Ju Ra Me Ju Su Mo Ke Ke Ssl Su Ve Ve Ve Me Mo Mo Ju Sa Sssl Ve Mo Ke Ra Me Ju Ma Sa Me Dasa Summary Bhukti Su 25:49:26 Ve 10:23:13 XI 09:27:31 Sgl Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Significators .Phalguni(4) 6 Swati(3) 7 Jyeshta(2) 8 P.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .11-Sep-2024 Venus 11-Sep-2004 Sun 11-Jan-2008 Moon 11-Jan-2009 Mars 11-Sep-2010 Rahu 11-Nov-2011 Jupiter 11-Nov-2014 Saturn 13-Jul-2017 Mercury 12-Sep-2020 Ketu 13-Jul-2023 Sun Dasa 11-Sep-2024 . (A) . 5 9.Ashada(4) 10 Satabhisha(1) 11 U. 36/249 Sun Rise: 06:24:35 AM Nithya Yoga: Priti Sun Set: Hora: 06:58:00 PM Mercury Dasa Days: 365. Sa. 10 Ra+ 11 4 1. 12 Me 10 11 2.Ashada(1) 9 U. 6 3 Ma+ 7 6 9. 6 Sa 11 7 2. Ju. 5 M.Horary No. Sa.Occupant of house (C) .Phalguni(4) Ke P.Placidus Star: Bharani. (B) .11-Sep-2040 Moon 11-Sep-2030 Mars 12-Jul-2031 Rahu 10-Feb-2032 Jupiter 12-Aug-2033 Saturn 12-Dec-2034 Mercury 12-Jul-2036 Ketu 11-Dec-2037 Venus 12-Jul-2038 Sun 12-Mar-2040 Mars Dasa 11-Sep-2040 .11-Sep-2124 Ketu 11-Sep-2117 Venus 07-Feb-2118 Sun 09-Apr-2119 Moon 15-Aug-2119 Mars 15-Mar-2120 Rahu 11-Aug-2120 Jupiter 29-Aug-2121 Saturn 05-Aug-2122 Mercury 14-Sep-2123 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. 11 Ve 7 11 9. 5 Ju 11 4 1.11-Sep-2047 Mars 11-Sep-2040 Rahu 07-Feb-2041 Jupiter 25-Feb-2042 Saturn 01-Feb-2043 Mercury 12-Mar-2044 Ketu 09-Mar-2045 Venus 05-Aug-2045 Sun 05-Oct-2046 Moon 10-Feb-2047 Rahu Dasa 11-Sep-2047 . AHMEDABAD. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: KP Ezine December 2016 13 .11-Sep-2030 Sun 11-Sep-2024 Moon 30-Dec-2024 Mars 30-Jun-2025 Rahu 05-Nov-2025 Jupiter 30-Sep-2026 Saturn 19-Jul-2027 Mercury 30-Jun-2028 Ketu 06-May-2029 Venus 11-Sep-2029 Moon Dasa 11-Sep-2030 .: 36 Question : . Man Machine Systems.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su+ 11 11 2. 6 8. 0 D IV 06:56:02 Ju[R] 20:37:55 Ra 26:21:31 Ke 26:21:31 X 06:56:02 IX 09:31:57 V 09:27:31 VIII 15:08:10 Sa[R] 22:13:49 VII 20:26:40 Ma 14:30:16 VI 15:38:33 Stl Mo Ra Sa Ke Su Ra Me Ve Su Ra Sa Ve Sbl Ve Ke Ve Ra Ve Ve Ve Ve Ve Ra Ve Su Ssl Ve Me Ju Ve Sa Su Ra Me Sa Ra Ju Mo Sssl Ve Ve Ra Mo Ra Ju Ma Me Ju Mo Mo Su Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Revati(3) Mo Bharani(3) Ma Anuradha(4) Me Aswini(4) Ju[R] P. India III 09:31:57 Ayanamsa: 23° 59' 38" [KP Ayanamsa] . 09/Apr/2016 Time: 11:28:18 AM SID: 00:00:21 Lat: 23:00:00 N Lon: 72:36:00 E Place: AHMEDABAD.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Ma.11-Sep-2117 Mercury 11-Sep-2100 Ketu 07-Feb-2103 Venus 04-Feb-2104 Sun 06-Dec-2106 Moon 12-Oct-2107 Mars 13-Mar-2109 Rahu 11-Mar-2110 Jupiter 28-Sep-2112 Saturn 03-Jan-2115 Ketu Dasa 11-Sep-2117 . GUJARAT. GUJARAT. Pada 3 Star Lord: Venus Rasi: Aries Rasi Lord: Mars Lagna: Taurus Lagna Lord: Venus Tithi: Shukla Paksha.11-Sep-2081 Jupiter 11-Sep-2065 Saturn 30-Oct-2067 Mercury 13-May-2070 Ketu 18-Aug-2072 Venus 25-Jul-2073 Sun 24-Mar-2076 Moon 11-Jan-2077 Mars 12-May-2078 Rahu 18-Apr-2079 Saturn Dasa 11-Sep-2081 .09/Apr/2016 11:28:18 AM KANKARIYA. 6 Ke 4 10 8. 5 4 Mo+ 11 12 1. Dasa: Venus 8 Y. Can I get promotion and get administrative position? Ruling Planets .kpastrosystem. 10 1. 10 7. Tritiya Bal.25 D Karana: Taitil Horary No. Ju.

11. Jupiter. Thus.10. Saturn occupies 11 and owns 1 and 12. are Mars. Bajaj Nagar Enclave. Abha Jain 36.40 am. Time and Place of judgement: March. Common significator planets among ruling planets and significators of 2.Predic on of Marriage considering Age of Planets By: Dr. Rahu represents Saturn. 7 and 11 Cusp occupant 2 Planet in occupant’s star _ Planet in Owner’s star _ House owner 7 _ _ Mars. Opp.32) Although Saturn is not a common Mobile: 9829463000 Native : Shilpa DOB: 23rd December 1990. Rajasthan Query: Marriage Date. Rahu and Venus. Moon Venus.03. This means that marriage is certain.10. So Rahu is also a RP. Moon. Gandhi Nagar Railway Station. Ruling Planets on 31st March 2015 at 10. Marriage Age of a Native To predict the correct age for actual marriage. the 7th cusp is signifying 7 and 11. Running Dasha Analysis.51 am. Kota. 7 th cusp sublord is also Saturn.2013 to 15. Venus. and accordingly selection of Bhukti. Dashanath Saturn: (15.Ketu. Jaipur. Rajasthan Email: abhaijain7474@gmail. Rahu Sun 11 Venus .51am Ascendant sign lord: Venus Ascendant star lord: Moon Moon Sign lord: Moon Moon Star lord: Mercury Day lord: Mars Rahu is representing Mercury and Mercury is in the RPs.03. Ketu. yet we can see its star and sub significations because Dasha will go up to 15-01-2032 which is too long. the age of the native is 24 years and 4 months.Saturn is in the star of Sun and sub of Rahu. Mars and Saturn. Gopalpura. 7 and 11 through its star lord and sublord then marriage is sure during the DBAs of 2. Basic common sense says that native’s marriage will take place before that. Rajasthan Hints: If 7th cusp is signifying 2. Moon. Tonk Road. 7 and 11. Significator Planets of 2. Jaipur. 7 and 11. Analysis of 7th cusp: Sublord of 7th cusp is Saturn . Rahu _ Jupiter _ Mars Significator planets are Sun. Antara KP Ezine December 2016 14 . Rahu. 10. At the time of prediction. Sun is posited in 10 and occupies 7. Saturn. Saturn. 31st 2015.

15-Oct-2082 Sun 15-Oct-2076 Moon 02-Feb-2077 Mars 03-Aug-2077 Rahu 09-Dec-2077 Jupiter 03-Nov-2078 Saturn 22-Aug-2079 Mercury 03-Aug-2080 Ketu 10-Jun-2081 Venus 15-Oct-2081 Moon Dasa 15-Oct-2082 .25 D Karana: Taitil Ruling Planets .Phalguni(3) 8 Chitra(3) 9 Visakha(4) 10 Jyeshta(4) 11 P. 4.29/Nov/2016 11:41:31 AM KANKARIYA. RAJASTHAN.15-Oct-1997 Rahu 15-Oct-1979 Jupiter 28-Jun-1982 Saturn 21-Nov-1984 Mercury 27-Sep-1987 Ketu 16-Apr-1990 Venus 05-May-1991 Sun 05-May-1994 Moon 29-Mar-1995 Mars 28-Sep-1996 Jupiter Dasa 15-Oct-1997 .Placidus Star: Satabhisha. AHMEDABAD. (A) . 8 3. 9. 12 Ra 10 11 7 Ke 11 5 1.00 Place: KOTA. Sa.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 5 10 7 Mo+ 11 12 6 Ma+ 10 3 7 2. Man Machine Systems. GUJARAT.15-Oct-2032 Saturn 15-Oct-2013 Mercury 18-Oct-2016 Ketu 28-Jun-2019 Venus 06-Aug-2020 Sun 06-Oct-2023 Moon 17-Sep-2024 Mars 18-Apr-2026 Rahu 28-May-2027 Jupiter 03-Apr-2030 Mercury Dasa 15-Oct-2032 .15-Oct-2056 Ketu 15-Oct-2049 Venus 13-Mar-2050 Sun 13-May-2051 Moon 18-Sep-2051 Mars 18-Apr-2052 Rahu 14-Sep-2052 Jupiter 02-Oct-2053 Saturn 08-Sep-2054 Mercury 18-Oct-2055 Venus Dasa 15-Oct-2056 .Ashada(3) Ke Pushyami(1) Sgl Ju Sa Ve Ju Mo Ju Sa Sa Mo Stl Ke Ra Su Ke Me Ve Su Su Sa Sbl Ra Ke Sa Sa Ke Ju Ra Me Me Ssl Ma Ju Ra Ke Ju Ju Mo Mo Ve Sssl Me Su Me Ju Ra Ju Sa Ju Ra Dasa Summary Bhukti Ke 05:57:23 VI 18:17:55 Ju[R] 19:05:26 Sgl Sa Ma Ve Ve Me Mo Su Ve Ma Ma Ju Sa Significators .15-Oct-2099 Mars 15-Oct-2092 Rahu 13-Mar-2093 Jupiter 31-Mar-2094 Saturn 07-Mar-2095 Mercury 16-Apr-2096 Ketu 13-Apr-2097 Venus 09-Sep-2097 Sun 09-Nov-2098 Moon 17-Mar-2099 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars. 4.kpastrosystem. 12 Rahu acts as agent for: KP Ezine December 2016 15 . Sashti Bal. (B) . 8 Sa 10 11 7 1. 23/Dec/1990 Time: 11:40:00 AM SID: 17:19:55 Lat: 25:10:00 N Lon: 75:57:00 E TZ: +05:30 DST: 0. India Planet Sgl Lagna Sa Moon Ma Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Mo Ke Me Me Sa Su Sa Me Day Lord: Mars Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 00:01:13:03 XII 09:18:17:55 Mo 10:14:57:16 I 10:22:42:45 III 01:01:48:17 Ma[R] 01:04:41:22 1 10 9 2 IV 01:27:09:09 11 8 2 XI 08:21:18:13 Ra 09:05:57:23 Sa 09:01:01:20 X 07:27:09:09 Ve 08:20:06:43 Me[R] 08:10:02:24 Su 08:07:30:26 VII 04:22:42:45 IX 07:01:48:17 3 8 7 4 VI 03:18:17:55 Ju[R] 03:19:05:26 II 01:13:03 I 22:42:45 Mo 14:57:16 VIII 06:01:13:03 III 01:48:17 Ma[R] 04:41:22 IV 27:09:09 Name: Marriage Gender: Female Date: Sunday.Ashada(3) 12 Sravana(3) From Bhukti From Bhukti From Rahu Dasa 15-Oct-1979 . India V 21:18:13 VII 22:42:45 XII 18:17:55 Ra 05:57:23 Sa 01:01:20 Ayanamsa: 23° 38' 27" [KP Ayanamsa] . Dasa: Rahu 6 Y. 9 M.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Mo.Ashada(2) Ra U. Pada 3 Star Lord: Rahu Lagna: Aquarius Lagna Lord: Saturn Tithi: Shukla Paksha. Sa.15-Oct-2092 Moon 15-Oct-2082 Mars 15-Aug-2083 Rahu 16-Mar-2084 Jupiter 14-Sep-2085 Saturn 14-Jan-2087 Mercury 14-Aug-2088 Ketu 13-Jan-2090 Venus 14-Aug-2090 Sun 14-Apr-2092 Mars Dasa 15-Oct-2092 . Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.Occupant of house (C) . 22 D XI 21:18:13 Ve 20:06:43 Me[R] 10:02:24 Su 07:30:26 X 27:09:09 IX 01:48:17 VIII 01:13:03 Stl Ju Ke Su Ma Ju Me Ve Ma Ju Me Ve Mo Sbl Sa Ve Ju Ju Ju Me Sa Me Ra Ju Ju Me Ssl Ve Su Me Ve Mo Sa Ve Ra Ju Ve Su Ve Sssl Ra Sa Ve Ju Ju Sa Su Me Ve Ju Ra Ra Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Moola(3) Mo Satabhisha(3) Ma[R] Krittika(3) Me[R] Moola(4) Ju[R] Ashlesha(1) Ve P. 10 Me 5 10 5 Ju+ 10 6 5 11 Ve 11 11 3.Bhadra(1) 2 Aswini(1) 3 Krittika(2) 4 Mrigasira(2) 5 Punarvasu(1) 6 Ashlesha(1) 7 P.15-Oct-2076 Venus 15-Oct-2056 Sun 14-Feb-2060 Moon 14-Feb-2061 Mars 15-Oct-2062 Rahu 15-Dec-2063 Jupiter 15-Dec-2066 Saturn 16-Aug-2069 Mercury 16-Oct-2072 Ketu 16-Aug-2075 Sun Dasa 15-Oct-2076 . Ju.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .Ashada(3) Sa U.15-Oct-2013 Jupiter 15-Oct-1997 Saturn 03-Dec-1999 Mercury 16-Jun-2002 Ketu 21-Sep-2004 Venus 28-Aug-2005 Sun 27-Apr-2008 Moon 14-Feb-2009 Mars 15-Jun-2010 Rahu 22-May-2011 Saturn Dasa 15-Oct-2013 .Marriage Sun Rise: 07:08:04 AM Nithya Yoga: Siddhi Sun Set: Hora: 05:42:08 PM Saturn Dasa Days: 365.15-Oct-2049 Mercury 15-Oct-2032 Ketu 13-Mar-2035 Venus 09-Mar-2036 Sun 08-Jan-2039 Moon 14-Nov-2039 Mars 16-Apr-2041 Rahu 13-Apr-2042 Jupiter 31-Oct-2044 Saturn 05-Feb-2047 Ketu Dasa 15-Oct-2049 .House Owner 5 Ke 03:05:57:23 V 02:21:18:13 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 P.

Average of age of 7th cusp sublord and its star lord planets is the age of marriage of the native. Next Bhukti is that of Mercury from 18-10 -16 to 28-6-19.We do not need not to go in to details . Saturn-26 years or 32 years. Running Bhukti is of Saturn from15-10-13 to 18-10-16. Moon Star lord: Mercury. and thereafter.51am Ascendant sign lord: Venus. Moon sub lord: Saturn Day lord: Mars Now dasa lord Saturn come in RP and also in significator table too. God may shower his grace for materialising the marriage of their daughter. Marriage is certain during this period because the anticipated age of marriage. Mars-24 years. as I observed in Book Prashna Jyotish.5 years. Mercury-32 years (or 18 years according to a different opinion). a past date of marriage in a birth chart. We have to see some check points for this.e.This may be used only to gain a rough idea in order to cross check DBA i. during 2016. By an unknown reference.and Sookshma will be done. Again. I rechecked the next bhukti which is of ketu. they have been useful in finding. in many case C. KP Ezine December 2016 16 . worked out to be 25. intuition of an astrologer is also required. we can see the relevant Bhukti and Antara when she attains the age of 25. and the star lord is sun (its age being taken as 25 years). Bhatt mention we have no control on dasa. if the marriage is late. then the average age of both is 25.5 years. one year later. We also need to know the method for selection between two or more Bhuktis and Antaras from amng the common planets that vote for the materialisation of the event of marriage. The age of the native at the time of judgement is approx. But. A lot of research needs to be conducted to figure out. during Antara of Venus (15-1116 to 8-12-16). However. 24. too.R. sometimes and quite interestingly. to check the correctness of a birth chart. Although I do not use these regularly. Bhukti of Saturn cannot be selected because it is already selected and also not a common significator. instantly. an event occurs during the period of a nonsignificator planet. Ketu.5 years. In a case where the sublord of the 7th cusp is Saturn (its age being taken as 26 years). Some references give 28 years for Rahu and Ketu. is not a common significator planet. then some period of 6 months may be added . however. Ascendant sub lord: Venus Moon Sign lord: Moon. Moon-25 years. if 7th cusp is signifying marriage. As per general rules and principals of astrology. this is a matter for research. Ascendant star lord: Moon. instead of telling the client that there is no chance of marriage in the coming 3 or 4 years. what factors play a role in causing the occurrence of an event. I observed that despite the bhukti being that of a non-significator planet.03. intuition is also based on some logical clues. 7 RP are as under Ruling Planets on 31st March 2015 at 10. Outcome: Actual date of marriage is 24th November 2016. in such type of examples or cases. In that case a tentative marriage age of native may be taken as check point to see that. ages of the planets are as under: Sun-25years. her marriage was solemnised. Kanak Sir for inspiring students like me to do regular research to find more and more. but you need to use 7. Note from Editor Kanak Bosmia: In this case you use 5 RP.5year. and Rahu-26 years. But Mercury is neither a significator nor a common planet. Jupiter-22 years. Venus-28 years to 34 years. Of course. but if you check with 7 RP you found answer of this question. So. I am thankful to Sh. Readers are free to use this notion and draw their own conclusions in regard to its authenticity and utility. It’s a matter for research whether transit or anything else plays a role in that. I advised her parents to wait till she attains the age of 25 years and 6 months. The native may get married at this age. Ketu-32 years. lies in this span of period. Approx.

Thus. and they are 2-7 and 12 and badhaka house. and doctors were making all necessary efforts to save him. indicate all negative houses and. which is the 5 th to 11th house. I thought that the result would also be negative. Mercury indicates 11 and 12 at its star level and 6 and 7 at its sub lord level.a malefic. Rules say in Medical astrology? Now let me analyze an important group of houses which speak of the position of the life of the This was the question which arose suddenly in my mind on 2 Sep 2016 and without any hesitation I opened my astrology book lying on my table. his lagna house (11 th).final emancipation. 4-terminal house. So. a malefic house. opened and took page no. KP Ezine December 2016 17 .negative to 4 th. the significator of my mind. Nagarjuna Nagar. 3 and 7. 3. 2. Since the horary question is raised by me without any body’s instance. The significators of 2-7 and12 houses are as follows: (A) 2nd house significators are-MERCURY-MARS.loss of life. Mercury is the lord 2 and 11 and is in the 1 st (2. I feel that except the 11th all the other three bhavas and the planets clearly indicate unfavorable results only. What K. 3. and 12. 6. The horary question was raised in my mind at such a crucial time when my friend Mr Rao had been admitted to the hospital in USA by his children on 2 nd Sep 2016 for acute problem of breathlessness. 11th house speaks of my desire/wish and its fulfillment: 11th lord. It is conjoined with 8th lord Jupiter in the same degrees of orb. from this it has become clear to me that the result will not be favorable for me. I have to look for the 3rd.maraka and 1 -native). and Venus lord of 10 with in 5 degrees of orb. It is also aspected by Saturn lord of 6 th-a malefic.nagaraju@gmail.105 as a horary number. Moon. Secunderabad. 10. therefore.P. and 7. All the three lords clearly signify 2-maraka.treatment by doctors.coming home. is placed in the 12 th with malefics Rahu and Sun is the lord of 12. I have not rotated the chart for my friend’s house. 9. 2 and 7 are maraka houses and 12 is the house Of death /moksha /end of life. Mercury. Even if I have to consider the chart from my friend’s angle. Retired Bank officer 12-13-668/5/2. indicating loss.500 CAIIB. 3rd cusp sub lord is Sun the lord of 1. It is in Saturn sub. Mercury is in Sun’s star.Recovery from illness By: Gun Nagaraju KP astrologer M.badhaka house. lord of 1 and 12 conjoined with Rahu – a first class malefic. Sub lord Saturn is the lord of 6 and 7 is in 3 rd with Mars –badhaka sthana adhipathi. and 12. lord of 6th in 3rd.disease. 9490752371 Email: gunti. Moon is in Sun’s star lord of experience the past karma and one of the terminal houses. Tel: 040-27172206.level. Tarnaka.SATURN. Second floor. 1. is in retrograde motion. 11th cusp sub lord is Sun and it signifies 3-negative to 4th coming home. The chart is attached. The star lord MARS is lord of 4 (terminal house) and 9 (badhaka house for Leo lagna) in 3 rd (negative to 4th – coming home). So. and is in the sub of Moon lord of 12 th in the 12th cusp. I erected the chart without any time lapse at 13-40-24 hours at my place – Secunderabad. signifies 1 at its star-Venus.

Man Machine Systems.: 105 Question : will my friend.Phalguni(1) 2 Chitra(2) 3 Visakha(3) 4 Jyeshta(4) 5 U.05-May-2039 Mars 05-May-2032 Rahu 01-Oct-2032 Jupiter 19-Oct-2033 Saturn 25-Sep-2034 Mercury 04-Nov-2035 Ketu 31-Oct-2036 Venus 29-Mar-2037 Sun 29-May-2038 Moon 04-Oct-2038 Rahu Dasa 05-May-2039 . Ma.05-May-2073 Jupiter 05-May-2057 Saturn 22-Jun-2059 Mercury 03-Jan-2062 Ketu 10-Apr-2064 Venus 17-Mar-2065 Sun 15-Nov-2067 Moon 02-Sep-2068 Mars 02-Jan-2070 Rahu 09-Dec-2070 Saturn Dasa 05-May-2073 . 7 6.Bhadra(3) 8 Revati(4) 9 Krittika(1) 10 Mrigasira(2) 11 Punarvasu(3) 12 Ashlesha(4) From Bhukti From Bhukti From Sun Dasa 05-May-2016 .Phalguni(3) Ju U.kpastrosystem. Mo.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .House Owner 2 8 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 U. India Planet Sgl Lagna Ju Moon Su Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ke Ve Ra Ra Su Mo Mo Me Day Lord: Venus Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 05:28:46:06 Sa 07:16:05:55 Ma 07:20:41:32 III 06:29:17:55 6 Ju 05:04:29:27 Me[R] 05:04:41:10 Ve 05:09:59:12 I 04:29:13:20 XII 03:29:31:50 Mo 04:27:23:57 Ra 04:18:37:00 Su 04:16:17:11 XI 02:29:26:18 4 3 7 IV 07:29:30:36 X 01:29:30:36 5 11 VII 10:29:13:20 V 08:29:26:18 IX 00:29:17:55 9 1 12 10 Ke 10:18:37:00 VI 09:29:31:50 IX 29:17:55 VIII 11:28:46:06 X 29:30:36 XI 29:26:18 VII 29:13:20 Ke 18:37:00 Name: Cure from Disease Gender: Male Date: Friday.02/Sep/2016 01:40:24 PM SECUNDERABAD.Phalguni.05-May-2022 Sun 05-May-2016 Moon 22-Aug-2016 Mars 21-Feb-2017 Rahu 29-Jun-2017 Jupiter 23-May-2018 Saturn 12-Mar-2019 Mercury 22-Feb-2020 Ketu 28-Dec-2020 Venus 05-May-2021 Moon Dasa 05-May-2022 .Phalguni(1) Ma Jyeshta(2) Me[R] U. who is in the hospital in USA for quite a few days. 8 M. Pada 1 Star Lord: Sun Lagna: Leo Lagna Lord: Sun Tithi: Shukla Paksha.25 D Karana: Bav Horary No. (C) . ANDHRA PRADESH.05-May-2057 Rahu 05-May-2039 Jupiter 15-Jan-2042 Saturn 09-Jun-2044 Mercury 16-Apr-2047 Ketu 03-Nov-2049 Venus 21-Nov-2050 Sun 21-Nov-2053 Moon 16-Oct-2054 Mars 16-Apr-2056 Jupiter Dasa 05-May-2057 .Ashada(1) 6 Dhanishta(2) 7 P.Occupant of house Ketu acts as agent for: Su.05-May-2109 Mercury 05-May-2092 Ketu 01-Oct-2094 Venus 28-Sep-2095 Sun 29-Jul-2098 Moon 05-Jun-2099 Mars 04-Nov-2100 Rahu 01-Nov-2101 Jupiter 20-May-2104 Saturn 26-Aug-2106 Ketu Dasa 05-May-2109 .Phalguni(4) Sa Anuradha(4) Ra P.05-May-2032 Moon 05-May-2022 Mars 05-Mar-2023 Rahu 04-Oct-2023 Jupiter 05-Apr-2025 Saturn 04-Aug-2026 Mercury 05-Mar-2028 Ketu 04-Aug-2029 Venus 05-Mar-2030 Sun 03-Nov-2031 Mars Dasa 05-May-2032 . 11 4.Phalguni(2) Ke Satabhisha(4) Sgl Su Su Ma Me Me Me Ma Su Sa Stl Ve Su Me Su Su Su Sa Ve Ra Sbl Mo Mo Ve Sa Sa Ve Ju Ra Mo Ssl Mo Mo Ju Ra Ma Ke Su Ju Sa Sssl Me Me Mo Me Ve Me Ju Mo Me Dasa Summary Bhukti VIII 28:46:06 Sgl Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Significators . 10 Sa 3 3 6. 02/Sep/2016 Time: 01:40:24 PM SID: 12:12:02 Lat: 17:27:00 N Lon: 78:30:00 E TZ: +05:30 DST: 0. 10 Ke+ 12 6 Rahu acts as agent for: KP Ezine December 2016 18 . 1 D XII 29:31:50 Su 16:17:11 Ra 18:37:00 Mo 27:23:57 I 29:13:20 Ju 04:29:27 Me[R] 04:41:10 Ve 09:59:12 II 28:46:06 V 29:26:18 IV 29:30:36 Ma 20:41:32 Sa 16:05:55 III 29:17:55 Stl Su Ma Ju Me Su Ma Ju Me Su Ma Ju Me Sbl Ra Sa Su Sa Ra Sa Su Sa Ra Sa Su Sa Ssl Ra Ve Ke Ra Ra Ra Me Ve Ra Ra Ve Ra Sssl Ra Ma Ve Sa Ve Sa Ve Ma Ju Sa Ke Sa Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su P.05-May-2116 Ketu 05-May-2109 Venus 01-Oct-2109 Sun 01-Dec-2110 Moon 08-Apr-2111 Mars 07-Nov-2111 Rahu 04-Apr-2112 Jupiter 22-Apr-2113 Saturn 29-Mar-2114 Mercury 07-May-2115 Venus Dasa 05-May-2116 . Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.Horary No.Phalguni(1) Mo U. Dasa: Sun 5 Y. 11 Ju+ 12 1 1 5. Pratipad Bal.Planets in Occupant's stars (B) . India VI 29:31:50 Ayanamsa: 23° 59' 58" [KP Ayanamsa] .Placidus Star: U. Mo.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 1 12 3. come back safely after recovery from his illness? Ruling Planets .05-May-2136 Venus 05-May-2116 Sun 03-Sep-2119 Moon 03-Sep-2120 Mars 05-May-2122 Rahu 05-Jul-2123 Jupiter 05-Jul-2126 Saturn 05-Mar-2129 Mercury 05-May-2132 Ketu 06-Mar-2135 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.Phalguni(3) Ve U. 105/249 Sun Rise: 06:02:24 AM Nithya Yoga: Sadhya Sun Set: Hora: 06:28:32 PM Venus Dasa Days: 365. (A) . 8 Ve 12 1 1 3.00 Place: SECUNDERABAD.05-May-2092 Saturn 05-May-2073 Mercury 08-May-2076 Ketu 15-Jan-2079 Venus 24-Feb-2080 Sun 26-Apr-2083 Moon 07-Apr-2084 Mars 06-Nov-2085 Rahu 15-Dec-2086 Jupiter 22-Oct-2089 Mercury Dasa 05-May-2092 . Mr Rao. Sa. 7 Ra 1 12 3. ANDHRA PRADESH. 10 1 Mo+ 12 1 1 12 Ma+ 1 3 2. 9 Me 12 1 1 2. Sa.

RAHU. Rahu sookshma is from 17/9/2016 to 21/9/2016. The antara lord. 3. The Sign lord. 3.negative to 4 th . in Sun’s star (Rahu antara lord is conjoined with SUN) from 17/9 to 27/9.KETHU./9/2016. From the above analysis of the important group of houses i. is the lord of 4 (terminal house) and 9 (badhaka house for Leo lagna) placed in 3rd (negative to 4th – coming home).SUN. RULING planets @TOJ=JUP-KETHU-VENU (2)-SUN (2) -MOON-SAT-RAHU. The bhukthi lord MOON is from 22/8/2016 TO 21/2/2017. All three lords clearly signify 1 and 12. is the lord of 5 and 8 is in the lagna cusp. The Sub lord Rahu is in the 12th.SUN. I thought that the end is likely to come between 17/9/2016 to 21. Merc.SUN. The star lord Sun is the lord of lagna who is posited in the 12 th cusp. 7 and 12 at SBL. It signifies 1 and 12.12 at its sub lord Rahu level. and 1. 10. Rahu is in CFS and signifies 1. 3.7. the SGL and SBL. 3. emancipation.coming home. The period runs from 17/9/2016 to 14/10/ experience the past karma.MOON. is the lord of lagna and is in the 12 th cusp with Rahu. Moon.native.SUN – RAHU. 3. Rahu signifies 1. who is the lord of lagna and is in the 12 th cusp. Facts of the case—I got a mail from his daughter in USA stating that Mr. 2-7-12. The Star lord. 10. is the significator of 12. KP Ezine December 2016 19 . So. which is also sookshma lord. 12 at STL and 1. (C) 12th cusp significators are. Saturn is already discussed above. The dasa lord SUN is up to MAY 2022. Rao passed away on 19-09 -2016 at 17-30-00 hours (USA timings) at Mary lands hospital USA.hospitalization and final emancipation. SUN transits in Virgo sign –whose lord. The sub lord is Sun. SIGNIFICATORS OF 2ND HOUSE=MARS-MERCURY/ 7TH HOUSE= SATURN AND 12TH HOUSE= MOON-MERC-JUP-VENUS. The Star lord. and 12. it has become clear that the hope for my friend to come back safely from hospital looks very bleak. It signifies 1. (D) The significators of the 9 th house-Badhaka house for Leo lagna— are MARS.MOON. 6. Jupiter. is the lord of 12 th and is in 12. 12 at its star (Venus) lord level.10 12 @ STL and 12 @SBL. MARS. Thus all three lords signify 1. Rahu (signifies12) and is in CFS. (KETHU represents =Sun-moon-sat-mars) and (RAHU represents =sun-moon-sat and Sun and Moon are closely conjoined with Rahu).(B) 7th house significators are-SATURN-JUPITER.e. and at its sub level 12. SUN. Common fruitful significators= JUP-KETHU-RAHU-SUN-VEN-MOON-SAT.

380061 Email : mkgajjar53@gmail. Saturn. KP Ezine December 2016 20 . Joint period of dasha bhukti and antara at the time of examination of C. Rahu. Time of Birth: 01: 45 P. 4. Mercury 9 Mercury. Ketu Ruling planets Ruling planets at the time of Judgment 03:05:37 P. There is no planet in the stars of Jupiter. 9 (higher degree) and 11 (fulfillment of desire). 5. Mercury is in the star of Venus and in the sub of Jupiter.A. Mars. Bhukti is not favorable. Outcome: Native unfortunately failed in the C. Antara dasa of Mercury runs from date 28/08/2018 to 15/01/2016 at time of the examination. Swee park . Bhukti dasa is of Mercury at the time of examination from date 28/08/2015 to 08/05/2018. Moon.M. Day lord: Venus Common planets Common planets between the significators and ruling planets: Saturn. Sun. Joint period Exam period dates are from 9th to 16th November 2015. Venus.M. Madhuvrund Society. So. Venus.C. Star lord Venus is occupant of 9 and owner of 3 and 8. Sun and Jupiter. Mercury is not among the common planets. Saturn is among the common planets. Running dasa of Saturn from date 25/08/2012 to date 25/08/2031. So there is assurance of a positive result. exam. Place of Birth: Jodhpur (Rajasthan) Lat: 26°: 16’: 00” N. There is no need to see Sookshma dasa. 9 and 11. Cuspal Sub Lord 4th cusp (Gemini 14°:17’:01”): The sub lord of the 4th is Mercury. Venus Moon: Venus. Exam By: Mahendra K. then there will be assurance of positive result in the DBAS of 4.A. 10 and 12.A. Bhukti and Antara dasa of Mercury is not favorable. Sub lord Jupiter is occupant of 5 and owner of 1 and 10. Ahmedabad. Significator Table Bhav Significator 4 Sun. kumar Sindhi Date of Birth: 13th December 1990. Long: 73°: 07’: 00” E Ayanamsa: 23°: 38’: 26” Hint: If the cuspal sub lord of 4th is the significator of 4 (study). Here 4 and 9 are signified. Ghatlodia. Sun. Exam which is during date 9 to 16 November 2015? Name: R. dasa is favorable. Rahu. 7. Jupiter. Mercury is occupant of 10 and owner of 4 and 7. Venus 11 Saturn. Saturn. exam which will be held from date 9 to 16 November 2015. The sub lord of the 4 th Mercury is the significator of 1. 8. Gajjar B / 2 / 161. Date 4 th September 2015 Asc: Jupiter.A. Mobile + 91 7878484993 Question: Whether I will pass or not C.A. 9. My judgment: You will not pass the C. and Jupiter is sub lord of 12 also.

Man Machine Systems.Planets in Occupant's stars Ketu acts as agent for: Mo. Dasa: Rahu 5 Y. (A) .25-Aug-2031 Saturn 25-Aug-2012 Mercury 28-Aug-2015 Ketu 08-May-2018 Venus 17-Jun-2019 Sun 16-Aug-2022 Moon 29-Jul-2023 Mars 28-Feb-2025 Rahu 08-Apr-2026 Jupiter 13-Feb-2029 Mercury Dasa 25-Aug-2031 . RAJASTHAN.House Owner 6 V 09:21:51 Ju[R] 19:40:20 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 Revati(1) 2 Bharani(3) 3 Rohini(4) 4 Aridra(3) 5 Pushyami(2) 6 Magha(3) 7 Hasta(3) 8 Visakha(1) 9 Jyeshta(2) 10 P.R.25-Aug-2048 Mercury 25-Aug-2031 Ketu 21-Jan-2034 Venus 19-Jan-2035 Sun 19-Nov-2037 Moon 26-Sep-2038 Mars 25-Feb-2040 Rahu 21-Feb-2041 Jupiter 10-Sep-2043 Saturn 16-Dec-2045 Ketu Dasa 25-Aug-2048 .Ashada(3) Ke Pushyami(1) Sgl Ma Ve Ve Ju Mo Ju Ju Sa Mo Stl Me Ra Su Ve Me Ke Su Su Sa Sbl Ju Ve Me Su Ve Ju Ra Me Me Ssl Mo Mo Ju Ve Ve Ju Sa Ju Ma Sssl Ju Ju Ve Ra Me Ke Ve Ju Ve Dasa Summary Bhukti I 18:15:17 Sgl Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Significators . India Ke 06:28:53 V 09:21:51 Ju[R] 19:40:20 Ayanamsa: 23° 38' 26" [KP Ayanamsa] . GUJARAT. 12 Rahu acts as agent for: Ju. AHMEDABAD. KUMAR SINDHI Gender: Male Date: Thursday.25-Aug-2075 Venus 25-Aug-2055 Sun 25-Dec-2058 Moon 25-Dec-2059 Mars 26-Aug-2061 Rahu 25-Oct-2062 Jupiter 25-Oct-2065 Saturn 25-Jun-2068 Mercury 25-Aug-2071 Ketu 25-Jun-2074 Sun Dasa 25-Aug-2075 .com KP Ezine From Rahu Dasa 25-Aug-1978 . 8 4.Planets in Owner's stars (D) .25-Aug-2055 Ketu 25-Aug-2048 Venus 21-Jan-2049 Sun 23-Mar-2050 Moon 29-Jul-2050 Mars 27-Feb-2051 Rahu 26-Jul-2051 Jupiter 14-Aug-2052 Saturn 21-Jul-2053 Mercury 29-Aug-2054 Venus Dasa 25-Aug-2055 .Ashada(1) Ra U. 12 D VI 09:38:54 XII 09:38:54 XI 09:21:51 Ra 06:28:53 VII 18:15:17 Sa 29:56:11 Me 16:09:58 X 14:17:01 Ve 07:39:53 Su 27:24:54 IX 20:14:59 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.Ashada(1) Ju[R] Ashlesha(1) Ve Moola(3) Sa U.Placidus Star: Swati. 8 Sa 9 10 6 11. India Planet Sgl Lagna Sa Moon Mo Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Ra Mo Sa Ke Me Ju Ke Ra Day Lord: Moon Nirayana Bhava Chalit Ma[R] 06:36:21 II 23:08:46 XII 09:38:54 I 18:15:17 III 20:14:59 XI 09:21:51 1 11 10 2 Ke 06:28:53 IV 14:17:01 12 9 3 Sa 29:56:11 Me 16:09:58 X 14:17:01 Ra 06:28:53 VII 18:15:17 Mo 15:46:39 4 Su 27:24:54 IX 20:14:59 Ve 07:39:53 8 7 5 VI 09:38:54 II 23:08:46 VIII 23:08:46 Ma[R] 06:36:21 III 20:14:59 IV 14:17:01 Name: R. VIII 23:08:46 Mo 15:46:39 Stl Me Ve Mo Ra Sa Ke Mo Ju Me Ve Su Ra Sbl Me Sa Ke Me Ve Sa Me Sa Ve Ve Ve Ju Ssl Ju Mo Sa Sa Ju Sa Ve Mo Ra Ra Sa Ve Sssl Ra Ra Ke Ve Me Ju Ma Ve Sa Me Ve Ra Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su Jyeshta(4) Mo Swati(3) Ma[R] Krittika(3) Me P.Ashada(4) 12 Satabhisha(1) From Bhukti From Bhukti Jupiter Dasa 25-Aug-1996 .Occupant of house (C) . Dvadasi Bal. (B) . Sa. Pada 3 Star Lord: Rahu Rasi: Libra Rasi Lord: Venus Lagna: Pisces Lagna Lord: Jupiter Tithi: Krishna Paksha. KUMAR SINDHI Sun Rise: 07:15:48 AM Nithya Yoga: Atiganda Sun Set: Hora: 05:47:12 PM Saturn Dasa Days: 365. 9 Me 9 10 3.25-Aug-1996 Rahu 25-Aug-1978 Jupiter 08-May-1981 Saturn 01-Oct-1983 Mercury 08-Aug-1986 Ketu 25-Feb-1989 Venus 15-Mar-1990 Sun 15-Mar-1993 Moon 07-Feb-1994 Mars 08-Aug-1995 December 2016 21 .25 D Karana: Taitil Ruling Planets .25-Aug-2081 Sun 25-Aug-2075 Moon 13-Dec-2075 Mars 13-Jun-2076 Rahu 18-Oct-2076 Jupiter 12-Sep-2077 Saturn 01-Jul-2078 Mercury 13-Jun-2079 Ketu 19-Apr-2080 Venus 25-Aug-2080 Moon Dasa 25-Aug-2081 . 7 6 Mo+ 11 7 5 Ma+ 9 2 6 2. 8 M.25-Aug-2091 Moon 25-Aug-2081 Mars 26-Jun-2082 Rahu 25-Jan-2083 Jupiter 25-Jul-2084 Saturn 24-Nov-2085 Mercury 25-Jun-2087 Ketu 24-Nov-2088 Venus 25-Jun-2089 Sun 24-Feb-2091 Mars Dasa 25-Aug-2091 .kpastrosystem. Ju. 7 Ju+ 10 5 4. 12 Ra 9 11 6 Ke 10 5 11.25-Aug-2012 Jupiter 25-Aug-1996 Saturn 13-Oct-1998 Mercury 26-Apr-2001 Ketu 01-Aug-2003 Venus 07-Jul-2004 Sun 08-Mar-2007 Moon 25-Dec-2007 Mars 26-Apr-2009 Rahu 02-Apr-2010 Saturn Dasa 25-Aug-2012 .25-Aug-2098 Mars 25-Aug-2091 Rahu 21-Jan-2092 Jupiter 09-Feb-2093 Saturn 16-Jan-2094 Mercury 24-Feb-2095 Ketu 21-Feb-2096 Venus 20-Jul-2096 Sun 18-Sep-2097 Moon 24-Jan-2098 (G) Denotes geocentric correction applied to latitude. 7 1.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 10 9 4.Ashada(1) 11 U. 10 Ve 5 9 3. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www. 13/Dec/1990 Time: 01:45:00 PM SID: 18:34:30 Lat: 26:16:00 N[G] Lon: 73:07:00 E Place: JODHPUR.24/Oct/2016 03:34:29 PM GHATLODIA.

Astro Consultant) #404.I want to sell my landed property. Therefore selling away ones property is shown by the houses 3. 10th cusp counted from Lagna. 10). In this horary chart. Thursday.. Planets in the star of bhava lord. Whether he will be able to purchase your property or not is to be seen from the 4 th cusp counted from 7th. Planets in the stars of bhava occupant. the Lagna Cusp sublord also indicates the nature of the query in horary chart.e. 5. Sincerity of the querent can be judged from the position of Moon. …………. Rahu Moon Venus December 2016 Jupiter. the Lagna cuspal sublord. Rahu KP Ezine in the Bhava lord. Significators – House View of 3-5-10 is as follows:H. If the sublord is retrograde wait. TOJ: . i. E-mail:. The matter will fructify during the period of the significators of 3-5-10. is conjoined with Mars (lord of 4 & 11) and Mars aspects the 4th house (Landed Property).06-03-2014.vsnm_vdl@yahoo. POJ: .Selling of lands By: VSN. Anyone with whom you deal is shown by the 7 th house.11-48-25 AM. (K. Saturn Moon (rep Ketu) Saturn. If they are in direct motion and if this sublord is also a significator of either 3 rd or 10th house. Teja Garden Apartments. (2) is deposited in the constellation of Rahu whose lord is not then you will not be able to sell the property.Landed property is indicated by the 4th house counted from Lagna. Vaikari Ramamurthy ji.10th cuspal sublord Jupiter: (1) is retrograde. Murthy. (AP) Mobile:. DOJ: . & 10 counted from the Lagna of the consultant.188/249. ……………. Whether it will be fulfilled or not? If On 06-03-2014. In this horary chart. When? Horary Number: . Houses 10 and 5 are. Whether the sale of Land is promised or not can be seen from the following Krishnamurthy Paddhathi Rule:You want to sell away your property. If the lord of the constellation in which sublord is deposited. Rahu. KURNOOL. So the matter will fructify after 07 th March 2014). Immediately.4. Prakashnagar. Hints: .No.P.09440220874. So Moon is a strong significator for 4 th house (Landed property). I worked it out astrologically as follows:Question: . (AP). The 3rd house is the 12th to the 4th house. Venus 22 . is retrograde. One who purchases the landed property is shown by the 7th house. 10th CSL Jupiter (6-1. 4th (Landed Property) and 11th (fulfillment of his desire) counted from 7th house. Lagna indicates the querent. According to Late Sri. an old client came to me and asked the following question about selling of her lands and she gave a horary number 188/249. 3. respectively. and (3) is also the significator of 3 and 5. From this we can understand that Moon clearly reflects the mind of the querent. (Jupiter will become direct on 07-03-2014. Judge whether the sublord of the 10th cusp is either retrograde or deposited in the constellation whose lord is retrograde.Kurnool. Moon is the occupant of 4th having no planets in her stars. Sun. The 10th cusp is Libra 09-41-27 (Vensu/Rahu/Jupiter):. Planets bhava 3 5 ……………… ……………… 10 Jupiter.vdl@gmail. then you can and will sell. and 12) is in the star of Rahu (10) and in the sub of Venus (1-5.

India Planet Sgl Lagna Ve Moon Ma Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl Mo Ve Ve Me Ve Me Ra Su Day Lord: Jupiter Nirayana Bhava Chalit II 10:02:48:53 Su 10:21:37:52 Ke 00:06:54:01 III 11:07:38:55 11 XII 08:03:01:30 Ve 09:06:21:28 Me 09:25:47:28 I 08:29:13:20 XI 07:07:32:44 9 8 12 IV 00:09:41:27 Mo 00:25:17:28 Sa[R] 06:29:20:37 X 06:09:41:27 9 3 VII 02:29:13:20 V 01:07:32:44 2 6 5 3 VI 02:03:01:30 Ju[R] 02:16:28:38 Ke 06:54:01 IV 09:41:27 Mo 25:17:28 IX 05:07:38:55 Ra 06:06:54:01 Ma[R] 06:03:26:14 VIII 04:02:48:53 V 07:32:44 VI 03:01:30 Ju[R] 16:28:38 VII 29:13:20 III 07:38:55 Su 21:37:52 II 02:48:53 Name: Sell my landed property Gender: Female Date: Thursday.29-Mar-2073 Jupiter 29-Mar-2057 Saturn 17-May-2059 Mercury 27-Nov-2061 Ketu 04-Mar-2064 Venus 08-Feb-2065 Sun 09-Oct-2067 Moon 27-Jul-2068 Mars 26-Nov-2069 Rahu 02-Nov-2070 Saturn Dasa 29-Mar-2073 . 10 Ma 9 9 4.Bhadra(2) 4 Aswini(3) 5 Krittika(4) 6 Mrigasira(3) 7 Punarvasu(3) 8 Magha(1) 9 U. 0 M. 12 2 Ra 10 10 Ke 4 4 Planets in Occupant's stars Rahu acts as agent for: Mo. 12 Ve 2 1 8 5.Ashada(1) 2 Dhanishta(3) 3 U. 12 8 Mo+ 1 4 5.06/Mar/2014 11:48:45 AM KURNOOL. 188/249 Sun Rise: 06:32:23 AM Nithya Yoga: Vaidhrti Sun Set: Hora: 06:26:03 PM Moon Dasa Days: 365. Sashti Bal. Dasa: Venus 2 Y. Whether it will be fulfilled or not? If so.00 Place: KURNOOL. Ju.Phalguni(4) 10 Swati(1) 11 Anuradha(2) 12 Moola(1) Dasa Summary Bhukti From Bhukti From Bhukti From Venus Dasa 29-Mar-1996 .Planets in Owner's stars (D) .House Owner 7 1 Cuspal Positions Cusp Star(Pada) 1 U. 06/Mar/2014 Time: 11:48:45 AM SID: 22:26:36 Lat: 15:50:00 N Lon: 78:03:00 E TZ: +05:30 DST: 0.-Sa. When? Ruling Planets . India Me 25:47:28 Ve 06:21:28 Ayanamsa: 23° 57' 53" [KP Ayanamsa] .Horary No. 3. Pada 4 Star Lord: Venus Lagna: Sagittarius Lagna Lord: Jupiter Tithi: Shukla Paksha.25 D Karana: Kaulav Horary No. 7. 3. 9 Ju 10 6 1.Ashada(3) Sa[R] Visakha(3) Ra Swati(1) Ke Aswini(3) Sgl Sa Ma Ve Sa Me Sa Ve Ve Ma Stl Ju Ve Ma Ma Ra Su Ju Ra Ke Sbl Ju Me Ve Ra Ve Me Su Ra Ra Ssl Ra Ra Ma Su Ju Ra Ve Ra Ve Sssl Me Su Ve Me Me Ve Ve Ve Su Significators . 3. Ma. Man Machine Systems. 11 4.Planets View Planet (A) (B) (C) (D) Su 6 2 1.kpastrosystem.29-Mar-2016 Venus 29-Mar-1996 Sun 29-Jul-1999 Moon 29-Jul-2000 Mars 29-Mar-2002 Rahu 29-May-2003 Jupiter 29-May-2006 Saturn 28-Jan-2009 Mercury 28-Mar-2012 Ketu 27-Jan-2015 Sun Dasa 29-Mar-2016 .29-Mar-2109 Mercury 29-Mar-2092 Ketu 25-Aug-2094 Venus 22-Aug-2095 Sun 23-Jun-2098 Moon 29-Apr-2099 Mars 28-Sep-2100 Rahu 25-Sep-2101 Jupiter 13-Apr-2104 Saturn 20-Jul-2106 Ketu Dasa 29-Mar-2109 .Bhadra(1) Mo Bharani(4) Ma[R] Chitra(4) Me Dhanishta(1) Ju[R] Aridra(3) Ve KP Ezine December 2016 23 . 23 D VIII 02:48:53 IX 07:38:55 I 29:13:20 XII 03:01:30 XI 07:32:44 Sa[R] 29:20:37 X 09:41:27 Ra 06:54:01 Ma[R] 03:26:14 Sgl Ju Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Me Su Me Ve Ma Ju Stl Su Ma Sa Ke Su Ma Ju Ke Su Ra Sa Ke Sbl Ra Ve Ke Sa Ke Ve Su Ve Ke Ju Ke Su Ssl Ra Ve Ma Me Sa Ve Me Me Sa Ve Su Su Sssl Ra Ra Ve Me Sa Ke Ve Ju Ra Ra Ve Me Planetary Positions Planet Star(Pada) Su P. Ketu acts as agent for: Mo.29-Mar-2057 Rahu 29-Mar-2039 Jupiter 10-Dec-2041 Saturn 04-May-2044 Mercury 10-Mar-2047 Ketu 27-Sep-2049 Venus 15-Oct-2050 Sun 15-Oct-2053 Moon 09-Sep-2054 Mars 10-Mar-2056 Jupiter Dasa 29-Mar-2057 . ANDHRA PRADESH.: 188 Question : I want to sell my landed property.29-Mar-2032 Moon 29-Mar-2022 Mars 27-Jan-2023 Rahu 28-Aug-2023 Jupiter 27-Feb-2025 Saturn 29-Jun-2026 Mercury 28-Jan-2028 Ketu 29-Jun-2029 Venus 28-Jan-2030 Sun 29-Sep-2031 Mars Dasa 29-Mar-2032 .29-Mar-2116 Ketu 29-Mar-2109 Venus 25-Aug-2109 Sun 25-Oct-2110 Moon 02-Mar-2111 Mars 01-Oct-2111 Rahu 27-Feb-2112 Jupiter 17-Mar-2113 Saturn 21-Feb-2114 Mercury 02-Apr-2115 + These planets do not have any planets in their stars.(A) Ve.Occupant of house (C) .Placidus Star: Bharani. ANDHRA PRADESH. Sa.29-Mar-2092 Saturn 29-Mar-2073 Mercury 01-Apr-2076 Ketu 10-Dec-2078 Venus 18-Jan-2080 Sun 20-Mar-2083 Moon 01-Mar-2084 Mars 30-Sep-2085 Rahu 09-Nov-2086 Jupiter 15-Sep-2089 Mercury Dasa 29-Mar-2092 . (B) . Ma. 11 Me+ 9 1 4. Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL: www.29-Mar-2039 Mars 29-Mar-2032 Rahu 25-Aug-2032 Jupiter 12-Sep-2033 Saturn 19-Aug-2034 Mercury 28-Sep-2035 Ketu 24-Sep-2036 Venus 20-Feb-2037 Sun 22-Apr-2038 Moon 28-Aug-2038 Rahu Dasa 29-Mar-2039 . 11 6.29-Mar-2022 Sun 29-Mar-2016 Moon 16-Jul-2016 Mars 15-Jan-2017 Rahu 23-May-2017 Jupiter 17-Apr-2018 Saturn 03-Feb-2019 Mercury 16-Jan-2020 Ketu 21-Nov-2020 Venus 29-Mar-2021 Moon Dasa 29-Mar-2022 . 10 Sa+ 6 10 1.

000/. All the lands were registered in the name of the purchaser on Tuesday. Note:. Next after Venus is Sun.(fifty thousands) as a token advance on 31-052015. But Mercury is not in the list of common planets. Jupiter. Moon Sign lord: . So Moon should be selected as Anthra lord. Sun is not in the list of common planets.50. Next after Sun is Moon. Moon Star lord: . POJ:Kurnool) Lagna Star lord: . Venus will come as per VMD. Thus. Ketu is conjoined with Moon and aspected by Mars.Moon. Day lord: . the querent is running Venus dasa/Mercury bhukthi/Rahu anthra. KP Ezine December 2016 24 . Common planets: Moon. Jupiter. The next bhukthi in Venus dasa is that of Ketu which starts from 01-02-2015 to 30-03-2016.She took an amount of Rs. Actual fact: . Both these planets are in the Ruling Planets as Lagna Star lord and as Moon Sign lord respectively. After Ketu. I have predicted that the querent will definitely sell her lands during the period of Venus/ Ketu/Moon. Both these two planets are among the Ruling Planets as Moon sign lord and Day lord respectively. 02-06-2015. TOJ:-11-48-25. Rahu and Ketu.Rahu is conjoined with Mars and is also aspected by Jupiter.50. Lagna Sign lord:-Venus. Venus.Mars.Jupiter. She sold her lands and finalized the sale completely after receiving the full amount of Rs. Moon is among the common planets. We have already selected Venus as Dasa lord.Venus. So proceed further for selecting anthra lord. Venus is among the common planets. So we can ignore Mercury bhukthi in Venus Dasa. the matter will fructify during the period of Venus Dasa/Ketu Bhukthi/Moon Anthra which operates between 28-05-2015 and 03-07-2015. Venus. At the time of judgment.Ruling Planets at the time of judgment are as follows :-( DOJ:-06-03-2014. ignore him. Mars. Rahu and Ketu. So. So we can select KETU as bhukthi lord in Venus Dasa. Then the total Ruling Planets are Moon. Ketu is among the common planets. 29.000/-(twenty nine lacks fifty thousand rupees). Therefore. So both the nodes (Rahu & Ketu) should be included in the list of RPs.

30 AM Ahmedabad December 2016 Date SID Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu 01/Dec/2016 09:31:31 Sc 15:13:05 Sg 01:32:20 Cp 22:08:47 Sg 03:22:17 Vi 22:49:14 Sg 28:16:18 Sc 23:44:07 Le 13:51:53 Aq 13:51:53 02/Dec/2016 09:35:28 Sc 16:13:56 Sg 13:38:07 Cp 22:53:47 Sg 04:46:15 Vi 22:59:17 Sg 29:26:38 Sc 23:51:10 Le 13:48:42 Aq 13:48:42 03/Dec/2016 09:39:25 Sc 17:14:47 Sg 25:50:52 Cp 23:38:50 Sg 06:09:05 Vi 23:09:15 Cp 00:36:51 Sc 23:58:14 Le 13:45:31 Aq 13:45:31 04/Dec/2016 09:43:21 Sc 18:15:40 Cp 08:12:32 Cp 24:23:54 Sg 07:30:38 Vi 23:19:07 Cp 01:46:59 Sc 24:05:18 Le 13:42:20 Aq 13:42:20 05/Dec/2016 09:47:18 Sc 19:16:34 Cp 20:45:41 Cp 25:09:00 Sg 08:50:39 Vi 23:28:53 Cp 02:57:00 Sc 24:12:22 Le 13:39:10 Aq 13:39:10 06/Dec/2016 09:51:14 Sc 20:17:28 Aq 03:33:31 Cp 25:54:07 Sg 10:08:56 Vi 23:38:32 Cp 04:06:54 Sc 24:19:27 Le 13:35:59 Aq 13:35:59 07/Dec/2016 09:55:11 Sc 21:18:23 Aq 16:39:34 Cp 26:39:15 Sg 11:25:10 Vi 23:48:06 Cp 05:16:41 Sc 24:26:32 Le 13:32:48 Aq 13:32:48 08/Dec/2016 09:59:07 Sc 22:19:19 Pi 00:07:18 Cp 27:24:25 Sg 12:39:04 Vi 23:57:33 Cp 06:26:21 Sc 24:33:37 Le 13:29:37 Aq 13:29:37 09/Dec/2016 10:03:04 Sc 23:20:15 Pi 13:59:25 Cp 28:09:36 Sg 13:50:14 Vi 24:06:53 Cp 07:35:53 Sc 24:40:42 Le 13:26:27 Aq 13:26:27 10/Dec/2016 10:07:00 Sc 24:21:12 Pi 28:16:58 Cp 28:54:48 Sg 14:58:15 Vi 24:16:08 Cp 08:45:18 Sc 24:47:48 Le 13:23:16 Aq 13:23:16 11/Dec/2016 10:10:57 Sc 25:22:09 Ar 12:58:22 Cp 29:40:00 Sg 16:02:38 Vi 24:25:15 Cp 09:54:34 Sc 24:54:53 Le 13:20:05 Aq 13:20:05 12/Dec/2016 10:14:54 Sc 26:23:08 Ar 27:58:48 Aq 00:25:14 Sg 17:02:49 Vi 24:34:16 Cp 11:03:41 Sc 25:01:58 Le 13:16:54 Aq 13:16:54 13/Dec/2016 10:18:50 Sc 27:24:07 Ta 13:10:08 Aq 01:10:28 Sg 17:58:12 Vi 24:43:10 Cp 12:12:40 Sc 25:09:04 Le 13:13:44 Aq 13:13:44 14/Dec/2016 10:22:47 Sc 28:25:06 Ta 28:21:56 Aq 01:55:43 Sg 18:48:05 Vi 24:51:58 Cp 13:21:30 Sc 25:16:09 Le 13:10:33 Aq 13:10:33 15/Dec/2016 10:26:43 Sc 29:26:07 Ge 13:23:14 Aq 02:40:58 Sg 19:31:42 Vi 25:00:38 Cp 14:30:11 Sc 25:23:14 Le 13:07:22 Aq 13:07:22 16/Dec/2016 10:30:40 Sg 00:27:08 Ge 28:04:32 Aq 03:26:14 Sg 20:08:13 Vi 25:09:12 Cp 15:38:42 Sc 25:30:19 Le 13:04:12 Aq 13:04:12 17/Dec/2016 10:34:36 Sg 01:28:10 Cn 12:19:19 Aq 04:11:31 Sg 20:36:48 Vi 25:17:38 Cp 16:47:03 Sc 25:37:23 Le 13:01:01 Aq 13:01:01 18/Dec/2016 10:38:33 Sg 02:29:13 Cn 26:04:38 Aq 04:56:47 Sg 20:56:31 Vi 25:25:57 Cp 17:55:15 Sc 25:44:27 Le 12:57:50 Aq 12:57:50 19/Dec/2016 10:42:29 Sg 03:30:17 Le 09:20:46 Aq 05:42:05 Sg 21:06:32 Vi 25:34:08 Cp 19:03:15 Sc 25:51:31 Le 12:54:40 Aq 12:54:40 20/Dec/2016 10:46:26 Sg 04:31:22 Le 22:10:30 Aq 06:27:22 Sg 21:06:00 Vi 25:42:12 Cp 20:11:06 Sc 25:58:33 Le 12:51:29 Aq 12:51:29 21/Dec/2016 10:50:23 Sg 05:32:27 Vi 04:38:09 Aq 07:12:40 Sg 20:54:18 Vi 25:50:08 Cp 21:18:45 Sc 26:05:35 Le 12:48:18 Aq 12:48:18 22/Dec/2016 10:54:19 Sg 06:33:33 Vi 16:48:51 Aq 07:57:59 Sg 20:30:57 Vi 25:57:57 Cp 22:26:14 Sc 26:12:37 Le 12:45:07 Aq 12:45:07 23/Dec/2016 10:58:16 Sg 07:34:40 Vi 28:47:50 Aq 08:43:17 Sg 19:55:51 Vi 26:05:37 Cp 23:33:30 Sc 26:19:38 Le 12:41:56 Aq 12:41:56 24/Dec/2016 11:02:12 Sg 08:35:47 Li 10:40:06 Aq 09:28:36 Sg 19:09:18 Vi 26:13:10 Cp 24:40:35 Sc 26:26:37 Le 12:38:45 Aq 12:38:45 25/Dec/2016 11:06:09 Sg 09:36:56 Li 22:30:04 Aq 10:13:56 Sg 18:12:04 Vi 26:20:34 Cp 25:47:28 Sc 26:33:36 Le 12:35:35 Aq 12:35:35 26/Dec/2016 11:10:05 Sg 10:38:04 Sc 04:21:23 Aq 10:59:15 Sg 17:05:30 Vi 26:27:51 Cp 26:54:08 Sc 26:40:34 Le 12:32:24 Aq 12:32:24 27/Dec/2016 11:14:02 Sg 11:39:14 Sc 16:16:57 Aq 11:44:35 Sg 15:51:27 Vi 26:34:59 Cp 28:00:34 Sc 26:47:31 Le 12:29:13 Aq 12:29:13 28/Dec/2016 11:17:58 Sg 12:40:23 Sc 28:18:48 Aq 12:29:55 Sg 14:32:13 Vi 26:41:58 Cp 29:06:48 Sc 26:54:27 Le 12:26:03 Aq 12:26:03 29/Dec/2016 11:21:55 Sg 13:41:33 Sg 10:28:19 Aq 13:15:14 Sg 13:10:25 Vi 26:48:49 Aq 00:12:47 Sc 27:01:22 Le 12:22:52 Aq 12:22:52 30/Dec/2016 11:25:52 Sg 14:42:44 Sg 22:46:20 Aq 14:00:34 Sg 11:48:47 Vi 26:55:31 Aq 01:18:31 Sc 27:08:15 Le 12:19:41 Aq 12:19:41 31/Dec/2016 11:29:48 Sg 15:43:54 Cp 05:13:30 Aq 14:45:53 Sg 10:29:58 Vi 27:02:05 Aq 02:24:01 Sc 27:15:07 Le 12:16:31 Aq 12:16:31 KPEzine December 2016 25 .Planetary Positions For O5.