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Wizard Tradition: Darohkar

Some wizards learn how to use other tools, than wands,

orbs, or staffs, to focus their spells. The Darohkar tradition
uses a special kind of card, imbued with a tiny piece of
their own, the Thaumaturgy cards.

roll the damage for your attack and the missile damage. If
your damage is equal half or more of the missile damage,
you deflect it, if the damage is less than half the missile
damage, you reduce its damage by your total when it hits.
The deflection causes the missile to land somewhere
close to the original target, harmlessly.

Darohkar Tradition

Fast Dealer

Card dealers

Thaumaturgy Deck!
This arcane tradition is heavily dependent on a special
item called Thaumaturgy card, which consists of specially
made cards, imbued with a faint magical energy that you
can attune to.
A group of Thaumaturgy cards are called a
Thaumaturgy deck.

Gamblers Proficiency
At level 2, you become proficient with players card set and
are now able to craft your own Thaumaturgy cards. You
can craft up to 7 cards during a 10-day downtime.
Starting at this level, you can also use your
thaumaturgy deck cards as if they were a dart weapon.
The cost for crafting each card is of 10 gp.

Starting at level 10, you can now use a bonus action to

make a ranged attack with a Thaumaturgy card weapon.

Imbue Card
At level 10, you learn how to store spells inside a
thaumaturgy deck.
During a long rest, you can spend 1 hour imbuing a
card with a spell you know.
You can activate the spell effect with an action.
This spell cant be from a higher level than a 1st-level
spell, its casting time cant be more than 1 action, cant
contain any material components with a price on its
component list, and cant require you to maintain
You cant imbue one card like this at level 10, and two
cards imbued 1st-level spell or one card imbued with one
2nd-level spell at level 14.

Starting at level 2, you can attune to your thaumaturgy
deck during your downtime, creating cards that can deliver
touch spells for you.
During your long rest, you can spend 2 hours attuning
to up to you Intelligence modifier (minimum of one)
number of cards. You can never be attuned to a number of
cards higher than your Intelligence modifier.
You can either harmlessly place these cards on to an
ally, or try to attach it to an enemy.
If you use one of these cards as a weapon, on a hit, you
can choose to attach it to a target. You can now cast a
touch spell, from up to 20 feet away from it, as if you were
touching it,
This distance increases to 25 feet at level 6, and to 30
feet at level 10.
When a spell cast this way finishes, the attuned card
you focused your spell through, to cast the touch spell,
burns into a harmless blue flame and disappears.

Mid-Air Missile Deflection

Starting at level 6, you can use your Reaction to throw a
card, into a non-magical missile, within the cards reach,
changing the missiles trajectory and possibly causing it to
miss. When you do so, you make a Dexterity test with the
DC equal the total attack roll of the missile. If you succeed,

Thaumaturgy Decks
Thaumaturgy decks consist of special made cards,
from special materials, which can be used as a
spell focus.
These cards take time to make, although they
look worthless to the untrained eye.
Wizards from this tradition can also use these
cards as a dart weapon, and craft them.
Thaumaturgy decks are not instantly perceived
as weapons by normal people.
Fake Thaumaturgy deck cards exist, but those
cant be used as a spell focus, or to deliver spells.
They can be purchased by 2 sp each on specialized

Ace in the Hole

At level 14, you can use two of the cards you are attuned
to, to cast the same spell on both, at the same time.
You spend only one spell slot when doing so.
Once you use this feature, you cant use it again until
you finish a long rest.

On the 14th level, you can chose to immediately destroy 2
cards you are attuned to, from your thaumaturgy deck, to

increase the spell saving throw DC by one. Alternatively,

you can destroy 5 cards, to increase the DC by two,

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