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Bete Israel:

This message is addressed to waffiki, but I want you also to pay attention to it as well,
especially if you are of Oromo descent. Here are two articles regarding the Tutsi people
of Rwanda, Congo, etc. ==>

The first article clearly quotes that,

"Professor Yochanan (Jean) Bwejeri is a member of the Bene-Zagwei clan of the Tutsi
people of Burundi. He claims that he is a Jew by birth. His ancestors and the ancestors of
all Tutsi were all Jews by birth and not by conversion. Except where I write in the first
person, I relate these claims and the facts and opinions upon which they are based as they
were told to me by Professor Bwejeri — and as often as possible in his words."
Notice the article quotes that Professor Yochanan (Jean) Bwejeri is a member of the
Bene-Zagwei (Sons of Zagwei) clan of the Tutsi? Are not these Zagwei as in Zagwe not
the Bete Israel of the Zagwe dynasty who built the beautiful Churches in Lalibela,
Ethiopiawe? Here are some interesting movies on the Tutsi Hebrews. ==>

I have been watching the research of brothers/sisters who continue to seek why
Ethiopians call themselves Habasa or Habesha. When you break the word Habasa down
into the ancient Hebrew, you get Ha = the, ba = sons, and sa(m) = Shem. What I am
saying makes sense because when you refer to the Wiki article on Shem it begins by
saying that,

"Shem (Hebrew: ‫שם‬, Modern Shem Tiberian Šēm ; Greek: Σημ Sēm; Arabic: ‫ سام‬Sām;
Ge'ez: ሴም, Sēm; "renown; prosperity; name")"

Notice that the ancient Hebrew word sa(m) = Shem from above is exactly the same
pronunciation and word as the Arabic word for Shem = Sam and the Ge'ez word for
Shem = Sem? What I teach you Bete Israel makes very much sense because Habasa
means "The sons of Shem", and when you break down the modern version of it which is
Habesha in modern Hebrew, you get Ha = the, be(ne) = sons, and sha = Shem, or
basically said, "The sons of Shem". What I teach makes even more sense because the
Basa Lemba as in Habasa Lemba as in Habesha Lemba of South Africa say that when the
Assyrians came against the land of Canaan (Israel) in @ 721 BC, which in that time I am
proud to say was a part of the 25th dynasty of Kemet aka the ancient Kushite Empire, that

they first fled to Yemen (Saba), which may explain why Ge'ez inscriptions were found
there; from Yemen (Saba) they fled into mother Ethiopiawe where many stayed while
only a small portion of them went into Zimbabwe and built the country there. The Basa
Lemba as in Habasa Lemba as in Habesha Lemba that settled in mother Ethiopiawe
became known as the Bete Israel aka Falasha. We also know that the nation of Zimbabwe
in which they built is known as "The Land of King Solomon's Mines". What I have
taught above makes even more sense because when you remove the "ha" in "Habasa" you
obviously get Basa, as in Basa or Basaa Lemba. According to this web link, "List of
Bantu Language Names" under the heading A.43 Basaa, you clearly see that Basa aka
Basaa is a Bantu word. ==>
Also from this web link, "African Tribal Names", you will see that Basaa are a tribe
found in Cameroon, Liberia, and Nigeria.


With that being said, if you Bete Israel were paying attention, the "we" pronunciation is
found in Ethiopiawe, Zimbabwe, and Zagwei (Zagwe). We Ethiopiawe Hebrew Israelites
are extremely intelligent people, and us founding the first civilization is an example of
this intelligence. We educated the Europeans for 700 years under the Moorish Empire
before being sold as slaves by the Arabs to these same Europeans that we educated; we
have even built the great civilization of Babel/Babylon (America), and also built the
original great civilization of Babel/Babylon in the so called middle east which is
conferred in Genesis 10:8-12 when it was founded and ruled by Nimrod the Ethiopian a
son of Kush the Ethiopian. Abraham himself was born in this land of ancient
Babel/Babylon founded and ruled by Nimrod the Ethiopian a son of Kush the Ethiopian.
Abraham even in Genesis 15:18 inherited these same lands in which he was born which
began from the rivers Egypt (Nile) to the Euphrates, which is modern day Canaan
(Israel), Kemet (Egypt), Sudan, Ethiopiawe, Ugandawe, Somaliawe, Kenyawe, Yemen
(Saba), Arabia, and Iraq; these are the same lands in Genesis 2:11-14 which are the
Garden of Eden and in history was known as the ancient Kushite (Ethiopiawe) Empire.
This is why I stress to you young Ethiopiawe Hebrew Israelites the essence and
importance of education, because education is what sets your mind free from mental
slavery. You Ethiopiawe Hebrew Israelites have to study your history from a Biblical
perspective. I am disappointed that many of you did not pay attention to the World Cup
in South Africa, where your people the Basa Lemba as in Habasa Lemba as in Habesha
Lemba live, and who in past times fought against and won against Apartheid under the
Ethiopianism movement. ==>

Of course these above Wiki articles above claim that the Ethiopianism movement had
nothing to do with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, however any intelligent
Ethiopiawe Hebrew Israelite will know that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
was behind the whole movement, which included in the past the prophet Moses,
YAHshua (Jesus) the Messiah, the Apostles, Shaka Zulu, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther
King, dnorwood07 the Ethiopian, Haile Selassie, etc. Speaking of Ethiopianism, here are
some interesting videos regarding your history. ==>

GOD is for EVERYONE! Waffiki I heard that word Tutsi is a Oromo word, can you
clarify that for us? Selah Bete Israel?

dnorwood07 aka dnorwood70 the Ethiopian from the Ethiopian tribe of YHWDH (Judah)