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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2016-2017

Student Name __________Amya Gibbs_____________ Period ___3___

Research Topic ________mentoring young students_________________________
Thesis (one sentence) -based on your research, what you believe about your topic
__Mentoring young children will not only help them academically but it will also help them mentally and socially,

I would argue that every child need someone to look up to.

Research Question ( a question you will attempt to answer and solve on your quest)
Why do students need mentors and what forms of mentorship are most beneficial for elementary age
Description of Product (What do you intend to do?):

Form of Final Product (check all that apply)

_______ Video/Documentary (explain below)
_______ Creation (explain below)

____X__ Service/Mentorship, etc.

_______ Other (please explain):

Describe the connection between your research (annotated bibliography) and your product.
My annotated bibliography connects with my research by showing data of how mentoring helps
children, and giving examples of the different ways i can mentor.

How will you display the entire process in in your digital portfolio?
I will take pictures, give data, and make a video questioning the child.

Estimate the number of hours needed to complete ALL of the items on your to do list (page 2) including
your final product. You must document at least ten (10) fieldwork hours outside of class.

Explain how you will document each and every step for completing your product (journal, blog, video blog,
etc.). This must be a documented (10 entries minimum) that will be uploaded digitally. There will be
checks on this throughout the process.
Along the way I will document my progress by taking videos and/or pictures
What do you hope to learn during this process? Remember that this is not a research paper or project
but an experience.
During the process of me mentoring I hope to learn more about the child, and what makes them act
the way they act. I want to be able to understand children more since i want to be a childrens doctor when
I finish college.

How will this final product go outside of the realm of simply a benefit to you? How will your knowledge,
experience, creation, etc., benefit others?

I will benefit from this experience because i will get the satisfaction of helping a child move towards the right
path, and the child will benefit by not only having a relationship with someone older outside of their household, but also
experiencing more.
My To Do List
Below list the steps and timeline you will attempt to follow to complete your product. As you
complete the product, make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. Even though
you completed this To Do list, it will certainly change. Change it on your Google Docs, as it will be a
part of your digital portfolio.

Approx. Time
Necessary to
1. Find a child that needs mentoring, and introduce yourself

2. Find out how they are doing in and out of school.

3. Find the things that seem as if they dont come easy to the child
4.question the child
5. Ask the parents what they think the child needs help with.
6. Come up with/ do fun activities (play games, watch movies, go to the park, etc.)
7.Help them with homework/ study
8. Reward them for the improvement they make (grades, friendships, etc.)
9. Interview the child about their experience, and the parents about the
improvement they see in their child.
10. Keep in contact with the child even after the year is over!

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Teacher Signature __________________________________________________ Date __________________
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