Involve young people. Now make it happen!

Vienna YouthForce at AIDS 2010 to promote the "3 HRs"
for Young People:
• Human Rights
• Harm Reduction
• Health Resources
Now make it happen!

28 June 2010 (Vienna, Austria) - The Vienna YouthForce (VYF), highlighted the "3 HRs¨ to attract
decision makers and policy makers´ attention for more commitment to young people and wants to
promote Health Resources, Human Rights and Harm Reduction as the framework to achieve
universal access for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for all young people through the
Now make it happen! Campaign.

"We as young people account for over 40 percent of new HIV infections, but barriers to access to
treatment and prevention services still exist. We call on government and civil society
organizations to include young people's access to sexual and reproductive health services as their
top priority.¨ Liping Mian, World AIDS Campaign.

The VYF is a global platform of international, regional and local youth organizations that focus on
HIV and AIDS, as well as on sexual and reproductive health and rights. The VYF organizes youth
activities and advocacy campaigns prior to and during the XVIII International AIDS Conference
(AIDS 2010).

The Now make it happen! Campaign has been generated by a world-wide e-consultation of young
people conducted by the VYF Advocacy Sub-Committee.

Young people are greatly affected by the global HIV and AIDS epidemic. 5.4 million people
worldwide between the ages of 15 and 24 are living with HIV. Globally about 45% of new
infections are among young people
. In Eastern Europe specifically 70% of the new infections are
among young drug users. As of UNAIDS 2007, only 40% of young men and 36% of young women
could correctly identify ways of preventing transmission and reject the major misconceptions

The Now make it happen! Campaign was generated by the VYF through its Advocacy Sub-Committee in an
effort to address key policy messages throughout AIDS 2010. All messages of the VYF represent the common
ideas put forward on behalf of young people around the world in regards to HIV prevention, young people's
human rights, and sexual and reproductive health needs and rights and harm reduction. Participants of the AS e-
consultation included 312 respondents from over 80 countries around the world and with a mean age of 26
UNAIDS/WHO, 2008 Report on Global AIDS Epidemic

For more information, visit:
Living with HIV in Eastern Europe and the CIS, Regional Human Development Report, UNDP Bratislava
Regional Center, Dec 08

about HIV transmission. In addition, there are 3 million of young people living with HIV in the
world who don't have access to treatment today.
"Criminalizing drug use fosters stigma, discrimination, isolation and hate. This, in turn, contributes
to a vicious cycle where 'rehabilitation' is in many countries also compulsory, when it should be
voluntary¨-Aram Barra, Youth R.I.S.E.

To show strong leadership from young people to respond this epidemic, the VYF will bring together
young advocates from around the world to attend AIDS 2010, united in action to expand HIV
prevention, treatment, care, and support for young people and protect young people´s human
rights, including rights to sexual and reproductive health.

It´s the time for governments, donors, community leaders and other decision makers and policy
makers to show commitment and take action for young people! Join the VYF at AIDS 2010 in
demanding Rights Here, Right Now for young people through Health Resources, Human Rights and
Harm Reduction!

HUMAN RIGHTS - Now make it happen!
The VYF calls for protecting young people´s human rights by:
• Ensuring young people, especially young at most risk groups, including but not limited
to young people living with HIV, young sex workers, young people who use drugs,
young men who have sex with men and young women have access to comprehensive
sexuality education and HIV education, youth friendly sexual and reproductive health
services including HIV services at local and country level
• Guaranteeing young people, most affected and most at risk to be free of any kind of
stigma, discrimination and criminalization from their family, community and society
• Promoting meaningful youth participation especially participation from young at most
risk groups and affected populations in all levels of programming, planning and
implementing of policies, which affect their sexual and reproductive health and lives.

HARM REDUCTION - Now make it happen!
The VYF calls for increased attention to harm reduction approaches for young people who use
drugs by:
• Reforming drug policies that criminalize young people for drug use and building
alternative programs to incarceration
• Stopping zero-tolerance/abstinence only drug education and couple drug education with
comprehensive sexual health education
• Conducting better research on young people and drug use that includes young people´s
participation in conducting data and policy analysis
• Clearly defining harm reduction services for young people and making sure they get
access to it, such as substitution therapy drug treatment.

HEALTH RESOURCES - Now make it happen!
The VYF calls for increased access to HIV prevention, treatment and education services by:
• Passing mandatory laws for comprehensive sexual health education
• Expanding economic resources for empowerment of young people living with and at
risk of HIV. Expanding funding streams to create more resources and leadership
opportunities for young people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Now make it happen! Campaign will be implemented at AIDS 2010 through social marketing
materials, including the YouthForce website, as well as a permanent
and a mobile Commitment Desk during AIDS 2010. At the Commitment Desks YouthForce
members record statements from decision makers and activists and collect their commitments to
young people. The VYF will also facilitate capacity building of young people at the Youth Pre-
Conference 14-16 July in Vienna to encourage them to partake in international debates,

negotiations and decision making processes, as well as in sessions during the XVIII International
AIDS Conference.

AIDS 2010 will take place from 18-23 July 2010 at Vienna´s Reed Messe Wien. The conference
theme, Rights Here, Right Now, emphasizes the importance of protecting and promoting human
rights as a prerequisite to a successful response to AIDS.

For further information about the Vienna YouthForce and the AIDS 2010 Youth Programme please


[Elisabeth Szerencsics]
Vienna YouthForce M&C Co-Chair
AIDS 2010 Local Office, Vienna

[Aram Barra] (Vienna)
YouthForce Advocacy Committee

[Elisabeth Rohrmoser]
Youth Programme Coordinator
AIDS 2010 Local Office, Vienna
[+43 14000 76783]

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