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The McIntoshes

Tim & Debbie, Joel, Elizabeth & Andrea

June 2010

We celebrated the culmination of my studies at Wheaton as I graduated

May 8 with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. It was wonderful having
Tim, Elizabeth, and Andrea there to cheer me on, as they have faithfully
done over the last two years. Now we find ourselves in the throes of a
familiar missionary activity—sorting, pitching, packing, and of course,
saying good-byes. Andrea has had two very special farewell celebrations
—one at church and one with school friends. Many of you prayed for
friendships for her when we first moved here. The response from her
friends as she leaves has been a testimony to God’s answer to those prayers!

Last month we informed you of our transition to Converge International Mission, where Tim will be transitioning
into the role of Latin America Regional Director, as well as continuing to teach leadership courses to Latin
American students through the ProMETA online university. We have been most grateful for the many expressions
of support and encouragement as we have made this change. Next week brings us an opportunity to become more
oriented to the organization as we meet with missionaries and pastors at a Converge conference in Denver.
A major item we need you to be aware of is our need for financial support in order to return to Peru and begin our
ministries there. We are currently lacking about $1000 in monthly support. Converge requires missionaries to
have 100% of their support before leaving for their mission field, however they have graciously given permission
for Andrea and me to return to Peru in August for her to begin the school year, while Tim remains in the States to
raise our support. We realize that many face financial challenges in these difficult economic times, but we would
be grateful if you would consider investing in spiritual change in Latin America by contributing to our ministry of
leadership development, counseling, and mentoring. Please see the accompanying letter for the details on where
you can send your contributions.


Our family will spend the month of July in Pennsylvania—we would love to see you if you live in that area! Andrea
and I leave for Lima on August 4, and she begins her junior year on August 9. We will be staying in a guest house
until Tim is able to be with us, as we have renters in our home, and our furniture is stored in a number of different
places throughout the city. This “transitional phase” could be challenging for me to navigate alone, so I would
appreciate your prayers, especially as the cold, damp winter weather tends to have a depressive effect on me at
times. Pray that I can focus on renewing friendships and making good connections for the start of the counseling
ministry. Debbie for the family

Tim McIntosh, Ph.D.

Departamento de Liderazgo Mobil 717-418-3814
Home 717-489-1539
1716 Lakecliffe Dr. Apt D,
Wheaton, IL. 60189

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