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sc JULY, 2010

Marlene Silva sees life from

a different point of view...
behind her .38 caliber
Ruger Revolver!
By Don Gordon “My son thinks I’m
crazy, but he knows
The tattooed ex-sailor is a NASCAR I’m having fun and
racing devotee, likes to shoot firearms, wouldn’t hurt any-
listens to the music of rapper M& M, and one.”
gets unusual hair coloring. Otherwise the The son, Doug-
63-year-old lady is almost conventional. las, lives next door
“I’m dangerous. I‘m an educated lib- in Goose Creek. It
eral with guns,” says Marlene Silva in at was her other son
least partial jest. Scott, whom she
Ms. Silva has been a resident of Goose adopted, who intro-
Creek for 27 years, but has never lost the duced her last year vite all ladies, young and old, to come to he said (in apparent surprise), ‘you really
accent that betrays her northeastern roots, to the world of firearms. ATP,” she said. “They would be surprised listen to all kinds of music.’ “ M&M is the
Philadelphia to be specific. “You’re not “I love it,” Ms. Silva said simply. Her at how much they would enjoy it.” only artist of that type Ms. Silva likes, list-
from around here, are you?” she mock- handguns are a .22 caliber Walther auto- Ms. Silva extols the positives of gun ing rock and roll and blues as among her
ingly quotes some of the locals she has en- matic and a .38 caliber Ruger 5-shot re- ownership and use. “People with legal guns favorites.
countered. volver. “I bought the Walther for fun and are not dangerous because they respect and Ms. Silva retains good memories of
Maybe not, but Ms. Silva apparently is the Ruger for protection.” know how to use them,” she contends,. her upbringing. Her father died young,
here to stay and, independent as ever, plans A couple of times a week one will Ms. Silva sees herself as different leaving her mother to raise three daughters
to keep doing what she has been doing. find Ms. Silva at the shooting range at the from other people her age. “They are really alone. “We went to Catholic school.
“I get up when I want, do what I want ATP gun shop n Summerville, an activity old,” she said. “I took a 15 year-old neigh-
and go where I want,” she announced. she recommends for other women. “I in- Silva continued on page 2
bor boy to the shooting range with me and

INSIDE Why in the world is Social Security so complicated?

Lowcountry Sun In 1936, Social Security started out
with a couple of cut-and-dry guidelines.
But, over the years, as life got more
about his father’s name, he asked me: “Do
you want my real dad, my stepdad or the
name of the man my mom is living with?”
complicated with divorces, women in Anyway, Social Security has had to change
Page 6 the workforce, blended families and over the years to respond to society’s trans-
disabilities, Social Security took on a formations. One of my favorite reference
Home Tax Credits life of its own. works is a book entitled “History of the
Provisions of the Social Security Act.”
Page 12 By Tom Margenau (Now you know how boring my life is!) It
If you think about it, when Social Se- provides a nice summary of the evolution
Treat Your Skin Right curity started in the 1930s, men worked of the Social Security program.
outside the home and women didn’t (for Passed in 1936, the original Social Se-
Page 20 the most part). Marriages lasted forever curity Act provided retirement benefits for
-- more or less -- and children were raised workers (again, mostly men) age 65 and
Get the Lead Out! in two-parent homes by their biologi- older ... period. But even before the first Although there have been many changes
cal mothers and fathers. Today, both men monthly benefits were paid in 1940, the in Social Security since it’s inception, very
and woman work, divorce is common and Social Security Act was amended in 1939 few benefits have been cut, but it’s still
Caring Thru Clowning
blended families are almost the norm. I’ll to add benefits for: wives age 65 and older, complicated to understand without help.
Last month’s article on Caring thru Clowning at Roper
St. Francis forgot to give contact information for vol- always remember helping a young teenag- children under age 18 of retired workers, In 1950, Congress decided that a wife of a
unteers interested in the Bumper T Caring Clown Pro-
er fill out his application for a Social Secu- widows age 65 and older, and widows of retiree should be able to get monthly
gram. If you interested in additional information email
rity number. When we got to the question any age with small children.
Dr Geezer at SS continued on page 2

WWW.CSWTA.COM • 843.376.3350 • July 2010 1

and his nickname, “Smoke.”
Silva Perhaps it should surprise
no one that one of the things Ms.
continued from page 1 Silva likes about Stewart is his
We all did well and all our combative style.
children have done well,” Ms. “He’s a bad boy. He speaks
Silva said, giving due credit to his mind,” she explained.
her mother’s role. “I’m sitting in my Tony
It was military service that Stewart room now,” she said dur-
brought her to the South. Ms. Sil- ing the telephone interview. The
va joined the Navy in 1976 and room includes posters, pennants,
remained nine years, serving for photos, and a cut out of the driver,
a time as a drill instructor at the among other pertinent items.
boot camp in Orlando, Fla., and Ms. Silva has never met
also, at the rank of first class petty Stewart. “I’d die if I did,” she ex-
officer as a crew member aboard claimed.
a submarine tender in Charleston. In honor of his birthday Silva’s tattoes are a loving trib-
During that period, her hus- on May 20, Ms. Silva had red ute to her admiration for bad boy
band, who previously had been a streaks dyed into her naturally Nascar driver Tony Stewart.
Marine was in the Navy aboard brown hair, red being Stewart’s
a submarine in Charleston. They racing color. She said that since Ms. Silva‘s philosophy is not
later divorced. that time, the coloration has faded hard to figure out. Mainly it‘s a
The tattoos Ms. Silva wears into a combination of pink and matter of her living her life on
are not relics of her days as a sail- blonde, which does not seem to her own terms. “They say people
or but are of more recent vintage concern her much. mellow with age,” she said. “I‘m
owing to her admiration for race Auto racing is not the only getting worse.” Referring to a
car driver Tony Stewart. It was sport Ms. Silva enjoys. True to more submissive age, especially
after her retirement last year from her Philadelphia background, she for women, Mrs. Silva added,
the U.S. Postage Service, where still roots for the hockey Flyers “We kids are taking it back now,
she spent 25 years as a letter carri- and the baseball Phillies. She also and nobody is going to stop us.”
er, that Ms. Silva added body art, is fond of remembering having It‘s hard to imagine anyone
one on the calf of Stewart’s por- once met the St. Louis Cardinal wanting to try.
trait and his number, 14, and one great Stan Musial in his St. Louis
Marlene Silva is just your ordinary next door neighbor with a great
on the wrist featuring the number restaurant. smile and a lethal hobby!

and older. ers of all ages. old woman involved in a terrible 20 years. But frustrated women
SS There was a big Social Secu-
rity amendment package in 1956.
In 1956, Congress also de-
cided to make reduced retirement
marriage in 1960. You had been
married to your husband for al-
told Congress that being married
to that no good bum for even 10
continued from page 1 It recognized that many workers benefits available as early as age most 40 years when you finally years was worth something, so in
benefits, even if she was under did not stay healthy until retire- 62 -- but only for women. They couldn’t take it anymore and de- 1977, they lowered the duration
age 65 if she was caring for her ment age, so disability benefits also allowed spouses of retired cided to get a divorce. But then of marriage rule to the 10-year
husband’s minor children. They were added to the program. Ini- workers to claim benefits at 62. imagine your shock when you mark -- where it remains today.
also realized that there were a few tially, the law restricted such pay- Furthermore, they lowered the learned that you were not eligible And on the same subject, men
stay-at-home dads out there, so ments to disabled workers over eligibility age for widows from for a nickel of your ex’s Social pointed out that sometimes they
they added benefits for dependent age 50. But just four years later, 65 to 62. Security, even though you spent are the ones who get the shaft in a
husbands and widowers at age 65 they expanded coverage to work- A lot of men must have com- four decades cooking his meals, bad marriage. So in 1983, Social
plained about pre-age 65 ben- cleaning his house and washing Security benefits were granted to
efits being made available only to his underwear. divorced husbands and widowers.
The Tri-County’s Premier Publication for the Young and Active After 50 women, because in 1961, Social In 1965, Congress finally The list of amendments to the So-
Security laws were changed to recognized this was unfair, so cial Security Act goes on and on.
grant early retirement benefits to they added benefits for divorced In the late 60s, the eligibility age
men and early husband’s benefits wives and widows. The original for widows and widowers was
to stay-at-home dads. law limited benefits to women lowered from age 65 to age 60.
Imagine you were a 62-year- who had been married for at least Disabled widows and widowers
under age 60 were added to the
Over 200 Distribution Points and 45,000 Readers roles beginning in 1968. Fathers
caring for young children without
in the Greater Charleston Area a mother finally got benefits in
The Lowcountry Sun is a monthly newspaper dedicated to informing, 1983 -- to match benefits young
serving and entertaining active senior adults in the Greater Charleston widows had been receiving since
area. 1939.
Subscriptions are available, prepaid with order, at $31 for one year. I don’t have anywhere near
Send subscription orders to: enough room to list all the chang-
Lowcountry Sun, 1961 Treebark Drive, Charleston, SC 29414 es that have happened to Social
Security since the original act was
passed in 1935. But I will make
Orders received by the 15th of the month will start with the next issue.
Publication of advertising contained herein does not necessarily consti-
tute endorsement. Signed columns are the opinion of the writers and not this interesting point. In the entire
necessarily the opinion of the publisher, advertisers or their agencies. 75-year history of the program,
Copyright 2008 - Neighborhood Newspapers, Inc. All rights reserved. I can think of only a handful of
Social Security benefits that have
been cut. For example, children
Publisher/Sales Contributing Writers Graphics/Layout
Torrey Monroe James Parker Jill Lancaster
843-345-1314 Cappy Hall Rearick of retired or deceased workers
John Schumacher used to be able to claim benefits
Liz Sharp until age 22 if they were in col-
lege. Beginning in 1981, the cut-
off date was dropped to age 18.
Also, widowed mothers and fa-
Let us mail the Lowcountry Sun to your home.
Only $31 for one year.
thers used to receive benefits un-
Name til the youngest child turned 18.
Address The 1981 Social Security amend-
City/State/Zip ments lowered that age to 16.
Phone Email If you have a Social Security
question, Tom Margenau has the
Mail coupon to answer. Contact him at thomas.
1961 Treebark Drive, Charleston, SC 29414
843-345-1314 • Fax 843-278-9321

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advice & opinion
By Liz Sharp
build into your lives? You have his
attention - it may be up to you to
Did You Know?
channel that attention to activities According to a 2010 report jointly are not getting the recommended
How free are you feeling? It’s and a schedule that suits you. It is released by the nonprofit Trust pneumonia vaccination. What’s
the month of celebrating our free- for America’s Health, the Robert more, the report also indicated
also helpful to have a heartfelt dis-
doms and appreciating that we live Wood Johnson Foundation and only 2 percent of adults received
cussion (maybe with the help of a
in this great country. Sometimes the Infectious Diseases Society the vaccinations for tetanus, diph-
counselor, trusted friend or clergy of America, millions of adults are theria and whooping cough over
you have to visit, or even live else- member) about how he feels about going without recommended vac- the last two years. Much of the
where before you appreciate what being retired, and what his new cinations, leading to as many blame for the dwindling vaccina-
we have here. But, we can live goals, interests and desired life- as 50,000 preventable deaths a tion rate, according to the report,
“in the land of the free” and feel style might be. Staying happily year. Perhaps no group of people is a healthcare systemthat is poor-
trapped, stuck, even imprisoned- busy is essential for the mainte- is more burdened by this alarm- ly designed to deliver vaccinations
-by illness, negative relationships, nance of good mental and physical ing trend than the nation’s senior to adults. While children get their
financial stress, and even by our health. He may need some under- citizens, who are the most sus- vaccinations in school, no such
own thoughts. standing help to accomplish this. ceptible to disease. Many se- coordinated effort is available to
niors, in fact, should be especially adults, and even doctors often
Dear Liz, Please keep your questions concerned about pneumonia, overlook vaccinations when see-
I am stuck. I can’t get past and/or trusted clergy member to and comments coming. You can the fifth-leading cause of death ing a patient. In addition, many
thoughts and regrets about my di- accomplish this. It also sounds as reach Liz by e-mail at asksharp- among people over the age of 65. medical plans to not cover recom-
vorce, which was many years ago! though you may not have enough Despite that, the aforementioned mended vaccinations, and many
balance in your life--and may report found that roughly one-third more people do not have medical
What has changed is, the reality
of Americans over the age of 65 care.
of having to “share” time with my even need to take steps to deal
grandchildren with my ex and his with loneliness. To better enjoy
new family. It’s like we’re back to
the divorce and sharing time with
the time with your grandchildren,
you may need to introduce more Seniors Can Enjoy Summertime Safely
the children. I really hated that meaningful activities to enrich and
Many people look forward
then, and feel that way all over round-out your life. You want to to the warm weather, particularly
again. I can’t help but think that if be free to fully enjoy the kids and seniors. Spending time outdoors
we never got divorced, I’d be en- grandkids, so you have no more can be healthy and refreshing, but
joying the grandchildren with him, regrets in the future! Wishing you those exposed to too much sun
“full time” instead of part of the the best. and heat could be at risk medi-
time. How can I break free? Dear Liz,
Each year exposure to high
“Stuck” Goose Creek Help! My newly retired hus- temperatures and humidity leads
Dear “Stuck,” band is making me crazy! I love to hundreds of deaths across the
I’m sure there are many read- him, and usually enjoy his com- country. Boomers comprise a
pany. But, since he has retired, he large percentage of heat-related
ers who can relate. I commend
wants to do everything together. illnesses and deaths and Se-
your honesty about your feelings. niors have a harder time adjust-
The reality is what it is--your chil- Am I wrong to feel trapped? I
ing to extreme temperatures than
dren now (must, hopefully will) can’t seem to do anything without younger adults, which puts them
make sure both of their parents him being right there. He’s always at risk. Also, certain pre-existing
have adequate time to enjoy the asking me “what are you doing?” medical conditions and medica-
grandchildren and for the grand- “Prisoner of Love” Charleston tions could make older individuals
children to enjoy and know them. more susceptible to heat-related plenty of relaxing. 8 Skip hot, heavy meals: Opt for
It is one of the things that makes a Dear “Prisoner,” illness. cooler fare, such as cold sand-
divorce, in a sense, go on forever. Isn’t it ironic that when we are One of the factors contributing 8 Know the ambient tempera- wiches, fruit and salads, to keep
But, it is important to not let this younger and busy with kids, work to seniors’ risk of health implica- ture indoors: The heat inside
your body temperature cooler.
reality contaminate the time you and just making it day to day, we tions from hot weather is their loss can quickly rise. Keep curtains
DO have. And, your thoughts crave more time and attention from of the sensation of thirst as they and blinds drawn to reduce the 8 Plan outdoor activities during
our spouses? Now, it feels like grow older. Without the desire to amount of heat from the sun. cooler hours: If you must spend
about the situation are what affect drink regularly, individuals could Check the thermostat to find time outdoors, do so early in the
your feelings. too much of a good thing. Your
become dehydrated very easily. out the temperature. If you have morning or in the evening when
In order to change your think- husband will go through an adjust-
This, factored in with changes in an air conditioner or fan, turn it on the temperatures are bound to be
ing, so you can make the most of ment period, after working for a body temperature regulation, can to cool down the house if the tem- lower and less taxing.
your time with the grandchildren lifetime. Men often define them- result in confusion, falls and other perature is creeping above 85 F.
(and their parents), you may need selves, their worth, by and through preventable adverse effects. Otherwise, seek a cooler location 8 Indulge in a little “cooling off”:
to do some fresh work--facing the their work. Then, it’s gone. He Safety is of utmost concern until your home cools down. Take a dip in a neighborhood pool
grief and regret head-on. This may seems to have transferred that fo- during the warm weather. Do not or treat yourself to an ice cream
cus to you--which can, frankly, be take any situation lightly because 8 Drink plenty of fluids: Bever- sundae. Do what you need to stay
require some short-term counsel- ages such as water, fruit juices, cool.
ing with a pro-active therapist. annoying and smothering. Bal- it could impact one’s health. Here
are some precautions to follow. decaffeinated teas and the like
It may be important to renew ance is needed here. Does he have can keep you hydrated and in top 8 Don’t ignore signs of health
forgiveness of yourself, your ex- any hobbies, sports or activities 8 Move slowly: Rushing around form. Avoid alcoholic beverages, problems: If you feel dizzy, have
spouse and the situations that led he liked before, or would like to in hot weather can cause body soft drinks and caffeinated prod- shortness of breath, have stopped
to the choice to divorce. You may pursue now that he has more time? temperature to rise more quickly ucts. sweating, or are confused, it could
need help of a good counselor Is there some travel adventure or and make you even hotter. Slow be heat exhaustion. Call for medi-
mutual activities you would like to down when it is warm and do cal help immediately.

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4 July 2010 •

Shaggin’ at the Shrine
Doors and DJ
start at 6:00pm July 24 , 2010 th
Coco Loco Party Band,
C d,
a well known band
from Myrtle Beach
plays 8pm to Midnightt

Shaggin’ Contest! MC & DoJ n
Prizes: John Dix AM
alk 1340
1st Place $700 The Boar
2nd Place $350 Door Prizes!
3rd Place $150 Free local hotel room
& dinner on
Budweiser Beer Bar Wagon!
Saturday night
2 cash bars
Free home pressure-washing
Raffle Tickets for
services & gift certificates to
2010 Chevrolet Camaro
& 3 Different Golf Carts many local businesses
(Drawing to be held in Nov.)

Omar Shrine Temple

176 Patriots Point St.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Call Omar Temple Staff Office for
Reservations or more information
843.971.1405 • 8:30 - 2:30 M-F
Call Noble Tony Lavender, Event Chairperson,
Table Reservations 843.830. 2123

Funeral - Cremation
Handyman 345-5084 345-5048
Event sponsorships still available! *See pg. 16 for the nights’ menu.
Raffle donations are for the benefit of Omar Shriners activities
and are not deductible as charitable donations. • July 2010 5
‘Where’s My Bail Out?’ Which products
are eligible
Homeowner Finds Comfort in Stimulus Package for a tax credit?
Increases Home’s Energy Efficiency by More Than 25% with 50% Covered by Incentives Q. Which products are eligible for a
tax credits for energy efficient home
Mike Sievers expected that two inches of BASF Comfort house is not only much less drafty, provided him with customized re- improvements? Are they available
for new construction also? What
his home, built in 2005, was prob- Foam(R), a closed-cell spray there seems to be no big differ- ports on funding and recommen-
about vacation homes? Rental
ably more energy efficient than polyurethane foam insulation ence in temperature from floor dations for energy upgrades. properties?
most but, given recent rebates with extremely high insulating to floor and it is so much quieter To find a qualified home
for home energy audits and im- values and air sealing properties. here now. Overall, we’d say, this performance contractor, Siev- A. Tax credits are available at 30%
of the cost, up to $1,500 total, in
provements, he decided to double (Air sealing is an essential step is now a much better home.” ers researched contractors in his 2009 & 2010 (ONLY for existing
check. since uncontrolled air leakage is homes, NOT new construction, that
“I figured, if public funding responsible for as much as 40 per- are your “principal residence”) for:
is available to off-set costs for an cent of energy loss, according to • Windows and Doors (including
energy retrofit, I should seize the the U.S. Department of Energy.) sliding glass doors, garage doors,
opportunity, while it lasts,” says They then reinstalled the fi- storm doors and storm windows)
Sievers. berglass insulation and added • Insulation
Mike contacted a home per- more to give a total of five inches
• Roofs (Metal and Asphalt)
formance contractor company, of blown-in fiberglass on top of
GreenHomes America, to set up the foam insulation to maximize • HVAC: Central Air Conditioners,
the initial assessment. What they the insulating value. They also Air Source Heat Pumps, Furnaces
and Boilers
found was shocking. Mike’s rela- used Comfort Foam to insulate
tively new home was 50 percent some attic rims and seal the rim • Water Heaters: Gas, Oil, & Pro-
draftier than it should have been. joist area in the basement, greatly pane Water Heaters, Electric Heat
Pump Water Heaters
The good news, however, reducing the air leakage. A Little Research Can Lead to area who were certified through
was that by focusing on energy The results are impressive. Big Change - In Your Pocket the Building Performance Insti- • Biomass Stoves
improvements in his attic alone, Based on three months of energy To find available incentives, tute (BPI), a national organiza- Tax credits are available at
his contractor predicted that the bills, Mike Sievers and his fam- Sievers went to a free Web site tion with which GreenHomes 30% of the cost, with no upper limit,
home’s overall energy perfor- ily are now saving more than the DSIRE (, a America is a member. BPI certi- through 2016 (for existing homes &
mance could be improved by 25 predicted 25 percent on heating comprehensive source of infor- fied contractors are highly skilled new construction - it does not have
to be your “principal residence,” va-
percent. Eager to take advantage and cooling bills. With a little re- mation on state, local, utility and and have passed a number of
cation homes are eligible.
of recent state and federal tax search, he was also able to offset federal incentives and policies written and field exams in order
incentives, Sievers approved the 50 percent of the cost of the retro- that promote renewable energy to achieve their BPI accreditation. • Geothermal Heat Pumps
work order. fit through public incentives in his and energy efficiency. Addition- For more information about • Solar Panels
The first step was to remove home state of New Jersey. ally, as an employee of BASF, the BASF Comfort Foam insulation, • Solar Water Heaters
the original blown-in fiberglass And according to Sievers, Chemical Company, he partici- visit To find a
• Small Wind Energy Systems
insulation. They then sealed off there were some unexpected bo- pated in a new company program BPI registered contractor in your
holes from nails, plumbing, light- nuses, “The overall comfort was called the Neighborhood Energy area, visit Tax credits are available at 30%
ing, wiring and duct work, with immediately noticeable. Our of the cost, up to $500 per .5 kW of
Efficiency Drive (NEED) that power capacity, through 2016 (for
your existing “principal residence”
or new construction that will be your
The Sounds of Life principal residence, DOES NOT in-

are Precious. Picture It Done. clude vacation homes) for:

• Fuel Cells
Taking care of your to-do list is what Renters are not eligible for any of
we do best. Call on us today for a the tax credits.
Learn more complete line of professional home The installation tax credit for
about better maintenance services. HVAC, biomass stoves, and non-
solar water heaters is 30% of the
hearing solutions. total cost (product + installation) up
ds & ends
East Cooper
to $1,500. The law specifies instal-
o d lation costs include: “expenditures
for labor costs properly allocable to
Hearing Centers the onsite preparation, assembly, or
original installation of the property.”
Specializing in Noise The tax credit for solar water
Induced Hearing Loss heaters, solar panels, geothermal
heat pumps, wind energy systems,
Multiple Manufacturers Home Maintenance and fuel cells* is 30% of the total
cost (product + installation), with
Home Visits Available - 30 Day Trial Period
& HVAC Services no upper limit. The law specifies in-
Mail Supplies to Home - Repairs On All Makes Licensed & Insured stallation costs include: “labor costs
properly allocable to the onsite
Musicians Earplugs
preparation, assembly, or original

Joseph Gillespie, Audiologist • 843.881.8666 Dennis Hanson installation of the property and for
piping or wiring to interconnect such
Mt. Pleasant | Downtown | Moncks Corner | Kiawah 843.475.2544 property to the home.

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Treat Arthritis Effectively
with Natural Treatment
For those living with arthritis, you sible for the blockage of qi and blood.
know how difficult it can be to find re- Causes of arthritis from a Chi-
lief from joint pain. Reliance upon anti- nese Medical perspective include weak-
inflammatories, pain killers, and even ness of the internal organs, contitutional
surgery is less than appealing for most. weakness, physical injury, chages with
Fortunately, there is an alternative. Peo- the quality and quantity of qi, stress and
ple have been using acupuncture and anxiety, as well as invasion of pathogen-
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ic factors such as wind, damp, heat and
for centuries with great success. cold.
According to the Centers for Disease Chiropractic is another effective way
Conrol and Prevention, an estimated one
in three Americans is affected. Osteoar-
thritis (OA) is the most common type,
affecting over 21 million adults. It oc-
curs when the cartilage between joints
breaks down, usually affecting the hips,
hands, knees, low back or neck. Another
common type is Rheumatoid Arthritis
(RA), affecting an estimated 2.1 million
Americans. This condition occurs when
the joint lining, called the synovium
becomes inflammed leading to chronic
joint pain, swelling, stiffness, warmth,
deformation and even loss of move-
ment. RA usually affects the same joints
on both sides of the body, and may be
accompanied by fatigues, flu-like symp-
toms, pain and weakness.
Accupuncture offers a safe and natural
way to control joint pain. Studies sug-
gest that patients receiving acupuncture
experience a 40% decrease in pain and Acupuncture aids the activity of your
40% increase in joint function. A Scan- body’s pain-killing chemicals. It also
dinavian study showed 25% of arthritis might affect how you release chemicals
patients scheduled for knee surgery can- that regulate blood pressure and flow.
celled their operations after acupuncture
treatment. The World Health Organiza- to treat arthritis. Using this model, the
tion concurs that acupuncture is an ef- hips are aligned resulting in less pres-
fective means to treating arthritis. sure placed upon the affected joint. Your
acupuncturist may recommend a combi-
Traditional Chinese Medicine takes nation of therapy maximizing the body’s
a whole body approach to health. Ac- healing potential. Acupuncture chiro-
cording to theory, there are twelve en- practic massage, diet and lifestyle may
ergy channels, called meridians cours- be the solutions to your health problems.
ing the body. Through the meridians,
qi (pronounced “chee”) and blood flow For more information on acupunc-
nourish every cell, tissue, muscle and ture and traditional chinese medicine,
organ. When this flow becomes dis- contact Sarah Stowers, L.Ac. at 843-
rupted pain results. A practitioner will 670-3817 or email her at sstowers@
take a detailed health history, and look
for dysfunction(s) that may be respon-

Crossword Solution
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Making Friends After Retirement
When you’re younger, it
seems you can’t wait until re-
tirement. After all, who wants
to deal with going to work every
day and coping with cowork-
Today’s boomers and se- government to determine if ers and a boss? However, many
niors might cringe at the es- you qualify for senior dis- people overlook the opportuni-
calating costs of necessities counts. ties for socialization that work-
such as prescription medica- * Food. Grocery stores com- ing provides. You get out of the
tion and even higher utility monly offer discounts to older house and see people -- apart
bills, and understandably so. customers, and many times from your family --with whom
However, savvy seniors can you don’t even need to be a you can converse. Many retirees
save by taking advantage of a senior to qualify. In general, find that life can be a bit boring
host of discounts exclusive to
the those over the age of 55.
chains offer discounts, includ- after the job ends, primarily be- people looking for relationships.
ing special days for boomers cause they don’t have access to Lowcountry Senior Center
* Travel perks. Many seniors to shop, to anyone over the the same level of socialization as • Think about your interests. If 865 Riverland Drive, Charleston
love to travel, and can even age of 55. Restaurants are
they once did. you like fishing, sewing or boat- (843) 762-9555
do so at heavily discounted also known to offer senior ing, join a club that caters to
prices. Larger hotel chains discounts, and often these Making friends can keep those interests. Others who share Charleston Area Senior Citizen
often offer seniors discounts discounts extend beyond you active and healthy. If you’re your hobbies will be there. 259 Meeting Street, Charleston
as high as 10 percent. Unfor- “early bird special” discounts a bit rusty in the friend-making (843) 722-4127
tunately, many U.S. domes- of yesteryear. While early bird department, it’s pretty much how • If you’re new to an area, host
tic airlines, facing higher fuel specials still exist, many chain it was when you were younger. an open-house party and invite Hanahan Senior Center
prices and dwindling busi- restaurants offer discounted
You simply must find individuals neighbors in for introductions 3102 Mabeline Road
ness due the global economic prices to 55 +’ers regardless and some socialization.
of time of day. In many cases,
who have similar interests and (843)266-0958
downturn, ceased offering se-
nior discounts in 2009. How- these discounts aren’t listed goals. • Join a social networking site
ever, certain airlines, including on the menu, but it never • Volunteer in your community online. You can connect with Mount Pleasant Senior
Southwest Airlines, still offer hurts, and typically saves, to and you’re bound to find poten- people, potentially individuals Services Center
discounted rates to seniors. ask. tial friends who are like-minded. who live close by. Thomasena Stokes-Marshall
These discounts can be as Building
much as 10 percent. It’s also
* Arts and culture. Seniors • Take classes at a college or uni- • Ask existing friends if they 840 Von Kolnitz Road
looking to spend a day or night have other friends to whom they
common for car rental agen- versity. Many offer free or dis- Mount Pleasant
on the town and take in some can be intriduced.
cies to offer senior discounts. culture can typically do so at counted rates for seniors. This is (843)856-2166
* Transportation. Many com- a discounted rate. Museums a great way to meet people of all Here are some Senior centers in
munities provide heavily dis- and National Parks typically ages and walks of life. the area to find fun, companion- Dorchester Seniors
counted, if not free, rates to offer discounted admission to • Attend clubs at senior centers ship and health and wellness ac- 312 North Laurel Street,
seniors for public transporta- seniors, as do movie theaters or houses of worship. It’s likely tivities: Summerville, SC
tion. Consult with your local and even some concert halls. (843) 871-5053
that there are plenty of other

residential, commercial

move in, move out

initial cleaning for
insured & bonded new customers only


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Hip and Knee News
Knee arthritis is a joint disease that causes deterioration and
eventual destruction of the knee joint.

Knee Arthritis and Knee Replacement Surgery

By Eric Stem, M.D. between these implants to act after a knee replacement can Hip & Knee News
as a bearing which allows the be very problematic, often Eric Stem, MD
Knee arthritis is a joint dis-
ease that causes deterioration and knee to flex and extend. Of- requiring the prolonged use
eventual destruction of the knee ten the joint surface portion of antibiotics and possibly
joint. of the knee cap is removed additional surgery. Conse- Knee replacement
and a plastic disc is cement- quently, prevention of infec-
Osteoarthritis and rheuma-
ed onto the remainder of tion is extremely important.
surgery patients
toid arthritis are the two most
common causes of progressive the knee cap. By removing Dr. Eric Stem is a board getting younger
knee arthritis. Initial management all of the damaged cartilage certified Orthopaedic Sur-
of knee arthritis involves symp- from the ends of the bones, geon with subspecialty train- Total knee replacement
tomatic treatment with activity arthritis is eliminated from ing in joint replacement and surgery has long been used
modification, exercise, the use of the knee joint. reconstruction.
Total knee replacement
to treat severe arthritis in
a cane, braces and medications. Eric S. Stem, M.D. elderly patients. Once re-
If these treatments are ineffective, is a surgery indicated for al-
leviating or improving the The Hip and Knee Center served for elderly patients,
injections may be used to control Lowcountry Orthopaedics
the pain. Unfortunately, over pain from knee arthritis. total knee replacement
This surgery is highly effec- and Sports Medicine surgery is becoming more
time, knee arthritis can steadily 2880 Tricom St.,
worsen to the point that none of tive in improving knee pain common in the younger,
with greater than 90 percent North Charleston, S.C.,
these treatments provide adequate 29406
active population. Extreme
relief of the pain. When your life- of patients reporting dra-
(843)797-5050 sports injuries are on the
style is dictated by the knee pain, matic improvement in their
knee pain. Knee replacement rise, driving younger men
I recommend considering knee This article is for provid-
surgery may not improve the ings after surgery. In addition, and women to seek surgery
replacement surgery. ed for general information only
flexibility in the knee because starting physical therapy immedi- or non-invasive solutions to
Total knee replacement is a and is not a substitute for seeking
range of motion is a function of ately after surgery can also reduce their pain.
surgery that was first performed appropriate medical care.
the muscles, tendons and liga- the risk of blood clots. Infection
in 1968 and approximately
300,000 total knee replacements ments around the knee which are
are performed every year. This not replaced during the surgery.
surgery is a resurfacing procedure Typically, knee motion after knee
that is performed by removing replacement is similar to the knee
the damaged cartilage from the motion before surgery.
ends of the bones around the knee Knee replacement surgery
and capping the bones with metal is not without risk. Some of the
and plastic. Only a small amount risks include bleeding, blood
of bone is removed; usually 8 to clots, and infection. Since knee
10 millimeters (less than half an replacement surgery involves cut-
inch) is cut off the end of the fe- ting skin, muscle and bone, and a
mur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin moderate amount of blood loss
bone). can occur. When a person loses
Over 150 knee replacement too much blood, he or she may
designs are on the market; how- develop symptoms from having a
ever, they tend to have many blood count that is too low. This
similarities. The implants that cap can be corrected by a blood trans-
the ends of the femur and tibia fusion. It is possible to pre-do-
are made of either cobalt-chrome nate blood prior to surgery. This
or titanium alloy. These implants would allow you to receive your
are either cemented in place with own blood in the event you need
bone cement or are coated with a blood transfusion. Joe C. D. Gillespie, D.D.S.
a substance that allows bone to Blood clots are a great risk 1051 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. St. A
grow onto the implant. A high from knee surgery, but this risk Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
density polyethylene (high can be reduced by the use of blood 1-866-GET-MINIS (438-6464)
strength plastic) spacer is placed thinners and compressive stock- WWW.SMILEMPT.COM

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July is Solar Awareness Month
Protect your skin!
Staying healthy means using our own awareness and careful understanding
of our own health. To be healthy is to be aware of what diseases or disorders
are out there, what may affect you and what you can do to prevent it or treat it.

What Causes Skin Cancer?

What is Skin Cancer? Sunburn and Sunlight
Very simply, sunburn and UV light can damage your skin,
Skin cancer is a disease in which cancer (ma- the epidermis and they contain melanin, which and this damage can lead to skin cancer. There are of
lignant) cells are found in the outer layers of gives the skin its color. Melanoma is some- course other determining factors, including your heredity
your skin. Your skin protects your body against times called cutaneous melanoma or malig- and the environment you live in. However, both the total
heat, light, infection, and injury. It also stores nant melanoma. amount of sun received over the years, and overexposure
water, fat, and vitamin D. resulting in sunburn can cause skin cancer. Most people re-
Melanoma is a more serious type of cancer
ceive 80% of their lifetime exposure to the sun by 18 years
The skin has two main layers and several than the more common skin cancers, basal
of age. The message to parents from this is to protect your
kinds of cells. The top layer of skin is called cell cancer or squamous cell cancer, which
the epidermis. It contains three kinds of cells: begin in the basal or squamous cells of the
flat, scaly cells on the surface called squa- epidermis. If you have basal cell or squamous Tanning is your skin’s response to UV light. It is a protective
mous cells; round cells called basal cells; and cell cancer of the skin, refer to the patient in- reaction to prevent further injury to your skin from the sun.
cells called melanocytes, which give your skin formation statement for skin cancer. However, it does not prevent skin cancer.
its color. Like most cancers, melanoma is best treated Remember, skin cancer is very slow to develop. The sun-
when it is found (diagnosed) early. Melanoma burn you receive this week may take 20 years or more to
BASAL CELL & SQUAMOUS CELL become skin cancer.
can spread (metastasize) quickly to other
There are several types of cancer that start parts of the body through the lymph sys-
in the skin. The most common are basal cell tem or through the blood. (Lymph nodes are Heredity
cancer and squamous cell cancer, which are small, bean-shaped structures that are found If there is a history of
covered in this PDQ patient information state- throughout the body; they produce and store skin cancer in your
ment. infection-fighting cells.) You should see your family, you are prob-
Skin cancer is more common in people with doctor if you have any of the following warning ably at a higher risk.
light colored skin who have spent a lot of time signs of melanoma: change in the size, shape, People with fair skin,
in the sunlight. Skin cancer can occur any- or color of a mole; oozing or bleeding from a with a northern Euro-
where on your body, but it is most common mole; or a mole that feels itchy, hard, lumpy, pean heritage appear
in places that have been exposed to more swollen, or tender to the touch. Melanoma can to be most susceptible.
sunlight, such as your face, neck, hands, and also appear on the body as a new mole.
arms. Environment
What are the precautions
Skin cancer can look many different ways. The level of UV light
The most common sign of skin cancer is a The following steps have been recommended today is higher than it
change on the skin, such as a growth or a by the American Academy of Dermatology and was 50 or 100 years
sore that won’t heal. Sometime there may be the Skin Cancer Foundation to help reduce ago. This is due to a
a small lump. This lump can be smooth, shiny the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. reduction of ozone in the earth’s atmosphere (the Ozone
and waxy looking, or it can be red or reddish • Minimize your exposure to the sun at mid- Hole). Ozone serves as a filter to screen out and reduce
brown. Skin cancer may also appear as a flat day and between the hours of 10:00AM and the amount of UV light that we are exposed to. With less
red spot that is rough or scaly. Not ail changes 3:00PM. atmospheric ozone, a higher level of UV light reaches the
in your skin are cancer, but you should see earth’s surface.
• Apply sunscreen with at least a SPF-15 or
your doctor if you notice changes in your skin. higher, to all areas of the body which are ex- Other influencing factors include elevation, latitude, and
posed to the sun. cloud cover. Ultra Violet light is stronger as elevation in-
MELANOMA creases. The thinner atmosphere at higher altitudes cannot
Melanoma is a disease of the skin in which • Reapply sunscreen every two hours, even on filter UV as effectively as it can at sea level. The rays of
cancer (malignant) cells are found in the cells cloudy days. Reapply after swimming or per- the sun are also strongest near the equator, as you might
that color the skin (melanocytes). Melanoma spiring. guess. But even in Antarctica, Chile, and New Zealand, the
usually occurs in adults, but it may occasion- • Wear clothing that covers your body and UV level is much higher than normal especially in the spring-
ally be found in children and adolescents. Your shades your face. (Hats should provide shade time due to the ozone hole in the southern hemisphere.
skin protects your body against heat, light, in- for both the face and back of the neck.) One factor that actually reduces UV is cloud cover. Climates
fection, and injury. It is made up of two main • Avoid exposure to UV radiation from sun- and micro-climates with regular cloud cover may have a
layers: the epidermis (the top layer) and der- lamps or tanning parlors. 50% lower level of UV light. The actual amount is affected
mis (the inner layer). Melanocytes are found in by the density of the clouds.

Did You Know?

Roughly half of the American
population will have a cataract by
most commonly performed type
of surgery in the United States,
the age of 65. By the age of 75,
nearly all Americans will have at
least one cataract. A cloudiness of
the eye’s lens, a cataract does not
and many surgeons, thanks to the
overwhelming number of cataract
patients, have performed several
thousand cataract surgeries. An-
low Service When You Need It
necessarily need to be removed other piece of good news con-

100 off Complete Car Care

immediately upon its detection. In cerning cataracts is the progress
many instances, a cataract starts being made post-surgery. Where- $
✔ Transmission Repair
very small, and most doctors pre- as it was once commonplace for

fer to wait until the cataract is of cataract patients to need thicker any
significant size and to find out if it
can interfere with vision before re-
eyeglass lenses after surgery,
patients can now have intraocular
transmission ✔ Auto Repair ✔ Towing
moving it. In some cases, the cat- lenses (IOLs) implanted during (with this ad) Certified Master Hours: Mon-Fri

aract never reaches such a size, surgery. The IOL is essentially a Mechanics 7:30am - 6:30pm

and therefore does not need to be replacement lens that can even
removed. However, once you’ve eliminate the need for glasses en-
been diagnosed as having a cat- tirely, as is the case with the new
aract, regular visits to your eye
doctor are necessary to monitor
multifocal IOLs. Even traditional
IOLs often only require a patient
Locally Owned and Operated

its growth. While most people are to need reading glasses for close Jeff Memering
understandably fearful of surgery, vision. Owner/Manager
cataract surgery is actually the 1746 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. • Charleston, SC 29407

12 July 2010 •

July 1, 2010 and throughout July July 4, 2010 July 7-10, 2010
Basic II Shag Lessons North Charleston, SC 8th Annual HMY-Viking
7:45pm July 4th Celebration MegaDock Tournament.
Pivots 2 Beach Club Riverfront Park City Marina MegaDock
866.571.9362 3-10pm - dusk (fireworks)
July 1, 2010 July 10, 2010
Summer Concert: Zydeco dance music July 4, 2010 Defense of a Colony:
6:00pm-8:00pm Mt. Plesant - Patriots Point at Charles Towne Landing
Lowcountry Senior Center 4th of July Celebration 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
865 Riverland Drive, James Island 5-10pm- dusk (fireworks) Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site
843.762.9555 Yorktown Aircraft Carrier 1500 Old Towne RD Charleston, SC
July 2, 2010 843.852.4200
Naturalization Ceremony July 4, 2010 www.CharlestowneLanding.Travel
Middleton Place Summerville 4th of July Celebration
(843) 556-6020 Red, White & Blue on the Green July 12 – August 30, 2010 Town Square, 4-7 pm Matter of Balance: Improve your balance
Summerville 9:00am-11:00am
July 2, 2010 843.821.7260 Lowcountry Senior Center
Independence Day Celebration Fireworks at 9PM at 865 Riverland Drive, James Island
Hanahan Senior Center Gahagan Sports Complex 843.762.9555
11:30am-1:30pm 515 West Boundary Street
For a complete list of activities, events July 15-August 19, 2010
& classes, 843.266.0958 or online at July 4, 2010 Health & Wellness - Living Well Folly Beach Hanahan Senior Center
4th of July Celebration 1:45-4:15pm
July 2, 2010 On the beach Trish Matarese 843.266.0958 or online at
July Fourth Street Dance All day, fireworks at dusk
8:00pm to 11:30pm.
Moncks Corner Train Depo July 4, 2010 July 16, 2010
Moncks Corner, SC Fifth Annual Sizzling Southern Downtown Charleston
843.899.4708 Celebration at Circa 1886 Palette and Palate stroll
Circa 1886 5:30-7:30
July 3, 2010 149 Wentworth St.,Charleston 843.819.8006
Festival in the Park Phone: 843.853.782
2 p.m. - dusk (fireworks)
Old Santee Canal Park
YMCA - 843.761.9622 July 7, 2010
Blood Drive for the American Red
July 4, 2010 Cross
South Carolina Aquarium 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
4th of July Celebration Rodenberg Hall, Franke at Seaside
Location: South Carolina Aquarium 1885 Rifle Range Road,
843.579.8656 Mount Pleasant, SC

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1219 N. Main Street • Summerville, SC

(In the Main Market Center between Lowes and Belk)
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm • Sun 12 Noon - 5pm

14 July 2010 •
July 16, 2010 July 20, 2010 July 28 – September 1, 2010
Shaggin’ on the Pier My Personal Health Healthy Living with Diabetes
Folly Beach Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier Record South Carolina 1:00pm-3:30pm
7-11 pm 10:00 am Lowcountry Senior Center
For tickets call 843.795-4386 Rodenberg Hall, Franke at Seaside. 865 Riverland Drive, James Island
Mount Pleasant 843.762.9555
July 17, 2010 1885 Rifle Range Road
2010 IOP Beach Run/Walk Mount Pleasant, SC July 28, 2010
4 Mile Run Begins: 8:00am Jeff Perez, Vice President for External
Youth Fun Runs Begin: 9:00am Affairs at The Citadel July 20, 2010 10:00 am
or at the IOP Rec Dept. Alzheimer’s Association: Rodenberg Hall, Franke at Seaside’s 1885
Learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease Rifle Range Road, Mount Pleasant, SC
July 17, 2010 12:00pm- 1:00pm
Reggae Nights Lowcountry Senior Center
Evening Concert Series 2010 865 Riverland Drive, James Island July 31, 2010
James Island County Park 843.762.9555 Charleston Stage’s Sizzling
843.795.4386 Summer Soiree!
July 26, 2010 Dock Street Theatre
July 19, 2010 Pot Luck Lunch Gardening Workshop Charleston, SC
Educational Programs - presented by Master Gardener,
Hurricane Preparedness Darren Sheriff.
1:00pm-2:00pm Hanahan Senior Center July 31, 2010
Lowcountry Senior Center For a complete list of activities, events 2010 Fight For Air Climb Charleston
865 Riverland Drive, James Island & classes, 843.266.0958 or online at 8:00 am
843.762.9555 843.556.8451
July 19, 2010 July 27, 2010
Baked Potato Bar Lunch Passport Questions
and Exploritas Presentation 12:15-2:00pm. 10:00am-11:00pm
Hanahan Senior Center Lowcountry Senior Center
For a complete list of activities, events & 865 Riverland Drive, James Island
classes, 843.266.0958 or online at 843.762.9555 Please send your events to Jill at:

Preserve Your Independence www.

Stay in the home you love with confidence
and help 24/7 with the push of a button. country
Call 720-8440
Award Winning Fitness Programs For Adults Age 50+
Roper St. Francis Lifeline
865 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC 29412
(843)762-9555 • July 2010 15

By Cappy Hall Rearick funny, who opened her home on time will be closer to two months toward to an eventual end. But
Thanksgiving Day to someone than six.” summer heat gives way to crisp
Just when you least expect she had met on the street only the autumn air that cools the body
it, life can sneak up on you and day before, the one who didn’t and calls for open windows that
whomp you upside the head. judge people and never got the freshen the house; knees get re-
You can be sitting around hang of disliking anybody. She placed with titanium and perform
My friend is the one who
doing nothing, or busy doing was the one always up for a new better than ever. And life, as we
haunted the internet for days
something when it happens. You adventure, for another chapter in know it, goes on. Puttin’ On The Gritz
only a year ago until she found
might be simply enjoying the fact her book of life. My friend’s plight, my for- By Cappy Hall Rearick
me again, the one who wanted
that you live in a world of faithful to email, share stories about her mer neighbor with the wonderful
friends who love you, family that son and new husband, and to hear sense of humor and a storehouse
accepts you warts and all, or that
basically life is good. NewThetumors
latest chemo drug failed.
are growing. Sur-
everything about my children and
family. Although I didn’t know it
of real courage even in the face
of hard facts that can’t change,
The Life and Times of
Cappy Hall Rearick
at the time, she needed a dose of makes me incredibly proud of her
gery, radiation, chemo won’t do my humor; today I need a dose while making me ashamed of my- Humor writer, Cappy Hall
any good. There are no options. of her joie de vivre, her exuber- self for whining.
Rearick has won numerous
Email comes from a friend, short story awards through-
ance, her whacky way of looking She ends her email with what out California, Pennsylvania,
the one who, when she lived at life. I know she hopes will bring a Minnesota, New York, South
next door to you years ago, cared
about the children at her school She says that she feels more smile rather than tears. “Keep Carolina, Florida and Georgia.
Her humor is still healthy as In 2003, she was nominated
who were starving for knowledge at peace than she has in a long sending me good jokes. This one
a horse. “I asked the doctor,” she for the prestigious Georgia Au-
even more than their bodies were time. I can almost hear her laugh- is from my sister after I asked her
writes, if I was now expected to thor of the Year Award. She is a
hungry for food. She was the one ter as she writes, “I know where where my ashes should be scat-
just sit here until I pop. He mum- member of the National Soci-
who was spontaneous and alive I’m headed and I promise to put tered. She said, ‘By the pond in ety of Newspaper Columnists,
bled something about drugs that
at our dull neighborhood parties, in a good word for you!” the garden, Silly. That’s where South Carolina Writers, Geor-
would keep me pain-free (before
the one who could bring a smile everyone croaks!’ gia Writers Association and
I pop).” Florida Writers Association.
to the grumpy old man on the And then … “I love you SO
corner who yelled at kids, kicked Because she is an intelligent MUCH and I treasure the time we
dogs and wore a scowl befitting woman, she considers pursuing The summer has been hot
Cappy and her Yankee hus-
got to spend together.”
an ogre about to eat the rest of the experimental drugs, homeopathic and I have whined about it until
band “Babe” live on St. Si-
mons Island. She is the mother
neighborhood. remedies and such, but in the end everyone I know is sick of hear- of two sons and six grandchil-
decides to spend what time she ing it. Babe’s recent knee replace- dren who all live in the South
She was the one who loved has left with family and friends.
Knock-Knock jokes and laughed ment surgery has made us much Carolina lowcountry.
“Due to the growth pattern of too aware of the unreliability
out loud even when they were not the first alien tumor, I expect that of our bodies as our lives move Cappy’s website: www.sim-

Shaggin’ at the Shrine

July 24th, 2010
Dinner Menu
✔ Redecorating?
❏ Carved Beef Tenders Chicken Quesadillas low
✔ Moving?
(Rolls, Mayo, Mustard & Horseradish) Salsa, Sour Cream and Jalepenos

❏ Fruit & Cheese Display Assorted Mini Sweets

(Brownies, Cookies & Eclairs)
✔ Downsizing?
Hot Dog Bar
❏ (Hot Dogs, Sausage Links, Mustard,

Relish, Ketchup Onion & Chili)
✔ Remodeling?
❏ Omar Shrine Temple
176 Patriots Point St.
Sea Island Restore East Cooper Restore
Call Us Today to Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
3304 Maybank Hwy. 3469 Long Point Rd. Schedule a Call for
Johns Island, SC • 29455 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 FREE Pick-Up of Reservations or more Information
843.559.4009 843.849.8002 Your Tax-Deductible 843.971.1405
All proceeds go to build affordable housing in Charleston County.
Donation! Call Noble Tony Lavender, Event Chairperson,
843.830. 2123 8:30 - 2:30 M-F

See Shaggin’ at the Shrine event ad on pg. 8

Mom and Pops Need Help?

Personal Assistance
that Promotes

Blaine Moose
Abi Moose
Rest: 843.406.6666
1291 Folly Road, James Island, South Carolina
• Care for seniors, new mothers, disabled
individuals, and others.
• Assistance with dressing, bathing,
shopping, etc.
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16 July 2010 •

The Savage Truth About Money
Responses to Oil Leak Ignore the Consequences
By Terry Savage drilled there. Surely, $62 to the low 30s. A China, to ante up some cash?
that reaction was exces- large part of that loss And wouldn’t it be a better
I’m as outraged as you are sive. has come from sell- deal for China to buy proven re-
about the oil disaster in the Gulf. There’s an even ers who aren’t stick- serves and refineries at a discount
The videos of oil-slicked birds larger case to be made ing around for the than to hold on to U.S. IOUs
and families facing bankruptcy for continued drilling dividend to be cut or while the Fed prints more money
are devastating. We’re all feeling -- safely -- in the Gulf. eliminated. and promises to keep rates low?
the frustration that comes from We need that oil. Or we Long before Just asking.
our seeming impotence to either need a substitute source the administration If BP is taken over by a Chi-
cap the well or trap the moving of energy to keep our can get its hands nese state-run company, our pres-
oil slick. nation running. around the company ident will find out just how little
In spite of all those emotions, As I pointed out in a to squeeze the re- leverage he has in getting those
I recognize some astounding iro- recent column explain- maining value, BP damage claims paid. He won’t be
nies in all the comments, exhor- ing Boone Pickens’ en- is likely to become a able to bully the Chinese owners
it, or take it over! It’s another case
tations and threats being made ergy independence campaign, we takeover target at these low share around at the same time he is de-
of appealing to emotions, not rea-
by politicians, the media and the are becoming more and more reli- prices. pending on China to finance our
administration. It’s as if frustra- ant on imported oil. You might ask what company growing budget deficits and na-
The illogic of that strategy is
tion has led to total abandonment In 1970, just before the first has enough cash, and enough de- tional debt!
immediately apparent: We need
of reason. Many of the proposed OPEC oil embargo, the United sire for BP’s global oil assets, to So now the trap tightens.
BP to survive, even thrive, for the
actions have consequences nearly States imported 24 percent of our take on the risks of all those fu- America is dependent on import-
company to be able to pay all the
as frightening as the problem it- oil. Today, the United States im- ture claims. ed oil because we have never had
claims against it.
self. ports 65 percent of our oil! Well, how about PetroChina a sensible energy policy. America
It’s one thing to suggest that
Take, for example, the de- Every day, 85 million barrels -- a company with a market cap is dependent on imported capital
BP -- an independent, global, for-
cision to create a six-month of oil are produced around the more than twice that of BP at because we continue to spend our
eign company -- use its cash to
deep-water drilling and explora- world. And 21 million of that is current prices? It is the publicly way into debt.
pay reparations instead of divi-
tion moratorium, subsequently used in the United States. That’s traded unit of the state-owned Now we have to start think-
dends to British pensioners. But
extended to include almost all 25 percent of the world’s oil de- China National Petroleum Corp. ing about what happens when the
it’s quite another to start talking
offshore drilling activity in the mand -- used by just 4 percent of Not only does it have $6 billion in country that has most of the mon-
about taking over the company
Gulf area. It was an emotional the world’s population. cash on its balance sheet, it also ey also has most of the oil. And
using bankruptcy laws.
response that created huge eco- Remember, most of our im- has access to the nearly $1 tril- that’s The Savage Truth.
But perhaps emboldened by
nomic issues. ported oil comes from countries lion in U.S. dollars now held by
its takeover of General Motors Terry Savage is a registered
Offshore drilling is respon- that are not our “friends.” the central bank of China (mostly
(which thrashed the rights of investment adviser and is on
sible for more than 200,000 jobs When you look at the facts, in the form of U.S. Treasury bills
creditors and franchisees), the ad- the board of the Chicago Mer-
in the affected area -- and the last it’s hard to make a case that sus- and other government securities,
ministration seems determined to cantile Exchange. She appears
thing the coastal economy needs pending drilling for new offshore currently yielding less than 0.25
force BP out of business -- there- weekly on WMAQ-Channel 5’s
is more job losses. And the mora- supplies is a sensible response to percent).
by leaving U.S. taxpayers to foot 4:30 p.m. newscast, and can be
torium was based on sensation, the BP spill. If you were PetroChina and
the cleanup bill. reached at www.terrysavage.
not statistics. The offshore gulf There’s another irrational re- saw a tempting half-price sale
There’s another huge risk in com. She is the author of the new
area has been under exploration sponse coming out of Washington on BP’s $236 billion in assets,
this strategy. The stock of BP is book, “The New Savage Number:
since the late 1940s, and more these days -- the desire to not only wouldn’t you be asking your par-
down about 50 percent from pre- How Much Money Do You Re-
than 42,000 wells have been punish BP, but to actually destroy ent company, the Central Bank of
explosion days, from a high of ally Need to Retire?”

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Beat the Heat with Outdoor Living Areas
By James Parker titled “Portfolio”.) Your arbor or
gazebo could be a huge live oak
Here in the Lowcountry I of- that you hang a two person swing
ten find it “backwards” for people to create your own shady, breezy
to come here and visit in July and spot in the yard.
August- due to the extreme heat Another way to cool off in
and humidity we experience. I am the summer is thru the use of a
more of a September man myself. swimming pool. There are a wide
Here are a few outdoor living variety of swimming pools on the
ideas that can help you enjoy the market. The simplest of the pools
outdoors and beat the heat. Out in the Yard are blow-up pools bought from
A gazebo or purgula could By James Parker big box stores and priced under
be built in a planned spot in your one thousand dollars. According
yard that could give you a nice be simplistic, only requiring 4x4’s to statistics, 66% of all drown-
shady area to relax in. These can or 2x6 construction. Consider ings occur in these above ground
be very simple or ornate depend- placing a flowering vine over pools. In addition, they are also
ing upon the situation. We per- the top to give off a sweet aroma considered “one season” use
sonally have built some that have during the summer months. (For pools. Vinyl-lined pools would
ceiling fans, lights, running water, ideas and pictures you can go to be considered the next level up,
One of the best ways to keep your home and yard cooler during the
refrigerators and grills in the most our website at www.Pleasant- but are usually not recommended
summer months is to plant shade trees.
extreme spectrum. They can also, under the area by our company due to the high
water table in the Charleston area around your house and don’t feel
and because of durability factors. like constructing one- you can al-

Some will tell you they are good ways plant a tree.
for 5 – 10 years on average. Trees come in all shapes and
Next are the composite pools sizes. You can actually buy a full
made out of fiberglass that are grown Live Oak if you so choose.
much more durable. The speed The cost of trees are usually di-
of construction and life time war- rectly related to how long the
ranty make this a very popular op- grower has had to take care of the
tion. tree. You can imagine that a full
Finally, on the high end, are grown Live Oak is not for the av-
the concrete pools which, in our erage budget, but there is usually
opinion should only be built as a a tree that will work well for your
piece of art. If your pool is not go- budget and in your yard.
ing to be a one of a kind piece of My personal favorites are
art, consider one of the other op- trees that produce fruits and nuts.
tions mentioned above. A peach tree that we planted when
One of the reasons that I talk my first daughter was born is
about pools is the unique fact that one of my favorite trees. During
with a heat pump addition, you July I enjoy getting a fresh sweet
can actually chill your pool dur- peach right off the branch. We
ing summer season and heat the still have a few more months of
pool during the fall, thereby ex- the extreme, muggy, hot summer
tending the season. A heat pump weather before we will be able
can be adapted to existing pools to start experiencing the cooler
and is very energy efficient in breezes of the fall. You can look

Now you can cooling down the water tempera-

If none of the above ideas ap-
forward to hearing about cooler
topics in the next few issues.
If you have any questions, as

have what you crave! peal to you in trying to beat the

summer heat you should think
about taking advantage of the
always, feel free to send me an
email- I will respond as quickly
as possible.
summer breeze we get in the Low- James Parker
country. This often requires you to
Visit Dr. Joseph Gillespie in the morning, clean out underbrush and thickets
Isle of Palms 843-886-9314
have the “Mini-Implant System” placed in around your property. This will Summerville 843-851-8008
increase air flow and help you to John’s Island 843-768-6808
less than two hours, then go out and enjoy the natural breezes. If you Daniel Island 843-216-4796
don’t have any trees or structures
enjoy your favorite lunch.

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18 July 2010 •

A garden can brighten your Rooms facing east will get subtle lot of sunlight that is quite warm
mood and be a perfect place in morning light, while those facing may need even more water. Use
which to relax. Gardens need not north won’t have nearly as much the finger test in soil to determine
be reserved strictly for the out- light. Once you determine how what plants need to be watered.
doors. Creating a sunroom garden much light your room receives, 5. Use window treatments. A
can bring the beauty of the land- you can choose plants that will sunroom doesn’t have to be
scape inside of your home. thrive there. exposed all of the time. Sheer
Sunrooms, solariums, all- 3. Choose your colors. Sun window treatments or shades or
season rooms, or Florida rooms rooms will be enhanced mostly blinds that can be pulled closed
as they are sometimes called are by the colors of foliage and flow- allow you to create privacy when
popular spaces in many homes. ers. Thus, keep the walls and you desire it. Feel free to sit in
They enable the homeowner to other decor neutral in nature so your sunroom even when the sun
bring a touch of the outdoors in- that you won’t have clashing pat- sets. A vented gas stove can be lit
side, even when Mother Nature terns. Many people choose to use on chilly nights, if you prefer to
does not cooperate. Sunrooms wicker furniture in sunrooms, but use the sunroom year-round.
can serve as a transition between you can put a comfy armchair or
the yard and home or simply be a 6. Purchase no-fuss plants.
a durable sofa in there as well. A Many varieties of plants are per-
tranquil place at home in which to tabletop water fountain can add
retreat. fect for individuals who simply do
the effect of a babbling brook. not have the greenest of thumbs.
Outfitting your sunroom Throw pillows and blankets in
with plant life is much like plan- If you need some inspiration and
your choice of color can make the help getting your indoor garden
ning your garden or potted plants room seem lived in, as opposed to
around the house. There are a few to grow, consider these plants.
being a glorified porch.
steps you should take. 9 Cast Iron Plant
4. Choose containers. Remem-
1. Measure the area. You want (Aspidistra elatior)
ber, most of your plants will be
to have a balance between plants potted plants, and thus you should 9 Christmas Cactus
and furniture without overwhelm- allow for ample growth by choos- (Zygocactus)
ing the space. Don’t fill the entire ing containers that are larger than
room; otherwise, it can seem clut- 9 Lucky Bamboo
your plant; ones the plant can (Dracaena sanderian)
tered and confusing. grow into. Choose the same ma-
2. Determine sun concentration. terial in pots or go with a similar 9 Snake Plant
Depending on where your sun- color palette. Container plants (Sansevieria)
room is located, you will have will need to be watered more fre- 9 Pothos
to address sunlight. Sunrooms quently than plants growing right (Epipremnum)
facing south or west will get a in the ground. Specimens that
lot of strong light during the day. are in a sunroom that receives a 9 Spider Plant Choosing the correct potted plants is an important part of creating
(Chlorophytum comosum) a sunroom that’s sure to help homeowners relax and relieve stress.

Dig a hole, fill it with water and watch your koi grow. That’s the secret to your koi pond, right? Actually,
much like a pool or indoor aquarium, koi require some work. In fact, koi are quite sensitive fish that
require a carefully maintained environment for optimal health.
Koi are colorful fish that go by the name
nishikigoi in Japanese. They are a specially
bred form of carp, not oversized goldfish, en-
joyed for their vivid coloring. In the 19th centu-
ry, Japanese farmers began breeding decora-
tive carp, selecting brightly colored specimens
to ornament gardens in luxurious fish pools.
The Japanese consider koi good luck.
There are certain varieties that are preferred
over others. Kohaku -- the favorite -- are
white-skinned koi with a red upper pattern.
Tancho are white koi with a red dot on their
Koi are cool-water fish that prefer a deep
pond. In the warmer weather they will swim
to the bottom of the pond to avoid the heat.
When planning on a koi pond, keep this in
mind. You may also want to plan your pond
in an area that is shaded from direct sun, to
moderate the water temperature even more.
Think about installing a koi pond as you
would a home aquarium, complete with fil-
tration system. This will help you maintain a
clean environment for the fish. Routine skim-
ming of the water surface can catch debris
that falls into the water and contaminates the
delicate ecosystem of the pond.
Koi should be protected overhead from
predators. Therefore, koi ponds generally fea-
ture lush foliage for their protection. Rocks or
overhangs under which koi can hide are fea-
tures you should include.
An algaecide is also a necessity, to pre-
vent the overgrowth of algae in the pond.
Consider special water additives sold at pet
stores or online that can enhance the water
environment for your koi.
Because koi generally like to swim un-
seen, their type of food is a floating pellet,
which encourages the fish to come to the sur-
Start small with your koi pond. One or
two fish is adequate. Experts recommend one
small- or medium-sized koi per 500 gallons of
water. If you have too many fish, their waste
can contaminate the water if not properly fil-
tered. • July 2010 19

Winston Churchill and H.G. Wells are two of the most famous
serious collectors of toy soldiers.
It is nearly impossible to tary soldiers.
ascertain exactly when the first These early W. Britain sol-
military figurines and toy sol- diers were made of lead, but hol-
diers first appeared -- way before low in the center and thus lighter
people started collecting diecast weight. Meticulously painted,
military soldiers. Tiny military and etched with the details of
figures, soldiers, horses, and uniforms, insignias, and time
other miniature artifacts carved period hair styles, these toy sol-
from stone, bone, made of clay diers were 54 mm (2.25 inches)
or other precious metals have tall. In other words, sized to a
been discovered by archeologists 1:32 scale. Examples of these
excavating historic Egyptian early toys include Medieval
tombs, as well as ancient roman knights, Vikings, Roman Chari-
burial sites and temples. Clearly, ots and WWI soldiers.
these figurines have served as By the time World War II ar-
children’s toys and as treasured rived, diecast soldiers had taken
mementos for people of all ages hold as one of the most popular
for thousands of years. collectible trends in America.
The first written references School children learned about
to miniature military soldiers are collecting diecast military sol-
found in documents and military diers and sought out miniatures
strategies composed during the of American soldiers, German
Napoleonic era. Military strate- soldiers, D-Day landing crafts,
gists used these miniature sol- airplanes, and more. Equally
diers to plan battle tactics and popular were historic soldiers
keep track of where real troops such as civil war era replicas,
were positioned upon a map. Foreign Legionnaires (Arabs of
In the early 1800’s a Paris- the Dessert) wild west charac-
based toy company named Mi- ters, cowboys and Indians, even
gnot first experimented with astronauts and space explorers.
producing miniature toy soldiers 1966 signified a turning collecting scene as the “Second
made from solid lead. These point in the toy industry, when Golden Age of Toy Soldiers”
elegant miniatures were finely safety concerns about lead poi- (The first being the glory days of
painted with precise details. Al- soning led to bans on certain collecting lead toy soldiers in the
though these toys were highly items, and eventually, to the end 1940s and 50s.)
sought after, they were very ex- of production of lead based toys. Today, toy soldiers, diecast
pensive, difficult to produce, and In 1973, W. Britain introduced a replicas and military miniatures
ultimately did not find a footing line of diecast, lead-free, metal continue to rank as one of the
in the global market. Nonethe- alloy soldiers, as well as new most popular collectible trends
less, these rare, antique Mignot product lines made entirely of for adults and children alike.
sets have become highly prized plastics. Any one interested in learning
and immensely valuable collec- Through the 1970’s, 80’s about collecting diecast military
tors items. and 90’s, a wide variety of new soldiers should know that the in-
However, it wasn’t until the companies produced and mar- ternet has truly transformed and
late 1800’s that diecast military keted new lines of metal alloy enabled the proliferation of col- Toy soldiers depict all eras of military action, from the Revolutionary
soldiers became popular, and and plastic toy soldiers. These lecting in recent years.
War to Vietnam. Collectors prefer the vintage lead castings of the
mass produced toys and collect- companies included names such Serious collectors and toy
painted figures over other metals.
ibles. In 1893, a British toy man- as Tradition, Herald Plastics, soldier enthusiasts have set up
ufacturer named William Britain Nostalgia, Blenheim, John Tun- websites, galleries, blogs, on-
invented an economical system still’s “Soldiers Soldiers”, Star- line communities and discussion and insight regarding how to col- your interest ranges from an-
for mass producing toy soldiers. lux, Dulcop, Charbens, Cherilea, groups devoted to educating the lect diecast military soldiers. cient toy soldiers to WWI or
This system, known as hollow Matchbox, and even the Marl- public, as well as sharing, sell- Certainly, toy soldiers are WWII keepsakes, or more con-
casting or diecasting, rose to be- borough company. ing and trading items. Online far more than just child’s play- temporary plastics, developing a
come the industry standard, and By the early 1990’s, plastic auction sites such as eBay, mail things. In fact, Winston Churchill passion for these collectibles can
the W. Britain brand name held toy soldiers had become all the order diecast companies and and H.G. Wells are two of the become an accessible and highly
the world wide monopoly on rage in both Europe and the U.S. various online sites run by expe- most famous serious hobbyists educational hobby.
sales of military toy soldiers to Some collectors refer to this rienced collectors and historians for collecting diecast military
fans of collecting diecast mili- modern revival in the toy soldier will offer novices the best advice soldiers. Regardless of whether

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20 July 2010 •

** NEW ** - KENTUCKY “DOWN ning entertainment; luncheon cruise on St. Mary’s River through
UNDER” the famous Soo Locks; free time in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario;
AUGUST 10 – 15, 2010 – 6 Days/5 full day Agawa Canyon Fall Colour Train Tour; visit the Upper
Nights lodging. 13 Meals (5 break- Peninsula Area of Michigan to include Munising, Pictured Rocks
fasts / 3 lunches / 5 dinners). Come National Lakeshore Boat Tour; S.S. Badger Ferry from Mani-
see another side of Kentucky with towoc, WI across Lake Michigan to Ludington, MI; admission
Top of the Line Tours as we do the to Historic White Pine Village with lunch; visit Nappanee, IN;
“Down Under” Tour. We will spend three nights at the Park guided Shingle Shoppes Backroads Tour of Amish Country-
Mammoth Resort Hotel, Tours of or visits to South Union Shaker side; Haystack Lunch in an Amish home; tour of Amish Acres;
Village and Museum, lunch at the Shaker Tavern, tour through Thresher’s Dinner at Amish Acres; tickets to Broadway Musical
Western KY University Downtown Area, KY Museum with the at the Round Barn Theater, plus overnight at the Cumberland
Duncan Hines Exhibit - Adventures in Good Eating Presenta- Inn Hotel. $1852.00 PP/MD $1944.00 PP/NMD
tion, Lost River Cave with guided boat tour, National Corvette
Museum, guided tour of the GM Assembly Plant, guided tour FALL IN THE OZARKS –
of Chaney’s Dairy Barn on the Moo Wagon and lunch, guided EUREKA SPRINGS &
tour of Hobson Grove Historic Home, dinner at the Water Mill BRANSON, MISSOURI
Restaurant, reserved seating at the KY Repertory Theater for a SEPTEMBER 21 – 29, 2010 –
production of “Mark Twain”, historic tour of Mammoth Cave Na- 9 days/8 nights lodging. 16
tional Park with lunch at Mammoth Cave Hotel, visit Land-be- Meals. Tickets to the Pine Mountain Jamboree, Passion Play
tween-the Lakes area of KY, dinner at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement, Exhibits, Top of the Mountain Dinner Show, the Great Passion
** NEW ** - PIRATES HOUSE RES- show at the Badgett Playhouse, one night at the Chattanooga Play, the Pierce Arrow Show, the Haygoods Show and the Brett
TAURANT AND THE SAVANNAH Choo Choo Hotel with dinner in the Gardens Restaurant and re- Family Show. Enjoy a luncheon cruise on the Showboat Bran-
THEATER served seating at the Centennial Theater for an all new variety son Belle; visit the Precious Moments Chapel and Showroom in
JULY 17, 2010 – Enjoy a Southern show. What a Great Trip!! $915.00 PP/MD $958.00 PP/NMD Carthage, MO; visit the Harry S. Truman Birthplace in Lamar,
Lunch Buffet at the fames Pirates House MO; visit the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Indepen-
Restaurant before taking our seats at the historic Savannah ** NEW ** - JACKSON- dence, MO and free time for shopping, sightseeing and brows-
Theater for “Southern Nights Music Variety Show” – two hours VILLE ALHAMBRA DIN- ing in beautiful St. Louis, MO – our hotel in located across from
of high-energy music, dance and comedy, perfect for a southern NER THEATRE, KENNEL the Arch! This is a trip you don’t want to miss!!
afternoon. $92.00 PP/M $97.00 PP/NM CLUB AND SAVANNAH $1158.00 PP/MD $1217.00 PP/NMD
GREENSBORO, NC & LAKE NORMAN AUGUST 21 – 22, 2010 – 2 days/1 nights lodging. 4 Meals. LEGEND WESTERN
LUNCHEON CRUISE Our first stop will be the Alhambra Dinner Theatre for a scrump- CARIBBEAN CRUISE
JULY 24 – 25, 2010 – 2 days/1 nights tious buffet luncheon before enjoying a performance of “Amo- JANUARY 15 – 23, 2011 – One
lodging. 3 Meals. This trip includes a rous Crossing” – a romantic comedy set aboard a cruise ship night in Orlando with dinner at
stop over to visit the Billy Graham Library en route to an island paradise. After the show we will check into the hotel; 8 day / 7 night cruise
in Charlotte, NC. See the all-new 32-foot our hotel for a one-night stay. Later this evening we will go to on the Carnival Legend Come
mural painted by Thomas Kinkade. After checking into our hotel the Orange Park Kennel Club for a night of fun. We will have join Top of the Line Tours on our annual Caribbean Cruise on
in Greensboro for a one-night stay we are off to the fabulous a private room, a fun filled class on wagering to help everyone board the Carnival Legend as we sail the Western Caribbean
Barn Dinner Theatre for a scrumptious dinner buffet before en- be a winner, our own betting window plus a great buffet meal on a 7-night cruise!! And what a vacation itinerary: Grand Cay-
joying a performance of “Harry & Larry’s Christmas in July” – to enjoy while watching the races. On Sunday we will stop in man; the island paradise of Cozumel, Mexico; Belize; and Isla
you’re sure to laugh all the way home! On Sunday en route to Savannah, GA for a delightful Sunday Brunch Cruise on the Sa- Roatan, one of the Honduran Bay islands. This means in a
Charleston we will stop in Mooresville, NC for a luncheon cruise vannah River. After the cruise you will have some free time to single week you can enjoy golden beaches, Mayan ruins, snor-
on the Catawba Queen as we cruise around beautiful Lake Nor- shop on River Street before departing for Charleston. $232.00 keling along coral reefs and seeing the tropical wonders of four
man. We should arrive back in Charleston around 5:00 PM. PP/MD $244.00 PP/NMD destinations. Sail on a floating resort so spectacular that it has
$196.00 PP/MD $206.00 PP/NMD a two-level promenade of shops, lounges and more. **EARLY
nights lodging. 4 Meals. Travel with NATIONAL LAKESHORE CAT 4A CAT 8B
us to the beautiful Smoky Mountains & INDIANA’S AMISH MEMBER: $1116.00 $1308.00
and enjoy the cooler weather. We will do a little “prospecting” COUNTRY
en route to the Big Lynn Lodge for a two-night stay. We will AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 – 12 days/11 nights NONMEMBER: $1186.00 $1365.00
visit Burnsville, NC for the annual Country Craft Fair where you lodging. 21 Meals. Tours of or visits to Lexington, KY; Flint,
MEMBER: $1672.00 $2034.00
will find a variety of homemade crafts and goodies from local MI – Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad and sightsee- NONMEMBER: $1769.00 $2126.00
artisans. This is a great time to do some early Christmas ing cruise on the Genesee Belle; Star-Line Ferry to Mackinac
shopping. $340.00 PP/MD $356.00 PP/NMD Island, carriage tour of Mackinac Island, one night at The Grand
Hotel with Grand Luncheon Buffet, dinner and breakfast, eve-


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Travel to the “Rainbow Nation”
With the entire planet caught up in World Cup fever, South Africa is a popular travel destination.
Every country in the world give cash advances against cards self-catering places (many of
displays some diversity, but belonging to the Cirrus network. which are quite comfortable).
South Africa, stretching from Credit cards are widely ac- Life in the luxury lane starts
the hippos in the Limpopo River cepted in South Africa, especially at about R1400 (US$140) per
to the penguins waddling on the MasterCard and Visa. Nedbank is person per day, and can climb to
Cape, takes some beating. It be- an official Visa agent, and Stan- more than five times this if you
fits its position at the southern dard Bank is a MasterCard agent decide to ensconce yourself in
end of the world’s most epic con- – both have branches across the some of the continent’s top wild-
tinent, with more types of terrain country. life lodges.
than photographers can shake
their zoom lens at. There’s the Budgeting for your trip Don’t leave home
deserted Kalahari, Namakwa’s Travelling in South Africa is without…
springtime symphony of wild- not as cheap as in many less-de- • Binoculars for wildlife-watch-
flowers, iconic Table Mountain veloped African countries. How- ing and a zoom lens for taking
and Cape Point, Kruger National Cape Town is famous for its harbour as well as its natural setting in ever, it usually works out to be great wildlife shots
Park’s wildlife-stalked savannah the Cape floral kingdom, including such well-known landmarks as less expensive than travelling in
and, running through the east of Table Mountain and Cape Point. • An appetite for biltong, boere-
Europe or North America, and the wors (Boer sausages) and mealie
the country and into Lesotho, the quality of facilities and infrastruc-
Drakensberg. KwaZulu-Natal’s the most upbeat, welcoming and Money pap
humorous folk you’ll encounter ture is generally high. Among the
iSimangaliso Wetland Park alone South Africa’s currency is the best deals are national parks and • Making room in your schedule
has five distinct ecosystems, at- anywhere, from farmers in the
rand (R), which is divided into reserves, which offer excellent to visit at least one township
tracting both zebras and dolphins rural north who tell you to drive
100 cents. There is no black mar- and accessible wildlife-watching • Your yellow-fever vaccination
If you’re interested in another safely on those dirt roads, to
ket. The coins are one, two, five, at significantly less cost than you card if you’ve been travelling
kind of wildlife, hit the nightclubs Khayelitsha kids who wish you
10, 20 and 50 cents, and R1, R2 would pay in parts of East Africa. elsewhere in Southern Africa
on Cape Town’s jumping Long St molo (‘good morning’ in Xhosa).
and R5. The notes are R10, R20, At the budget level, it’s quite
or sample African homebrew in Another point of unity in the • Reading up on malaria if you’ll
R50, R100 and R200. There have possible to get by on about R250
a township shebeen (unlicensed diverse country is that, in malls be travelling in malarial areas
been forgeries of the R200 note, (US$25) per day with a bit of ef-
bar). When it’s time to reflect on and minibus taxis, bush pubs and
and some businesses are reluctant fort, by camping or staying in • A torch (flashlight) and warm,
it all, do it over seafood on the shebeens, two popular topics of
to accept them. hostels or self-catering accom- waterproof clothing for those
Garden Route, curry in Durban’s conversation are the 2010 FIFA
The best currencies to bring modation, and using public trans- cold, black, starry nights in the
Indian Area, a sizzling Cape Ma- World Cup and recent political
are US dollars, euros or British port. highlands, especially in Lesotho
lay dish, or a braai (barbecue) in upheavals. Most people believe
pounds in a mixture of travellers For midrange travel – where
the wilderness – accompanied by that hosting football’s mightiest • A sleeping bag if you’re plan-
cheques and cash, plus a Visa the best value and most choice
a bottle of pinotage produced by tournament is as great a moment ning on camping
or MasterCard for withdrawing are found in South Africa – plan
the oldest wine industry outside for South Africa as its Rugby • Books for long bus rides
money from ATMs. on about R450 (US$45) per per-
Europe. World Cup triumphs in 1995 and
There are ATMs in all cities son per day; more if you hire Courtesy Lonely Planet
South Africans are some of 2007.
in South Africa, most of which a vehicle and less if you stay in

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22 July 2010 •

It’s hard to leave behind those Medications: pets! Delta, Continental, Spirit Air- main cabins under the supervision
sad, puppy dog eyes as you head • Dramamine or Meclizine: A lines, United, and US Airways) of an attendant. Prices range from
out the door, so bring your pets 20-pound dog should be given will welcome your bird. Service $99 to $549 one way, depending
with you on your vacations this 2. Know the rules: Print out the animals, such as guide dogs, are on pet size and flight length; the
about 50 mg before starting the requirements for pet travel from
summer. Just make sure to follow trip. One dose should be enough allowed on any U.S. flight. average cost is $250. Pet Airways
these helpful pet-travel tips. the airline’s website and take (, 888-pet-air-
for most road trips. them along. Airport workers 4. Beware of the risks: In 2009,
23 pets died dur- ways) now flies to nine cities, in-
CALMING NERVOUS PETS • Benadryl: Small cluding New York, Fort Lauder-
dogs and cats should ing commercial air
If your pet shudders at the transit. Others were dale, Fla., and Los Angeles, and
thought of flying or jumping in receive 12.5 mg ev- says it plans to expand to 25 to 30
ery 4 to 8 hours, and injured or lost when
a car, these natural remedies and they escaped from cities. And if you really can’t bear
medications might help calm larger dogs should be to fly without Fido on your lap,
started at 25 mg. their crates. If your
their traveling nerves, but make pet is flying as bag- go to www.dogtravelcompany.
sure to give them the proper dos- • Cerenia: One dose gage or cargo, ask com for info on chartering flights
age: lasts 24 hours. the flight attendant with dogs.
Natural remedies: AIR TRAVEL to monitor the tem- ROAD TRAVEL
perature in the pet- offers
• Ginger: Either tea or powder Two million pets storage area. For pet
mixed with food is good for dogs board airplanes each a whole list of tips for traveling on
health reasons, some the road with pets, but we thought
and cats. year, so to make sure airlines don’t allow
you’re flying with we’d highlight for readers what
• Curing pills: This is a Chinese bulldogs and short-
your pet as efficient- we think is the most notable and
herb found at high-quality health- aren’t always familiar with all the nosed breeds, such
ly as possible, follow these five important tip: The temperature
food stores. A medium dog would details, so printed rules can come as pugs or Persian cats, to travel
steps, courtesy of Consumer Re- threshold for pets inside cars.
take about a quarter of a vial in handy if you run into trouble. as cargo during warmer months.
ports: “Never leave a pet in the car
mixed in warm water every 3 to Airlines will not fly a pet younger
3. Compare costs and services: on a hot day,” according to Con-
4 hours. 1. Plan ahead: You might also than eight weeks or ones with
Airlines frequently change their “The cutoff
• Lavender oil: Try a few drops on need a current veterinarian’s special medical needs. Also, most
pet-travel fees and rules. Air point is when the outside tem-
a cloth in the car or crate. health certificate, plus an ac- vets no longer recommend seda-
Tran, Jet Blue, and Southwest perature reaches 60º F. If the
climation certificate if the tem- tion, which can affect your pet’s
• Melatonin: It may help some allow small pets to travel in the temperature is suitable, open the
perature will drop below 45º F. heart or breathing.
dogs and cats with travel anxiety. cabin but won’t accept pets as windows a few inches and the
(Note: Airlines can’t accept pet 5. Consider alternatives: At Pet
checked baggage. Frontier will sunroof, too, if you have one.
• Dog appeasing pheromone in cargo or baggage if the outside Airways, a new pets-only airline,
(DAP): This is a calming phero- temperature goes above 85º F or check your pet as baggage but Courtesy
won’t allow it in the cabin. On Jet pets fly in the climate-controlled
mone derived from a compound below 20º F.) Attach your name,
secreted in mother’s milk to relax address, phone number, and a re- Blue and Continental, your pet
nursing pups. cent pet photo to the carrier. Then earns air miles for travel. Most
do the sniff test: Does Fluffy need airlines allow only domestic cats
• Feliway: This is a product simi- a bath? Airlines can reject stinky and dogs, though a few (Air Tran,
lar to DAP, but for cats.

on Quarterly
Pest Control Service

Home Improvement
Handyman Services
Pressure Washing
Quality, Timely Work!
Charles Benci, Owner Licensed & Insured
The finest handyman in the Lowcountry! • July 2010 23

Barbecue fans love their hamburgers. Unfortunately, hamburgers don’t make for the
healthiest fare. Those who love to grill throughout the summer might find their burger
bulge adding up. Top this tasy alternative to beef with Grandma Nora’s Salsa Verde.
salt, fennel, oregano, and
Turkey Patties red pepper flakes. Mix well.
Grandma Nora’s
Makes 8 Shape into desired sizes of
Salsa Verde
2 pounds ground dark- patties. Makes about 1/2 cup
meat organic turkey Heat a grill pan brushed with 2 bunches fresh, flat-leaf
Cool Off from Summer Sizzle
2/3 cup minced yellow oil and brown the patties
Refreshment plays a big
onion over medium heat on both 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil role in summertime enter-
sides, about 3 minutes per taining. For many people,
1/4 cup finely chopped 2 anchovies (optional)
side. Cover and continue few things are as relaxing in
fresh basil leaves 2 cloves garlic, finely
to grill for 3 more aminutes summertime as kicking back
1/4 cup finely chopped until cooked through. chopped and enjoying a cold bever-
fresh flat-leaf parsley 1 tablespoon fresh lemon age. Whether you’re throw-
Or, in a saute pan, add
1 teaspoon minced fresh juice ing a party or simply looking
just enough oil to coat a hot for a way to sit back and re-
ginger pan. Saute over medium Pinch of sea salt lax, the following recipe for
1 tablespoon minced garlic heat for about 3 minutes a “Mint Mojito” from “Easy
Rinse the parsley and Sparkling spring water (op-
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
on each side to brown, de-
shake off any excess water. Entertaining” (Ryland Peters tional)
crease the heat, and add a & Small) could be just the
Remove the stems. Pro- Mint sprigs and lime zest, to
1 teaspoon crushed fennel tablespoon of water. Cover thing you need.
seeds cess the parsley in a food serve
to steam the inside, about 6
minutes. Serve in a pita or
processor fitted with a metal Mint Mojito Put the rum, lime juice,
1 teaspoon dried oregano blade for about 30 seconds,
on a bun. Serves 1 sugar (or sugar syrup), mint
1/8 teaspoon red pepper scraping down the sides af- leaves, and ice cubes in a
Top with Grandma 1/4 cup rum
flakes terward. blender, zap well, and then
Nora’s Salsa Verdefor an 1 tablespoon sugar or sugar strain into a glass with half-
Olive oil for coating the pan Add the olive oil, ancho- syrup
amazing finishing touch! I filled ice.
or grill vies (optional), garlic, lem-
am willing to bet you will not Freshly squeezed juice of 1 Serve straight or topped
In a large bowl, com- on juice, and salt. Process
make aground beef burger lime with sparkling spring water,
bine the turkey, onion, ba- until smooth.
again! Leaves from a large bunch of a sprig of mint, and a curl of
sil, parsley, ginger, garlic, mint and ice cubes lime zest.

24 July 2010 •

“ “
I have been asked by several harsh. She suggested navy, deep to their cheek bones while giv- and Eye. This product jump
readers of this column if is a purple, and intensive brown for ing the cheeks a more sculpted starts natural collagen production
product on the market to help me hazel eyes, navy or blue for brown and defined look. She suggested that slows down considerably in
look more refreshed and youth- eyes. Charcoal gray and intensive that a bronzer under the blush your 20’s. This product has been
ful? One that would minimize brown goes with any color of line would greatly help. Gentle shown to visibly reduce length
lines and wrinkles, in other words eyes. I questioned her about eye blending to look natural is the and depth of wrinkles!
firm, lift and lighten up darkened brows that have key to looking I asked Tanya how to com-
age spots or sun spots with out thinned, due to great. bat those dark age spots and sun
surgical procedures? menopause, ra- T h e spots that sneak up on our face, Beauty & Fashion
I took these questions to task diation therapy next interview hands and body. She suggested By Belinda Roberts
recently by contacting Steve Bur- for cancer pa- in my quest for the Clinique “Even Better Clini-
cham, manager of Dillards at Cit- tients or lack finding a “face- cal” dark spot corrector. There is
adel Mall. He gave me permission of hormones/ lift in a bottle” a customized 3 step system that SPF 15.} This is a highly effec-
to interview several qualified skin estrogen. She was with Tan- after four weeks you can expect a tive formula with rich moisturiz-
care specialists. Mr. Burcham told me about a ya, a beauty 1-2 shade visible improvement in ers that helps mature skin to look
was gracious to grant me the op- great brow liner advisor in the that dark spot but you should also lifted, contoured, and more radi-
portunity to conduct research that has a brush CLINQUE de- use a daily sunscreen as well. ant.
with the beauty advisor of DIOR, on one end and partment. Tan- There is no way to keep skin Look for part two in the next
CLINIQUE, ESTEE LAUDER a liner with a ya was happy from forming new dark spots issue in my quest for the “Foun-
& CLARINS skin care line. powder in a to oblige with with out a daily SPF, follow with tain of Youth” and “Facelift in a
The first beauty advisor’s pencil looking container that nev- answers to my questions like “Even Better Makeup SPF 15”. Bottle”, as I have much more in-
name was Courtney. She repre- er needs sharpening and shapes “how does an ageless man or While pursuing my quest for formation on this subject to give
sented the new DIOR {only in and fills in your eyebrows! Uni- woman repair the fine lines and a “facelift in a bottle”, I made my you.
Charleston} cosmetics and skin versal Brown is a perfect color wrinkles that seemingly creep up way over to meet Barbara, a beau- Got a fashion or beauty tip
care line. Courtney was very in- for almost everyone. on us rather quickly after hitting ty advisor for the ESTEE LAUD- question? Let me help! E-mail me
formative and proceeded to give I inquired about lip liner pen- the magic age of 50?” ER department. I explained that at gatorbug54@aol.
me tips on looking ageless, start- cils and was advised to always Tanya recommended a prod- I needed to know what products
Belinda Roberts, resides in
ing with the eyes. Mature women match your lipstick shade to your uct called “Youth Surge SPF 15”. were offered in this line for inten-
Charleston and is the founder/ceo
should never wear anything iri- lip liner or go with a shade light- This repairs lines and wrinkles. sive lifting of one’s face. Barbara
of the Hat Divas Society, Inc. An
descent on their face. It tends to er. DIOR has a good product that Many people after using this for 4 began to explain to first treat the
incorporated non profit hat club
magnify lines, wrinkles, and puff- keeps your lipstick from bleed- weeks in a clinical assessment by face, throat, and decolletage as
which co-host’s fundraising ben-
iness around the eyes. Always use ing into the fine lines around the trained experts, showed that there one unit.
efits for local charities. Belinda
a matte finish in eye make up, mouth. Try this trick...add a dab was an 8 year reduction in the ap- The skin around these areas
has been in retail, clothing and
powder, blush and bronzers, be- of lip gloss to the center of your pearance of the skin! will sag and lose collagen. To
cosmetics, and has been a local-
ing careful to only apply bronzers lower lip after applying your lip- Tanya also suggested that to combat this problem she suggests
business owner for 28 years, and
where the sun will “kiss”your stick and it will make your lips firm, lift, and contour for a grav- a product called Re-Nutriv inten-
a proud grandmother.
face. appear fuller! ity free look, use Zero Gravity sive lifting creme.
Courtney advised not wearing I asked about women who Repairwear Lift Firming Creme. For those with really mature
black eye liner around your entire have full or round faces for an Also there is a Repairwear Deep skin I suggest using Resilience
eye, as the black looks aging and idea that would give definition Wrinkle Concentrate for Face Lift Extreme {ultra firming creme

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Crossword solution on
page 9

CLUES ACROSS 2. Indicates position

1. 1/100 Pakistani rupee 3. Something
6. Oryzopsis miliacea 4. Take a seat
11. Sous chef surfaces 5. Black tropical American
14. High rocky hill (Celtic) cuckoo
15. Drifted with the ocean surge 6. One point E of due S
16. A round mark 7. 60’s style of dress
18. Portions of medication 8. Farm state
21. Catholic Un. in Kansas City 9. Lawrencium (abbr.)
23. Edible bulb of sego lily 10. Curioes
25. Poseidon’s son 11. Water hen
26. Edible lily bulbs 12. Gadolinium (abbr.)
28. Sets out 13. Piloted alone
29. Beautified with gems 14. Touchdown (abbr.)
31. A citizen of Thailand 17. Light browns
34. Informal term for “mouth” 19. Before
35. Female sibling 20. Droop
36. Gives a verbal picture 21. Earnest money
39. Not to be taken lightly 22. Small intestine projections
40. Cause to lose courage 24. High tennis return
44. Double-dyed 25. Large shooter marble
45. Loin muscles 27. Slang for trucks with trailers
47. Downpours 28. Stitched
48. Convent church 30. A short straight punch
50. Moroccan mountain range 31. Highly exceptional
51. Brindled female cat 32. A native of Asia
56. Founder of Babism’s title 33. Graphic computer symbols
57. Book collection work 36. Run off the tracks
surfaces 37. A monotonous routine
62. Ask for and get free 38. Drain of resources
63. Set to end 39. San Antonion Road Runners 43. Set typewriter columns 52. They ___ 58. Atomic #56
(abbr.) 46. Mains 53. Next to 59. Rural delivery (abbr.)
CLUES DOWN 41. Made up of 50 states 49. Atomic #70 54. British thermal unit (abbr.) 60. Exist
1. Handbags 42. Toff 51. Label 55. A sharp shrill bark 61. Natural logarithm

26 July 2010 •

As you grow old, you lose interest in sex, your friends drift away and your children often
ignore you. There are other advantages of course, but these are the outstanding ones.”

Bubba had long heard the stories of an amazing family

tradition. It seems that his father, grandfather and great- I am writing to say what an excellent product you have!
grandfather had all been able to walk on water on their I’ve used it all of my married life, as my Mom always told me
21st birthday. On that special day, they’d each walked it was the best. Now that I am in my sixties I find it even bet-
across the lake to the bar on the far side for their first legal ter! In fact, about a month ago, I spilled some red wine on
drink. So when Bubba’s 21st birthday came around, he and my new pretty white blouse. My inconsiderate and uncaring
his pal Jim Bob took a boat out to the middle of the lake, husband started to belittle me about how clumsy I was, and
Bubba stepped out of the boat... and nearly drowned! Jim generally started becoming a pain in the neck. One thing
Bobjust barely managed to pull him to safety. Furious and led to another and somehow I ended up with the old gee-
confused, Bubba went to see his grandmother. “Grandma,” zer’s blood on my new pretty white blouse! I grabbed my
he asked, “it’s my 21st birthday, so why can’t I walk ‘cross bottle of Tide with bleach alternative, and to my surprise and
the lake like my pappy, his father, and his father before satisfaction, all of the stains came out! In fact, the stains came out so well the
him?” Granny looked deeply into Bubba’s troubled eyes detectives who came by yesterday told me that the DNA tests on my blouse were
and said, “Because your father, your grandfather and your negative and my attorney called and said that I was no longer considered a sus-
great grandfather were born in January, when the lake is
pect in the disappearance of my husband. What a relief! I thank you, once again,
frozen, and you were born in July, you frickin’ idiot.”
for having a great product. Well, gotta go, have to take my meds and write to the
Hefty bag people.
No Refills - A distraught senior citizen phoned her doctor’s
office. “Is it true,” she wanted to know, “that the medication you
prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?” “Yes, I’m I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no
afraid so,” the doctor told her. There was a moment of silence
before the senior lady replied, “I’m wondering, then, just how feet. So I said to the man “Got any shoes you aren’t using?
serious is my condition because this prescription is marked ‘NO
The Living Will - Last night, my wife and I were sitting
The Talking Frog
in the living room and I said to her, “I never want to live in a An 86 year old fisherman was sitting in his boat one
vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a day when he heard a voice say, “Pick me up.” He
bottle. If that ever happens to me, just pull the plug.” She got up, looked around and couldn’t see any one. He thought
unplugged the TV and then threw out my beer. he was dreaming when he heard the voice say again,
Good Old Days - A nurse at the beginning of her shift exam- “Pick me up.” He looked in the water and there,
ines an elderly and slightly deaf lady. She places her stethoscope floating on the top, was a frog. The man said, ‘Are
on the patient’s chest wall and instructs “Big breaths” The old you talking to me?” The frog said, “Yes, I’m talking
lady remorses,”Yes, they used to be!” to you. Pick me up. Then, kiss me and I’ll turn into
39 and Holding - Johnny asked his grandma how old she the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. I’ll
was. Grandma answered, “39 and holding.” Johnny thought for make sure that all your friends are envious and jeal-
a moment and then said, “How old would you be if you let go?” ous because you will have me as your bride.” The old
fisherman looked at the frog for a short time, reached
over, picked it up carefully, and placed it in his front
breast pocket. Then the frog said, “What. Are you nuts? Didn’t you hear what I said? I
said kiss me and I will be your beautiful bride.” The fisherman opened his pocket, looked
Put on your glasses. Double
at the frog and said, “Nah. At my age I’d rather have a talking frog.”
check that your partner is
actually in bed with you.
Set timer for 10 minutes,
in case you doze off in the
Set the mood with lighting. Turn them ALL OFF!
Make sure you put 911 on your speed dial before you
Write partner’s name on your hand in case you can’t
Keep extra Polygrip close by so your teeth don’t end up
under the bed.
Have Tylenol ready in case you actually complete the
Make all the noise you want. The neighbors are deaf too. 1. Older Americans account
for $2 trillion or 50% of all
If it works, call everyone you know with the good news. 2. Older Americans control

Don’t even think about trying it twice. Eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, soups, $7 trillion in wealth.
3. We are the only publi-

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cation in the Lowcountry
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more than 40,000 readers.
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6&/LF served anytime.
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