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Free To Be!
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Life saving from life threatening .

Reacting quickly to chest pains and

the early signs of a heart attack can

mean the difference in life or death.

McLeod Chest Pain Center, the

first of its kind in the region, is

specifically designed to offer rapid,

24/7 lifesaving treatment to

potential heart attack victims.

And now it has received the highest

level of accreditation by the Society

of Chest Pain Centers. Your heart

couldn’t be in better hands.

Know the warning signs
of a heart attack:

• A mild discomfort or nagging

ache in the center of the chest.

McLeod • Recurrent discomfort; feels

like indigestion.

Heart & Vascular Institute • Discomfort may increase in

intensity. More intense pain with exertion that goes away with rest.
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Summer is here...
o f T h a t E x tr a W e ig h t a n d S a v e M o n e y to o * !
F r e e Y o u r s e lf
Dr. Sattele's Rapid Weight Loss & Body Shaping Program
is the MOST Comprehensive Program in the Pee Dee!

• B1 2
• LOSE 15-30 LBS. PE

• O

“ I started Dr Sattele’s program in February of this year. Within the

first nine weeks of the program I had lost a total of 30lbs 18lbs which was
pure fat. I have tried different diets over the years and have failed miserably
every time. With his diet and exercise program, I feel like I have accomplished

weight loss for the first time in my life and have had fun doing it.
-Stephanie W. 35 year old female from Timmonsville

*Join our program by

July 19 and receive
Interest Free Financing
with CareCredit or a
Kevin M. Sattele, M.D. FREE MicroDermabrasion!
1611 Hazel Drive • Florence • 843.662.1515
600 W. Carolina Ave 1006 6th Ave S
Call 843-662-1515
Hartsville North Myrtle Beach to schedule your FREE
843.662.1515 843.361.1515 "Look & Feel Your Best"
Find us on Weight Loss Evaluation.
($250 Value!) |

To receive a FREE copy of Dr Sattele's medical informative report entitled:

"The Real Weight Loss Solution", simply call toll-free 1-800-791-4810 & enter ID# 2990
for a 24 hr recorded message or go to
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The Art of Style

2000 Block of
843-292-0150 •
Hoffmeyer Road

Florence, SC

j. eleo’s
Experience a at

CYNTHIA Truly Unique,

the toy shop
ladies fine shoes 843.664.8383
843-661-7474 • Mon-Sat 10-6
Upscale Shopping
& Dining Experience
Open Now

(843) 661-5518

843-667-9671 •

Glo Minerals . Pureology . Redken

Keratin Complex System . Brocato

the plaza
Our Stylists/Color Specialists: Tammy Chapman-owner,
Lois Still, Becky Cooper, Steve Connell, Anna Mcpherson,
Kathy Hutchinson, Ashley Turner
Call Tiffany for your appointment today.
ladies fine apparel
843-665-7669 • Mon-Sat 10-6
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Our A s s i s t e d L i v i n g is
a picture of the top of the line...
......where it feels like family and
where you know your loved one will
be in the best care.
We feature a professional staff
and the best living accommodations
for your loved one. At Pee Dee
Call today for
your confidential
G a r d e n s , your loved one is in the
assessment & tour! best of hands.

Call Shannon Berg & inquire about

our friendly assisted living today!

3117 West Palmetto Street • Florence, SC • 843-667-6699 •

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“Father Breaks Silence to His Children

on Why He Really Became a Doctor…”
After all these years…
Dear Friend, may be getting a headache or responds by healing itself. We article (by July 31, 2010) you will
Confessions are tough. sick, or sometimes just to stay get tremendous results. It’s a sim- receive my entire new patient
Real tough. But, sometimes a “tuned up.” ple as that! exam for $27. That’s with x-rays
confession can set the record Being a chiropractor can be and a thorough health evalua-
straight, and I want to give credit It’s strange how life is, because tough, because there’s a host of tion…the whole ball of wax. This
where credit is due. Before I talk now people come to see me with so-called experts out there. They exam could cost you $250 else-
about my confession, though, let their neck and back problems. tell people a lot of things that are where. And, further care is very
me say a few other things first. Also they come to me with their just plain ridiculous about my affordable and you’ll be happy to
headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel profession. But the studies speak know that I have affordable fam-
Let me start by explaining syndrome, chronic pain, neck pain, for themselves, like the Virginia ily plans. You see I’m not trying to
the photo in this letter. You shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from study that showed that 99% of seduce you to come see me with this
know, when I meet people in car accidents, backaches, numbness patients who saw a chiropractor low start up fee, then to only make it
town they usually say, “Oh, yeah, in limbs, athletic injuries, just to were satisfied with their results. up with high fees after that. Further
I know you, you’re Dr. McKay. name a few. That’s just incredible! care is very important to consider
I’ve seen your ad with that picture of when making your choice of doc-
you and the two cute little kids.” tor. High costs can add up very
Well, I’m the guy on the left. quickly.

Sixteen years ago something Great care at a great fee…

happened to me that changed my Please, I hope that there’s no mis-
life forever. understanding about quality of
care just because I have a lower
Back then I was a senior in high exam fee. You’ll get great care at
school, when I was in an automo- a great fee. My qualifications…
bile accident, where I almost lost I’m a graduate of Regents College
my life. I developed a painful and Sherman College of
condition in my neck and low Chiropractic. I’ve been entrusted
back. The pain in my neck and to take care of tiny babies to pro
back was so intense that I could- athletes that you may know. I
n’t get out of bed without help. just have that low fee to help
My neck hurt to the point where Here’s what some of my patients Forty-five million Americans more people who need care.
I couldn’t turn it to change lanes had to say: no longer have health insurance,
while driving. I was afraid that and those who do have found My assistants are Debbie
I’d lose the ability to play baseball “I had headaches everyday of my life that their benefits are reduced. and Suzanne and they are really
if the disability continued. After for the past 12 years; Dr. McKay That’s where chiropractic comes great people. Our office is both
several months of trying pain put an end to that in just a few in. Many people find that they friendly and warm and we try our
medication, muscle relaxants, adjustments!” – (D. Kirkland- actually save money on their best to make you feel at home.
physical therapy and nothing was Florence, SC) health care expenses by seeing a We have a wonderful service, at
working. I was considering sur- chiropractor. Another way to an exceptional fee. Our office is
gery, but I decided against it. But “I tried numerous different treat- save… studies show that chiro- called Advantage Health and
there’s more. ments including medication, physical practic can double your immune Wellness Center and it is at 507
therapy, and even surgery. A friend capacity, naturally and without West Palmetto Street. (We are
A friend of mine con- of mine told me about Dr. McKay. drugs. The immune system fights across from the Montessori
vinced me to give a chiropractor With his help, I am now able to sleep colds, flues, and other sicknesses. School). Our phone number is
a try. The chiropractor did an through the night. Thanks to my So you may not be running off to 843-669-1010. Call Debbie
exam, took some films, and then friend and Dr. McKay.” - (H. the doctor as much. This is espe- today for an appointment. We
“adjusted” my spine. The adjust- Davis - Florence, SC) cially important if you are self- can help you. God Bless.
ment didn’t hurt, it actually felt employed. And, an entire week
good. I got relief, and I could turn “They gave me my life back!!” – (B. of care in my office may cost what -Dr. Steven McKay
my neck and stand without pain Mills - Florence, SC) you could pay for one visit else-
again. It worked so well that I where. P.S. When accompanied by the
went to chiropractic school Several times a day first, I am also offering the second
myself. patients thank me for helping You Benefit from an Amazing family member this same exami-
them with their health problems. Offer- Look, it shouldn’t cost you nation for only $10.
Now for the photo, this is But I can’t really take the credit. an arm and a leg to correct your
my little girl, Hanna-Marie (3 yrs. My con-fession is that I’ve never health. You are going to write a P.S.S. Can you imagine not hav-
old), my son, Tristen (5 yrs. old), healed anyone of anything. check to someone for you health ing to wait at a doctor’s office? Well,
and wife, Jennifer. My children What I do is perform a specific care expenses, you may as well your time is as valuable as mine is.
know enough to ask me to adjust spinal adjustment to remove write one for a lesser amount for chi- That’s why we have a no-wait policy.
them when they fell like they nerve pressure, and the body ropractic. When you bring in this
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Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Modern • Clogging Gymnastics • Raven All-stars • Cheer Team Training & Much More!

629.0033 or 374.4KFA
Florence • Lake City • Olanta
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When it comes to
our team of dedicated, highly skilled
doctors are here to offer you the
very best of care -
without skipping a beat.

Pee Dee Cardiology Associates, P.A.

Caring for the Hearts of the Pee Dee
• Invasive/Non Invasive Cardiology • Interventional Cardiology
• Electrophysiology • Nuclear Cardiology • Sleep Center

Our Specialized Staff:

Alan M. Blaker, MD, FACP, FACC • Thomas L. Stoughton, MD, FACP, FACC
Anil Om, MD, FACC • James T. Lee, MD, FACC
W. Daniel Hardaway, MD, FACC • Nicolette B. Naso, MD, FACC
Evans P. Holland, Jr., MD, FACC • Gavin M. Leask, MD, FACC
Fred M. Krainin, MD, FACC • Amit V. Pande, MD, FACC
Rajesh Malik, MD, FACC


dedicated & specialize in the
screening, treatment &
management of heart disease.
OUR OFFICES are equipped
with the most modern 901 E. Cheves St.
technology and Suite 600
evaluations on site. Florence
OUR STAFF are well trained
& specialized in the care of 3485 Mitchell St.
the cardiac patient. Together Loris
with your primary care (843)756-7029
physicians we strive to
maintain continuity of care; 4000 Hwy. 9 E.
with the patients’ best Suite 245
interest in mind. Little River
No Referral Necessary.
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uly 2010 Free to Be!
(stories begin on page 76)

In Every Issue: 50-51 Beauty Buzz 116 There She Goes

14 Letter from the Editor 56 And She Cooks,Too! 118 There She Goes

16 She mail 60 She’s Closet 120 Shop Talk

Let Freedom Ring! Palmetto First Federal Credit
26 Wings for the Spirit
62 She’s Closet
Sherry S. Page Atkinson
Free to Rome! 122 Purse Strings
Tammy Epps
30 Mary Unmarried
64 She’s Closet
Mary R. Dittman, MBA
From See to Shining See! 124 Art & Soul
Angie Ketcham
34 She’s Closet 66 She’s Closet
The Right to Bare Arms! 126 In His Own Words
36 Ask Dr. Avie Eric S.Weinstein, MD
Avie J. Rainwater, III, PhD, ABPP 106 Chicks of the Month
Wilson Senior Care in 130 The Sir-Vey
40 She Wants to Know
108 The World According to 132 Fabulous Finds
48 Chick Lit Jennifer McKay
Tracey LaShelle
Frierson-Singletary 112 Wee She
138 Who’s That Girl?
Maddy Boyle Anna Shelley

Contributing Writers:
22 Anna P. Fox 52 Melodie Griffin 72 Marti Miller
I Am Complete One Man’s Trash Is Another Lost and Found
Girl’s Plant Stand
28 Ouida K. Page, RN, LPC 114 Jumana Swindler
Freeing Yourself from the Guilt 58 Paige Self Thomas The Real Truth About Dogs
Trap Real Freedom
128 Sharon Bixler
38 Cookie Cawthon 70 Ferebe Gasque I’ve Got to Be Free!
Sweet Land of Liberty My Freedom
134 Beth Grant
44 Becky Hunter Ruffles & Tatting
Free to Be a Woman
12-13 6/23/10 9:31 AM Page 3

We are
Melia Flowers Berry

Tuesday Taylor
General Manager
Advertising & Graphic Design

Dresden Tucker
Director of Creative Design

Leigh Clary Abdou

Production Manager
Special Features: Advertising & Design

76 Liz Shaw Heather Frick

78 Kim Gregg Editorial Assistant / Advertising
80 Megan Walkup Mathers
A shl ey R o gers
82-83 Anna Matthews Graphic Design
84-85 Lindsay Buchanan
86 Charlotte Hendrix Crystal Garris
Graphic Design
88 Janelle Arnette
Haley Tucker
90-91 Jane Ellsworth Fashion Editorial Assistant / Advertising
92 Beth Barrineau Godwin
94 Trinity Sampson Beverly Kelly - Executive Assistant

96-97 Karen Caulder Ray Gasque - Distribution Manager

98-99 Betty Sigmon Jacob Tucker - Distribution

100 Ann Dowling
She mail
102-103 The Kennebeck Family E m a i l t o : e d i t o r
Mail to: 1459 W. Palmetto St. Florence, SC 29501
Call us: 843.423.2393 office line • 843.423.9837 fax line

take us home
For a copy to be placed in your mailbox, send a check or money order
for $38 to the above address for a year's subscription.

Medical Experts:
She Magazine is published monthly and distributed at over 500 locations throughout the Pee Dee. She Magazine
46 J. Marshall Dent, III, MD reserves the right to refuse any advertisement or content we deem inappropriate for the publication. Editorial con-
20 Tips for Looking Your Best This Summer
tributions are welcome and will be considered by the editor. Please include name, address and contact num-

136 Dr. Antoinette Tolbert ber (email Letters to the Editor may require editing due to space limitations. The design,
editorial and photo content in She is copyright of She Magazine and may not be reproduced without writ-
Make This Summer a Safe Summer
ten permission by the publisher. She Magazine is a registered trademark.
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letter from the editor

July 2010

Free to Be!
The American Flag that was used at my DaDa’s funeral service is one of
my most cherished possessions. My mother allowed me to keep it after
the service, and its presence in my home reminds me of the sacrifice he
made for our country and the honorable way in which David Flowers
lived his life, both in his service to our nation and in serving his family
and friends throughout his lifetime.

this july, my DaDa would

have been ninety-three-years old. It has been
near our house instead of an Island in the South
Pacific where much of his war experience had
freedom was bought with the Blood of Christ. I
am reminded of the Scripture in John 8:36,“If the
more than a year and a half since I last saw his unfolded. Still, there was a part of that experience Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”
face, and I miss him in the worst way. This that he was never able to talk about – at least not Even if you don’t have a patriotic bone in
Father’s Day, I visited his grave and sat alone in the with me. Even as a little girl, I instinctively knew not your body, chances are you’ll be dusting off your
heat of the afternoon with my memories. The to pry when I saw a certain look come over his flag and finding a pole from which to let it fly after
thing I miss most about my DaDa is his voice. He face. Through the years, that look never changed. reading this issue. We found the most inspiring
had the most wonderful voice, which was the per- I recognized it at certain times of the year, which stories of women who are FREE TO BE! in all
fect mixture of deep and soft. It was melodious, but signified anniversaries of events that were perma- sorts of things. Some are patriots; some are just
his laughter was more like a roar. As I sat in the nently etched in his memory.The look in his eyes lovers of life. All are very inspiring!
cemetery, I forced from my memory the sound of was one of pain and sadness – for what, exactly, I We also had a lot of fun with our fashion
that precious voice. To my joy, it is still very clear to never knew. pages this month, which are filled with fabulous
me. My biggest fear after losing my daddy was that Since losing my daddy, Memorial Day and summer fashion inspired by this FREEDOM issue.
the day would come when I would not remember. Independence Day, the latter of which we celebrate Before closing, I have a bit of news to
Thank God, that day has yet to come. this month, have come to mean more to me than share with you. After a lot of thought – and even
My DaDa was a storyteller and, let me ever before. I think a lot about his service to our more prayer – I have decided to move our She
assure you, the ninety-plus years he spent on this country and the price he paid, alongside countless Office to Florence. (Our distribution sight will
earth produced a wealth of them. In fact, I do other men and women. I have also come to under- remain in Marion.) This decision did not come
believe his stories were never ending. Some were stand more clearly that freedom is anything but free. lightly as there is a lot of sentimentality connected
repeats that he told time and time again – so often I am proud to call this issue of She with our being in Marion. First, this is my home.
that I could tell them for him. Then, amazingly, even Magazine, FREE TO BE! In the seven years since the Second, She Magazine was born here, and I have
up until the time of his death, he was able to sur- war in Iraq began, the generations who previously spent the last eight years building this business
prise me with a story that I had never heard. escaped the reality of war have been introduced right here in the city that I love. While it truly
Most often, his recount of life as he had experi- to the harsh truth of what it means to be a nation saddens me to relocate, I, as the owner of She
enced it produced that roaring laughter that I at war. Whether a family member, friend or co- Magazine, must do what is best for the company I
loved so much. worker, everyone seems to know someone who love so dearly. With approximately 90% of our
However, there was one subject that has directly, or indirectly, suffered the price for business in the Florence area, it’s going to increase
evoked an entirely different emotion in my DaDa freedom. For this reason, I felt compelled to visit the productivity of my staff tremendously.
– one that I rarely saw. That subject was war. the topic of FREEDOM in honor and in celebration With the tenth birthday of She in sight,
DaDa fought in World War II as a soldier in the of all those brave men and women. there are many new opportunities on the horizons
United States Marine Corp. While his time spent As a woman,what does FREEDOM mean to that will be more easily executed in Florence. I
serving our country was something he was proud you? I personally am ever mindful of the FREEDOM love the people of Marion and am thankful to be
of, I know it was also a source of pain that I could that allowed me to dream of publishing this mag- a part of their business community, where She
not begin to understand. And he never seemed azine and the blessings of being FREE to make it Magazine and I will continue to give our support.
to want to explain, although he never told me a reality. I am immensely grateful that I live in It is with sadness that we prepare to leave our
that the subject was off limit. In fact, there were America, where my gender is viewed as a value to Main Street office. However, I do trust that my
times in which he did share a lot of his experi- society and my worth is equal to that of a man. I desire to follow where I feel God is leading me
ences with us – the part that included what boot thank God that I am free to worship Him, and I will bring forth wonderful things for She. I am
camp was like, the people he met and the things am expected to walk behind no one but am free excited and I am thankful that I am FREE to
that he saw as humorous. to stand alongside my fellow man. I am aware explore what lies ahead.
When I was little, I heard him mention that my earthly freedom was bought with a price Enjoy this issue . . . It’s a woman thing!
the “Guadalcanal,” which I thought was a ditch and, even more importantly, that my eternal
melia flowers berry
15SheMag_July10 6/22/10 4:36 PM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 15

Children’s Boutique

Up to 40% Off

Adorable Clothing
For Playtime or
Picture Time!

1210 Cashua Drive Suite 2 (across from Del Mae School) • Florence • 843-661-7108
Store Hours: M-F 10-5:30 • Sat. 10-3

don’t hide your beauty
any longer!
Offering a variety of procedures and treatments
to combat the signs of aging including:

Perma Lip • Vitalize Peel • Restylane

Glo Therapeutics • Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation
Prevelle Silk • Clarisonic and much more

492 WEST CHEVES ST. • FLORENCE • 665-0400
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She: mail Dear She,

The all-glossy
issues are awesome!
I love it! She is – as
always – a class-act!
Melodie Griffin
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

Dear She, Dear She Magazine Makers,

What a great magazine! Can you use my
Finally, someone has created
paper and turn it
something just for us women.
I love She Magazine! It’s nice
into a cover for the
to read stories about such magazine? I’d really
great moms, grandmoms, etc. like it. I made it
– and just for them to be especially for you.
appreciated. Signed,
Thanks so much! Sophia Lefew (Age 7),
Brande Hoffmeyer Hartsville,SC
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

Dear She, Dear She,

We recently moved to What does my office need
Florence from Canton, Ohio. to do in order to be added to She’s
She Magazine is an integral part “delivery” list? A few of the doctors’ offices on
of learning about Florence and the same road get She Magazines delivered, and
the surrounding area. we would like to get some also, if possible.
Carrie Linerode Brittany Kempson
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

Dear She,
We would like to start receiving copies of She Magazine at
Whittington Law Firm. Donna and I try to pick up copies and keep
them at the office, but our clients and visitors are always walking out
with our copies!
Jane Lybrand Lambert, Mullins,SC
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

Become Friends With Send an E-MAIL to

Us On Facebook! or MAIL us at 609 N. Main St., Marion, SC 29571
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 17

214 Second Loop Road • Florence, SC • 843.662.2681

10,000 sq. ft. of fabric at

for only

FABRIC SOLUTIONS 902 Second Loop • Florence, SC

18 6/23/10 9:33 AM Page 1

May 2010
In Every Issue
1. Avie J. Rainwater, III, Ph.D., ABPP This month, She Magazine is happy
to bring to our readers the debut of ASK DR. AVIE - A MAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON
THINGS WOMEN CARE ABOUT. A Senior Partner of LifeCare Psychology Group,
1 2 3

LLC, Dr. Avie J. Rainwater is the only Triple-Boarded Psychologist in SC, holding
Specialty Certification in Clinical Psychology and Sub-Specialty Designations in both
Biofeedback and Pain Management. He and his wife of 31 years, Karen, have three
children together. Chelsea, Seth and Josh.

2. J. Marshall Dent, MD is Board Certified in Family Practice & Obstetrics and

Gynecology and also holds an Advanced Certification in Menopausal Medicine. He can
be contacted at Complete Women’s Health Care in Florence. This month, Dr. Dent
4 5 6 7
3. Melodie Griffin is a Hartsville native who is proud to call the state of SC her
home. She resides in the Midlands now with her husband, 3 children and 2 Westies.
You can learn more about Melodie at

4. Sherry Page Atkinson lives in Marion with her husband, Jimmy. This month
in Wings for the Spirit, she expresses how, “The Truth Sets You FREE”

5. Ouida K Page is a Licensed Professional and National Board Certified Counselor

with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a member of the International Honor Society
8 9 10
of Nursing. She specializes in families and issues relating to children, adolescents and
women of all ages.

6. Cookie Cawthon is wild about her family. She totally digs serving as a
greeter at NewSpring Church every week, and she flat out loves reading, writing,
speaking, teaching, and blogging

7. Jumana Swindler is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for

11 12 13
McLeod Health. Her personal favorite pastimes, reflected in her writings, are RV'ing,
movies,Theater, fishing, reading and spending time with her son and family.

8. Ferebe Gasque is the Music Therapist at McLeod Hospice House, has a private
In This Issue
music studio (teaching piano, voice, guitar, strings, and just about any other musical 14. Erika Chapman loves her husband, Mark & living in Florence. Her passions
instrument), and sells Pampered Chef kitchen tools. She is honored to have the free- include raising her three boys, serving as a KidSpring Volunteer at NewSpring Church and
dom to live, love, laugh, and be happy... and to write for She Magazine each month, reading just about anything she can get her hands on.

9. Marti Miller lives in Marion, loves writing for She Magazine and is
excited (and a little bit nervous) about returning to work fulltime this 15. Cheri Jordan is a Florence resident and has been married to her husband,
month as a case manager for Marion County Guardian ad Litem program. Robert, for eleven years. She is a stay-at-home mom to four children, Abbi, Luke,
Prayers appreciated...especially for her supervisor. Savannah and Matthew.

10. Anna Pitts Fox is a Media Specialist at Greenwood Elementary 16. Sharon Bixler is blessed to be the wife of Hal, mother of Holly (Stanley)
School. Anna enjoys reading and writing but more than anything, she loves and grandmother of Ian. She is a Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hartsville.
being a newlywed.
17. Allison Marie Chandler is a senior at Francis Marion University,
11. Paige Self Thomas lives in Florence with her husband, Joey, and two Sheltie majoring in English-Liberal Arts with a minor in Mass Communications. She’ll
children,Timmy and Buddy. Together, Paige and Joey have seven grown children. She works graduate in May 2011. Allison was born in Florence, and graduated from West
part-time as Business Administrator for the Francis Marion University Center for the Child Florence High School. Along with being a full-time student at FMU, she works as
and is a Licensed Realtor with Prudential Segars in Florence. a waitress at Percy and Willie’s in Florence.

12. Beth Grant is an Artist, Interior Decorator and Writer. She and her 18. Becky Hunter and her husband, Rex, have three children, Hannah,
husband, Don, live on their family farm in Lamar, South Carolina. They own and Thomas and Carmen. They live in Florence. Rex is the Minister of Music at First
operate Mantissa Row in Hartsville. Baptist Church of Florence, where Becky serves as Pianist and Children’s Choir
13. Mary Dittman, MBA, is an Instructor of Marketing and Director of the
Internship Program in the School of Business at Francis Marion University. She
consults for a variety of local and regional companies and is actively involved in the
Florence community. Her column “Mary Unmarried” is now a reader favorite.
Artist Spotlight
19. Trish Biddle (COVER ARTIST) is published internationally, and is collected around
the world. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota,Trish studied at the Dallas Institute of Art,
before beginning her career as an illustrator and textile designer. Her process of draw-
ing, painting and designing eventually melded onto canvases, creating romantic images
and her unmistakable Art Deco figurative paintings. Her expertise in capturing nature
and light creates richly colored, breath-taking canvases. She travels the world and
enjoys translating her experiences into oil on canvas. Trish currently resides in

Westlake Texas.
14 16 17 20. Ricki Ford is a photographer out of marion who says, “ Photography is an art
to me and I want every image that I take to be timeless. His work is featured in vari-
ous photo shoots in this issue and more can be seen online at

20. Collin Smith A portrait and wedding photographer based out of Florence, Collin
launched the $100 Portrait Project that donates 50% of its revenue to the Children’s
Miracle Network & stays in the Florence area. In this issue, look for Collin’s work in our

18 19 20 21 “Free To Be” feature stories. He is also the man behind the beautiful photos in the
CYNTHIA ads. View his work at
19SheMag_July10 6/22/10 9:47 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 19

6D\ *22'%<( %()25(


$QG +(//2 





PROGDQGPLOGHZ 6800(563(&,$/








Let us
11:10 AM

Page 2

remove what dieting & exercising has

not been able to accomplish for you.

ONLY AT GENESIS will you find

THREE state-of-the-art Lipo modalities
Smart-Lipo , Vaser Lipo-Selection
and Lipo-Therme
• Minimal Downtime
• Local Anesthesia
11:11 AM
Page 3

& After Photos

Patients Before
Actual Genesis
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Board Certified Board Certified

Mary Daniels, L.R.C.- C.M.A. Edward O'Dell, M.D.- FACOG
Medical Esthetician • Laser Instructor Medical Director
Holding a Masters Certification
in Laser Technology
Certified Dermatician Members of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery

1273 Celebration Boulevard • Florence, SC • 843.669.2220
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I am
Com p l e t e by anna p. fox

in In a recent conversation with my Matron of Honor, I expressed how exhausted, yet still elated I was
amidst all this month has offered me. Her reply? “Make a list.” So, I’ve stolen some of these precious hours
of my last single summer to regroup and make that “list” – which is really more like a book!
Laying here in the sun, just breathing and listening to the sound of an old school sprinkler Brandon
refurbished that is chirping in the background like a happy bird, I realize that I’ve never quite felt this way before.
I’ve stumbled upon new emotional territory, and it’s a doozy to sort through, let me tell you!
Somewhere between complete satisfaction and fulfillment – and an uneasiness that could shake a small
village – I am staring in the face of the rest of my life. I have chosen to make a promise to a man who has cho-
sen to make a promise to me. I have searched and prayed and broken my heart trying to find him, trying to
wait on him – until he finally arrived four short years ago. And now, here we are, walking down the aisle toward
what we have heard and witnessed from others as one of the most difficult, rewarding, joyful and fearful journeys
we will ever know.
But I feel completely full. I feel complete in my joy, as much, perhaps is humanly possible for me, per-
sonally. Surely there have been other times when life has lined up just so – moments when I have felt a pres-
ence of fullness. Although none of those moments were quite like this one, which is coupled with an inner
earthquake of anxious excitement. I question how I should describe it. I search my inner word bank for choic-
es that will most accurately portray how I feel.
Since the beginning, I have prayed. At first that He would guard my heart and then that He would lead
Brandon’s heart, then for affirmation that our hearts were in the same place. And, finally, I prayed that He would
prepare us to be together (after praying many months that He would light a fire under Brandon to hurry up
the process!). Now, I find myself in the exact place I have asked to be. In this moment, I smile continuously, I
think constantly and I rest in knowing that we are cared for and loved by the One who created us for one
I suppose it’s just a growing-up feeling, just as it is to hurt for the first time and realize that hurt actu-
ally feels different each time it happens. Just as it was when I discovered that I could actually feel a presence
when I connect and commune with Jesus. My heart has been conditioned to expect and observe such emo-
tions within myself, as well as recognize and wonder about those that are experienced by others. Giving myself
these few moments of quiet, I can explore its significance. This is, after all, what I’ve desired.
The sprinkler chirps as the river runs in front of me. There is no reason why I should feel any less
than full. Brandon and I are abundantly blessed with friends and family who have allowed us to plan and pull
off the perfect celebration of our marriage to one another. So many have surprised us with their generosity,
their kindness –and their talent! Once again, we have been given much more than we could ever have hoped
for or imagined. Satisfaction seems obvious.
After all is said and done, we have chosen to live here, in the place where much of our story tran-
spired. And though I’m happy as a lark, I’m not quite convinced that I’m ready for the part where real life begins
again. Perhaps that is where the seismic activity inside me is coming from. I am, however, ready to experience
life with the person who knows me and has chosen me in spite of all my faults, the one who brings me candies
from the convenient store and hides random loves notes for me to find. I am ready to see where this new life
leads and to set out in search of other places on the journey where we may experience this feeling of deep-
rooted satisfaction once again.

When you read this, Anna K. Pitts will have become Anna P. Fox. Media Specialist at Greenwood Elementary,
Anna loves reading and writing. But, more than anything, she loves being Anna P. Fox!
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 23

American Legion Field
340 S. Stadium Dr. • 843-629-0700
BASEBALL (Past the Florence Airport on E. Palmetto St.)

July 5th - Christmas in July

Donate an unwrapped toy to Salvation Army & receive
ticket voucher to a future home game. Food Lion MVP
Night, show MVP Card & get $1 off G.A. tickets

July 7th - Pet Lover’s Warehouse

presents “Bark in the Park”, $2 admission for dogs 35lb & under

July 9th - NFL Night

Presented by Heinz of Florence along with WEGX-FM &
EAGLE 92.9. Wear your favorite NFL team apparel & receive
a ticket voucher for future home game. Silent Auction of
NFL Items w/ proceeds going to Mercy Flight. EAGLE 92.9
$1 Bud/Coke Night w/ Wing Specials. Best Buy “Price Is
Right” contest during game. Pittsburgh Steeler, Lawrence
Timmons & other current & former local NFL stars will be in
attendance for the game to sign autographs.
Discounts July 15th - Travis Jewelers Diamond Dig
& Birthday ladies search for a diamond stone after the game.
Party Plans EAGLE 92.9 $1 Bud/Coke Night w/ Wing Specials.
Available! Best Buy “Price Is Right” contest during game
1247 South Irby Street
July 22nd - Print Image Solution Florence, SC
Ticket Prices Team Photo giveaway to the first 400 fans. EAGLE 92.9
6 Box Seats $1 Bud/Coke Night w/ Wing Specials. 843-665-0846
5 General Admission Best Buy “Price Is Right” contest during game
4 Youth (under 10) Senior (60+) Wedding  Anniversary
3 Military Discount with ID July 27th - Emergency Personnel Birthdays  Corporate Meetings
Appreciation Night Romantic Getaways
"We’re in it to WIN it!” Donate a stuffed teddy bear & receive a ticket voucher
Become a friend of the
RedWolves on Facebook
for future home game. Emergency Vehicles on display
from 6:30-7:30. Food Lion MVP Night, show your
Call for your
MVP Card & get $1 off G.A. ticket Reservation today!

Our CARE Team

Compassionate & Reliable Experts
• Physician
• Licensed Master of Social Work
• Registered Nurse
• Volunteers
• Chaplain
• And many others
• Certified Nursing Assistant

Ascension Hospice is a family owned and operated hospice

agency serving terminally ill patients across South Carolina.

We bring to our patients and their families the same personal

attention and care we would for our own families.


(843) 468-9700
7142 WOODROW ST. • IRMO, SC • (803) 796-9296
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Celebrate freedom...

Macaira Casper with her boyfriend,

Nathan Poole who is serving in Iraq.

Fashion Photos by Collin M. Smith

24-25 6/22/10 11:04 AM Page 3

and those who

Become our fan on FACEBOOK! fight for it.

CYNTHIA ladies fine apparel and shoes

Shops of 7 Oaks • Hoffmeyer Road • Florence • Mon-Sat 10-6
843.665.7669 (apparel) • 843.661.7474 (shoes)
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j|Çzá yÉÜ à{x fÑ|Ü|à

The Truth Sets You YÜxx

bÇ On July 4th, Independence Day, we celebrate
our freedom, for which we are truly thankful! Let’s
look at another important area of freedom you and I
have – the freedom in right thinking. Author Marcus
Aurelius once said,“Very little is needed to make a happy
life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”
think I can.” The lesson here is the little train could do
it; but, first, he had to get his thinking right. Notice that
thinking precedes action. Like the little train, we can do
all things through Christ Who strengthens us
(Philippians 4:13).
Jesus will equip us to do whatever He calls
by Sherry S. Page Atkinson

Our thoughts are very powerful and persuasive. us to do. His grace will be sufficient to carry us
They can strengthen us – or weaken us. They can influ- through. Never lose hope. Our right thinking can
ence our moods, our health and our relationships. make our day, and wrong thinking can break it.
Many of our problems are from wrong thinking. Because Philippians 4:8 urges us to think on good things, to
our actions result from our thoughts, we must guard our fix our minds on them.
thought life. “Bring into captivity every thought to the Got the blahs? Feeling yucky, resentful, angry
obedience of Christ” (II Corinthians 10:5). or grumpy? Feeling sad, unloved, rejected, discouraged
The truth in God’s Word applied to our lives and wondering who cares? Thinking on the things
can bring genuine freedom. Our flesh and the devil are someone does that irritates you rather than being
trying continuously to control our thinking and make thankful for the good in them? Feeling like a fail-
us miserable. Satan will put negative thoughts in our ure and like life hasn’t turned out like you planned?
minds as soon as we wake up in the mornings so he Stop! Open the door of your mind and push all
can ruin our day. However, you and I can choose not those negative, harmful thoughts out to make room
to dwell on these defeating thoughts. This is when we for good thoughts to come in! Crowd your mind
will have real freedom. If we don’t choose our with right thinking and a grateful heart so there
thoughts, the devil will. The Bible instructs us to won’t be any place for negative thinking.
choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19). Jesus is right there to help you! He will
A very unhappy person once heard of the fol- help you take control of your
lowing principle and decided to do it every morning. thoughts and make them obedient
Before getting out of bed, he was told to list ten things to God and His Word.
for which he was thankful. He began to do this daily, Of course, you and I
and it changed his life because he started each day with are human, and it takes time
good thoughts and a grateful heart to God. You and I and much effort to resist
could be more victorious if we applied this same prin- wrong thinking. However, we
ciple daily. As we dismiss wrong thoughts and replace ought to be determined to
them with right thoughts, our minds will experience keep working at it. The same
freedom. In Proverbs 23:7, the Bible states, “As a man negative thoughts may come to
thinks within himself, so he is.” our minds several times a day.
If we don’t learn to think right, we won’t live God will give us His abun-
right. We will miss out on God’s plan for our lives. dant grace and help us
Negative, pessimistic thinking closes the door to what change in our weaknesses.
God wants to do in our lives and opens the door to It is His will for us to be
Satan and his attacks on our mind. changed by the renewal of
In Jeremiah 4:14, the Lord asked, “How long our mind (Romans 12:2).
shall your iniquitous and grossly offensive thoughts So, guard the
lodge within you?” For those who can’t seem to move door to your mind! Reject
beyond past hurts, be encouraged and meditate on those persistent, negative
Isaiah 61:7. The Lord promises He will give you a thoughts and enjoy the free-
twofold recompense for your pain if you seek Him and dom in right thinking.
His ways. He will give you double reward for your hurt A prayer to be sure of
as you remain faithful to Him and keep right actions. salvation: Father God, thank You
Galatians 6:9 reminds you to be not weary in for Your abiding love and for send-
well doing; for in due season, you will reap if you don’t ing Your only son, Jesus, to die on the
give up. If you were abused or forsaken as a child, cross for my sins. I ask You, Jesus to for-
Psalms 27:10 says the Lord will take you and adopt you give my sins and come into my heart and my life.
as His child. A phrase from a calendar: The really happy Thank You for saving me and preparing a place for me
person is the one who can enjoy the scenery when he in Heaven with you the moment my life is finished here
has to take a detour. See Proverbs 16:3-4. on earth. Baptize me in Your Holy Spirit, and fill me to
I am reminded of a simple illustration that lit- overflowing with Him that I may be empowered to live
tle children learned in school when they would say, “I a victorious, Christian life and be a bold witness for
can” or “I can’t.” A little train is chugging up a hill, huff-
ing and puffing and repeatedly declaring,“I think I can, I
you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.
Sherry S. Page Atkinson lives in the Centenary Community of Marion County with her husband, Jimmy. Those wishing to
contact her may do so at the following address: 6526 South Highway 41, Marion. Sherry teaches an Adult Co-Ed Class
at Marion Baptist Church and loves pointing people to Jesus.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 27

Celebration Centre
1300 Celebration Blvd • Suite 1
Florence, SC • (843) 662-9800


Saturday, August 7, 2010
9 a.m. - 12 Noon
701 Cashua Ferry Rd • Darlington
Thanks to funding by the McLeod
Foundation all screenings are free:
Blood Pressure • Cholesterol
Diabetes • PSA Levels • Stroke
The following screenings require an appointment.
To schedule, please call McLeod
Reservations & Scheduling at 777-2095
Skin Cancer • Diabetic Foot Care
Clinical Breast Exam • BioZ • Hearing
Presentations by Physicians and Healthcare
Professionals on several health-related topics
Activities for Children:
Face Painting • Finger Casts • Balloons
McLeod Safe Kids • Glow Germs • ChildReach Ambulance
Darlington County Sheriffs Department & Fire Department
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Some of us had parents that made us feel

guilty when we did things that they did not approve of. Because of that,
Another problem with guilt is using it in relationships to get your
way. If you are knowingly using guilt to get your way, this is considered abu-
sometimes, we would feel guilty even when we didn’t do things that were sive behavior. It is so much better to be assertive and just state what your
bad. False guilt is when we feel guilty but haven’t really done anything needs are than to be manipulative. Anyone can learn to be assertive. It
wrong. On the other hand, true guilt is when we do something really wrong takes guts and may be uncomfortable at first, but it is such an excellent tool
and we should feel guilty. An example of false guilt would be forgetting to and very healthy behavior. You have to figure out what your needs are and
call and remind a friend to do a task, and true guilt would be if you shot then you state what you want or need from the person you are dealing or
and killed your neighbor on purpose for saying something mean to you. communicating with at that time. You do it in an assertive, factual and
The feeling of guilt is a really bad, negative feeling – and can be nonaggressive way. You state what you wish to get across to the other per-
devastating at times. God wants us to feel convicted of bad behavior; He son in a calm manner and discuss the facts. You’ll probably be pleasantly
doesn’t want us to feel guilty. When you become a Christian, your sins are surprised at the results.
washed away and forgiven. A lot of times, however, we don’t forgive our- I believe that the best way to break free from the guilt of all the
selves and we carry around all that guilt when it isn’t necessary. things you should have and maybe could have done is to realize, first of all,
When we have done wrong, we should ask for forgiveness from that you are dealing with false guilt. You haven’t done anything to feel guilty
whomever we have wronged. And, sometimes, we absolutely have to for- about. You just made a mistake or maybe you were actually doing the best
give ourselves. In addition, as we mature, the tendency is to avoid friends and job that you could have in that particular situation. Maybe other people
family that try to make us feel guilty. When we were younger, guilt was used were holding you back and complicating things by not supporting and help-
to control us. But, as we get older and we discern people using guilt to try ing you so you could move forward with your plans and projects. The best
and manipulate us, it makes us angry. That, however, is a healthy response. thing to do is re-group and re-evaluate realistically. Set new and realistic
Using guilt with your children is definitely not a good thing to do. goals based on your personal evaluation of the situation. Make a decision
As parents, we need to be careful to not use guilt because it can have a very as to what is best for you at this point in your life and be determined to
strong impact and can profoundly affect the child later. An example of guilt move forward. Surround yourself with people that can encourage you and
would be when the child does something you don’t approve of and you say, take a supportive stance to help propel you forward. Try and get in touch
“I don’t even know why I ever had children!” Or, more specifically, the parent with the excitement that you had before and be determined to not feel
would say,“I don’t know why I ever had you!” Even if you don’t say this to guilty but accomplish what you need to in your own life.
the child directly and they hear you saying it to someone else, it can have
a major impact on the child and his self-esteem.
Another example of false guilt would be when you ask your child, Ouida K. Page is a Master’s Prepared Licensed Professional and National Board
“What is wrong with you?” If the child hears this question over and over, Certified Counselor. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a member
he will begin to believe that there is something wrong with him, when what of Sigma Theta Tau (International Honor Society of Nursing). She has been in
private practice in the Hartsville and Florence areas for over 15 years, specializing
you are actually questioning is his behavior. Asking a child what’s wrong with in families and issues relating to children, adolescents and women of all ages.
him will definitely affect his self-worth and self-esteem. When this child She is married and has one son who has graduated from Wofford College.
To contact Ouida, you may call 843-398-0915. You may also contact her by
becomes an adult and he has not dealt with this issue of false guilt, he may e-mailing with “Ouida” as the subject matter.
have issues and have an overeating problem and very low self-esteem. And
even worse, he may use the same approaches with his children.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 29

& Dip
Wine Glasses

Holder High Ball
Ice Buckets Glasses AVAILABLE

A Shop of Distinction
1926 Second Loop Road • Florence • 843.669.2231

YÜxxwÉÅ Éy V{É|vx
Plastic surgery involves many choices. The first and most important is selecting a surgeon
you can trust. A doctor’s board certification is one of the best indicators of his or her
training. Ask for certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS),
the only one of the 24 boards approved by the American Board of Medical Specialities
that certifies physicians in plastic surgery of the face and all areas of the body.

To be ABPS Board Certified, a physician must meet these rigorous standards:

• Graduate from an accredited medical school
• Complete at least five years of surgical training following medical school
with a minimum of two years of plastic surgery residency training
• Pass comprehensive oral and writing exams
• Look for the Symbol of Excellence in Plastic Surgery when making your choice


513 S. Dargan Street • Florence, SC • (843) 664-1122
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` t Ü ç UNMARRIED by Mary R. Dittman, MBA

YÜxx àÉ Ux
\ know a lot of singles wish to be married –
or at least “coupled.” Sometimes, they feel left out,
especially in a family-oriented town. I used to wish I could
meet the “perfect” guy – or even the “perfect” best friend. This person
would want to do everything together, but mostly everything that I wanted to do.
In reality, I learned that in relationships, you are sometimes asked to do things you
don’t want to do.
For the most part, I really love the single life. And, when I am dating someone,
I frequently start to feel trapped. I don’t want to hang out with the same person five
Two years ago, I went to Spain with my mother and brother, and they
dragged me to every museum on the Northern Coast. I hate museums! I want to
nights in a row, or eat his mom’s Sunday dinner or go to his nephew’s kindergarten grad- shop, sit in a café and watch the locals go about their days. But I don’t want to feel
uation. I’m willing to make compromises, but I like my life. I’ve had boyfriends who get guilty about telling my family I don’t want to spend the day with them at a museum.
jealous about my guy friends, gal pals and even if I want to go to the gym. I’ve also learned that if I wait for someone else to want to go do things, I might miss
Some women want a man who is clingy and wants to spend every moment out. When I was in college in Reno, Nevada, the opera, La Bohème, was being per-
with them. Personally, I like some space. And, as it turns out, I have not yet found formed by the local opera company. That’s my favorite opera, and I dropped sever-
the one “perfect” date or friend who wants to do everything I want to do. If you al hints to the gentleman I was dating. Two weeks after the opera left town, he asked
think about it, you don’t want to do everything your guy or BFF wants to do, either. me if I wanted to go. To this day, I still have never seen La Bohème live. However, I
Now, I’m not saying that married life or a relationship isn’t a good thing; it have made it my motto not to miss out on anything because I “don’t have someone
can be a very real blessing. But one of the things you have to trade away is a cer- to go with.”
tain level of freedom and independence. If you’re going to have a successful relation- Don’t worry about what people will think if you go somewhere by yourself.
ship, you’re not going to get your way 100% of the time. You may not even get your In Florence, I go to the movies, Florence After Five, Florence Little Theater, Florence
way 50% of the time. Symphony Orchestra, various art and cultural events, church, shopping, basketball
So, while you’re single, enjoy your freedom! If you’re trying to meet a “spe- games, baseball games, concerts and parties by myself. Actually, the only thing I don’t
cial someone,” you’ll be more attractive if you’re happy and carefree, so you might feel comfortable doing alone is going to formal, black-tie galas. I’m old-fashioned in
as well enjoy where you’re at. Let me give you some examples. that respect. And, although, I do understand that today’s culture says it’s perfectly
When you’re single, you get to keep all your money and spend it however you like. fine for a group of singles to go to a prom or formal gala as a group, I just don’t feel
I know we ladies like to dream of a Prince Charming who will swoop in and save us comfortable with that. (Of course, I don’t wear white shoes, pants or dresses before
from all our bills. However, every man I’ve ever talked to about this has told me his Memorial Day or after Labor Day – old-fashioned, I know.)
dream girl is not a debt-ridden overspender who wants to charge up his credit cards. In fifteen years of living in Florence, nobody has ever made fun of me (not
Also, once you’re married, you need to be in agreement about money. This is the to my face, anyway) for going to the movies alone. Or anywhere else, either. I’d rather
number one issue couples fight about, and you may not get to spend everything you go to a Red Wolves baseball game by myself than miss out because none of my friends
want. Also, if your husband is the spender, you may not be able to save and invest like baseball. And I always see people I know and end up visiting with folks.
how you want. Maybe if you go do some things alone and enjoy your freedom, you might
I really enjoy being able to spend my money as I see fit. Let’s face it. Most meet a new friend or a new boyfriend. You’re more likely to be approached by a nice
men don’t understand why we need seventeen pairs of black shoes. One of my guy if you’re not in an intimidating group of four girls.
friends has to hide her purchases from her husband because he gets mad when she Don’t miss out on life by building a prison of solitude for yourself. What if
buys more clothes and shoes. I never have to hide anything I buy, nor do I ever have you never meet Prince Charming? Do you really want to miss out on movies, con-
to ask permission to get a housekeeper, manicure, massage or earrings. certs and vacations just because you were afraid to go by yourself? Put on your big-
Another friend of mine wants to de-clutter her house, but her husband girl britches and get out there and enjoy this big, fun world! What if you end up with
pitches a fit whenever she tries to get rid of anything. I just cleaned out all my clos- someone who doesn’t want to travel or go to the things you would like to go to?
ets and my attic and nobody stopped me when I hauled things to Goodwill or the You’ll still end up sitting on the couch – and you won’t be living your life.
dump. My house is a lot more organized, and I don’t have to worry about someone Right now, while you have your freedom, get out there and enjoy life!
bringing me more stuff (except for the additional seven pairs of black shoes I hope are Look for me. I’ll probably be there (movies, concerts, events, vacations) on my own,
in my future). so come grab a seat next to me and let the show begin!
I recently went to Myrtle Beach for a four-day vacation by myself, which This July, declare your independence from the fear of
absolutely shocked several of my friends. They could not believe I would go on a doing things alone and start being free to be free!
vacation alone. Here’s what I love about vacationing alone. I can do what I want,
when I want. Last year, I went to Atlanta for a long weekend to see my first Major Mary R. Dittman, MBA, is an Instructor of Marketing and Director of
the Internship Program in the School of Business
League Baseball game. My team was in town to play the Braves, so I went to Atlanta, at Francis Marion University. She consults for a
stayed in my favorite hotel and went to Turner Field to see two games. I watched base- variety of local and regional companies and is
ball, shopped, sunbathed out by the pool, took naps and ate more sushi than any one actively involved in the Florence
person should be legally allowed to consume. I also went to visit the church of one community.
of my favorite TV evangelists and got to watch him live and in person after seeing
him on TV for years. That was very cool!
31 6/22/10 9:25 AM Page 1

Florence’s Only Certified Bariatrics Center

The ONLY board
certified bariatric
physician in the
Florence Wellness
Pee Dee is & Weight-loss Center
under the direction of

“I’ve lost 85 pounds!”

Zandra Ackerman tells her story.
HER STORY... I began my journey at Florence Wellness & Weight-Loss Center in November 2009. I realized my
health was declining rapidly because I was overweight. My arms and feet ached often, and I couldn’t even walk
short distances without becoming short of breath. With the encouragement of my daughter, I kept my scheduled
appointment with Dr. Dent.
I started with a much-needed regimen of laboratory tests, an EKG and an assessment of my urine at the
very first appointment. The following week, I had an appointment with Dr. Dent. He reviewed my tests and did a
physical exam. He determined that I had a metabolic and hormonal imbalance. He proceeded to explain to me
why it was so important that he correct these problems to help me lose weight, as well as keep it off. He seemed
deeply concerned and committed to helping me obtain my weight-loss goal.
My plan included correction of my thyroid and insulin resistance. He also started me on a bio-identical
hormonal treatment to correct the estrogen dominance that was hindering my ability to lose weight. I started on a
Low-Carbohydrate, High-Protein Diet that allowed me to eat real food but to keep my carbohydrates to a minimum.
When I started out, I wore a size 24 dress. Now, I’m a size 12, and I love shopping for clothes! My weight loss to
date is 85 pounds; I have 40 more to reach my ultimate goal. I feel like nothing can stop me!
Dr. Dent and his staff have been very supportive throughout my weight loss. The weight-loss plans are very
affordable and extremely effective. My weight just seemed to fall off after the correction of my metabolic and hor-
monal imbalance.
My advice to others would be that this is not just a diet program; it’s an entire life-changing experience that
you will have to want to achieve. Dr. Dent and his wonderful staff will be there to support you every step of the
way. I would recommend Florence Wellness & Weight Loss Center’s program to anyone.
Zandra Ackerman resides in Effingham, SC, surrounded by her four children, Dawn, Gwen, Britney and DJ; and her grandchildren, Tyler, Angel, Justin,
Garret, Gage, Ava and Zayne. She is the Assistant Manager at Horne’s Restaurant in Florence.

Top 10 reasons to choose
Florence Wellness and Weight-loss Center
1. The ONLY board certified bariatric physician in the Pee Dee
2. The ONLY certified Bariatric Center in the Pee Dee
3. The most cost effective program in the Pee Dee
4. Individual programs tailored to your needs and the flexibility to change programs
5. Thorough metabolic laboratory evaluation on every patient
6. The knowledge and experience to offer hormone balancing to enhance weight loss
7. Bonafide maintenance program once goal weight is obtained
8. Each patient seen by physician every visit
9. All inclusive plans (no hidden cost)
10. Flexible hours and late hours to better accommodate your schedule
Programs as low as $50 every 2 weeks, including Lipotropic Injections, Vitamins, and Appetite Suppressants

Complete Women’s Health Care

See Dr. Dent’s article

J. Marshall Dent, M.D.

on pg. 46

Member of North American Menopausal Society • Member of American Bariatrics Physicians

410 South Coit Street • Florence • 665.5055

32-33 6/21/10 3:49 PM Page 2


T h e She E V E N T b e g i n s w i t h
The Pink Party
Celebrating Breast Cancer Survivors
September 17, 2010 6pm-9pm
32-33 6/21/10 3:50 PM Page 3


at the Florence Civic Center

Visit our website

for a vendor application. Spaces fill quickly.
For more information, call 423.2393 and speak to Tuesday Taylor.

and continues on
September 18, 2010 9am-3pm
with a day of fabulous shopping,
health screenings and more!
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She’s ue-tiful!
hit e
red, w

Rope & Plastic Bracelet


Strapless Seersucker Dress by Britt Ryan

Red Beaded Drop Earrings
could look so pretty? GOOSIE GANDERS, Red Dress by Funky People
Madison Chambray Romper
BELK, White Cork Platforms by Unisa
Magnolia Mall, Florence PHIL NOFAL’S,
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 35

Expand your options and give your home a different look.

All at an affordable price.

843.332.5471 • 108 E. College Ave. • Hartsville

133 East College Avenue • 843-332-9041 • (M-F) 10-5:30 / (Sat) 10-3

Tough questions?
What is hospice?
How can I get hospice?
How can hospice help my family?

...ask Agapé.
36 6/21/10 11:52 AM Page 1


Dr. Avie
with Avie J. Rainwater, III, Ph.D., ABPP

Dear Dr. Avie,

I recently went through a traumatic time in my life and now find myself unable to make
decisions – from the small things like what to eat for dinner to big decisions like whether or
not to buy a new car. Before this, I had no problem making a decision. In fact, it was just
the opposite. I was even very spontaneous. Is it normal to experience this kind of situation
after going through a tough time? Is there anything I can do to help myself?

Dear Reader,
As humans, we are typically very resilient and can overcome in thereby rob the ordeal of its power to upset us. How do we regain deci-
even the most trying of times. Sometimes, however, we just can’t seem to sional confidence? Simply (but that doesn’t mean easily) by making one
rise above the stress of a particular trauma. The reasons why are unique decision at a time. The great thing about life is there are typically lots of
to each of us. What takes all the wind out of one person’s sails might not decisions to make in any given day, so that gives us lots of opportunities to
present as much of a challenge to the next person. So, is it normal to begin implementing a change. Yes, when approaching the first decision, we
struggle after a trying, traumatic time? The answer is yes. Regardless of will be anxious; but, in reality, what’s the worst that can happen? We make
how others saw or interpreted the problem, if you experienced it as trau- a mistake. We order a hamburger when what we really wanted was a
matic, then you will probably have some difficulty getting past it. chicken sandwich. Fine. I think you’ll survive such an error. The imbedded
Things that are experienced as traumatic typically share several trick is to start small and realize with each good choice that you can do
attributes. They are out of the ordinary for us; they stretch – or even this, that you can become confident again. The important thing to remember
exhaust – our coping resources, and they create chaos in our otherwise is this: you start with sandwiches, not cars!
routine lives. It is the disruption of routine – our sense of safety in the
You might also need to limit yourself to not feel pressured. For
familiar – that leads to difficulties in decision-making. This can be almost
example, start with making only five decisions a day. Keep a piece of paper
crippling if the trauma was our own responsibility.
with you and jot down each decision you make. You’ll surprise yourself.
Before the trauma, we go along in the shelter of habit, and we don’t
What you’ll realize is that you’ve made five decisions – and made them suc-
have to think twice about things. When the apple cart of our lives is over-
cessfully – before you even leave your house in the morning! Keeping
turned by some event, then all the comfort of consistency is upended, as
track of your decisions, then, will help you realize just how many decisions
well. If the trauma is sudden (e.g., an unexpected death) or even if it was
you are making and, very quickly, you’ll see that you are already much bet-
some time in coming (e.g., divorce), there is still a moment in time when it
ter at decision-making than you are giving yourself credit for. Depending
all falls apart. From that instant on, however, things no longer feel solid or
dependable. It causes us to question things we’d previously taken for granted. on your life – and your job – you could find that, at the end of the first day,
It causes us to question ourselves. you have made and logged over a hundred successful decisions.
More than being just unsettling, the fact of questioning ourselves What you’ll realize is that there are only certain types of decisions
literally reinforces the negative impact of the trauma. With each choice that are giving you pause. Give yourself time to tackle making progressive-
questioned, the tragedy is brought to the forefront of concern. So, this is ly larger and more important decisions of the challenging type. Expect to
a pretty big and very bothersome deal – this decision-making gauntlet. And make some mistakes. Realize that the mistakes are just that – mistakes, not
if we are struggling with it multiple times a day, then we are keeping the dif- new trauma. Giving yourself this type of grace, you should be able to
ficulty – and its consequences – alive. The self-doubt fuels the impact of regain your confidence over time. If you can’t seem to bring yourself to
the disturbance and keeps it alive. approach the difficult topics, or if you don’t seem to be making progress,
What can be done? The answer is to starve the beast of self-doubt then it would be time to call your psychologist. Either way, on your own
and then we can regain our personal expertise in decision making and or in psychotherapy, you can take charge of your life again.

Avie J. Rainwater, III, Ph.D., ABPP

Senior Partner of LifeCare Psychology Group, LLC, Dr. Avie J. Rainwater is the only Triple-Boarded Psychologist in SC, holding Specialty Certification in Clinical Psychology
and Sub-Specialty Designations in both Biofeedback and Pain Management. He and his wife of 31 years, Karen, have three children together, Chelsea, Seth and Josh.

* If you have a question that you would like to have answered in

ASK DR. AVIE, email anonymously to
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 37

Upscale shopping at
competitive prices!

Cabinet Hardware Shutters & Blinds

Countertops & Flooring Furniture &
Sinks and Faucets Accessories
Window Treatments Mattresses & more!
Call Kathy Boyd 843.332.3360 or 843.339.7803
105 South Sixth Street • Hartsville •
Website coming soon:
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Sweet Land
of Liberty by Cookie Cawthon

“I have ever loved the stars and stripes, baseball, brilliant

fireworks, and the delectable flavor of freedom that tastes
a lot like homemade apple pie…”

I still cannot sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” without a sickening nausea cramping my stomach. That song still
evokes in me the terror of first grade. I don’t remember much about that school year, yet I do remember stand-
ing each morning to recite the pledge and sing this anthem – as instructed and led by some invisible authority over the
public address system. Each school day began this way, and each day I was awash anew with anxiety. I can easily recall
the placement of my desk in the classroom and my view through the window beyond the mounted flag.
However, this song stirs more in me than “big-girl school” jitters; its lyrics have beckoned a personal sense of pride and
patriotism and pure love for this land long before I could have named those sentiments.
I easily take this place for granted - and its beauty. Not its natural beauty as much as its political beauty. When I focus
beyond the issues and admire the system, I am moved. Liberty flavors this land with a sweetness that remains intact even
when there are a few less than savory meals served on the table of democracy. Freedom as a nutrient was tilled into the soil
as this country was settled, and it has persisted.
But not without cost.
Three years ago I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run, which is a 10K race over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge from Mount
Pleasant into the heart of Charleston. It’s a tough run. The bridge is a fanny-kicker, and maneuvering among the thousands
in the crowd can require the agility and quick feet of a gifted running back. I slowed; I darted; I struggled and trudged up the
incline. I could feel the grade leveling and knew the crest was near. I kept my eyes trained only a few steps ahead – taking
it moment by moment. I allowed myself to quickly glance ahead to gauge the distance to the top when I spotted him.
The course was peppered with participants clomping along in high heels, fellows weaving through the crowd in card-
board boxes decorated like famed Nascar racecars, and another dressed as a banana, but his running apparel snagged me.
When I saw him my throat caught in an audible choke and my eyes filled as the cool breeze of the peak blew against my face.
A red shirt. Camouflaged pants. Combat boots and a weighty pack that bent his body. Full military gear. Bathed in sweat,
he kept a slow but sure pace. At that point I was uncertain of the purpose of his run, but I was touched by his struggle. My own
steps quickened and inspired by his, I closed the gap between us and zigzagged my way across the bridge. I sidled up beside
the soldier with little breath for words but managed to pant, “You can do it; you’re doing great!” before momentary tears
streamed into my hair just beneath my cap.
I encountered several others like him along the route and learned that they were Marines and Citadel cadets running – with
55 pound packs – to raise money for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, which assists wounded Marines and their families.
Team Semper Fi, injured Marines who received assistance through IMSFF, also pounded out the 6.2 miles with determination
and fight. Their obstacles made my effort seem puny, but I trotted and finished with new vigor, challenged by their grit.
Years later that memory is fresh and vivid even as I continue to be challenged by their sacrifice. The sacrifice of all
who treat me to liberty – at great expense to themselves and their families. Sacrifice is a pretty unpopular concept and
term in our culture; self service tends to enjoy greater favor. But without the dusty selflessness of thousands of men
and women in this country, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to gorge ourselves on independence. We are the
beneficiaries of their loss.
This past Memorial Day I heard a speaker encourage his audience to thank every service man and woman
we encounter dressed in uniform. At the grocery store. In the airport. Pumping gas. Mailing a letter. A simple
“Thank you for what you do for our country. You rock!” Okay, I added that last part, but I think it’s a nice
I was born sixteen minutes shy of Independence Day, so I spied my first glimpse of sunshine on the
one hundredth and ninety-seventh birthday of this country. I have ever loved the stars and stripes, baseball,
brilliant fireworks, and the delectable flavor of freedom that tastes a lot like homemade apple pie…
I am free to be grateful.

Cookie Cawthon and her family are humbly grateful for the sacrifice of those who pick up the tab for their freedom!
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 39


JUNE SPECIALS thru July 9!

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August 16-19
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I am thankful for my
freedom to be...
Jennifer Schock
“ . . Do whatever I love to do, whenever I
love to do it!”

Nancy Devon
“I am free to love a Go
Coward that loves me and my
country. In God, we trust,
Scranton and let freedom ring!”
“. . . Be free to have fun!”

Dawn Fowler Walker Amanda Brittney

Florence Jowers
“I love being free to read. That’s probably not Scranton
what you’re aiming for; but, when you study his-
“July is my favorite month
tory, you find it wasn’t too long ago in civiliza-
because it’s my birthday month.
tion that women were not taught to read and
And, since I’m not taking
write. They weren’t seen to be ‘worthy’ of such
summer classes, I’m free to be
things. I love being able to read! To learn and
out in the sun and be a water
to take an escape and read for fun – it truly is
baby by the pool!”
what saves my sanity most of the time!”
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 41

Hartsville is the cool place to be in the heat of the summer! Visit our beautiful
parks, attend an event, go boating on Prestwood Lake and Lake Robinson,
catch a $2 first-run movie at the Cinema Twin, shop in our great boutiques,
eat in our great restaurants and think to yourself... "What a cool little city!"

July 2: Hartsville Family Fireworks Festival at Emmanuel Baptist Church

6 - 9:00 pm HWY 15/ HWY 15 Bypass, Carnival July 1 - 3 from 6 - 10pm
July 8: The Carolinas III Community Photography Exhibit Opening 5 - 7 pm, Black
Creek Arts Center
July 10: Good Living Marketplace in Cargill Way 9 - 1pm featuring local
produce, Ovis Hills Farms, artisans, great food & more!
July 11: “Gospel in the Park” 5-8pm, Pride Park 630 South Sixth St.
July 19-23: Camp Creative at Black Creek Arts Center for rising 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th
Graders - (843) 332-6234
July 26-30: Camp Creative at BCAC for rising 3rd, 4th, 7th & 8th Graders(see above)
Hartsville Memorial Library: Summer Programs each Wednesday at 10 am for children
of all ages
Hartsville Idol 2010 ~ Great singers competing from across the Pee Dee to be the next
Hartsville Idol! Located in Burry Park, the event is held at 6:30 pm July 10, 17, 24 and
August 7 Bring along lawn chairs for this family-fun event!!, "Our Hartsville" on Facebook and HartsvilleSC on Twitter!

We’re Moving!
to Suite 108 • 701 Medical Park Dr.
in Hartsville on July 28, 2010

We Are Accepting NEW Patients!

OFFICE HOURS: MON. - FRI. 8:30-5:00 • SATURDAY 9:00-11:00
Solomon Joni Ovanna
Budhram, M.D. Budhram, M.D. 701 Medical Park Drive, Suite 108 • Hartsville • 843•332•6645
Tenemos un hispanohablante
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“All good things are wild, and free.”
- Henry David Thoreau
43SheMag_July10 6/22/10 10:25 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 43

LifeCare Hospice of SC offers a special way of

caring for patients facing a life-threatening illness.
Patient care is provided by a team-oriented
approach that includes expert pain and symptom
management, along with emotional and spiritual
support tailored to the patient's wishes.
Please call or visit our website for more information.
(843) 332-2221 • 202 South 2nd Street • Hartsville
(803) 435-2227 • 225 Boundary St. • Manning

Accredited by Community Health Accreditation Program

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free to be a
One of the greatest liberties that God has
allowed me to experience is the blessed freedom to
be a female. Or, simply put, I am free to be a woman!
I am His creation. I am able to make my own choic-
es about life, education, travel, worship and family. I
naively thought this high and holy honor of female
freedom to be universal until my journey to
Macapá, Brazil.
The year was 1999. My wonderful
husband, Rex, and I were serving as Christian
Missionaries to the precious people of the
Amazon Basin. New to the language and
having been in Brazil for a little over a
year, I still made daily visits to shopkeep-
ers in our city of Macapá, trying to con-
verse and improve my “everyday” by Becky Hunter
Portuguese. Part of my route took
me by a small sewing store where
you could drop off your mending
and have it completed by the next
day. The shop owner was a well-spoken Brazilian, but
“She’s . . . dead, Honey,” I said, clearing my dry Most of the readers of this wonderful maga-
her three workers spoke “slang,” which I desperately
throat, hot tears streaming down and stinging my cheeks. zine are female. They have an education; they can read
wanted to glean. Each day, I would converse for five or
“I know, Mommy, but why did her husband do and comprehend. This is a blessing not to be taken for
ten minutes, trying to build relationships, as well as get
it?” My fears were realized. She had been by my side granted. The glorious fact that you and I are not cattle
a few new idioms for my notebook.
and had understood the words. Crazy words. Broken to be bought and slaughtered is a result of our
One morning, with my six-year-old Hannah in
sentences. Angry answers. Gracious God.
hand, I made my rounds into the meager sewing room.
“Maria,” the shopkeeper had said, “Maria's Oh, ladies, we are truly blessed to live in a
The usual laughter and conversations were frightfully
husband – he stabbed her while she was in the show- country where we can equally be educated, choose to
stilled. Silent as stone, the ladies’ bronzed faces were
er. Her children saw it all. He was angry that she was wed (or not to wed), to choose to be with our fami-
buried in their labors. The owner, whom I had never
making more money than him. He thought she was lies, our churches and most importantly, to worship
seen touch a garment, was busying her hands sticking
having an affair. If you think your wife is unfaithful, a freely, knowing Jesus liberates our souls to be free
a hem. Her lips were tightly drawn in; her narrowed
Brazilian husband can murder his wife. He’s not in jail. women! Yes, I am free to be a she! Jesus sets me free
eyes glaring at the stitches.
He is at his mother’s house.” because, in Christ, “there is neither bound or free,
“Bon dia!” I cheerfully declared, giving the
Silent rage swelled within me as I drove male or female” (Galatians 3:28).
normal morning greeting. Nothing. Silence. Not a
quickly to our home, jumping out, holding my children I am honored and proud to be a Christian
word of response. Not an eye from a worker. Not a
tightly. Rex was furious at the news and after having lady of God. Men and women are both uniquely
return greeting. Nothing. Simply nothing.
talked with seasoned missionaries, found the sordid designed to be the creatures God has formed. But,
My eyes glanced around trying to fathom
story to be all too common an occurrence. I took each has his or her own unique purposes. Yes, I am
what could make this group of warm-hearted women
Hannah aside and told her it was an evil thing that had constantly aware that He made me fully female, and
suddenly become solidly frozen. After surveying the
been done to Maria. I assured her that her dad would that I am at my best when I am free to be His she.
room, I noticed the left corner. I made my way to the
never do that, and our home was safe. To quote Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-
shop owner’s tiny counter, her body still steady at the
That day, I thanked Jesus for the freedom He century Carmelite Monk, “The time of business does
task. I pointed to the empty chair and, in my best bro-
lovingly lavished upon me – and our daughters. We are not with me differ from the time of prayer; and in the
ken Portuguese, I asked where Maria was.
His creation – the female. He has always done that. noise and clatter of my kitchen, while several persons are
Without dropping a stitch, she simply said,
The woman, caught in the very act of adultery, did not at the same time calling for different things, I possess
“Matar!” No one else spoke. My eyes began widen-
receive His condemnation (John 8:3-11). God in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees
ing and my tempo quickened as the questions flew
The fact that I am a woman – that I am writ- at the Blessed Sacrament.”
from my heart. And the anger poured from hers.
ing and that there is even a She Magazine – speaks vol- Finally, I am reminded of when Jesus revealed
I quickly turned, grabbing our daughter’s hand
umes! When I told the women in Brazil that I had a His Resurrected Body. His first recorded word after
and sprinted back toward our truck, not daring to fin-
Master’s Degree from college, it was like trying to the grave was “Woman . . .” (John 20:15). The first
ish the day’s route. The racing in my chest was only
explain snowdrifts to a native who had only lived on name He spoke was Mary (John 20:16). Or, in
surpassed in pressure by the nausea that was now
the equator all her life. Once, when I was driving our Portuguese, Maria.
consuming my entire being.
As I silently drove to our home, Hannah truck, I was pulled over because the policeman was
going to give me a ticket for driving. He was going to give Becky Hunter and her husband, Rex, have three chil-
turned and asked me why Maria was not there. I dren, Hannah,Thomas and Carmen. They live in
began to pray that her language skills were not me a ticket for driving because no female was ever educated
Florence. Rex is the Minister of Music at First Baptist
developed enough to have understood the horrible enough to drive in the area we were in. When I showed the Church of Florence, where Becky serves as Pianist and
conversation. policeman my driver’s license, he was furious! Children’s Choir Teacher.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 45

Fireworks over the lake and games. Free and open to the public!
Friday, July 2nd • 7:00pm

(843) 395-4402 • • 157 Home Avenue • Darlington

You can visit us online at:
BETHEA BAPTIST is a Christ-Centered Retirement Community
and is a division of South Carolina Baptist Ministries for the Aging, Inc.
46 6/22/10 2:21 PM Page 1

20 Tips for
Looking Your Best
This Summer
by J. Marshall Dent, III, MD
7. Set realistic goals for yourself. You won’t lose 20 pounds in a week even if
work out 12 hours a day and eat nothing but celery. Be leery of lose 30-pounds-in--
weight-loss programs. Most weight loss in the first two weeks is water loss. Slow and
steady is the way to win the race. I’m happy when I see consistent weight loss, not five
pounds lost one week and gain a pound back the t week.
8. Avoid trans-fat and high-fructose corn syrup. First of all, they are not
good for you. By avoiding these items, you eliminate a lot of “bad foods” in the process.
9. Vitamins are good for you. When on a weight-loss plan, it’s good that you
take in your essential vitamins and minerals to replace what you may be deficient in.
The essential fatty acids are an excellent choice.
10. Identify your ideal body weight. Too often, I see patients that have unre-
alistic expectations. I always set a goal for them at the start. It may not be their goal,
but it eliminates frustration with trying to achieve and maintain an unrealistic weight.
11. Consider the source. There are many doctors out there that would gladly pre-
scribe you a diet pill. But, are they really helping you? Without a diet plan and behav-
ior modification and maintenance plan, you are doomed to be a yo-yo dieter. I use the
analogy,“Would you have your brain tumor taken out by a foot doctor?” If you’re seri-
ous about losing and keeping your weight off, see a doctor that specializes in the field
of weight loss.
12. All weight is not created equal. Muscle weighs more than fat. And the last
thing you want to lose is muscle! That’s why protein is so important to help preserve
muscle mass. It’s also important to have a regular exercise program. Without adequate
protein, your body will burn the muscle first. You should lose 75% fat and 25% muscle
on a sound program.
13. Sleep it off. To be an efficient fat burner, your body requires at least eight hours
of sleep. Many of your hormone levels normalize during the sleep cycle. If you’re not
sleeping well, it could be a hormonal imbalance that needs correction.
14. Slow down your eating. I encourage my patients to drink two glasses of
water prior to a meal. It works wonders to curb your appetite. Practice slow and
deliberate chewing; that promotes satiety. When eating out, plan to take half your meal
home with you or share a meal with your dining partner.
15. Snacks. Find a good snack that is low in carbohydrates, and make sure that snack
is always readily accessible to you. I suggest protein bars. Cut them into small pieces
and eat one piece at a time, followed by an eight-ounce glass of water. Snacks can be
the killer of a weight-loss regimen!
With summer now upon us, everyone wants to look good in bathing suits and 16. Fiber is good. When you lose fat, you’re going to get constipated. Increasing
hit the beach. What better time than now to discuss weight-loss tips? Everyone wants your water intake and fiber is a way to fight this problem. I also recommend magne-
to look and feel good about themselves. Now is the time to take off that excess weight sium in either pill or liquid form for those “stuck” moments.
you made a New Year’s Resolution to take off but is still hanging around in July. I’ve out- 17. White bread means belly fat. Please eat whole grain white bread if you
lined some simple – but very effective tips – to help you achieve your goal and feel good must have bread. But try to eliminate all bread if you can. It’s added carbohydrates that
about yourself on the beach. you don’t need, and it goes directly to your belly. No six-pack abdominals will ever be
attained with white bread.
1. Diets do not! Most people will gain their lost weight back in one year 90% of the 18. Join the anti-soda club. For most people, getting off sodas it is the hardest
time. Be leery of diets that promise 30 pounds of weight loss in one month. Those thing about a weight-loss plan. I’ve often wondered if there’s an addictive ingredient in
plans are the worst for weight regain. Diets are temporary. When you change your these drinks. If you are a soda drinker, dropping it from your diet will allow you to lose
dietary lifestyle, however, you’re changing habits and putting yourself on track for long- five pounds in a single week. And that’s without doing anything else! I hope that’s
term success and weight maintenance. enough incentive for most to quit with the sodas.
2. Take before and after photos. That’s a great motivator and allows you to see 19. Alcohol is empty calories. There is nothing nutrionally sound about alcohol.
the success you have achieved. Take measurements to look for lose inches that you The calories are high and it has no sense of satiety, so you drink more and more and
want to get rid of, as well as pounds. You’ll be astonished by the transformation your you gain that infamous “beer belly.” There are many commercials now about low-calo-
body will undergo. rie beer. But any way you present it, it’s still not a nutrionally viable option – even if
3. Start reading labels. I know it’s a pain, but there is no way to be an educated Lance Armstrong does promote it. Remember, Lance has probably already burned off
eater except by reading labels. Otherwise, you’re flying blind. Always check the serv- 5000 calories before he had his lite beer. Unless you’re in his league, stay away from
ing size, as well as the ingredients list. I can personally give you a prime example. I the alcoholic beverages.
picked up some bran muffins. The calorie content was 240 calories and 24 grams of fat 20. Water is your friend. When one is on a strict diet, the loss of water can be
for half a muffin! You can bet I passed on those muffins. dramatic. Therefore, it’s very important to hydrate well. I encourage at least eight glass-
4. Tell your family. You need their support and praise. If they are unaware that es of water a day. You are more likely to retain water weight when you’re not hydrat-
you are trying to lose weight, they may inadvertently sabotage your goals. They can help ed well. You’ll be surprised how adding water to your diet in the place of sweet tea
you obtain your goals. And, who knows? Your new habits may rub off on them. makes the tea seem too sweet if you drink it again. Your taste buds will adjust to the
5. Identify your exercise. Find out what works best for you. You don’t want to change, but you have to change your mind first!
choose a program that’s too demanding for your fitness level. You’ll only get frustrat-
ed and quit. Pick a program that best fits your lifestyle. Start out slowly; it does you I hope these tips will be beneficial as you embark on your weight-loss journey.
no good to get so sore that you can’t walk for days. That means you won’t be able to Remember that the key to weight loss is a change in lifestyle. And the hardest part of
work out, as well. any weight-loss regimen is the maintenance of your weight. If a diet program doesn’t
6. Zone out! Make exercise fun and listen to your favorite music. It takes your mind have a plan for maintenance, I would avoid that plan entirely because it’s only a set-up
off the physical activity. I recently did a long mountain climb, and I feel like my iPod for disappointment. Good luck!
helped me to get through the long grind.

If you have questions about the information in this article, you may contact Dr. Dent at Complete Women’s Health Care in Florence.
Dr. Dent is Board Certified in Family Practice and Obstetrics and Gynecology and also holds an Advanced Certification in Menopausal Medicine.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 47

48 6/22/10 1:54 PM Page 1

What’s on
Tracey Frierson-
Best-Seller List?

In a quick minute, I can list the names of

books I have read in my adult life. From that, you can
The subtitle of the book is What Men Really
Think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy and
Ladies, how many times have we asked,
“Why do men do what they do?” Well, guess what!
gather that I don’t read much – or that I am very Commitment. Steve gives a wonderful and easy-to- There is a chapter on that very thing! And, finally, the
selective of books that I do read. understand perspective of the male species on these chapter, “The playbook: How to WIN the game,” is
About a year before his book was released, subjects. He mentions how some men chastised him where the work really takes place. For me, I saw
Steve Harvey spoke about the debut he was going to for writing the book because he had given up his “play- myself in a lot of the things he said not to do.
have as an author. At that moment, I was ready to er’s card.” His response to that was,“Well, it’s time you Steve’s straightforwardness and humor
read Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man. I knew it was get yourself together and stop hiding behind your lies.” allowed me to keep reading, and I longed for the next
one book I was definitely going to read. And I was He suggests that woman stand up for them- chapter. I walked away from this book enlightened,
not disappointed. selves and realize the mighty power they possess. inspired and encouraged, knowing that in those
Steve Harvey writes about leaving his years of being And he says that they should act on that power. places where I failed, I can repair and be the strong
a bad boyfriend and a bad husband behind him and to, Steve writes on how a woman wants to be treated by mate for my husband that he wants but never got
now, being a newly-married and good husband. He her mate or friend and tells us that we should reject around to asking for.
also includes some of his friends’ points of view. Act anything less than that. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a won-
Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is unique in so many In chapter three, he writes about the three derful read, and you will not be disappointed.
ways. One of the many ways is when he answers things that every man needs from his woman – sup- Everyone can surely gain some vital information on
questions that females have been trying to figure out port, loyalty and “the cookie.” (You’ll have to read love, relationships, intimacy and commitment from a
since Adam blamed Eve for eating the apple. the book to find out what “the cookie” means.) man’s perspective.

Tracey and her husband, Isaac L. Singletary, Sr., have four children: Isaac (11),Twins, Zanovia and Zachary (9) and Tayden (2). Originally from
Georgetown, She has lived in Florence since 1993 and is a Front Desk Clerk for Hampton Inn & Suites in Florence.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 49

No one does more than

to protect your investment
in better hearing.

This is BRAND NEW technology that is used on athletic gear

and MP3 players to aid in moisture resistance.
All parts are coated in the HPF-80 - inside and out!

Available AT 522 W. Palmetto St. • Florence

111 Matthews Rd. • Lake City
540 West Bobo Newsom Hwy
Hartsville • 843-662-4327

Dr. Lesley Kirby, AuD | Jane Heath, HIS #443

Doctor of Audiology
50-51 6/23/10 11:35 AM Page 2

BREAK FREE from your

daily Beauty Regime with
these 4 Beauty Time Savers:


Many women are choosing to have MAKEUP PERMANENTLY
APPLIED, eliminating re-application of eyeliner, eyebrow makeup
and lips. Water- and humidity-resistance makes permanent makeup
even more popular in the summertime.


Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center, Lookin’ Good Aesthetics
and Windham Aesthetics (All located in Florence)


Okay, we’re smack dab in the middle of summer and
your shape-up plan hasn’t worked out (no pun
intended!) the way you planned. Besides, who has WHERE TO SHOP:
Cynthia Ladies Fine
time to spend hours in the gym anyway?! Fear not! Apparel in Florence
SPANX offers a line of shapewear that smoothes
without being constrictive or binding. Almost
weightless, the HIGH POWER BRIEF is perfect
under summer dresses and skirts.

While tanning is out (don’t put yourself at risk for skin damage,
premature aging and cancer), so is pasty-winter skin. Opt for a
safe and fast SPRAY TAN that will give your entire body a
beautiful tan (not an orange glow) in just minutes. And it will
last for at least a week! Before going to the salon, make sure
to exfoliate your skin well to avoid “patchy” spots.
Spa de Vie, Florence
Korner Kuts, Florence
The Spa at McLeod Health & Fitness, Florence
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E-MAIL your beauty questions or

suggestions for a topic that you would
like to know more about to Include
“Beauty Buzz” as the subject.

If your hair is prone to frizziness, the
humidity in the South makes it virtually
impossible to keep your hair smooth. Not
to mention the time it takes to smooth
and manually straighten your hair with a
straightening iron – which can be damaging.
Now, there is a new salon procedure that
promises to smooth and straighten even the
most unruly locks – and it lasts! A
TREATMENT will redeposit Keratin
(a type of protein) into the hair, which fills in
I NSTANT the ridges of curls to unwind them, offering
the look of a fresh salon blowout every day.
SMOOTH Conditioners like coconut oil add softness and
shine. A Keratin Hair-Straightening Treatment
HAIR: is a long-term treatment specially designed
for people who have curly or frizzy hair
but dream of smooth, frizz-free locks. It
does not use any harsh chemicals and
actually claims to boost the health of
your hair! It will help repair any dam-
aged areas of your hair as the main
component used is Keratin, a pro-
tein already found naturally in
hair. *note- treatment names
vary among salons.

A Stuart Laurence
Salon, Shear Madness,
First Impressions
and Spa De Vie
(All located in Florence)

“Beauty is how you feel

inside, and it reflects in
your eyes. It is not
Completely Redone Rolls Royce • Red carpet Roll Out
something physical. License Plate Displays Occasion • Air Conditioned

-Sophia Loren ” Gerald Photography

& Rolls Royce Services, LLC
(843)664-1116 • 3012 Glencove Dr • Florence
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E-MAIL your beauty questions or

suggestions for a topic that you would
like to know more about to Include
“Beauty Buzz” as the subject.

If your hair is prone to frizziness, the
humidity in the South makes it virtually
impossible to keep your hair smooth. Not
to mention the time it takes to smooth
and manually straighten your hair with a
straightening iron – which can be damaging.
Now, there is a new salon procedure that
promises to smooth and straighten even the
most unruly locks – and it lasts! A
TREATMENT will redeposit Keratin
(a type of protein) into the hair, which fills in
I NSTANT the ridges of curls to unwind them, offering
the look of a fresh salon blowout every day.
SMOOTH Conditioners like coconut oil add softness and
shine. A Keratin Hair-Straightening Treatment
HAIR: is a long-term treatment specially designed
for people who have curly or frizzy hair
but dream of smooth, frizz-free locks. It
does not use any harsh chemicals and
actually claims to boost the health of
your hair! It will help repair any dam-
aged areas of your hair as the main
component used is Keratin, a pro-
tein already found naturally in
hair. *note- treatment names
vary among salons.

A Stuart Laurence
Salon, Shear Madness
and First Impressions
and Spa De Vie
(All located in Florence)

“Beauty is how you feel

inside, and it reflects in
your eyes. It is not
Completely Redone Rolls Royce • Red carpet Roll Out
something physical. License Plate Displays Occasion • Air Conditioned

-Sophia Loren ” Gerald Photography

& Rolls Royce Services, LLC
(843)664-1116 • 3012 Glencove Dr • Florence
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One Man’s Trash

is Another Girl’s
PLANT STAND by Melodie Griffin
God is in the repo business. He loves to take over where oth- to work together in one sweeping motion and retrieved my prize! I did it! The
ers have given up. I was reminded of this when I was dumpster diving the other red chair was mine now! Upon returning back home, I placed my treasure in a
day.Yes, you read right. I went dumpster diving. For those of you not familiar with place of honor on the front porch with a lively plant in it. Next order of business
this coined term, “dumpster diving” is when perfectly reputable human beings was to post my dumpster diving adventure to my facebook status. I was pleased.
rummage through the garbage for things that others have tossed aside as trash. One of the first comments on my wall was by my beleaguered hubby who was
It all started on a sunny Friday afternoon when I was barreling down traveling on business and found out about my garbage procurement via social
Ballpark Road – the location of our city dump. The closer I got behind the pick- media. Oops! His comment read like,“Dear, do you really have to dig through the
up truck ahead of me, the more intrigued I became.There, in the truck bed before garbage? Has it come to that? And do you have to tell the whole world about it?”
me, sat the most adorable scrolled wrought iron chair. Red, nonetheless. My Why yes.Yes, I do. Not only was I excited about the chair, but there seemed to
thoughts yelled out,“Surely he isn’t going to the DUMP with that chair!” His right be a story here.
blinker began to pulse along with the beat of my heart as we drew near the I can’t help but think of the parallel between myself and that red chair. Its
garbage sight. Sure enough.The red, wrought iron chair was on its swan song.Well paint is chipping and it is missing a leg, but that is somehow part of its beauty to
not if I had anything to do with it! I turned my Mustang right around and stalked me. There is still so much value in it and it is worth redeeming. When God saw
the chair’s owner until he was out of sight. Sheepishly, I drove up beside the clanky, life carting me away to my death in the back of a pickup truck, He did the unthink-
green dumpster that held the treasure. I wasn’t completely sure if I would be able. He stood beside the dumpster of death and reached in to pull me out and
strong enough to lift the chair out, but I was determined to try.The first several redeem me. He placed me in a position of honor on the front porch of His love
attempts were completely unsuccessful. My arms were simply too short. So, I gave and placed new life inside of me. Psalm 103:4 says it beautifully,“He redeems your
up and went home. OF COURSE NOT! Quicker than you could say “free chair”, life from the pit; He crowns you with faithful love and compassion.” Does that not
I had a plan. make you want to twirl around with joy? Can you grasp the fact that the very
You should have seen me edging our red, Mustang convertible up beside Creator of the universe, the Holy One, stepped into time and filth to redeem your
that tall dumpster. I hopped up onto the car and began to reach over into the life and mine from the pit? Amazing.
dumpster. The chair had become tangled among a discarded clothesline, yard Next time you are driving past the city dump, let your heart take a twirl
swing, and a lawn mower. So I gave up and went home. NO! I plunged with the thought of being redeemed from the pit! And if you happen to see a
forward….almost literally! Feeling the staring eyes on me from across the park- woman standing on a convertible, keep driving. She’s plumb crazy.
ing lot (I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion) I summoned my arm muscles

Melodie Griffin is an inspirational speaker and singer who resides with her husband
and 3 children in the Midlands of SC. She is also a freelance writer who just happens
to go dumpster diving now and then.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 53

2151 W. Evans St.

Westgate Square
Florence, SC

205 Kelly St.

Lake City, SC

1970 E.Hwy 76
Marion, SC

104 N. MacArthur Ave

Dillon, SC

84 Public Square
Darlington, SC
C. Dale Lusk, MD
B. Edward O’Dell, MD
Paul E. Chandler, MD
J. Michael Davidson, MD
901 East Cheves Street, Suite 200 • Florence • 662-2299 Mark A. Hucks, MD
54 6/22/10 3:52 PM Page 1

“ Be who you are. Give yourself the

okay to break the mold and exercise
your God-given freedom. God, in
grace, has purchased you from bondage.

Christ has literally set you free.
~ Charles R. Swindoll
55SheMag_July10 6/22/10 1:51 PM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 55

It’s a time to relax, gather with

friends & enjoy the easy, carefree
lifestyle that can be yours at
Methodist Manor. No more
worries about yard work,
household chores or maintenance
& repairs.With all of our
amenities & services, summer at
Methodist Manor can be a time
when new memories are made &
life is everything you want it to be!

• Custom-built, all brick patio • Weekly housekeeping, linen

homes with five single-level and laundry service
designer floor plans • Restaurant-style dining
• Spacious studios, one or two with flexible meal plans
bedroom apartment homes • Full daily calendar of recreational,
• Basic utilities, home and social and cultural activities
lawn maintenance • And so much more!

Call today 843-664-0700!

Please join us for lunch and a tour of our community!
2100 Twin Church Road • Florence, SC •
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“simple summer dish”

• 2 large ripe tomatoes. Seeded and diced
• 1 large clove garlic, minced
• 1/4 cup Olive Oil
• Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper to Taste
• 1 Large French Baggett
• Olive Oil

from the kitchen of

Linda Freeman

“I love to cook! When I

was in Italy 2 summers directions for bruschetta: Linda Freeman has lived in
ago I had a version of • Slice Baggett into 1” thick slices. • Stir together. Florence for 11 years with her
this simple summer dish. • Brush slices with Olive Oil and • Top toasted bread with tomato husband, Harry and their two
My family loves it and bake at 450 until lightly browned mixture and enjoy. Also very good beautiful daughters, Allison (12)
sometimes its all we eat or grill until lightly browned. with fresh grated parmesan sprinkled and Rachel (10).
for supper (especially • In a bowl, combine the tomatoes, on top. She is the owner of Chic Events,
when tomatoes are fresh a Wedding and Event Planning
garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper.
off the vine).” Company of Florence.
57SheMag_July10 6/22/10 10:31 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 57

e to Be...
Fre Better Me!
A We offer an array of surgical and
non invasive procedures for men and women
including Botox, eyelid lift, dermal fillers,
Radiesse and now offering
Fractional CO2 laser treatments.

We also carry
Ageloc anti-aging products by NuSkin.

Spa Services Available • Gift Certificates

AAAHC Accredited Surgical Facility

Board Certified American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Board Certified Anesthesia Providers

We accept medicare and most insurance

1540 American Drive. • Florence,SC • 317.9999 • 1.866.646.5644
carriers for treatment of skin lesions.
58 6/22/10 11:16 AM Page 1

j What do you need in your life to be free? So often, we take for granted the
general freedoms of waking up every day in a society that offers so much freedom –
freedom to speak, to worship, to choose, to vote and, for the most part, to lay down
at night in peace, without fear.
Yet, it seems that every one of us, at least in moments, holds on to something
that keeps us from the freedom to just be. We each have a cross or a burden to
bear that we think no one else has, or knows, and it hangs like a noose around our
I Am!
by Eddie James

I am the Lord and the Almighty God

I am the One for nothing is too hard
I am the Shepherd, and I am the Door
I am the Good News to the bound and the poor
necks, choking the life out of us. Situations in life – or issues we face – stun us. We wake I am the Righteous One, and I am the Lamb
up one day realizing we have allowed our burden to hinder our personal freedom. I am the Ram in the bush for Abraham
A couple years ago, I became aware that I had allowed the expectations and I am the Ultimate Sacrifice for sin
needs of others to control most of what I did in life – and, sometimes, even my every- I am your Redeemer, the Beginning and the End
day decisions. It surfaced when I realized how hard it was for me to make decisions
I am Jehovah, and I am the King
on the most menial things. I second-guessed myself, analyzed every option and often
I am Messiah, David’s Offspring
remained paralyzed when I just was not sure which choice would be right. I spent too I am your High Priest, and I am the Christ
much of my life being a pleaser and not learning how to make choices that would be I am the Resurrection, and I am the Light
in my own best interest.
I also realized I had come to a juncture in my life. As my children left home I am the Bread, and I am the Wine
for college (and graduated! – moving on in life), leaving me with an empty nest, circum- I am your Future, so leave your past behind
stances were not so much deciding my role anymore. Who I was would not be defined I am the One in the midst of two or three
greatly by motherhood and all the activities that came with it. It really was up to me. I am your Tabernacle, I am your Jubilee
I was the older generation. But, who was I, really? Now, that is a major question for I am Hope
someone who has a hard time with decisions. I am Peace
I did feel a little less awkward and frustrated with myself when I realized one I am Joy
of my best girlfriends takes some of her worries to the extreme. She confessed to me I am Rest
as we had lunch recently that she can often take so long to decide where she will go And I am your Comfort and Relief from your stress
out to eat. And if she makes it to the restaurant, it takes so long in deciding just the I am Strength
right entrée with the right mix of drink and sides that her family will forego the whole I am Faith
event. I had to laugh because, as we made the plans for our lunch date, the choices and I am Love
questions about where to go and what to eat were endless. I finally had to stop the I am Power
And, today, I give you Freedom this very hour!
spiral and tell her we were not contemplating another single idea; we were going with
the first restaurant mentioned, and I would be there at noon. I am!
This reminded me that the simplest of things can become debilitating when
we allow them to take away our freedom to just be. This same friend, after battling
weight problems and eating disorders, cannot relax and just be when it comes to meal-
time and choosing food and restaurants. I find it difficult to relax and be comfortable
just being me if I’m faced with a decision that may affect someone else or my future.
On the same plate in keeping many of us from living in freedom, we often find
guilt, anger, insecurities, unforgiveness, broken relationships and perhaps even addic-
tions. Only God and we know what the things are that we hide under the plate, think-
ing that no one really sees. Eventually, we’re going to have to eat the green peas. Of
all the freedoms that we are blessed to have, I think this one – realizing and letting go
of things that bind us – is one He wants us to chase and hang on to with all our might.
On my journey, as I realized that I often get stumped when faced with a yel-
low brick road, I knew the first step would be to make a decision – the very thing I
feared. I had to decide that I would make a change because my vacillations were not
only affecting me, they were affecting those around me that I love. I desired for the
freedom to be me more than I feared being wrong. I had to decide that I could even
make mistakes along the way – and it would be just fine – as long as I had made the
choice with an honest and prayerful heart. I was going to start believing in myself and
my God-given right to be . . . me.
The most beautiful part of this freedom is the characteristics that we trust in
God can become our own and are at our disposal. As we continue to travel down the
road, leaving behind at every turn the things that keep us from being free, we pick up
His gifts to take their places. We become ever more aware that His presence and
strength are always with us and that He created us, in all things, to reflect His glory.
Just this week, I heard a song that reminded me of how free I am . . .
because of who He is. I would like to share the lyrics, and I pray that they will bless
your yellow brick roads, stone by stone and step by step.

eeal Yreedom by Paige Self Thomas

Paige Self Thomas lives in Florence with her husband, Joey, and two Sheltie pups. She has three grown sons and four stepchildren. She works part-time as
Business Administrator for the Francis Marion University Center for the Child, and she is currently licensed as a Realtor with Prudential Segars Realty in Florence.
59 6/22/10 3:23 PM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 59

don’t hide your

smile this summer!

We Offer Same- J. Mark Lawhon, DMD

Day Implants & Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Extractions! 843-669-7044 •
(from start to finish!)
We accept most insurance.
New Location Op
Early July! Check out our NEW State-of-the-art
technology at our NEW location:
611 W. Palmetto St., Florence

Coming Soon to our Facility:

In-office Board Certified
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Let W H E R E TO S H O P :

Freedom A. HandPicked

B. Pretty N’ Bliss


C. Belk Department Store


D. Cynthia

E. First Impressions
61SheMag_July10 6/18/10 1:37 PM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 61


Our academic programs include high school diploma, GED,Work Keys and more.
Our new Career Readiness classes are designed for those who want to enter the
work force. Community School offer a full range of computer classes,
Spanish, dance, flower arranging and much more!
Call us or visit our website for complete information:




• Total Orthopaedic Care • Interventional Pain
• Total Joint Replacement Management
• Sports Medicine • Physical Medicine
• Spine Surgery • Sports Related Injuries
• Non-Operative Spine Care • Fracture Care
• Occupational Therapy • Disorders of Bones,
• Minimally Invasive Surgery Joints and Tendons
• Adolescent Orthopaedic Care • Worker’s Compensation Injuries

Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates, PA

Pee Dee Spine Center

Helping You Live Your it’s Fullest!

901 East Cheves St. 843-662-5233 1580 Freedom Blvd.
Suite 100 Florence, SC Suite 100
62 6/21/10 12:56 PM Page 1

to Rome!
TO S H O P :

A. Phil Nofal’s

B B. Belk Department
Gladiators are a fashion
must-have this season and come
in styles that all ages can wear. C. Cynthia
From flashy to simple, they Florence
are everywhere this Summer.

63SheMag_July10 6/22/10 10:56 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 63

Gatchell & Page, LLC

Certified Public Accountants
Charles “Arden” Gatchell, CPA, CVA Joseph O. Page, CPA

1381-A Celebration Blvd, Florence, SC 29501 (843) 407-5264

Eminence Organic
Skin Care
from Hungary
July Special:
Sweet Cheeks & Summer Lovin’

Spa Services:
nail care • facials • body treatments • chemical peels
microdermabrasion • aromatherapy massage

To schedule an appointment
or for a menu of services,
call The Spa at McLeod at
843-777-3200 or visit
64 6/21/10 12:57 PM Page 1

W H E R E TO S H O P :
A. HandPicked A
B. Cynthia Fine Ladies
C. First Impressions
D. Flirt Boutique

More than just protection for
your eyes, sunglasses are a
fashion statement.
These cool shades offer
the best of both.

From SEE to
Shining SEE!
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 65

RoseAnn’s Electrolysis
& Skin Care
Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD. Psalm 127

Serving our community since 1987

Open 7:00am - 6:30pm • Low Child / Teacher Ratios
2 Snacks & a Hot Lunch Provided Daily
Full Day Nursery & Preschool Programs (6 weeks - 4K)
Preschool Teaches ABEKA Curriculum


Transportation provided from many local schools.
Homework Assistance Provided.


Weekly Themes • Daily Activities
Field Trips (4K-6th grade)

Unwanted Chin Hairs?

Electrolysis could be the answer. JULY SPECIALS
Call today for your free consultation. FREE Mask with Facial
• Microdermabrasion • Osmosis Skin Care New Limited Glo Floral
• Facials • Eminence Organic Kit at a SPECIAL PRICE! Mention this ad
• Glo Mineral Make-Up • LED Light Therapy and receive a
10% discount on
the 2010 Fall Registration.
Cal l today for your FREE Consultation!
RoseAnn Charboneau, Electrologist, Esthethician 1356 Pineland Dr • Florence • 843.667.0318
919-B South Cashua Dr., Florence, SC Debbie Peek • Director
Open Saturdays by Appointment

Christmas in July
60 minute massage
June 25 - July 31
(Marion Studio Only)

Masters Touch Massage

Center for Health & Healing
(843) 615-1687
Lori A. Zaborowski, L.M.T. #1499
66 6/22/10 4:35 PM Page 1

Embellished Drawstring

The Right to Top with Keyhole Back

Gypsy Boutique

Bare Arms
No matter how patriotic this FREE TO BE issue has
inspired you to be, you still do not want to wave
your arm flags. Summertime is upon us and
sleeveless tops and dresses are everywhere.

She asked Bobby Prevatte, Personal Training Grecian One-Shoulder

Manager at McLeod Health & Fitness Center, Tiered Dress with Long
Gold Coin Necklace
to give us a quick and effective workout to Flirt Boutique
tone and shape the arms. Florence

Perform this easy 10-minute workout 2 to 3

times per week, and you should see results soon!

GROUP ONE EXERCISES – 12 to 20 Repetitions with

Slow, Controlled Movements:
• Dumbbell Biceps Curl
• Dumbbell Kickback Back
• Dumbbell Shoulder Press detail

*Do each set without resting. Then, move to the

next group of exercises.

Orange Daisy Patterned

GROUP TWO EXERCISES – 12 to 20 Repetitions with Dress with Racerback
Slow, Controlled Movements: by Milly
• Dumbbell Hammer Curl Cynthia Ladies
• Dumbbell Triceps Extension Fine Apparel
• Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise Florence

*Rest one minute and then repeat the first group

of exercises.

Do these groups three times each session.

67 6/21/10 1:41 PM Page 1

Biz Miss line By
Show biesa
Dan rd
cham ceNat Former
ous B pion ’l P A
Preci Ame erform mericas
ricas ing A Te
Dan Jr. & rts D en
ce 0 a n
7-08 Teem M ce

ShowBiz students will attend Dance Master’s National

Convention/ Competition in San Antonio, TX July 1st-11th.
They will meet TYCE DIORIO and take daily dance classes from
International Dance Professionals. Kate Mahoney and
Trae Buck of ShowBiz Studio will be competing for
National Dance Masters titles.
e rs SC RTNEY Biz
uck, D
a st
ance M with COU hit
ed e
Does Your Child Dance? Showical Group
Trae B der is pictur inalist on th ce.” Fun or Fame, we teach all of our dancers the same. yr
o l f n te L
title h
O , a top 4
u Can Da
. Peti
A N k
GALI o You Thin er soloist aw
Yo ard Whether your child is a beginner or has had dance before, it doesn’t
, “ S s u p matter. We can teach your dancer the real techniques and skills to get
show n the
lso wo
Trae a their dance going on. We care about what dancers are really learning.
• Classes start from preschoolers to advanced professionals.
• Our class sizes are limited (for more one on one teaching)
• Adult dance professionals teach classes (NOT teenagers)
• Progressive positive teaching (our students really advance)

Kate M Natio Kels

Dance honey Now Accepting NEW nal Pe ey Defee
SC Tee
n Miss
s Students and Dancers (limited space). Grand forming Ar
Cham ts
20 pion 2 Junior
10 FALL season begins August 16th. 010

Don’t wait too late, our classes fill quickly!

Teaching ALL levels & styles in:

er Tay
lo tte Strat rts Petite
Perfo America r Buck National Performing Arts “Show Down of the Stars” Grand Champions r e A
Jene forming 10
rmin s
g Ar Teen M nal Per pion 20
ts D T i n a H a t h c o c k (Owner/Director) is 30 years Dance tio ha m
ance iss Danc Na rand C
of 20 e Masters Certified. She is a personal teacher & choreographer for the
National Americas Petite, Junior, Teen, & Miss Dance title holders. As well
as the National Performing Arts Group & Solo Grand Champions.
66 6/21/10 11:38 AM Page 1

Be in She COM I NG THIS O C TO BER ...

In 2009,The American Cancer

Society estimated that there would be
2,820 new cases of breast cancer
and of those, 640 would die – and
that was just in South Carolina.
The total amount of new breast cancer
cases in the United States was estimated
to be 192,370, with 40,170 breast
cancer deaths.
Each October, She Magazine
dedicates the entire issue to the
Awareness of Breast Cancer and in
celebration of its SURVIVORS.
If you or someone you love has
been affected by this disease,
She wants to hear from you.

I f yo u a re a S u r v i vo r a n d wo u l d l i ke t o s h a re yo u r s t o r y
i n o u r A n nu a l S u r v i vo r ’s I s s u e , s e n d a d e t a i l e d e m a i l t o
e d i to r @ s h e m a g a zi n e . c om.
B e s u re t o i n c l u d e a d ay a n d eve n i n g p h o n e nu m b e r
a n d S U RV I VOR i n th e s u b j e ct line .

Deadline for consideration is August 30th.

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She Magazine • July 2010 • 69

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Nancy Windham, M.D.

Windham Aesthetics
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Susan Zavell, R.N., B.S.N.,
Licensed Esthetician |
70 6/23/10 9:37 AM Page 1

freedom It’s amazing to me how many definitions have changed as I’ve gotten older.
I suppose part of it is just a matter of perspective. Some of it, however, is due to
It’s sadder still that our memories seem to fade so very quickly when the
crisis is averted. Even now, I get chill bumps and a tear comes to my eye when I hear
the cards we are dealt, the experiences we encounter, the paths we have walked. “The Star Spangled Banner” sung reverently (we won’t talk about some of the des-
No matter what cliché you choose, life changes the way we look at almost every- ecration of our national anthem by some folks at sporting events). Unfortunately,
thing. As a little girl, I didn’t have to worry about things that concern me today. I most folks are not aware that there are multiple verses to the song. My favorite is,
knew that my parents loved me and would provide for my needs. I never really “And thus be it ever when free men shall stand between their loved homes and the
wondered about freedom. I had no concept of the price that has been paid through
war’s desolation: Blessed with victory and peace, may this Heaven-rescued land
the years to buy that freedom we enjoy. As I grew, however, I became more aware.
praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.Then conquer we must,
I was in high school during the Vietnam “conflict.” I always thought that was a
when our cause it is just. And, this be our motto: ‘In God Is Our Trust.’ And the
strange name for a war. But, the older I’ve gotten and the more I know about the
conflicts of life, perhaps that really was an appropriate name. I had friends who Star Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave o’er the land of the free and the home
went to Vietnam and never came home. My uncles had been in World War II, but of the brave.” I still have friends and relatives who proudly wear the uniform of
they never talked about it. My daddy wanted to serve but was not the United States Armed Forces. I will never be able to repay them for the price
accepted due to his poor eyesight. As difficult as times they have paid and the sacrifices they have made for my freedom.
must have been, I would like to have been a part of Ultimately, I realize (as obviously did Francis Scott Key) that our freedom
the surge of patriotism from everyone that existed comes from God and from the sacrifice His Son made more than two thousand
during those years. I suppose the closest thing years ago. Freedom isn’t free. Perhaps that’s been too often and far too flippantly
we’ve had to that united patriotic front was stated. But, no freedom is ever free. And, with freedom comes responsibility. That’s
September 11. I’m sure that experience why we have laws. When I taught fifth grade Sunday School
paled in comparison to WWII. As strong many years ago, I explained to the children that the laws and
as our unity appeared to be during
limits imposed upon us by those in authority over us (parents,
the days following September 11,
legislators, God) are not meant to restrict us but to provide
it soon – way too soon – faded,
parameters to protect us. The Ten Commandments aren’t some arbi-
and life went back to the way
i it was before. It’s sad that trary “Hmmmmm, I’m in charge so how should I show my authority”
difficult experiences whims of an egotistical God. If we obey those laws He set before us, life is
sometime bring much less difficult. Breaking those laws makes our lives more difficult. He
out the best in us. gave us those guidelines and boundaries to protect us and those we love
because He loves us. It’s sad that some folks never understand that truth.
So, I have freedom in Christ and I have freedom as a citizen of this great
country we call home. But, freedom is not just freedom from, it is freedom to, as
well. Freedom from oppression, freedom (and
responsibility) to vote, freedom to have an opin-
ion and to express my opinion in appropriate ways,
freedom to own property (with my best friend, the mort-
gage company), freedom to love, freedom to laugh, freedom to
participate or not to participate in activities, freedom to choose to
accept or reject faith and responsibility, freedom to choose period.
I’ve learned that freedom and independence are best experienced with
those we love and trust and with whom we share faith and values. We are most
free when we share that freedom. The older I get, the more I appreciate the gifts
of life and love and freedom. With each experience of life (even the difficult ones),
I realize how truly blessed I am that God is still in control, that His gifts are never-
ceasing and ever-surprising, and that He loves me. Freedom isn’t free, but I don’t
have to pay for it. It is a gift from God and from those courageous men and women
in uniform who have unselfishly given of themselves so I can enjoy it.

Ferebe Gasque is the Music Therapist at McLeod Hospice House, has a private
music studio, sells Pampered Chef kitchen tools, and is proud to have friends who
even now are fighting to preserve the freedom we are so blessed to enjoy in the
greatest country in the world.
70 6/23/10 9:37 AM Page 2
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 71

•Breakfast buffet includes

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72 6/22/10 11:17 AM Page 1

By Marti Miller

Lost motivation. Found boredom. This letting go process is simply torture when it None of us has to look very far in our own fam-
begins. We send our children off to school for the first ily and friendship circles to find loss and sadness and other
Lost patience. Found anger.
time and pretty soon we’re packing up their things for horrors. But sometimes the greatest of life’s moments
Lost love. Found grief. camp or college…we slap on a fake smile as we steal one appear within the worst of times. Maybe it’s about finding
Lost self. Found hope. last hug from the baby waiting to board another military ways to let go rather than holding on to these hurts that
flight…we try not to panic when we get those phone calls gives us back our freedom or helps us find our own new
Lost grief. Found love.
that say they are fine but we know it’s not because of a normal? When we can loosen our control-freak grip on
Lost weakness. Found strength. cold or sinus infection that they sound so sniffly and stuffy. life, we can begin to find a “peace of quiet” for our souls.
Lost possessions. Found peace. We want to control everything around them. Let Surely, we’ve all had our shares of losing in life.
the rain not fall in their worlds. Keep the wolves from their But it’s in that very losing that we can sometimes find the
Lost keys. Found sidewalk.
doors.Take every first step with them so they won’t stumble greatest of freedoms. Been thinking about these kinds of
Lost track of time. Found panic button. and fall. But it just doesn’t work that way. For anyone. Ever. ironies for a while now – those times when loss is gain,
Lost glasses. Found edge of table with shinbone. My precious niece and her husband are trying to when being a true servant is the ultimate freedom. It’s so
breathe through their first child’s medical difficulties.They cornball and Hallmark card-y, but we do need to let go of
Lost weight. Found it hiding on hips 6 weeks later.
have not yet known the joy of bringing tiny Vita Mia home what we love in order to find the freedom to be without
to sleep in her own crib or be rocked and comforted in it. If it returns to us, we rejoice. If it does not, it wasn’t
Okay, those last few aren’t particularly profound,
her own surroundings, free of tubes and monitors and ours in the first place. I suppose the Prodigal Son is a per-
but they are, unfortunately, quite true. But mostly, when
sterile white walls. When my niece was crumbling under fect example of this concept – of being lost and found. But
we loosen our grip on people (especially our grown chil-
the pressure of an abnormal start to motherhood, she don’t you sometimes identify with that other dutiful
dren) and possessions and those things we claim to be our
asked her husband how he could be okay with it all and he brother or how about those laborers in the field that
inalienable rights, we begin to find what they truly mean to
told her it was because he knew he had no control over earned the same wage as the latecomers? Perhaps,
us. We may lose “stuff”, but what we gain in the process
the situation. There was nothing he could do for their though, had they had been able to find the freedom to
can bring incredible freedom. We let go of our grip on
baby other than to be there for her. He has already begun rejoice in their “loss”, they might have truly gained more
things and let God do His thing (wait a second, I don’t
the letting go process – the one that brings the peace we than the returning son or the 30 minute workers?
think we have the power to “let” or “allow” God to do
all seek.Their sweet baby girl will come home. It just may And that is maybe why we have this thing called
anything, do we – except maybe to let Him into our lives
take a while before she gets there. Meanwhile, he’s treas- freedom in our country – God wants to see what we do
– to answer the door when He knocks?)
uring all the moments in between. Powerful stuff – there’s with it. Oh brother. Are we in trouble, or what? Maybe
Remember that friend who keeps sending me the
freedom right there in those few words. not. If prayer has the power we hope it does, it’s not too
daily devotions she thinks I might need or appreciate?
My stepson was just diagnosed with bladder can- late for us. I plan on joining others in praying for our
Well, she’s gone and done it once again. Another one
cer – stage I and non-life-threatening because it was found nation and our families and our service people defending
arrived yesterday at just the right time, at the precise
so early. But he suffered through childhood leukemia and our freedoms around the world at 9:00 PM (Eastern Time)
moment I needed to see it the most.This one was about
his dad lost his own battle with cancer, so any mention of every night this month. July is the month we celebrate our
letting go and letting God – how we tend to want to hold
the “C” word in our family brings waves of remembered freedom in this country. Let’s pray not only for our free-
on for dear life to our precious children – even the fully
sadness. We could all get lost in its fog, but we don’t. dom but for our ability to remember from whence it
formed and grown ones.We hold on so tightly to what we
Instead, we find varying ways to live, laugh, and love comes and how quickly it can be lost. It will take just a
think we can do for them.We figure if we just keep a good
through it. Some days are just easier to love than others. minute of our time.And that’s not even a drop in the buck-
firm grip on their hands (the ones that are now our own
And so it goes. et of eternity. Of course, you are free to lose out on the
size or larger), they won’t wriggle free and run straight
opportunity if you so choose. Let freedom ring? I wonder.
into harm’s way.

“Some days are just easier

to love than others.
And so it goes.”

Marti Miller lives in Marion, SC and is a case manager for the

Volunteer Guardian ad Litem program. She has officially lost
much of her writing time, but has found a reason to rejoice
and be glad in it.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 73

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74 • July 2010 • She Magazine


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Includes Full Day and Half Day Schedules Kids (MACK) is setting out on an
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Sizzling Safari Summer full of
July 12-16: Cheetah Sprint games, activities, and challenges
July 19-23: Safari Obstacle Course for children ages 3-13 years. Our
July 26-30: Safari Action Scrapbook energetic and skillful counselors
August 2-6: Quest Cuisine ensure your child will have a safe,
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August 9-13: Field Day Events

We also have After Camp Care from 3:30-5:30pm.

l a s t day o Registration is required for after camp care.
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th in d
” aga
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Field “Where Fitness and Fun Come Together”
75 6/22/10 11:29 AM Page 1

Free to Be!
This month, we celebrate our FREEDOM
as citizens of this great country and as WOMEN.
We’ve come a long way, baby, and we truly
are FREE TO BE anything we dare dream.
Get ready to meet 14 women
who are making the most
of being FREE TO BE
and get inspired to raise
your flag and set off a few
fireworks. All in the name of

Feature stories begin on page 76.

76 6/22/10 4:33 PM Page 1

Collin M. Smith Photography

to do

W What I want,
When I want!
Liz Shaw
My husband, Ian, and I moved encompasses such an interesting range of activities, as in other activities in the community, and I look forward
to Florence from England in 1976. well as the opportunity to meet and assist lots of people. to those opportunities. The freedom to choose is very
Ian came to work at Fiber Industries in Darlington In early 1990, we relocated with Ian’s job to liberating.
County, which eventually became Wellman, Inc. We Charlotte, North Carolina, but that was only for a short I’ve always been a “planner,” and I’m enjoying
arrived in Florence during Labor Day weekend, which time. Then we returned to Florence, where I went back having the time to do the things I want and need to do. The
then was the same time as the Darlington 500 Race. We to work with the City. At this time, planning was con- good thing is I’m not under any pressure, and I can go at my
wondered what in the world was going on! The motel solidated with Florence County, so I took on the own pace. Before retiring, I made a long list of “things to do
was a lively spot those first few days. Early memories Business License Coordinator’s Position and later when I retire.” Some are mundane chores like cleaning
were of negotiating breakfast and wondering what “grits” moved into more planning activities, learning GIS, which those closets and organizing the family photos. Others are
were. (We have since come to love them.) is a computer mapping software. The City recently re- more exciting adventures such as learning new skills.
Everyone was so welcoming and helped us get established its Planning Department, and I became the At first, I was apprehensive about leaving the
settled in a house and the children in schools. Looking Senior Planner and Zoning Administrator. I’ve always structured working world, but I have been able to fill my
back, I remember having to speak slower as my British enjoyed working with people, and my various positions days productively with activities that I, now, have the
accent confused many – and still does, occasionally. with the City always gave me that opportunity. freedom to choose. I still love getting up early, but I
Driving on the “other” side of the road took some prac- My husband retired first, and I thought I’d give enjoy taking time over that first cup of hot tea while
tice and was not that hard. However, I learned every him some time to make the adjustment before I joined reading the paper. It’s also great being able to spend
option rather than make a left turn at Five Points for a him. We are both in our mid-sixties and planned to more time with Ian. We both miss the people we
long time. We were all quite homesick for about a year, retire while we are both in good health. worked with; however. They are all a great group.
but as we made friends and embraced the American way Even though I knew I was retiring, I found it Fortunately, I’m still serving on a couple committees, and I
of life, Florence soon became our home. Now, Ian, our hard to make definite plans. The usual things go hope to keep in touch that way.
two children and I are all American citizens. through your mind – freedom to travel, visit family, read, These first few months of retirement have
I started working part-time for the City of work out, garden and, in my case, play more tennis. been a transition in learning to adapt to our new freedom,
Florence Planning Department in 1980. My Degree is in Well, since I retired, I am doing all these things and but Ian and I both saved and planned for, hopefully, a long,
Geography, so I had a suitable background and became having so much fun! I know that I will also get involved healthy and active retirement.
full-time once my children were older. Planning

Liz Shaw’s hometown is Stratford-Upon-Avon,Warwickshire, England (Shakespeare’s birthplace, as well!). She and her husband, Ian, now call Florence home.
They have two adult children, Andrew and Jacky; and two grandsons. Liz enjoys cooking, which is one of her passions!
77SheMag_July10 6/22/10 11:45 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 77


First Charter Company

Main St. • Marion, SC
78 6/22/10 3:28 PM Page 1

Collin M. Smith Photography


five-minute flight under our parachute built for two. Suddenly, my cameraman waved goodbye, and
I consider myself to be
These parachutes truly fly and I was able to assist my my instructor pulled the shoot. I thought I had gone
an “adrenaline junky.” First, I’m a
instructor in steering. deaf. We were floating like birds. My instructor was
Registered Nurse at Carolinas Hospital System in the
My husband, Jay, and I were fortunate enough to mostly the one steering, of course. I felt like I was in a
Progressive Care Unit, which is very fast paced. Every
be filmed from the time we suited up to the time we dream.
second counts when it comes to cardiac patients.
landed. The music in the videos was set to fit our per- There are no words strong enough to describe
Second, my family and I love the outdoors. My husband
sonalities. My music was “Living on the Edge.” how amazing, scary, dangerous and exciting that jump
is the host of SC Outdoors, so we get a lot of opportu-
When our group was called, about twenty of us was! I just remember floating and talking about what we
nities to be adventurous. We do anything from scuba
lined up to board the plane. It was the coolest thing saw from that elevation, which was all of Charlotte. In the
diving to . . . skydiving.
because we got to walk into the back of the plane like distance was a triangle. It was the airport where we would
I have loved watching airplanes since I was little,
the military. As we ascended, the air got colder. All of a land.
but the desire didn’t stop with just wanting to fly one. I
sudden, the pilot came over the speaker and said we Before I went up, I watched other divers land so
wanted to freefall from a plane! When I went to Skydive!
were at 13,000 feet and a green light came on. I think I gracefully. It was amazing to see them walk in like they
Carolina in Chester, South Carolina, my adrenaline was
went numb for a minute and then giddy all at the same didn’t just fall out of the sky! I was informed that our
really flowing! (My dad still wonders why I jumped out
time. My instructor, who was attached to me from height difference would hinder us from landing quite so
of a perfectly good airplane.)
behind and about 6’2”, began buckling my straps. I’m beautifully, though.
My jump was a 120-MPH Freefall Tandem
only 5’1”, so I had to stand on his feet so that he could All of a sudden, a gust of hot 105-degree heat
Skydive! The process included being fitted for suits,
adjust my straps. Then we put our hats and goggles on hit us. We were below the clouds and nearing our land-
watching an educational video, classroom instruction
and made our way to the front of the line. My heart was ing zone. The voice behind me said,“Pull your legs up to
that took approximately thirty minutes with an instruc-
racing! I swear, I think I could hear it! you when I say, and we’ll try to land as smoothly as pos-
tor and, finally, I met with my personal Tandem Instructor.
Then I heard the voice behind me say, “Cross sible.” Needless to say, my instructor cushioned my
Then we waited for our turn to board the plane. My
your arms in front of you. It’s going to be great! And, landing. It was perfect!
nerves were shaky, but I had just passed my RN Boards two
Kim, don’t forget to breathe!” Once again, my cameraman was in front of me
days prior. I was still in shell shock from that.
Just then, my cameraman stepped off and half a asking how I liked it and if I would come back to Skydive!
When it was our turn to jump, my instructor
second later, so did we! At 13,000 feet, it was freezing – Carolina to do it again. My answer: “It was everything I
and I boarded the aircraft together for the ride to the
and loud! We were parallel with the ground and always dreamed it would be! And, absolutely, I will do it
appropriate altitude. After reaching the desired altitude, it
freefalling for about 2,000 feet. I remember hearing that again and again!”
was time to freefall with my instructor attached behind
same voice behind my head, “You forgot to breathe! You know what the strangest feeling was that
me as my personal guide. We accelerated to over 120
Hold on; we’re going up!” day? I honestly felt safer in the air than I did on the
miles per hour for up to 60 seconds.
interstate on the way home.
Then we pulled the ripcord and enjoyed a breathtaking

Thirty-five-year-old Kim Gregg was born and raised in Florence. She has been married to her best friend, Jay Gregg, for fourteen years. They have eleven-year-old twin girls, Carolyn and Courtney.
Kim is a Registered Nurse at Carolinas Hospital System in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU).
79SheMag_July10 6/22/10 11:50 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 79

Get 10% off with ID!

Healthcare Day College Day
Realtors Day Education Day

Healthcare Day Senior Citizens
Realtors Day Military Day

Florence’s #1 Family Drive-In Restaurant

Business Delivery Available
Gift Cards Available

•Fried Chicken
•Grilled Chicken
•Pita Burgers
•Greek Specialty Items
•Specialty Sandwiches
•Desserts Menu s
•Seafood Dinners Item

P: 843-669-5141 F: 843-669-5148
135 E. Palmetto St. Florence •
80 6/22/10 11:36 AM Page 1

Collin M. Smith Photography

to be Me!
I am so incredibly thankful that I am
– free to be me! I was born June 15, 1985 to Tommy and Terry
Walkup. I became sister to Kenan Walkup Granger. I had blonde hair and hazel
eyes, ten fingers and ten toes. I attended Christian Assembly School for kinder-
garten, Florence Christian School during my first through twelfth grades and
Francis Marion University for a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in
Management. I married my husband, Neil, on September 26, 2009.
So many people are chasing the dream of becoming someone else.
What they must eventually realize is that no one else will ever be like you. No
one else will have your exact face. God has molded each of us the way He
wants us to be. No two people are exactly alike in God’s eyes. So, in July – and
throughout the year – not only will I celebrate the freedoms that we have as a
country; I will also celebrate the freedom that I have to be me!
What I love most about being me is that no one else will ever be me.

No one else with my name will ever do the things that I have done, the way
that I have done them. No one else will be born on the same date to my moth-
er. No one else will have my sister as their sister. No one else will ever have
the relationships with my family and friends that I do. No one else will ever
love my husband the way I do. God will never create another creature like me.
No one else in this world will ever be me.
There was a time in my life, however, when I battled with accepting and
loving myself. During middle and high school, I really struggled with being okay
Walkup Mathers
with myself. As my mom says, my “heart is as big as the world!” I never want-
ed anyone to dislike me, and I would do whatever I could (to a certain extent) to be
accepted amongst my peers. I was a cheerleader, a softball player, in the high school
choir, high school ensemble and the drama club. I was even a water girl for the soc- We then proceeded in our conversation. I found out her name, and she found
cer team. I wanted to be friends with everyone – upper classmen, everyone in my out mine. She was a Meghan, also. And, she was born the day before I was. She was an
class, lower classmen and even the elementary school kids. Friends would hurt my athlete, as well. And that was it! From then on, we were pretty much inseparable.
feelings, and I would go crawling back to them apologizing as if I had done something I had made a friend – and I made that friend just because I told her who I
wrong! I always wanted to be more popular, drive a better car and, yes, sometimes, was. There was no fluff, nothing to make me look cool – just my background. And
even be other people. she accepted me. It was then that I knew it was a great thing just to be me.
I believe I realized that it was okay – and even a great thing – to be me when I think that a lot of young women struggle to accept themselves. Most
I entered college. I looked back on the things I had been active in during high school young women look to celebrities as their idols, or who they “want to be like when
and the friends I had – and then I looked ahead. While all those friends and activities they grow up.” The thing most young women don’t realize is that at one time or
were great, the majority of them were not there any longer. My slate was clean, and another, those people probably wanted to be someone else, too. Now, the majority
there was very little for me to do to be able to impress others. I began college as of them are like someone else. And, like someone else, they are facing hardships. I’m
what I considered “a nobody.” I finally realized that I had to accept that I was “some- not saying that in being yourself, you won’t face hardships. But in being yourself, you
body” before anyone else would. will make your hardships a little easier.
The first day of college, I walked into my math class, scared to death. I The person that I look up to in my life right now is what I call a “silent men-
opened the door expecting approximately twenty-five desks, one teacher, one chalk tor.” She is super busy. And, to me, she is Superwoman! I’m not able to talk to her
board and posters on the wall (a typical high school classroom). That room had at all the time; but, when I do, it’s always life-changing. Her life is crazy, raising three girls,
least sixty desks, three teachers, four chalk boards and blank walls! I took a seat in working part-time, being a wife and a full-time woman of God. I speak with her at
the section that my class number was assigned to. No one was talking. No one was least twice a month. And, during those talks, I always learn something from her about
making eye contact with anyone. Everyone was as terrified as I was. how I can make myself a better me. From those conversations, I grow. And when I
Then, I looked to my right at the tall, small-framed girl next to me. She feel God is telling me that it’s time to learn something new, the phone always rings
turned to me, and we both muttered something to the nature of,“Wow! I’m scared!” and it’s her on the other end of line, ready to bring me a new challenge. God is truly
using her to mold me into a more beautiful me!
So, if you rely on God, pray about circumstances in your life and look up to
real women, God will mold you into something beautiful, as well. In my lifetime, I’ve
learned that having a mentor is a lot better than having an idol.

Megan Walkup Mathers and her husband, Neil, live in Florence. Her parents are Tommy and Terry Walkup. Megan is the Office
Manager for Walkup Electrical Construction. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her main focus right now is
being a great wife to her wonderful husband. Their new passion is travel. Jamaica, New York City, you name it and they want to
visit. During the summer, you’ll find them by the pool at Megan’s parents’ house, on the boat – or traveling.
81SheMag_July10 6/22/10 11:56 AM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 81

305 N. Main St. • Marion

A Safe, Disciplined, Christian Environment 843.423.2682
Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:00pm
for Your Child to Grow In... Sat 8:00am-1:00pm

• Small Class Sizes • Full Athletic Program

• Individual Attention for Boys and Girls
• Small Student to Teacher Ratio • After-School Daycare
• SAT Prep Class Available Available.

Enroll Now for Grades K3-12!

Pee Dee Academy

Academic & Athletic Excellence
Pace’s Pharmacy of Nichols 116 S. Main St. • Nichols
2903 E. Hwy 76 • PO Box 449 • Mullins, SC 29574 843.526.2171
Please call today for an appointment!! 423-1771 Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:00pm
Sat 8:30am-1:00pm

Belle Ame
Tutu Skirts
out on
100 West Harrison St.
Dillon, SC • 843-841-2883
82-83 6/22/10 3:34 PM Page 2

to be

A Missionary
The call started for me to go into the mission
field when I was a child. When I first learned what a
That’s when I made up my mind to give Him the rest
of my life for His purpose. I wanted to live my life
He led me to Google and the first
thing that popped up was The World
missionary was, I wanted to be one! It wasn’t an obvi- completely for God! I remembered my desire as a Race. I loved it! I felt like this was it.
ous call, but it was exciting to me. I loved God, and I child, and missions started coming back to me. It was- I didn’t want to rush into anything,
knew it would be fun to teach people about Him. n’t a major confirmation at that point; I had never been so I kept looking. But The World
Nevertheless, I was young and my goals for what I on a mission trip, so I didn’t want to commit until God Race was the only mission that kept
wanted to be when I grew up changed all the time. removed all doubt. my attention. So, I prayed about it.
When I was in the second grade, my brother At twenty-six, however, I was blessed with the The next day at church, I asked my
died. He was twenty-six, and he was my hero. He was opportunity to go on my first mission trip as a chaper- Pastor’s wife to be in prayer with
so amazing in my eyes. When he died, I went into a one with our youth group to the Bahamas. That trip me about this decision.
deep depression for years. I went through years of was important to me. I knew it would be the confir- I couldn’t go to sleep that
having no self-worth. The devil had convinced me mation either way. And, God did confirm it! I didn’t night until I filled out the application.
there was nothing good about me and I was a waste. want to come home. I cried the entire bus ride home It was clear to me that this was it. I
My amazing parents were right there with me, from Florida to South Carolina. I was so sure! I want- have no doubts this is where He
though, helping me get through it. My mom held me, wants me. God has confirmed it
cried with me and reminded me that I am valuable to
God, and He loves me beyond all understanding. I
thank God for blessing me with parents that love Him!
Finally, in high school, I was free of the depres-
I want the and has been right beside me
through this process. I’m so excited
to see how God will use me! He
has given me a heart for people who
sion! I was happy! I loved myself! I smiled and laughed
all the time. This was a growing period for me in the
Lord. My parents had such an influence on my relation-
hopeless to are desperate for Him. I want to
share God’s love with people who
don’t feel loved. I want the hopeless
ship with God. I was raised to put God first. Going to
church on Sundays was never an option. My parents
guided me in the way I should go – not the way every-
know there to know there is always hope in
God. I know I’m going to miss my
family; it will be hard being apart

is always
one else was going. from them. But I keep reminding
Sadly, though, I’ve never been one to put my myself that I have eternity to spend
all in something. I always put just enough effort to get with them and only a short time
by. I hated school. Even though I liked sports, I still did- here on earth. I want God to make
n’t commit to them. At that time, nothing was ever
that important to me. I had no desire to go to college
and had no clue as to what career I would “stick” to
HOPE in my life count for His purpose.
The World Race travels to
eleven countries in eleven months.

for the rest of my life. Participants live out of a backpack,
Shortly after high school, I lost my focus on survive on a limited budget and find
God and got distracted by the world. I started party- themselves in situations where faith
ing. I thought I was having fun. I can honestly say the only is the only reality to choose from.
reason I’m here right now is because God never let me ed to quit my job and go back right away! No planning, In partnering with existing mission-
go! He fought for me! A few years later, the devil finally just faith. I had a month to make my decision. Even aries and ministries, World Racers develop relation-
got me so far down that I was desperate for God again. though I loved it and didn’t want to come home, I still ships with those in the most need. And through acts
I was twenty-four-years-old when I gave my wasn’t sure if that was where God wanted me and if of service, they will see communities and nations trans-
life completely back to Him. I will never forget His love this was the right time. I knew what Anna wanted, but formed all over the world. Our June 2010 squad has
and grace toward me. All I wanted was to be in His was it what God had planned for me? fifty-two people. We are broken down into teams of
presence. And I wanted to tell the world how great I prayed and prayed, asking God for an answer. five to six people. The team will be our family for the
God is! The next few years in my life was all about He clearly answered me. My heart was broken! He next eleven months. We don’t leave these people at all.
growing in God and learning more about Him and put- spoke to me through a lovely woman of God I went to We eat with them, sleep with them and minister with
ting the past behind me, which was often hard. I thank church with. Even though my heart was breaking, I them. In some countries, all fifty-two of us might be
God for surrounding me with strong Christian women knew God had my best interest in His heart. After all, together; in other countries, all the teams may be separat-
and men who reminded me of who God says I am. I my life is the Lord’s life. ed. We don’t know what will happen until we get there.
quickly realized that God was my only desire; He con- Waiting for His promise was very hard! I I have prepared myself for this mission by try-
sumed me. For the first time in my life, I found some- praise Him for keeping me here long enough to spend ing to live my life for God every day. I’ve been minis-
thing I wanted to put my all in! I wanted to live my life valuable time with my parents and family. I have to tering to people on a daily basis. No matter where I
for God and God only. admit, though; my heart was longing for my future in am – at my job or in the grocery story – I’ve made
About that time, I remember thinking about God. Although it was hard, it was also amazing. God myself available, and God is using me for His good, as
what a wonderful life I had. God blessed me with the has completely changed me. The Lord has been right well as mine. I love speaking life into people. That’s my
most amazing parents and He also blessed me with the beside me – growing me, loving me, correcting me and gift, and God puts me in positions all the time to use
opportunity to travel overseas in high school and many teaching me. Most importantly, He has continually that gift. I love to encourage people, to remind them
family vacations. I’ve never been abused, neglected or shown me how great He is! He has worked miracles of who God says they are and not what their circum-
without. God has given me a wonderful life. Now, I in my life that only He can do! stances are or what other people say they are. The
wanted to give Him my life in return. A couple weeks before Christmas, God put devil is a liar, but God does not lie!
the urgency in my heart to search for missions on-line. (continued.)
82-83 6/22/10 3:35 PM Page 3

Collin M. Smith
Hair Salon
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An Upscale Salon Where
You’ll Feel Unique & Special!

2709 2nd Loop Rd

(between Cashua & Palmetto)
Florence, SC


Certified Payment Processing is a full-service

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“Wise Men Still Seek Him...”

Bringing Your Dreams

Burt Jordan Realtors

Thirty-year-old Anna Matthews is from Scranton, South Carolina. She lived there with her parents 3037 W Palmetto Street • Florence
until she left on her mission trip with The World Race. Her team left on June 16th. Anna’s parents 843-665-6835 • 843-687-2906
are 70-years-old and have been married for 52 years. She is the youngest of four girls. She has
one brother who is deceased.

“God has given me a

wonderful life. Now, I wanted
to give Him my life in return.”
In other countries, women have no clue that they are worth anything. And they
surely aren’t given the opportunity to be anything. I want God to use me to let them
know they are worth something to the Father who created them. They are God’s
beloved children, and He sees them and loves them and they can freely have a relation-
ship with Him. Just knowing that God loves them will bring them freedom!
A Special Invitation from the Author: “I love this mission because it focuses on chang- STUDENTS!
ing me and my life. And, until I am changed, I can’t change the world! I’m prepared to be dirty
For the 2010–2011 School Year
and smelly; I may have to go days without a bath. It’s going to be tough at first; but, once I get
used to it, it will be my new normal. I would love for the readers to keep up with me while I’m Providing Academic Excellence for Grades 3K-8
gone and see how God is using my team. They can sign up for updates and get e-mail alerts TOP 10% in the Nation in Reading and Math

when I have updated my blog. I have to raise $14,300 by December; presently, I’ve raised $1000 Welcome Family Discount (5K-8)
$8500. If anyone would like to donate, they can do so through my blog. I also want to take
this opportunity to thank She Magazine for this chance to get the word out about how God is
using me for His purpose. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing!” ~ Anna Matthews 843.662.1910 u
For more information about The World Race, please visit 2536 Hoffmeyer Road u Florence, SC 29501
84-85 6/23/10 9:34 AM Page 2

Lindsey Buchanan,

to be
Recently, I returned from an After all I had seen and learned, I still didn’t Freedom is something most of us take for
amazing experience in Washington, have the faintest idea of what the District had in store granted on a daily basis. I have garnered a new appreci-
DC, where I lived, studied and worked for my roommates and me. We quickly found out that ation for what it means to have been born in this coun-
as an Intern for C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite the unleashing of riots of flowers was just one product try. I could just as easily have been born any other place
Public Affairs Network) for three and a of spring in the city. There’s another unleashing that is in the world, but I wasn’t. Every day, I get to wake up and
half months. I was there as a Fellow of the just as varied – and just as overwhelming. And that’s pro- make a decision about where I want to go, what I want
Washington Semester Program, which is organized testers! Protesters for healthcare; protesters against to do and who I want to spend my time with. As a
through the University of South Carolina’s Honors healthcare. Protesters for immigration reform; protest- woman, I am beyond blessed to live in a country where
College. I was one of seventeen students chosen for the ers against immigration reform. Tea Party protesters, I can wear what I want (hopefully with a little style!) and
Spring 2010 semester. Each of us was from colleges and anti-war protesters, financial reform protesters, gay pursue any career I desire. As if these luxuries aren’t
universities around the state. A once-in-a-lifetime rights protesters, anti-government protesters and pro- enough when compared to the lives of millions of other
opportunity, I am so grateful to God for having this gun protesters. Protesters against big insurance, loud world citizens, I also have the freedom to disagree with
opportunity in His plan for me. And I’m thankful to my protesters, silent protesters, brick-throwing protesters anything I want. And not just disagree – I have the right
family for helping with the logistics and moral support to and yoga-doing protesters. Protesters that try to set up to protest in any way I choose.
make it possible. camp in congressmen’s offices, protesters that wear tar I’m not a protester by nature. I’m not one to
Living in the District of Columbia was a dream- and feathers, protesters that don’t wear pants (yes, I’m get riled up by a cause and organize a group march.
come-true for me! I’ve always wanted to live in a city serious!). And the list goes on. However, after witnessing the movers and shakers in our
and experience what it’s like to be in the middle of a After my spring in DC, I would challenge any- country, I have found I no longer believe I have the right
fast-paced environment. What better place to do that one who argues that our first amendment rights have to complain unless I’m willing to do something about it.
than in Washington, DC (which, by the way is my favorite been compromised in any way. While I was there, I met There are people in DC fighting every day for the very
city)? It’s in DC where my dual passions for history and rights we take for granted. Some of them are over the
politics meld together. It’s in this city where God has
placed leaders of every background and viewpoint
“... I no longer believe I top; some of them are outright bizarre! But, in the end,
you have to admire the type of passion that causes
together to work tirelessly to defend and improve upon have the right to complain someone to believe in something so strongly that they
are willing to put everything else aside in an effort to
the freedoms we so deeply desire. Is it any wonder that
families from all over America – and even around the
unless I’m willing to do make change happen. And you must appreciate a nation
world – make it a priority to visit our nation’s capitol at something about it.” and a God that makes that possible.
some point in their lives? They each want to be a part of My time in DC has come to an end. I’m back
the heartbeat of what makes this country and its freedoms people from Nicaragua, Georgia (south of Russia, not with my family, driving my car instead of walking and
so precious. south of South Carolina), Cuba, Italy, Brazil, Australia, shopping at Walmart and Piggly Wiggly instead of ordering
Every day, I walked past the Capitol Building on Taiwan, England, Zambia, South Africa, Ireland and even my groceries online. And I’m starting my summer cours-
my way to work. For three and half months, I took that Yankees! Each of them came from outrageously diverse es at Francis Marion University. I’m not surrounded by
walk and the rush of excitement I felt was just as strong and differing backgrounds. Each one has different pas- the buildings and history-making people I have come to
the last day as it was the first. During my time there, I sions, careers and interests. Each one has opposing love, and I’m not able to walk next door at nine at night
met seasoned Washingtonians who have dedicated their views, likes, disgusts and idiosyncrasies. Each of them is and eat really good sushi!
lives to being a cog in the wheel that keeps this country in America for one primary reason – freedom. They want I am, however, able to be with my family every
running. Each of them shared with me that no matter freedom! Freedom to choose their work, their speech, day, grill out in my backyard and not share a bathroom
how long they have lived there, they still get that exact their news source, their hobbies, their life partner, their with three other females. It’s bittersweet, heart-wrench-
same thrill every time they walk through the halls of the religion. Freedom to write without being censored, to ing and joyful, all at the same time. And it’s all due to a
Capitol, help brainstorm a piece of public policy, walk learn about anything, to speak freely and free to protest. loving God who blesses me and this country more than
past the White House or do any of the countless things And, they find that freedom here. Here – in America. we deserve.
that make DC such a unique city. Here, they can do all those things and more. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the opportunity to
While I was living there, I experienced so much. There is a reason that God has blessed our live in a city again. I don’t know where I’ll be working
I learned how to navigate the city by foot and Metro. I country since its founding. I don’t pretend to know His when I graduate in a year. I’ll trust God to work all that
learned how to order groceries online (a hard-learned mind, but I do believe I can safely say that He has hoped out. But, I do know this: I will never regret the oppor-
lesson after first attempting to bring them home by foot from the beginning to use this country as an example to tunity I was granted to experience the thrill of living in
in a rolling suitcase!). I met powerful and influential peo- the world of what freedom can look like. We are not our nation’s capitol or the lessons I learned while I was
ple (I promise you they are regular people, trying to perfect by any stretch of the imagination – not as indi- there, including discovering how blessed I am to live in the
make a difference, just like us!), and I was able to go to viduals and not as a country. I know that each of us can United States of America and experience the personal
the White House. I survived the worst blizzard DC had pull out a laundry list of things we personally find wrong freedoms God has given each of us.
seen in years and watched people cross-country skiing with our country. However, in the end, I do not believe As a mom, I’m making it a priority to educate
down our street! When the snow finally melted, I that any of us can deny that we are blessed beyond com- my girls about how blessed we are as Americans. And
learned that DC is one of the most beautiful places to pare on this earth. you can be sure that a large part of that education
experience the spring season. includes trips to DC!
84-85 6/23/10 9:35 AM Page 3

“ I will never regret

the opportunity
I was granted to
experience the
thrill of living in
our nation’s capitol
or the lessons I
learned while I was
there, including
discovering how
blessed I am to
live in the
United States
of America and
experience the
personal freedoms
God has given
each of us.

” Lindsay Buchanan lives in Florence, where she raises her two

amazing and hilarious daughters, Samantha (12) and Carson (6).
She loves to travel, is a senior at Francis Marion University, and
she is a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Collin M. Smith Photography

86 6/22/10 2:25 PM Page 1

to be

A Patriot
Charlotte Hendrix

upholding the Constitution. When Tea Parties started Our Constitution is not outdated and nei-
The thing I like most about popping up across our land, it became evident to me and ther is our Bible; they’re just overlooked.
being free is my God-given freedom to worship when others that we had been out of touch with our govern- Those who deny that we’re a Christian nation
and where I choose, which is Florence Baptist Temple. ment, and we had stopped participating in the political are simply a loud minority. I thank God that I was born
The sad thing is that our freedom to worship and the process. We, as a nation, have become too complacent, in the United States. (I especially thank Him that I was
freedom to do many other things have always been too concerned about ourselves to see that some of our born in “The Bible Belt.”) No, we’re not perfect as a coun-
taken for granted. Recently, we are seeing many of our elected officials are busy being self-serving and trying to try, but we beat anything coming in second!
freedoms slowly being eroded. Too many mandates are get their own agendas passed rather than listening to Finally, I love the Flag; I love the American pride
being handed down by our government – insurance and their constituents. Tea Parties are grassroots organiza- it symbolizes. I love patriotic music and grassroots
health care, gun control, increased taxes, out-of-control tions that are trying to educate the public about govern- America. No other country on earth is as loving, giving,
spending, taking away our religious symbols, no National ment and elected officials who are making policies that compassionate and caring as the United States of
Day of Prayer and laws that show no regard for our empower the government to define what is best for its America. We are always there for other countries, as
Constitution. In addition, our elected officials show no citizens. This growing big-government mentality is well as our own homes, in times of disaster. I’ve been on
regard for the wishes of the people – the very ones who pulling us farther away from our Founding Fathers’ medical mission trips to Brazil, Romania, Mississippi and
elected them in the first place. Principles. Louisiana. And, guess who is always there to give serv-
I love my country, but I am concerned about There is a difference between being “political” ice and compassion? Americans!
the kind of life my children and grandchildren will have and being “patriotic.” I choose to be patriotic and help When searching for the most important sup-
in the future. Will they be able to live as God intended, others who are “like-minded” to know the facts and to port and guidance that, we, as a nation, need to know in
free from governmental control? Will they know this get informed. That’s how my involvement began with this day and time, nothing explains our duties and respon-
truth: “. . . that all men are created equal, that they are the Tea Party Patriots of Florence, which is dedicated to sibilities better than His charge in II Chronicles 7:14:
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable promoting all patriotic activity in the greater Florence “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit area, believing that patriotism cannot be franchised but themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their
of Happiness”? Will they know that no government can must be an individual response to one’s country’s needs. wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive
take that away? We help the people of the area validate how any candi- their sin, and will heal their land.”
I love the military. I love those who wear the date, regardless of party affiliation, stacks up on all the key This Independence Day, may we all be reminded
uniforms now and those who have worn them and died issues. The Florence Tea Party Patriots also help the of a verse from “The Star Spangled Banner”:
while defending what precious freedoms we know newly-educated voter make a better choice when electing
today. I pray for their safety and the safety of their fam- his or her candidates. And the better choice in candidates “Oh! Thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
ilies back home that are also making a big sacrifice by is one that will listen to the people and do the right things! Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
being alone while their loved ones are off fighting for We have until November to make important changes in Blest with victory and peace, may the Heaven-rescued land
our country. our local, state and federal governments. It’s now or never Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
I love the United States of America, and I to forever be controlled by big government. Then conquer, we must, when our cause it is just,
believe we are at a crossroads in history. The recent Tea We need to go back to the beliefs that our And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
Party Protests are part of a growing, larger anti-tax Founding Fathers wrote in The Declaration of And the Star Spangled Banner, in triumph, shall wave
political movement called the Tea Party Movement. The Independence and The Constitution of The United States of O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”
Tea Parties, on the other hand, focus on smaller govern- America. We need to get back to doing what is right for
ment, fiscal responsibility, individual freedoms and America and work to preserve these blessings.

Charlotte Hendrix and her wonderful husband, Ronald, will have been married for forty-six years in August.
They have two daughters, two sons, five grandchildren and four grand-dogs. Charlotte grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina,
but she has called Florence home since 1992. She is a Registered Nurse at McLeod Physicians Associates.
87SheMag_July10 6/22/10 2:12 PM Page 1

She Magazine • July 2010 • 87

at a

Now Serving Alcoholic Beverages


Marion Chinese
Restaurant 724 NORTH MAIN STREET
Marion • Across from the old Wal-Mart
Mon - Wed 11:00am - 9:30pm MARION • 843.423.7693
Thurs - Sat 11:00 am - 10pm Sun 11:00am - 8:30pm T UES -T HURS , 10-5

Beth Gause
Massage Therapist
• 1 Hour Massage $45
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1513 W. Palmetto St. • Florence Donna Winesett

Owner & INOA Certified
88 6/22/10 11:40 AM Page 1

Major, Janelle Arnette
“Only our individual faith in freedom can keep us free.”
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
After joining the Naval Junior in the States, having to deal with a terrorist event or when together to support the troops, regardless of their person-
Reserve Officer Training Corps women are deployed where bombs are exploding. I pray al beliefs/fears. Finally, I’m proud of businesses that offer
(NJROTC) in high school, I knew that I wanted to always be in God’s will, and I trust my life to His capable military discounts and show their support.
to serve in the military. I took classes and participated hands. I continuously pray for strength and understanding. Getting to meet people from different walks of
throughout the tenth through the twelfth grade. After high I’m also asked about being a female in a some- life whom I would otherwise not come into contact is what
school, I joined the Army because, after applying for both what-predominantly male world. I don’t feel my being a I enjoy most about serving in the military. I love continual-
Army and Navy scholarships, I received the Army scholar- female has hindered me in my duty assignments or per- ly meeting people, making friends and (hopefully) positively
ship. I went to college and participated in the Army formance. Soldiers are trained to respect the rank, regard- affecting their lives as much as they affect mine. I’ve learned
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). I didn’t attend less of gender, age, race or ethnicity. I enjoy a great deal of so much from all the experiences I’ve had and places I’ve
Basic Training because ROTC Cadets attend an support and camaraderie from subordinates, peers and seen because of being in the military.
Officers’ Advance Camp between their junior and sen- supervisors. And, I surely don’t think I represent “all Prior to being a part of the military, I didn’t think
ior year of college. women.” I think I represent an Army Officer. I’m humbled much about those serving in the military. I surely didn’t
When I told my parents about my plans to join when people thank me for my service because I feel I’ve think much about my freedom. I was oblivious to my free-
the Army, they were supportive. Mom and Dad commis- done so much less than others who have been in harm’s dom; it was just there. There was no connection for me.
sioned me at graduation. My mom has attended every one way and endured terrible tragedy because of their service Once becoming a member of the military and learning of
of my promotion ceremonies. or situations that occurred while serving. the various opportunities for people, the operations our
I entered Active Duty in August 1995, so I’m com- Only by having an extremely supportive husband nation has entrusted men and women to complete, the
ing up on fifteen years of Active Federal Commissioned and family can I balance being a wife, a mother and being in responsibility our nation places on young Soldiers and
Service. My first assignment was as Chief of the the Army. And I thank God for them! I don’t want to be Senior Commanders, I became – and I still am – constant-
Management Analysis Branch at Fort Jackson, South the “woman who wants it all or does it all.” I try to listen ly amazed at the strength of character and service of our
Carolina. After that,I served in multiple assignments at Fort to God and go down the path He directs. I try to be ever- people. I personally feel the mature generation was more
Bragg, North Carolina (Battalion S1, 261st Area Support present for my Soldiers when at work, and I try to be ever- connected with freedom and service to our country.
Medical Battalion; Brigade S1, 28th Combat Support present for my family when I’m home. I don’t like mixing Advances in global communication and connectivity
Hospital; Adjutant, 55th Medical Group; Company work and home, so I try not to take work home with me changes the way people think about life.
Commander,Womack Army Medical Center). I also served or bring my personal life into my work environment. As we all celebrate our freedom this
as Task Force S1,Task Force Medical Eagle in Bosnia. Then, I’m proud to be in the military for so many rea- Independence Day, for those who are currently serving –
I served as Medical Center Brigade S1,Walter Reed Army sons. First, I’m extremely proud of the countless struggles whether Active Duty, Reserves or National Guard – I pro-
Medical Center in Washington, DC. Later, I served in the that women before me endured so that women today have pose that every one of us offer our strength, support and,
Department of the Army Secretariat for Selection Boards the opportunity to reap the benefits and create a life for most importantly, our prayers to these brave men and
and Medical Corps Career Manager, Human Resources themselves and their families that were not previously avail- women. For those who have already served and got out
Command, in Alexandria, Virginia. Following that assign- able. With that being said, I’m proud of all the women and of the military for whatever reason or retired, they need
ment, I served as Chief of Medical Personnel Services in men serving in different branches of the military. our respect and appreciation, as well, for their service to
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Currently, I am Chief of the I’m mostly proud of my family. They have endured this great nation we call the United States of America.
Human Resources Division and Troop Commander at countless relocations, time apart from friends and other
Fort Jackson. family members and separation due to deployments and
When I’m asked what I fear most, my response is, because I serve. That brings me to the hardest component Janelle A. Arnette and her husband have twin boys. She is the
of my military career, which is being separated from my Human Resources Officer for the United States Army Medical
“I try not to dwell on fear.” I get peace from my personal Activity at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Janelle has a
relationship with Christ and my belief in the Lord God family when duty calls.
Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science, Pre-Physical Therapy,
Almighty. I seek Him for strength, understanding, comfort I’m amazed at all the families who continually sup- from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree of Science in
and peace. I have a great deal of admiration for women port their Soldier, Sailor,Airman or Marine when they have Administration from Central Michigan University. Her military
who serve in any situation where their lives are – or have to stay late, deploy multiple times and miss family get- training includes an Intermediate Level Education from
togethers. I’m impressed when our nation’s people come Command and General Staff School.
been – in danger. That danger may be at a duty assignment
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90-91 6/22/10 3:10 PM Page 2

Jane Ellsworth
I always thought that being able to fly would be and, eventually, I got to where I didn’t mind practicing them at all. To this day, that’s
great, but I never really considered taking flying lessons because I thought it would the only thing about flying that ever gave me a sense of fear.
be too expensive. Nevertheless, in 1996, Gerold Ellsworth, a Flight Instructor, gave In order to get a Private Pilot’s License, a written test must be taken. The
me a business card and discussed the cost of the lessons. Not being one to make tests are offered at many different sites. I took my exam in Conway, South Carolina.
snap decisions, I held onto the card for about six months. Eventually, I decided that After completing flight instruction, an oral exam is given by an FAA (Federal Aviation
I could afford the lessons and called to make an appointment. Administration) Examiner. If the oral exam is passed, then a flying exam is conduct-
During that time, the first lesson was free. After my initial flight lesson, ed by the same FAA Examiner. I had done most of my flying around Florence and
Gerold told me to think about it and to let him know if I wanted to continue les- the surrounding areas. However, on the day of my scheduled exam, there was a low
sons. My immediate response was,“I’ve already thought about it. I’m ready to start!” overcast ceiling of clouds prohibiting me from taking my exam in Florence. Being
I had no fear of flying. I loved the freeing sensations felt in a small plane, and I was ready to be tested, Gerold called around the state to find an airport with acceptable
thrilled at the sights seen below. weather. Columbia, South Carolina, was the spot. The FAA Examiner agreed to
One of the greatest thrills was the first time I flew solo. It was simply a
meet us in Columbia, so off we went. I came home that day with a Private Pilot’s
take off from the airport, circling the airport and landing. It’s hard to explain the
License! Prior to finishing my flight instruction, I bought a Cessna 150. I was very
exhilaration of piloting a plane alone for the first time. One of the requirements of
proud of my beautiful white and blue plane.
private flight instruction is to make solo, short cross-country and solo, long cross-
In 1999, I married my Flight Instructor! On my 60th birthday, he asked me
country flights. Those flights were practiced with my instructor and then I did them alone.
what I’d like for my birthday. I told him that I’d like to learn to ride a motorcycle. I
We also practiced night flights. The view from a small plane at night is breathtaking!
had been riding on the back of his, but I wanted my own. So, we purchased a bike.
Early in my flight lessons, Gerold told me that we were going to do “stalls.”
He taught me to ride, and I took a course at Florence-Darlington Tech on motorcy-
Not really understanding what a stall was, I was a bit apprehensive. The objective, of
cle safety. After that, I got my motorcycle license. I now own a Honda Shadow 750.
course, was so that I could recognize a pending stall once I had my license and pre-
We only have one plane now – a Beech Musketeer, which is a roomy four-seater.
vent it from happening. To first clarify a point, stalling an airplane has nothing to do
There aren’t many things more exhilarating and freeing than to drive a
with the engine. It’s not the engine that stalls; it’s the wings. Wings stall because the
pilot tries to make them lift too much with too little airflow. In doing so, they abruptly motorcycle or fly a plane. We’ve taken quite a few trips on both our motorcycles
stop doing anything at all. and in our plane, including Michigan, Vermont, Maine, Florida, Georgia, New York,
On that day, I was instructed to raise the nose of the plane until I felt the Virginia, North Carolina,Tennessee, New Hampshire and Branson, Missouri.
plane drop a bit, which was the stall. Then, I should push forward on the yoke to One of my greatest joys is spending time with my granddaughters. And,
lower the nose of the plane. In my fear, I pushed the yoke too hard and had the plane although my family, motorcycling and flying are important to me, there is nothing
heading straight for the earth! Gerold quickly corrected my mistake and said,“Okay, more important than my relationship with Jesus Christ.
let’s try that again! And, this time, don’t push so hard!” So, during this month in which we celebrate our country’s freedom, I’ll not
I just wanted nothing more than to get on the ground, but I didn’t want him take for granted all my freedoms – flying my own plane, riding my own motorcycle
to know how much that maneuver had frightened me. The next stall was not so bad and freely worshipping my Lord and Savior.

Jane Ellsworth and her husband, Gerold, live in Bishopville, SC. Their son and daughter-in-law, Doug and Desi Bramlett, have two children, Aislinn (7) and Rowan (4).
Jane is an RN at the Women’s Center of Carolinas Hospital System.
90-91 6/22/10 3:11 PM Page 3

“There aren’t many things more

Exhilarating and Freeing than to
drive a motorcycle or fly a plane.”
Collin M. Smith Photography
92 6/22/10 11:38 AM Page 1

to Worship
I’m from a little place in the
country named Barrineau, South Carolina. It’s a small little cross-
roads where you’ll find that everybody is either related to each other
or, at the very least, everybody knows each other. I was born, raised
and married in Barrineau. And it looks like I’ll be a part of this won-
derful community until Jesus decides to take me home.
My father died at a very young age due to cardiac problems.
My mother, Carole Welsh Barrineau, raised my sister and me on her
own. I am very thankful, and I appreciate all the times she gave up
her freedom to do things or to go places so she could make sure that
we were well taken care of.
Over the years, I’ve realized the great importance of free-
dom and what freedom really means. We, as citizens of this great
nation, should be very thankful for the great gift of freedom to be
who we want to be. We’re free to be loved and be in love; free to
be able to have life and live it abundantly; free to be able to pray, give
praise and to worship; free to be able to make our own choices, to
be able to vote and to speak out and let the world know that we
matter and that we can make a difference.
During my lifetime, I’ve met many people from all walks of
life, different nations, different religions and cultures. These people
made me realize how fortunate I am to have the freedom to be who
I desire to be. God made this possible for each of us. From those
meetings, most importantly, I realized that we have the freedom to
be loved by the greatest love of all, our Heavenly Father. All we have
to do is accept His love because it is always there. He will never leave me or forsake
me, even until the end (Hebrews 13:5).
I am free to be able to live each day in a nation that is known as “The Land And, finally, I have the freedom to vote. Americans are blessed to be given
of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” This speaks for itself. We, as Americans, are the privilege to vote. And this is a very political year in the great state of South
so blessed to be able to live in a nation that offers so much freedom to each and Carolina. The one comment I hear that irritates me is, “My vote will not make a
every one of us in the hard economical times that our nation is facing at this very difference.” Every vote makes a difference! My candidate may not win, but I was able
moment. To be able to have life and to live it freely is such a blessing to each of us, to vote on my chosen candidate. As citizens of The United States of America, we
and I am thankful each day for this freedom. should be proud to know we have the right to vote, and it is our duty to vote and
I am free to pray. Sadly, I experienced firsthand how it feels to be told to speak out in order to turn our nation around.
that you are not allowed to pray, as this happened to me in the workplace. I could go on and on about the freedom I have to be me, but the words
Thankfully, God made a way for me to get out from under the pressure of know- to a popular contemporary Christian song sum it up quite well:
ing that I worked for a company that had this belief, which went against everything
I believe in. We should always remember that prayer is our communication “I got a couple dents in my fender,
between us and God. Got a couple rips in my jeans.
I am free to worship. We are privileged to be able to worship freely. Due Try to fit the pieces together,
to the many cultures and religious beliefs, Americans have the freedom to express But perfection is my enemy.
ourselves through worship. Give praise to and worship God daily, magnify His And on my own, I’m so clumsy.
name, call on Him and remember that He is with us every moment of our lives. But, on Your (God’s) shoulders, I can see.
I am free to make choices. We are the hero of our own life’s adventure. I’m free to be me! . . . and you’re free to be you.”
We can write our own story anyway we dream it to be. But, in the end, it amounts ~ “Free To Be Me” by Francesca Battistelli
to the freedom of choices we make throughout our lives.

Beth Barrineau Godwin and her husband, Ricky, live in Barrineau, South Carolina. She has two daughters, Lindsey and Kelli Roberson. At 49, Beth plans to start a new career in nursing this fall.
She enjoys painting, singing, playing the piano, gardening and trying to make a difference in people’s lives.
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94 6/23/10 9:47 AM Page 1

Choose Life by Erika Chapman

Life is a series of choices.

As women, our choices seem endless at times – chocolate or vanilla ice
cream, caramel or gold highlights, silver or clear heels, workout or no
workout, run the 5K or the 10K,WeightWatchers or Jenny Craig, answer
the phone or block his calls. And the list goes on and on.
Sometimes, our decisions affect only us and we can make them
without much thought. Other times, however, for many of us, there
comes a time when the choice we face will affect not only our life but
another little life, as well. Many times, we’re not prepared for the weight
of this decision.
Trinity Sampson faced just this dilemma at the end of 2009. As
a nineteen-year-old from Pembroke, North Carolina,Trinity was in a rela-

tionship that led her to Florence. She and her boyfriend were actually
trying to get pregnant when, in the fall of 2009, she unexpectedly lost her
job. Then, on December 29th, she found out – to her surprise – that she
was pregnant.
She made a doctor’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy and
to make sure all was well before she told her boyfriend. Expecting him
to be surprised and excited, she was devastated when his reaction was
not the same as her own. He was overwhelmed and concerned because
she didn’t have a job. He made it very clear that he wanted her to have
an abortion.
Their relationship was already under stress, and this brought it
to a breaking point. Trinity loved him and wanted the relationship to work, but her
“The decision is their own to make.
boyfriend finally told her that either she needed to have an abortion or move out.
She had nowhere else to go because her family lived out of state.
Her choice required her to be
She went to her mother and told her the situation. Her mother was excit- strong and brave...”
ed that she was pregnant but obviously concerned for her. Trinity’s seventeen-year- wrong and asked her to come back. She did, and they started counseling through A
old sister was also expecting a baby, so her mother was handling a lot of unexpect- Choice 2 M8k.
ed news from her girls. However, with Trinity, she had the extra angry emotion Trinity shares that the support and counseling helped her through the pain
because of the way she was being treated by her boyfriend. She was concerned that she was going through. She feels strongly that because of A Choice 2 M8k and God’s
Trinity would have an abortion. help, her relationship with her boyfriend is healing. He is excited about the baby now,
Trinity didn’t want to have an abortion and didn’t want to give her baby up and they are looking forward to being parents to their little girl.
for adoption. She asked around and was given phone numbers for places that could Trinity’s baby is due on August 17th, 2010. Thankfully, her pregnancy has
possibly help her with her decision, but her boyfriend had her phone cut off so she been healthy and fairly uneventful. She wants to be the kind of mother that is always
was unable to call for assistance. At a loss as to what do now, she found a way to there for her little girl. She knew she could not have an abortion because her baby
call her mother, who, the very next morning, knocked on her door and told her to is an innocent life. Although she felt pressure initially to have an abortion, she believes
get dressed and come with her. that would have been a sin. Fortunately, she had the freedom to choose life for her lit-
She took Trinity to see Carla Wright at A Choice 2 M8k Crisis Pregnancy Care tle girl, and she is so thankful she found the support to help her through that decision.
Center. Carla was a tremendous support for her as she helped Trinity process her Trinity hopes that other young women in her situation will be encouraged
decision. She helped Trinity set up an appointment to have a free ultrasound, where and know that they are free to choose life. The decision is their own to make. Her
she discovered that she was two months pregnant. choice required her to be strong and brave, but people were there to help her. She
When Trinity returned home to her boyfriend, things went from bad to needed support and found it at A Choice 2 M8k. She wants women to know that help
worse in their relationship. He told her he didn’t want anything to do with her and is available if they will just reach out to receive it. God will help them through the diffi-
she had to move out. In the middle of the night, she gathered her things and went culty of the decision and the season they are in. Just as Trinity chose life, others can, too.
to stay with a friend for two days. During that time, her boyfriend realized he was

Erika Chapman lives in Florence with her amazing husband and three busy little boys. She gets excited about discovering a great read, NewSpring Church
and sharing her most recent adventures at
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 95

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96-97 6/23/10 9:36 AM Page 2

Helping Others Find

by Ouida K. Page, RN, LPC

from Grief
I first met Karen Caulder
at a workshop about Traumatic Head Injury for Veterans of Iraq
After Karen and her husband separated, she was leading a
grief group of twelve ladies. They found that the first year with the
and Afghanistan. A bright, energetic and positive individual with a great holiday season was the hardest, and she prayed and ask God what she
sense of humor, she grew up in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Karen was could do to help the ladies – and herself – get through the holidays.
adopted by a couple when she was very young, only several weeks old. She looked for books and cards, but everything was trite and patron-
Her younger years were filled with chaos and crisis, so she readily izing. During this period of time, the inspiration came from God for
understood about being hurt. Nevertheless, out of those painful the Calendar and the Datebook and Journal that she has created.
experiences has come a deep passion for helping others go through
The calendar is called “Beyond Loss Into Hope,” as is the date-
their own journey of grief and loss.
book and journal. They are developed through Karing Creations, LLC.
At seventeen, Karen had to have emergency surgery and ended
Burry Bookstore in Hartsville and Pee Dee Christian Book & Supply
up being placed in a room with a woman who was dying. Because it was
in Florence are planning to carry the 2011 calendars.
such a bad experience for Karen, she gave back the nursing scholarship
The calendar is beautifully done with gorgeous pictures and
that she had and decided on a different career path. She attended and
quotes of comfort and support on each page. However, it is not just
graduated from Winthrop College, where she decided to study social
a calendar; it’s a tool to help you as you go on your grief journey
work and focus on helping people in emotional pain. (The course was
(death, divorce, pet loss, separation or war, etc). From the time your
not called Grief and Loss at the time.)
loss occurs and you start your journey, the words of comfort and hope
While she was at Winthrop, Karen became very involved in
will be there for you to hold onto daily. You can mark off days or make
campus ministries. Following graduation, she attended Lutheran
Southern Theological Seminary in Columbia. She attended Seminary notes of things that happen, things you remember – or things you want
for one year and then did her Clinical Pastoral Education Unit for to forget. The weeks and months prior to the anniversary of the loss
three and a half months at the State Hospital as a Chaplain. Based provide you an opportunity to write down events and memories. While
on her experience at the State Hospital, she was offered a position these may be painful, the words of comfort and hope are also there to
as a social worker, which she accepted. She was in this position help you begin your road to recovery. This calendar allows you to express
approximately six years. thoughts and feelings of your grief (which only you understand) without
Karen later became certified in Thanatology, the study of “judgments” and “rules.” Yet, those same thoughts and feelings also pro-
death, dying and bereavement. While working for hospice, she began vide comfort and hope as you journey through your pain to recovery.
working in bereavement with families, patients and staff. She also The uniquely designed datebook and journal can be cus-
embarked on community education, which involved speaking, as well tomized for any twelve-month period, so it’s practical any time of the
as group work with families and staff. She also did an open-community year. Each month features roomy calendar pages in a two-page-per-
group that was advertised in the newspaper for people that had a loss. week format, as well as four lined pages each week for writing notes
Some of her groups consisted only of hospice families; others were in and thoughts. The Datebook/Journal is a considerate and effective
churches. Many of these were in Columbia, South Carolina. tool for working through the grief process.
Karen was married for twenty-three years and did counseling Karen is available for speaking engagements and can be reached
in various settings, including juvenile justice, hospice, nursing homes at 843-319-2126. Or you can e-mail her:
and the Department of Mental Retardation. Her husband moved For more information, please visit her website,
around all over the state with his job.

Ouida K. Page is a Master’s Prepared Licensed Professional and National Board Certified Counselor. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a
member of Sigma Theta Tau (International Honor Society of Nursing). She has been in private practice in the Hartsville and Florence areas for over 15
years, specializing in families and issues relating to children, adolescents and women of all ages. She is married and has one son who has graduated from
Wofford College. To contact Ouida, you may call 843-398-0915. You may also contact her by e-mailing with “Ouida” as the
96-97 6/23/10 9:36 AM Page 3

Collin M. Smith

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Mon-Fri 10-5:30 • Sat 10-2

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“While these may be painful, the

words of comfort and hope are
also there to help you begin your
road to recovery.“
98-99 6/23/10 9:53 AM Page 2

Betty Sigmon
by Liz Taylor
It was early 1960. The Vietnam conflict was just getting
started. Men had not been drafted yet, and the women’s movement was still just an
Initially, her commanders didn’t want Betty to drill an all-women flight, so
they allowed her to drill an all-male flight at the time. Competition was fierce among
idea. Women were trying to become more self-sufficient and Madeleine (Betty) Byrd the instructors; contests were the norm. Betty was not one to be undermined.
was not going to stand by unnoticed. She was ready to make her mark in the world. “When you get up in front of forty men, you have to overcome the ‘I’m a
Raised in Darlington County, South Carolina, on an agricultural farm, Betty woman and you’re a man’ thinking. So, I picked the biggest man, got up in his face and
graduated from St. John’s High School in 1957. Knowing told him what was happening. ‘My husband and I have
that typically women of that era married, raised a fami- been married for six months, and if I win this contest,
ly and multi-tasked at home, Betty wanted to make a dif- I’ll get to go and see him. The Air Force will pay me
ference in a special way. So, she joined the United States
Air Force.
“Sometimes you just to go see him, and I want each of you to help me get
to go see him.’”
She chose the Air Force because of the uni- Lesson learned: Sometimes you just have to use
form. “Back then, the uniform was everything!” she said.
Stationed at Lackland Air Force Base,Texas, twenty-one- have to use those those God-given feminine charms to get what you
want. Betty was awarded Instructor of the Year
year-old Betty went through women’s basic training. in 1962.
Immediately following her graduation, she was assigned
to the Finance/Accounting Division. This was not, how-
ever, what Airman First Class Byrd had in mind by serving
God-given feminine Betty has scrapbooks filled with photos from her
Air Force days. In fact, at one time, Airman Magazine
was on base and took several photos of all the ladies
her country.
During a routine inspection when the Director
of WAF was visiting the base, the Director asked Betty
charms to get in their uniforms. As a cute, freckled, wholesome-
looking redhead, Betty was chosen to be on several
posters and brochures promoting and recruiting for
if she was happy with her orders to work in the the Air Force. When she was a Captain, she modeled
Finance/Accounting Division. Betty replied, “Ma’am, I’d
really rather stay right here.” She admitted having been
what you want.” a newly-designed officer’s uniform (called “cords”)
that eventually was given the honor of the preferred
sheltered all her life on the family’s farm and said,“It was white summer uniform.
comforting [on the base]; we were protected. Then, the Betty met her husband, Edward (Ski), who was
Director looked at my Commander,Aggie, and said,‘Aggie, get these orders changed. also in the Air Force. While she was stationed in Texas, he was across the sea in Japan.
We need people here like Airman Byrd.’” “Usually they try to keep husbands and wives together,” she said. “But I couldn’t go
So, Betty’s orders were changed and she set upon a new adventure and there because of the facilities. So I stayed back in the training squadron until he fin-
career. She became the only woman studying in the tactical school. This was a venue ished his tour.” Eventually she was able to visit him and they spent some time togeth-
where only men participated, so Betty knew early on that she needed to imitate the er in Japan.
men if she was going to survive and succeed. She was afraid her Southern drawl Betty never felt she needed the government to liberate her. “I was always
would be embarrassing when she stood in front of a class to teach, so she practiced liberated. I was a Christian and had a constitution. That’s all I needed.”
lowering her voice range so that giving commands to her “flights” would garner more
respect. (Note: the term “flight” means a recruit.)
98-99 6/23/10 9:54 AM Page 3

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The Florencia
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Owners: Helen Brown and Glenda Rawls

Betty and Ski have two children, Marishka Kathryn

and Edward, III. Both are grown now with families of their own. Betty remar-
ried after her beloved Ski passed on. Today, she is happily married to Ronnie
Sigmon. They live on her family’s homestead where she enjoys organic farming,
raising chickens and taking care of stray animals that Ronnie seems to attract.
Living the simple life is paramount to her, as are her Christian values.
Each month, she cooks fresh vegetables and prepares a meal for the senior
citizens at her church. Seniors are precious to her, as well as her family. Her

“Betty never felt she needed the government

to liberate her. “I was always liberated.
I was a Christian and had a constitution.
That’s all I needed.”
sister lives in their mother’s former farmhouse just down the road. Her father,
an early environmentalist, was instrumental in keeping the land pristine by exca-
vating three freshwater, spring-fed ponds on the land where geese and ducks
Children’s CConsignment S
spend their time. All around her is nature – something she and Ronnie cherish NOW ACCEPTING CONSIGNORS!
and acknowledge as God’s handiwork.
A few years back, Betty received a letter from one of her flights thank-
PRE-VI ission Fee) th
October 9th
ing her for being a strong, dedicated and compassionate instructor. This woman ($5 Ad ctober 8
, O Florence Civic Center
Friday -9:00pm
was one of many influenced by Betty’s leadership. 7:0 0 8:00am-1:30pm
Betty Wirhousky Sigmon is retired now. She was a brilliant and savvy
woman from the git-go; she still is today. All-American cheers to you, Betty, for COME EARLY FRIDAY
making a world of difference for all military women of today!
This is a CASH ONLY event.
Liz Taylor is Hartsville’s City Manager’s Executive Assistant and Communications Specialist. For more information,please
She is also the Webmaster/Designer of the City’s website, as well as Editor and Publisher of a contact Ann at 843-610-4268
monthly newsletter. Liz lives in Hartsville with her sweet cat, McDuffie. She enjoys gardening, WWW.FLORENCECHILDRENSSALE.INFO
photography and spending time with her friends and fiancé, Johnny.
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Collin M. Smith Photography

Defend Myself

Ann Dowling
In the past few months, I spoke written test. We then met at the gun range on a sep- close range to the target. After firing about fifteen
with several friends who have taken arate evening for target practice and to take the rounds, we moved further away from the target and
the CWP (Concealed Weapons shooting test. used a slightly larger gun.
Permit) class. My husband commented that I In order to obtain a CWP, one must pass a
should take it because I drive back and forth to written test (currently 70 is a passing grade) and get a
Darlington at night for choir practice and special serv-
“I know it’s a great certain percentage of hits on the body of the target.
ices and, consequently, need some sort of protection responsibility to carry Upon completion, the paperwork is sent off and the
permit is mailed within approximately 90 days.
in case I had car trouble.
I already owned a gun but hadn’t fired it in a gun and use it I really have no desire to shoot a gun, but I
years and had forgotten everything I knew. In talking will definitely feel safer now that I can legally carry
with my son, Matt Lewis, I found out he had taken a
properly, and I one. If I were not driving at night by myself, I probably
class from Mr. Dana Epting, owner of Defender appreciate the would have never considered getting the CWP. At
Firearms Training. He is also Instructor of Basic Self-
defense and Firearms Training. Matt said if we could
Freedom we have
least now, though, I have a means of protection in case
I need it.
get several people together, Dana would come to my to do so.” I know it’s a great responsibility to carry a
gun and use it properly, and I appreciate the freedom
house to teach the class.
We had seven family members attend the we have to do so. Carrying a firearm is not for every-
class on two separate nights for about three hours It was a little scary at first just holding the body, but I think we should respect and allow those
each. One night was spent fingerprinting, taking our gun. However, after I learned the proper way to load who do wish to carry one to do so.
pictures, filling out paperwork and going over the rules and unload the gun and the proper way to hold it For class information, contact Mr. Dana Epting
and regulations of carrying a handgun. The second when firing, I was more at ease. For the ladies, we at 229-9902.
night, we reviewed what we were taught and took the began by using a firearm without a lot of kick and at

Ann Dowling and her husband, Philip, live in Florence. Their blended family includes five children and three grandchildren, all of whom live in Florence. Ann works at First Reliance Bank
in the Loan Operations Department, and she is also the Organist at her church, King Avenue and Darlington Presbyterian Church. In addition, Ann owns a small picture framing business
that she operates out of her home. She enjoys working in the yard and planting flowers. Her favorite pastime, however, is painting in oils and watercolor.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 101

The Earring Lady

Dichroic Glass Jewelry by Barbara Mellen
•At The Earring Lady, we handcraft our ear wires from
Barbara Bennett & Lynda Grant Argentium tarnish resistant sterling silver which is far less
likely to bother sensitive ears than ordinary sterling.
•Not pierced? We'll convert our earrings just for you. It only
takes a few minutes and there is no extra charge.

Vinyl Let us help you with
Accessories all your design needs.
Blinds Call us today! Monday- Saturday 10:00-6:00 843-317-1732
w w w. g l a s s e a r r i n g l a d y. c o m
& more!
2717 Second Loop Road • Florence
1228 CELEBRATION BLVD. ~ FLORENCE ~ 843.413.5388 (Look for the Lavender House)
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to be a
by Cheri Jordan

When Nancy Kennebeck

was a little girl, her sister had an
Asian doll. Nancy loved that doll and dreamed
about going to China one day and having a little Asian
girl of her own. Little did she know at the time that

The Kennebeck Family

this dream would one day become a reality.
As most couples do, Peter and Nancy
Kennebeck of Florence, were married and began build-
ing their family. Peter came into the marriage with a
son, Vincent, and Nancy was quickly introduced to
motherhood. Not long after, the Kennebeck couple Pictured: Sam, Kathleen, Margaret Ann, Rosalie, Peter, Nancy, and Genevieve
had their first daughter, Kathleen. A few years later,
Nancy was expecting again. This pregnancy was much
more difficult, though, and the doctors discouraged in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, thoughts to herself and asked God to confirm this to
Peter and Nancy from having any more children after always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” her if it was something they were supposed to do.
the birth of their second daughter, Genevieve. In studying this Scripture, Nancy realized that And confirm it; He did! On three separate occasions,
Greatly discouraged, the Kennebecks com- none of the attributes that God gave to love are about in fact.
mitted the matter to prayer and waited to hear from feelings. They were simply about obeying and doing. Nancy and Peter talked about it with one
God. They never felt a peace in their hearts about say- Nancy began to love Vincent in accordance with this another and agreed in faith that God was leading them
ing no to more biological children, and God richly Scripture and the feelings and emotions fell into place. to adopt a child in China. They began the long
blessed them a few years later with a third daughter, Nancy says,“That’s when I realized that it doesn’t mat- process of paperwork, home studies, background
Margaret Ann. However, this pregnancy did prove to ter how you get a child; it’s how you love them.” It was checks, etc. The worst part of it all, though, is the
be more dangerous. For Nancy’s safety, the this process that helped her realize that adoption was process of waiting.
Kennebeck’s decided it would be best that she have something she would be open to if God led their family Being an adoptive mother myself, I can tell
surgery to prevent future pregnancies. in that direction. you that it is an emotionally draining time. You feel this
Though some people would feel that their cup In May 2004, God did indeed lead their family maternal instinct towards a child that you have no
was running over already with four children, Nancy to adopt. They brought home a beautiful little African- rights to. You can’t see them, you can’t touch them and
mourned the finality of it. She loved being a mother and American boy, whom they named Sam. The Kennebecks you can’t protect them. You feel very helpless to do
didn’t have a peace that their family was complete. adopted through a private attorney, and they were able anything but love them from where you are and pray
Nancy did, however, have tremendous hope in the to have Sam with them from the moment he was born. for them with all your heart.
process of adoption. That hope had begun to build They are the only family he has ever known, and he is a These are the feelings that Peter and Nancy
in her heart years earlier when their first daughter perfect match for their family. Sam just recently cele- know all too well and that they had to live with. Then,
was still a baby. brated his sixth birthday, and he is one of the happiest, in October 2008, Nancy received an e-mail with refer-
Their oldest son, Vincent, had come to live most bubbly little boys I have ever met. ral lists. They had received these lists many times
with the Kennebecks at ten-years-old. Nancy worried For a time, Nancy was convinced that their before with pictures of children that were waiting to
that she wouldn’t be able to love Vincent properly. She family was now complete. They were a family of seven, be adopted, but this time was different. A little girl’s
had recently given birth to her first biological child and happy, healthy and enjoying one another to the fullest. face appeared on the screen and it took Nancy’s
had the instant bond that only mothers can know and However, God had more in store for them. One night breath away. She knew in an instant that she was star-
understand. Nancy prayed that she would be able to in August of 2007, God woke Nancy during the middle ing into the face of her little girl.
love Vincent with that same intensity. God led Nancy of the night. She was terribly burdened for a little Nancy’s daughter, Margaret Ann, walked
to I Corinthians 13:4-8,“Love is patient, love is kind. It Asian child, but she didn’t understand this burdening. through the room and saw the picture and exclaimed,
does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is She began to pray intensely for this child, and her eyes “Mom, that’s her! That’s our Rosalie, isn’t it?”
not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, opened to international adoption. Nancy couldn’t (continued.)
it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight sleep that night and continued to pray. Afraid that her
husband would think she was crazy, she kept these
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Collin M. Smith
Wedding Gown, Veils, Formals, MOMS • $25 and up

Casual Wear BYGO free!

Jeanette Norwood Jordan, Bridal Consultant since 1981
1451 W Palmetto St, Florence • 843-665-0001

They read the little girl’s profile and discovered

that she had been born with a hole in her
left heart ventricle. She was abandoned when she was one-
year-old, most likely by a woman that loved her deeply but couldn’t afford
to pay for her medical needs. The child was taken immediately to surgery
and then placed in foster care, where she began to wait for her forever
family. When Peter and Nancy first discovered this precious child, she was
already four-years-old. They locked in her profile and then, once again,
began the process of waiting.
The Kennebecks waited for about six months for their approval. Once
they received that initial approval, they had to wait again for travel
approval. It was during this process that they began to run into one com-
plication after another. There were new governmental fees that the
Kennecks were forced to pay. The earthquake in China occurred, halting
travel to the country. There always seemed to be obstacles being thrown
at them. The Kennebecks held firm in their belief, though, that this little girl, whom
they had already named Rosalie, was meant to be their child. In God’s perfect time, The Premier Home Builder in the Florence Area.
He would unite them. Their patient endurance finally paid off on December 3, 2009.
Experience building elaborate & modest homes at reasonable prices
The Kennebeck’s boarded a plane and set off to bring home their little Rosalie.
Work in a timely and professional manner
As with many adoptive parents of older children, the Kennebeck’s had
Each phase of construction is inspected and approved
their concerns. Will the language be too big of a barrier? Will she like us? Will
New Homes & Additions
she be so attached to her foster family that this process will be too much for her
We take pride in our work and we take care of our customers!
emotionally? The Kennebeck’s fears were laid to rest on December 7, 2009. They
entered the room to meet their little girl for the first time, not knowing what to
expect. Rosalie came bouncing into the room, leaped into Peter’s arms and gig-
gled hysterically. Rosalie has been as happy as a lark ever since.
Peter and Nancy arrived back in the United States on December 18 and
were reunited with the rest of their family. There have been adjustments, but it’s
been much easier than the Kennebecks ever imagined. Rosalie learned to speak Visit us at or
Contact us at 843-992-4697 or
the English language in no time. Although she speaks of her foster mother in
China, she has made it clear that she’s so happy to be with her forever family.
Rosalie has faced more health issues since arriving home. It was discov-
ered soon after their arrival that she has epilepsy. She is being treated for this con-
dition and is flourishing well. Rosalie just celebrated her sixth birthday this past
May, and I imagine the best present of all is knowing that she’s home to stay.
The Kennebecks faced many hurdles throughout this adoption process,
but God gave them grace throughout. Their family now stands at eight. Vincent
serves in the military and is stationed in Oahu, Hawaii. Living at home is Kathleen
(15), Genevieve (13) and Margaret Ann (11), Sam (6) and Rosalie (6).
Is their family now complete? The Kennebecks can’t say for sure if God
has more children in store for them or not. They can tell you, however, that they
are content and happy and blessed beyond measure that they are all now free to
be . . . family.

Cheri Jordan is a Florence resident and has been married to her husband, Robert, for eleven
years. She is a stay-at-home mom to four children, Abbi, Luke, Savannah and Matthew.
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“ Be who you are. Give yourself the

okay to break the mold and exercise
your God-given freedom. God, in
grace, has purchased you from bondage.

Christ has literally set you free.
~ Charles R. Swindoll

free be
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 105

Congratulations to these 2010 High School Graduates:

Kimberly Simon Amanda Grubb Melanie Payne

Valedictorian Valedictorian Valedictorian
South Florence Trinity Collegiate West Florence

What do these three graduates have in common?

They all attended All Saints’ Episcopal Day School from
Kindergarten-6th grade.

“Building Strong Foundations”

For admissions information about our extraordinary
3K-6th grade pre-college preparatory school, call us at
843-662-8134 or visit our website at
Joan A. Pennstrom, Headmaster
All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, Inc.
1425 Cherokee Rd. • Florence

Need-based financial assistance is available through application.

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, Inc. does not discriminate on the
basis of sex, race, color, religion, or national origin.

Nutrition Response Testing

Comes to Florence
Dr. Brian D. Porzio, DC
2234 W. Palmetto St. • Suite A • Florence • 843.665.5505 •

Why did you try Nutrition Response Testing?

My health history is filled with always feeling sick even when my doctors said that I was well. I didn’t understand that if I
was well, why was I taking lots of prescription medications without ever feeling better and finding true health.

What health issues did you suffer?

I suffered with chronic sinus issues – all year long! I even had my tonsils taken out at the age of 28 due to the constant
drainage and infection. I had taken over-the-counter and prescriptions medications for as long as I can remember and still
suffered from the symptoms. No matter the type of food or amount of exercise, I was unable to lose weight.
I suffered chronic daily pain due to interstitial cystitis and endometriosis. I suffered symptoms of hypothyroidism – weight
gain, oily hair/skin, acne, fatigue/no energy and a slow GI tract. I began losing hope that I would ever feel good again.

What health results have you seen since starting Nutrition Response Testing?
Since my initial assessment, I have had very little issues with my sinuses at all, even with the huge pollen dump this spring I
have taken no medications! I have lost 31 lbs.! Endometrial pain has decreased and the interstitial cystitis pain is gone!
Almost all of the hypothyroid symptoms have disappeared or been significantly reduced!

Alison What does this mean for your life?

Slice I just feel so much better, so good that I now have lots of hope for a long and healthy life.

I am a true believer in the Nutrition Response Testing system.

Nutrition Response Testing:

is a noninvasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying nutritional causes of ill health. The
procedure is simple and direct with the body providing all the information and feedback needed. We use the extraordinary
properties of the human cells and tissues to bring about healing and health changes...exactly as nature intended.
We will create a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program that is specifically for you.

Let Us Help You Get Healthier Naturally! Call 665-5505

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Chicks OF THE Month:

The Staff of
SheMagazine and
Chick-fil-A salute... ®

in Darlington

Back Row: Sonya Foster, Elizabeth Frazier, Ada Blackmon, Laura Rogers, Dana Jones, Debbie Morrell, Lula Wallace

Front Row: Karen Shedd, Susan Weesner, Susan Weesner, Lisa Adams

In a letter to She Magazine, Karen N. Shedd, Director of

Marketing with Wilson Senior Care in Darlington, wrote:

“ Wilson Senior Care has an amazing

staff. Working with a bunch of women in one
place can be a little tricky, but we all get along
very well, even as diverse as we are. Some of
us were born and raised in Darlington, and
some of us are from very far away, myself
When there’s an issue, we handle it.
When someone is in need, everyone is there
to help. It’s definitely a team effort at Wilson
Senior Care.
Thank you so much for considering
If you would like to
receive lunch courtesy of
She Magazine and Chick-fil-A at
the Magnolia Mall, Magnolia Mall
Drive-In and Florence Darlington Tech
locations, send an e-mail telling us why
your office or group should be Chicks of
the Month to:
our Staff as “Chicks of the Month.”
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 107

We’ll help you find

just the right fit...
• Van ELi
• J. Reneé
• A. Marinelli
• La Plume
• Onex
• BCB Girls
• Luichiny I am looking to partner with ambitious,
• Jessica Simpson motivated individuals with leadership
• Carlos Santana qualities. I am looking for
• Jeffery Cambell people who are very serious
• Jack Rogers about generating a
• Everybody supplemental or replacement
• Dansko type income on a part-time or
• Ara full-time basis working from
• Trotters home with a 800 million dollar
• Soft Spots Wellness Company.
• Naturalizer
• Helle Comfort In our business, there’s NO selling,
• Tsubo NO inventory, NO pressuring customers,
• Daniel Green NO collecting money and
• Poetic License NO delivering products.
• Ros Hammerson
• And More!
We are people who said YES to:
• Time Freedom • Financial Freedom
• Health & Wellness
• Residual Income • Car Bonus
NO RISK and NO Large Investment. Let
us help you improve your income &
lifestyle. Serious inquiries only visit::
1806 West Palmetto Street • Florence • SC • 843-662-9781
M-F 9:30-5:45 • Sat 10-5

Medical Services: • Collagen/Restylane

• Thermage® • Laser Hair Removal
non-surgical face lift • Botox
• Photo Rejuvenation Spa Services:
• Clear Light Acne • Massage Therapy
Therapy • Parisian Peel
• Chemical Peels • Chemical Peels
• Laser Hair Removal • Obagi Blue Peel
• Microdermabrasion • Make-Overs
• Endermology Therapy • Facials

Board Certified
Dan M. Ervin, M.D. - FACS
Facial Plastic Surgery • Skin Rejuvenation
World Acc To 7.10 6/22/10 4:47 PM Page 1

Perfect Day:
Spending time with my
husband and children,
with no worries about
where we’re supposed to
be going or what we’re sup-
posed to be doing

First Job: Working in my grandpar-

Jennifer McKay ents’ Bingo game in Dillon in the

fourth grade

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Chip

My Family: Husband of 11 Years, Steven; Son,Tristen (5)
and Daughter, Hannah-Marie (3)
Beauty Product I Can’t Live
Without: Eyeliner
My Job: Office Manager at Advantage
Health & Wellness Center Last Purchase: iPad for my
husband for Father’s Day –
Because he’s the best
father my children
could ever ask


My Favorite Restaurant: The

My Escape: Going Cheesecake Factory
to the beach with
my husband and chil- Something You’ll Always Find In My
dren – That’s when I don’t Fridge: Bottled water
worry about all the things back
home that are waiting on me to be done.
My Inspiration: My grandmother, Betty
Grimsley – She had eight children, but she always
Childhood Ambition: To become a school teacher made every one of them feel loved and special.
like my mother She never complained about what all she had to
do; she just did it. I wish I had the energy that
she always seemed to have. I really appreciate all
Proudest Moments: When my stepfather adopted that she did after having children, knowing now
me; I finally felt like I was part of a family because I how much work they really are! She’s now an
gained a sister and two brothers. I know my life would- Angel in Heaven, and I’m sure she’s one of
n’t have turned out the way it did if he hadn’t been God’s hardest workers.
there for me.
The One Thing I Know For
Biggest Challenge: Balancing work and small chil- Sure: God has blessed me
dren who always seem to want their mom with so much in my life,
at home – Thankfully, we have great and I am eternally
staff at our office that helps me grateful.
spend more time with my chil-
dren. I’m thankful that I am Free to Be . . .
a working mother that gets to enjoy some
My Music: Right now, I’m time away at work, yet still be able to spend
obsessed with Glee. I’ve a lot of time with my children, as well. Most
bought all the soundtracks. women have to choose which one they want
to be a – a working mom or a stay-at-home-
mom. I get the both of best worlds!
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 109

South Carolina Dance Theatre’s

Summer Ballet Program

Tutus and Tiaras

Princess Camp
July 19-23, 2010
10am-1pm • Ages 4-9
All girls dream of tutus, pointe shoes
and ballerinas! Join us for a fun week
at the home of the Sugar Plum Fairy,
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other
wonderful princesses as we explore
the wonder of becoming a prima
ballerina. Each day will be filled with
ballet instruction, dance activities,
stories, crafts and other fun activities
as we help dancers become Beautiful
Ballerinas! A brief performance in
costumes and a tea party will be held
at the end of the week. Estate Sale
Registrations are also being Services Available!
accepted for Preparatory Classes total estate liquidation
beginning in the Fall.


Susan Rowe, Artistic Director

Martha Pech
Lost 56 inches and
50 lbs

On July 2, I will be 52 and I have

been struggling for years to lose my unwanted
weight. When I first walked into Aggressive
Weight Loss, I felt defeated, hopeless, and
very uncomfortable in my own skin. This
came after years of unsuccessfully trying to
lose weight on my own. After learning about
the Aggressive Weight Loss plan, I
immediately began to feel hopeful
again. The staff assured me that I
could lose those unwanted
pounds that I had carried for
12 + years. I need the
factor that I received at
Aggressive Weight Loss.
They are like part of my
family now. I would
highly recommend
Aggressive Weight Loss
to anyone who has been
700 South Parker Dr. Suite 4 • Florence battling weight loss. I
In the Bi-Lo parking lot thank God everyday for
the staff of Aggressive

843-661-0211 Weight Loss. Now I have

lost 56 inches and 50
pounds and did it all with
real food. I also can say I
652 Bultman Dr. • Sumter • 803-774-6929 feel great in my own skin. Before

F r e e Consultation.
Monday - Friday
110 6/22/10 4:45 PM Page 1

This month, She salutes our local

men and women who are serving in
the Armed Forces.
Our thanks to everyone who sent
in pictures.Though we were unable
to recognize every soldier, all are
very much appreciated.

pictured left to right

US ARMY, from Ft. Bragg, NC
from Florence, SC,
from Johnsonville, SC,
from Florence, SC,


1-178TH FA from from Marion, SC
WITH OPERATION Bennettsville, SC
from Hemingway, SC

from Marion, SC E-3 LANCE
Florence, SC
Jacksonville, NC

from Bishopville, SC
from Lamar, SC

from Florence, SC Florence, SC
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 111

Novelty Signs
You say it,
we’ll put it on
a sign!

Cypress Chairs, Swings & Gliders



If It’s WOOD, we do IT!

We can fix your
wobbly chairs!
Custom Furniture
Design & Repair

7 days a week


2015-J W. EVANS ST. • Florence • PH: 665.2526 • FAX: 676.0990

If the shoe fits,

buy one in every color!
112 6/21/10 11:37 AM Page 1

by Allison M. Chandler
As the country celebrates its freedom at church, where her mother says, “Maddy sounds like Maddy continues to develop her voice with
this month, one little girl celebrates her own an angel.” Even with the speech disability, Maddy can weekly speech therapy – and with the support of her
personal freedom – freedom of speech. sing perfectly without being negatively affected by her speech therapists, her family’s love and God’s grace.
Maddy Boyle hasn’t always enjoyed this freedom that speech deficit. Her mother says that there is an inno- Verbal Apraxia was not a label Maddy’s parents want-
most of us take for granted because she didn’t always cence and softness in Maddy’s singing that brings tears ed to put on their child at such a young age because
have a voice to exercise. to her eyes every time she hears her daughter sing. they feared that the label would limit her growth and
What began as an assumed speech delay, Maddy Maddy has also learned to enjoy the freedom possibilities. Maddy proved everyone wrong and over-
was diagnosed with Verbal Apraxia at four-years-old. For of loud speech. While playing baseball with the came the disorder that was holding her back. She did
the first three years of her life, her voice was trapped Hannah-Pamplico Youth League, she uses her voice to not allow the speech deficit to defeat her – Maddy
by this neurological disorder where her brain neglect- yell across the field at her fellow players, “Throw me defeated it!
ed to send the proper signals to the muscles involved in the ball!” A voice that at one time couldn’t be heard Maddy’s parents tell her that God made her
speech. She began speech therapy at two-and-a-half- can now be heard all over the baseball field when extra special and that they are so grateful that He gave
years-old, but she was still unable to form any words at Maddy yells at the boys to include her in the game. her to them. They don’t want Maddy to be “normal.”
all until she was about three-and-a-half. She also uses her loud voice while playing bas- They want her to be the strong, happy, incredible child
Speech therapy wasn’t an instant solution to ketball and cheerleading. While some parents wince God shaped her to be.
Maddy’s Verbal Apraxia. Although she could make when their children scream and yell, Maddy’s parents And now that she has found her voice, Maddy
sounds that she associated with different objects, like understand what a blessing it truly is to be able to hear is able to enjoy a multitude of other freedoms. Best of
her dog that she called “Hoo Hoo” (her name was Missy), their daughter over the noise of a crowd. all, though, is the freedom to be anything her little
she was unable to form the sounds that combine to cre- Maddy’s speech deficit certainly hasn’t kept heart desires.
ate full words. Her mother and father prayed every day her from succeeding in school, either. She is on the A-B
that God would help their little girl find her voice. With Honor Roll at Hannah-Pamplico Elementary and is
dedicated speech therapy three times a week and the loved by all of her teachers. Maddy is the daughter of Kevin and Elizabeth
patience and prayers of her family and teachers, Maddy Now that her voice is free, Maddy uses it to Boyle of Pamplico. She has one sister, Riley, and one
retrained her brain to free her voice. make friends no matter where she goes. She has pampered pooch, Bruiser. This month’s “Wee She” was
Maddy has enjoyed her freedom of speech by become quite the social butterfly. Her mother says submitted by Maddy’s mom. If you would like to nomi-
that Maddy never meets a stranger, is always laughing nate a little girl for “Wee She,” send an e-mail to edi-
exercising that freedom in any arena possible. Through with “Wee She” Nomination as
song, she has developed her voice into a beautiful and smiling and exudes a warmth, love and compassion
the subject.
melody. She enjoys singing both around the house and that is evident, even without her voice.

Allison Marie Chandler is a senior at Francis Marion University where she majors in English-Liberal Arts and minors in Mass Communications. She will graduate in May 2011.
She was born in Florence and graduated from West Florence High School. Along with being a full-time student at FMU, she works as a waitress at Percy & Willie’s in Florence.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 113


McLeod OB/GYN Dillon and Dr. Fazil Mohamed are very

pleased to welcome Dr. Jonathan Eli-Phillips to the practice.
A very skilled and caring physician, Dr. Eli-Phillips adds even
greater strength and experience to one of the region’s most
reputable and admired OB/GYN practices. “I enjoy what I do
because it allows me to have a positive impact on a woman’s
health,” he says. “The addition of Dr. Eli-Phillips is another
reflection of our high standards of patient care,” says
Dr. Mohamed. “As a team, we continue to provide
comprehensive and compassionate care personalized to your
individual needs.”

Providing a full range of obstetrics and gynecologic care

to women of all ages, both Dr. Eli-Phillips and Dr. Mohamed
are now accepting new patients.
Dr. Fazil Mohamed and Dr. Jonathan Eli-Phillips

McLeod OB/GYN Dillon. Dr. Fazil Mohamed and Dr. Jonathan Eli-Phillips. McLeod
705 North 8th Avenue, Suite 3B, Dillon, SC 29536-2549 843-841-3825 Physician Associates
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The same lack of reason applies to another one of my

own habits. I don’t mind sharing.While I am highly critical of
news organizations which continuously persist in report-
ing only the negative and depraved aspects of the world
around us, I can’t shake my personal addiction to the
Lifetime Channel or back episodes of Criminal Minds.
I know it’s somewhat of a shock to you all.Although
I become unglued and incensed a the descriptive news
accounts exposing adulterous affairs involving men and
women in power, or horror stories about brutal abduc-
tions, fatal seductions, unfair deductions and illegal pro-
ductions, I will spend hours glued to the television
screen on rainy weekend afternoons watching Lifetime
movies or DVR'd episodes that feature those very same plots.The
scenes even include some very bad actors portraying those abductions, seductions deduc-
tion and productions. I can’t give you a rational response as to why I think that pastime is
My brother got mad at me last month and said that I never mentioned him or his enjoyable (except that maybe I don’t want to be lounging in the pool outside because I
children in my columns. "All you write about is your son or your RV," he said.Wrong, I said. would be getting wet in the rain).
I also write about my sidekick, a Westie which I adore. How about delusionary dieting behavior by humans? Our pets eat when hungry
Humans are so full of contradictions – no wonder our animals look at us funny. If or fed and are satisfied with their figures based on their breed and their owner’s selection
you have a pet, you know the look. That head cocked to the side that dogs and cats do of a tasty dog or cat food brand. But people make it far more complicated on themselves.
when they think you’re acting nuts or look like you are behaving crazy. My dog stays cool We want to eat what we want, when we want it and how luscious we make it, and expect
about everything, except when she spots a cat, a squirrel or another dog larger than she. to maintain healthy physiques that keep us in the same size for years.
To have a place on the highest rung of the mammal chain based on sophistication, And, then there’s no way to reason with someone who wants to lose that unex-
brain power, and dexterity, men and women tend to be somewhat idiotic in a number of pected additional weight with out exercising, cutting calories or carbs, or occasionally
situations.They aren't as cool about everyday things the way our pets may be. restricting desserts because she has been convinced by a slick advertisement that one tiny
Let me explain. Have you been on the beach in summer and experienced a sud- pill “can shed those 40 unsightly pounds with out any change to your eating routine.” How
den downpour? People treading water in the ocean, body surfing, frolicking through the does this compute? Hundreds of thousands --probably millions of dollars a year -- are spent
waves and wet sunbathers basking in the sun suddenly leap from their spots, grab their tow- by many of us on diet pills, diet belts, shapely miracle girdles, miracle weight loss drinks,
els and head for shelter.“What’s the logic in that,” Mr. Spock would have probably asked on lotions an even weight loss machines that shock stomach muscles to produce those reduc-
Star Trek. tions to our bulges.That certainly demonstrates the wisdom of mankind over the beast.
Surely it would be appropriate if there is thunder and lightning to dash toward the At any rate, illogical behavior occurs on the road as well. Have you ever noticed
safety and dry environment of indoors. But why head inside, just because your wet bathing how other motorist think they’re so clever and take out the aggressions by trying to speed
suit soaked from the saltwater and beach is now getting showered with pellets of rain fresh down the street? You’ll be driving safely along, staying up with the rate of traffic and remain-
from the sky? It just doesn’t make sense. ing the preferred car lengths behind the vehicle ahead.Then some smart whippersnapper
The same effect occurred in my backyard pool last week. Family and friends were closely nosing behind your back bumper passes you in a huff and then suddenly must
mindlessly floating in the cool pool, enjoying libations and idle conversation. (And, yes, if you screech to a halt because he’s surprised that the stoplight you were anticipating turned red.
must know we were gossiping about friends and family who were not there, but don’t tell Especially at Five Points in Florence. Boy, he proved his point, didn’t he – zooming around
anyone). Anyway, a few drizzles began and everybody bounced out a’splashing, nearly top- you really got him down the road to his destination faster. NOT….
pling one another underwater, and wildly scampered to rush inside to dry off. Now inquir- For all our complexities, we humans can really be simpletons, and our actions
ing minds want to know: is there a difference in being wet from the ground up than from probably serve as a source of constant entertainment for those less intellectual species
the top down? My son’s two beagles and my adorable white terrier,Vegas, remained where among us. No wonder my pets are always grinning at me.They know they're a lot smarter
they were resting poolside, enjoying the refreshment of the droplets and looking at their than we are!
two-legged "superiors" with disgusted expressions. I was too embarrassed to refute the Happy July! Matthew 5:16
fact that I had also been a part of the rapid evacuation to avoid the rain.

Jumana A. Swindler, a resident of Florence, is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for McLeod Health. Her personal favorite pastimes,
reflected in her writings, are RV'ing, movies, theater, fishing, reading and spending time with her son and family.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 115

116 6/21/10 11:56 AM Page 1

Going Somewhere?
A Take She along!


D Sydney, Australia
Shelley Schommer • October 2009 She Magazine
A Springfield, Missouri •“My husband, Glenn, and I recently went on a fabulous trip to Sydney,
Judy Langley and Kansas-Missouri Pilots • April 2010 She Magazine Australia for seven glorious days. The first thing I packed in my suitcase was
my She Magazine. This picture was taken in front of the famous Sydney Opera
• “This is a group of energetic and dedicated volunteers, serving their House, overlooking the Sydney Harbour.” ~ Shelley Schommer, Marion
communities through Pilot International. It was a privilege to be with
them for their convention in Springfield, Missouri.” ~ Judy Langley
E Asheville, North Carolina
B Sydney, Australia Sherry Mims • April 2010 She Magazine

Joy and Chloe Rodgers • March 2010 She Magazine • “My husband and I took a romantic getaway to Asheville, NC, in April for
some much-needed R&R. We enjoyed our visit to the Albemarle Inn Bed &
• “My copy of She Magazine came in handy on the long flight to Australia Breakfast, which was beautiful. And they treated us like royalty! It was the
to visit my daughter, Chloe, where she is studying abroad at Griffith perfect time of the year to visit the Biltmore House to see the gardens in full
University in Gold Coast. We traveled to Sydney and brought along She bloom (especially the Azalea Gardens). On an absolutely gorgeous day, we
for some amazing sightseeing of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney meandered down the garden path to the pond and the waterfall. We love She
Harbour Bridge.” ~ Joy Rodgers Magazine and wanted to share a few pictures from our trip.” ~ Sherry Mims

C Cozumel, Mexico F Milford, Pennsylvania

Samantha Evans and Crystal Garris • April 2010 She Magazine Audy Brink and Shane • April 2010 She Magazine
• “In May, we boarded the Carnival Imagination Cruise Ship to Cozumel, • “I visited family in the quaint Victorian Village of Milford, Pennsylvania, where
Mexico. We toured the Mayan Ruins and laid out on the beach and swam. the Pocono Mountains begin. The area is famous for the Grey Towers
Nikki Bethea, Connie Garris, Lisa Nolan, Brenda Henderson, Erin Grainger National Historic Landmark, run by the National Forest Service and known as
and Mead Altman were also on the cruise.” ~ Crystal Garris, Marion the Birthplace of Conservation in America. Below the sign, posing with me is
Shane, the grand-dog.” ~ Audy Brink
E-mail your “There She Goes” entry to
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 117

Making Every
Moment of L i f e

1507 W. Palmetto St.


Comforting Solutions for In-Home Care

Personal Care Services • Light Housekeeping • Homemaking Services

Companionship • Transportation • Meal Prep • Respite Care • 24-Hour Care
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Going Somewhere?
Take She along!




To be featured in “There
She Goes,” send an e-mail to
Include a picture of yourself
(& traveling companions)
A Nanhai, Guangdong, China with a copy of She Magazine
Brianna Dennis Zhang D Dublin, Ireland along with a brief description.
February 2010 She Magazine Lee Blackmon and Judy Jordan
February 2010 She Magazine
• “While visiting family in China, we took a tour of one of the largest
movie and television bases in China (China Central Television (CCTV) • “Here we are in Dublin, Ireland, at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and Park, with
Movie and Television Studios in Nanhai, Guangdong, China). The property is my copy of February 2010’s issue of She Magazine. I was honored to be
stunning and is filled with architecture to represent various periods of asked to write “Chick Lit” for that issue. Our side trip to Dublin was
China.” ~ Brianna Dennis Zhang amazing! I love every minute I get to spend with my mama.” ~ Lee
B Orlando, Florida
Caitlin and Corbett Rothwell E Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America
March 2010 She Magazine Kim Reneau
February 2010 She Magazine
• “My husband, B.T., my son, Colin, my daughter, Caitlin, and I vacationed at
Walt Disney World in March. My daughter and I were wearing our new • “This photo was taken in Caye Caulker, Belize, Central
matching TinkerBell sweatshirts because it was a cool, crisp 50 degrees that America, during our eight-day Easter visit in April of 2010.”
morning. But that didn’t last long! By the afternoon, it was 80 degrees and
beautiful! We loved our trip to Disney, but we especially love She Magazine!”
~ Kim Reneau, Florence
~ Corbett Rothwell, Florence
F Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
C Ames, Iowa Lee Blackmon and Judy Jordan
January 2010 She Magazine
Kayleigh Cantey
August 2009 She Magazine • “The Senior Twisted Force Dance Team, directed by Ms. LeNora Hickman
from the School of Dance Arts in Florence, SC, took a Master Dance Class
• “This is my sister, Kayleigh, at Reiman Gardens at Iowa State from Twitch, the runner-up from Fox’s, ‘So You Think You Can Dance:
University. She was visiting me in Ames, Iowa.” ~ Angela Cantey Season 5, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.’” ~ LeNora Hickman
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 119

Antique Typewriter
Keys turned into


We carry a large
selection of:
CERAMIC TILE Decorate your office
with Local Artwork!
Certified Master Rug Cleaning Specialists Makes a great gift for
Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning, Repair & Restoration Realtors, New-Home Buyers,
Clients, Banks, Conferences or Turn your old furniture

Gordon Service Co.

as a Retirement gift!
We can paint, wrap & deliver!
into something new
and Beautiful!
Create custom-painted furniture!
3373 Highway 76 East • Mullins Accepting Visa & MasterCard
843-464-9441• Mon-Fri 9-5:30 • Sat 9-2 Pick-Up & Delivery Available 403 2ND LOOP RD. • FLORENCE, SC • 673-9144 • www.
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sho p i talk


Palmetto First Federal Credit Union by Starla Shelton

ABOUT US: Palmetto First Federal Credit Union is a there are now about 7,950 active, federally-insured rather than maximize profits. After bills are paid and
full-service financial institution, federally insured by the credit unions in our country. reserves are set aside, the Credit Union uses excess
National Credit Union Administration. We offer many profits to invest in more products for our members or
savings products including savings, checking, certificates, OUR HISTORY: Palmetto First Federal Credit to offer lower fees on accounts, lower interest rates on
money market accounts, etc. We also offer a wide array Union was established in November 1953 by a group of loans or higher rates on certificates.
of loans: cars, motorcycles, boats, home equity and per- railroad employees. We were originally known as the • Volunteer Board of Directors: Our Board
sonal loans, to name a few. We are community char- Florence Atlantic Coastline Employees Credit Union Members volunteer their time to meet each month to
tered, which means that if you live, work, worship or and serviced the folks who worked for the railroad. vote on issues that are important to our credit union
attend school in Florence County, you may join. All Their purpose for creating the credit union was to pro- and our members. Bank boards are made up of paid
members who join deposit $25 into their Share Savings mote saving money and provide credit at a minimum shareholders.
Account and this is what makes them a rate of interest to other railroad employees. Through • Banks are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance
Member/Owner of the Credit Union. the years, with the loyalty and support of the railroad Corporation (FDIC). Credit Unions are insured by the
employees, we grew and underwent several name National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to
OUR PHILOSOPHY: “Not for profit, not for changes: Florence Seaboard Coastline Employees $250,000.00.
charity, but for service.” Credit Union and then Seaboard Trust FCU. In January
2004, our credit union converted its charter to be com- WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL: We have been in
OUR STAFF: Angie Burr, President/CEO; munity-based, meaning that we can now serve anyone the Florence community for 57 years. We have been
Starla Shelton, Vice President; Darrell Campbell, in the Florence community. We also updated our name serving some of our member’s families for four genera-
Loan Manager; Viola Waiters, Loan Officer; Valarie to Palmetto First Federal Credit Union to reflect this tions. From the moment you step in our doors, you will
Taylor, Collections Manager; Jabea Griffin, Operations more-inclusive charter. find a warm and inviting atmosphere. At our Credit
Supervisor; Mike Matthews, Member Service Union, you are part of our family – not just a number.
Representative; Denise Boyce, Head Teller; Jessica THE CREDIT UNION DIFFERENCE: On the Many financial experts from CNN to Suze Orman are
Hudson, Teller/Operations Clerk; Randie Yarborough, surface, we appear very similar to a bank. Our buildings suggesting that consumers should be checking out cred-
Teller; Carole King, Teller; Wanda Muldrow, look the same. We offer the same products and servic- it unions. We are a safe place to save and borrow. All
Receptionist; Jerie Barrow,Volunteer Receptionist es such as home banking, bill pay, etc. But, there is a dif- of our decisions are made in our office by our qualified
ference; we are Democratically Controlled. Once you staff. Our staff realizes that everyone has their own
CREDIT UNION ORIGIN: The first credit unions, open your Share Savings with the minimum $25 unique financial situation, whether we can help you with
as we know them today, were formed in Germany in deposit, you are an owner of the credit union. As an a loan or give you the guidance you need to resolve
the mid-1800s. After working through a crop failure owner, you have the right to vote at our annual meetings some credit problems. Our CEO,Angie Burr, often tells
and famine, a couple local men came up with the idea to elect your Board of Directors. The Board of us,“We are here to serve people from all walks of life,
to organize the first cooperative credit society known Directors establishes our policies and rates. Because in good times and bad.”
as the “People’s Bank.” The goal was to provide credit our Board Members are also members of the credit
to farmers to purchase livestock, equipment and other union, their decisions are based on the welfare of all FIND US: We are located behind Krispy Kreme on
farming needs at reasonable rates. By 1909, the idea members. Customers of banks are not owners and Palmetto Street. The address is 1722 Gregg Avenue.
eventually spread to the United States with the opening have no say in how the organization is run. Our phone number is 843-669-5619, or you can find us
of the first credit union named St. Mary’s Bank Credit • Not-for-Profit Credit Unions are not-for-profit on the web and Facebook at
Union in New Hampshire. According to the NCUA, organizations. We operate to serve our members

Starla Shelton and her husband, Roger, have two daughters, Chloe and Gracie; and two dogs, Leo and Nina.
She is Vice President of Palmetto First Federal Credit Union in Florence.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 121

Bring back the simple times

Call your friends,
pack a bathing suit, towels
and come to the beach.
Feel the wind , hear the surf,
Recharge your self, With solar power
on the beach, or from the balcony
of your oceanfront condo rental

Sea Breeze Realty

at the
Royal Garden Resort
is offering
1, 2, or 3 Bedroom
Oceanfront condos
at a 15% discount
off our daily or
weekly rates.

Call 800-446-4010 for more information

or visit us at

1210 N. Waccamaw Dr. • Garden City Beach, SC 29576

Just six miles south of Myrtle Beach

Mention you saw this ad in She Magazine to receive discount!

kiss ed,
Su n
Styled l
ea u tifu
Tanning Services: Salon Services:
Four Levels of Tanning Beds Haircuts  Color  Waxing
Magic & Mystic Tan Updos  Pedicure/Manicures
Massage Therapy
UV Free Tanning
Rejuvenation Lamp Bed
Gold Memberships starting
95 (Repairs Bad Cells from head to toe)
$29 /per month

We also
New or Used • For Home or Commercial
Financing Available 0% Down with Approved Credit

Payments as Low as $5995/mo

Free Delivery, Set-Up and Lotion 1-800-605-5841 or 229-5951

Bring this coupon in for

Four Convenient Locations To Serve You... $
3424 West 500 Pamplico Hwy. 535 S. 5th St. 1517 E. Bobo 10 off of your purchase
Palmetto St. Beside BILO Beside Little Italy Newsome Hwy
Florence, SC Florence, SC Hartsville, SC Hartsville, SC of $50 or more.*
843-629-8488 843-629-0786 843-332-6243 843-383-6550
*Some exclusions apply. See store for details. Please one per customer.

Major Credit Cards Accepted

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Submitted by:Tammy Epps

PURSE Financial
strings Independence Day
The Fourth of July is almost upon us. To commemorate Independence Day, we
shoot off fireworks, attend picnics and maybe even walk in parades.While it might not be
• Cut down on your debt. It’s easier
as dramatic, another celebration of freedom should eventually play a big role in your life — said than done, but by reducing your
specifically, your personal Financial Independence Day. And you can speed the arrival of this
day by making the right moves.
debt load, you’ll have more money to
invest for the future.You might want to
Here are a few ideas to consider: start by eliminating the smallest debts
• Boost your 401(k) contributions. To build the resources you’ll need to become first, then moving on to whittle away at
financially independent during your retirement years, you should take full advantage of your the bigger ones.
401(k) or other employer-sponsored plan.Whenever your salary goes up, try to contribute
more to your 401(k). Generally, your contributions are made with pretax dollars, so the more • Don’t “over-focus” on your investment statements. Obviously, you want
you put in, the lower your taxable income. And your contributions grow on a tax-deferred to know how your investments are performing. But you may be better off not checking
basis. In 2010, you can put up to $16,500 into your 401(k), or $22,000 if you’re 50 or older. on your investments every day, or even every week.When you pay extremely close atten-
tion to the movements of your investments, your emotions may lead you to make deci-
• “Max out” on your IRA. In 2010, you can contribute up to $5,000 to your IRA, or sions based on short-term events rather than long-term goals. Invest with your head, not
$6,000 if you’re 50 or older.Your traditional IRA contributions may be deductible, depending your heart.
on your income level, and your earnings can grow tax deferred. Contributions to a Roth IRA
are never deductible, but earnings can grow tax free, provided you don’t take withdrawals until • Avoid “time traps.” Many people know they need a certain amount of money at
you’re 59? and you’ve held your account at least five years. a certain time for a specific goal, such as a down payment on a home, the first college
tuition payment or even the first year’s living expenses during retirement.Yet they get into
• Build an emergency fund. Try to build an emergency trouble because they set aside the money in an inappropriate investment — that is, one
fund containing six to 12 months’ worth of living expenses, whose price can fluctuate greatly. If you know when you’re going to need the money, put
placed in a liquid account. Without such a fund, you may be it in a lower-risk investment and avoid the time trap.
forced to dip into your long-term investments to pay for needs
such as a new furnace or a big doctor’s bill — and the more Taking these steps won’t instantly enrich you. But eventually, they can lead you
you tap into your investments, the longer it will be until you down the path to your personal Financial Independence Day — and that may be reason
can attain financial freedom. enough to celebrate.

Tammy Epps has been a financial advisor with Edward Jones in

Hartsville since 2008. She and her husband, David, are the proud
parents of a puppy, Daisy.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 123

Give me the theme & Ill take care

of the rest of your dreams.


Dr. Griselda Wilson, Event Coordinator & Wedding Planner

Specializing In:
•Weddings (coordinating,
planning, & directing)
•Receptions (coordinating,
planning, & directing)
•Banquets & Special Events
•Dinners, Anniversaries,
& Parties.
•Health Fairs
•Fundraising Events
•Corporate Events

843-382-9293 (803) 437-2564 or (706)231-9879 •

1776 Cedar Swamp Rd. Kingstree, Certified Wedding Director and Coordinator


124 6/22/10 4:59 PM Page 1

~ A RT & S OUL ~


Stitching together
Alice In Wonderland, Jr.
contributions. I have had the opportunity to see some Her love for costuming is related to her pro-
of the costumes, and I know that Angie has some pretty fession. Angie is a visual artist. Her preferred media are
ALL PEOPLE SHOULD USE their talents and
“fantastical” ideas of her own! painting and sculpture. After seeing “Alice, Jr.” howev-
skills in helping their communities to grow and to
When her children were little, Angie recalls er, lots of folks will want her to add costuming to the
thrive. She not only believes it, she lives it. And, she
that she told them she would make any costume for list, no doubt. Her artwork can be seen locally as well
instills it in her children, as well. Her current role in ful-
them they could think up. So, she made fish and slugs as in other venues. Currently, she has displays at the
filling this wish is through her volunteer involvement
and flowers and anything else they could imagine. I’m Florence Little Theater and at the Art Trail Gallery (the
with the upcoming production of “Alice in Wonderland,Jr.”
not sure who had more fun, the kids or mom. Angie old Kimbrell’s building) in Florence.
at the Florence Little Theater. As head costumer for
was born in North Carolina but grew up in Florence. As a strong advocate for arts programs for
the play, she is able to use her wonderfully creative
She moved back to North Carolina in the eighties while young people,Angie believes passionately (and correct-
mind to invent and reinvent more than one hundred
she was in high school and then attended the ly) that participation promotes self-confidence, disci-
sixty costumes. However, Angie is quick to point out
University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After grad- pline, focus, teamwork, and invaluable life experiences.
that she could never have done this job so well without
uation, she returned to Florence and reconnected with It has been proven that children who are actively
the help of some other incredible volunteers. Neta
Anthony Ketcham, who had been her friend while she involved in the arts perform better academically, as
Haughn, Rachell Hyman, Roberta Olmstead, Terri
was living in Florence previously. Anthony grew up in well. Participation does not have to be on center stage
Handley, and Michelle Zarrella have been invaluable and
an artistic home, as well. His dad was Dr. Adrian for all of these positive results to take place. Working
constant in their assistance. She also would like folks
Ketcham, who was a long-time, well-loved music pro- both onstage and backstage provide wonderful oppor-
to know that costuming is more than sewing… cutting,
fessor at Francis Marion College (now University). His tunities for both children and adults. She encourages
gluing, pasting, stapling, and imagination are vital to the
mom, Jane Ketcham, still lives in Florence and continues others in the community to offer their time and talents
process, too.
to be a strong supporter of the arts. for future FLT productions – whether it be helping
“Alice in Wonderland, Jr.” is a one-hour, fast-
Angie and Anthony have three girls. Laura will backstage, working with costumes, working in the box
paced production. There are four adults in the cast and
be attending Winthrop University in the fall. She, like office, or appearing on stage.
a gazillion children! Several characters in the play are
her mom, is a visual artist. Riley has been accepted into “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.” will be presented
portrayed by multiple actors, making the show even
the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities in July 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, and 25. Reservations and ticket
more magical than the original “Alice.” Angie is
Greenville as a drama student. Sophia will be beginning information can be obtained by calling the Florence
thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with
the International Baccalaureate program at Williams Little Theater at 843.662.7691.
such a talented, generous group of people. Florence is
Middle School in August. They have all been active in The Art Trail Gallery is located in the old
so fortunate to have a community theater with amaz-
theater locally. Angie started her participation by Kimbrell’s building at 135 South Dargan Street
ing talent and local support. There are only four paid
assisting in drama clubs at the schools were her chil- (843.673.0729) and is open Monday through Friday
staff members at the Florence Little Theater, everything
dren have attended. Laura, Riley, and Sophia have par- from 1 – 4 PM.
else is completely volunteer. Angie is excited to be
ticipated actively both onstage and backstage in many Florence is a great community. Angie encourages
working with new-to-Florence director Robinson
productions. Anthony participates by being an advocate you to do your part to make it better by volunteering.
Royce. She says he has a “fun, fantastical vision.” She
and patron of the arts. He is proud of his girls… all
wants to help him express those ideas through her
four of them.

Ferebe Gasque is the Music Therapist at McLeod Hospice House, a music teacher, and an advocate for the arts. She loves meeting new friends and telling their stories to the readers of She Magazine.
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Now accepting new patients

at our new locations!

Dr. Jon Docherty Rebecca Harlan, FNP Dr. Harrell Docherty, Jr. Dr. Krista Kozacki
~ New Practice ~ Pee Dee Internal Medicine ~ New Practice ~ ~ New Practice ~
Pee Dee Internal Medicine of Carolinas of Carolinas Carolinas Rheumatology Carolinas Family Physicians
1594 Freedom Blvd. 1594 Freedom Blvd. and Osteoporosis Center 805 Pamplico Hwy.
Medical Mall C, Suite 100 Medical Mall C, Suite 100 1594 Freedom Blvd. Medical Mall B, Suite 230
(843) 674-4760 (843) 674-4760 Medical Mall C, Suite 102 (843) 674-4764
(843) 674-4773

These and other skilled Carolinas Medical Alliance physicians and family nurse practitioners serve the people of the
Pee Dee Region, providing an extensive network of primary and specialty care. Through dedication and compassion,
they are committed to the latest in medical treatment and making a difference in your life. They are accepting new
patients now. If you or a family member are in need of care, please call their individual office numbers to schedule an
appointment. All practices are conveniently located on the main campus of Carolinas Hospital System.

Main Entrance
Medical Mall C Entrance Medical Mall A Entrance Medical Mall B Entrance
Pee Dee Internal Medicine of Carolinas, Suite 100 Carolinas Family Physicians, Suite 230
Carolinas Rheumatology & Osteoporosis Center, Suite 102

Members of the Medical Staff at Carolinas Hospital System

805 Pamplico Highway • Florence, SC • (843) 674-5000 •
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Eric S. Weinstein, MD
parents of an infant to having the hospice-talk with adults caring for their parent, from
a heart attack to stroke. It’s not my personality to be a physician specializing in
one organ system or primary care in an office setting.
The first time I was faced with caring for a wounded soldier, I was attending to
those that we received from the phase just after the end of the first Gulf War,
Desert Storm, at Andrews Air Force Base. Caring for those soldiers was an honor.
From having done medical school in Newark and Camden, New Jersey, and doing
my residency in Harlem, New York, the gunshot wounds were not new to me. The
blast injuries were; however, and they required some additional learning. I was also
taught about chemical, nuclear and biological injuries early in our United States Air
Force (USAF) Medical Officer’s training.
The toughest part about my service in the military was receiving salutes from
my colleagues in the hospital (nurses, techs, physician’s assistants and other staff)
when I saw them outside the hospital and we were in uniform. The most reward-
ing part was regardless of whom I treated – a General or his/her family or a newly-
enlisted Corporal or his/her family – the Emergency Department Staff and I were
treated with respect.
People might assume that physicians in the military and civilian physicians are the
same. That’s a very misunderstood concept. Physicians in the military recognize
that they are Military Officers first and physicians second. They realize that they will
not earn anything like their colleagues in the civilian world, and their families will live
the military lifestyle. While in the military, I served as an Emergency Physician, which
is, of course, different than that of a Pilot or other flight-related USAF job.
Nevertheless, all of us had the same duty as a United States Air Force Captain.
My career in the USAF has definitely influenced my practice of medicine. It lead
directly into my work in Disaster Medicine and on the NDMS (National Disaster
Medical System) SC-1 DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team), as well as with the
American College of Emergency Physicians Section of Disaster Medicine and
Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee writing textbooks and working
with the CDC (Center for Disease Control).
My thoughts about freedom and country have certainly changed due to my
military experiences, especially now with all the talking heads of TV, entertaining
their audience with their interpretation of the facts about the country. From per-
sonal experience, I know how blessed we all are to live in this country.
With that being said, my freedom covers many diverse areas. It is as uncompli-
I was young when I first recognized the desire to serve my country.
cated as being able to drive my car from South Carolina to Maine, without border cross-
In junior high school, I read the Federalist Papers detailing the reasons behind the
ings; to the more-complicated area of being free to have self-expression. I can have a pub-
Constitution. From there, I was captivated.
lic conversation about our government, society and religion – with anyone and at any time
The desire to serve my country and my desire to become a physician came
– without fear of arrest or censure. And then there’s my freedom to vote for candidates,
together when I realized that for me to best serve my country, I could do so as a physi-
taxes and questions on a ballot. Reflect for a moment on the courage, the blood and the
cian. I applied to the Military Medical School – The Uniformed Services University of the
sacrifice of men and women in generations past who gave so much so that we all have the
Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland – but I didn’t get accepted. When the opportunity
freedom to vote.
to enter an Emergency Medicine Residency Program as a United States Air Force-
In these United States of America, my freedom is something I do not take for
Sponsored Resident was offered, it was the best of both worlds.
I do feel that there is a specific purpose for my life because, frankly, I don’t think
that I could do anything else. Emergency Medicine suits my “A-type” personality. With
Dr. Eric Weinstein is board certified in emergency medicine and is an
ever-changing patients and diagnoses, although similar in many respects, each day is new.
This allows me to meet different patients and families and to apply the full breadth of med- emergency room physician at Carolinas Hospital System. He is associated
icine – from potentially delivering a baby to suturing lacerations, from reassuring worried with Carolinas Medical Alliance Emergency Physician Services. He and his
wife, Marianne, have two children Brielle and Dalton.

“From personal experience, I know how

blessed we all are to live in this country.”
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 127

Eclectic dining gÉÑ [tà

Join us this sweet
Crady's Restaurant & Bar is one of the Receive the dessert of your
area's tastiest & trendiest restaurants
located in the heart of historic downtown choice free on your birthday!
Conway... an eclectic Southern dining
experience you won't soon forget!
234 W. Evans • Florence • 843.629.TEA6
Lunch • Brunch • Dinner • Libations “Florence’s Tea Room”

Open Monday, 11-3 • Tuesday -Friday, 11-5

Open Saturday by reservation only

332 Mainstreet • Downtown Conway, SC • 843.248.3321 • Reservations Recommended

1208 W. Evans St. ~ Florence ~ M-F: 8-5

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I’ve Got
To Be

by Sharon Bixler

He’s free from physical abuse, pain, verbal abuse and starvation, but he will never
be totally free from his emotional strongholds.
Although I, too, am relatively free in my environment, I harbor many
strongholds – pride, vanity, selfishness and lack of self-control (just to name a few).
These are not constant companions, but they do raise their ugly heads periodical-
ly just to remind me that I still have more to work on. At times, I think I have my
vanity issues well behind me when suddenly a situation will arise (a special event,
“I’ve got to be free. Gotta be, gotta be free . . .” seeing an old friend who obviously looks great or truly looking at myself in the mir-
(“Got To Be Free” performed by Diana Ross.) The real question is: “What does ror). And, zap! The Lord shows me I still have more work to do! Now, I’m a fair-
it mean – to you – to be free?” ly non-selfish person (Oops! A little pride there. Sorry!); but, truly, I have asked
As I sit back and watch my canine “children” in our fenced-in backyard, I God to reveal these areas to me. The funny thing is – He does! He has peeled
was almost shocked at the realization of what “being free” is – or is not – depend- away many layers of selfishness. The thing is, in the past, I never considered a lot
ing on the individual. I think that Daisy, our senior (twelve-years-old) “designer of those layers as selfish. Nevertheless, those are my strongholds, and they can be
dog” or “mutt,” after many, many escapes in years past, has given up the belief that as mentally confining as any physical fence.
she can be free. She no longer even tries to dig out or bolt through the open gate. The yard beckons my attention again for the only truly “free spirit” we
What changed? Since Daisy first stepped foot in our home, she has always been have – Abbee. She, too, is a designer dog rescued from along a busy highway. I
the alpha dog, even though her “adopted” brother is nearly twice her size. She has don’t believe she was ever abused, only lost and starving. She is the sweetest, gen-
never lost her moxy attitude, but something has definitely changed. I don’t know tlest and most devoted dog. She’s happy in the house or the yard. And if you open
exactly what; I think she’s just become comfortable. the gate, the only place she runs to is the car.
And, isn’t that exactly the way we are, sometimes? We have our own Although Abbee may look and act free to a stranger, she has an invisible
chain link fences – our beliefs that we hold or that hold us. One of the strongest fence, as well. She will never be totally physically free because without her med-
beliefs that some of us embrace is the “I can’t!” Oh, how the devil wants us to ication twice a day, she would have a fatal seizure. Does she like her medication?
cling tenaciously to that one! If I believe I can’t do something – wow! – how com- No! Does she take it easily? Not always.
fortable I can grow with that excuse. I remember so vividly one of my beliefs; there Abbee reminds me so much of my relationship with Jesus that I almost
was no way I would ever or could ever speak in front of people. I was just far too have to laugh. I love nothing more than being at His feet learning from Him. She,
shy. I clung to that and lived most comfortably there for years, through high school, too, loves to be right at my feet looking up at me with those big, warm, brown eyes.
college and well into my nursing career. At some time, I changed. But, what is it She adores her family.
that actually changed? At the time, I really didn’t know, but I applied for and accept- As I continue my walk with the Lord, I sometimes find a situation I
ed a teaching position in a new nursing program. “Aah!” I asked myself, “Did you thought I had dealt with and it pops back up again – especially if it is unforgiveness.
not think you were going to have to speak in front of people if you’re going to be I find myself on my knees before the Lord asking for my forgiveness – and that I
a teacher?” I now recognize it was God who freed me from the comfort of my might truly forgive the other person. Unforgiveness is such a bitter pill. And the
mental chain link fence. sad thing is the only one it poisons is you. It has absolutely no affect on the one
Looking back to the yard, J.D., our Pit Bull/Lab Mix, is on his daily inspec- you haven’t forgiven.
tion rounds of the fence’s border. Why? Because the fence is his security. The Like when Abbee sometimes spits her pills out and has to be forced to
opposite of Daisy, it would never occur to him to want out on his own again. He take them, the Lord makes us take a really hard look at ourselves so that we –
appeared in our yard about eight years ago when he was around eighteen-months- through Him – can ask forgiveness, break a stronghold or just trust and believe
old. Poor J.D. had been beaten, battered, abused and starved. His physical injuries Him. These may be our bitter pills to swallow; however, the difference is we have
basically healed with only some minor limitations, but the emotional scars linger a choice. God never forces us; He only offers us grace.
on. Inside the fence is J.D.’s secure place – the place where he receives food, shel- So, back to the question, “Are you free? Or do you have strongholds or
ter, companionship and love. I believe he has a very graphic memory of how life unforgiveness that hinders your freedom, as well?”
was for him beyond that fence, and those memories only foster many strongholds As for me, I can only be free in Christ. As Jesus said “I am the way, the
of fear – fear of change, strange noises, plastic bags, strangers and the list goes on truth, and the life” (John 14:6) and “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall
and on. Is J.D. free? In many ways, yes. In other ways, however, a resounding no! make you free” (John 8:32).

Sharon Bixler is blessed to be the wife of Hal, mother of Holly (Stanley) and grandmother of Ian. She is a Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hartsville.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 129

Color & Cut

Corrective Color
Body Waves
$5 Off Bikini Wax

Walk-ins Welcomed
7 Days a Week
Be our friend on Facebook!

Pictured top row, L - R:

Debbie Moss, Brenda Gaddis,
Wallie Timmons, Beth Hatfield,
Lorraine Ellis, Susan Gardner.
Bottom row, L - R:
Dale Worsham, Heather Nealey,
Kendra Cotton, Angela Judkins,
Traci Summersett, Tammy Browder

We are donating
hair to the oil spill
Nicole Moore (Owner)
3203 W Palmetto Suite L • Florence • (843) 667-3636 327Main St. Conway, SC • 843.488.0816

Mary Wallace, Toni Adams,

Brittany Jeffers, Carl Askew

Carl Askew:
Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop,
Latin Dances

Alexis Adams
“2010 Southern
Classic Miss

TAP We outgrew our previous location! Come see us at our NEW LOCATION
LE 2015F W. Evans Street in Park Place Plaza ERN
843-617-9607 or 843-661-6249 N DAN
O P (Across from Office Depot behind J. Michaels Restaurant) PA GEA
CLO Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop LING
PO Ages 3-6 • 2:00 – 3:30 July 19 – 22 “A Fairytale”
Ages 7-12 • 4:00 – 5:30 July 19 – 22 “The Crazy Days of Summer”
Dance production performance by each class on July 22.
Must Pre-Register – Call 617-9607
Students starting classes in August will be eligible to participate in our Spring, 2011,
production of “Peter & the Wolf Ballet” or “Cinderella, the Fairy tale”
* Special Adult Tap and Ballet/Jazz Classes Owner/Director: Toni Adams
* All classes limited to ten students Instructors: Carl Askew,
* Annual recital with each student Brittany Jeffers,
receiving a participation trophy. Mary Wallace
Ages 3 - Adult

• Competitions • Spring Production

• Local Performances • Achievement Awards/Trophies
• Christmas Program
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Do you think men are freer

to be whatever they wish
to be than women?
Or do you think the playing
field is finally even?

1 Jeff Matthews - Lake City

“I think the playing field is finally even because women are in very high-profile jobs
today. For instance, in every job interview I’ve had, women were a very significant
influence, ranging from Human Resources to Financial Officers to CEO. In today’s
society, I feel that women can do anything a man can do. They can even be President
of the United States!”

2 John Drinkard - Hartsville

“The gap is much smaller but still not even.”

3 Chad Yates - Florence

“For the most part, I think it’s fairly possible for a woman to achieve anything that a man can.
However, in most cases, I do think a woman may have to be more determined then a man due
to hurdles and old ways of thinking that are still very much present in the South. I’m a firm
believer in determination and – no matter if you’re female or male – if you want something badly
enough, you can achieve it. So, is the playing field equal? I would say it’s close but still weighted
towards men. In the next ten years, though, there will be very little difference in gender when
it comes to equality.”

4 Charles Birt - Florence

“I do not believe that the ‘playing field’ is now – nor will it ever be – truly equal. Men and
women are just different. We all have our weaknesses, and we have different strengths. It’s
when we team up and rely on each others’ strengths that we become truly strong. In addition,
some jobs fit certain people better than others. I don’t think it really has much to do with the
sex of the person as much as the way a person is wired. I’ve always thought that any person –
male or female – could do anything that they wanted to do.”
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 131

M-F 8:30-5:00 You can earn FREE, discounted, and half-price products. Visit my
Sat 9:00-1:00 website at for more information.
After hours by appointment

817-B South Cashua Dr.


They say that clothes make the man.

At Carolina Bay, our clothing is
carefully selected with that in mind.
Now in progress...
Huge Summer Sale
We make looking great affordable.

Mon. - Fri. Sat.

9:30 6:00 9:30 - 5:00
Men’s Clothier

202 MAIN STREET MARION, SC SAT. 9:30 - 5:00 MON.-FRI. 9:30 6:00
843-765-3219 Located in the former Grice’s Menswear building
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Take Me Away...

This month, She shopped for items

to make your summer travel more fun
and enjoyable. Bon Voyage!

Houndstooth Patterned Make-up Case


Graphic Print Overnight Bag

(Set Available with Large & Small Wheeled Cases)
Magnolia Mall, Florence

Floral Bathing Suit Wrap


CP Shades Drawstring Linen Pants

“Hand-dyed, uncomplicated, with a touch of soul.”
These comfy pants are made to wrinkle- perfect for travel!

Kava Kava Anxiety Relief Formula

(May help offer calm for those with flying anxieties, etc)

Insulated Cooler Tote by Sub-Zero

Magnolia Mall, Florence

“Carmen” Turquoise Sandals by Dansko

(Comfortable and stylish)
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 133

Flawless Sunfree
by Riley
PROFESSIONAL AIRBRUSH ARTIST. Custom spray tan with a true skin
match to all complexions. No streaking and no orange tint!

before Tanning packages are

available. Mention
after SHE add to recieve
5 off first visit.

Located at Korner Kuts
3000 S. Cashua Dr. Florence

They’re all members of Credit Unions. While bank portfolios have

declined in the past couple of years, Credit Union portfolios have grown.
Credit Union membership is up 11%.

Higher Deposit Rates

Lower Interest Rates
Faster Loan Approvals

Open a PALMETTO FIRST FCU Saving or Checking Account before

August 10th and we will make the first $25 deposit in your Share
Savings Account. Come by or call 669-5619 today for more details.

(843)669-5619 •
Located on Gregg Avenue, just behind the Palmetto Street Krispy Kreme.
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by Beth Grant

S Sometimes, I wonder how I got here – never a

dull moment, weary and forgetful. I used to have a mind
like an elephant, remembering everything and more. It
frightens me how even simple things like people’s
names and directions seem to drift away into thin air.
How embarrassing and awkward as I stumble into mid-
spot that hurts and realize I must have exclaimed some-
thing inappropriate because I now find myself pum-
meled with questions from my six-year-old grandson
about what just happened. I try the simple answer rou-
tine and, once again, he’s not buying it. He wants the
play-by-play version (like the ones my father has spent
to the door and jumps into our arms while calling our
names. She gives hugs and kisses and tells us how happy
she is we’re home. I lean over to kiss my infant grand-
son, Oliver’s head, and he smiles and tries to talk to me.
At that moment, his dimples (like mine) appear and I
smell his precious little smell. I lift him from his little
dle age and find that it’s not occurring gracefully. his whole life trying to stop me from telling!). seat, and he nestles up against me and settles in. I
I remember when I was in my twenties and I Whew! I have raised my children already, and believe he’s happy we’re home, too.
imagined myself in my older years dressed in ruffles, sit- now I’m trying to run a business, too! Not to mention Then, I look over at my beautiful but tired
ting by the fire, tatting, with grandchildren littering the being a wife, fulfilling social obligations, helping with daughter, Lauren, and I’m reminded of how a mother
floor beneath me. I do have the grandchildren, but I’m community projects and serving on boards – and on feels by this time of the day. I know hours feel like days
definitely not tatting by a fire. Instead, I’m busy sweep- and on. My nerves can’t tolerate this kind of chaos like to her right now, but I also know all too well that these
ing crumbs from under the table, bathing them, polish- they used to. I know why people are young when moments pass so quickly, and she will yearn to get them
ing toenails or cleaning out ears and stuff like that. I they’re parents now. Yes, it’s true. I have moments like back someday. Just like I did. I watch her in awe as she
spend a great deal of time lifting them down from this where I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Then, mothers these blessed babes and tucks them in at night
somewhere they shouldn’t have climbed, reinforcing one of my grandchildren enters with a precious story and listens to their prayers. Just moments ago, the
manners and lecturing on how to be a good brother or or an adorable look and I’m ready to go again! older ones fought over who would sit next to me while
sister to one another. This is all done to the back- Allow me to turn the page to my precious I read their bedtime stories, so I sat right in the middle
ground noise of cries, whines – and crashes! family life and share some of the most wonderful (like I always do). They beg for another story and,
After gently placing the little one safely back to moments I have known. After a recent surgery, my six- sometimes, Mommy says yes. Tonight, though, she tells
the floor, I step into something sticky. I grab a paper year-old grandson, David (recuperating at home), said, them, “No, it’s too late. Maybe two tomorrow.” She
towel and begin to wet it to clean the sticky glob on the “BeeGee, this surgery was not so bad because it made then kisses each forehead and tells them, “God bless
floor. I stop to put “passy” back in the mouth of my me get to spend time with the people I love the most.” this child” and turns out the light.
infant grandson to soothe his cries. Upon cleaning the Every afternoon as Don and I arrive on the Okay, so maybe I’m not in ruffles and tatting,
mess on the floor, I don’t see the drawer recently left farm after work, we turn the key and walk into the but I am free to choose. And there’s no other place I’d
open above me and clunk my head as I rise. I rub the house and our two-year-old granddaughter, Grant, flies rather be!

Beth Grant is an Artist, Interior Decorator and Writer – and Grandmother. She and her husband, Don, live on their family farm in Lamar, South Carolina. They own and operate Mantissa Row in Hartsville.
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 135

Love To

(866)532-4725 Info@
136 6/22/10 4:17 PM Page 1


Make this
a Safe
During the summer months, childhood injuries increase drasti- cart can present. Children should be supervised when riding a golf cart,
cally.According to Safe Kids Florence, led by McLeod Health, during the and should remain seated when the cart is in motion with hands, feet,
summer: and other body parts inside the vehicle. High speeds and reckless play
Drowning deaths increase by 89% can cause children to fall off a moving golf cart or cause the cart to tip over.
Bike deaths increase by 45%
Fall deaths increase by 21% Fall Prevention
Motor vehicle deaths increase by 20% A child’s motor skills are still developing as they grow older, and
Pedestrian deaths increase by 16% they can fall easily, putting them at risk for head injuries.
Know how to keep your children safe this summer. It is important to never leave children unattended around balconies,
decks and open windows. Do not let children climb on furniture or use
Water Safety shelves and drawers as steps. In addition, do not place furniture near a
Children drown quickly and silently, and most of these accidents window and, when possible, secure it to a wall to prevent tipping.Always
occur when a child is left unattended or during a brief lapse in supervision. actively supervise your child while they are playing,and make sure that
Be sure that there is close supervision when your child is near water. they have a safe area to play.
Make sure that the person responsible for the child’s safety is not distracted.
Children can easily find and fall into any body of water, including Motor Vehicle Safety
tubs and buckets, and a child can even drown in water less than a few Regardless of age, all passengers need to be buckled in. Follow
inches deep. If you have a pool or hot-tub, make sure it is protected specific guidelines for your child’s height, age and weight to determine
with a fence or cover. the best child safety restraint. McLeod Safe Kids offers the Third
If your child does not know how to swim, enroll them in lessons. Thursday with Kohl’s Child Safety Seat Check each month at
Children from non-swimming households are eight times more likely to the Florence Kohl’s location from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. At this
be at risk of drowning.And if you are participating in water sports, event, certified child safety seat technicians will check to make sure
make sure your child is wearing a lifejacket. your child’s safety seat is the proper fit.
Finally, be prepared for an emergency. Have a phone nearby to
call for help, and know CPR. Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian injuries are the second leading cause of unintentional
Wheel Safety injury-related deaths in children ages 5 to 14. Be sure to teach your
The most important safety aspect in wheel safety is WEAR A children the rules of pedestrian safety:
HELMET.This can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 • Look left, right, then left before crossing a street, and keep looking
percent. Make sure your child has the right size helmet and that they both ways while crossing
wear it every time when riding, skating or scooting. • Understand traffic signals and signs
Be sure to closely inspect the bicycle, skateboard or scooter, to • Walk facing traffic on sidewalks or paths
make sure that it is working properly. It is also very important to teach • Do not let children play in driveways, unfenced yards, streets or
your child “the rules of the road”, and to make sure they wear reflective parking lots
clothing or have reflective material on their bicycle or other wheeled-toy. Taking steps in prevention for your child’s safety is an effort that
Also, it is important to practice wheel safety when it comes to is truly worthwhile.
golf carts. Many adults do not realize the potential dangers than a golf

For more information, call McLeod Safe Kids at (843) 777-5021

or visit the Safe Kids website at
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She Magazine • July 2010 • 137

B r a z i l i a n B l o w o u t is a process using the

strengthening protein keratin and a flat iron to tame
unruly hair without damaging it. The treatment is great
for those individuals with curly or frizzy hair who would
love to have straight hair without all the time consuming
work involved with blowouts and flat irons. It saves time
for women on the go who don't have time to spend
styling their hair as it is not necessary to blowdry or
straighten after getting out of the shower or pool once
you have done the treatment, and if you do blowdry
your hair, it dries in half the time. The Brazilian Blowout
lasts an amazing 12 weeks. Imagine a whole summer of
straight hair without the hassle.

Brand New Bronzing Spray Tan

machine out of Las Vegas. It's a beautiful bronze color
that lasts 7-10 days without the damaging effects of the
sun. $25.00 for 1 spray or 5 sprays for $100.00



The Inn on Harlee–Marion, SC

Special Events • Bed & Breakfast
Tours & Much More!

For Reservations, call
or visit
138 6/21/10 12:55 PM Page 1

My Family: Parents, William and Joan; My

Subordinates (Sister and Brother), Mary and

My Town: Marion

My School: Pee Dee Academy

My Accomplishments: Honor Student,

Honor Roll, Eagle Award for Varsity
Softball and Volleyball, All-Region SCISA
(South Carolina Independent School
Association) Volleyball and First Team
All-Region Palmetto Volleyball

My Dreams for the Future: Going

shopping in New York City with
unlimited amounts of cash!

My Favorite Song:
“No Surprise”
by Daughtry
My Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice

If I could meet anyone, it would be . . .

Andy Roddick; he’s my rock star!

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go Thoughts About My Final Year of High
to. . . Hawaii. School Coming Up: Excited!

One Word that Describes Me and My The One Thing I Hope to Accomplish Before
Personality: Heartfelt Graduating High School: To get to school on
Words that Inspire Me:
“Don’t give up; don’t ever give up!” If I could change anything about my high school
years, it would be. . . to have air conditioning in
~ Jim Valvano the gym – and to allow my opinion to be Collin M. Smith
What Makes Me Laugh: All the crazy moments Photography
with my friends and family Aside from academics, what I’ve learned
thus far about life that will serve me in
The Coolest Person I Know: The James William the future is. . . “Life ain’t always beau-
Shelley tiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.” (“Life Ain’t Always
Beautiful” by Gary Allan)
My Plans for the Summer: Spending time with
my family and friends and many different sport- When I leave home, the thing that my parents
ing events taught me that will help me the most is. . . to
remember the words to this song: “I hope you
The Best Part of High School So Far: Hanging still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.
out with my friends Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens.
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance. If you would like to nominate a girl to be featured in
The Most Challenging Part of High School So Far: And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, WHO’S THAT GIRL, send an email to
Mrs. Susan’s English class I hope you dance.”
Be sure to include a contact number and
(“I Hope you Dance” ~ Lee Ann Womack) WHO’S THAT GIRL in the subject line.
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c4SheMag_July10 6/18/10 9:05 AM Page 1