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JARED MUFFMAN Congress of the United States Bouse of Representatives: ‘Washington, BE 20515-0502 WAshNaTON OFFICE January 28, 2017 Presiden Janet Napolitano (Office ofthe President, University of California II FranklinSt, 12" Foor (Oakland, CA 94607 Dear President Napolitano ‘Lam writing to express my concern that recent conietng decisions atthe Univesity of Caforia-San Francisco ‘could have significant negative impacts on the technology workforce inthe UC system by outsourcing neatly 100 jobs. believe that California tx dollars should be used to suppor high-quality obs in our sate, and I ask you to reconser this decision in that light 1am troubled by recent news reports that 17% of UCSF's total informatio technology sta ould be displaced as the university transfers jobs to Inia-based IT services firm HCL, which wil hire replacements using H-1B visas Tam especially concerned because ofa news report indicating tht this structure could be sel thoughout the UC system! 1 find i concering thatthe H-1B visa program could be misused to undermine American jobs and wages. The H- 1B program is intended to promote American competilivenes by providing access for U.S, employers to highly shilled foreign nationals needed to fil critica skills shortages. The program is designed to sipplement -not replace ~ the American workforce. In particular, as a public institution, t makes sease for UCSF's fund to go t0 ‘support Califia workers when feasible have been very appreciative of your diligent work to improve our STEM education systemand to better prepare ‘ur workforce for the ftur. Iam further coneemed that the HCL contract could inadvertenty undermine some of the gains of that effective work by sending a message that IT jobs will simply be outsourced othe lowest bidder. 1 share your commitment to building world-lass UC system that we can and continuing to grow our state's ‘sluational opportunities and ezonamic strength. For that reason, Turge you to recoasier this decision which ‘ould outsoure 17% ofthe school's IT workforce to HCL. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely, Hulman SAW RAFAEL ETALUMA vuxiat RT BRAGG EUREKA "iron oe SS ae