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Ti lun go straight

(first thought) = wrong

go ahead

Mt vi ca bn some your thought

t tay ln c -> put


1st thought


some of your thoughts

nhng cng c th dng place

V iu kin -> without a single reason


one at time : tng a mt thi

nghip chng : karma


=> unconditionally2nd.thought

Hay l mnh bt chp ht yu nhau i anh !

How about we just learn to love against all odds
You can make +(u ) khong between 500$ and 3000$ a day .
Mt cng i vic: Kill two birds with one stone
F.eed their gr.eed
No chane : khoong ddowif nafo
Im slave to you ! Food

Relate to : lieen heej

When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories

Dont mention
Dduwfng nhacws ddeens
Virgin ~> Virgo


Lecture : dy i, ln lp
My bad = its all my fault
I have to ask my dad money !
No no its on me
Not a fucking chance : o i no

Die alone, jerk

Right here : ngay y n, tui n !
You bloodsucker
fortify their sibling bond over the warm glow of our devoted hearts
hey dude, youre just way too far : lam qua lo roi do
hit on her
Ive got a shot
Kinda mean pretty thing
Follow my lead
Hofn dasi
Kh :
My point is
I mean
My opinion {formal}
Same here : y cng vy n
Back of
Pull of : u vo
Never cross your mind
You can get us killed
Should never watch

Im saving your ass, dickhead

Hes my boy. Im sorry. I cant do it to him
Passion, need, desire

She fucking dumps me

Spare pair of shoes : i giy d tr
I want to show you of : muon gioi thieu em
Make it up for you : ddeefn buf
Escort : ho tong
Save your breath
You're a loud, mean, vicious bitch. I will fuck you up!
Two .in a row : 2 ln .lin tip
Bite me
Piss me of : chc tc tao
Will be horrible .even if without Bert
Struggle everyday : vataj lonoj tungwf ngayf
Pursed lips = moio mims chatwj
Lips pout : bu mi
Pout = bu mi
Chu mi : pucker her lips = put duck face on selfie = bat your eyes = stare at
the phone snap !
Th pho : breath a sigh
Burned / get burn = bij quee
Draw regret : rt ra s tic nui

I learned the hard way, to never let it get that far : rt ra kinh nghim xng mu, l
khng c mi chuyn i xa n nhng y
Blind Illusion Of Power-Decay
o tng .m qung v .quyn lc .s iu tn

Sunday is gloomy,
Ch nht .bun l th

Ive been longing for

- Mi c gng nu gi m mt gn nh v ch (NHU)

Cht phc
-plain simple nave
*ngi dn cht phc : common people
Allowance : tieenf tieeu vatwj
Pocket money

Em l mt chng trai hi sn, cng hn 19 ma thi nn m cha c tch hn cng ai

Elsewhere : owr dauda dods

Hi tho : xa b ng nhn v cng trnh xanh m tn km
Lm mnh lm my
Mafu sawcs haif hoaf hieenf hoaf

H Ni ci g cng r, ch t mi tnh bn thi.

Thanh nieen capaps tieens

The progressive youngster
p.prss : n p
Quay veef banr chatas con cuuwf
Back to the nature of lambs

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