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PO Box:

6432, Sharjah, United Arab


Date of birth: 16/Jan/1995
Marital status: Single

Career Objective
To apply my education, utilize my leadership and skills to achieve my goal in
being a successful teacher

Aug 2013 to Dec 2016

Bachelor in Applied Education (Primary)

Higher Colleges of Technology, Sharjah Women's

Related Courses

Curriculum Design
Globalisation and the GCC
Managing Innovation and Change
Practicum 4a
Research Methods & Reflective Practice
Practicum 3b
Science Teaching Methods
Science for the Primary School
Introduction to Nutrition
Research Methods
Intercultural Studies
Practicum 3a
Maths Teaching Methods
Maths for Primary School Teachers
Art Appreciation
Language Arts C
Language Arts D
Practicum 2b
Personal Health and Physical Education
Teaching Learners Special Need

Language Art A
Language Art B
English for Classroom Management
Practicum 2a
Language and Development: SLA Principles
Intro Theories of Learning 1b
Learn Teach Contemporary UAE 1b
Math and Science in Classroom
Practicum 1b
Academic Reading and Writing 2
Applied Mathematics
Intro Theories of Learning 1a
Learn Teach Contemporary UAE 1a
Learning Teach for the Classroom
Practicum 1a
Academic Reading and Writing 1
Critical Thinking
Health and Wellness
Creative Writing
Emplymnt Prep New Educators
Practicum 4b (Internship)
Research Project

Work Experience
03-Oct-2016 to 10-Nov2016

Shaikha Bint Saeed Model School

Ajman, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

21-Feb-2016 to 27-Apr2016

New World American Private School

Sharjah, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

04-Oct-2015 to 05-Nov2015

Raba`a Al Adawya Model School

Sharjah, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

15-Mar-2015 to 08-Apr2015

Sharjah English School (Private)

Sharjah, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

19-Oct-2014 to 12-Nov2014

Al Ashbeelya School
Sharjah, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

09-Mar-2014 to 07May-2014

Australian International School

Sharjah, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

10-Oct-2013 to 06-Nov2013

Al Drari Kindergarten
Sharjah, UAE
Position: Pre-Service Teacher

Professional Memberships
16-Mar-2016 to

Program Choice
Higher Colleges of Technology

Practical Skills
Demonstrate teaching, planning and management skills to enhance the
learning of all children.
Apply current educational theory and practice to learning technologies, and
communicate how they can be used to enhance teaching and learning
Demonstrate leadership skills and preparedness to act as agents of change in
environments of continuous improvement.


Proficient in Arabic
Beginner in French
Beginner in Turkish
Proficient in English


Applying new strategies in the classroom

Reading books especially books related to my program

Being up to date with the new things happening in the educational life