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When He Comes, Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes and Close To Me

Hay Nham Mat Khi Anh Den
He Has Arrived, Please Close Your Eyes
Love Me, If You Dare
Love me if you dare
Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan

Author(s) - Ding Mo,

What if you have a smart, playful and faithful boyfriend?
When dating, he said: I have no interest in these sort of things. But if you kiss me every
ten minutes, I am willing to do any sort of silly things with you.
When jealous, he said: Compared to me, this man had stupid written all over him. The
only good point he has is that he knows you are a good woman too.
When making love, he said: Although I have no experience, my intelligence and ability
to learn far surpass normal people. Just to add, I am very observant as well.
When proposing, he said: I have no words to express myself. But if I have to sum
everything up I love you with all of my wisdom and life.
I took him from a lonely world, back to the warmth of the bustling city.
While he drags me from a quiet and ordinary life to a exciting and unpredictable life.

Chapter 1
The blue clouds covered the mountains from a distance while a thin layer of snow
could be seen on the forest trail. The air felt cold and refreshing, smelling of pine and
snow. It was a nice and comfortable scent, making it ideal for a slow walk.
Alighting from the bus, Jian Yao looked around until she spotted a stone path.
Following the path for 10 minutes, Jian Yao saw the grey-ish green roof of a European
styled cottage. Ever since she could remember things, she had always seen this cottage
at the outskirt of the hillside.
Despite the fact that twenty years had passed, this cottage didnt feel outdated at all
even when compared to the modern infrastructure nowadays. This cottage had been
left unoccupied for the past few years and there were even rumours that it was a
haunted house.
Jian Yao had believed it when she was younger, since the house was always sitting
alone amidst the darkness at the outskirt of the hillside. It was only when she got older
then she learnt the truth. It turned out the truth was just that the owner of the house
had went oversea with his son when his wife passed away.
However, the house that stood in front of Jian Yao now was different from her
memory. This cottage was given a fresh coat of paint and she could see the lights
shining from inside, the weeds surrounding the cottage was also pulled out.
Jian Yao was a fourth year student majoring in English. The reason she was here
today was because her middle school teacher had introduced a part time translator job
to her after knowing that she was on holiday. Although the pay was rather good, her
teacher had mentioned that this employer was very picky. This employer had rejected
all of the previous applicants that her teacher had referred.
Removing her gloves, Jian Yao knocked on the front door. A man who looked to be in
his twenties, wearing a thin sweater with black trousers, greeted her. He was tall, thin
and had delicate features.
Jian Yao? He asked, giving her a cheeky smile.
Jian Yaos cheeks were red, possibly from the coldness. Her breath came out in white
mist and her eyes were slightly wet. Yes, I am Jian Yao. Nice to meet you.
Come in, the man stepped aside to let Jian Yao entered.
Layers of dark purple curtains lined the window, there were large velvet couches
with curved backrest. At the corner of the house, Jian Yao saw a fireplace with logs in it.
This felt very much like a typical European styled cottage. At the side of the house, a
deep brown wooden staircase led up to the second floor which was really quiet as
though there wasnt anyone there.
The only thing that felt out of place in this cottage was the metal railings that were
fitted on the windows, not allowing much sunrays to come into the house. With his
sleeves rolled up, the man washed his hands before handing a cup of tea to Jian Yao and

gestured for her to sit down. When he sat down opposite her, Jian Yao caught a very
faint but familiar scent from him. A scent which Jian Yao couldnt quite remember
where she had smell it before.
The man gave Jian Yao a friendly smile, I am Fu Zi Yu and the owner of this place is
called Bao Jin Yan. We are currently looking for a translator to translate his English
documents into Chinese.
Jian Yao nodded, wondering if the owner was related to the previous owner of the
house or maybe he was a new owner.
Zi Yu took out a stack of papers and a pen, handing it over to Jian Yao. So, lets not
waste any more time and start the test to see if you are qualified for this job. Within half
an hour, please translate all the English articles here.
Jian Yao flipped through the articles before looking up, Is there a computer here?
Zi Yu shook his head and a helpless smile appeared on his face. Jin Yan likes things
to be handwritten.
No problem, Jian Yao picked up the pen and papers and started to work her way
through the articles. Zi Yu got up quietly and headed to the sink to wash his hands again
before leaning against one of the windows, sipping his tea quietly.
The victim had been sexually assaulted and there were signs that the victims hands
had been tied together. There were also multiple wounds on her lower body Jian Yao
was a bit surprised by the content and paused in her translation. She looked up at Zi Yu
who was impervious.
As Jian Yao had experience in translating such things in the past except that it was
not as gruesome as this, she got over her surprise rather swiftly. She got back to
translating the article until she came across a word that she did not know. Briefly
looking through the whole article, Jian Yao encountered quite a number of words that
were rather uncommon. Do you have a dictionary specialised in this field of work?
Zi Yu pointed to the bookshelf at the side, Feel free to use any one of them.
Jian Yao managed to find what she was looking for and she buried herself in
translating the article again.
Sexhanges , Parentiside It was not a surprise that she did not know such
words as she continued looking through the dictionaries.
After she managed to translate everything, Jian Yao checked it thoroughly once
more. Zi Yu looked at his watch and was rather surprised when he saw that only 25
minutes had passed since the start of the test. I will be back in a bit after I hand this
over to Jin Yan.
After saying that, Zi Yu headed up to the second floor. Jian Yao simply sat the couch
and waited for Zi Yu. He was back in a short while and he went to the sink to wash his
hands once more before drying it on his handkerchief. He is looking through it now.

Okay, Jian Yao nodded.

With nothing much to do, Zi Yu started to strike up a conversation with Jian Yao.
Are you studying at a University in B City?
Yes, I am graduating next year. Jian Yao answered.
Zi Yu inclined his head slightly, I see. We have been talking for quite a while, do you
want to guess which profession I am in?
The man in front of Jian Yao looked to be older than her by a few years and he was a
very courteous person. Jian Yao had a good first impression of him. Are you a doctor?
Zi Yus smile got deeper, How did you know?
Jian Yao was rather pleased that she managed to guess correctly, her gaze landed on
Zi Yus slender fingers. It was just a lucky guess, since I saw you washing your hands a
number of times which means that you are a person who placed great emphasize on
cleanliness. I also smell a very faint disinfectant scent coming from you and your
fingers It looked rather doctor-ish.
I guess I will take those as compliments then, Zi Yu replied. They continued
chatting about other things when the conversation somehow steered back to Bao Jin
Yan. At the mention of him, Zi Yu sighed. I am leaving here in a few days, but I am
worried about Jin Yan. To be honest, he is a fairly withdrawn person.
Listening to him talking about Jin Yan, Jian Yao simply gave him a polite smile with
no questions asked.
Zi Yu sneaked a glance at her before continuing, Even though he has been back for
quite a while, he still didnt have any friends. I bet you dont even know when he got
back here.
Jian Yaos smile remains unchanged, looking as though she had no intention of
continuing the topic. However, she saw Zi Yu looking at her intently as if he was waiting
for her answer. Although Jian Yao felt quite weird, she replied him nonetheless. He
came back last year, right?
How did you know? Zi Yu asked.
I passed by here last year during my holidays and I didnt see any creeper. But
when I entered the house just now, I saw that the creeper was about four to five meters
tall. My houses creeper grow about that much in a year.
Unexpectedly, they had chatted with each other for half an hour. Zi Yu looked at his
watch with a smile on his face. It is rather late now, why dont you head home first? I
will call you later when we come to a decision.
Jian Yao nodded.
Thank you for coming today, if he decided to hire you, there will be a contract
drawn up. You will be required to work here for twenty days straight and all translation

works had to be done on the spot. Also all the information have to remain confidential,
so you cant bring home any of it. Zi Yu informed her as he walked her to the door. Jin
Yan is currently recuperating so without any permission, you are not allowed to head
up to the second floor. Regarding other details, we will discuss it when we sign the
When Jian Yao left the house, it was close to evening time.
The sun was setting, bathing the area in an orange glow. It had looked especially
pretty when the rays landed on the crystal white snow and the leaves that were
covered in snow.
Jian Yao was pretty confident about getting hired. Despite the fact that the employer
hadnt showed his face once, making him rather mysterious and a little eccentric.
But at the end of it, this job was referred to her by her teacher so it should be
After walking a few meters away from the house, Jian Yao turned back to look at the
house once more.
From the window on the second floor, she spotted a tall and slender man, wearing a
black cut suit. A rather striking sight if you asked Jian Yao. However, she was too far
away from the house to see the mans face clearly.
Once Jian Yao was gone, Zi Yu went up to the second floor straight.
Compared to the warm elegance on the first floor, the second floor was rather
gloomy and cold. There were a number of sealed rooms and the walls were completely
void of any decorations.
Going to the room at the end of the hallway, he saw that the door was left ajar.
He pushed it open and leaned against the door. There was none of the refined
elegant man left as he cursed loudly.
It caused the man who was reading a book to frown momentarily at Zi Yu. However,
at the next second, he resumed his reading.
Zi Yu was nonchalant as he picked up Jian Yaos translation work and handed it over
to the man. She has beautiful handwriting and translated perfectly.
Zi Yu took out a paper from his pocket and unfolded it. On the paper, there were a
few questions like what was his occupation, how long has Jin Yan moved here and etc.
Yes, those were the questions that Zi Yu had asked Jian Yao to guess just now.
He slapped the piece of paper on the table and said, Regarding all these questions
here, she had managed to answer all of them correctly. Are you satisfied with her?
The mans lips turned up ever so slightly.

Seeing that expression, Zi Yu was afraid that he was going to be picky again, he
pulled out a chair and sat in front of him.
If you are not satisfied with her, you can always translate it yourself. Besides, I am
not your assistant and not to mention I will be returning to the city soon, so do not
always count on me to help you run your errands.
The man looked up from his book with a weird expression on his face as he replied
Zi Yu.
My time isnt to be used doing those silly things.
For a moment, Zi Yu did not know how to reply him.
You are a homicide expert and she is just a translator, I dont understand why
there is a need to test her observation skills? I am willing to bet that she probably
thinks that I talk too much.
This time, the man revealed a very gentle smile.
Obviously, I cannot allowed stupid people to translate my work. If the person isnt
meticulous enough, he will only be translating directly from the article. He wont be
able to translate the finer details and most definitely he wont be able to grasp the true
meanings behind those words.
Zi Yu really didnt know if he should laugh or be angry but he was all too used to him
being like this. So does this mean that Jian Yao is able to understand you?
The man face went blank for a second. Then he went back to read his book and said,
No one will ever be able to understand.

Chapter 2
Jiao Yao lived alone in the old house at the police compound during the holidays.
This was where Jian Yaos family lived before her fathers death. When Jian Yaos
mother remarried, they moved out and this house was left vacant.
It was already late evening, the lights in the compound were mostly lit up and the
smell of food could be detected. Similarly, the lights in the police office was also lit up
while the police busied themselves.
Jian Yao unlocked her house door only to see her sister, Jian Xuan, lying on the couch
and munching an apple while watching the television.
When Jing Xuan saw that her sister was back, she turned around and complained a
little, Why are you home so late? I waited almost half a day for you.
Jian Yao tossed her bag at her sister and sat down beside her. My interview ended
late. Besides, I thought that you will be home late? Werent you going to catch some
sleep over at that place.
By that place, Jian Yao was referring to her stepfathers house. Both of them had
spent quite a number of years there, resulting in a close relationship with their
stepfather. However, her stepfathers house was rather cramped.
This was why Jian Yao chose to move out once she was of age. Jian Xuan spent her
time alternating between the two places. But during festivals like Chinese New Year and
such, the whole family would usually gather together.
Jian Xuan was currently studying aboard at a university. It took her ten hours to get
home which explained why she looked rather haggard. However, once she heard the
word interview, she had sat up immediately, her eyes brimming with curiosity as she
looked at her sister.
So, I heard from mother that you went there for an interview?
Jian Yao gave her a smiled before replying, I did go over there for an interview. She
briefly recounted what happened during the interview without mentioning the content
of her translation work due to confidentiality requirements of the job.
Jian Xuan expression turned enigmatic, So, you havent seen that Mr Bao yet?
No. Jian Yao looked at her and asked, Why?
Well, Jian Xuan suddenly patted her sisters shoulder and with a very dignified
bitter tone said, Sister, you must be prepared. I think I might have seen him before. He
is simply too frightening.
Suddenly, an image of the man emerged in Jian Yaos mind. It was the image of the
man which she had glimpsed on the second floor of her house. He looks scary?
Jian Xuan immediately described to Jian Yao what happened.

Last year, during the tomb sweeping festival, Jian Xuan had went back home. One
time, when she and her friends went up the mountain to fish, she passed by the house
and saw the man standing at the second floor.
During that time, Jian Yao was still working in the city and hence did not know what
Although this happened a year ago, Jian Xuan could still clearly remembered what
she saw.
She shivered a little, He was all skin and bones, with sunken eyes and wrinkled skin
he resembled a skeleton. Actually, he looked more like a monster! Later on another
occasion, my classmates saw him in the street wearing a mask covering his face he
most probably did not want to scare anyone with his horrifying look.
After hearing that, Jian Yao remained silence.
Just a piece of advice, if that person is really Mr Bao, do not ever look at his face.
Jian Xuan added after a while.
Jian Yao smiled and say, Its okay. Come what may, he will not be able to scare me.
After chatting a while more, Jian Yao looked at the time before turning to look at the
police office that was opposite her house. There were still lights emitting from the
Lets call Li Xun Ran to eat dinner with us, Jian Yao said to her sister.
I have to meet my friends, Jian Xuan suddenly told her sister before leaving in a
Once her sister left, Jian Yao headed to the window and called Xun Ran. Xun Ran, it
is me, Jian Yao. I am back.
Xun Ran didnt reply her immediately and that was when Jian Yao spotted a shadow
appearing at the police offices window.
First stick your head out of the window, so I can verify your identity with my
binoculars. Xun Ran instructed her and Jian could hear a hint of laughter in his voice,
making her smile slightly.
The Lis family and the Jians family were very close friend, Xun Ran and Jian Yao
had known each other since young. Because of their familys close relationship, the both
of them had often hang out together even though there was a four years gap between
the both of them.
After Xun Ran enrolled into the police academy, they hang out lesser. When Xun Ran
finally graduated, it was Jian Yaos turn to head to the university and they had even
lesser time to hang out with each other. Time passed and before she knows, 3 years had
passed since Jian Yao last seen Xun Ran.

The sky was already dark, the street lamps slowly lighted up one by one until the
end of the street. Under the dark and hazy sky, Xun Ran was in his police uniform,
causcally leaning against one of the lamppost and a lazy smile on his face.
Jian Yao walked over to him, a smile was on her face. Once she was in front of him,
Xun Ran had hugged her before she could open her mouth to greet him.
It has been a long time, Jian Yao. Xun Ran said to her.
Jian Yao was rather surprised by his sudden action but she returned the hug after a
while as her smile grew wider.
They headed to one of the restaurants nearby, Xun Ran had chosen a table that was
near the window. There was a screen that separated their table from the rest, secluded
and quiet. While he was ordering food for them, Jian Yao simply looked at him quietly.
Not looking at her, Xun Ran continued pointing at the dishes he wanted to the waiter
when he asked, Why? There arent handsome guys at your campus?
Indeed, Jian Yao answered him in all seriousness. A smile emerged when Xun Ran
heard her answer.
Xun Rans looks belonged to those upright kind of handsome, neat and clean. Black
brows, red lips and white teeth, everyone who looked at him would agree that he was
extremely good looking. However, Xun Ran was rather arrogant since young making it
hard for people to approach him.
Jian Yao felt that aura was more evident now after he was in the force for these past
few years. He was more solemn, more serious and more unapproachable.
After he had finished placing orders, he placed one of his arms on the back of the
chair beside him. He was quiet for a few seconds, staring at Jian Yao when he smiled.
Lets go fishing a few days later?
When they were younger, the both of them would often run around in the
mountains. Their activities included fishing and digging vegetables from the field.
Sure, Jian Yao placed her chin on her hands. I joined the fishing association when I
was in school. My skills now is much better than before, you better prepared yourself
Xun Ran laughed loudly when he heard her answer. After a while, he asked.
Managed to find a boyfriend yet?
No, you?
Havent, too busy.
They were halfway through their meal when Xun Rans phone rang. Picking up his
phone, his expression turned solemn when he heard what the person on the line was
saying. After he hang up his phone, he took his wallet out from his coats pocket,

Something came up in the station, I have to go. You can take your time and eat slowly.
Waiter, bill!
It is fine, Jian Yao took out her wallet as well.
When the waiter arrived at their table with the bill, Jian Yao was about to take out
her money when Xun Ran had grabbed her hands. His grip was surprisingly strong,
making Jian Yao unable to move her hands.
After the waiter had given him his change, Xun Ran suddenly recalled about one of
the cases he was handling. Waving a hand at her, Jian Yao moved closer to him.
Recently, there is a human trafficking organization that is in the move over here, their
targets are mainly teenagers. Even though you and your sister are too old to be called
teenagers, both of you should also keep a lookout. This case is currently being
investigated so it isnt made known to the public yet.
Jian Yao went blank for a moment when she heard Xun Rans voice again. I was the
one who found out what happened when I was sorting through the different cases. I
found out that city as well as the area around here, there is a total of nine people who
went missing. This number is twice higher compared to the previous year.
Then? Jian Yao frowned.
I went to do a more in-depth understanding. Out of the nine missing people, eight
of them of them are teenagers and they went missing in the city. He paused for a while
before continuing. According to the records as well as asking some of the other police
from other department, I found out that there is indeed a human trafficking
organization in the area. Those missing people are mostly likely sold.
Jian Yaos frown got even deeper after listening to what he said. Xun Ran had patted
her on her shoulders, I will crack this case.
Jian Yao sent him to the entrance of the restaurant. Xun Ran had walked off when he
stopped and turned back. He saw that Jian Yao was rooted to the same spot, looking at
him. At this timing, the sky had already turned dark. The light from the moon as well as
the street lamps light had woven together, illuminating the streets.
Jian Yao was dressed in a pale yellow sweater coupled with a pair of dark jeans, her
long black hair draped off her shoulders, making her looked even more fairer than
Go in! Xun Ran shouted and saw Jian Yao nodded. Turning his back on her, Xun
Ran rubbed his hands together, blowing some air on them to warm his hands up as he
walked towards the station.
At night, Jian Yao relayed what she heard from Xun Ran to her sister. Jian Xuan had
appeared to be nervous and had even made plans to buy some self-defense tools to
protect herself.
They had chatted a while more before heading to sleep when Jian Yao recalled
whenever there is a case, the station would usually be extremely busy with no notion of

the time outside. This meant that the fishing plan with Xun Ran had to be pushed back
infinitely. She then suddenly thought of the interview, her priority now was that job.
The second day, Jian Yao was still in the kitchen, preparing breakfast when the
doorbell rang. Opening the door, Jian Xuan saw a courier who handed her what
appeared to be documents. Taking it from the courier, Jian Xuan passed it to Jian Yao.
Same city from us.
Opening it, true enough, it was the contract that Zi Yu had told her about. Looking
through the contract once more to make sure that she didnt miss anything out, Jian Yao
flipped to the last page of the contract when she stilled.
The other party had already signed his name, Bao Jin Yan.
Curious, Jian Xuan looked over her sisters shoulders. The monster send this? His
handwriting is
His handwriting style is just like him, Jian Yao told her sister. Even if he is a
monster, he is a monster with character.
Oh, Jian Xuan didnt say anything more.
Jian Yao took out a pen from her bag and was about to sign her name when she
stopped. Taking a piece of paper, she practiced signing her name on the paper for over
ten times. It was only then when she finally picked up the pen again, signing her name
beside his.

Chapter 3
T City is located somewhere near the edge of a tributary of the Yangtze River. It is
surrounded by mountains blocking the traffic which in turn caused the city to be a very
backwater place. However, when the highway was built in T City 2 years ago, the city
suddenly have a tremendous development and become the economic centre of the
province. Like other developed cities, people in T City want to get out to go North
Guangzhou, while the surrounding people living near T City wanted to get in.
During the period when Jian Yao was in university, she went back home every year.
Each time she went back to her hometown, she felt like the history of the place was
slowly fading away. Old building were slowly being demolished, real estate prices kept
going up and the city felt more and more crowded. However, there were still things left
untouched. For example, the rivers around the city, the Peoples Heroes Monument as
well as that old and secluded villa.
At eight in the morning, she reached just on time and knocked on the door which
turned out to be already open. Peeking in, she saw that the house was entirely silent
with only the sunlight streaming in, there wasnt anyone in the house.
Yesterday, Fan Zi Yu called to inform her that he needed to go back to B City. He told
her to make herself at home in the villa, with the exception of the locked room on the
first floor. It seems that this is the start of make herself at home.
The living room looks the same except for the white colored square table and chair
near the window. There was a laptop on top of the table with a pile of old yellow
document. According to the agreement, due to the large workload, it is requested for
her to make use of the laptop.
Jian Yao sat down on the white chair.
Sitting down on the white chair, Jian Yao turned to look outside of the window.
There were mountains that were blanketed snow, she could also see the sunlight
streaming through the pine trees, all of these made a beautiful sight.
Looking at the table, everything was neatly arranged this made a good and
comfortable environment to work in. Switching the laptop on, she saw that a word
document was already opened. But there was no content in it except for the email
address at the top of the page.
Getting up, Jian Yao decided to do a little exploring.
The kitchen is next to the living room and Jian Yao could smell pyrotechnic gas in
the air which could mean Mr Bo usually cook at home. Placing the fruits she bought into
the fridge, she saw that it was almost empty saved for the half eaten fish soup.
Close by the kitchen, there was a door which was connected to a hallway. Taking a
few steps, Jian Yao discovered a fishing rod placed against the wall. It wasnt a surprise
since this place had a few water bodies and fishes could often be seen swimming in the
water so most of the families here had one or two fishing rods at home.

What surprised Jian Yao was the brand of the fishing rod, Red Tiger. Not to
mention that it was a limited edition and probably considered to be one of the most
expensive in the world. This version of fishing rod was hailed as the best in many
anglers mind.
Taking out her phone after a minute of admiring it, Jian Yao took a picture before
she continued walking. Nearing the end of the hallway, Jian Yao halted her steps. In
front of her was a rather dark small room. Heavy curtains were used to block out the
sunlight, this room felt dull and cold. There wasnt anything else in the room except for
two tightly closed door.
Going into the room, Jian Yao headed to one of the doors and tried to pull it open
only to realise that it was locked. She then made her way back to the living room since
she had enough of exploring for now.
Making a cup of coffee for herself, she started working.
Time passed rather quickly and Jian Yao never once stood up from her work station.
While she was hard at work, Fu Zi Yu was in one of the rooms on the second floor,
facing surveillance screens. His eyes were captured by the sight of Jian Yao before he
turned to Bao Jin Yan. She is rather well-behaved. I guess there wont be any problems
so I will be going back to the city tomorrow.
Leaning against the couch with his long legs resting on the footstool, Bao Jin Yans
sleeves were rolled up halfway as he picked up another grilled fish in his mouth. His
eyes flicked up to the screen for a second before looking away. Boring, she is just like a
wooden doll.
Well, you did pick her yourself. A smile was Fu Zi Yus face as he reminded him.
Turning to the man on the couch, he saw that the plate was completely empty. It was
just minutes ago when it was filled with fishes. Will you die if you dont eat fish for a
Licking his fingers slowly, Bao Jin Yans lips curved up slowly. No but I will turn
violent if my needs arent met.
After that dinner with Jian Yao, Lee Xun Ran started to get increasingly busy. He was
busy enough with his usual work and added onto that was the missing teenagers case.
As the investigation continued, it started to get harder to dig deeper. The first stumbling
block was the missing teenagers all came from different areas and the second stumbling
block was the time that they went missing were all different as well.
Lee Xun Ran couldnt find any link that these missing teenagers cases were related
and they were abducted by an organisation, he had no way to prove that this
organisation exist. His supervisor did pay attention to his findings but without concrete
evidence, this case couldnt get the green light to start a formal investigation nor an
increase in manpower.
This was why he decided to meet up with one of his seniors for dinner. Both of them
went to a nearby hotpot restaurant which was the perfect meal on such a chilly day.

Honestly, you have too much free time on your hand. His senior told him after Lee
Xun Ran told him what he was investigating.
Lee Xun Ran gave him a smile. Well, he did have a little more time on his hand but
now that he was involved, he wasnt going to just give up so easily. He lit a cigarette and
took a puff of it. I trust my instinct. My sixth sense is telling me that these few cases are
connected and they are done by the same person. Other people wash their hands off it
but I cant. I cant let more children disappear again.
It is not going to be easy, his senior said after a while. Our country is so big, how
are you planning to start? The organisation is smart enough to not leave any traces
But you have to understand that
There is two ways to crack this case. First, you find an expert. This kind of case isnt
something that normal people like us can solve. But nowadays, finding an expert isnt
that easy. All of them are just all talk with their deduction but no actions were taken. So
this brings us to the second way, you can choose to work undercover but unlike the
past, trafficking organisation isnt going to be as easy to infiltrate. One of the cops in the
past managed to infiltrate but that was after days and days of disguising himself as a
beggar. He eventually cracked the case but he died soon after.
Lee Xun Ran didnt say anything as he drowned another can of beer. His senior
sighed before changing the topic, he had no doubt that Lee Xun Ran was going to
continue with his investigation. I saw a woman with you the other day, is it Jian Yao?
She has grown up rather well, getting prettier day by day. It isnt easy to find a suitable
partner in our line of work so you better treat her well and propose soon.
What propose? She is just my sister. Lee Xun Ran said.
As per usual, just like every other day, Jian Yao will send her completed work to the
email address in the laptop during afternoon time. The next day, she will get a read
receipt but still, Bao Jin Yan never once replied her email nor showed his face.
Well, she believed that no news meant good news.
However, now that she had seen Bao Jin Yans fishing rod, her fishing addiction
started to kick in. It has been quite a while since she last fished. After working
continuously for a week, she picked a day with the perfect weather to take a break.
Hello? Lee Xun Ran answered his phone. He was currently in disguise, wearing
tattered clothing to make himself resembled a beggar. After talking to his senior, he
choose to do what that cop had done. It had been a few days but still, there wasnt
anything. Fishing? I am currently in the midst of an investigation.
Is that so? Jian Yao asked.
How about this? I will meet you later on at our secret spot but I cant give you an
exact timing now. Lee Xun Ran hung up after he told her that. Looking at her phone,
Jian Yao placed it on the table before packing her fishing gears.

She was surprised that Lee Xun Ran still remembered their secret spot. They
discovered that spot when they were still kids. The place is rather remote so not many
people know about it and that was probably why the fishes are always bountiful in that
Since then, Lee Xun Ran coined that place to be their secret spot.
Another reason why such a good place werent discovered earlier by other people
might have to do with the fact that it is located near Bao Jin Yans house which was
rumored to be haunted and making people stayed away from it. Now that she think
about it, she realized that she could see this spot clearly from Bao Jin Yans living room
so their secret spot werent exactly a secret anymore.
Well, that aspect might have changed but the memories that remained were worth
reminiscing about.
Jian Yao set out after lunch when it was the warmest hour of the day, not too hot and
not too cold either. The sunlight filtered through, shinning on the small path that
crossed the villa, leading further into the forest. Between the black and the brown
stones, hidden was a small trail of sparkling water. The water continued to flow,
connecting to an even bigger water body.
This is the secret place.
It was relatively quiet with no one around. Jian Yao headed to the largest tree to sit
before she started to fish. It was only then when she saw that the opposite tree had a
fishing rod underneath but there wasnt anyone tending to it.
Her phone rang and she saw that it was Lee Xun Ran. Urgent situation, I wont be
able to go.
But I am already here! Jian Yao told him.
You can fish by yourself then. But remember to take care of yourself and call me if
you encounter trouble. Gotta to go now.
Jian Yao sighed softly, Bye.
Hanging up, Jian Yao sat for a little while before heading to the fishing rod that
wasnt tended by anyone. It was a little unexpected but at the same time, she kind of
expected it. This was the same fishing rod that she saw before.
Her excitement started to grow as she looked around the place. But still, she didnt
see any traces of a person being here. Just as she was about to walk off, she heard the
sound of a bell being rang rapidly signaling a fish had bit the bait.
Reeling the carp up, she placed it into the basket. Seeing the empty hook, Jian Yao
hesitated for a while before looking down to find something. As expected, she found a
box of baits. Hooking one of the baits on to the hook, she placed the fishing rod back to
its original position.

Perhaps, a branded fishing rod really makes all the difference and coupled with the
nice and cozy weather, the fishes were more enthusiastic than usual. Before she could
return to her spot, another fish had bit the bait again.
Within half an hour, Jian Yao had caught six fishes. But there was still no sight of Mr.
Bao. Even if he was called away by an urgent matter, simply leaving such an expensive
fishing rod around was unthinkable.
Luckily, she was the one who saw the rod.
Eventually, Jian Yao moved her equipment over and she even hooked her own
specially created bait onto his fishing rod. A branded fishing rod coupled with a high
quality bait is a flawless combination. When the skies started to darken, Jian Yao had
caught enough fishes to fill up two baskets.
She exerted more than her usual strength to carry the two baskets back to the villa.
Jian Yao even helped to place the fishing rod back to where she had seen it in the house.
After a while of thinking, she decided to email her employer.
Mr. Bao, I saw your fishing rod when I happened to go fishing just now. I am unsure
if you were called away by an urgent matter so I took the liberty to help you pack your
equipment and brought it back to the house. Ive also brought back the fishes that were
caught by your fishing rod. If this offend you in any way, I seek your forgiveness.
After sending the email, Jian Yao selected a few fishes that she caught to bring home.
It was during dinner time when her phone signaled that she had just received a new
email. Opening it up, she saw that it was a reply from Mr. Bao; the first ever reply.
The fishes are good. Thank you.
Turning up at the villa the next day, there was still no one. Not putting much thought
about yesterday, Jian Yao started to bury herself in her work.
During a short break, she went to wash some of the fruits she brought. Entering the
kitchen, she sniffed a waft of fish being cooked, needless to say, it smelt delicious.
Opening the fridge, she was momentarily shocked there were so many fishes in the
Unlike yesterday where it was completely empty, the fridge was filled to brim today.
There were all kind of fishes that were cooked in a variety of methods; braised fish,
steamed fish, pickled fish head, fish slices and fish soup the fridge was filled to the
brim with these dishes and all of it looked to be leftover.
Closing the fridge, Jian Yao suddenly felt like laughing as she imagined her employer
who cooked all of these in the middle of the night.
This Mr. Bao must have liked to eat fish a lot.

Each day continued to pass just like per usual after that when it was yet another day
with nice weather. Jian Yao went to the secret spot with her sister this time. Jian Yao
didnt want to disturb Lee Xun Ran at work plus his phone was off completely this time,
making it felt as though he had disappeared without a trace.
Upon reaching, she saw that familiar rod once again. Jian Xuan saw the brand of the
fishing rod before exclaiming. Whose fishing rod is this? How can the person leave
such an expensive rod lying around.
Jian Yaos curiosity started to grow too why did Mr. Bao leave his fishing rod here
without anyone tending it?
Jian Xuan lifted the fishing rod out of the water. Hey, there is no bait. Did one of the
fish bite the bait? If that is the case then where is the fish? This kind of hook isnt easy
for the fish to get away.
Hearing what Jian Xuan had said, Jian Yao looked around for a box of baits but there
wasnt anything save for this fishing rod.
Jian Xuan had also discovered the same thing, Is this person another *Jiang Tai
Jian Yao understood by now as the end of her lips curved up slightly, No, he isnt
waiting for fish.
He is waiting for her.
*jiang tai gong: Taigong Diaoyu, Yuanzhe Shanggou is a famous Chinese idiom
about a willing victim letting himself be caught.

Chapter 4
Jian Yao appears to be a gentle girl, with all the qualities one would ask for in pretty
girl -long hair, fair complexion, nice facial features and sparkly eyes. She is also very
The dress she is wearing is elegant and tasteful. With her proportions, she will look
good in whatever she chooses to wear. She speaks with a soft and pleasant voice.
She inherited her mothers virtuous temperament - modest and elegant. But she
also has her fathers free and easy going spirit. Though her father was only able to
accompany her for six years, Jian Yao remembers a lot of his teachings,such as A real
man with live with integrity and a clear conscience always, and "Enjoy and maximize all
the pleasures which life affords! etc etc
As the sun begins to set, she starts to pack up. She leaves the "DAIA Red Tiger" and
more than a dozen fish on the shore. As they start to walk, Jian Xuan is amazed: Are we
just going to leave them here?
Yeah. He will come over and collect them later."
When they reach their house, Jian Xuan asks: "Sister, you helped him to catch so
many fish, did he not even send you an email to say thank you??" Jian Xuan not usually
so preoccupied with others lack of gratitude, but she fears her sisters generosity will
be taken advantage of.
Jian Yao admits she has not thought about it. To her, Bo Jinyan seems to be a
pretty straightforward guy. She smiles: What do you mean?"
Jian Xuan says: "I think you are too nice to the weirdo. Are you interested in him?
Jian Yao laughs: "Nonsense."
After three days, to her surprise, a parcel arrives - a gift from Mr. Bo.
Walking into the house, she sees a large box on the table. Jian Xuan looks at her.
Obviously, shes waiting for Jian Yao to reveal whats inside.
From B City. Fu Zi Yu (Fu Ziyu) sent it to you." Jian Xuan asks curiously, Isnt he
the gay partner of the weirdo? What is he sending to you?"
Fu Ziyu didnt mention anything about a parcel. Jian Yao has no idea what it is. To
her surprise, its a brand new fishing rod, a DAIA" Red Tiger! The exact same one as Bo
Jian Yao gives Fu Ziyu a call.
In another city, Fu Ziyu, dresses in a white doctors robe, sits in the office and is
looking at his patients files.

Jian Yao, please accept this as a token of appreciation from Jinyan. He asked me to
send it to you on his behalf. You know how much he likes to eat fish. Its nothing,
Jian Yao hesitates: "It is too expensive, I cannot accept this."
Fu Ziyu smiles: "He has one already. And I dont fish. This rod will be wasted if
you dont accept it. "
Jian Yao disagrees: Mr. Fu, this reward is much bigger than my sacrifice. Its
only a few fish!
"It is Jinyans idea, you will have to talk to him about this. I cant make any
decisions." Fu Ziyu interrupts her, "but knowing his character, useless stuff gets thrown
out. Tomorrow, you will see a pitiful Red Tiger inside the garage bin by the back door.
Jian Yao has no choice but to say she will accept it. But she doesnt want the
money from doing the translation. Since she is so adamant about it, Fu Ziyu agrees to it
with some reluctance.
After the phone conversation, Fu Ziyu recalls the events two days ago. He did not lie
to Jian Yao, buying the Red Tiger is Bo Jinyans decision, but giving a present is his idea.

Two days ago, he called Bo Jinyan like he normally does just to check that everything
is going smoothly. Casually, he asked: Do I need to replenish your fish supply??" With
winter approaching, a small town like the one Bo Jinyan is staying might prove difficult
to buy fresh fish.
Surprisingly Bo Jinyan replied: "I have a lot of fish."
"How? Where?" He knows Bo Jinyan too well. He is not patient enough to stand
for hours fishing himself. Usually, he will cast the fishing rod, then walk off within
minutes because he is so bored.
Bo Jinyan replied in a calm voice: Jian Yao caught them for me."
Fu Ziyu was intrigued: "Why did she catch fish for you?"
Bo Jinyan answered: I dont know and I dont care."
Fu Ziyu was speechless - a typical "Bo Jinyan-style answer." He said: And you
previously commented that she is like a piece of wood.How are you going to thank
Bo Jinyan thought for a moment:. "I'll double her pay.

Fu Ziyu was about to say yes when a thought came to his mind. With Bo Jinyans
personality, its extremely hard for him to make friends, but maybe, just maybe, the two
of them will get along. So Fu Ziyu said: Nah, cash is a bad idea. You should send her a
"Alright. Please arrange on my behalf."
Hey, Jinyan, I'm not your maid!" Fu Ziyu growled, "I do not know her well
enough. How would I know whats a good gift for her?
Bo Jinyan thought for a few moments, then smiled and told him:. Get her a fishing
rod that is exactly the same as mine. This way, I dont even have to set up my fishing
rod by the river in the morning and collect it at night.
The next day after receiving the rod, Jian Yao takes a bottle of wine with her to the
Jian Yaos father used to have a wine cellar. Theres still a few bottles left after all
these years although the stock is being steadily depleted by Lee, who drinks them when
he visits the family. The wine is from local artisan winery. Its eight years old and you
wont be able to buy anything like this in a shop, so it is very precious. An appropriate
way of saying thank you for the expensive Red Tiger.
Leaving the bottle of wine in the kitchen, Jian Yao send an email to Bo Jinyan: A
good wine for fish.. Please accept my gift."
Bo Jinyan did not reply. But the next day when Jian Yao goes to the villa, she notices
the wine is placed in the cupboard, but theres less of it in the bottle.
Days passed, the New Year is just around the corner, and Jian Yaos translation
work is near its completion.
Jian Xuan feels a deep regret in her: You still havent seen the mans face? Not
even once? At least she is not calling him a weirdo anymore.
To be frank, Jian Yao is a little disappointed too. But what she doesnt expect is that
its the very next day after their conversation that they will finally see each other face to
face for the first time.
Its a bright sunny morning. Its warmer than usual for this time of the year. Jian
Yao leaves home wearing a thin padded jacket. As usual, she heads to the villa and
begins her work.

Trying to finish off all the translation before the New Year, Jian Yao stayed in the
villa for a bit longer than usual. As she is about to leave, she realised the weather has
turned - thunder, lightning, and heavy rain.
Its too dangerous to travel now. Jian Yao waits for the wind and the rain to die
down, but the weather shows no signs of improvement in the next few hours. She gives
up and calls the family. But no one answers.
Night is here. The wind is still howling outside the villa. The noisy chaos outside is a
sharp contrast to the still and silence inside the villa.

The power supply for small towns are less reliable and bad weather often cause
blackouts. Jian Yao hears some pops in the air and thinks to herself: Please, not
another power outage.
Suddenly, all the lights were gone, and darkness fills the room. Jian Yao gives a
sigh and start to walk towards the stairs. She shouts out from the bottom of the stairs.
Mr Bo! Mr Bo!
He did not respond.
Jian Yao climbs the stairs, and finds theres a gate. An iron gate. A dark large iron
gate, blocking the entrance on the second floor. It looks gloomy and forbidding.
Jian Yao is taken back slightly. Then she walks up and knocks on the iron gate,
shouting a few words.
No one.
There is a small window on the iron gate. Jian Yao takes a peep through the small
window and sees a dark hallway, with several doors, closed of course. A bolt of
lightning tore across the sky and a peal of thunder followed. Its a scene that one often
finds in horror movies.
Jian Yao has been to the villa many times, but this is the first time she feels afraid,
She turns back. Just as shes about to walk down the stairs, a door opens, and she hears
footsteps behind her.
Jian Yao holds on to the stair railings tightly. She dares not to move.
On a torrential rainy night, a man walks toward the gates. Sudden theres a "bang"
sound. The iron gate is opened. A tall man comes out.
Because its too dark to see what this man looks like. He is very tall, at least
185cm. Surprisingly quite a burly man, not as thin as Jian Yao had imagined him to be.
He is wearing a white bathrobe ......? No wonder nobody answered her when she yelled

See that its a real person and not a ghost, Jian Yao felt less scared. Having had
some experience with his eccentric personality, she is not too surprised to see him
appearing the way he did.
He stops for a moment and looks at her. Then he walks down those stairs with his
long legs.
Jian Yao: Mr.. Bo?"
"Ah." He answered quietly, more like a hum from the nose.
Then he walks up to her. His big tall body is as a wall moving closer towards her.
Jian Yao subconsciously steps back. In a polite voice, she asked: "Mr.Bo, do you have a
flashlight ? ......"
Bo Jinyan walks straight pass her as if she isnt there. She follows behind him.
Bo Jinyan passes through the living room into the kitchen. Jian Yao speaks again:
Mr. Bo?
"No." He replies without looking back. Although the response is brief, Jian Yao can
tell that he has a deep and melodious voice.
Do you know how to fix the problem? Jian Yao asks tentatively. Although she
does not know much about power, she is familiar with the fact that properties in
remote locations such as this villa usually have its own power generator.
This time, Bo Jinyan turns around to look at her. After a few moment in deep
thoughts, he replies: Judging from the extend of the power outage, the transformer is
overloaded. I will need to close the gates, open the transformer, find the damaged
parts, then get the required accessories to repair it . "
He said in his deep male voice. Deep and clear, like the bass notes of a piano.
But just as Jian Yao has her hopes up, he speaks again. "But I will not fix it, I am
busy. Make yourself at home, but do not disturb me. Goodbye. "
Then he turns around, through the kitchen, into the narrow aisle, and disappears
into the darkness once again.
Down the aisle, is the locked room that is out of bounds to her.
Jian Yao stands, shocked at his reception. She totally does not expect their first
face to face encounter will be like this.
She is working for him. Theres a storm outside, a power crisis inside. And he
wants nothing to do with her and leaves her by herself in the living room?

Chapter 5

Jian Yao sits down on the sofa. She decides to take a nap.
It doesnt take long for her to stand up again. She is wearing a thin jacket and her
hands and feet are getting cold.
I might catch a flu. She thought to herself.
She makes her way to the room where Bo Jinyan is in. At the end of the corridor, she
gets another surprise.
A narrow streak of light shines through the gap at the bottom of the door. There is
emergency lighting equipment!
Jian Yao stand there, stunned for a moment. She knocks on the door.
The door opens. Fluorescent tubes in the ceiling shines brightly. She finds it hard to
adjust to the brightness after being in the darkness for so long.
Then she sees a man, blocking most of the light as he stand in front of the doorway.
Jian Yao blinks. She is curious what else is inside the room. But Bo Jinyan quickly
stands in front of her to block her view.
Whats up? says the man wearing a huge white surgical mask. All Jian Yao can see
is his eyes.
I am cold, I need to borrow some clothes. says Jian Yao
After a few moments of silence, he replies : I dont like other people wearing my
Jian Yao is dumbfounded.
Then he steps back and closes the door.
Darkness surrounds her once again.
While he was closing the door, she noticed Bo Jinyan was wearing surgical gloves.
She also saw some round containers sitting on the shelves inside the room. She is not
sure whats in them, but they had something in them.
Jian Yao goes back to the lounge. She sits down for a few minutes, and then she
stands up once again. This time, heading toward the kitchen.
She lights up the gas stove top. Jian Yao places her hands close to the yellowish
green flame to warm herself up. She looks up and sees a cupboard. The bottle of wine

she gifted to Bo Jinyan is sitting on one of the shelves. Without hesitation, she opens
the bottle and takes a few sips.
Now that she feels a little warmer, she realises that she is also quite hungry. She
begins searching for food in the kitchen.
Empty. Theres nothing in the cabinets. Not even a piece of fruit or biscuit. She
looks inside the freezer. Again, its empty. She turns to the fridge next. Bingo!
Fish. Lots of fish. Neatly stacked inside the refrigerator. She chooses the biggest
one and puts it on the chopping board.
Using the light from her mobile phone, she makes herself a plate of poached fish
fillet pieces. It is still pretty dark in the kitchen, but its enough for her to prepare the
Satisfied with what she has cooked, she places the plate on the dining table and
heads back to the kitchen to clean up before she enjoys her meal.
After she is done, she returns to the dining room, only to find the table empty.
A tall white shadow stands on the other side of the table. A pair of hands is holding
the plate of food.
Thump Bo Jinyan puts the plate back on the table.
Unpalatable! He says in his deep voice.
The fish is boiled for too long. And you added too much salt.
Jian Yao feels as if a bomb has exploded within her. She walks over to him, takes the
plate and brings it back to the other side of the table. Did I say you can eat it?
Then she sits down, picks up the chopsticks, and eats in silence.
Bo Jinyan gives no reply. He just stands there, like a quiet white tree. The wind is
howling outside. But inside the house, its a sharp contrast. Everything seems so still
and quiet. The flickering flames from the gas stove are the only movement.
Suddenly, he walks over to her. She keeps her head facing down towards the table
and pretends he is not there. In the corner of her eyes, she sees him leaving a mans
jacket on the back of one of the dining chairs. His fingers are slender but plump, not
skeletal as Jian Xuan has described.
Jian Yao is a little stunned. But she chooses not to comment.
Then he turns around, and walks into the kitchen.

He rolls up his sleeves. After washing his hands under the faucet, he stands before
the chopping board and starts filleting more fish pieces.
He places the pieces of fish on the plate neatly, then one by one he puts them into
the pot, and scoops them out quickly, like an experienced chef.
Soon he holds up another plate of poached fish, put it on the table pushes it in front
of her.
"This is what poached fish should be like."
Jian Yao looks up at him.
All that work just to prove he can do a better job?
He is standing very close to her. Close enough for Jian Yao to see his face. He is not
wearing a mask anymore. But he is wearing a pair of chunky complicated looking
glasses with bits of red beam showing on the sides. They are so big that most of his face
is covered.
Night vision goggles?
His house has no hand held torches because he wears night vision goggles?
Even with the goggles on, Jian Yao can tell that he has attractive facial features. A
slender and straight nose, thin lips and a nice jaw line, Well proportioned and
smooth, not like crumpled concave as Jian Xuan described.
Jian Yao protests in silence and refuse to try his fish. She continues to finish what
is on her plate.
Without saying another word, Bo Jinyan heads back up the stairs and once again,
his tall white shadow disappears in the darkness.
Jian Yao is alone again.
She picks up the jacket. This looks familiar. Ah, it belongs to Fu Ziyu. It was
hanging on a cloth rack on the day of their interview. Half way through their
conversation, he stood up, walked over to the jacket to retrieve his mobile phone.
She suddenly remembers what Fu Ziyu said. Bo Jinyan is an eccentric guy with no
So, Bo Jinyan is socially challenged and lack interpersonal communication skills.
That thought makes Jian Yao feels a little better. Unable to contain her curiosity
any longer, she picks up the chopsticks. She chooses the smallest piece of fish fillet she

can find from his plate and puts it in her mouth. Then she moves the remaining pieces
of fish around the plate to make it look as if she has not touched the plate at all.
Sigh! She has to admit, it tastes much better than hers.
Jian Yao is awaked by loud banging sounds. She sits up from the sofa, and finds
two windows moving with the strong wind. The banging sounds are caused by the
windows hitting the frame.
The sky is still dark. The rain seems to have eased a little but the whistling sound
of the wind is like a roaring beast.
- If the windows keep banging on the frames, the glass will shatter.
Immediately, she gets up and walks over. When she is in front of the window, she
notices Bo Jinyan is also making his way down toward her, obvious concerned after
hearing the banging sounds. His face is still mostly dark. He is still wearing those night
vision googles.
Jian Yao is too busy to talk to him now. She manages to grab the handle of one of
the windows and quickly secure it back to the locked position. As she reaches out for
the second window, a gush of wind rips through. A streak of white lightning blinds her
eyes. The window is coming towards her with great force.
Jian Yao reflexively turns to escape, while lifting her hands to block her face. She
feels a hand clenching her right wrist. She is pulled away from the window. Meanwhile
behind her, theres a loud bang, followed by a large area of broken glass shattered all
over the floor ......
What a close call.
She turns around to face Bo Jinyan. Because they are standing so close to each
other, she can smell his scent, masculine and unfamiliar to her. His hand still holding
her wrist.
"Thank you." She tries to loosen his grip. The next second, he bends down, lean
her back into his arms and carries her.
Jian Yao is shocked: "What are you doing?"
Bo Jinyan looks at her: "I do not think you can bypass all broken glass on the
ground without night vision googles."
He walks toward the sofa.
With close proximity to his chest, his faint masculine scent is even more apparent.
She feels safe in the arms of this tall and slender man.

Jian Yao feels a little awkward. Shes never been in such close contact with a man
before. But there is nothing she can do. She can only hold on to him for now.
"Thank you. Jian Yao says.
After putting her down on the sofa, he heads to the kitchen. Within a minute,he is
"I believe you have come to a conclusion. He says.
- Huh? Oh, the fish. She thought she concealed the evidence very well. How does
he know?
With a honest and calm answer, she says "I admit, your fish is more delicious than
mine, but can you not speak in such a condescending manner?
Bo Jinyan ignores her criticism. Softly, he says to her: "Good night" Jian Yao is sure
theres a smile on his face when he said that. A smile of victory.
He disappears up the stairs again..
Jian Yao wakes up. The storm has passed.
She takes a breathe of the clear cold morning air. Everything that happened last
night is like a dream.
She folds Fu Ziyus jacket and leaves it on the sofa, takes out a broom, cleans the
broken glass in the living room and goes home.
Theres not a lot of people on the street in this time of the day. She heads over to
her step-fathers house but he has gone to work. She sends a text to her mom to say she
is okay. A few security guards walk past her.

Jian Yao overhears their conversation. They sound anxious and angry.
"It must be him, that Frankenstein."
"Yes, it must be him that has abducted the children."
We have to do something."

- Abduction?
Jian Yao remembers what Lee mentioned previously about the kidnapping cases.
The security guards hop in a car and drive off.
Jian Yao knows this is something to do with those cases. She feels its important to
tell Lee about the security guards. She tries to call him but no one picks up the phone.
Maybe he is somewhere with poor phone signal reception. He did mention he is
working in the countryside for a few days. She decides to try again later.
At home. She tells Jian Xuan about the security guards. Jian Xuan tells her that
one of the sons of the guards has been missing for a day.
They have reported it to the police." Jian Xuan said, But the police wont do a
filing unless he is missing for more than 48 hours."
Jian Yao nods. She tries to call Lee again but she still cant get through. Feeling
very tired, she takes a nap.
Jian Yao wakes up around noon. Scattered clouds, bright sunshine. Its a nice day
Jian Yao eats a late breakfast and gets ready to leave the house.
Are you heading back to the villa? Didnt you just come back from there?"
Jian Xuan asked.
Jian Yao replied: Just a little work left to complete. I should finish everything
today." She pauses and adds, "Yesterday, I saw Bo Jinyan."
"Really? "Is it a scary encounter? Asks Jian Xuan
Jian Yao dont know what to say. She gives a sigh. Soon, the work she is doing for
Bo Jinyan will come to an end. Bo Jinyan and her will never meet again.
Life will return to normal. The holidays will be over. She will return to B city,
where she will work as an intern for a company. She will find a boyfriend, get married
and have kids.
But unknown to her now, her life is about to take a turn. This very afternoon, in
the villa. Something unexpected will happen. Her life will change dramatically, leading
her down a path that is so different from her current dreams and aspirations.

Chapter 6

The rain has stopped. Back to a clear blue sky. The water droplets on the leaves
sparkle under the sun.

Walking along the tree lined avenue, Jian Yao enjoys the lovely scenery and feels a
sense of peace and contentment within her.
She will say goodbye to Bo Jinyan soon. Even Frankenstein deserves a final
The villa stands amidst greenery. It is a lovely place.
Jian Yao walks towards the entrance.
The front door is wide open.
Usually, the door is closed when she comes over. She knocks on the door, and it will
automatically open. Bo Jinyan has a remote control in his room. Its never wide open
like this.
She walks through and sees a number of people in the living room. They are
whispering amongst themselves.
An unprecedented situation.
Jian Yao stops and stands at the door, listening carefully. One of the people turns
around and sees her. Its you!!"
Then a few people come out from the house, Jian Yao recognises them. They are the
security guards she met this morning.

The security guards are familiar with Jian Yao. She always goes to the dormitories
they guard. Thats where her step father lives. Some of them know her by name. One of
the oldest guards raises his voice: Jian Yao, why are you here?"
They look tense. Some of them have wooden sticks with them. Jian Yao says: Eh..
I came by to eh have a look.. eh Why are you here? Is Lao Xiaos son found yet?
Lao Xiao" is the father of the missing boy.
One of them answers. ". Not yet. The Frankenstein is not home yet."
Jian Yao is about to ask another question. Another security guards suddenly
thinks of an idea. Can you give us a hand?"
Jian Yao looks at him, nods firmly:Tell me what you want me to do."
The security guard knows that Jian Yao has a good friend that works in the Police
Department. If she is willing to put in a word for them, the police might agree to take
on the case earlier than the required 48 hours. .

They give her the details of what happened.

The child went missing yesterday afternoon. All the relatives and friends had
searched in every possible place they could think of. Still, there was no trace of the boy.
The only clue is from a shopkeeper near the train station. He saw the child going into a
gaming parlour in the morning. He also saw Frankenstein" there at the time, talking to
the young boy.
Jian Yao asks: How did the shopkeeper know the person who talked to the young
boy is the owner of this house?
A security guard replies: Ms Jian, do you not know that hes famous for wearing a
trench coat and a mask on everywhere he goes?. He is such a strange guy. Everybody
knows he lives in the mountain, Everybody thinks he is crazy. He must have abducted
the child!
Jian Yao is shocked - She is only back in town for the school term break. She has
no idea.

Jian Yao enters the house with them.

The house still looks the same as when she left in the morning. The security
guards look around to see if they can find any clues. Two of the guards walk up the
stairs to the second floor.
A middle-aged security guard squats beside the sofa. His eyes are red. He looks
crushed and desperate. Jian Yao recognises him. He is Lao Xiao.
When the security guards told her that Bo Jinyan has abducted the children, her
first instinct was Its impossible. She has always thought he is novelist that specialises
in detective stories.
However, he did speak to the child
Suddenly, her cell phone rings. Its from a number she is not familiar with.
She walks away and answers the phone: "Hello?"
The voice of the caller is exceptionally low, with a more nasal hoarse sound than
last night, like someone who just woke up: Please tell them to leave immediately.
Thanks. he says in a very calm tone.
With the cell phone still by her ears, she looks at the people who have
congregated in his house.

FZ has her resume, so thats how he knows her phone number. So, he is at home
after all.
Jian Yao speaks in low voice: Mr.Bo. They have something very important that
they need to speak to you about. Can you please come downstairs?
Bo Jinyan gives a laugh: "If I meet with every person who wants to meet me , I will
be dead by now.
- Huh? Jian Yao is slightly confused.
from exhaustion.
Jian Yao keeps quiet for a moment: "Since you do not want to talk to them, can you
tell them yourself. I will not tell them for you.
She is obviously annoyed. Bo Jinyan pauses for a while.
Then he says: "Well, tell them that what they are looking for is in the room on the
first floor. The key to the room is inside the kitchen cupboard, on the third shelf. He
hangs up.
With those instructions, Jian Yao goes to the kitchen and retrieves the key.
She walks back to the living room, and says to the guards: ".. Actually, I am doing a
bit of work for Mr.Bo, but I dont know him that well. He just phoned me and asked me
to show you this.
This is the room that is supposed to be out of bounds. Yao inserts the key into the
slot and unlocks the door. Her heart is pounding.
What will they see? Why is Bo Jinyan leading them to this room?
A security guard opens the door slowly.
The lighting inside is very dim. Slowly, she realises what is inside those jars and
bottles on the shelves.
Everyone is stunned. Nobody made a sound.
Inside the bottle that is sitting on the shelve closest to them, is an eyeball. Pale,
with lax pupil, as if it is staring at them.
Other bottles in the room contain lips, teeth, wrists, heart, male genitals ......

A security guard exclaims: Murderer! Psychopath! !!" Then he turns and runs
down the stairs and out of the house. Others immediately follow him. We have to keep
this place secure before the police arrives. Lets guard at the front door. . Lao Xiao is
standing there like a statue. Come on, Lets leave this place first. The police will be
here soon. Says one of the guards. He then helps Lao Xiao down the stairs and back
out into the courtyard.
Jian Yao feels a chill slowly infiltrating her limbs and her body. She takes a look
around the room. . Nobody is here anymore. Except her. Suddenly a thought comes to
She picks up the jar with the eye. She tilts it and looks at the bottom of the jar.
There is a small yellow sticker.
It is an English label:
"Number: 42;
Content: left eye;
Gender: Female;
Age: 27;
Cause of death: accident, excessive bleeding;
Time of death: 15 August 27
Donation hospital: Ohio State Hospital.
There is also a hospital seal: - human organ specimen for research.
Jian Yao is relieved.
She hears the sound of police siren, and it is getting louder. Then it stops. She
walks downstairs to the entrance.
Just stepping out of the front door, she sees two policemen being surrounded by
the security guards. Meanwhile, she hears a bang behind her. The door is shut.
Jian Yao looks at the closed door.
Bo Jinyan led them to the room with all the specimens to scare them away.

The two policemen that are here are civilian police. Jian Yao tells them what had
just happened. Although she explains that those bottles are only specimens for

research purposes, the security guards are still convinced that Bo Jinyan is the one who
abducted the children.
The two policeman knock on the door. They want Bo Jinyan to personally explain
whats happening.
No response. Security guards start to talk amongst themselves: He is trying to
hide from us because he is guilty.
- Whats on his mind? Jian Yao is also puzzled by his actions.
One of the police walks over to Jian Yao. You have his phone number, right? Can
you please call him to open the door?"
Jian Yao nods. At the request of the police, she dials the number and turns on the
speakerphone function. "The police is outside your house. They need to speak to you.
Please open the door."
Bo Jinyan stays quiet for a few seconds before answering: They have a search
warrant or an arrest warrant?
The policeman shakes his head. Jian Yao replies: "No."
Bo Jinyan: "Then why should I open the door? Goodbye." He hangs up again.
The policemen look at each other. They are getting very annoyed: "Call the bureau
to consult!" Jian Yao is also offended by his attitude. But she thinks to herself. He is not
a criminal. Criminals dont behave this way.
Another police siren sound gets closer. Everyone looks toward the direction of
where the sound is coming from.
A middle-aged man, surrounded by several police officers are walking towards
them. One of the officers is Li. Jian Yao recognises the middle-aged man. He is chief
In this little courtyard, the situation seems to get somewhat complicated.
Lee is surprised to see Jian Yao here- What are you doing here?
Jian Yao: Long story. Why is Chief here?
Li Xunran gives a little laugh. Long story. We only just found out from central
office that he lives here. So, we are here to see him. There is a sense of excitement in
his voice. Are you here to help find the missing children? Reports have been filed
about him being a suspect for kidnapping. There must be some mistake. How could he
possibly be the offender? Ill explain later. Gotta go. Then he runs off.

Once again, someone is knocking on the front door. This time, its Li.
Once again, the request has been denied. No one answers.
And once again, Jian Yao is asked to call him with her phone.
All eyes are on her. Jian Yao has no choice but to press the numbers again.
Speakerphone function is on once again. Before she can even say anything , Bo Jinyan
speaks with a slightly annoyed voice Are you so incapable? Seems like you cant even
remember events that happened within the last 24 hours? Did you forget how late I
went to bed last night? How many times are you going to call me?"
Jian Yao is about to respond, but suddenly she feels the crowd looking at her
strangely. Its too hard to explain to them what he meant. She decides to give up. So
she goes straight to the point: Bo Jinyan, The Chief Inspector is here to see you."
I dont want to see him. He replies.
Let me talk to him." The Chief Inspector stretches out his hand and ask for Jian
Yaos phone.
He walks away from the crowd. They talk for a while. He walks back with a smile
on his face.
Chief walks to the front door. This time, the door opens. Chief, Li Xunran and Jian
Yao goes inside the house.
Jian Yao taps Li Xunran on the shoulder: Who is he?
Li Xunran looks at Jian Yao: How do you know him? What is the relationship
between you two?
I am working for him. As a translator.
Li Xunran grabs her by her arm: You work for him!" He says with an envious

Bo Jinyan. Associate professor from University of Maryland. The world's youngest

criminal psychology expert, Consultant for the Ministry of Public Security. And he chose
to stay in our little town!

Chapter 7

A cloud of twilight dust covers the atmosphere. Jian Yao stands in front of the
window. She looks at the police station thats situated directly opposite to her house.

After the Chief entered the house, the police asked everyone to leave the villa. She
returned home before the Chief finished meeting with Bo Jinyan.
Jian Xuan comes out from the study. She hands over a journal to her sister: "I want
the great gods autograph!"
Jian Yao turns to look at her: Really? Yesterday, she was still calling Bo Jinyan a
"male demon."
Jian Xuan nods: I am a super fan of the US series Criminal minds. Here I am,
living with a real life expert in the field in the same town. I cant miss this
Jian Yao turns around and looks out the window:. "I'm not going to ask him for an
"Why?" Jian Xuan is surprised. She doesnt understand why her sister is so against
the idea. "Sis, is there something thats bothering you?"
Jian Yao gives a sigh. Nothing. Do you know what he will say when I ask for an
Jian Yao tries to imitate his arrogant tone. Lowering her voice: "If I satisfy
everyones wish to get my autograph, Id be without a hand by now.
Jian Xuan: "Ah?"
Jian Yao: "...... detached due to over-using ."
Jian Xuan rolls her eyes: Your joke is not even funny?"
Jian Yao laughs: This is not a joke."
Jian Yao is very shocked to hear the identity of Bo Jinyan. Her first impression of
him is that he is a very arrogant, low EQ, naive introvert.
Can such a person really be a world-renowned expert?
Well, sometimes life does throw you some surprises.
The phone rings. Its Li, Jian Yao immediately answers the phone.
"I see that you are home. Are you free to come to my office now?"

The distance between the police housing compound and the offices are less than a
few hundred meters away. A few minutes later, Jian Yao enters Lis office.
Li Xunran gives her a glass of water. His bright eyes are looking at her. A lot of the
ladies working in the police station consider him an attractive man.
He does not say a word. Jian Yao doesn't speak to him either. She sips the water he
gave her. The atmosphere is a little awkward. Finally, he asks the question that really
bothers him: Is Bo Jinyan wooing you?
Jian Yao almost chokes:Are you crazy? Thats not even possible.
Li Xunran looks at her. He knows she is telling the truth. He mumbles to himself:
"Although you are quite smart, you are not in the top 1%"
Jian Yao is slightly offended. He continues: If he is not trying to woo you, why
would he insist that the assistant must be you?
Jian Yao is shocked: "What assistant?"
Li Xunran answers: His assistant for the investigation, of course.
Jian Yao is slightly confused: The case information needs to be translated into
No, the case about the missing teenagers. Nothing needs to be translated.
Jian Yao is even more confused. Clearly, Li Xunran is not joking. "Why me? I'm not
even part of the police force."

A few hours ago.

After a brief chat with the chief, Bo Jinyan agrees to take on the case and assist the
police to find the kidnapper. But he has one condition, He wants Jian Yao to be his
He doesnt care that Jian Yao is not part of the police force. It is not his problem.
Its the chiefs responsibility to see that his requests are met. As Li Xunran is a good
friend of Jian Yao, the task of persuading her to join the operation falls on his shoulder.
Lis initial plan was to volunteer his service to Bo Jinyan. To be his assistant.
Before he met Bo Jinyan, he thought Bo Jinyan would be an older gentleman. He is
surprised to find that Bo Jinyan is about the same age as himself.

Bo Jinyan was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper in the police conference
room. Without even lifting his head, he answered: Thanks for volunteering, but I do
not know you. I am not interested."
- Thats why Li Xunran is behaving in such a strange way. He wants to learn under
Bo Jinyan but is refused.
Li Xunran : "Why you?
Jian Yao: How would I know? Go and ask him yourself.
Li: Our policy is not to allow civilians to join our investigation. But Professor Bo has
just been awarded the Ministry of Public Security honorary inspector. This is a position
of a very high ranking. Since its the request of professor Bo, we will make an exception.
But its up to you to decide whether you want to accept this post."
Jian Yao thinks for a while. She shakes her head: I want to talk to Professor Bo
first. I have a few queries about the post.
Li Xunran nods: "He just left our office. He should be back at the villa soon.
Jian Yao walks home, contemplating about what Li Xunran told her.
She opens the door and looks around. The living room is empty. She sits down on
the sofa, and hear some noise coming from the study.
- Must be Jian Xuan working at her computer. She thought.
She picks up the phone and is about to call Bo Jinyan. Before she hits the dial
button, she raises her voice to talk to her sister in the study: You'll never guess what Li
Xunran said to me. Your great god wants me to be his investigation assistant. This
seems unreal. I feel as if I am struck by lightning.
- No comment from her sister? She must be on headphones. Jian Yao presses the dial
Suddenly, theres music coming from the study. A ring tone from a mobile. That
doesnt sound like Juans phone? Her ring tone is rap music, not a classical symphony.
Then the front door is opened. Juan walks in. Seeing her sister in the lounge, Jian
Xuan asks enthusiastically: You are back! I looked everywhere for you. Where did you
go? You didnt even bring your mobile phone with you. Wheres great god? Is he still
in the study?
Jian Yao is stunned for a moment. Great God? Study?

"Yeah, he came by to see you. You dont know he is here? Go! Phew Let me calm
down first. Handsome! He is too handsome! I must have mistaken him for someone else
Jian Yao takes a peep through the study door.
The lights are on, the whole room has a warm feel about it. Classical music is
playing softly in the background. She can faintly hear the sound of a tea cup being
placed on the wooden table. Jian Yao gently opens the door and walks in.
In the middle of the room, a man is sitting on a red couch.
He is wearing a black suit and a white shirt. No tie. One leg folds on top of the other,
he is holding a book in his right hand, reading. On a side table next to him, there is a
cup of tea and a small dish of fruits.
A very elegant scene.
He puts the book down and looks up at Jian Yao.
The man is undoubtedly very tall. You can tell even when hes sitting down.
He has quite broad shoulders. He looks good in a suit.
Their eyes meet. Finally, she is able to look at him properly. Hes not just a shadow
in the dark anymore. His eyes are long and slender. The pupils are very dark, a sharp
contrast to his fair complexion. He is a handsome man. But his gaze is cold, as if he
wants to keep a distance with the world.
Jian Yao sits across from him. She feels a little uneasy.
They have had several encounters in the past. But they are either on the phone or
in the dark. They are no strangers to one another, but yet they dont really know each
other either.
She is about to speak when he looks at the book again: How does that feel like?
He asked.
Jian Yao: Huh?
Bo Jinyan: To be struck by lightning?
Jian Yao is a little embarrassed. She ask him a question instead of giving him an
answer : Why are you in my house?
Bo Jinyan lifts his eye toward her:. Background check.

"A harmonious family. Gets on well with your classmates. Studies in the city and
returns home during your school vacations. You dont live with your mother and your
step father, but choose to live alone in this old vacant house. Perhaps you are not as
cheerful and happy as your appearance suggests
Your father died when you were six years old. Your mother and step father loves
you and you get along with them. You are not the paranoid or fragile type. What
happened during your childhood that has left a hole in your heart?"
Jian Yao's face suddenly turned white. And then, Bo Jinyan changes the
subject:This is a trivial problem compared to this other one I just found. He raises the
book in his hand: You are into novels that have no scientific basis and no logic?"
Jian Yao notices the title of the book - Ill accompany you to ends of the universe.
Its one of her romance novels.
Jian Yao argues: "This is a romance novel. Logic is not important."
Bo Jinyan opens the book and turns to one of the page: You even wrote
She blushes a little, and took the book off him: Who said you can touch my books?
She read it in high school. At the time, she found the story very touching. But she was
only sixteen then.
The girl outside. said Bo Jinyan: She said I can take any book in the study.
Jian Yao puts the book back on the shelf. Not wasting any more time, she asks:
"Why do you want me to be your assistant?"
Bo Jinyan smiles: Its obvious. There are so many reasons for it.
Jian Yao is a bit surprised: "For example?"
"For example, I do not like to be disturbed. For example, I need someone to deal
with the police and reporters on my behalf. I need someone to do all the tedious and
time consuming tasks. For example, you are the only person I know in this town. And
you can fish."
Jian Yao: "...... I need some time to consider."
Bo Jinyan takes a glance at her. He stands up, picks up the jacket and starts
walking out. Before he gets out of the room, he turns around and says to her: "I only
catch the most vicious criminals. Because only I am capable to do so. This case will not
take more than one week. Thats all the time I want from you. If I were you, I wont
waste my time considering. See you tomorrow. Please arrive at my villa by 8am. "

Chapter 8

Another chilly winter morning. The rising sun casts a ray of soft golden light over the
mountain side. The trees gives a gentle glow in the morning sun. Hardly anyone comes

to this part of the town. Its always so quiet and peaceful here. Except for the little
episode yesterday.
Jian Yao walks quietly toward the villa.
She enters the house she is now fairly familiar with. Upstairs, the gates are open.
Cautiously, she steps into Bo Jinyans territory.
"Bo Jinyan? Bo Jinyan?"
No answer.
Jian Yao walks up to the first room.
The door is open. She walks inside. Near the window, a stack of files sit on top of a
table. There are a few books scattered there as well. Its rather messy. A big blanket is
left unfold on a sofa next to the table. A half-finished cup of tea sits on the small coffee
Opposite the sofa hangs a large whiteboard. Its covered with photos, with lots of
captions and words written around them.
Jian Yao walks over to the whiteboard.
There are a total of nine photographs. These are the pictures of the missing
teenagers. All of them are rural children. Underneath three of the photos, Bo Jinyan
wrote down the locations where the boys went missing. South of the market. Train
station. Materials Quarter.
Li has briefed Jian Yao about this. They have enough evidence to determine the
abduction locations for three of the boys that went missing. As for the rest of the
teenagers, for all they know, they could have disappeared anywhere.
Then theres the second row of words. More locations, places with similar qualities
to those three above - Eastern market, bus station, farmers market ...... and so on. Jian
Yao understands their significance - Traffic, video game movie theatres, Internet cafes
etc. Places teenagers like to hang out. Possible hunting grounds for the kidnappers.
But these places are dispersed throughout the city. Looking for the criminals will
be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Further down the whiteboard, theres more words, a combination of English and
Chinese. The handwriting is so messy that Jian Yao cant work out what some of the
words are. On the corner of the white board is a drawing of a little turtle. Its only a
stick figure, but its very cute.
So great god likes to doodle when hes analysing data. How adorable. Jian Yao
smiles to herself.

Theres a phrase within the messy writing that is written in a bigger and clearer
font than the rest.
"No witnesses."
No witnesses?
Everybody knows this. So why is he emphasising the point?
Jian Yao doesnt understand that. She takes out her phone and sends a text
message to Li. Kp: No witnesses.
( I am not sure what KP means. Its in the original text. In English. So I left it there.)
Last night, Jian Yao made a decision. She called Li.
Li immediately went to her home. The first thing he said was: "I still want to work
with him and learn from him."
Jian Yao is not too surprised: But How?
Whenever he tells you something - conclusions or ideas he comes up with, theory,
opinions, everything! Can you please write them down and let me know? This is not
infringement. Whatever information you can access, I should be able to access too."
Jian Yao replied: "I do not know much about crime and psychology. But I will do
my best to help you.
So, whenever Jian Yao finds a key point, she texts Li.
(Ahh. Kp means Key point. I see.)
Li replies almost immediately: "?????"
Jian Yao smiles. Well, she only agreed to be the messenger. The rest is up to him to
figure out himself. Just then, Bo Jinyan walks in wearing a pair of white pyjamas.
This is so different from her expectations.
Yesterday, even though he was arrogant and conceited, showing how inconsiderate
he can be to the feelings of others; he was wearing a suit, looking very prim and proper.
Today, he is wearing a pair of PJs, walking around barefooted. He is still the same
handsome man she saw yesterday. Only today, the expressions on this mans face
shows that he is not happy. Not happy at all.

He walks pass Jian Yao. He turns and looks in her direction. Jian Yao thinks he is
going to speak to her. But he seems to stare straight pass her. He picks up the cup on
the side table. Walks out of the room and heads downstairs.
- Well, if you have nothing to say to me. I will just keep quiet then.
She follows him down in silence.

In the kitchen. He bents over to take a carton of milk from the refrigerator and
heats it up in the microwave. He takes out a few slices of bread, put them in the toaster,
then throws a bottle of jam on the table. Then he sits down at the dining table.
Hes going to talk about work now. Thought Jian Yao.
Suddenly, he put his arms on the table, then buries his head into the hole between his

The microwave gives a "ding" sound. He looks up, stands up, takes the food and
drink to the table and starts having his breakfast.
Another late night?Jian Yao asks.
Umm" His throat give a little groan.
After a while, he looks up at her again. He frowns: Youve changed your style of
Jian Yao looks at her little black skirt. She has dressed more formally today
because he was in a suit yesterday. She thought she should match his dressing style.
He keeps staring at her. Jian Yao begins to feel a little uneasy. Then she hears him
say: This style doesnt suit you. You look prettier in your usual clothing.
Jian Yao is surprised by his words. After he finishes his sentence, he continues to
have his breakfast.
Flattering words are always welcomed by woman, especially when its from
someone like him.
Jian Yao gives him a smile:Thanks.
After he finishes his breakfast, he looks brighter, and more awake.
Bo Jinyan: My rookie assistant, come upstairs. Collate all the information on the
case, and then wait for me in the car."

In the driveway, Jian Yao sees a parked police car. The driver looks like he has
been waiting for a while.
Jian Yao sits in the back seat. She starts to read the information on the case while
waiting. After a few minutes, Bo Jinyan appears.
He is in a suit again, with a black coat on top. A coffee brown scarf wrapped
around his neck. He is wearing a mask on his face, the type that looks a bit like surgical
mask, revealing only a pair of slender dark eyes.
He sits beside Jian Yao. He takes off his mask and scarf: We are ready to go. He
gives instructions to the driver.
Jian Yao: "Why are you wearing a mask that covers your face?"
He looks at her as if its an inappropriate question: Dont you think its cold out
Jian Yao: "...... No, not really.
So thats the reason. People from the north do not adapt well to the winter
temperatures of the south. Bo Jinyan is not a local. He wears a mask to keep his face
warm. This is a common practice in the northern towns, but people in the south will
find it strange. No wonder people label him as "Frankenstein."
The car is leaving town. They are on the national highway.
Jian Yao asks: "Where are we going?"
Bo Jinyan adjusts his sitting position a little. The car is not very spacious. Jian Yao
moves closer to the door to give him more room. His body takes up more than half the
back seat.
We need to get his address. says Bo Jinyan
"He? Who is he? asks Jian Yao.
Bo Jinyan smiles: The criminal, of course."
Jian Yao looks at him: "You mean... there is only one person responsible for the
kidnapping? And its someone from the area?" Li told her the police suspects a human
trafficking gang is involved, or someone from further afield, not so close to home. But
Bo Jinyan is going down a totally different path.

Bo Jinyan looks at her: You are not so dumb after all. Theres a similar pattern to
all the disappearances. All of them have the same distinctive and unique personality
about them. It can only be done by one person."
While Jian Yao is processing what he just said, the phone rings.
Bo Jinyan glances at her: Ah! Time to report to your little boyfriend?"
Jian Yao looks at him: "He is not my boyfriend."
Bo Jinyan says no more. He closes his eyes for a nap. "Do you mind if I update
him? Jian Yao asks.
Do as you please. I dont care.
The police car stops in a nearby township.
Along the highway, there are line of houses on both side of the road. There are
four or five low rise buildings, and a few old huts.
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao walks to one of the huts - the home of the first missing boy Fu Mingyis parents house. No one knows where Fu was abducted. They knock on the
front door.
The house looks old and tired. The paint are stripped off, cracks run along the side
of the walls. Inside, Fus parents looks as if life has been drained out of them. Yao can
feel the pain they carry.
According to the police statement, on the day of his disappearance, Fu left home
early in the morning. He was meant to arrive at Tong city around 8:00am. He just
turned 15 years old. Hes a secondary student. He was supposed to go to Tong city to
stay with his aunt for two weeks, to attend some tutorial classes for the upcoming
school exams. His aunt called his parents around midday after he failed to arrive. Bo
Jinyan asked the parents a few more questions. But nothing provided any clue as to
where he could have gone.
They go into Fus bedroom. His room is filled with lots of stuff - children toys, masks,
kaleidoscope, game cards, and handheld gaming devices. All these items are now
keepsakes for the old couple to remember their beloved son.
Jian Yao: Anything useful?"
Instead of answering her question, Bo Jinyan says:Out.

Just before she walks out of the room, he says: Please use your brain. Its not a
piece of furniture. I want every piece of information you can find on Fu. There must be
clues hiding in this house that will tell us where he went that morning."
By now, Jian Yao is used to the way he speaks. She doesn't get offended anymore.
They walk out to the backyard. Theres a poultry shed.
Inside the shed, theres around 12 chickens. Its probably one of the main source of
income for the family. There is a cabinet beside the shed. A basket of eggs sits on top of
the cabinet.
Jian Yao turns back into the house to find Fus mother.
After some time, Jian Yao returns to Fus room.
"I found something. But its probably useless." She said.
Bo Jinyan keeps his eyes on the ground: Speak."
Jian Yao looks at his handsome face. She feels a little uneasy to share her little
humble opinion with a world renowned expert.
She clears her throat and speaks out: Fu does alright at school. He doesnt seem to
be the academic type, but he gets on well with his classmates. They like playing video
games but his family is too poor to buy a console and games for him to play at home. So
he likes to hang out at video game parlours and internet cafes.

The day Fu went missing, he took a basket of eggs to bring to his aunt Jian Yao
"Stop!" Bo Jinyan interrupts her. Looking at her with his clear sharp eyes: How do
you know he brought eggs?"
Jian Yao replies: "I noticed theres a basket of eggs in the backyard. I thought, since
the parents wanted their child to board with the aunt for a period of time, they will
surely give a little gift, such as fresh eggs. Ha ha.. not relevant to the case, right? Other
than that, I cant find anything else "
Jian Yao's voice suddenly stops, because Bo Jinyan steps forward, bents over to hug
Jian Yao stiffens and looks at Bo Jinyan. He releases her quickly and looks at her
with a smile.

Bring eggs to aunt! You're a genius!"

Jian Yao: "This is the basic manners ......"
Bo Jinyan smiles: "Fu Ziyu said you are a very well mannered person, so you can
complement me in places I am lacking in. He is right..."
Jian Yao: "......"
Bo Jinyan opens the map app on his phone. He points to a location and says: This
is where he went missing.
He is pointing to a farmer's market. "Why?"
Bo Jinyan seems a little more patient with her now. He explains: Money. Hes
carrying a basket of eggs. Its so inconvenient. If he didnt go straight to his aunts
house. He must be gone to the market to sell the eggs for money. Then he can go to the
video game parlour. This market is not far from his aunts house, and very close to a
video game parlour.
He loves video games, but he doesnt have enough money. So he secretly sold the
eggs. He often brings eggs to his aunties house so he is betting that his aunt will not
find out his mischief.
Jian Yao listens and nods: Where do we go from here?
Bo Jinyans smile deepens.
They return to the car. Leaving Tong city, they are back on the national highway.
Bo Jinyan takes out a notebook and starts to write frantically. Jian Yao is busy
texting Li with all the updates.
When Bo Jinyan has finished writing, he throws her the notebook: "Give them a
Jian Yao picks up the book. She reads what Bo Jinyan wrote.
"Male, aged 25-30, local, slim, ordinary looking;
Lives alone within 3km from the farmer's market. The place where he works is
close to the market too.
No car.
Strong communication skills, articulate, frequent visitor of video game parlours,
movie theatres and other places teenagers like to hang out. "

Jian Yao looks at him: "Why ...... Why does the offender live near the location of the
first disappearance? And why is he between 25-30 years old??"
Bo Jinyan puts his hands behind his head: I have already written all the reasons on
the whiteboard. Did you not see them this morning?"
Then he opens the map apps on his phone again, pointing: "Tell them to
immediately search the forest to the east of the farmers' markets. If they find anything,
give us a call immediately."
Jian Yao heart is shocked: Find? Find what?"
Bo Jinyan, glancing at her: Youve already guessed the answer. Why do you ask
Bo Jinyan smiles: "My dear assistant, I told you before. I am not interested in human
trafficking gangs, or other mediocre stuff like that. Serial killers are my specialty.

Chapter 9
The police car is still traveling on the national highway.
Jian Yao is lost for words. She cannot believe this.
The policeman that is driving the car asks Bo Jinyan: Professor Bo, you mean ......
those kids are dead?"
Bo Jinyan says slowly: I am afraid so."
The scenery outside the window changes rapidly. Jian Yao asks: "Even if theres
only one person that is committing the crime, he may still be a trafficker. Why are you
so sure that its a serial killer?"
Bo Jinyans pale handsome face has no expression. Looking outside the window,
his eyes seem to be staring into a different world.
Bo Jinyan: "Because I understand them."
Jian Yao calls Li.
Even though she has her doubts, she calls Li Xunran to tell him what Bo Jinyan just
told her.
Li Xunran stands in the office with his speakerphone function on. The whole police
station is in uproars after hearing Bo Jinyans words: "Why? How did he reach such a
Jian Yao: Wait." she puts down the phone and looks at Bo Jinyan: "They want to
know the reasons behind your conclusion."
Bo Jinyan leans his body back and closes his eyes: Ill do the briefing later. Ask
them to find the bodies first.
Bodies? The police cant believe what they heard. Neither are they familiar with
the concept of briefing. They still have their doubts about whether they should change
their direction of investigation. Jian Yao, this is too big a decision to make without
understanding the facts fully. Chief is with me. He asks if Professor Bo can explain his
findings to us first?
Jian Yao ponders. She looks at Bo Jinyan again: Can't you just give them a briefing
over the phone?'"
Bo Jinyan opens his eyes: "The last time I did a briefing, it was in the central hall in
the University of Maryland. Now you want me to...." He glances outside the window:
"...... in front of the tolling booth of the 18th Forrest section of the National Highway?

Jian Yao wants to laugh: So, will you be less convincing just because you are
briefing outside the tolling booth?"
Bo Jinyan pulls out his sleep mask from his coat pocket and turns his head away
from Jian Yao. His response is clear. Stop bothering me.
Jian Yao looks at the time. Its only another hour till they will arrive the police
station. She cant possibly tell them directly that he is reluctant to do it over the phone.
So she says: Professor Bo is preparing the content for the briefing right now. We also
need to return to the villa to collect some information that we will use at the briefing.
We are almost back in town. We will come over to the police station as soon as possible
to present to you all our findings.
Jian Yao puts down the phone and gives a sigh. Bo Jinyan removes his googles and
says in a deep voice: Liar!
Jian Yao : Just shut up!
By the time they arrive the police station, its almost evening.
Li Xunran and a few other officers are waiting outside the station. Jian Yaos eyes
are drawn to the 3rd floor,where the conference room is located. That is where the
briefing will be held. The last time Jian Yao was there, she was six years old.
Memories starts to trickle like water drops into her mind.
A voice besides her: Lips pressed together, the upper eyelid drooping ...... Why did I
just see a typical expression of pain, hiding within your calm appearance?"
Jian Yao does not expect Bo Jinyan to be so observant. Like he said, she thought
she hid her emotions well.
Staring into her beautiful eyes, he continues: That hole in your heart is
something to do with your father.
Not wanting to dwell on the subject any longer, Jian Yao answers: You have
mistaken. The source of my pain is actually you, because you are about to brief the
That took Bo Jinyan by surprise: I beg your pardon?
Jian Yao steps back: As your assistant, it is my duty to remind you that even
though you might be better at investigation/criminal profiling, that doesn't give you the
right to mock them. They are a very diligent and responsible team of police. Also, they
might not appreciate your dry humour. So, when they ask you questions, can you
please answer them patiently without being sarcastic? "

How did you come up with this strange conclusion? Bo Jinyan looks at her
arrogantly, If I am ever sarcastic, its always because there is a gap in the IQ levels. The
nature the work of a policeman is very different from mine, why would I mock them
because they have little understanding of criminal psychology?
Feeling a little offended, he walks on.

In the conference room.

All the policeman are sitting around the big table that takes up most of the room.
Chief is there too. After a quick introduction, Li Xunran invites Bo Jinyan to address the
Jian Yao is sitting at the back.
Bo Jinyan stands up. He quickly sweep a place over everyone there. He is not
smiling. There is not much expression on his face. He starts to speak. This is a
confident, articulate and professional Bo Jinyan. Jian Yao has met the arrogant and
sarcastic Bo Jinyan; the I don't give a shXX about you Bo Jinyan; the warm and cuddly
Bo Jinyan. But this is a different side of him that she has not seen before.
"We are looking for a local. Aged between 25-30 year old. Male. Medium height.
Slim. Average looking. Likes to frequent video games parlours, movie theatres and
internet cafes. It is also possible that he works in one of those places.
He is streetwise. He does a lot of detailed planning before each kidnapping. He
chooses his victims carefully. And all of them are either young workers from out of
town, dropouts (of schools), or immature boys from the rural areas. They have little life
experience. They are not as strong as him physically, so they can easily seduced or
He approaches most of his victims in the downtown area. His great interpersonal
skills allows him to relate to those boys and gain their trusts. Then he will lure them to
a specific location, to be killed.
He does not use a car because it will draw attention from the public. And he
doesnt own a car anyway.
He lives alone. He is either renting, or staying in a house left to him by his parents,
because he wont be able to afford a house himself. He lives in a secluded area, not too
far from the farmers market. His house is possibly where he kills the boys.
This is the preliminary profile. Once you find the bodies, I will give you a more
detailed profile."
The whole room is quiet.

After a long pause, Bo Jinyan says: "Any questions?

The policemen look at each other. Li Xunran asks the first question: Why do you
think the criminal is between 25 to 30 years old? "
He cant be too young. If hes too young, hes not financially independent. Nor will
he be living alone, or have the ability to lure the victims and physically kill them. He
cant be too old either. Two people walking together with a huge age gap is more
conspicuous. Also, he is a psychopath. Psychopaths generally starts budding during
adolescence. To reach the state of perversion he is in now will require a gestation
period of more than a decade. Answers Bo Jinyan.
Li Xunran nods. He continues with his second question: Why do you think he lives
near the farmers market. Its only one of the many possible locations the boys went
"He's more bold than the average person. But he is not very intelligent. You can
tell from his choice of vulnerable victims, and the monotonous way of how he
operates. When psychopaths commit their first crime, they never dare to venture too
far from their place of murder. Our criminal is not sure if he can convince a teenager to
go somewhere thats too far away. He needs to keep the travel distance short.
Everyone nods. Its hard to believe, but all the pieces seem to fit well together.
After his briefing, everything seems to be so simple and logical.
More questions followed. Bo Jinyan patiently answered them. He is often very
brief in his explanation. Nevertheless, its always very clear and to the point.
"Professor, why did you say you can give us a complete profile once we find the
bodies? Li Xunran is asking one last question.

Bo Jinyan flashes a haughty smile. "Because the desires of his heart will be written
on the bodies.
When Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan returns to the villa, its past nine oclock.
Once they go inside the house, Bo Jinyan hurries upstairs. Jian Yao asks him: " What
should we do now?"
Bo Jinyan: "Shower."
So Jian Yao waits downstairs.
Today is the first time Jian Yao saw him in his professional capacity. Her
impression of him has greatly improved. In his work, he is more than just a respectable
scholar. Hes a good detective. Very observant. Quick on his feet, and knowledgable in

what he does. Though he is still cold and unapproachable, theres something about him
that makes people feel that he can be trusted. That they can depend on him.
It is getting very late. But Jian Yao understands that criminal cases are time
sensitive. She expects to work 24/7 if need be.
After a while, Bo Jinyan walks downstairs in his bathrobe. His hair is still damp
from the shower. He sits down on the sofa and picks up the book and reads.
Jian Yao asks: Are we working tonight?"
He does not look up: "No."
What about assisting the police to find the bodies and the criminal?
He glances briefly at her: "That is something the police are responsible for. I am
responsible for analysing and profiling."
The police are excavating the area where bodies might be dumped. There is
nothing they can do to help at this time. So she stands up: "Then Ill go home first, and
come back tomorrow."
Bo Jinyan turns over a page, and spit out a word: No.
Jian Yao waits for a further explanation. Slowly, he says:. Your time belongs to me
If these words are from the mouth of another male, it might seems ambiguous. But
when its from Bo Jinyan, it is literally what it means. No more. No less.
- But theres nothing to do at the moment.
Jian Yao: "...... Ill head home first. You can call me if you need me."
Bo Jinyan: "No, if we need to examine the bodies at midnight, do I have to spend
extra time to pick you up from your house?"
Every second counts. The faster they are able to catch the criminal, the less likely
there will be another victim.
Jian Yao asks: "Where should I sleep?"
Bo Jinyan Fu Ziyus room."
Jian Yao lies on the wide bed in Fu Ziyus room. Its around 11pm. Bo Jinyan is still
awake. He seems to be busy working in that first room. She can hear his footsteps,

sounds of books being taken from the shelve, sounds of turning pages, sounds of words
being scribbled on the white board
She is awakened by the ring tone of her phone.
"Jian Yao, we found the bodies." In the background, she can hear the whistling
sound of the wind, voices of other police working, A lot of bodies. says Li.
Jian Yao immediately gets out of the room.
Down the dark hallway, she knocks on Bo Jinyans door.
No response.
She takes out her phone and calls him. It rings for a long time, but there is no
- Is he fast asleep or is he somewhere else?
Jian Yao runs downstairs to retrieves his room key from the kitchen cupboard.
She slowly opens the door. Warm air rushes over her face - his room is warm and
She finds the switch on the wall and turns the lights on. In the middle of the king
size bed, a man is sleeping soundly.
Bo Jinyan is still wearing his bathrobe over his PJs. He has an interesting sleeping
posture. Facing upwards, his body is straight like a tree trunk. Hands on either side of
his body.
Jian Yao pushes his arm gently: "Bo Jinyan?"
No movement at all.
Jian Yao taps his face: "Wake up!"
He responds, his eye brow raised slightly.

- He is going to wake up. Jian Yao thinks to herself.

With his eyes still closed, he raises his hand to grab hers He then puts it to his lips
and gently kisses it.
Jian Yao's whole body stiffens. She is about to pull her hands out from his when
she heard his subconscious murmurs: Chen Mo go to sleep.

- Chen Mo?
(Note from TB: the phrase Chen Mo also means silence in Mandarin)
- Is the name of his girlfriend?
Remembering why she is there, she pulls her hand back and shakes his body again.

Bo Jinyans eyelashes tremble. Finally, he slowly opens his eyes.

Why are you in my room?
Her hand is still warm from his kiss. She quickly says: They found the bodies."
Jian Yao went back to her room to get changed. When she returns to the hallway,
Bo Jinyan is ready to go, dressed in his suit and tie. Before he starts to walk, he looks to
the ground: Chen Mo, stop blocking the hall.
Jian Yao follows his gaze to the ground. There is a tortoise in front of him.
That tortoise seems to understand what Bo Jinyan says, and slowly crawls to the

Chapter 10
This is a vacant piece of land in the countryside. It is off the beaten track. A pile of
old junk sits amongst the trees and overgrown grass.
Bo Jinyan parks his car on the side of a dirt road and walks over.
The police are everywhere. The place has been thoroughly searched. There are
pits on the ground. One of them has two policemen standing next to it. Bo Jinyan walks
up and sees a huge black plastic bag next to the pit. Further back, there are a few more
similar looking bags, where the police are examining the content inside. They look very
intense and at the same time, sad.
Jian Yao's heart sinks.
Li walks up to Bo Jinyan: The dismembered body parts belong to a total of eight
boys. Estimated time of death for the most recent body is around one week. We need
further testing to determine how long the other bodies have been there, but we think
the earliest murder would have occurred more than 12 months ago.
Bo Jinyan nods and starts walking towards the bags.
Jian Yao asks: Can I stay here?
Both men look at her at the same time.
Li sees her slightly pale face: Why dont you wait in the car?
Bo Jinyan keeps his hands in his coat pocket to keep warm. He bents down slightly
and looks at her at eye level: Are you afraid?
Jian Yao softly replies: I dont want to see."
Bo Jinyan says mockingly:Ah! Woman!
Li is surprised at his comment. Experience tells Jian Yao that theres more to
come. Sure enough, she hears his voice that carries no feelings: "What a tragedy."
Jian Yao looks at him: Whatever. I do not want to see." And she turns away.
Li is a little stunned by the way they relate to each other. He takes a look at Jian
Yao and walks on with Bo Jinyan.
Bo Jinyan squats on the ground, He is looking through the items in the bag wearing
a pair of gloves. Li squats next to him.

The body parts are cut very neatly. The surface of the cuts are tidy. Skins are still
intact. Each body is cut into seven pieces, including the limbs and torso.
Li says "According to preliminary forensic test results: The cause of death is
asphyxia. There are bruises on their necks, caused by commonly available nylon
strings. The body is then cut into pieces. We are unable to determine what tools were
used for the dismembering. Other than that, the victims suffer no other injuries."
Another police officer asks: Professor, you said yesterday that the murderers
desires will be reflected on the bodies. So what does the murderer want?
Bo Jinyan points to the body parts: Nothing else was done to them while they
were alive or after they died. No sexual assault. No torture or abuse. No blood. No
poisoning. He did not take any organ The murderer had only one purpose - to kill
and dismember."
Li looked at the corpses. He always thought the teenagers might have suffered
from sexual assault before they died. But that werent the case.
Another policeman asks: "Do you mean that he abducted those teenager just to
kill them? He is not trying to take revenge on society?"
Bo Jinyan smiles: "True psychopaths do not care about the community. They do it
because they feel they need to, not to take revenge.
That police is surprised at the answer. Li also raises his eyebrows to look at him.
Bo Jinyan stands up, looks towards the direction of the farmers market: "Since he
does not play other tricks, the case is reasonably straight forward. We need to identify
what tools he used to dismember the victims, and the method and sequence of how he
did it. Once we have that information, we can find the guy. "
Jian Yao has waited in the car for quite a while. Bo Jinyan has not returned. A
young policeman walks up to her and says Miss Jian, Professor Bo has left. He asked
me to pass on this message to you - Drive back to the villa and wait there.
Jian Yao: "Where did he go?"
The young police replies: He said he needed to buy something, but he didnt tell us
where he was going."

Midnight. Jian Yao is awakened by some abnormal noise outside.

She put on her coat and slippers.

The sound is not coming from Bo Jinyan bedroom, but a room shes never been in.
Its at the end of the hallway.
She knocks on the door. "Come in."
She can smell blood when she walks in.
The room is fitted with extremely bright lights. The room is very big. Theres no
ornament on any of the walls.
Bo Jinyan is wearing a medical jumpsuit, complete with surgical masks and cap.
This whole scene reminds her of the movie "Resident Evil".
On top of a rectangular stainless steel table lies a naked mans body. Motionless.
Behind him, there are five or six more of these table, each with a body on it.
Bo Jinyan looks at her:Now that you are awake. Give me a hand.
"What are you doing?" Jian Yao asks.
Bo Jinyan is moving something that resembles a cabinet that is approximately
80cm high, with movable wheels on the bottom. He places it next to the corpse on the
table. There are a few blades attached to the side of the cabinet. Jian Yao looks closer at
the design. They look like guillotines. He leisurely replies: Real dead body, human
models, computer simulations.... I need to experiment with all of them to determine the
tools, processes and methodologies of how the killer mutilated his victims.
Jian Yao asks: "Is there not a forensic room in the headquarters? Why do we need
to conduct our own experiments?
Bo Jinyan adjusts the angles of the blades: By the time we get approval for a
forensic corpse, our murderer will have had his hands on a few more little guys."
Jian Yao points at the body on the table: "...... Where did this come from?"
Fu Ziyu." He goes around to the other side of the body, turns around and looks at
her, Come. Hold the blade for me."
Jian Yao looks at him for a few seconds:"Sorry, I cant do this. I can help you to call
a policeman."
She turns around to walk away. She hears a deep voice from behind: To
investigate a case but refusing to look at the corpse, is like closing your eyes in front of
the truth.
Jian Yao pauses for a moment. She decides to walk out.
The low deep voice again: He may still be alive."

Jian Yao turns and looks at him: He?"

Jian Yao knows who he is referring to. Lao Xiaos son. The last body found at the
scene died a week ago. Laos son has been missing for only four days.
Jian Yao whispers: "? Do you think you could bring him back?
Bo Jinyan is still staring at the guillotine. Without looking up, he replies: I am
saving him now."
Jian Yao leaves the morgue. She returns to the bedroom and lies down for a
while, She looks outside the window into the deep darkness. After a deep breath, she
washes her face and heads towards where Bo Jinyan is.
Bo Jinyan lifts his eyes. He has a smile on his face - as if he is convinced that she
will be back.
Jian Yao put on the "resident evil costume. She walks over to the other side of Bo
Jinyan to keep the blades steady, as per his earlier request.
Bo Jinyan: "Keep steady. I am starting the experiment now."
As the blade is speeding down towards the body, Jian Yao closes her eyes. She
hears a loud crash. She can imagine how it would look like if her eyes were open.
Bo Jinyan asks: "What are you afraid of? He wont move."
Jian Yao keeps her eyes tightly closed: "Bo Jinyan ! Can you just tell me what I need
to do next and say nothing else?
At 3am, all the "experiments" are done.
Bo Jinyan says he needs a few hours for the computer simulation programme to
come up with the calculations. Jian Yao immediately takes off her terribly soiled
clothes, goes back to the room to bathe.
After her shower, she lies in bed. She stares at the ceiling. Its hard to wipe off the
disturbing images that keep emerging in her mind. Even though she had her eyes
closed for most of the time during the experiments, there were instances where she
inevitably had to open them to complete some tasks.
Its hard to go to sleep. She gets up. She notices the door of one of the rooms is
open. The one with the study table and the white board. Light is coming out from that
room. She walks in.

Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa, reading. There is a cup of coffee and a plate of smoked
salmon fillet on the side table. He takes a look at her and continues to read.
She grabs a book from the shelve, sits down beside him and starts reading.
Nobody knows how much time has passed.
"Good night." Bo Jinyan says.
Jian Yao: "Good night.
After he leaves the room, Jian Yao gets out too. Just as she is about to fall asleep in
her bed, she hears a loud knock outside the door.
She runs to open the door, but is surprised that no one is there. She hears Bo
Jinyans room door being closed. Puzzled, she closes her door and walks back to bed.
But her feet knock onto something. A black object has made its way into her room.
Chen Mo is crawling slowly towards her bed.
When Jian Yao wakes up again, the sun is hanging high in the sky. The warm rays
resting on the wooden floor boards. Chen Mo is enjoying the sun bath, heads and
limbs stretched out from its shell.
Jian Yao gets out of bed. She kneels down in front of the tortoise. She looks at it for
a moment and strokes its shell. The shy tortoise tucks its head and limbs back into its
The morgue" door is open. She knows Bo Jinyan is in there.
By the time Jian Yao comes out of the bathroom, Chen Mo is no longer in her room.
It is slowly crawling back to Bo Jinyans room.
Inside the morgue, Bo Jinyan is no longer in a jumpsuit. He is in his usual black
suit, with his back to her, looking outside the window. The table with the corpse is no
longer there.
Bo Jinyan turns to look at her.
Jian Yao: "Thank you for the tortoise."
Bo Jinyan smiles. He speaks about something totally unrelated: He dreamt of
being a killing machine."
Then he moves aside. Jian Yao sees what is previously covered by his body thats
between him and the window.

Its a modified guillotine, with three blades all lined up together. Bo Jinyan raises
his hand to push down the handle. All three blade came down at once.
Bo Jinyan looks proud.
"According to the experimental data last night ......" He takes off his gloves, throws
them aside: "This thickness, this material, would create a wound that closely resembles
the ones we found on the bodies. Yes, three knives falling simultaneously onto frozen
blood and body. As you know, no one can use three knifes at the same time."
Jian Yao: So you mean..?
"I mean - the killers home has a machine similar to this. He lures his victim home,
so that they will become sacrifices under his killer machine. But of course, his machine
will be in all ways inferior to mine.
As if she is infected by the passion in his voice, Jian Yaos heart starts to pound and
become excited: Large blades like these are restricted items. They are only stocked in
special stores. You cant buy it over the internet. They are not allowed in long distance
buses and trains. If we check with the shops that sell these blades, we should be able to
track him down quite easily.
Bo Jinyan sits down next to his killer machine. Picks up a cup of coffee and takes a
graceful sip: You are not too dumb after all. With the intelligence level of our
murderer, he would have wasted many blades before he could make a machine that is
barely comparable to mine.
Lets get to work. Inform your boyfriend. I will give them a detailed and accurate
description of who they are looking for. Fingers crossed, we will also win back a child."

Chapter 11
8am. Police conference room.
"The murderer is a typical 'organised' criminal. An unorganised criminal usually
has mental illness, behavioural disorder, and lack of planning. But our killer is sober,
calculative, and has clear set of goals.
He lets young people become victims of his killing machine. He fantasies about
controlling life and death. It is not known how he formed his fantasy, but he lives in a
city, this is a type of escapism. When you search his house, you might find a lot of
violent movies and games.
His attitude is a metamorphosis. He didnt form that personality overnight. He has
this fantasy which cant be satisfied in reality. Although he speaks persuasively in front
of his victims, he doesnt like socialising. He has no friends. His solitude adds to his
psychological problems.
Before he started killing the boys, he would have 'experimented' with stray cats and
dogs, or neighbours pets. Near his house, you might find clues and traces.
Last January, he suddenly began committing crime. Something must have
happened to trigger this. For example, a severe setback at work or life. I lean towards
problems with his family - deterioration of relationships, death, etc. So he was out of
It is a short briefing.
Almost all the police is assigned to be on the case, leaving behind only a few older
officers to man the fort.
The conference room becomes empty. Jian Yao packs the presentation materials:
What should we do now?"
Bo Jinyan puts on his coat: Rest.
Just as they walk out of the station, they see Jian Xuan a few meters away, with a
sweet smile: "Sister ...... Great god!!"
Jian Yao smiles at her and asks: "? What are you doing"
Jian Xuan replies: "You did not go home for a few days. Mom has sent me to spy on
As they are speaking, Bo Jinyan stands quietly at the corner. Without his mask on,
he attracts even more attention from the people on the street because of his good looks.
Jian Xuan is also secretly glancing at him a lot: Have you had breakfast?

Jian Yao replies: "Not yet."

Bo Jinyan says to them: Lets go.
Jian Yao: I know of a stall nearby that serves excellent fish dumplings.
The stall is situated in the alley full of eateries. Business is booming. Smoke curls
rising to the air from the the big pot which the stock is boiling away.
The three of them sits at a corner table. The young waitress usual cool and spicy
voice has become somewhat polite and sweet today. Looking at Bo Jinyan: Can I take
your order?
Breakfast is served. The sisters chat while they are eating. Bo Jinyan just
concentrates on eating . He has no interest in small talk.
Jian Yao notices his bowl is empty. And he has a satisfying smile on his face.
Jian Yao asks: Would you like another bowl?"
Bo Jinyan: Yes please.
After two bowls of dumplings, he elegantly wipes his mouth with a serviette. He
sits up, and drinks the bottle of mineral water Jian Yao bought him.
Jian Xuan types message with her mobile phone. She passes it to Jian Yao:"Sis, do
you think this dress is pretty?"
Jian Yao takes a look at the text: Wow, I didnt realise Great god has such a big
Jian Yao passes the phone back to her and says:. "Your taste has always been good."
Jian Xuan puts the phone away. She asks Bo Jinyan: "Great god, can I ask you a
Bo Jinyan: Go ahead."
Jian xuan: Almost one year ago, I passed through your house once. I saw a very
thin man. I mean VERY thin. He looks a bit scary. Who is that?
He answers in a calm voice: Thats me."

After breakfast, Bo Jinyan returns to the villa by himself. The sisters go home. Jian
Yao is looking forward to a nice hot shower.
When she gets out of the bathroom, she finds her sister lying in her bed. Jian Yao
lies next to her and closes her eyes.
Jian Xuan turns and looks at her: "Sister ......"
Jian Yao: "Huh?"
Do you think ......." Jian Xuan asks carefully ..Is Bo Jinyan on drugs?"
Jian Yao opens her eyes: Maybe hes just unwell. Serious illness.
Jian Xuan said: "It is much more than just serious illness. You werent here. He
was really skinny. Although I have a great deal of respect for great god, but only a drug
addict has that sort of look. Think about it! He is a genius that deals with murderers.
He lives alone. He must be very lonely. He has a face of a playboy. Perhaps he has a
secret corrupted side to him."
Jian Yao hears Jian Xuan say: "Sis, you better keep a distance with him. Be careful.
Jian Xuan looks concerned. In Jian Yaos mind, the handsome and arrogant face
flashes before her.
Jian Xuan is right. He is not a usual, ordinary guy. Hes lonely, kinda alternative
Perhaps everyone in this town thinks that they are in a different world to his. But this is
because they dont know him, including Jian Xuan. If they ever see him walking around
barefooted in his PJs, or holding his pet tortoise, perhaps they wont feel that he is as
mysterious and far away as they imagine him to be.
Jian Yao doesnt deny Jian Xuans speculations: When we meet someone, we have
to trust our instincts too and not over complicate things.
In my life, I will encounter a lot of people. I know that he is one in a million. Sure,
he is a little odd, but I can sense that he is a brilliant person - not just because of his
looks, but how his mind works. I am saving lives with him right now. This is a once in a
life time experience. I feel good about it. Although it is only for a few days. I find it very
meaningful. And thats enough.
Jian Xuan looks at her calm and gentle face. She nods.
The next morning, Jian Yao goes to the villa.
They have not heard anything from the police. So naturally, theres nothing to do.
She wonders if Bo Jinyan is still sleeping.

She switches on the computer, to finish off the final bits of the translation she is
doing for him.

A large hand presses down the laptop screen:"You have other work to do."
Thinking that theres an update to the case, Jian Yao quickly asks: What is it?
Bo Jinyan: Theres no more fish.
Jian Yao: "...... Oh."
She opens the refrigerator door. Sure enough, zero inventory.
Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan, who is drinking a glass of milk:Do you want me to teach
you how to fish today? From choosing bait to tips for pulling the pole. Then you can
look after yourself from now on
"Impossible." Bo Jinyan interrupts her, "I do not like fishing, and how could I waste
my time on something like that?"
Jian Yao: "...... Before I return to B city, I will find a fisherman that lives nearby so
that he can send you fish whenever you want."
Jian Yao expects him to agree. But he answers: No. Go fishing.
Under the winter sun, Jian Yao walks alone by the waterside, to replenish Bo
Jinyans depleted stock.
- Bo Jinyan probably refused her fishermen proposal because he doesnt like
strangers near his house. But she is not too worried for him. Theres always FZY.
She is very fond of fishing, and good at it too. Looking at the two creels full of fish,
she starts packing up and calls Bo Jinyan: Please come and carry the creels.
He looks at all the fish Jian Yao caught. His thin lips bent slightly. He gives a rare
friendly smile.
They go through the narrow forest path. Jian Yao follows behind him. She
remembers what her sister says about him. She speaks out: Why were you so skinny
before? I am just curious. If you dont feel comfortable sharing, its ok.
Bo Jinyan: I was sick.
Jian Yao:Oh, so.. you have recovered from it?

A typical Bo Jinyan answer: Nonsense. Of course, or else I would be dead by now.

- It must have been very serious. Subconsciously, she takes a deep breathe.
Fortunately, he has recovered.
After a while, Jian Yao asks another question: How did Chen Mo get his name?
Bo Jinyan pauses for a moment and replies I dont know. I didnt name him.
Jian Yao: Oh." She stops asking.
Bo Jinyan: My mother. She chose the name. Bo Jinyan added.
Jian Yao senses that this is not a comfortable topic for him. She heard from FZY
that his mom died when he was very young. No wonder hes turned out so eccentric.
And he has a pet tortoise.
Jian Yao also lost his father at an early age. She changes the topic: How soon do
you expect the police to catch the killer?"
Bo Jinyan answers with an arrogant smile: "I dont know. But if they still cant
catch the killer by tomorrow, I can only say that they operate at an amazing speed.
Amazingly slow.

Chapter 12
The southern winter wind is damp and cold. But winter does not linger for long. It
makes its presence known and leaves like a traveller hurrying to its next destination.
A few days till the New Year. The temperature is gradually rising again. As the
snow melts, the town looks clean without those greyish white patches on the ground.
People are spending more time outdoors. The city seems more lively and vibrant again.

Jian Yao walks slowly. Unlike the crowd, her heart is still heavy and filled with
Bo Jinyan says the killer should be captured by the police today. There are already
rumours going around. People are anxious. She sees several people standing outside a
shop, chatting.
I hear he target boys.
What a bastard. Can the police find him?
Cant allow my kids wander by themselves anymore.
Today, Jian Yao is visiting her stepfather. Shes about to enter the house when the
phone rings.
Its Li Xunran.
"Jian Yao! Weve found the boy! Li Xunran sounds tired, He is still alive. We are
rushing him to the hospital now. But the killer escaped. Weve sent every man we have
on a city hunt.
Jian Yao jumps onto the first available taxi. She calls Bo Jinyan.
Must be another late night. His voice sounds muffled: Ah I will be there
immediately. Tell them not to temper with the crime scene.
Jian Yao arrives at the farmers market. According to Li, the killer lives in an alley
behind the market.
The market usually closes around noon but because of the forthcoming New Year,
there are more people than usual at this time of the day. Jian Yao walks to the seafood
section. Fresh fish is sold out, so there are less people in this part of the market. She
stands beside the fish tanks, waiting for Bo Jinyan to arrive.

The place smells of the salty sea water and blood. She takes a look around. Jian
Yao calls Li. He says hell be there in a few minutes.

The breakthrough was found by the community police. According to them, there is
a small hardware shop next to the market. The owners name is Sun Yong. He fits the
description of the killers profile. They went to his house, but no one answered the
door. However, they heard some noise coming from the inside.
The police acted decisively. They broke in and saw a boy tied up in a corner. He
was using his body to hit the floor to alert the police.

Li Xunran arrives at the market. The place is still packed. He works his way pass
the crowd and heads towards the back entrance. From his peripheral vision, he notices
a slim man of medium height, walking towards the back entrance steps. He has one
hand in his pants pocket. The man seems to be very nervous. He looks at the ground
most of the time, but every now and again, he looks up and checks out whats going on.
Lis police instinct kicks in. While his eyes are closely following every move of this
suspicious looking man, he calls his mates nearby for assistance.
The young man suddenly looks back over at Lis direction. Li Xunran pretends to
examine the vegetable in front of him. But when he looks up again, the young man is no
longer in sight.
Darn it!
Immediately, Li Xunran yells out: "Sun Yong, stop!"
As he has expected, a figure froze, which made him stand out from the crowd.
Then he starts to run. Li Xunran runs after him, while yelling to the crowd: Out of the
way, police at work.
But the place is packed, both of their paths are blocked by people at times. Sun Yong
pulls out a dagger from his trouser pockets and starts waving it around. The frightened
pedestrians quickly moved out of his way.
Sun Yong runs towards the side entrance, which is next to the seafood section.
Everyone has moved aside, standing at a distance observing whats happening.
None of the people dares to stop Sun Yong. He is getting closer and closer to the door. .

From the corner of his eyes, Li Xunran notices a person standing by the fish tank.
That person did not move away like the rest of the crowd.
Jian Yao sees Sun Yong running towards her direction. Some people are yelling out
to her: Stand back! Stand back! The police are trying to arrest the person. Not far
behind, she sees Li Xunran trying to catch up to Sun Yong.
Jian Yao looks at Sun Yong. He is the guy described by Bo Jinyan. She suddenly
remembers all the experiments she did with the blades, cutting up the corpse and the
human models. This is the man. He killed and dismembered those teenagers.
Yao yao, dont listen to your mother. Of course policemen get tired, but we can still
catch the bad guys. Daddy loves his job.
Jian Yao looks up. Not far from the entrance comes a man in his black suit and
jacket. He is wearing a hat and a mask.
But she is too busy to greet him. She picks up a wooden stick next to a pillar. The
stick is usually used by the fishmonger to hit the fish unconscious. She clenches the
stick, stands next to the glass tank and waits.
"Girl! What are you doing?" Concerned shoppers behind her shout out.
"She is so brave! She is going to help catch the guy.
Jian Yao waits until Sun is coming closer. Hes almost parallel to the fish tanks. She
uses all her strength to break the glass.
A loud bang.
Water came gushing out from a large tank thats about one metre high. Broken glass,
fishes, oxygen pump and lots of water rush towards Sun Yong. He uses his hand to
block most of it. But the floor is very slippery. He skids and falls to the ground.
But he only stayed down for a few seconds. He struggles up again. He looks at Jian
Yao angrily.
Someone takes the wooden stick from Jian Yaos hand from behind.
She looks up to see a familiar tall figure. He walks towards Sun Yong.
The next scene took Jian Yao completely by surprise. Bo Jinyan, looking prim and
proper in a suit, calmly raises the stick and hit Sun Yong in the back of the neck.
Sun Yong falls unconscious to the ground.

Bo Jinyan throws the stick to the ground. He takes out a handkerchief from his
pocket and wipes his hand.
Li catches up. He crouches beside Sun Yong to briefly examine him. He looks up at
Bo Jinyan: " Why did you knock him unconscious?
Bo Jinyan: What? Do you expect me to overpower him with my own strength and
pin him to the ground like a police officer?
Li Xunran turns around and looks at Jian Yao: "Well done!"
Bo Jinyan also turns to look at her: Why didnt you just hit him directly? With the
speed he was going, even a gentle wave with stick is enough to knock him out.
Jian Yao takes a glance at Bo Jinyan - She has never scolded anyone before, let
alone hitting. She does not have the nerves to confront him head on.
Sun Yong is taken to the police station for interrogation. The alley near Sun Yongs
house is surrounded by police cars and police officers. Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao walks
through the blockade into Sun Yongs property.
Then Jian Yao stops: "Wait a minute."
She walks over to Lis car and takes out a first aid kit.
There are two small pieces of broken glass stuck in her right hand. They are not
serious cuts, but theyre still painful. She stands near the vehicle, pulls out the pieces
of glass and coat the wound with a layer of iodine.
While she is doing this, Bo Jinyan stands waiting with his hands in his pocket.
She reaches out to him, then hands him the Band-Aid: Help."
Bo Jinyan takes his hands out of his pockets reluctantly.
Even though hes not the patience and caring type, his touch is soft and gentle.
Facing her, he holds her wrists. Her hand is on top of his wrist. She rests her fingers on
his arm. He feels the cold skin of her fingers...
Don't tickle me." He suddenly whispers a sentence.
Jian Yao is taken by surprise:Ah? I didnt tickle you.
Bo Jinyan raises his dark looks to look at her. He lets go of her hand: Come on,
lets not waste anymore time.
Jian Yao looks that the smooth Band-Aid on her hand.

Sun Yong's house is a single storey dwelling. The place is damp and dark, with old
and outdated furnishings. The forensics team has completed what they needed to do.
Earlier, a young community police arrived on the scene and found that everything
in the house is as described by Bo Jinyan - the killing machine, violent videos and books,
eroded bloody blades
They walk up to the killing machine. As Bo Jinyan has predicted, the machine is
very rough compared to the one Bo Jinyan assembled. The blades,though, looks sharp
and deadly.
Jian Yao is about to take some pictures with her camera. Bo Jinyan takes off his
coat, and lies down beneath the blades on the killing machine.
Jian Yao: "What are you doing?"
He closes his eyes: To feel
Jian Yao is speechless. She takes a few pictures and passes the camera to Bo Jinyan.
He gets up, and smiles at her. His slender eyes shining like a star.
He reaches his arms to grab Jian Yaos wrist. Jian Yaos heart jumps because of this
unexpected move: What are you doing now?
He pulls her closer towards him.
He replies with a straight voice: "Obviously I'm too big. You are about the same
size as the victims. You lie down here so that I can take a look.
Jian Yao breaks away from him.
Just as she is about to protest, the young community police comes over to Bo
Jinyan: Professor, I also found some words scribbled in blood underneath the bed.
Bo Jinyan takes a look. It looks like a set of random numbers.
Bo Jinyan asks: Anywhere else?"
One of the police officers replies: We will do a thorough inspection of the entire
Bo Jinyan nods: Let me know once you have done the search.
Jian Yao thinks to herself. Bo Jinyan mentioned before that Sun Yong dreams of
being a killer machine. Perhaps these numbers are part of his fantasies.

Two days later.

They just received a call from the detention centre. Sun Yong developed a high fever
while in custody. He died this morning. Apparently, hes suffering for some serious
illness all this time.
His sins, his fantasies, his killing machine, those mysterious figures. These are all
things of the past now.
Bo Jinyan Interviews the survivor. His statement added more questions to the
case. He told the police he has been begging Sun Yong not to kill him. And strangely
enough, Sun Yong obliged. There was once he was put under the killing machine. Out of
desperation, he told Sun Yong: Sir, if you dont kill me, I will take care of you like you
are my father. When you die of old age, I will be your son to organise your funeral.
And it is this statement that saved him from the blades.
Everything is back to normal, but this case will leave a scar in this little town that
is usually peaceful and quiet.
The case has officially closed. Jian Yaos job as Bo Jinyans assistant has come to an

Chapter 13
Bo Jinyan wakes up at 10 oclock every morning. Not earlier, not later. As usual, he
gets out of bed and gets ready for a new day.
He is wearing a grey colour long-sleeved cotton PJs. Again, walking around
barefooted. He actually does not like wearing shoes.
(then more descriptions about how nice his feet is?! and his perfect body proportions,
and his fair complexion and handsome facial features. Ok, we get it. Every part of his
body is perfect)

The first ten minutes after he wakes up, he is still in his "sleepwalking" mode. He
stands in front of the mirror, squeezes the tooth paste on his toothbrush and starts
brushing. The usual morning routine. The numbers found under Sun Yongs bed
surfaces to his mind. He still has no idea what those numbers mean.
Coffee, toast, jam. He has the same food for breakfast every day. This is because
he doesnt like wasting his time on preparing food. But as he bites into his toast, he
cant help but remember the fish dumplings Jian Yao brought him to eat. Maybe he
should learn how to cook that dish. He likes it so much he is prepared to waste more
of this time on it.
After breakfast. He gets changed and starts work. He goes through some case files
sent to him from the US. His phone beeps. Its Fu Ziyu: Hi.
Fu Ziyu senses from his greetings that he is in a good mood: I heard that you
solved the 'killing machine' case?"
"Of course." Bo Jinyan smiles :A simple textbook case, except theres still some
loose ends to tidy up."
Fu Ziyu is impressed: No wonder you are so highly regarded amongst the FBI. Mr.
Criminal Psychology Professor / Detective."
"...... Jian Yao. Fu Ziyu continues. Are you giving her the same pay as the assistants
you employed in the US?"
Ah, up to you. You can decide for me. Bo Jinyan is studying a homicide file at the
same time.
Fu Ziyu says: Ok. I am also looking for a new assistant for you from the
university. Preferably a graduate from school of psychology. I wonder if I can find
someone that specialises in criminal psychology.
Bo Jinyan stops what he is doing.

"Wait." He cuts off Fu Ziyu sentence: Why do you want to replace Jian Yao?"
Fu Ziyu laughs: "...... I want to replace her? Come on, Professor Bo. Are you out of
your mind? Or am I missing something here. She is a language student. She does not
have the qualifications required for the post. She helped you for this one of case
because it was urgent and we had no time to look for anyone else. Besides, she is
graduating soon, and will be moving to B City. She has accepted a job offer there
Bo Jinyan thinks for a moment. His tone is somewhat contemptuous "Obviously
you are the one with the problem. She has gained experience from working with me on
this serial killer case. And she can fish. I dont want to change to a different assistant.
As for her work, just ask her to breach the contract. How can a common tedious boring
office job compare with my assistant position? She will make the right choice.
Late afternoon. In a coffee shop in town.
Jian Yao and Li Xunran are sitting by the window. Even though theres only three
days till the New Year, neither of them has the usual excitement that comes with this
festive season.
Its been a while since they are able to catch up with one another. Li Xunran has
been very busy.
Jian Yao puts a spoon of sugar into her coffee and stirs it around: Is the work on
Sun Yongs case finished?
Li Xunran lights a cigarette: Yeah. This guy died too easily. Ten lives
Both are silent for a moment. Jian Yao asks: Has anyone cracked those numbers
Li Xunran shakes his head: Not really. Since Sun Yong has mental problems, these
figures are likely to be casually written after his fantasy. They probably have no
specific meaning.
Jian Yao nods.
They chat for a while. Li Xunran asks: When are you heading back to the
Fifteen January." Jian Yao replies, Then I will start my internship in a company in
B city.
Li Xunran smiles: Lets celebrate. Order a bottle of wine. You worked as Bo
Jinyans assistant and helped solved a difficult case. Your dad would have been proud
of you.

Jian Yao thinks about her father.

- Yes, he would have been proud of me.

After dinner Jian Yao goes to the villa. Every time she tries to finish off the last bit
of the translation, theres some sort of interruption. She is determined to get it done
After she is done, Jian Yao walks upstairs to that first room with the whiteboard.
Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa reading.
Dark shiny hair. Symmetrical facial features. His signature black suit.
- Hes a lot more attractive when hes not talking. Thought Jian Yao.
Bo Jinyan raises his eyebrows slightly, then goes back to read his book.

Jian Yao turns around. The whiteboard has some numbers on it.
25, 484
136,729,16 "
These are the numbers found in Sun Yong house.
There were more than one group of numbers - mattress, floors, window frames,
ceiling some were hiding in places not easily found. They were all scribbled by Sun
Yong with his own blood.
Jian Yao studies them for a moment and goes over to sit down next to Bo Jinyan:
Ive finished translating the file for you. Is there anything else you want me to do?"
Bo Jinyan lifts his eye from the books to look at her: "No."
"Fish? I can go fishing.

Thats not urgent."

Presumably, the refrigerator has not been emptied out yet.
She sees all the documents scatters around the room. He must be busy. She stands
up: Ok. I am leaving now. Keep in touch. Goodbye.
Bo Jinyan looks up: "You can continue to work for me."
Bo Jinyan find a document from the table and passes it to her.
"This is a contract Fu Ziyu drafted. You will find that the terms are extremely good
for someone with your level of experience. He goes back to reading his files again.
Jian Yao is surprised. Its an employment contract for a duration of three years.
The terms and pay are similar to her previous contract, except for one additional term to take care of Bo Jinyans diet. She assumes this means fishing. The pay is much better
than she expects.
This is like an endorsement from Bo Jinyan. Jian Yao is extremely pleased.
Just sign on the bottom of the document and fax it to Fu Ziyu, he will organise the
Grateful and touched by his offer, Jian Yao says: "Thank you Bo Jinyan. I really did
not expect this. Thank you for thinking so highly of me. But I have accepted a position
with a company in B city. The internship starts after the New Year holidays. I am sorry,
but I cant accept this job."
Bo Jinyan puts his cup of coffee on the table.
Jian Yao smiles at him.
Bo Jinyan smiles back: Fu Ziyu says woman likes to worry about irrelevant things.
Looks like he is right again. You can breach their contract. I will pay for any
compensation required.
She never thought about a career in the criminal investigation. Its alright to do it
for a few days, but to continually be in that sort of harsh environment is a different
story. She still prefers a calm and stable life.
"I do not intend to breach the contract. This is my first job, I cannot lose my
integrity. Besides, I have no desire to pursue a career in your field. But thank you so
much for the offer."
That night, Fu Ziyu calls Bo Jinyan: Hey, no sign of the signed contract yet. Did you
forget to send it to me?

Bo Jinyan: How can you expect me to remember such trivial things?

Fu Ziyu: But isnt she heading back to school soon?
Bo Jinyan: Maybe.
Fu Ziyu is getting a little agitated: You were the one who insisted I had to have the
contract ready for you by today. You said its a no brainer and she will sign it straight
away. I spent hours on it last night
Then he pausesWait a minute Did she decline your job offer?
Click~ !
Hello Hey, how dare you hang up on me, Bo Jinyan

Chapter 14
Every household is busy preparing for the New Year celebrations. The streets are
filled with people who are rushing around,running errands and getting their last
minute shopping done. Everyone is looking forward to the family reunion dinner on the
last day of the year.
Jian Yao's mother is a typical, traditional mom, and a very diligent one. Theres a
lot of cooking and cleaning to be done before New Years eve. Together with Jian Yao
and Jian Xian, the three of them worked hard for three whole days. Finally, everything
is ready.
New Year's Eve.
Since the first firecracker was set off in dawn, the sound of these little explosions has
not stopped. You can hear it all around the city. And it will keep going until late in the
night. After lunch, the family goes to visit Jian Yaos grandmother.
The extended family gathers. The adults sit around to chat and enjoy a drink or
two. The energetic children playing the backyard. After dinner, Jian Yao and Jian Xian
escape the crowd. They hide in Grandmas room and play with their smart phones.
New year blessing texts clog Jian Yaos inbox. She scrolls down the list and notices
one from Fu Ziyu: To the mighty Ms Jian, please allow me to send my greetings and
blessings to you on this special day - May you become more beautiful each day. "
- Mighty? Interesting choice of adjective.
Jian Yao smiles and responds to his text. She hesitates, then she sends Bo Jinyan a
simple Happy New Year message too.
The sky is dark. The sound and sight of fire crackers fill the town. Dazzling
displays bursting in the sky.
- I wonder how Bo Jinyan is spending his New Years eve. Jian Yao thinks to herself.
Will he spend it like any other day? Eating his fish quietly, accompanied by Chen Mo. is
Fu Ziyu with him? But surely, Fu Ziyu needs to spend tonight with his own family.

The phone rings. Its Bo Jinyan.

They have not been in contact since Jian Yao declined the assistant position. Jian
Yao picks up the call: Hello. Happy new year.
Bo Jinyan asks: "What are you doing?"
Jian Yao is baffled: Uh Nothing much.

Bo Jinyan: Then do you want to come over and collect some fireworks? They are
of no use to me.
It must be a gift. He is not the type to spend money on fireworks. From Fu Ziyu?
The police?
Jian Yao smiles and says:. "No thank you. You can enjoy them yourself."
Bo Jinyan says coldly: I have no interest in a bunch of solid that creates foul smell
and bright patterns.
Jian Yao: "...... Well, my sister and I will come around soon."
Before receiving Jian Yaos text, Bo Jinyan was sitting in front of a warm fireplace,
wrapped in a thick blanket, reading a book. The TV is turned on, but he is not watching
After he put down the phone, he threw a blanket aside and walked to the storage
room. He took out two full boxes of firework. They were gifts from Fu Ziyu, Tong City
Police Department, Ministry of Public Security Office He left them next to the front
Jian Yao borrows a car from one of her uncles and drives to his house. As they
are driving towards Bo Jinyans house. they can see a lot of people standing on either
side of the river with their fireworks. The water in the river reflects the colourful
fluorescent rays from the displays.
Bo Jinyan steps inside his house and see the amount of fireworks on the floor.
Jian Yao: Thats too much for us"
Bo Jinyan: If you dont take it away, I will throw it into the rubbish bin tomorrow.
Jian Xian quickly opposes: Thats too good to be wasted. And its not safe to
dispose of firework that way. Sis, weve got to take them all.
Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan and asks tentatively: "Can you help us to move it down
to the riverbank?
More and more people gather around the riverbank.
The two sisters are carrying a box in front. Bo Jinyan is holding a box walking
behind them. Jian Yao is a little surprised that he is willing to help.

The firework Bo Jinyan gave them are premium quality Before long, they have
attracted a lot of attention, especially young children. Jian Yao notices that Bo Jinyan
has put on his mask, leaving only a pair of slender black eyes to be seen.
The little children are in awe. They are clapping their hands and exclaiming: Too
beautiful! Wow, this is so cool!
Jian Yao notices Bo Jinyan is raising his eyebrows. Its sign that he is about to make
a comment.
Before he utters anything, Jian Yao says to him Please. Dont say anything.
Whatever he will say is likely to destroy the atmosphere.
Bo Jinyan turns to look at her and keeps quiet.
Soon, theyve grown from a group of three to almost twenty people playing
fireworks together.
One of the boys proposes to line up rows of fireworks and set them off
simultaneously. Everyone agrees that its a good idea. He takes a bunch of fireworks
and arranges them in several rows. A boy standing next to Jian Yao asks her: Your
friend is so cool. Why is he standing so far away? Is he afraid? Everyone laughs.
Jian Yao smiles and turns around to look at Bo Jinyan: Bo Jinyan, can you come
and help light a few fireworks?
Twenty fireworks to be lighted up by five people. Timing is key. Everyone has to
light them together. Jian Yao and three others start to light the fuses and angles their
bodies so they can run away immediately after they are done.
But Bo Jinyan is taking his own sweet time. He squats before the fireworks, one
hand resting on his knee. Slowly he lights each fuse one by one with the cigarette
lighter that is in his other hand.
Can you please hurry up?! Jian Yao urges him as they squat down together.
He lifts his eye to look at her: Are you nervous?"
All the fuses are lighted. Jian Yao and the others runs away from the fireworks.
Within a few seconds, the fireworks start to explode. Bo Jinyan is still amongst the
fireworks. He slowly emerges from the smoke and light.
He goes up to Jian Yao: All done.

Jian Yaos attention is on the fireworks display. She casually answers: Thank you for
your help.
Jian Yao suddenly remembers something. She turns around and finds Bo Jinyan
walking towards the little kid that commented he was afraid earlier. As Jian Yao gets
closer, she hears him say: Hey kid. Do you think I am afraid of these mixtures of
sulphur, charcoal powder and potassium nitrate? in fact, I've dismantled a bomb that is
a hundred times the impact of these pathetic toys before
Jian Yao pulls him away, while apologising to the parents: "I'm sorry. Please ignore
In less than half an hour, all the fireworks are gone. Jian Yaos mother calls to urge
the girls to go home soon. So they pack up the rubbish and get ready to go home.
Jian Yao turns to Bo Jinyan: Thanks for the firework. We need to go.
Jian Xian: "Thank you, thank you!"
Bo Jinyan:Dont mention it. Bye. He turns to the direction of the villa and walks
As he disappears, Jian Xian sighs: Sister. Its New Year's Eve, and he is all alone. I
feel sorry for him."
Jian Yao looks in his direction for a moment, and smiles:. ". Believe me, he does not
feel sorry for himself. He probably thinks that tonight was noisy and boring"
Time flies when one is having fun. Jian Yao spends the New Year holidays visiting
friends and relatives. She has not seen Bo Jinyan since New Years Eve.
It is only a few days till she returns to the university.
That afternoon, some unexpected guests came to visit Jian Yao. Its the security
guard Lao Xiao and his son.
They have come to express their gratitude to Jian Yao.
Lao Xiao gives her several packages. They are all produces from his garden. Jian
Yao politely declines but Lao Xiao insists she must accept it as a token of their
appreciation. She finally accepts their gifts. Jian Yaos mom invites them to stay for
Jian Yaos mother is busy cooking in the kitchen. Jian Xian is playing a board games
with the son in her room. Jian Yao, her stepfather and Lao Xiao is chatting in the lounge.

We owe it all to Professor Bo. I heard from the police, hes like a fortune-teller, the
bastard is exactly as he had described!
Lao Xiao tells Jian Yao what happened yesterday. They paid Bo Jinyan a visit. They
brought the same presents they gave to Jian Yao today. But Bo Jinyan didnt invite them
into his villa. In fact, he didnt even open the door for them. He simply talked to them
from the inside of the house: Thank you. I dont need the gift. Goodbye. And when
they insisted, he added:Please dont bother me anymore.
Lao Xiao sigh: All I wanted is to thank him for saving my childs life. I dont know
how to repay his kindness
Jian Yaos stepfather, Mr.Xie, says to him: "You do not have to worry. A lot of
experts are somewhat eccentric...."
Jian Yao nods.
Jian Yaos mother walks out from the kitchen: "Jian Yao, Professor Bo lives alone,
right? How about inviting him over for dinner tonight?
Jian Yao: I'll try. Mom, can you please add a steamed fish to tonights menu?
Jian Yao didnt expect Fu Ziyu to answer the phone. Obviously, he has come to visit
Bo Jinyan.
Fu Ziyu: He's shut himself inside a room the whole day. I am not sure what he is up
to. He didnt take his phone with him. go over to your house for dinner? You are so
nice. Sure Dont worry, Ill drag him out of his cave."
They arrive. Fu Ziyu is carrying a bottle of red wine and a box of lanterns. Bo
Jinyan follows behind him, wearing his usual black suit.
Jian Yaos parents are slightly stunned when they met the legendary Professor Bo.
Perhaps they didnt think he would be so young.
Everyone is seated.
Fu Ziyu is a friendly and social character: Auntie, Uncle, Lao Xiao (Xiao Senior) ,
Xiao Xiao (Xiao Junior) !! He greets everyone as if they are long lost friends. In
contrast, Bo Jinyan is reserved and quiet. He just nods and says Hello.

As the head of the family, Mr. Xie speaks first: We have heard a lot about you. My
friend says its not easy to become a professor in America. You have done well to
achieve an associate professor status at your age.
Bo Jinyan says in a flat voice: "In fact, I am good enough for professor level and
above, but they refused my application because I am too young.
Mr. Xie: "...... Oh, yes, you are more qualified than we thought!"
Bo Jinyan smiles: "Thank you."
Fu Ziyu gives Jian Yao a "I knew this would happen" look. Jian Yao smiles.
After a while, Lao Xiao takes his son, holds up a glass of wine. He stands and faces
Bo Jinyan. With tears in his eyes, he says: Professor Bo, We will never forget what you
have done for us. Thank you for saving my son."
Bo Jinyan replies: "I am just doing my job. Its nothing personal. You dont have to
thank me.
Jian Yao immediately reaches for his glass and shoves it into his hand. Fu Ziyu
adds: Bo Jinyan is so modest. He doesnt want you to feel that you owe him anything..."
Fu Ziyu is clearly a master at changing the mood. He casually leads the
conversation to a different topic, such as Jian Yaos new work.
Yes, I will start after the New Year holidays. " Jian Yao smiles. She is very much
looking forward to it. It is her first proper full time job. its a new chapter in her life.
Like all mothers, Jian Yaos mom is a little concerned for her daughter: We are not
going to be close by to you when you are in B city. You have to be careful. Have you
found a flat yet?
When Fu Ziyu hears this, he raises his eyebrows: You are looking for a flat? Im
helping Bo Jinyan to find a place in B city, so I can look out for you too. He looks at Jian
Yaos mom: Ive checked out a few flats already. They are in a good and safe suburb,
close to the city centre. Any one of them will suit you quite well.
Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan. He is also going to B City?
As if hes aware of her doubts, Bo Jinyan says to her: Ill be working there."
Jian Yaos mom and step father is very pleased with Fu Ziyus offer: Thank you so
much for taking care of our Yao Yao.
Fu Ziyu waves his hand: Leave it to me. Ill make sure she finds a nice place.

Jian Yao is not so sure about this: Mom, its too much hassle for Mr. Fu.
Just let him help you. Bo Jinyan interrupts her. Looking after people is like a
hobby to him."
Jian Yao: "...... oh."
The meal ended around nine oclock. Lao Xiao probably had a little too much to
drink. His son had to hold on to him when they left. Shortly after Lao Xiao left, Fu Ziyu
and Bo Jinyan went home.
Jian Yao is washing the dishes in the kitchen. Her mom is humming away.
Jian Yao: " Mom, you are in a good mood.
Mother looks at her: Yao Yao, I think ...... Fu Ziyu is a good man."
- No wonder she encouraged Fu Ziyu to look for a flat for her. Its not in her
character to trouble others or ask for favours. Jian Yao laughs: Mom. There is nothing
between us. We are just friends.
"I know, but you are twenty two years old already, its okay to have a boyfriend.
Just be friends first. All relationships start with friendship.
Jian Yao: Mom.
Mom continues: Fu Ziyu is a doctor. He is friendly, charming, responsible and
considerate. Its hard to find good bachelors like him these days
Jian Yao asks: What about Bo Jinyan? I mean, they came together. Why are you not
selling him to me?
Her mother pauses and answers: "He is quite a nice young man too. But he is a
forensic expert. He deals with brutal criminals and psychopaths. Its a high risk
profession. I was worried for you when you assisted him with the kidnapping case. All
parents are selfish when it comes to the safety of their children. I would rather you be
with someone not belonging in the field of law and order."
Jian Yao understands where her mother is coming from. Losing a husband when
she was young is not an experience she wishes her daughter will have to go through
On the road back to the villa. They are walking along the riverbank. Bo Jinyan is
strolling leisurely with his hands in his pants pockets.

Fu Ziyus face is slightly red, probably from all the wine he had tonight. He tells Bo
Jinyan : I think Jian Yaos mom likes me. She wants me as her son-in-law.
Bo Jinyan takes a glance at him.
Fu Ziyu sighs and shakes his head: "Unfortunately, Jian Yao is not my cup of tea. I
dont like girls thats so. mature.
"Impossible." Bo Jinyan says to his friend.
Fu Ziyu knows him too well. What Bo Jinyan means is that I am taller, smarter,
more handsome, and earns more money than you.., there is no way Jian Yaos mother
would fancy you over me. This defies basic logic.
He nods: You have a point, my superior friend. Hey, I have something to show
you.." He pulls out a folded document from his overcoat pocket.
When you mentioned you would like to hire Jian Yao to be your assistant, I did the
standard background check on her, in accordance with the routine procedures. This is
what I found."
Bo Jinyan takes the piece of paper and reads it quickly. Fu Ziyu: "Why do you think
I offer to help find a flat for her. I feel a bit sorry for her. Her father died when she was
six years old. He is the crime investigation vice-captain. He caught a gang leader and
sent him to prison. When the gang leader was released, he took revenge. He went to
his house. She and her sister were in the bedroom at the time. The father locked the
door so that the gang members were unable to get in and harm the two girls. The police
came in time to rescue the girls, but Jian Yaos grandparents and her father were
already dead.
-----(Note from TB: The author sometimes includes a short story at the end of the

New Year's Day. Fu Ziyu calls Bo Jinyan.

Happy new year! How was New Year's Eve?"
"Uh ...... What is that suppose to mean?"
"I used up the fireworks you gave me."
Fu Ziyu is shocked: With whom?
"Jian Yao, Jian Xian, and a bunch of people that I do not know."

Fu Ziyu cant believe what he is hearing.

Bo Jinyan: It's better than staying home to watch the TV. Theres nothing worth
- Yeah, whatever you say, Mr. Bo. Fu Ziyu thinks to himself.

Chapter 15
Winter makes way for spring.
The trees that lost their leaves over winter are starting to grow new leaves again.
These Ginkgo trees line either side of the road leading to the university dormitory block
for the girls. Underneath the trees, students are standing in groups, catching up with
one another about what happened during the holidays. There are also couples in the
more secluded spots, cuddling and displaying their affection for each other. After, the
romantic spring season has arrived.
Jian Yaos roommates have not returned to the campus, so she has the room all to
herself. She spends her day reading, surfing the net and recording the details of
working with Bo Jinyan on a journal. It was a one in a lifetime experience. She wants to
keep a note of everything that has happened.

Jian Yao is lying in bed when Fu Ziyu calls.

Your voice sounds funny. Are you ok? Do you have a toothache? Or is your face
swollen because someone hit you? asks Fu Ziyu.
Jian Yao tries not to laugh. She has a whitening mask on her face. Its hard to talk
when you dont want to open your mouth.
Mask! Whats up? She answers.
Fu Ziyu is amused. He turns to Bo Jinyan and says: Hey Bo Jinyan, she sounds like a
sheep. Its kinda whiny but its cute. Do you want to listen to it?
Bo Jinyan answers :Why would I want to hear her distorted voice?
By this time, Jian Yao has removed the thin piece of sheet from her face: Hey, I didnt
answer the phone to get mocked.
Fu Ziyu laughs and tells her the reason for the call:Lets have lunch together. Ive
found a flat for you.
Ill treat you. Come over to the campus. Theres a restaurant nearby that does a nice
fish dish.

Theres a lot of small eateries around the campus. Yao picked a restaurant that does
a good lamb and fish casserole. Its a popular choice amongst the students.
- Does he own suits of any other colour? Jian Yao wonders. At least he looks good in
a black suit. Hang on, why should she care what Bo Jinyan wears.

They stand at the entrance, waiting for a waiter to show them to their table. Bo
Jinyan takes a look around. The place is filled with the smell of chilli, fish and lamb.
They source their fish from the fish market every morning. Its guaranteed fresh.
And the lamb is from Mongolia. Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan, Have you tried this
Bo Jinyan take a glance at her. He doesnt answer her question.
Jian Yao passes the menu to Fu Ziyu: Is there anything else you want to order?
Fu Ziyu asks the waiter: Can we order a steamed fish as well?
Sorry, we specialises in lamb and fish casserole. The kitchen prepares the food in
the morning. We dont have any whole fish fillets left. The portions are quite large, it
should be more than enough for the three of you.
Its a pleasant meal. Jian Yao and Fu Ziyu did most of the talking. Bo Jinyan will add a
sentence or two occasionally, but its always in his arrogant and inconsiderate manner.
They are used to his style by now, so they just laugh it off. When Bo Jinyan leaves the
table to take a phone call outside, Fu Ziyu says jokingly to Jian Yao: Whats wrong with
us? Why are we friends with Bo Jinyan? Do we like to bring torture upon ourselves?
- A Friend?! Bo Jinyan? Jian Yao thinks to herself. They are friends now.

Jian Yao notices that Bo Jinyan did not touch the fish and lamb casserole. He didnt
eat from the beef dish either.
Jian Yao: Why?
He doesnt eat red meat. Fu Ziyu knows what she is about to ask: He was on a six
months cannibal hunt in California a couple of years ago. He stopped eating red meat
after that case.
Jian YaoIm sorry.
Never mind. He also likes vegetables. See, he finished this whole plate by himself!
smiles Fu Ziyu. In his line of work, he comes across a lot of very disturbing sights at
the crime scenes, especially during the time when he assisted the FBI investigation. He
is used to them now, but its because of accumulated experience. The first time he was
at a crime scene, he threw up too.

After lunch, Fu Ziyu brings them to a beautiful apartment building on a quiet cul de

The three bedrooms apartment Fu Ziyu found for Bo Jinyan is on the first place. It has
a very minimalist feel. A palette of neutral and grey colours makes the place cold and
uninviting. There is a big 2metres x 2 metres bed in the master bedroom, covered in
black bed linen. Bo Jinyan takes a look around and nods: Yes, I like this place. Thank
We are going to your apartment next. says Fu Ziyu to Jian Yao.
Mine? In the same building?
Of course, then you can look out for one another. Fu Ziyu whispers in her eyes: I
think its safer for you to have a male friend living close by.
Bo Jinyan overheads this statement. He has a smile on his face. Jian Yao is not sure
what the significance of this smile. Proud? Pride? What is he proud of anyway? That
hes a man, and not a weak and vulnerable woman?
This neighbourhood is probably outside my budget
Take a look inside first before you decide. Fu Ziyu pushes her into a small studio
apartment on the second floor. Its neatly furnished. A little chandelier hanging from
the ceiling adds a nice feminine touch. Theres two small orange sofas in the middle of
the room. Theres a tatami bed next to the window. In the other side of the room is a
clawed foot bathtub, with soft pink drapes around it. Jian Yao can already imagine how
relaxing it will be soaking the tiredness away after a hard days work. This place is
perfect for her.
How much is this studio? She knows its not going to be cheap but its worth the
extra rent. Fu Ziyu tells her how much the rent is. She makes a quick calculation in
her head. OK! Ill take it.
Bo Jinyan looks around her apartment. He takes a look at the views outside the
window: Wow, youll never see a sunrise through these windows. It looks into the
wall of a tall neighbouring building.
Come on, at the price she is paying, she cant expect a sea view too!
He walks to the clawed foot bathtub. He looks at it for ages, and then uses his
fingers to examine the surface. Jian Yao thinks its weird that a man would stare at her
bathtub for such a long time. She walks over and tries to draw him away: Theres
nothing special to see here.
Why are you blushing? Asks Bo Jinyan.
Its not something Jian Yao expects him to say. She subconsciously touches her
face. Its a little hot.

Dont be shy." His eyes flashes her a haughty glance: Woman feels the need to be
naked sometimes. To be freed from the restraints of clothing. You express that when
you are alone. Its normal human behaviour.
Jian Yao face is bright red now. But perhaps they have spent enough time together
by now. She comes back with her counterattack: Is this what you read from your
psychology books? Thats just theories on paper, you have no idea how woman
actually thinks or behaves.
Jian Yao spend the next few days decorating her apartment. She looks forward to
her first day of work.
Bo Jinyan has been busy too. He bought a car - a Grand Cherokee. They met each
other at the lobby a few times. Apparently, Bo Jinyan works mostly from home. He
does not need to go to the office every day.
Jian Yao works for a company calls ClearWorld - a well-known international
trading company. Its not easy to get an internship there, but her good grades helped
her to secure the job.
On Monday morning, Jian Yao takes the subway to work. The company is in a
building located near the embassy district, next to all the high-end shopping malls,
entertainment and bars.
It is a magnificent building. Everyone is very well-dressed. They all look like they
are very busy. The atmosphere here is quite intense. Jian Yao has heard rumours about
an employee who died suddenly of fatigue due to over working. Theres also a story
that a girl committed suicide recently because she cant take the pressure of working
here anymore. Jian Yao doesnt know if they are true. But everyone does look like they
are in combat mode and ready to fight.
Jian Yao reports to the sector that is responsible for automotive parts. This is one
of the smaller divisions within the sales department. To her relieve, her reporting
manager is quite nice, and her colleagues are friendly and helpful. They are all around
the same age as her, so its easy to get along with them.

Its been a week since Jian Yao started work. Its been a busy week. She is happy to
relax in her little apartment.
Theres a knock on the door. Its a courier package for someone calls Simon.

The courier guy says to Jian Yao: I called Mr.Bo. He is not home at the moment. He
said to leave this package with you.
- Simon? She didnt know he has an English name.
- Simon. Its a nice name. It suits him.

Just before dinner time, theres another knock on the door. Its Bo Jinyan.
They just look at each other. She passes him the parcel. She expects him to leave
straight away. But instead, he walks in without an invitation. He starts inspecting the
house. Then he takes a seat on the sofa and opens the parcel. Its a document file. He
starts going through the file.
Jian Yao leaves him to do his own thing. She goes back to the kitchenette to prepare
her dinner.

Chapter 16
The house is so quiet that Jian Yao sometimes forgets that there is someone else sitting on
the sofa.
Bo Jin Yan is very focused in what he is reading. Jian Yao pours him a cup of tea.
Without even looking up, Bo Jin Yan says: I dont drink liquid from unknown origins.
Replace it with water.
Jian Yao looks at what he calls liquid from unknown origins. Its a combination of
lavender and orange blossoms and hibiscus flowers. Its her favourite flower tea.
If you want water, pour it yourself.
Bo Jin Yan senses her displeasure. He looks up, but she is no longer there.
Jian Yao is cutting vegetables in the kitchenette. But she is listening out for what Bo
Jin Yan might do. There is no movement behind her. She turns around and sees Bo Jin Yan
holding the cup of tea she gave him. He looks like he is examining some important evidence
from a crime scene.
Jian Yao cant help but give a little laugh: I found this shop in an old alley. A girl that
owns this speciality tea shop says they only use organic produces. I have tried all the tea
shops in the area. This is the best.
Jian Yao continues cooking. She puts a pot of chicken soup on the table.
The cup Bo Jin Yan is drinking from is empty. Jian Yao smiles. She is about to walk off
when she sees Bo Jin Yan stretching out his hand. He taps the top of the coffee table (next to
the empty cup) with his long fingers.
Does this means that he wants more tea?
Jian Yao raises an eyebrow and asks: Its nice huh?!"
Bo Jin Yan smiles without looking out: "Yes, thank you."
Jian Yao thinks about Fu Zi Yus comments in the restaurant - bringing torture upon
themselves. He is right. Why should she bother? She is not his maid. Yet, she is flattered
because he approves of her taste in tea.
She gives a small sigh and pours him another cup of tea.
For dinner, she has prepared some braised pork, fried lotus root, stir fried green
vegetable and soup. She left the pork in its pot and brought out everything else. Is he staying
for dinner? She actually never checked. She takes out two bowls of rice.

Given the past comments he made about her cooking, she is ready for his unkind
comments. If Bo Jin Yan says: I cant possibly eat food of this quality. She will respond
You have mistaken. Both bowls of rice are for me.
But her preparation is unnecessary. Bo Jin Yan picks up the chopsticks and starts
None of them speaks.
Jian Yao watches him pick up the lotus roots with his chopsticks. He puts it in his
mouth. No comment. Then he picks up the bowl of chicken soup, scooped out the chicken
pieces to eat with his rice, then the vegetables
"Even if you keep staring at me, the quality of the food will not magically improve. Bo
Jin Yan finally speaks.
She is about to rebuke him when he continues to say: Whats this? He points at the
soft capsules of rice in the white porcelain bowl.
Jasmine rice from Thailand." Jian Yao answers. I tried over 20 brands. This is the
Because the sofa sits quite low to the ground, he has to lean forward whenever he is
taking food. She puts down her rice bowl, takes out a pillow from the bed and put it behind
his back: There. You should be more comfortable with this.
She found this pillow after looking at quite a few shopping malls. It has a nice design
and is very comfortable. Bo Jin Yan looks at her, then leans against it.
Jian Yao just finished washing the dishes when the phone rings. She dries her hands
and answers. Its Li Xun Ran.
What are you doing?" He sounds relaxed.
Jian Yao smiles and answers: "Doing the dishes."
Li Xun Ran: Did someone come for dinner?"
Jian Yao glances at Bo Jin Yan, who is still sitting on the sofa watching TV: Yes. Bo
Jin Yan.
Dinner at 9pm? Are you guys dating each other?"
Of course not. Jian Yao interrupts him, You and I always dine together. Same deal.
Just two friends having a meal together. So why did you call me?

Li Xun Ran says : About the words at the crime scene. We have some experts from the
provincial office come by. They are trying to decipher them. They have made some
progress. Just want to let you and Professor Bo know. "
Bo Jin Yan is examining Jian Yaos bed, or to be exact, whats on Jian Yaos bed. On
top of her bed, there is a nice silk duvet.
Then he looks at her bedside table. Theres a number of beautiful dolls on it, as well as
a black paper weight. These are all the results of careful selection after looking through
several shopping malls.
You must have spent hundreds of hours to find decorations for this little space of less
than forty square metres.
Jian Yao pours herself a cup of tea: "More than one week. She enjoys the process.
Besides, the end results are well worth the time spent.
You are right. says Bo Jin Yan
Jian Yao: About what?
"I dont really understand woman. He obviously agrees with her. I cant understand
why you would spend hundreds of hours just to decorate the place.
Jian Yao: "...... thats none of your business!"
After the detailed inspection of her house, Bo Jin Yan finally left.
- Bo Jin Yan ate a whole bowl of rice today. He ate at least half of the vegetables and
three bowls of chicken soup. Seems like he enjoyed the meal after all. She smiles and goes
to sleep.

The next morning, Bo Jin Yan visits again.

This time, its Jian Yaos turn to be in her long-sleeved cotton PJs. Bo Jin Yan takes a
look at her: You are thinner than I expect. Get changed. Time to go out.
Jian Yao: Go? Where?
Bo Jin Yan: "Shopping."
When they are both in his car, he passes Jian Yao a list. She cant believe whats on the
shopping list: You mean - tea, rice, pillow, duvet, paperweights all those things in my

house, you want a set too? You said yesterday that you cant understand why I spent so much
time shopping for them! "
Firstly, we need to buy two sets of each item. I told Fu Zi Yu about them and he wants
a set too. He says in a casual voice: Dont you think its the perfect outcome? You have
done all the boring, inefficient and time consuming work, but all three of us get to share the
Jian Yao: Bo Jin Yan! I have never encountered anyone who asks for favours in such
an arrogant and condescending manner!!
Fu Zi Yu calls to thank Jian Yao. His approach is completely different to Bo Jin Yans.
Hes so appreciative of her time and effort, and praises her for good taste. He vows to treat
her a nice and expensive meal later.
Bo Jin Yan is sitting beside her when she talks to Fu Zi Yu. When they have finished,
he says to her: I appreciate your taste, but I despise your efficiency. Its two separate
issues. Its not contradictory!
When they are on their way to the first shop, Jian Yao asks him: If you dont want to
waste your time shopping, why are you coming with me?
Bo Jin Yan replies: "Do you think I want to be here? Fu Zi Yu says I must be your
driver for the day.

This afternoon, Jian Yao finds out something new about Bo Jin Yan. He is quite loose
with money. He never asks about price of things. He just throws his credit card to her and
let her deal with it. She collects all the dockets and passes them to him. He just throws
them away without looking.
And although he is a picky person, the type of things he is picky about is very selective.
Hes picky about everything to do with his work. He is picky about what food he eats. But
other than that, he seems pretty easy going. Maybe he cant be bothered. its not worth his
time and energy. For example, when she asks him what colour and style of pillow does he
want, he will say: Same as yours. Dont ask me anymore. When she asks about other
purchases, she gets the same answer.
With one exception. They are in a mattress shop. Bo Jin Yan wants to test and choose
his own mattress. Because sleep is important for him.
The sales rep leads them to the mattress Jian Yao is after: This is our best selling
mattress. Would you like to lie down and test it out?

Jian Yao lies down on the bed.

The sales rep continues to talk to Bo Jin Yan : Its firm, made with fabric thats treated
with anti bacterial properties
Bo Jin Yan: Would it go out of shape if you bounce and roll on it a lot?
The sales rep takes a look at him and Jian Yao, then with a sly smile on her face, she
replies: Sir, thats absolutely fine. This mattress is made with the best quality latex foam on
the market.
She walks off, leaving just the two of them. Bo Jin Yan lies down beside Jian Yao.
Feeling the other side of the bed sinking in slightly, Jian Yao turns around and looks at
him: You do a lot of rolling in bed?
"Of course not, only Chen Mo would roll on my bed.
Its been a long day. They both rest on the mattress.
As she is about to get up, Bo Jin Yan turns sideways, supporting his head with one of his
hands. He looks into her eyes.
She heart starts to pound.
- Its because he is intruding into my personal space. She says to herself.
He leans towards her. His handsome features are more distinctive than usual because of
they are just centimetres apart. His eyes look bright and he has a smile on his face. His thin
lips moves: Jian Yao ...... moves in with me. He says softly with deep and rather sexy
Jian Yao has never been so physically close to a man before. They are so close that she
can feel his warm breath touching her skin.
After a short pause, Bo Jin Yan continues: "Clearly, if we live together, it will be a
mutual beneficial arrangement. I am not interested in wasting my time on trivial matters in
life, which you seem to enjoy. I will have more time that I can devote to my work and other
things I enjoy doing..."
.Excuse me, are you satisfied with this mattress? The sales rep is back.
Bo Jin Yan turns to look at the rep: Please do not interrupt me. Then he continues
with Jian Yao : Indirectly, you will reap some benefits too You can.
"Sorry, I'm not interested. Jian Yao stops him.
Jian Yao gets off the bed and walks away with the sales rep. She is buying the mattress,
to put in her own apartment. Bo Jin Yan stands at a distance and looks at her.

"Come on in." Jian Yao steps into the elevator.

Bo Jin Yan walks in and stands beside her.
"Why are you not interested?" He looks down at her.
Jian Yao does not answer. The elevator door opens. This level is a food court, a bunch
of people flood in. As many people as possible squeeze into the elevator. Jian Yao is
standing so close to Bo Jin Yan that their bodies seems to be touching each others.
Jian Yao wants to step back, but theres no space. Then Bo Jin Yan looks down at her:
"You havent answered me. Why are you not interested to move in with me?

The whole elevator is eavesdropping. He obviously doesnt care about the crowd.
Jian Yao speaks with a soft voice: I like my own space. I need my peace and quiet
time. I am not moving in. Case closed.
Bo Jin Yan does not insist anymore.
She is relieved. But after a few seconds, she hears him speak again: You have made a
wrong decision.
Finally, a young girl next to Jian Yao cant hold it in anymore. She bursts out laughing.

Jian Yao knows that everyone in the elevator thinks Bo Jin Yan is her boyfriend, trying
to persuade her to live with him. But she knows that its the last thing on his mind. Hes
simply looking at the issue from an efficiency angle. His cohabitation proposal is not
personal. So therefore, to decline his offer is an inefficient and wrong decision.
Back in the apartment, Jian Yao is enjoying a warm relaxing bath in her bathtub. She
thinks about Bo Jin Yan, his handsome looks, his smiles, and his proposal. Something feels
different in her heart. She cant explain it, nor has she felt like that before in her life.
She gets ready for bed. She is still feeling a little out of sorts. The phone rings. Its Li.
He doesnt usually call at this time of the night. It must be important: Is everything
Li Xun Ran sounds kind of vague: Those numbers. We are able to put them in some
sort of order, but they still dont make sense.
"What do you mean?"

Ive sent them to your email and to Professor Bo. Have a look yourselves.
Jian Yao puts on her coat and turns on the computer.

25, 484,
425,136,729,16 "
- What sort of game is Sun Yong trying to play here?
Jian Yao scrolls to the bottom of the message. The decipher specialist has boiled it
down to this row of numbers : 8,9,9,13,14,15,19.
We cant work out what this group of numbers might mean. They can be anything.
Some sort of co-ordinates? words/page numbers in a book? Without any clues, it would take
forever to solve. Theres not much else we can do. Jian Yao recalls what Li Xun Ran tells
her on the phone.
Jian Yao looks at the columns of numbers. She closes her computer and lies back onto
the bed.
She takes out the phone, press those numbers. A landline number has eight digits. So
theres three extra numbers. Switchboard extensions? No such luck. Its an empty number.
Morse code? She is not familiar with it. Latitude and longitude coordinates? But its in
the wrong format.
English alphabet? A to Z corresponding to 1-26. She takes up pen and paper from the
bedside table and converts them into English alphabet. But she has her doubts. Cant be that
easy. Even the experts cannot decipher them.
Translated letters: H, I, I, M, N ,O, S. Doesnt make any sense.
- Ok. What if we change the order

- Just go to bed. Jian Yao thinks to herself. Maybe Bo Jin Yan can work it
out tomorrow.
She closes her eyes. Bo Jin Yans face flash before her. The long slender eyes, tall
nose, thin lips, his faint smile, the sarcastic smile
She suddenly opens her eyes. She looks at those letters again.
Bo Jin Yan. Bo Jin Yan.
She has found the meaningful combination - HI, SIMON.

Chapter 17
Jian Yao knocks on the black colour front door. She thinks about the code that she
has just cracked. Chills are going down her spine.
Shes knocked on the door for a long time, but theres no answer.
Tap.. Tap She persists.
She takes out her phone to call him.
Bo Jinyan answers in a tired voice: Are you sleepwalking? Its 1:00am in the
Jian Yao: "Are you home? Open the door!
Jian Yao waits outside his apartment for another five minutes before Bo Jinyan
opens the door. He is wearing a bathrobe. His hair is still damp and with occasional
drop of water forming at the tips and dripping down onto his bathrobe. The robe is
open around the neckline, revealing the top part of his chest.
He glances at her and smiles: "You can change your mind, with the proviso that you
have to make me breakfast tomorrow morning."
Jian Yao: "I'm not ......" He walks inside the house.
Jian Yao has no choice but to follow behind him.
Its the first time she stepped in the house ever since he has moved into the
apartment. Everything looks more or less like what she remembers. Except there is
now a porcelain bathtub in the middle of the living room.
This bathtub is twice the size of the one in her apartment. The tub is filled, with
steam rising into the air, which means Bo Jinyan just took a bath. Next to the tub, theres
a little side table with a tall glass, filled with the flower tea Jian Yao recommended.
Bo Jinyan takes a seat on the sofa, one leg overlapping the other, underneath his
big bathrobe. He looks at her: " Well, what makes you come to my house at this time of
the night in your pyjamas His eyes slides over her face: like a frightened bird?
Jian Yao sits across from him: "Li sent you an email on the numbers we found in
Sun Yongs house.
Bo Jinyan takes out his silver notebook from beneath the coffee table.
After only a few seconds, he raises his hand to close the screen. He stands up. Jian
Yao notices that his face has turned a little pale, with a sharp cold look in his eyes.
She says softly: "If you replace the numbers with alphabets ......"

Bo Jinyan turns and walks to a room.

Jian Yao follows behind.
Bo Jinyans study. One side of the wall is a large bookcase, filled with boxes and
boxes of file. It extends all the way to the ceiling.
Jian Yao watches Bo Jinyan reaches for one of the boxes on the top shelve. He
places the box on his study table and starts to take out a few folders. These folders are
big and thick. On the side of each folder, theres a label that reads: 27-211, California ,
Flower Cannibal.
Bo Jinyan is scanning the documents in the file. Jian Yao asks: Why would Sun
Yong leave such a message?
Its not from him. Bo Jinyan says without looking, still scanning those documents:
He is a simple guy, he is incapable of coming up with such complex codes. And based
on his personality, if he was to leave signals behind, they should be totems, or abstract
symbols like knights and emblems."
Jian Yao is slightly surprised: You mean Sun Yong is just a puppet? And theres
someone else behind the instigation of his crime? She looks at the folders on his study
desk: One of your cases in the US?"
Bo Jinyan shakes his head: No. His mental condition can be hereditary, but it does
not happen overnight. Sun Yong's abnormal behaviour was consistent with his troubled
upbringing. Besides, his first murder happened while I was in America. Staying in Tung
City is a last minute decision after I decided to come back to China, therefore his crime
was not done to provoke me."
Jian Yao nods and looks at his stern face. He suddenly returned to China. Must be
something to do with that serious illness of his.
Bo Jinyan continues: Introverts prefer to work alone, and his crime displayed a
distinctive personal character. There is no evidence to suggest that he has an
accomplice." He looks at Jian Yao, Its impossible that someone was controlling his
actions all those times. "
"Sun Yong was solely responsible for the killing machine case. There is no doubt
about it." Bo Jinyan concludes: "but someone went to the crime scene and left me this
Bo Jinyan has taken out a few photos from the files. Jian Yao takes a look at them.
Its a caucasian in his 20s. In the photo, he is wearing a white T Shirt. He is an
attractive man with blue eyes.

Suddenly Bo Jinyan speaks in a way that is very different from how he speaks
"Hi, Simon. I am scared.
Hi, Simon. Come get me.
Hi, Simon. Will you be my dinner tonight?
He is imitating someone else. She looks at the pictures again: Did he leave these
signals for you? Has he come to China?
- Is this the reason he left America? To return to China? The Flower Cannibal from
Bo Jinyan puts all the documents and the photos back into the box: He is in Pelican
Bay prison serving a life sentence. Its impossible for him to be here.."
Jian Yao knows there has to be a connection somewhere. Or else, Bo Jinyan would
not have rushed in here and start going through the files.
Then, who could it be? Jian Yao asks.
I dont know."
They both stand there for a while. Suddenly, he turns around and puts his hands
on either side of her shoulders. He turns her around and starts pushing her gently
towards the door.
"Bo Jinyan ......" Jian Yao knows he does not want to discuss any further, but she is
concerned for him.
He pushes her all the way to the front entrance. He turns the knob of the front door
and opens it. One more gentle push and she will be outside of his apartment.
Jian Yao turns to looks at him.
He stands with a reassuring smile on his face. Then he looks straight into her eyes.
His deep voice sounds like soothing water: Jian Yao. I am fine. Dont worry.
Goodbye. He gives her one final nudge.
Then he closes the door.
Jian Yao cant sleep. She tosses and turns for the rest of the night.
She knows its pointless to knock on his door again. He will not answer.

The sun is out. Another morning.

She gets ready for work. Before she leaves the house, she gives Bo Jinyan a
call. "Sorry, the number you dialled is currently switched off ." She is greeted by a
mechanical female voice.
Bo Jinyan never switches off his phone. This is probably more serious than she
She rushes downstairs. She knocks on his door: Bo Jinyan! Bo Jinyan! The
banging sound and her voice echoes in the deserted stairway. No one answers.
Monday mornings are usually a frantic time for Jian Yao. Theres a mountain of
work piled on her desk. She has no choice but to put Bo Jinyans matter aside.
During lunch break, she gives Fu Ziyu a call.
"He took the first flight back to the United States this morning. Fu Ziyu sounds
concerned too.
Jian Yao: Whats the story with the Flower Cannibal?
Fu Ziyu pauses. Then he explains: "Jian Yao, I dont think Bo Jinyan is certain who
is behind the message. He has gone back to the US to talk to the FBI and possibly Ty,
the Flower Cannibal. Its not something we can help with at this stage. But I believe in
Bo Jinyan. He will be able to handle this. Dont worry. He will be back soon."
Fu Ziyu is right. There is nothing she can do.
After lunch, she returns to her desk. She looks around her office. Men and women
dressed in business attire. Rows of computer, cubicles with desks and office chairs
busy, calm and ordinary. She wonders where Bo Jinyan is now. Who is he talking to.
Criminals? Psychopaths? FBI agents who faces violence and death on a daily basis?
She and Bo Jinyan. They live in two different worlds.
A week has passed. Every evening after work, she will pass by Bo Jinyans
apartment. She presses her ears over the front door. It is always quiet. Theres no one
On Saturday night, while checking the inbox for new mail, she comes across Lis old
message on the numbers.

She decides to send Bo Jinyan a message. The content is very brief:

- Hows everything?
A few minutes later, a new email appears in the Inbox. Its Bo Jinyan.
- Fine. Take care of Chen Mo. The key is underneath the doormat.
Jian Yao smiles and immediately go downstairs.
She picks up the key thats hidden underneath the thick black mat. Even though
this is a safe neighbourhood, but its still a little risky to leave the key like that. Jian Yao
decides to keep it until he returns.
The house has a slight musty smell, probably because its been empty for a week.
B City is notoriously bad for its quality of air. Theres a thin layer of dust and ash on top
of the furniture and window seals already. Jian Yao gives the place a quick clean. She
finds Chen Mo underneath a pile of documents in the study. Jian Yao squats down, pats
its shell and says: Hes overseas at the moment. Come home with me.
For the next two months, Jian Yao continues with her busy and uneventful life.
Every morning, she has breakfast with Chen Mo, then its off to work. She is usually
exhausted by the time she gets home in the evening. A quick dinner, read a little, and
its bed time. In the weekend, she catches up with her classmates from the university.
She will also spend a couple of hours cleaning Bo Jinyans apartment for him.
During this time, she has lost a couple of kilos, and Chen Mo has gained 2 grams.
She did some research on the net, For a turtle, its considered a growth spurt! She can
see how Bo Jinyans calculations are very accurate. If she moves in with him, both him
and Chen Mo will be very well looked after.
Sometimes, when she is cleaning his apartment, she will think of his handsome
face. She will remember the day when they were testing mattress together, and she
could feel her heart beating faster.
In her high school years, she had a crush on one of the seniors, a good looking,
quiet boy who is mature for his age. She still remembers that feeling. Anxious, sweet,
almost nauseating. She felt like she has butterflies in her stomach. When he was
around her, she is excited but very shy at the same time.
But Bo Jinyan is different. He is dazzling and bright. She feels theres a big distance
between him and her, who is just an ordinary girl. And he is supercilious and hard to
get along with. She is usually very patient and tolerable, but in front of him, these
virtues can vanish into the thin air. Also, he can be painfully naive sometimes.
Does she have a crush on him? Jian Yao is not so sure.

But she is sure that she wants him to be a part of her life. As a friend. At least.

The first of May is a public holiday - Labour day.

Fu Ziyu comes to B City to meet up with Jian Yao. He is bringing her out for a meal to
thank her for cleaning Bo Jinyans house and looking after Chen Mo.
"Rest assured, I will make Bo Jinyan pay for this meal." He says.
Jian Yao asks: "When is he coming back?
Nobody knows. He works alone. So he doesn't have to be accountable to anyone
but himself. He seldom shares his plans and schedules with anybody.
Another fortnight has past.
As usual, she goes down to clean Bo Jinyans apartment. Its close to lunchtime, so
she arranges for the lunch order to be delivered to his house.
She had a big breakfast, so theres some leftover in the lunchbox. She leaves it on
the table and continues with the cleaning.
Its a sunny afternoon. She put on her head phones and press play on her iPod,
humming the melodies as she wipes the cabinet.
After a while, she thought she heard the sound of a door closing.
She takes her head phones off. She walks slowly into the lounge. The front door is
closed. Theres no one else there.
- Maybe its the neighbours. She thought to herself.
After she tidies the study, she rinses the cloth in the bathroom. She passes by the
kitchen and notices something is different on the table.
The chair is still nicely tucked underneath the table, the cutlery neatly placed to
Wheres the half eaten food? The two chicken wings, the red bean mousse. They
are gone?!
Jian Yaos heartbeat starts to accelerate. She is sure they are on the table. She
looks to the right, where the trash bin is. Theres an empty cup and a plate inside.
Someone finished her food.

Jian Yao slowly turns around to look in the direction of his bedroom. She can see a
vague image of a body moving on the reflections of the shinny floor boards.
No thief will finish off a half-eaten meal when he first enters a house.
So, either he was picky about the food served on the flight, or he is extremely
Jian Yao smiles to herself.

Chapter 18
Jian Yao leans on the wall that faces his bedroom door. She knocks gently on the wall.
Its been three months.
He looks much the same. He is sitting on his bed, working. When he hears the knock,
he looks up and sees Jian Yao. He puts down the stack of documents in his hands and
walks toward her.
Jian Yao is still wearing her apron and long rubber gloves. Her long hair casually
tied back. Theres even a bit of stain on her cheeks.
Bo Jinyan walks up close to her. She can smell the laundry scent from his clean,
white shirt.
His eyes sparkles. With a shallow and arrogant smile, he speaks with the deep
voice she has not heard in months: Liar.
Jian Yao feels as if her heart has missed a beat. Her cheeks start to burn. But she
calms herself down quickly.
- Remember, he held your hands just to let you lie down on the killing machine.
There must be a non-romantic reason for all his suggestive gestures.
So she asks: What do you mean?"
Bo Jinyan answers proudly: Obviously, you already treat this apartment like your
He comes back to see her cleaning the house, even having her lunch here. So he
assumes she has finally come to her senses and decides to move in with him.
Just as she is about to explain the whole situation, he points to the table: Present.
Its on the table.
Jian Yao walks over to the table. Next the stack of documents, theres a small
rectangular box. Its blue in colour with a white ribbon around it.
She takes her gloves off and opens the box.
Jian Yao holds the box and walk out to the lounge. Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa
drinking the flower tea.
She is quiet. So he speaks first: So, do you like it?

Jian Yao answers truthfully: "Yes, its very nice." She looks inside of the box: A
platinum necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, trimmed with diamonds. Its sparkling
brightly under the lights.
"But ......" she did not get to finish her sentence, because Bo Jinyan suddenly takes
out his mobile phone.
Susan, she likes the gift. Goodbye. He tells the person on the other side, then puts
the phone aside.
Jian Yao asks: "Who did you call?"
Bo Jinyan stands up from the sofa: "FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit Assistant. She
chose the present. She insists that I call her after you receive the present. She wants to
know what your reactions will be.
- So thats how the present came about. He asked his assistant to buy a present on
his behalf. That person must have misunderstood her relationship with him.
Therefore the present is an expensive heart-shaped diamond necklace.
Jian Yao gives the necklace back to him: "Thank you, but its too expensive, and its
not necessary."
Bo Jinyan lifts his eye to look at her: Just because the present is from me, you want
me to be responsible for gift exchange too?
Jian Yao: "......" Thats not what I mean!
Bo Jinyan stands up: ". If there is a problem with the present, contact Susan
directly. Heres her number. But do it later. We are meeting Fu Ziyu for dinner now.

Fu Ziyu is waiting in the restaurant. He sees the two of them walk through the
entrance. He gives a them little wave.
They walk over, Fu Ziyu puts out the cigarette thats in his hand. He gives Bo
Jinyan a hug.
"Welcome back." Fu Ziyu says softly.
After the hug, Fu Ziyu goes back to his seat.
Bo Jinyan remains standing. He looks pensive. Suddenly, he takes a big step, his tall
body approaching Jian Yao. Before she can react, he bows his head, stretches out his
arms to wrap her tightly in his arms.
"Thump, thump ......" Jian Yao can hear her own racing heartbeat.

Compared to him, she is petite. She sees a big patch of white colour in front of her.
Its his shirt. A side of her face rests on his chest.
What..? Jian Yao asked softly.
He loosens his grip and says lightly: I forgot to hug you earlier.
Jian Yao: "...... Thank you."
Jian Yao looks up and sees a funny expression on Fu Ziyus face.
She gives him a shrug. - Calm down. Its Bo Jinyan. Dont read into it.
Fu Ziyu is responsible for ordering the food. He orders a mix of meat and fish
dishes. Bo Jinyan doesnt seem to mind. Jian Yao takes note. Oh, so its ok to have
dishes with red meat when she is dining with him in the future. Even though he wont
touch it, he doesnt mind seeing them there.

She really wants to know what happened when Bo Jinyan was in US, But Jian Yao is
not sure if she should ask. But she doesnt need to, because Fu Ziyu brings up the topic:
Have you found the guy?
Bo Jinyan shakes his head.
Jian Yao is sipping the soup, quietly listening.
Fu Ziyu asks: Will you be going to US to assist with the investigation, or stay in
China to try and find him??
He answers: "Unfortunately, I will not participate in the investigation of this case."
Fu Ziyu thinks for a second and says: Because of your identity?
Yeah ..
Jian Yao looks at Fu Ziyu. Puzzled. Fu Ziyu explains the situation to her.
Bo Jinyan assisted the FBI in the past because of his affiliations with Maryland
University. Now that he is no longer a professor there, and the fact that he accepted the
post of the consultant for the Ministry of Public Security in China, the FBI feels it is
inappropriate to include him in their investigations because its a matter of national
Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan and frowns: "But this guy is coming after you. How can
they cut you out of the investigation loop?"

Bo Jinyan looks at her: "Oh, they will not cut me out of the loop. The Chinese
officials negotiated with the FBI on my behalf. After a month of discussion, the two
countries have reached an agreement. I will assist in certain aspects of the operation
as the victim."
Fu Ziyu asks: Then, how are they going to approach this case?"
The FBI will send a team over here. Their investigation will, of course, be done
under the supervision of the authorities. If necessary, the Chinese police will assist. The
Municipal Public Security Bureau will be responsible for victim protection, i.e.,
protecting me. "
Fu Ziyu asks another question: Will your phone, e-mail, as well as resident be
monitored? ,
Bo Jinyan answers arrogantly: "Do you think I will agree to that?
Jian Yao takes a look at him. It must be very frustrating. To be excluded in an
operation when the criminal is obviously provoking him.
By the time they return to the apartment, its past 8pm.
It is a bright star-studded night. The cool breeze seems to blow away the stress and
worries and relaxes those who are walking on the street.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan are standing outside his apartment. Jian Yao asks: "Do you
want to see Chen Mo?"
Bo Jinyan nods, and add a dry joke: I hope he is still alive.
Jian Yao: "...... he is doing fine."
Once they enter the house, they see Chen Mo clawing toward the entrance. Bo
Jinyan walks over and puts him on his palm: Hes put on weight. ,
- Such a tiny difference. 2 grams. Can he actually feel it?
Bo Jinyan then turns around and looks at her: Lets go.
Jian Yao wonders: "Where?"
Bo Jinyan raises an eyebrow: "Downstairs, to sleep. "Do you not intend to move in
with me? Chen Mo can stay here. He seems to have adapted to this new environment
very well. Its the first time hes gained weight in 10 years.
- Ah. Liar She remembers his words from this morning.

Jian Yao reaches her hands out towards him.

His wrist is grabbed. The itchy feeling is here again.
Jian Yao starts walking, pulling him along. When she reaches the first door, she
turns the knob and opens the door. Then she walks behind him and push him outside,
just like how he treated her three months ago.
Bo Jinyan quietly turns to look at her.
Goodbye Bo Jinyan. No, I am not moving in with you.
She smiles, and closes the door in front of his face.
She turns and walks to the sofa. But after a few steps, she turns back and looks
through the peephole. Bo Jinyan is still standing outside. He seems to be pondering.
After a while, without any expression on his face, he heads to the elevator. Soon the
door opens and he walks in.
Jian Yao walks to the bed. She lies down, takes out the necklace form the box. She
watches it sparkles in the light.
Three days after Bo Jinyan has returned from US, Jian Yao receives a transfer notice
from her manager. She is being transferred to the Customer 3 division.
Customer 3 is one of the largest division within the Sales Department. They
generate a lot more revenue than the small department she is currently working in.
Jian Yaos new role is the business assistant, which is responsible for odd jobs,
administration and logistic, secretarial matters. Actually, even a college graduate will
be qualified for the position. Jian Yao does not understand why she is transferred here.

Jian Yao asks her manager what is the reason for the transfer. The manager smiles
apologetically: The previous assistant of Customer 3 division died from a sudden
illness last month, and they are not able to find a replacement yet. Within all the new
interns, your performance is the most outstanding. Therefore, head office has decided
to transfer you to their team. They are an important division within the department. If
you do well there, it will help your career progress.

The automotive parts division goes for lunch together. Its the farewell meal for Jian
The manager is not there, so everyone is more relaxed. Because Jian Yao is going to
Customer 3 division, the topic of conversation naturally falls on the gossips and stories
from that division.

A young girl starts: Apparently, they are getting a new director. I went pass the
Board office yesterday to collect some documents, and I saw the chairman of the board
personally sending him off.
Everyone has heard rumours, but no one knows who this new director is. They
begin to ask questions. Jian Yao is quietly listening. After all, the information might be
useful for her new post.
The girl shakes her head: How would I know but -!" She laughs:. the director
looks very handsome. Tall and handsome.
Everybody laughs. Someone says: Maybe thats the fianc of the Chairman, not the
Jian Yao has only seen the photo of the Chairman in promotional materials. Yin
Ziqi, daughter of the former chairman. She is 29 years old. Has a fianc. A rich young
man who is the heir to a large multi national corporation.
The girl thinks for a moment: Mmm Dont think so. Chairmans fianc is
supposed to be a smooth talking charmer. This new director looks kind of vain.
Someone adds quickly: Dont scare Jian Yao. Thats her future boss!"

After lunch, Jian Yao packs up and reports to her new division.
As she steps into the office, she can see the difference between a core and marginal
division. Its a much bigger office. Even the staffs office desks are much bigger than
those in her division. In her previous office, only the manager has a desk this size.
Most desks are empty, Theres two people in the whole office.
Jian Yao walks over: "Hello, I am Assistant Jian Yao, starting work in Customer 3
division today.
One man and a lady turns around to look at her.
Her female colleague is in her late 20s, with wavy hair and big eyes. She dresses
quite casually, in a bohemian style dress. Theres a black jacket hanging on back of her
She nods to Jian Yao and introduces herself: Hi. I am Dan Shen Wei, Sales
Manager. Then she turns to the young man next to her: "Pei Ze, take care of her. Then
she goes back to work.
Pei Ze looks a couple of years younger than Dan Shen Wei. Hes wearing a straight
black suit. He has a baby face with a charming smile. He stands up to greet Jian Yao: "Hi,

I am Pei Ze. I am also one of the Sales Manager. Dont mind Dan Shen Wei Takes time
for her to warm up to new people
Shen Dan Wei gives him a friendly swears without looking up: Fxxx you, Pei Ze.
- They seem pleasant enough to work with. Jian Yao has a good first impression of
her new colleagues.
Pei Ze continues: The others have gone for a meeting, to meet our new director.
The two of us are working on an urgent proposal so we stayed behind. You will meet
the rest of the team soon."
Jian Yao nods.
(something extra) - story behind the gift
Bo Jinyan is on the phone with Fu Ziyu. She cleans your apartment every
weekend. She is so nice. I want to move in with her too.
After he puts down the phone, he remembers the fishing rod he gave her as a thank
you present for the fish. He remembers Fu Ziyu words. Show appreciation.
Does it mean he should get her a gift this time too?
Even though hes been excluded from the investigation, he still has some authority
within the organisation.
He calls the department assistant: Help me to buy a gift."
Susan: "Well, who is it for?"
"A girl."
- This is interesting. Professor Bo has never bought any woman a gift.
Carefully, she asks: "Is it for a young girl?"
- Oh my god! A girlfriend? Susan takes the opportunity to ask further: What stage of
the relationship are the two of you in?
Bo Jinyan raises his head. He thinks about it and replies: "She is my assistant. We
will be living together very soon.
Susan is stunned. This is incredible news. Its a well known fact that Bo Jinyan is
an iceberg. Hes never had a girl friend. Theres a rumour that hes still a virgin at the
age of 26. Well, hes finally

Susan says timidly: But such an important gift you should choose it yourself."
Bo Jinyan growls at her: What makes you think I have time to waste on something
so trivial? Just buy something. Anything.

Chapter 19
Pei Ze: "Jian Yao, briefing in five minutes. Conference Room."
Thank you." Jian Yao gives Pei Ze a smile. She makes a quick trip to the rest
In front of the mirror, she makes sure she looks presentable. She takes out her
lipsticks and does a quick touch up. Her clothes look straight and not wrinkled. Good.
She takes a deep breathe and straightens her back. She gives herself a Bo Jinyan type
haughty professional smile.
Very good. Perfect. Looks dignified.
- Okay. I am ready. She walks out in her heels, and heads to the conference room.
There are five people sitting around the large oval table. Pei Ze and Dan Shen Wei
are already there. There are another three men whom she has not met before .
Jian Yao finds an empty seat. Before she sits down, she gives a small bow: "Hello
everyone I'm Jian Yao. I am the new Assistant." Jian Yao smiles toward the crowd.
The man sitting beside her is the first to stand up to shake her hand: "Hi I am Zhou
Qin." He is in his mid thirties. He looks average, but he has a pair of sharp eyes and a
contagious smile. He looks like an experienced sales person.
The other two men also stand up. One of them is called Qian Yu Wen, in his early
thirties, medium height, slim build, with dark skin. He has a stern look on his face. He
gives Jian Yao a firm handshake. The other man is Mai Chen. He is a cute young man
around the same age as Jian Yao. He smiles gently to her: Welcome to the team.
All pleasantries are over. Pei Ze walks to stand behind Jian Yao. He rests his hands
on the back rest of her chair and leans down: Lau Zhou and Lau Qian are the senior
sales manager. Xiao Mai is the Operations Assistant. Like your previous division, we
work together as a team, so communication is very important."
(Note from TB: You probably know this. But just in case - In China, colleagues and
friends often dont call peoples full name. Instead, they would use Lau (usually when
its an older man) or Xiao (when the person is younger than you) plus their last
name. i.e. Mai Chen is Xiao Chen and Zhou Qin is Lau Zhou.)
Jian Yao thanks him. Pei Ze replies: Its my pleasure to work with a pretty girl like
you. Then he returns to his seat. Others laugh, with the exception of Shen Dan Wei.
She is looking down at her notebook.
Everyone is seated, The room becomes quiet. They wait.
Jian Yao thinks to herself. She has met everyone in the division except for the
Department manager Lin Yu Xuan and the mysterious new director.

A woman around thirty years old walks in, Its Lin Yu Xuan. You can tell that she is
a career woman, dressed in a ladies suit. Her eyes rest on Jian Yao: Jian Yao?
Jian Yao stands up immediately: Yes. Nice to meet you, Manager Lin."
Lin Yu Xuan smiles, she answers politely: Mmm
Pei Ze smiles and asks Manager Lin, who is our new director?"
Lin Yu Xuan replies: Hes on his way here. He was just talking to the Chairman.
She turns and looks down the corridor :Ah, here he is.
Everyone stands.
Through the frosted glass panels, they see a tall figure walking leisurely towards
the entrance.
The moment he enters, Pei Ze gets everyone to clap and welcome him.
Then Jian Yao sees the same handsome face that lives just downstairs from her.
Everyone has a big smile on their face. Only Jian Yao looks stunned.
Jian Yao now understands the vain comment made by the young girl during her
farewell lunch.
- Can someone tell her why Bo Jinyan is here?
Manager Lin introduces: "This is Bo Jinyan, our new director. We are honoured to
have him join the team. Im sure our division will go from strength to strength under
his leadership."
Everybody applauds again. Even the grim beauty Dan Shen Wei seems to like this
new director. She has a look of approval in her eyes. Jian Yao fixes her eyes on Bo
Jinyan, but he looks pass her as if he does not recognise her. ,
Just this morning they were having breakfast together. He didnt even give the
slightest hint that he will be here.
Everyone takes a seat. Each employee makes a brief self introduction to the new
When everyone has finished, Manager Lin says: Director Bo will be responsible for
the overall strategic and business direction. From now on, all of you will report directly
to me. The Chairman does not want Director Bo to be bogged down with the routine
Everybody nods. Jian Yao is suspicious. Business direction? Its not his expertise.
Manager Lin asks: Director Bo, would you like to say a few words?

"Alright." Bo Jinyan says. He takes a pause and looks around the table slowly. The
place is so quiet that you can hear a pin fall to the ground.
He starts to speak: I dont like beating around the bush. I am only going to be
here temporarily. You do not have to befriend me. I have no energy to deal with each
one of you separately. I have my way of doing things. You have to respond to my every
demand, but I will not respond to yours. We will live in peace. And at appraisal time,
you will all get an A for performance from me. Thank you.
The room is quiet again.
- Temporary? What is he trying to achieve here?
The Customer 3 division is an elite team. They never expected to have to deal with
someone who is so brutally blunt. But after a moment to take in Bo Jinyans speech,
they applaud in unison.
Manager Lin is still slightly taken back by his speech, To smooth things over, she
speaks with a calm voice: Director Bo, since we have not been able to recruit a
secretary yet, Jian Yao, our new assistant will serve you until we find someone else.
An indifferent looking Bo Jinyan: Thats fine.
Manager Lin looks to Jian Yao: From now on, you report directly to Director Bo.
Meeting has ended. They return to their office.
The table for the Directors secretary is located outside his office. She sits down
and see Bo Jinyan walking towards her.
People are watching. Jian Yao keeps an expressionless face.
He walks past the table, taps the side with his fingers: You. Come in. And he goes
into an oversized office.
Jian Yao takes a notebook and pen and walks in after him. She hesitates, then
decides to shut the door behind her. .
The crowd outside is finally able to relax.
All the company chairs have castors on them. While sitting in his chair, Pei Ze
glides over to Shen Dan Weis desk. He takes a glance at the Directors office: The poor
little beauty. Where did this arrogant guy come from?
Shen Dan Wei replies: "Really? I think hes cool."

Pei Ze looks at her and laughs out loud. He looks up, surprised to find that Qian Yu
Wen looking at him quietly. Pei Ze looks away, starts whistling, and glides back to his
desk, Everyone goes back to work.
Bo Jinyan is sitting at an expensive black solid work desk. He sits in the leather
chair and stares at the computer screen.
Jian Yao walks to the table. She throws the note book and pen on his desk:
Behind the screen, Bo Jinyan mumbles: Your inescapable fate as my assistant ......"
Jian Yao: BO Jinyan!"
Suddenly, a light knock at the door.
"Come in." Bo Jinyan lifts his eyes to glance at her. A smile has appeared on her
previous angry face like magic.
Its Mai Chen. He has two security guards with him, carrying some office furniture.
Bo Jinyan smiles. One of the guys asks: Where do you want us to put them?
Bo Jinyan puts his hands behind head, like he is resting on a pillow, and casually
answers: Anywhere, as long as its somewhere within my range of vision.

Jian Yao looks at him. Dont tell me you are here for some undercover operation.
You disguised as a director and transferred me here so I can work for you?
Bo Jinyan: "I'm glad to see you are using your brain."
She cant believe this.
Bo Jinyan, how can you do this to me? she asks: You should at least check with
me first to see if I am willing to help you?
Bo Jinyans smile freezes.
Jian Yao continues: Do you know how much I value my job? This is an area of
work I want to pursue in. You dont like other people to intervene with your
investigations. I am the same. I want a stable and safe job. But what will become of me
in the future? You would have left the company but I am still going to work here. How
will my colleague treat me? What would they think of me O be careful. Dont talk to
her. Shes a spy Or if the next time you need to solve a case in Mongolia, you expect
me to quit my job and follow you there?

Her face is getting more and more red. Shes only been here for a few months. She
has worked hard to settle into the company. But Bo Jinyan is going to ruin all that. He
has no right to dictate what she will be doing.
She walks to the door, and suddenly remembers, her desk has been moved inside
his office. She has nowhere else to go. She sits down at her desk and turns her back to
Bo Jinyan.

After a while, she has calmed herself down. She begins to think.
What am I going to do now? Should I resign? But where will I go from here?
Clearly the Chairman and Manager Lin knows Bo Jinyans identity. Perhaps after she
solves this case, they can help cover for her, so no one else in the company will know.
She will return to her original post.
At this point, someone knocks on the door. The tapping goes on for a while. Bo
Jinyan just keeps silent. Jian Yao clears her voice: Please come in.

Pei Ze pushes open the door. His hand is carrying two coffee cups. He gives a
charming smile: A mocha and a herbal tea. Is that ok?
Jian Yao smiles and stands up: Thank you so much. How much is it?
Pei Ze laughs: Dont mention it. My pleasure. He turns to Bo Jinyan: Bye.
Bo Jinyan really is a man of his word. He ignores Pei Ze.
Pei Ze closes the door. Jian Yao puts down the cups on her table.
Bo Jinyan: Mocha, thank you."
Come and get it yourself!
Soon, she hears him standing up and walking towards her. She keeps her head
down. He says in a sooth gentle voice: "your job will not be too affected by this case. I
will solve it very quickly. Think about it. A case as complicated as the killer machine
only took me 5 days to crack. This is a piece of cake."
Jian Yao feels a little more reassured, but she keeps quiet.
A pair of hands appear on either ends of the table. The amber cufflinks on his
sleeves reflects the light from the table lamp. He leans forward. His face is just inches
away from hers.
Sorry for being blunt, but what is the purpose of your job? Taking some goods
from one location, transfer them to a different location and sell them at a higher price.
Is that what you will tell your grandchildren when you are old? How much cargo you

helped transferred in your lifetime? Or do you want them to know how many lives you
have saved?
Jian Yao looks at him. The two faces are separated by less than 30cm, she can
almost see her own reflection in his eyes.
Somewhere in her heart, a chord is struck lightly.
Jian Yao turns her face away.
"Nonsense." She says: Its logistics, economic development, an indispensable part
of keeping the society prosperous.
Bo Jinyan loosens his grip off the corners of the tables. He walks back to his desk,
taking his cup of mocha with him. He takes a few pieces of paper from there and walks
back to her desk: Okay, Miss logistics, can we have a look at the information on the
case now? He puts the pieces of paper on her desk.
She opens the files. Theres a photo of a young lady, wearing a suit, in her early
twenties. She looks at the next document. Its her CV. Wang Wan Wei, aged 23,
Assistant of Customer 3 Division. Her predecessor.
Bo Jinyan makes a comment: "You and her. The two of you look alike. You are both
pale and thin."
Jian Yao ignores him. He continues: Its not death from natural causes. Its
- Jian Yao thought Bo Jinyan only deals with cases involving vicious serial killer
.The death of a white collar office lady? This is not the type of case he would usually
take on.
She asks: Is she an agent from the Ministry of Public Security?" Whats so special
about her?
Bo Jinyan: "Do you think the Ministry has nothing better to do than to send their
agents as porters, I am sorry, logistic workers?"
Jian Yao: So, whats the reason?
She is confused. Bo Jinyans phone rings: "Ah well.." He takes a look at Jian Yao:
"She'll eat anything. Bye.
He hangs up. He says to Jian Yao: We are going for dinner."
Jian Yao asks: "With Whom?
Bo Jinyan: A woman that brings me nothing but trouble. Why else do you think I
would accept this kindergarten level case?"

Jian Yao is curious.

- Woman?

..Chairman Yin?

Chapter 20
They walk pass a European design screen with white floral cravings. A beautiful
crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the lounge. The large lounge
is furnished with expensive but tasteful furniture. An elegant lady sits at a small round
table in the middle of the lounge.
Yin Ziqi is wearing a red strapless dress. Beautiful, sexy, yet seems unapproachable
and not very easy to get along with. But when she sees Bo Jinyan, she embraces her
femininity. She glances at him obliquely: Finally, you are willing have a meal with me.
Bo Jinyan pulls out a chair and sits down. He tells Jian Yao: Take a seat.
Yin Ziqi stands up, shakes hands with Jian Yao and smiles: Nice to meet you.
Jian Yao responds with a smile: "Hello, chairman Yin, I am Jian Yao."
The three of them sit down.
Yin Ziqi looks at Bo Jinyan: "I thought your assistant will be an arrogant eccentric
weirdo like you.
Jian Yao smiles: "I certainly am not."
Bo Jinyan glances at Yin Ziqi, and says in a sarcastic tone: Is this how you see me?
Bo Jinyan suddenly thinks of something. He turns to look at Jian Yao: Is this how
you see me too?
Jian Yao answers softly: Well, who transferred me to a different division without
consulting me first?
Yin Ziqi is surprised to see how they relate to each other. She tells Jian Yao: Miss
Jian, I need Jinyan to help me with an investigation within the company. He insisted
that only if you can be his assistant, will he then accept the case, thereforeI have no
choice but to authorise the transfer.
- Insisted that she works with him before he would accept?
Jian Yao is secretly pleased.
Yin Ziqi said: "But I thought he would consult you first. I had no idea that he didnt
speak to you beforehand..."
Bo Jinyan interrupts her: "We have come to an agreement. Now lets get back to
Yin Ziqi laughs. She says to Jian Yao: Let me formally introduce myself. I am Ziqi,
Jinyans sister.

Jian Yao has a suspicion that they are related, but she never thought they are
brothers and sisters, because Bo Jinyan never mentioned he has a sibling. As if aware of
her doubts, Yin Ziqi smiles: Actually, I am his step sister. Jinyans father married my
mother. Not a lot of people know about this. We grew up in America together."
Before dinner is served, Yin Ziqi talks about the case.
The police have confirmed that Wang Wan Weis death is a suicide. However, I
still want to clarify a few things:
1. She mentioned in the suicide note that she chose to end her life because she
was overwhelmed by pressure. I do not know if this pressure is work related. If so, I
need to know more about it and whether the management style in Customer 3 division
was part of the cause. I would like to know the specific reasons for her suicide.
2. Her cause of death is drug overdose. I do not want to make this fact public
because I have heard a lot of rumours about staff in our company taking drugs. I want
to know if anyone else in the division takes drugs as well. I am afraid there is a secret
drug network within the company.
Jian Yao did not expect to hear this. Her impression of the company is a clean one.
Bo Jinyan just summarises the requests: Investigate cause of suicide and find out if
company has a drug network. Sounds like freshman criminology introductory exercises.
Yin Ziqi says: Come on, Jinyan. You have shares in this company too. Uncle Bo and
mom took years to build this company. Do it for their sake.
Bo Jinyan looks at Jian Yao: "Never mind, we have Jian Yao. Good practice for her
since she is still in the elementary levels of criminology.
Jian Yao ignores his scoffing comments: Chairman Yin, we will do our best.
Yin Ziqi nods: lets take a break from work. I hope you will enjoy the food
She signals the waiter to serve the courses.
Appetiser is salad. She ordered steak as main course for herself and Jian Yao, and
fried cod for Bo Jinyan. Like an elder sister, she reminds her brother: Dont just eat the
fish, eat some vegetables too.
Bo Jinyan: I am not a kid anymore. But then, he picks up some salad from the bowl.

The portions are quite big. Jian Yao cannot finish her salad. Bo Jinyan takes a look
starts eating her remaining salad. Yin Ziqi give Jian Yao a strange look. Jian Yao glances
at her food. Theres also leftover salad on Yin Ziqis bowl but Bo Jinyan is only eating
from her bowl.
Bo Jinyan is the last to finish eating. He wipes his mouth with a napkin and turns to
Yin Ziqi. Both of the ladies thought he is going to talk about his views toward the case or
strategies he will be employing, but instead, he asks his sister to keep Jian Yaos
involvement with the case a secret, so that she can go back to her little assistant role in
the automotive parts division after the investigations are finished.
They are driving home. She is pleased that he talked to his sisters about her
Jian Yao: You get on well with your sister.
Bo Jinyan: Really? I dont feel that way.
Jian Yao looks at him. If its not because he loves her sister, would he take on such
an entry-level case?
As if he can read her mind, he says: If it was you who committed suicide, I will take
on the investigation too.
Jian Yao: Geeshould I say thank you?"
- Come on no one uses this sort of analogy to express how important the person is
to them.

They return to Bo Jinyans house together to study the information on the case.
Wang Wan Wei, from H province. Attended University in B City. Graduated with
average grades. Single. Comes from an ordinary family. Parents are divorced. She is
raised up by her mom who owns a tailor shop. Not wealthy.
Last month, the team went on a retreat together. Wang injected too much drug
into herself. Her body was found the next morning, by her colleagues. There is also a
suicide note in her room. Its not a suspicious death.
Information pack also contained the resort they went for the retreat, photos of her
body in the room, her personal items such as clothes, jewellery, etc, confessions of her

Jian Yao picks up a copy of the suicide note.

When you see this letter, I have left this world. I am sorry, I can not look after you
anymore. I am a timid girl, always disappoints you. I can not give you the life you are
after. I choose to leave now. Please believe I am going to a better place. Dont be sad.
Everyone will die sometime, right? its only a matter of timing. I am just choosing to
end it earlier.
I used to think that the future is bright. I thought if I worked hard enough, I could
get you a little place of your own. But I was wrong. No matter how hard I try, I am not
as clever as others, I am not as eloquent as others. I am bad at my job. I am like a
defeated and disgraced soldier, putting on a fake smile every day, hiding in my little
shell, falling into a bottomless pit.
I do not even know when it started, but my life has become so dark, so dirty, so
desperate. I look in the mirror in the morning and I dont recognise myself. I am
ashamed to see you, I have avoided home for a year. I am not afraid that you will scold
me. But I dont want you to be sad.
Mom, Ive made a lot of mistakes, taken many wrong steps. Its too late to turn
back. I cannot look back, I just have to end it.
Mom, theres still twenty thousand dollars in my bank account. The password is
the birth year of you, dad and me. I am sorry, mom.
Mom, do not be sad. This is a release for me. I can not change or resist my fate, but
at least I can choose to end my life, to end it in my own hands.
Goodbye, Mom. Do not be sad, tomorrow is a new day.
Daughters Wang Wan Wei
xx, x, x Day "
Jian Yao puts down the suicide note, Tears comes to her eyes.
She clears her throat and tells Bo Jinyan: I have read all the information.
Bo Jinyan on the other hand, does not seem to be affected in the slightest.
My assistant cannot be so sentimental. Can you switch back to normal mode
Jian Yao replies: "Women are sentimental. Why dont you go find a man? This man
needs to be good at fishing, will clean your house, take care of Chen Mo, and not mind
how picky you are.
Bo Jinyan keeps silent this time.

Jian Yao calms down. She asks: Bo Jinyan "Is it because of this note that the police
concluded that its a suicide?
Bo Jinyan: Based on a note alone is not enough evidence to conclude its a suicide,
because to fake a note is not difficult. They just need to put themselves in the shoes of
the victim, thinks about what bothers them in life and write the note based on those
fears and frustrations."
Bo Jinyan sighs: "I hate to answer simple question like these. Its boring.
Jian Yao: Just say it!"
Bo Jinyan closes his eyes and starts to share his analysis on the case:
"This is indeed a suicide note that Wang wrote.
Firstly, theres the absence of duress in her note. She was not stressed when she
was writing. Because the writing was fluent. You can tell it from the strokes of her
In addition to this, she used a lot of abstract suicide metaphor, defeated, shell,
bottomless pit; there are many repeat statements such as 'Mom, do not be sad'; some
phrases does not make much sense, for example, 'my life became dark, dirty' ..People
faking notes tend to be more clear, cohesive, concise, straight to the point, as to avoid
loopholes. This is a real testament."
Jian Yao reads the suicide note again: Your analysis is very thorough."
Bo Jinyans eyes flashed a smile.
Jian Yao asks: What should we do now?"
Bo Jinyan replies: We need to start with the reasons for the suicide. If there is drug
network, it will naturally surface"
Jian Yao: But where do we start?"
Bo Jinyan asks her: What are the most common reasons for woman to commit
Jian Yao thinks for a while: work stress, relationship problems, economic
pressure, physical illness ......."
"Great." He says, I will leave it to you to decide what ones fit this case.
"Then I will start with detailed background check on Wang Wan Wei." Jian Yao

(extra story) - Bo Jinyans zero love history

Once, Jian Yao asks Fu Ziyu: Not a single girlfriend in 26 years?
Even though his character is a little arrogant, a little overbearing, a little difficult to
get along ...... but the overall package is still very attractive. Its hard to believe theres
no woman attracted by him.
Fu Ziyu answers: "Miss, have you considered his age?"
"Ah, He went to university when he was 14, graduated when he was 17, gained his
PhD when he was 21, This means hes always around women thats a lot older than
Jian Yao: Oh
Fu Ziyu : He wont go for woman thats older than him.
Jian Yao: "Why?"
His comment is strictly an intuitive one. He has never thought about why.
Jian Yao thinks for a while: "I think I know why. Because the EQ gap is too big. Girls
mature faster than guys generally. So in his case, the gap is even bigger.
Fu Ziyu laughs :Spot on. Youve nailed it.
They are still laughing when Bo Jinyan enters the room.
Bo Jinyan: "What are you guys talking about?"
Fu Ziyu says: Your past."
Bo Jinyan raises his eyebrow - his past ah .......
He looks at Jian Yao with a smile.
She is interested in his past ah

Chapter 21
Jian Yao is standing in the pantry making a cup of tea. She watches her well dressed
colleagues through the clear glass panel. Wang Wan Wei s suicide note is very obscure.
The reason for her suicide. The drug network. Is it related to these people?
Bo Jinyan says no one must suspect or know about their operation. She politely
greets everyone before going into Bo Jinyans office.
An uneventful morning.
Customer 3 division is an elite team. They are obviously better paid than her
previous colleagues, as even the places they have lunch is more expensive. They are
sitting at a buffet house not far from the office. Manager Lin did not join them.
Apparently she is rarely present at joint meals. Perhaps she wants to keep a distance
from her subordinate.
Bo Jinyan certainly will not come.
The group sit down at a wooden table near the window. To Jian Yaos left, its Pei
Ze, to her right is Mai Chen. Shen Dan Wei is sitting across her. She does not like to
engage with others much. Zhou Qin is a pleasant guy to chat with. Qian Yu Wen is a bit
stiff and serious, even in a social setting.
" Shen Dan Wei will only show her nice side to the customers. She gets a lot of
complaints from other departments. " Pei Ze says to Jian Yao.
Everyone laughs, even Shen Dan Wei. She sees Pei Zes arm resting on Jian Yaos
backseat. She smiles to Jian Yao: Little Rabbit, beware of the big bad wolf.
"Me?" Pei Ze stares at her, then turns to Jian Yao, Just ignore that."
Jian Yao reaches for her tea cup and raises it in front of her : Its my second day on
the job. Heres to you guys. Thank you for all your help. To the future! Everyone
raises their cups.
After a bit of wine and dine, Pei Ze asks on behalf of everyone: Jian Yao, whats the
background of Director Bo? You are working in his office. Have you found out anything
about him yet? Share with us.
Jian Yao thinks for a while what she should share: "He seems to be related to the
Everyone gets a little excited. Mei Chen asks: How do you know this ?
Jian Yao: "Yesterday I heard him calling the Chairman sister over the phone.

Pei Ze: "Must be a first cousin because I have not heard about Chairman having a
Jian Yao: "I am not sure.
It was a fun meal, but Jian Yao notices that most of the time Mai Chen keeps very
A lot of good salesperson is outwardly attractive. This theory proves true in this
division. Pe Ze is a rich playboy type. Mai Chen also looks good. He makes Jian Yao feel
comfortable - like
the boy next door.
Jian Yao gets a phone call from Bo Jinyan. She gets up immediately to say goodbye
to the rest and hurries to meet him. Pei Ze stands up with her: "I'm done too. Lets
walk together."
Jian Yao is walking quite quickly, Pei Ze laughs whilst following behind: Slow
down. Are you so afraid of him?
Jian Yao smiles. She can see Bo Jinyans BMW parked outside the building. Its part
of his remuneration package as Director for Customer 3 Division.
Its a busy lunch time. As they were going through the revolving door, Jian Yao was
knocked by someone next to her. Pei Ze tries to puts his hand around her waist to give
her some support. Jian Yao moves away quickly: Thanks. She gives Pe Ze a smile.
See you later. She walks towards the BMW.
Bo Jinyan is sitting at the backseat. She sits next to him.
Bo Jinyan: "If I were you, I would avoid physical contact with all of them. Some of
them might be drug addicts. And drug addicts always carry some kind of infectious
Bo Jinyan must have seen what happened just now. Even though Pei Zes hand
didnt end up touching her, it could look different from Bo Jinyans angle.
The driver in front is one of Yin Ziqis trusted staff. So the two of them can talk
Jian Yao: Stop using that disgusted tone. He didnt even touch me.
Bo Jinyan closes his eyes and leans back to rest.
Jian Yao stares at him for a few seconds. She suddenly reaches out and touches his
cheek with back of her hand. He looks at her.

Jian Yao: "Oh, sorry, Unintended physical touch."

Bo Jinyan: "Childish!"
Afternoon. They get off the plane. They have arrived in Wang Wan Wei s
Her mother lives alone in an old house. Bo Jinyan shows her the documents from
Ministry of Public Security. She shows them around the house She is a quiet and timid
lady. She brings them some tea then she leaves them by themselves in Wang Wan Wei
s room. Bo Jinyan says to Jian Yao: A weak, introverted, and poor single mother with
a daughter. Wang Wan Wei more or less rubs off some of her moms character. Then
he takes a look at her: Surprisingly, you turned out fine.
Bo Jinyan takes a look around. There are many journals in the room. She has a
habit of keeping a diary. Bo Jinyan: "She likes to use words to express herself - a good
He finds a chair to sit down, passes a few journals to Jian Yao. They start to read.
The journals start from when she was 14 years old, and stops when she reaches 21,
which is her second year in University.
Wang Wan Wei has a delicate and sensitive style of writing. She recorded a lot of
little things in her daily life, Overall, she was a positive but cautious girl. Nothing truly
dramatic happened in her high school years. She lived a normal life.
According to the police records, Wang Wan Wei gave her mother a phone call on
the night of her death.
Jian Yao asks the mother: What did she say?"
With sombre and grief, she says: "...... Its was around midnight. Its an unusual time
to call. She knows I rest early. I should have known She didnt say much just that
she is at a company retreat. ask me to take care of myself. I didnt notice anything.
She is always quiet and reserved. If only I knew.. "
Jian Yao gets up to comfort her.
The police records mentioned that Wang Wan Wei tried to call her mom half an
hour before her suicide. But before the lines were connected, Wang Wan Wei decided
to hang up. Perhaps this was sign of hesitation and struggle? But it is too late to
speculate now.

After leaving her moms house, they visit Wang Wan Wei s ex-boyfriend. They went
to high school together, but studied in different universities. Long distance relationship
proved difficult to maintain, they broke up after a couple of years. They did not keep in
touch with each other.
It is midnight when they return to B city.
Jian Yao summaries their findings: "No economic pressures. Though her familys
poor, its not to the point that they cant survive. Its not to do with relationship issues.
They broke up long ago. No health problems - last medical report shows she is healthy.
So the only possible reason left on the list is pressure from work. We need to keep the
investigation confidential. How are we going to get any information out of the people in
the office then?
Bo Jinyan is driving.
"I like to take short cuts when I investigate.You need to keep up with me.
- Isnt she following closely behind already?
Jian Yao: "What is a shortcut?"
Bo Jinyan: The journals."
Jian Yao thinks for a moment, still puzzled: "? Diary stopped in her second year of
Bo Jinyan whistles softly. They are almost home. The neighbourhood look quiet
and picturesque in this time of the night.
People dont change their habits. She must have some recent diaries somewhere.
We just need to find it."
Jian Yao nods.
Surprisingly, Bo Jinyan adds: You, for example, took three days to choose a
toothbrush. Would you change your habit of taking time to find the right product?"
Jian Yao: "Why should I change? I like it. Didnt you also buy the exact same
toothbrush after you saw mine?
Bo Jinyan says proudly: Short cut.
Jian Yaois puzzled: "What shortcut?"
"You spend three days to choose, I spend three seconds to copy your choice - this is

After they get home, Bo Jinyan asks if Wang Wan Wei owns a laptop. Jian Yao finally
understands what Bo Jinyan is trying to get at. She probably started to write her diary
Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan: You are right. She probably has a blog or something. I
will go to the tech department and get her IP address. Then we should be able to find it
with the help of your friends at the Ministry of Public Security.
Bo Jinyan: Good. See you tomorrow.
The next morning, while the others are busy with liaising with customers and
making sales for the company, Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan sit in their office to continue with
their investigation.
They are both looking at Wang Wan Wei s blog, but on their own separate desk.
"September 4, he was wearing a shirt today, very handsome. I met him at the
pantry, he said I did a good job taking the minutes of the meeting today. I'm so happy.
January 12, I am not well today. I didnt join the others for lunch because of my
stomach ache. The other colleagues did not notice, but he brought back a snack for me.
He is nice to everybody though. O how I wish I am special to him.
November 9th, He is wearing a sky blue tie with stripes. I notice that he has a lot of
blue colour ties. Does he know, blue is my favourite colour?
November 15, The assistant from another department broke up with his boyfriend
today. He was cheating on her. Is there really no true love after all? Do people not care
about ethics and morality anymore? What about you my dear? Will you love me too?
November 2, What am I going to do. I feel my love for him is growing every day.
December 15, too much work. I forgot to submit a couple of files to Director Dong.
Manager Lin was criticised because of that. I feel so bad.
December 19, Disaster today. I made a mistake with the gift list for our VIP clients.
The computer crashed. Shen Dan Wei became very angry because of this. It took me a
whole night to fix the file. I cried in the morning.
December 28, Everything went wrong. Manager Lin says she will give me a C for
this year's performance evaluation. I think everyone in the team despise me. He smiles
when he is talking to me. But in his heart, he probably thinks I am useless and stupid.

Jian Yao moves to the next post. To her surprise . Its her last post. And its six
months after the December post.
June 1, 0:37am
The forensic records shows that Wang Wan Wei s time of death on that day is
between 2-3am. So this last post is written 2 hours before she died.
Its been six month since my last post.
Nothing has come right for me in this last six months. I fell into a low life, a dark,
cold and dirty place. Those things, I do not want to record on my blog. This is a clean
And tonight, I have decided to commit suicide tonight ......
But he came to my room. To tell me he loves me.
He said he has always liked me, ever since the first day I started to work in the
company. He said he is still a junior, his salary is not high, but he will work hard. He
wants to know if I will be his girlfriend.
Oh my love. Why didnt you talk to me earlier?
Oh my love, clean stream of water, handsome and shinning, why do you come now?
Its too late. But thank you, thank you, for letting me know, that my life is not a
total failure. You are the light of my life.
Diary stops here.
Not quite what Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan have expected. At least its not the short cut
that Bo Jinyan is looking for. He thought it will give them reasons for her suicide, but
like her suicide note. Its obscure.
But there is one unexpected bonus - Someone from the office confesses his love to
her on the night of the suicide.
This is an important clue, but the man did not mention it to the police.
Bo Jinyan stands up and draws back the curtain so he can look out into the office.
Its treated glass. Only they can see whats happening outside. The people in the office
cant see them.
In line with the age and job description in Wang Wan Wei s diary, it can only be
one of the two men - Pei Ze, or Mai Chen. Of the two, only Pei Ze is wearing a blue tie
Jian Yao says:. "Is Mai Chen.

Bo Jinyan looks at her.

Jian Yao says softly: "Although Pei Ze has a blue tie today, she said the boy is a
stream, handsome and shining . Only Mai Chen fits that description."
Bo Jinyan laughs: Streams, shine, you ladies have strange way of describing
people. But I agree with you. Its Mai Chen.
Just when Jian Yao is going to ask about t their next steps. Bo Jinyan takes a seat
and asks her: How would a woman describe me?"
Jian Yao looks at his face: Any metaphor?"
Bo Jinyan: Yes, what words will you use?"
Jian Yao: Ok. This is not meant to be derogatory. An arrogant labrador.
Bo Jinyans eye sinks: Seems like you are worse than Wang Wan Wei .
Jian Yao smiles.
- Well, its because I like labradors.

Chapter 22
Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan: "I will find the opportunity to test out Mai Chen this
Bo Jinyan shakes his head: No, ask him directly."
Jian Yao looks at him. Arent they supposed to conceal their identities?
Bo Jinyan glances at her: "Do you think I'm an idiot?"
Ah, she almost forgets, this man is an expert on criminal psychology.
Mai Chen comes into the room. He looks a little apprehended.
Bo Jinyan asks him to sit down: Tech department called me yesterday. They
managed to restore some of the data from Wang Wan Weis computer, including her
online diary. She mentioned that you confessed your love to her on the night that she
Mai Chen puts down his head. He keeps silent.
Why did you conceal such an important piece of information from the police? Its a
matter of integrity.
Mei Chens face turns red. His head is still bowed. He sits there motionless.
Jian Yao is engrossed in watching the two of them. Then she sees Bo Jinyan blinks
at her.
What is that supposed to mean? Is it her turn to speak? What is she supposed to
say? She has no idea.
So Jian Yao decides to interpret the blink the way she sees fit.
She gets up, pours a glass of water and passes it to Mei Chen.
Mei Chen: "...... Thank you."
Jian Yao looks up at the Bo Jinyan: Director Bo, allow me to say a few words.
Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan. She is not sure if this good cop bad cop tactic is what
he is after, but she has to act fast.
She stands beside Mai Chen, says softly: You do not have to be nervous. I think
Director Bo is just concerned for the wellbeing of the whole division. Giving a false

police statement can have serious consequences. Why dont you explain the situation
to us and we can see what we can do."
Mai Chen looks up at them. With sadness in his eyes, he says: I'm sorry. Yes, I did
see Wang Wan Wei that night. I didnt expect her to commit suicide. He clears his
throat, Company policy does not allow colleagues to be in a romantic relationship. If
its found out, I will be fired immediately. So I dare not say anything.
Bo Jinyan looks to Jian Yao. He has not read through the employee manual.
Jian Yao nods. Yes, there is such a provision.
Bo Jinyan: Can you tell us what happened that night?
Mai Chens eyes are red. He is trying to hold back the tears coming to his eyes:
That night, I had the sudden urge to let her know how I feel. I went to the villa she was
"What time was that?" Bo Jinyan interrupts him.
Around midnight. It was pretty late by then, so I glanced at my watch before I left
my villa. I saw lights shining from her room. I know she is still awake.
Then what happened?" Jian Yao says softly.
Mai Chen took a deep breath, he says: "I told her that I like her very much. I want
her to be my girlfriend. She said she will consider. So I went back to sleep, till the next
Bo Jinyan: What time did you leave?"
12:30am or so."
Did she seem unusual or different to how she usually behaves when you were
together?" Jian Yao asks.
Mai Chens face has bitter laugh: "I was too nervous, I did not pay much attention."
Bo Jinyan: What else did you guys talk about?"
Mai Chen pauses for a moment: Thats it.
he does not want to talk about it anymore.
Is he concealing something? Or is it simply too painful to talk about it? Jian Yao is not
sure. Should they continue? Should they let him go now? What should she do?
On this point, Bo Jinyan speaks: "Jian Yao, please tidy up Wang Wan Weis online
diary and send a copy to the police."

Jian Yao: Yes, Director Bo.

- Why does he suddenly mention the diary?
Mai Chen looks up: Can I...... look at her diary?"
Mai Chen is getting more and more emotional as he reads her diary.
As per Bo Jinyans instructions, Jian Yao is only showing him the parts where she
has a crush on Mai Chen. By the time he finishes, he is sobbing uncontrollably.
Jian Yao sits beside him. Her hand gently patting his back: Its alright. Mai Chens
mood has spiralled out of control. He turns and hugs her tightly.
This is a normal reaction for someone looking for comfort. But it took Jian Yao a
little by surprise. She stands motionless, allowing him to hold her and continues to
comfort him. Then a cold voice from behind him says: Do you not have bones to
support your own body? Let go of her.
Hearing these words, Jian Yao and Mai Chen quickly separate.
- What sort of reaction is it? She remembers his infectious disease theory. Is he
concerned that she might get sick from a hug? But Mai Chen certainly doesn't seem to
be a drug addict.

"That day she was wearing a blue dress. Now I understand why she likes to wear
blue. She had no make up on, wearing a pair of pearl earrings, had her hair down. she
is a pretty girl. Her eyes were a little red. But when I asked her whats wrong, she said
she was ok.
...... After I asked her to be my girlfriend, she said she will consider. I said, that I
would call her in an hour. But I didnt. I fell asleep. I was too tired. Maybe I didnt
keep my words If only I did call.. maybe she would still be alive? Im ashamed to
mention this. its my fault. "

Bo Jinyan asks: Does anyone else in the department knows about your feelings
towards her?"
They are all aware of it. Mai Chen whispered, "That morning, when her body was
found, I was out of control. Everyone saw me. They are just covering up for me.

Jian Yao tells Mai Chen to keep their conversation confidential. The Chairman is
not keen for anyone else to know about it, and its also to show respect for the dead. Mai
Chen nods.
He walks out of Bo Jinyan office and returns to his seat. Zhou Qin, who sits next to
him pats on his shoulder: Are you ok?
Anyone can tell that he cried.
Mai Chen is a little embarrassed: Director Bo is not happy with the proposal I did.
He gave me quite a hard time. He gets up and walks towards the toilets.
Jian Yao looks through the glass.
As if he can read her mind, Bo Jinyan says: You feel sorry for him.
Jian Yao: "A little
You shouldnt be. Bo Jinyan said, Its because of his cowardice and guilt, that the
truth behind her death is concealed from the police all this time."
He continues: "Call Yin Ziqi. Tell her we cannot continue with the investigation.
Jian Yao "Why?"
Bo Jinyan adjusts his posture: "Because this is a murder investigation. I must notify
the police. We cant continue with the investigation in secret as she wishes. Bravo!
Jian Yao is shocked.
"Why is it a murder? You said it yourself yesterday. She wrote the suicide note."

"I said she wrote the suicide note, but I never said she committed suicide." Bo
Jinyan smiles :Do you not see it? There are too many things that dont add up. This is a
murder case. And the killer is one of your lovely colleagues in Customer 3 Division."

Chapter 23
Jian Yao takes her chair and puts it in front of him. She sits with her hands folded,
resting on her knees and smiles sweetly: Please explain.
- Oh so docile. a nice change.
Bo Jinyans mind is thinking about other things: "Last Wednesday ...... What did we
have for breakfast?"
Jian Yao looks at him in surprise.
- What does that have to do with this case? Wednesday breakfast
Jian Yao: "Fish dumplings."
It was her first time trying to make them. Its quite a tedious process. She does not
intend to make them again.
Bo Jinyan: Tomorrow, I want to have it for breakfast again. And if you have no
objections, lets get back to this case."
Jian Yao: "......"
Thats like daylight robbery! But why is she not angry about it?
As she has not objected to the idea, Bo Jinyan smiles:
"First of all, Mai Chen said she was wearing a blue dress. Thats her favourite
colour, she should keep it on when she committed suicide, but the police records show
she died in a black dress. The man she loved confessed his love to her. Even if she
didnt change her mind about the suicide, its highly unlikely she would change out of
her lucky colour. Thats not her personality. A timid girl like her will want some luck
with her on her way to death.
Secondly, her mothers farewell phone call was made at 0:05am. Mai Chen left
around 0:30am, the second call to her mom was 0:40am, but it didnt go through. If she
didnt change her mind, why call again? To double the pain? And its a very short time
after Mai Chen left. The most logical conclusion is she gave up the idea of death, and she
wants to hear the voice of her mother.
She wrote her last post at 00:37am, but her death was between 2:00-3:00am. This
is unreasonable. Would she not write one last post to say goodbye to Mai Chen?
What did she does in those two hours before she died? She didnt call her home,
didnt reject Mai Chen, didnt write a blogAnd why did she choose to take drugs to
die? If the experience of the last six months made her feel dirty, why would she choose
such a filthy way to die?"

Bo Jinyan ends with this statement: This is too easy. Next time, please figure it out
yourself. I am born to solve more complicated cases than this."
Jian Yao is digesting his words carefully, then she looks at him.
- Did he say next time?
- Theres NOT going be a next time.
She asks Bo Jinyan: Do you think Mai Chens words are reliable?
Bo Jinyan replies: Yes. Besides, according to Wang Wan Weis diary, her miserable
life had nothing to do with Mai Chen.

Bo Jinyan adds: There is one more thing. Mai Chen mentioned she was wearing a
pair of pearl earrings. In the autopsy photos, she wasnt wearing anything. Go to the
police station to check the evidence to see if there is a pair of earrings."
Jian Yao: "Okay."
Bo Jinyan picks up the phone: I need to talk to you now.
After the other person has done talking, Bo Jinyan replies: Then just end the
meeting. Nothing is more important than a human life.
Yin Ziqi is wearing a Chanel suit today. She sits in the sofa of Bo Jinyans office and
listens to the findings of the investigation.
Jian Yao did most of the talking, because Bo Jinyan said: I do not want to repeat the
same words again.
"...... So, we need to immediately notify the police, and suspend all of the work on
this case. Jian Yao concludes.
Yin Ziqi remains silent for a moment, then looks at them calmly: "Thank you for the
discovery, or I will not know theres a murderer in my company. "
Jian Yao nods.
Yin Ziqi continues: "However, can we keep it low-key? Why dont you continue
with the investigation. Once you find out whos the murderer, we will inform the
police. The media do not need to know about this.
Jian Yao can understand her concerns. She is afraid of the impact on the business.
But like Bo Jinyan says, its a human life. A secret investigation can be very difficult.

Bo Jinyan: No.
The room falls silent.
After a while, Yin Ziqi says to Jian Yao: Ms Jian, can you give us a few minutes by
Jian Yao gets out of Bo Jinyans office.
Manager Lin asks : Is everything ok?"
Oh yes." Jian Yao replies, The Chairman needs to talk to Director Bo in private.
Jian Yao finds an empty seat. Pei Ze glides his chair next to hers: Are you busy
Jian Yao looks up and smiles: I am not sure, need to check Director Bos schedule
Pei Ze smiles at her: Theres a new Cantonese restaurant thats just opened,
wanna try later?
- Do not have physical contact with them drug addicts carries infectious
diseases do you not have any bone, let go of her. She suddenly remembers Bo
Jinyans words
She has a sweet smile on her face: Sorry, I am busy tonight.
Pei Ze: "Boyfriend?"
Jian Yao does not disagree. She gives Pei Ze a smile. He glides his chair back to his
Yin Ziqi looks at her brother. She is a little disappointed with him.
She knew Bo Jinyan from young. He is withdrawn, indifferent to everyone,
including her. But they did spend a lot of time together. And they had some fun times
too. In high school, she was the centre of attention. Bo Jinyan was the handsome and
talented boy. Nobody suspected they were related. But once, her boyfriend cheated on
her, she was devastated. She cried and cried at home. Bo Jinyan went to find the boy,
and beat the crap out of him.
Then he went to university to study criminal psychology. He never bothers to
initiate contact with her. Sometimes she wonders if he has any feelings for anyone.
But undeniably, she is the only woman who has been able to walk into his life. And this

fact had always brought her a strange satisfaction and pleasure. But she will never
bother to analyst why she feels this way. Is it because she is a proud sister, or its more
than that. Anyway, she has a brilliant life, a fianc that is very nice to her. And he is her
only brother. Thats enough.
But Bo Jinyan has refused her request to her face, in front of an outsider. She is a little
upset by it.
Yin Ziqi says to him: This is a listed company. A murder scandal will cause our
stock price to drop dramatically."
Bo Jinyan glances at her.
Yin Ziqi said: "This company is built by your father and my mother with their sweat
and tears. And now its my future and my life. Can you stand by to see your sisters life
She sees that he is still not convinced. Yin Ziqi stands up from the couch to walk
beside him. She puts her hand on his shoulder : I dont want you to suspend the
investigation, just do it in secret. It should be a piece of cake for you. You are so
capable. I have never asked you for a favour in my life. This is the first time. Just this
once. OK?
Yin Ziqi walks out of Bo Jinyans office. She is wearing a smile.
All the employees stand up to greet her: Just had a chat with Director Bo. he is
very satisfied with all of you. Good job. Keep it up. Wait for the bonus at the end of the
Everybody laughs. Manager Lin sees her out.
Jian Yao returns to Bo Jinyans office.
"Book two tickets for tomorrow morning. We are going to the resort for site
Night. Bo Jinyans apartment.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan are doing some prep work ahead of tomorrows trip. Theres
quite a bit of information to go through, but she is getting tired.

Jian Yao do not know when she fell asleep, but when she opened her eyes, she
realises she is on Bo Jinyans bed. When did she go into his room?

She is still wearing the same white shirt and black knee high skirt she had earlier,
but her slippers have been removed, and its not on the side of the bed. Was she
carried into the room by Bo Jinyan?
He didnt just leave her on the couch, but carried her to his bed. Thats unexpected
and sweet.
Classical music travels from the lounge into the hallway, where she is standing
now. She slowly takes her step towards the lounge. She stops as she sees another
unexpected scene.
Only the floor lamp is on in the lounge. She sees steam rising out of the big bathtub.
No wonder he brought her into the room - he wanted to bathe in the living room.
But theres no one in the bathtub. She looks around, and sees him standing with
only a towel around his waist. His entire back is exposed.
With the dim lighting in the room, the shadows give his body a nice definition. But
soon, she also notices theres something on his back. Scars. Lots of scars. By the looks
of them, they were caused by once deep wounds. In the night, they seem like ferocious
vine flowers, blooming on his back.
- Where did these scars come from? Isnt he just responsible for analysing work?
Arresting the criminals is the polices responsibility. Thats what he said before.
She takes a closer look. The scars are neatly arranged, in rows. There are more than
a dozen on the left, and on the right too.
Jian Yao stands in the dark. Then softly, she tip toes back into the bedroom.

Chapter 24
Jian Yao cant remember how long shes been asleep for again. A little bedside lamp
is on, so its not completely dark in the room.
But she vaguely remembers that at some point last night, she saw Bo Jinyan
dressed in pyjamas standing on the side of the bed, looking for something. But soon,
she fell asleep again.
She turns her head, and is surprised to find something lying beside her on the bed.
Actually, its someone. Actually, it is.Bo Jinyan.
- What?
She gets a fright from this scene.
He is lying very straight, with his hands on either side. The same sleeping position
like the last time she saw him. Without the arrogant look on his face, he looks like a big
boy when he is asleep.
But, when did he climb onto her bed?
Oh ...... his bed.
Jian Yao tilts her body to look more closely at him. The room is so quiet, she can
hear his breathing, and even feel the warmth of his breath coming towards her. Her
heartbeat, silently accelerates.
Sweet dreams, Bo Jinyan.
The rays of the morning light shines through the window. Bo Jinyan is the first to
wake up.
He sits up, then turns around to look at Jian Yao who is sleeping beside him.
Its the first time in his life that hes slept next to woman. He was exhausted last
night when he went to bed so he didnt think too much about it.
She is still wearing the white shirt and black knee high skirt, revealing her legs.
Her skin is so delicate and smooth. He can see her foot too. Soft, slender and beautiful.
She is sleeping on her side, and her whole person is in a crouching stance. He
frowns. This position would put pressure on the heart. Its an unhealthy sleep posture.
Bo Jinyan adjusts her body so she is facing up. He puts her hands and feet straight.
- Thats much better. He slowly gets up and out of the room.

Jian Yao wakes up for the third time. The sky is completely bright. She looks at the
clock. Its much later than she expects.
She hurries into the bathroom to wash her face. She lifts her head and see a
woman with messy hair and wrinkly clothes starring at her in the mirror.
Oh great! this is how Bo Jinyan saw her this morning when he woke up?!

Bo Jinyan is in his black suit, sitting on a sofa reading the newspaper.

Jian Yao goes pass him. She needs to go back to her apartment to get changed
when she hears a voice coming from behind the newspaper: Wheres my fish
- Oh no! She has completely forgotten about it.
Jian Yao: "...... Ill make it another day. We dont have time now.
She turns and see that theres already breakfast at the dining table. 2 bowls of
congee and some shrimp dumplings. Theyre from a well-known shop in the
- Bo Jinyan bothered to queue up to buy breakfast. Thats so out of character for
him. He used to say that the place is too crowded, too noisy and standing in queue is a
time waster.
Even though she knows she wont get a nice answer out of him, she cant help but
ask: Did you buy them?
And as expected
"No." He put down his newspaper: It just appeared out of thin air.
Jian Yao quickly goes home to freshen up. When she returns with her luggage, she
sees Fu Ziyu sitting opposite Bo Jinyan, eating her share of the dumplings.
Fu Ziyu gives her a cheeky smile. She pretends not to notice and eats her congee.
When he finishes eating, he takes out a stack of documents and passes them to Jian
Jian Yao takes a look: "This is ......"

Fu Ziyu smiles: Background check by a private detective on all the staff in

Customer 3 Division. Of course, given the short timeframe, these are only preliminary
results. Once I have more details, Ill update you."
Jian Yao looks to Bo Jinyan: Wow, thats efficient."
Bo Jinyan smiles at her. - Of course that goes without saying.

Jian Yao starts reading the documents in the car. Fu Ziyu is driving them to the
Lin Yu Xuan - Manager. Career woman. Divorced. no kids. Work is life. Picky, Not
very good tempered, often complain about residential security guards / cleaning /
restaurant services etc etc, Replaces part time maid every 3-4 months. She doesnt like
Wang Wan Wei. Last year, she has twice wanted to transfer her out of the division or
fire her, but was unable to do so because of department of labour regulations.
Jian Yao now realises Manager Lin dont know of their real identity and purpose in
the division. She only think Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are related to Chairman and thus
given good positions in an elite team.
Zhou Qin - Typical nice guy. Everyone thinks highly of him, whether they are his
coworkers, neighbours, or friends. His wife died two years ago, leaving behind a two
year old son. He battled depression for a long time after his wife died. He devotes all his
time to his son. He spent all his time outside work with him. Last year, a friend tried to
match him with a beautiful young girl. He refused.
Qian Yu Wen - He is not originally from B city. Single. Homosexual. Likes to
frequent gay bars. No fixed partner.
Shen Dan Wei - also from out of town. She frequent bars too. Gets on well with
foreigners. changes a boyfriend every few months.
Pei Ze - fits the impression Jian Yao has of him - from a rich family, playboy, a wellknown client in most of the citys nightclubs.
Mai Chen - The complete opposite to Pei Ze. He spends a lot of time looking after his
parents, who were both paralysed after their stroke. A caring and filial son.

According to police records and meteorological data, it was raining heavily the
whole night. So there is a possibility a lot of the evidence would have been washed
away by the rain.

Jian Yao takes out a pen and paper, and list the room arrangement for the retreat :

Room A: Manager Lin, Shen Dan Wei *.

Room B: Zhou Qin.
Room C: Qian Yu Wen, Pei Ze *.
Room D: Mai Chen.
Room e: Wang Wan Wei.
In the original schedule, Shen Dan Wei and Wang Wan Wei should be in the same
room. But because Manager Lin and Shen Dan Wei were working on a project together,
they changed the sleeping arrangements.
Pei Ze should have stayed with Mai Chen, but he and Qian Yu Wen wanted to watch
soccer together.
Based on what they told the police. No one left their room that night.

Jian Yao thinks for a moment, turns to look at Bo Jinyan. Hes put on a sleep mask
to take a nap.
She pokes his arm: "Tell me. What do you think so far?"
Bo Jinyan just answers "I want to sleep. Dont forget, when you were still sleeping
in that unhealthy posture, I had to go downstairs to buy breakfast.
Jian Yao blushes. She takes a glance at Fu Ziyu. Fu Ziyu is still driving, as if he didnt
hear a word they were saying.

Jian Yao pretends she didnt hear those words too, and continues to poke Bo
Jinyan: Just sleep on the plane. The plane is surrounded by people. I wont be able to
talk to you freely. If you dont teach me, how am I suppose to solve the case myself next
- Ops. Next time? Its a slip of the tongue.
Bo Jinyan takes off his sleep mask and smiles to her: Its a deal!
Jian Yao: No no Im just using an analogy ......" He puts on his sleep masks again.
Then Fu Ziyu suddenly speaks: Jian Yao. Do you find it crowded in this car?
Bo Jinyan chips in: "What do you mean?"

Jian Yao is also a bit puzzled. Then she sees Fu Ziyu putting up three fingers. She
suddenly understands why Three is a crowd. Hes like the third person spoiling the privacy of a pair of lovers.
-Jian Yao pretends she doesn't understand. Luckily Fu Ziyu has decided not to
ridicule her anymore. He whistles as he continues to drive.
Then Bo Jinyan speaks: Tell me what are your views first, then Ill tell you mine.
Jian Yao says: "First of all, the phone that didnt reach Wang Wan Weis mom was
during 0:04am. I suspect that its because someone went to see her, so she was
interrupted. But of course, we will need to find out who this person was.
Secondly, the blue dress and pearl earrings. Theres no reason why the murderer
had to take away these two things, leaving loopholes in the case. so, something must
have happened. Maybe the dress ripped, or the earrings torn, that the murderer had to
take them away in order to avoid exposing signs of struggle.
Of all the suspects, I think Qian Yu Wen is more likely to be the killer. Although he
is gay, theres something about him that make me very uncomfortable, even more so
than that playboy Pei Ze
After she finished, she looks expectantly at Bo Jinyan.
Oh great." He nods, Only one suspect, and it is based on speculation. Good job"
Jian Yao: ...... A little disappointed, she asks: So, what is your conclusion?"
"Preliminary Conclusions: Pei Ze and Qian Yu Wen, Manager Lin and Shen Jun Wei,
One of these pairs contains a murderer and an accomplice..

Chapter 25
The sun is out.
Bo Jinyan asks Fu Ziyu whats their current location.
Fu Ziyu: We have nearly reached the toll station."
"Ah." He takes off his sleep mask, sits up and look at Jian Yao, "You finally got your
wish, for me to do a briefing outside a tolling station.
Jian Yao remembers the last investigation. He refused to brief to the police over
the phone.
The curse of the tolling station......" She mumbles.
Bo Jinyan starts:
"In the past six months, Wang Wan Wei was controlled by drug addiction.
Her diary mentioned about wrong steps. Its probably something to do with sex or
drugs, or both. She said she couldnt resist fate, so someone had some information
about her that she didnt want to be made public. I suspect its nude photos or sex
The person who is controlling her could only be one of these three: Shen Dan Wei,
Pei Ze or Qian Yu Wen. Its not Manager Lin, as she tried every way she could to get her
transferred or dismissed. If she wanted to play a game of cat and mouse, she wouldnt
try to push her away.
Its not Zhou Qin. He was not interested in developing a relationship with a young
pretty girl. Besides he devotes all his time to his son. Theres no time for him to train
up a sex slave.
All the staffs from Customer 3 division are very well paid. So this persons
dominance is not about money, but purely to satisfy his/her desires. This person is
experienced when it comes to taking drugs and fooling around. Shen Dan Wei, Pei Ze
and Qian Yu Wen all meet these criterias. Although Qian Yu Wen is a homosexual, we
cannot rule out the possibility of him being a bisexual, so he is still one of the suspects.

Jian Yao is quiet. Under the guise of these well dressed and professional looking
colleagues are souls that are dark and ugly. To use such dirty tactics on a young
woman. Its hideous. No wonder Bo Jinyan warned her not to have any physical
contact with them.
Bo Jinyan continues:

Manager Lin knew whats going on but chose to keep quiet. Wang Wan Weis
diary mentioned that everything seemed to go wrong suddenly. Who else has the
power to incite the crowd against her within the division? However, for Manager Lin to
hate Wang Wan Wei so much, she might have done something to offend manager Lin.
Perhaps Wang Wan Wei accidentally came across her misdemeanour (for example,
accounting fraud). So Manager Lin is very eager to get rid of her. But according to the
diary, Wang Wan Wei didnt seem to be aware of it. I will get the private detective to
check out her financial status and private life.
The most important element in any murder is motive. Wang Wan Wei was trying to
break free from the persons control. That angered the killer. It was pouring with rain
on the night of the murder. The murderer must have returned to the room with muddy
shoes or wet clothes. And two hours is a long time to be away from the room. Yet, no
one admitted they ever leave their rooms. Therefore, the roommate must be covering
up for him/her, making that person an accomplice."

The Orange Hill Resort is located on a recently developed tourist attractions to the
south of B City. The developer is a company owned by Yin Ziqi.
This is also the crime scene.
The resort is built along a gentle hillside. There are five residences scattered
amongst the trees. All the dwellings has the same layout - brown house with a hay roof,
stone steps leading to the front door, a small courtyard at the back, surround by circle
of green shrubs and flowers.
The villa is not open to the public as its still under renovations. A few company
staffs have come for their annual retreats, like Customer 3 Division. But because its not
taking in outsiders, theres no security on duty on the night of the murder. CCTV is not
in operation.
No one has stayed at the resort since Wang Wan Weis death.
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao walks into the first room, where Wang Wan Wei stayed.
The place looks tidy. There are no signs to suggest theres been a murder there.
From the backyard, its less than 100m to the front door of Zhou Qins residence.
Pei Ze and Qian Yu Wen stayed in the third residence. From their lounge, they could
see Zhou Qins backyard clearly.
Mai Chen and Lin Yu Xuans residences were on either side of these three
So, the two pairs of suspects residences were the furthest from Wang Wan Weis
place. But with the heavy rain, it would have been hard for anyone to hear whats
happening outside of their residences.

When they walk out of Lin Yu Xuans residence, the team of security guards which
Bo Jinyan has arranged to come and help with finding evidence has arrived. Under Bo
Jinyans instructions, they start digging in certain parts of the courtyards.
Florescence testings came back negative. Theres no evidence of blood in any of
the rooms. Bo Jinyan filled several large boxes with the soil his men dug up, and sent
them for analysis. The results should come back in a few days.
Yin Ziqi's assistant looks at the holes in the once nicely landscaped courtyards:
Should we fill the pits?
To which Bo Jinyan answers: Is that necessary? I will return all the dirt to you
once the analysis is done."
For the next few days, Jian Yao has a lot of free time as they are waiting for the
forensic results. She takes out some management manuals and business data. After all,
she plans to go back to her original position when the investigation is over. But her
brain keeps thinking about the case. What she used to enjoy doing now seems boring
and not as meaningful.
Is this what happened to Bo Jinyan? That he slowly walked into a different world,
and found it so interesting that he didnt want to leave?

Pei Ze seems to be interested in her. He finds excuses to be around her all the
time. But hes has not asked her out on a date. yet.
Jian Yao hopes that day never comes.
Friday night. Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are in a Japanese restaurant. They are just
starting dinner when Pei Ze calls.
Jian Yao sees the caller ID on her phone, and shows Bo Jinyan: It's Pei Ze.
Bo Jinyan: Take it."
Pei Ze: "Jian Yao, the rest of the team are coming to my house on Sunday for
dinner. Zhou Qin is bringing his son too. You have to join us.
Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan.
Bo Jinyan: Go! He is moving his mouth but theres no actual sound coming out
from him.

Jian Yao hesitates.

She covers the mic of her mobile with her hand and whispers to Bo Jinyan: Will it
be too dangerous?
Bo Jinyan gives her a haughty look, as if shes raised a very stupid question.
Would I throw you in the lions den and not protect you?" He whispers.
Jian Yao picks up the phone: OK. What time? Can you give me your address?"
Its close to midnight. Jian Yao has brought half her wardrobe to Bo Jinyans house.
They are trying to find something suitable for her to wear for Sundays dinner.
What should I wear?"
Bo Jinyan takes a look at the clothes she brought. Just as Jian Yao thought hed give
her some advice, he says: You want me to imagine how you would look in these
clothes? Sorry, I am not very good at that. Get change and show me.
The first set is a white T-shirt with beige pants. Bo Jinyan is sitting in the sofa. He
is holding a book in one hand, and a coffee in the other. When she walks out, he looks
up for a few seconds, then goes back to his book. No, He said :Next.
Summer clothes use softer fabrics. Its not easy to hide a pinhole camera and
listening device without looking conspicuous. She tries on another five sets. Bo Jinyan
will occasionally ask her to turn around, and look if theres a good place to attach a
listening device.
They finally settle on a strip blue pinstripe cotton dress. The button like black
circular pinhole camera is fixed on the V-shaped collar. And further down, a listening
device hidden inside a silver brooch.
Next is to fit the ear piece, which obviously needs to go into one of her ears.
Jian Yao is sitting on a stool. Bo Jinyan kneels down facing her. His hand is holding
the small piece of electronic device. Jian Yao can feel his soft fingertips touch her ears.
Its a little numb, a little hot and a little itchy.
Hes so close to her. She knows her face is starting to get red: Are you done yet?"
"No." He looks at her: Cant seem to fit it in with my fingers."
Jian Yao takes the mini communicators from his hand: Let me try. She carefully
slots it into her right ear.
Will it fall? She asks

Bo Jinyan: "Yes, so keep your head movements small tomorrow."

Jian Yao: "...... alright.
The next day, Bo Jinyan was out for the whole day. He didnt want Jian Yao to go
with him. On Sunday afternoon, Jian Yao gets changed into the dress theyve decided
on. She goes to Bo Jinyans apartment.
She is still nervous: Ill be leaving soon. Are you sure Im going to be okay? When
she asked him earlier what are his plans for protecting her, he just asked her to trust
him, and that Its not something she needs to worry about.
Bo Jinyan smiles: "Take it easy, they are not going to kill you today."
- Gee.. thanks for the reassurance.
Jian Yao takes a taxi to Pei Zes apartment. She speaks softly: "I am there
"Ah, I know." Bo Jinyans deep melodious voice is coming through her right ear.
Jian Yao thought he is seeing through the camera, and then she hears him say: Im right
behind you.
Jian Yao turns around and sees a familiar black Lexus - Its Fu Ziyus car, parking on
the side of the road. Then slowly, a dark window is lowered down, a man puts out his
hand and waves upward. He is motioning her to go. .
Jian Yao suddenly laughs.
Is that his arrangement? To follow her here?

But knowing hes nearby gives her the courage. She lifts her head and walks into
the apartment building.

Chapter 26
Actually, how dangerous can it be to go to Pei Zes house for dinner? In her heart,
Jian Yao knows its not that bad. Like Bo Jinyan says, its highly unlikely something will
happen to her.
Pei Zes home is lavish penthouse suite, with a panoramic view overlooking the

Jian Yao is holding a drink, sipping slowly. Since she arrived, she has been quietly
listening to the conversations of the others. At the moment, the topic of conversation is
Bo Jinyan.
Shen Dan Wei is sitting opposite Jian Yao: So Director Bo has no girlfriend?
Jian Yao replies: I am not sure."
Shen Dan Wei asks :Well, has he ever asked you to order flowers for girls, buy
presents on his behalf, make dinner reservations etc etc If not, he must be single.
Jian Yao smiles. She does not answer. Pei Ze hears the conversation from the
kitchen. He shouts out: Are you interested in him? Well, if you are not afraid to lose
your job, go ahead and woo him?
Shen Dan Wei laughs loudly. Then she continues to talk to others in the lounge: I
bet you he is still a virgin.
The men all laugh aloud. Pei Ze shouts from the kitchen again: I second that.
Then Jian Yao finally hears Bo Jinyan from the ear piece :A bunch of morons!"
Jian Yao smiles.
Qian Yu Wen leans back on the sofa: How can you be so sure? Hes quite an
attractive guy with a great body. Maybe he has a different side to him outside of work

Faced with his doubts, Shen Dan Wei replies: Man and woman who are deprived
for a long time usually behaves strangely, like Director Bo and Manager Lin. They are
more critical and easily irritable, its a result from abstaining from sex for too long.

She glances at JYao: "You are a woman. Do you think I am right?

Jian Yao thinks for a while. She answers truthfully: Thats possible
Jian Yao hears a groan of disgust on the other end.
Inside Bo Jinyans car.
His seat is adjusted to a comfortable position. His lap top is showing the images
transferred from the hidden camera in Jian Yaos brooch. He has a walkie talkie on the
seat beside him.
Professor Bo, our team is in position.

He picks up the walkie talkie: Good.

Jian Yao is chatting with others when she hears a lot of background noise from the
ear piece. She excuses herself to the toilet.
She ask Bo Jinyan: Sounds like theres a lot of people at your end.
Bo Jinyan: I told you I have made some arrangements.
- So he is not alone. He brought helpers.
Her heart is at ease :Thank you ....."
Bo Jinyan replies : Dont have to thank me. Critical and irritable people like to be
Jian Yao: "......" So vengeful !!
Food is ready.
The main course was lobster and king crab, Pei Ze is sitting next to Jian Yao. He
whispers to her ear: I saved the best pieces for you. They are in the platter thats in
front you. Enjoy.
..Urr.. thank you. She says. He is leaning too close to her. Jian Yao tries to moves
away. He smiles at her: Oh, you blush so easily.
Jian Yao is repelled by his actions: Really? Maybe its bit hot in here.
After a few seconds, Pei Ze calls out to Jian Yao :Look this way. Unconsciously, she
looks up and sees a white flash. Pei Ze puts down the phone, and continues to eat
Jian Yao: Why did you take a photo of me? Delete it.
Pei Ze whistles: That is my freedom. Nowadays, its hard to find ladies that
blushes so easily."
After the meal, Jian Yao goes to the bathroom.
"Hey." She whispers to Bo Jinyan.
"Ah?" He replies in his deep voice. What happened?

Jian Yao says: "When the case is over, I want that photo deleted from his phone.
"Of course." He replies.
Jian Yao feels better. She goes back to the living room.
Just as she reaches the living room, Zhou Qin is helping his son to put on his
backpack: Bye Jian Yao! The little guy needs a shower, and he still has some
homework he needs to finish. See you at work tomorrow.

Bye Jian Yao replies. From what she has observed this afternoon, Zhou Qin really
is a loving and gentle father.
The remaining four people play a board game. When the game is over, Shen Dan
Wei says to the others: I am leaving now. My boyfriend is waiting for me downstairs.
Jian Yao takes the opportunity: Its getting a little late. I should go too.
Pei Ze takes her hand bag from her: Its hard to find a taxi in this neighbourhood.
Ill drive you home.
Jian Yao: . thats fine I can..
Pei Ze starts to walk towards his room with her bag: Just wait. Ill get the car
Jian Yao is still trying to resist: I dont want to trouble you.
By then, Shen Dan Wei has left. Pei Ze changes his mind: Hey, Qian Yu Wen. Can
you give me a hand with the dishes?.
Qian Yu Wen looks at him. He chuckles: Am I your maid?" But then, he still rolls
up his sleeves and walks into the kitchen.
Only Pei Ze and Jian Yao are left in the living room.
Let me give you a house tour?" Pei Ze says.
Jian Yao hesitates. On the other end, Bo Jinyan is giving her the instruction: Take
the tour.
It is obvious that the owner of the house is wealthy and knows how to enjoy life.
All the appliances are the latest models of top brands. There is a special room with

fitness equipment and game consoles. He stands next to a cabinet, where there are
some novels and car magazines. Theres also a lot of ornaments in the room- Cars,
boxing gloves, flute, and even ink stone and a brush for Chinese writing. Jian Yao asks:
"You like calligraphy?"
He smiles: Just a novice."
A voice from the living room: Im done. says Qian Yu Wen: See you tomorrow.
Then they hear the front door closes.
The house is suddenly very quiet.
Jian Yao says to Pei Ze: "I should go too."
Pei Ze smiles: "OK, wait in the living room. Ill get my keys.
Jian Yao collects her hand bag from the couch.
Bo Jinyan starts the engine. Hes ready to trail Pei Zes car.
Suddenly, a voice from his walkie talkie: 3rd position reports. He is shutting off
the main electricity switch for his house.
The surveillance screen on Bo Jinyans laptop turns black.
Suddenly, its dark everywhere.
Jian Yao tries to keep calm: "Pei Ze, is it a power cut?
No one answers.
Bo Jinyan tells Jian Yao over the ear piece: He switched off the power. Wait and
Jian Yao reaches for the mini defibrillator in her handbag. She hears a light
footsteps coming towards her.
"Ah, how unfortunate. A power cut." Its Pei Zes voice, "I cant find the car keys.

Chapter 27
Jian Yao is scared. She pauses for a moment: Ill call a taxi. She turns, estimates
which direction the front door is and starts to walk slowly.
"Wait Jian Yao , I have something to say to you." Pei Zes voice is coming closer
towards her.
Jian Yao: What is it that you want to tell me?
Pei Ze suddenly laughs: You are a brave girl. Wang Wan Wei, you know, your
predecessor. The two of you look alike, but your personality is so different.
Jian Yaos heart starts to thump.
Why are you suddenly mentioning her?" Jian Yao asks with a calm voice, "She used
to be your girlfriend?"
Pei Ze replies: Nah. You remind me of her. Thats all. Wait there, Ill be out soon.
She can hear the sound of something being wheeled out.
The Pei Ze you usually see, thats not the real me ......" He says.
Jian Yaos getting more and more nervous: Then what is the real you like?"
Youll find out. But now, lets the show begin. He smiles. Can you not tell, its my
plan all along, that I would have some private time with you tonight?
Do you have a torch or some candles at home?" Jian Yao tries to sound calm.
"No, its more fun this way. Pei Ze is getting closer and closer.
Jian Yao starts to run towards the door: "! Do come near me...... ah"
Suddenly, she trips over something. Jian Yao loses her balance and her body falls
forward to the ground. In the chaos, the listening device has dropped out. It only picks
up sound within a small range. Bo Jinyan might not be able to hear her anymore. And
with no lights, he cant see whats going on. She is completely on her own now!
She hears Pei Ze footsteps coming towards her: ".. I told you to wait for me. Come,
Ill pull you up. Suddenly, she feels something falling on top of her. Its Pei Ze. They
both cry out of pain.
Jian Yaos whole body tense up and shouts: "Get off me!"
Pei Ze is not moving: Hey, you tripped me with your foot. Come on, give me a kiss

Jian Yao cant bear it anymore. She kicks him in the chest.
- Ouch! He quickly grabs her foot to stop her from kicking him again. Jian Yao tries to
break free from him, but he is stronger than her.
After he has lost contact with Jian Yao, Bo Jinyan quickly gets out of the car and rush
to the apartment.
Whats the situation like up there? He asks through the walkie talkie.
No. 1. 3, 4 and 5 has limited vision where they are positioned. No.2 can see whats
going on in the lounge with his infra red night vision googles and through the telescope
on his sniper gun.Suspect A is lying on top of Bird. Do you want him to shoot?
"Suspect A" is Pei Ze code, "Bird" is the code name for Jian Yao.
Bo Jinyan is walking into the elevator. He ponders: Be ready, but dont shoot yet.
Continue to observe.
The elevator has gone up two floors, sniper speaks again: "Report: bird struggled,
the suspect has grabbed Birds right leg. Should we
Bo Jinyan stops him in mid sentence: "What are you waiting for? Shoot!"
Pei Zes Penhouse Suite.
Pei Ze is still not letting go of her. But suddenly he laughs: Dont be so tense. I
just want to give you a surprise."
He lets go of her leg :Your skin is so smooth ...... Get up! I ll give you a hand. Ok
Ok, I will turn the lights back on. Happy?"
Jian Yao is not sure what he is up to. She just wants to get out of there as soon as
Just as she tries to sit up, she hears a small piercing sound. "What ? " He
whispers something in his mouth. Suddenly, Pei Zes body falls on her again.
He lies motionless. Still as a corpse.
Jian Yao quickly pushes him away. She staggers to get up against the wall.
...... Whats happened to Pei Ze? As she wonders, the phone rings. She reaches for
her pocket. Its Bo Jinyan.

She quickly reports to him: Bo Jinyan, Pei Ze is unconscious. I am not sure what
"Open the door." Bo Jinyan interrupts her, "I am standing outside."
"You arranged a sniper?" Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan. She is surprised. Although
its in order to protect her. But it seems like his actions are a bit over the top.
He turns the power switch back on. He walks over to where the listening device is
and picks it up.

Bo Jinyan leaps over Pei Zes unconscious body: Its just anaesthetic. He will wake
up in an hours time.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan walks into the next room, where there is a trolley on
wheels. Theres a white cloth covering the top. This is what Pei Ze was trying to push
out just now.
Bo Jinyan uncovers the trolley.
A Cake.
It is actually a fruit mousse cake with the words Happy Birthday on it. There are
candles on the cake, covered by a plastic lid. Next to the cake is a plastic knife and a
couple of paper plates.
Bo Jinyan turns to look at her: Its your birthday today?"
Jian Yao is a little surprised to see the cake. She nods. It is her birthday, based on
the Western calendar. She usually celebrates her birthday according to the lunar
calendar, as thats the tradition of her hometown. .
She looks at Pei Ze, who is lying dead on the ground. He did all that, just to
surprise her with a birthday cake?
Now in retrospect, those words seems to make sense: Tonight program, everything
is planned, wanted to surprise you ......

As if he could read minds, Bo Jinyan says coldly: How can you be sure he didnt
have other motives?
Jian Yao remembers some of the other comments he made Nice skin kiss me

What should we do now?" She asks. When Pei Ze wakes up, he will be suspicious.
Their identities will berevealed!
Bo Jinyan walks up to her: Give me your taser.
Jian Yao hands it over to him.
Bo Jinyan knees down next to Pei Ze. He pressed the taser onto his back. Even
though Pei Ze has lost consciousness, his body moved a little when the electric charges
went through his flesh.
Bo Jinyan throws the taser back to her: Solved. Just tell him it was you.
Jian Yao : "...... alright."
Bo Jinyan suddenly reaches down and pull out a few hairs from Peis Zes head.
Jian Yao: "What are you doing?"
DNA testings." Bo Jinyan replies. To compare with some DNA results from the
soil samples we collected from the resort."
Jian Yao: "Oh."
Bo Jinyan takes a quick look around his apartment, then retreats back to the car.
When Pei Ze finally wakes up, its past 9:00pm.
Pei Ze rubs his head and back, looks up at Jian Yao: What did you do to me?

Jian Yao looks at him: Sorry, I carry a taser for self defence. Now that you are ok,
Id better go.
Pei Ze stops her: At least cut the cake before you go, I especially ordered it from
the best cake shop in town. Or else I wont forgive you.

Pei Ze is not in the best of moods after what happened. After eating the cake, he
drives Jian Yao home.
Jian Yao : Well, thanks for the ride. See you tomorrow.
Suddenly she hears a "thump" sound, the door is automatically locked. Pei Ze turns
to stare at her: After all that you have put me through, a simple apology is not enough.

Jian Yao : Lunch is on me tomorrow?"

"I want this." Pei Ze suddenly leans over toward her and pulls out a few strains of
her hair.
Jian Yao: ..??
Ze Pei smiles: I think the most beautiful part of a womans body is her hair. This is
mine to keep, as compensation. And we are going for lunch tomorrow too.
While in the elevator, Jian Yao thinks to herself. Bo Jinyan took Pei Zes hair. Now
Pei Ze takes her hair. What is this all about?
Bo Jinyan needs to debrief his special force. He told Jian Yao he wont be home for
another two hours. Jian Yao takes a shower and get changed into her pyjamas. She is
She plans to wait up for him, but unwittingly falls asleep.
And she has a dream.
In the dream, a man is pressing down her limbs to restrict her movements. She
struggles desperately, but is not able to break away. The man is laughing. Hi Jenny.
He says.
Jenny is her English name.
Jian Yao wakes up in a cold sweat. She immediately switches on her bedside lamp.

Must be due to all the tension from today.

The doorbell rings. She looks at the clock. 1:00am.
She opens the door. Bo Jinyan is standing outside.
He glances at her. His eyes are clear and sharp as ever: Everything is back to
normal. Goodbye.
He turns around, ready to go. Jian Yao says to him: "Wait."
He turns back to look at her.
Jian Yao steps forward, tiptoes, reaches out and hugs him.
Her heart is still beating very fast.

She can feel her hands trembling.

He just stands still for her to hug him.
Jian Yao says softly: I was really scared today."
Jian Yao is about to release him, and she feels his arms around her waist. He takes
a small step forward. Now their bodies are touching. She can feel the warmth of his
Jian Yao relaxes in his arms.
She hears his deep voice: "3 snipers, five special force agents. Its enough to
destroy a whole triad gang. Whats there to be afraid of?
Jian Yao cannot help laughing.
Jian Yao lets go of him. Her face is flushing, but she tries to sound calm: Good
Bo Jinyan smiles: Goodnight."
He walks to the elevator. Just before the lift doors closed, he pressed the open
button. He looks out and says to Jian Yao: "Happy birthday. I hope you will be
smarter next year.
Jian Yao: What sort of birthday greeting is that?"
Everything was normal the next day. Jian Yao took Pei Ze out for lunch. But much
to Pei Zes disappointment, She also called all the other colleagues to join them.
After lunch. In Director Bo s office.
There are some documents on Bo Jinyans desk that Jian Yao has not seen before.
Jian Yao immediately asks: Are the result back yet?"
Read it yourself Bo Jinyan says with a smile.
Jian Yao picks up the file and reads carefully.
1. In Zhou Qins backyard, they found a pearl earring;
2. Strains of Wang Wan Weis hair are found on the cracks of the front steps of Lin Yu
Xuan and Shen Dan Weis residence.

Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan : How are these evidences helpful? Have you already
guessed who is the murderer?
Bo Jinyan walks up to her, with a teapot in his hand. He pours her a cup of tea.
Thats is so out of his character. He must be really excited.
He replies to Jian Yao confidently: "Yes, Ive figured it out. I need to verify a few
things first. After that, Ill tell you.
Jian Yao wants to ask another question. But he continues : Tell Yin Ziqi to arrange
another meeting for the Customer 3 Division at the resort. I want them to have the
same room arrangement as last time. And make sure you pick a rainy day.
"What do you want to do?"
Bo Jinyan looks down at her: I will do a replay of what happened that night.

Chapter 28
They are on their way to the Orange Hill Resort.
Jian Yao sits a little closer to Bo Jinyan . She asks softly: Tell me who is the
murderer, ah.
She has not seen him since he announced that he wanted to replay what
happened on the night. He left the office promptly after giving Jian Yao a list of
instructions. It was a short notice, and there were plenty of things for Jian Yao to
organise. Now that they are in a car together, just the two of them, Jian Yao cant wait to
find out whats in his mind.
Bo Jinyan : Not telling you.
Is he trying to keep her guessing? But thats not his style. Besides he did say he
needs to verify something first.
Jian Yao asks: Are we still lacking some evidence? Is that why you want everyone
"No" Bo Jinyan answers, "We already have enough evidence. I just want the
murderer there so that I can shame him.or her.
Jian Yao: "......" Okay. Thats a standard Bo Jinyan type answers.
She quits asking. The low rays of the sun shine through the windows of the back
seat. Bo Jinyan faces has a soft golden glow.
Jian Yao looks at him. He looks handsome, noble even. Last nights embrace
returns to her mind. The warmth that surrounded her.
But hes probably forgotten about it. After all, his brain only has room for his work.
Yin Ziqi has arranged a special meeting at the Orange Hill Resort. She is a little
anxious about what will happen. Like Jian Yao, Yin Ziqi has asked Bo Jinyan who is
responsible for Wang Wan Weis death several times. Bo Jinyan didnt tell her much,
only to arrange several security guards to be at the scene, ready to escort the murderer
to the police.
When the dinner reception finishes, its past 10:00pm. Its a rainy night, as Bo
Jinyan has hoped for. Staffs from Customer 3 Division are sitting in a minivan. Its
going to an area of the resort that is familiar to them. They arrive at the residences.
When they realise where they will be staying tonight, the mood in the van changed

dramatically. Suddenly, there are no more jokes, no more gossips or laughs. The team
looks at each other.
Seven people, carrying luggage, are standing in front of the residences. Not far
behind stands Yin Ziqi assistant , and several bodyguards.
Room are assigned ......" Jian Yao is holding a stack of cards handing them out to
the group, in the same arrangement as on 1st of June, the night Wang Wan Wei died.
This is the opening line Bo Jinyan asked her to use.
Everyone takes their room card. They are disconcerted by this loaded statement.
Lin Yu Xuan is the first to speak: Director Bo, what does this mean?"
Bo Jinyan gives what is probably the first real smile theyve seen since they first
met him: Its what on your mind. We are going to recapitulate the strings of events
that led to Wang Wan Weis death.
Jian Yao further explains. Director Bo and I are sent to investigate Wang Wan
Weis suicide by Chairman Yin. There are a few things we want to clarify, therefore we
need your help.
Everyone is quiet.
Pei Ze glances at Jian Yao, with a wily smile: Didnt you say its a suicide? Whats
there to clarify?
Mei Chen starts to scan the faces of others. Qian Yu Wen face is dull and
expressionless as he usually is, Zhou Qin is stunned.;Lin Yu Xuan and Shen Dan Wei is
looking at each other, not saying a word.
Bo Jinyan ignores Pei Zes question: "Thank you for your cooperation. Now get into
your rooms, and we will come to speak to each one of you shortly.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan enters Wang Wan Weis residence.
This is their monitoring quarter. Bo Jinyan has arranged for video cameras and
listening devices in each of the other four residences. Facing them is a row of monitors,
showing whats happening in each of the rooms.
Jian Yao lay down their luggage, sits down with him in front of the screens.
Room A: Manager Lin and Shen Dan Wei are not talking to each other. They each
sit on their side of the bed. Manager Lin takes out her mobile phone, then puts it down
again. Shen Dan Wei is looking out of the window, with an obscure and sarcastic smile
on her face.

Room B: Zhou Qin is also sitting on the bed. He calls home: Mom, is Le Le in bed?
No Mmm daddy miss you too.
Room C: Pei Ze throws his overnight bag on the bed. He walks into the bathroom,
humming a tune at the same time. After a while, he comes out. Qian Yu Wen goes up to
him. He whispers something Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao cant quite hear. Then both of
them rest in the lounge. They turn the TV on, and casually chats with one another.
Room D: Mai Chen stands at the window, absorbed in his own thoughts.

Jian Yao talks into the intercom on the table :Mai Chen, please come over to our
Everyone is startled. Because the broadcast can be heard in all the residences.
Mai Chen approaches with a little apprehension, takes a seat facing Bo Jinyan .
Director Bo, Wang Wan Wei is murdered? He asks solemnly.
"Who knows!" Bo Jinyan replies lightly.
Jian Yao observes the reactions of others through the monitors. Everyone looks up
when they hear the conversation.
Mai Chen stayed in this room for 30 minutes. Then he returned to his own
residence. Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan follows him back to his place.
Bo Jinyan : Repeat what you did that night after you returned from Wang Wan
Weis room. Try to recall all the details.
Mai Chen takes a shower, then turns on the TV. He has a quick supper of cookies
and water, then he goes to bed.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan returns to Wang Wan Weis room. Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan
: Anything worth noting?
Bo Jinyan replies: Some minor differences from the police statement, like
sequence of events, what he said to Wang Wan Wei etc. This is normal for people who
are trying to recall events of the past. Overall, his actions are consistent with his
testimony. Theres no loopholes. He is telling the truth.
Rain is getting heavier.

Bo Jinyan is holding a large umbrella, sharing it with Jian Yao. They are now in Pei
Ze and Qin Yu Wens place. Jian Yao carries the intercom machine with her and places it
close to where Pei Ze is sitting. The four of them are sitting in the living room. The
television is showing a soap opera. From Jian Yaos angle, she can see Zhou Qins
backyard through the windows.
Sorry Director Bo ....... Oh. or is it Officer Bo Pei Ze smiles: "We were watching
a soccer game that night, but theres no match on today. Is Soap opera ok?"
"Whatever." Bo Jinyan walks to the window, then turns back and smile at them,
"Anyway, you werent really watching the game that night.
The two guys look shocked. Qian Yu Wen speaks up: I dont understand what you
are talking about.
You dont? Bo Jinyan looks at Jian Yao, "Tell them what we found in Zhou Qins
Jian Yao holds up a transparent plastic bag with the pearl earrings.
"This belongs to the deceased, Wang Wan Wei. Bo Jinyan says faintly, Mai Chen
said she was wearing them when he saw her that night. Yet, when the body was found,
the earrings were missing. I believe no one would purposely take the earrings and
throw it in the backyard. It can only mean that she came by here before she died.
Why would a girl come around at that time of the night? The earrings were found
less than two metres from your living room window. It is impossible that both of you
didnt notice she was here.
Pei Ze sneers. We were concentrating on the game. It was raining, so we turned
up the volume. Its totally possible that we couldnt hear her.
Jian Yao is wearing a raincoat, standing where the earrings were found. After a
while, she quickly runs past the window.

As she runs past, her body blocks the light thats coming through a lamppost that
shines straight into the living room. It casts a large shadow. She was so close to the
window, its very hard to miss.
Imagine, she must have been in some distress in order for the earrings to fall. She
was either having a dispute with someone, or running very quickly. If you were in the
lounge, you would have noticed her. says Bo Jinyan .
Qian Yu Wens hands are clenched, his face turns pale. Jian Yao returns to the
room. She is completely soaked from the rain. Bo Jinyan smiles at her: Good job.

Pei Ze gives a laugh: Well, alright. We didnt watch the game. We werent in the
lounge. We were in the room.
Bo Jinyan : Oh. So youve decided to change your testimony? Just like that? What
makes you think we will believe you?"
"Huh ......" Pei Ze takes a deep breath and answers faintly, "We were in the room,
making love the whole night. We didnt want others to know. Does that answer your
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao goes back to their residence.

Bo Jinyan replayed the video clips of the other rooms. When Pei Ze admitted
having sex with his roommate: Zhou Qin closed his eyes. He gave a big sigh and
covered his face with his hand. Lin Yu Xin looked stunned and Shen Dan Wei was still
wearing her sarcastic smile.

Chapter 29
Raindrops come pelting out of the sky. Its a busy yet somewhat soothing sound as
the rain brushes the windows and hit the roof. But it is not enough to calm the anxious
Of course, there is still one person in the Orange Hill resort that is calm and
collected. Bo Jinyan is sitting in front of the monitors, observing the reactions of each
staff member of Customer 3 Division.
"Zhou Qin is next?" Jian Yao is trying to brush away some of the water vapours
thats on her wet garment. She is wearing a blue dress today, similar design to the one
Wang Wan Wei was wearing that night.
"No, thats not necessary." Bo Jinyan leans back and rest with hands behind his
head, Their reaction have told me everything I need to know.
Jian Yao is a little baffled.
He used the earring to force Pei Ze and Qian Yu Wen to admit that they were
having sex just so that he can see the reactions of others?
A mans hand, holding a dark blue handkerchief appears in front of her.
Hair." Bo Jinyan says.
"Thank you." Jian Yao wipes off the water drops that are on her face. Bo Jinyan is
starring at her forehead. Her hair, still wet from the rain, is resting on her soft supple
Dont you feel uncomfortable?" He looks at her.
Jian Yao wonders why he is suddenly interested in her wet hair. He stands up and
walks over to her. He takes the handkerchief.
- Surely he is not going to dry my hair. A thought flashes past her.
He uses his handkerchief to blot up the water drops that hanging at the tip of her
fringe. It has a clean cotton smell, as well as a slight warmth thats been transferred
from his hand.
And he is looking down at her, with a cant you even take care of yourself
properly? look on his arrogant face. But his gaze is gentle and warm. The
handkerchief is gliding down her face, past her ears, along the cheeks. His slender
fingers accidentally touches her skin from time to time.
Jian Yao's face starts to blush.

The man ......

What is in his mind as he is doing this?
Just giving her a hand because she cant even do such a trivial task properly?

Bo Jinyan walks over to the phone. He picks up the receiver and ask Yin Ziqis
assistant to arrange for a vehicle to send Pei Ze, Qian Yu Wen and Mai Chen to the
resort conference centre. He tells them that the investigation is over. They can relax
Five people are standing in the pouring rain, in the dark. They are standing on the
grass area between Zhou Qin and Lin Yu Wen / Shen Dan Weis room. This is Bo Jinyan
s idea. He will ask a few questions with all of them there. Jian Yao asked him why they
had to stand in the rain. To which, Bo Jinyan replied,Its harder to hide ones guilty
conscience under such circumstances.
Bo Jinyan is holding a big black umbrella. Jian Yao is leaning towards him as they
are sharing the shelter. He looks at Zhou Qin: Your turn. He talks above the white
noise of the rain hitting the ground.
Zhou Qin answers: "I do not know . I was sleeping.
Let me explain to you." Bo Jinyan says coldly, Wang Wan Wei's diary reveals that
someone has been using drugs to control her for the past six months. We have sufficient
evidence to believe that the person went to her room that night. Why would a young
lady run out of the room so late at night, when its pouring with rain? Unless it is to get
away from her killer. And what a coincidence, that one of her earrings is found in the
courtyard behind your residence.
Zhou Qins face turns white: I have no idea what you are talking about."
Bo Jinyan turns to the other two ladies.
What do you have to say?"
Lin Yu Xuan: "We worked till midnight. Then we went to bed. We didnt notice
anything suspicious.
"Oh?" Bo Jinyan smiles at them, I am afraid the evidence points otherwise."
Jian Yao takes out a copy of the investigation report.

Bo Jinyan : We know that Wang Wan Wei went into your backyard. There were
signs of struggle. We found some of her hair not far from your lounge window.
"...... I do not know." Lin Yu Xuans face is turning pale.
Shen Dan Wei: I didnt hear or see anything."
"Never mind." Bo Jinyan says. At this point in time, theres nothing to suggest Pei
Ze, Qian Yu Wen and Mai Chen have anything to do with the murder. I believe they are
innocent. But based on the evidence we have, the culprit is one of you. I will hand you
over to the police. Bon Voyage. "
Diector Bao, I am innocent!
"You cant convict me just like this! !
"Are you kidding!"
The three of them starts to protest.
Bo Jinyan turns around and ask Jian Yao to arrange for the security guards to
come. Then he turns around and says to the three of them: Let me give you some tips.
Based on the evidence, the killer will receive a death penalty, accomplices probably
three to five year sentence. Youd better be prepared.
The security guards took everybody to the conference centre. The three of them
are locked in a room while waiting for the police to come. Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan wait
in another room.
Someone knocks at the door.
A middle-aged man, dressed in civilian clothes, comes in.
"Hi, Professor Bo. I am Huang Xi from the Urban Criminal Investigation team. I've
heard a lot about you." The man gives Bo Jinyan a polite handshake.
Bo Jinyan smiles: Officer Huang, I will hand over the suspects to you. How long do
you think the interrogation will go on for?"
Well do our best. He walks out.
Jian Yao walks up to him: What are you up to?"
As if to stop her asking any further, he takes out his sleep mask and uses it to cover
his eyes: I need to rest. Stop bothering me.

One of Jian Yaos greatest virtues is patience. After hearing what Bo Jinyan says,
she goes to the other side of the room to lie down on a sofa. After all, it is very late. She
can do with some sleep too.
The way he handled the case thus far is not what she would expect from him. Its
very unlike for him to conclude who the murderer is based on such superficial
He seemed like a different person. Like he is acting ah.
"You were just scaring them, right? So that they will tell you who the murderer
really is?" Jian Yao turns around and asks.
Bo Jinyan takes off his sleep mask and looks at her.
"Congratulations. It seems that your birthday wish from me has been granted by
the gods.
Jian Yao: "......" Cant he use a better way to deliver compliments?
So who is the killer?"
Use logic to slowly work out a conclusion He says slowly, "You can try."
Jian Yao thinks for a while and shakes her head:. "I'm still confused."
Bo Jinyan : Alright. Time for another lesson.
Jian Yao: ..... Thank you. So where do we start?
Get a pad and a pen." He orders.
"First." He says. Its a homicide. But is it not a premeditated, or acted in a spur of
the moment?"
Jian Yao thinks aloud: Its the first time they have come to the Orange Hill Resort.
Its just undergone renovations. Nobody is familiar with the place. If it was a
premeditated murder, the killer should choose a location he/she is more familiar with."
Bingo. We can begin!" Bo Jinyan looks down at the paper in her hand, Write
down the second question? How many people entered Wang Wan Weis residence that
They are sitting side by side on the bed. The pen and paper are on her knees. They
are sitting so close that she can smell his aftershave. But what is intriguing her more
are the questions he has for her, one after another, pulling her in a different world. The
world of criminal psychology.

"One." She replies, Wang Wan Wei is relatively petite. If theres two people, for
example Manager Lin and Shen Dan Wei, it should be easy to pin her down, and she
wont have had the chance to escape out of the villa. It also appears shes been to more
than one place, therefore its highly unlikely that the culprit will bring her to several
Bo Jinyan gives a small smile. Jian Yao asks with apprehension: Am I Right?
Yes.Bo Jinyan says, after all, you are petite like Wang Wan Wei, so if you put
yourself into her shoes, its easy to get to this answer.
Jian Yao: . Lets continue. Bo Jinyan always comments she is petite, when in
fact she is not that small. 165cm is a pretty good height for a woman. But of course,
anyone is will be petite next to a six foot three guy!
Which door did she escape from? Front or back?" He asks.
Jian Yao suddenly feels a hint of pressure. - How can you tell?
Back door. Bo Jinyan suddenly interrupts her thoughts:. Stop! If you take more
than 10 seconds to answer a question, you are too slow
Jian Yao looks at him. She doesn't care about his comments, She just want to know
which door is it.
"Back door." Bo Jinyan answers, "If it is the front door, Mai Chen's residence is the
After clarifying these points, Jian Yao's starting to put the pieces together.
That night, the person controlling Wang Wan Wei comes to see her. They have a
fight for some reason, perhaps Wang Wan Wei wants to seek a new life and escape from
his/her grip. So the person killed her out of anger and fear that his/her secret will be
out. The person may have blocked the direction to the front door, so she escaped from
the back door.
Question4: After she runs out of her residence, why would she not run downhill
but up the slopes towards the other residences?
Jian Yao quickly blurts out: "She was seeking help from the other colleagues.

Bo Jinyan asks her: Who is the first person she went to?"
Jian Yao thinks for a while. Her 10 seconds limit is up, Bo Jinyan gives her a hit on
the head and says Stop again.

"Remember, Zhou Qins expression?" He says lightly.

Jian Yao touches her head: yes?
"It was guilt." Bo Jinyan says, When we told him we found Wang Wan Weis
earrings in his back courtyard, theres no shock, no fear, just guilt on his face
Jian Yao is beginning to form a view in her mind. But surely, hes not that kind of
"Why is he guilty?" Bo Jinyan asks.
Jian Yao: "Because he ignored Wang Wan Weis request for help?"
Bo Jinyan : Can there be any other explanation?"
Jian Yao asks: If Zhou Qin is not the killer, and given he is a well known Mr.Nice,
why wont he help Wang Wan Wei?
Bo Jinyan replies: One thing at a time. You will find out the motives and reasons
later. Lets focus on facts, evidence and logic first.
Jian Yao nods: That makes sense."
According to Wang Wan Weis escape route, Zhou Qin's front door is closest from
her residence. She must have knocked on his front door first, but Zhou Qin didnt let
her into his residence."
Bo Jinyan continues: "Okay, if it was you, its raining and its late at night. He didnt
open the front door, maybe he was asleep, would you go around to knock on the back
door? Or find someone else to help?
Jian Yao replied: "Of course I would go find someone else.. The front door is
located closer to the bedroom. If he is asleep, the chances of waking him up from
knocking on the back door is even slimmer."
"Then why is her earring in his backyard? Bo Jinyan asks.
- There are no traces of struggle, the earring is inside the back courtyard, which
means at some point, she was in the backyard. By why would she go there?
A thought comes to her. Wang Wan Wei should be running to Pei Ze / Quin Yu
Wen for help. Why would she go into Zhou Qins backyard?
"Stop." Bo Jinyan s deep voice interrupts her again.

Jian Yao looks at him.

- She is starting to think that Bo Jinyan enjoys Stopping her?
Bo Jinyan takes a sip of tea, and says: There are only two possibilities. One, she
entered the backyard herself, or two, the killer brought her there. But why would the
killer bring her there? So the former is more probable.
Bo Jinyan continues: How she entered the backyard also has two possibilities.
One, from the outside. She walked into the courtyard after going around the residence.
Two, she is getting out of the residence. If she is being chased, the chance of her
running into a no exit road is extremely low. Therefore I believe she was getting out of
Zhou Qins residence."
Jian Yao cant believe what she is hearing.
Yes, this is the only explanation. says Bo Jinyan , She escaped from her back door.
First, she knocks on Zhou Qins front door. Zhou Qin didnt know whats going on, so he
let her in. But the killer was not far behind. He/she caught up with her very quickly. For
some reason, Zhou Qin decided to keep himself out of it. So our poor victim escaped
through the back door for the second time, accidentally dropping her earring in the
backyard as she was leaving.
Jian Yao is marvelled. How did Bo Jinyan unravel all the details from the small
amount of evidence they gathered. It is as if he was present on the night, watching the
events unfold.

"OK." This time he has a pleasant smile on his face, Where did she go next?"
Jian Yao: She ran to ....... Lin Yu Xuan and Shen Dan Weis residence.
"...... to seek help, of course?
"So the murderer is.?
Process of elimination. Its not Mai Chen, not Zhou Qin, not Lin Yu Xuan or Shen
Dan Wei
Bo Jinyan : The hair is probably caused by the struggle between our killer and
Wang Wan Wei. She ran to Manager Lin and Shens residence, but like Zhou Qin, they
chose to ignore her plea for help.
Jian Yao is biting her lower lip.

"Why?" Jian Yao slowly asks, "Murder is a felony. Why would the whole division
withhold information and not lend a hand?
Bo Jinyan glances at her: "You finally ask a good question."
He takes out a report from a folder: I told you before. I like to take short cuts when
I am investigating. Remember the hair I got from Pei Ze? I asked Yin Ziqi to collect hair
samples of everyone else in Customer 3 Division for testings.
Jian Yao takes a look at the report. She is shocked to see the results. Except for Mai
Chen, everyone tested positive for taking drugs. .
Bo Jinyan : " Lin Yu Xuan and Shen Dan Wei changed the sleeping arrangement not
because they needed to work on a proposal together, but to take drugs together.
Shortly after Mai Chens confession to Wang Wan Wei, he was so tired that he fell
asleep until the next morning. My guess is that someone put a sleeping pill in his water
in advance. With him out of the way, they can all have one happy party.
Pei Ze and Qian Yu Wen. Sex and drugs. Perhaps he is already intoxicated when he
went to find Wang Wan Wei. "
But cant it be Qian Yu Wen?" Jian Yao asks.
Its obvious from how they relate, Pei Ze is the dominant one and Qian Yu Wen
the submissive partner. Besides, from Wang Wan Weis diary, she said she was
tempted into doing the wrong things. Pei Zes age appearance, sexual orientation fits
the profile of the seducer more than Qian Yu Wen.
In addition to this, Lin Yu Xuan and Pei Zes relationship seems to be more than just
colleagues or friends. But from her shocked reaction today, she did not know that Pei
Ze is bisexual.
In Wang Wan Weis diary, she mentioned that she offended Lin Yu Xuan. She
probably saw the two of them together, but this silly girl didnt join the dots. This also
explains, why Lin Yu Xuan decided to cover up for Pei Ze.
As for Shen Dan Wei and Zhou Qin, if Wang Wan Wei didnt die, the secret that they
are doing drugs will be disclosed. So they decided to keep quiet, and let her die.
He spoke fast,like water spilling out from a glass. Finally, he asks Jian Yao So,
rookie! Whats our conclusion?
At this point, Jian Yao's mobile rings.
Its Officer Huang. Assistant Jian, we have their confessions..
"Culprit is Pei Ze." Bo Jinyan says softly except for Mai Chen, the rest are all

"Culprit is Pei Ze, Qian Yu Wen, Lin Yu Xuan, Zhou Qin and Shen Dan Wei are
accomplice." Officer Huang says over the phone, just one second after Bo Jinyan gave
her the answer.

Chapter 30
Jian Yao puts down the phone. She looks at Bo Jinyan.
He is still sitting on the bed, He leans forward and rests his arm on his lap,
interlocking his fingers. His face flashes a relaxed smile.
He looks extremely pleased with himself
Jian Yao has to admit: Wow, you are good.
- Actually, he is more than just good, hes awesome.
But he doesn't seem to be touched by her compliments. He lies down on the bed, put
his eye mask back on, and goes back to rest. To him, this is a simple and easy to solve
case. There is nothing to rave about. This is a case of logical deduction. Its not even in
his area of specialty - criminal psychology, serial killers etc.
Jian Yao says: Don't sleep. Officer Wang has invited us to oversee the
interrogation process."
I am not going." He simply answers, "My work is done. The rest is up to them.
Jian Yao heads over to the conference centre by herself.
She follows Officer Wang into a room that they are using as their control room.
Inside the room, two officers are observing several computer monitors, which are
transmitting video images from the rooms where the Customer 3 division staffs are
being questioned.
Jian Yao sits down in front of the monitors. She sees a number of familiar faces.
Lin Yu Xuan, Zhou Qin, Shen Dan Wei, Qian Yu Wen and Pei Ze.
They are arranged in separate rooms. The police are recording their testimonies.
Everyone looks weary, except for Pei Ze. He looks disinterested, as if he doesnt give a
damn to what has happened.
Jian Yao remembers the times they spent together. She is repulsed by his actions
and attitude.
When the policeman throws the testimonies of others in front of him, he
momentarily loses his composure. He looks flustered. But soon, he recollects himself.
Whether you confess or not, we have enough evidence to charge you. says the

Pei Ze is silent for a moment. He asks: What is the penalty for murder?"
Police replies: Thats a matter for the courts to decide. But they will show more
leniency to those who confess.
When did it all start?
Long before Wang Wan Wei joined, Customer 3 division was already a drug house.
Wang Wan Wei was like a small fresh flower planted amongst the decaying vegetation.
She was totally unaware of whats going on.
But their private lives were quite separate from their work lives. And there should
have been no intersection between the two. They were not short of money. They kept
to themselves and were very careful around others. The good kids like Mai Chen and
Wang Wan Wei lived in a different world from them.
Until that night.
Pei Ze and Lin Yu Xuan were wantonly indulging themselves in the conference room.
It doesnt matter. No one will come." He said, "Xuan, I want you here, in this very
room that you use for telling me off during work hours.
Lin Yu Xuan is a capable and shrewd woman. But she is only a woman after all. Her
husband was a professor in a music college. He fell in love with his female student
thats twenty years younger than him. He walked out from their marriage while she
was still pregnant. Lin Yu Xuan was devastated. She aborted the child to start a new
life. But life had stagnated since then. She was not able to move on.
Then Pei Ze appeared in her life. They worked together, dined and wined together.
She knew this attractive young man had ulterior motives. But she was too lonely, and
too fragile to resist.
- He must have some feelings for me too, right? Otherwise There are many other
women in managerial positions. But he came for me.
When exactly did she fall in love with Pei Ze? She was not sure. Initially, she
looked at it as a deal. He provided the love and comfort she desired. In return, she used
her position and power to help him advance in his career. A fair trade.
But when Pei Ze was ready to move on from this relationship, she didnt want to let
him go. She couldn't bear to live without him. Her successful career did not fill the
emptiness in her life. The loneliness was too much for her to bear.
But it was not hard to keep him, as long as he was still working in the company.

So their relationship continued. She turned a blind eye to his debauchery nightclubbing, casual sex with other girls And he lured her into drugs. Cannabis.
Sweet but painful. In the end, its hard to say who is the dominant one in the
relationship? Is it Pei Ze? Controlling her with a steady supply of drugs? Or is it Lin Yu
Xuan? Using her power and influence in the company to keep him close to her. The line
was blurred. No one knew the answer.
That night, as they were busy enjoying themselves, someone opened the door to
the conference room. They even heard a gasp.
But the person retreated very quickly.
Pei Ze quickly put on his pants, opened the door slightly and looked through the
gap: Yes, its Wang Wan Wei. The lock is broken. We didnt notice that just now."
From then on, Lin Yu Xuan was worried Wang Wan Wei would one day expose her
shameful deeds in front of others. Though Pei Ze insists that Wang Wan Wei didnt see
their faces, she would be happy to see her go. It was too risky to have her around. She
started to pick on the innocent girl all the time. And surprisingly, she started to enjoy
seeing her suffer. After all, a young girl just starting out in life should also learn that life
is not an easy and smooth journey.
"This is the reason you and Lin Yu Xuan lured her to the path of drugs?
Pei Ze smiles: "In the beginning, it was Yu Xuans idea for me to sound her out."
To find out how much she actually knew about their affair. It was during the time
when Wang Wan Wei felt down and discouraged because of her situation at work. To
Pei Ze, she was like a little rabbit. Meek and weak, evoking a mans innate urge to
One night. Pei Ze and Wang Wan Wei had a lot of wine. They were drunk. She
was lured into a sexual relationship with him.
The first time Pei Ze asked Qian Yu Wen to join them, Wang Wan Wei refused. But
eventually, she gave in to Pei Zes request. She was too timid to resist him.
Their threesome relationship went on for a while. She knew Pei Ze and Qian Yu
Wen were drug addicts. But she had no idea her other colleagues were taking drugs
too. She never would have guessed that her life was lost because these people would
disregard her plea for help.
Lin Yu Xuan vaguely knew about Pei Ze and Wang Wan Weis relationship, but
surprisingly, she didnt seem to care.
How did Shen Dan Wei become a drug addict?" The police asks. Who knows? Is
Shen Dan Wei going through the same ordeal as Wang Wan Wei?

"Her?" Pei Ze laughs: She is the first to take drugs in the division. She was led
astray by her boyfriend when they were attending university. Later, the man left her to
return overseas. Only then did she realise he was married.
Shen Dan Wei. Her dreams of marrying a rich foreigner were shattered. She
couldnt shake off her addiction, so she frequented bars and nightclubs. Pei Ze and her
met in a drug party once. They nodded and smiled to one another.
"She helped me clean up the traces of my crime." Pei Ze says, "Everyone helped.
They are all accomplices, right?
Just like Bo Jinyan predicted, Pei Ze went to see Wang Wan Wei after Mai Chen left.
She refused, threatened to call the police.
Pei Ze was heavily intoxicated. Out of anger, he decided to kill her.
Qian Yu Wens drugs Are you the supplier? The police asks.
Pei Ze gives a faint smile: He asked me for it. But I did not introduce him to the
Qian Yu Wens reason for taking drugs was boredom. Hes simply looking for
physical stimulant to spice up his life. As for his taste for men, he discovered it after he
became a drug addict. Life is short. He decided to let himself loose and enjoy life the
way he wanted to.

But all these were hidden from their outwardly normal lives. They were not stupid.
No one wanted to lose their job because of drug abuse. Perhaps, this is a road of
destruction, but the end is still a long way off. Theres no hurry to take a U turn at this
time. Later, perhaps. Later.
Between each other, not everything was disclosed. Pei Ze was the only one who
knows who were into drugs too. Qian Yu Wen was with him all the time, so he had an
idea of whats going on. But the others, they did their own thing.
Shen Dan Wei is a loner. The others might have guessed that she took drugs. But
its none of their business.
As for Pei Ze and Wang Wan Weis relationship, no one was aware of it until the
night of the murder.
And Mai Chen. Hes the law abiding and honest young man that didnt pose a threat
to his seniors at work.

Why then, is Zhou Qin taking drugs?" The police asks, Same reasons as Qian Yu
"Oh ......" Pei Ze laughs, His drug habit has nothing to do with me either.
Zhou Qin and his wife met in university. They fell in love with each other. But
their romance was short lived. They broke up because of some misunderstanding.
However, they still had each other in their hearts. They reunited after a few years and
Zhou Qin was the happiest man in the world. But his happiness didnt last long again.
She died in a car accident.
Leaving behind a son. Every time he saw the childs face, he agonised over the
death of his dear wife. He couldn't concentrate on his work. Once he almost lost his job
because of his carelessness. It was drugs that held him together. It gave him a new
lease of life.
He knew its the wrong path. He thought he could get away with taking small
dosages for a short period of time and not get hooked. By the time he realised, he had
gone too far. He deeply regretted his actions and had started rehab. However, its not
easy to cut off the addictive habit. So hes had a few relapse every now and then.
Pei Ze knew everyone's secrets, so he made them cover for him. Everyone knew
that if the murder was discovered, they will be brought back to the police station for a
detailed interrogation. All their dirty laundry would be exposed. They might get fired.
Nobody wanted to lose their jobs. Besides, Wang Wan Wei intended to commit suicide
in the first place.
But today, the truth that they tried so hard to cover up, is finally revealed.
How could you do this to a young lady? Where is your conscious? The police
asks each one of them.
But silence is the only answer he gets.
When Jian Yao leaves the conference centre, its three oclock in the morning. It is
still dark, as if the sky is covered by a thick layer of black ink. Jian Yao walks down a
long and brightly lit corridor. She stops beside a window and looks out.
A lot of people come to her mind. Her father, Li, Bo Jinyan, and many others.
Everyone will encounter confusion and temptation at some point in their life. It
may be hard and painful. But that is not the reason to forsake morals and principles.
Life is more than indulging in selfish desires and feeling good, its about doing the right

She opens the door and walks in the room. She expects to find Bo Jinyan sleeping,
but to her surprise, he was standing in front of a mirror. He is doing up the buttons of
his jacket, as if hes about to attend a formal meeting.
Jian Yao walks up to him and asks suspiciously : Are you going somewhere?"
Bo Jinyan turns to look at her: Lets get on with the real reason we are here today.
Jian Yao is confused.
Before she could ask any questions, he walks out of the room with a solemn face.
Jian Yao sits in the backseat of the car, beside Bo Jinyan. He is looking out of the
window with an infrared telescope. The rain has stopped. The car drives into a narrow
and windy road. It brings them back to the residences they visited earlier. The crime
scene is pitch dark. All the lights in the area have been turned off.
There are two other police officers in the car. They are keeping their eyes on a
monitor inside the car. It is linked to the video cameras placed around the complex that
shows all the paths that leads to the residences.
Bo Jinyan puts down the binoculars. He is sitting there, deep in thought.
Jian Yao cannot contain herself any longer :You did so much to lure him here?
That man.
Bo Jinyan replies lightly: "Why do you think I agreed to take on something as dumb
as a secret investigation? Not to mention coming back to this boring place? "
Is that the reason he agreed to help Yin Ziqi? He planted his move - secret
investigation means there would be no police involvement, giving the person an
opportunity to leave more signs for him.
But you said you enjoy seeing the murderer shamed?" Jian Yao asks.
Yes, I did enjoy that, but its not a good enough reason for me to make all that
The numbers written in blood comes to her mind. Suddenly, she is all tensed up.
How do you know that he will be here? She asks.

He will. He will come for me.

Chapter 31
He will come for me.
A sentence said without emotions. But in Jian Yao ears, the words are like the
sound of war drums hitting her heart.
She turns around and looks at him. In the dim light, she can faintly see him. His
handsome face looks calm and collected.
Jian Yao remembers the scars that lie on his back. What sort of experience and pain
does he carry with him?
And when he first returned to China, Jian Xuan said he was so skinny he looked like
a walking skeleton.
Were any of these things related to the Flower Cannibal?
Fu Ziyu mentioned it was the last case he worked on before returning to China. He
caught the notorious criminal, who is now serving a life sentence in the United States.
But during the process, did he put himself in danger?
This smart, naive and arrogant man that is next to her. Did he suffer
unmentionable cruelty and abuse?
Teach him a lesson." Jian Yao says softly.
This man came in the name of the Flower Cannibal. He must be either a follower or
an accomplice of the hideous monster.
Bo Jinyan is looking through his binoculars. He stares out of the window, moving
his lips: You dont have to remind me. He answers haughtily.
Jian Yao asks: He arrived at Sun Yongs house before us. If he turns up today.
how does he find out what you are up to and where you will be?
Bo Jinyan puts down the binoculars. He says with a cold smile: Thats obvious. He
stalks me.
Jian Yao suspects that might be the case. Nevertheless, it is still creepy to hear it.
He continues: Both the FBI and Chinese police have sent their men to surveil me.
Yet, they failed to notice his presence. He must be very good at lurking in the shadows.
Jian Yao stays silent for a moment, then asks: "? So ...... Was our office bugged?

Bo Jinyan: Yes, it was. The listening devices were underneath our chairs.
Jian Yao is astounded.
When did Bo Jinyan know about this? So he used it to his advantage to set up this
trap? But he pretended he didnt know anything about it.
Why didnt you tell me earlier?" She whispers softly.
Bo Jinyan glances at her: Tell you? Would you be able to act normally?
"Of course. And I would have been more prepared."
I am here. What other preparations do you need?
Darkness still covers the sky. The damp paths leading to the residences are quiet.
Besides Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao, there are two other policemen in the monitoring
vehicle. There are also numerous officers hiding in the area. The streets are empty,
except for two cleaners who are sweeping the streets in the early morning hours.
Everything seems normal.
Jian Yao feels heavy headed and dizzy. Her nose starts to run, and her throat is dry.
A cold. Probably from being cold and wet in the rain earlier.
Well, at least she is prepared. She takes out some flu medication. She also has a
small box of tissues. She blows her nose.
Bo Jinyan turns to look at her briefly and then returns to his monitoring.
Jian Yao is very tired. She taps on his shoulders :I am going to take a snooze. Call
me if anything happens.
Their car is one of the maintenance vehicles of the Orange Hill resort. So its not
conspicuous when parked on the side of the road. The back of the car is quite roomy,
but there are no in-built seats. The chairs Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are sitting on are
added temporarily.
Its 4am. No signs of the man they are after.
After a while, Bo Jinyan feels some weight on his shoulders. He turns his head and
finds Jian Yao leaning towards him. Her head rests on his shoulder. Her eyelids closed
against the dim lights inside the car, and her breathing deep and relaxed.

Bo Jinyan frowns. He adjusts her sleeping position so she is leaning on the back of
chair instead. But it only takes a few minutes for her to flop on his shoulders again.
This is not Jian Yaos fault. The flu medication contains antihistamine which helps
the taker to sleep more soundly. It is uncomfortable to sleep on the chair, especially
when its not padded. Bo Jinyans shoulder is like a comfortable pillow in comparison.
Women, even in their sleep, have an instinct for choosing the better alternative.
Bo Jinyan looks down at her. Her hair is touching the side of his face. Its soft and
rather comfortable. But as she breathes, he can feel her warm breath on his neck. Its
A few minutes later Bo Jinyan rubs his hands together and does a quick stretch. He sits back on his
chair, picks up the binoculars and stares out of the window.
The young office looks at him and asks hesitantly: Professor Bo. Assistant Jian is
sleeping on the floor! Are you sure thats ok?
Bo Jinyan takes a glance at Jian Yao.
He found a strip of thin blanket. So he spread on the floor and moved Jian Yao to
lay flat on top of it.
Yes, its alright. He replies, Im sure she doesnt mind a bit of dirt on the floor.
Another half an hour has passed. There is still no sign of him.
Bo Jinyan puts down the binoculars. His rubs his eyebrows with his finger as he
looks down. He stops what he is doing.
Jian Yao has rolled over, curled up into a ball, like a cat. Her long black hair spreads
out on the think blanket. She is cuddling up next to him. She must be feeling cold.
And ......
He frowns again. Because she rolled to the side, her face is outside of the thin
blanket. Her lips are so close to the floor it looks like she is about to kiss the dirt.
Jian Yao wakes up after a short nap. When she was half asleep, she could feels
someone tickling her face and nose with a feather.
She opens her eyes and takes a look around.
She is lying on the chairs. Two chairs put together side by side. When did she lie
down? And wheres Bo Jinyan?

He is sitting on the floor.

Hes back is slightly hunched, knees bent, in a cross legged position. One hand is
holding the binoculars, still staring out of the window. The other hand is resting
causally on the knee.
What a gentleman. Jian Yao is pleased, that he can be so thoughtful.
Jian Yao looks at his handsome face. Just as she is about to speak, she sees his hand
that was resting on the knee reaches out towards her.
- What does he want to do?
His hand is getting closer. It stops in front of her face. Then he picks up a few
strands of her long hair that is resting on the chair, and starts to circle them around his
And when the hair is strapped around his fingers, he lets go of the hair by flicking
his finger.
Long hair falls from the sky, some strands brushes over her cheeks. No wonder she
felt someone was tickling her.
Before long, he does it again..
He seems to like playing with her hair. He does it for a while, then his hand will
rest on his knee, then he comes back for her hair again as hes looking out of the
window with the binoculars in his other hand.
Jian Yao cant believe it.
Playing with her hair? How childish can he be? He is Detective, for goodness
She sits up and use her fingers to brush the hair thats messed up by him. Bo
Jinyan hears movement behind him and turns around.
Youre awake. He says briefly and continues to monitor whats going on outside.
Jian Yao is about to pick up her binoculars when she hears the policeman in front
says: Someone is here.
Theres a man riding a bicycle, coming closer towards them. He is wearing a red
uniform, with a shop logo in the front of the shirt. Its a 24 -hour restaurant.
Food delivery? But none of the residences are occupied. Besides, who would order
takeaway at this time of the day?

Everyone, including the police officers in the other monitoring vehicles get ready for
When the man reaches an intersection. He stops. He gets off his bike and starts
walking uphill with some delivery box in his hand.
"Professor Bo, leave it to us, we will approach him now." says one of the officers
from another vehicle via a Walkie-talkie.
"Wait." Bo Jinyan says, Just keep observing for now."
The police officer on the other end hesitates for a moment. He orders his men to be
on standby.
The man walks toward one of the residences. Its the one Pei Zi stayed in.
He stops in front of the door. He takes a few containers out from the delivery box
and leaves them in front of the entrance. Then he took a quick look through the
window and walks off.
Jian Yao feels her heartbeat accelerating.
"Action?" Officer on the other end checks again.
Bo Jinyan gives a mocking laugh: No. Its not him."
Everyone is surprised by his remark. He continues: This is not right. Its the
wrong residence.
Everyone is even more confused.
She thinks to herself :Why is this the wrong house? Last time, he left a note in Sun
Yongs house, This time, hes leaving a note in Pei Zes residence. On both occasions, he
appeared at the killers house. Thats routine. Its a trait of a psychopath.
Bo Jinyan explains: "No, he should appear in the victims residence. For
psychopath, the moment of death is of the most significance.
- So he should be leaving a note at Wang Wan Weis house.
The delivery man has walked down the hill. The Police officer anxiously asks:
Professor Bo, this person is suspicious. Should we not arrest him first?
"No, let him go." Bo Jinyan says, He is sent by the man to test us.
As the delivery man disappears from their sight. Everyone quietly waits.
This is like a silent chess game between Him and Bo Jinyan. One wrong move, and
its all over.

As minutes and seconds continue to drift away, the policemen are getting more and
more anxious. They dont fully trust Bo Jinyans analysis. Have they missed their
opportunity? They are not sure.
The dark sky is slowly getting brighter. A thin fog covers the ground. Visibility is
still low.
Another man comes on the scene.
One of the cleaner. They saw him working further away earlier.
He is sweeping the leaves on the road. He slowly makes his way closer to the
Jian Yao looks through the binoculars- A small man. He seems quite sluggish and
his pace is slow. He is wearing a hat which blocks most of his face. Theres grey
stubbles around his chin, and his skin is wrinkly. He should be at least fifty years old.
His clothes are old, and so are his shoes.
With one hand holding the broom and a dustpan on the other, he is sweeping
leaves and garbage. When he sees an empty bottle, he picks it up and throws it into the
rubbish bin. His actions seem natural, like a task that he does all the time.
Everyone stares at him.
He slowly approaches the slope next to the residences.
He continues to sweep and clear rubbish in the area.
Everyone has the same query. - Is he going to Wang Wan Weis residence?
He didnt. He left.
He takes the broom and walks back to the main road.
Another false alarm. says a policeman.
Soon, first light will appear. Another policeman says.
Jian Yao notices Bo Jinyans binoculars are still following the cleaner. Hes getting
further and further away from them.
Something is not right
"The cleaner. Something tells me hes not just a cleaner......" she murmurs.

Just as she finished murmuring, she feels warmth covering her back. She lifts her
head. Bo Jinyan has put his arm against the glass. He is standing right behind her and
looking through the same glass panel to the outside. His chest touching her back.
What's wrong?" He leans in and whispers.
She is literally in his arms. She can feel his breath brushing past her ears. Both his
pose and the itchiness from the breath is making her very uneasy. But she knows Bo
Jinyan is not aware of how physically close they are. He is so focused on the case he will
not be thinking about anything else. So she turns around and says to him: Look at
She stops.
The moment she puts down her binoculars is the same moment he puts down his
binoculars and leans down to hear her answer.
Their faces are only inches apart from each other to start with. A moment of
overlap. She feels her lips grazes pass a patch of soft skin, then it lands somewhere on
his face that is slightly damp.
His lips.
As she realises what has happened, her cheeks starts to burn. He seems a little
stunned too. They are back to their original distance before their lips touched. Just
inches apart. Quietly looking at each other.
Whats wrong?" Bo Jinyan breaks the silence by repeating his earlier statement, as
if nothing has happened.
"Uh ......" Jian Yao immediately replies, "Low income cleaners. I see them all the
time. They usually keep the empty bottles so they can sell them later. But he threw
them away. She decides to pretend as if nothing has happened too.
Bo Jinyan grew up abroad, hes not familiar with Chinese cleaners usual practice.
Immediately, he picks up the walkie talkie: Action!
The officer on the other end hesitates: Professor Bo, are you sure? He didnt even
get close to the residences.?"
Another police interrupts him: Professor Bo, look at the walls of the residences!
Everyone looks up to the walls.
A chilling message has appeared on the wall.

The English words with meandering handwriting in blood red is projected onto the
I miss U so much, buddy
Then they hear a loud bang. Theres an explosion on the grass area the cleaner
went past.
The projector used to show us the phrase. says Bo Jinyan
Jian Yao looks around and see a silhouette of a man disappearing into the bushes.
All the police offices come out of their hiding. They are running in all directions and
covering all the grounds. They are determined to find the cleaner.
Two policemen are about to leave when Bo Jinyan asks one of them to stay behind:
You stay here. Ill go.
Jian Yao is surprised - Did he not say arresting is the responsibility of the police?
That he is only responsible for the intellectual stuff?
Jian Yaos is very worried. The policeman senses her anxiety and comforts her
:We have informed the Resort Securities. No cars or person will be allowed to enter or
leave the Resort tonight. He cant get away.
Jian Yao heart settles. No matter how cunning the man is, Bo Jinyan will be able to
seek him out.
They will win the game after all.
However, the resort is very big. Its easier said than done to track down a person.
Dozens of police have dispersed, and Bo Jinyan has joined them to find this
cleaner. Theres not enough policemen to cover all the areas, so the perimeters of the
Resort is left in the hands of the Resort securities.
Half an hour later. The sky has brighten up into a pale blue as the sun starts to rise.
Bo Jinyan is standing outside a small forest. He walks through the trees. After a
few metres, he finds a red uniform at his feet. He walks a little faster, taking short and
light steps.
After a while, he sees a pair of pants, a broom and a pair of shoes.
He frowns.

He sees a dwelling in front of him. Its the villa Yin Ziqis is staying for the night.
This is no coincidence. The man deliberately came through this way.
He immediately takes out his mobile phone: Tell the Resort Securities not to let
any car out of the resort. Not even Yin Ziqis car.
Immediately, the other side replies: Professor Bo, a few minutes ago, Chairman
Yins car left from the west gate. The guards didnt stop it.
Bo Jinyan swears loudly.
The others are confused: "Professor ...... What are you talking about?"
Bo Jinyan did not answer them. He puts his phone away and walks towards the
Yin Ziqi is wearing a skirt, with a shawl over her shoulders. Her eyes are shut and
her face is pale. She is lying unconscious on the ground.
Yin Ziqi is supposed to be staying in the Luxury Suite. A number of bodyguards
were with her. It should have been fool proof. Perhaps she left the suite for some
reason, and was attacked by the man. He stole her car keys and drove away in her car.
Bo Jinyan checks her pulse to make sure she is alright.
He exhales a long sigh. Then he bends over and carries her in his arms.

Chapter 32
Yin Ziqi did not intend to leave the villa until she received a text message from Bo
Its 4am in the morning. She was still awake because she knew her brother brought a
lot of police officers with him to the resort. That was not part of their agreement, and
she was a little annoyed.
But she didnt confront him straight away.
She knew hes always had a mind of his own. Besides, its not appropriate to bother
him at this critical moment.
She couldnt change what has happened, so its better for her to let it go, so Bo Jinyan
knows that he owes her a favour. All she needs to do is to wait. Wait for his
explanation. Wait for his apology.
This is how a wise woman should treat a man, with grace and gentleness.
As she had expected, he sent her a text message: I am outside your villa. Come alone.
I give you five minutes.
She couldnt help but laugh. His tone is so arrogant! Even when he is trying to
explain himself.
Her assistant wanted to go with her, but she refused. She didnt want anyone else
there when she is with Bo Jinyan.
The sky was still dark.
No one was at the entrance of the villa but she could vaguely see a man standing by a
tree at the edge of the forest.
The man was in a black suit. Tall and slender. He had his back to her, so she couldnt
see his face. But judging from the body shape and attire, it had to be Bo Jinyan.
She smiled and walked over to him: This is not one of those occasions which you can
get away with a simple apology..Ah! She let out a small scream. Because the man
turned around and quickly pulled her into his arms.
His arm tightly wrapped around her waist. Her face was buried in his chest. Just
when she wanted to speak, he pressed his lips on hers. At the same time, he used his
other hand to cover her eyes.
Oh The man gave a small laugh as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Yin Ziqis
body was trapped, her eyes covered. She struggled and he deepened the kiss.
- So thats what Bo Jinyans kiss feels like. Cold, raw and powerful.

Before long, she lost consciousness.


When Yin Ziqi opens her eyes again, she finds herself lying in her bed.
The lights are on. Bo Jinyan is sitting in a chair next to her bed. His eyes are dark and
bright, staring thoughtfully at her.

The news of Chairman Yins attack has quickly reached the police, as well as Jian Yao.
She is on her way to Yin Ziqis villa. Another police officer is with her.
Once she steps out of the car, she realises there is a lot of people surrounding the
villa. Most of them are senior management staff from the company. Jian Yao is slightly
surprised to see so many people there. She hears someone call her name.
Its the assistant from her previous division. The young lady that commented Bo
Jinyan looked kind of vain.
She looks at Jian Yao: Why are you here with the police?
Jian Yao gives a vague answer: I just happened to meet them here. Why are you
Do you not know? says the young lady. Chairman Yin fainted in the forest. Luckily
she was not injured. Director Bo carried her back to the villa. All the staff at the villa
saw it.
Jian Yao: I see I am going to find Director Bo now.
The young lady is curious: Where is everyone else from your division?
Jian Yao smiles, but doesnt answer her.
She doesnt really care anyway. So she continues to tell Jian Yao some rumours she
has heard: Apparently, he looked very concern for Chairman Yin. Some people say hes
Chairman Yins boyfriend. You work with him. Any inside stories?
Jian Yao takes a look at her: Of course not. Dont speculate.

Yin Ziqi's bodyguards are standing outside her suite. Her assistant greets Jian Yao.
She is a woman in her thirties. She smiles at Jian Yao: Chairman Yin is awake. Director
Bo is with her. Come with me.

The master bedroom is at the end of a long corridor. The door is left slightly opened.
Why did you kiss me? They hear Yin Ziqis voice.
Jian Yao is stunned.

Did she hear correctly? A kiss?

The assistant already has her hand on the door handle. But instead of pushing it, she
pulls it to close the door. She signals to Jian Yao and they return to the lounge.
Jian Yao, no matter what you heard earlier, its the private affairs of the chairman.
Please do not tell anyone else. You understand? says the assistant.
Jian Yao: I understand.
She is confused. Why would Bo Jinyan kiss Yin Ziqi. She is his sister!
But in her heart, she can feel little flickers of pain.
In the master bedroom.
Bo Jinyan is sitting in the chair, crossing one leg over the other. He looks at his
sister. She looks baffled.
He gives her a smile.
He has some softness in the eyes and gentleness in his smile. Looking at his
handsome face, Yin Ziqi suddenly feels like her heart has skipped a beat.
Then she heard him say :I am sorry, but my first kiss is still Then he pauses:
emm.. not available anymore. But I have no desire to mess with my sister.
Congratulations. It seems you kissed the Flower Cannibal No.2.

The sun is finally out. A golden glow covers the Orange Hill Resort.
Jian Yao is sitting by the window, in a daze.
He has fled. The police have issued a warrant for his arrest. Her colleagues from
Customer 3 Division are escorted to the Police station.
There is nothing else for her do. Except to wait. Wait for Bo Jinyan to appear.
Did he really kiss Yin Ziqi?

Then she remembers the words of the assistant from her previous department: He
looked very concerned for her.
She has never seen him concerned or worried for any woman before. However, he
seems to treat Yin Ziqi differently. After all, he obliged when she asked him to take up
this simple murder case.
Perhaps she is the one hes secretly adored for years? She is the only woman by
his side all these years. However, he suppressed his feelings because they are meant to
be siblings?
She smiles bitterly.
As she is still deep in thought, Bo Jinyan walks in: We are returning to B City
tonight. He sits down in a chair across from Jian Yao. His hands are tapping the
AhJian Yao replies briefly. Theres nothing more for them to do here.
After a moment of silence, Jian Yao asks: What actually happened to Chairman Yin?
Bo Jinyan replies coldly: He stole my mobile number and sent her a text message.

Ah.. thats why Yin Ziqi left the villa. Fortunately, she was not injured.

He looks annoyed.
. because he angry that Yin Ziqi is bullied by this guy?
She asks causally: You kissed Yin Ziqi? The question has been on her mind for too
Yes, thats the right tone. Like talking to a friend. She is just curious. Thats all.
Yeah Bo Jinyan leans back onto the chair. He closes his eyes: At a critical
moment of chasing after the Flower Cannibal No.2, I would take time to kiss my sister?
Who do you think I am? Someone with no brains or moral standards?
So you didnt kiss her?
Nonsense. That man kissed her.
Joy is gushing out of her heart like a stream.
But then she remembers poor Yin Ziqi, kissed by a monster. No wonder Bo Jinyan is
not happy.
As she is thinking about these things, Bo Jinyan suddenly says: I only kissed one
person today.

She feels her heart halts for a second.

Is he referring to the accident?

Jian Yao turns to look at him.

He opens his eyes and gives her a smile. A playful but arrogant one.
She blushes. Then her heart starts to pound like a rocket about to be launched.
What does this mean? That he cares about the kiss as much as she does?
Her heart is racing.
Surely this is not your first kiss. He says with his low magnetic voice.
Her face is red with embarrassment. But she tries to sound calm: So what if it is? Its
your first kiss too, right? At the age of 26.
Its his turn to look stunned.
Dont worry. He stands up, In the future, when you have a boyfriend, he wont
know about this. Lets go.
. When you have a boyfriend.
Jian Yao stands still for a while. When he has reached the door, he looks back, as if to
hurry her up. She quickly picks up the luggage and makes her way to the door.
- Ah Query solved. She is not special to him after all.

The next morning, Jian Yao gets a call from Bo Jinyan: We need to head down to the
Police Station, to look at some evidence.
Jian Yao is not sure why they need to go there, but who is she to say no.
Bo Jinyan asks again: What are we having for breakfast?
Sorry, I didnt have time to cook anything. She didnt sleep well after last nights
They decide to have congee in a little shop close to their apartment block.
Jian Yao seems to be a bit more pensive than usual. Bo Jinyan looks at her: You are
very quiet today. Is everything ok?
Jian Yao didnt want to explain: Uhh just not fully recovered from my cold.

Oh. Bo Jinyan answers.

Inspector Wang shows them to a reception room. He takes out two pieces of
evidence: Pei Zes mobile phone and a bag ofhair?
Take your time. I will be back soon. He walks out, closing the door behind him.
They are the only two people left inside the room.
Bo Jinyan picks up the mobile phone. He fiddles with it for a while. Then he passes it
to her: This one?
Jian Yao takes a look. Its the picture Pei Ze took of her at his house.
Bo Jinyan deletes the photo from his phone.
Jian Yao asks: This is the reason we have come to the police station? Just to delete a
He looks at her: Whatever I have promised you, I will keep my word. No matter how
trivial it is.
.thank you.
Then he picked up the bag of hair. Within the big plastic bag, there are many little
bags with a few strands of hair in each. Some of them are labelled. Some are not.
Jian Yao asks: What is this?
Bo Jinyan is going through the bags as if he is looking for something: Remember the
calligraphy brush in Pei Zes house?
Its made from hair. Womens hair. says Bo Jinyan. His house has no calligraphy
or paintings. Theres not even a trace of ink in the house. Yet a brush is displayed in an
expensive box in the cupboard. And he told you he practises calligraphy We took the
brush for analysis. The results show that its made from hair from women. They are
from women that he had a love interests with previously. He collects their hair as
Bo Jinyan finds a bag with her name on it. Take this. Its yours.
Jian Yao is disgusted. No, I dont want to touch it.
OK. Bo Jinyan puts the little bag back to the pile.
No! She shouts: I dont want to leave it here either.

So, do you want it or not? Bo Jinyan smiles. He is just teasing her.

Take it away. Jian Yao commands.
Bo Jinyan smiles at her and puts the bag into his pants pocket.
Once they got out of the Police station, Jian Yao walks to a convenience shop next
door to buy a cigarette lighter. She passes the lighter to Bo Jinyan. He takes out the
hair, and burns it. Soon the strand of hair has turned to ash, blown away by the wind.
They are on their way to Yin Ziqis office.
She thinks of what Bo Jinyan has done for her.
He did not forget. Even when its only a photo, a strand of hair.
Why is he so nice to her?
He said Pei Ze is obsessed with womens hair. She wonders what was going through
Bo Jinyans mind when he was playing with her hair.
If he has no feelings for her, why is he so nice to her?
Perhaps, there is no gender difference in his mind? She is just a good friend, like Fi
Ziyu .
Whats wrong with you today? Bo Jinyan asks again.
Im tired. She closes her eyes and turns her head away.

Yin Ziqis has had a frantic morning.

The entire Customer 3 division has collapsed. The news has travelled to all the
departments. She is working hard to minimise the damage done to the reputation of
the company, as well as organising staff to take over the work from the collapsed
division. She has no time to think about the kiss, or her feelings for Bo Jinyan.
Lets keep this short. She says: Bo Jinyan, for the records, you are fired. For
incompetence. The division collapsed while under your administration.
He smiles. Yes, thats the best cover up.
Yin Ziqi looks at Jian Yao: Thank you for your help with this investigation. As we
have agreed, your involvement in the case will be kept confidential. As a token of

appreciation, you can choose to work in any department within the company you wish
to. However, the position will be based on your qualifications and experience.
In her heart of hearts, Yin Ziqi does not want Jian Yao to continue to hang around Bo
Jinyan. Now she is giving her a chance to advance in her career. Its killing two birds
with one stone.

Chairman Yin Thank you so much. Jian Yao is surprised and touched by her
You deserve it. Yin Ziqi answers.
But Bo Jinyan doesn't seem as happy: Thats not necessary. He interrupts her
sister. She is mine now. She will not be working for you anymore.
Mine? Jian Yao thought to herself.
Since yesterday, she has been heartbroken by his suggestive words and actions that
obviously dont mean anything to him. Now she is pushed to the limits by this last
What does he mean by mine. Didnt he tell her earlier that he doesn't care if she has
a boyfriend?
Jian Yao looks at him: Sorry, I dont belong to you. Then she turns to Yin Ziqi
:Chairman Yin, can I have a think about it for a few days?
Yin Ziqi senses there is something going on between the two of them. But she just
answers: Sure. Ill wait for your answer.

Chapter 33
Saturday morning.
When Fu Ziyu received Bo Jinyan s call, he was having a tennis game with an
attractive lady. Come over for dinner. Bo Jinyan said.
He was rather surprised by the call.
Since the multi talented assistant Jian Yao appeared in his life, Bo Jinyan seldom calls
him anymore. There was even one occasion, where he tried to invite Bo Jinyan out for
dinner, Bo Jinyan declined: I wont go. Jian Yao has prepared dinner. Theres only
enough food for the two of us. Dont come over.
Whats happened to Bo Jinyan ? Is he dumped by Jian Yao?
This is more interesting than playing tennis with a pretty girl. So he excused himself
quickly and went to Bo Jinyan s house.

When he enters Bo Jinyan s apartment, Fu Ziyu finds him sitting on the sofa, reading
a book.
Bo Jinyan takes a brief glance at Fu Ziyu and returns to his book.
Fu Ziyu sits across from him: Where are we going?
Your call.
Fu Ziyu pours himself a cup of tea. Then he asks causally: Should I ask Jian Yao to
come along?
Bo Jinyan turns over a page. Without lifting his head, he answers: Whatever.
Its been a while since Fu Ziyu saw Jian Yao. He misses her. So he gets up from the
sofa and heads to the front door.
When hes waiting for the elevator, he notices Bo Jinyan is next to him.
Why are you following me?
Mmm Just to take a breather. answers Bo Jinyan .
In the lift. Fu Ziyu looks at the numbers changing on the display panel, and turns
around to look at Bo Jinyan . Take a breather? At a young ladys apartment?

The two men stand outside Jian Yaos apartment.

Fu Ziyu rings the doorbell again. No one is answering.
He turns to look at Bo Jinyan : Well, princess is not home. Call her.
Bo Jinyan is looking at the peephole on the door, he sounds unwilling: Why dont
you call her?
Something sparks in Fu Ziyu s brain: Whats the matter with you two? Is she giving
you the silent treatment?
Bo Jinyan s frowns. He looks at Fu Ziyu and but doesnt answer his question.
Somehow, seeing Bo Jinyan suffer is quite a satisfying experience. Fu Ziyu smiles
and takes out his mobile phone: Hey, pretty girl. Where are you? O.. taking graduation
Fu Ziyu is trying to get the full story of whats happened while driving to the
So she has not seen you for two days?
Bo Jinyan is obviously in a foul mood. He utters: Yea
Fu Ziyu is enjoying this conversation: She has not called you. or come down to
your apartment
She has declined your invitations to dine together not even talking to you
Theres a big smile on Fu Ziyu s face. He is gloating over his misfortunes. Bo Jinyan
looks at him: You childish prick!
Fu Ziyu laughs: Who is the childish one here? Jian Yao is the most patient person
Ive ever known. You must have done something wrong to make her so angry. You
should apologise to her.
Its Bo Jinyan s turn to be silent.
Fu Ziyu thinks for a while: No you dont even know why she is angry with you?
Bo Jinyan looks at him: Of course I do. She is like a sheet of blank paper in front of
Fu Ziyu looks at him seriously: So what is she angry about?

Bo Jinyan rests his arm on the door handle. He thinks for a while: She doesnt want
to see me now, because she is choosing between me and Yin Ziqi.
He explains the situation and Yin Ziqis offer to Fu Ziyu .
Fu Ziyu : Ah I see.
Bo Jinyan : Obviously, she is under pressure, so she doesnt want to talk to me.
Fu Ziyu thinks for a moment: Yes, it will be a hard decision for her. Shes worked
hard for a few years to get her degree. And you are asking her to forgo such a good
opportunity for a job thats is physically tiring and mentally taxing. If it is me, I will
choose Yin Ziqis offer too.
Bo Jinyan remembers her words at Yin Ziqis office: I dont belong to you
She did not choose him at the time.
Fu Ziyu taps his shoulder: Do you know what you should do now?
Woman needs to be coaxed and pampered. If you dont want your assistant to run
away, I suggest well do whatever she wants for the next few days. Women are
emotional creatures. If she feels touched, she will choose you.
The summer flowers fill the gardens in the University campus. There are graduates
everywhere, proudly walking around in their regalia. The nicely manicured ground
provides a nice backdrop for photos.
Fu Ziyu parks his car on the side of the road. They look out of the window and see a
group of girls sitting on the grass.
The foreign language faculty is famous for pretty girls. Jian Yao is not the most
outstanding beauty amongst them. But her long hair, elegance and poise still attract a
lot of attention.
She is taking photos with her friends. They are posing like models in a magazine
shooting. She has a sweet smile on her face.
The two men have not seen the energetic and lively side of her before. Fu Ziyu
smiles: This brings back memories of my student days. He looks at Bo Jinyan . He has
a smile on his face too.
Fu Ziyu asks: I thought you hate woman who likes to pose. When they were in
university, a lot of girls were interested in Bo Jinyan . Some of them would deliberately
walk past the boys or approach them, hoping he would take notice. Bo Jinyan refused

to go out with any of them. He hates girls that try to make themselves look sexy. He just
thinks they are pathetic.
Bo Jinyan says defensively: She is so natural. You dont have much of an idea what
makes a woman beautiful. You should work on that.

Excuse me? Some of my ex-girlfriends are famous super models! But Fu Ziyu
decides not to argue with him.

As some of her friends start to leave, Fu Ziyu says to Bo Jinyan : Go and sit in the
You might scare her away. You are not in her good books right now.
Bo Jinyan reluctantly moves to the back.
Keep the window up! He continues to instruct Bo Jinyan .

Oh.. he is seldom so obliging. Fu Ziyu is very amused.

After the window is tightly closed, he waves and raises his voice: Jian Yao!

Jian Yao walks over to the car. She can see that someone is in the backseat. She
pretends not to notice and says Hi to Fu Ziyu .
Actually, she is not deliberately trying to ignore Bo Jinyan for the past few days. She
had to get ready for the graduation ceremony. And a lot of her friends are in town, so
shes been busy catching up with them.
But the truth is, she doesnt want to see him anyway.
Let go for a meal. Fu Ziyu opens the car door for the lady: I miss you so much!
Jian Yao gives him a smile, and hops into the car.
Its the weekend. There arefewer cars on the road. Fu Ziyu s Lexus is driving at a
nice and steady pace on the freeway.
Fu Ziyu puts the radio on. Often he sings along. Other times, he chats with Jian Yao.
She asks him about his work at the hospital.

Bo Jinyan is very quiet. Theres no sound coming from the backseat. Its as if he is
not there at all. Jian Yao takes a peek at him in the rearview mirror His handsome face
looks calm and collected.
Jian Yao, where do you want to go for dinner? Fu Ziyu asks again.
Oh I dont mind. Why dont you decide. answers Jian Yao.
Mmm why does she feel so uneasy?
She takes another peek at Bo Jinyan . He is staring at her through the rearview
mirror. In fact, his eyes are fixed on her, following her every move.

How long has he been staring at her?

She feels her face is blushing. She slides down the seat so that she would be out of sight
for Bo Jinyan .
They walk into a Cantonese restaurant. The waiter brings them to a table that can
seat four people. A screen separates them from a nice outdoor garden. Its a chic
As Jian Yao is sitting down, Bo Jinyan automatically takes the seat next to her. Like
he usually does.
Jian Yao refuses to look in his direction.
Fu Ziyu passes the menu to Jian Yao. You can do the ordering today.
Jian Yao is happy to oblige. As she is doing the ordering, the men talked about the
Flower Cannibal No.2 case.
Theres two types of soups today, They are served individually. What would you
like? says Jian Yao to the guys: Mushroom or tripe?
Tripe. says Fu Ziyu .
Without looking up from the menu, Jian Yao asks What about Jinyan?
Mushroom. Bo Jinyan says with a contented voice.
Jian Yao deliberately keeps her eyes on the menu. She is turning the page to see what
else she can order. What about you, miss, asks the waiter :Which soup would you
She prefers mushroom. She is about to answer Tripe when she hears Bo Jinyan
telling the waiter: She wants mushroom soup too.

Fu Ziyu looks at the two of them. Jian Yao lowers her head even more.
Love is in the air. He smiles.

Jian Yaos glass is empty. Fu Ziyu gives Bo Jinyan a nudge with his arm, then looks at
the jug of orange juice on the table.
Before Jian Yao reaches out for the jug, a long and slender hand appears in front of
her, and gets hold of the handle.
She watches Bo Jinyan pour her a glass of orange juice, then brings it to her.
Enjoy. he says.
Jian Yao takes a look at him: Thank you.
This is the first time he has served her on the dinner table. Usually, he is the prince
that does not lift a finger.
She is a little puzzled about his unusual behaviour.
As she is preoccupied, Jian Yao is more quiet than usual. Fu Ziyu gives Bo Jinyan
another signal with eye contact: Talk to her. Youve offended her. Do you expect her to
initiate a conversation?
Bo Jinyan gives him a nod. Just as Fu Ziyu thought he understands what to do, Bo
Jinyan looks at the dish of steamed fish in front of him. He takes a fork and spoon and
starts to fiddle with the fish.
Fu Ziyu is speechless. Theres an awkward silence. He gives up on Bo Jinyan and
starts chatting to Jian Yao.
Jian Yao takes a glance at Bo Jinyan . Its obvious that he does not share the same
affections she has for him. Its time to walk away.
Fu Ziyu s phone rings. He takes the call. Jian Yao continues with her dinner.
Then theres a tap on her shoulder.
She turns her head and sees Bo Jinyan pushing a bowl towards her.
She is stunned.
Its piled with fish. Tiny pieces of fillet, deboned and carefully piled into a bowl.

Enjoy. he says again, while giving his fingers a good stretch after the hard work.
Jian Yao looks at him. Many things are running through her mind. She looks straight
into his eyes: What are you trying to do?
Bo Jinyan looks at her: You cant tell?
Jian Yao shakes her head.
Is it just an illusion or Bo Jinyan is feeling a little warm because of the weather His
face looks like its a little red. Though his eyes are still giving his usual indifferent and
slightly cold gaze.

I am coaxing and pampering you. he smiles.

Chapter 34
"I am coaxing you.
Jian Yao is surprised by his answer. Thats not what she expected to hear. Sweetness
poured into her heart. But almost immediately, its replaced by reason and logic, with a
touch of frustration.
She turns around to look at him: Coax me to be your assistant?
Yeah. He taps his hand on the corner of the table, leans forward to look at her.
- I knew it! Her lips curl into a bitter smile.
Well, thats not the only reason. He suddenly adds.
She waits
He stares at her. Bo Jinyan looks good in white. It brings out his nice skin
complexion. His eyes looks clear and sharp.
I think we should reconcile.
Jian Yao is speechless.
By now, Fu Ziyu has finished his call. Hes been observing the two of them. He cant
help but smile: Nice job with the fish.
Jian Yao is poking her chopsticks in an empty bowl. She is not giving Bo Jinyan an
Fu Ziyu takes a glance at Bo Jinyan: Have some fish. Nobody forced him to debone it
for you. He does not expect anything on return. Dont worry. Just because you eat
some fish does not mean you agree to reconcile with him, or to remain to be his
assistant. Right?
Hum Bo Jinyan asks coldly: Whose side are you on?
Fu Ziyu: Jian Yaos of course. Ive always been and will always be loyal to her!
While the two men are bickering amongst themselves, she picks up a piece of the fish
fillet with her chopsticks and puts it in her mouth.
Its very tender.
He spent half a day deboning the fish for her till his fingers are tired.
This man.

Dinner is over. They are standing in the shade under a tree in the restaurant
carpark. Fu Ziyu asks: What should we do next?
Jian Yao: I need to go to the supermarket. I wont join you anymore.
Bo Jinyan stands next to her. He takes a look at her.
Fu Ziyu smiles: Then we will accompany you to the supermarket. We are coaxing
you, remember? Today, you are the Queen. We will follow Your Majesty anywhere. Is
that right, Bo Jinyan?
Jian Yao laughs: Oh, Come on Bo Jinyan agrees with a low voice: Yes, we will go
with you

How often does a lady get to stroll the supermarket with two handsome and
charming bodyguards. She is attracting lots of attention today.
Fu Ziyu is clearly in a good mood today. He is playing his Queens knight role
extremely well. Your Majesty, which aisle should we take? My Queen, do you want
this brand of salt?.
His charm manages to soothe her melancholy. She cant help but smile: Oh, stop
calling me that.
Bo Jinyan stands quietly by her side. From her peripheral vision, she knows that Bo
Jinyan is always looking at her. She refuses to engage with him, so she keeps looking
away from him. They dont talk to each other at all.
They come to the confectionary section. Jian Yao stops to replenish her stock.
Theres a young pretty lady promoting a new brand of biscuit. When she sees Jian Yao
and the two men, she walks over with some samples.
Bo Jinyan will, of course, ignore her. But Fu Ziyu is too soft hearted to say no to a
pretty girl. After trying the sample, he follows the girl to the biscuit section to get a
Theres only the two of them left in the confectionary section.
Jian Yao pretends to read the labels of the products.
Suddenly, she notices Bo Jinyan has walked off.
She takes a look around. He is not there anymore.

Her heart sinks.

Then she hears a familiar voice behind her: Your majesty, heres your sugar-free
Its an item on her grocery list. He must have seen it and went to find it for her.
Jian Yao says to him: Why are you following his lead? Stop calling me that.
Bo Jinyan puts the pack of lolly into her trolley: No one is forcing me to do it. And I
dont expect anything in return.
Jian Yao takes a look at his unwilling face. She smiles and says: I dont want apple
flavour. I prefer orange.
Bo Jinyan reaches for the pack in the trolley: Yes! Your majesty. He picks up the
packet of lolly and return it to the shelf. Jian Yao watches him as he looks carefully at
the labels to find what Jian Yao is after.
A tall man with bright eyes and strikingly handsome features, wearing a simple white
shirt and a pair of black pants.
Yes, this is the man she likes.
Soon, he finds what he is looking for. He turns back and walks toward Jian Yao.
Thank you. Jian Yao reaches out her hand, ready to take the packet of lolly from
He places it in her hand, but he doesnt let go. They are both holding the packet of
She looks at him. He takes a step forward to reduce the distance between them. He
looks into her eyes.
Reconcile? He says in his deep melodic voice.
Jian Yaos face starts to blush. She tries pulling the pack a little harder. But he is not
letting go. The packet of lolly is quite small. His fingers are touching the back of her
hand. Jian Yao feels like theres small pulse of electricity coming through her hand.
Jian Yao gives a sigh. She surrenders.
Lifting her head, she smiles at him: Alright. I have had enough of your nonsense.
Lets make peace. I wont hide from you anymore. What do you want for breakfast
Bo Jinyan eyes light up: Whatever you want. My Queen.

Jian Yao just answers: Lets go.

She pushes the trolley towards the counter. He is following behind her. After a few
steps, she feels something soft and warm touching her head. Its Bo Jinyan, he pats her
head as he walks past her.
She pauses her steps.
- Yes, we have reconciled. Bo Jinyan, I like you, but you obviously dont share the
same sentiment towards me. But I cant stay by your side as a friend anymore. What am
I going to do?

Since they have reconciled, Jian Yao takes some snacks and fruits she bought earlier
to Bo Jinyans apartment.
Bo Jinyan is taking a shower. Fu Ziyu is sitting in the sofa reading. When she enters
the apartment, he smiles and signals her to come to sit beside him.
Fu Ziyu pours himself a glass of red wine. He asks Jian Yao: Would you like some
wine too?
Jian Yao shakes her head. She walks to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of milk:
Ill take milk. She says to Fu Ziyu.
They quietly sit for a while. Then Fu Ziyu asks her: You like Bo Jinyan, dont you?
Jian Yao almost choked hearing those words. Her face turns red, and she starts to
Fu Ziyu laughs at her, while gently patting her back to help her feel better: Take it
easy. I am on your side.
I am not sure what you are talking about. says Jian Yao after she finally regains her
Fu Ziyu: Your secret is safe with me
Jian Yao does not deny anymore. She is a straightforward person in front of her
friends anyway.
After a moment of silence, she says to Fu Ziyu: Please dont tell him.
Of course not. Men should always make the first move when it comes to courting.
Then he pauses Though, this might be difficult for Bo Jinyan.
I don think thats necessary. He has no feelings for me.Jian Yao says.

Fu Ziyu is stunned: Thats impossible!

Jian Yao hesitates. Then she explains to Fu Ziyu why she has come to that
conclusion. She feels a bit of her burden is lifted after getting it off her chest to
She didnt expect Fu Ziyu to have such a reaction after hearing her out. Instead of
consoling her, he has a I knew it look on his face. He smiles: You base your conclusion
on those statements of his?
Jian Yao argues: Well, would you say to someone you like - Go find yourself a
Me? No. But we are talking about Bo Jinyan! A genius with extremely low EQ.
Besides he has never been in a relationship before. You know what he is like. In the
inside, hes just an egotistic boastful kid.
Jian Yao cant help but agree with what he says: Yes, thats so true.
Fu Ziyu continues: So, even if you tell him you are getting married tomorrow. He
will congratulate you and even write you a big cheque as a wedding present. But its
not until he sees you in the arms of another man will he suddenly realise Oh, how
come she is not mine anymore?
Jian Yao laughs at the suggestion. Theres still a bit of bitterness and uncertainty in
her heart. Can he be such an idiot when it comes to love?
Ive never seen him so concerned about a girl before. Fu Ziyu looks at her and says
in an unwavering tone: But thats Bo Jinyan. He is extremely talented, and a very good
criminal psychologist. But he is also a loner. Someone that hates socialising. So, to be
his friend, or lover, we need to take more effort to reach out to him. Looking back, it
took me a long time to become his only friend. Now, as his best and only friend, I urge
you to give him more time. I dont want him to lose out on such a lovely girlfriend.
Its a beautiful night. The warm summer breezes brushes over ones face as if to
appease the restlessness in the heart.
Jian Yao looks up and meets Fu Ziyus reassuring gaze.
Bo Jinyan walks out from his bedroom.
Without looking at him, his two guests raise their glass. Fu Ziyu says to Jian Yao: To
our alliance!

Bo Jinyan stands behind them: Alliance? What are you talking about? He is
wearing a white T Shirt and shorts. He looks at Jian Yao: Why is your face so red?
Fu Ziyu smiles.
Jian Yao stands up quickly and says her goodbye: Its getting late. See you

The next morning.

Bo Jinyan wakes up feeling a little irritable. Jian Yao said theyd make peace, but she
didnt even speak to him once last night.
This is the first time in Bo Jinyans life that he is at someones disposal. Hes used to
being the one in control - Where he works, his title, who works for him No one dared
to say no to him before.
- Perhaps, if he continues to coax her for one more day? She will agree?
He stands in front of the mirror. Then he hears the sound of the front door open.
He smiles. Time for breakfast.
When he enters to the lounge, he see Jian Yao sitting on the sofa. And his favourite
fish dumplings on the coffee table.
She is wearing a beige dress today. She greets him with a nice smile.
Mmmthats what it ought to be every morning. His irritability has dissipated.
Jian Yao asks causally: What do we need to work on today?
Bo Jinyan smiles: Theres no urgent work at the moment. Ill Ill get changed first.
Then we will have breakfast together. Hes obviously in a good mood. He sounds
OK. Jian Yao puts her head down.
- Oh Bo Jinyan. I have gone one extra step. I will wait here. Are you willing to come
to me? But dont make me wait too long, I might get discouraged and turn my back on
Bo Jinyan whistles as he changes in front of the mirror. Then he gives Fu Ziyu a call.
Fu Ziyu congratulates him: I will arrange for the contract. The usual term? Three

Bo Jinyan: Change it to ten years.

Fu Ziyu is a little surprised. Then he laughs: Your sister wont be too happy that you
won this round.
This reminds Bo Jinyan. He sends his sister a text message: I am sorry. Jian Yao is
mine now. - Yours, The real Bo Jinyan
YinZiqi did not reply to his text.
He returns to the lounge. Jian Yao is reading a book The Guide to Behavioural
His phone rings.
Professor Bo. My name is Wang Xi. Its the inspector from Wang Wan Weis case.
Yes? asks Bo Jinyan

We found him. He says heavily, His body.

Chapter 35
Jian Yao is in front of his body.
They are in a morgue that belongs to the Ministry of Public Security. A room with
dull grey walls. A lifeless and cold room.
Though she thinks she is prepared, she is still repelled by the sight.
His body burnt into an unrecognisable charred corpse. The only conclusions they
can make of the remains are that he is very tall, not too thin, but not fat either, which
fits Yin Ziqis description of him.
According to the police, his car went off the cliff during a high speed pursuit with the
police. There was an explosion at the bottom of the hill.
Is that him? Jian Yao asks Bo Jinyan.
During the hot summer days, Bo Jinyan usually wears a white shirt and pant without
his jacket. But today, he has his full suit on. Even his shoes are nicely polished. Its a
sign of respect for meeting someone for the first time, even though hes no longer alive.
He does not answer Jian Yaos question. Instead, he looks at the body for a few
seconds, then he greets him with a small smile: Hi.
His voice is mellow and soft.
Jian Yao is used to his unusual behaviour. But others are perplexed: You know this
Before they get an answer, Bo Jinyan has walked out of the room.

The conference room of the Ministry of Public Security.

Its a meeting between the representatives from China and the FBI from the US. Bo
Jinyan looks like a different person from the charmer who called her Your Majesty
yesterday. Today, he is a professional with a sharp mind and distinguished capability.
Jian Yao sits quietly at the back with a few other supporting staff members.
One the side of the round table sits the reps from FBI. They share the results of the
DNA testings: We have successfully identified the deceased.
They project a picture of an Asian man on the screen. He is wearing a suit. He looks
like he is in his late twenties.

Jiang Hao. American born Chinese. IT engineer. FBI rep looks at Bo Jinyan: Simon,
you should be familiar with who he is.
Everyone is surprised by the statement.
Bo Jinyan replies with a mocking tone: What an honour - Hes one of the survivors I
helped rescued from Flower Cannibal No.1.
Jiang Ho fits the profile drew up by the FBI. The physical attributes, his nationality,
what he was wearing at the time of death (a match to Yin Zitis descriptions) He is a
rich and intelligent expat that returned to China about 6 months ago. He had the means
to stalk Bo Jinyan, and the ability to leave the clues at the crime scene.
What is his motive?
The FBI have come up with two explanations:
1. Post traumatic stress disorder prevented him from living a normal life. The mental
illness turned him into an abuser.
2. Perhaps he was an accomplice of the Flower Cannibal from the start. He
pretended to be one of the victims to escape from being arrested when the Flower
Cannibal was captured by Bo Jinyan and the FBI.

At the end of the meeting, Jian Yao walks up to Bo Jinyan. He is still standing by the
table, reading the document that contains information about Jiang Ho.
One of the FBI investigators comes over to Bo Jinyan: Simon, good job. He gives Bo
Jinyan a handshake.
They said they owe the success of this operation to Bo Jinyan. He successfully set a
trap for Jiang Ho to step into. Without his help, they would not be able to identify him
so quickly.
Jian Yao is happy for Bo Jinyan too. But Bo Jinyan just hangs a faint smile on his face.
He does not show any signs of excitement, or relieve.
When they leave the Ministry of Public Security, its past lunch time.
Bo Jinyan is very quiet. Jian Yao asks: So, case closed? She heard the FBI
investigators discussing about booking their air ticket to go home.
Bo Jinyan: Yes. Case closedat least officially.

There seems to be more to his sentence. Jian Yao asks: Are you saying Jiang Ho is
not the person we are looking for?
Bo Jinyan answers: I dont know.

Thats true. His death is too sudden. Its hard to believe that its all over. Just
like that.
Bo Jinyan gives a smile: Well, time will tell. If he is still alive, he will come back,
wont he?
Night. The moon is shining brightly in a cloudless and clear sky.
Jian Yao is in Bo Jinyans apartment. She is reading a book in his study.
Since she has made up her mind to follow his footsteps, she is not losing any time to
upskill herself.

However, she is only following his footsteps in the area of work. But in the area of

How will she know whats really in his mind?

Why are you staring at me? He asks without even lifting his head. He is reading a
book in the other corner of the room. He seemed to be focusing on his reading. How
did he know she was staring at him?
Jian Yao blushes and answers: Mmm just observing. After all, she is reading a
book on behavioural evidence.
Bo Jinyan puts down the book he is reading. He looks into her eyes: You can move
into my apartment. You can stay in the study.
Jian Yao: I am not going to move in with you.
Bo Jinyan gives a slight frown: My assistant should be by my side 24 hours a day.
Jian Yao is used to his self centred and unreasonable requests by now. She simply
answers him: I like to have my own space. Just call me when you need me.
He decides to drop the subject, but he is not happy that he is rejected again. He gets
up, loosens his tie and gets ready for a shower.
Just as he steps out of the study, he hears Jian Yao says: Besides when I have a
boyfriend in the future I will be living with him, right? I cant be at your side 24/7.

Bo Jinyan stops and turns around to look at her. His icy gaze is making her slightly
Whatever He says in such a small voice that its almost not audible. Then he
walks off.
Jian Yao can hear the bang of his bedroom door.
Jian Yao cant help but laugh. He started it by first asking her to find a boyfriend
(after the accidental kiss). Now he can try and imagine what life can be like if she does
have a boyfriend!

Jian Yao reads for a little longer. Then she remembers about what happened in the
morning. She stands up and walks over to the book shelves. She pulls out the box that
labelled California Flower Cannibal.
Its the biggest of all the case boxes. She puts the box carefully on the table and takes
out the content inside. It has a big folder inside, There are documents that explain why
it was such a difficult case to solve. There was no pattern to how he chose his victims.
People of all ages, from different backgrounds and ethnicity can end up being his victim.
Although he came from a broken family. He had his fortune from investing in the stock
market. His wealth made it easier for him to conceal his crime.
Then theres information on all the victims. She picks up a few files randomly. There
are some photos which are quite gruesome. She quickly moves to the next file. She
sees a familiar name. Simon Bo, Bo Jinyan.
Bo Jinyan comes out from his shower. His hair is still wet. But he doesn't take too
much notice. He is thinking about what Jian Yao said earlier. Obviously, he is less
important than some ordinary guy that doesnt even exist yet. He is not happy about
He walks out to the lounge. Jian Yao also walks out from the study. She has the file in
her hand. His name is on the cover of the file.
Bo Jinyan sits down on the sofa and turns on the TV. He is deliberately ignoring Jian
After a while, he feels someone sitting next to him. Jian Yao is pulling his sleeve. He
turns around, and sees her beautiful eyes: Can I have a look at your scars?
No woman has seen my body before. He answers. He continues to watch TV.
But its important. Jian Yao pleads with him, I am your assistant, and it is related to
the case. I have the right to inspect.

Bo Jinyan looks at her. He starts to unbutton his top. His eyes are still looking at the
He takes off his top. The sight of his broad shoulders and muscular body is before
her, she looks down to the middle of his sleek chest.
Below the chest, close to the heart, is a dark red scar. Further down, theres another
long, slightly more shallow scar that lines his abdomen.
Theres less scars in the front of his body compared to the back. But they look like
wounds that implied life threatening injuries.
The images and words from the file she is holding in her hand flashes through her
mind. In the file, it was recorded that Simon disappeared for six months. When he was
recovered, he was severely wounded, and suffering from hypovolemia and early signs
of multiple organ failures. He was unconscious and cared for in the intensive ward for
four days. The FBI eventually captured the Flower Cannibal based on information
provided by Simon. He helped saved twelve other victims that were in captive with him
at the time.
Jian Yao looks at him. He never mentioned about his past experiences. Tears form in
the corner of her eyes.
Have you seen enough? He asks in a cold tone.
Jian Yao ignores the question. She reaches her hand out to touch the scar on his
chest. The cold rugged surface is warmed by her finger tips.

How deep is the wound? How much pain did he suffer?

Suddenly, she feels her hand is grabbed by his.

She looks at his hand, then gradually move her gaze up to his face. Is heblushing?
She hears him say: Its ticklish. Dont touch my scars.
Jian Yao thought she could hold her tears in. But when he said that, she cant help but
smile. And the tears that she tried so hard to contain escapes down past her cheeks.
Bo Jinyan clearly does not expect her to cry either. He is stunned. He looks at her.
Jian Yao is a little embarrassed. She turns around to grab some tissues to wipe her
If I knew it would make you cry, I would never have shown you. Bo Jinyan says
while buttoning up his shirt.
More tears stream down her face. Such a tender statement

She takes more tissues. She knows he is still staring at her: Dont look at me. Watch
your TV program! she says to him.
Ok. He mutters and goes back to watching TV.
She sits down next to him. Her red eyes are still wet. She sniffles and clears her
noses and throat. PhewOk
Then she feels some weight on her shoulders. Bo Jinyan has put his arm around her.
Her whole body stiffens as he comes closer towards her.
Dont cry. He says in a soft voice.

The pictures and sounds from the TV continues. There are no other movements in
the lounge. Bo Jinyans hand is still draped over her shoulders. She can smell the fresh
clean scent of soap that lingers on his body after his shower, and his warmth thats
passed on to her because of their closeness.
How much time has gone by? Half an hour? Fifteen minutes? No one knows. No one
is counting The mobile phone in Bo Jinyans pocket buzzes.
He retrieves his arm that was around her shoulders. Jian Yao gives a small quick
stretch. She wished the phone never ringed and she could remain in his arms forever
He didnt catch the disappointment in her eyes. He looks at the caller ID, and
answers: Hi, Fu Ziyu.
Fu Ziyu is asking Bo Jinyan about Jiang Hao. Jian Yao decides its time for her to go
back. She takes the file to return it to the study.
As she walks past Bo Jinyan, she says to him: Im going.
Bo Jinyan looks up: Ok, bye.
On the other end of the line, Fu Ziyu says: Its late. Jian Yao is still there?
Oh, she was crying just now. I was soothing (comforting?) her. Bo Jinyan says it like
its the most natural thing in the world.
(Note from TB: Re: translation for soothe - The word used here in chinese is ,
which is the same word Bo Jinyan used when he deboned the fish for Jian Yao. can
be used in many ways, like coax, pamper, soothe. It has connotations of intimacy :) )
Jian Yao is extremely embarrassed: You are not allowed to tell him!

After Jian Yao returns to her apartment. She washes up, gets changed into her
pyjamas and lies on her comfortable bed.
Its late at night. She looks at the ceiling for a while. Then she sits up and walks to her
handbag. She takes out a photo. A photo she made a copy in Bo Jinyans study.
Its a photo of Bo Jinyan. Hes lying in a cave. He is lying on the ground. She couldnt
tell what the colour of his shirt is, because its stained with blood. His handsome face is
pale. His eyes are shut. He is lying unconscious, next to a pool of blood.
Jian Yao looks at the photo for a long time. Then she gives a big sigh. She holds the
photo close to her lips and gently kisses Bo Jinyans cheeks.

Shortly after Jian Yao leaves, Bo Jinyan is also ready to rest.

He takes off his top next to the bed. He looks in the mirror and sees the scars on his
body. He thinks about Jian Yao. Her fingers touching his body.
He uses his fingers to touch the same wounds Jian Yao lays her hands on earlier.
Its not ticklish.
Then why is it ticklish when she touched him?
He remembers her beautiful hand. And the sensation he felt when her fingers
touched his skin. Its like a white feather brushing past softly and gently.
A womans touch.
Something stirs within him. Feels like heat is coming out from within him through
the wound.
He stands in front of the mirror for a while.
He heads to the bathroom and takes a cold shower before going to bed.

Chapter 36
Dawn breaks into daylight. The morning has begun. The start of another busy yet
ordinary day for many people in B City.
Jian Yao is wearing her pyjamas. Her hair tied into a ponytail. She stands in front of
her wardrobe.
- Mmm what should I wear today?
She takes out a light blue shirt and a pair of beige Capri pants. Thats her usual attire
since she started working. Clothes that are more suitable for the corporate
Then she pauses. She looks at the dresses on the other end of the wardrobe. Those
with more vibrant colours and designs.
She thinks for a while. Then she pulls out the prettiest dress that is in the wardrobe.
A sleeveless dress with a flared shirt and shoulder straps with buttons. It shows off
her collarbone, nice arms and a little bit of her back. Its a tight fitting dress so it
accentuates her curves. But its not a low cut dress that would make her look too sexy.
The pale yellow fabric is a perfect match to her beautiful skin complexion.
She looks at the mirror and is pleased with how she looks.
She takes a hair tie with a sparkly crystal design on it. She usually leaves her hair
down but she wants to tie it up today. She puts on a little lip gloss, changes into a pair
of heeded sandals and heads downstairs.
Bo Jinyan is reading the papers when she went into his apartment. Reading the
newspaper in the morning is something he does every morning. An old fashioned habit
of his.
He is so focused he didnt even take a glance at her. Jian Yao is surprised to see that
breakfast is already on the table. He went out earlier this morning to get it from their
usual stall.
You woke up early today. She sits opposite him, and picks up a section of the paper
that he is not reading. She pulls a bowl of congee to herself.
Yeah Actually, he woke up early because he didnt sleep well last night.
He thinks about his lack of sleep. He lifts his head to look at the culprit.

Jian Yao is reading the papers when she feels someone is starring at her.
Its a familiar gaze. She can see from the corners of her eyes that Bo Jinyan is looking
at her.
She blushes.
Today, she has tied her hair up, showing her shoulders. She can tell that Bo Jinyan
are starring at her shoulders.
She pretends not to notice, and continues to eat her breakfast.
- He is still starring
Are you going for a beauty contest today? He finally speaks.
Jian Yao blushes even more. She takes a look at him. He does not seem to be
attracted by the looks. Hes merely commenting on the fact that she looks different
Well, you said we are going to meet someone from the Central Police Station today.
says Jian Yao, I thought it would be nice to leave him a good first impression.
Bo Jinyan thinks for a few seconds: Then why didnt you dress like this the first time
we met? Is it not necessary to leave me a good first impression?
Jian Yao laughs: But you dont care. In fact, you dont know how to appreciate
woman. Why should I care about what kind of first impressions I will leave you?
Bo Jinyan doesn't look pleased.
As she stands up to wash her hands, she hears his voice from behind her: I dont
know? 33C, 22, 34.
Jian Yao is dumbfounded. Then she realised.. Its her measurements!
She turns around to stare at him: How how did you know? You read my medical
Bo Jinyan gives an impish smile: Did you think that is necessary? I can tell just by
looking. As he speaks, he continues to scan her.
Jian Yao: Stop looking at me!

Bo Jinyan needs to have an official title from the Police Department before he can
take part in any investigations. Today they have come to the Central Station to finalise
the details.

The Central Police station is a white building amongst the tall and mature trees in the
city centre.
Jian Yao follows Bo Jinyan into the Chief Inspectors office.
As previously agreed, Bo Jinyan will have his own research lab within the station. He
is a university professor working with the Chinese Police.
His responsibilities include:
1. Lead the investigation team when there are crimes in his area of
2. As an independent consultant, give advice to officers investigating
homicide cases.
The first responsibility is like what he used to do with the FBI in the US.
The second responsibility is a trial role. Criminal psychology is only an emerging
field in China. While the Police Department is keen to train and upskill staff in the area,
they do not have the necessary resources to set up a complete separate department for
it yet.
With Bo Jinyans help, they can prove to the front line officers the benefits of criminal
psychology and help raise awareness and interest for it.
So, when theres a homicide case, Bo Jinyan will form a sub committee within the
office. There will be another group of officers using the more traditional investigation
methods. Bo Jinyans team will be responsible for profiling. The two teams will share
information, resources and work together to solve the case.
After they have locked in the details, the Chief Inspector stands up and smiles:
Professor Bo, let me introduce you to the rest of the team.
The secretary next to him says: Ill take Jian Yao with me to complete the paperwork
for your role.
After she completes her tasks, Jian Yao waits in the corridor. She sits in a chair to
wait for Bo Jinyan.
Bo Jinyan is in a meeting with the Chief Inspector and several other senior officers.
A group of police officers are working in an office across the hallway from where Jian
Yao is sitting. There are no urgent cases at the moment. They are all quite relaxed.
Besides, it is close to their lunch break. One of them notices the pretty lady sitting in
the corridor.
Who is that? Someone asks.

Oh, I think she is the assistant of the new criminal psychologist, Professor Bo. She is
probably a post-graduate student working with Professor Bo.
Ah Everyone turns to look at her.
Jian Yao is still sitting on the chair. She notices the attention. She spent a lot of time
in the police station when she was young because of her father. Therefore, she feels
quite at home with the officers. She walks over and shakes hand with them while
introducing herself: Hi. I am Jian Yao.

When Bo Jinyan and the senior officers finished their meeting, they see a group of
men crowding around Jian Yao. She looks lovely in her pale yellow dress, with a polite
smile on her face. She is obviously the centre of attention at the moment.
Bo Jinyan frowns.
The Chief Inspector officially introduces Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao to the group. Jian Yao
walks to stand beside Bo Jinyan. The Chief Inspector jokingly tells the group off: I
know its not often we get a pretty girl in the station. But enough chatting. Get back to
One officer laughs: But Chief Inspector, its lunchtime. We are just getting
acquainted with our new workmate. Everyone else laughs. except Bo Jinyan. He
does not find it funny at all. He stands expressionless besides Jian Yao.
Such an antisocial guy. But thats Bo Jinyan!
One of the Senior officer suggests: Should we have lunch together?
A few others are about to nod their head in agreement when Bo Jinyan just says
coldly: Sorry, we are busy. Goodbye. He turns to look at Jian Yao.
Everyone is quiet. Jian Yao senses the awkward atmosphere. She quickly adds: Yes,
we have to rush. We have an appointment with the Department of National Security.
Next time, Professor Bo will be pleased to join you

Appointment with National Security is just an excuse Jian Yao made up. When they
are in the car, she asks: Why did you decline the invitation to dine with them?
With his hands on the steering wheel, he answers slowly: Not only are you not
thanking me for rescuing you from that place which is overloaded with testosterones,
you are interfering with my personal freedom?

Jian Yao is amused by his answer: What testosterones? They are a nice bunch of
lads. She knows he doesnt like socialising, so she says gently: Next time when you
want to decline an invitation, leave it to me. Its part of the assistants responsibility.
And even if you have to go, you dont need to speak to them, just treat them as if they
are not there. Ok?
Bo Jinyan seems happy with the suggestion. His silence means he agrees with what
she says.
Jian Yao leans back onto the seat . She closes her eyes to rest. After a while, she
opens them and says slowly: When it comes to testosterones. You dont seem to have
Bo Jinyan frowns immediately. Thats an insult! He takes a look at her.
She has her eyes closed again. She looks lovely in the afternoon sun. Her delicate
skin, beautiful features, sensual curves
He turns away and concentrates on his driving.
Testosterones? Of course I he responses haughtily: I am just better at controlling
my urges than those cowboys.

Jian Yao gives her mom a call that night. Although her mom is concerned about her
new job, she respects Jian Yaos decision.
After a while, her mom asks: Hows Fu Ziyu? Do you see each other often?
Jian Yao knows where she is heading: Mom, I am not interested in him.
Oh. Another disappointment. But she understands that love cannot be forced. Jian
Yao is also a little disappointed.

Why didnt you ask about Bo Jinyan?

After talking to her mom, she calls her sister.
Compared to mom, Jian Xuan is a lot more switch on. Once she hears Jian Yao is
working for Bo Jinyan, she asks her sister: You like him, dont you?
Jian Yao laughs. Thats equivalent to saying yes to Jian Xuans question.
Jian Xuan is very supportive. She gave Jian Yao lots of ideas and advice.
The last phone call is to Li. Its been months since they have contacted one another.
But they both lead a busy life, its normal for them not to have spoken to each other for
months at a time. The friendship never tarnished because of the lack of contact.

Its past 8:00pm. He is usually awake at this time of the day.

But no one answers the phone.

Chapter 37
A few weeks later.
The top floor of the Central Police building is the staff canteen. During lunchtime, its
packed with people. The smell of rice and other dishes fills the place.
Jian Yao has two sets of meals on her tray. One in a takeaway box and another on a
plate. She turns around to look for a seat.
Someone is waving to her: Jian Yao, this way.
She looks over and sees a few officers from the team they work with most. She joins
their table.
Professor Bo is not here again? Someone asks.
Jian Yao smiles: Yes, when he is busy, he doesnt feel hungry.
Another officer smiles: Its so nice to have a student like Jian Yao.
Jian Yao corrects him: I am actually his assistant, not his student.
People tends to make that mistake all the time. She has clarified her role numerous
times already. She feels its important that people dont mistaken their relationship.
They are not a teacher and a student to each other. Because if the relationship is to
progress into something else later, she doesnt want any misunderstandings and
After lunch, a young officer walks her back to the lab.
Xiao Jian (nickname for Jian Yao), would you be interested to watch a movie with
me? Galaxy Battleship releases tomorrow.
Jian Yao smiles: Sorry, I am busy tomorrow.
He looks disappointed: Maybe next time. He says goodbye to Jian Yao.
Jian Yao pushes open the lab door. Bo Jinyan is sitting at his desk, working away.
Hes in the same position as when she left earlier on for lunch. There is a small
mountain of documents in front of him.
There are no cases for them to follow at the moment. So they are working on
building up a database of crime statistics.

It involves visiting serial killers, their family and any surviving victims. For the past
few weeks, they spent a lot of time talking to criminals in the prison, and going all over
the city to trace their backgrounds. Its not as nerve wreaking as solving real cases but
its still a physically and mentally tiring task.
When Bo Jinyan is working, he shuts himself off from the rest of the world. He is so
focused that Jian Yao wonders when he will get out his shell.

He finally stops what he is doing. With his eyes still fixed on the computer screen, he
says: Hi, the Criminal Psychology Beauty.
Since she started work in this building, there are suggestions that she should be
called the Central Police Station Beauty. Back in her university days, there are a lot of
girls that were more attractive than her, so she never got so much attention. But this
building is filled with blokes, with hardly any other young female staffs around. But
the Criminal Psychology Beauty??
Anyway, she clears the files on his desk and puts down the takeaway box: You have
to eat something.
Jian Yao is used to this. She literally has to force Bo Jinyan to break for meals.
Bo Jinyan looks pre-occupied. He is still reading a document as he shovels the food
into his mouth. He probably doesnt really know what the food taste like. When he
eats, he is like a little kid that just wants to finish quickly so he can get on with other
more important stuff in life.
He suddenly remembers something: Jian Yao, wheres the conversation records with
the criminals with death penalty. You know, the ones from West End Prison?
Ive emailed them to you. Jian Yao answers.
Ok. He stops asking. Perhaps theres the moment where work was temporarily out
of his mind. He looks down at his food. Then he frowns and asks Jian Yao: Where did
you buy this? Its awful!
Jian Yao takes a look. Hes finished half the box of rice before he complained.
Or perhaps she should say he finally discovered.
He is such a picky eater. Surely the food from the canteen is not fine enough for him.

Jian Yao smiles and tells him: But youve been having this for days. You were just
too busy to realise. It cannot be compared to restaurant standard, but its fresh and
nutritious. Come on, just finish it.
Bo Jinyan finishes his lunch reluctantly.
Jian Yao is on the internet. She sees an advertisement for Galaxy Battleship. She
asks Bo Jinyan casually: Theres a new si-fi movie releasing tomorrow. Are you
Bo Jinyan has finished his lunch. He walks to the sink to wash his hands and rinse his
face. Then he turns around to Jian Yao: No.
She is a little disappointed. He walks over to her and leans on her desk: I have
arranged for something more interesting than watching a movie.
Jian Yao sips the cup of tea in front of her: What is that?
Bo Jinyan: A trip to Cheng Provence Prison. We will be interviewing a few
interesting criminals there.
Jian Yao puts down her cup. She looks at the computer screen: I wont go.
Tomorrow is Saturday. I need to rest. This type of investigation is not urgent. It
would not make any difference if they go next week.
Bo Jinyan didnt expect her to say no: You are. not happy?
What can Jian Yao tell him? That she just wants to spend the weekend with him
alone, watching a movie, having a date with him?
She just ignores him and gets back to her work.
Bo Jinyan stands by her desk for a while. Then he walks back to his seat.
Nobody says a word for the next few hours.
At first, Jian Yao is still a little crossed. But after awhile she too, is so focused on her
work that she soon forgets about the incident. Occasionally, she will glance at Bo
Jinyan, only to find him working quietly and attentively.
Around 5pm, a staff from the mailing room comes over to give Jian Yao an envelope:
Jian Yao, its addressed to you.
Jian Yao thanks him and opens the envelope.
Its two tickets to Galaxy Battleship for tomorrow afternoon, in the couples box.
(Room with an extra large leather sofas designed for couples)
Jian Yao puts the ticket back into the envelope. She walks towards the door.

Bo Jinyan asks softly: Where are you going?

Jian Yao turns round to look at him: I think these tickets belong to Xiao Chen. Xiao
Chen asked if she would watch the movie with him earlier. He might have filled in her
details when he made the booking.

Bo Jinyan stops what he is doing. He folds his arms together, and looks at her: Who
is Xiao Chen? He asks: I booked those tickets.
Jian Yao: you booked the tickets?
Bo Jinyan picks up the document he was reading: Well, does this cheer you up? My
unhappy assistant?
Jian Yao sits down and looks at the tickets: Yes. I am happy now. She smiles. She is
reading the label on the tickets Couples Box. She asks: Why did you buy the couple
box tickets?
Bo Jinyan looks at her: You dont expect me to squash inside the big theatre with
other people, do you?
Of course. What else can it be?
Nevertheless, she is pleased.
Bo Jinyans phone rings. While he is on the phone, Jian Yao is still thinking about the
movie. She has never been in a couples box before. She heard the sofas in that cinema
are very comfortable.
Bo Jinyan finishes his call. He takes a look at her and walks to her desk.
Jian Yao gives him a big smile: Ill cook breakfast for you tomorrow, as a token of
Thats not necessary. He answers. Then he takes the tickets from Jian Yaos hand.
Lets get rid of this. He throws it on her desk. We have a case to work on. The 79th
High School. Homicide.
Well, now they are definitely not going to watch the movie anymore. But Jian Yao
quietly picks up the tickets and puts them in her wallet.

The sun has set. There is a pale glow of the moon in the horizon.

The 79th High School is the outskirts of town, next Fragment Hill district. Its a
prestigious high school.
When Bo Jinyan, Jian Yao and several officers arrive, the school is in a locked down.
A lot of the students are looking out of the window trying to find out whats going on.
Overall, the atmosphere is calm, but tense.
The police from a nearby station reports their findings so far: The deceaseds name
is Ruan Ming Huai. Eighteen years old. Third Grade. She is discovered by some
students on the peak of Qi Hill.
Jian Yao looks pass the deserted playground to a small hill that is next to the school.

Thats a great lookout point for the surrounding landscape. The school is currently
building a viewing platform for the staff and student. It is off limits to the students due
to construction. But kids sneaking up there for fun.
Qi Hill. Peak.
Bo Jinyan has a pair of latex gloves on. He swats down next to the body. He takes a
good look around.
Jian Yao is standing behind him. She feels very sorry for the girl who died.
Ruan Ming Huai is lying next to a piece of large rock. There are blood stains on the
rock. There is also a pool of blood on the concrete ground. It looks as if all her blood
has been drained out of her body.
The fatal injury seems to be the slit in the throat. It caused the neck artery to burst.
She died of excessive blood loss.
But she also had multiple injuries on her body.
There are two cuts on her face. One on each side of her cheeks. The wounds are
deep, with a mixture of blood and soil on the surface. You can tell she is an attractive
girl before the wounds were there. There are more cuts on her shoulders and legs. Her
white dress soaked in her own blood.
They get more information about her.
Ruan Ming Huai is one of the top students at school. She is from a rich family. She is
a member of the school committee. Yesterday, she collected 40,000 Yuan (Chinese
currency) worth of fees from the students. She was on her way to the school
administration office with the cash.

Her good friend, Huo Xiao Lu was with her. It was around 8pm. The staff in the
administration office was not there, so they waited outside. After a while, Huo Xiao Lu
left because she needed to go to the toilet. After that, she returned to the dormitory.
They have just finished their exams, and there were no classes the next day. Huo
Xiao Lu thought Ruan Ming Huai would go home after dropping off the money. Her
family lives nearby. It was not until this morning that her body was discovered by a few
students who sneaked up to the peak.
The staff from the administration office returned to the office just before 9pm. He
did not see Ruan Ming Huai. In other words, nobody knew when she left the
administration office. Her time of death was between 9pm to 11pm, which suggests its
shortly after she left the administration office. And theres no sign of the money. It
looks like its been stolen.

Bo Jinyan swats in front of the body for less than ten minutes. Then he looks at the
other officers and then at Jian Yao.
A hasty and immature murder. He says; What are your thoughts so far?
Jian Yao looks at the body again: I want to solve the case quickly and catch the
killer. Does the killer have no feelings? How can he or she be so cruel to a young girl?

Yes, the person has developed an urge to kill. He nods. He stands up and looks at
the school from the peak, If he/she is not stopped, there will be more deaths.
Bo Jinyan takes a look at the officers: The killer is not an experienced killer. He/she
left behind a lot of evidence - hair, finger prints, footprints If you do a good job with
the forensic evidences, we should be able to solve the case within 24 hours.
She is amazed. 24 hours? Thats great.
Bo Jinyan looks at her: Actually, 4 hours is all I need.
Jian Yao knows by now that he is not just boasting. If he said 4 hours, thats really all
that he will need. She asks with admiration: Wow. You are truly a genius. Can you tell
me what you have found out so far?
Bo Jinyan smiles and asks her: You should try and work it out for yourself. First
question. Is the killer from within the school, or an outsider?
Ah another teaching session.
Jian Yao smiles. its not often that he would ask questions so patiently. The
compliment she gave him earlier on must have put him in a good mood.

She thinks for a while: Within the school. Because there is quite a good security
system in this school. All the teachers, staffs and students need to register their arrival
and departure.
Second question. He puts his hands in his pants pocket and stands next to her. Did
she come here willingly, or was she dragged here?
Jian Yao takes a look at the surroundings: I think she came here on her own free
will. Even though it was late at night, there should still be a lot of people within the
school complex. It would have been difficult to get her up here if she didnt walk up
herself. Besides, we didnt notice any signs of struggle on our way up.
Bo Jinyan has a smile on his face. He looks at Jian Yao: Then what brings a girl to a
remote place like this?
Jian Yao answers immediately: Boyfriend!
This is the perfect place for couples looking for a secluded spot.
OK. says Bo Jinyan: Time to talk to some of her classmates. Lets see who has a
romantic relationship with this top student.
Jian Yao follows behind. Bo Jinyan stops momentarily and turns to look at her: This
is behavioural evidence. Its not that complicated. Right?
Jian Yao smiles. She must remember to praise him more often.
Thats because you are able to explain complicated issues in a simple way. she says.

Bo Jinyan is extremely pleased with himself. Under his guidance, Jian Yao is getting
better at filtering through the facts to get to the truth.

Chapter 38
In the vicinity of the 79th Secondary school, there are a lot of old deserted textile
factories. After the SOE reforms in the early 21st century, most small scale textile
factories faced bankruptcy and closed down. Many of the laid off workers set up street
stalls in the Fragrant Hill district to makes ends meet. And many of their children
studies in the 79th Secondary School.
Ruan Ming Huais best friend, Huo Xiao Lu is one of them.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan observe as an officer takes her testimony.
Its late in the night and its dark outside. The school is well lit, but there is a sense of
emptiness in the place. They have set up a temporary office in one of the classrooms. A
girl is grieving the loss of a good friend.
Did she tell you whether she was meeting someone afterwards? Asks the officer.
Huo Xiao Lu is weeping: No. She shakes her head.
She is an ordinary girl with average looks. A small face with some freckles around
the nose. But her eyes look clear and sharp. She is wearing a simple T Shirt and jeans.
Does she have a boyfriend? Asks the officer.
She shakes her head again: Of course not.
Can you please repeat what happened that night?. Include every detail. Bo Jinyan
says suddenly.
Huo Xiao Lu looks at this man who has been quietly sitting throughout the interview.
She nods.
Around 8pm. Huai Huai collected all the money. We left the classroom together. I
don't recall seeing anyone along the way. The third graders are on holiday. Other
students are revising for exams in their own classrooms. She clears her throat and
continues: We arrived at the administration office. The door is open but theres no
one inside. We waited outside for a while. A few teachers walked past us. We were
chatting. We didnt pay too much attention.
The officer interrupts: We have confirmed that with the CCTV footages.
Huo Xiao Lu continues: Around 8:30pm, my stomach started to hurt. I usually get
cramps on the first day of my period. So I returned to the dormitory to rest.
Was there anyone in the dorm? asks the officer.
No. My roommates were studying in their classrooms. answers Huo Xiao Lu.

Then? What did you do in the dormitory? Bo Jinyan asks.

Huo Xiao Lu answers: Well, I went to the. toilet. Then I noticed my clothes were
stained, so I washed them. Then I made myself a cup of tea, lied on bed to read. After a
while, I went to bed.
The officer asks one final question: Does she have an entanglement with any of the
boys? Perhaps a crush, or someone is chasing after her?
Huo Xiao Lu: Well there is this boy

The second person they interviewed is another good friend of Ruan Ming Huai. Her
name is Qi Xiao Ran.
Like Ruan Ming Huai, her family lives in the area so she does not need to stay in the
school dormitories. She starts crying when asked about what happened that night.
If I knew something would happen to her, I wouldnt have left her alone. She sobs.
I left school immediately after the classes. She looked fine on the day. Why would
anyone kill her?
Bo Jinyan asks: What did you do after school?
Qi Xiao Ran pauses for a while. Then she answers: I was with my boyfriend. I didnt
go home until 10pm. Mr. Officer, is it possible not to tell my parents about this?
Bo Jinyan puts his hand on his knee. Theres a small smile on his face: Sure.
Everyone is entitled to pursue love the way they want to.
Jian Yao takes a look at him. Somehow, this sounded funny coming from him. A love
idiot has views on courting and dating too?
Hmm.. The officer asks again: What were the two of you doing?
Not much just chatting. We were sitting in amongst the trees just outside of the
school. She mentions the name of her boyfriend. Its someone from her class.
I really didnt think this would happen to Huai Huai Tears are streaming down
uncontrollably. I am shocked. Why would anyone want to kill her theres college
entrance exams next year but she will never.
The officer passes her a tissue: Last question. This is very important. Does she have
any entanglements with any of the boys in school?
Qi Xiao Ran answers: Su Bei. Huai Huai likes Su Bei. But Su Bei is not interested in
her. They dont get along with one another Does he have anything to do with the

Su Bei
The third girls name is Zhao Ying Zi. She is the daughter of one of the teachers at
school. Its the same name again.
She looks like a straight forward girl. Her eyes are swollen from all the crying, but
she speaks with a firm voice: Huai Huai likes Su Bei. Its been two years. But Su Bei is
not interested. Hua Huai belongs to the school committee. Su Bei heads the sports
committee. But they are not on talking terms.
Jian Yao tries to clarify: Even if Su Bei is not interested in her, why are they not even
talking to each other?
Zhao Ying Zi pauses, then answers: Because Huai Huai mentioned before that Su Bei
might be gay, because he likes to hang around the basketball players. I dont think Huai
Huai meant to start a rumour, but it ended up that way, and Su Bei was not happy.
Bo Jinyan smiles: Ruan Ming Huai must be a bit of a diva too, right? Just because
someone doesnt like her, they are homosexuals?
Zhao Ying Zi says: Well, she is a proud girl. Apparently, Su Bei finds her arrogant.
But this Su Bei is not Mr. Nice Guy either. I heard he gambles a lot with those basketball
boys, and lately he has been losing a lot of money.
Everyone is quiet.
Gambling then the missing 40,000 yuan
Does Ruan Ming Huai still like Su Bei? Jian Yao asks.
Yes. Zhao Ying Zi says quietly. She still likes him.

It seems more layers of this mystery have been peeled off. They are closer to the
truth now.
After a few more interviews with other students, they are sure that the only boy that
she has involvements with was Su Bei.
Su Bei. Eighteen. His parents used to be workers in the textile factory too. From the
records provided by the school, he is tall and handsome. His grades are average but he
is very good at sports. Many girls are attracted to these sporty bad boys.
Recently, he has lost thousands of dollars in sports betting.

The motive is there. And he has no alibi. Nobody knows where he was during the
time of the murder. In fact, no one is sure where he is currently. His parents are in
Zhuhai. He lives with his grandfather, who has no idea where Su Bei is most of the
Its 9pm. Bo Jinyan has spent one and a half out of his four hours.
In the temporary office, officers continue to take testimonies from other students and
staff. Bo Jinyan thinks he has enough information. He asks Jian Yao to go to the
playground with him.
Summer is almost over. Jian Yao feels the cool nights breeze against her skin. She is
only wearing T Shirt and a pair of Capri pants. She wraps her arms around herself to
keep warm.
Does he hate her so much? What makes a high school student so determined to kill
his peer?
Bo Jinyan stands next to her. He looks straight ahead and comments: Sometimes,
killing is their way of escaping from this world.
Jian Yao always knew Bo Jinyan understands those psychopaths. When he is
investigating, he is able to maintain impartial and never let his emotions get in the way
of work. But perhaps, its simply because he has no feelings?
You have two and a half hours left She changes the subject.
He glances at her, as if to say he has it all under control.
An officer walks up to them. Its Xiao Chen, the young man who asked Jian Yao out
for a movie. He says to Bo Jinyan: Professor Bo, we are going to check out the places Su
Bei usually hangs out. Would you like to come with us?
Bo Jinyan shakes his head: That will not be necessary.
Xiao Chen is about to walk off when he notices Jian Yaos face is a little pale. She still
has her arms around herself. He starts to unbutton his jacket: This area is close to the
hills, the temperature drops at night. You should wear something warmer.
Jian Yao is feeling cold, but she quickly waves her hands: No no, Im alright.
Bo Jinyan takes a look at this young charming officer. Xiao Chen
Oh. Its him. The one who tried to ask Jian Yao out for movie, who distracted her
from work and even caused her to be angry with him.

- And what is he trying to do now? Is he interested in my assistant? How long has he

had that jacket on? Hes been running around the whole night. Theres a combination of
his odour and sweat on it. Jian Yaos skin is delicate
Thisman is about to put his jacket on her.
- What is he trying to do? Testosterones transfer?
Jian Yao is about to say thank you to Xiao Chen when they hear an icy voice: She
doesnt wear clothes that belongs to strangers.
They are both stunned. Then they see him taking off his jacket and wrapping it
around Jian Yao.
She can wear mine. He says to Xiao Chen. You can go now.
The cool night breezes brushes past them.
Jian Yao is standing there with his jacket wrapped around her.
Xiao Chen looks a little embarrassed. He seems to come to some sort of
understanding. Jian Yao knows whats in his mind. But she is not sure herself if that is
in fact the case. Once again, Bo Jinyans seemingly intimate gestures always have a
logical and non-intimate reason behind them. This might just be another example.
But she is touched. During the first encounter, he refused her request for letting her
borrow his clothes. In the end, he reluctantly gave her Fu Ziyus jacket.
But she feels that he should learn to be more considerate. So she says to him: Xiao
Chen is only concerned for me. The things that you said, they might hurt his feelings.
Bo Jinyan: Why should I care about his feelings?
Jian Yao: ..
-Ok Forget it.
She looks at Bo Jinyan: Are youcold?
He is looking ahead. A forensic doctor and an officer are walking towards them.
Nah He answers Jian Yao: What? Do you think I am not strong enough?
There are more discoveries .

1. The wounds on her body were done to her at the time of death. The most
likely scenario is that the killer slit her throat. Then as the blood is draining from
the neck artery, he inflicted the cuts on her face and limbs.
1. According to the owner of a small supermarket nearby, Su Bei bought a
knife from his shop. The owner recognises him as he is a frequent customer.
1. The police found a backpack in an old air raid shelter in Qi Hill. Its
covered with leaves. The students recognise the pack. It belongs to the victim.
They pass Bo Jinyan a blood stained cotton back pack.
They found the money. The officer passes Bo Jinyan a clear plastic bag with all the
cash in it.The killer didnt take it with him. Instead, he hid it in the mountain. We are
trying to match the fingerprints on the notes, but that might take a while.
Bo Jinyan have a look at the items. He pulls out a large yellow envelope. He takes a
look inside, the notes have blood stains on them too.
He passes the evidences back to the officer.
Why didnt he take the money with him? Jian Yao asks.
Hes afraid. Answers Bo Jinyan.
Jian Yao nods. The money is stained with blood. That would attract unnecessary
They see a group of officers walking towards the entrance of the school. They must
be the team looking for Su Bei. All the evidence points to him: Motive, weapon, his lack
of alibi, his disappearance
Behind them, students are slowly leaving their classrooms and make their way
home. The lock down order has been lifted. The students are free to go.
Jian Yao turns to look at Bo Jinyan: Looks like the police has also figured out who is
the killer.
But Bo Jinyan has a smile on his face: Have they?
Jian Yao turns to look at him.
Of course they will need to find Su Bei. He is involved in the case. But He turns to
the Seniors Block. A group of students are walking out to the playground. They look
tired. Its been a long night.

The killer is there. He points to a group of girls. Its Ruan Ming Huais friends - Huo
Xiao Lu, daughter of redundant factory workers; Qi Xiao Ran, who also lives in town like
Ruan, and Zhao Ying Zi, child of a teacher in the school.
Jian Yao feels her head being tapped gently.
Its Bo Jinyan, of course. He whispers in her ear: Which one of them killed Ruan
Ming Huai?
Jian Yao looks at the three girls. All of them have been crying. But each of them has a
slightly different look on their face.
One girl looks calm and collected. The other girl looks upset. And the last girl has a
determined look on her face.
Jian Yaos gaze rests on the girl that is calm and collected.
Huo Xiao Lu?

Bo Jinyan looks at her with a big smile: Good. Our Criminal Psychology Beauty is
showing improvement.

Chapter 39
The playground is filled with the noise of students chatting as they make their way to
the school gates.
Bo Jinyan finds Huo Xiao Lu in the crowd. He smiles: Lets go.
Jian Yao: Go? Where are we going?
Bo Jinyan takes a stride forward: Case Study. Lets find out how this young teenage
girl developed into a psychopath.

Even though its just one street away from the school, the atmosphere is completely
different. It is still and quiet in this part of town. Most of the shops are closed. The dim
street lamp lights up the pavement Huo Xiao Lu walks on.
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao is following her from a distance in his Grand Cherokee.
Shortly after they got into the car, Jian Yao calls the officer in charge and shares BJYs
conclusion with him. He is a bit dubious. Nevertheless, he sent two officers to go with
Jian Yao is not surprised by the officers doubts. She is sure once the fingerprints and
DNA samples match their findings, the officers will know that they are right. After all,
criminal psychology is an emerging field in this country. It takes time for people to
accept its merits.
Bo Jinyan waits for Jian Yao to finish her conversation with the officer. Then he asks:
Tell me, what made you click?
Jian Yao answers: Well, from the surface, Su Bei is the suspect. Like you said earlier,
the person that she was meeting in Qi Hill is Su Bei. He bought a knife, and he has a
gambling debt that he needs to clear. He probably had the intention of robbing Ruan
Ming Huai. But whether he had the intent to kill, I am not so sure.
Bo Jinyan nods.
Jian Yao continues: You mentioned we have to analyse their behaviour. Therefore,
even though the physical evidence points towards Su Bei, the behaviour evidences
suggests otherwise.
The wounds on Ruan Ming Huais body. The killer disfigured her face, and stabbed
her multiple times on her shoulder and legs. Why would Su Bei do that? He was after
the money. The wounds on the face are signs of jealousy. Also, Ruan was lying on a
concrete platform, but there were a lot of soil on top of Ruans dress. It looked like the
soil had been dumped on top of her. From this, I suspect the killer is a girl. Someone

who was jealous of Ruan. Based on thebackground information we know about the
three girls, Huo Xiao Lu is the most likely the candidate.
Bo Jinyan gives her a rare praise: Not bad at all. Continue.
Jian Yao recalls the time when Huo Xiao Lu gave her statement. Is it because she is
hanging out more with BJY these days, she is more sensitive to how psychopaths
behaves? She says: She was acting a little strange. Even though she was crying. she
was just too calm and collected.
The corner of Bo Jinyan s lips curls up.
Jian Yao gives a sigh. She looks at the girl that is walking with her head down: She
was the last person that saw the victim. If Ruan Ming Huai had a date with Su Bei, she
would most likely know about it. Also, she has no alibi.
Jian Yao thought she had done very well. Three important observations that leads to
her conclusion. Deep down, she is hoping she would impress Bo Jinyan . She looks at
him in confidence, and in anticipation of him praising her.
But Bo Jinyan always have a way of crushing her hopes: Is that all you can come up
with? He asks.
Jian Yao: ehyeah.
Bo Jinyan smiles at her.
Jian Yao immediately asks him: Please tell me. What other discoveries have you
Huo Xiao Lu has turned into another street. Bo Jinyan has to concentrate on the
driving before answering her. When he is ready, he says to her: Another three points
- There are another three points she didnt think of?
No. 1- Distance
Our killer slitted Ruans throat, with only one cut. This is not an easy thing to do.
The blood stain pattern suggests the killer cut her from behind, at very close range.
Besides, If the killer was in front of the victim, the blood would have spatter all over her
face and body, which would make the chance of her being discovered by others much
Based on the peaks layout, there was nowhere for the killer to hide. No trees, or big
rocks. The killer didnt suddenly appear to attack. Therefore, its most likely they were
together. Its a matter of distance.

Everyone keep a distance with one another. Generally, the gap is between 1.2 to 3.3
metres. Its enough space for people to feel comfortable with. When the distance is less
than 0.6 metres, its considered intimate like you and me now.
Jian Yao takes a glance at him. Then she repeats what he says: So they were sitting
next to each other. Very intimate.
Its obvious. Bo Jinyan continues: Considering the victims relationship with Su
Bei, they would not sit so close to one another. Of course, there is always the possibility
that they finally overcome their misunderstandings and cuddles together but thats
highly unlikely.
Jian Yao says: And its more likely that the two best friends are sitting together.
Ruan Ming Huai did not expect her friend to take out a knife to kill her, so she didnt
have time to react.
Huo Xiao Lu has entered a complex. Its an old housing estate that a lot of the extextile workers stay. They park their car on the side of the road. They wait until Huo
Xiao Lu has almost disappeared from sight before turning off the car headlights and
driving into the complex.
Bo Jinyan continues with his second point: No.2 - Money.
Jyao asks: You mean Huo Xiao Lu is after the money because she comes from a poor
No. He says with a touch of frustration in his voice: What kind of conclusion is
Jian Yao: please continue.
Bo Jinyan carefully drives into the complex: Do you remember how the corpse is
positioned? She was lying sideways. When her throat was slit, the blood would have
ejected forward. Besides, it takes time for the blood pool on the ground to form. Bo
Jinyan continues to explain: The money was in a backpack. If the killer was after the
money. He/she would have removed the backpack soon after Ruan was killed. Instead,
it was left on ground, long enough for the blood to soak through the pack?
This means says Jian Yao: That the motive for the murder is not the money?
Yes, the backpack was left on the body for at least half an hour before it was
removed. says Bo Jinyan : According to the forensics, it would take the killer no more
than five minutes to inflict all the wounds. There is no reason why she would only take
the money after half and hour.
The evidence suggested that the killer was emotionally unstable, but bold in her
killings. Yet, hiding the money is a cowardly act. So, the most likely scenario is Killing
and stealing its done by two different people.

Jian Yao looks at the surroundings. There are lots of two storey buildings. Each floor
would accommodate approximately ten families. At this time of the night, only a few of
them are not asleep yet. The lights from their unit seep through the window.
No. 3 - Huo Xiao Lus statement. said Bo Jinyan in a low voice.
Jian Yao has her notebook with her. She turns to the page with Huo Xiao Lus
interview on it. Jian Yao thought something was wrong when Huo spoke. But her
statement looks fine. She cant pinpoint the problem.
Ill explain this one later. He says quietly. He picks up his night vision binoculars.
OK. Jian Yao takes up the other pair of binoculars. By now, the officers that came
with them are in a car parked behind them. They are probably doing the same thing as
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao.
On the second floor. The unit that is closest to the stairs belongs to Huo Xiao Lus
parents. The curtains are drawn, but theres a gap they can see through on one of the
Jian Yao adjusts the focus of her binoculars so she could look at whats inside the
house through the curtain gaps. She is horrified.
A boy is tied to a chair. His hands bound together behind his back and his feet are
tied to the two front legs of the chair. There is a piece of duct tape over his mouth. He
looks familiar. Its Su Bei!
There is fear in his eyes.
Then, they see Huo Xiao Lu next to him. She has a knife in her hand.
Suddenly, Jian Yao hears the car door close. Bo Jinyan has rushed out to get to Huos
unit. The other two officers have come out of their police car too.
In no time, the three of them are outside Huos unit. Jian Yao hurries behind.
Huo Xiao Lu. Open the door! Shout one of the officers.
Theres sounds of movement from the inside, but no one opens the door.
Knock it down. says Bo Jinyan .
One of the officers kicks at it just below the doorknob. The door burst open in a rush
of splintered wood and dust. The officers rush in.
Jian Yao is about to go in with them when a hand blocks her way.
Its Bo Jinyan .

Without turning his head towards her, he says: Follow me. He walks in front of her.

Inside the unit, Huo Xiao Lu is holding a knife. Beside her, Su Bei is wriggling
violently trying to free himself.
One of the officers pushes Huo towards the wall. He holds on to her shoulders and
forces the knife off her hand. The other officer unties the ropes around Su Bei and
removes the duct tape on his mouth.
Arrest her! Screams Su Bei. The handsome young face is flushed with anger. He is
grabbing onto the shoulders of the officer. She is crazy. She killed Ruan Ming Huai.
She wants to kill me too. She is mad!
Oh, shut up. The officer yells: You need to come to the station with us too. Then
he handcuffs him.

Huo Xiao Lu is handcuffed too. But she looks at Su Bei in a confused and sad manner:
Crazy? You said I am crazy? I did this for you. I got rid of the person you dislike. I I
love you!

Chapter 40
Huo Xiao Lu's story began when she was eleven years old.
It was love at first sight. She liked Su Bei the first moment she laid her eyes on him.
His parents are also ex-workers from the textile factories. But unlike her, he has lots
of friends. He seems to be living a happy and contented life.
She has nothing. She does not like going home. Some nights, she can hear squeaky
beds, heavy breathing and moaning sounds. Each time, a different man walks out of her
mothers bedroom in the morning.
In 2003, her father abandoned the family. He went off to Dong Guan with another
woman. But rather than feeling sad, Huo Xiao Lu felt relieved. She was fed up with the
constant fighting between her parents.
However, the peaceful times didnt last long.
Two years after her father left, her mother was made redundant.
A middle aged woman with no formal education or specialised skill. She turned to
prostitution to support herself and her daughter.
Her mother did her best to solicit in areas away from Huo Xiao Lus school and where
her friends live. Her classmate assumed her mother was working as a labourer out of
town. But every time Huo Xiao Lu takes the money to pay for school fees, she feels dirty
and disgusted.
She didnt always hate Ruan Ming Huai. But she decided to befriend her after Ruan
started the rumours about Su Bei being an homosexual.
No one can defame her prince. She decided to become Ruans friend first, then she
will find an opportunity to avenge her.
The murder was an impulsive decision.
That evening, Ruan Ming Huai received a call from Su Bei. Ruan asked Huo Xiao Lu to
leave first. The arrogant and joyous smile on Ruans face infuriated her.
Su Bei was falling for this shallow and bossy girl?
She tried to persuade Ruan Ming Huai not to meet up with him: Didnt you say you
are over him? Why do you still want to go?
But Ruan knew her secret. She said scornfully: Do you think I dont know how you
feel towards Su Bei? Shame on you for trying to steal your good friends boyfriend.
Huo Xiao Lu secretly followed Ruan Ming Huai up the hill.

Su Bei hadnt arrived yet. So she appeared and apologised to Ruan Ming Huai. She
assured Ruan she will stay away from Su Bei
When she saw the blood gushing out of Ruan Ming Huais wound, and her body
convulsing, a great joy swept over her.
It was a thrilling experience.

A few hours later, she found Su Bei on top of an empty watch tower.
This is the place he usually hangs out when he is not happy. Sitting by himself,
looking far into the horizon. She found out about this place years ago. She used to
stand quietly at the corner, just looking at him
That night, she approached Su Bei: Whats the matter? Is something bothering you?
Su Beis face was very pale. He looked like he was still in shock. Ah nothing Xiao
Huo, I have to leave town tonight. I might not see you again. You take care.
This was a bolt from the blue for Huo Xiao Lu. She thought for a moment, then said
to him: Do you have enough money? I have some saving at home I can lend to you.
Come with me.
Su Bei had no idea this innocent and quiet looking girl had other motives.
His original plan was to rob Ruan Ming Huai. He knew she had the money from the
Anyway, his grades werent good and he wont stand a chance in getting into the
university. He would take the money and travel to Dong Guanto find his parents. But
then, he thought more about it. Ruan Ming Huais parents are rich. And she has a crush
on him. Perhaps she would help him pay off his gambling debts.
So he was late to their meeting. But when he got there, he found her dead. He saw
that the backpack was still there, and the money too. Without thinking, he grabbed the
pack and ran off. It wasnt until he was half way down the hill he realised that taking
the money would make him a murder suspect.
He panicked. He found an old air raid shelter. So he buried the backpack under a pile
of old leaves. Then he left.
He was contemplating his next step when Huo Xiao Lu appeared.
Huo Xiao Lu put a sleeping pill into the glass of water she gave Su Bei. When he was
unconscious, she tied him up. Her mother is often away for weeks at a time. She knew
her mom was not due back for at least a week.

But even if mom did come home, she would be able to handle it.

There are more police cars arriving at the scene.

An officer is looking after the two teenage criminals in the lounge. Bo Jinyan and
another officer are searching the house for other evidence.
Jian Yao stands at the entrance. She takes a look at Huo Xiao Lu. Huo has no
expression on her face.
Footsteps coming from the stairs.
A middle aged woman with heavy make up, a black dress and black stockings
Whats the matter? Who are you? She raises her voice: Wheres Xiao Lu? Xiao Lu?
She tries to enter the house but is blocked by Jian Yao: Sorry, I am with the police.
We cannot let you in at the moment.
The woman sees Huo Xiao Lu handcuffed, standing inside the lounge. There is
disbelief on her face.
Xiao Luyou Why are you arresting my daughter?
I killed someone, Ma. Huo Xiao Lu tells her mom in a calm voice, as if she is talking
about someone else.
The woman is shocked.
We need to go to the Police Station together. Jian Yao puts her hand on the
womans shoulder.
To everyones surprise. Instead of running toward her daughter, the woman is
heading towards the stairs. She is trying to run away?!
But perhaps she is too nervous, she misjudged her footing and was about to trip
down the stairs. Jian Yao quickly grabs her by her shoulder to help her regain her
Jian Yao quickly stands in front of her on the top of the staircase.
Get out of my way. The woman tries to push Jian Yao aside.
Jian Yao is standing on the edge of the step. Because of the push, she loses her
balance and falls down the stairs.

Jian Yao! Bo Jinyan rushes out of the unit.

Jian Yao is falling with her face facing the top of the stairs. She can see Bo Jinyan in
The next thing she knows, her mouth kisses the ground. She is rolling down the
stairs. Fortunately the flight is not long.
Her whole body is aching. Her head hurts from hitting the wall. As she struggles to
get up, she sees Bo Jinyan swatting beside her. He wraps one arm around her shoulder
and one around her waist. She rests in his warm and familiar embrace.
Are you ok? He looks displeased.
Im fine. Jian Yao tries to stand up by pushing off with her hand on his shoulder. A
sharp pain is coming from her left ankle. She falls back into his arms. Bo Jinyan
tightens his arm. Her face is pressing onto his chest. They are so close that she can
hear the pounding of his heart.
Bo Jinyan looks even more annoyed now. He looks down at Jian Yao.
Two officers heard the noise and came out to check if Jian Yao is fine.
Bo Jinyan takes a cold look at Huo Xiao Lus mother. He turns to the officers: Its
fine. You can continue with searching the house.
Jian Yao pulls Bo Jinyans sleeve: I want to say something to her.
Bo Jinyan stands up, with her in his arms, he turns so that Jian Yao can see Huos
She is your daughter. You cant just run away like that. Even though she has killed
someone, you cannot give up on her.
The womans face changed. She drops to the ground, looking sad and in despair.
Are you done? Jian Yao hears Bo Jinyans voice.
Uhh yes. She says softly.
He carries her down the stairs and walks toward the car.
More police cars arrive at the scene. Behind them, two officers are escorting Su Bei
and Huo Xiao Lu downstairs. Huos mother follows behind. She is weeping as she
Jian Yao secretly hopes that time will be still, and she could remain in his arms

Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan. His face looks annoyed. Very annoyed. She wonders
what made him so angry.
Maybe you should let me down. says Jian Yao. Other people are walking this way.
Bo Jinyan looks at her: So, what does me carrying you have to do with other people?

Jian Yao: .
The officer in charge has arrived. He sees Bo Jinyan carrying Jian Yao: Is Xiao -Jian
She is just about to reply when Bo Jinyan speaks on her behalf: She is ok. Its not
Bo Jinyan looks at the people around him. He adjusts the position of his arms slightly
so that Jian Yao is more comfortable. Then he starts:
Huo Xiao Lu is the murderer. We found evidence
He explained whats happened to the officer. They listen intently to what Professor
Bo has to say.
And at that time, Jian Yao was lying in his arms. She blushes.
He is doing his briefing in front of everyone while holding someone in his arms.
After he finishes, he says to the officer in charge: We will leave it. You can take over
from here.
The officer in charge is surprised. Bo Jinyan is like a new gem the department has
discovered. Now that he has seen how good Bo Jinyan is, he wants all the help he can
Can you stay behind to guide the rest of the search? I can send a couple of officers to
accompany Xiao Jian to the hospital. Xiao Chen, Xiao Zhou. Please go with Xiao Jian.
When Jian Yao heard Xiao Chens name, something tells her its not a good idea.
As expected. Bo Jinyan gives Xiao Chen an icy glance. Xiao Chen looks a little
embarrassed too. He stays quiet.
Gee.. you really know how to chooseBo Jinyan says sarcastically to the officer in
The officer in charge is perplexed at his comment. Jian Yao elbows Bo Jinyan lightly
in his chest.

Bo Jinyan looks down at her. Then he tells the officer in charge: My work here is
done. Later, I will follow up with the criminal analysis. Goodbye.
He gently put Jian Yao down in the passenger seat. Jian Yao thought hes going to
close the door and walk to the drivers seat. But he did not.
He switches on the light inside the car: Turn around and let me take a look.
Jian Yao leans over slightly: Im alright. Only a few scratches.
He didnt answer.
His shirt is stained with the dirt that was on her face. He holds up her face with his
hand and examines it under the light.
He is still grumpy.
His cool fingertips gently touching a swell on her forehead. She puts her fingers over
the part he just touched. Oh, there is a reasonably sized bump.
Oh great! He said You almost split your head.
Jian Yao: it was an accident.
He looks into her eyes: Is it painful?
Its actually not that bad, but Jian Yao answers softly: Mmm quite painful. She lifts
her eyes to look at him.
His answer is brisk: Just endure it.
But then, he adds: I will put some ice on it when we get home.
. ok.
He looks at her feet: Take off your shoe.
He holds her left foot with his hand. As his fingertips touch her sole, it feels cold and
ticklish. Her face is blushing again.
But he doesnt seem to notice her shyness. He examines the foot and says: A little
swollen, but nothing major. A lot less spectacular compared to the horn on your head.
Jian Yao gives him a glance of disapproval.
What a day. She sighs: Would the knock make me more stupid

Bo Jinyan has gone back to the drivers seat and started the car. He starts to get out
of the complex: Dont worry, my IQ is 180, doesnt matter if you lose a bit of your IQ.
You have me.
Thats sweetin a strange sort of way.
She complains: Is that meant to be words of comfort?
Bo Jinyan gives her a smile. They are back on the main road. Home is not far away

Bo Jinyan stops at a red traffic light.

He turns to look at Jian Yao. She looks so lovely in her sleep.

After a long stare, he takes his eyes off her and continues driving.

Chapter 41
When Jian Yao opens her eyes, she sees a dark blue sky. There is a new moon, thin
and bright, hanging just above the horizon.
She is still in Bo Jinyans car. The surroundings are familiar. Its the parking lot of
their apartment. Bo Jinyan didnt turn on the lights inside the car. Thin yellow light
from the street lamps shines through the windows.
Bo Jinyan is sitting on the drivers seat beside her. Looking out from the window.
Whats on your mind? asks Jian Yao.
Bo Jinyan taps his finger on the dashboard: He didnt appear.
Jian Yao knows that Bo Jinyan didnt arrange any surveillance at the crime scene to
give him the opportunity to leave a note - that is, if he is still alive. There were a lot of
people up on Qi hill peak today. If he wanted to sneak up as a police officers or forensic
staff, it would have been very easy.
But there is nothing.
Is he dead? Jian Yao asks.
He turns to look at her.
The interior of the car is very dim. But the shadows accentuate his well-shaped
features - his body, his face His eyes sparkles like stars, looking at her.
It flustered her to have him staring at her. She clears her throat and asks: Whats
E.T! He says softly: We need a new rule. From now on, when we are investigating
a case, you must be within my reach 24/7.
Jian Yao: I understand the second half of the sentence. But the first half. What?
Yea Bo Jinyan smiles and opens his car door.
Jian Yao: Heyyou are the E.T
Bo Jinyan walks over to her side. He opens the door and carries her out of the car.
He says slowly: I am not the one with the bump on my forehead.

By the time they get inside Bo Jinyans apartment, its 1am.

Bo Jinyan puts her down on the sofa. He goes into the kitchen and came backwith
two ice packs.
After he sits down beside her, Bo Jinyan presses one ice pack on her forehead. The
bone chilling coldness causes her to gasp. A smile appears on his face: You hold on to
the ice pack.
Jian Yao quietly takes over.
His tenderness towards her was only temporary. Then its replaced by teasing - ET,
bump on the face, seeing how she reacts to the ice pack. Like a school boy that runs
around to pull the girls ponytails. He is so immature!
But then, he bends down and lifts up her left foot. He removes the shoe, throws it
next to the entrance, then rests her foot on his legs.
She blushes, and doesnt dare to move a muscle.
He picks up the other ice pack and places it on top of her left ankle. With his other
hand, he points the remote at the TV and starts watching a documentary.
As this other ice pack touches her skin, she gasps again. She notices that although his
eyes are glued to the TV, his lips curl with a small smile.

Well, ok. Tender. And immature.

Jian Yao is not interested in documentaries about criminology. She thinks about
todays case.
Hey. She gently kicks him with the left foot. You said Huo Xiao Lus statement was
full of loopholes. Explain.
His palm felt her kick. As a reflex action, he grabs her foot with his hand so that she
can move it anymore.
Remember Wang Wan Weis suicide note?
Yes She recalls the details from the case. Bo Jinyan said the suicide note was
genuine because it had minor inconsistencies and a distinctive personal style of
writing. But fake notes tend to be concise, clear and without flaw.
Following this train of thought, Huo Xiao Lus statement was more like the latter. But
if this is the only reason he based his conclusion on, it might seem a little inadequate.
Bo Jinyan knows what is going through her heart. He says: The analysis process
used for written notes and oral statements are different.

He gives her a glance: Its simple. When its comes to verbal communication, human
display a lot of the same characteristics regardless of their personality and
Jian Yao smiles at him: Please enlighten me.
Bo Jinyan teases her again: E.T, now that youve come to Earth, you need to read
more. These are basic analytical skills.
.. I will. Later! Please tell me now.
Firstly, what guide our memories are emotions, not time sequence. He says.
Jian Yao is waiting for further explanation.
True to Bo Jinyans words, he does not mock or look down on people based on their
lack of professional knowledge. He patiently explains: For example. If you are to tell
your friend about your fall today, what would you say?
Jian Yao thinks for a while: I tumbled down the stairs during an investigation today.
I was accidentally pushed down by the murderers mother. It was a painful fall
Stop. Bo Jinyan interrupts her. Did you notice? When you recalled the incident, the
first thing that came to mind was what you felt was the most important part of the
event - you were pushed down by the woman, pain. Because you were led by your
emotions, not time sequence.
Jian Yao thinks about it. Its true. She opens her bag and takes out her notebook.
She turns to the girls statement.
- How did they start?
Huo Xiao Lu - Around 8pm, Huai Huai collected all the money
Qi Xiao Ran - If I knew something would happen to Huai Huai, I would stay with her

Ah I see.

Bo Jinyan says again: Their good friend was killed. It would have been a huge
emotional blow to all of the girls. Everyone should have very strong feelings about
what had happened. But Huo Xiao Lu was too sensible. Her statement starts with time
sequence. And it was well rehearsed. She was not recalling the events, but presenting a
scenario, one that she wanted us to believe.
Jian Yao nods.

Bo Jinyan continues: Second point. Huos statement had lots of mundane details that
had very little to do with the case. For liars, details pads out their stories to make it
more believable. If she was truly devastated by her friends death, would she
remember and care to tell the police that she washed her clothes and made herself a
cup of tea?
Jian Yao looks at that part of the statement: The seniors are on holiday. The other
students are studying ; made myself a cup of tea
Third point. Bo Jinyan says, The stronger you have feelings for something, the
more you feel the urge to conclude. Its an emotional need to wrap up the feelings.
But liars do away with that. Because they feel that once they have explained the
incident, their job is done.
Jian Yao is flicking the pages again. She hears Bo Jinyan says: Yes, check out their
concluding statements.
Huo Xiao Lu - Then I made myself a cup of tea, lied on bed to read. After a while, I
went to bed.
Qi Xiao Ran - Why would anyone want to kill her theres college entrance exams
next year but she will never

Bo Jinyans apartment is the only house with lights on. The rest of the
neighbourhood is fast asleep.
They have watched two episodes of the documentary. Jian Yao has had an hour of ice
pack on her foot and forehead. But Bo Jinyan doesnt look tired at all. Jian Yao, on the
other hand, can hardly keep her eyes open. She kicks him again. I need to go home. I
am very tired. Thank you for everything.
He looks at her: Sleep here tonight.
Jian Yao: .why?
Bo Jinyan: What if you need help tonight? Do you expect me to run up to the studio?
You sleep in my room. I will take the study. If you need me, just knock on the wall.

Jian Yao didnt knock on the wall, of course.

After a quick shower, she collapsed on his big bed and falls into a deep sleep, almost
Bo Jinyan lies on the single bed in the study. Perhaps its because its not his usual
bed, he is not very used to it. He finds it hard to go to sleep.

He recalls the moments when Jian Yao fell down the stairs.
Dark and narrow stairways. As he rushed out of the unit, all he could see was her
body in the air, then the tumble, and the knocks
Then he hurried to her side, carried her, the look on her pale face, her body lying
softly in his arms
Some unknown sentiment fills and agitates his heart.
He pulls down his sleeping mask. Everything is dark. Time to sleep.
Jian Yao wakes up after a dreamless night to the bright sunshine coming through the
bedroom windows.
She looks at the alarm clock on Bo Jinyans bedside table. Its past midday.
She touches her left foot. The swell has subsided a bit. The bump on her forehead is
still there. She smiles and gets out of bed.
She slowly makes her way to the lounge. Bo Jinyan is sitting in the sofa in his usual
white shirt and black pants, reading newspaper.
When he hears her footsteps, he asks from behind the newspaper: Do you need to be
Jian Yao: . no.
She slowly walks towards the sofa. Theres some breakfast left on the coffee table.
She picks a piece of bread and starts eating.
No one speaks. After a long pause. Jian Yao asks: What are we doing today?
Bo Jinyan puts down his papers briefly, takes a look at her forehead and foot, and
says: Your call.
Jian Yao: ..
- Man..He has the ability to irritate people with just one sentence. Your call? Yeah, of
course. Because she has twisted her ankle. Theres nothing they can do anyway.

Chapter 42
Summer is coming to an end. Autumn colours are beginning to appear on trees.
Light and refreshing breezes comes through the window into the lounge.
Jian Yao is lying in the sun. There is not much to do.
Bo Jinyan looks very contented with reading his book. Jian Yao is sure that even if he
was the only human left in the world, but there are books for him to read, he would be
quite happy to live by himself, without missing much of the social aspects of life.
She, on the other hand, is bored. She takes out her notebook from the bag. She wants
to read through the lesson on verbal communication analysis from last night. Then
she notices the corner of a pink paper sticking out from the bag. The movie tickets.
She sighs.
She didnt expect Bo Jinyan to be able to solve this case in four hours. If it wasnt for
her injuries, they could go and watch the movie.
Jian Yao puts the tickets back in her bag. She opens the notebook and starts reading.
After she reads a few pages, she feels someone is looking at her.
She looks up. Bo Jinyan is putting his feet together, and looking thoughtfully at her.
Whats the matter? She asks.
He gives her a smile. Then he puts the book down and walks into his room, and he
closes the door.
Jian Yao has no idea what he is up to.

His smile. A typical aloof Bo Jinyans style of smile. Like he is telling her:
Woman, I know you too well. Has he come up with some new but pathetic theories
about woman again?

He opens his room door.

Bo Jinyan walks out with his hands in his pockets. Leisurely.
Jian Yao is confused.
Hes dressed in his suit. Complete with a tie, a nice white shirt and polished shoes.
Hes combed his hair nicely too. He is looking very smart in his outfit.
Jian Yao: Are you going somewhere?

Bo Jinyan gives her a glance: No. I changed into my suit to go to bed.

Jian Yao: ..

Cant he just answer her nicely for once?

She decides to ignore him and continue to read her book. It doesnt matter where he
is going. She cant tag along anyway.
But he walks over to her and she hears his voice above her head: How long are you
going to make me wait, Ms. Jian?
Jian Yao looks up. He has extended his hand out towards her. The amber cuffing on
his sleeve glints in the light.
The movie is starting soon.
Its the weekend. The cinema is packed and noisy.
Bo Jinyan hates this sort of environment. He frowns as he enters. But when he sees
the smile on Jian Yaos face.

Well, if it makes her happy, its tolerable, I suppose.

When they walk pass the candy bar, Bo Jinyan takes a look at the queue. They are
mostly young man standing in line in a narrow corridor. But their purchases are
usually popcorn, energy drinks, preserved plum etc etc all the snacks that the girls
like to eat.
It is so pathetic
He is about to enter the ticket check area when Jian Yao gives him a nudge: Go buy
some popcorn.
Bo Jinyans lips curl - Ah woman.
He is about to refuse, and comment on her poor taste when he sees her eyes, like
two sparkling jewels on her soft delicate skin.
She gently shakes his arms. Go on. She asks with a sweet soft voice.
Bo Jinyan stands still for a while. He takes out his wallet and asks: Just popcorn?
Mmm get some drinks too. I want green tea.

These so called couple boxes are reasonably sized rooms that can fit around 60
people. There are approximately thirty pink two seater sofas in them. The one Bo
Jinyan booked is in the centre of the room.
Bo Jinyan assumed couple boxes are individual rooms with just one sofa in them. He
thought there would only be the two of them there. He didnt expect to have to share
the room with so many other strangers.
Jian Yao is thrilled though. She says to him: The seats you reserved are great.
Bo Jinyan takes a look at her. Finally, a smile on his face since he entered the couple
box: Well, of course. He says.
As the lights dims, vibrant images emerge onscreen. Jian Yao is sitting on the sofa.
Besides the movie screen, she can see couples cuddling on the sofas.
The sofa is not very wide. The two of them takes up most of the space. Bo Jinyan sits
quietly beside her. They are certainly not as intimate as the other couples. Bo Jinyan
rests one arm on the back of the sofa above her shoulders.
Jian Yao is so happy that he has decided to accompany her to the movies.
Thank you. She says, with her eyes looking at the movie screen. Its to thank him
for watching a movie with her even though he might find it boring, for looking after her
last night, and for patiently leading and guiding her and walking side by side on a
journey together.
Huh? A slightly confused half hearted response in the dimmed light.
Jian Yao just smiles.
As usual, anything that is romantic cannot be sustained when it comes to Mr. Bo.
After ten minutes of the movie, he starts to get bored. The story still focuses on the
relationship between the leads.
He takes out his mobile phone and leans back: Call me when the aliens start to
Jian Yao: .alright.
Bo Jinyan reads the news, then checks his email. He is about to do a search on Google
when he hears everyone else in the room laughs.
He looks up. Its something to do with the male lead telling the female lead a joke. He
takes a look at Jian Yao. She is holding the popcorn with both of her hands, leaning
towards him. She seems to be enjoying the movie a lot.

Bo Jinyan smiles and takes out his mobile phone again, to continue with his search.
He presses the return button. He is surprised with the findings.
Instead of the criminal terminology, he accidentally typed Jian Yao because he was
looking at her.
He is distracted.
This has never happened before.
Jian Yao sees a space battleship onscreen.
She taps him in the chest: You can watch the movie now.
Yeah He is still staring at his mobile screen. With a smile.
Jian Yao subconsciously takes a glance at his screen. Even through the image is blur,
it looks kind of familiar.
What are you looking at?
Bo Jinyan doesnt try to move his body trying to block her view, but allows her to
lean closer so that she can see more clearly whats on the tiny screen.
This isJian Yao blushes.
Bo Jinyan has a bigger smile on his face.
On his mobile, is a picture of Jian Yao when she was young. Its probably from some
kids singing contest. Theres even a caption with her name on it.
A little girl is wearing a swan costume, looking very cute and innocent. She was
trying hard to stretch out her hands and feet. Theres make up on her face too. Thick
black eyeliners, two red patch of rouge on her cheeks. Its hard to tell what she actually
looks like under the layer of make up.
Jian Yao takes the mobile phone from him: I just started primary school. Back then
the teachers like decorating the kids this way.
Bo Jinyan: Mmm very enchanting.
Jian Yao laughs: what?
As she leaned over to see the picture, she was almost in his arms. She didnt notice
that her hair is resting on top of his white shirt. All he needs to do is just to move his
neck slightly - and his lips will touch her silky, shiny hair.

In a dimly lit room, a wisp of fragrance lingers. Its Jian Yao. He sniffs her hair.
Jian Yao was just curious about what he was looking at. But suddenly, a thought
enters her Bo Jinyan searched about her on the internet.
Well, perhaps he was bored. But she decides to get it clarifies so she lift up her head
and asks:Why are you searching me?
Then she freezes in her position.
As she was lifting up her head to speak to him, he was bending down to sniff her hair
(of course, Jian Yao was not aware of this). There was hardly any distance between
them to start off with, and now, they are looking into each others eyes with just
centimetres between the faces.
She can hear the rhythm of Bo Jinyans breathing. His breath seems to surround her
whole body. Those deep dark eyes, so close to her, are staring steadily at her.
She remembers their accidental kiss. Her heart is pounding. And her body is still.
Still in his arms, still just centimetres away from his face. She cant decide whether
she should move closer, or move away.
Bo Jinyan is not moving either.
Jian Yao is in his arms. They are so close to one another, their individual breaths
seems to fuse together.
He can see her face from the bright rays refracted from the screens. Her clear
sparkly eyes, her lovely nose and her pink lips. The wisp of her humid breath escapes
from her mouth into his nostrils. A distinctive floral feminine scent.
Bo Jinyan feels that deep within him, a gust of hot air is silently surging.
An imaginary bright light seems to have shined into and illuminated his mind.
He remembers the time when Jian Yaos fingers gently touched his skin, the
unusually ticklish but nice sensation. He remembers whenever he sees her, the joy that
he feels. He remembers the day when she wore the sleeveless yellow dress, the way he
looked at her delicate skin, her neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms Its the same feeling
as he has now - his hormones are raging.
He also remembers the moment he saw her fell down the stairs. The burning pain in
his chest. It is as if his heart were contracting.

That moment, all the thoughts came together at once. The pieces of the puzzle finally
put in their place.
He slightly lowers his eyes and looks at this woman.
In the dimmed room, his puckers his lips, and leans his face towards her.
Buzzzzz A rapid pulse is coming from her pocket.
Bo Jinyan is startled by the buzz. Jian Yao moves back to retrieve her phone in the
The ambiguity between them quickly dissipates.
Bo Jinyan sits silently. His eyes are fixed on her.
Jian Yaos heart was beating so fast that she thought she would collapse. It was only
a short moment but it felt like it lasted for a whole century. She doesnt know if what
just happened was only her illusion. Does Bo Jinyan really have no feelings for her? Or
can he also feel an undercurrent of passion between them?
So, when the phone rang, she instinctually leaned back.
She feels both relieved and disappointed. But she feels that she needs to clear her
head first.
She tries to remain calm. She lowers her voice and takes the incoming call: Hello?
Li Xunrans familiar voice appears on the other end: Im in B City.
Jian Yao is surprised. She smiles: Give me a moment. She turns to Bo Jinyan: I am
going outside to take a call.
The lights dies out on the screen. She cant see Bo Jinyans expression. But she can
hear a soft Yah. from him.

Jian Yao is not fully recovered yet. She walks slowly into the corridor. She takes a
deep breath.
Li Xunran hears her loud breathing and asks: Is everything ok?
Yes yes. She says with a smile: You said you are in town.
Li Xunran answers with a smile too: Yip, just landed.

Its been a long time since they caught up with one another. The last time Jian Yao
tried to call, he didnt answer his phone. Jian Yao found out from her mom later that he
was away investigating a big case, and hes not allowed to contact anyone.
Two months ago, Li Xunran gave her a call to say he is fine. Hes busy, and tired.
That was the day she started to work in the Central Police Station. Since them, both of
them were busy with their respective jobs, and they hadnt spoken to each other since.
She didnt expect him to be in B City.
Im going to be here for a few days. Theres a conference at the National Securities
Office. Tomorrow is Sunday. I am free. Make sure you don't have any other plans.
Jian Yao laughs: Yes, Dictator.
You should know me better by now. He says, I borrowed a car. I will pick you up
from your apartment tomorrow.
They chat for a while. When Jian Yao mentions she is now starting to investigate
cases, Li Xunran was very happy for her. He says boastfully: I knew I had a positive
influence on you.
When she ends the call, she realises they have chatted for more than half an hour.
Jian Yao still has a smile on her face. When she turns around, she sees a familiar tall
figure standing in the corridor, not too far from her.
Its Bo Jinyan. Jian Yao doesnt know when did he come out from the couples box.
Jian Yao walks over. Trying to look normal while she says to him: Im sorry. Its Li
Xunran. Its been a long time since we spoke, so I got a bit carried away.
He sweeps her a glance: Thats ok. Ive just been neglected for half an hour.
Jian Yao is both slightly annoyed and amused: Sorry, sorry. Lets go in.
Bo Jinyan curls his lips, and gives her his hand as a support: No. lets go.
Jian Yao wonders: Why? The alien battleship has begun its attack, right? Its the
action bits that he is after.
Bo Jinyan says slowly: I am thinking of something that is very important.
Jian Yao looks at him. He looks so serious. Perhaps its something to do with him?
She asks softly: What is it? Is there anything I can do to help?
Bo Jinyan pauses his steps. He looks at her.

I will definitely tell you, soon.


When they get back to the apartment, Jian Yao suggests that she will sleep in her own
studio tonight. Her foot is better, and it will be easy when Li Xunran comes over
tomorrow morning.
Her injuries are better, so Bo Jinyan does not insist that she stays with him anymore.
Jian Yao asks him if he wants to accompany Li Xunran for sightseeing tomorrow.
Bo Jinyan seems to be still thinking about this very important matter. He answers
grumpily: Why would I want to spend time sightseeing with him?

Jian Yao is lying in bed. She lets out a long sigh.

She still believes Bo Jinyan has no feelings for her. Perhaps at that moment, he was
perplexed about what she wanted to do.
Even when they did kiss last time well, the lips touched. he can leisurely say to
her he wont let her future boyfriend know about it.
What expectations can she have?

Stop thinking! Actually their relationship is not too bad at the moment.

She takes out the photo from her drawer. She looks at his quiet but pale face.
Bo Jinyan, will I ever get into your heart?
Bo Jinyan fell asleep quite quickly tonight. Perhaps its because something good
happened today?
Then he dreamed. A series of dreams.
In the first dream, he was a young boy. His mother was cuddling him by the river,
fishing. He cant recall what mom looks like, but he remembers her to have a warm and
gentle voice, and nice facial features.
Then it changed to after he returned to China. The first time he saw Jian Yao.

She was holding a fishing rod, sitting by the river. Beautiful, slim and gentle.
He loves eating fish, but he has no patience for fishing. Whenever his mom was
fishing, he would play around in the wood. When he returns, the basket will be full of
Although mom is no longer around, he would still cast the rod into the river and walk
off. But this time, she picked up his fishing rod, and filled it with fish.

Then, he dreamt about what happened today.

Jian Yao and him are in the cinema again. But in his dream, the movie screen only
shows the action bits. There is no boring romance scenes.
She is resting in his arms, looking up into his eyes.
He smiles, and takes out her mobile phone from her pocket. He throws it away, to the
far corner of the room, and then he bends down, and kisses her.
Her lips are as soft as he expected them to be. Her floral and sweet scent, lingering in
his mouth. His hands are holding her face, they gently kiss, and kiss, and kiss.
The slightly chaotic dream suddenly halts in his mind.
He opens his eyes. He is awake.
He switches on his bedside lamp. He sits up and looks at himself in the mirror.
Theres still the same smile that he had in his dreams.
He gets out of bed and pours himself a glass of water. There is an even bigger smile.
The dream was so real. Well, a lot of them were events that actually happened in his
life except for the kiss.
Sigmund Freud once said, the human brain has the capacity to add and subtract
things to their dreams, therefore most dreams can be quite far from reality.
But if dream and reality is closely similar to one another, there are two possibilities:
He is too tired both physically and mentally, therefore, the ability to alter his dreams
is reduced.
1. There is a strong desire that has been repressed for a long time. But now
its released.

Chapter 43
Sunday morning. Its a bright day. A layer of thin airy clouds lines the pale blue
Last night, Bo Jinyan was too excited to sleep, like he had too much energy that cant
be burnt off. Finally, he is conscious of the depth of his feelings for her. He put on
some music, and opened a bottle of red wine to celebrate. He changed into his shirt and
trousers, and sat down. Faint moonlight seeps through the window. He remembered
the wonderful times they have spent together in the past nine months, every detail.
If someone was to see his face, they would think this man looked confident, yet, calm
and mysterious at the same time. This was because he was wearing an enigmatic smile
on his face. And this smile has been on his face for hours.
But in fact.
He was extremely pleased with himself. Even though he did not realise how much he
liked Jian Yao, he had successfully attracted her to be by his side, as if he was a prophet,
and knew this would eventually happen. And he managed to keep her exclusively for
Fu Ziyu used to laugh at him for the lack of experience in this area. So what?
Obviously he is a genius in this field as well.
Now, all he needs to do is to make sure this woman only has eyes for him, and totally
commits to him.
To fall in love with him, enjoy his company, experience the best in life, indulge in
their passion, marry him, spend their days together, hug him, kiss him, travel the world
together - Paris, the Caribbean, Zurich, Istanbul, the South Pole watching Jian Yao
standing in different backdrops smiling sweetly at him must be a marvellous feeling.

Oh. Its so exciting just thinking about it. Bo Jinyan wants to run up to her
studio right now and wrap her in his arms.

Jian Yao, you are mine. Bo Jinyans lover. This identity is perfect for you.

He looks at the night lights, and enjoys his wine.

See you tomorrow, my love.

What if.
Jian Yao doesnt like him?

Sorry, perhaps it is a question that causes concern or anxiety for a normal guy, it is
not a thought that ever occurred for Mr. Bo Jinyan.
He only needs to know he likes her. He wants to get her. Thats enough.
After spending the whole night thinking about his late blossoming first love, he didnt
fall asleep until late at night.
When he opens his eyes in the morning, its past 10am.
He frowns, then takes a stretch.
His original plan is to buy her breakfast, then surprise her at her studio. Well, too
late for that. Change it to lunch then.
He calls a nice restaurant in the neighbourhood reserves a booking for two.
After shower, he carefully chooses what he will be wearing today. He even picks up a
tie with bright colours, to suit his mood.
And he even uses the skincare Jian Yao bought for him.
If she wants to savour his scent - he will be happy to oblige.
Bo Jinyan is standing in front of Jian Yaos house. He presses on the door bell.
Ding Dong-
Ding Dong-
No answer.
Then he remembers. Jian Yao said she will be going out with Li Xunran today.
But in Bo Jinyans mind, sightseeing is an activity that doesn't take very long. She will
be back soon. He thought.
He looks at the closed door. Jian Yao will not be coming back to have lunch with him.

The first time he is pursuing a girl. and he misses out.

Jian Yao is having lunch with Li Xunran and a few of his colleagues at a restaurant
that specialises in roast duck.
Li Xunran has been to B City a few times now, but its the first visit for some of his
colleagues. Jian Yao insists that she must shout them a meal, as a good host would.
She looks at the menu. The other colleagues are chatting and smoking cigarettes. Li
Xunran rests his hand on the back of her chair. She picks a few of her favourite dishes.
When a woman has someone on her mind, she is always thinking about that person.
After giving the orders to the waiter, she takes out her mobile phone and texts Bo
Remember to have some lunch.
Li Xunran picks up his cigarette, takes a look at her sitting the sun. Her gaze is gentle,
and her skin is soft and supple.
After she puts down her phone, Li Xunran quietly laughs: Who are you sending a
text to? So pre-occupied when you are spending time with me your boyfriend?
Jian Yao: No dont have one.
Her phone rings. The caller displays has Bo Jinyan on it.
Hes calling her.
Just before he received Jian Yaos text, he was watching TV.
Another documentary on criminology :)
After finishing the episode. He switched it off. He notices a takeaway box on the
coffee table. He frowns. He is not in interested in fast food.
He looks at his mobile phone.
He picks it up and walks to the window. He is just about to call Jian Yao when he sees
a new text message.

He smiles.
- Ah .she is thinking of me.
He calls her number.

I will have lunch soon. He leans his body towards the window. He looks out to the
clear blue sky, and speaks with husky voice: When are you coming back?
Jian Yao is in noisy restaurant. She cant pick the difference in his tone.
But the fact that he asked when she will be back is enough to make her smile. So she
answers sweetly: I am having roast duck with them. I might be a little late today.
Whats up?
There is no way the arrogant Bo Jinyan will confess his love for her over the phone in
such a hasty fashion. Besides theres a lot of people around her.
He is quiet for a moment. Then he says politely: Enjoy your meal.
Jian Yao: Ok. you too.
She puts down the phone and finds Li Xunran looking at her suspiciously, with a sly
She blushes. Then she pushes him: What are you smiling about..?

The plans are deferred once more. Bo Jinyan has nothing to do. He calls the central
police station to schedule the remaining work he needs to do for Huo Xiao Lus case.
Then a thought comes to his mind. He calls Fu Ziyu: Come out for dinner.
A clear and bright night in B City. People are enjoying themselves and relaxing in
bars and restaurants after a hard weeks work.
Fu Ziyu arrives at the restaurant to see Bo Jinyan sitting alone in the private dining
room. The look on his face. well, perhaps narcissism is not quite the right word to
describe it, but he is certainly in a good mood. A subtle smile radiates on his face.
Wheres Jian Yao? asks Fu Ziyu. Why is she not with you today?
Bo Jinyan simply answers: Theres no hurry.

Thats a strange answer

Fu Zuyi sits down and pours himself a glass of water. He sips a bit: Anything
happened to you recently?
Bo Jinyan looks at him. His eyes gleam.
I have fallen in love with Jian Yao.

Fu Ziyu gags, and the water in his mouths is sprayed all over the table.

Chapter 44
Bo Jinyan looks calmly at his friend whose face is red because of the gag.
It took a while for Fu Ziyu to calm down and manages to breath properly again. He
says: You finally discovered.
Bo Jinyan sweeps him a glance, his finger tapping on his trousers: Sooner.. Later
Does it matter?
Anyway, she belongs to him.
Fu Ziyu looks at his proud friend. He has always been a sore loser.
But he is still very happy for the two of them. After being in so many relationships
himself, he knows that letting their relationship progress naturally is the best way
forward. Things like match making or forcing them to date would have been a waste of
He lifts his glass: Congratulations!
Bo Jinyan lifts up his and they clink their glass together.
Thank you.
Fu Ziyu asks: How are you going to confess your love for her?
Bo Jinyan: I already have a plan.

The autumn night is brisk and cool.

When Bo Jinyan gets back to the neighbourhood, its past 8:00pm. He looks up to Jian
Yaos studio from the carpark. There is no light coming from her window.
He gives her a call.
Jian Yao is in Li Xunrans car. The others have gone back to the hostel. Li Xunran is
driving her home.
Whats up? Jian Yao smiles as she answers his call. Li Xunran is giving her a crafty
When are you coming back? Bo Jinyan asks in his rich masculine voice. I have
something to tell you,
Jian Yao looks at the road sign they are passing, and answer: Within the hour.

When a woman spends a lot of time with a man with low EQ, she will subconsciously
rub off from him. So even though Bo Jinyan said I have something to tell you. in a
gentle voice, it will be interpreted by Jian Yao as I have some new thoughts on the
case. or I am bored, come back so that I can talk to you.
Ok. Bo Jinyan smiles. I will come around to your studio later.
But Li Xunran is coming to my place too. We have plans - Jian Yao didnt get to
finish her sentence. Bo Jinyan has hung up.
Bo Jinyan looks at the row of shops on the opposite side of the street. One of them is a
flower shop. It is still open for business.
He walks over. Actually, it has just past their business hours and the shop assistant is
about to close the shop. She is happy to see a handsome man walks in. She has a big
smile on her face: Hi there. How can I help you? We have some flowers selling at half
I dont need any discount. He answers. He is standing in the middle of the shop.
His eyes are scanning through all the beautiful flowers there.
. Mmmm.. He knows nothing about flowers and flower languages.
He asks the shop assistant to tell him the meaning of all the flowers.
The shop assistant is stunned. But she is quick on her feet. She chooses about ten of
the popular types of flower (which happens to be the most expensive ones of course)
and explains to him what they represent.
When she gets to the moth orchids, the handsome man in the suit stops her: This
one please.
The shop assistant has a huge smile on her face: A good choice!
Bo Jinyan takes the bouquet. He has a smile on his face too.
The funny shaped little flowers have a beautiful meaning I love you. May happiness and blessing come to you.
It only took Jian Yao and Li Xunran half an hour to get back to her apartment.
Li Xunran wants to visit a bar in town later. So they decide to freshen up at Jian Yaos
studio first. As for Bo Jinyan. Well, she will tell him of their plans when she sees her.
Jian Yao thinks to herself.
And it will be nice to see him. She hasnt seen him for a whole day. She misses him.

Li Xunran wants to know more.

He comes out from the shower. He is wearing a white singlet, showing off his well
toned and shapely body. He takes the towel Jian Yao passes to him. He leans towards
the sofa and dries his hair: Tell me, are you a couple with Professor Bo yet? Will I be a
getting an invitation to your wedding banquet soon?
Jian Yao blushes.
They are friends since childhood, there are no secrets between them. Even though
they dont spend much time together nowadays, she knows in her heart that nothing
will change their friendship.
She doesnt hide it from him. She is just shy about it.
We havent even started. She answers. He only has room for work in his mind.
Li Xunran stops drying his hair and look at her sideways. Jian Yao looks at him. He
looks calm. Soon, a smile appears on his face. He ruffles her hair and says: I have a
feeling the two of you will be very happy together.
Its not often that he speaks such serious and sentimental words. Jian Yao is very
touched. She smiles and answers: Hope you are right.
Both of them take a seat on the sofa. Jian Yao tells Li Xunran about Bo Jinyan - the
touching moment, the sweet moment, the tired moments, the frustration of not seeing
the relationship going anywhere
She also asks if Li Xunran has a girlfriend yet. He just laughs: Im still young. And
its hard to find a woman who is hungry for love like you within the police force.
Jian Yao laughs: Hey! Stop hassling me.
At the end of the conversation, LI Xunran knows what is bothering her heart. He says
to her: You want to know if Professor Bo is interested in you? Thats easy. When he
comes afterwards, we will test him. Lets pretend theres something between us.
Perhaps he will get jealous. A conceited man like him needs a little provoking.
But to his surprise. Jian Yao shakes her head: No.
She knows Li Xunran means well. But what if he is not interested in her and doesnt
But this is not the mainreason.
She doesnt want to provoke him. She doesnt want to force him into any action. She
doesnt want him to misunderstand. She didnt want him to feel uneasy.
She just wants things to progress naturally. She doesnt mind the wait.

She wants Bo Jinyan to feel comfortable about their relationship.

Li Xunran sees the look on her face. He knows what is in her mind. He sighs: You
are too nice to him!

At this time, Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa in his apartment. He is holding the bunch
of moth orchids in his hands. Waiting.
Its a still and silent night. Stars are twinkling in the velvety black sky. For Bo Jinyan,
even the stars look brighter and nicer tonight. He notices Chen Mo is slowly crawling
out from under the sofa. As he passes by, his shiny shell reflects the light from the
Bo Jinyan lifts his brows: Come here.
When Chen Mo is at his feet, Bo Jinyan looks at the moth orchids in his hand. He
chooses the stem with the most beautiful flower on it, and threw the rest of on the sofa.

He ties the flower on Chen Mos back with a small piece of string.
Chen Mo slowly moves, the flower gently sways as he crawls forward.
Bo Jinyan smiles. There is a saying in Chinese: Train an army for a thousand days
for one day's battle.
- Chen Mo, this is your moment to shine! Today, you are helping Bo Jinyan to confess
his love, its a task that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.
He picks up the tortoise and opens the front door.
A brightly lit corridor.
Outside Jian Yaos apartment. Bo Jinyan is standing here for the second time today.
And Chen Mo is in position not far away from Jian Yaos door.
When she opens the door, he will bend down and kiss her.
Then Chen Mo will come over with the flower, and he will give it to the woman he
Good. Perfect.
Ding Dong Ding Dong

Bo Jinyan has a half smile on his face. He is resting one hand on the door frame,
looking forward to see the person who is about to appear before him.
The door gradually opens.
A man in singlets and shorts is standing in front of him. Bo Jinyan notices his tanned
and toned chest.
The smile on his face freezes.
Even though Jian Yao asked Li Xunran not to help her, Li is not really listening to
her. He says causally: Professor Bo, how are you? Yao Yao is having a shower. Would
you like to come in first?

Yao Yao? Who gave him permission to dress like that in her house? And to call
her Yao Yao?
Bo Jinyan sweeps him a glance, and walks in.
The door closes behind him. The corridor is quiet once again. The lights are still
bright, but there is no one there anymore. Except for a tortoise, with a flower tied to
his shell.
He who has a great responsibility is forgotten by his master.
After a while, Chen Mo starts crawling towards the corner. Theres a little hole there
that looks like a great resting place for a tortoise. Then he heard some footsteps. To
protect himself, Chen Mo decides to retreat back into its shell.
A tall man appears in the corridor. He is wearing a nicely ironed shirt, trousers and a
pair black leather shoes. He stands in front of Chen Mo. He chuckles, then bends down
and take the flower thats tied to Chen Mo. He puts the flower with soft purple petals in
his hand.
He is wearing a pair of disposable latex gloves. His long slender fingers crush the
flower, then crumple it and throw it into the rubbish bin that is next to him.
Then he turns around. He looks down and sees Chen Mo in his way. He does not
hesitate to kick him to the corner.
He starts humming a tune and disappears down the stairs.
Inside Jian Yaos apartment.
Jian Yao comes out from the bathroom to see Li Xunran standing by the window with
a smile on his face. And in the sofa, a tall man is sitting there in his suit.

Even though Jian Yao is aware that Bo Jinyan likes wearing his suit, but during
summer he seldom dresses so formally unless there is an important occasion.
Not only is he dressed formally, he has a very solemn look on his face.
Jian Yao asks: You said you have something to tell me. Is it related to the case? Is it
urgent? I am planning to go out with Li Xunran tonight.
Bo Jinyan is quiet for a moment.
Jian Yao is wearing a long dress. Her damp hair drapes over her shoulders. She is
looking at him with her sparkly eyes. And Li Xunran is looking at him too.
LI Xunran. Bo Jinyan remembers him. He is the competent police officer. He seems
to be a good friend of Jian Yaos. But perhaps they are more than just friends?
Otherwise, based on Jian Yaos personality, she will not let men dressed like that in her
house at this time of the night.

He takes a look at Li Xunran, then turns to look at Jian Yao, and says to them: Yao
Yaos friend is my friend. Lets all go together.

Chapter 45
It is a pleasant autumn night. The evening is cool, but comfortable. Beneath the stars
and moon, the three of them walks toward a bar situated next to the lake in the city.
Jian Yao is standing in front of the white railings by the lake. On her left is Li Xunran,
on her right, Bo Jinyan. Both of them are tall and handsome. And both of them seem to
want to walk beside her all the time so she is clipped in the middle between the two of
Actually, it is not a bad thing - her best friend, and the man she adores, both by her
side on a beautiful night.
Of course, if Li Xunran would drop that cunning smile of his, and Bo Jinyan does not
have that solemn look on his face, that would have been perfect.
A few people are holding water lanterns and walking towards the water edge. Bo
Jinyan seems to be interested in what they are doing. He follows them for a closer look.
As Bo Jinyan walks away, Jian Yao uses this opportunity to talk to Li Xunran: I told
you I dont need your help.
Li Xunran playfully hits her head and says: Dont be afraid. I know what I am doing.
Your happiness is of utmost importance to me.
Bo Jinyan walks back. He asks them: What are you chatting about?
Jian Yao is about to speak, but Li Xunran starts before her: We are chatting about
Yao Yaos love life.
Oh love life? Bo Jinyan looks at her, with an unusual smile on his face.
Li Xunran answers: A few of my colleagues are interested in her after working
together on the killer machine case. They have asked me to find out if they have a
chance. He turns to Jian Yao: So, what do you think?
Jian Yao dont know what to say. She doesnt want to make Li Xunran to look bad in
front of Bo Jinyan, so she just replies: Lets talk about this later.
Bo Jinyan raises his brows and looks sharply at her.
For a good lady, its the quality of the suitors that is important, not quantity.

Oh another opinion on love from him.

Li Xunran is not letting go of this great opportunity: Professor Bo, you are her
senior. If you know of any fine young man, you should introduce them to Jian Yao. Her
mom is quite concerned as well. She is always talking to me about it.

Jian Yao is getting more and more embarrassed. What if he says - I don't care about
pathetic matters like these?
But his response is different from what Jian Yao has expected. He smiles and says:
Fine young man? Of course I can introduce someone. He is outstanding. As long as
she wants a boyfriend. He looks at her warmly as he hints to Jian Yao.
But of course, Jian Yao misunderstands him again. She heart sinks when she heard
He wants to introduce someone else to her
She gives a faint smile: Let not talk about this anymore. I am not looking for a
boyfriend at the moment.
This statement caused Bo Jinyans smile to freeze. But again, Jian Yao is too heavy
hearted to notice.
Li Xunran looks at the both of them. The smile on his face has never left him.
They walk for a little longer and come to the entrance of a bar. The bar is situated in
the middle of an island in the lake. The setting looks very nice. Jian Yao asks: Should
we go inside?
Ok. replies Li Xunran.
Jian Yao takes a look at Bo Jinyan. She doesnt even want to smile to him.
Bo Jinyan looks like he has something on his mind too. He simply answers: If Yao
Yao wants to go, lets go there.
Jian Yao: .ok. Bo Jinyan quickly walks ahead of them. She cant help but smile.

What is the matter with him today? Yao Yao? He doesnt want to miss out
because he hears Li Xunran call her that? He is such a big kid! But he is so cute that
you cant stay mad at him for long.
The three of them take a seat.
It is an open air bar and is built on the flatten ground of the small island. The sofas
lounge area is right by the waterside. Quiet and nice. They find a nice spot that can
look out the lotus leaves clustering on the surface of the water. A relaxing atmosphere.
Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan are sitting side by side. Li Xunran takes a seat that faces
them. A waiter comes and takes their order: What would you like to drink today?
Bo Jinyan: A Margarita for me.

Li Xunran nods. Then tells the waiter: Give me a dozen beers.

The waiter asks the lady: What about you, miss? He hands over the drinks menu to
As she is about to take it.
Bo Jinyan: She will have the same as me.
Li Xunran: She will have the same as me.
Both of them speak out together.
All four of them are stunned.
Li Xunran laughs and tells Bo Jinyan: Heres something you might not be aware of.
Jian Yao can drink like a fish. A tiny glass of cocktail is nothing to her.
Jian Yao: Hey!
Its true that she has a high tolerance for alcohol. She inherited it from her father.
She hardly drinks, but its a special day today. Its not often she sees Li Xunran. So she
feels she should keep him company. So she says to the waiter: Ill have beer too.
Bo Jinyan looks at her, but he doesnt say anything.
Five minutes later.
The night is beautiful. Theres soft mellow music in the background. The breeze is
softly blowing to their faces the faint refreshing-smell from the lotus plants.
Bo Jinyan is wearing his suit, looking tall and smart in the red velvet sofas. He is
holding a glass of blue Margarita in his hand.
This is not what Bo Jinyan has in his mind. He thought the two of them (Jian Yao and
him, of course) will be sitting quietly, side by side, clinking their tall glasses together.
She will lean on him and whisper softly into his ears, while he savours her floral
feminine scent And of course, when he was designing this scene in his mind, he had
forgotten that Li Xunran is with them.
But it seems he is the one that is sitting by himself, while Jian Yao and Xunran are
chatting and drinking beer together.
Though he is not too happy, he quietly observes them. Jian Yao looks and behaves
differently today.
In the soft lighting, Jian Yao lifts her hand to tuck her hair behind her ears. He
watches her the lovely fingers holding the beer bottle, the mouth that slowly drinks
the beer. There is this tough side about her when she tries to act like one of the boys.

Bo Jinyan smiles.
There are many sides to a person. The Jian Yao beside him reminds him of the Jian
Yao who bravely hit the glass of the fish tank with a stick to stop the murderer; and the
Jian Yao that doesnt hesitate to risk her life to help the mom who almost fell down the
She is not just a little sheep, but within her, she possesses the strength of a small
She is so cute.
While Bo Jinyan is entertaining himself with thoughts, Jian Yao and Li Xunran is
talking about their childhood stories.
One of the patrons walks up to the little stage in the front. They hear him say: This
song is for my girlfriend
Everyone claps. Jian Yao puts down her bottle of beer. She looks at Li Xunran. Are
you going to go up to the stage?
Li Xunran says: If you ask nicely, Ill sing for you.
Jian Yao: Its a sincere request.
Li Xunran stands, takes a bow at her: Yes Madam! and walks up to the stage after
the song is finished.
Jian Yao leans back on the sofa. She seems to hear Bo Jinyan muffles a snort of
Is he a good singer? He asks.
Jian Yao answers: Yes, he is.
The lights dim on stage. Li Xunran is sitting on a bar stool, and tell the DJ what song
he wants to sing.
Jian Yao asks Bo Jinyan: Do you.sing?
She has never heard him sing a whole song. He whistles sometimes when he is in a
good mood.
Bo Jinyan says slowly: Why do I have to sing?
Jian Yao laughs. Perhaps. he is tone deaf.

She takes out her mobile and sends Fu Zuyi a text message: Whats Bo Jinyans
singing like?
The reply is quick: I have never heard anyone that sings more horribly than him.
Believe me. Do not try. It will be a disaster.
Jian Yao laughs out aloud.
Bo Jinyan leans over to her: What are you laughing about?
Oh, nothing. She says. Then she feels his hand over her shoulders. She can hear his
breathing in her ears. Then she hears him say: Let me see.
Jian Yao quickly puts her phone in her bag.
Music starts. Both of them look up. The handsome Li Xunran has a smile on his face.
He picks up the microphone from the stand and speaks into it: This song is dedicated
to my best friend, and her good friend. He continues To their happiness, and I hope
everyone here enjoys this song.
A handsome man always attracts attention. The whole bar cheers and claps.
Jian Yao feels very touched. He is like a big brother to her.
Another spring since we said goodbye, my memory melts like snow LI Xunran
starts singing. He does have a great voice. Everyone is impressed.
There seems to be hints of sadness in his voice. But it suits the mood of the song.
She turns around to look at Bo Jinyan. He is also listening intently. And his arm is
still around her.
Jian Yao blushes.

Perhaps its comfortable to rest his arms there. Perhaps he is just resting his arm
there like she is a piece of furniture?

Bo Jinyan picks up his glass of cocktail, and sips a mouthful.
Jian Yao has never tried a Margarita before. She asks him: Is it nice?
Why dont you try? He holds the glass to her lips.
Ok. She takes a sip.
Bo Jinyan looks at her. He smiles.
How is it? He asks slowly.

Jian Yao answers: Its quite nice. Then she sees him taking a sip too. From her
angle, his lips are touching the spot where she drank from.
Yes its nice. He says faintly.
Her heart beats faster.
Does he realises.

Surely he didnt know that would qualify as an indirect kiss. He is used to

eating food from her plate. Its already a habit of his.

She tries not to overthink the issue and concentrates on enjoying Li Xunrans song.
Bo Jinyan puts down the glass and his lips curls into a smile.
As Jian Yao correctly thought, he has no idea what an indirect kiss is. What he just
did was purely out of instinct. She drank from his cup. It seems her fragrance is left on
the part of the glass her lips touched, which matched the smell he remembered from his
dream where he was kissing her.
I am warming up. Jian Yao.

Li Xunran has finished singing. There are sounds of encore all over the bar. Li
Xunran puts down the microphone and walks back to the seat.
As he approaches, he sees the two of them leaning together. His arm causally drapes
over her shoulders. Jian Yaos cheeks are blushing and Bo Jinyan is looking at her, with
a gentle smile on his face.
It seems .
He has been made redundant.
He takes a seat. The three of them are quietly listening to patrons singing.
Bo Jinyan notices a sightseeing boat in the lake. He asks the others: Would you like a
boat ride?
The others didnt object, so Bo Jinyan stands up and tells them: Ill organise. Ill let
you know when its ready. He doesnt wait for their reply and walks off quickly.
Jian Yao looks at him disappearing around the corner. She is a little surprise.

Why is he so keen?

Perhaps he loves boats. There cant be any other explanation.

Li Xunran also stands up and tell Jian Yao: Its time for me to go.
Jian Yao is surprised again: Now?
Li Xunran says: Well, in a beautiful and romantic night like this, three is a crowd.
Bye, Jian Yao. Ill bet anything he is definitely interested in you. I can guarantee that.
What are you talking about? I wanted to spend some time with you today. Dont
go. She stands up too.
Dont follow me. says Li Xunran. Or else he wont be able to find you. I have a
whole day of seminars ahead of me tomorrow. Ill be in touch. He waves his hand and

There are lots of boats by the shore. Bo Jinyan stands at the pier and chooses the one
he likes. He walks toward the boat.
The owner of the boat is happy to see some business coming to him. He walks up to
Bo Jinyan and says: Sir, would you like to take a cruise? Ill start when we have six
passengers. Fifty dollars per person.
Bo Jinyan curls his lips: I want the boat all to myself. But.
The owner is very happy: Yes
I need to make some adjustments.
Oh says the owner.
Five minutes later.
Bo Jinyan and the owner stand in an almost empty cabin. The owner says to him: Is
this ok? There are only three chairs left in the cabin.
Bo Jinyan takes a look. He asks the owner to put two chairs side by the side and
moves the third chair to a corner far away.
How about this? asks the owner.
Bo Jinyan smiles and gives him a nod.
He then calls Jian Yao.

You can come to the pier now. He says.

Jian Yao answers: I am at the pier. Li Xunran just left. Do we still want to go ahead
with the cruise? Or should we go home?
Bo Jinyan is quiet for a moment, then he says: Thats perfect.
Jian Yao: Huh?
Just stay where you are. Ill come and get you. He turns to the owner of the boat
and tells him:You can remove that chair by the corner too. Its not necessary
Jian Yao senses that Bo Jinyan is acting very strangely today. She cant put her finger
on it, but its seems theres a purpose for following them all night. What is it? Is he
observing her and Li Xunran for some sort of behavioural research?
She continues to walk on the wooden decks of the pier. Theres a few tourists
around. She sees a few boats moored nearby. A few of the boat men are resting, some
of them shouting out to her to see if she wants to go on a cruise.
She smiles and politely declines. She keeps walking forward and looks out for Bo
Then she sees a wooden lacquered boat quietly parked by the dock.
The moon reflects on the water. Bo Jinyan is standing on the front deck of the boat.
Its like a courtship scene from a romance novel.
Bo Jinyan stands with his hands in the pockets of his trousers.
Tall, and handsome, starring at her with eyes that are gleaming.
This is like a dream.
Suddenly, Jian Yao has this feeling. He is waiting for her. He is standing there for
her. Perhaps he has feeling for her too.
But this is too good to be true. Can this be possible?
Then Bo Jinyan reaches out his hand to her. He looks into her eyes and says with his
low and magnetic voice:

This is the moment Ive been waiting for.


(Side Story - The master of love)

One day, Fu Ziyu had a fight with his girlfriend. She refuses to talk to him. Then he
has an idea. He went into the kitchen and steamed a fish. Then he carefully deboned it
for her.
He was not as skilful as BJY. It took him a long time just to get a small bowl of fish.
He looked at it. That should be enough.
He took the precious little bowl and put it before his girlfriend: Have some. You
didnt eat much for lunch today. I especially prepared it for you.
His girlfriend was still mad at him, but she was also quite touched: What are you
Fu Ziyu followed BJYs example and said: Cant you tell? I am coaxing/pampering
Her girlfriend laughs. She takes the bowl and says impressively: Thats so sweet.
You know how to pamper a girl. What a master!
Fu Ziyu answers modestly: Oh, I just learnt the trick from my friend.
His girlfriend is surprised: Who is this friend of yours? He is a genius.
Fu Ziyu thinks of his good friend, who is recently attached, and he answers: He is a
strange man. His love EQ is zero. He never gets the hints the girls are trying to give
him. But I reckon he is a natural lover. Even before they started dating, his girlfriend
will start blushing at his unintentional comments or actions. ha ha He starts
Whats so funny? asks his girlfriend.
Oh, Im just happy for Jian Yao.
At the same time, BJY and Jyao are huddling together as they walking down a tree
lined path together. Suddenly, he sneezes.
Jyao looks at him: Are you cold?
Its a cool autumn day. She is wearing his jacket. He only has a shirt on. He must be
BJY sweeps her a look: Its more important that you are not feeling cold.
- Oh so sweet. so sweet.

But she needs to point out an important fact: But I have my own jacket in the bag.
I can take it out. Then you wont be cold either.
No! Insists BJY.
I like to see you wrapped in my jacket.
She blushes.
When they get inside the apartment, BJY sits on the sofa. Jyao goes to the bathroom
to wash her hands. When she returns, she sees him looking thoughtfully at her.
What is it?
I want my jacket back.
Ok. She takes off his jacket and passes it to him.
BJY smiles Well, you must be cold now that you dont have a jacket anymore. I have
a great idea to keep you warm
He changes to a lower, deeper and inviting tone: Come, sit on my lap.
She is still blushing.

Chapter 46
The windy road lined with bars and nightclubs. Music blasting from these nightlife
establishments fill the streets. The noise and the humid air from the lake add
annoyance to an already irritated mind.
LI Xunran walks until he cant see Jyao and BJY anymore. He looks at the dark and
lonely sky and gives a long sigh.
He did not take a taxi back to his hostel. Instead he chooses a bar that has a lively
atmosphere. He walks up to the counter and orders another dozen beers, and sits by
himself. It doesnt take long for a single lady to spot him and walk up to him. She offers
him her phone number by stuffing a note into his shirt pocket. He laughs, retrieves the
note and passes it back to the lady.
Are you alone? A man who is also sitting by himself asks him.
Yes. They clink bottles and drink.

I wish you happiness, Jyao. Cheers.

On a still lake.
Jyao is sitting on a wooden chair. She is looking out to the night lights. She is quite
distracted as BJY is sitting beside her, with his arm around the back of her chair again.
The atmosphere was charged with excitement as their passion rose within them.
You said earlier you are not looking for a boyfriend? BJY asks.
Jyao does not expect him to bring this up. She doesnt understand what he is trying
to say. She turns around to face the window, with her back to him, and answers: I
dont need you to introduce someone else to me.
She hears some wood scratching noise. BJY has moved his chair so he can be closer to
her. Even though she has her back to him, she can feel him coming closer as the
warmth of his body is transferred to her.
This man.
Why is he coming closer?
Who says I am introducing someone else to you? He whispers in his deep low voice.
She is slightly stunned, she turns around.

But because they are so close to each other, as she turns, their cheeks rub each other.
Jyao freezes.
He leans further in. There is hardly any gap between the faces. The tip of their noses
are touching. His arms move and wrap around her to pull her toward his chest.
They feel the heat rising. Her cheeks and neck flaring hot.
This is just like what happened at the cinema the same ambiguity.
But this time, she can see his face, his thick black hair, his adams apple, his hands,
and those electrifying eyes.
What does he want?
This atmosphereburns. Jyao subconsciously leans back.
But theres a hand behind the back of her head, holding it in place, not allowing it to
move away.
Jyaos heart is racing. She hears him say: What are you afraid of? He smiles: Dont
you want to kiss me?
That moment, Jyao is so shocked that she cant think clearly. Her throat is also
feeling a little dry.
What about you. you want to kiss me?
After she speaks these words, her heart pounds like a drum inside her. She lowers
her eyelids. She dares not to look at him. She feels the tip of his finger lifting her chin.
His breathing is even closer now, she can feel the warmth just above the tip of her
Yes. His voice is a little coarse. Very much so.
She inhaled a deep breath. Her hands tightly gripes the armrests of the wooden
His soft cold lips touch hers.

Its quiet on the lake. Theres a faint sound of music coming from the shore, and the
sound of a wood oar paddling through the water. BJY is leaning on top of Jyao. One
hand cups the back of her head, while the other cradles her face, locking her in his arms.
His lips gently covering hers, licking, sucking She breathes in his unique masculine

Jyao is shivering. Her heart seems to have stopped beating. Her chest is tightening.
She stiffens. But the sensation from the lips confusing but great at the same time. Its
gentle, mystical, dazzling She lightly gasps. She opens her eyes. She sees a calm and
focused BJY, with his eyes closed. She closes her eyes too. She relaxes and allows him to
access the warmth of her mouth.
He is kissing her.
How does the kiss feel like to him? She wonders.
A womans scent, as sweet as he has imagined in his dreams. Actually, its better than
what hes imagined. When they lips touched, he feels like he is licking honey He
doesnt want to let go of her. When her nose tip touches his face, and her lashes
brushes over his cheeks Oh its so ticklish, but pleasant.
This kiss is different from what he expected.
He thought he would kiss like a gentleman - gently, softly.. that would be a perfect
kiss. But after awhile, he felt he wanted morea more in-depth kiss. He instinctively
uses his tongue to swipe across the opening of her lips. She opens her mouth. He can
feel her shivering even more as he slides his tongue inside her mouth and tangles with
hers. her breathing becomes heavier. She releases her hand from gripping the
armrest to rest gently on his chest. He is stirred by her responsiveness to his kiss.
Theres a pleasure he has never felt before in his life. He wraps his hands around
the back of her waist and deepens his kiss. Even he is starting to gasp for air
After a long time, he finally lets go of her, concluding their real first kiss.
A passionate french kiss.
Jyaos face is burning. Her dreamy eyes are gleaming like the stars.
BJYshand is still cradling her around her shoulders. He looks at her. Even his face,
which is usually pale, has a touch of red on his cheeks.
Thats was great. Dont you think? He says in a low voice.
Jyaos face couldnt get any redder than this. But her heart is filled with joy. She asks
softly: Why did you kiss me?
BJY: Whats wrong with kissing my girlfriend?
Jyaos lips curl into a smile: When did I agree to be your girlfriend?
BJY looks at her. The hand that is resting on her shoulder starts to twirl and play
with her hair.
Then you can think about it now.

Neither of them speaks for a while. Then he says: Jyao. I like you. No matter which
angle you look from, we are a perfect match. In the past, weve obviously positioned
our relationship incorrectly.
Then he continues in his low voice: We are attracted to each other. We suit each
other. I dont think you need to even think about it. Our kiss, it says it all. You, and
me. We have feelings for each other. I want you, Jyao, as my woman, my lover.
Jyao is speechless. He said he likes her!
He also said they have incorrectly positioned their relationship - what utter rubbish!
Only HE had the wrong idea.
And, he wants her???
The cabin is quiet other than the sound of the water beneath them. Jyao leans into
his arms. After a while, he turns to look at her: So, whats your decision?
Jyao tries not to laugh: Its just been a few minutes.
He sweeps her a look: Ok, take your time. Then he points at his face with his finger:
Kiss me. I initiated the kiss earlier. Now its your turn.
Jyao laughs: .what? Thats BJYs logic for you.
He stops urging. But he doesnt move. He is waiting. Jyaos heart is beating faster
again. She leans over and kisses him softy on his cheeks.
He turns around and looks straight into her eyes.
That was perfect! He mutters.
Before she has time to respond, he tightens his arms to pull her even closer towards
him. Not giving her a chance to object, he kisses her again.

By the time they leave the boat, her lips are a little swollen.
So is his. A twenty two year woman and a twenty six years old man, acting like
teenagers that experience love for the first time.
The streets are still filled with people having a good time at the bars and nightclubs.
BJY has his arm around her waist. They are walking to the carpark together.
He is in a fantastic mood. Everything seems to be beautiful and lovely. Even when
the carpark warden greeted BJY, he did something hes never done before. He

As they leave the nightlife district, theres less cars on the road. They drive through
the city lights.
BJY has his hand on the steeling wheel. He cant stop smiling. Jyao is sitting beside
him. Her heart is filled with a happiness that she cant even start to describe.
Perhaps its because they kissed too much? Both of them are feeling thirsty. Jyao
takes out a bottle of mineral water on the side. She drinks a few mouthful and is about
to put the lid back on. BJY reaches his hands out to take it from her.
Jyao tells him: Theres another bottle. Do you want me to get it for you?
BJY smiles at her: I am drinking yours. He starts drinking.

Oh, this man.

He is so natural with actions like these its so sweet that its almost reached the
point of being sickening But she loves it.
After driving for a while, he turns to look at her.
Yao Yao, do you want me? He asks.
Jyao just about chokes on the mouthful of water she is sipping.
Though his choice of word is suggestive, she is sure the word want means belong
to in this context.
She coughs and then answers softly: You are already my boyfriend.
- After that passionate kiss, you are still asking if I want you?
BJY pauses for a while and says: I mean my body.
Jyao coughs more. This time, her face is red too.
No not now. she answers immediately.
- Come on, the thought has never crossed her mind.
But then she thought about her answer. Not now? Why didnt she simply say no?
They stop at the traffic lights. He looks on to the road ahead. Then he says: It will be
very beautiful.
It took a while for Jyao to understand what he was referring to.
Her face burns again.

This guy
She used to think to herself. If one day, he decides to like her too, she will probably
have to initiate a lot of things in the relationship, since his love EQ is so low. He has no
experiences with relating to girls. But she is willing to guide him. Step by step, they will
create a future today. Because, even though she has not been in a relationship before
either, she is the one with the higher EQ.
But perhaps she is wrong.
After the awakening, even though his EQ is still lacking he is a man with no
shame! And his narcissistic personality means he will just ask for what he wants,
when he wants it. So, he is already thinking about
All this while, she has been quietly waiting for him to respond. Carefully, they will
build their relationship slowly. One step at a time.
But the response she is getting seems very different from her expectations. She is
like a little rabbit who is hopping into a wolfs den, ready to be devoured!
No. It cant be this way!

They are back at the apartment block. They stand in front of BJYs front door.
Jyao: Im going back. Goodnight.
BJY smiles. His arm is still around her waist: I will send you up.
Jyao is still thinking about his want statement. She stiffens a bit. But hes already
pressed the button for the elevator.
That should be fine. Jyao thinks to herself. I wont allow anything to happen tonight.
Not possible!
They are standing outside Jyaos door. And Chen Mo is there, cuddled up in the
Jyao asks curiously: Chen Mo? Why are you here?
BJY looks at the empty shell. The flower is gone. Anyone could have taken it. Kids,
the cleaner, security Oh well, never mind, hes got the woman.
Jyao is about to pick him up. BJY stops her: Just leave him here. I will bring him
down afterwards.
Jyao: Well, at least, take him with us.

BJY gives her a glance: Do you liked to be watched by a tortoise while you are
kissing your boyfriend?
So, he intends to kiss her again when they get inside?
She unlocks the door with her key, and says to him at the same time: Its getting
late. You should get going. We have to go to the station tomorrow.
Theres a click sound. BJY pushes the door open and walks in.
Jyao follows behind. She closes the door.
Jyao left a side lamp on. It is not a very bright light, helps to create a lovely ambiance.

He takes off his jacket, then turns around to look at her.

She feels a bit uneasy and walks to the kitchenette: Would you like some water? she
He has walked up to her. She turns around. He puts his hands on her shoulders. He
looks at her with a smile.
Before she has time to think, he has pushed her all the way to her bed.
What are you doing? She puts her hand in front of his chest to block him from
coming any closer. But before she knows it, she is pushed onto the bed, with him lying
on top of her.
His lips are always covering hers, he replies fuzzily: Kiss you, of course. Now, close
your eyes.
This kiss is even more passionate than the ones on the boat. Jyao feels his weight on
top of hers. She is feeling breathless. One of his hands gliding over her hair, the other
holding one of her hands. He deepens the kiss
Both of their breathing quickens. BJY s lips have left her face, its moving down the
curves of her neckline downwards. He is just following his primitive instincts.
Jyao never felt this way before. the tinkling sensation. She feels like she is melting
under his lips
Suddenly, she feels coolness in her chest. She looks down. Hes left her neck. His
hand is unbuttoning her shirt, and his mouth is resting on her soft plump skin
Jyao pushes him away: Stop! Not there.

BJY lifts up his head. His face is red. He looks at her. Then she sees him licking his
lips, as if he wants more. But he decides to let go of her.
They sit side by side on the bed. Though the long kiss is over, the atmosphere is still
hot and steamy. Jyao carefully buttons up her top, pulls her clothes and uses her fingers
to brush her messy hair. Then BJY takes her hand and places it inside his.
He slips his hand around her waist and holds her. He looks at her. His voice is still
coarse: To reciprocate the favour dont you want to kiss my neck?
Jyaos heart starts pounding again.
Why is it so hard to resist him?
She puts her hands on his shoulder. Then she leans over and gently presses her lips
on his neck. His scent wafting around her and into her nostrils. His hands gently
caressing her cheeks, her hair, her ears.
After a while, she looks up. They stare into each other eyes.
You are so sexy He says softly.
Jyaos face is burning with embarrassment.
He leans over to kiss her again. She pushes him away with whatever strength is left
inside her: You should go.

Reluctantly, BJY returns to his apartment. The first day of invasion stops at the neck.
Jyao lies in bed. His masculine smell lingers in her studio. She covers her face with
the duvet.
What is she going to do? She is crazy about him, but he is moving so fast. How many
times will she be able to stop his advancements?

BJY puts Chen Mo to the corner. He takes a shower, then goes to bed.
At night, he dreamt again. In his dream, Jyao didnt stop him when he was kissing her
breast. Then the passion continued
Suddenly, BJY wakes up. He sits on the bed for a few seconds. He changes the bed
linen and his pyjamas. He throws them into the washing machine. Then he goes back
to bed.

Chapter 47
Monday morning. Fu Ziyu is holding his cup of coffee, sitting in his office. The first
thing he does is to give Bo Jinyan a call.
How was it? He laughs: Was it successful?
Bo Jinyan answers lazily on the other end: She is very happy with me. He is
standing in front of the mirror, putting on his tie.
Fu Ziyu laughs. Even though this is what he has expected, he cant stand BJYs
Lets celebrate tonight. Says Fu Ziyu.
After he hangs up. Fu Ziyu calls Jian Yao to congratulate her.
It was too late last night. Jian Yao didnt notice the love bites he left on her neck. She
is examining at them in the mirror when he called. Thanks. If its not for your
encouragement, we might not be together.
They chat for a while. She asks: What made Bo Jinyan decide to confess yesterday?
She smiles as she asks the question.
FJY recalls the answer Bo Jinyan gave him when he asked the exact same question.
Its because he suddenly realised you are special to him. And he has strong desires
for you.
Jian Yao blushes in the morning sun.
. I can tell. She mutters.
What? Fu Ziyu didnt hear her.
Jian Yao refuses to repeat: O, nothing.
Jian Yao comes down to his apartment as usual. After two knocks. Bo Jinyan quickly
opens the door. He has a big smile on his face.
Good morning. Jian Yao says.
Bo Jinyan looks down at her: Good morning, my dear.

She is stunned by the term of endearment. He continues with his plan, which is to
bend down and give her a morning kissFrench style.
After the short kiss, he moves his lips away. His bright black eyes look gently at her.
He says with his low husky voice: Well continue tonight?
Jian Yao blushes.
This man.
She changes the subject: Lets go. We have lots on today.
Mmm.. He rests his hands inside the pockets of his trousers.
You can cling to my arms when we are walking together.
She obliges and put her arm around his.
He looks satisfied. She cant help laughing
- He likes to cling on to me when he walks.
Actually, she likes it too.
The first day of work after they become lovers.
Nothing much changes. As Bo Jinyan starts to work, he returns to the Bo Jinyan she is
familiar with - quiet, focused, a little unruly. He still forgets to eat, or to talk to her. So
naturally, theres no kissing either.
But for her, its different. What happened last night keeps distracting her from
But she is glad that he is acting normally. That when they are working, he would
keep a professional distance.
However, when the bell rings for lunchtime, something is different from usual.
She sees a pair of eyes, looking hungrily at her.

Oh the bell broke his concentration for work. Suddenly, his mind is freed up to
think of other things.
Then Bo Jinyan puts down what he is doing. He walks over to Jian Yao and kissed
her. After a very long kiss, he smiles and goes back to work.

Mmmm. so its not because he doesnt want to kiss her. He is just too focused on his
work and forgets the world around him. But once hes stopped working, he comes
immediately to soothe his desires.

Twilight. Fu Ziyu arrives at the restaurant.

He asks the waitress: Have my friends arrived yet?
The waitress shows him to the private dining room. She blushes as she tells him:
They have arrived for a while now.
Fu Ziyu was puzzling about her strange reaction. But once he opened the door to the
room, it all made sense. Inside the dimly lit room. A couple is sitting at the sofa. The
man has his head lowered down. He is kissing the girl in the pretty long dress.
Even though he has had many girlfriends himself, seeing how focused these two are
in their kiss, he feels a little embarrassed on their behalf.
And it is too hard to imagine. Bo Jinyan kissing a girl!
He gives a small laugh, then walks over to them.
When Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao hear someone has entered the room, they lift their heads
together. Jian Yaos face is red with embarrassment. She wants to push Bo Jinyan
away. Bo Jinyan just takes a glance at Fu Ziyu, nods at him and turns his attention back
to Jian Yao: Ziyu can do the ordering. Lets continue.
Jian Yao pushes harder to break away from him. She picks up her glass of juice.
This man.a professor by day, an animal by night. When he wants to kiss, he doesnt
care who is there with them.
Bo Jinyan starts chatting with Fu Ziyu. But he is still holding her hand. He is
squeezing her hands playfully.
In the middle of the meal, Bo Jinyan decides to go to the toilet. Fu Ziyu looks at Jian
Yao. She thought he is about to hassle her. But he gives a sigh, and says to her: This is
great. I thought he would die a lonely old man. Thanks for loving him.
Jian Yao is touched. She says:Surely not. You mentioned before that lots of girls are
interested in him.
Fu Ziyu answers: But love is a two way thing. Its not easy to win his heart. He
rests his chin on his hand: Beware, Jian Yao. Once hes serious about you, hes
committed for life.

Jian Yao answers: Thats too far in the future. They just started. And not to forget,
his love EQ is low.
.Ill prove it to you. he says with a very sure tone.
After Bo Jinyan comes back. Fu Ziyu says in a very causal tone: You will only accept
a perfect ring as a wedding ring for Jian Yao.
Jian Yao is drinking tea. She is observing his reactions. Bo Jinyan answers without
thinking: Of course.
Fu Ziyu continues: Choosing the stone, getting it polished, deciding on a designer,
find the right craftman You will need at least a few months. Remember that.
Bo Jinyan thinks for a while. He looks at Jian Yao She is the most fussy woman Ive
ever met. I should allow twelve months. Then he lifts his brows: Oh should make a
start on it now.
Fu Ziyu: Sure.
Jian Yao: .

Falling in love has the same effect to a person whether they are sixteen or twenty six.
No matter how old you are, you just want to spend as much time as you can with the
other person. Even if the two of you are just sitting together, doing nothing.
Its 8:00pm. The golden hours in the evening. Jian Yao didnt even ask. She knew he
would follow her to her studio. As she steps into the elevator, he holds her hand.
If I remember correctly.. he says You should move in with me today.
Jian Yao is confused: When did I say that?
Bo Jinyan pauses and reminds her: Well, you said when you have a boyfriend, you
will be living with him, spending time with him 24/7 That is what she said before.
It was meant to be an excuse to reject his offer for moving in with him previously.
Now he is using it to his advantage.
She bits her lower lip. He continues to say to her: Attention. I am your boyfriend.
We have a great relationship. I fit all your requirements
Ok. She says softly, holding his hand and swaying it: I will move my stuff down
He tightens his grip on her hand.

One hour later.
Bo Jinyan is holding her luggage, walking in front. She follows leisurely behind.
She remembers what he said in the restaurant. He has already made up his mind to
marry her. She is so touched.
But of course, it also shows how arrogant he is. But she didnt want to fight with him.
Because if she says But when did I decide to marry you? , he might well decide to
propose to her tonight. What if that happens? So its much easier not to bring up the
She knows that he is not a man who will plan for these things way in advance. Its
just that Fu Ziyu mentioned about it, and he speaks out his views on it.
At least she knows that he is serious about the relationship. That he cares a lot about
And whether they will get more intimate? She thought it has nothing to do with
moving in together. Bo Jinyan is a gentleman. He will respect her decisions. So
whether it will happen or not, its entirely up to her.

But Jian Yao doesnt know men well enough. And she doesnt know herself well
enough either. She forgets that sometimes emotions and passion can bury logic and self
Theres still lots of time after they move her belongings downstairs. He sits down on
the sofa and turns on the TV. Time for another documentary.
Now that this is also her home, she takes away the remote and says: Lets watch
something else for a change. She changes to the drama channel.
Bo Jinyan frowns and says: Thats torture.
Jian Yao replies: Its entertainment. She continues to change channels to see what
interests her. Bo Jinyan is trying to stop her. But when he lowers his head, she lifts her
head at the same time. Pulling his sleeves, she says to him: You work on those cases all
day. Your brain will need to rest too. Dont just watch documentaries on criminology.
She speaks softly to him. Her slender fingers touch the fabric when she pulls his sleeve.
So he says to her: I am not interested. But if you kiss me every five minutes, I will
accompany you to do even the most boring thing in the world.

After they finish, its past 11:00pm.
Jian Yao is sitting in his lap. He is kissing her. cheeks, neck, ears, hand Every time
he finishes, he will demand her to kiss him on the same spots.
Amidst the rosy cheeks, heavy breathing, and loving gazes, he tries to seduce her
again: Sleep in my room tonight? he says it his coarse husky voice.
Jian Yao quickly jumps off him: No, I am going to bed now.

She is lying on bed. Jian Yao has the duvet over her head. she can still hear whats
happening outside. His footsteps. Noise of opening and closing doors. Then its the
sound of water coming out from a tap.
He is taking a bath in the lounge.
He really doesnt care, does he?
She doesnt want to hear the sound but theres no way of shutting them out. Then
her phone rings.
Its Jian Xuan.
She is spending her summer holidays at home. She will return to school after Midautumn festival.
Jian Yao smiles and answers the call. After chatting for awhile, Jian Yao senses
theres something on her sisters mind.
What it is? She says her sister.
Jian Xuan pauses. Then she asks Jian Yao: Did Li Xunran confess his love to you?

"What?" says Jian Yao.

Chapter 48
There is an endless crowd in the vast airport departure hall, and broadcast updates
for the passengers every few minutes. This place is like the rest of B City: prosperous,
busy and surrounded by strangers.
Li Xunran lights a cigarette in the smoking room. He takes out his mobile phone.
Its a photo of Jian Yao which he took a few days ago. She was smiling brightly in the
sun. And he was standing behind her, with one hand on the railings and the other over
her shoulder.
He gives a small laugh. He puts out his cigarette and stands up.
As he opens the door of the smoking room, he sees her. Jian Yao. Their eyes meet.
She smiles at him, like she normally would, warm and gentle.
Li Xunran feels like someone has poked his heart with small knife as he sees the
After a moment, he walks up to her. He smiles: Why are you here?
This time, Jian Yao voice has a little sadness in it: You dont plan to say goodbye
before you leave?
Li Xunran is quiet. Behind them, people are hurrying past to get the departure gates.
Both of them smiles at the same time. Li Xunran reaches out to pull Jian Yao into his
arms. Jian Yao rests her hands on his back. He has a comfortable and broad chest, with
a faint smell of sweat.
Even though Li Xunran is three years older than Jian Yao. Jian Yao has never called
him Ge.
(NOTE from TB: just in case you are not familiar Ge which means brother - a term the
chinese uses for people in the same generation as them but older. Its a term used
amongst friends and acquaintances as well as family)
Li Xunan is Li Xunran. When she needs him, he is always there. He is always
encouraging her - You can do this. It is not that difficult. Yes, thats more like it. Well
Nothing more needs to be said. Her most important friend. Someone she never
wants to lose.
Li Xunran cradles her in his arms. His hands feel her soft waist, her floral fragrance
in his nose. He tightens his grip, then lets her go.
How did you come into the departure lounge? Its restricted area. He asks.

She holds up her police identity card: Thats quite handy. Now I know how you feel
to have a pass that gives you access everywhere.
Li Xunran laughs. He puts his hand on her shoulders: Go. I need to board the plane.
Mmm Jian Yao laughs too. She walks with him. They are at the start of the
corridor that leads to the departure gate.
Your new boyfriend is not with you today? He asks.
No, he is at home.

There are many kinds of love. Li Xunrans love to Jian Yao is in between friends and
From young, they hang out together. As Jian Yao was growing up, a lot of boys were
interested in her. They wanted to go after her, but they were blocked by Li Xunran.
Others used to say to him: Hey, you are only protecting her so that you can have her all
to yourself. He used to say to them: Thats my sister. I am not going to let her get into
a relationship in her teens. Its too young.
But is she only a sister to him? At least for eighteen year old Li Xunran, thats what
he thought. Then a year later, he finished his last year of secondary school. He got into
the Police academy. He needed to leave town. On his last day at home, he went to her
At the entrance of their house, he heard Jian Xuan crying: Sis, are you really ok with
Li Xunran leaving?
At the time, Jian Yao was fifteen. Jian Xuan was twelve. Li Xunran overhead their
Of course not. I will miss him so much.Jian Yao says: Actually, I want to go to the
Police Academy too.
Li Xunran felt like something was pricking his heart.
Jian Yao was a strong girl. He seldom saw her in tears. She must really like her
Xunran Ge.
That night, Li Xunran made up his mind. He wanted to tell her that he will wait for
her. He will wait for her to grow up. When she is eighteen, he will be her first
boyfriend. When he steps into their house for the second time though, he overheard
another conversation. This time, its between his mom, and her mom.
You wont let Jian Yao go to the police academy? Li Xunrans mom asked. Actually
its pretty safe to be policemen nowadays. Times are different.

Jian Yaos mom shook her head: I dont. And I will be frank to you. I dont want my
daughter to find a boyfriend who is a policeman either. I dont want her to keep
remembering what happened. She is still young. I dont want her to carry the burden
for the rest of her life.
Li Xunrans mom pads her back: I understand. Dont worry. Xunran is like a brother
to her. Both of them are good kids. We are very lucky.

Li Xunran had one girl friend when he was attending university. But she didnt want
to live in a small town. When Li Xunran returned to his hometown to work, they broke
Last winter, he met Jian Yao again. He was very happy to see her. Then Jian Yao
became Bo Jinyan s assistant. He felt a hint of jealousy.
But he didnt persist. He was sure he would get over it.
They were good friends. They lived in different cities. Her mom didnt approve of a
policeman boyfriend. And most importantly, she was not interested in him.
Until two months ago. He was badly injured while investigating a case. Stabbed by
one of the criminal several times.
People say you see visions before you die. At the verge of death, he remembered
seeing a flash of white light. Then blood speared all over a dull and confused world.
He saw his parents. He was in his police uniform. They were smiling, hugging as a
Then he saw a room, full of blood.
A room that is decorated in 1990s, with a twenty inch LED TV. The sofa was the old
fashioned type that had springs in them. There were a few people lying on the ground.
A lot of people were in the room. Many of them, crying. As he entered the room, he
stepped into a pool of blood.
Then he heard someone say:
All dead, except for two kids.
The younger one is carried outside. But the older one refuses to leave. She is
clinging on to Lao Jian (Jian Senior).
She saw everything.
Xunran? How did you get in here? Bring both of the kids out.

Then someone put a little girl next to him. She had blood all over her.
He looked down. His little face was pale. Her eyes were wide open. She was not
crying. She was not making a sound. She used her little arms to hug him. He hugged
her back.
They hugged each other for the next few days. They refused to let go. They slept
together at night.
That year. He was ten. She was seven.
He thought, that he only had a crush on her. That it would eventually pass. But until
he reached the point where he almost died, did he realise he had given everything
within him to her. His love for her flowed like a quiet stream, one that had never
stopped flowing for as long as he knew her.

Jian Xuan was home. She often visited him in the hospital. One day she picked up his
mobile phone: Its a missed call from sis. She sent you a text. Are you not going to reply
to her?
He smiled: No, if she knows about this, she will drop everything she is doing and
come back immediately. She just started her new job.
Jian Xuan looked at him. She keeps quiet.
But Li Xunran was well aware of the real reason. He didnt want her to see him in
pain. It would be too heartbreaking for her. He is a man. A police. If he has to sacrifice
his life for justice, so be it. But he did not want to see the woman he loves to shed a tear
for him.
He was seven years late in his confession. When he was well, he would go and find

At the departure gate. Most of the travellers have boarded the plane.
Li Xunran turns to looks at Jian Yao. He didnt say much, just ruffles her hair with a
Jian Yao laughs too: I will come back to visit you during Chinese New Year.
Moments of quiet.

Then he calls her softly: Jian Yao.

Huh Jian Yao answers
Look who is here. He points to her back.
Jian Yao thought No way She turns around, but there are only faces of strangers.
There is no sight of the arrogant man.
She turns back to face Li Xunran. Suddenly a shadow covers her face. The next thing
she knows, his lips are pressing on hers.
His hand wraps around her waist. His tongue going straight into her mouth. She
tries to move her tongue away from his, but he is determined to chase after her. His
kiss is hard and deep, like he wants to swallow her mouth and tongue.
Jian Yao tries to push him away. But before long, he lets go of her. They keep a safe
distance between them. His face seems to be blushing too. His lips still wet from the
Jian Yao looks at him. She doesnt know what to say.
He laughs and touches his lip with his hand.
Just this once. He says slowly. To make my trip worthwhile.
Jian Yao feels heaviness in her heart.
He has a big smile on his face. Ok, I am going. Remember, you said youd visit this
winter. He turns around walks to the gate.
Xunran! Jian Yao shouts out.
He pauses his steps.
Have a good trip. Send me a text when you get home.
He doesnt look back. He waves to her and says his farewell in a warm voice:
Goodbye, Jian Yao.
Goodbye, the girl that I didnt know Ive loved for so many years.

Jian Yao drove Bo Jinyan s Grand Cherokee to the airport today. When she left the
carpark, its past 8:00pm.
The corners of her eyes starts to get wet. She lets down the windows of the car. The
autumns breeze comes through. After a while, the tears are dried off.

When she gets back into the apartment. The TV is on, but there is no one in the
She takes off her shoes to change into house slippers. A sweet buttery smell is
coming from the kitchen.
She walks into the kitchen and finds Bo Jinyan with a black apron over his shirt and
trousers. He is wearing a pair of mittens, standing proudly in front of the kitchen table.

A combination of cool & chic, and warmth & family. Two images that dont usually
fit together. Its a strangely comforting sight. He takes a look at her and turns to the
Jian Yao walks to him: What are you doing?
He is wearing mittens, so he cant hug her. He leans over to give her a peck on the
As you are out saying goodbye to your secret admirer, your boyfriend is at home
making cookies for you.
She is stunned.
After work today, she told him she is going to the airport to send Li Xunran off. Bo
Jinyan just say to her: Ok, lets go. Then she corrected him: I am going, by myself.
She thought he would be upset with her. But he simply said: Be careful. Dont come
home too late.
Jian Yao didnt tell him about Li Xunrans feelings for her. She thought Bo Jinyan
dont really care about Li Xunran.

So he knows about it. Well, of course he would.

He is a psychologist. Just because he is slow with his own emotions doesn't mean he
doesnt have feelings. In fact, since he met Jian Yao on day one, he quite liked her. But
he thought that thelike feeling was similar to what he had for FZY - friendship. until
he realised how much he wanted to have her all to himself.

Once he realised it is love (between a man and a woman), he was able to see that Li
Xunran had the same micro-expressions on his face as himself when he was with Jian

When he heard that Jian Yao wanted to send Li Xunran off by herself, he was not
entirely happy. But he is a gentleman and he knew he had to respect Jian Yao and give
her the space she needed.
So.. he baked cookies for her instead.
Because, she made a passing comment before about a particular cookie recipe that
she likes very much.
Their eyes meet. His gentle gaze melts away any remaining heaviness in her heart.
She wraps her hands around his waist: Thank you. My hardworking boyfriend.
Since they are together, this is the first time she has initiated a hug (although its only
been three days, Bo Jinyan feels they have been together for a long time). His lips curls
into a smile: You dont have much strength.
Squeeze harder, woman!

But Bo Jinyan does not like to be interrupted when he is in action. This applies to
baking too. After a while, he makes Jian Yao waits for him outside.
When the cookies are ready, he tried the first one. He is happy with it.
A plate of his cookies, some red wine, and a red rose. He carries the tray into the
lounge but no one is there. She is standing in the balcony. She turns around to look at
him. She has light a candle and placed it on the balcony table. She looks beautiful under
the candlelight.
- Oh. she is so romantic.
Bo Jinyan puts down the biscuits and give her a kiss.
Can we chat? She asks
I want to tell you about my childhood.

The Bo Jinyan that is focusing on the kiss pauses. Then he locks his hand tightly
around her waist: A good decision. he says to her.

Chapter 49
When you love a person, you want to share your deepest secrets with him.
On a peaceful night. Even the stars are ready for bed, shimmering in the horizon.
Jian Yao curls up like a cat on the sofa. She is resting her head on Bo Jinyan s chest. She
says: Actually, I cant remember much about what happened to dad, or even what he
looks like.
Bo Jinyan nods: Thats the usual memory capacity for a normal person.
Jian Yao laughs. She beats his chest lightly. Even as a listener, he is serious and
I was seven then. she said. Her eyes are looking into a blank space. Dad was
involved in a murder case with a gang leader. The man had many followers.
Ah.. Bo Jinyan s hand plays with the hair behind her ears: Continue.
That day, dad brought me and Xiao Xuan to my grandfathers house. Its grandpas
birthday. Mom had to work late in the factory. Her voice is turning coarse. We were
having so much fun. I remembered grandma and grandpa were cooking dinner. Jian
Xuan was very young then. She was sleeping in the room. Dad was playing with me.
Then, those men came.
Jian Yaos tightens her grip on Bo Jinyan s hand. Bo Jinyan looks at her with his deep
black eyes.
They call themselves the axe gang, because their choice of weapon is axes. Jian Yao
lets out a breath, Actually, they are all boys between twelve to twenty years old. They
ran away quickly after the incident. All of them were caught and served time in prison
after that.
After she finishes, she keeps quiet and leans more into his arms.
And Bo Jinyan .
He sees her head digging into his chest. His heart has a burst of warmth and pity for
her: Oh she confides and trusts in him. Her man.
Listening and sharing are important aspects of any relationship, just like physical
After drafting a response in his mind, he says to Jian Yao: I am glad you share your
past with me. Actually, I already know about this a long time ago. But it has a different
significance to hear it from you. This means that the love and trust you have for me has
reached a deeper level. Of course, I am the same.

Jian Yao smiles in his arms.

He continues: You have handled the tragic incident very well. I am very proud of
Tears form in the corners of her eyes. She knows his response will be different from
the usual dont be sad. Types statements. But he is proud of her?
A simple statement, like the most beautiful music notes, has made an impact in her
She pauses for a while, then she says: Theres more.
Bo Jinyan raises his brows. He looks at her.
I was not in the room. I was in the lounge. She says slowly. I was playing hide and
seek with dad. He locked me in the cupboard, and pushed a sofa over to cover it. I
could see whats going on. They had the music up. No one heard my screaming and
yelling. When I was rescued, dad was still alive. I held on to him, until he breathed his
last breath.
Why did she decide to tell Bo Jinyan about it tonight?
Perhaps after saying goodbye to Li Xunran reminded her of her past.
Perhaps she has finally found a person whom she can share, without reservations,
her deepest and most painful memories.
Because he understands. He understands how she would have felt, more than
anyone else.
From now on, he is the closest person to her.
Bo Jinyan looks solemn. He stares at her for a few seconds, then he kisses her.
This evening, he embraced her while he listened quietly, and of course making sure
his side of the promise was met - a kiss every now and then. When they first started,
Jian Yao didnt pay too much attention. Later, she realised that he strictly followed the
time limit - once five minutes was reached, he would pause the conversation and ask for
a kiss.
She asks him if there are any interesting things he did at university that he wants to
share with her. He frowns and replies: Nothing in particular.
Jian Yao: .. ok.
She is feeling tired. Its getting late.

She stands ups from the sofa: I am going to bed now.

Bo Jinyan looks at her. He also stands up. The two of them goes back through the
lounge to get to their respective rooms.
Jian Yao says before she walks into her room: Good night.
Bo Jinyan gently kisses her forehead: Good night. Sweet dreams.

But she didnt really have sweet dreams. Instead, she finds it hard to fall asleep.
Perhaps her heart is feeling a little empty after recalling the events from her childhood.
She looks out the windows. Stars dimly lines the dark sky. She sighs.
Then she thinks about Bo Jinyan . These few nights, after a lot of cuddling and
kissing, he will ask for more.
The first day. He asks: Do you want my body?
The second day. He says: Sleep in my room tonight?
But tonight. He seemed to have forgotten about this. He simply said goodnight to
Jian Yao laughs.

In Bo Jinyan s room.
He is wearing his black pyjamas, lying straight (in the healthy sleep posture) on the
bed. But he is not asleep yet.
He has seen things far worse than Jian Yaos experience. A lot more cruel and bloody,
including his own past.
But when he thinks about his woman had once been through hell, and remembers
her tears, he feels agitated.
After lying in bed for an hour or so, he gets out of bed, and takes out a key. He walks
out of his room.
Men like him dont even consider whether its appropriate to go into a womans
bedroom in the middle of the night, without her permission.
He only knows he really wants to be with this woman now. And she is just a wall
away. So, why not?

Jian Yao is still awake. She hears his footsteps.

Bo Jinyan is awake too? What is he trying to do in the middle of the night?
Then she hears the sound of the door being unlocked. He quietly walks into her
room, and closes the door behind him.
Jian Yao is not nervous. She knows Bo Jinyan will not do anything to her that is
against her will. The room is dark. She half open her eyes to see what he wants to do
He walks up to the bed. Jian Yao quickly closes her eyes to pretend she is asleep.
Then she feels her hand is lifted up by him. A warm moist touch - he kisses her hand.
Jian Yaos heart skips a beat. He gently puts her hand back on bed.
Sometimes, a small kiss on the back of the hand means more to woman than a long
passionate kiss.
That is because its not about lust - just admiration.
Jian Yao wants to laugh, but she refrains. After a while, she senses theres no more
movement. She thought he is going to leave the room. But the right hand side of her
bed sinks in.
She is stunned. He lied down on her bed?
His masculine scent is coming towards her. The coolness of the fabric of his black
pyjamas brushes past her nose. Then, theres weight on top of her waist. He is resting
his hand there.
She tries hard not to move. He is obviously not that tired. Soon, his hand is twirling
her hair. But he is only doing it gently and carefully, just in case he wakes her up.
This guy.
Jian Yao cant stand it anymore. She opens her eyes. Her pupils are bright even in the
dark room.
Their eyes meet. He is a little stunned. Then he smiles.
You cant sleep either. he sounds pleased.
Jian Yao laughs. He is facing her, which means he is lying down sideways. She says to
him: Oh, an unhealthy sleep posture.
Bo Jinyan examines his pose. Thats true. He didnt even notice that. As someone
that despises her sleeping position he has broken the golden rule.

He looks at her for a while: So?

She answers: So.. what?
How are you going to compensate me?
Once the voice stops, his kiss lands on her mouth.
A deep kiss. His hands cupping her cheeks. He kisses her until she starts to gasp for
Then he looks at her.
Jian Yao looks at him too. He is like a beautiful sculpture, whose existence is for the
sole purpose of staring at her.
Heat is rising quickly in this room. At least, thats how the two of them feel. Its like
something is fermenting in the air. Her heart is pounding like never before. The
emptiness she felt earlier is completely filled and soothed by this kiss. His mouth, his
every touch, like a magnet, is attracting her to want more.
She wraps her arms around his neck. And at the same time, he moves on top of her.
Their hands lock together. His lips press on her again.
--------After the sharing, both of their hearts are unsettled, they both feel the suppressed
desires slowly releasing.
He starts at the mouth, then he hovers on her cheeks. Soon he moves down to her
neck. Jian Yao mind is not thinking whether this is or is not appropriate anymore. She
just wants to be close to him. Tonight feels different to the past two nights. An urge
that was hiding somewhere deep within their body have surfaced. A fire has been
Dangerous, but terribly tempting. Perhaps she is not sure what she is getting herself
Jian Yao is wearing a pyjamas set. Bo Jinyan s hand is feeling the curves of her body
thats underneath the thin layer of fabric. Then, he reaches ups gradually and grabs a
handful of her full and plump flesh.
Oh He uses his fingers to squeeze it gently. His mouth lets out a moan.
Its the first time someone has touched her like this. Jian Yao grabs on to his pyjamas.
She buries her face in his chest.
Without thinking, Bo Jinyan is unbuttoning her pyjamas top.
She cries out: Dont

For the first time, Bo Jinyan ignores her plead. He lowers his head and bites her.
That is a strange sensation. An itch that starts dispersing to the rest of her body from
the top of her head. In the dark, she can see his short black hair. His head buried in her
chest. She feels like she is suffocating.
fantastic! He mutters.
(TB: In the original text, thats exactly what he said - Fantastic- in English)
Jian Yao covers her face with her hands: Can you please dont comment.
They bodies are rubbing against each other. He holds her with his pair of large
hands. Amidst the gentle bites and kisses, she feels something hard is against her body.

This is making her feel very shy, and a little fearful of what will happen next.
Suddenly, Bo Jinyan lets go of her and sits up.
She looks at him.
He quickly takes off his clothes and lies down on top of her again.
Jian Yao puts a hand on his chest to stop him: You took off your clothes for what?
Bo Jinyan is also stunned.
He took off his clothes because subconsciously, he was feeling very hot. Theres a
tight feeling inside him that makes him want to explode. So he took off his clothes.
He pauses for a second and thinks about the situation.
Jian Yao, lets do it.
She is lying underneath him. Goosebumps rises on her bare skin thats exposed in the
air. She makes a fist. She looks at him in the dark. His naked body.
In this moment, time has stopped for the both of them. The atmosphere is hot and
inviting. They look quietly at each other. He is waiting for her answer.
In a soft and slightly coarse voice, she whispers: Please be gentle.
Bo Jinyan has a big grin on his face: Thank you.
His body covers her. Only this time, while their tongues tangle, his hand slides
underneath her pants.

Her whole body tenses up as he touches her leg.

Then, she hears his voice in her ears: I need to make one correction.
HuhEven her voice is shivering.
If I am too gentle, you will not be aroused.
She feels defeated. She just wants to hide in his arms: Please just dont speak.
He straightens his body again. He reaches out for the light switch: I need to turn on
the lights.
No! Jian Yao is blocking his hand.
Why? Dont you want to look at my body?
Thats not it. She said. Her face is red like a tomato. I am shy. Well have the lights
on next time. Ok?
Bo Jinyan hesitates: Ok.
Jian Yao is relieved, until she hears him say: I can wear my night vision glasses. Then
well both get what we want.
No! You are not allowed to. She holds on to his shoulders to stop him from getting
out of bed.
Bo Jinyan looks at her in the dark. Then he laughs.
Why are you so shy?
Before he gets an answer, he leans down again. Tenderly and gently, he glides his
hands down her neck and below. He takes her pyjamas top off and starts kissing her
back, inch by inch, while his hand continues to move down her body.
Every cell in Bo Jinyan is crying out to him to get to the main act. But he restrains
himself. He knows the woman in his lap is accepting his advances because she loves
him very much. But she is very shy and tense. As a gentleman, he should put her
feelings before his. And human biology tells us sufficient foreplay is necessary to help a
lady get excited. He wants her to have a good and memorial first experience. So he
patiently waits and enduring the burning desires in him, kissing her over and over
In hindsight, Bo Jinyan regretted the delay. Based on experiences he accumulated
after that night, he realised that Jian Yaos body would have been ready for him midway
through their foreplay. But since he lack experience at the time, he dragged it out for
too long, which led to the delay of their first night.

Its late in the night.

Jian Yaos perfect naked body is finally before him. Bo Jinyan takes a breathe. He is
ready to reach out to her.
---------Suddenly the phone rings.
Both of them pauses.
Jian Yao was in a dreamy state while Bo Jinyan was all over her. She is awaken by
the call. She reaches out to the bedside cabinet.
Leave it. Bo Jinyan is trying to grab her hands.
Jian Yao: . This is a special ringtone I set for incoming calls from the Police Station.
Bo Jinyan gives a big sigh.
He reaches out and takes the phone: I am Bo Jinyan.
The team leader is a little taken back. He calls Jian Yaos number but Bo Jinyan
answers the phone in the middle of the night?
But he had more important issue at hand than to speculate what is happening over
their end: A family is murdered in the Daxin district. The crime scene is gruesome, and
very strange. Its hard to explain over the phone. Please come over immediately.

Chapter 50
Historically, there are a lot of cunning and cruel criminals that managed to escape the
raid, yet exposed their identity under the least expected circumstances. For example,
Ted Bundy, the American serial killer was arrested after he failed to pull over for a
routine traffic stop. In China, Yang Xinhai was stopped by police check points in an
entertainment venue.
Now, in front of Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao is a valuable clue thats obtained in a similar
After lunch. A quiet conference room.
A few technicians from the Ministry of Public Security are analysing data they
collected from the arsonists house. One of the senior technicians explains: Three of
the five arsonists had computers at home. We noticed that all of them have been
hacked a few days before the fires. All the data inside were wiped off by a virus sent by
the hacker. Not only were the computers, but the servers in the areas were attacked
Bo Jinyan stands behind them. His long fingers taps the desk: So, the internet cafes
that are close to the two other arsonists houses were hacked too? He says coldly:
Internet. This is the quickest way to source his victims.
Jian Yao says: They are born all in the 70s. People from this generation are usually
technically proficient. She turns to Bo Jinyan: We should add this to the profile:
frequent users of the internet chat rooms and discussion forums. Its common for these
middle aged men, who are not successful in their careers, to spend a lot of time online.
You are right. The senior technician is impressed with her analysis: And we have a
bonus. The data in one of the computers was not completely wiped off.
The last arsonist, who is also the oldest of the five arsonists, is in better financial
shape compared with the others. The old computer he normally used was at the repair
shop. What the hacker wiped was his sons laptop.
We traced the data back to an online discussion forum. According to the company
that runs the forum, their server was hacked around the same period as well. But their
firewall managed to block the hacker. So we managed to retrieve the information that
belonged to all five arsonists. The results show that all of them had frequent contact
with a particular ID account. The senior technician turned to a young man: Anam,
please show Professor Bo.
Anam looks like he is in his early twenties. He wears a pair of glasses with a thin
golden frame. He turns the monitors towards them: The name of the ID account is
Ching Tian Gu Chi* It uses an overseas proxy login, with a number of firewalls around
it. We are currently using a few different algorithms to crack his location.
(* literal translation: the solitary notes/accounts of the clear sky)

This is not a speciality of Bo Jinyan, he takes a look at Anam: How long till we get the
Anam: Approximately three minutes.
Bo Jinyan has a satisfied smile on his face. He pulls a chair over to sit next to Anam.
The others take a seat too. Everyone is waiting anxiously.
Ching Tian Gu Chi Bo Jinyan mocks: What a narcissistic name.
Suddenly, all three computers flashes and turns into a blue screen! Rows of data fills
the screen, then there is an error message. The original program is nowhere to be seen
What happened? asks the senior technician.
Anam frowns and looks at the machine. They try typing on the keyboards but the
computers are not responding.
Bo Jinyan says coldly: Are we.. being attacked instead? Jian Yaos heart tightens.
She taps his shoulder to remind him not to be too harsh to Anam.
The senior technician says to Anam: Deal with this immediately. If we lose this clue,
we will be at a dead end.
Anam, who has been silent since the computer started to play up, speaks calmly: His
safety system uses the best technology he can get his hands on in the US.
Everyone starts to worry, but then he continues faintly: But its not the best in the
world. Then his fingers start typing on the keyboard at a quick speed.
In a few seconds, his screen flashes again, and rows of calculations re-appear on
The technicians are relieved. Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan looks at Anam. His hand is on
the mouse. They hear around 10 clicks, then another set of numbers appear on screen.
He turns to look at Bo Jinyan. His glasses reflect the lights from the computer screens:
Ive got his address - didnt take more than 3 minutes.
Everyone is surprised. The senior technician taps Anams shoulders. He passes the
information to the officers waiting outside.
Bo Jinyan stands up. He takes a glance at Anam: The security system for the
discussion forum. Is it designed by you?
Anam has no expressions on his face. He closes his laptop screen: A small job I took
on while studying in university.

Bo Jinyan doesnt say anything more. He walks out of the conference room. Jian Yao
looks at him. Then she looks at the young man, Anam. Then she walks out after Bo
Half an hour later. On a plane.
The address Anam identified is a villa in a seaside city. The special team in charge of
this case is taking the first available flight there. They have informed the local police to
work with them.
The plane is travelling through a clear blue sky. Bo Jinyan has his sleep mask on. He
adjusts his seat so that he can lean back more comfortably. His handsome face glowing
from the rays coming through the cabin window. He is holding Jian Yaos hand. His
thumb gently rubbing the back of her hands.
Even in the midst of stressfulness and hard times, love brings a sense of peace to the
situation. When he is by your side, you heart is settled. Even if you are in a dangerous
place, you feel that together, you can face it with ease.
Anam is a genius too. Jian Yao says softly.
When they were in the conference room. It was like watching two masters at work.
Jian Yao is glad to have another genius working with them in the team.
Bo Jinyan faintly repeats an important word: Too?
Jian Yao laughs: Yes. Like you.
Bo Jinyan looks disdainfully at Jian Yao: Criminal psychology is an art. Mathematical
calculation is a skill. How can you compare the two?
Jian Yao:
Man, can this man be more arrogant?
Then he says again: Of course, he is one of the best amongst his field. He should be
very pleased to be working with me.
Jian Yao asks: Why is that?
Because I can help him maximise his value and live to his full potential. He says:
Why shouldnt he be happy?
Jian Yao: ..
There are a lot of empty seats in the plane cabin. Some of the others within the
special team comes over to discuss the cases with Bo Jinyan.

Jian Yao looks at Anam. He is sitting quietly by himself in a window seat a few rows
behind them. He is reading something on his mobile phone. Looks like he has no
intention of joining the discussion.
Mmmm so is this what happens when two geniuses meet? They simply ignore each

The private beach looks lovely in the setting sun. A golden sheen covers the sand. A
cool sea breeze is blowing.
Several police cars are driving along the coastal highway. From afar, one can see a
black and white villa. It has a contemporary design, at the waters edge. There are a
few police car in front of the property - the local police who arrived ahead of them.
Its a new dwelling. Theres no registered owner yet. says one of the officers. But
to be able to build a villa like this, the person must be very rich.
When Bo Jinyans police car arrives the car parking area of the villa, they see a person
they dont expect to see.
Yin Ziqi.
She is wearing a causal pair of cream colour track pants. Her hair is tied up to a poly
tail. There are few people standing behind her. They dont look pleased either. Jian
Yao recognises them. They are her assistant, secretary and two bodyguards.
Welcome to K city. Lets keep this brief. One of the local police is addressing the
special team: The owner of this villa is Lin Yi Yang, the deputy general manager of Feng
Kai Group. The lady over there is Ms. Yin Ziqi. She is his fiancee. When we arrived, she
is already at the villa.
Jian Yao is shocked. Bo Jinyan walks overs to her.
When Yin Ziqi sees him, a concoction of emotions arises: surprise, joy, dependence,
confusion, shock ......
Jinyan. Whats the matter? She grabs hold of his shirt: Whats happened to Yi
Bo Jinyan asks her coldly: Why are you here?
A few days ago, Yi Yang said he will be here to go sailing. I am here on business. I
thought Id join him. He said he will be back today.
Bo Jinyan is quiet for a moment: I think you might need to prepare yourself. He may
never return.

Yin Ziqis face turns pale. Jian Yao is very quiet too.
He is right. Whether its Lin Yi Yang is or is not the person behind the arson cases, he
might never come back.
This is an unexpected turn of events. Yin Ziqis finance is involved in this case?
Is he someone close to them?
Yin Ziqis heart is very troubled.
They have been together for five years. Their relationship has been very steady.
Both of them regard each other as their future partner for marriage. It is very hard to
accept Bo Jinyans words.
She is not ignorant. She knows that Bo Jinyan only gets involved with big cases. She
asks as streams of tear start to flow down her face: So. Yi Yang is murdered?
Bo Jinyan asks the police to leave first, then he answers: We are not sure. Perhaps
he is the killer.
Yin Ziqi cant believe what she is hearing: What did you say?
Bo Jinyan is looking at her without any expression on his face. Jian Yao suddenly
understands why he said that - he wanted to observe Yin Ziqis reaction. He wants to
know if she is hiding anything.
From what Jian Yao can tell, she doesnt know anything about the case.
Bo Jinyan has obviously reached a conclusion. He softens his voice and says to his
sister: Dont be sad. I know you are a strong woman. I will find him for you. Dead or
alive, I will bring him back.
What was intended to be words of comfort by Bo Jinyan is just making Yin Ziqi feel
worse. Jian Yao steps forward to console her: Perhaps the situation is not as bad as we
think. Dont worry. Just leave everything to Jinyan.
Yin Ziqi does not reply to Jian Yao. She takes out a packet of tissue. After wiping her
tears, she turns to ask Bo Jinyan again: Tell me, what has happened?
Bo Jinyan: I dont have time to explain. The other police officers will fill you in the
details. I just need you to answer a question now.
Yin Ziqi nods.
Bo Jinyan looks at her and says in a clear and slow voice: Flower Cannibal No.2
kissed you. And you have spent a lot of time with Lin Yin Yang. Tell me. Do you notice
anything strange about your fiance? Do they have any similarities?

Yin Ziqi is shock to hear what Bo Jinyan is suggesting: Thats impossible. How could
Are you sure? Bo Jinyan interrupts her: Is there anything, no matter how small it
seems, that you find unusual about him?
No! This time, its Yin Ziqi that is cutting him off mid-sentence.
Jinyan. Sure. We are both very busy people. I dont know everything about him.
But you said it. The Flower Cannibal kissed me before. Would I confuse his kiss with
my fiances kiss?

This is a typical rich mans villa. Luxurious, refined and elegant. Especially the
bedroom, and study, full of touches that reveals the masculinity of its owner. In the
middle of the bedroom hangs a large artist self portrait - half body, shirtless, muscular,
and with a smile on his handsome face.
Inside the study, Anam connects his laptop onto the computer. Other officers are
busy looking around for clues and evidence.
Bo Jinyan stands in front of a window. He puts up the blinds and looks at the ocean
that stretches out to the horizon. Jian Yao walks up and ask him softly: Do you think
its him?
Bo Jinyan puts down the blinds. He looks at her: I don't plan to make a conclusion
now. But he does fit all the criteria we set for him.
Jian Yao thought about that earlier too - He is close to Yin Ziqi, wealthy, capable of
doing what he would have done But from another angle, he is a normal rich kid with
a good qualification and high IQ. Who knows if he is hiding something underneath his
charming appearance?
But Jian Yao shakes her hand: I dont think Lin Yi Yang is him.
Bo Jinyan lifts his brows: Why? My female detective?
Jian Yao chuckles. Then she says in a serious voice: Yin Ziqi is right. If he is Lin Yin
Yang, she would know when he kissed her.
Bo Jinyan looks quietly at her, then gives a laugh: What an interesting view. From a
kiss? Unless he has a very distinct bad breath, I dont think its easy to confuse Yin Ziqi
by changing his kissing style.
Jian Yao: But I still think.
Ok. Lets test it out. He says. He steps forward, grabs her waist and lower his head
to kiss her.

A hot and wet scent quickly fills her mouth. But this kiss is different from his usual
His usual kisses start off gentle. He likes to linger for a long time. When he gets
passionate, he will suck and lick her, it can be rich, deep and intense, but he is always
very patient, and warm toward her.
But now, his hand is squeezing her chin. its so tight that she is feeling a little painful.
His tongue invading greedily, sweeping around the inside of her lips. He even bites her
tongue, till its painful and numb. Its like hes changed to a different person. Powerful,
and cruel.
After a while, he lets go of her. Their lips are still wet from the kiss. Her lips are still
burning from this short but fiery kiss.
I dont like this style of kissing. And I dont think you enjoyed it either. He said:
But we have proved a point. Kisses can be used as a disguise.
Jian Yao is just catching her breath back. Then she remembers There is someone else in the room!
Even though the kiss is an experiment, but its still awkward that others would watch
them. She turns her head. Surely enough, Anam stands in the other side of the room.
He has a surprised look on his face. When their eyes meet, he looks down again to the
Jian Yao blushes. Then she turns to Bo Jinyan and asks: This style. Did you learn it
from a book?
Bo Jinyan: Theres no need to. I just imagined myself as a ruthless criminal.
Jian Yao smiles: But you are wrong.
Bo Jinyan frowns at her words.
Jian Yao grabs hold of his shirt and pulls him towards her. She says quietly in his
ears: Whenever you kiss me, you have a habit. At the end of the kiss, your tongue will
always curl at the tips, then lick mine from bottom to top. Its a subconscious trick you
do every time.
Bo Jinyan is stunned, then he looks down at her.
He thinks for a while, then he smiles: Ok, you have successfully convinced me. Yin
Ziqi and Lin Yi Yang have been lovers for years. They would be very familiar with each
others, and Yin Ziqi is a sharp and observant woman. Based on this, she should be able
to tell if those two men are the same person.
Jian Yao nods. Its a relieve to hear that he agrees. The last thing she wants to see is
that people she knows are involved in the case.

But then, he says: Its not a good enough reason to eliminate the possibility that Lin
Yi Yang is him yet.
Jian Yao is puzzled: Why? But didnt he just admit.
Bo Jinyan has a faint smile: You have left out a possibility - Split personality.
She thinks about what she has read in the books about split personalities. Its like
two people living in one body. They can have completely different likings, characters,
and of course personality. So kissing habits and styles can be completely different too.
So its back to square one again. The truth seems to be hiding behind layers upon
layers of fog, and they cant see where they are going.

Some of the other special team members walk in. They ask Anam: Any new
Anam: His motherboard and hard drive is destroyed. I am trying to recover some of
the data Suddenly he stops and looks at the computer screen.
Everyone looks at him.
He tells everyone: We have a set of numbers.
On the black screen, theres a few rows of numbers in red. Blood red. And its
arranged in a pattern very familiar to Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao 135 / 329
25100 /16
Anam enters the numbers into another analysing programme. Jian Yao turns to looks
at Bo Jinyan.
The room is very quiet. No one moves.
Jian Yao has a bad feeling about what will happen.
Then Bo Jinyans face changed when he saw words starting to appear on the screen.
The others in the team dont know about the codes Bo Jinyan received earlier, or
anything about the Flower Cannibal. Anam reads out the words on screen: Say Hello to
He looks ups: Who is Jenny?

Chapter 51
Officers and residents fill the tiny Hongyun Village. The officers are listening to Bo
Jinyans briefing. The residences are standing near the crime scene, discussing amongst
Bo Jinyan takes off his jacket. He stands on front of the crowd, like he is about to
present an academic paper. He takes a quick look at the crowd and starts:
The suspect is a male, between the age of 25-35, thin.
The officers are impressed. This matches the opinions from the forensic team. The
forensic team also said that the killer is between 165 to 175cm.
He may look like he suffers from malnutrition. He is dirty, probably has not had a
shower or bath for days. You should be able to identify him from a crowd quite easily.
He is a history of mental illness, even possibly been diagnosed to have paranoid
schizophrenia and delusions. In the past year, he would have stayed at a mental
institution. You should match your DNA samples with hospital records first.
Education level: Junior or senior high school. He doesn't have a job. He might be
doing contract work or is dependant on family or the state for financial assistance. He
most probably lives alone. But there is a small possibility that he lives with other family
members. He is withdrawn, with not much contact with the neighbours. But the
neighbours should recognise him because of his strange behaviours.
He doesnt drive. And since theres no traces of any bicycle tracks or other vehicles
tracks, he probably walked here. So he lives quite close to this village. His house is very
messy, probably full of rubbish. Thats all. You should leave now.
His speech is fast and concise. He almost finished the whole briefing in one breath.
All the officers are stunned.
Jian Yao is used to seeing him in work mode. After hearing the briefing, she knows
its not going to take long for the killer to arrested. And in her mind, a picture of what
the killer looks like begins to form - like a tramp you might occasionally see on a street;
dirty, with messy hair; mental unstable, might looks a little scary, may even flash his
body in front of strangers.
Even though Bo Jinyan asked the officers to leave now, nobody is moving.
Why? Some officers are asking.
There is no time to explain! Bo Jinyan interrupts them. He is most likely
wandering nearby, or has gone home to sleep. We must catch him before he kills again.
My assistant will email you a more detailed report soon. Now, go!

Suddenly everyone sense the urgency of the matter. They quickly leave.
Bo Jinyan turns to says to Jian Yao: Back to the car.
They are inside the car, separated with the noise and action outside by the thick
tinted glass windows.
Jian Yao has her notebook ready.
After the briefing, Bo Jinyan is not as hurried as he was before. He leans back and
picks up a bottle of water. He opens the lids and drinks some. Then he passes it to Jian
Yao: Here, have some.
Jian Yao realises then, that her throat is very dry too. She let Bo Jinyan hold the
bottle for her and drinks a few mouthfuls.
Bo Jinyan has a smile on her face. When she has finished drinking the water, he
throws the bottle to the back of the car: Can you handle the report yourself?
Jian Yao: . not yet.
Bo Jinyan looks at her, and says: I am still feeling uncomfortable.
His sudden swap from professor to her man mode. Jian Yao blushes and laughs at
the same time.
She gently holds his hand: I have some thoughts, but I am not entirely certain.
Please help me out .
He is obviously less grumpy now: Its a simple case.
Jian Yao keeps quiet. She waits for him to continue. Besides, my boyfriend. Its for
your own good. Something to distract you from your uncomfortableness.
Today, todays lesson is: Criminal psychology is not always a logical deduction.
Details are important, of course, but if you can grasp the big picture, it will help speed
up the investigation. Criminal psychology is an art, not science. When we can link their
unusual behaviours with their characteristics/personalities, then we can successfully
profile them.
These clues might be buried in a seemingly complicated crime scene. And what you
need to do is to discover them. I wrote a thesis on this in 2010, published in the annual
report of the Federal Association for Behavior Analysis. He looks at her: If you need it,
I can give you my original copy.
Jian Yao smiles: Oh, thanks.
- Of course she will be happy to keep it. Its monument of his wisdom.

For example. In the killer machine case, what behaviours best reveal the killers
psychological characteristics?
Jian Yao: . cutting up the bodies?
Bo Jinyan gives a small smile: Correct!
Jian Yao remembers what Bo Jinyan said before: the desires of his heart will be
written on the bodies After finding the bodies, they realised the killer did not
torture or harm them in any other ways. Therefore cutting the body helped them to
sketch the picture of a serial killer dreamed of being a killer, hiding amongst the
crowds, preying
What about Huo Xiao Lu? Bo Jinyan asks.
A lot of elements in the case comes to her mind: successfully slitting her throat with
just one try, the multiple stab wounds, the love triangle
Dont contemplate for too long. He says: What is the first thing that comes to your
Jealousy. Jian Yao quickly says: the deep wounds on the victims face. Thats the
distinctive element, which led them to profile the killer as a girl that is emotional
unstable, rather than a boy in need of money.
Bo Jinyans long finger is tapping on the bottle of mineral water, making tonk
sounds. She notices his hand actions. He must be in a better mood now.
He looks at her: You should thank me. See, you have become wiser.
Jian Yao tries hard not to laugh. She squeezes his hand: Please continue.
He looks down at her hand squeezing his, he says slowly: For this case, whats the
distinguished elements?
Jian Yao answers: Mmm Chaos, brutality.
Bo Jinyan lifts up his head to look at her: See, its not a hard question at all.
He lifts his brows and starts composing his written report:
The more appropriate phrases for describing the crime scene is: No logic,
uncontrollable desires.
I mentioned in the killer machine case. Psychopaths can be divided into two types:
organised and unorganised. Sung Yu belongs to the former - carefully planned, fixed
way of luring and killing his victims. But this killer - messy crime scene, no logic.. from
the evidence, he probably ate the leftover food and changed his clothes. He didnt not
consider if he would be exposed. Even a primary school kid knows its important to

wipe off the fingerprints. So whether he knew this family or not, whether they had
some arguments between them or not, he is a typical unorganised psychopath.
Murderers like him usually has mental illness. I said he is thin and suffer from
malnutrition because most longterm mental patients dont have a good appetite. And
studies show that those who are thin are more likely to develop schizophrenia.
These people are exposed to mental pressure for a long period of time. They dont
care about their appearance and tidiness.
Aged between 25-35 years old. This point, I have mentioned before during the killer
machine case. Their illness is developed during adolescence. Theres a gestation period
of around ten years before it gets to this stage. He is not any older as he would have
done other crimes by now due to the development of his mental state. This is the first
time this area encounters these type of cases, which means this is his first killing.
Because of his mental capabilities, the chances of him getting into university is very
low. He cant stay at a job, and of course, wont be able to find a girlfriend easily.
Driving is a dangerous activity for him. Besides, the neighbour did not hear any
automobile sounds. He walked to the house. Because he has lost his ability to organise,
and is living in a state of fantasy, he will not consider the danger of crime. There is no
planning, his killing is a spontaneous decision. And I believe he lives nearby.
Lastly. The physical abuse. Beheading the owner, and inflicting injury on his wifes
private parts, is a sign of releasing his desires and suppressions. We do not know
currently what he is fantasising about, but I think it is to do with revenge and sexual
It is hard to digest all the things he said in a short period of time. And he is speaking
very quickly today. Why is this?
Thats great. It is still important to give him some praise.
Bo Jinyan smiles.
- Huh.. of course.
Male likes to display their strength in front of female. Peacocks arch into magnificent
fans, high school boys will play a better basketball game when the girls are watching
And Mr.Bo Jinyan feels the need to show off his superior abilities in criminal
psychology to make up for the criticism he received regarding his bedroom skill.
Seeing that she is still stunned, Bo Jinyan taps her and says: What are you waiting
for? Write it down for the police.
Jian Yao: Theres too much information in one go. Speak slowly. I didnt get all of it
just now. Then she adds: Next time, can you please slow down as you speak.

Bo Jinyan:

Jian Yao completes the report and passes it to one of the officers.
She is standing next to wall in the courtyard. A staff is taking out a black bag with
one of the bodies in it.
Even though she was keeping calm just now, she was controlling herself to focus and
calm down. Now that all the work has been done, there is space in her mind. The
gruesome scenes reappeared in her mind. Suddenly, she feels there is a nauseating
feeling in her chest.
She bents over and starts vomiting.
Most of the people have left the crime scene by now. One can still hear the footsteps
and voices of a few officers nearby.
The position of where she is standing faces a forest. She thought she saw a black
shadow going past. Its dark. The leaves rustle as the wind blows. She looks more
closely, but it seems there is nothing.
She remembers Bo Jinyans words. The killer may be nearby. Suddenly she tenses
up. Chills are running down her spines.
What are you afraid of? A familiar voice from her back: Vomit. It will make you
feel better.
Such a condesending tone.
Suddenly, she feels fine. The fear and the sick feeling is gone. She rinses her mouth
with water, then she turns round and look at him: I am ok now.
Bo Jinyan nods. They walk back to the car together. Jian Yao asks: When you were
working for the FBI, did you throw up?
She remembers Fu Ziyu told her that when Bo Jinyan first started working with the
FBI, he did.
Bo Jinyan pauses and answers: The first time.
Then he frowns and adds: That morning, I had some fish that was not fresh. It took
me a whole day to get over it.
Jian Yao: Oh.
So, its nothing to do with the case? This man is born to work in this field.

They get back into the car.

What are we doing next? Jian Yao asks.
Bo Jinyan adjusts their seats so they can lie down straight. Sleep. He says.
Jian Yao understands his work system now. Arresting criminals is the job of the
police. They are there to provide in depth analysis. So its time to rest and recuperate.
Then when the police needs them, they can give their best.
She nods and says goodnight.
Bo Jinyan looks at her. Goodnight.
Jian Yao takes a look at him. Her handsome and capable boyfriend. She smiles and
closes her eyes.
Then she hears his steady and evenly breathing sounds
I will make the necessary adjustments. You dont have to worry. He says.
Jian Yao is puzzled by the statement. She turns around and see him wearing the
sleep mask.
He opens his mouth again: But of course, I will need a bit of time.
Jian Yao is so confused: Adjustments for what?
Bo Jinyan bites his bottom lips.
Sleep. He says. Then he turns his head to the side facing away from her, and pulls
up the blanket to wrap around himself.
Jian Yao thinks about what he just said. Ah. she told him he was speaking too fast
when they were doing the report for the officers.
Oh, such trivial matters. Yet he remembers and even give her a promise that he will
improve. He is so sweet to her.
Bo Jinyan, on the other hand, has different ideas in his head.
He knows he lacks experience in bed. And he has no knowledge in the area. Thats
why she feels its unreal.
But up-skilling is one of his strength.
Dont worry, he will prove it to her in action after the case is solved.

They are woken up by a phone call.

She grabs her mobile phone. Bo Jinyan takes off his sleep mask. They are both
sitting up straight.
The sky is still dark. The roads are quiet and empty. Except for two officers that are
left to guard the crime scene, the rest have gone to find the killer.
The call is from one of the officers. Jian Yao presses the speaker button.
Jian Yao, please let Professor Bo know. We have just received reports of another
killing. Its approximately 8kms away from where you are now. Again, the whole
family is killed. We are not sure of the details yet. We are on our way there. The police
officer at the scene tells us that it has many similarity with our case, including what
happened to the couple that owns the house. All the killings are done by just one
person. Time of death is approximately two hours after our case.
Jian Yaos heart sinks. This means after the first murders, the killer went on to the
second house, even before they arrived the first crime scene.
Bo Jinyan is enraged. He starts the car and makes a quick U turn and onto the
highway. He does not say anything for minutes, then lets out a loud swear: Fxxx!

Chapter 52
A distance of 8km should take less than 5 minutes to reach.
Bo Jinyan is driving with a stern face. Jian Yao looks out the window - houses, police
cars, more fields they fade away quickly by as Bo Jinyan speeds to their next
Jian Yao is trying to analyse the facts: After killing the first family, the killer stayed at
the crime scene - he ate some food and changed his clothes. It takes time to get to the
second house, which means he was only on the road for about thirty minutes. He
couldnt have walked there. Theres not enough time, and it would attract peoples
attention. Besides we dont have any eye witness yet.
The second family he killed lived in a quiet road too. Is that part of his criteria? But
then, it would imply there is some planning towards his killing. Is our initial deductions
This is the first time she doubts Bo Jinyans reasonings. Its a strange feeling, but
looking at him, she feels its a valid question. Because there is an obvious contradiction.
Bo Jinyan calmly relies: I cannot be wrong.
Jian Yao: ..ok.
They arrives the next crime scene. Another farmhouse. The place is cordoned off. A
group of police officer stands outside the house. Bo Jinyan says mildly: Though we did
not want to see more killings, the new deaths have help us determine his identity and
what he looks like.
Jian Yao is stunned.
Obviously, they are not thinking at the same level. When she felt they have taken a
step back in the investigation, Bo Jinyan has in fact taken a huge step forward.
He opens the door, and says to her before he hops off: Stay close to me.
The second crime scene has many similarities to the first one. The killer is even more
vicious in his assaults. Jian Yao takes a look and wait outside.
After a while, Bo Jinyan comes out. He takes off the gloves that is soaked with blood.
He looks at the pale Jian Yao: If you are still shaken by what youve seen, come into my

Theres people surrounding them. Jian Yao hesitates and declines his offer. He looks
around and grabs her cold hand: Are you embarrassed again? Who doesnt know that
you are my woman? He says.
Jian Yao blushes.
Bo Jinyan is obviously very upset at the moment. The killer has caused over ten
deaths. He needs to focus on the case, but he is concerned for her at the same time. So
even when he speaking about their relationship, his tone is still cold and moody.
She taps his shoulder gently: Just focus on the case. Dont worry about me. I can
take care of myself. Ill be right behind you all the time.
Its supposed to be a considerate statement from a girlfriend.
Bo Jinyan turns to her, and says in his cold voice: Do you think I am not capable of
handling both roles at the same time? The two roles obviously means detective and
Jian Yao: .
He must be angered by this killer. He has been in a bad mood since he left the
bedroom. Now its even worse. Nothing she says can soothe him.
Never mind. Just leave it. Jian Yao thought to herself. He is probably more efficient
when he is grumpy.
A young officer comes up to them: We found him. Professor Bo, we found him.
Jian Yao heart tightens. Bo Jinyan quickly walks up to a vehicle parked on the side of
the road.
Its a vehicle equipped with surveillance equipment. There are a few computers.
Technical staff and s few officers crowd around the screens. A young technician points
at a paused frame of a video.
Like Bo Jinyan says, they now know his identity and what he looks like.
When reality and deduction dont match, the truth seems to hide under the fog.
Some people will start to doubt themselves, making it hard to progress.
But for Bo Jinyan, this is not a problem. He is so confident of himself. He is not
affected by emotions such as doubt. Deduction and reasoning, for him, is simple and
clear: the killer doesnt drive. There are no traces of transport vehicles (eg. tyre marks
etc.). No witnesses. There is only one way of getting to the second crime scene.
So, he found the killer.

Bo Jinyan leans down and examines the man on the screen.

Even though the image is not very clear, one can tell he is a thin average height man.
He is wearing a commonly found black jacket. His hair is messy and he looks a little
A young officer says: Around 10pm, he board the bus in a stop close to the first
crime scene. He came off the bus around 10:15am at a stop thats next to the second
crime scene.
Another officer adds: This is a farming village. Theres hardly anyone on the bus.
Therefore no one saw him.
Yes, its him, Bo Jinyan says.
The officers feel more confident after Bo Jinyan confirm their findings.
Found another image. says an officer.
Everyone looks to where he is pointing at. On another monitor, the same man
The police looks at the data: 11:00pm. Location is the Li Yu Transit Station. Not far
from the second crime scene.
Everyone is quiet. Thats after killing the second family. Where is the killer going
Its hard to see from the small image whether his clothes have blood stains on them
or not. He stood at the platform and waited. Next to him, theres a sign with all the
numbers of the buses that stops at that transit station.
Two buses came his way: 928, 900. He didnt move.
Then 910 appears, he slowly boarded the bus.
Its only been a few hours, but the police now knows who they are looking for. And
they know where he is heading next. This is a huge breakthrough. Everyone is getting
exited. The young officer who found the first image of the man said in a loud voice: We
will be able to get him soon.
All in agreement. Jian Yao is glad to see the officers so fired up.

Dont be too happy too soon. Bo Jinyan interrupts them. He does not sound as
enthusiastic as the rest of the group.
This bus route heads to the city. He says faintly. Our killer has entered into a high
density area. There will be people all over the place. Even pedestrians may become his
victims. Whats there to be excited about?
In the east the sky was turning white, and the last stars were disappearing over the
horizon. A layer of fog hovers on the roads of the farming village.
After leaving the surveillance vehicle, Jian Yao pulls Bo Jinyans sleeves and says:
Dont you think your words were a little harsh?
The group of young officers were stirred up until he spoke. After that, they all
became quiet. They were still going about their tasks, but they are noticeably
Is that right? But I am only telling the truth. As an officer, they need to be conscious
of this.
But they are still young. Not every is so quick on the feet like you. Jian Yao explains.
You are their senior. Give a word of encouragement at time, like the way I encourage
Bo Jinyan sweeps her a look. He doesnt say anything more.
The two of them returns to the car. Once again, its time to wait.
Jian Yao: Is there anything you need me to do?
Bo Jinyan looks at her: Sleep. But he opens the map and starts studying it.
Jian Yao asks: What are you looking for?
Bo Jinyan marks a few locations with a ballpoint pen. He says: When he got off the
bus near the second crime scene, he was walking towards the transit station. And the
house of the second crime scene happens to be on his route.
Jian Yaos mind is starting to string the pieces together.
Bo Jinyan lifts his head and looks out of the window. He has the answer: When he
killed the first two family, it could be just random acts, or there could be some sort of
connections between these families and him. But what we can be sure of, is that, he has
totally departed from reality and is now living on his own fantasy world. A world filled
with blood and murder.
Jian Yao is quiet.

Because Jian Yao is leaning towards his side to see the map, when Bo Jinyan puts
down the map and lifts his head, the cheeks touched. He looks into her eyes: Give me a
Jian Yao takes a quick peep around. There is nobody near. She puts her hands
around his neck and pecks him gently on the lips: Keep up the good work.
Bo Jinyan: Why are you encouraging me? I have been exceeding everyones
expectations right from the start.
Jian Yao: . Just pretend that I didnt say a thing.
After a short wait. Theres news.
Bad news, though.
Jian Yao turns her phone to speaker mode: Professor Bo, according to the CCTV
footages provided by the bus company, our suspect got off the bus around 4:30am. We
have lost track of him since. He pauses We are looking at the video footages from the
businesses nearby, and we have sent officers to search in the area. But so far, we have
They have lost him.
Like Bo Jinyan says, when he enters into a big city, it like finding a needle in the
Bo Jinyan looks at Jian Yao. He recalls what she says earlier.
Professor Bo, do you have any new instructions for us? The officer asks.
Bo Jinyan answers: No. You are doing well. Keep up the good work.
The officer: ..
After they finish the call. Jian Yao looks at him with a smile.
Not bad, he is learning fast.
But. hopefully, the officers dont think he is mocking them
Jian Yao asks: What should we do now?
Bo Jinyan picks up the map again: He is heading towards a destination.
Jian Yao asks: How do you know? What makes you think he is not wandering

Bo Jinyan: Though he might not be thinking straight anymore, his instincts and
subconsciousness still affects his actions. When he was taking the bus, he didnt look at
the bus signs. He didnt board the first bus that came past his way. He used the shortest
route to walk from one bus stop to the other. This shows hes been on this route
before. Now, he is heading to place with vengeance, to seek liberation and to conquer.
But how do we know where he is going?
Her phone rings again.
Finally some good news.
We have the mans identity. His name is Zhang Cheng. 28 years old. He lives in
Huang Yun village, where the first crime scene is. The officer gives them an address.
Bo Jinyan quickly starts the car and drives to his house.
Home. a place where the deepest secrets are kept. He says This holds true for
everyone, whether you are normal or you are a psychopath.

Chapter 53
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao stands in front of a small house, surrounded by trees. It seems
their suspect - Zhang Cheng likes to live in a remote and isolated place, away from
Bo Jinyan is the first person to arrive, ahead of the police officer who called him.
They can hear the police sirens coming from a distance. They should not be too far
Jian Yao asks: Should we wait for them?
No. says Bo Jinyan. He puts on a pair of latex gloves. He seems to look excited:
When a lot of people enters the house at the same time, the place loses its originality.
Jian Yao is not surprised. This man is honest and smart. But when it comes to
investigating criminal cases, he cant cover the excitement that arises from the passion
he has for his job.
Ok. Lets go in. She smiles. Of course she will go in with him.
Fortunate for them, the yellow wooden door is not locked. It is easily pushed open.
Theres an unbearable stench that rushes to their nostrils once the door is opened. Jian
Yao almost vomited again.
Bo Jinyan places his finger over his nose to block out the smell. He walks in without
slowing down.
Jian Yao hesitates, then she pinches her nose and follows him inside.
Its dark in there. The windows are blocked. It is a small place. One bed. One
desk/table. Thats it. There are things lying all over the place. Its too dark to see what
they are.
She is stepping into a psychopaths house in darkness. Every step, she is stepping on
top of something the bumps underneath her soles Jian Yao secretly hopes they are
not body parts.
Subconsciously, she gently holds on to Bo Jinyan jacket from the back.
Stay close to him.
The Bo Jinyan that was busy examining the room in the dark pauses. He turns round
to look at her .
She quickly grabs on the corner of his suit jacket. She is not letting go of him.
Oh. he seems to sigh softly in the darkness.

Whats up? asks Jian Yao.

She can vaguely tell by the light shining through the front door, that he is trying to
look at the hand that is grabbing onto his jacket.
So cute. He says in pleased voice.
Jian Yao blushes in the dark.
Even though she cant see his facial expressions, she knows he is staring at her. And
at the same time, a hand reaches the light switch on the wall. He just found it.
Ah. handling two roles at once.
They are standing in a pigsty.
Light blue bed linen has sweat stains all over it. The duvet is curled up into a bundle
on the floor. The table has lots of dirty dishes and bowls with food scraps inside them.
On the floor, there are polystyrene takeaway containers, rubbish bags, clothes, shoes
flies everything. There is also a strong stench of urine in the air.
What a tasteless lunatic. Bo Jinyan mutters to himself. Then he starts searching
through the rubbish.
As a woman, Jian Yao automatically take up the tasks that are less filthy - she opens
the drawers of the desk and examines whats inside them.
In one of the drawers, she finds a stack of envelope. They are made from the same
type of yellow paper. She passes them to Bo Jinyan. The envelopes are empty. In the
front of the envelope, there is a date written with ink pen: 2013 January , 2013
February. until 2013 June. The handwriting is the same for all the envelopes.
Obviously, its written by the same person.
Bo Jinyan looks more closely at the stack of envelope. He notices the corner of red
note sticking out from one of them. He pulls it out. Its a hundred dollar note.
This is for living expenses. Bo Jinyan says: Someone is looking after him.
Bo Jinyan mentioned earlier. Because of his mental state, he wont be able to hold a
job for long. To survive, money must come from somewhere. Perhaps its family
members? Passing him some money with an envelope every month.
After a while, Jian Yao finds two pieces of paper thats torn. Its not too badly
damaged, so she can still read the words on it:
Time for dinner.
Take a shower/bath after the sun has gone down.

Again, it has the same writing as the envelopes.

Bo Jinyan stands up from examining the pile of rubbish on the floor. He passes a few
pieces of paper to her. Like the ones in her hands, there are phrase or short sentences
on them. Dont leave the village. Use the toilet, not the floor. etc etc. There are some
adhesive tapes on the corners of these paper. They used to be on the wall.
Male. Educated. Financial status - average. Young adult. Bo Jinyan looks at the
words and comments.

Soon, the officers join them inside the house.

Professor Bo, have you discovered anything?
Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan. He signals her to show the envelopes and white sheets of
paper to the officers: Someone was looking after him. He was very attentive. But then,
the person has not been coming for awhile, or else this place cannot be so messy. He
pauses and continues: Hes abandoned.
Everyone is quiet.
Is that the reason for his mental breakdown?
The officers scatter to look for other evidence. Jian Yao stands beside Bo Jinyan. She
asks: How do we find out the identify of that person? Her instinct tells her that the
place Zheng Chang is going is somehow linked to this man. Perhaps, he is going find
But there seems to be no other clues of the mans identity in the house.
Bo Jinyan sweeps her a look, he says proudly: Of course there is a way.
He always has a way.
Jian Yao waits hopefully for another speech. He is going to use his expert knowledge
and superior elimination skills to.
Wait. He is pushing away rubbish on the desk?
A red colour telephone appears.
Like I said before, I like taking short cuts. First, he turns on the speaker function.
Then he presses the re-dial button.
This is much faster way to find out.

Other officers gather. Everyone waits. But it goes straight to voicemail: Your phone
cannot be used at this stage. Please pay your account.
Its an older phone. There is no caller display button. So they dont know what the
re-dial number is. One of the officers suggest: I will call the station. We will find the
records linked to this phone. Everyone agrees its a good plan.
Except Bo Jinyan: It will take too long.
He lifts up the receiver. Takes a quick look at it and passes it to Jian Yao.
There is a small sticker on it, with the number of this telephone on it.
Jian Yao takes out her mobile to load $100 credit on the number. She never thought
that one day she would top up the phone for a psychopath.
Finally, they successfully call the person on re-dial. A man picks up the phone. He is
speaking very softly, and he sounds tired: Cheng, did you not remember what I told
you? I will call you later? They are asleep.
Bo Jinyan ponders for a while, then he starts speaking: Hello. Are you Zheng Changs
The person pauses: Yes. Who are you? Why are you using his phone? He sounds
concerned. Did something happen to Ah Chang?
Bo Jinyan answers: Its a long story. Keep your windows and doors locked. Do not
get out of the house. Your brother is on his way to kill you.
The man is shocked: What?
The officers next to him is stunned too. Bo Jinyan turns to one of them and says: Get
his address. Send it to me immediately. Then he says to Jian Yao: Lets go.
Jian Yao follows. She takes a quick look before leaving the house. An officer is
explaining the situation to Zheng Changs brother. Others are getting ready to move to
their next destination too.

Early morning. The roads in the countryside dont have many cars on them. Soon
they are back in B city.
Jian Yao took a short nap on the way back.
When she wakes up, Bo Jinyan is still driving. His face looks less tense. His fingers
are tapping on the steering wheel. Looks like his mood has improved. Well, they are
very close to catching the killer.

Did anyone call? She asks.

No. He answers faintly.
Thats good. That means theres no other causalities so far.
He has arrived at the neighbourhood for quite some time now. Bo Jinyan says Its
enough time for him to run around the B city three times.
Jian Yao think of the mental unstable killer, hovering near his brotherss house
They found his medical records. She says. If the brother cares about him, why
doesnt he send him to an institution?
Not long after they left the house, the police found the file in the rubbish bin. The last
visit was early this year.
Bo Jinyan: I am not sure. But according to official numbers, at least half of the
serious mental patients are not receiving any treatment.
Jian Yao is shocked: Why?
Bo Jinyan says mockingly: Because theres not enough bed space*.
Is this meant to be a joke? But it is not funny at all.
(* Note from author Ding Mo - It is a known fact that there are not enough facilities
(including doctors, nurses and spaces in the hospital) in China. A lot of the serious
mental patients are not granted admission to hospital because of this.)
Then they come across another problem. One that frustrates Bo Jinyan greatly.
Traffic jam.
They have been on the road for over two hours. They are so close to their
destination. Often they can see police officers walking past them. But they are stuck.
Only 1km of distance left, yet, it has taken them over ten minutes just to crawl forward
a few metres.
Jian Yao just talked to the team leader: They will send someone to clear a way for
the police cars to go through.
Bo Jinyan replies: Oh great. The rest of the cars will be stuck here for ages.
Jian Yao knows he is just complaining to let out some steam. As the car moves
slower, she has more time to observe whats happening on the streets.

About fifty metres ahead of them, beside a flower bed, there is a man sitting down at
the corner. He is wearing a black top and a pair of black pants. His hair is messy. Most
of the pedestrians are deliberately avoiding getting close to him. He is wearing a pair of
grey sport shorts. There are some dark marks on it. Jian Yao looks more carefully. His
hands have red stains on them too.
When did he arrive? He wasnt there a moment ago.
Jian Yao calls out to Bo Jinyan: Jinyan. that man.
I see him. Bo Jinyan says coldly.
He quickly turns his steering wheels to drive off the road onto a patch of grass on the
Good boy. Bo Jinyan mutters. He fixes his eye on the man.
Jian Yao starts to get nervous.
At this time, the person that they suspect is Zheng Chang stands up. He walks
towards a little lane to the side of the flower bed.
We cant lose him now. Jian Yao takes out her phone and calls the Team leader.
Dont leave the car.
Jian Yao turns around. Bo Jinyan has opened the door and disappears in the crowd.
After a few seconds, she finds him. He is walking into the same lane Zheng Chang went.

Jian Yao suddenly feels worried.

They agreed that they would stay together whenever they are investigating. But he
ran off by himself. to go after a mentally unstable killer that has a weapon with him.

Chapter 54
The long street is noisy with a never ending flow of cars, and the hustle and bustle of
city walkers. The sun shines brightly in the lane that Bo Jinyan disappeared through
just a few minutes ago.
Jian Yao decides to follow. She gets out of the car.
Its dangerous. But she will be careful. Bo Jinyan is an academic. Now he is chasing
after a mentally unstable killer. She cant let him go alone.
A thought comes to her mind as she passes through the crowd Even though he keeps saying the physical work should be left to the police, every
time when he is face to face with the suspects, or sees someone in danger, he would
rush to help. He knocked Sun Yong unconscious with a stick, ran over to rescue the boy
held captive by Huo Xiao Lu. And this.
Arrogant, but firm in his beliefs.
Jinyan, please stay safe.
She is about go into the lane, when a few officers appear. Jian Yao is relieved. One of
the taller officers blocks Jian Yao: Stay here. Then he and three other officers hurried
into the narrow lane.
Jian Yao anxiously looks in. Behind her, a lot of pedestrians are gathering. Its too far
away for Jian Yao to see exactly what is happening. The police officers are blocking her
view. She can vaguely work out theres lot of movements, and then she hears a dong
sound, like something has fallen on to the ground.
Dont move. Dont move. Put down your knife. She hears the police shout out.
Jian Yaos heart tightens. She sees Bo Jinyans face for a split second. Then more
police officers rush past her. Her views are completely blocked.
We got him. We got him. Someone yelled out.
Stay down!
Someone is injured. Please send an ambulance. Someone else says.
Jian Yao runs towards the officers and tries to squeeze past them to get to Bo Jinyan:
Excuse me. Excuse me I am Professor Bos assistant.
The Professor is hurt too. Someone said.

This is not good news. She pushes through even harder. People start to make way.
She sees four or five officers holding on a man with blood shot eyes. He is still
struggling to break free as the officers walk him towards the street to the police car.
Jian Yao quickly stands to the side to let them pass. She recognises him from the photos
emailed to them by the police. Thats Zheng Chang.
She hurries forward to find an officer lying on the ground. He has been stabbed in
the stomach. There is a pool of blood beside him. He looks very pale. He is still
conscious, breathing heavily and obviously in pain. Bo Jinyan stands next to him.
Theres blood smeared on his face and suit. A few officers are standing around him.
Jian Yaos heart aches as she sees blood dripping down to the ground from Bo
Jinyans sleeves.
What happened to you? Are you ok? She asks anxiously. She wants to hold his
hand, but she is afraid she might accidentally touch the wound. She looks closer. There
is a knife wound from his left shoulder that extends to his chest.
She looks at the officer lying on the floor. His wounds are much more serious.
I am ok. Its just a flesh wound. Bo Jinyan says to her.
When Bo Jinyan entered the lane, there was another policeman who was going
towards Zheng Chang from the opposite direction. The police officer thought he looked
suspicious too. The two of them tried to stop Zheng Chang. The policeman was stabbed
in the stomach, and Bo Jinyan has a deep cut on his arm. Fortunately, more officers
appeared at the right moment.
The medics arrives with stretcher. They attend to the officer on the ground first.
Then one of them asks Bo Jinyan: Do you need a stretcher too? Bo Jinyan looks at her
arrogantly: Of course not.
Jian Yao didn't see what actually happened, but she can imagine how dangerous it
must have been. She looks at his arm again. She asks gently: Is it very painful?
Bo Jinyan looks at her pale face. He starts walking towards the main street: Not
really. Lets go.
Jian Yao follows suspiciously. There is still blood coming from his wound. Even
though he can still walk freely but the wound is probably quite a deep one.
This man.
She walks up to him and says: You are so brave.
Bo Jinyan smiles back at her: Of course.
Jian Yao laughs. She whispers in his ears: So does it hurt?

Bo Jinyan pauses. He decides not to reply this time.

Two medics walk up to him. The ambulance is just behind them. Bo Jinyan follows
them to the vehicle. Then he turns round to say to Jian Yao: Dont come with me.
Jian Yao is stunned: Why?
Bo Jinyan says calmly: That goes without saying. Zheng Chang is the first
unorganised psychopath we encountered in China. And he is alive. I need you to follow
up with his psychological assessment.
Jian Yao stands by the pavement. A police car stops in front of her. An officer opens
the passenger door for her: Well give you a ride to the station.
She nods and gets into the car. Then she takes out her phone to call FZY. Ziyu,
Jinyan is injured.yes on the way to the hospital. Ok. I will come over to find you once
I finish what I need to do.
FZY will look after him. She feels better now.
On the ambulance Bo Jinyan is lying down on a stretcher. His eyes are closed.
Just seeing the scars on his body made her cry. How could he let her follow him to
the hospital? She will bury him with her tears.
As he is thinking of Jian Yao, the medical staff is taking off his jacket to examine the
Its quite serious. says one of the medics. You should have used a stretcher.
Bo Jinyan sweeps them a look.
You must lie down flat from now on. Dont move anymore. He says to Bo Jinyan.
He cuts away his shirt. Some of the dry blood is stuck to the fabric. When the medic
was peeling it off, Bo Jinyan cant help but frown.
Jian Yao, its actually very painful.

In the interrogation room. Zheng Chang is cuffed onto a chair. He has a gloomy look
on his face, and his eyes are dull.

Two officers are facing him. Jian Yao and a few others, including some doctors from
the mental health institutes are listening in the next room separated by dark non see
through glass.
Why are you killing people? Asks the officer.
Zheng Chang looks confused: Why did I kill people? I need to take revenge.
The two officers look at each other: Why?
Zheng Chang says quietly: My brother. He has been assassinated.
Who assassinated him?
Agents. They are American agents, disguised as Chinese. They were trying to send
codes back to US. It was very loud. I discovered them.
The two officers dont know what to say. They move on to the next question: Why
did you stab the women in their private parts?
Zheng Chang pauses. He is not speaking.
Then gradually, his face becomes red. He starts to scream and yell. The two officers
are startled by his behaviour. They asked him to stop. But Zheng Chang is getting more
and more agitated. He tries to struggle and break free

When Jian Yao leaves the room, she sees a forty year old man sitting quietly with his
head down. He looks worried. His hands are grabbing the hair on his head.
Besides him sit a woman in her thirties. She is scolding him in a low voice: Look
what has happened. He is killing people. I knew your brother is nothing but trouble. I
told you to leave him alone. To leave him alone. Let the state deal with it. But you
insisted you should take care of him.
The man looks out and retaliates: Shut up! If its not because I left him for you for
the last few months, his condition would not have worsen.
You are blaming me? The woman slaps him on the face.
Jian Yaos heart is saddened by the familys story.
It is actually a simple one.
A normal family that has a child with mental illness. It gradually put stress on their
financial situation. When his parents were still around, there were three people took
turns to look after Zheng Chang - dad, mom, elder brother. They could still cope.

After the parents passed away, Zheng Chang became the sole responsibility of the
elder brother. A thirty year old man, spending almost all his earnings on his brother.
No girl would come near him.
Finally, he found a girlfriend. The brides only condition was not to live with the
younger brother in the same house. He thought about it, and decided, after all the years
of sacrificing, he will do something for himself.
But what about his brother? Private hospitals are too expensive, and he doesnt
qualify for longterm public hospital care. Also, he is afraid the brother might be
mistreated in the hospital. His wife was not keen to send him to the hospital either. But
for a different reason. She is afraid the hospital would charge extra fees which they
would have to be responsible for. Thats a lifelong burden!
The problem dragged on. In the first few months after the wedding, the elder
brother would sneak out to see Zheng Chang. Lately, his pregnant wife demanded more
attention, so he had not seen Zheng Chang for two months. His wife had a hidden
agenda for keeping him to close to her. She secretly hoped that he would leave the
brother alone and not have any contact with him anymore.
So Zheng Chang was alone in the house for a few months. The brother he was
waiting for never turned up. His mental state worsens and his world collapsed.
My brother is dead. He thought to himself. I have to take revenge.

When Jian Yao leaves the station to go to the hospital, its past 6:00pm.
The last rays of the afternoon sun casts a golden glow on the tall buildings. The
windows are bright and reflexive in the light. Jian Yao is feeling a little lethargic.
Perhaps its because she hasnt slept all night? Or perhaps she is still thinking about the
She received a call from Fu Ziyu earlier.
The doctors asked him to stay in the hospital for a week. Fu Ziyu said. But he
insisted he wanted to go home.
She takes out the front door keys. Just before she unlocks the door, she thinks of
something. She takes her phone out and calls the Police Team Leader: Officer, is there
anything unusual in either of the crime scenes or Zheng Changs house?
The officer replies: No, no codes written in blood, no English words we didnt find
anything unusual.
Jian Yao hangs up and feels much better. Two cases. No more messages. He must
be dead.

She walks into the apartment. There is light in the lounge, but it is empty. Bo Jinyan
is not there. Then she hears some sound coming from his bedroom.
She removes her shoes and walk into the master bedroom. Two men turn to look at
Bo Jinyan has changed into his black pyjamas, lying straight in bed. There are a few
more pillows than usual under his head and upper back. His face is pale. He stares at
her with his bright black eyes.
Fu Ziyu stands to the corner of the bed. He smiles at Jian Yao and asks: Hows
Jian Yao smiles back: Good. She walks to the bed and looks at Bo Jinyan. But she is
asking Fu Ziyu: How is he?
Minor injury. Fu Ziyu says About twenty stitches.
Jian Yao frowns. Bo Jinyan frowns too.
Thanks, big mouth. You can go now. He says faintly, Close the door and dont
disturb us. Thank you.
Jian Yao glances at him, then turns to say to Fu Ziyu: You know what he is like. Lets
have dinner together.
Fu Ziyu is not one bit bothered by his best friends abandonment: No, I will get
going. I have no intention of hanging around watching you guys smooch. But
He looks at Bo Jinyan: Your wounds became more serious because you kept moving
around after the injury. Now please listen to your doctor and rest. Jian Yao, please
watch him so he wont do anything stupid anymore.
Bo Jinyan looks at him coldly. Jian Yao replies quickly: Of course.
After Fu Ziyu leaves, Jian Yao asks Bo Jinyan: So, what are the doctors orders?
Bo Jinyan slowly answers her: Less fish. What else can it be.
Jian Yao laughs: Oh that would be hard for you.
There are two opposing views to eating fish when recovering from stab wounds. One
school of thought is that it might cause infection. But others think that its full of
vitamins and proteins so it will help muscle recovery. Perhaps Fu Ziyu is trying to
hassle him by saying he cant have fish.
Bo Jinyan doesnt want to talk about this anymore. He says to her: Come and sit by

Jian Yao shakes her head: Let me take a shower first. How can she sit on his bed
with the same clothes that she wore to Zheng Changs house?
Bo Jinyan: Then give me a kiss first?
Jian Yao: No. You stay there. Dont move.
He watches her as she walks into the bathroom.
Bo Jinyan gives a sigh.
His mobility is affected, so he cant walk up to kiss her whenever he wants. But
whats worse is

Not strenuous exercise for a week.Shit!

Chapter 55
A cool night.
After shower, Jian Yao is ready for bed. Its been two long days without a proper
sleep for her. She stands outside Bo Jinyans bedroom door and says to him: I am going
to bed now. Call me if you need my help. Goodnight.
Bo Jinyan is lying on his bed, watching a documentary on TV. He turns to look at her
and asks: Where are you sleeping tonight?
Jian Yao blushes, then answers: My room, of course.
Bo Jinyan picks up the remote and presses the pause button. He look at her and says:
As I recall, before the case, there is probably not a part of your body I haven't kissed or
touched for at least three times. And as for the important parts. let me thinkHis
raises his brows: eight times.
Jian Yao blushes: Stop! Why are you telling me this?
This man he counts how many times he kisses her?
Bo Jinyan smiles: Because of my love for you, and my understanding on how much
human desires closeness and passion. You have to admit that we have developed a very
intimate relationship physically. So, we should sleep on the same bed.
Jian Yao: .
The most embarrassing in the world would be to hear Bo Jinyan talk about sex. He is
so blunt and straight forward, with no consideration for how it will make her feel.
Jian Yao: I might move around in my sleep and accidentally touch your wound. The
priority right now is to make sure you have a speedily recovery. So we need to sleep in
separate rooms.
They are still looking into each others eyes.
Bo Jinyan: Thats nonsense. The last time I held you in my arm, you didnt move at
Jian Yao: Well, just in case. We cant risk it. Good night.
Bo Jinyan keeps quiet this time.
Jian Yao says before she leaves: . if theres nothing else you need me to do, Ill go
now. Goodnight.

After a couple of steps into the corridor. She can hear his voice: Are you not even
going to give me a good night kiss? He says in a dissatisfied and pompous tone.
Jian Yao laughs and turns back to him.
In the soft light, he looks good in his black pyjamas. She bends down: Close your
He looks at her and closes his eye lids.
When her lips are about to touch his, she notices the corners of his lips curl up to a
little smile.
Jian Yao feels warm and fuzzy in the heart.
Bo Jinyan. I am happy. Because you are happy.
The next morning.
A bright sunny day. The whole of B city is enjoying the warmth the sun brings on this
lovely autumn day. Fu Ziyu parks his Lexus in the apartment carpark. He walks over to
open the door for Yin Ziqi: We are here.
Yin Ziqi is wearing a navy blue dress today, with a white scarf, and a pair of heels.
She looks concerned: Did you get a helper? Who is looking after him?
Fu Ziyu holds on to her hand to help her balance as she gets out of the car: Thats
alright. Jian Yao is there. They are living together.
He notices Yin Ziqi looks a little strange when she heard that.
Oh.. Bo Jinyan has not informed his sister yet. If she knew how different her little
brother behaves around Jian Yao nowadays, she will be horrified. The block of ice that
has turned into a flaming magma - french kissed his girlfriend on day one, successfully
persuaded her to move in with him on day two, and almost made out on day three!
When Bo Jinyan told him about falling in love with Jian Yao, he choked and made a
fool of himself. He wants to see what sort of reaction the elegant Yin Ziqi might give. So
he just says: Well, she is his assistant, so its part of her job description to look after
And Bo Jinyan does not disappoint him.
Before he left yesterday, Bo Jinyan gave him a spare key to his house so that Jian Yao
wont have to rush around to open the door for Fu Ziyu.

So when he opens the door, the picture they see is Bo Jinyan leaning down on the
chaise near the window. Jian Yao is sitting next to him. She is holding a bowl, and
spoon feeding him congee. At that moment, the spoon is in Bo Jinyans mouth.
This is a normal scene of someone looking after an injured person. But Jian Yaos
slightly blushing face and the smile that is in Bo Jinyans gaze adds a certain ambiguity
to the atmosphere.
When Jian Yao sees Fu Ziyu, she quickly pulls the spoon out of his mouth.
hu hum Fu Ziyu clears his throat: Jinyan, your sister is here.
Yin Ziqi obviously saw Jian Yao spoon-feeding him too. She senses there is
something between them, but she pretends she didnt notice.
Bo Jinyan looks to his sister and gives her a nod. Then he turns back to Jian Yao:
Dont be distracted. Continue.
Jian Yao feels a little uneasy. She shoves the bowl into Bo Jinyans hand. You can do
it yourself. Then she stands and smiles to Yin Ziqi: Hi. Please take a seat. Ill make
some tea.
Yin Ziqi smiles back: Thank you. Then she turns to her brother. Before she gets a
chance to speak, she can hear his voice. Although, he doesn't seem to be talking to her.
They have hands, leave them to do it themselves Oh! Are you shy again. You can
imagine they are not here.
Jian Yao blushes even more: Shut up! She turns to Yin Ziqi: Sorry, hes been a little
hard to please since his injuries.
Apologising for Bo Jinyan has become a habit of Jian Yaos - from the little kid on the
day they played fireworks, to soothing the police officers because of his harsh
comments, to handling family members that he helped saved but dont want to meet
But in Yin Ziqis ears, her apologies represent something different.
She has always been a sensible person. After being kissed by the Flower Cannibal
No.2, she is well aware that the most dangerous part of the whole event is not the
Flower Cannibal, but how moved she felt when she mistook the Flower Cannibal for Bo
So for a long time, she did not contact Bo Jinyan. Until today, when she heard about
his injuries.
She is Bo Jinyans sister. Jian Yao is only his assistant. But she is apologising on to
her on his behalf?

She smiles and look towards Fu Ziyu for an answer.

Fu Ziyu refuses to get involved. He simply gives a I dont know. But you know what
your brother is like look to her.
Yin Ziqi takes a seat next to Bo Jinyan. He has lost weight since she last saw him. She
can see the top of the bandage showing just below his neckline. Her heart feels for him.
How did you end up hurting yourself so badly? She frowns as she asks Bo Jinyan.
Bo Jinyan glances her a look. He is not planning to answer the question.
Fu Ziyu also takes a seat on the sofa. He is waiting for the sisters reaction when she
knows about their relationship. Jian Yao takes out two cups of tea from the kitchen and
places them on the coffee table.
Did you forget what happened last time? Qin Ziqi says softly. We were so worried
for you. You cant let yourself be hurt anymore.
This time Bo Jinyan answers: I will do my best.
Jian Yao has returned to the kitchen cut up some fruits for everyone. The three of
them are chatting in the lounge.
Yin Ziqi says: Do you want to move back to the villa for now? The servants there can
better look after you.
Fu Ziyu knows she is fishing for information. He laughs.
As expected, Bo Jinyan answers straight away: No.
Yin Ziqi looks at him: Ok then, I will employ a professional nurse to look after you.
Jian Yao cant handle the task by herself. You have to rest in bed. Besides, she is a girl.
How can she meet all your personal needs?
The two of them looks at Bo Jinyan. He has a strange look on his face.
Oh He says softly.

Yin Ziqi is puzzled: What is it?

His handsome face has sly smile: Personal needs - I didnt think about it. This is
where I can take advantage of the situation. Thanks for the reminder.
Ha ha ha. Fu Ziyu is hysterical. Yin Ziqi is still wondering what he means.

After a while, she starts laughing too: Did I miss something here?
Bo Jinyan suddenly remembers the his sister does not know about his love interest
yet. So he says: Isnt this obvious? I am in love.
Even though its his second time hearing the statement, Fu Ziyu chokes again.
Yin Ziqis smile freezes. After a while, she turns to look at Fu Ziyu: Can I have a
moment with him?
Fu Ziyu stands up: Sure.
Jian Yao walks out with the platter. Fu Ziyu says to her: Jian Yao, lets go get some
lunch for all of us. Jian Yao senses the siblings want some time in private, so she
After they leave the apartment, Bo Jinyan is the first to speak: What is it? Another
murder in your company?
Yin Ziqi says: Of course not. She smiles: I am just surprised, to hear about you and
Jian Yao.
Bo Jinyan asks: Why are you surprised? I am normal healthy man.
Yin Ziqi pauses, then she says: Congratulations.
Thank you.
She smiles again: I am not trying to interfere with your private life. But because its
the first time you are in a relationship, I have a question to ask you. Are you sure she is
right girl for you?
Bo Jinyan: Why are you asking?
You are a fine young man. Many women will consider you a good catch. Jian Yao is a
good girl too. But I do have one hesitation. She looks at him ands says carefully: You
have never spent so much time alone with a woman before. She is your first female
assistant. Are you sure this is love? Or is it because she is around you all the time. And
all the care and attention you receive from her, you mistake that for love. If it was
another girl in her place, would you have the same feelings for her?
Bo Jinyan thinks about what she says.
Then he starts tapping his fingers on the armrest. He has a big smile on his face. His
eyes look brightly at her.
You have confirmed something for me. Its not about how many times you fall in
love. Natural talent is an important factor. He says proudly: Even with the amount of
experience you have with guys, you cant see through a simple truth?

Yin Ziqi: What do you mean?

Bo Jinyan says slowly: Your question is a paradox. Think about it, there are
millions of woman in the world, yet I have always used a male assistant. But why did I
change my habit and employ her instead?

When Yin Ziqi and Fu Ziyu leave, its the afternoon. Fu Ziyu leisurely chats to her
while he drives: Isnt it incredible? Bo Jinyan is in love. And they love each other so
dearly. Every time I see the way he looks at Jian Yao, I think to myself - I must be
Yin Ziqi looks out of the window: Yes, I am so happy for him.

After his visitors reminded Bo Jinyan how Jian Yao should look after him, he waits
eagerly for night to arrive.
After dinner. Jian Yao sits in the balcony with him. She asks: What do you want to
do tonight? Watch TV? Read?
Bo Jinyan looks at her and smiles: Since I cant take a shower by myself, you need to
wipe my body for me.
Jian Yao is speechless. She blushes.
Bo Jinyan adds: Full body

Chapter 56
Many times, men and women have a different understanding for the same word.
For example. Full body to Jian Yao means she will be wiping his face, neck, chest,
back, arms and legs. And this is embarrassing enough.
But for Bo Jinyan
Full body means EVERYWHERE, especially the part that is usually hidden beneath his
Jian Yao thinks to herself. Well, it is a reasonable request. It has been quite warm in
the past few days. She suggests: Let me put a chair in the shower box. You can sit
there. I will hold and control the shower head and make sure no water touches the
wound. Ok?
Bo Jinyan smiles. His eyes are gleaming with joy.
Of course. Good idea. He says in a low soft voice.
Something dont feel right. But man are usually excited by physical contact. She
thinks no more of it and walks to the bathroom.
The bathroom lights has a nice warm glow. Jian Yao puts a bar stool in the middle of
the shower box.
Jian Yao helps Bo Jinyan to sit down.
She helps him to unbutton his shirt. He is sitting very still, just looking at her.
She takes his shirt off. Perhaps its her imagination? The place seems to be filled
with his unique masculine scent. She looks up. Bo Jinyan is still staring at her, smiling.
What are you smiling about? She asks.
I am enjoying my shower.
Ok. Jian Yao makes a mental note for herself. Do not speak to him during any form
of physical contact. Anything he says is bound to make her embarrassed.
But its not up to her to control whether Bo Jinyan decides to speak or not. After she
takes off his trousers, and see his long and toned legs, she picks up the shower head
with a redden face. As she turns the water on, she hears him say: What about my

Jian Yao takes some time to think of a reply. The water lands next to his feet. Steam
starts to fill the bathroom.
Its not necessary. She says softly.
Of course it is. He looks at her and says faintly: I wash myself everyday.
Jian Yaos face is burning with embarrassment.
I can teach you. He continues to say in a leisurely manner.
Jian Yao feels like the thread veins inside her face is about to explode.
I dont need you to teach me. She starts to rinse his good arm. I will do what I need
to do. If you dont like it, you can do it yourself.
Ok. Bo Jinyan says reluctantly.
She takes the handmade soap from the corner and starts to gently rub it on his arms.
Then she hears him speaks again: How are you intending to wash it off? I dont like the
water temperature to be too high.
Jian Yao: You just shut up!
Eventually, she finishes cleaning his back, his arms and his legs. She shoves him the
shower head: I will go out for a while. You can rinse the rest yourself.
Bo Jinyan looks in your eyes: Sure, but you will need to help me to take off my
underwear. He smiles: I cant bend my back.
This is a very valid reason.
He is sitting on the chair. He is tall, proportionate, with a great muscle definition. A
perfect body. His face seems to be blushing too. He looks at her with anticipation.
Jian Yao tries her best to avoid touching his skin, but some contact is inevitable. She
pretends nothing has happened when her fingertips accidentally touches his flesh. But
her heart is pounding.
Seems like it took forever for her to complete the task. She quickly hands him the
shower head and turns her back on him: Call me when you are done. She walks out
quickly. But she hears him call even before she reached the door: Jian Yao.
What? She turns her head to the side, looking at him with her peripheral vision.
Even if you pretend not to see it. You cant ignore the fact. He says in a slightly
coarse voice, I'm arousedbecause of you.

Jian Yao waits in the lounge. She pressed her cold fingers to her hot cheeks and takes
a deep breath. Its the first time she has seen a completely naked man in her life. The
night in bed. It was too dark. Besides, she subconscious kept her eyes away from the
lower half of his body.
The image is still vivid in her mind.
Suddenly she thinks of whats likely to happen between them in the not too distant
future. Oh, how embarrassing.
Bo Jinyans voice from the bathroom: Im ready.
Ok. She walks slowly back to the bathroom.
Oh great! She has to face him again.

Because of his restricted mobility, there are lots of things Bo Jinyan cannot do at the
moment. The days become long and boring.
Bo Jinyans temper is obvious. Except for Jian Yao, he grumbles and mocks about
On the fifth night. Jian Yao is watching some US drama on her laptop. Bo Jinyan is
sitting next to her. He can now put his hand around her.
After the nth time he criticises about the drama - actors are ugly, the plot has too
many loop holes Jian Yao cant stand it anymore. She looks at him: Why are you so
He says faintly: Because I hate recuperating.
Your injuries were worse last time. It took you a whole year to recover. You got
through that ok.
Bo Jinyan gives her a glance: Its different.
I didnt have you by my side to challenge my desires.
Then when night falls, he mood improves: Time for a shower.

Its almost October. The weather has cooled down a bit. Jian Yao looks into the dark
outside the window: The temperature is dropping tonight. Its not that hot anymore. Is
it necessary?
He looks at her: Are you trying to deprive me of my only pleasure in life at the
She pauses, then says: Very well. Lets go.
When she settles Bo Jinyan on the chair in the shower box. She shoves him the
shower head and smiles: When you are done, go to bed. Goodnight.
Bo Jinyan looks at her. She has already walked out of the bathroom: I saw you
taking the files from the shelves with your hand today.
So, Mr. Bo Jinyan. You are on your own.
Jian Yao returns to her room. Then she hears water splashing sounds from the
bathroom. She smiles to herself.
But she forgets that everything has a consequence. She deprived him of his only
pleasure, and there is a price she will need to pay too.
She is woken by in the middle of the night. She smells a familiar scent, then her body
is lifted off the bed. She opens her eyes. Its Bo Jinyan. He is strong enough to carry
What you are doing? Its the middle of the night.
He replies with action. He carries her into his room, put her on his bed, then lies
down beside her.
He just twirls her hair quietly. She thinks of all the possible things he might do. She
He has purposely left the bedside lamp on.
Hug me. He says.
Jian Yao turns around and shuffle up close to him. She puts a hand in front of his
chest. She likes this position. Its intimate, but not sensual.
And to her surprise. He is lying very still. Eyes closed.
He carried her over just so that they can sleep on the same bed. Nothing more.
After she falls asleep, Bo Jinyan opens his eyes.
Oh. she was expecting something more from him.

But he is not fully recovered.

And he must be in his best form for his first time.

The next morning, someone comes to see Bo Jinyan. Finally, he has got something to
sink his teeth in.
Bo Jinyans fame has spread to the rest of the country since the two serial killing
cases. Today, an older officer from a second grade city from the South have come to
seek his counsel.
He is about forty ears old. He looks tough and experience.
Although they are not expecting visitors, Jian Yao invites him to come in to take a
seat on the sofa. Bo Jinyan is clearly not so welcoming: When did my lounge become a
reception area?
Jian Yao looks apologetically to the officer. But he doesn't seem to mind. He takes
out a stack of files and passes a few photos to Bo Jinyan: Professor Bo, please have a
look at the files.
The photo shows victims lying in their respective crime scenes. There are five
photos all together. They look like they were killed by the same person. The murders
happened about eighteen years ago. The method the killer used had was the same for
all the cases. There were also matching DNA from all the crime scene. But its a cold
The old officer heard about how quickly Bo Jinyan managed to crack the recent
homicides, so he thought hed take a chance.
A lot of the buildings where the crimes were committed have been demolished. The
bodies are long buried. says the old officer. I only have these photos and the witness
statements. I have worked on this case for years. I am about to retire. I know there is
only a very slim chance we can crack this now. But I want to give it a last try.
Jian Yao studies the information on the cases: 5 single ladies. Factory workers.
Between the age of 20 - 25. All of them were quite pretty, and slim. Time of death was
in the middle of the night, when they were asleep at home. No signs of sexual assault.
But the bodies were abused after death. The cases were spread over a period of two
years. According to the witnesses, all the ladies had a number of admirers in the
Jian Yao frowns: Its a very old case, and theres hardly any evidence. Bo Jinyan, what
do you think?
Bo Jinyan says to the officer: I will give you a few suggestions:

The killer was between 30 to 35 years of age when he killed those women.
He worked for an organisation that provides services to the community: driver,
courier services, electrician or plumber, or even police officer. He was working for or
close the factories. At least, it will be in the same suburb.
He was probably a stalker. But the victims and him might have met during some
social functions. He might even tried to pursued them. Hes had personal contact with
the victims before killing them.
He should be average looking. Not handsome, but not ugly either. Quiet. Quick
tempered. Temperamental.
He hated women. Though he didnt have sex with any of the women, I think there is
still connection between sex and his crime. He lacked family attention from young,
especially from his father.
Lastly, a serial killer at this level lacks self control. There reason why there were no
more cases must be because of change in his circumstances. Perhaps he was in jail for
other crimes, or he was hospitalised or moved elsewhere, or he changed his killing
style. If he is still alive, he will want to keep connected with his victims, for example,
visiting their tombs or the crime scenes regularly, so he can re-live his memories. You
mentioned some of the buildings are demolished. However, for a psychopath, he can
only sees whats in his head. To him, those building still exist.

The officer left after talking to them. Is he going to find the killer after so many
years? Its hard to say. But over the next few days, more officers from various
provinces come to Bo Jinyan for assistance. Bo Jinyan does the same thing as he did for
the old officer. He gives them his views on the cases and profiles the killer for them.
Sometimes Jian Yao is concerned that he is too tired out. Are you sure you are not
too tired?
Bo Jinyan: Does your body ever feel tired when your brain is doing all the work?
Five days after the old officer came to him, he locked in a suspect: 52 years old man
that runs a small store near the cemetery. He was an electrician. His parents separated
when he was young. The police officer matched his DNA to the cases.
Jian Yao is overjoyed to hear the results. They try their best to help the ever
increasing flow of visitors that seek his counsel.
So, time passes quickly when one is busy. Its now end of October. Bo Jinyan has
been resting at home for almost two and a half weeks.

Chapter 57
A beautiful autumn day in B city. The air is brisk and clear.
In a bright sunny morning, Jian Yao stands in front of the coffee table. She is tidying
the files. Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa behind her. He has his laptop on. He seems to
be concentrating on reading something.
Once the holiday starts, we have no more visitors. Jian Yao says casually.
She is talking about the officers visiting them with their cold cases. Yesterday, two
people came. Today is the beginning of the seven day holiday. Not a soul has come to
Bo Jinyan lifts up his head from looking down at the screen: Well, it is the National
Jian Yao laughs. Is this the same guy that she knew six months ago? She thought
festivals and holidays mean nothing to him. She had to drag him out of the house to
play fireworks with her.
Bo Jinyan knows what she is thinking about. He gives a sly smile. I dont really care.
But today is an important day for me.
Jian Yao is not sure what he means. But he lowers his head to work on his laptop
She is a little puzzled, but then it dawns on her Today is the nations birthday, so its his special day as well.
Wow! Didnt think he would love his home country this much!
After tidying the files, she goes to her room to get changed. She is meeting a few of
her university friends today for shopping. Surely Bo Jinyan would not be interested.
Im leaving now. She yells at the front door.
Umm. He replies When are you coming back?
Jian Yao answers: I wont be long. She pauses, and adds: I wont leave you to
spend the first day of the holidays alone.
Bo Jinyan sits up straight on the sofa. He curls the lips on his handsome face: Of
course you wont. He says in a lazy but dreamy voice.

When you are in love, you start to miss the person the moment you part from him.
Jian Yao sits in the taxi. The puffy white clouds hang high in the blue sky. She thinks of
her charming boyfriend. Her heart is filled with joy.
Even when he was injured, he never hides the intention of wanting advance to the
next level in their relationship with her. But in the past few days, they have been so
busy that he seems to have forgotten.
Oh, he is so childish, yet so cute.
She is sure when he remembers he will not hold back.
Oh, shed better finds a place to hide herself.
What Jian Yao doesnt realise is that he has never forgotten about it. Its always on
his mind. He is waiting for his injuries to completely heal. He wants to be in top form to
deliver the perfect first time experience for both of them.
The moment she walks out of the front door, Bo Jinyan puts down his laptop and
starts to pace around the house.
Finally, their big day has arrived.
Hes made all the necessary arrangements. She will be pleased.
He called the Police Department earlier to make sure no one will be appearing out of
the blue with their unsolved cases. She might have noticed this already.
As for his injuries? He is completely recovered. In fact, hes been lying in bed for so
long he feels he has lots of excess energy to burn.
Knowledge and skills? . Those suggestions he just read on the internet is firmly
planted in his brain. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is so knowledgeable in the
area now that no matter which position or techniques she prefers, he can satisfy her.
She does not have her menstrual period today. In fact, according to the womans
normal cycle - today is one of her more productive days, which means she will be easily
Good. Its all set.
He walks to the window and taps the glass with his long fingers. He wants
everything to be perfect. Is there anything hes forgotten?
He thinks for a while and gives Fu Ziyu a call.
Fu Ziyu is sitting with a cup of coffee in his balcony at home. He is enjoying the
holiday too. He takes a sip and asks: Master, what can I do for you today?

Bo Jinyan says bluntly: I am planning to have sex with Jian Yao tonight. For the first
time. Do you have any tips for me?
Fu Ziyu chokes again. cough cough
Jian Yao returns with a few shopping bags with her. To her surprise, the house is
very quiet. His car keys are not there either.
Its the first day of the holiday. Everywhere is packed with people. Its very unusual
that he would choose to go out on a day like this.
Then her phone rings. Its him.
Are you home? He asks. Theres music in the background where he is. And his
voice sounds low and a little muffled.
Yes, I just got back. She is curious. Where are you?
Wait. He turns to talk to someone else. After a while, he says to her: You dont need
to know where I am. Go and get ready, someone will come and pick you up soon.
Jian Yao is confused: Pick me up? Why?
Bo Jinyan laughs lightly: To attend an important function with me.
She hangs up. An important function? Is it something to do with National Day
celebrations with the department of Public Security?
No matter what it is, she is just glad to be with him.
But when she walks downstairs, she is shocked.
There is a long black limousine waiting for her. There are roses on both sides of the
door handle. A driver in his black uniform walks towards her. He bows to her and
opens the passenger seat doors.
The neighbours are attracted to this unusual sight. A lot of them are standing
around, looking.
When she is in the car, she calls Bo Jinyan: What is this all about? Why is a limousine
here to pick me up?
Bo Jinyan is silent on the other end.
It goes without saying. He finally answers: I am on a date with you.
Fu Ziyus first tip.

You intend to wait for her to come home, then carry her straight into the bedroom?
Atmosphere, mate. The first time, atmosphere is very important. Give her a romantic
date that she will never forget, then things will progress naturally from there.
She is a little stunned.
Oh, so this is the important function. A date.
But its quite true. They have not been on a proper date before.
Sorry, I didn't realise. She smiles: Thank you.
Bo Jinyan sounds pleased. He asks: Is this romantic?
Jian Yao cant help but laugh.
The limo with flowers is a little over the top, but its the thoughts that count.
Romantic. Thank you so much.
The long car stops in front of a five star hotel.
The lobby manager opens the door for Jian Yao: Welcome, Miss Jian. He shows her
to the elevator that will bring her straight to the top floor. Mr. Bo is waiting for you.
Jian Yao smiles at him: Thank you. She asks the manager: What is he doing on the
top floor?
The manager smiles: Mr.Bo has booked the penthouse on the top floor. Its got a 270
degrees view of the city lights. There is also a private swimming pool. Im sure you will
be satisfied with our facilities and services. We are the best hotel in town. Have a
wonderful evening.
Jian Yao is dumbfounded. She finally understands why Bo Jinyan brought her here.
She thought their first date will be a romantic candlelight dinner in some nice
restaurant not in a luxurious penthouse.
This fellow. is obviously running towards a goal.
She blushes as she walks out of the elevator.
A dazzling and elaborated designed crystal chandelier quickly attracts your
attention as you step into the oversized lounge. There is a set of classic European
designed leather sofa with a curved back rest. The window looks out to the city lights
of B City.
She walks down the corridor lined with lush red carpet, to the next room. There is
music coming out from the room. She hears footsteps too.

Jian Yao slowly walks over, and around golden screen.

Its a beautiful dining room that is dimly lit with mood lighting. There is a small
round table in the middle of the room. On this dark brown table, there is a long white
candle in a candle stand, and a bunch of burgundy coloured moth orchid.
A young violinist is playing on the side, the soothing music is like the sound of gently
flowing water.
Bo Jinyan is standing at the end of the corridor, in a well tailor shirt and trousers. His
eyes sparkle under the flickering flame of the candle light, and his face has a gentle
Hi. He says in his naturally low magnetic voice.
Jian Yao: ..Hi.
He walks towards her. He looks into her eyes and says admiringly: You look
beautiful tonight.
Jian Yao thought they were attending a party tonight. So she chose a beautiful dress
and put her hair up. She is wearing the diamond necklace that he gave her, revealing
her soft neck and shoulders.
Thank you. she says softly. She can see his suggestive smile. She heart pounds.
Because she is well aware of what he is thinking about right now. He is obviously
pleased with the way she dressed.
Bo Jinyan takes her hand and they sit at the dining table.
Dinner is exquisite. Throughout the meal, Bo Jinyan is very quiet, but his smile never
leaves him. And the look in his eyes says it all.
Soon, dinner is over.
The table is cleared, the violinist gone. Only the two of them are left in this big
penthouse. They are still sitting at the dining table, staring at each other in candlelight.
Jian Yao picks up the bunch of moth orchids: Its very pretty.
Bo Jinyan stands and walks behind her. He takes the flower away from her and
throw it back onto the table.
Leave the flowers here. Lets go to the bedroom.
Jian Yaos face reddens. She doesnt say a word. She does not even look up. But she
allows Bo Jinyan to hold her hand and leads her to the bedroom.

He notices her nervousness, he says in his low deep voice: Relax. he pauses slightly:
Even though I don't have experience, but my ability to learn and grasp new skills is
superior. I am also very observant. I will do very well.
Jian Yao dont know what to say.
When they get inside, she is amazed.
There is another big chandelier in the room. This time, it is a modern artistic design
with little square over it. A huge king size bed is in the middle of the room,
surrounded by ceiling to ground glass windows that shows a panoramic view of B city.
So they will be making love on this bed?
With the city underneath them? Thats so bold and arrogant.
Well, it sure fits his style.
Her palms begin to sweat. What is going to happen next? Will he push her down onto
the bed?
But Bo Jinyan leads her to one of the glass window. With one hand on the glass, one
hand behind her head, he says to her: Close your eyes.
Jian Yao: Why? She is nervous.
He covers her eyes with his hand that was on the glass. He lowers his head and
kisses her gently on her ear. Then he says to her: Ill let you know when to open them.
Bo Jinyan continues to gently kiss her ears. Then he glides his lips down her neck,
hover at the curve that is usually covered by her long hair. Jian Yao is shivering in his
arms. Her eyes are covered by his hand, so she holds on his shirt.
How long do I have to wait? She says
Not long. He says as he nibbles and gently bites the smooth flesh on her neck.
Jian Yaos first reaction is - a new trick. A few days ago, he only knows how to
passionate but simply kiss her. But today, his touches are melting her, she is already
breathing more quickly.
Her second thought - She knows what Bo Jinyan wants her to see. From the
limousine, to the luxurious penthouse, and the exquisite dinner, she can almost guess
that his next trick is to arrange for the hotel staff to write messages of love on helium
ballrooms and float them up to appear before her.
Oh gosh, please do not write something like Please make love to me, Jian Yao!

As she is still thinking, suddenly he removes his hand. His lips are no longer on her
neck. Jian Yao opens her eyes slowly, and see fireworks exploding in the most beautiful
patterns, right before her eyes. The sky comes alive with so many vibrant hues,
starbursts, and showers of light along with ribbons of smoke. And the colours reflect on
the lake waters. Its breathlessly stunning.
Jian Yao is shocked - fireworks. He brought her to see fireworks. She did
contemplate this possibility, but B City does not allow fireworks, except Fireworks for the National Celebrations. He says proudly: You are standing in the
best spot for the citys firework display.
Jian Yao quietly watches the fireworks while Bo Jinyan quietly watches her. He is not
interested in these shimmering lights and patterns at all. But he remembers why Fu
Ziyu said.
Take her to a romantic and beautiful setting.
Bo Jinyan thought for a while. He remembers how much she enjoyed the firework
during the lantern festival. He tells Fu Ziyu his plans. Fu Ziyu approves: Very good. No
woman can resist fireworks. She will take the initiative to kiss you, then let things
progress naturally from there on.
Humm. he is waiting. If she doesn't come over and kiss him in the next minute,
then he will have to take the initiative instead.
Thank you. Jinyan. She says gently.
You are welcome. He smiles. As long as you think its romantic.
Because romance is the best catalyst.
Jian Yao smiles again. She does not watch the fireworks anymore. She takes a step
forward and hooks her hands around his neck. Then she leans over to kiss him.
This kiss is different from her previous kisses. Her whole body snuggles up into his
arms, as if she is going to entrust herself to him. She copies his kissing style - stirring
him, inviting him for more
Bo Jinyan has two other arrangements but he decides they are not necessary
anymore. Lifting her up, he carries her across the room to the king size bed.
Jian Yao leans close to his chest. He gently places her on bed. The firework display is
still going in the background. He leans down and looks at her. His face has the proud
arrogant smile again.
He is ecstatic.
Jinyan. So am I. I am as happy as I am nervous...

-----------------Take my clothes off for me. He says with his deep voice. His black eyes fixed on her.
Jian Yao blushes as she unbuttons his shirt. First button, second button Then she
feels a warm feeling on her thigh. He slides his hand in from underneath the dress,
gradually exploring her body.
Dont stop. Continue. He orders, Unless you want me to keep my clothes on.
Jian Yaos attention was on his hand thats resting on her thigh. Her hands shakes as
she continues to take off his shirt. He is pleased. He lies on top of her. Her hand gently
rests on his chest as she tries to block him from coming closer.
But. can he not stare at her like that. His gaze is sharp like razor. And the hand that
is underneath the dress is getting more and more bold
His long fingers start rubbing her, on top of the thin layer of fabric. He touches her
with a strength that is not too hard, or soft, but just enough to make her body shivers.
But of course, this is only the beginning. When he is aware of the slight dampness on
the fabric, he smiles and says: You are wet. Faster than I expected.
Jian Yao is almost driven mad. She hides her face in his chest and protests with a
whine: Can you please keep quiet?
He looks at her. His smile increases.
No. He says. We should communicate our feelings. It helps to achieve perfect sex.
Then his fingers finally tilt the layer of fabric away to explore further. Jian Yao feels
as if there are electric currents going through her. Every cell within her seems to be
under his control. She can barely speak.
His thumb presses on her soft flesh. Jian Yaos legs becomes weak and shaky. His
fingers dive in further. He frowns at this point. His hands actions do not stop. He is
obviously looking for something.
Is it here? He uses his fingertips to rub gently. Jian Yao takes a big breath. His
frown turns into a smile: Found it. I am so accurate.
Jian Yaos face is completely red from embarrassment. She grabs on to his
shoulders. He notices her reactions, he is even more proud. He smiles: Dont be so
nervous. Just enjoy. He bents down to kiss her. His large body pressing on to hers,
restricting her body movements. His hand continues to work its magic, and getting
better at it as each second passes.
Knead, push, tease Sometimes, its a fast and strong rub. Sometimes, hes move in
circles slowly and gently. His action is swift and smooth, not leaving her a chance to
respite. She curls up like a cat under his body.

Where did you learn this? She asks as she breathes heavily.
He looks up and smiles at her: You mean this technique?
Jian Yaos mutters a soft yes.
A French book. He says Best guide to sex. You should read it too when you have
No, I wont. she struggles to finish her sentence as he picks up his speed again.
The constant stimulation is making her anxious like ants on a hot pan. She feels a
strong urge within her. A feeling like she cant get enough of. She has never felt like this
all her life.
Oh. getting more and more excited? His low voice is getting coarser too.
Jian Yao feels she cant continue anymore. Under his fingers, in a part deep within
her, a trembling, strange sensation is going though her like layers of waves. Her heart
is pounding so fast she feels its going to explode any minute. But he continues to stir
This is not fair. Its both their first attempt. Why does she feels so frustrated and
nervous, and he is like an experienced lover, with all the confidence and skills to control
the game right from the start.
But she has no strength left to complain. Then, a clear but sharp feeling, like a flash
of white light/electric current, engulfs her.
Oh She moans. She cant believe she made that noise. Her whole body trembles.
She pushes him away: Stop, stop. I cant take it anymore.
Bo Jinyan looks at the woman who is shaking in his arms. According to the The Best
Sex Guide, at this point, he needs to stay away from strong stimulations. He stops using
his fingers, and gently presses the sides to help calm her down.
But his mind is not as calm as Jian Yao thinks.
Heat waves are rippling and stirring inside of him.
Too sexy. She is too sexy. Her toes curl when she reaches orgasm, softly pushing
against his calves. Her skin turns to a pale pink at that point. This is not mentioned in
the books.
He wants to access her right now, to have her tightly wrapping against him. Oh, it
must be incredibly wonderful. He looks at that beautiful place, completely wet, looking
soft and red under the lights.

His lower abdomen tightens. somewhere, there is a burning tension that feels like it
wants to explode. Only the valley dripping with honey can appease and ease the
No. Wait a little longer. There is something he wants her to do.
Jian Yao, touch me. He lowers his head and latches on to her breasts, then grabs
her hand. His heart is stirring - She is finally going to touch his private part.
Jian Yao body is still soft, her legs still numb. Her head is a little groggy. She looks up
to see his bright black eyes looking into hers. His hand has led her to press on a hot and
hard place.
Jian Yaos face is completely red again. She feels like she is going to suffocate soon.
But she cant back off now. She holds him in her hand, and under his gaze, and moves
Within a few seconds, Bo Jinyan feels his throat tightening. And it swells incredibly.
She does not have the skills like he did. She pats it like a pet . But its enough to set him
on fire.
"You're great ......" he sighs.
Jian Yao continues to blush: Really?" Looking at the thing in her hand, she cant
help but comment: Its nothing like your outer appearance.
His skin complexion looks more like smooth ivory.
Bo Jinyan understands what she means. Its a compliment from his woman to him.
He cant wait another second. He removes her hands from there, and lowers his body to
the right position.
Even though her tender flesh is sufficiently moist, the muscles are still tight. He
lowers the head, it feels stuck. But this is enough to release a bit of the pressure. His
mouth opens slightly, even his face has a tint of blush.
Oh.. he lets out a sigh.
Jian Yao also whispers a gasp. Its hurting her.
Bo Jinyan holds her waist, and pushes in another segment. This is really painful. She
complains: Its painful. She gives him a disapproving glance, I thought you read the
book, so why does it still hurts?
For once, Bo Jinyan dont feel like talking at at all. He just wants to get it all in there.
Oh that warm wrapped up feeling. Its like drugs that are seducing him. He is
completely unable to suppress the urge to thrust. He can even feel the tip hopping with

But it hurts her though.

Bo Jinyan lets out a long breath. He stops the movement, and places his finger on her
sensitive part.
Relax. He is coaxing her: It will be wonderful. I am skillful and my techniques are
top class .
Jian Yao bursts into laughter.
But soon she is not laughing anymore. He caresses her with his fingers while
advancing slowly at the same time. Its double stimulation. Her body starts to shiver
again. Ok, he is a master its not as painful anymore.
When its finally completely wrapped up, neither of them speaks. Its a strange and
overwhelming feeling.
The two bodies wrapped in each other arms. The air is filled with their scent. Their
heart beating like drums, awaiting for the most intimate moments.
Now, do you feel it is real?" Bo Jinyan asks in her ears.
Jian Yao stares at him: Ah.
A beautiful night. You are beside me. I am beside you. You are in me, and I am in
you. You, who are usually proud and arrogant, would love me so passionately. You
excite me in ways I have never experienced before. I am crazy about you. We will be
the most intimate person for each other from now on. We will be inseparable.

I wish this moment is a covenant of a lifetime. We will be by each others side for the
rest of our life. Until we are old and frail, we will still be deeply in love with one
another, till death do us part.
-----------------The two bodies wrapped in each other arms. The air is filled with their scent. Their
heart beating like drums, awaiting for the most intimate moments.
Now, do you feel it is real?" Bo Jinyan asks in her ears.
Jian Yao stares at him: Ah.
A beautiful night. You are beside me. I am beside you. You, who are usually proud
and arrogant, would love me so passionately. You excite me in ways I have never
experienced before. I am crazy about you. We will be the most intimate person for
each other from now on. We will be inseparable.

I wish this moment is a covenant of a lifetime. We will be by each others side for the
rest of our life. Until we are old and frail, we will still be deeply in love with one
another, till death do us part.

Chapter 58
The suns rays are streaming in from three directions. The whole room has a
luminous glow.
In the center of the messed up bed, Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan are lying there
Words alone cannot express how he feels. Every drop of her sweat, every bead of her
sweet nectar and every inch of her delicate skin is under his mastery, dancing with him.

A delicate beauty, bowing for her lover. This primal act of sharing love between men
and women is too wonderful. Everything described in the books about sex is just a
monotonous explanation. What a joke. Bo Jinyan thinks to himself. It should be
rewritten as Words cannot express this. It is recommended that you experience it for
yourself to understand the immense pleasure it brings.
She buries her heavy breathing under the sheets. Her small and soft waist swings
according to the rhythm he sets. Her flushed cheeks, her supply breasts, and the
trembling legs that wrap around his waist she is so weak, so attractive. Every entry,
the feeling being tightly wrapped by her warmth Its ecstasy.
His broad hand caresses and explores her curves. His advances are in his usual style:
fast, precise and powerful, but tasteful and refined at the same time - And he repeatedly
whispers softly in her ears with his low magnetic voice, to seduce her even more
Oh. looks like you enjoy the nine shallow one deep thrusting pattern.
Dont bite your lips. Your moaning brings me pleasure.
You are so wet. baby, this time will be even better than the last.
Bo Jinyan is known for his forthright mannerisms. But to speak such brazen words
without a hint of embarrassment? Jian Yao wishes he could just be quiet, but she is
melting in his arms, she is too weak to protest. So she continues to allow him to
stimulate her senses, both physical and verbally. Her whole body is immersed in the
pleasure he brings her. Everything around her seems blur out of focus, except for his
forceful thrusts, reminding her of his presence.
Then, the moment arrives. He pushes in deeply and wraps his arms tightly around
her waist. Her entire bodyweight falling on her. His body is still, except for that one
spot, which is quivers in the same rapid rhythm as the soft flesh its resting in. She
opens and closes her palm that is on his chest, not letting go of his lean toned muscles.
The sweat on his forehead drips on her face. His handsome face finally relaxes. A smile
appears upon his lips.

He lets out a long breath, and rolls off her. They lie side by side on the big bed.
Both of them are staring at the ceiling, recovering their breath. Jian Yao pulls the
scrunched up duvet to cover herself. He too, grabs the other corner and pulls it up over
his body.
After a while, he pulls her into his arms. She can feel that his desires are not
completely faded. He looks at her with his bright black eyes.
How did it feel this time? He takes a quick glance at the classic pendulum clock at
the corner of the room: One hour thirty four minutes. If you still think its too short, it
can be extended the next round.
He purposely emphasises on the length of time. Jian Yao is both embarrassed and
amused. She lifts her finger to lightly scratch his chest: You dont have to feel bad
about what happened the first time. You are inexperience
Both of them remember what happened last night. Not long after he entered into
her, pushing in and out around a dozen times or so, she gradually adjusted to the
motion and the pain lessened. She whispers in a voice so soft that its almost inaudible:
Umm.. feels alright now its actually quite nice. Perhaps he was overstimulated by
his lovers encouraging words, his face suddenly tightens. And for the first time in his
life, his eyes reveals emotions of intolerance, defeat and awkwardness. He quickly backs
Of course Bo Jinyan is well aware of the fact that the first time dont last long for most
men. But he was so sure that he was different from other ordinary men. That he is
special and gifted and will be able to have great control over himself, even for his first
So, after what had happened, even though he was able to lengthen the time
considerably for all subsequent acts, his first defeat left him rather dissatisfied. The
first thing he did after waking up this morning was to score another round. So he could
increase his average time length (including their first time) to more than 60
minutes, and also to show Jian Yao that he is more capable than she thinks.
He feels better with this average.
I am sorry. Looks a little swollen. He looks down and says: But dont worry, I
bought some ointment for you. Its at home. Im sure the swelling will subside in no
time. Then he starts to visualise in his mind how she looks when the swell subsides,
he smiles approvingly.
Jian Yao blushes uncontrollably again. She gently hits him: Why do you have this
type of medicine at home?
Bo Jinyan sweeps her a proud smile: Making love is an important milestone for our
relationship. Do you think I will miss out any detail?

Jian Yao thinks for a while, then she smiles: Yes, very well prepared. Except for the
first time which ended with lightning speed.
This is obviously asking for trouble. Bo Jinyan frowns and looks at her for a few
seconds. She starts to get uneasy. She quickly turns to get out of bed: Im taking a
But he slides his arm around her waist and scooped her up before she has a chance to
escape. His body once again covers her. His breath surrounding her: Looks like the
average is still short
The probing and grinding starts again. Ah! She screams: Im sorry. Its my
fault.. Ive had enough.

After a passionate and strenuous morning, they doze off again. When they wake up
again, its mid-afternoon. The room is filled with the afternoon sun. Jian Yao is still in
bed. It seems like all the strength in her body has drained out of her.
She hears the sound of water in the bathroom. Bo Jinyan is having a shower. She
hides under the duvet. She thinks about what has happened. She has given herself
completely to him. A feeling of wondrous sweetness fills her heart.
Bo Jinyans mobile phone rings. Her thoughts are interrupted by the incoming call.
She looks at the screen, its Fu Ziyu. She yells out to Bo Jinyan: Its Ziyu. She presses
the answer button and says to Fu Ziyu: Ziyu, he wont be long.
Fu Ziyu says with laugh in his voice: Oh, no hurry at all. I hope I am not interrupting
you guys.
Jian Yaos face burns in embarrassment. He knows!
Bo Jinyan walks out from the bathroom, she quickly passes him the phone.
Bo Jinyans hair is still wet. Water is dripping down onto his shoulders and back. He
has a towel wrapped around his waist, showing off his lean toned body.
Jian Yao is watching him from the bed. Oh from now on, this will be a frequent and
normal sight
Whats up? Bo Jinyan smiles as he answers the phone.
Fu Ziyu is concerned about his good friend. He was afraid last night may have been a
set-back for Mr.Bo because of his inexperience. But it seems his concern was
unnecessary. His friend sounds like he had a fantastic night.
Wow Ms Jian Yao, must have been a tiring night for you. A 26 years old virgin

So he says to Bo Jinyan: Oh, nothing much. I just called to congratulate you. Then
he asks: How was it?
Bo Jinyan has a deep smile: Thank you. It was great.
Jian Yao is able to guess what they are talking about. She throws a pillow at Bo
Jinyan: I dont want you to talk about it.
Bo Jinyan turns to smiles at her: Ok. Then he tells Fu Ziyu: She is shy, I cant talk
about it anymore. But you can imagine how awesome it was. Thanks for your useful
Jian Yao:
After he puts down the phone, he sees her getting out of bed, wearing her pyjamas.
She is going to take a shower. He looks at her lovely curves and her full firm bosom. Its
enough to make him feel hot again.
Oh she belongs to him. This is an amazing feeling.
Jian Yao turns around and sees him staring at her.
What is it?
Bo Jinyan pauses to think of something to say to her. He wants to convey his love for
her in one concise statement.
If I knew how much pleasure it would bring me when we are one physically and
spiritually, I would have asked for your love on the first day we met.
I have wasted so much time already. I should have held your hands long ago, to
share this happiness.

Jian Yao feels like a jar of honey has spilled into her heart, the sweetness flowing
through to all the other parts of her body.
Seeking her love on day one? That does fits his vain and brazen personality.
Thank you. I am feeling very happy too. She replies softly.
I am happy to be with you. Even though your statement had no logic in it, but its the
first time I have heard a statement from you that is illogical. And its because of me.
Because you love me, and I love you very much too.

The National holiday flashes past. Some people had a passionate and sweet week.
Some had a tiring but meaningful week. But some passed it in despair and pain.
7th October. The last night of the holidays. In a city in Southern provinces. A dark
and quiet factory warehouse.
A middle aged man. He is stumbling as he walks. He is holding a can of petrol,
pouring it over a row of petroleum gas tanks.
I beg you. please, let me go He wails like a trapped animal. A man that appears
to be strong on the outside has tears over all his face: My parents are very old. I have
family. My wife and children are waiting for me. Please dont kill me. why me
A deep voice speaks out in the darkness: I chose you because I like the looks of you.
The man knows there is no way out of this. His hand shakes as he takes out the
lighter and turns it on. A flickering flame dances in the night.
You will let my family go? He asks trembling If I light the fire, you will dismantle
the bomb in my house?
Of course. says the other man: And I promise they will not suspect a thing except
that you have such a hatred for this society that you are committing suicide with arson.
The man takes his last deep breath. He closes his eyes, lets out an agonising yell. He
drops the lighter on the ground, onto the slippery and pungent petrol next to his feet.
As flames engulf him, he seems to hear the other man saying: This is for my good
friend. To die for him is an honour.
Then, there are sounds of big explosions, and he is swallowed in the waves of heat
and force. His world is silenced.
8th October. Morning.
A Grand Cherokee arrives at the Central Police Station. Jian Yao gets out of the car.
Bo Jinyan is in his black suit. They are walking side by side.
I have to file a complaint about last night. Bo Jinyan says to her.
Jian Yao pauses her step. Bo Jinyan continues with his complaint: Why do you
refuse to try out the new positions? You know how inquisitive I am. You cant stop me
from exploring and improving in this area.
Jian Yao: Please, just shut up.

Bo Jinyan is not finished yet: If I am one of the smartest people in the world,
naturally I will also be one of the best in this area too.
Jian Yao starts to blush. A group of officers are coming towards them. She quickly
says in a low voice: Can we discuss this when we get home?
Bo Jinyan takes a look at the guys coming towards them. They have just finished
their fitness routine in the morning. All of them are wearing T Shirts or singlets. Their
muscles have the pump look after workout. And they greet Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao as
they walk past: Good morning, Professor Bo. Good morning, Jian Yao.
Jian Yao smiles at them. A few of them stops to chat to Jian Yao. Bo Jinyan stands
quietly. After they leave, he mutters to himself: A bunch of raging hormones that are
not getting the satisfaction they want.
Jian Yao bursts out laughing
Its only been a week since he is getting the satisfaction. Does he have to be so proud
of it?
Work after the long holiday is no different from usual. He still gets lost in this work
and forgets about her until the bell rings for lunch. Then he walks over, gives her a
long passionate kiss and whispers in her ears: Well continue tonight
He receives a call from Yin Ziqi in the afternoon.
Because he is in a good mood. His tone is unusually pleasant: What is it? My lovely
but troublesome sister?
Yin Ziqi is inviting Bo Jinyan to go to America next month. To spend Christmas with
the rest of the family.
Your father is not feeling so well lately. She says: You should visit him.
Bo Jinyan thinks about it: Ok. I will bring Jian Yao to see him. Can you arrange the
air ticket for us?
Yin Ziqi hesitates on the other end: Are you sure you want to bring your girlfriend
along? I know Uncle Bo well. He wants you to have a wife from the same social circle. I
agree its too old fashioned but he is not well at the moment, are you sure you want to
do that?
Bo Jinyan gives a faint laugh: Thats his problem, not mine. From the moment I
chose my field in university, hes always used his health has an excuse. But he is never
successful. I am surprised you even brought this up.
Yin Ziqi: ..alright. She hangs up. Then she calls her fiance: Hi. Where are we
going for dinner tonight?

After Bo Jinyan hangs up, he looks at Jian Yao.

Jian Yao is looking at him too: You want to bring me back to the US?
We can spend Christmas together. Just the two of us. He says calmly.
Perhaps its the way he speaks, Jian Yao automatically thinks about what they usually
do when theres only the two of them.
She is about to tell him off when he continues: If you are willing, I want to bring you
to a few places. I think you will enjoy visiting the places I like.
Jian Yao answers gladly: Yes, Id love to.
He wants to share his likes and interests with her. He inadvertently makes her feel
loved and treasured.
Bo Jinyan is pleased with her answer.
They continue with their work. No one speaks anymore. But the air in the office
seems to be filled with a scent of happiness and contentment.
Someone knocks on the door. They both look up. The Team Leader is holding some
files, walking in with a sober look on his face.
Professor, there is an unusual case. I would like to have your opinion on it.
Bo Jinyan has his usual faint smile: Sure.
The Team Leader continues: In the last seven days, there have been five arson cases
in five different cities. All the arsonists died on scene, and they left suicide notes.
When we link the cases together, we found the following:
1.The brand of petrol used is the same
2. The brand for the lighter used to start the fire is also the same
3. We found detonation device in three of the five crime scenes. All of them are
configured in exactly the same way.
Bo Jinyan stands up and takes the files. He looks through them and mumbles: This is
an Interesting case indeed.
(Note from Author Ding Mo: He is coming. He is really coming. Everyone, close your
eyes ~)
An interview between the author Ding Mo and Bo Jinyan (Warning: contains Xrated discussions)

Author : Hi everyone. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! We are honoured to have Mr.Bo
Jinyan here today to answer some of your questions. Due to his busy schedule (he has
made arrangements for later tonight, I am sure youll understand), he will only be with
us for a few minutes
Bo Jinyan: You have already wasted 5 seconds.
Author: . Question 1. How many times did you do it last night? Please note these
questions are from the QQ forum readers. It has nothing to do with me.
Bo Jinyan: Four, not counting the first one.
Author: Why are you not counting the first one?
Bo Jinyan: You can shut up now. Next question.
Author: How did you feel? What frequent do you anticipate you will be engaging this
physical exercise in the future?
Bo Jinyan: (Smile) This is a good question. It think it was perfect. As for frequency.
It depends. But once a day will be the minimum.
Author: Do you ever find Jian Yao not attractive?
Bo Jinyan: Hormones flood your brain and body when you fall in love. Therefore, in
my eyes, she is always attractive. The person who asked this question clearly lacks
knowledge in the area. I suggest they should read more on how to relate with the
opposite sex.
Author: Hmmm first time. how long did it last?
Bo Jinyan: (looks coldly at screen) Are you trying to provoke me?
Author: .. next question. how did the first time feel?
Bo Jinyan: To be honest, I dont mind leaving my role as the male lead of this novel
right now
Author: I am sorry. I promised Ill leave it alone. Next. Do you want children?
Bo Jinyan: No, I am not interested to have kids.
Author: Ok. But its not entirely your decision.
Bo Jinyan: What did you say?
Author: Nothing Next. Was Jian Yao too weak to stand up the next day?
Bo Jinyan: (finally with a smile back on his face) Yes. But she refuses to admit it.

Author: Contraceptive methods?

Bo Jinyan: We tried condoms and the pull out method. I dont like either. But for now,
we will settle for the latter.
Author: You are so blunt. how many kids O sorry, thats a repeat.
Bo Jinyan: Zero. Next.
Author: Are you afraid of dying?
Bo Jinyan: Nonsense. Of course not. But with my IQ, I am confident of keeping myself
alive until a ripe old age.
Author: What sort of logic is that? But alright. next. How do you see Yin Ziqi?

Bo Jinyan: She is a family member that I am not very close to.

Author: Yin Ziqi, I hope you are not too disappointed. Next. Jian Yao has a lot of
secret admirers. How do you deal with them?
Bo Jinyan: Why do I have to deal with them. They have the word stupidity written all
over them.
Author: Oh thats in my book intro. Anyway, which part of Jian Yao do you like?
Bo Jinyan: (Smiles again) eyes.
Author: Today is Mid Autumn Festival. What type of mooncake do you like?
Bo Jinyan: French style cherry filling. That is Jian Yaos favourite too.
Author: Last question. When you guys were . what did you say to her?
Bo Jinyan: Even though your question is incomplete. I understand what you mean. I
admit, when I reaches orgasm, there are moments where my mind goes blank. But as
you know, I do recover very quickly, then, a lot of phrases comes to mind.
Author: For example?
Bo Jinyan: Like. So great. Unbelievable, I am fxxking her, and I love her very much.
Author: I want to laugh, but I am so touched at the same time Last question. Is
there anything you would like to say to the readers on Mid Autumn Festival?
Bo Jinyan: (pauses): Nothing.

Author: You! If you dont wish them a Happy Mid Autumn, you can forget about sex
for the rest of the story.
Bo Jinyan: (relunctantly) Ok. Happy Mid Autumn. Wish you have a happy time with
your family. Goodbye.

Chapter 59
Why would someone commit arson?
Because when they see the flames engulfing everything, they think they are in
control. In the beginning, its controlling the fire, then he will want to control life, and
start to murder people.
Inside the burnt out factory, Bo Jinyan is standing with his hands at his back. He
looks at the ashes all over the floor. Jian Yao stands behind him. She is examining every
All five cases happened in different cities. They are closed cases. This is why they
are keeping their investigation confidential.
A police officer standing behind them explains: The first three cases happened in
empty parks in the middle of the night or in residential houses. Except for the arsonist,
there were no other victims. However, from the fourth case onwards, innocent people
were killed. Especially this last case, three workers died in the blast.
So. Bo Jinyan turns to look at him: You only noticed the similarities after the fifth
The officer nods.
Bo Jinyan has a sarcastic smile on his face: I dont buy the five cases are similar lie.
Its obvious that the person who is behind all these cases changed his strategy after the
third case. There are two reasons for this: 1. He is getting greedy. 2. He wants more
attention. I think his next step is to cause a big explosion involving public transport.
The officer is shocked. He asks: But how does he control the arsonists?
Thats the answer we are looking for. Bo Jinyan says slowly.
He takes off his gloves and turns to Jian Yao: Lets go.
Jian Yao catches up behind him: Weve been to all the scenes. Any discoveries?

No. Theres nothing out of the ordinary. All the necessary forensic work had been
done by the police.
They step out of the factory. There are police cars everywhere.
Bo Jinyan pauses his steps and smiles at her: Tell me, what should we doing next?
Jian Yao thinks for a while: Since theres no clue at the scenes. I think we should
look at the suicide notes.

Bo Jinyan turns around and continues to walk forward. He says with a flat voice as
he is walking: Good, looks like our frequent and passionate sex is not affecting your
work. You are as smart and efficient as usual. Good. Keep it up.
Jian Yao:
This guy is like a changed man when he is working. Butwhat a way of making sure
their private life is not affecting their work.

The local police station.

Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan is sitting in their conference room. The five suicide notes are
on the table, as well as copies of other suicide notes.
It didn't take Bo Jinyan very long to read through them. He leans back on to the
Jian Yao carefully reads through every sentence. She gets more and more suspicious
as she reads on.
These suicide notes something is wrong. She looks at Bo Jinyan.
He gives a cold smile: Yes, they are very well written.
Jian Yao understands what he means. He doesnt mean they are very well written
that one can easily tell its fake. Its well written because they very believable!
Firstly, the handwriting. The strokes flowed smoothly. They were not forced at all.
Some writers were getting emotional and their handwritings were a little harder to
read. The style of writing was very colloquial. Its filled with frustration and anger.
Each letter expressed they were disappointed and hopeless with life, and so they
decided to end it with arson. Every letter was reasonably lengthy. None of the letters
deliberately avoided anything, and each one written in a different personal style.
It ticks all the boxes for evaluating if a suicide note is genuine or not. Based on what
Bo Jinyan taught Jian Yao in the Wang Wan Wei case, it does seem like these suicide
notes are not written under duress. This is probably why none of the police officers
were suspicious earlier.
But the question remains. If there is someone else behind the arsons, how did he
manage to get them to write suicide notes willingly, and to commit arson after that?
Hummlook at your confused little face. He says in his low voice. He is looking at
her with a smile.
How can he always be so confident?

I am thinking. Jian Yao snaps back. Tell me. What do you think?
Bo Jinyan stands up. Today, he is wearing a dark grey suit. He walks to the white
board in front of the conference room. He picks up a marker. With both hands at his
back, he looks at her: Give me Conan Doyles quote on finding answers. Its old
fashioned but its practical and useful.
Jian Yao answers: Eliminate the factors that are not possible, whatever is left behind,
no matter how bizarre it seems, is the truth.
Bo Jinyan: So, what are you so puzzled about. Just analyse the situation one step at a
time. Ok?
Jian Yao: .ok ok! Just tell me. Even though they are lovers, he always disparages
her, by either criticising she is not smart enough, or not proficient enough at her
work. But thats ok. she will ignore his immaturity and arrogance.
Bo Jinyan starts slowly: I repeat what I said previously, that there must be someone
behind all these cases.
The reason is simple: Even though all five arsonists have a motive, the probability of
them choosing to commit their crime in the same style, and all within a few days is very
low. And the sequence of cases clearly indicates the evolution of a psychopath.
Yes, Jian Yao says, The possibility of that is very very low indeed.
There is a second probability. says Bo Jinyan: When they were writing their
suicide note, his mind controlled them to write in a style he wanted. The common
methods including drugs, hypnosis, persuasion etc etc to create hallucination, and/or to
influence their emotions. In that way, he is able to obtain the genuine suicide notes.
Jian Yao is shocked.
Mind control? These are things she has only read in a text book.
Perhaps its because he notices her hesitation, he says: Are you confused again?
Mind control is a real method that people uses. Its not just a theory. But its not as
dramatic as Hollywood portraits it to be. Then his smile disappears from his face. He
looks pensive.
Jian Yao asks: What is it?
Bo Jinyan gives a dry laugh: I just remembered. Tommy tried it on me too
Tommy, serving his life sentence in a high security prison in California US.
Bo Jinyan has not shared with Jian Yao about his experience. The dark cellar, his
wounds, and what he just mentioned, the mind control techniques.
Then what happened in the end? She asks softly.

Bo Jinyan glances at her: In the end? I sent him to prison. Have you lost your
Jian Yao smiles at the aloof look on his face.
Yes, Bo Jinyan always wins in the end.
Ok, Ok, Ok. My mistake. Lets get back to the case.
Bo Jinyan continues: I lean towards the theory that he used mind control. Being
burnt to death is a very painful way to die. To find five determine men that wants to use
this painful method to take revenge on society is not an easy task. For example. if I
give you a choice Choose between death by burning yourself or taking poison, which
one would you choose?
Jian Yao: . poison.
Bo Jinyan nods: Thats my point.
Next question. What do the five arsonists have in common?
Jian Yao had some time to think over this before:
1. Age. They are in between 35 to 45 years old.
2. Financial status. All of them struggle to make ends meet.
3. According to their family and friends. They are reserved and quiet. They dont like
to communicate. These people often build up resentment towards society. They tend
to be more negative.
4. Prior criminal record. Whether its theft, or assault, all of them had been charged
for minor offences before. But the charges are not serious so none of them have spent
time in prison.
When she finishes, she quietly looks at Bo Jinyan. He has an approving smile on his
Thats correct. And he adds slowly: A good arsonists criminal profile.
Jian Yao says: You mean
Bo Jinyan nods: He knows how to profile his victims. This verifies my previous
theory. That he is very good at mind control techniques.
Jian Yao is quiet. An intelligent criminal that is also an expert on criminal
psychology. Hes challenging the police by a series of brutal arson cases
She asks softly: Is He the Flower Cannibal No.2?
Since Jiang Hao's death, and the absences of messages after the two homicide cases,
Jian Yao was almost certain He is dead.

But when Bo Jinyan mentioned about Tommy, a sense of foreboding filled her.
Bo Jinyan has long contemplated this possibility. He has a sarcastic smile on his face:
Well, if it is Him, that would be interesting. Then he swipe her a glance: Dont have
to be nervous. Im here.
Jian Yao thinks about it. Yes, he is no match for Bo Jinyan. She should not be worried
about it.
I only arrest the most hideous criminals. He said before. And he is never wrong.

After lunch.
Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are sitting in one of the most famous restaurant in town.
The setting is lovely. Its located at the waters edge. Bo Jinyan loosens his tie. He is
relaxing on a sofa, with his arms wrapped around his woman.
Jian Yao is used to his investigation style by now. The initial stage of criminal
analysis is done. Its time for the police and forensic staff to take over. Its their job to
find the person behind the cases and work out how he connected with each of the
Even though its their lunch break, Jian Yao is not as relaxed as Bo Jinyan. She is busy
reading the information on the case.
Bo Jinyan suddenly says to her: You did a great job with the arsonist profiling today.
Its definitely an improvement on the previous cases.
Jian Yao looks up and gives him a sweet smile. Its not easy to get a compliment from
Bo Jinyan smiles and continues: Perhaps my previous judgment on you is not
accurate enough.
Jian Yao is curious: What do you mean?
Bo Jinyan answers slowly: The British believes the right amount of sex will make
people more healthy, enhances ones ability to think, and have quicker reaction times.
You just proved the theory right. Interesting.
He is not trying to be cheeky. He speaks it as a matter of fact.
But Jian Yao finds it embarrassing to be chatting about these things. She blushes.
Then he says faintly: Are you not going to thank me?

Oh just stop it, will you!!

News came on their way back to the police station.

The officer calls: Professor Bo, we have made an important discovery.

Chapter 60
Historically, there are a lot of cunning and cruel criminals that managed to escape the
raid, yet exposed their identity under the least expected circumstances. For example,
Ted Bundy, the American serial killer was arrested after he failed to pull over for a
routine traffic stop. In China, Yang Xinhai was stopped by police check points in an
entertainment venue.
Now, in front of Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao is a valuable clue thats obtained in a similar
After lunch. A quiet conference room.
A few technicians from the Ministry of Public Security are analysing data they
collected from the arsonists house. One of the senior technicians explains: Three of
the five arsonists had computers at home. We noticed that all of them have been
hacked a few days before the fires. All the data inside were wiped off by a virus sent by
the hacker. Not only were the computers, but the servers in the areas were attacked
Bo Jinyan stands behind them. His long fingers taps the desk: So, the internet cafes
that are close to the two other arsonists houses were hacked too? He says coldly:
Internet. This is the quickest way to source his victims.
Jian Yao says: They are born all in the 70s. People from this generation are usually
technically proficient. She turns to Bo Jinyan: We should add this to the profile:
frequent users of the internet chat rooms and discussion forums. Its common for these
middle aged men, who are not successful in their careers, to spend a lot of time online.
You are right. The senior technician is impressed with her analysis: And we have a
bonus. The data in one of the computers was not completely wiped off.
The last arsonist, who is also the oldest of the five arsonists, is in better financial
shape compared with the others. The old computer he normally used was at the repair
shop. What the hacker wiped was his sons laptop.
We traced the data back to an online discussion forum. According to the company
that runs the forum, their server was hacked around the same period as well. But their
firewall managed to block the hacker. So we managed to retrieve the information that
belonged to all five arsonists. The results show that all of them had frequent contact
with a particular ID account. The senior technician turned to a young man: Anam,
please show Professor Bo.
Anam looks like he is in his early twenties. He wears a pair of glasses with a thin
golden frame. He turns the monitors towards them: The name of the ID account is
Ching Tian Gu Chi* It uses an overseas proxy login, with a number of firewalls around
it. We are currently using a few different algorithms to crack his location.

(* literal translation: the solitary notes/accounts of the clear sky)

This is not a speciality of Bo Jinyan, he takes a look at Anam: How long till we get the
Anam: Approximately three minutes.
Bo Jinyan has a satisfied smile on his face. He pulls a chair over to sit next to Anam.
The others take a seat too. Everyone is waiting anxiously.
Ching Tian Gu Chi Bo Jinyan mocks: What a narcissistic name.
Suddenly, all three computers flashes and turns into a blue screen! Rows of data fills
the screen, then there is an error message. The original program is nowhere to be seen
What happened? asks the senior technician.
Anam frowns and looks at the machine. They try typing on the keyboards but the
computers are not responding.
Bo Jinyan says coldly: Are we.. being attacked instead? Jian Yaos heart tightens.
She taps his shoulder to remind him not to be too harsh to Anam.
The senior technician says to Anam: Deal with this immediately. If we lose this clue,
we will be at a dead end.
Anam, who has been silent since the computer started to play up, speaks calmly: His
safety system uses the best technology he can get his hands on in the US.
Everyone starts to worry, but then he continues faintly: But its not the best in the
world. Then his fingers start typing on the keyboard at a quick speed.
In a few seconds, his screen flashes again, and rows of calculations re-appear on
The technicians are relieved. Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan looks at Anam. His hand is on
the mouse. They hear around 10 clicks, then another set of numbers appear on screen.
He turns to look at Bo Jinyan. His glasses reflect the lights from the computer screens:
Ive got his address - didnt take more than 3 minutes.
Everyone is surprised. The senior technician taps Anams shoulders. He passes the
information to the officers waiting outside.
Bo Jinyan stands up. He takes a glance at Anam: The security system for the
discussion forum. Is it designed by you?
Anam has no expressions on his face. He closes his laptop screen: A small job I took
on while studying in university.

Bo Jinyan doesnt say anything more. He walks out of the conference room. Jian Yao
looks at him. Then she looks at the young man, Anam. Then she walks out after Bo
Half an hour later. On a plane.
The address Anam identified is a villa in a seaside city. The special team in charge of
this case is taking the first available flight there. They have informed the local police to
work with them.
The plane is travelling through a clear blue sky. Bo Jinyan has his sleep mask on. He
adjusts his seat so that he can lean back more comfortably. His handsome face glowing
from the rays coming through the cabin window. He is holding Jian Yaos hand. His
thumb gently rubbing the back of her hands.
Even in the midst of stressfulness and hard times, love brings a sense of peace to the
situation. When he is by your side, you heart is settled. Even if you are in a dangerous
place, you feel that together, you can face it with ease.
Anam is a genius too. Jian Yao says softly.
When they were in the conference room. It was like watching two masters at work.
Jian Yao is glad to have another genius working with them in the team.
Bo Jinyan faintly repeats an important word: Too?
Jian Yao laughs: Yes. Like you.
Bo Jinyan looks disdainfully at Jian Yao: Criminal psychology is an art. Mathematical
calculation is a skill. How can you compare the two?
Jian Yao:
Man, can this man be more arrogant?
Then he says again: Of course, he is one of the best amongst his field. He should be
very pleased to be working with me.
Jian Yao asks: Why is that?
Because I can help him maximise his value and live to his full potential. He says:
Why shouldnt he be happy?
Jian Yao: ..
There are a lot of empty seats in the plane cabin. Some of the others within the
special team comes over to discuss the cases with Bo Jinyan.

Jian Yao looks at Anam. He is sitting quietly by himself in a window seat a few rows
behind them. He is reading something on his mobile phone. Looks like he has no
intention of joining the discussion.
Mmmm so is this what happens when two geniuses meet? They simply ignore each

The private beach looks lovely in the setting sun. A golden sheen covers the sand. A
cool sea breeze is blowing.
Several police cars are driving along the coastal highway. From afar, one can see a
black and white villa. It has a contemporary design, at the waters edge. There are a
few police car in front of the property - the local police who arrived ahead of them.
Its a new dwelling. Theres no registered owner yet. says one of the officers. But
to be able to build a villa like this, the person must be very rich.
When Bo Jinyans police car arrives the car parking area of the villa, they see a person
they dont expect to see.
Yin Ziqi.
She is wearing a causal pair of cream colour track pants. Her hair is tied up to a poly
tail. There are few people standing behind her. They dont look pleased either. Jian
Yao recognises them. They are her assistant, secretary and two bodyguards.
Welcome to K city. Lets keep this brief. One of the local police is addressing the
special team: The owner of this villa is Lin Yi Yang, the deputy general manager of Feng
Kai Group. The lady over there is Ms. Yin Ziqi. She is his fiancee. When we arrived, she
is already at the villa.
Jian Yao is shocked. Bo Jinyan walks overs to her.
When Yin Ziqi sees him, a concoction of emotions arises: surprise, joy, dependence,
confusion, shock ......
Jinyan. Whats the matter? She grabs hold of his shirt: Whats happened to Yi
Bo Jinyan asks her coldly: Why are you here?
A few days ago, Yi Yang said he will be here to go sailing. I am here on business. I
thought Id join him. He said he will be back today.
Bo Jinyan is quiet for a moment: I think you might need to prepare yourself. He may
never return.
Yin Ziqis face turns pale. Jian Yao is very quiet too.

He is right. Whether its Lin Yi Yang is or is not the person behind the arson cases, he
might never come back.
This is an unexpected turn of events. Yin Ziqis finance is involved in this case?
Is he someone close to them?
Yin Ziqis heart is very troubled.
They have been together for five years. Their relationship has been very steady.
Both of them regard each other as their future partner for marriage. It is very hard to
accept Bo Jinyans words.
She is not ignorant. She knows that Bo Jinyan only gets involved with big cases. She
asks as streams of tear start to flow down her face: So. Yi Yang is murdered?
Bo Jinyan asks the police to leave first, then he answers: We are not sure. Perhaps
he is the killer.
Yin Ziqi cant believe what she is hearing: What did you say?
Bo Jinyan is looking at her without any expression on his face. Jian Yao suddenly
understands why he said that - he wanted to observe Yin Ziqis reaction. He wants to
know if she is hiding anything.
From what Jian Yao can tell, she doesnt know anything about the case.
Bo Jinyan has obviously reached a conclusion. He softens his voice and says to his
sister: Dont be sad. I know you are a strong woman. I will find him for you. Dead or
alive, I will bring him back.
What was intended to be words of comfort by Bo Jinyan is just making Yin Ziqi feel
worse. Jian Yao steps forward to console her: Perhaps the situation is not as bad as we
think. Dont worry. Just leave everything to Jinyan.
Yin Ziqi does not reply to Jian Yao. She takes out a packet of tissue. After wiping her
tears, she turns to ask Bo Jinyan again: Tell me, what has happened?
Bo Jinyan: I dont have time to explain. The other police officers will fill you in the
details. I just need you to answer a question now.
Yin Ziqi nods.
Bo Jinyan looks at her and says in a clear and slow voice: Flower Cannibal No.2
kissed you. And you have spent a lot of time with Lin Yin Yang. Tell me. Do you notice
anything strange about your fiance? Do they have any similarities?
Yin Ziqi is shock to hear what Bo Jinyan is suggesting: Thats impossible. How could

Are you sure? Bo Jinyan interrupts her: Is there anything, no matter how small it
seems, that you find unusual about him?
No! This time, its Yin Ziqi that is cutting him off mid-sentence.
Jinyan. Sure. We are both very busy people. I dont know everything about him.
But you said it. The Flower Cannibal kissed me before. Would I confuse his kiss with
my fiances kiss?

This is a typical rich mans villa. Luxurious, refined and elegant. Especially the
bedroom, and study, full of touches that reveals the masculinity of its owner. In the
middle of the bedroom hangs a large artist self portrait - half body, shirtless, muscular,
and with a smile on his handsome face.
Inside the study, Anam connects his laptop onto the computer. Other officers are
busy looking around for clues and evidence.
Bo Jinyan stands in front of a window. He puts up the blinds and looks at the ocean
that stretches out to the horizon. Jian Yao walks up and ask him softly: Do you think
its him?
Bo Jinyan puts down the blinds. He looks at her: I don't plan to make a conclusion
now. But he does fit all the criteria we set for him.
Jian Yao thought about that earlier too - He is close to Yin Ziqi, wealthy, capable of
doing what he would have done But from another angle, he is a normal rich kid with
a good qualification and high IQ. Who knows if he is hiding something underneath his
charming appearance?
But Jian Yao shakes her hand: I dont think Lin Yi Yang is him.
Bo Jinyan lifts his brows: Why? My female detective?
Jian Yao chuckles. Then she says in a serious voice: Yin Ziqi is right. If he is Lin Yin
Yang, she would know when he kissed her.
Bo Jinyan looks quietly at her, then gives a laugh: What an interesting view. From a
kiss? Unless he has a very distinct bad breath, I dont think its easy to confuse Yin Ziqi
by changing his kissing style.
Jian Yao: But I still think.
Ok. Lets test it out. He says. He steps forward, grabs her waist and lower his head
to kiss her.

A hot and wet scent quickly fills her mouth. But this kiss is different from his usual
His usual kisses start off gentle. He likes to linger for a long time. When he gets
passionate, he will suck and lick her, it can be rich, deep and intense, but he is always
very patient, and warm toward her.
But now, his hand is squeezing her chin. its so tight that she is feeling a little painful.
His tongue invading greedily, sweeping around the inside of her lips. He even bites her
tongue, till its painful and numb. Its like hes changed to a different person. Powerful,
and cruel.
After a while, he lets go of her. Their lips are still wet from the kiss. Her lips are still
burning from this short but fiery kiss.
I dont like this style of kissing. And I dont think you enjoyed it either. He said:
But we have proved a point. Kisses can be used as a disguise.
Jian Yao is just catching her breath back. Then she remembers There is someone else in the room!
Even though the kiss is an experiment, but its still awkward that others would watch
them. She turns her head. Surely enough, Anam stands in the other side of the room.
He has a surprised look on his face. When their eyes meet, he looks down again to the
Jian Yao blushes. Then she turns to Bo Jinyan and asks: This style. Did you learn it
from a book?
Bo Jinyan: Theres no need to. I just imagined myself as a ruthless criminal.
Jian Yao smiles: But you are wrong.
Bo Jinyan frowns at her words.
Jian Yao grabs hold of his shirt and pulls him towards her. She says quietly in his
ears: Whenever you kiss me, you have a habit. At the end of the kiss, your tongue will
always curl at the tips, then lick mine from bottom to top. Its a subconscious trick you
do every time.
Bo Jinyan is stunned, then he looks down at her.
He thinks for a while, then he smiles: Ok, you have successfully convinced me. Yin
Ziqi and Lin Yi Yang have been lovers for years. They would be very familiar with each
others, and Yin Ziqi is a sharp and observant woman. Based on this, she should be able
to tell if those two men are the same person.
Jian Yao nods. Its a relieve to hear that he agrees. The last thing she wants to see is
that people she knows are involved in the case.

But then, he says: Its not a good enough reason to eliminate the possibility that Lin
Yi Yang is him yet.
Jian Yao is puzzled: Why? But didnt he just admit.
Bo Jinyan has a faint smile: You have left out a possibility - Split personality.
She thinks about what she has read in the books about split personalities. Its like
two people living in one body. They can have completely different likings, characters,
and of course personality. So kissing habits and styles can be completely different too.
So its back to square one again. The truth seems to be hiding behind layers upon
layers of fog, and they cant see where they are going.

Some of the other special team members walk in. They ask Anam: Any new
Anam: His motherboard and hard drive is destroyed. I am trying to recover some of
the data Suddenly he stops and looks at the computer screen.
Everyone looks at him.
He tells everyone: We have a set of numbers.
On the black screen, theres a few rows of numbers in red. Blood red. And its
arranged in a pattern very familiar to Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao 135 / 329
25100 /16
Anam enters the numbers into another analysing programme. Jian Yao turns to looks
at Bo Jinyan.
The room is very quiet. No one moves.
Jian Yao has a bad feeling about what will happen.
Then Bo Jinyans face changed when he saw words starting to appear on the screen.
The others in the team dont know about the codes Bo Jinyan received earlier, or
anything about the Flower Cannibal. Anam reads out the words on screen: Say Hello to
He looks ups: Who is Jenny?

Chapter 61
The sound of the waves crashing on the rock fills the study. Inside, everyone is
Chills are running down Jian Yaos spines. After a few seconds, she tells everyone:
Jenny, is my English name.
Everyone is astonished. Even Anam raises his head in shock.
Bo Jinyan looks at her too. His eyes look cold as ice.
What are you nervous about? He says flatly.
Everyone looks at each other. Bo Jinyan looks at Jian Yao in the eyes: He is just
saying Hello. Its the only thing he will be able to do to you.

Ten minutes later.

Bo Jinyan is standing with his hands in the pockets of his trousers. Jian Yao is inside
one of the police vehicles. The technicians are putting on a tracking device on her.
They also fit a small microphone on her shirt collar. Two officers are standing guard
beside the vehicle.
Bo Jinyan knew how to break his code. He was doing the calculations in his head as
the computer was analysing the data. He got the results a split second before it was
shown on screen.
He just feels an anger building up inside of him.
He thinks he is able to provoke him? It only takes him seconds to completely calm
Say hello to Jenny.
He already knows what he wants to do next.
Every time he says hi, it means someone will be killed.
So his next step is to hurt the person that matters most to Jian Yao.
But Bo Jinyan is going to keep it a secret from Jian Yao for now. If she knows about it,
she will be worried sick for her family and friends.

An officer runs up to Bo Jinyan: Professor, we have made contact with the Tung
City. Weve also talked to Jian Yaos mother and sister. The police will be protecting
Bo Jinyan nods. Then he asks: What about the guy called Li Xunran?
The office replies: Oh, he is an officer himself. He is currently out of town. We
havent been able to get hold of him yet. This morning, a firework factory in the suburbs
of Tung City had an explosion. Theres no casualties, so the local police didn't report the
incident to Ministry of Public Securities. But the latest updates show they found a small
amount of flesh residue at the scene. They are currently analysing if it belongs to
animals or human.

After all the necessary devices have been fitted and tested, Jian Yao sits in another
police car with a pen and a piece of paper, deep in thought.
The sky is dark. Its getting harder to see whats outside the car. The two officers
assigned to protect Jian Yao is still standing next to the car she is in. This is a request of
Bo Jinyan. From now on, they will be protecting her around the clock.
Jian Yao looks around. She sees Bo Jinyan standing outside the front door of the
villa. He looks like he is giving the officer some instructions.
Everyone was startled when they saw his statement. He was the only one that
remained calm and collected, as if he is completly not affected by his provocations. But
his gaze looks even colder than usual.
He is angry. But he hides it well.
If Bo Jinyan is with her, she has nothing to fear.
He is walking towards her.
Jian Yao is sitting at the backseat. He opens the door and sits beside her. His short
hair is a little messed up by wind.
Are you feeling better? He asks
Jian Yao smiles at him. Under the lights, her eyes sparkles. Her smooth skin has a
nice glow too.
Yes, I have calmed down for a while now. She answers: You are right. I cant stop
others from greeting me.
Bo Jinyan gives an approving smile. He looks at the pen and paper on her lap: Hows
the profiling coming along?

The profile Bo Jinyan refers to is him. He has passed the task to her. At least, to give
it a go.
Jian Yao replies: I have some ideas.
Bo Jinyan looks at her. His hands are resting on his knees. He is extremely relaxed.
To her, it feels like the master is waiting for a rookies first performance.
Jian Yao decides to ignore his expression. She starts:
So far, Lin Yi Yang has the highest possibility of being him. But we cant draw any
conclusions yet.
I asked Anam to give me everything he can find on Lin Yi Yang. During the Killer
Machine case, Lin Yi Yang was overseas. Then for the rest of the cases, we dont know
where he was at the time. But that is not important. As he might have an assistant.
Bo Jinyan nods.
Jian Yao continues: He is from a rich family, but his childhood was not necessarily a
happy one. His father has several mistresses. He was sent to boarding school for his
high school years. He was once in trouble with the police over some driving offences.
But thats quite typical of a lot of rich young man. So thats not much for us to work on.
Bo Jinyan smiles: This Anam is fairly useful after all. Its not easy to dig out peoples
love affairs.
Jian Yao nudges his arm: So, occasionally you have to encourage him. It helps build
relationship. If you guys work together, it will speed up the investigation.
Bo Jinyan gives her a noncommittal look. He keeps quiet.
Jian Yao asks: What are your thoughts on Lin Yi Yang?
Bo Jinyan puts his hands behind his head and leans back: I agree with you. He might
be a criminal, but yet he might be a victim too. Its hard to tell at this point.
Right from the start, all the clues are deliberately left by him. Perhaps he led us to
Lin Yin Yang. Its part of his plan. We dont know yet. Perhaps Lin Yi Yang is just
another Jiang Hao, a scapegoat to divert our attention.
Now she understands why the old officers that come to them for assistance always
have a look of desolation on their faces. Even someone as smart as Bo Jinyan cannot
predict crimes in advance. Its not possible to protect everyone.
This man, whether he is someone that has no regards for human lives, or he is the
notorious Flower Cannibal, or a wealthy young man with split personality.
We must catch the bastard. She turns and tells Bo Jinyan.

Nonsense. He replies.
Jian Yao is not angry at his response. Instead, she laughed.
Bo Jinyan asks again: Lets get back to the point. What conclusions have you come
up with about him?
Jian Yao thinks about all the information and impressions she has on him. Like Bo
Jinyan says, all the clues are deliberately left behind by him.They really dont have much
to work on. And he knows a lot about criminal psychology. But based on the little
information they have, Jian Yao has come up with the following:
Lets put aside the possibility of whether he is Lin Yi Yang, and profile him as a
stranger Firstly, the man who kissed Yin Ziqi is around your age. So between 25 to 35 years
old, tall. Not too fat or thin. Smart and strong organisational skills. I suspect he has a
history of crimes, perhaps hes never been caught out, but he definitely has a lot of
experience in the area.
And of course he needs to be wealthy, to fund all his crimes.
From a personality perspective, he is puffed up with conceit. He doesnt seem to be
releasing any emotions through his crimes. As far as I can tell, he has no feelings or
regards for anyone, except for you. He looks upon the crimes as a game. A game with
What is his motive? He does not attack you directly. His aim is to beat you?
Because he is Flower Cannibal No.1s accomplice or follower?
No. Bo Jinyan lifts his head to look out the window: I have worked out their
He is a spiritual mentor to Tommy.
Jian Yao: .you mean Tommy listens to him?
Bo Jinyan nods: The FBI and I originally thought Tommy worked alone because:
Serial killers like him generally like to work alone. Working with others dont fit
their mental profile.
2. In those six months, there were no traces of anyone else.
3. Tommy is a cunning criminal. He is fully capable of committing all the crimes by
himself. So we never suspected there is another person involved.
But everything has exceptions. He is extremely egotistic. He wont want to be under
someone else, or even considered to an equal. I think his mind control techniques are
over and above Tommys.

Therefore its more likely he is an instructor to Tommy. He influenced Tommy, not

the other way around.
He is real Flower Cannibal. Tommy should be ranked No.2. As for his aim. Its
obvious. His desire to conquer' is much greater than to revenge. Because I was the
one who sent his protege to prison.
Jian Yao is worried: What should we do next?
Bo Jinyan thinks for a while. He turns to look at her.
Now that we know his motives, we can take proactive measures. I will make a trip
to the US, to talk to Tommy. Thats where all the root knots lie. He pauses: But first,
we need to go to Tong city.

Night. A few police cars are traveling on the road to Tong City. There is no direct
flight to Tung City, taking the road option will be the fastest.
Jian Yao sits on the backseat of the car. Bo Jinyan is next to her. The two officers
protecting her are sitting/driving in the front. Jian Yao is on the phone with her family,
assuring them everything will be ok.
After she hangs up, she gave a sigh. She asks Bo Jinyan: What about Li Xun Ran?
Will he be part of the team working with us?
Its not bright in the car. The lack of light hides the gloomy look on Bo Jinyans face
from Jian Yao. He looks at Jian Yao and says calmly: We cant locate him yet. He is
working out of town.
Jian Yao is a little concerned.
Her hands are sweating. She tries to call Li Xun Ran, but again, it goes straight to
She leaves a message for him: Emergency situation. Please call immediately.
After that, she looks out of the window into the dark scenery outside for a while. Bo
Jinyan stretches out his hand to leans her to his chest.
Jian Yao wraps her hands around his waist: It should be ok. He always switches off
his phone when he is working on a big case.
Umm.. Bo Jinyan says.
Nobody talks. There is only the monotonous and repetitive sound of the engine.
Suddenly, Jian Yao hears Bo Jinyan says: I was threatened during the investigation of
Flower Cannibal No.1.

Jian Yao lifts her head to look at him.

He continues: I received some wrong information from an FBI agent. I went after
Tommy by myself. The others were not there yet. Its an opportunity that will past
quickly if I didnt take it then. Its a street near a primary school. Tommy blew up a
school bus in front of me. More than ten children died on the spot. He asked me to put
down my gun and get into his car, or else he will blow up the second bus.
Its the first time he is sharing his experience with the Flower Cannibal with Jian Yao.

All the FBI staff, especially the analysts are told never to compromise with
criminals. But I compromised at the time.
Jian Yao tightens her hug: Why are you telling me this now?
He looks down at her gently: Because you need me now.
Its 5a.m. when they arrives Tung City.
Bo Jinyan and the team went straight to the site of the explosion. Jian Yao went home
under the protection of the two police officers.
She is relieved to see her mother and sister safe. But of course they are very
concerned. Jian Xuan is asking a lot of questions. As for Jian Yaos mom, there are tears
in her eyes, but otherwise, she looks calm. She didnt say much, just told Jian Yao to
take care of herself. Jian Yao feels bad for them. She gives them a big long hug, and
Her mother watches her leave the house. After a long time staring at the door, she
turns to Jian Xuan: Your sister is just like your father. Whatever they think its right,
they will do. I hope nothing happens to her. Or else, what would your father think
Jian Yao arrives the firework factory. There are a lot of staffs there. The area is
cordoned off. The place looks like a war zone after fire. There is ash and charred
pieces of scraps everywhere.
She walks up to the front gate and sees an older officer. She recognises him: Uncle
Zhou, whats the situation?
The officer looks at her: Jian Yao. You are back.
Jian Yao dont have a good sense about this. The officer is a tough man, an excolleague of her father. But he has tears on his face right now.

Jian Yaos heart starts to sink. Li Xun Ran!

She rushes in. She sees a few more officers. All of them are crying. Bo Jinyan is
standing amongst them, expressionless.
Jian Yao. He says to her: I am sorry to have to tell you this.
Jian Yaos mind has gone blank. An sickening feeling swells up inside of her as she
hears Bo Jinyan says: We have results from the DNA testing. The flesh residue we
found, belongs to Li Xun Ran.
Jian Yao feels as if someone is stabbing her continuously. Her body starts to shake.
Bo Jinyan steps forward and holds her in his arms.
Tears stream down her face uncontrollably.
Li Xun Ran. Li Xun Ran?
The cool and handsome Li Xun Ran? Her big brother from young? Her best friend
who helped match make her with Bo Jinyan? The passionate and devoted police
She is speechless. Everything around her seems to be spinning.
Only Bo Jinyans familiar voice is coming through the vacuum she is in right now:
We didnt find a suicide note. Perhaps he couldnt be controlled. He is considered
missing at this stage. There is still hope.

Then Bo Jinyans phone has an incoming text. He takes a look at it, then he calls out :
Anam runs over with his laptop. He takes out more equipment from his backpack.
On Bo Jinyans phone screen, theres just a phrase - Now it begins.
Anam grabs the phone and connects it to his equipment. He is trying to trace the
origins of the message. He asks whilst his hands are busy: His message. What does it

Bo Jinyan pauses for a while, then answers: Up until now, he is not committed any
crime with his own hands. Even the arsonists case, we can connect him to it, but we
have no direct evidence that he started the fires.
He pauses again, then he continues: But now, he is ready do it himself.

Chapter 62
Its past midnight. There has been misty rain all night.
Bo JinYan comes out from the bathroom in his black pyjamas. His hair, still damp, is
combed behind his ears. He takes a look at the bed. Jyao is sleeping with her head
buried in the pillow. Her long hair scattered on the white bed sheets.
He looks at her for a while. Then he walks over to the window. Drops of water forms
and drips down on the window as the soft rain hits the glass. He gives Fu ZiYu a call.
Fu ZiYu does not sound pleased: Do you know what time it is? I have to perform an
operation at 9am tomorrow!
Bo JinYan looks at the clock on the wall, and answers accurately: 1:20am. He says
without any guilt or shame in his voice.
But Fu ZiYu knows he is calling for a reason at this hour, so he asks: . Whats
bothering you?
Weve lost him. Bo JinYan says in a low voice, He vows to commit more serious
crimes. He might be targeting people who are close to me. Please be careful.
Fu ZiYu is quiet for a while, then he says: Ok. I will. Dont worry about me. How are
you and Jian yao doing?
Bo JinYan answers: I am fine. But Jian yao. one of her good friends may have
become the Flower Cannibals victim.
Fu ZiYu gives a small sigh: Please send my regards.
Will do.
Fu ZiYu says to him: I know you are preoccupied with the case. But as a boyfriend,
make sure you spend more time with her and comfort her.
His words are what Bo JinYan has in mind. He frowns.
Fu ZiYu waits for a response. But whenhe doesn't get one for more than a minute, he
ask: What is it?
Bo JinYan asks faintly: What should I do to comfort her?
He sees her grieving for her best friend. But this genius/natural born lover is
running out of ideas.
Fu ZiYu smiles. He thinks for a while, then says: Simple. When she is feeling down,
sing to her. I guarantee she will laugh.

Bo JinYan shows disbelief on his face: No way?! Then he hangs up.

Jian yao pushes herself to sit up on the bed. She is awake. Her eyes are still swollen
from all the crying she did yesterday, her face looks pale under the light.
Jinyan. She calls him softly.
Bo JinYan walks over and sits down beside her.
He is as handsome as ever. His black eyes looking gently at her. He is concerned
about her.
Are you feeling better now? He asks with a warm voice.
Jian yao nods: Yes, better.
Then give me a kiss.
Jian yaos voice is still a little coarse: Are you a kid?
Bo JinYan looks at her: Yesterday, you left at least one litre of tears on my shirt whos the kid?
She remembers Li Xun Ran. The crime scene. Li Xun Rans empty house, his police
uniform hanging in his room.
Her heart aches again. She tells herself to be brave. There is still hope. They didnt
find a body.
She lifts up her head to look at Bo JinYan: Have you never cried in your life?
No. He replies: Ever since I was a child. As far I can remember, I have never shed
a tear.
Jian yao looks at his face. She tries to imagine Bo JinYan as a kid, never shed a tear.
A lot of old memories suddenly come back to Bo JinYan. He frowns and and
continues: But the tragic thing is, a lot of people cried in front of me.
It took Jian yao a moment to understand what he is trying to say.
So, the man that cant cry, dont like to see other people shedding tears in front of him
Except for the tears of joy from those whom were saved by him, the others probably
cried because of his sharp inconsiderate comments.

But of course she wouldnt tell him that. She reaches out her hand to hug him from
Bo JinYan obviously enjoys the intimacy. She sits quietly, with her face lightly
touching his back.
Jian yao asks softly: Those six month. how did you survive it?
Bo JinYan pauses for a while, then he lies down on bed and scoop her into his arms:
Just.. a day at a time, according to my plans. Nothing special about that. As for the
injuries, thats just a price that I had to pay.
He says it so lightly. Jian yao knows it must have been very difficult. She is both sad
but proud of him. No matter how rough it was, he can dismiss it, just like that.

Its almost dawn. The rain is getting heavier. The quietness is broken by rolling
rumbling sound of thunder from afar.
Bo JinYan opens his eyes. The room is still dark. Jian yao is resting in his arms,
sleeping soundly. Her face seems more relaxed. She is not frowning anymore. And the
puffiness around her eyes has faded too.
He looks at her quietly, and the question she asked earlier comes back to him: Those
six months how did you survive it?
Lots of unimaginable and dreadful scenes come to mind: pools of blood everywhere,
dismembered body parts, trays of human flesh, blood that flows down along his back
and drips into a glass everyday
He closes his eye and leans to sniff her hair. The fresh fragrance helps to clear his
mind. He goes back to sleep.
He doesnt want to tell her about his past. The truth is too painful for her to bear.
Theres no need for her to know.

The next morning. Police conference room.

Its more than 24 hours since the disappearance of Li Xun Ran. The police have
deployed a large number of officers to search the neighbouring cities. Highway
checkpoints are set up, and theres an alert for all police offices across the country.
The text message Bo JinYan received traced back to a mobile phone that is left in the
rubbles of the firework factory. It was installed with a program to automatically send
out the text at a preset time. As expected, theres no fingerprint. Its another dead end.

Around the conference table, everyone looks concerned. The team leader of the
special team asks Bo JinYan: Professor Bo, what do you think his next step will be?
Bo JinYan is wearing a black suit with a while shirt. He stands up and says: There is
no such thing as a perfect crime. There are only evidences that we have not discovered.
Its the first time he is personally committing a crime. He will need time to plan and
prepare. I guess that take between ten to twenty days.
One of the officers asks: Professor, why is it between ten to twenty days?
Bo JinYan answers calmly: I did an estimate. If it was me who was planning a
complicated and sophisticated crime, it would take ten days.
Jian yao is probably the only person there who dont doubt Bo JinYans estimation.
She writes down the numbers in her note book: 10 to 20 days.
Then, Anam, who is quietly sitting at the corner of the room working on his laptop
suddenly speaks: I found something.
Anam picks up the remote. The projector shows an image on screen.
It shows the back of a black SUV driving on the road. Anam explains: I managed to
enlarge the image to give us a registration plate - T05893.
All the police recognise the background of where the car is as well: Its on the road
to the fireworks factory.
Anam nods: There are three other surveillance cameras on that road. All were
damaged. This is an old camera installed many years ago. Its hidden behind a tree, in
a secluded location. But because of its age and location, the images are quite blurry. It
took me a while to sharpen the image.
I have checked out the car. He continues: It belongs to a local car rental company.
The person who booked it used a false name to register, and he never showed his face
to the staff.
Bo JinYan looks at Jian yao. He seems to have thought of something. Jian yao seems
to understand what his train of thought.

One of the old officers says: Perhaps Li Xun Ran lured the criminal to the factory.
The fireworks factory, old train station During the Killer Machine case, Li Xun Ran
was in charged of recording the locations of all the surveillance cameras. He knows
where every camera is
Everyone is quiet. Jian yaos heart is still aching. She sits down quietly.
He is in the hands of a cunning criminal. His life is in danger. And he is trying his
best to leave clues for them.

Bo JinYan turns to ask Anam: Where is the car now? He says calmly. He seems to
be sure that Anam has found the location of this car.
And Anam doesnt disappoint him. He gives his first smile since Jian yao and the
others have met him. When he smiles, two adorable dimples appear on each cheek.
He shows the next image.
Its the entry to a highway. Its late at night. There are not a lot of cars in the picture.
And it is dark, they cant see who the driver is. But the signboards are bright. They can
clearly read its the highway that leads to the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. The route
to get to Hong Kong.
Everyone is stunned. If he has thrown down his challenge to war, why is he going to
Hong Kong?
Fifteen days later.
Cresent City, California. USA. Pelican Bay Prison.
At twilight, the fields and forest look like they are covered by a grey veil. The prison
are dotted with guards patrolling the prison that holds some of the most notorious
criminals in the US.

Jyao and BJY are standing on the lawn outside the prison. There are a few
representatives from the Chinese embassy and the FBI with them - they are waiting to
see Tommy.
Since he disappeared to Hong Kong, its even harder to track him. Two weeks has
passed. Little progress has been made.
It is likely he will commit a crime anytime. Its like time bomb waiting to explode.
The night winds are brisk and cold. Jian yao zips up her jacket. Bo JinYan has a long
black trench coat. He looks at her: Wait outside when I talk to Tommy.
Jian yao nods: Be careful.
The guard opens the gate for Bo JinYan.

A room without window. Thin concrete walls. A metallic yellow door with a series of
complex locks on it.

Jian Yao and others stands inside the room next to this cell. There is a one way glass
so they can observe the interactions between Bo JinYan and Tommy.
Bo JinYan is sitting alone under a blazing white light. He looks calm and collected.
Two guards are standing at the door.
Then slowly, a young white man in yellow prison uniform shows up.
He is not how Jian yao has expected. He looks more gentle and cleanly shaven than
that in the pictures in Bo JinYans files at home.
But when you look into his eyes, your heart will be startled.
Those blue eyes, is the colour of a still blue lake. There is a smile on his face, like he
doesnt care about anything in the world. His gaze is completely cold. Its a pair of eyes
that belong to a serial killer.
Tommy sits opposite Bo JinYan. The guards leave and close the door behind them.
Only Bo JinYan and Tommy are left in the room.
Bo JinYan looks at him: Hi.
Tommy shows a smile: Hi.
The two of them then keeps quiet. Bo JinYan dont seem to be in a hurry to ask him
any questions.
You are different. Tommy says to him.
Bo JinYan looks at him. He remains quiet.
Tommy laughs: Theres a scent of a woman on you.
On the other side of the glass, Jian yaos heart tightens. Then she hears Tommy says:
I want to see her. If she shows up, I will tell you the identity of the person you are
looking for.

(Extra story - His voice 1)

In the two weeks that Li Xun Ran was missing, Jian yao found it hard to sleep
sometimes. She would toss and turn all night, thinking about her good friend. When her
fidgety woke him up, he looked gently at her frowned brows. He wished there were
something that he could do to make her feel better.
One night, Jian yao was half asleep when she heard some voice. It sounded like

someone singing. Its a popular song. She was not fully conscious, and she cant really
remember whats the name of the song, even though it does sound very familiar. But
she also thought the tune sounded funny. Its like every note was sung wrong. She
subconsciously wanted to tell the person that his singing was off, and that its almost
painful to listen to his singing.
The next morning, when Jian yao woke up, Bo JinYan was already out of bed and
changed. He was in his white shirt and trousers, looking smart standing beside the bed.
He smiled at her: Did you sleep well last night?
Jian yao sat on bed, and shook her head: No. I dreamt of the Flower Cannibal.
Bo JinYan is startled. He looked concerned. Then Jian yao continued: I dreamt that
he was singing in my ears.
Bo JinYan has no expressions on his face: Oh, how was it?
Jian yao looked like theres still lingering fear in her: To use the term you say all the
time - it was a disaster.
Bo JinYan kept quiet for a while. Then with a slightly blushed face, he started to
walk out of the room. Jian yao heard his voice coming from the corridor: I assure you.
You will never hear him sing again.

Chapter 63
On the flight to US, Jian Yao asked Bo JinYan: How would you describe Tommy?
Bo JinYan answers: Cunning, cruel, crazy, craves for blood and death, and he uses
lots of tricks and method to accomplish his sick desires.
Jian Yao thought about what he said: So Flower Cannibal no.1 is like an oracle on
the philosophy of killing, and Tommy is the expert on the art of killing?
Bo JinYan gave her a glance, and said faintly: Why do you make them sound so
civilised? One is a lunatic with delusional disorder. The other, a lunatic that runs
around like a mad dog.
Under the blazing white light, a neatly dressed Bo JinYan sits on one end of the table.
Opposite him, Tommy is sitting quietly with cuffs on both his hands and his feet.
After Tommys request, everyone turns to look at Jian Yao. Jian Yao just stands
quietly. She is looking at Bo JinYan. Others in the room are surprised at how calm she
is. After all, its a request from a notorious monster. But the reason is simple. Jian Yao
trusts Bo JinYan. She knows he will make the right decision.
Besides, if she has to face Tommy, so what?
After thinking about his request for a while, Bo JinYan pushes his chair back and
stands up. He straightens his suit. He has an answer for him.
Nice meeting you again. Goodbye.
He takes the files on the table, walks out without looking back at Tommy again.
There is no hesitation in his steps.
On this side of the glass, everyone is quiet.
Tommy keeps looking at the wall in front, as if he is oblivious to Bo JinYan leaving.
Ding. The metal door opens. The guard comes in: You have finished?
Bo JinYan: Yes, thanks. He walks out briskly.
Ok. Ok.
At the last moment, Tommy gives in: Simon, you are so boring. Cant you even take a

Bo JinYan turns sideways to look at him: Dont challenge my patience. Did you
forget you were never successful at that?
Tommy keeps smiling. But he looks displeased.
Jian Yaos heart is like a string that just got plucked.
In those six months, what sort of games were Bo JinYan, Tommy and him playing?
Bo JinYan throws Tommy the files. Then he sits back leisurely in his chair.
The room with Jian Yao and the rest of the officers.
One of the FBI agents says: Obviously Tommy is eager to know whats no.1 has done
recently. Bo JinYan knows him well.
Jian Yao smiles. Well, dont play any mind games with Bo JinYan, because he will