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The first piece of writing that that I had written at the beginning of the
semester was the paragraph title Should Men Be Allowed Paternity Leave?. The
paragraph looked at if men should be allowed to take paternity leave just as women
take maternity leave. Throughout the paragraph I had very few grammatical errors
and minimal spelling mistakes. I used a good amount of proof to back up my points
which made my paragraph more effective. I used real facts to support my ideas,
which helped me state my side that men should be allowed paternity leave, just as
women do so. My first piece of writing was an effective piece of writing to show my
writing skills.
The second piece of writing that I had done later into the course was a part of
the English independent study unit, the Book clubs. For each book club we had to
write a summary of how the book club went and relate each of the novels to one
another. The second book club summary that I wrote was a very good piece of
writing as I thoroughly explained what happened in each book, if the person reading
it was enjoying it and if any of the books had similarities. The book club reflected
the middle stages of my writing as it was an effective piece of writing which helped
me with my summarizing skills.
The third piece of writing that reflected the final stage of my writing was the
persuasive essay which was titled Social Media has a Negative Effect on Youth,
was an essay that I wrote about with effectiveness as I used quotations and proof to
back up my points. The essay was 5 paragraphs that has an introduction, 3 body
paragraphs, and a conclusion.
The summary that I chose was my book club summary which I am proud of
because I thoroughly explained everything that needed to be summarized. The
names of the members, the book titles, the plot of each novel, and if any other
books had similarities. This summary was one of my best pieces of writing to show
my writing skills.
For the creative form of writing I chose the sonnet that I wrote called,
Winter. The sonnet was something I had fun with as I had never written one
properly before and it fun to create the rhyming words. The sonnet was a piece of
writing where I got to be creative and could write about anything I wanted as it was
a task to just be creative. Overall, I am proud of this piece because I feel like it met
the criteria for a sonnet, and sounded good.
The paragraph that I was proud of was the paragraph I wrote about men and
if they should get paternity leave just as women get maternity leave. I was proud of
this piece of writing because I took my time with it, and I feel as if it was well
written. I used good proofs which I was also proud of because it was used to backup
my points.

The essay that I was proud of was my persuasive social media essay. I was
proud of this essay because of how I wrote it. I used a good amount of proof as well
to show facts of how social media has a negative effect on youth, which made my
essay more effective. The essay was 5 paragraphs, which included an introduction,
3 body paragraphs and a conclusion where I explained all of my information in an
effective way.