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13 OCTOBER 2010

14 & 15 OCTOBER 2010




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❚ Information professionals Management Special Networking
❚ Intranet managers
❚ Research librarians
Richard T. Kaser Opportunities
VP of Content, Information
❚ Portal managers A unique feature of Internet
Today, Inc. (USA)
❚ Content evaluators Librarian International is the
❚ Product developers Jean Mulligan opportunity to get to know your
❚ Documentalists Chief Operating Officer, colleagues from around the
❚ Information managers Information Today Ltd. (UK) world with whom you have
❚ University librarians common interests. The
❚ Web designers Organiser activities shown below give
❚ Technical managers Internet Librarian International is delegates time to meet and talk
❚ Learning resource officers produced and organised by informally.
❚ Information analysts Information Today Inc., the
❚ Corporate, special librarians publisher of Information Today Delegate Lunches
newspaper and ONLINE and Lunch is included as part of your
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magazines, offering complete
Marydee Ojala coverage of information and process by talking with your
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading library technology. fellow delegates about their work.
Magazine for Information
Professionals (USA) Supporters and Drinks Reception
David Raitt All conference delegates and
Editor, The Electronic Library
Partners speakers are invited to a Drinks
In addition to the support of our Reception from 17.00 – 18.00 on
(The Netherlands)
commercial sponsors, shown on Thursday 14 October, in the
the front cover, Internet Librarian sponsor area, hosted by
Advisory Committee International is partnered by Information Today Ltd.
Karen Blakeman world-leading industry
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publications. See pages 12-13 Join an informal group of
Ulla de Stricker
for details of this year’s conference delegates and
de Stricker Associates (Canada)
supporters and media partners. speakers for dinner at a
Elspeth Hyams
neighbourhood restaurant on
CILIP (UK) World Class Learning Wednesday or Thursday evening.
Brian Kelly Internet Librarian International Watch the website for details and
UKOLN (UK) brings together speakers from to sign up for a dinner group in
Rajen Munoo around the globe to share their advance. (Everyone pays their
Singapore Management knowledge and expertise. own bill and restaurants will be
University (Singapore) Information professionals and moderately priced.)
Åke Nygren practising librarians share their
Networking Before and After
Stockholm County Library & experiences and cautions about
Stockholm Public Library their creative projects, innovative the Conference
(Sweden) solutions and practical Join the conversation on Twitter,
Mary Peterson implementation strategies. through blogs, and with our
Royal Adelaide Hospital Update your skills and learn Facebook group.
(Australia) about new approaches, products Twitter hash tag: #ili2010
Michael Stephens and technology for finding, Conference tag: ili2010
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Dominican University and Tame Facebook group:
the Web (USA) information resources.
Internet Librarian International
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14 & 15 OCTOBER 2010

Welcome Conference Overview

Welcome to the 12th year of Internet
Librarian International – the innovation
Two Inspirational Keynotes
and technology conference for
information professionals. At Internet
Librarian International the focus is on
What Would Socrates Say?
knowledge and information management, Robert Rowland Smith, Author (UK)
library systems, e-resources, search and Best-selling author, scholar and consultant, Robert
discovery, and digital libraries. Rowland Smith, brings his unique perspective on daily
life to the world of information. In his book Breakfast
Get real. Stay relevant. The reality of the with Socrates, he applied the thoughts and teachings of
current economic climate means that it’s philosophers to the mundane tasks of everyday life. He
imperative to provide pertinent services, characterised Socrates as intensely curious, with a
utilise the most appropriate tools, and explore probing and inventive mind. How can philosophy help
alternative approaches, whatever your internet librarians reflect on what we do, and on our role
information setting. within our organisations? In the knowledge economy,
where work becomes intangible and spending on
Whether you’re working in a library – public, services declines, how do we demonstrate the basic
academic, commercial or government – or if worth of what we produce?
you're outside the traditional library – embedded
in a different department, designing websites,
evaluating content, or acting as an independent
Getting Real about Social Media
researcher, you must ensure your services are Hazel Hall, Edinburgh Napier University (UK)
relevant and cost-effective. As a firm advocate of social media, Hazel Hall, Director
of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier
Learning from fellow information professionals is vital
University; Executive Secretary for the Library and
to professional development. Technological change in Information Science Coalition; and the 2009 IWR
libraries has been breathtaking – and it is not Information Professional of the Year, reveals the
stopping, not even slowing down. It affects every relevance of social tools for information professionals. In
aspect of our work environments, as well as how non this exhilarating and practical keynote speech, she will
information professionals perceive us. Information unveil the hidden potential of social media, including
professionals must concentrate on the technologies personal professional development opportunities,
that align with the goals of their organisations and not knowledge management applications, and alternative
be carried away by technologies just because they’re research sources. She will also share her views on
guerilla tactics for exploiting social networks.
new and shiny.
Internet Librarian International 2010 brings together
an international group of speakers to inform and Closing Panel
invigorate you, emphasising the practical over the
theoretical to encourage the sharing of best Library Futures: Views and Visions for the
practices on a worldwide scale. Future of Libraries and Information
In short, Internet Librarian International Professionals
brings you up to date and in touch with Thomas Brevik, Michael Stephens, Åke Nygren
innovation, technology and your fellow Release your inner geek by hearing what these über
professionals, representing a learning geeks have to say about the latest developments in
experience not to be missed. internet and library technology, both in the near and far
future. What are the implications of technological
See you in London. innovations for libraries? Come prepared to question the
panelists' philosophies of libraries and to adjust your
own thinking about the future of your information
seeking, managing and adoption strategies.

Sponsor Showcase
Internet Librarian International’s unique Sponsor
Showcase provides a central networking hub for
informal demos and conversations with the event’s
sponsors – global information product and service
Marydee Ojala providers. The Showcase is open throughout the
Conference Chair conference on 14 and 15 October.
Thursday 14 October
What Would Socrates Say?
Robert Rowland Smith, Author (UK)

10.15 – 10.45 Coffee break and Sponsor Showcase opens


Looking Ahead to Value Information Discovery Resource Management
10.45 – 11.30 A101 Future Success B101 Searching for C101 Relating Value to
Must be Earned Search Solutions Price and Budget
Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen, Ministry of Education Patrick Kremer, INIST/CNRS (France) Ulla de Stricker, de Stricker Associates (Canada)
and Culture (Finland) John Taylor, ProQuest (UK) Armand Brevig, AstraZeneca (UK)
Anja Chemnitz Thygesen, Quartz Strategy
Consultants (Denmark)

11.45 – 12.30 A102 Future of Academic B102 Next Generation C102 Monitoring and
Libraries Information Discovery Maximising
Mal Booth, University of Technology Sydney Anne-Lena Westrum, Oslo Public Library (Norway) Organisational Impact
(Australia) Nancy Moussa, University of Michigan (USA) Brian Kelly, UKOLN (UK)
Michael Jubb, Research Information Network (UK) Joy Palmer, Mimas, University of Manchester (UK)

12.30 – 14.00 Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase

14.00 – 14.45 A103 Library Teams and B103 Discovery, C103 Working with Wikis
Peer Collaboration Dissemination and Karolien Selhorst, Vlissingen Library
Andrew Clark, UCB (UK) Outreach (The Netherlands)
Helen Fallon, National University of Ireland (Ireland) Brunella Longo, Information Specialist (UK)
Esben Fjord, Gladsaxe Public Libraries (Denmark)
Sharon Bostick, University of Missouri, Robert Haran, Shire (UK)
Kansas City (USA)

15.00 – 15.45 A104 Evolution of Working B104 New Paradigms C104 Digital Services, Meet
Environments David Kane, Waterford Institute of Technology Customer Satisfaction
Helen Leech, Surrey County Library Service (UK) (Ireland) David McMenemy, Steven Buchanan,
Xoliswa Matroko, CSIR: Council for Scientific Nils Pharo, Oslo University College (Norway) University of Strathclyde (UK)
and Industry Research (South Africa) Arno Janssen, FrieslandCampina
Madelein van Heerden, CSIR: Council for (The Netherlands)
Scientific and Industry Research (South Africa)
Martie van Deventer, CSIR: Council for Scientific
and Industry Research (South Africa)

15.45 – 16.15 Tea break and visit the Sponsor Showcase

16.15 – 17.00 A105 Visionary Views B105 Impacts of Virtual C105 Mashing Libraries to
Tony Hirst, The Open University (UK) Presence and Build Communities
Arthur Winzenried, Charles Sturt University E-Resources Owen Stephens, Consultant (UK)
Susan Senese, University of Toronto Mississauga
Har Kaur Battu, Government Medical College
and Hospital (India)

17.00 – 18.00 Drinks Reception for all attendees

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14 & 15 OCTOBER 2010

Friday 15 October
09.00 – 10.00 KEYNOTE
Getting Real about Social Media
Hazel Hall, Edinburgh Napier University (UK)

10.00 – 10.30 Coffee break and Sponsor Showcase opens


Going Social Trending Information The Techno Beat
10.30 – 11.15 A201 Transparency in B201 Turning E in the C201 Taking the Library
Hyperlinked Libraries 21st Century to the Learner
Michael Stephens, Dominican University Fred Guy, EDINA (UK) Hannah Whaley, University of Dundee (UK)
& Tame the Web (USA) Claire Tylee, University of Bath (UK) Dave Pattern, University of Huddersfield (UK)
Katrin Flemming, University of Bath (UK) Rurik Thomas Greenall, NTNU Library (Norway)
Elly Thornton, University of Bath (UK)

11.30 – 12.15 A202 What Phil Has Found B202 Taking It With You C202 Connecting Scholars
Phil Bradley, Internet Consultant (UK) Esben Fjord, Gladsaxe Public Libraries (Denmark) with Information
Alison McNab, De Montfort University (UK) Terence Huwe, University of California,
Berkeley (USA)
Kaiser Nikam, University of Mysore (India)

12.15 – 13.30 Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase

13.30 – 14.15 A203 Social Research B203 Hot Topics in C203 Words, Words, Words
Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services (UK) Innovation Amanda Hill, Hilbraith Ltd (Canada)
Michael Stephens, Dominican University Ian Hames, ebrary (UK)
& Tame the Web (USA)

14.30 – 15.15 A204 Social and Mobile B204 Induction, C204 Institutional
Karen Wallace, Sheffield Libraries, Archives Instruction Issues Repositories Stay
& Information (UK) Sara Batts, Reed Smith LLP (UK) Relevant
Nancy Dowd, New Jersey State Library (USA) Sally Birch, Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar) Elsa Esterhuizen, Tshwane University of
Alice Burnett, Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar) Technology (South Africa)
Ellen Sayed, Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar) Pekka Olsbo, Jyväskylä University Library (Finland)
Shatha Aloun, Kuwait Institute for Scientific
Research (Kuwait)

15.30 – 16.15 Closing Panel

Library Futures: Views and Visions for the Future of Libraries and Information Professionals
Thomas Brevik, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (Norway)
Åke Nygren, Stockholm County Library & Stockholm City Library (Sweden)
Michael Stephens, Dominican University & Tame the Web (USA)

Did You Your delegate badge also gives you access to the Streaming Media Europe Exhibition, co-
located with Internet Librarian International on 14 and 15 October.
Know? Check out the latest online video tools, technologies and resources for education, business,
government, broadcast and entertainment markets.
Wednesday 13 October
Workshops 10.00 – 13.00

at a Glance W1 W2
Effective Use of the Social Web in Organisations WebSearch Seminar
Brian Kelly, UKOLN (UK), Ann Chapman, University of Bath (UK) Marydee Ojala, ONLINE Magazine (USA)

14.00 – 17.00
W3 W4
Library Mashups A Roadmap to the Hyperlinked Library
Tony Hirst, The Open University (UK) Michael Stephens, Dominican University & Tame the Web (USA)

10.00 – 13.00 14.00 – 17.00

Effective Use of the Social Web W1 Library Mashups W3
in Organisations Tony Hirst, The Open University (UK)
Brian Kelly, UKOLN (UK), Ann Chapman, University of Bath (UK) Although there is a surfeit of content now available
The benefits of the social web for libraries and information via web syndication feeds such as RSS and Atom,
departments are now evident and many have adopted knowing what to do with it can be something of a
blogging, microblogging, and other social network tools. But problem. In this workshop, technology expert Tony
the deployment of such services can be hindered by various Hirst will review what RSS is, what it can do, where it
barriers, such as concerns over legal issues, misuse, can be found, how you can generate it, and most
copyright infringement, perceptions of relevance and importantly of all, what you can usefully do with it.
appropriateness, and concerns over reliability and He will describe practical examples of how to use
sustainability. Individuals may worry about their use of social RSS within the library context, in particular drawing
media in a professional context. Ways of addressing such on Yahoo! Pipes as an environment for developing
concerns include use of appropriate policies covering use of with no programming experience required – your own
the social media services and procedures for addressing Library mashups. If you've ever wanted to build your
problem areas (such as rapid take-down policies), risk own feed aggregator, filtered or not, or your own
assessment and risk management approaches as well as the TiCToCs feed'n'reading list powered current
need for staff development and training. This workshop awareness tool, this workshop will show you how.
session will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss
barriers they have encountered and explore how such
14.00 – 17.00
barriers can be surmounted.
A Roadmap to the W4
10.00 – 13.00 Hyperlinked Library
WebSearch Seminar W2 Michael Stephens, Dominican University &
Tame the Web (USA)
Marydee Ojala, ONLINE Magazine (USA) What does a connected world of continuous
Today's difficult economy requires information professionals computing mean for 21st century libraries? This
to keep on top of technological and content changes that workshop provides a roadmap toward becoming the
affect their ability to deliver relevant research results in a hyperlinked library – transparent, participatory,
timely, cost-effective manner. It is the intricacies of search, playful, user-centred, and human, while still
the knowledge of niche search engines and the use of grounded in our foundations and values. The notion
advanced search techniques that sets information of the hyperlinked library is relevant to academic,
professionals apart from the amateurs and validates their public, government, and commercial libraries, having
value to their organisations. This workshop, given by an its roots in the library 2.0 philosophy of collaboration,
experienced web researcher, investigates power search transparency, and empowerment. Bringing the library
methods, alternative search engines, geographic differences, staff right to wherever the user happens to be online
multimedia search, real time and social resources, special is a key component. But how do you do that – and
search features and specific information-rich websites in a how do you do it well? Emerging technologies will
variety of subject disciplines. Learn tools, techniques and force many information professionals into thinking
tricks to enhance your competency, creativity and current about new ways to reach their users and potential
awareness of web search. Take your search skills to the next users. The roadmap that Michael Stephens has
level by attending this updated seminar. developed will ease your journey towards the
hyperlinked library.

The Internet Librarian International workshops are designed to offer in-depth, interactive learning in small groups.
The instructors are experienced librarians and information professionals, all practising experts in the subject areas.
Register for a workshop and increase the value you obtain from attending Internet Librarian International.

Workshops are priced separately. See registration form on outside back cover of this brochure to register – or visit
Thursday 14 October

09.00 – 10.15 12.30 – 14.00

Welcome and Opening Keynote Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase
14.00 – 14.45
What Would Socrates Say? Library Teams and
Robert Rowland Smith, Author (UK) Peer Collaboration
Andrew Clark, UCB (UK), Helen Fallon, National University of
Best-selling author, scholar and Ireland (Ireland), Sharon Bostick, University of Missouri,
consultant, Robert Rowland Smith, Kansas City (USA)
brings his unique perspective on daily At pharmaceutical company UCB, strategic library
life to the world of information. In his planning and the need to maximise the value of library
book Breakfast with Socrates, he content and services enabled the small specialist global
applied the thoughts and teachings of library team to make changes across the organisation. Its
philosophers to the mundane tasks of everyday life. success with technology innovation significantly
He characterised Socrates as intensely curious, with influenced corporate initiatives and ensured that the
a probing and inventive mind. How can philosophy library remains a high performing team. Global
cooperation is also the theme of an academic writing
help internet librarians reflect on what we do, on our
programme for librarians developed in Ireland. A
role within our organisations? In the knowledge
collaborative peer-support blog is used across continents
economy, where work becomes intangible and to use technology to further develop academic writing.
spending on services declines, how do we
demonstrate the basic worth of what we produce? 15.00 – 15.45
Evolution of Working
10.15 – 10.45
Coffee break and Sponsor Showcase opens Helen Leech, Surrey County Library Service (UK),
Xoliswa Matroko, Madelein van Heerden, Martie van

TRACK A Deventer, CSIR: Council for Scientific and Industry Research

(South Africa)
The environments in which internet librarians work is
Looking Ahead to Value changing, due both to technological advances and
evolving attitudes of organisations towards the role of
information professionals. In Surrey, the rise of web 2.0
10.45 – 11.30
A101 and collaborative tools has led to the development of a
Future Success Must be Earned multi-authority version of 23 Things, a staff wiki, online
reading groups, public bookmarks, implementations of
Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen, Ministry of Education and
Google Wave and other services. At CSIR, an embedded
Culture (Finland)
library strategy moves information professionals closer to
Libraries are now competing with other players such as their clients, the research staff.
Google and must focus on expertise and emphasise
quality in order to meet future challenges. Finnish 15.45 – 16.15
libraries are heavily used, both as physical and virtual
spaces. Behind the success story is a framework for Tea break in the Sponsor Showcase
continuous development of services. The secrets to their
16.15 – 17.00
success can be applied to other types of libraries and A105
other countries. Visionary Views
Tony Hirst, The Open University (UK), Arthur Winzenried,
11.45 – 12.30
A102 Charles Sturt University (Australia)
Future of Academic Libraries Tony Hirst reports on his 10-week Arcadia Fellowship
Mal Booth, University of Technology Sydney (Australia), with the Cambridge University Library, where he looked
Michael Jubb, Research Information Network (UK) at “quick wins” available to a traditional university library,
At University of Technology Sydney (UTS), plans for a particularly through a rapid prototyping approach. Arthur
new library building are fuelling a re-imagining of the Winzenried presents his visionary conceptions of a future
library and its services. The aim is to have a sustainable, library, including the importance of leadership and
client-focused and innovative library, situated equally in management (not often the same) and of correctly
the physical and digital environments. The challenge of recognising client needs.
demonstrating value is addressed in research from RIN,
which centres on how libraries can sustain their position
in supporting the missions of their host universities. What
are the relationships between levels of expenditure,
usage and research success of library collections?
Looking out 20 years, RIN speculates on future scenarios
and examines value propositions.
Thursday 14 October
geographic diversity have necessitated an approach

TRACK B aligned with company structure and ethos. Haran

describes the successful initiatives used to help
employees discover electronic resources.
Information Discovery
15.00 – 15.45
10.45 – 11.30 New Paradigms
B101 David Kane, Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland),
Searching for Search Solutions
Nils Pharo, Oslo University College (Norway)
Patrick Kremer, INIST/CNRS (France), John Taylor,
ProQuest (UK) Microsoft Live Labs Pivot heralds a new paradigm for
search, combining two separate behaviours – browsing
The watchword today for search is simplicity. Users and searching – and thus transforming the very nature of
expect a single search box from which they can find web search. When Waterford put its entire collection on
everything. Scientific and technical information provider Pivot, it began exploring what this means for both library
INIST/CNRS uses the Netvibes platform for its users and managers. The Library Laboratory
BiblioCNRS portal. Companies with search systems (Biblioteklaboratoriet), now in its fourth year, works as a
which pre-date the internet must earn new users by think tank on issues related to developing standardised
shedding old systems and old cultures, without and open source ways of distributing library metadata.
undermining old loyalties. ProQuest’s migration to a Stretch your mind by learning of these two novel
single, unified search platform in 2010 had triple the approaches to future library services.
issues, with three legacy platforms to contend with.
Lessons from ProQuest’s and INIST/CNRS's approaches 15.45 – 16.15
can be applied by libraries in their own platform
development projects. Tea break in the Sponsor Showcase
11.45 – 12.30 16.15 – 17.00
B102 B105
Next Generation Information Impacts of Virtual Presence
Discovery and E-Resources
Anne-Lena Westrum, Oslo Public Library (Norway), Susan Senese, University of Toronto Mississauga (Canada),
Nancy Moussa, University of Michigan (USA) Har Kaur Battu, Government Medical College and
Hospital (India)
User expectations – derived from web 2.0, the social
web and crowdsourcing – drive next generation A redesign project moved the University of Toronto’s
information discovery projects. The Pode project in Oslo website from a static, text heavy site to an interactive,
tested several new open source products and informative and dynamic site that meets student
investigated semantic web technology. The conversion of expectations. Using Drupal, the project team developed
MARC records to RDF will add linked data to the some specialised applications and signage, increasing
catalogue and encourage re-use of records. The visibility and pushing information to students. Among
University of Michigan is using WordPress to create an medical libraries in India, there has been a sea change in
interface with which cataloguers can upload MARC information seeking behaviours. Easy availability of e-
records to a website and integrate digital images of resources has amplified the research process and
historical manuscripts, so that scholars can then necessitated more emphasis on checking quality of
comment, correct and add information to the records. information.

12.30 – 14.00
Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase
What delegates said…
14.00 – 14.45
B103 “Excellent as usual!”
Discovery, Dissemination
and Outreach “Keep up the excellent international feel
Esben Fjord, Gladsaxe Public Libraries (Denmark), to the event. It was fabulous meeting
Robert Haran, Shire (UK)
people from India, Denmark, Italy... and
Regardless of the quality and quantity of resources and
collections, the issue of publicising their value – even Birmingham!”
their existence – is a problem that transcends library
type. Gladsaxe Public Libraries are experimenting with “This was my first year at ILI …
how to expose electronic resources in physical libraries. I particularly valued the opportunity to
They have developed interfaces for different kinds of
digital surfaces, including interactive digital screens, a
network with my fellow international
chair (Sonic) for music listening and an interactive floor librarians and information professionals. I
(The Cube). Fjord will describe the technological, legal also thought that the number of
and user interface challenges they experienced. The
marketing and outreach issues faced by global delegates allowed a more targeted
pharmaceutical company Shire are philosophically the networking.”
same as Gladsaxe’s, but a different clientele and

15.00 – 15.45
TRACK C Digital Services, Meet
Resource Management Customer Satisfaction
David McMenemy, University of Strathclyde (UK),
Steven Buchanan, University of Strathclyde (UK),
10.45 – 11.30 Arno Janssen, FrieslandCampina (The Netherlands)
C101 McMenemy and Buchanan present the results of a
Relating Value to Price survey of digital services in Scottish public libraries.
and Budget Although public libraries are trusted sources of
Ulla de Stricker, de Stricker Associates (Canada), Armand information, their websites are too frequently nothing
Brevig, AstraZeneca (UK), Anja Chemnitz Thygesen, Quartz more than ‘digitised leaflets’ and user satisfaction is
Strategy Consultants (Denmark) dropping. How can libraries begin to thrive in their
presentation of digital services? User satisfaction is
Making content decisions within budget has always been
important in the corporate world as well. Janssen gives
important, but with today’s economic situation, it’s
an overview of how the Knowledge Information Centre at
become critical. In their presentation, de Stricker, Brevig
FrieslandCampina followed some new paths without
and Chemnitz examine the complexity of value
leaving its customers behind. Important lessons about
assessment and the justification to management.
user satisfaction in disparate settings can be gleaned
11.45 – 12.30 from this session.
Monitoring and Maximising 15.45 – 16.15
Organisational Impact Tea break in the Sponsor Showcase
Brian Kelly, UKOLN (UK), Joy Palmer, Mimas, University of
16.15 – 17.00
Manchester (UK) C105
The social web permeates our information departments Mashing Libraries to
and our personal lives. But how to measure the Build Communities
effectiveness of our use of the social web? Kelly’s talk
will review ways in which a variety of social services, Owen Stephens, Consultant (UK)
including blogs and Twitter, can be monitored for their Library mashups are becoming increasingly popular –
effectiveness in achieving their desired goals. The and possible – for two reasons. The technology to create
traditional ‘usage’ statistics for online library services can mashups, such as Yahoo! Pipes, makes the exercise
be misleading. Mimas performed quantitative and more accessible to those without an IT background.
qualitative research, with minimal resources, to bring a Second, governments are opening up their information,
new understanding of how the services impact research making it available as linked data, a step that encourages
and the knowledge economy. These presentations will data reuse and repurposing. Library mashups can
give you new perspectives on measurement, monitoring, surface information to and about your community, raising
and valuing social and traditional services and improve the library’s status, proving the value of innovation and
your strategies for engagement. building excitement about new technologies and the
information profession.
12.30 – 14.00
Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase 17.00 – 18.00
14.00 – 14.45 Drinks Reception
C103 All conference delegates and speakers are invited to a
Working with Wikis Drinks Reception from 17.00 – 18.00 on Thursday
Karolien Selhorst, Vlissingen Library (The Netherlands), 14 October in the Sponsor Showcase, hosted by
Brunella Longo, Information Specialist (UK) Information Today Ltd.
Few online resources provoke as much controversy in
the library community as Wikipedia. A Dutch project,
‘Wiki loves Bieb’ will set up a structural collaboration
between Wikimedia Nederland and Dutch public libraries
to investigate media literacy, how libraries and other local What delegates said…
heritage partners can improve Wikipedia’s quality and the
promotion of libraries as reference points. Libraries “I thoroughly enjoyed the Conference this
worldwide can learn from this project, using it as a
prototype. Wikipedia, however, is not the only wiki in the
year and found the use of Twitter enhanced
world. Brunella Longo will describe the CPD-Wiki she set my understanding and experience. I look
up to support a career repositioning plan and to forward to the next one!”
experiment with new, open ways to share information
among peers and colleagues. “I enjoyed meeting delegates from around
the world and networking. Thank you for
making it such a great experience!”
Friday 15 October
09.00 – 10.00 13.30 – 14.15
Keynote Social Research
Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services (UK)
As a global phenomenon, millions of people use social
Getting Real about Social Media media to generate content, share ideas, and keep in touch
with family, friends, work colleagues, companies,
Hazel Hall, Edinburgh Napier University (UK) associations, and causes. They can also be a source and
tool for real-time and retrospective research projects. Karen
As a firm advocate of social media, Hazel Blakeman will address the where, when, and how aspects of
Hall, Director of the Centre for Social social networking research, including authenticity, trust, and
Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University; information overload, along with some real world caveats.
Executive Secretary for the Library and
Information Science Coalition; and the
14.30 – 15.15
2009 IWR Information Professional of the A204
Year, reveals the relevance of social tools Social and Mobile
for information professionals. In this exhilarating and
practical keynote speech, she will unveil the hidden Karen Wallace, Sheffield Libraries, Archives & Information (UK),
potential of social media, including personal professional Nancy Dowd, New Jersey State Library (USA)
development opportunities, knowledge management If all the world’s a Twitter, how can libraries capitalise on this –
applications, and alternative research sources. She will and other – social networking phenomena? Sheffield tweets its
also share her views on guerilla tactics for exploiting book of the day, its events and its activities. It also customised
social networks. its web pages, uses Delicious for reference bookmarks and
encourages other council departments to link to its 24/7 page.
In addition to adopting new social technologies, Sheffield has
10.00 – 10.30 grappled with issues of restricted access and outsourcing and
will explain the implications. In New Jersey, the library decided
Coffee break and Sponsor Showcase opens that the best way to each its diverse potential user base was
to go mobile. Its mLibraries mobile marketing efforts are a

TRACK A model for other libraries worldwide.

15.30 – 16.15 Closing Panel for Tracks A, B & C

Going Social Library Futures: Views and Visions for
the Future of Libraries and Information
10.30 – 11.15
A201 Professionals
Transparency in Thomas Brevik, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (Norway),
Hyperlinked Libraries Åke Nygren, Stockholm County Library & Stockholm City
Library (Sweden), Michael Stephens, Dominican University &
Michael Stephens, Dominican University & Tame the Web (USA)
Tame the Web (USA)
The emerging social technologies have profound
Release your inner geek by hearing what these über
implications for libraries, not least with becoming more
geeks have to say about the latest developments in
transparent, both to their users and to their funders. We can
internet and library technology, both in the near and far
now have libraries that operate around the clock in a virtual
future. What are the implications of technological
space. Are physical spaces obsolete? Are libraries defined
innovations for libraries? Come prepared to question the
by their collections or as meeting places that facilitate
panelists’ philosophies of libraries and to adjust your
learning and research? If we keep saying “Let’s not adopt
own thinking about the future of your information
technology X because it will soon be out of date,” we’re
seeking, managing and adoption strategies.
missing the opportunity for ongoing learning and innovation
in a more experimentally-based organisation. If we wait for
the next big thing continually, stagnation follows.

11.30 – 12.15
What Phil Has Found Trending Information
Phil Bradley, Internet Consultant (UK)
Well known internet trainer and inveterate blogger, Phil 10.30 – 11.15
Bradley keeps his network current with important, B201
interesting and informational websites. He relies on social Turning E in the 21st Century
networking to both identify new resources and disseminate Fred Guy, EDINA (UK), Claire Tylee, Katrin Flemming,
the information to his many followers. It’s a model that Elly Thornton, University of Bath (UK)
information professionals can adapt to their own situations,
The growing prevalence of ejournals and ebooks has
creating their personal learning networks. This practical
significant implications for library collections. Fred Guy looks
session will address the issue of keeping up with new
at preservation schemes for ejournals, specifically the
technologies. Bradley will also share the latest items to
E-Journals Preservation Registry Service (PEPRS). He
have caught his eye.
describes the data matching involved and problems
encountered. Librarians from the University of Bath provide
12.15 – 13.30 an honest account of their experiences with e-books,
Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase including adding records to the catalogue, providing
additional access points for discovery, gathering statistics,
and managing payment, renewals, access and licenses.
Lessons learned in these academic environments provide
learning opportunities for other types of libraries as well.

11.30 – 12.15 information on the web, on their mobile, in their virtual

B202 learning environment. One click access remains
Taking It With You technologically challenging. The University of Dundee and
the University of Huddersfield are early adopters of the
Esben Fjord, Gladsaxe Public Libraries (Denmark),
Summon system while the Norwegian University of
Alison McNab, De Montfort University (UK)
Science and Technology has focused on its own project,
Mobile devices will soon dominate the computing landscape. UBiT.
Now that smart phones are used more for information seeking
than as oral conversation devices, libraries must decide how 11.30 – 12.15
best to provide services on mobile platforms. The Gladsaxe C202
Public Libraries started a smart phone project, in partnership Connecting Scholars
with Axiell, to develop a library app for the iPhone and
Android. Academic libraries must also engage with econtent
with Information
delivery of information to handhelds preferred by their student Terence Huwe, University of California, Berkeley (USA),
user community. Challenges revolve around identifying Kaiser Nikam, University of Mysore (India)
suitable mobile content, promoting handheld access and In today’s increasingly virtual university, it can be a
providing support. challenge to discover and provide assistance to narrowly
focused scholars. The task is made more challenging
12.15 – 13.30 because research has become more inter-disciplinary,
scattering communities of practice across departmental
Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase boundaries. Huwe describes three strategies he’s found to
be effective, while Nikam documents the movement in
13.30 – 14.15
B203 scientific research and communication towards the
semantic web.
Hot Topics in Innovation
Michael Stephens, Dominican University & Tame the Web (USA) 12.15 – 13.30
During Internet Librarian International, delegates will
contribute their ideas about technologies, policies, vendors Lunch break and visit the Sponsor Showcase
and issues that affect their ability to get real and stay
13.30 – 14.15
relevant. The hottest of the hot of these will be addressed
in this session, which is designed to be highly interactive,
driven by contributions from the audience.
Words, Words, Words
Amanda Hill, Hilbraith Ltd (Canada),
14.30 – 15.15 Ian Hames, ebrary (UK)
B204 Words have multiple meaning. No surprise there, but it
Induction, Instruction Issues complicates the working life of information professionals.
Sara Batts, Reed Smith LLP (UK), Sally Birch, Alice Burnett, A. Rose by any other name might be Alex to her friends,
Ellen Sayed, Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar) Dr. Alexandra N. Rose to her students and A.N. Rose, PhD,
For many information professionals, the need to explain to her publishers. The Names Project, a collaboration
their information services and encourage usage is critical between the British Library and Mimas aims to develop
to the success of their departments and to the effective innovative and scalable solutions to problems of
use of resources by their clients. At a major international identification, attribution and affiliation. Project Manager
law firm, the induction process was re-examined and Amanda Hill presents experiences and lessons learned.
updated, with emphasis on encouraging solicitors-to-be in Another thorny problem concerns information in PDF files
their choice of resources, raising awareness and promoting which is difficult to format, search, use and manage online.
key messages. At a prominent medical college, the Ian Hames will explore new technology available;
librarians produced videocasts to reach students at their demonstrating how you can turn every word into a portal
point of need. From both settings, the planning and to other online resources, including highlighting and
implementation processes will inspire others to establish annotating, multiple search options and the creation of
similar outreach projects. personal bookshelves.

14.30 – 15.15
15.30 – 16.15 Closing Panel C204
See Page 10.
Institutional Repositories
Stay Relevant
Elsa Esterhuizen, Tshwane University of Technology

TRACK C (South Africa), Pekka Olsbo, Jyväskylä University Library

(Finland), Shatha Aloun, Kuwait Institute for Scientific
Research (Kuwait)
The Techno Beat Three views of the role of institutional repositories will spur
your imagination in dealing with your own institutional
repository. Concerns around ‘marrying’ the novice
10.30 – 11.15
C201 researcher to scholarly research, increasing interoperability,
Taking the Library to streamlining the publication process, and preserving
intellectual assets so that they are widely available and
the Learner accessible to stakeholders will be addressed.
Hannah Whaley, University of Dundee (UK), Dave Pattern,
University of Huddersfield (UK), Rurik Thomas Greenall, 15.30 – 16.15 Closing Panel
NTNU Library (Norway)
Students today, who are mainly digital natives, bring See Page 10.
expectations from their personal interactions with
technology to their library experience. They assume easy
searching, instant access and diverse content. They expect
In addition to our commercial Sponsors, shown on the front cover,
12 we’d like to thank our supporters and partners

Association Sponsor
CILIP is the leading professional body for librarians, information
specialists and knowledge managers. We provide practical support
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the profession. A key part of our work is to support members’
personal and professional development, through internationally
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Learning Partner
SLA is a global organisation for innovative information professionals
and their strategic partners. SLA serves over 11,000 members in 75
countries, including corporate, academic, and government
information managers. SLA promotes and strengthens its members
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SLA Europe represents SLA’s members in Europe and provides
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The Association has some 900 members from private and public
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Supported by
UKeiG is a well-established and active group for information
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features and columns focus on practical applications of technology in
public, school, academic, corporate, and special libraries. CIL is the
librarian’s only independent, peer-to-peer resource on library systems and
automation technology. It’s all tech, all the time.

The Electronic Library Editor, Dr David Raitt, is an Internet Librarian
International Programme Chair and invites delegates and presenters to
submit manuscripts for possible publication in this leading international
journal – Submit online at

FreePint publishes resources and websites to help knowledge workers
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FUMSI helps everyone within an organisation Find, Use, Manage and
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Information Today

Information Today (IT), a monthly news publication, keeps information
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ONLINE: Exploring Technology & Resources for Information Professionals
is written for both experienced and novice information professionals –
librarians in academic, corporate, and government work settings; serious
researchers; webmasters; site designers; content managers; and those
involved in knowledge/information management. It publishes practical
articles, product reviews, case studies, and informed opinions about
selecting, using, manipulating, and managing digital information products.

Research Information

Research Information is Europe’s premier magazine, website, and
electronic newsletter, for those working in publishing, information
management, or libraries. Distributed worldwide in print and digital formats,
it tracks developments in information management, electronic publishing,
libraries, database searching and ebooks, across science, technology,
industry and the social sciences.
Master the tools of your profession—
and turn your tasks into triumphs!
Creating Great Gaming Experiences A Librarian's Guide
for All Ages By Michael P. Sauers
By Scott Nicholson 304 pages
248 pages ISBN 978-1-57387-399-4
ISBN 978-1-57387-398-7 £24


LIBRARY MARKETER Making Connections Between School
By Kathy Dempsey and Public Libraries
312 pages By Tasha Squires
ISBN 978-1-57387-368-0 Foreword by Gail Bush
£20 224 pages
ISBN 978-1-57387-362-8


A Library Road Trip Across America HEALTH SCIENCES
By Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer LIBRARIAN
with photographs by Geert van den Boogaard By Lisa A. Ennis and Nicole Mitchell
ISBN 978-1-57387-360-4 232 pages
160 pages, plus DVD ISBN 978-1-57387-395-6
£27 £20


Librarians and Educators in Second Life Shattering Stereotypes and Creating
and Other Multi-User Virtual Environments Positive New Images in the Internet Age
Edited by Lori Bell and Rhonda B. Trueman By Ruth Kneale
272 pages 216 pages
ISBN 978-1-57387-361-1 ISBN 978-1-57387-366-6
£27 £20


Using Pop Culture to Connect INFO PROS
With Your Whole Community Here’s Why, Here’s How
By Sophie Brookover By Ulla de Stricker
and Elizabeth Burns 120 pages
320 pages ISBN 978-1-57387-335-2
ISBN 978-1-57387-336-9 £27
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