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Marketing Management RMB 106

Time: 3 Hours

Max. Marks: 70

Note: The question paper is divided into three sections A, B & C. Write
Answers as per the given instructions.
Section A
(Very Short Answer Type Questions )
Note: Answers all 7 questions. As per the nature of the questions you
delimit your answer in one sentence up to 80 words. Each question
carries equal marks. (Marks 3x7=21)


What is product life cycle?

What is meant by strategic marketing planning?
What is marketing strategy for industrial product?
What do you mean by consumer behavior?
What is the scope of marketing?
What are the 4Ps of marketing?
Differentiate between a consumer and a customer.

Section B
(Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Answer any 3 questions. Each answer should not exceed 150
words. Each question carries 08 marks. (Marks 8x3 = 24)

1. Prepare a marketing plan for a company producing a premium car.

2. Advertising is nothing but salesmanship in print. discuss the statement
and explain the economics and benefits of advertisement.
3. Write short notes on the following:
i. Cultural factors of consumer buying behavior
ii. Motivation (Psychological factor)

4. Product strategy calls for making co-ordinated decisions on product

mixes, product lines, brands and packaging. Comment.

5. Write short notes on: (any two)

a. Promotion mix
b. Marketing mix
c. Marketing intelligence
Section C
(Long Answer Type Questions)
(Marks 25)
The company sells about 30 percent of its products to institutions such as
hospitals, hotels and resorts and government bodies. Large sales volume comes
from the southern and western parts and some comes from the rest of the
country. Besides this, the mattresses, pillows and carpet-inlays are sold in retail
through dealers in around sixty cities all over the country. Presently, the
company has around 100 dealers who are looked after by the regional offices.
The company started to advertise in print and radio in 1990. The advertising
theme highlighted features of the products, both in print and radio.
About five year back, the company had offered a unique feature, i.e. a
guarantee card which ensured protection against duplicate products. The
company also used sales promotion to augment the efforts of advertising and
dealer efforts. Some promotional schemes offered gifts such as towel, bed sheet,
or pillow with mattresses. All the these promotional schemes affected the
companys bottom line and did not find very enthusiastic response from dealers.
The company thus needed a new platform to highlight its new campaign. A six
month promotional campaign is to be launched with equal mix of print
advertising, consumer sales promotion and a dealer promotion scheme. The
marketing manager wishes to select a theme to portray the ads.
The entire advertising campaign is to be based on this theme selected by you
and hence it is very important to choose an appropriate theme.
1. Plan an advertising strategy for the product. Justify your choice of media
and the theme. (10)
2. Write three appeals you propose should be used in the campaign. (5)
3. Suggest a sales promotion design for consumers. (5)
4. Develop a dealer promotion scheme. (5)