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Queens for the King

January 2017

Welcome to 2017!
January has been a transition month for us. We started the month in the USA
enjoying our Christmas break. Now we end it with ministry in full swing. School
is back in session which means Sibongumbomvu kids are engaged in learning more
about Christ and needing school shoes. SW bible study young adults begin
education past high school with bible study still ongoing. Northdale students
graduate from their bible class. Also exams for the young and old Queens
begin. Watch how the Lord is teaching us all that His promises are true.

Hospitality to All
Thomas had the opportunity to preach at
Grove Level this month. He challenged us all to
show hospitality to the lost around us as a
vehicle for sharing the gospel. Pray
for Thomas as seminary has begun. Pray for
him to have more opportunities to share
messages that God places on his heart. He
also is serving as an elder at Hilton Baptist.
Pray for wisdom for him and the leadership to
make wise godly decisions that advance the

One on One's
Now with school back in full swing, we
begin tutoring students in Maths and
Reading at Sibong. Every Tuesday and
Wednesday for an hour we share a bible
story then work one on one with grade 5
and 7 kids to catch them up to grade
level. This is Phiwakuhle. She is a lovely
girl who loves to read and is eager to
know more about the Bible. Pray for
more people at Hilton Baptist to be
eager to pour Christ into these students.
Pray for seeds sewn to bear much fruit.

Shiya here we come!

These 3 ladies are our SW bible students
who also interpret for us on house visits.
Every Thursday we load up and go share
the gospel in Shiyas together. They also
lead the kids clubs after school Thursdays
at Sibong with us. Please pray for Zanele,
Nosipho, Phindile, and Zama (not pictured)
that they will grow in Christ and shine
Christ's light where ever they go. Also
that they can balance college
with continuing to serve Him alongside us.
I got accepted into dental
hygienist school guys!

House Visit Storying

We continue to teach the Shiya's folks
about God through storying. We are
teaching them many parables in the
New Testament now. Pictured is
Nelisiwe here. She loves her Bible and
made a special cover to protect it. She
is trusting in the Lord to keep His
promises for her family for provision
and protection as her husband is
away desperately looking for work.
Pray for these lovely people to see God
move in a mighty way in their lives this

Northdale Graduates
The Bible college students
Thomas teaches on Thursday
evenings celebrated their
graduation from the seminary
level class they take. Pray God
uses everything they learned to
spread the Good News of the
gospel to the lost in S Africa.

New shoes folks!

Through our BGR partners, we
received the grant from IMB for
school shoes for double orphans
(kids with no living mother OR
father). 15 kids at
Sibongumbomvu received their new
shoes and socks upon return to
school. Amende says she loves her
new shoes and hasn't stopped
smiling yet.

Grade 5s learning their bible

story before tutoring begins.

The Sweet Lee

Elizabeth is back at Lee Univ
now serving away with her cochaplains at Lee. Please pray
every talk and prayer group she
is involved with is bathed in
prayer that aligns with God's
will. Pray she speaks everything
the Lord wants said to each
freshman. She continues to
perform well in her classes. Pray
for her to balance her schedule
perfectly between ministry and
her rigorous academic demands.

Hiking Fun with Friends

Water Logged
If school is back in session,
then Jacob is in the water. He
is both swimming for his school
swim team and playing on the
senior water polo team at St
Charles. He really likes his
schedule this term with great
teachers. He has successfully
driven to church once on SA
roads. Please pray for his
continued spiritual growth and
a deepening passion for the

Oh & we loved every minute of

our time visiting her.

Donations to make them smile:

If you would like to help support our family
or the work God has given us to do in S
Africa, you can do this in 3 ways:


Send a check to our sending home

church. Just make the check out to
Grove Level Baptist Church. Put
Queens for the King on the memo
line. The check can be sent to:
Grove Level Baptist Church
2802 Cleveland Hwy
Dalton, GA 30721


Kids now attending Hilton

Baptist Church. Exciting

Its fun cleaning our tutoring



Go online
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Online giving tab. Under the
Queens for the King section hit the
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*All donations are tax deductible. Please

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Praises and Prayer Requests:


The SW teens got accepted to technology training schools.

Orphans at Sibongumbomvu received their school shoes
Kids at Sibong coming to Sunday school at Hilton Baptist now
(avg 5-11 every Sunday).
Extra bread donations for Shiya's people.
God's provision for our family last year.


God to open doors for us to share the gospel and disciple people
God to continue to provide interpreters for us to do his work.
Traveling mercies for 3 new Tear Fund interns from UK coming
next week and to grow them spiritually over these next 6
People of Hilton Baptist to embrace the Sibling kids coming to
our church and make them feel welcome. More people to
volunteer to tutor at the school and transport children to
A new person of peace at Sibong school as our current contact
teacher is resigning in April.
A swift recovery for Thomass mom from 2nd eye surgery on Jan

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