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‘Sevena’ is a Charitable Society registered under Travancore Cochin

Charitable Societies Act 1955 on 9th March 2009.On 12th June 2009 we have
applied for registration under sec 12A of the IT Act 1961. The
Commissioner of Income Tax, Thrissur accepted our application and after
hearing issued registration order under sec.12AA of the IT Act 1961 on 23rd
December 2009.

Even though formal registration is made currently, the members of the

society have been individually and collectively providing financial help to
the poor people of Kerala for their education, hospital needs etc mainly in
response to their appeals in the news papers, T.V.Channels etc.

From our more than 20 years experience in this type of charity we

have collectively decided to start a formal organization. Then it will help to
exceed its volume of work and it will really be a hand support to the many
poverty ridden people in Kerala and India. Moreover in the modern world,
sufferings of the poor is increasing. Even Government could not control the
sufferings of the poor. So our opinion is that sufferings can be controlled
only with the extended support of the good-hearted and rich people. It is the
duty of the haves to support the havenots. It is what we like to call
“Humanity”. One of our primary objective is to propagate the slogan of help
and by helping the havenots, haves will get peace and prosperity. If there is
such a faithful organization, people can support the poor through this
organization. When the Income Tax department can give 80G exemption to
this donation it would be a great compliment to the donors of this
organisation, it will encourage more people to contribute this organization
and can extend more and more help to the sidelined poverty ridden people of
India especially in kerala.
Main objective of the organistion are:

1. To work for the welfare and improvement of the society without any
monetary benefit. ”Karmanye vathikarasthe ma phaleshu kadhajana”.
The great word of ‘Githa’ that will be our inspiration to work for the
poor and humanity. Our all activities will fundamentally based on the
principle of creating harmony among the people against all casts and

2. To work and help for the improvement and progress of socially

backword, handicapped, physically weak, mentally retarded and
economically weaker sections of the society. We are committed to
improve the conditions of socially backward handicapped, physically
weak, mentally retarded and economically weaker sections of the
society. Our basic view is that socially backwardness and physical
handicapedness is not due to the individual problem of the sufferers
but it is really a problem of the society. So Society should find out the
solution to solve this problem. So our activities will be in two ways to
tackle this problem. One to create social awareness among the society
to find out the solution and to provide economic help to this weaker
section to meet their immediate needs like education, health
care,marriage of poor girls etc. Second we have a plan to create
‘Volunteer sena’. Those who willing to provide physical help for the
physically and mentally retarded people, voluntarily can become a
member of ‘Volunteer Sena’ .We will coordinate such a work.

3. To provide financial assistance to mentally retarded, physically weak

destitutes, old people and to meet the educational expenses of the
students of economically weak parents and to render financial help to
the marriage expenses of girls from poor families. The suffering of old
age persons and destitutes are a big social problem in the complex
society. We are committed to do all type of help to them.
Providing financial help to the students for their education needs
would be our most important charitable area.

4. To establish orphanages for children, old age homes, rehabilitation

centres for evacuees of natural calamities, or to help such existing
centres operating according to charitable acts. In the recent future we
have planned to start orphanage for children, old age homes etc. It will
be a model for social living by accepting all type of individual needs
and promoting humanity.

5. To work for the progress and development of the society in the field
of education, environment and surroundings, health and family
welfare especially women’s welfare. We will promote and conduct all
type of social awareness programs to keep this objective.

6. To promote equality and fraternity in the society without any

prejudice to cast, cread, religion, belief and politics. This will be our
base and all activities will be based up on this objective.

7. To encourage donations of blood, eye, born marrow, kidney and other

human organs. We will conduct all types of activities to promote this
objectives based on absolute charity and humanity.

8. To establish trade training centres, reading rooms, libraries etc. for

development of the society and state.

9. To work in co-operation with the development activities of

Government and other institutions. As an NGO we will get
registration with the Governments and cooperate with the
development activities of the Government to establish and achieve
above mentioned objectives.

10.To organize sports, arts and other cultural competitions and to conduct
group discussions and seminars on various subjects useful to the