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Grass Valley LDX 86 and EVS XT 3 wiring diagram + EVS MultiCam Config

LDX 86 Series

XCU XF Universe
Check that the camera-system is set to
right video-mode!!
Slowmotion Video-Modes are dependent
of the Type of Camera and/or License:
LDX 86 HS = 3x only
LDX 86 XS = 3x & 6x
LDX 86 Universe = 3x & 6x

SMPTE 311 Cable max 3km / 1,86 mi

SMPTE 311 Cable 3km / 1,86 mi + 40km / 24,85 mi Dark-Fiber

! HINT !
To check the right wiring: Select BARS
and replay slowly the recorded color bar:
3x SSM: 2 combined colors sequentially
move from left to right
6x USM: 6 independent colors
sequentially move from left to right

LIVE (Combined) Signal

XCU Back-Panel

Replay Signal
3 physical BNC cables in all SSM or USM modes:

XT3 Back-Panel

3x SSM: Signal coded as 1,5G Signals, contains one Phase per cable.
6x USM: Signal coded as 3G-Level B Signals, contains 2x Phases per cable.
NOTE: each even Phase is line inverted, cannot be monitored
For all XCU Video configurations visit Knowledge Base: click here

EVS Config on MultiCam Version 12:

1x 6ph USM Camera IN + 2 Outs

EVS Config on MultiCam Version 14:

1x 6ph USM Camera IN + 2 Outs

This Document exemplary shows wiring and setting of a LDX 86 and EVS XT3 System. It shows the mostly used configuration of one LDX 86 6x USM camera + 2 Playout channels of an EVS XT3.
Please refer to the EVS Configuration Manual for other configurations. Monitoring and control are not shown in this document.
This is a snapshot, no guarantee, subject of changed when Software evolves. Please visit Grass Valley >Technical Support and EVS >Technical Area for support, manuals and installation documentation.

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