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The Quest for Truth:

Mysteries, Enigmas and the Unexplained

Volume One

Dimension of the Ancients by Dhanishta

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Hashays Introduction
Part 1 - The Realm of the Supernatural
So what are Ghosts?
The Spectral Coach of Enfield.
The Highgate Vampire
Mothman Sightings in London
Beaumaris - The Elusive Vampire
Bram Stokers Whitby The Haunt of the Vampire
Is Robin Hood's Ghost really at rest?
Haunted Mansion to Host a Ghostly Sance and Birthday Party for Mae West
After Death Communication - Love from the 'other-side'?
The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn (Part 1)
The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn (Part 2)
The Haunted cemetery
A Quick Look at Ghosts
The Ghosts of Whaley House: My Encounter with Them
Veiled Existence
Real Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, and Quantum Physics
Part 2 - Frontiers of Science
Time Travel for Beginners
Is there Free Energy on the Moon?
Science Exploded: The Isis Thesis (Conscious Horizontal Gene Transfer as Time
Travels Backward)
Part 3 - Ancient Civilisations The Past Revisited
Levitation and Flight in the Ancient World: A Modern Perspective
Ancient Astronauts - The Search for the Truth
Looking For The First Americans
Before Recorded History: The Civilizations Lost in Time
Acoustics and Mayan Architecture
The Lost Pyramids of Guimar
A Song from Sumer (2,300 BC)
Atlantis: The Andes Solution
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Ephesus A Lost Anatolian City, its Goddess and the Amazons

Part 4 - Egypt- Land of the Gods
The Alchemy of the Soul - 5,000 year old Egyptian text discovered
Introducing Hieroglyphs The sacred language of the universe
The Isis Thesis
Gold and Death - The secret curses of the tomb of Tutankhamen
The Power of Symbolism in Ancient Egypt Secret Meanings, Hidden Truth
Egyptian Medical Texts
Does the Tulli Papyrus offer proof of UFOs?
Part 5 - Extraterrestrials and UFOs
Mysticism and UFO Sightings
Other Worlds: Eight Amazing Alien Encounters
Alien Skulls: The Great Debate
Alien Bases the Mystery of the Moon
Secret Flying Saucers - The Gateway to the Stars
Part 6 - Conspiracy
UFOs or Top Secret Spy Planes the Aurora Mystery
Concerns grow as Chemtrails begin to increase in England and Europe
Games without Frontiers: The Shadow World of the CIA
We Were Only Nineteen
Complicity and Conspiracy: The Life and Death of Princess Diana
Lord Kitchener: The Truth at last.
Part 7 Unexplained Mysteries
The Origins of the Crystal Skulls
The Cousin we dont talk about: What is Bigfoot?
Interview with a Werewolf
Crop Circles: A product of the collective consciousness, a calling card from ET, or
something else?
Imaginal perception, a window to the unexplained
Floating Cities, Phantom Armies and Ghost Ships
Da Vinci and the Secret of the Mona Lisa
Part 8 - Mysticism and the Occult
The Knights Templar, Baphomet & the Horned Skull
Crowley, Aliens and The Book of Thoth Occult / UFO
Extraterrestrials and the Occult Connection Occult /UFO
The Secrets of the Circles, the Serpent and the Goddess
Aleister Crowleys The Book of Thoth - A Treasury of Truth and Beauty
The Covenant and Philosophy of the Mutts (with Introduction)
The MUTT Cabalistic Tree
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Part 9 - Divination The Key to the Future

Tarot Basics An Introduction to Divination and the Tarot
The I-Ching in the Modern World
I-Ching - How to cast the coins
Introduction to the Runes
Rune Interpretations
Adventures of a Palmist - Switching on the Ability
Ann Boleyn: Castles in the Air - A study of astrological periodicity and reconciliation
Know your Psychic
Part 10 - Mind Body and Spirit
Remote Aura Readings How Does That Work?
Magical Areas for Mystical Work
Healing Touch & Reiki
Stone Energy Wheels
Totem Animals
Sacred Smoke
A Little Angel Love
Inner Journeys The Art of Meditation
Dreams & Dreaming
Reincarnation: The Past Revisited
Credits and Thanks

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Legal notice
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ThothWeb was created to explore all aspects of the unexplained, whether it be the
mysteries of Egypt and other ancient civilizations, anomalous artefacts, psychic
abilities, strange occurrences, ghosts, UFOs, the hidden agendas of governments and
a whole lot more. The philosophy of the site is simple; that an invisible threads binds
together all aspects of our existence; both the known an unknown.
ThothWeb is simply a place to explore the nature of that invisible thread so as to
rediscover that lost connection.
The book you are about to read is a collection of ThothWebs articles on the
unexplained, articles that have been written by our own members. The inspiration for
this book is one remarkable person, whose time with us may be way too short, but
who has made an indelible impression on so many of us, Jannice Fadely.
Work has already begun on Volume Two of The Quest for Truth and we very much
welcome contributions from all writers whether professional or amateur. If youd like
to be part of volume two then feel free to email with your
submission, wed love to hear from you.


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Hashays Introduction
Why me?
That has been the one question I have needed years to answer.
I have always felt as if someone was providing learning
experiences for me, and I could not understand why I was
chosen. I felt I was the least likely person to experience
anything of such importance. I kept thinking that someone
somewhere had made an error. It was as if I was shown such a
wide range of things so that I would put it all together and use
the experiences to teach others.
My entire life has been one unusual event after another. As a
child I assumed everyone had the same experiences. When I
entered school, I learned quickly that few other people have these types of
experiences, and the other children often made fun of me because of them. It is very
difficult to act like other children if you have no common ground. It was like being in
a foreign land with no idea the correct way to behave, even though I never
misbehaved. Even as a child misbehaving did not make any sense. Everyone else
misbehaved, and I thought they were all strange.
I have always felt as if I have a contact with someplace else. I have always called it
the Blue Void and I have been able to go there for as long as I can remember. Going
there has always been so natural for me. I knew others did not go there so I never
spoke of it to anyone, and the only person I ever told about the Blue Void before
joining Thothweb was my son. I would go there and feel things, and I would come
back refreshed and happy. As a child I used to sleep there; I would wrap the Blue
Void around me like a blanket and sleep so peacefully. I was never taken to the Blue
Void; it was just there when I wanted to go. This last vision I had, I was taken there
instead, and that was so odd.
The Gift of Wisdom
One of the first paranormal experiences I had was when I was playing at the foot of
my bed with my dolls. I was on my knees holding a doll having her standing up on the
bed. I was not that old, I was no more than eight if I was that old. I heard a mans
voice above me, close sounding as if a person were standing on my bed. I looked up
with complete calm as if I heard voices everyday. The mans voice asked me which
gift above all others would I choose, and he then told me which gifts I could choose
from. Being a little girl of less than eight I stopped playing with my doll and I just
knelt there thinking over which gift I would choose, since I was only allowed one. I
took my time over deciding, while considering what each gift would give me. I did
not want to make a mistake because I knew this gift would be with me my entire life.
I raised my head again and with determination said very calmly, I choose Wisdom.
The mans voice said The gift of Wisdom is yours.
Then, I went back to my playing as if nothing of importance had happened.
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It might have been after this I saw the being I refer to as the Hairy Thing
in my room. This entity was a very tall, hairy figure with a hideous face, which came
and stood at the end of my bed one evening when I was trying to fall asleep. I felt as
though the Hairy Thing was meant to frighten me away from what I was meant to
learn and do in this life, but instead he taught me Wisdom, because that creature
terrified me into learning everything I could find about paranormal occurrences.
Even as a child I had an unusual ability to find information no one else could. I felt as
if someone was always guiding me, making sure I had the information I needed for
my growth and to bring about my gift of Wisdom.
When I was about the age of nine or so I began reading about UFOs. Once, I was
walking down the paved road one warm afternoon and looked up in the sky. I thought
to myself, if these beings can make a space ship that flies so can I. Right then and
there I made my mind up to build a working space ship, and I started learning
everything I could about UFOs. Normally, little girls do not think like this. In my
mind I have designed a device that could cure the human body of every illness and
damage. Complete working plans! I sometimes design other devises in my mind, and
always about ten years later what I designed is discovered.
The Old Man who was not there
When I was about twenty-one, a book on the Tarot came in the mail for me. I did not
order this book, it just came; again, information that I needed came to me without me
asking for it or seeking it. Then, when I was twenty-three I had the most unusual
experience a person could have when I met the Old Man Who Was Not There.
I can remember the smell of the bookstore where I met him, because there was always
incense burning. The store had beautiful pale blue walls and shelves, and a huge room
full of occult books. My mother and I entered the store by means of an elevator which
opened directly into the store itself. When we walked in, we saw an old man behind
the counter. I do not even know how or why the conversation started, as I was
extremely quiet at that age. I was so quiet people actually thought I was a mute. But
he talked about the Bible and how to read it as is was meant to be read. He also talked
about the Cabala, Hermetics and a lot of related information. As he talked he would
occasionally go into the back room to bring out a book. He showed my mother and me
many articles from the books. I read from these huge oversized books, and now that I
look back on it, the image of Lucy in the Magicians room reading from his magic
book comes to mind. The books were alive and I could understand what they were
talking about.
The old man led my mother and me around the bookstore and picked up books. Each
book he handed to me I kept until I had a large pile of books in my arms, and my
mom had several books too.
At first, he had been talking to us from behind the counter where the cash register
was. Several times during the two hours we spent talking to the old man, the owner
Page 8

would come behind the counter to take someones payment. The old man and she
were almost touching elbows they were so close, yet she never said a word to him. I
assumed at the time this was because she was busy and she saw he was busy and did
not want to disturb us.
After all this time selecting books, we went back to the counter to pay for our
selections. My mother had a stack of books also, and she had been listening to the old
man very intently too. After buying the books, I was so excited I could barely focus
on anything else the entire next day. My mom and I went back to the bookstore as
soon as I was off work. I couldnt wait to talk to the old man again! I rushed into the
bookstore looking all around for him, but I did not find him. So I approached the
owner and asked where the old man from last night was, and asked when he would be
working again.
The owner looked at me as if I had taken leave of my senses. She replied What old
I told her all about the old man I had talked to the night before, and my mom also told
her about the old man. She stated very plainly there had not been an old man working
there the night before or any other night. We even showed her our check books
showing that we had purchased books there, but she would not even believe that. The
conversation ended with her believing we were raving lunatics. If my mom had not
been there to witness it, I would not have believed it myself. This experience touched
me so deeply I could not talk about it without crying.
Cosmic Consciousness
I had no idea of what had happened until again by chance I found a book called
Cosmic Consciousness. I read about a man had the experience, and it too had such a
profound effect on him that he went looking for others who had the same experiences.
I have experienced Cosmic Consciousness twice! I am waiting anxiously for the third
time; because I feel that time it will never go away. Once you feel it, there is no way
this world looks ever the same. I dont see trees or buildings now, I can see them in
their true form. I know this world is truly beautiful. I know!
When I was eighteen, I saw everything change into brilliant rainbow-colored
crystalline forms. When I saw this, I was so full of bliss I felt as if I was walking in
air. I felt then that I knew and saw all knowledge. It was seeing the world like that
which gave me a strong conviction that beauty was always there even if I could not
see it, and with beauty that strong there is could be way for evil to win. This
wonderful experience has happened to me twice now, and there was a joy with this
experience that felt as if it would never end, and it never has ended no matter how
hard my life path has been.
When I was in my 30s, I was having a hard time dealing with these experiences, and I
was worried I might be doing something that would jeopardize what I had learned.
I was walking out the gate from the yard to the driveway, and next to the driveway
was a forest. My head was down and I was lost in thought. I heard a mans voice
again and looked up, and a very kindly male voice said I was doing just fine. This was
the last thing I had expected. Again the voice had come from above me, yet there was
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no one around to talk to me. It was not a loud voice as if someone was shouting in a
distance; this was a very close-sounding voice.

The Thunderbird
Seeing the shadow of the Thunderbird was another incredible experience. Again it is
something that I can refer back to and say with a certainty such things are not only
possible, they are not that an unusual of an occurrence. About two or three years ago,
I saw the shadow of a huge bird, and I felt the bird coming. I smelled the bird, and I
heard the birds wings; I would have sworn it was a real bird. It had a wing span of 25
feet, and I know this because I had an excellent reference for measuring it.
I had turned my garage into a house for my beloved cats. I had put in a screen across
the garage door opening with a two foot solid wall under the screen. I did this because
a neighbor killed one of my cats and would have killed the other two if they were not
kept safe, so I made them a large safe place with lots of light and things to play with.
I had built a six foot wall high of screen with a 2 foot solid wall under it over the
garage door opening. This I want to impress upon you, because this is how I judged
the size of what I saw.
I often used to sit out there with a cup of tea since it was also a perfect place to sit
outdoors and not worry about bugs, rain or too much sun. I had my favorite chair and
a love seat in there both facing the screened in opening. I remember it was July 25th,
and there was not a single cloud in the sky. I was sitting in my chair enjoying my tea
when I felt, heard, and smelled the bird coming towards me. At first I thought it was
an eagle that was flying over, but then I saw the twenty-five foot wide shadow of a
bird on the ground in front of my screened-in garage. The shadow showed the bird
flapping its wings slowly as it cruised over the parking lot in front of my garage.
At first, I was thrilled as I thought it was one of the huge birds that are rarely seen. I
jumped up from my chair and slipped into my shoes. I was out the door in about fortyfive seconds if it took me that long. I had a clear view of the entire sky for about a
mile in all directions. There was not a bird to be seen although was searching, and a
bird as large as what I had seen could not have disappeared into that clear sky.
I went inside and contacted a cryptozoological site I was familiar with, and asked
them if there were any other sightings of huge birds in Oregon and told them what I
had seen. There had not been any other reported sightings. They contacted me back
the same day.
The next day I was still excited about seeing a huge real bird. I sat in my chair as I had
been the day before and looked out of the screen. As I was watching I was shocked.
The ground could not be seen from where I was sitting unless I was had been sitting
about two to three feet off the ground!
I was shocked to realize I had not seen a living bird but a huge Spirit Bird.
Everything that happened to me can happen to anyone. I personally know people who
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have had the same experiences or something very similar. We are the proof, the
witnesses and the interpreters of these experiences. We can turn these experiences
around and use them to guide others so they will have a framework of similar
experiences they can draw from as they walk their own path of self discovery.
These experiences also made me very aware of the problems of humans and the planet
we share. After these experiences, there is no way to sit back and not act to aid my
fellow travelers.

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Part One
The Realm of the Supernatural
Deciding where to begin our journey into the unexplained
was always going to be difficult, but the paranormal world
of ghosts and spirits seems a natural place to begin as this is
an area that that many people have direct or indirect
experience of.

Sorrow by James

Page 12

So What Are Ghosts?

By David Farrant
Throughout time, mankind has strived to understand and
explain mysterious apparitions on non-worldly 'intelligence'
that seem to have accompanied its very existence.
From fleeting figures in the night, or those seen by day, to
equally commonplace occurrences where the invisible
seems to, in some way, impart or interfere with the physical
world; a sense of the unknown or impenetrable has always
seemed to have become entwined with those laws that have
otherwise been assumed to make up normal reality.
Yet can 'reality' - as this has come to be accepted - really stand against so much
counter-evidence about the possibility of other realms of Being or existence - i.e.
related stories about unexplained phenomena that abound to confuse material thinking
- when frequently 'reality' itself is the subject of such diverse opinions, even amongst
scientists and other hard-core experts?
It would seem not. Indeed, it could be reasonably said that science itself, by clinging
obstinately to material law as a formula for understanding the Unknown, has
imprisoned itself in a material cage of its own thinking.
Perhaps one of the main failings on the part of materialists when attempting to
understand psychic phenomena, is an inherent tendency on the part of many people to
automatically categorize anything paranormal (or at least, what is assumed to be
paranormal) under the heading 'ghost'. For the word itself, invariably conjures up
images of figures carrying their heads or clanking chains, or of similar apparitions
that may have returned to wander the earth with some assumed intent. Yet ironically,
it is this assumption (and it is a common one), that might actually hinder any potential
understanding of such phenomena; for while ghostly figures may well be reported or
have been to appear (and indeed, such figures have been seen to appear for centuries
although not necessarily in the limited capacity as cited above), it is not generally
realized or understood, that images of phantom figures may be literally no more than
just that images that are being 'replayed', with no more active intelligence than the
dead images stored on a video tape or transmitted as a television picture (in each
case they are the same).
In other words, many ghostly images may literally be no more than recorded pictures;
but 'pictures' that can only be witnessed when the correct circumstances and
conditions prevail.
So then, the question might arise, just what are 'ghosts'? And if such nebulous entities
exist, what are the possibilities of our understanding them?
Perhaps one answer to such a formidable question, could be in our disregarding the
popular conception of 'ghosts' themselves, and coming to the realization that there
might be different categories of unexplained phenomena; this meaning that
Page 13

unexplained phenomena as such are understood, could be divided into different types,
according to the type of alleged manifestations; accounting, of course, for the various
interpretations given to such sightings or manifestations by given witnesses.
As a psychic investigator, and as someone who has spent
many years investigating this view, many facts seemed to
have 'forced themselves to light', and basically it can be
said, that most cases of unexplained phenomena can be
divided into separate types, or categories.
The first of these categories has, in fact, already been
mentioned when explaining that many ghostly figures
may be no more than 'replayed' events which can - or do materialize under certain conditions, and these include
images of 'human' figures, scenes or other events from
some time past (such as images of horse-drawn coaches or unearthly battles, for
example); and the many reported sightings of 'black dogs' or other ghostly animals. Of
course, there is a danger of perhaps 'oversimplifying' cases in general here; but
certainly, these given examples would appear to be typical of many reported
sightings. Whether such phenomena do indeed possess any active intelligence as is so
often assumed would be a separate issue for debate, although my research has shown whether 'active intelligence' or mere shadows of events that might have long since
disappeared into history - such phenomena are almost certainly dependent upon the
existence of certain conditions to aid or bring about their materialization.
In fact, for some time now and in the many writings I have devoted to this subject, I
have put forward the view that perhaps many 'ghostly phenomena' (as they have come
to be understood), are not only mere reflections or pictures of forgotten past events,
but are also images that can only exclusively manifest - or 'replay themselves' subject to specific conditions.
These 'conditions' usually follow a given pattern; but locations (often including the
essential presence of ley lines), lunar cycles and atmospheric conditions, and the
presence of the element of water or stone, all seem to be essential ingredients that aid
the appearance of many psychic phenomena, or 'ghosts'...
Such an observation may seem unique and far removed from popular conception
(although it is by no means spectacular) but the actual realization that many
phenomena under this first category may be no more than pictures of past events literally just that - may provide an interesting clue into the understanding of many
psychic phenomena and their ilk.
Cases vary, of course, and even they may be dependent upon the susceptibility or
sensitivity of given witnesses to observe a given manifestation; but such
manifestations do frequently occur world wide and too much evidence is in existence
to totally discredit their actual authenticity.
There are, for example, numerous cases on record where various manifestations of
psychic energy (albeit, more commonly referred to as 'ghosts'), have materialized at
precise locations; more often than not in or near old buildings constructed of stone
Page 14

(albeit perhaps in ruins) and they also seem to appear under certain climatic
conditions, one of these involving the element of water.
'Water wraiths', similar apparitions of ghosts or white ladies, which appear frequently
near lakes or rivers, are perhaps well known; but many other ghostly apparitions
which might otherwise appear as 'real' to human eyesight, might indeed be no less
then replayed images from the past - just that.
Having expounded briefly on the possibility that a large percentage of unexplained
phenomena can literally be grouped together and described as being 'replayed' under
certain physical conditions it should be emphasized, that a great number of other
cases, including poltergeist activity - whereby objects seemingly move of their own
accord or there are seen to be similar effects upon material conditions - may fall under
a second category of unexplained phenomena; where many ghostly occurrences may
be little more than the result of subconscious forces in the human mind itself,
normally latent, but not always
This is to say, that otherwise dormant levels in the human psyche, may be directly
responsible for affecting or changing material conditions; unaccountable changes of
temperature, doors opening and closing 'by themselves', glasses and other objects
being mysteriously moved or apparently breaking of their own volition; interference
with electrical systems and appliances; even the apparent communication (usually by
mediums) with so-called 'spirits' - to name but a few.
Such a short example is not of course, intended to be an 'oversimplification' of fact;
indeed, space itself would prevent any lengthy exposition of a subject too complex to
fit into the confines of this introduction.
But to summarize this second category of unexplained phenomena more precisely; it
could be said, that there exist many levels in human consciousness - as yet not
generally understood - which are certainly responsible for the manifestations of many
alleged psychic phenomena; and frequently witnesses to such phenomena are
invariably unaware that they may have inadvertently created a given manifestation or
psychic disturbance themselves; least of all acknowledging, perhaps, that the outward
effects of such manifestations originate from levels which lie beyond the everyday
thinking mind.
But there would appear to exist another category of unexplained phenomena which
are seemingly not the result of subconscious activity in the human mind, or indeed,
can be attributed to 'non intelligent' reflections or images that are periodically
'replayed' from the past. And these involve outside entities that apparently possess
some kind of 'intelligence', which are reported as appearing to their human
counterparts and having some deliberate - even devilish - purpose and intent.
To speculate about the possible existence of such entities, however, would be to enter
an unsafe area of investigation when many reported 'phantom figures' may easily have
become subjected to fantasy or exaggeration.
Of course, this is not always the case, and sometimes, the most reliable of people will
swear to having had 'factual' encounters or visitations from 'formidable ghosts' that
Page 15

they genuinely cannot explain, other that to perhaps assert that a given apparition will
be trying to convey some definite purpose or message.
Such testimonies are often authentic, and too many witnesses abound to dismiss their
accounts with flippant abandon. But to revert to wild theories about the possible
causations behind this particular type of psychic phenomena (and many indeed do;
including many ghost writers as well as some witnesses themselves), is to enter a
dangerous realm where unfounded belief can easily offset serious psychic
As a psychic investigator, my role can only be to objectively access and present actual
(C) David Farrant 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Page 16

The Spectral Coach of Enfield.

By David Farrant
In Enfield old town, on the northern outskirts of
London, there have been reports of a spectral black
coach drawn by a team of phantom horses that
rushes silently down bell lane and suddenly
If legend is to be believed, the coach belonged to the
evil 'hanging judge', Judge Jeffreys, who rides inside
- the notorious 17th century Lord Chief Justice who
believed in incarcerating and hanging political rebels until his own untimely death in
the Tower of London brought an end to his reign of terror.
These reports of the coach, however, have been forthcoming for many years and it
would appear sightings of it are usually at dusk or by night and that it is invariably
seen travelling in a southerly direction.
One of the earlier reports on record relates that in1899, three factory girls from
Ponders End on their way home from work witnessed the coach 'rising out of the
ground' whereupon it sped off noiselessly with featureless passengers who could be
seen through the windows.
In 1912 it was again reported by a lamplighter who saw it 'passing through' a house presumably one that obstructed its original path.
Of course, it is obviously difficult to check the authenticity of some of the earlier
sightings but a first hand report from one local resident that recently came to light
gives an unique insight into this phantasm and (notwithstanding that this sighting
occurred a while ago) provides new details about the Enfield mystery.
Mr David Hanchett (a pensioner who sadly died in December 1992) who lived close
to Bell Lane at the time recalled his encounter with the phantom coach to the author in
1989 and his intriguing account is as follows:
It was an unusually hot and humid summers evening on June 28th 1944 when, at
about a quarter to ten whilst he was cycling home, just as he approached the junction
of Bell Lane, (that particular section of Bell Lane having since been renamed
Eastfield Road), he noticed an ominous black cloud approaching from the Southwest
that was rapidly obscuring the remaining light.
He stopped temporarily to switch on his cycle lights. It began to drizzle when, to his
surprise, he saw two moving lights behind a hedge which bordered some allotments to
the left (now the site of council flats). These were some way off but, prompted by a
sudden feeling of apprehension, he paused to watch, somewhat consoled by the fact
that it was probably people walking out late. The lights got brighter and larger and it
was plain that they were approaching the hedge.

Page 17

The next moment, a tall black box-shaped coach drawn by a team of black horses,
rocking silently from side to side with a coachman in the driver's seat, came 'straight
through' the hedge and sped parallel to this for some distance before veering off in a
gradual curve and disappearing through the gates leading to some old garages which
served some cottages standing a hundred feet or so away. The coach made no sound
but an 'electrical blue light' surrounded its outline (including the wheels which were a
foot or so above the ground) and as it passed directly in front of him, a brilliant white
light momentarily illuminated the interior to reveal several passengers inside. The
driver was wearing a tall black hat and a long whip was attached to a socket at his
But this was not quite the end of the story. Apparently, a young boy on a push-bike
nearby also witnessed the incident. He fled, but David Hanchet was sure that he
would not have forgotten the occurrence and that if he came forward (although he
would now be in his late sixties) he would be able to verify this account.
After the coach had disappeared, Mr Hanchet rode about a hundred yards to Enfield
Highway and asked a pedestrian if he had noticed an 'unusual coach' in the vicinity.
This person had seen nothing, but Mr Hanchet noticed that the trolley-bus cables
overhead were vibrating wildly and he thought this unusual as there was virtually no
wind and no trolley-buses were in sight.
Anxious to shed further light on this incident, shortly afterwards, Mr Hanchet visited
nearby Forte Hall and there he noticed an old map displayed on a wall that showed an
old trackway and boundary line that ran alongside a field, denoting the exact route
that the phantom coach had taken.
Asked about his reaction to what he had witnessed, Mr Hanchet explained that there
had been more disbelief than fear, although he remained adamant that he had
definitely seen the coach.
In an attempt to discover more about David Hanchest's experience (and aided by a
detailed diagram drawn by himself), I visited the location where he had seen the coach
disappear. The garages themselves were no longer there, but a resident of a house in
the immediate vicinity remembered the old cottages.
85-year-old Mrs Jessie Hargreaves had resided in the house since it was built in 1952
but said that the cottages themselves had long since been demolished. She had never
seen the coach although her late husband had. He had been walking home late one
night and had seen a coach drawn by black horses travelling down Bell Lane;
interestingly enough, in precisely the same location that Mr Hanchet had seen the
ghostly coach.
Another report from a resident who lived in the immediate vicinity would appear to
verify further the existence of this elusive coach. Mrs Brenda Guiver was brought up
at number two Eastfield Cottages where she lived with her family from 1948 until
It was Christmas morning in 1957 (she was then nine years old). She awoke in the
early hours and, looking out of the window, she saw a coach and horses which she
Page 18

thought was the Christmas sleigh bringing presents. Excitedly, she woke her brother
and both children distinctly saw the errie outline of a coach as it passed the gates of
Albany Park before disappearing from sight down Bell Lane.
Evidence for the existence of Enfield's phantom coach might well be accumulating by
virtue of previously unpublished accounts such as these. In fact, there probably exist
many other sightings spanning decades that may never come to light, partly due,
perhaps, to the reluctance of some witnesses unwilling to risk their personal esteem or
Yet another report that I followed up might be seen to give further credence to the
existence of this ghostly coach; albeit that on the occasion the coach was sighted in an
area some two or three miles distant from Bell Lane. It comes from Mrs C. Ellis who
describes her experience with few reservations about what she had actually seen.
The year was 1951 and Mrs Ellis - who lived in Lordship Lane at the time - describes
a sighting she had in February of that year when she saw a coach clearing visible
against the snow gliding silently down the road before it abruptly disappeared.
One evening in February 1951 about 8 o'clock when I was eleven years old and my
whole family were in the living room laughing and gossiping and making the usual
noise, I went over to the window to gaze at the snow which was falling heavily. It was
so thick that that it came almost level to the kerb. Cars were few and far between then,
and everything was so silent and so white, it was beautiful. I was only there about five
minutes when this coach appeared from nowhere, but it was so plain to see. It was
white with gold trimmings and the horses were slender and they were white too. There
was a man sitting on top, he wore a red coat and black top-hat. That is all I saw; it was
going at such a fast speed. I pressed my cheeks sideways against the window and just
saw the rear wheels disappear. Even at that age I felt that something was not quite
right but, although I told everyone I was not believed as there were no trackmarks in
the snow.
This sighting, whilst occurring about 2 miles away from the common haunt of the
Enfield coach, should not necessarily be assumed to be an entirely different
Of course, the question remains open to debate, but in many of my past writings on
this subject, (and as already stated) I have pointed out that a fact often overlooked
when investigating psychic phenomena, is that many apparitions - be they of objects,
animals or people - are subject upon certain conditions to bring about or aid their
materialisation, an important one being the element of water.
But another important factor in the 'psychic equation' should not be overlooked here.
For it is possible - in fact, highly probable - that many ghostly apparitions are
dependent upon the presence of ley lines to aid their materialisation and that 'they' can
travel along the course of these to lines and appear at different locations upon them, to
be subsequently witnessed by unsuspecting people.
Briefly: ley lines are invisible - yet potent - lines of energy that criss-cross the earth's
surface connecting many ancient sits and monuments; or it would be more correct to
Page 19

say, that many ancient monuments - such as Abbeys, churches and stone circles were constructed directly upon them.
This is not to imply that all cases of psychic phenomena are dependent upon the
presence of ley lines to aid their materialisation, but it does mean that many cases of
psychic phenomena (and I believe this to be the case with the spectral coach
witnessed at Enfield) or 'active apparitions' could indeed prove to be no more than
non-intelligent images or reflections of past events that have somehow become
'caught' in these fields of energy to be intermittently 'replayed' as shadows of their
original forms.
The mystery of Enfield's phantom coach is, of course, an old one and in the absence
of scientific fact to explain its appearances - like so many cases of unexplained
phenomena - will probably remain as romantic legend, with sceptics branding
potential witnesses as being over-imaginative or misguided.
That much might be true in accordance with a scientific line of reasoning. But then it
should perhaps be remembered, that many cases of ghostly phenomena cannot simply
be explained away as 'unsolved fact', when so many rational people (many of whom
are not even involved in the field of psychical research) attest so frequently to their
actual validity.
(c) David Farrant 2005

Page 20

The Highgate Vampire

By David Farrant
This article on the Highgate Vampire was written by psychic investigator David
Farrant and like all of Davids articles, was used on ThothWeb with his kind
'Has anyone seen a Vampire?'
As a psychic investigator, and one who has normally been
accustomed to looking into, or investigating, cases of
unexplained phenomena all around the country, it came as
somewhat as 'a shock' when, in the latter part of 1969, I was
called in to investigate reports of a 'vampire-like' figure that
had been reported lurking around Highgate Cemetery in
North London. Most of these reports initially came from
local residents who swore to have encountered a 'tall dark
figure' in or around the cemetery which invariably resembled
the cloaked shape of a 'human', notwithstanding that it
usually stood seven feet tall, with penetrating 'red eyes' and
disappeared just as inexplicably into the surrounding darkness. There were many
reports of this figure - from the old and the young alike - and it is perhaps not
surprising from these early accounts, that this figure, or whatever it was, should have
been dubbed a 'vampire' when such reports were perhaps aided or influenced by an
influx of Hammer Movies at the time.
But seen it was; and whatever the cause or motivation behind 'its' witnessed
appearances (nonetheless aided by others who encouraged the belief that it 'must be a
vampire'), no-one has satisfactorily come forward since this date to offer any
explanation as to what, or 'what not', this strange figure might have been...
There were the inevitable theories, or course, (some people even going so far as to say
it was the ghost of a 'Wallachian nobleman' who had returned to Highgate Cemetery
in the form of 'the King Vampire!), but no-one seemed able to account for this
'ghostly figure', let alone, offer any explanation for what they had seen.
It was really at this point, intrigued if not encouraged, by all these local reports, that
the British Psychic and Occult Society embarked upon an investigation to attempt to
solve this ongoing mystery; little realising at the time that my name - due to this
official investigation - was to be become irrevocably synonymous with this nocturnal
figure, to the extent of being inseparable from later stories and reports about the
'Highgate Vampire'. At this stage, however, it had not become known as a 'vampire'.
That was later, when certain other people capitalised upon the findings of the BPOS,
and circumstances which arose from my own personal involvement in that
My own involvement in this investigation is perhaps now academic in that it has been
reported in numerous publications; not least in my own account Beyond the Highgate
Vampire. But for readers who as yet may be unfamiliar with my experiences in the socalled 'Highgate Vampire' case, the essential facts are as follows:
Page 21

It was a bitterly cold winter's night in December 1969 and wanting to take a closer
look at the places where this apparition had been reported by local witnesses (mainly
in or around the gates of Highgate Cemetery), I set off alone with the intention of
perhaps finding some logical explanation for the sightings. I had no inclination that I
would encounter anything supernatural; indeed, the purpose of my visit was purely an
investigative one, whereby I hoped to shed some light (by way of perhaps discovering
some logical explanation) on the appearances of this often seen, and reported,
phantom figure.
In fact, my intention was to enter the cemetery and 'check out' a few of the reported
locations, but as I passed the top gate of Highgate Cemetery which overlooked Swains
Lane, something 'caught me in my tracks'. I had been walking down Swain's Lane
intent on reaching the main gate a little way further down the steep lane; but on
passing the top gate, something caught my eye.
It was as if 'something invisible' suddenly made me
stop; and indeed, looking into the pervading
darkness, I noticed a 'tall dark shape'. So real was
this entity, that my initial response was that it was
somebody dressed up or 'mucking about'. But
seconds later, when I noticed two red eyes
suspended in a 'dark mass' resembling the shape of a
head, one which was neither solid or transparent but
which was 'alive' in the darkness, I realised the
figure was definitely not human. This was
confirmed by other factors; ones I had not
immediately noticed but which came quickly to my
attention: the surrounding area had turned icily cold, for example, and the figure was
hovering above the ground quivering menacingly, 'its' eyes seeming to convey an
almost 'hypnotic impression' of diabolical intent. They were dull and red - like those
of a hungry wolf - and its countenance seemed to portray the presence of some
'intense evil'.
Sensing I had come under some sort of psychic attack, I instinctively 'fought' against
the 'creature's will', at which point it promptly vanished, but not before leaving an
atmosphere of malingering evil in its wake.
It was really this personal confrontation with the 'Highgate phenomenon', that
convinced me that there was some basis to the accounts of other local witnesses, many
of whom had sworn to having seen a similar - if not identical - figure. In any event,
my encounter led to a full-scale investigation by the British Psychic and Occult
Society into the possible origins of this ghostly figure and indeed, into other ghostly
sightings and events reported in the immediate area. Of the latter, there were several,
but foremost accounts almost invariably reverted to the alleged existence of a
'vampire-like' figure that had been sighted in and around Highgate Cemetery.

Page 22

'The Plot Thickens'

In the last chapter, I introduced the facts which led to reports of a 'vampire-like' figure
that had been reported at Highgate Cemetery in late 1969/early 1970. I described how
I had encountered this figure at the North gate in Highgate Cemetery, and the effect
this sighting had on being instrumental to a full-scale investigation being launched by
the British Psychic and Occult Society into this, and other unexplained phenomena in
the area. The subsequent investigation was, in fact, complex to say the least, but the
story is continued here in simplistic form; that is say, as far as it has been possible to
condense facts which themselves were not only complex but span over several years.
So, only the essential elements of this official investigation can be touched upon here:
I only ask that more discerning readers will 'read between the lines' or make
allowances for anything - mainly for reasons of space - that has been omitted.
The 'phantom figure' that I witnessed in the closing weeks of 1969 had in fact, been
witnessed by several other local people.
One old lady, for example, reported seeing this figure (or a similar figure), one dark
evening when she was walking her dog up the lane which ran alongside Highgate
Cemetery. Swain's Lane at the best of times, was perhaps not the most enticing of
places (overgrowing trees and eerie shadows casting ghostly shapes that might have
appeared to emanate from the cemetery), but in accordance with a normal habit, this
person walked the lane with innocent abandon. It was as she approached the main gate
of Highgate Cemetery that she sensed something was wrong; her dog had been acting
strangely in that it had been tugging on its lead as if wanting to go home, but when
outside the gate, it cringed and whined and refused to go any further. Looking to the
right, this person suddenly spotted a 'tall dark man' that was 'gloating at her' from
inside the gates of the cemetery.
The figure had no discernible features but seemed to emanate an aura of 'evil' and
floated above the ground. The lady quickly retreated, but she was convinced whatever
she had seen was of supernatural origin.
'It petrified me', she later told me. 'It was as if it was trying frighten us (herself and the
dog) away.'
This account is perhaps eclipsed by another firsthand account I recorded at the time.
The person's name was 'Thornton' (at least, that is how he requested I disguise his real
name), a 45-year-old accountant who lived in Highgate, and who also claimed to have
had an encounter with this 'phantom figure'. He had wandered into Highgate
Cemetery late one summer's afternoon in 1969 (the cemetery was open to the public
by day in those days) but suddenly found himself hopelessly lost. Wandering around
trying to find the exit, he suddenly 'became aware' of 'something behind him.' He
swung around, only to be confronted by a tall dark figure that was hovering
menacingly on the path. He froze in his tracks, mainly perturbed by the sheer height
of the figure and an 'intense aura of evil' that it seemed to exude. Two glaring red eyes
met his; but worse, the figure seemed to be draining him of energy; at least, as he was
later to recount, 'it' caused him to lose control of his normal faculties. Seconds later, it
Page 23

vanished, leaving Thornton stumbling wildly in an attempt to reach the main gate.
That he had seen 'something', he was in little doubt. 'It' took on all the attributes of an
extremely malign psychic entity; although at this stage, no-one had yet come forward
to vouchsafe that this entity, or 'ghost', might be a 'vampire.'
The following weeks, however, (amidst numerous other reports of the Highgate
ghost), were to see a dramatic change in the status of this unexplained phenomenon.
An advert follower of the Highgate mystery, himself almost certainly encouraged by
the potential 'vampiristic elements' surrounding the case and the possibility of
extracting maximum publicity, suddenly declared that the 'ghost' - or 'vampire' as he
described it - had bitten a young Convent schoolgirl on the neck ... and he produced a
convenient photograph to 'prove it'. The girl's neck apparently showed two distinct
puncture wounds, a picture that he was quick to circulate as 'evidence' of an attack by
the 'King Vampire.' An amusing account accompanied this; namely, that he had
'caught' the infection by the 'King Vampire' in time and had managed to 'rescue' her
from the infernal regions of the un-dead.
Unfortunately, this account seemed doomed to insignificance as far as unfriendly
newspapers were concerned; but it eventually found prominence - some four years
later - in a multi-sectioned book on vampires by Peter Underwood, who in fact,
actually published this highly dubious photograph in a book entitled 'The Vampires
Bedside Companion', published in 1975. Underwood offers no personal opinion as to
the authenticity of this photograph, other than to imply it was submitted with serious
intent. Perhaps so. But he is not specific in clarifying what (or who) persuaded him to
publish such a sensational photograph or what prevented him from making any
attempt to at least establish its authenticity.
Though perhaps Underwood's apparent reticence is understandable ... in part. After
all, here was an author whose livelihood depended on an unspoiled reputation and it
would have done this little good to admit that he had almost certainly been duped. Yet
aside from this, he still had other books to write.
'Vampire Hunters Un-Limited'
AT THE TIME of the 'Highgate Vampire scare', which in reality, really comprised of
a mass of misinformation and similarly equally contrived material that was
contributed to the press and other publications, certain individuals went 'overboard' in
an attempt to persuade all-in-sundry that a blood-sucking vampire' really existed at
Highgate Cemetery. At least, such was the attempt, the ensuing publicity resulting
from these efforts doing little more than to pacify the gullible and weak-minded perhaps a minority of insecure people who needed to believe in fictional and
'glamorous' entities such as those created in the minds of such self-seeking publicists.
Though whilst being splashed intermittently across the pages of various periodicals
and given air-time on radio and television slots, these claims were certainly not taken
seriously by serious psychic investigators and occultists. Indeed, the majority of these
agreed that a 'vampire' at Highgate Cemetery did not exist and that the unexplained
phenomenon or entity reported there was little less than an 'unexplained ghost', albeit
an extremely malign one.

Page 24

But events in and around Highgate Cemetery continued to escalate from early 1970
onward. Numerous people claimed to having seen a 'tall dark figure' either in or
around the cemetery itself. It was perhaps inevitable that Thames Television picked
up on these reports and that a subsequent programme - transmitted on February 13,
1970 - gave a full-blown account of what it described as the 'Highgate Vampire'.
As a leading protagonist of the Highgate 'vampire' investigation (at least, as such was
contrived by Thames Television after reading muddled if not inaccurate reports in
local newspapers, primarily in the Hampstead and Highgate Express), I was invited to
give an exclusive interview on this programme to explain the influx of reports about a
'vampire' at the cemetery and what bearing - if any - this had upon my own account of
the figure I had witnessed at Highgate Cemetery which I had previously described as
a 'malevolent ghostly entity.' Perhaps viewers of this programme were to be
disappointed as during this interview I deliberately 'played events down'; if for no
other reason, than wishing to fuel other theories - from one person in particular - that
this unexplained entity was a 'dangerous blood-sucking vampire.' This person, in fact,
reiterated this view immediately following my interview, and went on to rave that the
only remedy for destroying a vampire was to 'stake it through the heart' with a
wooden stake, 'cut off its head with a gravedigger's shovel' at dawn and 'burn the
remains'. He produced a crucifix and home-made wooden stake to illustrate his point,
but then went on to assert that 'David Farrant' would be 'returning to Highgate
Cemetery' that very same evening to perform this dangerous task! For added effect,
perhaps, he added rather boastfully that he could not guarantee 'my' safety if I was
going to 'take on' the King Vampire!
This wild assumption, although totally misguided - if not deliberately calculated in an
attempt to discredit my credibility - was, in fact, partially based on truth. I had said the
investigation into the phenomenon would continue; but not in the context that I
believed in anything like a 'King Vampire'. But it was too late to mix metaphors. His
statement had been recorded over the air. And only a few hours after the programme's
transmission several hundred people all intent on seeking out and destroying a
'vampire', descended upon Highgate Cemetery.
One of several individuals attracted by the television programme was a person called
Alan Blood (his real name, in fact) who had travelled to London from Chelmsford
with several assistants who were bent on joining in this 'mass vampire hunt'. I was
approached by Alan Blood earlier on that same night but was forced to explain that
the 'vampire hunt' in question had nothing to do with the official investigation into the
phenomenon at Highgate Cemetery and that I wanted no part in this uninvited
charade. He conceded that my explanation was genuine; but this not prevent him from
joining a mass of sightseers (many of them drunken) who had gathered at Highgate
Cemetery around 10.30 that same night. Many of these people had accumulated enmasse; many more were already inside the cemetery either being arrested by police, or
at best escaping the guard dogs that sent them back over the walls in a flurry.
According to one Police Officer who later remarked . . . 'It was complete
pandemonium in there. We apprehended a few who had ventured into the middle of
the cemetery looking for the vampire's vault but most escaped over the walls once
they became aware of our presence ...'

Page 25

Alan Blood, himself, was never charged. But, due to the way which the situation had
got completely out of hand (and which I had previously warned him about), he must
have felt consoled that neither he, nor any of his assistants, had actually entered
Highgate Cemetery on this fateful night. For told him I had, that the circumstances
would not right for conducting any serious psychic investigation; let alone, looking
for a 'vampire' that did not exist except in the imaginations of a few misguided people.
This was not just an idle statement. For in the years to follow, (when a safe distance of
time had elapsed), somebody actually claimed to have LED(!) an official 'vampire
hunt' at Highgate Cemetery on the very same night that Thames Television had
caused such chaos (albeit inadvertently) by transmitting the farcical ravings of a
blatant publicists about the existence of a 'vampire'. Indeed, it was the same man; but
now he claimed (and remember, all this several years later when memories of the
incident had dimmed and the facts were conveniently uncheckable), to have led a
'hundred or so' seriously inclined people through Highgate Cemetery on the night who
went looking for the 'vampire's' tomb, (amidst patrols of police and their guard-dogs)
and to have actually located it! He 'sealed' the vault quickly with some cloves of garlic
and quick-dry cement (obviously not having the stomach to stake its incumbent) and
hastily retreated with his alleged entourage, astonishingly escaping the notice of the
fortified police force that were on alert for such activity following his televised claims
earlier that evening. But this was by no means the end of the story.
(c) David Farrant 2005

Page 26

Mothman Sightings in London?

One of the most well known cases of a supernatural
creature is that of the Mothman. In the small town of Point
Pleasant, West Virginia, there were over a hundred
sightings of this creature in a little over a year, yet it had
seemingly never been heard of before or since.
New research has revealed that there is a strong possibility
that this assumption was incorrect and that the Mothman
did not simply disappear. There is evidence that the
Mothman case bears striking similarities to a lengthy
investigation carried out in London which dealt with a supernatural phenomena
dubbed by the British media The Highgate Vampire.
Point Pleasant, West Virginia
For a 14 month period, between November 1966 and December 1967, the town of
Point Pleasant in West Virginia was besieged of reports of what was and still is
considered to be a supernatural being. Such was the scale and frequency of these
sightings that they have become one of the best known paranormal mysteries of all
time. Description of the creature as a powerful winged humanoid led to the press
naming the creature Mothman after the popular TV
series Batman
The creature apparently set up its home in an
abandoned TNT plant containing a labyrinth of
manmade tunnels and concrete structures used for
storing explosives during the war. Remote and derelict,
the area was surrounded by woodland, making the area
a very isolated location; a perfect lair where few would
be willing to venture and those that did would have little chance of finding anything.
Red lights could often be seen flying over the TNT works on a night making it
obvious that the creature had made the works its home. (Right, one of the many
structures found within the TNT plant.)
Ordinary people - extraordinary events
In all, over a hundred people witnessed the Mothman
sightings, providing a wealth of testimony as to its
appearance and behaviour. What follows is the most
common description of the creature and an artists
impression of what the creature may have looked like:
Like all eyewitness statements there are a wide variety of
accounts and descriptions of the Mothman. Despite this, a
very clear and consistent picture has emerged of a dark
coloured creature, a mixture of grey, olive green and brown, standing around seven
feet tall and having the torso of a muscular human. Witnesses suggest that it had no
discernable facial features except for its piercing red eyes which were said to have an
Page 27

almost hypnotic effect on those who witnessed it. The eyes in 99% of the sightings are
described as being bright-red and hypnotizing. The eyes are also described as being
reflective of light, but glowing and much more intensive than a normal animal.
When in the presence of the creature, eyewitness describe a helpless or
hypnotizing feeling, such as not being able to run, walk, or in some cases even
move. The gaze of the eyes is also described to be the deciding factor of not being
able to describe the facial features. When eyewitnesses describe the hypnotization,
they describe it as being drawn in by the eyes, and everything else becoming a blur of
vision. The creature is generally described as having leathery wings like that of a bat,
with a wingspan of around 10-12 feet (3.04-3.66 metres). Witnesses who encountered
it reported being quite terrified by its presence. Seemingly, it was able to appear as if
from nowhere and take flight with equal ease.
Marcella Bennett, one of the many witnesses who encountered the creature described
it thus It rose up slowly from the ground; a big grey thing, bigger than a man, with
terrible glowing eyes. She also noted that the creature made a screeching sound like a
woman screaming as it flew off.
It is well documented that the sightings of the Mothman dramatically and tragically
concluded in December 1968 when the Silver Bridge collapsed into the Ohio River
below, during rush hour, killing 46 people.
To my knowledge, no direct evidence has ever been produced that would suggest that
the Mothman either prophesised this event or directly caused it but the general
impression of evil that witnesses had all experienced when they encountered this
creature left them in no doubt as to a connection.
Return of the Vampire
Less than two years after the last Mothman
sighting in America, a disturbing phenomenon
began to be reported in the Highgate area of North
London. Ordinary people suddenly began to
report strange and frightening encounters with a
tall dark vampire like creature. The activity
centred on Highgate cemetery (Right), a rambling
Victorian cemetery that sits atop Highgate Hill.
The British media immediately seized on the
vampire idea in the same way as their American
counterparts had seized on the Batman idea; and
the Highgate Vampire was so named.
Like the Mothman sightings, there was no
documented history of any such supernatural creature fitting its description being
directly associated with the cemetery. What is interesting to note is that nearly 50
years earlier in London, in the spring of 1922, an enormous black bat-like creature
with a wingspan of six feet (1.8 metres) was reported flying around a West Drayton
Church during the night of a full moon. Several terrified witnesses watched the
creature dive into the churchyard, where it roamed the tombs. When two policemen
gave chase through the church cemetery, the creature let out a loud blood-curdling
Page 28

screech, and flew into the air to evade them. Its interesting to ponder if there is a
connection between this little known report and either the Mothman or the Highgate
Vampire, which we will look at in more detail now.
In 1969, sightings of the so-called Highgate Vampire began without any warning of
unusual paranormal activity and were witnessed by some very ordinary and very
credible members of the public. So prolific were the sightings, that paranormal
investigator David Farrant, of the British Psychic and Occult Society, was called in to
investigate the case.
Thirty years later, David Farrant is still the leading expert on the Highgate Vampire,
and tends to discount the Vampire label as an unfortunate consequence of the
popularity of the Hammer House of Horror amongst the public at that time. He
maintains with absolute certainty that the Highgate Vampire was neither a hoax nor a
vampire, but nevertheless it was something very real.
During the course of his investigations, which took place over several years, David
interviewed and collected statements from a great many eyewitnesses. Incredibly,
during the course of his research, David actually encountered the creature himself. In
his own words David describes his encounter with the creature in the cemetery:
The figure at first, really looked 'real' at the onset, I put this down to maybe one or
two local people having heard stories about 'vampires', and somebody getting dressed
up as one and maybe trying to frighten passers by at they went past the top gate.
But this was definitely not the case. To start with, it was a bitterly cold night, but the
immediate area had gone even colder, the figure (or whatever it was) was over 7ft tall
- although it was hard to tell as you could not really see the bottom of it and it could
have been floating above the ground. But what really convinced me was the fact that
it seemed to have red eyes that were positioned in a vague 'black shape' that I took to
be its head.
It is difficult to describe, except that it seemed to be trying to drain me of energy, and
I felt almost as if I was being 'hypnotised'. It is for this reason that I mentally repeated
a kabbalistic incantation, which I had been taught earlier when I first became involved
in these matters.
As a psychic investigator, I have witnessed many strange things over the years
(changes in temperature, objects moving, fleeting figures and the like), but that is the
first time I have ever seen anything like that!
In addition to his own personal experience, David has a wealth of independent witness
testimony that all point to the same thing; An elusive creature about seven feet tall
with glowing red eyes that seemed to exert a psychic influence over those it
encounters and which had a menacing aura that left its witnesses very frightened.
Coincidence or Connection?
Eyewitness testimony from both sides of the Atlantic is surprisingly consistent, which
is why there is a distinct possibility that these two cases could be linked. Almost all
Page 29

the witnesses reported the creature as being a similar height, dark and menacing to the
point of causing terror in its victims. They all reported that the creature had piercing
red eyes that seemed to exert a psychic influence on those who encountered it.
Neither location had a history of paranormal activity of that nature but once it started
it was on an unprecedented scale. The sightings at both locations seemed to start for
no reason and stopped just as suddenly. The proximity of the time frame between the
two events is also interesting to consider, as there was less than two years between the
two. Did the Mothman mysteriously disappear only to return to our world as the
creature known as the Highgate Vampire? In many respects we have raised more
questions than we have so far answered, but the art of paranormal investigations
entails asking such questions, conducting the research and keeping an open mind;
only then can we hope to find the answers.
David Farrant is quoted here with his full permission. My sincere thanks to him for
his openness and complete willingness to share his research and knowledge on the
Highgate Vampire phenomena with us.
There is also an interesting article on David himself there entitled The Vampire
Hunter Bites Back
David Farrant can be contacted via email at for those who
would like further information on his research into the Highgate Vampire. (David's
website is

Page 30

Beaumaris - The Elusive Vampire

In this exclusive article, paranormal researcher
David Farrant recounts his investigation into the
haunting of a derelict Welsh Manor house.
I don't think anything came close to being similar to
the actual Highgate Vampire case, as you've
probably realised. There were a couple of other cases
that I investigated that were supposed to be
connected with vampires.
The first one was in Wales and that goes back to 1982. It concerns an old derelict
Manor House which is about six miles from Beaumaris, Anglesea in Wales. It was
very isolated and the whole area was practically deserted.
Rumour had it that the mansion was haunted by a female spectre and locally she'd
become associated with stories of vampires. We never found out why, right at the
beginning, but this was the general story going around.
We spoke to the locals - and I should add here that the Welsh are not exactly the
easiest people in the world to get information out of especially if you're English they seemed very guarded as if to protect their own life styles and little communities,
and most people all told the same story; that there was a terrible spectre that haunted
the Manor House that was supposed to be the apparition of a vampire and nobody
went near the place at night. We also checked with the police at Beaumaris before we
started the investigation but they were unhelpful except that they confirmed that
Baron Hall hadn't been lived in for many years and it was the ancestral home of the
Bulkeley family who were very high up in the community.
The first thing we did was to visit the Manor House by day - this would have been in
the late summer or early autumn of 1982. It was very difficult to find. We had to go
up long winding lanes, and there was not even anyone around to ask, but we
eventually located it, hidden, right in the middle of nowhere. As it loomed up in the
distance, in the grounds, we discovered a short flight of steps, very overgrown but not
vandalised, and at the bottom of these were two securely locked iron doors with bars
in them at the top, so of course, we had to look through these to see what was inside!
When we shone the torch through them - and there is a comparison to Highgate
Cemetery here - there were concrete shelves on either side of a small room and at
least six coffins were clearly visible. We automatically assumed that these contained
the remains of people who had lived in the house and who had been interred in the
family vault. At the time, I remember thinking that this seemed unusual because there
were no churches in the vicinity and it was almost as if the vault lay on unconsecrated
ground. It was a bit of a mystery the point being of course, that if this was the case,
it could probably have given rise, or served as a reason, for the vampire stories.
We went into the house itself and discovered that half the roof was missing at one end
of the building. It was a huge building and must have been about fifty or sixty feet
high, and originally it probably contained four or five floors. None of these floors
were intact, but the whole of the downstairs area was. We found one other short flight
Page 31

of steps on the left of the building with two massive great oak doors at the bottom,
and the temptation was to go and have a look, because obviously, there would have
been a dungeon or crypt, or something, underneath. But there was literally no access
because lying in front of these doors were great big chunks of masonry and it would
have been impossible to move it, and even if we could have done, I doubt if wed
have got the doors open. I did the usual checks I should mention here that the
temperature inside the building was decidedly cold. Now you could put this down to
the building being built of stone and that sometimes when you go into a stone
building it can harbour cold, rather like a refrigerator, I don't know - but it was
markedly colder than the temperature outside. We also measured the pressure, and the
pressure inside the building was a lot lower than it was outside, although it was a very
warm late summer's day; which again in itself is interesting because you dont usually
get drops in pressure to that extent in such a short distance of a few feet. I say it's
interesting because you often find that cases of unexplained phenomena often occur in
areas of low pressure.
We explored the building and we explored the grounds. In fact the grounds were
massive. There was a huge overgrown orchard and this must have taken up two or
three acres. There were outhouses that were derelict and had long since been deserted;
there was a huge ornamental fish pond which had long dried up - the bottom was all
cracked. I say huge, it was probably bigger then this room.
The other strange thing we found were huge plants which I'd never seen before. It was
almost as if they were tropical. I actually got a leaf and the leaf itself was about six
feet across. And I have a picture of myself holding it (so you can compare it to my
height which is about six foot), and the stem would have been about the size of a
small sapling tree. It was covered in spikes. I don't know what they were; it's as if at
some time people had been experimenting with various forms of vegetation in the
We subsequently visited the building on other occasions, we got photographs of it,
took other readings, including using a compass. Now, a compass is very important
because it can actually react in the presence of psychic energy. It can throw the
compass out of alignment so instead of pointing North, it'll go mad and start spinning
around. There was a varied reading on the compass. We got a true North reading at
one end of the building, then we walked to the other end and the reading was ten
degrees different. This happened two or three times around the course of the building,
so there was definitely some sort of strange energy in it.
We visited the Mansion on other occasions, as I said. It was by car, in daylight; but
we became absolutely fascinated, so we decided to hold a vigil there at night. Colette
Sully was there on that occasion; there was well, I don't see why I shouldn't name
him, he wouldn't mind - a person that I know who was a geologist who was living in
the area called Geoff Jennings; there were two other people whom I won't name but they also lived back across the mainland and were interested in psychic phenomena.
Now, we went there one evening. We must have arrived about 10 0clock and it was
very, very cold inside the mansion, for wed decided to hold the vigil inside it. I mean,
I know there'd been a marked difference in temperature during the daytime but at
night it was absolutely icy-cold. I do remember one thing: we kept fairly quiet, but
Page 32

after about an hour, there was a tremendous slamming noise and one of the
windows at the top of the building flew open and slammed shut with tremendous
force: which was unusual because there was no wind at all and it was a peaceful,
passive night. But we sensed something there. Its very difficult to put into words,
because what with the temperature and the atmosphere which was overwhelmingly
claustrophobic it was as if if I hesitate, it's because they aren't really any words to
describe it. Then after midnight when we were facing the right end of the building
inside the great front door (the left end of the building was where the stairs had
collapsed which led to the entrance of the cellars or the crypt, or whatever it was), one
of the girls there suddenly screamed and said shed seen a figure that had come out
of the wall and which had disappeared through a wall in the vicinity of the staircase.
We all spun around - by the way, I should add it was quite light in there, I do
remember there was a bright half-moon and because there was no roof it was quite
possible to see without torch-light - and somebody else, Geoff Jennings I think it was,
said he had just glimpsed something; but this girl swore to seeing a figure that had just
gone across the Hall and disappeared through a wall. She described it as a greyish
figure and that of a lady. Again, if it was possible the place had turned even colder.
Well, we took photographs but that was really an afterthought because the figure had
already disappeared. It did seem There was a terrible atmosphere. I wouldn't call it
evil, I don't really like that word, but an intense sort of well, there was almost a
living ominous force in there that was watching you. And once you got outside the
building, it was almost as if a great weight had been lifted from your shoulders. You
could hear the odd owl again, or animals in the undergrowth. It was as if you were
walking back into a different world.
So - and although I didn't actually witness it myself I certainly experienced the
atmosphere - that was another case of locals deciding that a resident apparition was a
vampire ..
Beaumaris - The Elusive Vampire is transcribed from an interview by paranormal
researches, Kev and Chrissie Demant, with David Farrant at his B.P.O.S. power base
on 12 April 1997.

Page 33

Bram Stokers Whitby The Haunt of the Vampire

Walking through the narrow dimly lit cobbled streets
of Whitby, its easy to see why this is the town that in
1874 inspired Bram Stoker to write the best known of
all Gothic horror stories, Dracula. Set in a small valley
between the barren moors of North Yorkshire and the
unforgiving North Sea, Whitby is dominated by the
Gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey, ruins that loom
ominously over the entire town.
Despite its small population, Whitby has several claims to fame in addition to serving
as inspiration for Stoker - including being the home of the 18th century explorer and
voyager Captain James Cook.
Whitbys connection with the mystic and supernatural dates back over a thousand
years and was likely to be one of the reasons Stoker made Whitby his home while he
pursued his passion for paranormal research and of course writing.
Even today, Whitbys connection with the supernatural is a powerful draw for many.
Whitby was home to Caedmon, one of the earliest known English poets, who was said
to have been given the gift of poetry after having an angelic vision. St. Hilda, the
founder of Whitby Abbey, was said to have had her destiny foretold at her birth and is
associated with many supernatural abilities.
Ancient Energy Lines
Many observers have pointed out that a mass of Ley lines all converge at Whitby.
Ley lines are associated with carrying all kinds of psychic energy and of retaining the
memory of past events. These energy lines are still mapped
with ancient marker stones that to the untrained eye appear
to be dotted across the moors, and endow the town with a
supernatural quality and strange energy all of its own.
The presence of so many Ley lines has prompted some
researchers to suggest that when Stoker wrote Dracula he
was using his own psychic energy to tap into this
accumulation of ancient energy. To some, Dracula is more
than just a random novel; it is the expression of Stokers
encounter with the psychic energy that he had immersed
himself in. By surrounding himself with such a highly charged energy, he quite
literally brought his years of painstaking research into the supernatural to life. Fact,
fantasy, myth, legend and lore became one in Whitby.
It is easy to see how the backdrop of Whitby with its tough whaling community,
remote location and rich history would provide a powerful atmosphere and source of
creative inspiration that Stoker could tap into. When you combine that with the latent
psychic energy that accumulates here, in many respects it is the zenith of the Ley
network in the area. It is both the last point of land before the lines head out to sea and
Page 34

equally the first piece of land that incoming energy encounters. Under the
circumstances, it is hardly surprising that the legend of the vampire came to life so
vividly here. Few would deny that the energy in Whitby is different in some
indefinable way.
Enter the Vampire
Those familiar with the novel will recall how Count Dracula leapt ashore from a ghost
ship, the Russian Schooner, Demeter in the form of a dog (one of the many forms
into which a vampire could transform itself) and
sped up the 199 steps to St. Mary's church graveyard.
St Marys church graveyard is assumed of course to
be inspiration for the graveyard where Stoker's illfated character Lucy is first seduced by the undead
"But, strangest of all, the very instant the shore was
touched, an immense dog sprang up on deck from
below ... and running forward, jumped from the bow
on to the sand. Making straight for the steep cliff, where the churchyard hangs over
the laneway to the East Pier ... it disappeared in the darkness."
Count Dracula had set up temporary court in the heart of Whitby.
Stoker (left) based the idea of the ghost ship on a Russian
schooner called Demitrius, which was shipwrecked off the
Whitby coast in 1885, about five years before Stoker visited
the town. Before writing Dracula, Stoker spent almost a
decade researching European folklore and vampire legends
and was looking for a temporary home where he could
channel that knowledge into a story, Whitby proved to
provide both location and inspiration for that need. The novel
is actually written as a collection of diary entries, telegrams,
and letters from the characters, as well as fictional clippings
from the Whitby and London newspapers revealing a
remarkable tale of an evil that invades their lives and threatens
to prey upon the citizenry of Victorian London.
It is still a popular pastime amongst young children visiting the town to wander
around the small graveyard and try to guess which of the anonymous tombs, their
inscriptions eaten away by driving winds and salt air, belongs to Dracula and his
The History of Whitby Abbey
The ruins of Whitby Abbey stand rather ominously atop the
steep cliffs that themselves loom over Whitby. Looking at
the Abbeys tumultuous past, its easy to see why Stoker felt
it was the perfect inspiration for his Transylvanian vampire.
Death and intrigue seem to have played a powerful role in
the shaping of the area for well over a thousand years. Those
Page 35

who have visited the abbey have commented that light there seems to be absorbed
rather than reflected, making it appear dark and foreboding even on the brightest of
days. The area has long been associated with hard times and mixed fortunes. It was
almost completely destroyed at one point by Viking invaders who pillaged and looted
the town and Abbey, murdering many of its residents in a series of bloody raids in 867
The first Abbess of the Abbey was St. Hilda, who was born of royal blood. Hilda's
father was Hereric, the Anglo Saxon nephew of Edwin, future king of Northumbria.
St. Hilda became a focus for folklore and legend through the centuries, and is said to
have performed many miraculous deeds. Tradition tells how she rid Whitby of snakes
by beheading them with her enchanted whip and driving them over the cliffs into the
sea. This legend was reinforced by the presence of fossil ammonites, which were
often washed up on the shore and were thought to be the headless remains of these
petrified snakes - and thus evidence of her miracles.
According to legend, St. Hilda still haunts the ruins of the Abbey and her apparition
has apparently been seen by believers and sceptics alike. Even today people still go to
the west side of St Marys Churchyard, between 10.00 and 11.00 in the morning as
they did in the past; from this point there is clear view of the north side of the abbey
and its highest window. When the sun shines on the window it is reported to create the
illusion of a woman's form wrapped in a cloak. This strange phenomenon was said to
be a reminder that Abbey's founder was never far away from her precious Abbey.
Tradition grew that Hilda also walked the Abbey as a phantom and there are those
who claim to have come face to face with her ghost. There are many who believe that
she still protects her Abbey against wrongdoers.
The Ghost Bells of Whitby Abbey
After the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066, a conquering knight visiting the town
was inspired to rebuild the Abbey, which then continued its role as a religious centre
until Henry the Eighth demanded the dissolution of the monasteries. To ensure the
Abbey could no longer call to its people, Henry's men had the Abbeys magnificent
bells, which could be heard for many miles, removed and loaded onto a ship bound
for London. Fate intervened however and the departing ship sank while still within
sight of the shore and with it of course, the loss of many sailors lives. This was seen
by the towns people as divine retribution, the hand of St. Hilda striking back at those
who would silence her Abbey.
Tradition tells how in bygone years, young lovers would stand on the cliffs and listen
for the sound of the Abbeys bells being carried from their resting place in the depths.
To hear the bells was thought to be a fortunate omen for a couples future.
Phantoms of the Abbey
Many have also claimed to have seen a phantom
coach and horses driven by a headless coachman in
the Abbey grounds. The coach is said to thunder past
the Abbey and halt abruptly outside the church.
Others have witnessed the same coach race along the
Page 36

cliff near the Abbey then plunge over the edge and into the sea.
The Ghost of Constance de Beverley is also said to haunt the Abbey. Constance was a
beautiful young nun who broke her sacred vows after falling in love with a
dishonourable knight called Marmion in a tale immortalised by Sir Walter Scott.
Legend has it that when their love affair was discovered, the terrified woman was
taken to a cell in the Abbeys dungeon where she was bricked in and left to die. Her
tortured soul is said to still be trapped in the Abbey,
her ghost cowering pitifully and begging to be
released. This has often been reported in the winding
stairway leading from the dungeon.
Stoker actually stayed in Whitby on and off for six
years and would have no doubt been aware of these
and many other ghostly legends. Even the wooden
stake has a home and a legend behind it in Whitby. It
is likely that Stoker would also have witnessed or had knowledge of one of several
ancient festivals unique to Whitby such as the 'Planting of the Penny Hedge. This
particular festival was held every year in the town on the eve of Ascension Day. At
dawn, a precession of men would carry wooden stakes through the town to the shore,
where they are hammered into the beach and woven into a strong defence against the
sea before the tide turns. The ceremony dates back to 1159 when the Abbott of
Whitby imposed a penance on three local hunters and their future generations for
murdering a hermit. To save them from the hangmans noose they agreed to make a
stake hedge that would resist the sea every year until their last descendant had died.
But tradition, like the vampire, never dies in Whitby.
Thirteen hundred years after Whitby Abbey was first built, people still walk the
centuries-old streets and climb the 199 stone steps that lead up to the church of St.
Mary that still stands in the shadow of her gothic Abbey. Only today they do so in
search of vampires and other tormented souls whose ghosts may wander amidst the
gothic ruins of the Abbey, ruins that provided Stoker with so much inspiration during
his stay in the town. Without Whitby, many argue, there would be no Dracula.
Gallery: Whitby - Bram Stoker's Inspirational home
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Page 37

Is Robin Hoods Ghost Really at Rest?

An exclusive account by David Farrant, president of
the British Psychic and Occult Society, on his recent
investigation into the ghost of the legendary Robin
Hood which culminated in a full scale exorcism and
blessing of the graveside.
For some years now controversy has surrounded a
secluded woodland grave in the grounds of Kirklees
Hall near Brighouse, West Yorkshire, over whether
it could be the last resting place of the legendary Robin Hood.
An inscription on the grave itself (Here underneath this memorial stone Robert earl of
Huntington as he no archer e'r was good and people called him Robin Hood. Such
outlaws such as he and his men will England never see again. Died December 24th
1247), clearly states that it is, although others have stated that is only a Victorian
folly, although never expounded upon the 'folly's' purpose or just what this is
supposed to represent; or indeed, why it should lie in such an isolated spot away from
human habitation or any apparent footpaths.
Its exact origins may be unclear, but certainly the legend of the grave and its
association with the legendary outlaw can be traced back to a manuscript in the
British Library, Sloane 780, which dates to circa 1400, and states that Robin was
buried at Kirklees near the King's Highway. In 1569 it was mentioned in Grafton's
Chronicle. An ordnance survey map dated 1850 marks the spot and the grave as being
Robin Hood's Grave.
Barbara Green, Founder of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, has become convinced
that beneath the grave lie the mortal remains of Robin Hood. Barbara first became
intrigued with rumours about the grave when, in the early 1980's in her capacity as a
district nurse, she had cause to visit nearby Kirklees Hall. Stories and rumours about
the grave being supposedly haunted were already rife then, but Barbara learned more
about the history of the grave itself, that convinced her that it might well conceal the
remains of Robin Hood. She decided to do her own research and founded the YRHS
in 1984; its purpose being to conduct more thorough local research and uncover facts
that might have given rise to the Robin Hood legend.
There was plenty of information to assimilate. Not least, were local stories that the
grave was haunted by a fearsome female spectre. Stories and legends about a ghostly
figure associated with the grave can be traced back to Victorian times - probably still
further - although it is of course no easy task, if nigh impossible, to produce feasible
accounts or testimonies about events which may have long since disappeared into
Barbara Green was lucky enough to learn of one such account in the late 1980's
however, which, if nothing else provided 'proof' that at least 90 years ago Robin
Hood's Grave and the area surrounding it was supposedly haunted.

Page 38

It came from one Edith Ellis, then aged 72, who recalled that as a young girl in the
early 1900's, she often used to stay with her cousin, Alice, who lived in an old cottage
in Little Thorpe Hill near Hartshead Church, that overlooked the grounds of the
Kirklees Estate. Robin Hood's Grave lay only a quarter of a mile or so away and in
those days (although this has long since disappeared) a large green stone statue of
Robin Hood, holding a bow and arrow and clad in a red hat and boots, rose almost
proudly from one edge of the grounds.
Alice had a window-box of flowers on her bedroom windowsill, and she said that
often, as a young girl, when she used to tend this, she heard Robin calling out
Marion's name from the distant woods below. It was an eerie but distinct voice that
resonated regularly from an area around the secluded grave; a cry so precise, in fact,
that she swore in later years this was not merely the result of child-like imagination.
Edith Ellis had never heard this ghostly cry herself, but one night unable to sleep, she
went to the bedroom window and stared out. It was a clear night and, all of a sudden,
she saw a bright flash of light that came from the middle of the darkened stretch of
woods below. It seemed to come from the vicinity of the grave itself; although of
course, this was not possible to tell precisely.
Intrigued by the sudden appearance of this mysterious light, next day both girls
decided to visit the grave and look around to see what had maybe caused it. They
knew it was on private land, so decided to take baskets and gather blackberries at the
same time, giving them some excuse for their presence there.
As it was, they could find no explanation for the light, although exploring further near
the grave, they discovered an old silver arrow embedded in a broken stone wall,
which had hitherto been concealed in the undergrowth.
There is no real evidence to suggest that earlier stories and accounts, about ghostly
goings on at Robin Hood's Grave, differ considerably from the usual exaggeration and
hypothesis that accompanies many modern ghost stories, although in more recent
times, accounts about the 'female spectre' that has for long been said to haunt the
gravesite have tended to take on a more sinister perspective. It is asserted nowadays,
for example, that this figure is seen to have a 'devilish countenance' and it has also
been claimed that it is the ghost of the evil Prioress who bled Robin Hood to death in
nearby Kirklees Gatehouse (now a secluded ruin) and who is in fact now a vampire!
Reports of her appearances would certainly seem to take on the characteristics of one;
although the 'vampire element' probably came about because Robin was supposedly
murdered by being drained of blood. Whatever, this fearsome spectre (a 'banshee-like'
wailing sound sometimes accompanying her presence) is said to have piercing red
eyes, and is reported to have a poignant effect upon anybody foolish enough to
venture near the isolated grave at night.
Having heard these stories and apparently choosing to ignore their consequences, one
small group of aspiring 'ghost spotters' claimed to have visited the grave one night in
1990, only to confront the devilish entity. The whole thing was an absolute disaster:
the 'demonic hag' gave them such a fright that it caused them to scatter in all different

Page 39

directions, and for one of them to become painfully entangled in a bramble bush as he
tried desperately to escape! (Or so they say!)
Of course, such stories are bound to invite fantasy and exaggeration, but in the course
of her research into the grave's history, Barbara Green came across an account that
seemed to be altogether more plausible . . .
'Malevolent forces'?
It came from Mr. Roger Williams who lives in Brighouse - only a mile or so from the
It was October in 1963 when he was 15 and he had gone up to the grave with a friend
when, all of a sudden, he saw a figure emerging from some distant trees. As it drew
closer, they could see that this was a woman with flowing black hair clad in white,
although 'she' made no sound on the scattered leaves despite appearing to be 'solid'.
As she drew closer, she glared at them both intently, as if acutely aware of their
presence, before gliding silently away and disappearing out of sight behind some
bushes some twenty yards away. "I did not actually see her disappear", said Roger
Williams, "but got a distinct impression that she conveyed intense anger when she
looked at me - almost as if conveying a message that we should not have been there."
He now refuses to go there, saying that it is "an evil place".
There had been similar reports, not least from many people who attested to
experiencing an 'oppressive atmosphere' around the grave and who swore to an overbearing impression of 'being watched'.
Determined to see if there could be any substance in these reports, in 1997 Barbara
Green, and an intrepid group of five others, visited the grave one night under cover of
darkness. It is not that they intended to do anything illegal, but the grave lay in the
grounds of the Kirklees Estate (although there no signs marking this as "private"
where the woods met a busy main road) and technically they were trespassing without
proper permission, and wanted to avoid any prowling gamekeepers. They made their
way cautiously through the dense undergrowth to the grave, but before actually
finding this one of the group became detached from the others; a fact not so surprising
perhaps, as Barbara Green later pointed out by saying "It was pitch black, the moon
unable to penetrate the enveloping canopy of leaves and branches. We switched on
our torches unwillingly, hoping that their light would not attract the prowling
gamekeepers, and tried to get our bearings. All around us were gnarled, ancient trees,
twisted into demonic, witch-like shapes."
Mark Gibbons, the one who had become separated from the group, was soon found
not far away; in fact, as it transpired only a few yards or so away from the grave. He
was shaking badly and had seen a figure, although it was a few moments before he
managed to stammer out what had happened . . .
"I saw the figure of a lady dressed in a kind of white robe just standing there in the
thick brambles pointing towards where we could find the grave. I could feel the anger

Page 40

and bitterness and pure evil coming from this apparition. I felt as if it was watching
At this moment, Barbara Green herself spotted the figure which had now moved back
into the trees, but which was discernible by its white robe and it still appeared to be
pointing to the grave. If it was 'real' in the first place, the direction in which it was
pointing certainly indicated the location of the actual grave.
Stories and controversy continued to surround the grave until, in the latter part of
2004, the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society decided that perhaps the best way to 'quiet'
the restless phenomenon said to haunt the grave, and to thereby put at rest the fears of
many local residents in the process, was to conduct an official exorcism at the
gravesite to dispel the malevolent force - or forces - there.
To this end, Barbara Green enlisted the help of leading historical researcher and
exorcist Gareth J. Medway and psychic investigator David Farrant, who both joined
Barbara's members, including YRHS secretary, Catherine Fearnley, to conduct a fullscale exorcism at the grave on April 20th 2005.
This group, accompanied by some others, met at the grave site at around 7 p.m. several of them having approached from different directions to avoid suspicion from
one large group of people travelling together.
It was a forlorn evening; not too cold, but a stubborn 'dampness' pervaded the
atmosphere. As well, all observed a distinct 'coldness' that seemed to encompass the
actual grave within an area of two feet or more. Thermal readings confirmed this, but
compass alignments reacted unpredictably - although the latter could have been
caused by the old rusty railings that surrounded most of the grave.

The stone front of the grave was cleared of rubble, and once cleared was adorned with
certain mystical accoutrements including burning incense and candles and other
symbolism necessary for the successful performance of the ceremony.

Page 41

Gareth Medway, in his capacity as a hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis, conducted

the hour-long ceremony which mingled - almost uncannily - with the fast approaching
He based the ceremony upon the invocation of three Greek Goddesses to essentially
banish evil from the grave and then to give the grave - and the surrounding area - a
formal Blessing.
In Gareth Medways own words . . .
"The ritual conducted there by me, at sunset on 20 April 2005, was based upon the
invocation of three Greek Goddesses. Firstly, Athena was called upon to banish all
evil from the place. Secondly, Hecate, who guides the spirits of the dead to the next
world, was asked to lead any ghosts "into the light". Thirdly, Themis, the Goddess of
cosmic order and balance, was invoked to bring harmony to the site in place of the
discordant forces that had been there. The ceremony finished with a general blessing.
In my opinion it is too early to say whether it has been successful, but two 'sensitive'
women present thought that "the powers of darkness at the grave have now been fully
dispersed". What I did notice was that, when I arrived, I felt very cold and my nose
kept running, but that after the ritual I did not notice the temperature at all. Barbara
Green, who had been campaigning for many years for such a ritual to be done, seemed
to be satisfied."
It might be a little too early to say if this ritual was hopefully successful as Gareth
Medway has stated. But at least now some positive action has been taken that might
have otherwise dispelled the malefic force reputed to haunt Robin Hood's Grave.
David Farrant

Page 42

Haunted Mansion Hosts a Ghostly Sance and Birthday Party for

Mae West
When Brooklyn-born actress Mae West [1893-1980]
wasn't occupied with a play or a film, some of her favorite
activities were organizing a sance, consulting a psychic at
Lily Dale Assembly, or penning a book about ESP. [This
title -- Mae West on Sex, Health, and ESP (237 pages) -was published in London by W. H. Allen in October 1975,
ISBN: 0491016131.]
Mae was also gathering material for a biography of
Reverend Jack Kelly, who died in 1966 and who had been
her favorite Medium from Lily Dale, when the actress died
in Los Angeles, California twenty-five years ago.
In case you're unfamiliar with Lily Dale, this is a community dedicated to the religion
of Spiritualism. Nestled right next to the lake near Cassadaga, and located in the heart
of Chautauqua County, this bucolic Dale was founded by the Laona Free Thinkers
Association in 1879, when spiritualism was an obsession of Americas elite.
Mae West, whose photos at Lily Dale are displayed in their museum, was not the only
celebrity who made the journey up north. Among the well-known names who visited
Lily Dale were Harry Houdini, Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt, Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle, Susan B. Anthony, Russian Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, and
many others.
Even from the noisy belch of The Big Apple, Mae West tried to tune into the unquiet
dead up and down Broadway. According to Whitney Bolton, a columnist for the
Philadelphia Inquirer, a week after the Italian-born actor Rudolph Valentino died
[1895-1926], Mae West and her friend Texas Guinan arranged for a sance in a
Manhattan loft. Suspicious that the 31-year-old heartthrob was secretly poisoned by a
rival, Mae summoned an Italian Medium to officiate. At the table sitting opposite Mae
were Texas, her brother Tommy Guinan, and the gangster Owney Madden who
owned The Cotton Club, a man remembered more for violence than his spiritual side.
The one outside interest that Mae devoted herself to was the occult and spiritualism,
according to Thyra Samter Winslow, whose interview with the author of "Diamond
Lil" resulted in a lengthy New Yorker profile in 1928. And the rendezvous with
Rudolph in 1926 must have been memorable because two years later Mae was holding
sances in the smoking room of the Royale Theatre to communicate again with him.
Visiting New York to see "Diamond Lil" on Broadway, the actor Jean Hersholt was
invited backstage and pulled into a darkened room where a Medium was channeling
Caruso and Valentino. Hersholt recalled that Rudy called upon Mae and said: "Mae,
you have a lot of enemies and don't trust any of them."
Mae, very much in earnest, replied: "No, I won't." And she soon hired a detective to
spy on the cast of her show. "I knew everything that went on in the company," Mae
bragged to a reporter, "without asking anyone."
Page 43

But Mae seems to have had far more friends than foes. Decades later, in 1976 Mae
told a New York Times reporter Tom Burke that, though she didn't live in the past, "I
like t' see people from then. Cary Grant comes t' see me. Gilbert Roland, Bette Davis,
Garbo. Jack LaRue, before he passed on, and George Raft. I almost married George. .
. ." Mae confided in Burke that Jack Kelly's powers were extraordinary. Mae added:
"Jack was the world's greatest psychic. And he's come back. I always figured when
you're dead, you're dead, but I wanted to know the truth. I had this yogi master
travelin' with me for five years, I gave him a hotel suite, a car, everything, but he
never convinced me. Then one day a few years ago, I come into this room from my
boudoir, and there was Mr. Kelly, sittin' right there were you are, on that couch. I
screamed for Paul, who was in my chamber answerin' fan mail. Some it's addressed
just to 'Mae West, Hollywood,' and they deliver it. Anyway, Paul runs in, and Mr.
Kelly vanished. An' I don't kid myself or have mystical illusions. I never drink or take
Tom Burke wrote: She has witnessed other manifestations, too. Her deceased brother
and pet woolly monkey appeared to her, separately, on the cornice of her bedroom
wall. "And several groups of handsome young men have come and stood beside my
bed. I extended my hand to them, like this, and they disappeared."
Mae West always yearned to stay in touch with her loved ones, especially her
deceased mother, father, and kid brother Jack West. Reverend Jack Kelly and later on
Dr. Richard Ireland (another spiritual adviser) encouraged Mae to communicate with
her dearest departed. Acquaintances would be invited to attend sances or ESP
demonstrations at the Santa Monica beach house that the actress purchased in the
1950s. Often these would feature (or be led by) Dr. Ireland. The late Richard Ireland,
a widely known San Fernando Valley psychic and entertainer, founded the University
of Life Center in 1960. [Ireland's church closed after his death in 1992. For more
details, see his autobiography: "The Phoenix Oracle" by Richard Ireland.]
Occasionally, the notion of being under the same roof where a sance was being held
would frighten an employee. Benny Blanco, Mae's Filipino chauffeur, had never
heard of the benefits of trying to reach the dead back in his homeland. Thus when
Mae invited Blanco to participate in a sance, he innocently accepted. The moment he
discovered what she was talking about, he quit his job, left Hollywood, and moved to
If you've read this far, you are probably not spooked by sances. So, if you are near
New York City in August, come up and see Mae on her birthday -- especially if you
are a Leo.

Page 44

After Death Communication - Love from the 'other-side'?

Many thanks to paranormal researcher, writer and
columnist Jacky Newcomb for providing this article
especially for ThothWeb.
Mediums and psychics like my good friend Colin Fry are
doing an amazing job of comforting the bereaved.
Astoundingly, these days, more people are likely to look to a
medium than a counsellor for comfort after the loss of a
loved one. But our loved ones are ready, willing and able to
make that contact all by themselves it seems. English writer
and researcher Jacky Newcomb explains how.
I'm not sure if our loved ones have always tried to communicate with us from the
after-life or whether this is a new phenomenon. There are many ancient recorded
incidences of spontaneous contact from the other-side. Jesus himself was one of these
figures for example. Not so many people would have been brave enough to have
admitted that this contact was real though. How many people would believe that a
dead person had made contact?
I originally started collecting 'angel stories' for a book around 7 years ago. After
setting up a website, I was amazed to received hundreds of accounts from all over the
world of something which appeared to be communication from peoples loved ones after they had died. These stories were different from 'angel stories' because they
involved visits from people already known to the receiver. Friends and family from
the 'after-life' were appearing in dreams and visions in a way that left people in no
doubt that these experiences were real. The 'dream' phenomenon is particularly vivid.
People tell me, ' seemed so real, as if it was really happening...' or '...even though it
happened when I was asleep, part of me was awake and I knew that he was really
The after death communication (ADC) is far more common that you would think.
Patricia Kelley ('Companion to Grief.' Piatkus) suggests that the number of spouses
who see or hear a loved one after they have died could be as high as 50%. This
phenomenon is by no means restricted to our partners. Our after-life visitors can be a
variety of family and friends and occasionally someone we may not have known well
in life. Often the visit comes as a result of a life promise. '...if there is life after death I
will come back and say goodbye...', or in other cases there seems a strong reason to
come back and comfort the grieving, allowing them to move forward in their life. One
incident explained this very well:
"A few months ago I was sat up in bed looking out of the window thinking about my
granddad, (he died about 11 years ago), and as I usually do I started to cry. Suddenly I
felt this hand grab my shoulder. I could feel the grip and the warmth from it and then I
heard a voice say 'sshh,' in a comforting way. I turned around to see if it was my
partner, but it wasn't him, and there was no one else in the room. I just knew straight
away that it was my granddad telling me to stop crying, and that everything was ok."

Page 45

Sometimes, the visitation is very subtle, accompanied by a 'knowing'. Other times the
contact is more substantial. Sheena had a telephone call from her father in the afterlife. Seems unbelievable? It's not the first story I've heard of this type and it probably
won't be the last. Judge for yourself...
"A few days after my father died I was sitting chatting with my mother and a few
relatives. We were chatting casually, when the telephone rang. I answered it and a
voice that seemed so very familiar was telling me how sorry he was to have had to go,
but not to worry everything would be fine. He said that he loved me and l must take
care of Pearl (my mum) and to tell her that he loves her so very much. He then said he
had to go, told me he loved me once again and then said 'goodbye darling.'
During the conversation on the phone I was reasoning with myself that it could not be
my Dad, but all the time I knew it was his voice. My mouth had literally dropped and
by now my relatives were asking what was wrong. Then I told them that my Dad had
just called on the telephone, and I passed on his message to them.
Since then I have had quite a few experiences, and I know my father is behind them. It
is just his way to let me know that he is not far away, and watching over me. He had
always said to me that if there was a way to contact me from the other side then he
would if he could."
Is there life on the other side? The evidence is certainly stacking up!
Jacky Newcomb is a respected paranormal researcher, writer and columnist who
specialises in After Life Communication, Angels and Spiritual Guides. She is the
author of the best selling 'An Angel Treasury' (Published by Element). Jacky
welcomes your paranormal experiences stories.
Jacky Newcomb

Page 46

The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn (Part 1)

Part one of an exclusive report of a paranormal
investigation conducted by David Farrant, president
of the British Psychic and Occult Society into the
haunting of a 700 year old English Inn.
Situated on the incline of a steep hill in Wottonunder-Edge, the bottom of the building partially
submerged at the side of the modern road, the
Ancient Ram Inn plays host to a variety of ghosts.
Originally an 13th century inn, the earlier building was damaged by a fire that swept
through much of the village at that time, but it was rebuilt as a tavern in the 14th
century and catered to locals and lonely travellers until into the early part of the 19th
The present owner is
John Humphries. He
brought the dilapidated
building (which none
the less retained its
ancient design and
structural character) in
1967 and moved in
with his wife and two
young daughters. It
was only soon
afterwards that he
learned about a
compulsory purchase
order that had been put
upon the building by
the local council. They
wanted to demolish it
to widen the road,
unconcerned about its
ancient charm or rural antiquity. But John had other ideas and, backed by a
determined campaign that had the support of the local people, eventually succeeded in
overturning the council's order and getting the Ram Inn (pictured here) registered as a
grade two listed building.
There was a lot to be done, but John decided to stagger the work - a necessity perhaps
as at this time he was working nights as a goods train driver. But before too long, he
had turned the Ram into a comfortable home for himself and his family, and certainly
discouraged the rats and mice that had long since made their home there undisturbed.

Page 47

My first experiences with the RAM INN and its associated phenomena took place in
October 1998. I had been contacted by Ross Gage, of the Sheffield some months
earlier about other cases of unexplained psychic activity, and we had finally got
around to discussing the Ancient Ram Inn.
She had expressed her interest in conducting a nightly vigil there with other members
of her group, and explained that she already had the permission of the owner, so it
was just a question of arranging a date.
I was invited to attend once arrangements were finalised, and the date was eventually
set for October 31 that year. But although originally intending to hold the vigil with
four other members of her group, at the last moment, three of them dropped out due to
unforeseen circumstances.
I did not learn about this until the morning upon the intended day, although she told
me, one other member of her group, David Holland, was still able to go and would be
taking her in his car.
We agreed to meet at the RAM around 6pm. I decided to make my own way there by
train. Ironically perhaps, I too, had been let down at the last minute by two local
members of the BPOS (British Psychic & Occult Society) who had supposed to have
been arranging a car. Though I managed to take the matter philosophically, having
learned of the unexpected twists and turns that can accompany psychic investigations.
It was already dark when my train had pulled into the station. It was barely 5.15, but
the last bus had already left for Wotten-under-Edge, so I was forced to look for a taxi
to cover the last twelve miles or so.
On first impressions, the building certainly lived up to its various descriptions. Mostly
in darkness due to the absence of adequate street lights and the sunken shades in
which it lay, one could just make out the antique timbered outline of its forlorn walls
merging almost menacingly with the black sky. The sun - if ever it came out there could surely never penetrate such impenetratable blackness; certainly not then, but
you were only left to wonder whether the place would still maintain its black gloom in
bright daylight.
It was hard to imagine any light being cast upon this formidable place. But then I
knew that, imagination, when applied to fields of the Unknown, should not be allowed
to stray into the realms of fantasy or supposition, thereby clouding direct perception
into things which were not reliant on "normal" visual images or everyday impressions.
I arrived at the Ram Inn, to find that Ross Gage and Dave Holland had only just
arrived. John Humphries was not quite as I had expected. I judged him to be around
seventy - and I was actually right as far as that turned out. From first impressions, he
looked mildly eccentric, wearing a black leather cap and a Hells-Angels-type jacket
with leather tassels across the chest, and tight blue jeans. He certainly wasn't well
dressed. He spoke with a distinct Devonshire accent, but at the same time, was quite
softly spoken and cordial.
He offered us all tea, and almost from the onset he started describing experiences that
he'd had in the Ram Inn itself. We learned, for example, that he lived mainly in a
Page 48

converted garage at one end of the Inn which he'd converted into a living room-cum
kitchen with a sleeping area upstairs. This was actually an extension to the original
Inn, and the reason he'd done that was, because he wouldn't enter the Ram Inn at night
on his own, and he felt more secure in these little self-contained living-quarters he'd
constructed. But he told us, that even when he was alone in this little self-built 'house',
if you like, he'd often experienced drops of temperature and he frequently heard
strange noises during the night; for instance, distinct "tapping sounds" or the sound of
footsteps walking around in the main part of the Inn. And, needless to say, when he
was on his own, he never went into the Inn itself to check them out. But as well as
that, he told us about experiences which other people had had, who had visited the
Ram Inn. For example, a visitor there had once been "pushed over" in the main part of
the Inn. He had been pushed to the ground with some quite considerable force for no
apparent reason. Another interesting thing he told us, was that he often saw strange
orbs of light floating around the Inn after dark, but he'd seen these so often that he'd
become quite accustomed to them, so these didn't really worry him unlike some of the
effects caused by the other ghosts - or whatever they were - that haunted the place.
Another interesting fact that we learned from John Humphries about the alleged
psychic activity at the Inn, seemed to bear out that the alleged psychic phenomena at
work there seemed to be definitely malevolent by nature. It may be recalled that, in
his younger days, John Humphries had serious considered the possibility of becoming
a Methodist preacher. In the event, this never happened, but John had acquired a
prize portrait of John Wesley which, in his early days in residence at the Ram, he
kept hanging on the stairs. But almost from the first moment he hung this portrait on
the wall, 'something' kept removing it and throwing it down to the floor. He kept
replacing it but systematically, the portrait kept being removed after he had replaced it
on the wall. In the end he gave up. He wouldn't throw the painting out, obviously, but
was eventually forced to secure it behind other objects in a corner.
After having explained the basic history of the Inn and bring us up to date with the
psychic goings-on there, we decided to go out and get something to eat and come
back after ten (it was now about half past eight in the evening) and set up the
equipment up to start the nightly vigil for around midnight.
In fact, we later set up most of the equipment we had in The Bishops Room upstairs supposedly the most haunted room in the Inn. (Because the other people hadnt been
able to attend, we had to make without some items, such as the night-vision video
It was a very cold night and there was absolutely no heating upstairs where we were.
There was light, although we preferred to work by candlelight instead and use torches.
An exception to this was a light that John Humpheries had insisted that we left on in
the attic. There had been some partial renovation work done there and he did not want
to be responsible if anybody went up there and injured themselves by falling over the
rubble. In fact, the attic was lit only by a small table lamp with a dim 40 watt bulb,
and ghosts aside, it was easy to see how physical injury might have occurred in the
dark It was still very gloomy and hazardous being strewn with discarded furniture and
scarcely visible on the floor, and the numerous cobwebs clinging tenaciously to your
face did nothing to help you keep balance. The Bishops Room, in fact, lay right
beneath a part of the attic, which itself ran across most of the main building.
Page 49

Ross Gage set up an electronic thermometer up in The Bishop's Room and,

interestingly enough, even before that was actually used there were distinct cold
spots throughout that particular room. We actually sensed these cold spots before
we used the thermometer itself; the thermometer merely confirming this later by its
electronic readings. In fact, it was possible to walk through these cold spots, which
were about two feet in diameter, and you could actually stand outside them and put
your hand inside the invisible space and feel the distinct drop in temperature. And this
wasn't just imagination.
The main vigil was spent within The Bishops Room, which, after all, was supposed
to be the most haunted room in the building. Ross Gage spent most of her time here
recording temperature variations and taking other measurements whilst Dave Holland
and myself moved around a little more; in particular spending some time in another
supposedly haunted room by candlelight (near to The Bishops Room) and in the attic
- obviously, with cameras at the ready. We also had small tape recorders with us, just
in case!
We spent about an hour in that particular room, but apart from the odd strange noise
such as creaking sounds bangs or thuds which could have happened in any old
building and which were are not necessarily supernatural, at one stage we did actually
hear a distinct knocking sound up above in the attic. Its hard to say if these could
have been rats knocking something over or whether it was of supernatural origin. But
we decided to go up into the attic and spend and spend a couple of hours there to see
if we could witness anything.
David Holland positioned himself at one end of the attic, while I was at the other. I
took two or three pictures at random before noticing that the built-in light meter in my
camera had ceased to register, despite the fact I was using an ultra sensitive 1500
ASA film. Now, even in that very low light it should have picked up some sort of
reading; but the needle just remained dead. I checked the camera but found nothing
untoward so focused it directly on the table light itself, but still a zero reading. The
needle would not budge.
This apparent malfunctioning of the camera did not unduly surprise me. For on past
occasions this had happened at other supposedly haunted places. Indeed, I recall once
at supposedly haunted Whittington Castle in Shropshire, the camera had acted in a
similar manner when I was trying to take some photographs at the top of one of the
ruined towers. It was a bright sunlit afternoon but the camera's meter refused to
register within an area of about six feet but if you stepped outside the diameter of this
'invisible circle', the needle registered as normal.
After spending a good hour in the attic, we went back downstairs to The Bishop's
Room and it was then that Ross Gage confirmed to us that every fifteen minutes the
temperature dropped quickly and distinctly by four degrees (she was taking all these
readings down in concise detail). It remained that way for five minutes or so and then
it returned to normal. But then precisely fifteen minutes later, the same thing would
happen again following a consistent pattern.

Page 50

Apart from these the drops in temperature, she hadn't actually witnessed anything,
other than claiming to have heard some unusual sounds in an adjacent room. She'd
gone outside to look but apparently, there wasn't any apparent cause for it. By this
time it was about three o'clock in the morning, so we thought we might as well lie
down in the Bishop's room, obviously with tape recorders, cameras and torches at the
ready, and spend some time there to see if anything happened. The Bishop's room, I
should add, was still very well furnished; there was a large four-poster bed in there
with two antique single beds either side so there was no lack of space for people to lie
down. John Humphries had supplied us with ample blankets to keep warm, so we
thought we might as well relax for awhile for this part of the vigil - so we settled
down and just lay in silence for some time.
It was about an hour after that, we all heard a distinct tapping noise coming from the
ceiling, obviously caused by something knocking on the floor in the attic. In fact, I
was lying in the end bed nearest the window, and this sound occurred right above my
head; but everyone could hear it, it was that distinct. It was rather like hearing
somebody knocking purposely on a door, to let you know they were there and that
they wanted to come in; distinct, and almost deliberate. This happened twice with a
gap of about half a minute in-between. There were five or six knocks each time; not
pounding, not soft either, rather like somebody using their knuckles knocking sharply
on wood.
Needless to say, leaving Ross down in The Bishop's Room in case the sounds
occurred again, Dave Holland and I went back to the attic and located the spot these
knocks would have come from, because you could tell roughly where the beds were
underneath. But there was nothing there to account for the sounds them and it was
very hard to contemplate such sounds being made by rats or mice, even had they
knocked something over.
Apart from these occurrences, not least the regular drops in temperature which went
on until daybreak, the rest of the night was seemingly uneventful. But these relatively
small things that did occur, were certainly not the result of fanciful imagination, nor
did there appear to be any logical cause to explain them. It could be added here - and
this cannot be taken as any sort of psychic proof - there was a very strange
atmosphere that seemed to permeate The Bishop's Room and the attic. Youd have to
actually be there to experience this precisely. But everything was deathly quiet.
Perhaps that in itself is not so surprising because there was little or no traffic that time
of night and the Inn lay isolated at the edge of the village. But quite apart from the
quietness, there was a sort of overbearing sense - and I'm not trying to sound
sensationalistic - sense that somebody was watching you. You really felt that
everywhere you went, whether walking around lying down or sitting in a chair,
somebody was aware of your presence. I can't really describe it any better than that,
because this it was more of a sensation that could only be picked up by the senses, not
by any sort of physical means.
But it was not just in The Bishops Room or in the attic that this atmosphere
prevailed. The Inn itself was very atmospheric throughout, maybe partly due to its
construction and layout. It was filled with antique furniture, and had extremely old
fireplaces which had remained unchanged for centuries, with strange symbols
engraved in the stone hearths of some of them, which were most likely symbols of
Page 51

protection against evil spirits. Indeed, a huge fireplace downstairs was strongly
rumoured to have concealed a secret passageway leading from it to the church which
lay a couple of hundred yards away. Near this, in the same room in fact, there was a
deep hole in the stone floor where the floor had been dug up to a depth of about five
feet. It was explained to us later, that on an earlier occasion, John Humphries had
called in some dowsers who'd expressed an interest in the place, and they were
looking for any other underground passages, covered-over wells, or anything of the
kind, and one of these dowsers told him that there was something lying beneath the
foundations. He'd got a violent reaction with the dowsing stick at this part of the floor.
So they eventually dug down (and this was obviously a few years before we visited),
and they actually discovered a lot of children's bones and a couple of sacrificial
daggers. Obviously, this was reported to the police, but there was nothing much that
the police could do after they'd deduced that the age of the skeletons was several
centuries old.

Above, By The Grave - David Farrant at a 'haunted grave' in the basement of the
Ancient Ram Inn. When this was excavated the bones of several young children were
discovered in it, and it was assumed that they had been victims of some sacrificial rite
back in the 15th/16th century.
I believe these bones were forensically examined and it was confirmed that they were
hundreds of years old. But obviously the conclusion by John Humphries and many
other people was that human sacrifice had taken place in the actual Inn itself at a
much earlier date.
We left The Ancient Ram Inn next morning after being given some tea by John
Humphries. It was a Sunday and there were no buses running, but somebody kindly
gave me a lift to the nearest railway station, at Stroud some twelve miles away. We
said our good-byes to John Humphries and he invited us back again. And as we left he
more-or -less apologised that nothing much had happened because, he said, that
normally anybody that spent a vigil there usually experienced much more definite
phenomena. He added that perhaps we had just picked a bad time

Page 52

In fact I was to return again to the Ram to hold another nightly vigil there. This
occurred in the autumn of 2002 and was attended by members of the Black Country
Paranormal Society. But that, of course, would have to be another story.

Page 53

The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn, Part 2

The second part of paranormal researcher David
Farrants investigation into the haunting of a popular
English public house.
The second time I visited the Ancient Ram Inn, was
not with Ross Gage this time but with members of
the Black Country Paranormal Society from
Wolverhampton. This visit in fact took place one
Saturday night in early November, 2002. I'd
obviously been in contact with John Humphries previously and arranged it, and I
travelled down there with Dave Milner - independent coordinator for the British
Psychic and Occult Society investigations and activities - by train.
The original intention was to hire a car so we could take more equipment with us and
for reasons of convenience. But, due to some difficulty at the car hire place in the
West End, we were unable to hire one - something to do with having to pay for an
extra day as we could not return it on a Sunday. Whatever, this additional price was
astronomical for what amounted to a days non-usage, so we decided to take a train.
Accordingly, we met the other BCPS members at Wotton-under-Edge arriving about
5 p.m. These included Wayne Pickerell, Founder Member of the BCPS, his wife
Heidi, Anne and her husband Jeff, and Wayne's brother Mark and his girlfriend,
Vicky. In fact, they gone in two cars down there, which they needed having quite a lot
of investigative equipment. We'd arranged to meet at the church and they'd already
arrived by the time Dave Milner and I got there. The church was chosen because they
were reluctant to introduce themselves to John Humphries without my being there;
simply because I had already met him and arriving in a complete group made them
feel more at ease. We arrived at the Ram around 6 p.m.
Another vigil like the first one took place but this time we obviously had more
equipment with us which, obviously, took longer time to set up. But again, we all
went out and had a meal first, arriving back at the Inn around 11 O'clock in the
Wayne Pickerell set up highly sophisticated night-video equipment in the Bishop's
Room. We sealed the door but we had a monitor outside so we could sit and watch for
any signs of any potential in there. In turn, this was videoed on long -play tape, so
should anything unusual or untoward have happened, it would have been recorded.
The other room adjacent to the Bishop's Room, the one which was also reputedly
quite haunted, was also similarly wired up; only in this case, to an audio cassette
recorder that might potentially capture any unusual sounds. Again, the door was
sealed; mainly to prevent any extraneous sounds affecting the microphone, but also to
prevent any member of the group accidentally walking in there. (It should be
remembered that we were, by choice, working under very dim light; apart from
which, BCPS members were working in unfamiliar territory.) Obviously, one person
had to keep a permanent eye on the monitor (we agree to take this in hourly shifts as it
was quite a laborious task) and this also applied to the audio tape to make sure it kept
running smoothly. While this was going on, the rest of us thoroughly explored the
Page 54

place, in particular looking for any distinct changes in temperature or other signs, such
as any changes in dust patterns that might have betrayed the movement of objects.
I do remember that before this particular vigil I had sustained a foot injury, so I was
unwilling - if not unable - to go up into the attic. It had been difficult enough to get up
the partially broken staircase that led to the Bishop's Room, let alone to attempt to
climb the hazardous almost vertical steps that led to the attic. Two of the others,
however, went up into the attic and spent a vigil there in the dark. One of these,
Wayne's brother, Mark, was later to claim that he'd heard some strange inexplicable
sounds up there. I do know that after hearing these he took a couple of random
photographs up there in the direction of the strange noises. Now, I believe, although I
haven't actually yet seen the picture myself, that when it was later developed, there
were some strange light formation appearing on it.
I should add that before all this took place, that is before all this equipment was set up
and we'd sealed the two rooms, we took quite a few pictures in the Bishop's room and
elsewhere with our own cameras. Dave Milner had a digital camera and he took some
pictures of the whole group before the vigil started. He took some outside the Inn and
we all took pictures of the "sacrificial grave" which had still not been covered up by
this time, and the old fireplace which supposedly had a secret passage leading to the
church. I remember that Dave Milner took a picture of me alone in the Bishop's Room
before the vigil proper had begun, mainly for the purposes of a souvenir. When some
of these photographs were later developed, they showed what appeared to be distinct
spheres of light which were moving around. They were only still photographs, but
some were taken in quick succession and you could see these distinct although
indiscernible transparent balls of light had moved position; although they were
moving across the frame in front of the people, but they weren't actually visible to
anybody being photographed. But they certainly came out on film.
We should perhaps remember that John Humpheries had first mentioned these orbs
of light when Id first visited the Ram with Ross Gage and Dave Holland in 1998, but
Id learned in the meantime that these orbs that Dave Milner had caught on film had
also been photographed by other independent people visiting the Inn using totally
unrelated cameras. As a matter of interest John Humphries later sent me some of these
photographs which are still in my possession taken on another occasion by another
psychical research group from the North of England whose address I have on file, and
they too showed identical orbs of light to the ones that had come out on our
photographs. They were obviously not taken in exactly the same place, but the point
being here is that these were taken by a group completely unknown to us, at a
different time and with completely different cameras.
In fact, the photograph Dave Milner took of me in the Bishop's Room showed three or
four orbs of light; and again, these hadn't actually been visible to me at the time when
the picture was taken, but they came out on the film. It would seem that while the
existence of these "orbs of light" can not 'proved' irrefutably, it can be reasonably
stated that there may be some sort of unknown energy operative the effects of which
can be captured on film.
A good part of the night was spent monitoring the Bishop's room and the adjacent
room hoping to pick up any, shall we say, supernatural occurrences. Actually, the
Page 55

original idea was for Dave Milner to sleep in the Bishop's Room, and he could be
monitored, whether he actually managed to sleep or not, lying on the bed. He was a
bit reluctant at first, but he agreed to do it but only on the understanding that we all
went downstairs first to have some tea from flasks and get warm by the calour gas fire
John Humphries had left on for us. In other words, for everybody to take a short break
away from the gloom and despairing atmosphere that seemed to permeate the upstairs
of the building. The idea was that, after this short respite in the investigation, Dave
Milner could act as a firsthand witness to any unusual psychic activity in the Bishop's
Room in the event of any unusual occurrences as - and as seemed to have proved the
case going by its past history - the Rams ghosts seemed to become more active in the
presence of human witnesses.
Anyway, it seemed a more plausible alternative as opposed to rather just continuing to
monitoring the room empty. And if it was the case that psychic energy might be in
some way be activated by some "living presence" in the room - in this case Dave
Milner - if anything happened it could be recorded on film and produce some sort of
evidence of psychic activity.
After having discussed the matter downstairs for an hour or so and comparing notes in
the still relatively depressing atmosphere that seemed to envelop the entire Inn after
dark, I remained downstairs with Dave Milner, trying to grab as much available heat
as possible, whilst Wayne went upstairs with the others to check the equipment and
make sure it was ready for the next stage of the vigil. He said he would send
somebody down to get us once the preparations were complete. Although Dave was
set to get into the bed, I would be watching the monitor and checking around with the
others. About twenty minutes after this, there seemed to be a slight commotion,
movements of the others moving around upstairs which seemed at variance with a
previous "organised silence".
I went upstairs to find out what was happening, only to find Wayne packing up the
equipment. He said he was sorry but they had to leave; not because of any "psychic
anomalies" in the Inn itself, but because Heidi was feeling really unwell, an escalation
of a condition that she'd had for over a week or more. I could tell this was no idle
excuse. I had come to know Heidi quite well and realised she was not one who would
easily give in to any effects of physical sickness, unless its results were real enough
and she only longed the comfort of her own home and the warmth of her own bed.
You could tell by looking at her that she looked drained by the temporary "bug" that
had attached itself to her; indeed, even at dinner earlier before that vigil had even
commenced, she looked slightly pale and had not been her normal talkative self.
Wayne with his typical concern for other people, and notwithstanding that he was a
dedicated psychic investigator himself who had frequently endured far more potent
places than the Ancient Ram Inn, just wanted to take her back to Wolverhampton as
quickly as possible, and had no wish to aggravate her condition by making her endure
yet more hours in the cold, damp environment of the Inn.
So, after loading up the equipment, Wayne and the rest of his group left in their two
cars at approximately a quarter to four that morning leaving Dave Milner and myself
tired, but relatively comfortable, downstairs. Dave covered himself with blankets on a
tattered settee and fell into a light sleep, probably relived no longer to be expected to
try and sleep in the cold Bishop's Room upstairs. I curled up on another sofa; cold and
Page 56

"sleepless" but hugging the warmth of the small calour gas fire.
Lying there in the dim light, my eyes absorbing the numerous strange objects and
ornaments that cluttered the room, I suddenly became aware that something seemed
"different". I didn't know what it was; only that there was just something 'different' in
the room.
I had been idly watching an old grandfather-clock; not so much consciously, but
because it commanded my line of vision on the wall opposite and it had almost a
hypnotic effect in the undisturbed stillness. An orange glow reflected from the light of
the gas fire, which itself seemed to reflect unreal images in a semi-real environment.
You could see the light move across the yellowed glass; strange images, I thought, yet
consoled by the fact the cause was only a gas container. It would have been easy to let
imagination to wander in the confines of the Inn; but it was more an hypnotic effect,
like fleeting illusions that seemed to be trying to defy reality.
Ironically, I was wide awake, but my attention was somehow drawn to the clock for
no apparent reason.
I lay watching the minutes on the clock, casually "ticking these off" as it gradually
approached daylight, when it suddenly dawned on me that what had taken five
minutes on the clock, seemed to have taken more like half an hour. Its difficult to
describe it more precisely than that. I never wore a watch, and Dave Milner was
asleep, so I didn't want to compare time by waking him up. But what was strange was,
this went on for the next five minutes, and then the next five; it seemed to be an
eternity. Eventually, what should have been about an hour or so, had only registered
on the clock as about five minutes.
Then, all of a sudden, my attention was distracted by something else and I looked at
another area in the room (as it was this turned out to be irrelevant; I had heard a
scratching noise but I assumed this to be a genuine rat or something) but when I
looked back at the clock, I realised that something was different. The clock had
actually stopped ticking. Before, its monotonous ticking sound had been almost a part
of the background but now, after I had been distracted by the noise of the rat, there
was just an overbearing silence. I lay staring at the clock-face and could swear its
hands were still moving forward. But this almost hypnotic focusing caused me to
fall into a half-sleep, and when I awoke fully it was light and I realised the clock had
started ticking again. Dave Milner eventually woke up and I learned the exact time
and, much to my surprise, the actual time registered on the clock was dead right. I was
convinced these mysterious time lapses - or perhaps more accurately time-delays had not been my imagination. Like most people, I was perfectly capable of being able
to discern normal time spans; at least, be aware of the difference between lengthy
periods and those accompanying only a minute or two. But another careful look at the
clock confirmed that it hadn't lost any time whatsoever.
We remained till the morning, and again, being a Sunday, there were no buses. But
John Humphries called us a taxi and, once again, I watched the Ram Inn merge back
into its virtual hiding place on the hill; an encapsuled shrine in the bleak countryside
that seemed to be in no hurry to give away its innermost secrets ...

Page 57

Haunted Brookwood Cemetery, the London Necropolis

By Barry Stevens
In a Surrey woodland, right on the Hampshire border of the training ground of the
British army in England stands a cemetery of family
tombs, gravestones and memorials of those from
Victorian London and of soldiers tragically killed in
wars gone by.
The Necropolis was founded in 1852, but the land on
which it sits goes back further still. The cemeteries'
occupants include: Margaret, Duchess of Argyll
(1912-1993), John Singer Sargent (1856-1925),
Edith Thompson (who was executed in Holloway prison in 1923) plus many more.
It is situated directly next to Brookwood railway station, as it was used to house the
dead of an ever growing London, as the population around the mid 1850s was
growing beyond the control of the authorities, so Brookwood was built to take the
strain away from London's already overflowing cemeteries.
In the daylight and on hazy summer days,
Brookwood Necropolis is a place of beauty, stillness
and tranquillity, with its huge Redwood trees and
never ending pathways, and rows as far as the eye
can see of white crosses of the war dead; it stands out
as one of the worlds most fascinating, yet inspiring
places of rest and honour.
Even though many of the dead are victims of past
wars, the cemetery is a mixed faith cemetery, of Christian, Muslim, and Zoroastrian
beliefs, so it stands as a monument of hope to many who wish for a more peaceful
world, so the people buried within the graves did not die in vain.
By night the place takes on a whole new characteristic, one of mystery, and creeping
foreboding, wonder and fear....
Many strange sounds can be heard coming from in and around the many tombs, and
patches of forest, that some would suggest is nothing more than rats and birds, while
others would suggest something a lot more sinister and spectral in nature, such as
those spirits and ghosts that still have not found eternal rest. Visual sightings have
also been reported, such as green and white shapes and mists hovering over graves,
and moving across pathways and weaving in and around trees.

Page 58

The unfortunate crime of graveyard vandalism has also taken place in the cemetery,
due to it being so close to Brookwood station. Drunken people have broken into the
cemetery and kicked over grave stones and littered the place with beer bottles, which
is readily cleaned up by the cemeteries' caring and loyal keepers. Could the souls that
still dwell there be showing there discontent for these
mindless acts of modern society?
Reports of bizarre types of rituals quietly taking
place by blacked robed figures, with an ominous
hum of strange chanting has also been seen and
heard late in the night, during full moons, and at
certain times of the year such as Samhain
Could these rituals be just innocent Pagan ceremonies to honour the dead, or maybe a
more morbid ritualistic type of supposed Devil worship?
The unsettling cries and sobs of women and babies can also be heard in the twilight
hours that is said to stop anyone in their tracks who hears the creepy moans that seem
to come from nowhere.
Whether Brookwood cemetery and Necropolis is haunted or not is down to
interpretation, or one's beliefs, but would you spend a night alone by yourself in such
an eerie place?
Copyright: Barry Stevens (Faeden)
Note: This article and images were submitted to ThothWeb by Barry Stevens."

Page 59

A Quick Look at Ghosts

By Cryscat
Do you believe in ghosts? Many people have seen ghosts depicted in movies, read
stories of their activities and have seen television shows and documentaries about
them. There are alleged ghost photos all over the internet and many people probably
have heard first-hand encounters from friends and relatives or may even have an
experience themselves.
So, what are ghosts? The straight answer is: no one really knows.
But, there are plenty of theories around that try to explain the thousands of
experiences that people around the world have seem to have had since writing was
invented; and there appears to be more that one of type of ghost or haunting, and more
than one theory seems to be needed to explain them all.
Lets take a look at some of the various theories:
Deceased People: This is the traditional view of ghosts; that they are the spirits of
dead people that for some reason are "stuck" between this plane of existence and the
next, often as a result of some tragedy, trauma or other form of unfinished business.
Many psychics, mediums and ghost hunters believe that these are earth-bound
spirits who dont know that their physical body is dead. Hans Holzer, a veteran ghost
hunter, says "A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body,
usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition. We are all
spirits encased in a physical body. At the time of passing, our spirit body continues
into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our
physical world and needs to be released to go on."
This means that ghosts exist in a kind of limbo, where they continue to hang out or
haunt the scenes of their deaths or locations that were pleasant to them in life. These
types of ghosts interact with the living. They seem to be aware of the living and they
do react to being seen on the occasions that they materialize. On occasion rather than
physically materializing they may do things to express their presence such as opening
and closing doors. Some psychics claim to be able to communicate with such spirits
and will they often try to help them to understand that they are dead and to need to
progress (move on to the next stage of existence.)
Residual Haunting/ Energy Recording: Some ghosts seem to be a recording on the
environment in which they once existed. A man in 19th century clothing is seen on
repeated occasions staring out a window in a house where he once lived. A long dead
child's laughter is heard echoing in a room or hallway where she once played. There
are even instances where ghost cars and trains are heard; maybe seen, even thought
they are long gone. These ghosts do not interact with or seem to be aware of the
living. Their appearance and actions are always the same. They seem to be recordings
- residual energies - that replay over and over again.
"A traumatic moment in time leaves an indelible impression on the building or area,"
says Strange Nation in What is a Ghost and is "replaying itself for eternity. This
could be anything from a 'glimpse of the past' - a recreation of some traumatic or
emotion-laden event - to footsteps up and down a hallway."
Page 60

"How and why past events are recorded and replayed repetitiously is not understood,"
says Lauren Forcella (Paranormal Investigations). "Whatever the actual mechanism, it
apparently possesses longevity as the encore performances of a haunting can continue
for decades or longer. Generally, the haunting is a fragment or portion of an actual
Crisis Apparitions: This may be the most common kind of ghost. These spirits will
usually appear shortly after their deaths and to the people they were closest to, in life.
They are aware of their deaths and do interact with the living. They bring messages of
comfort to their loved ones and often say that they are well, happy, and not to grieve
for them. These ghosts seem to appear briefly and only once or twice. They seem to
return only to give message of comfort for their loved ones still living in order to help
the living cope with their loss.
"This category commonly involves one-time visits to someone with whom the
apparition has close emotional ties," says Lauren Forcella. "Though the encounter
usually seems to be a type of farewell, sometimes important and useful information is
relayed to the 'viewer.' Though dying is the most common crisis, other life-threatening
situations can also trigger apparitional visits.
Poltergeists: (German meaning "noisy spirit).This type of haunting is the most
feared kind because it has the greatest ability to affect the physical world. Poltergeists
are capable of causing many unexplained noises, such as banging on walls, making
persistent rapping sounds, footsteps and even causing music to be heard. They have
also been known to get up to mischief by turning faucets and lights on and off,
slamming doors and causing toilets to flush and even hiding our possessions, only to
return them at a later time. More violent poltergeist encounters involve objects being
thrown across the room and to pull on people's clothing or hair. The most meanspirited ones have even caused physical injury by slapping and scratching occupants
living in the affected house. It is because of these malevolent manifestations that
poltergeists are considered by some investigators to be demonic in nature and worthy
of an exorcism.
Other investigators are not so sure that poltergeists are actually demonic and suggest
that the activity is not caused by ghosts, but by certain living people who are under a
lot of stress. Lauren Forrcella explains, "During a poltergeist experience, the agent, in
an attempt to relieve emotional stress, unknowingly causes the physical disturbances
using mental forces. The mental mechanism that allows the poltergeist agent to
unconsciously cause these physical disturbances is called psychokinesis.
Mental Projections: This tends to be the skeptics' explanation - if they admit that
there is anything to haunting experiences at all. Supporters of this theory claim that
ghosts are all in our minds; essentially these things are products of our own minds and
Ghosts, the skeptics say, are strictly psychological phenomena; we see them because
we want to see them. A grieving widow for example sees her dead husband because
she wants to and needs the comfort of knowing that he is going to be happy in the
next world. Our minds will produce the ghostly experience to help it cope with the
stress of the loss.
Page 61

We know so little about the capacity and power of our own minds, so its possible that
our minds may even be able to produce physical manifestations, such as, apparitions
and noises that even others may be able to see and hear. But these projections are not
"real" in any sense, say the skeptics, but are the result of a powerful imagination.
Now that we have looked at the various theories about ghosts, how about a personal
In the next chapter is the story of my encounter with San Diegos Whaley House and
its resident ghosts, late in the afternoon, one summer day.

Page 62

The Ghosts of Whaley House: My Encounter with Them

By Cryscat
For those who dont know about San
Diegos Whaley House, it has earned
the title of "the most haunted house
in the U.S. It was built in 1857 by
Thomas Whaley on land that was,
partially, once a cemetery. The house
was also the county courthouse,
general store and theater for the area.
Whaley House, for quite a few years,
has been the locus of dozens of ghost
sightings. Famed psychic, Sybil Leek
claimed to have sensed several spirits
there, and renowned ghost hunter Hanz Holzer considered the Whaley House to be
one of the most reliably haunted structures in the United States
This is the story of my encounter with The Whaley Houses resident ghosts, late in the
afternoon, one summer day, about 12 years ago.
My friend, Lori, and I were walking around in Old Town San Diego, and getting
increasingly concerned at what we saw in the sky. Large black clouds, were heading
our way and we could see that they were full of rain and could hear the thunder. A
summer monsoon storm was on the way and our car was parked on the other side of
Old Town. We started to run to try to beat the storm back as we had no rain gear at
all. We didnt make it. Huge drops started to fall and we ran to the first open door we
saw, which happened to be The Whaley House.
We ran up the steps and dove into the house, just as the rain really started to come
down, hard. We were greeted by a lovely older lady, whom I will call Sue, as I cant
remember her name, one of the houses docents. We explained our problem and she
told us that it was ok to stay in the house, as it was not closing for another hour. She
did need to collect the fee though and we were joking about getting a rainy day
discount but we paid her. Sues fellow docent, whom I will call Bill, was on break
and Lori and I decided to walk around a bit, on our own.
At this point, I am going to describe the layout of the house, as it was at that time.
From the front door, off to the left, was the general store and you would walk through
the store to get to the court room. Strait ahead was a kitchen/dining area and off to the
right was the stairs going up to the second story. Going up the stairs, at the top, you
would take a sharp right to Mr. & Mrs. Whaleys bedroom. Strait head was the room
for the theater and around to the left were the childrens bed rooms. Think of the
second story as roughly U shaped with the inside stairs in the middle (there is a set of
stairs outside at the back of the house that go directly to the theater, but they are not a
part of this story and there is also a parlor, on the ground floor, to the right of the
stairs which is also not a part of this story).

Page 63

Back to the story: Lori and I went upstairs and turned to the first bedroom on our
right. We stood at the glass panel in the entrance of the bedroom (all the bedrooms
had door made of glass, allowing you to see, but not walk, into the rooms) and our
attention was immediately captured by the rocking chair. It was rocking vigorously,
by itself, with no one VISIBLE sitting in it. Very interesting, we thought and said. We
watched it for a minute or so then turned and walked into the theater. The stage was to
our right and an upright piano was off to the left, at what would have been the back of
the theater and we were walking around where the audience would have sat. It
smelled a bit musty in there, probably due the dampness we thought. We turned to
leave and had taken about two steps into the hall when we both stopped. Did you
hear that? Lori asked me. Piano music? I replied. We back stepped into the theater
and I walked over to the piano. It was closed and looked like nothing had touched it in
years. I shrugged and not being able to explain the music, we left the theater again and
walked back up the hall to look at the childrens bedrooms.
After viewing the last bedroom, we headed back toward the theater and the stairs,
with Lori ahead of me. She suddenly stopped and said Its freezing in this spot. I
reached out and put my hand on the back of her shoulder and it was freezing, goose
bumps popped out on my arm and were traveling back up my shoulder into the rest of
my body. I then gave Lori a little push and said Dont just stand there, MOVE! She
moved, I walked through the cold spot and we made our way to the stairs. We stopped
by the first bedroom to check on the rocking chair and noticed that it was slowing
down, like someone had gotten out of it in a hurry! Then we turned to the stairs and I
took the lead, going down the and about half-way down, found another cold spot. I
announced loudly COLD SPOT to warn Lori and kept moving. She announced
FOUND IT! and we got to the bottom and met up with Sue and a gentleman she
called Bill. Both were looking at us, so I gave them a quick run-thru on our
adventures upstairs. Bill did walk half way up the stairs, but did not find the cold spot.
Neither was surprised and both said they had many experiences in the house.
We then went with Bill on a mini-tour. We walked into the general store and as Bill
was explaining what used to happen in there, my nose started twitching and then I
sneezed. Where is that tobacco smoke coming from? I asked. Bill and Lori gave me
a blank stare. I smell tobacco smoke. Doesnt smell like cigarettes, more like pipe or
cigar I said. Lori shrugged and said that she didnt smell anything but if there was
tobacco smoke there Youre more likely to smell it first. Then I explained to Bill
that I was allergic to tobacco products and highly sensitive to anything that smelled
like tobacco. He shrugged and said that they had a non-smoking policy in the Whaley
House. Since we couldnt solve that mystery we moved into the court room.
The court room has a raised area on one side, with the judges desk and seats for
witness to testify from. We sat in the observers seats and listened to Bill as he
explained what usually went on in count. A strange creaking noise, coming from
above us caught our attention and we looked up. A small chandler was swinging back
and forth right above our heads! We bolted out of our seats and ran back to the door
of the court room. Bill joined us there and commented that sometimes the chains that
are used to block access to certain areas of the court room would sometimes start
swinging as well. These did not, this time, but the chandler was slowing down and we
walked back to the hall and headed to the kitchen/dining room.

Page 64

This last room was a combination room at that time, as the real kitchen would have
been in a lean-to outside of the house in the late 1800s. There was a wood-burning
stove on the left side and a long farmhouse table in the middle of the room. On the
right end of the table there was a mid-size bowl. Bill picked this saying that it was
usually on the other end of the table, he walked to the indicated end and set the bowl
down. He also commented that it was not unusual to find stuff out of place in there.
He told us that one time he was walking into the kitchen and a butchers knife went
flying past his face, missing his nose by about an inch. I asked him if he got hazard
pay for that! He laughed and said no, but thought he should. We then turned to leave
and turned back around again when we heard a scrapping, sliding noise. The bowl
was sliding down the table, by itself. We watched, silently, until the bowl stopped in
its original spot and I said to Bill, I suggest that you leave it there and move it in the
morning. Doesnt seem to be a battle worth fighting right now! He agreed and we all
joined Sue in the hall by the front door.
Both Bill and Sue were wondering why there was so much activity. They both said
that it was unusual and normally there was no ghostly activity at that time of day. I
looked out the open door and got an idea, turned to them and said that I had a theory
about that. Since the usual weather at that time of year was hot and dry, I thought that
something in the atmosphere must be making the difference and the difference was
the storm. I pointed out the door and said Thats your reason! Right as I was doing
this, a bolt of lighting flashed into view, jumping from cloud to cloud. Nice timing, I
thought, then proceeded to explain that I thought the ghosts were riding in on the
storms energy, using that energy to manifest. Good theory, they said.
There is not much left to tell. Lori and I left the house and got back to our car, during
a break in the storm, we never got wet and Sue and Bill both left for their respective
As for the identity of the ghosts, I will probably never know. Tobacco smells usually
are associated with Thomas Whaley, so that might have been him. Upstairs was either
Thomas wife Anna or daughter, Violet. Violet did die in the house and her death was
mysterious. Her death also deeply affected Thomas and Anna. The stairs might have
been Yankee Jim or Violet and the kitchen was probably either a young boy or girl,
both have been sensed in the house as well as other members of the Whaley family
This was my first visit to the house and I came away with vivid and interesting
memories of my contact with the Whaley house and its ghosts and that the contact
was benign, almost friendly. I felt no fear and they did seem to be around where the
living people were almost as if they wanted to say hello...

Page 65

Veiled Existence
By David Farrant
Ghost stories may be as old as the hills, literally
just that, yet certainly few of these provide any clues
to account for their origins or authenticity.
It is, of course, possible to over-react to stories of
ghostly phenomena when assertions about their
existence - or non-existence - are frequently
diametrically opposed to each other, and when
invariably such assertions, being the result of human theories, will inevitably
contradict one another. Consequently, theories about ghostly phenomena abound, and
are usually limited by pre-formed ideas or conceptions about the Unknown, or
Unknowable. Certainly such theories and ideas about ethereal existence - or the
possibility of it - far out-weigh the very subject matter that it would otherwise try to
It would be an over-simplification, of course, (if not a grave mistake) to use the
word ghost to describe the whole nebulous spectrum of unexplained phenomena.
For one thing, the word itself is far too vague to be specific; for another, it commands
interpretation on the part of numerous people.
Usually cases evolve around the visible presence of phantom figures - but not
always, and sometimes only the effects of such presences are sensed or heard. Nonethe-less, these kinds of ghostly visitations seem to be as equally common as actual
visual appearances and are sometimes taken by given witnesses to be very real indeed.
But although ghosts may not always chose to appear in a visual sense, their
appearances can often be picked up by means of other sense impressions;
impressions which themselves might be far removed from everyday understanding.
This aside, the question must surely be asked, whether ghosts really do appear to
frighten or communicate with the living, or are the numerous accounts about their
appearances merely the result of some inherent urge in the human psyche itself
(whether consciously realised or not) to want to accept or believe in something
beyond the confines of life and death which are ultimately a part of everyday
existence? Whatever the answer, one thing remains certain. Too many genuine
accounts of psychic phenomena - or ghosts - remain on record (many from reliable
witnesses), to dismiss them all with arrogant flippancy.
Of course, it would perhaps be too easy to continue putting forward explanations - or
suggestions - about psychic phenomena in general, when entrenched attitudes about
the existence of ghosts - whether for or against them - tend to cloud perceptions that
might otherwise provide a valuable insight into their actual validity. In fact, it is not
really a question of providing an explanation for the possible existence of ghosts or
numerous other cases of psychic phenomena reported worldwide; that point really
becomes academic when a reversal of popular beliefs or conceptions, may be a far
more reliable way of arriving at any answer.
One of the popular beliefs about ghosts for example, (and it is a universally accepted
one) is that if they indeed exist, they must be spirits (either good or bad) of those
Page 66

deceased that have returned to the earth in some way to haunt a certain place, and that
perhaps want to convey some message or instruction to their human counterparts.
But this conception - that Man contains a spirit that is released and can even be seen
after death - is itself, perhaps a misguided one. At least, when it is used to explain the
existence of outside spirits and the nebulous world in which they supposedly dwell.
For it is a common belief that such spirits exist; and not only exist but preserve
their same life-time qualities, and can even be contacted and convey messages to the
living. It is but a short step for many to assume that witnessed apparitions must be the
appearances of such spirits; at least, offer some proof as to their form or embodiment.
The problem with this assumption, however, is that it contains one fatal flaw, in that it
makes no provision for the possibility of alternative explanation. Upholding the
tradition of blind belief, such a dogma, has itself, invariably become one.
Thus we are left with the conventional belief (that is, for those who accept their
existence in the first place), that ghosts must be the manifestation of some departed
spirits; often not only resembling their former human forms but retaining some - if not
all - of their human intelligence.
Although whilst applying this criteria to the many cases of ghostly entities that have
been - and continue to be so -- widely reported, it should perhaps be emphasized here
that this common explanation to explain ghosts is by no means exclusive to
them For as has already been pointed out, this general principal - that the human
spirit is capable of remaining earthbound after death and can communicate with the
living - is a universal one and in one form or another has become an irrevocable part
of human dogma. The growth of spiritualism as an accepted religion, can itself
confirm this view; not to mention the claims of numerous mediums who attest to
proving spiritual existence
But to deal with cases of unexplained phenomena themselves; would perhaps be to
enter into an entirely different field For notwithstanding the accounts of mediums
themselves - who are inevitably bound by their own beliefs and terminology - one
important question seems to have been invariably left out of the equation
Why is it that the human psyche is so dependent on the existence of outside spirits
or ghosts in the first place? Why can it not let such ideas drop into the superstitious
realms of belief from which they whence came? Why try to question and subsequently
try to answer such important questions from a mental standpoint, when such a
sphere might be far-removed from realms that could provide any possible answer.
That is not to say that questions into the realms of ghosts and their ilk are not
answerable, just that the very asking of them, is usually based upon very human
conceptions or stand-points which themselves invariably act as barriers to
understanding the very phenomena they are out to question. But if we are to put aside
the popular notion that ghosts - should they exist - must be some oblique
manifestation of the human spirit, the question inevitably remains then what exactly
are they?
As a psychic investigator, I have spent many years looking into the possibilities
surrounding this profound question, and although my findings have been frequently
published (both privately and amongst professional circles), still there frequently
Page 67

remains the very human inability to side-step traditional ideas and conventionalism
when trying to understand them.
Basically, I have put forward the notion that generally, psychic phenomena can be
divided into three main categories (which themselves can be divided in subcategories). The first category - which is certainly the most common - concerns the
possibility that many psychic phenomena (whether these consist of ghostly people,
animals, or even material objects) are merely images of past events or places that
can be replayed at certain times under certain conditions. These include planetary
alignments, lunar cycles, geographical locations and, perhaps most important of all,
atmospheric conditions. Water appears to be an essential ingredient that aids the
manifestation of many psychic phenomena; but invariably these images - or pictures
- have no intelligence, any more than a television picture can be said to have
A second category of unexplained phenomena involves what is commonly known as
the poltergeist. Here we find objects apparently moving (sometimes violently) of their
own accord, inexplicable drops of temperature, or direct interference with material
objects; such as light bulbs mysteriously fading or glasses or cups being suddenly
Invariably, such activity is put down to the existence and intervention of some kind of
outside intelligences or spirits (spirits that can sometimes be exorcised and made to
depart), though whilst this remains the prevailing view, and whilst such occurrences
can and do frequently occur, these events may have nothing to do with outside
For it is often overlooked that many supernatural occurrences are caused by
unconscious levels in the human mind itself; forces - or energy - that can operate
completely independently of the everyday thinking mind. The degree to which such
energy can be operative, it in turn dependent on the extent it may have developed in
any particular person. It is certainly true that such energy (I term it energy for want
of a better word) appears to be far more active in the case of adolescents and young
children. But the suggestion that unconscious forces in the human mind are
responsible for many cases of unexplained phenomena which are otherwise termed
spirits or ghosts; or the previously expounded observation that many supernatural
phenomena are merely unintelligent pictures, is not intended to be a neatly tied up
explanation for the existence of ghosts.
There are too many other factors to be taken into account when dealing with cases of
unexplained phenomena, not least, a third category of unexplained phenomena that
seem to have as their cause the actual existence of some kind of outside
Perhaps the best known is the supposed existence of the incubus and succubus - male
and female demons respectively - that visit sleeping people by night and are reported
to have sex with them; although sometimes they are content to merely take possession
of their chosen victims. The symptoms of such visitations are invariably the same;
people being suddenly awakened to find themselves completely paralysed by some
alien force that has taken possession of their bodies. Unable to move, or even scream,
Page 68

unfortunate victims can only lay in their abruptly awakened state totally at the mercy
of the demonic entity that has rendered them powerless. In many cases such
visitations may recur with relentless persistency; and just as frequently chosen victims
become anaemic and develop an allergy to bright sunlight.
It would be temping, of course, to use examples of incubi and succubae visitations
(and these have been reported for centuries world-wide) as evidence that intelligent
outside entities really do exist, but on the other hand, proving such a concept would
be impossible as proving the existence of the human spirit; a potential that lies beyond
present-day human consciousness.
But one factor that does present itself from examples of such demonic visitations
(and I have many on file that represent accounts from completely logical and sane
people), is the manner in which many psychic phenomena can be distorted beyond
means by misunderstanding and a very human trait to attribute fantasy to, and
exaggerate, those things unknowable
A prime example must surely be the legend of the vampire. For here we find a
glamorised myth that has its sole foundation,
accounts and legends about incubi and succubae
activity. The hypnotic control upon a chosen victim;
the draining or loss of blood; an aversion to sunlight,
and the sexual implications, all showing how
platonic myth is capable of being born from earlier
legend or accounts about supernatural activity that
were already in existence. Seized upon by earlier
authors, (and later to be expounded by Hollywood
and others), the possible existence of the incubus and succubus came to be distorted
out of all proportion from its probable occurrence.
In the case of the vampire, (and I have always maintained that these only exist in
their literal sense as just pure fiction), we are left with a glamorised occult dream;
but one that should not be left to overshadow - or even be seen to invalidate - cases of
genuine psychic activity.

Page 69

Real Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, and Quantum Physics

By Robin Renee Bridges
One of the benefits of a lifetime of afterlife
communication is that I know a lot about ghosts
what they are and what theyre not. For instance,
theyre not caught between worlds. And they dont
need us to help them move on. Theyre exactly
where theyre supposed to be. You dont honestly
think that God, the Creator of the Universe, would
leave their eternal fate in your and my hands, do
You CAN say that they are earthbound, but thats because their consciousness never
left the earth. And when you die, yours wont either. Were all right here together
forever. Thats just the nature of the afterlife. Yes, knowing the laws of the afterlife
can make these things a lot clearer.
Lately, Ive been researching what folks believe about ghosts and hauntings. Ive
investigated the investigations. Repeatedly Ive read, We dont use ouija boards,
sances, mediums or occult methods.
Yet its common for ghost researchers to accept, as an underlying condition of their
investigations, the erroneous claims of psychics, mediums, and channels.
Im referring to such concepts as caught between worlds, unfinished business,
earthbound souls, and ghost children in distress. At the same time ominous
warnings urge vigilant caution in case non-human demons and malevolent entities are
encountered. Oh, and don't forget the Hollywood expression, "Go to the light."
Scientific research cant be conducted properly on a foundation of superstition.
Let me tell you some things that are true about ghosts. Actually there are only two
kinds of ghosts: real and not-real.
The real ghosts are everywhere. Theyre in your home, in your car, in your school,
and in your dreams. Ghost researchers call these interactive ghosts. I call them soulghosts, or disincarnate souls. I dont care for the term, disembodied because they do
have a body. We just cant see it for the same reason that we cant see sound waves
and ultraviolet light. Theyre outside the range of our sentient boundary.
Soul-ghosts are interactive. They reach out to you, and you feel no fear absolutely
none. They envelop you in a blanket of warm fuzzies. Real ghosts can be mistaken for
angels. This isnt a paranormal experience. Its a supernatural and spiritual
The not-real ghosts seem to be everywhere too, but only for people that believe they
exist, or at least believe that they might exist. They rarely bother unbelievers. Ghost
researchers call the not-real ghosts residual ghosts. These ghosts seem to defy the
Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy because they pop in and out of existence
like virtual particles. The appearance of this type of ghost can be explained by
Page 70

quantum physics. From the Copenhagen Interpretation, which states that nothing is
real until you look at it, to the holographic theory of the universe, all ghosts abide by
the laws of quantum physics.
People that experience residual ghosts say that they seem to be caught in a time-loop
replaying the same scene over and over. The above mentioned physics also apply to
residual ghosts but with the addition of Schrodingers equations. For every now that
we experience, a positive wave flows into the future and a negative wave flows into
the past like concentric ripples created by a rock thrown into a pond.
The fact that some people experience residual ghosts is due to normal functions of
human consciousness, although some might rather think of it as a glitch. Residual
ghosts are unusual and fascinating experiences with natural causes.
Briefly, a few more types of not-real ghosts are poltergeists, demons, and shadow
people. Abnormal psychology applies to poltergeists and demons. The physiology of
the eye accounts for shadow people.
So, whats the truth about ghosts? Do they exist? Yes, of course they do. Can the
scientific method be used to investigate them? Yes, they use measurable amounts of
energy. Can you record their voices and photograph ghosts? Yes, but one needs to be
alert to pattern recognition tendencies.
The science of ghost investigation has the potential to make a huge difference in a
society still tormented by superstition and fear. You have the equipment. You have
the rationale. And you have the compassionate desire to help others.
Copyright 2005 Robin Renee Bridges
About the Author:
Robin Renee Bridges, a chaplain and grief counsellor for more than thirty years, is the
author of numerous published articles and the landmark book, A Bridge of Love
between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife. For more articles
about death, ghosts, and the nature of the souls in the afterlife visit

Page 71

Part Two
Frontiers of Science
Quantum Physics is seen by many serious paranormal
researchers as the scientific path to validating metaphysical
concepts that mainstream science has long dismissed as
fanciful. One of the things that we consider important at
ThothWeb is the need to look to science for possible answers
to the questions that seem unanswerable.

Flame 25 fractal art by Mal

Page 72

Time Travel for Beginners

Since the publication of H.G Wells The Time Machine
in 1895, the prospect of time travel has fired the
imagination of writers, provided controversy amongst the
scientific community and encouraged philosophers,
scientists, metaphysicians and dreamers to engage in
passionate debate.
In recent years, weve seen people claiming to be visitors
from the future, others claiming that we have evidence that
time travel has happened and inevitably we now have time
travel conventions where ideas about time travel can be
discussed and developed.
It seems as though a myriad of people have an interest in the possibility of travelling
through time. If the past exists, does the future already exist, and if it does, is our
future already predetermined?
So whats the story? Is time travel possible or should such romantic notions be
confined to the movies? We thought wed take a journey back through some of the
most popular theories and also (in the spirit of the article) take a look into the future to
see whats what.
John Titor the man who came back from the future
In November 2000, a man named John Titor suddenly appeared on an internet
newsgroup claiming to be a soldier from 2036. Over a period of around sixteen
months, he amassed quite a following with his accounts of how the world and,
America in particular, would be changing during the next several years. Some of his
reports included information about a global nuclear war in 2015, civil war in America
that starts in 2004/5 and reaches its worst point in 2008, the exhaustion of oil reserves
and numerous wars and other man made and natural disasters.
It remains to be seen if the mysterious John Titor was for real or whether he was an
educated hoaxer looking to amuse himself. Opinion is divided, certainly when asked
specific questions Titor was able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the subject
area. When describing his method of time travel, he described it as a government
issue Time Distortion Gravity Displacement Unit which was manufactured by
General Electric. He went on to explain that it used two spinning dual-positive microsingularities or mini black holes which would distort gravity around them; by
distorting gravity the micro-singularities also distort time, enabling the traveller to
travel through time. He went on to post instruction manuals and photographs of his
Unfortunately Titor failed to mention specific events such as 911, which in many
ways changed the course of history and had a huge impact on the world. 911 was a
significant event that occurred after he was supposedly born, suggesting he would
have had knowledge of it and in theory could have prevented it. If he was serious
Page 73

about warning the world of the dangers that lay ahead that would have been a good
place to start, as would his predicting the US loosing New Orleans in the way it did,
but this did not happen. In March 2001, John Titor vanished just as suddenly as he
had arrived, allegedly returning to 2036.
Ronald Pegg and the CD-ROM case did we travel back to biblical times from
the twentieth century?
What if at some point we did travel back in time and took with us a CD-ROM which
contained images of our present time? Would that prove that time travel was indeed
possible? This is a theory that Australian researcher Ronald Pegg has put forward. He
contends that the Ancient Egyptian priests who first told the story of Atlantis were
describing the imagery from a modern CD called Ancient Civilizations of the
Mediterranean which was made in 1995 and not that of an ancient civilization prior to
1230BC. He bases his supposition on the idea that the legendary Ark of the Covenant
was actually a computer that was taken back in time to allow those who lived in
ancient times to glimpse the future; why a time traveller from the twentieth century
would have done this remains to be understood, however Mr Pegg is quite sure that
this occurred.
Stepping back in time - Can time travel occur naturally?
Is it possible that we can accidentally and momentarily slip back in time quite
naturally without the need for time machines? In August 1901, two Oxford professors,
Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, were walking through the gardens of the Palace
of Versailles when they observed a shimmering effect on the landscape, when the
shimmering had passed the women noticed that much to their amazement they seemed
to have been transported back in time to about a hundred years earlier. The people
around them wore 18th century clothes and wigs and behaved in a very agitated
manner, something was clearly happening, but they had no idea what it could be.
Eventually the vision faded and they found themselves back in 1901. Shocked at what
they had experienced they carried out a little research and concluded that they had
somehow witnessed the sacking of the Tuleries and the massacre of the French
Guards during the French revolution in 1789. This suggests that it may be possible
that the veil between past and present can be momentarily lifted, in this case
transporting both ladies back in time.
Spacecrafts that travel through time
Perhaps one of my favourite time travel arguments is from Arthur C Clarke who
asserted that time travel wasnt possible on the basis that if it were wed be visiting
ourselves already, that made sense to me when I first heard it many years ago, but lets
consider for a moment that we are visiting ourselves already. There is a school of
thought that suggests that UFOs are in fact time travellers that come and go
seemingly as they please.
What the scientists say
To travel through time, in theory, we first need to travel faster than the speed of light,
which is something physics has never achieved itself or recorded anything else doing.
Page 74

Einstein's theory of relativity sets the speed of light as the speed limit for the universe.
The theory of relativity also demonstrated that distance and time are not absolute but
instead are affected by an objects motion time is relative, which means if we could
construct a spacecraft that was fast enough, in theory we (or whoever had the
technology) could travel through time. In general though, Einstein described time as
akin to a lazy river that meandered through the solar system and he didnt consider
time travel possible.
Physicist Kurt Gdel however found an ingenious solution to Einsteins theorems that
did allow for time travel, maybe. He proposed a mathematical model where timelines
closed back on themselves so that in such a way that distant past and the distant future
became one in the same, essentially Einsteins lazy river of time contained
whirlpools in which time could wrap itself into a circle. Anyone moving along in the
same direction of rotation of the whirlpool would find themselves back at the starting
point, but backwards in time.
Amos Ori, professor of physics at the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology in
Haifa, tends to agree that mathematically the laws of physics don't stand in the way of
building time machines, although the practical implementation may be a long way off.
Does the answer lie in wormholes?
Are wormholes tunnels to facilitate time travel? This is an idea that is being given
some serious consideration by some scientists. One hypothesis is that a wormhole
could act as a shortcut between two points, theoretically enabling you to beat time.
Francisco Lobo, an astrophysicist at the University of Lisbon in Portugal comments:
"Traversable wormholes are extremely useful as Gedanken experiments experiments that can be reasoned theoretically but are impractical to carry out - "to
probe the limitations of general relativity".
It certainly seems feasible that different areas of the fabric of time and space could be
linked in such a way.
The Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments
Did the US Navy attempt time travel using secret Tesla technology and one of their
ships and did the first experiment go horribly wrong? The two experiments were
conducted exactly forty years apart in August 1943 and August 1983, with the former
resulting in the US Eldridge disappearing completely for twenty minutes and panic
ensuing. This has left a great number of people convinced that the Navy succeed in
sending the ship forward through time. Interestingly, a lot of UFO activity was
reported around the Eldridge in the week prior to and during the experiment, as
though they were either involved with or were monitoring the experiment. Forty years
later the experiment was attempted again, allegedly to correct what had gone wrong
with the Philadelphia experiment.
The Paradox of time travel
The main argument against the feasibility of time travel is that by changing one tiny
Page 75

thing in the past it will create a ripple effect through time that could catastrophically
alter the future in incalculable ways even to the point of time travel itself not being
invented or the person who travelled through time not being born - which
paradoxically means they couldnt be there changing the past.
A counter argument to this is that all times exist concurrently but in different
dimensions. It may well be that we can't physically go back and alter our personal
history, but any action we did take would occur in the present or the now of
another dimension.
Metaphysics transcending time through the mind
From a metaphysical point of view the emphasis is slightly different because there is
no burden of proof, there is simply understanding - although again not all
metaphysicians agree. One of the big differences is that in metaphysics, time travel is
not necessarily a physical endeavour.
In yogic practices, mystics are said to be able to practice a range of miraculous feats
such as bilocation and casting energy forward or backwards through time. If we
consider spiritual healing practices such as reiki, a technique that involves channelling
the universal energy for healing purposes, it is common practice to send healing back
in time to heal past traumas that have occurred, or send it forward into the future so
that a client might connect to it at a specific point in time, many of those involved in
magick engage in similar practices.
This raises another possibility; that it might be possible for non-physical energy such
as thought patterns to transcend time, but not physical energy. To understand this
theory it is necessary to assume that, alongside the material and physical world that
we belong to there exists a non-physical environment that lacks the restrictions placed
on its physical counterpart. While science considers the merits of the physical, in
metaphysics the non-physical is given a far higher degree of importance.
In metaphysical theory, there is a point in the universe where time does not exist; past
present and future are simply one. Bearing this in mind, the art of prophecy is
something else that we should give some thought to. It may be possible that past,
present and future do exist as one and that seers are somehow able to tap into this pool
of totality for want of a better expression, and snatch snippets of the future. Again,
as with the physical world, we can neither prove nor disprove this theory; we can
simply wonder.
A brief conclusion - and the big question
Time is perhaps the one mystery that will forever elude us; its quite possible that we
are seeking to master the impossible. If we do manage to shake the physical constrains
of time then those that possess this knowledge literally control the future of humanity,
and at what cost? Wars could be averted and natural disasters predicted in advance but
the knock on effect of saving millions of lives would be incalculable and not
necessarily beneficial. Political rivals could be erased from the history books,
technology removed or introduced at will, but no one could really predict the true
effects of dropping one small pebble in the sea of time. It remains to be seen if man
Page 76

will ever reach a point where we have not only the ability to travel through time, but
also the discretion to handle the responsibility that time travel carries.
If we did have the ability to travel through time, what would we do with it?
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The Philadelphia Experiment
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Remembrance of Things Future: The Mystery of Time

Page 77

Is there Free Energy on the Moon?

Roger Kent Pool reports on a conspiracy of silence:
Im not a smart man but I guess Im smarter than a
rocket scientist, either that or there is a deception that
has been foisted on the public for decades, one that
should make us ask if NASAs love affair with Mars
is misplaced.
It has been more than thirty years since NASAs
manned space program landed men on the Moon.
Thirty years is a long time; both science and technology have achieved great
milestones during that time, yet for some reason we still do not have any significant
fixed assets on the Moon.
During that time, we have spent billions of dollars sending countless satellites and
rovers to Mars and have even sent probes out of the solar system; however our
achievements on the Moon are conspicuous by their absence. One of the reasons
given for NASA channelling its resources into the exploration of Mars is that Mars
potentially has water and the Moon does not.
While the moon may not have natural water of its own, it may come as a surprise for
people to realize that the moon contains all the vital ingredients required to make our
own water. You might ask how I can say that when scientists have never publicly
shared this incredible fact, so allow me to explain.
The Moon as we know is made of rock and most of what constitutes rock is in fact
oxygen. The Moon has also been bathed by the solar winds for around 3 billion years,
saturating its surface in hydrogen. If we burn the hydrogen by combining it with the
oxygen, adding a spark, or a platinum catalyst, bang (literally bang), we have water.
Incidentally, if the need is for a rocket motor propellant you do not have to even
combine the elements.
A scientist would say that the oxygen is bound up in the lunar rock and it takes energy
to free it. Fortunately, there is the potential to create energy in abundance on the moon
and some simply use the natural environment to do so. There are great advantages on
the moon that do not exist on Mars. The absence of atmosphere means that the
sunward side of objects are very hot and the shade side of the object is freezing cold.
An important job of a spacesuit, beyond providing sufficient pressure to keep the
occupant from asphyxiating, is that in contains hundreds of continuously circulating
water-filled tubes that are used to balance the temperature. Without this temperature
control system the astronaut would both cook on one side and freeze solid on the
other. The other advantage is the moon has no appreciable atmosphere. At low
pressures water can be made to boil with very little heat.
The New Age of Steam
When facing the sun, the moons surface temperature is about 123C, which is of
course above the boiling point of water. If you need to increase the temperature
further you can use a parabolic mirror to achieve any temperature required. The
Page 78

parabolic mirror focuses the sunlight like a magnifying glass to a small point. In the
hotspot place a metal container to create that whiz-bang of modern technology: the
In a contained system of tubes, you can boil water until it becomes steam. The steam
builds up pressure and is forced through an electric turbine assembly. It is then fed
into a cooling radiator; where it can be continuously reused. Looking to the moons
natural environment, we know that the moons temperature in the shade drops as low
as -233C. This temperature extreme is certainly cold enough to re-condense the
steam and make this system very feasible indeed.
Making Free Energy on the Moon
Another way to capitalize on the extreme temperature variations in the lunar
environment is to use an array of thermocouples. A thermocouple is a simple device
consisting of two types of metal like zinc and copper that have been fused together.
By attaching a wire to the copper side and another wire to the zinc side one can then
hook the two wire to an electrical device like a light bulb By placing one side of the
metal plate, say the copper side, in the sun and the other, the zinc side, in the shade,
the temperature difference causes an electric current to flow through wires attached to
each of the metals and if the temperature difference is great enough the bulb will
glow. This is the same device used on your older gas stoves, gas water heaters or gas
furnaces. When you light the pilot light you hold the button down for a few seconds it
allows the little copper thing held in the flame (the thermocouple) to heat up enough
to supply enough current to an electromagnet coil thereby holding the gas valve open.
If you blow out the pilot light the thermocouple cools, the current stops flowing and
the gas valve snaps closed. It is an important safety device.
The following idea is perhaps the easiest and is very interesting to consider. Scientists
know that by moving a long piece of wire through a magnetic field, an electric current
is generated. A generator is simply a long copper wire moved through a magnetic
field. A motor is the reverse then current flows through a wire it produce a magnetic
field that turns an armature. By coiling the wire the effect is magnified. The Earth
generates its own magnet field and the moon moves through that magnetic field as it
revolves around the Earth. So potentially we have an environment, which is
conducive to using the forces of nature to create electricity. One of the shuttle
missions proved the viability of this theory by trailing a long wire behind. As the
shuttle orbited the earth cutting through the magnetic lines of force it was able to
generate a significant amount of electrical power, that is, until the wire broke creating
a menacing space junk hazard. This may work if earths magnetic field is strong
enough on the moon and if the moon is moving fast enough through it to produce
enough power. That seems like a question a rocket scientist or an engineer could
There are several other methods of creating electricity on the moon including using a
compact nuclear reactor or solar cells; the only consideration with using solar cells
would be protecting the mirrors from micrometeorites, which is not an
insurmountable obstacle.

Page 79

Storing the Energy

Once energy has been generated we need to be able
to store it. Again, the moon is able to supply
resources that make this possible as it has a nearly
perfect vacuum. By simply placing a series of metal
plates next to one another and alternating which side
of the electrical circuit is attached, positive or
negative, you create a capacitor, which can be used
to store power in the same way that a battery does.
The Ark of the Covenant is an identical device and
most electronic devices employ capacitors. Those funny canisters you see hanging of
the power poles are essentially capacitors. They are used to soak up power spikes and
even out the power.
Science has also become very adept at creating plasma and manipulating plasma.
Plasma is an energetic state of matter, rather like a gas where the atoms have been
stripped of their electrons. (Atoms heated to extreme temperatures form plasma.)
Removing the electrons gives the atoms a charge and the plasma streams can then be
channelled any way we want.
A water production machine involves using a laser to superheat the Moon rock,
creating plasma. It is then possible to separate the silicon from the oxygen plasma in
the moon rock using electric fields. Hydrogen, having a positive charge without being
in a plasma state is even easier to separate. At the moment this technology remains
undeveloped, but it seems reasonable to wonder why that is. Its true that this method
requires energy itself, but energy as weve demonstrated is cheap and freely available
on the Moon.
The Moon is our closest neighbour and therefore far more accessible than Mars. It is
clearly cheaper and safer to support both manned and robotic missions to the Moon.
In addition there are no delays in communication between the Moon and Earth as
there are between Mars and Earth. Establishing a base on the Moon would allow us to
test our habitation of extreme environments in a considerably safer and cheaper way
than going to Mars would. If we can live on the Moon, then we can live anywhere.
Creating a water-manufacturing base on the moon certainly makes sense and as weve
seen is easily achievable if NASA directs sufficient resources into it. However, for
some strange reason, it has rejected the moon in favour of the more distant Mars for
It seems suspicious that we scrapped our Saturn V fleet that was capable of landing on
the moon in favour of a more expensive (although reusable) space shuttle that is
unable to make it to the Moon. If an organization such as the UN had set up a system
there to manage mineral rights, big business would have capitalized on the
opportunities on the moon very quickly indeed and our moon base would soon have
become a reality, funded by both private and government funds.
The fact is we deserve answers from our rocket scientists and our politicians regarding
their failure, or more probably unwillingness, to develop the Moons potential. What
Page 80

is the big secret? What is the problem? If I can figure out how to create water and
energy using the moons natural resources, they can too. So why havent they?
Now that the race to get back to the moon is finally on, even China has joined the
game. Although they have never openly admitted it, scientists know that the Moon
can supply all our space borne water and energy requirements. By finally developing
and utilizing the potential on our own doorstep, we can create a foundation that will
benefit humanity for the next millennia, the only question is, why did we wait so

Page 81

Science Exploded: The Isis Thesis

(Conscious Horizontal Gene Transfer as Time Travels Backward)
by Judy King
When scientists go to bed at night, monstrous
thoughts haunt their veiled minds. They wonder-does consciousness exist after death? What happens
inside black holes? How are matter particles related
to force particles? What is the origin of the geometry
of spacetime and quantum phenomena? Who am I?
Nobel Laureate Louis de Broglie once said that
despite great advances, Science has never been able
to lift the veil of Isis. That is, until now. The Isis Thesis is a scientific study grounded
in biosemiotics (biology interpreted as sign systems), explaining Natures secrets that
the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs understood. Put simply, Egyptian deities represent
proteins and other molecules defining a pathway for horizontal gene transfer at human
death. Researcher and former college instructor Judy K. King devised a unique
methodology and spent three grueling years decoding eight ancient Egyptian texts, to
unveil this discovery and others. The study, which King recently presented at the
Third International Humanities Conference at the University of Cambridge on August
3, 2005, reveals that the Pharaohs were aware of bacterial genetics, space physics,
quantum physics, and microbiology, including recent research in cosmology related to
String Theory and Black Hole Theory.
So, how would King Tut answer the first nightmarish question--does consciousness
exist after death? Tut would have said, Yes, quantum consciousness exists within the
nonlocality region, and in the afterlife, this state is the multiplicity of routes down a
protein folding funnel. Obviously, there is no path, unless you have Egyptian
scientific knowledge of the paths of the West, and then you can cross over for DNA
recombinational repair in an E. coli host bacterium.
Zymosis to Zero Time
Surprisingly, 5000 years ago the Pharaohs used the word crossover in the modern
science sense, while slapping a chilling spin on its definition. Yes, it is still a DNA
exchange--but one the Pharaohs claim is between our warm eukaryotic cell type and a
cold virus called bacteriophage Lambda, an eater of bacteria. This idea shouldnt
really irk us, for the human genome analysis proves viruses made us what we are
today with an intrusive donation from bacteria of hundreds of genes encoding at least
223 proteins. The crux of the issue is this. What really matters to the Pharaohs is that
the road not taken is the path back to zero time unifying the four forces, the path
changing fermions to bosons with halos. The signs along this route read CPT
Violation, Left-handed Helicity, Lactose Passage, DNA Tunneling, Negative
Energy, Holliday Junction, and Einstein-Rosen Bridge.
Still, is there really a path? Tut would say that when particles enter a specific channel,
such as the bacteriophage Lambda attachment site in E. coli called the LamB porin
(aka the maltose transport system), they appear to be irreversibly fixed. So even
though a particles trajectory is random, it is modified by the dynamics of the channel
Page 82

and may qualify for what physicists David Bohm and Basil Hiley (1993) call a
minimum free path below which the trajectory ceases to be random.
The Pharaohs claim that consciousness is the ground of our being--not matter, and
with Knowledge, the deceased has a choice of two paths. The road not taken leads to
evolvability or horizontal gene transfer; the other path is the Highway to Hell, what
the Pharaohs called a second death or death-by-ignorance. This, of course, is simply
the conscious experience of being eaten or recycled by bacteria.
Evolvability for Survival
Earl and Deem describe evolvability as the propensity to evolve and a selectable trait.
Their computer simulations of protein evolution showed that a dramatic
environmental change leads to selection for greater evolvability, specifically largescale genetic moves such as DNA exchange or horizontal gene transfer.
According to Egyptian biosemiotics, a dramatic spacetime environmental change,
such as a human death, enables the consciousness of the deceased (defined as the
remaining elements or information created by the spacetime matter DNA-text) to
select evolvability. The Egyptian texts explain how this can occur for our conscious
genetic essence under specific environmental conditions that allow active selfmaintenance or autopoiesis. Biologist Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan define
autopoeisis as the ability of entities to maintain their structural and biochemical
integrity in the face of environmental threats. Thus, the Pharaohs Knowledge is a
life insurance policy against bacteria becoming the beneficiaries of our genetic
potential. So be it, we must now innovate to survive.
More and more modern scientific evidence is supporting evolutionary gene shuffling
through horizontal gene transfer mediated by bacteriophage. In our biosphere, we are
surrounded by microbes and our bodies are composed of one hundred quadrillion
(100,000,000,000,000,000) bacterial cells. Kings research into eight major funerary
texts spanning 2000 years confirms that horizontal gene transfer mediated by
bacteriophage Lambda is an accelerated pathway to a fitness peak, an escape from
genetic confinement or an evolutionary dead end. The Pharaohs hid this survival
message within their hieroglyphic sign system. Buried in the pyramids of the Kings
and the tombs of the nobility, the wisdom remained masked in a religious literature,
even though Jean-Francois Champollion cracked the code for Egyptian hieroglyphs in
1822. Since then, scholars have struggled with little success to interpret the hidden
meaning of the dual-signified signs and symbols with related artwork. Many
Egyptologists have dismissed the funerary corpus as confusing, unintelligible and
primitive, redirecting their efforts to excavations and preservation of artifacts. On the
other hand, modern science is taking great strides, but has only recently discovered
that genetic material can be transferred from dead cells to live cells. Even though
microbial history on earth spans about four billion years, we still stand godlike,
wobbling on our short-lived pinnacle of evolution--unaware that horizontal gene
transfer is possible for humans after death.

Page 83

Religion is Science
Also intriguing is that the chemical reactions and lifestyles (lysogeny and lysis) of
bacteriophage Lambda mirror religious themes such as the dying/rising god, the cross,
the brother rivalry over the throne, virgin birth and the great flood. For example, circa
2500 BCE the first dying/rising god was the Egyptian Osiris, who was then dribbled
down through time as Dumuzi (Sumer), Mithra (Persia), Attis (Phrygia), Adonis
(Greece) and Jesus Christ. Osiris is the biological sign for the dormant or dead
Lambda next to the lactose genes on the host cell chromosome (lysogeny). When
Lambda (Osiris) chooses the lysis lifestyle, it rises from the dead, uses the lactose
nutrient medium, takes over the replication machinery of the host cell and clones
phage progeny, which lyse the cell to escape in a great flood. One of the novel
environmental stimuli in this reaction is lactose, which the Pharaohs represented by
the sign Isis, the Milk-Goddess and Osiris sister. These signs or biological survival
messages have migrated through history from Egypt, and they are the ground of our
great religious traditions. So, while standing godlike on our perilous pimple of
evolution, many of us unknowingly indulge in microbe-worship, oblivious to the
survival message in the effaced signs. Actually, worshipping microbes seems
reasonable in light of four billion years of microbial evolution on earth, which is their
planet, not ours.
The Last Judgment is this: religion is science, and anybody can go to heaven or zero
time if they have scientific knowledge of the road not taken. Kings study resurrects
ancient Egypt and its latent knowledge for our salvation. The Isis Thesis restores
meaning to long-lost signs found in myth, religion, art, literature and psychology. This
biosemiosis (biological message flow) supports horizontal gene transfer mediated by
bacteriophage Lambda in the archetypal prokaryote E. coli and much more. Niels
Bohr has been quoted as saying, When it comes to atoms, language can be used only
as in poetry.
So it is that the hieroglyphs and art of the Pharaohs encodes an imaginative poetry of
Being resonating with atoms, DNA, bacteria, proteins, bacteriophage Lambda, matter
and energy, while pregnant with the answers to all of the questions above that keep
Twenty-first century scientists sleepless.
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Page 84

Margulis, L. and D. Sagan, 1986. Microcosmos: four billion years of evolution

from our microbial ancestors. New York: Summit Books.
The Isis Thesis includes a study (Vol. 1) and a novel called The Road from Orion
(Vol. 2), which explains the thesis in a story format. The novel was written for readers
who prefer information in a story format rather than a cited thesis. For an online
interview with Judy King, see: On August 3,
2005, King attended the Third International Humanities Conference on New
Directions in the Humanities and presented research from The Isis Thesis at the
University of Cambridge, UK. A paper entitled Biosemiotics in Ancient Egyptian
Texts: The Key to Long-Lost Signs Found in Myth, Religion, Psychology, Art and
Literature was refereed and accepted for publication in the 2005 International
Humanities Journal. The paper can soon be purchased for a nominal fee at

These pages are the copyright of Envision Editions, Ltd., November 25, 2005, which
welcomes the reproduction and dissemination of these pages, in original, unaltered
form, for non-commercial purposes. When reproducing this article, this notice must
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sought for any other usage, other than 'fair usage' quotations.

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Part Three
Ancient Civilisations The Past Revisited
Is it possible that ancient peoples had an understanding of
Science that was very different but in some ways just as
advanced as our own? When you take a close look at the
archaeological evidence, there seems to be much to suggest
that our knowledge of the past is far from complete.

Ancient Tribute by Dhanishta

Page 86

Levitation and Flight in the Ancient World: A Modern Perspective

By Isis and FyreSpirit
The idea that in the distant past, ancient civilizations
possessed technologies that we lack today is a
troubling one for science. Modern society likes to
think that today mankind sits at the pinnacle of
humanitys scientific achievement. We tend to make
the assumption that technological developments of
the past can be stacked neatly like a tower of blocks,
with our current paradigms balanced nicely at the
This thinking is based on the fact that early civilizations did not possess a
sophisticated level of mechanization. Modern thought dictates that mechanization is
the only method of accomplishing the advanced engineering skills required to
achieve things such as flight and levitation.
To ascertain if levitation and even flight could be possible without the need for
complex machinery, we need to study the work of modern day scientific pioneers and
the clues left in ancient texts.
Perhaps most importantly, we need to suspend our belief that mechanisation or brute
force are the only options available; that maybe there is a third way, a long forgotten
method of utilising natural forces to make them work in our favour.
Research in the twentieth century by scientists and inventors such as Tom Danley,
Edward Leedskalnin and Viktor Schauberger have made people question if the laws
of physics and the forces of nature can be employed to achieve these things without
the need for mechanisation. If their research is borne out, then it is quite possible that
many ancient civilizations possessed a unique scientific knowledge, a natural science
that has been all but lost through time, but that we may be on the verge of
The Evidence written in Stone
The clues to the mystery of just what Earths ancient people were capable of, lie in the
ancient monuments that are a lasting legacy of many great civilizations. At least six
thousand years ago, before even the wheel has been invented, highly complex
monuments were constructed using blocks of stone that weighed as much as 800
tonnes apiece. Was it simply a colossal amount of human effort that led to the
construction of ancient monuments such as Stonehenge in England, Sacsayhuaman in
Peru, Baalbek in the Lebanon and the pyramids of Giza, or was there a secret to their
construction? These ancient sites are simply a few of the relics of the past, relics
whose construction cant be fully explained by our current understanding of scientific
knowledge in the ancient world.
It is common knowledge that civilizations we consider primitive in terms of their
technological accomplishments built structures the dimensions of which would be
impractical if not impossible for modern day engineers and architects to replicate
Page 87

even with our current knowledge of construction techniques. Ancient people often
incorporated blocks of stone of staggering dimensions into their architecture when it
would have been far easier and quicker to use smaller more manageable blocks. Many
of these quarried blocks were well over 100 tonnes apiece and the largest were
actually over 1000 tonnes. One reason that has been put forward for the need to use
such large stones is that they made the structure more earthquake proof. This is a very
plausible theory which indicates an awareness of the forces of the earth that had to be
taken into account when constructing ancient buildings. However, using nothing but
brute force it would have taken several generations to complete each monument,
unless of course the ancients had a method of easily moving the stone blocks used in
the construction.
The Trilithons of Baalbek
Regardless of why such big blocks of stone were
used, it is an undeniable fact that ancient temples and
forts were made from stone blocks so large that most
modern cranes would struggle to lift them into place.
The best example of this is the three stones that form
the Trilithon at Baalbek in modern day Lebanon,
which contains the largest stones used in any manmade structure. Each of these massive stones is
between 63 and 65 feet in length, around 14 feet high and 12 feet thick. Each stone
has an average weight of about 1000 tonnes. An even larger block with an estimated
weight of 1200 tonnes lies unfinished in the nearby quarry. Why this stone was
abandoned is unknown, but as one end of the stone is still attached to the bedrock it is
clear it was still unfinished and that no attempt had been made to lift it, but it had been
quarried assuming it could be moved.
Not only are the Trilithon stones of an immense size, the stone blocks that support
them are also incredibly large, weighing in at around 450 tons each; highlighting the
enormity of the construction effort that was successfully undertaken by these ancient
Searching for answers
No documented accounts exist of exactly when or
how the Baalbek complex was originally built.
Current thinking is that ramps would have been used
to haul the stones from the quarry to the site and into
position, but no evidence has been found to support
that explanation and indeed the logistical
implications of moving huge numbers of stones of
that weight tends to cast doubt on the idea. There are
some commentators that argue that nothing but brute
strength was used to move these blocks, suggesting that timescales would not have
been of importance and that if it took thousands of men a hundred years or more to
build a temple that would have been perfectly acceptable at the time. This may be so;
however the impact such a re-allocation of manpower would have on the community
as a whole, which would have to sustain a vast workforce using primitive farming
Page 88

methods, leads many researchers to question the feasibility of the theory. There had to
be an efficient and workable method of construction that did not require our
knowledge of mechanization.
If Baalbek was created using some kind of technology to transport its 800 tonne
stones, no trace of the methodology remains. This has led many researchers to suggest
that acoustic levitation was used in the construction. Acoustic levitation would be an
invisible technology that would leave no physical evidence of its use. If the ancient
builders of Baalbek did use sound to move their huge blocks into position, the only
evidence that might remain would be the retelling of the story in local legend passed
down from generation to generation. Sceptics naturally cite a lack of physical
evidence as being just the cause to debunk ideas concerning alternative history.
However, in the case of acoustic levitation, the absence of evidence isnt necessarily
evidence of absence of the technology existing. Proponents of the levitation theory
point out that it should be expected that a technology that would have no
environmental impact would not leave physical evidence of it having been used. The
fact that are no demonstrable theories or supporting archaeological finds that prove
beyond doubt how these monuments were constructed illustrates the dilemma of
orthodox archaeology, in that they have no real viable alternative to offer as to who
built Baalbek or how it was constructed.
The Phoenician historian, Sanchoniatho, wrote that the god Ouranes, who possessed
the power to make stones move on their own, supposedly built Byblos, the first city in
Lebanon. This story is of course unsubstantiated, but taken at face value, suggests that
a form of levitation may have been used to shift the huge blocks. Sanchoniatho goes
on to say that the demi-gods of Byblos possessed "light and other more complete
ships". This is an even more controversial statement, certainly suggesting that
whoever built Baalbek might have come from another land but also that air travel
might have been used. It also seems to parallel an extract from an ancient Egyptian
text called A warrior's prayer which originates from the old kingdom pre-dynastic
Come oh Osiris great lord of Abydos,
thy heart flies on a safe distance to guide our land to light,
let us follow your boat mighty Osiris the one that flies like the stars
when they come down to earthly grounds and rise again
to make all men and animal linger before the greatness of their magick.
Sanchoniatho continues that chief among these people was Taautus:
"Who invented the writing of the first letters; him the Egyptians called Thoor, the
Alexandrians Thoyth, and the Greeks Hermes."
This is interesting because according to legend, many associate Thoth with the
building of the pyramid complex at Giza. As we shall see later, Giza is another
engineering marvel that incorporates massive stone blocks and whose construction
our engineers still cannot replicate.

Page 89

The Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids at Giza in Egypt are probably the most
famous examples of huge stone monuments whose
construction defies current understanding. It would
have taken an unbelievable number of people and
animals to quarry and then move the stones used in
the construction of the pyramid. Orthodox
researchers are convinced the pyramids were built
using levers, ropes, pulleys, and ramps to move these
massive stones into very precise alignments. In the
case of the Giza complex, there is archaeological evidence to suggest that several
thousand workers were housed near the construction site and that ramps were used on
the site, but for what? Archaeologists who support the ramp theory often fail to take
into account that hauling stone blocks weighing several tonnes up wooden ramps
would have put an intolerable strain on any wooden structure. A wooden ramp might
have been suitable for hauling the huge granite blocks and limestone lintels from the
Nile river to the site but there is no way they could have been used to raise limestone
lintels weighing between 50 and 200 tonnes, two hundred feet in the air and moving
them into precise alignment within the pyramid, even today this remains an
engineering impossibility. The relieving chamber blocks for example each weigh 70
tones and measure 8 x 2 x 1.5 meters, each block needed to be hoisted 200 feet in the
air before being positioned inside the great pyramid.
The presence of a substantial workforce at the pyramid site may have centered around
working on the exterior of the pyramids, using the ramps to support people who were
working on the limestone faade for example. It is also very likely that this workforce
were employed in the construction of the smaller buildings that are also incorporated
into the Giza site. Dragging blocks weighing a hundred tones or more up a wooden
ramp using people or oxen seems to be an unlikely method of construction.
Moving stones the legend of how the pyramids were
The Arab historian, Abul Hasan Ali Al-Masudi wrote in the
tenth century that according to legend a magical papyrus
was used to levitate the stone blocks. According to the
legend, the papyrus was placed under the stone to be moved
and the stone was tapped with the kind of metal rod that
Thoth and other Egyptian deities are often pictured as
carrying. This created an acoustic resonance and caused the
stone to levitate and move along an avenue of metal poles
(which would presumably have amplified the resonance). This way the block in
question could be guided carefully into position; with the procedure being repeated
each time the resonance began to fade.
The construction of the pyramids has fascinated many scholars over the years. In his
article titled, The Gods as Architects, William Saylor uses the following quote to
illustrate how the pyramids were constructed.

Page 90

Then said Pharaoh, Where lies the papyrus on which Imhotep wrote the words of
power that went to the building of the pyramid for Zoser, yes and for that of Seneferu
my father alsoThe words of power can be found and spoken by none but he-and if
he speaks them three great pyramids shall rise at Giza and stand there forever.
This seems to support the story told to Al-Masudi about a magic papyrus being used
to raise the blocks used in the construction of the Giza pyramids.
Tiahuanaco and the Monuments in the Mountains
Baalbek and Giza are not the only ancient sites that
incorporated massive stone blocks in their
construction. As mentioned earlier, these amazing
sites can be found across the world and in some very
surprising places. In the highlands of Bolivia, near
Lake Titicaca, sits the enigmatic site of Tiahuanaco.
This site was once attributed to the Incas, but is now
known to have been a ruin long before the Incas
inhabited the area. There is a great deal of geological
evidence to suggest it was originally a port city at the edge of Lake Titicaca. The lake
has since dropped over 800 feet in depth and its shores have receded about 12 miles.
There, at the pre Incan ruins of Puma Punku, 100 tonne sandstone blocks were used to
create a temple, 13,000 feet above sea level, in the Bolivian Andes. In this part of the
world the air is so thin that tourists are exhausted just walking by about and the
rugged terrain makes normal foot travel difficult. Like with the pyramids of Giza, the
temple complex incorporates a series of subterranean chambers, whether this is
coincidence or evidence of a further connection between the two sites has yet to be
investigated. There is no explanation as to how such heavy blocks were moved using
manual labour in those conditions. The most famous architectural feature of the
complex, the Gateway of the Sun, was carved from a single block of stone weighing
over 15 tons. There is no clear indication of where this particular stone came from or
how it was set in place with such precision.
The site also contains a building called the Kalasasaya, thought to have been a temple,
whose stone steps are comprised of huge stone blocks some 30 feet in length. There
are many blocks in the Tiahuanaco complex that weigh over 100 tons, and which were
transported to the site from a quarry some 50 km away.
According to the oral tradition of the Aymara Indians, the current residents of the
shores of Titicaca, the whole site at Tiahuanaco was built at the beginning of time
by the founder-god Viracocha and his followers, who caused the stones to be carried
through the air to the sound of a trumpet. Trumpets and musical instruments in
general have been credited with inducing levitation in objects in many cultures,
including the Tibetan one.

Page 91

The research of Olaf Alexanderson and Henry Kjellson in Tibet

Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson detailed in the
publication, Implosion No. 13, how some vibrations
in the audio range will demonstrate to a physicist that
a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the
power of gravitation. Is this scientific knowledge the
key to understanding how massive stones were made
move and were levitated to accomplish amazing feats
of engineering?
In the 1950s, a Swedish engineer named Henry Kjellson documented accounts from
two travelers who each separately claimed to have witnessed acoustic levitation
firsthand, in his book The Lost Techniques.
In one account, in 1969, a Swedish man named Dr. Jarl, a graduate of Oxford
University in England and member of the English Scientific Society was invited by a
former college friend to visit Tibet, where his friend was studying under a senior
lama. Because of his longstanding friendship with his Tibetan friend, Dr Jarl was
permitted to witness some of the hidden practices that were still taught in the region;
traditions that had remained unchanged for many thousands of years. During a visit at
a monastery to the southwest of Lhasa, Jarl witnessed a group of monks under
tutelage of the lama move a stone that was (according to Jarl) 1.5 meters long, 1 meter
high, and 1 meter wide. The stone was moved from a meadow to what appeared to be
the opening of a cave over 250 meters above. In fact it wasnt a cave, but a massive
rock wall that the monks had been building.
Kjellerson is quoted as describing how the rocks were made to levitate thus:
In the middle of the meadow, about 250 metres from the cliff, was a polished slab of
rock with a bowl like cavity in the centre. The bowl had a diameter of one metre and a
depth of 15 centimetres. A block of stone was manoeuvred into this cavity by Yak
oxen. The block was one metre wide and one and one-half metres long. Then 19
musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 metres from
the stone slab. The radius of 63 metres was measured out accurately. The musical
instruments consisted of 13 drums and six trumpets (Ragdons). Eight drums had a
cross-section of one metre, and a length of one and one-half metres. Four drums were
medium size with a cross-section of 0.7 metre and a length of one metre. The only
small drum had a cross-section of 0.2 metres and a length of 0.3 metres. All the
trumpets were the same size. They had a length of 3.12 metres and an opening of 0.3
The big drums and all the trumpets were fixed on mounts, which could be adjusted
with staffs in the direction of the slab of stone. The big drums were made of 3 mm
thick sheet iron, and had a weight of 150 kg. They were built in five sections. All the
drums were open at one end, while the other end had a bottom of metal, on which the
monks beat with big leather clubs. Behind each instrument was a row of monks.
When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start
the concert. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the
other instruments making a terrible din. All the monks were singing and chanting a
Page 92

prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four
minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise,
increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into
the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave
hole 250 metres high. After three minutes of ascent, it landed on the platform.
Although Dr Jarl filmed this event, The English Scientific Society for which Dr Jarl
was working allegedly confiscated the two films and declared them classified; as such
they have never made their way into the public domain.
In the second account reported by Kjellson, an Austrian named Linauer stated that in
the 1930s he was at a remote monastery in northern Tibet where he was shown two
strange instruments that could produce weightlessness in stone. The first was a huge
gong, 3.5 meters in diameter, made from an alloy of three different metals and which
made an extremely low sound when struck.
According to Don Conreaux, a metaphysian and gong master, the essential key to the
gong's force of resonance, and its effectiveness, is the complete submersion and
saturation of a person or object in layer upon layer of tone-cell multiplication. The
universal gong sound is based upon the musical principle that all tones of equal
amplitude keep resonating, adding to themselves, to produce cumulative offspring, so
to speak. This is a phenomenon unique to gongs
The second instrument was also composed of three different metals; but it was a halfoval shape like a mussel shell, and measured 2 meters long by 1 meter wide, with
strings stretched lengthwise over its hollow surface. Linauer was informed that it
created an inaudible resonance wave when the gong was struck. The two instruments
were used with a pair of large screens, positioned so as to form a triangular
configuration. The gong was struck with a large beater to produce a series of brief,
low-frequency sound waves; a monk was then able to lift a heavy stone block with
just one hand. According to Linauer, the monks told him that this was how their
ancestors had built protective walls around Tibet, and that such devices could also
disintegrate physical matter.
Other Monuments and Legends of Levitation
One monument with interesting acoustic properties is
the Mayan site of Uxmal, which has a 100-foot high
pyramid known as the Pyramid of the Magician.
Visitors to the site often entertain themselves by
clapping at the base of the pyramid to produce a
chirping sound much like that of the Quetzalcoatl
bird. However, the site also has a legend associated
with it that it was built not by the Mayans but by a
race of dwarves who could merely whistle and move
the stones through the air.
The Greek city of Thebes also has a legend of stones moved through sound. Early
Greek historians wrote that the walls of Thebes were built by Amphion, a son of Zeus,
who used the sound of his lyre to move the stones through the air. According to myth
Page 93

and legend, the sound of his lyre was irresistible to both rocks and to animals, so that
both followed him and his playing. In another tradition it is said that when he played
loud and clear on his golden lyre, rocks twice as large as him followed in his
Far away in the South Pacific lies the island of Pohnpei, and the mysterious site of
Nan Madol. This city was believed to have been built sometime around 200 BC and
was constructed from thousands of huge basalt logs, each of which weighed about 2.5
tons. Archaeologists suggest that the logs would have been floated into place on huge
rafts. Interestingly, local Micronesian legends tell how the city was built by the gods
Olosopa and Olosipa, who used magic to move the stones through the air.
The Modern Day Pioneers
In modern times, several researchers have examined the possibility of levitation
through sound. In particular, the work of John Worrell Keely (1827-1898) is thought
to have shed light on the secrets of acoustics and levitation. Keely spent 50 years
developing and refining a wide variety of devices that used what he referred to as
sympathetic vibratory force or etheric force to levitate objects, spin large wheels,
power engines, and disintegrate rock.
Keely often tried to raise awareness of his research by demonstrating his findings to
the scientific community and sought to find a commercial
application for his work. One of the reasons he failed to
achieve this was that he found that the forces he used had to
be attuned to each individual, and results were greatly
affected by surroundings. Keely was supposedly able to
create the vibrations necessary to make objects move by
using a variety of musical instruments, including wind
instruments such as trumpets and horns and also stringed
instruments such as fiddles, and zithers. If true, then this
confirms much of what has already been discussed as to the
application of the sounds from certain musical instruments
being capable of creating the forces necessary for levitation.
An Austrian scientist and inventor, Viktor Schauberger
(1885-1958), also researched the ideas of levitation, and after
observing nature and the environment, proposed that along
with gravity, a separate force that he named levity, existed.
Levity, he theorized controlled the upward movement of
gravity, as well as uplift and growth.
Schaubergers research was based on his studies of the
forces of nature. He noted for example how trout living high
in the Alps were able to move swiftly upstream, against the
flow of gravity as well as leaping up waterfalls over 60
meters high. Time and time again he observed nature challenge our understanding of
the laws of physics. He observed that these trout would use a spinning motion to aid

Page 94

them in these leaps, and developed his theory that what he called a levitational force
was present in nature that flowed in the opposite direction of gravity. Schauberger
used his research to develop mechanisms that used this spiraling force to generate
The Ancient Art of Flight Experiments by the Nazis
What makes Schaubergers work interesting is that through his studies he patented
designs that were said to create free energy by harnessing the forces of nature. If that
free energy is available to us, then it would have been available to the ancient
civilizations who, unhindered by the scientific dogma that surrounds modern society,
might have better understood how to utilize the
forces of nature than we ourselves do.
An interesting twist to the subject of levitation and
flight is that Schaubergers work was developed
extensively by the Nazi party during secret tests to
create flying saucers. The Nazi party were of course
intent on rediscovering and promoting what they
considered to be the invincible Aryan race. There is
an uncomfortable irony to the fact that this so-called master race could well have been
trying to replicate the lost technology of the ancients to establish a lasting cultural
identity of their own.
After the war, Schaubergers work was officially discontinued, and much of his
brilliant research lost although rumors persist that the Americans continued his work
with a high degree of success. The question is of course: could the same technology
that Schauberger used have been employed to create flying machines in ancient
times? There are a great many ancients texts from a far a field as China and India
records that suggest that the ancients did possess the power of flight and that this was
achieved with at best, very primitive technology.
The Hindu Vimanas
The Rama Empire which existed in India around
fifteen thousand years ago was said to contain seven
great cities, known in classical Hindu texts as 'The
Seven Rishi Cities'. According to ancient Indian
texts, the people had flying machines called
'vimanas' which they used as a method of
In etymology, the word vimana is purportedly
derived from vamana: "He who is able at three strides to take measure of the entire
earth and heavens."
What is interesting here is that this meaning can be traced back to Egypt, where one of
Thoths titles was The measurer of the Earth. So not only is Thoth connected to the

Page 95

monuments of Baalbek, through his title he seems to be connected to the concept of

flight between the great cities of ancient India.
Coral Castle
Edward Leedskalnin is another 20th century inventor whose work might hold the key
to our rediscovering the science behind the art of levitation. Leedskalnin singlehandedly constructed his own modern day monument over a thirty year period; he
built the magnificent Coral Castle in the American
state of Florida. This amazing structure incorporates
over 1,100 tons of coral rock, and was built by
Leedskalnin single-handedly, without modern lifting
tools or machinery.
Leedskalnin claimed to have rediscovered the
principles used to build the pyramids but attracted a
fair amount of suspicion by refusing to divulge his
techniques publicly; although he did write several
articles about how he was able to move blocks weighing up to 30 tons with no
An engineer named Chris Dunn studied the contents of Leedskalnins workshop after
his death and hypothesized that Leedskalnin had been able to generate a radio signal
which caused the coral rock to vibrate at a resonant frequency, allowing him to use
magnets to flip the rocks magnetic field. These findings are borne out by
Leedskalnins own writings on the subject.
NASA enters the Arena
More recently, research on acoustic levitation has been carried out by an engineer
named Tom Danley, while working with colleagues in a company called Intersonics.
Toms research has already been successfully tested by NASA.
The following patent was filed in 1991 for a process called Containerless
Processing, which the application states is a procedure where a material can be
melted and solidified again through the use of intense sound. According to the
An acoustic levitator includes a pair of opposed sound sources, which have interfering
sound waves producing acoustic energy wells in which an object can be levitated. The
phase of one sound source may be changed relative to the other in order to move the
object along an axis between the sound sources.
An experiment using this technique was flown on two Shuttle missions and
successfully melted and solidified ceramic samples from about 1000 deg C to about
1500 deg C. Danleys research was featured in a film entitled, Mystery of the
Sphinx, which examined the origins of the Sphinx. As part of the film, an experiment
demonstrating containerless processing was shot from inside Danleys lab.

Page 96

When considered together with the oral traditions and legends about the use of sound
to use levitation to move stone, and defy gravity through flight, the research of
Danley, Leedskalnin, Keeley, and Schauberger takes on great significance. Their
findings offer a possible solution to the age-old question of how did they (the ancient
people) build those amazing monuments? It is all too easy to dismiss isolated myths
or legends, but when sites across the world all share common features such as the
incorporation of huge stone blocks of unworkable weight, and common oral traditions
of stones being moved by sound, you have to ask why? The answer may well be, that
to our early ancestors those huge blocks were a workable size. Its possible that they
had an understanding of the earths natural forces that allowed them to do things
naturally, that we in our supposedly technologically advanced state require
mechanisation to achieve.
The results documented by modern science give credence to the possibility that
acoustics could be the key to understanding how some of the worlds greatest
monuments were constructed and how through knowledge of levity or anti-gravity
technology, they even achieved flight. Is it possible that the reason we cant replicate
those feats of engineering today is that we dont yet truly possess or want to
understand the science that makes them possible? For many, it may be easier to
consign levitation to the realm of science fiction and ancient flight to the realm of
myth and legend, because in doing so it maintains modern mans place on the apex of
the scientific achievement pyramid. Although we might be at the top of the pyramid
now, we have to wonder if others have been in the same place already.
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Ancient Astronauts - The Search for the Truth

Ancient Astronaut theory or Paleocontact theory is the
hypothesis that describes how early in mankinds evolution,
possibly even at the dawn of civilisation itself, Earth was
visited by extraterrestrial life that shaped our development.
These extraterrestrial visitors are thought by many to be the
origin of mankinds wisdom, religion, knowledge and
technology. Evidence for this theory comes from a variety of
sources including ancient scriptures, unexplained
archaeological artefacts and a seemingly advanced
knowledge of engineering by some ancient cultures.
Investigations by a number of prominent researchers have highlighted many
differences between what we thought was possible in the past and what our ancestors
actually managed to achieve. When viewed in isolation, it is easy to dismiss certain
anomalies as strange but unimportant, however when you dig a little deeper and start
to examine the evidence as a whole, each clue becomes a tiny piece of the jigsaw and
it becomes clear that conventional understanding may not be complete.
Not only is it possible that there have been some highly technological civilisations in
the past but also that the origins of that technology might quite literally be, out of this
Sumer, the birthplace of civilisation
One of the most well known researcher who has investigated mankinds origins is
Zecharia Sitchin, a world renowned historian and scholar. Sitchin attributes the
creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to a race called the Anunnaki from a planet
named Nibiru. Sitchin has not based his theory on idle speculation; he is one of the
few people in the world who is able to read Cuneiform the ancient script used by the
Sumerians. It is this expertise that has enabled him to lift the veil on this little
understood civilisation.
In the 1800s, tens of thousands of Sumerian tablets bearing the mysterious cuneiform
script were discovered in the Assyrian capital city of Nineveh, but at the time of their
discovery, no one could translate them. These tablets record how a race of
extraterrestrial Gods that the Sumerians called the came to Earth,
( translates as those who from Heaven to Earth came). The text credit
the Anunnakki with founding the Sumerian civilisation as we know it and with
providing them with the skills to develop it. In the tablets that Sitchen translated, the
land of Sumer itself was called Ki.En.Gir, which literally means 'land of the lord of
the blazing rockets'.

Page 98

The creation accounts recorded by the Sumerians later formed the basis of the biblical
creation story found in the Old Testament. The Sumerian tablets for example describe
a place called E.Din or the abode of the righteous ones, which directly parallels the
biblical Garden of Eden. The most amazing element of the ancient Sumerian texts
describes how the Anunnaki created a hybrid race by manipulating DNA and by
splicing their own genes with mans, creating a series of hybrid races of humans and
extraterrestrials such as the Nephilim.
Sceptics were quick to dismiss Sitchins claims as fanciful, however his academic
skills and ability to translate Cuneiform are widely acknowledged, in contrast most of
his critics have no knowledge of cuneiform. In 1976, Sitchin wrote his book The
Twelfth Plane where he made the claim that Nibiru, the mysterious planet from
which the Annukki originated had a strange elliptical 3,600 year orbit that took it right
out of our solar system and then back in. This idea was immediately rubbished by the
astronomy community and by his critics; however almost thirty years later in 2004
NASA announced that a planet very similar to Nibiru had been discovered. Sitchens
fabled Nibiru, recorded by the Sumerians, seemed remarkably similar to the planet
NASA named Sedna, thus validating one of the cornerstones of Sitchins research.
Not only did the planet share a highly unusual elliptical orbit but both planets moved
in a clockwise direction, unlike most planets.
The Sumerian creation myth is not an isolated one. In South America, ancient legends
record how serpent people and Lizard Gods brought great knowledge and
enlightenment to the people. One of the Mayas primary creation texts was known as
the Popul Vuh or the Council Book. This text gives an account of the divine and
human origins and of royal genealogies; its cosmogony and creation traditions. It
records how the first inhabitants of Mexico were the Chanes or People of the
Serpent who had come from across the sea. According to legend, a god named
Itzamna, which comes from the root itzem, or lizard, led the Chanes. The worship of
serpent or reptilian gods also extends to other South American civilisations such as
the Aztecs, who worshipped the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl.
Despite many diverse civilisations sharing a common understanding of non-human
gods from the sky bringing knowledge and enlightenment to mankind, history tends to
assume that these ancient legends are simply myths. There are however, many
instances of physical evidence that have led some researchers to conclude that the
gods that came from the sky were corporeal in nature rather than symbolic.

Page 99

Ancient markers
Throughout the world ancient people seem to have
invested huge amounts of manpower in creating
landmarks that can be seen from the air. Egypts
Giza pyramids for example, are known to mark the
exact centre of the Earths landmass. Many think that
the pyramids acted as land markers when viewed
from the air. Neolithic sites such as Avebury, a
massive complex of stone circles, ceremonial
walkways, ditches and a conical pyramid found in
England, also appear to have been constructed to act as an aerial marker. From the air,
the Avebury complex traces a massive serpent into the landscape. This would have
been more pronounced at the time of its construction because the entire complex was
originally covered in white chalk similar to the way the Giza complex was
originally covered in white limestone.
England is also home to a great many huge chalk figures
such as the 180 foot long Cerne giant (left) which is
thought to have been an ancient fertility symbol. Could
it actually represent man leaving a sign for visitors from
the heavens?
There are dozens of these mysterious carvings all across
Britain depicting various figures, often horses that have
been carved into the landscape. These figures are best
viewed from the sky.
The most impressive examples of ancient land markings are probably South
Americas Nazca lines, which are found in Peru.
The Nazca lines are geometric line clearings created
in a stylised form that resembles twenty six different
animals and insects. The lines are located in the
Peruvian desert and were drawn between 200 BC
and 600 CE. The lines were apparently made by
removing the iron-oxide coated pebbles which cover
the surface of the desert, causing the exposed area to
contrast with the earth that surrounded it. Most of the
lines cant really be identified from the ground and
had been all but forgotten about until the development of flight changed that. But why
would an ancient civilisation go to the trouble of creating these huge images that can
only be seen from the air?

The anthropomorphic figures are relatively few in number

and are situated on slopes in the same way that Englands
chalk figures are often cut into the side of low hills. One of
Page 100

the most interesting figures is the figure known as The Astronaut, which was
discovered by Eduardo Herran in 1982. To all intents and purposes, this figure seems
to depict a space traveller complete with helmet.
It was James W. Moseley in the October 1955 issue of Fate who first proposed the
idea that the Nazca lines might have been built as a landing strip. Swiss writer Erich
von Daniken developed this idea further in his 1968 book, Chariots of the Gods.
Although we will never know for sure if this really was their intended function, what
most people do agree with, is the fact that the Nazca lines still make excellent aerial
markers several thousand years after their construction. It seems natural to question
why an ancient civilization would need to construct such markers unless flight was
Technology of the Past
We only need to look at ancient India to see that flight was very much understood. In
Vedic literature for example, there are many descriptions of Vimanas, or flying
machines. The Samarangana Sutradhara text devotes 230 stanzas to the building of
flying machines.
Strong and durable must the body be made, like a great flying bird, of light material.
Inside it one must place the Mercury-engine with its iron heating apparatus beneath.
By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in
motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky in a most
marvellous manner.
This preoccupation with flight is not confined to India.
The small, gold artefact on the left was discovered in a
thousand-year-old tomb in Columbia and was first
thought to depict an insect or fish. It was only when
two experts, American scientist Dr Ivan Sanderson and
J.A Ulrich, had the opportunity to examine it, that
opinions began to change. Dr. Sanderson made the
observation that it looked too mechanical to be a natural object and suggested that it
was a model of a machine of some kind. The object was then shown to an expert on
aircraft, J.A. Ulrich, who astounded archaeologists by confirming that it appeared to
be a model of a jet plane something that it should have been impossible for an early
Columbian society to imagine. It would be reasonable to suppose that the only way
ancient people could imagine mechanical flight was to experience it in some way.
In a tomb in Saqqara, Egypt, a model aeroplane made from wood was discovered in
1898. At the time, it was thought to be a model of a bird (aircraft being unknown in
1898) and put into storage. When it was rediscovered by Dr Khalil Messiha it caused
a huge stir amongst Egyptologists and eventually became the star of a special exhibit
in the Cairo museum. The planes design as described thus.
The model has the exact proportions of a very advanced form of "pusher-glider" that
is still having "some bugs ironed out". This type of glider will stay in the air almost by
itselfeven a very small engine will keep it going at low speeds, as low as 45 to 65
Page 101

mph, while it can carry an enormous payload. This ability is dependent on the curious
shape of wings and their proportions. The tipping of wings downward, a
reversedihedral wing as it is called, is the feature behind this capability. A similar
type of curving wing is implemented on the Concorde airplane, giving the plane a
maximum lift without detracting from its speed.
Academia seems to be faced with a rather tricky conundrum. If it maintains the
assertion that our ancestors existed in primitive societies, capable of only very basic
social and technological development, how does it explain such anomalous artefacts?
If it maintains that mankind didnt possess any advanced engineering skills, but we
find that evidence exists to the contrary, then surely its fair to say that it must have
originated elsewhere. This implies that there is more than a little merit to the ancient
astronaut theory because there are far too many pieces of evidence that cant be easily
There are many indications that ancient cultures have been very technologically
advanced in the past, but little indication to really explain why this should be.
For example, the ancient Rama Empire existed in India some 15,000 years ago.
According to its surviving texts, not only did they have knowledge of flight but their
engineering skills created plumbing and sewage systems which are still far superior to
those of found in India today. When you consider Sumerian knowledge of maths and
astronomy, theirs is an unbelievably complex system. It was the Sumerians who first
documented the 26,000 year cycle of the precision of the equinox in 6,000 BC,
created the metric system and allocated 360 degrees to a circle. Their cuneiform script
was equally complex, comprising of over 400 characters which is a remarkable
achievement for a fledgling culture that seemingly appeared from nowhere. Yet when
it comes to the Sumerian account of creation, historians ask us to believe that these
remarkably advanced people simply invented their understanding of their own origins.
In addition to the ancient civilisations possessing sophisticated knowledge, there is
also documented and archaeological evidence of events occurring that are clearly out
of place with the current understanding of mans development, including nuclear
warfare occurring thousands of years ago in India. The construction of amazing feats
of engineering such as the pyramids of Giza adds more weight to the theory that
somehow mankind possessed a sophisticated level of technology that was later lost.
Perhaps, it might be argued, when the source of that knowledge was no longer with

Page 102

Written in Stone ancient petroglyphs with a story to tell

Strange humanoid creatures depicted in rock paintings are
another clue that is suggestive of alien visitations occurring in
the past. There are numerous examples of petroglyphs or rock
paintings that depict unexplained or unfamiliar creatures and
strange aerial phenomena.
One of the most famous examples (left) is located inside a cave
that dates back between 10,000 and 30,000 years, in Kimberly
Mountain, Australia. The cave wall is filled with images of
strange hairless beings with large dark eyes. The indigenous
Aborigine people call the characters Wondjina and consider
them to be sacred beings. The Wondjina seem to bear a similarity to the beings we
know as greys which opens the possibility that this ancient culture may have had
contact with extraterrestrial visitors.
In the Sahara desert, another strange figure had been painted on the wall of a cave in
the Tassili Mountains in Southern Algeria. A one-eyed Cyclops type figure, it
became known as Jabbaren or The Great Martian. The cave was discovered by
French ethnologist and explorer Henri Lhote on an expedition to the area after World
War II.
There is still dispute as to whether this strange figure was intended to represent
ordinary humans in ritual masks and costumes or something of a more extraterrestrial
nature. Erich von Daniken was convinced that this figure and others that surrounded
it, seemingly depicting spacemen, provided evidence of early contact with alien life.
In North America, Hopi petroglyphs also depict what appear to be aliens performing a
ritual with the tribesmen. Another of their petroglyphs, called the Star-blower tells
of how the Hopi's ancestors had visited various worlds and travelled through endless
space before reaching Earth.
Panspermia Hypothesis
Wherever we look in the past, we seem to be faced with strong indications that
humanity didnt get where it is today without input from outside sources.
One of the most popular theories today is that our
earth was deliberately seeded by one or more
extraterrestrial races. Essentially those beings have
not only interacted with us, but are responsible for
our very creation and may also have manipulated our
DNA throughout humanitys development. Many
believe those aliens, who seeded the planet tens of
thousands of years ago, still observe and guide
mankind today, although opinions are divided as to
whether the intentions of these beings is entirely benevolent or whether they are
particularly impressed with the way their experiment has developed. It seems one
Page 103

thing all religions agree on is that intelligence far superior to our own was in some
way responsible for creating the human race. Whether we think of that intelligence as
originating from aliens or gods, it can surely only better our understanding of our past,
and the true origins of man.
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Looking For the First Americans

By Bob Bell
The most important question in American archaeology today is 'Who were the first
Americans?' While the question has been addressed many times, with many different
answers throughout the history of American archaeology, a definitive conclusion has
never been reached, and in all likelihood never will be.
As different migrations are identified, no one will be certain that there were not even
earlier ones. A comparative study of early cultural groups may be a place to start, but
more important is the identification of these groups. This can only be done by
recognizing the tool assemblages that they left behind. This will be, by no means, an
easy task. However, if we keep an open mind and consider all possibilities, I think
we will be able to get closer to the truth. Some researchers have made claims that the
Americas were settled 20,000 to 100,000 years ago or more. Extraordinary claims of
age require extraordinary proof. While these claims of age are certainly possible,
proving so will require evidence that will hold up to the most tedious scrutiny.
Most school children are taught that the
Americas were first inhabited by wandering
hunters that made their way from Siberia
across a land-bridge some 12,000 years ago.
From there, they followed their quarry
through Alaska, into Canada, and finally
down an ice-free corridor into what is now
the United States. From there, these early
nomads were free to spread across a
continent teaming with game.

According to this model, shortly after their arrival, someone invented a fluted spear
point, which we call Clovis. It was used for downing large game, like mammoth,
mastodon, horse, camel and huge ice-age bison. The projectile point was so
revolutionary, that within a period of 1,000 years, all of these large beasts, which
thrived in the late Pleistocene, were hunted to extinction. This model doesn't work
any longer. Recalibration of radiocarbon dates show that many sites of Clovis age
date to a period before an ice-free corridor would have been open. Actually, a number
of dates from both North and South America are earlier than the first Clovis sites,
which date to some 13,500 years before present.
In the late 1970s, University of Kentucky archaeologist Tom Dillehay found a site on
the banks of Chinchihuapi Creek, in southern Chile that rocked the archaeological
establishment. It was 1,000 years older than the earliest Clovis site in North America.
The site was meticulously excavated and recorded. Preservation was excellent and
Dillehay recovered stone tools, evidence of wood-framed, hide covered structures,
including tent pegs, hearths, twine and cordage, animal bones, plant remains and even
a preserved human footprint.

Page 105

Even more intriguing was a site that Dillehay found on a knoll few hundred feet south
of Monte Verde. Buried some two meters deep, the site produced tools and artifacts
that appear to be some 33,000 years old, as revealed by two radiocarbon dates taken
from charcoal on two features present at the site. Much work remains to be done to
establish this early date. Artifacts and a vast amount of data will analyze to confirm
the initial dates. It's all part of the scientific process and this site, too, will have to
hold up to the most rigid scrutiny, as Monte Verde originally did.
Sites producing Clovis-type projectile points and related tools are
quite common, especially in the south and southeastern United States.
However, anything recognizable as coming before Clovis is not. Why
is this? Probably because most Clovis artifacts are surface finds.
They are easily recognizable, because of their distinctive shape,
flaking and fluting. They have been found in a known context and
have been dated. Materials coming before Clovis have not, to any
great degree. We don't know what pre-Clovis looks like. They could
be commonly found on the surface of the ground and we wouldn't
recognize them, because we have very little to compare them to. Since
the Clovis culture flourished in North America, and is unknown in the Old World, it's
probably safe to say that Clovis developed out of an already existing culture. If so,
we would expect to find pre-Clovis sites pretty much in the same type of places that
we find Clovis sites. When a buried Clovis site is found (these are few and far
between), we could possibly expect to find evidence of a pre-Clovis layer buried
beneath the Clovis component. Still, to determine where the first Americans came
from, we would need to examine a large number of artifacts and be able to compare
them to technologies from possible source locations.
Here we're going to take a look at two sites in North America that appear to have preClovis dates and may have close ties to sites in Europe:
Cactus Hill, Virginia, on the Nottoway River, 45 miles south of Richmond.
Excavations began here in 1993 by Joseph M. McAvoy of Nottaway River SurveyArchaeological Research. He found a Clovis level, and below that another level
which contained projectile points and other tools without distinctive Clovis attributes.
That level dated to approximately 15,000 years ago, obviously much earlier than
However, Larry R. Kimball of Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. calls the
points "logical precursors" of Clovis points. The radiocarbon dates have been double
checked and confirmed with other dating methods. Charcoal from the lowest levels of
this site dates back almost 20,000 years. The earliest dates could be attributed to fires
made by some of the First Americans, or the fires could be the result of a forest fire.
Meadowcroft Rockshelter, overlooking Cross Creek, a tributary of the Ohio River,
in Washington County, Pennsylvania, was excavated by James Adovasio, of the
University of Pennsylvania, between 1973 and 1978. There he found the longest
demonstrable occupational sequence in North America. The rock overhang had been
used as a shelter for generations, ending about 700 years ago. Traces of this late
occupation could be seen on the surface when the site was first reported. However,
the lowest levels of the site, some three-and-a-half meters below the surface, produced
dates some 19,000 years old. Artifacts found toward the bottom included projectile
Page 106

points, bifaces, unifacial knives and flakes, and small blades struck from prepared
cores. Each level, going toward the surface, was dated as progressively younger.
Meadowcroft Rockshelter produced
literally thousands of artifacts, as well as
plant and animal remains. A cut and burnt
section of deer antler was the oldest
directly datable artifact from the site. It
was radiocarbon dated to some 16,000
years ago. Meadowcroft does have its
critics. It has been suggested that
groundwater contamination from coal may
account for the early dates, and the sites
may be no older than Clovis. However
subsequent testing through other dating
methods has shown the early dates to be valid. Also, independent
geomorphologigical testing showed no evidence of groundwater seepage. Few
professional archaeologists today question the antiquity of the site as at least preClovis.
Dennis Stanford, of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. notes the
similarity of the tools found at Cactus Hill and Meadowcroft to artifacts found in
Western Europe, specifically the Iberian Peninsula, from approximately the same time
period. He and Bruce Bradley also noted a similarity of these European tools to those
present in the Clovis Culture. The following is part of their abstract:
"At the 1999 Clovis and Beyond Conference held in Santa Fe, we presented a
hypothesis, now known as the "Solutrean Solution", to explain the origin of Clovis
technology. The hypothesis is based on the fact that there is little commonality
between Clovis and Northeast Asian technologies on the one hand, while on the other,
there are many technological traits shared between Clovis and the Solutrean culture of
Paleolithic Europe. In the past, scholars have rejected the idea of a historical
connection between the two cultures because they were separated temporally by 5,000
years and geographically by 4,000 miles of North Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, it is
clear that modern Native Americans are Asian in origin. Hence, the similarities were
considered the result of independent invention."
Stanford and Bradley believe that Solutrean peoples
first made it to America by boat while hunting seals,
and other maritime game. During this time, in the
ice age, greater portions of the ocean would have
been frozen, making the trip by water, much sorter
than it is today. Stanford has compared the
technologies used by Solutreans and the Clovis. He
notes that the two technologies are almost identical,
down to the overshot flaking, used as a thinning
procedure in biface reduction. Clovis and Solutrean were the only two cultures in the
world to commonly employ this technique.

Page 107

The artifacts found at these sites were all produced by modern man (Homo sapiens).
So, is there any evidence of earlier sites with links to Neanderthal or even earlier
populations .in the Americas? Most professional archaeologists would say that there is
little or no evidence for these remains. Still, some sites in North America and even
the Caribbean show evidence of epi-Levallois type assemblages. Two sites in
southeastern Alabama have produced artifacts that strongly resemble Levallois
technology products from the Old World. These artifacts from the Capps and Shelley
sites have not been dated. And no attempts have been made to tie these to Old World
cultures, other than noting similarities in lithic technology. They are, however,
distinctive. Blaine Ensor, in 2002 started lithic analysis of these artifacts. He noted a
distinctive prepared core technology, which he called Capps. The technology
emphasizes splitting of nodules and multi-faceted core preparation. The surfaces of
these cores were prepared in such a manner that flake removal would result in a
predetermined shape, often a finished tool, in epi-Levallois fashion. Finished tools
represent large unifacial core scrapers, biface gouges, chisels, picks, scrapers
choppers and hand axes. These tools were mostly made of Gulf Coastal Plain chert,
readily available near the sites. All were heavily patinated, some to the point where
flake scars almost disappeared.
In 2005, a group of British scientists reported
finding human footprints in central Mexico that
they say date to 40,000 years ago. The team
consists of individuals from universities in
Liverpool, Bournemouth, and Oxford. The
footprints represent both adults and children
who walked in freshly fallen volcanic ash in the
Valsequillo Basin, about 80 miles south-east of
Mexico City.
New finds are constantly being found that give
new insight into the First Americans. As these
sites are found, analyzed and dated, we will get
a better picture of the First Americans. At this
point, we cant say where they came from or
where they went. More questions remain than
have been answered. All that we can say with
any certainty is that the Americas have been inhabited for a very, very long time
and much remains to be learned about the First Americans.

Page 108

Before Recorded History: The Civilizations Lost in Time

By Isis
We live in a world where flight allows us unlimited travel,
our engineering skills enable us to build the seemingly
impossible and our mastery of science and medicine
promises us a bright future. Evidence of mankinds tenure
of planet earth is everywhere, as our magnificent cities
After coming so far, is it possible that we could lose
everything in the blink of an eye? We know that a large
meteorite strike for example could easily wipe out
civilization, creating tsunamis, earthquakes and plunging
the world into darkness.
Survivors of the initial impact would struggle to survive, robbed of food, shelter,
warmth and even daylight itself; a global nuclear war would have a similar effect.
The hi-tech comforts that civilization grants us today would be lost forever and
life as we know it would cease to exist. In effect we would be plunged into a new
dark age.
If civilization as we know it was brought to its knees, the technology that we
currently take for granted would be useless. Transport, household equipment, in
fact anything that still worked would wear out in the years that followed the
cataclysm and could not be replaced, as our industry and infrastructures would be
crippled. Over the next few generations mankinds own memory and accumulated
knowledge would diminish as the remaining survivors `adapted and evolved in
order to live. Priorities would change.
Within a few hundred years life as we know it today would be unrecognizable.
Practically all traces of what had been a modern society would disappear over the
next few thousand years, as the survivors started afresh. Anything made from
metals, plastics and wood would simply rot away without a trace. All that would
remain is the biggest and most robust of structures capable of weathering the
ravages of time. Eventually a civilization might be founded from the ashes of the
old one; one that might grow to be as great as we once were.
Now the $64,000 question, could this have happened before, maybe even more
than once?
Conventional archaeology replies to that question with an emphatic No!
Archaeologists maintain that civilization goes back no further than 7,000 years.
According to them, if a major civilization had existed anywhere prior to that, some
of its remains would be evident today. That assertion has two fundamental flaws;
it ignores the impermanent nature of carbon based matter in time most things
decompose and it fails to acknowledge mans reliance on the sea. Ancient maritime
civilizations would have typically built their cities and ports on the ocean shores to
take advantage of the sea in terms of food and even travel.

Page 109

Archaeology is constantly being faced with artifacts and ruins that it struggles to
explain. In addition to this, mythology is annoyingly consistent across the world,
especially in relation to stories of a great flood. We also know that the ancients
seemed to possess a level of mathematical and astronomical knowledge beyond
our expectations, suggesting they may have inherited that knowledge from
somewhere or someone else. There is much to suggest that our understanding of
the earths history is curiously incomplete.
The Great Cities that time forgot
Evidence of unknown but seemingly advanced
civilizations existing thousands of years ago can
be found across the globe. Together, these
remnants of history begin to build a picture of a
world far different to the primitive cultures weve
been conditioned to expect.
There are many respected researchers who
theorize that rather than little more than nomadic
tribes existing 10,000 years ago, there was a
network of great cities that spanned the earth. There are several ruined cities that
point to our current understanding of ancient history being flawed and which give
substance to the claims of these researchers.
Interestingly, several of these cities have been discovered below the sea. This
makes many people question if the Great Flood myths common to so many
cultures are an oral account of an actual historical event rather than being just
It is known that at the end of the last ice age
some 13,000 years ago, sea levels rose by an
incredible 400 feet. This mean that any towns,
cities or villages built anywhere near the coast
would have been lost beneath the oceans forever
and possibly in a very short period of time. To
put this rise in sea level into perspective, if
todays sea levels rose by as little ten feet, huge
areas of land would be swallowed up by the sea;
cities like London, states like Florida and entire countries like the Netherlands,
would disappear beneath the waves. Logic tells us that if thats what effect a 10
foot rise in sea levels will have, a 400 foot rise would have been unimaginably
When the worlds myths talk of the great deluge it may be prudent to think of
these myths as a reminder of past events and maybe a warning for the future.
When Plato spoke of Atlantis disappearing beneath the sea in a single night and
day of cataclysm, is it possible he was retelling an event that had happened not
once, but a thousand times before?

Page 110

The key to understanding what has happened in the past, the only way to discover
the truth, is to unlock the secrets of the three major cities we know lie silently
beneath the waves.
In 1985, the imposing ruins of a submerged city
was found quite by accident by a local fisherman
off the coast of Japan. The Yonaguni ruins as
they are known are an apparently urban
development that cover a massive 311 miles and
actually includes eight separate sites. Divers have
reported that in addition to the huge eight story
tall structures that many people are familiar with;
there is clear evidence of roads, paved streets,
huge altar-like formations and a processional walk way surmounted by pylons.
The single largest structure so far discovered lies in water that is around100 feet
deep, just off the eastern shore of Yonaguni. It is approximately 240 feet long, 90
feet across and 45 feet high. Archaeologists have no idea who built this structure
or indeed any part of this underwater metropolis; however geologists point to the
fact that it must have been built more than 8,000 years ago, before the sea levels
rose and claimed the land for itself.
Geology versus Archaeology
Conventional archaeology tends to inform us there was no civilization in existence
8,000 years ago that could have constructed Yonaguni. However, Yonaguni exists
and archaeologists can offer little by way of explanation as to how and why it
does. In fairness to the archaeological establishment, underwater archaeology is
still in its infancy and presents archaeologists with a far different set of challenges
than they are used to facing.
Skeptics have suggested that the formations are natural rather than manmade but
Prof Masaaki Kimuru, a marine geologist with the University of the Ryukyus in
Okinawa who has studied the ruins for many years believes otherwise. He reasons
that if the Yonaguni site had been carved by nature, you would find debris from
the erosion to have collected around the site, but no such debris is evident.
Interestingly Kimura believes that constructing this monument would have
required a high degree of technology and engineering skill which would be
indicative of an advanced society.
Professor Kimuru is not alone in his thinking. Dr. Robert M. Schoch has also
conducted extensive research into the Yonaguni site, as has Professor Teruaki
Ishii, a professor of geology at Tokyo University. Common thinking seems to be
that the site is at least 8,000 years old, but could actually be much older.

Page 111

Cuba and the area stretching up to Bahamas is
another place where evidence of a sunken city
and some would say a large scale urban
development is apparent. In Cubas case the city
lies deep beneath the Yucatan Channel, off the
coast of Guanahacabibes in western Cuba. The
Russian-Canadian oceanographer Paulina
Zelitsky and her team have used hi-tech sonar
equipment to reveal images of symmetrically
organized stone structures reminiscent of a cosmopolitan development. The site is
contained in a sizable area of around twenty square kilometers and like Yonaguni
is said to include roads, pyramids and other large structures.
Film footage taken by an exploratory robot confirmed the presence of huge,
smooth blocks with the appearance of cut granite, again suggesting that this is a
man made city rather than a natural rock formation. In addition to pyramid shaped
constructions other circular shaped structures were apparently identified by
researchers who believe the city dates back well over 6,000 years, possibly longer.
Some commentators have suggested that the city may have been part of a series of
prehistoric communities linked by the so called Bimini Road; a massive limestone
road that was discovered on the seabed off the coast of Bimini in 1968. The
limestone blocks are neatly aligned suggesting that this construction is a deliberate
one rather than a chance of nature and must have been part of something bigger.
Quite what Cubas sunken city is, how old it actually is and who built it remains a
mystery. All we can say with certainty is that before 2001 we there was nothing in
recorded history that mentions this place, or the civilization that lived there.
In India too, there is evidence of a lost city that lies concealed beneath the ocean.
A chance discovery made by a team of scientists, in the Gulf of Cambay region,
has established that the account in the classic Hindu text The Mahabaratha
which recounts the story of the city of Dwaraka, the home of Krishna being lost
beneath the sea is not a myth, but seems to be a factual account. The splendid city
of legend had indeed been submerged beneath the ocean several thousand years
ago, probably as the result of a cataclysmic earthquake sometime in the last
10,000 years.
The End of a Great Age
One theory that is gaining popularity is that the end of the last ice age was
triggered by a sizable comet that collided with Earth causing catastrophic damage
by triggering earthquakes, tidal waves and a sudden rise in the earths
temperature. Such an event could conceivably wipe out an entire civilization,
destroying cities and reducing the survivors from living in a structured and
ordered civilization not unlike our own to that of the nomadic tribe forced to
wander the land in the aftermath of a cataclysm that destroyed everything they
Page 112

We will probably never know just how many ancient cities lie hidden beneath the
oceans. It seems unlikely that we have found anything but a fraction of the places
that may have been lost by the flood that resulted from the end of the ice age. But
even if, for arguments sake, these three cities are the only three cities, how do we
explain their existence without conceding that there is a distinct need to reevaluate our understanding of history?
A Natural or Man made Cataclysm?
Whilst we can demonstrate repeatedly that previously unknown ancient cities
and therefore civilizations, have existed in the past, that fact alone doesnt prove
that advanced technology existed alongside them or give any indication of what
might have caused the cataclysmic event that led to their disappearance. It simply
proves that our knowledge of ancient history is far less complete than the history
books have led us to believe. When we start to search for answers to the anomalies
we know exist we might arrive at a very different world view and a substantially
revised timeline for that history
Accounts of flight and nuclear warfare both are commonplace in history. Across
the globe from India, Africa and the Americas there are pointers that indicate that
ancient people may have been familiar with not just the concept of flight, but the
experience of flight. Ancient texts such as the Ramayana and the Drona Parva tell
of flying machines, called Vimanas, which were powered by mercury and enabled
people to cover great distances quickly. In both Egypt and Central America model
aircraft made from materials such as wood and gold have been discovered by
baffled archaeologists.
Vedic Literature is often thought of as being more mythical than factual by
Western Scholars, although authors such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky have done
much to promote the ancient wisdom and historical content of Vedic texts in the
last 100 years or so. All too often, despite these efforts, accounts like the story of
the city of Dwaraka are relegated to the status of myth and legend or even wishful
thinking on the part of the authors. There will always be those that support this
dogma until indisputable proof to the contrary is unearthed. The textural accounts
of a nuclear war in India are certainly worthy of consideration as there is much
evidence to support the theory that there have been catastrophic nuclear wars in
the earths history.

Page 113

The Mysterious Green Glass

In various parts of the world such as the Euphrates
Valley, the Sahara and Gobi Deserts, Iraq, Scotland,
Egypt and Turkey, traces of a layer of a fused green glass
have been found many feet below the earth. How did this
strange green glass get there and what is it exactly?
According to geologists, this phenomenon is caused by
subjecting sand and rock to exceptionally high
temperatures. Experts estimate that it would take a
fireball with temperatures in excess of 1800C to turn
sand and rock into molten lava that would then become
glass when it cooled. Opinion is divided as to whether the most likely cause for
this is a meteorite strike or a nuclear explosion, but the fact that the phenomena is
so spread out across the globe is rather interesting as it suggests either multiple
meteorite strikes occurred or that there was a global nuclear war. Either of these
events would have course have had a devastating effect on life on earth. Its
tempting to opt for the slightly safer theory of a meteor strike, on the basis that
such events have been validated by science and could have brought the last ice age
to an abrupt end, but so too would a nuclear war and there isnt always evidence
of impact craters when these sites are studied.
In the Euphrates Valley archaeologists discovered the glass below archaeological
remains that were known to be at least 8,000 years old, which gives us some
indication as to the period when it was created. In Egypt this strange glass was
even used to make funerary amulets that were discovered in the tomb of
Tutankhamen. It is generally agreed the glass came from an area of Egypt called
the Great Sand Sea, but there has been uncertainty over how it was formed
because there is no crater to support the idea of a meteorite impact. In Egypt, the
lack of impact craters at these sites points to a global nuclear war as being a
surprisingly plausible cause for the glasses presence.
From the same time period, scientists have found a number of uranium deposits
that appear to have been mined or depleted in antiquity. When the cities of
Mohenjodaro and Harappa were excavated, scientists allegedly discovered ruins
of a more ancient city that appeared to have been destroyed by a nuclear blast
between 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. The blast was said to have destroyed most of
the buildings and probably killed a half-million people living in the blast zone.
Reports of skeletons being discovered which proved to be highly radioactive, the
remains of people that seemed to be just lying in the ancient streets, suggested
their final moments were sudden and not of natural causes.
Ancient cities whose stone walls have literally been vitrified, that is, fused
together like glass, can be found in various parts of the world including India,
Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical or natural
explanation for this kind of vitrification to take place, except as the result of an
atomic blast.

Page 114

In India there is also textural evidence to support the theory that a nuclear war has
taken place there. In later period temples excavated at Harappa, archaeologist
Francis Taylor translated an etching that related a story of how people prayed to
be spared from a great light that was coming to destroy them. This is a rather
ambiguous description that could describe either a meteorite or nuclear warhead;
however the following excerpt from the Mahabharata adds further weight to the
claim that a nuclear holocaust was responsible for massive destruction in ancient
... (it was) a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendor... was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.
...The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.
After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected... escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment
Interestingly, in Cappodocia, Turkey there are
two massive underground cities; Derinkuyu and
Kaymakli. Both cities are believed to have had
from 8 to 10 underground levels, although
Derinkuyu is thought to have once tunnelled 13
levels down into the earth.
The original builders of these cities remain a
mystery; however the communities that lived in
them were so sophisticated they had shops and numerous other amenities,
including a complex air-conditioning system that ran throughout the city. There
were thousands of rooms, ranging from bedrooms, with box beds carved from
the rock walls, to kitchens and storerooms, and even stabling quarters for animals.
To all intents and purposes an unknown civilization seems to have built and
inhabited these underground cities, but why would this civilization choose to live
below ground? The natural conclusion that many people draw from this is that
they were forced underground because conditions above ground made normal life
impossible. Could it be the result of a cataclysmic event?

Page 115

Lost knowledge
There are many unexplainable relics from the past that do not fit in with modern
understanding of ancient history. No one knows for example how the 60 tonne
trilithons of Baalbek were quarried and the used in the construction of the temple
there even today there are only a handful of cranes in the world capable of
lifting such a weight. It seems inconceivable that manpower alone could achieve
such a feat. Yet we are expected to believe that across the world from Egypt to
Easter Island and from Stonehenge to Central America, people quarried,
transported and built with immense stones of impossible weights using nothing
more than brute strength.
Anomalous artifacts like the so called Baghdad battery suggest an awareness of
electrical currents that simply should not be. Likewise the Antikythera
mechanism, which used gears 2,000 years before gears were invented offer more
for food for thought. Both artifacts seem to provide evidence of technologies that
we would not expect to find. Probably the most well known anomalous artifact is
the Great Sphinx itself. According to research conducted by geologist Dr. Robert
M. Schoch and John Anthony West into the weathering of it's limestone body, the
Sphinx is thousands of years older than Egyptologists estimate, which suggests
that this amazing monument may be a relic from a long forgotten civilization.
Taking the Time-line back to Prehistory
So how old is life on earth? The most extreme estimates
take the whole realm of ancient history in an entirely new
sphere understanding. We have looked at the possibility
that around the time of the last ice age ending,
sophisticated civilizations existed on earth; however
there are other ancient artifacts that push that time-line
back much further.
If the Ica stones of Peru (left) are to be believed for
example, humans and dinosaurs walked the earth at the
same time. This is something that anthropologists and
archaeologists refute but there is nothing to indicate that
these stones of which there are hundreds, have been faked.
Probably the most incredible claim relates to several hundred strange man made
spheroids discovered in South Africa. The metallic balls had apparently been
manufactured and had been mined out of a layer of pyrophyllite rock. According
to the various dating techniques used to analyze them, they appear to be 2.8 - 3
billion years old. Have there been mistakes made in dating these artifacts? Its
possible, anything is possible however it would have had to be a pretty big one.
The idea that something can be man made and 3 billion years old turns everything
we ever thought we knew about life on earth on its head.
Given our planet's age, for us to assume that we are the one and only civilization
on Earth that has made it in terms of technology, culture and knowledge seems
to be putting ourselves on a very tall pedestal at the expense of the lost
Page 116

civilizations that have gone before us. It may fit the archaeological model, but
does it fit the true time-line?
Perhaps one of the reasons we avoid challenging the archaeological paradigm is
that doing this challenges more than our understanding of the past; it challenges
who we are and what might become of us. If we discover that advanced
civilizations have existed before us and that those civilizations have been
destroyed, that in turn emphasizes our own vulnerability, despite our assumption
that we are a technologically advanced and unassailable civilization.
If the truth of our origins and our future fate depend on that knowledge, many say
that its high time we all made an effort to dig that little bit deeper; to open our
minds to what might have been.

Page 117

Acoustics and Mayan Architecture

Adapted by FyreSpirit

The Mayan culture of Mesoamerica is generally believed to have been at its cultural
peak between the years of AD 250 to around 900. Along with their noted
accomplishments in art, astronomy and mathematics, the Mayans were also masters of
architecture. Not satisfied with achieving beauty of form and proportion, the ancient
Mayans also built structures that incorporated acoustical abilities and sound effects
that modern researchers are only beginning to understand.
As an example, let us examine the sacred Ball Court and the
pyramid called El Castillo at Chichen Itza. The site itself,
Chichen Itza, is in the Yucatan peninsula, about halfway
between the modern cities of Cancun and Merida. This
popular tourist destination is believed to have been at its
height between 700 and 900 AD, and although the builders
were Mayan, the architecture of the site also shows the
influence of another powerful nearby people, the Toltecs.
There is an abundance of the freshwater-filled sinkholes
known as cenotes in the area around Chichen Itza. These
natural wells were important to the Maya for water, agriculture, and for religious
purposes. During what is referred to as the Classic Mayan period, between about 625
to 800 AD, Chichen Itza was an important and powerful Mayan city.
The Ball Court, where the sacred ball game was played, is 545 feet long and 225 feet
wide. On either side there is a stone ring, carved into the shape of a serpent biting its
tail, about seven meters off the ground. Along the inside the walls are covered with a
carved frieze, which still bears traces of colored paint. The structure is open to the
sky, and there are no breaks along the walls. There is a raised area at either end often
referred to as a temple, and in the southern temple at one time there was a statue
called a chacmool. The chacmool statues found at Mayan sites are believed to have
Page 118

been associated with human sacrifice, and it is thought that the ball games were
dedicated to the gods and a sacrifice was made after each game. Not much is known
today about the sacred ball game, but it is found in several Mayan legends, including
the story of the Hero Twins and their journey to the Netherworld. The game itself
seems to have been viewed as a symbolic struggle between good and evil.
Along with its obvious historic value, the Ball Court has built-in acoustic properties.
A whisper uttered at one end of the court is completely audible from the other end and
along the sides as well. This fascinating acoustic feature is not affected by wind
speed, or by the time of day. Also, if a person standing on the field near the center of
the walls claps their hands, the sound will echo anywhere from seven to twelve times,
depending on which source you use.
An early researcher of the site, the noted Sylvanus G.
Morley, was one of the first to study the acoustic
properties of Chichen Itza. Morley researched and
excavated many Mayan sites, including Chichen Itza
and Copan in Honduras, and also wrote many
treatises on Mayan hieroglyphs. Morley liked to
show his guests the spectacular acoustics at the Ball
Court by having phonograph concerts. On pleasant
evenings Morley would have his guests seated in the
southern temple area while recordings of Beethoven, Brahms, and Sibelius played
perfectly through the whole length of the court. In 1931 Morley was visited at
Chichen Itza by Leopold Stokowski, who wanted to study the sound properties of the
ball court to help with an open-air theater he was currently designing. Stokowski and
Morley played the lastest recordings of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, and
they experimented with these recordings in the Ball Court, the pyramid known as El
Castillo, and the Temple of the Warriors to test the acoustics of these buildings.
However, Stokowski was unable to re-create the same sound qualities in his own
open-air designs.
While the Ball Court has been called a Whispering Gallery, it doesnt have the same
construction properties of places such as the Dome of St. Pauls Cathedral in London,
Statuary Hall in the Capitol at Washington, DC, the vases in the Salle des Cariatides
in the Louvre in Paris, St. Johns Lateran in Rome, the Ear of Dionysius at Syracuse,
and the Cathedral of Girgenti. All of these structures rely on the accidental acoustics
produced by curved walls to project sound, but the Ball Court is not only completely
open, but has perfectly straight walls. Theoretically, the acoustics at the Ball Court
shouldnt happen as they do.
The pyramid at Chichen Itza, known interchangeably as either El Castillo or as the
Pyramid of Kukulkan, is one of the best-known and recognizable Mayan buildings.
This structure is a square-based step pyramid rising seventy-five feet above the jungle.
Some research has shown that this pyramid was built in distinct phases, with a taller
version being built over an older pyramid. As with many other pyramids around the
world, El Castillo was built to correspond to a particular astronomical alignment. The
total number of stairs on all four sides is 365, the same as days in a solar year.

Page 119

The most important correlation El Castillo makes with the stars is seen on the
equinoxes, when at sunset, a long twisting serpent is formed from shadows shaped
like perfect Isoceles triangles down the north staircase facing the cenote. This
phenomenon is intentional, and varies by season. In spring, the serpent appears to be
climbing the stairs, and in autumn the shadows seem to descend. Serpents played an
important role in Mayan religion and symbolism, and often symbolized the god
Kukulkan, or Feathered Serpent. There is an abundance of serpent imagery at
Chichen Itza, such as the stone snake heads at the bottom of the staircases. Also, the
pyramid as a whole is a symbol for the Snake Mountain of the Mayan creation
story, the place where people came to life.
As with the Ball Court, El Castillo has acoustical properties that are too effective to be
accidental. A person standing at the top of the pyramid can speak in a normal voice
and be heard clearly by people at ground level, and for some distance. This would
have been an effective tool for priests performing rituals, as anyone standing at the
base would have heard them perfectly as they invoked the gods and performed
offerings. While sounds from the top carry downward at a normal tone, a shout at the
bottom of the pyramid becomes a piercing shriek when echoed. The pyramid at
another Mayan site, Tikal, is said to have the same acoustic properties. Tikal also has
an associated legend about being built through acoustic levitation.
But the most interesting sound effect produced by El Castillo
is a chirp like that of the quetzal bird, a native bird which for
the Maya symbolized their god Kukulkan and is also called
the spirit of the Maya. When someone claps their hands at
the base of the pyramid, the echo sounds like the chirp of the
quetzal, and is echoed back from the whole of that side.
Although the sound effect produced is arguably not perfect,
it is similar enough that it could not be an accidental effect.
The overall impression is one of hearing the quetzal as it
might have sounded way off in the cloud forest, from where
the Maya originate and from which they carved their cities.
Also, the sound a person walking up the stairs produces sounds like rain collecting in
a bucket. This is important because although the Yucatan is covered in forests, there is
a lack of available fresh water, and the people would have depended on rain collecting
in the cenotes for their very lives. The Mayan rain god, Chac, was an important deity
to whom the Maya made offerings of jade, gold, and human lives.
The acoustic properties of El Castillo are not easily explained. A trade journal known
as the Wall Journal (a publication which covers the industry that produces highway
noise barriers) published a three-part series of articles in 1994 written by Frank
Hodgson about El Castillo. Mr. Hodgson suggested that the sides of El Castillo reflect
sounds by shifting their frequency upwards, regardless of the angle or of the
characteristics of that incoming sound. Hodgson seemed to believe that this shifting
effect could be used to produce a new style of highway sound-proofing barriers,
which would not only deflect noise from residential areas but also transform it into
more pleasant sounds. This sound-changing ability could also be used in the
construction of new concert halls, and would improve the ability of performers to be
easily heard by all members of the audience.

Page 120

There are other monuments around the world known to have eerie sound effects.
Many of the caves used by our ancestors had echoes which we probably used to
enhance our earliest religious rituals, and many early temples used echoes as well. It
has been pointed out that for the Maya and other peoples in Mesoamerica, the sounds
of the jungles around them would have had special significance. Because the quetzal
was a symbol of the Maya themselves, incorporating not only its image but its voice
into an important monument would have been an affirmation of what it meant to be
Sources :
The Lost History of the Aztec and Maya Charles Phillips
"Thru the Lense, Guide to the Ruins of Chichen Itza" Jose Diaz Bolio 1971
"Sylvanus G. Morley" Robert Brunhouse

Page 121

The Lost Pyramids of Guimar

By Isis
Sitting around 100 kms off Morocco on the North
East coast of Africa between the 28th and 29th
northern parallels and the 16th and 17th western
meridians, eleven volcanic Islands make up the
archipelago of the Canary Isles.
Although well known in Europe, few people outside
the continent have even heard of the Islands let alone
the mysteries they hold. The Canary Islands could
contain definitive proof that ancient people crossed the globe by sea long before
Columbus ever did.
That proof might well lie in a large pyramid complex on the biggest of the Islands,
Tenerife; and in the research of the Norwegian explorer, anthropologist and author,
the late Dr Thor Heyerdahl. Realising that the pyramids were extremely similar to the
step pyramids found in Peru, Mexico and ancient Mesopotamia, Dr Heyerdahl spent
the last few years of his life living in Guimar, supervising the archaeological mission
to survey and preserve the six step pyramids and the complex they were part of.
The fact that this vast development exists is undeniable, the question is, who built it
and why, and does it offer us proof that there was sustained contact between ancient
people far beyond what conventional archaeology would have us believe?
Until their conquest at the hands of the Spanish conquistadores, the Guanches, a
mysterious people of whose history and culture little is known, inhabited Tenerife.
Part of the reason for this lack of knowledge stems from the fact that the ancient
culture was all but overrun by the invading Spaniards, partly due to the sporadic
eruptions of Mount Teide and partly due to a lack of investment in archaeology in the
The Canaries unique geographical location has made the Islands an important point
in maritime routes for hundreds of years; Columbus, for example, used it as his last
port of call before he made the long trip across the Ocean to America. For years there
has been dispute as to whether Columbus or Leif Eriksson actually discovered
America first, but there seems to be a strong possibility that both of them were
centuries too late and that the people of Mesoamerica and the Islanders of Tenerife
actually established expeditions or even trade routes between their civilisations much
Convinced that ancient people were not only sea faring but also pioneers and
explorers themselves, Heyerdahl set out to show that modern science under-estimated
long-forgotten aboriginal technologies. In 1947, he and five companions set sail from
Peru in an aboriginal raft called the Kon Tiki, named after a pre Incan Sun God. They
successfully crossed 8000 kms of ocean to reach Polynesia in 101 days using nothing
that wasnt available to the ancient people of Peru, demonstrating that the ancient
Peruvians could have reached Polynesia by sea in this manner.

Page 122

His theory suggested that the first wave of migrants had reached Polynesia via Peru
and Easter Island on balsa rafts. Centuries later, a second ethnic group reached Hawaii
in large double-canoes from British Columbia.
In the foreword to the 35th edition of Kon-Tiki, Across the Pacific by Raft, Dr
Heyerdahl wrote:
"The Kon-Tiki expedition opened my eyes to what
the ocean really is. It is a conveyor and not an
isolator. The ocean has been man's highway from the
days he built the first buoyant ships, long before he
tamed the horse, invented wheels and cut roads
through the virgin jungles."
Just over twenty years later, Heyerdahl bought 12
tons of papyrus reeds and worked with experts to
construct a second ancient style vessel, this time a reed boat, which he named Ra
after the Egyptian Sun God. Ra was launched from the old Phoenician port of Safi,
Sadly, Ra sank shortly before completing its epic voyage (due to human error at the
design stage) but had sailed far enough to prove Heyerdahls theory. Less than a year
later, Dr Heyerdahl tried the same voyage with the smaller (12 meter) Ra II, a scale
model of which can be found at the Parque Etnografico. Parque Etnografico is the
open air museum that Dr Heyerdahl and shipping magnate Fred Olsen built at Guimar
to preserve the pyramids and the valuable research for future generations. This vessel
also sailed from Safi and crossed the widest part of the Atlantic, from Safi to
Barbados, a distance of 6100 kms in 57 days.
What these epic journeys had shown is that ancient people did have the technology to
navigate huge stretches of ocean successfully. If Dr Heyerdahls theories are correct,
then it is clear that those same seafarers might have been responsible for the
construction of the pyramid complex discovered at Guimar on Tenerife. Dr Heyerdahl
and others involved in the project believed that the Guimar pyramids could well be
evidence of pre-European voyagers who sailed the Atlantic in ancient times, and that
they may have forged a link with the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas or
conversely, evidence of pre-Colombian seafarers who made contact with the Islands
on their way to Europe. The idea that Europe might have been discovered by South
American people is of course a subject bound to fuel debate, but in light of Guimar, it
has to be a serious consideration. If Peruvian explorers first travelled across the
Pacific and settled in Polynesia, is it possible that Tenerife was settled in a similar
way and that the Peruvian pioneers built their temples and pyramids along similar
lines as to the ones they had left back home?
Few scholars endorse the idea that American Indians navigated the oceans in the way
Thor Heyerdahl suggested and discount the hypothesis largely on linguistic, genetic
and cultural grounds, all of which point to the settlers having come from the east, not
the west. However, none of the scholars have come up with a convincing explanation
Page 123

as to how the Canary Isles ended up with their own step pyramids.
In the 1980s, Dr Heyerdahl directed the excavation of South America's largest
pyramid complex, Tucume, in Peru, where researchers found reliefs of bird-headed
men navigating reed ships, this is often cited as further evidence that men sailed along
the Pacific coast long before the Spanish conquest
Dr Heyerdahl suggested that the Guimar pyramids,
which were constructed using local black volcanic
stone, were built using techniques similar to pyramids
found in Mexico, Peru and ancient Mesopotamia. The
pyramids are flat-topped like the majority of the South
American pyramids, where the flat-topped stepped
platforms often had a small temple on the top, not
unlike the ziggurats of Mesopotamia. Egyptian
pyramids, with the exception of the stepped pyramid
at Saqarra which is one of the earliest ones, were largely smooth faced and sharply
The Guimar complex
Archaeologists still know surprisingly little about the pyramids that form the complex
although excavations indicate that there was a community based around them. The
complex comprises of six step pyramids, which are aligned to the East, suggesting
that they were used to worship the sun. During the solstice, they are reported to line
up with the sunset in a distinctive spot on the mountainous horizon.
Terraces and ceremonial pathways lead up to the pyramids from all directions. Pens or
enclosures, thought by archaeologists to be used to keep sacrificial goats, are still
evident. It should also be said that goats also played a part in the invocation of the
Gods without always being sacrificed.
Although the Guanches appear to have believed in one supreme deity, there does
seem to have been a reliance on possibly earlier beliefs, as Gods were invoked during
times of calamities such as droughts. One of the methods used to ask for rain was to
remove the adult goats from their kids and make them fast for three days, the bleating
of the hungry young goats were thought to please the gods who would reward the
people with the much needed rain.
Interestingly, the Canarian natives are known to have practiced a form of
mummification known as mirlado although this funerary practice seems to have
been restricted to the highest of social classes.
There are undoubtedly parallels between the Mesoamerican cultures and the Canary
Island cultures. Artefacts have been found on the islands that are almost identical to
ones found in South America. On the neighbouring isle of Gran Canaria, there is a
small cave named Cueva Pintada. What is interesting about the cave is the unique
geometric paintings from the native Guanche. The paintings consist of red, black, and
white squares, spirals, and triangles. Their meaning is not clear, some researchers
suggest they are symbols of female fertility or the expression of religious beliefs, but
Page 124

they also seem strangely reminiscent of artefacts and colours and designs used in
Bolivia at around that time. Tenerife and its surrounding islands were colonised by the
Spanish in 1496, causing significant changes to the social, political, religious and
cultural life of the aboriginal world. This Spanish colonisation resulted in a new city
built over the aboriginal settlement and thus, the "Cueva Pintada" cave was lost for
many generations.
Dr Thor Heyerdahl spent his life gathering evidence that seafaring sun-worshippers
crossed the oceans in prehistoric times. The pyramids of Guimar are probably one of
the biggest indicators we have so far found that he was correct.
Dr Heyerdahl was an ardent exponent of the diffusionist school of cultural
anthropology, which holds that cultural similarities between geographically separated
societies (such as the building of step pyramids that are aligned to the sun), are not
necessarily spontaneous coincidence but are sometimes the result of actual contacts in
antiquity. After a lifetime of research, he commented:
"I have proved that all the ancient pre-European civilizations could have
intercommunicated across oceans with the primitive vessels they had at their disposal.
I feel that the burden of proof now rests with those who claim the oceans were
necessarily a factor in isolating civilizations
The pyramids of Guimar seem to echo that sentiment and place the ball once more
firmly in the court of conventional archaeology.
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Page 125

A Song from Sumer (2,300 BC)

Translated by Seshat
Seshat transports us back 4,300 years to ancient Sumer
where a newly translated cuneiform tablet offers a
fascinating insight into life and love in Mesopotamia
When we think of ancient civilisations, it tends to be difficult
to relate to them as real people with ordinary lives, loves and
considerations, instead our attention is usually taken by the
better-documented royal and military activities of the day. In
many ways this doesnt tell us much about how ordinary
people lived - in the same way that the lifestyles of the rich
and famous dont necessarily directly relate to the man in the
street today.
The tablet Seshat has translated offers us a unique insight into the social and
recreational aspect of life in the cradle of civilisation as it was expressed through its
music. Just as our modern day music often reflects the experiences of the songwriter,
so too did the songs sung over four thousand years ago.
The song speaks of the bittersweet memories of a failed love affair between the writer
and a mysterious lady, his goddess who he clearly still had feelings for.
The song below has no title, but has been translated from a cuneiform tablet found in
a recently discovered site that archaeologists believe is connected to the ancient
capital of Assyria, Nineveh close to what is present day
Mosul, on the banks of the Tigris.
Cuneiform script is one of the earliest known forms of
written expression and was created by the Sumerians in
the late 4th millennium BC. The tablet that has just been
translated is thought to date back to around 2,300 BC.
Cuneiforms were clay tablets, onto which impressions
where made with a blunt reed called a stylus. The
impressions left by the stylus were wedge shaped, thus
giving rise to the name cuneiform, which means wedgewriting. Tens of thousands of such tablets have been
recovered from Sumer, recording everything from Epic battles to, as we are about to
see, simple songs. What makes this song unique is that not only does it echo the same
sentiments we feel today, but its age, at over 4,000 years old, this is truly a song that
has stood the test of time.
"Remember those days of greatness and
wisdom, when a man could speak about his thoughts without
covering himself with the darkest of curtains?
Since the sun faded away I no longer see a place of rest,
even fresh water seems to whisper violence in its own language.
I will never trust a god who doesn't like to be questioned.
Remember those days of healthiness when a man could smile and have a smile back
Page 126

for his joy.

They put the sky inside a vessel and the smiles faded with the last sunset above this
I lost my faith in the morning of my childhood, I lost my fear when I saw the end
coming, tonight there is only me and the thoughts of you.
Tonight there is only me and the vision of two green jewels, those emerald eyes.
Tonight there is only me and the silver moon, that moonlight skin.
Tonight there is only me and the soft lotus breeze, your smell of queen.
Heat that burns the earth dries the rivers of blood, like an incense of death.
The blind and the fool will live for their emptiness, ah, those hollow spirits.
So strong I am, ah, my strength stands for the thief of my world, the fool and the
blind, they leave no place for me on this earth.
Songs of peace to the new end that just begins.
I am coming home, oh I am coming
The home that was never there
I am coming, the home that never was.
The home that never knew my name, I am coming.
To the place that was never there, home.
Through the door that is never open.
Open sky, my home, guide to the house where my name was forgotten.
You forgot my name, I forgot my heart.
I am coming home, in search of my heart.
The heart calls for me, beats for me, lost among the dead.
I am looking for my heart, the one I cannot feel to find.
I lost my heart, the one who is afraid to find me.
I lost myself, the soul of me, the one I do not remember.
Was it my heart? Was it my fear?
I do not fear, I do not feel.
Tonight there is only me and the vision of two green jewels, those emerald eyes.
Tonight there is only me and the silver moon, that moonlight skin.
Tonight there is only me and the soft lotus breeze, your smell of queen.
Tonight there is only me and the promise that my name will not be spoken.
Tonight there is only me and the promise that your eyes will never wish to find me.
Tonight there is only me and the promise that I will never touch your skin.
Tonight there is only me and the promise that I will never return home.
Sleep oh goddess sleep.
You, who will never wonder where I am.
Sleep oh Goddess sleep.
I pray for you.
For you never to remember.
Page 127

Sleep oh Goddess; I sleep

Lost in the vision of two green jewels, those emerald eyes.
Upon the silver moon, that moonlight skin.
Following the soft lotus breeze, your smell of queen."
This song was translated by Seshat and is published exclusively on ThothWeb.
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Page 128

Atlantis: the Andes Solution

By Isis
When we think of South America, we think of either
Machu Picchu or the Maya, a mysterious civilisation
capable of impressive feats of engineering and
creators of complex interrelated calendar systems
that ranged from days in length to millions of years
in duration.
Most scholars would agree that South America has a
rich archaeological history that we are only just
beginning to discover. Is it possible that the continent we know as South America is
something even more amazing, could it be the lost continent of Atlantis? One man,
author Jim Allen, certainly believes so and has built up an impressive dossier of
evidence to support his theory.
Probably the biggest doubt to South America being Atlantis is that Plato said that the
continent was lost beneath the sea in the space of a single day. Is it possible that only
key areas were lost beneath the waters, ones that the very infrastructure of the
continent depended upon such as its capital city?
If we expand on Jims research a little, further east from its key port, what we now
know as Cuba might also have been a casualty, because Cuba was once a physical
part of the continent until a massive earthquake made it an island.
Jim Allens research has interesting comparisons that make South America (in
particular Bolivia and the Andes) a very plausible candidate for Atlantis. Jim says of
the sinking of Atlantis;
The continent of Atlantis is still there opposite the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of
Gibraltar) only now it has been re-named South America. The part which sank was a
small volcanic island which sank into a large inland sea in the centre of the
He also comments, People sometimes say; How can Atlantis be in the Andes when
it is supposed to have sunk into the sea? We must remember that Atlantis according
to Plato was on a level plain "high above the level of the sea and surrounded by
mountains". In fact the entire plain has been periodically submerged beneath the sea
i.e. it became a giant inland sea at various dates going back thousands of years
succeeded by dry periods.
Plato described Atlantis as being a vast island continent the size of Libya and Asia
combined. When you consider this description in terms of landmass, South America
becomes an intriguing possibility; the size of South America makes Platos
description of ten kingdoms within the island continent a possibility.
According to Plato, the Atlanteans asserted themselves over the geography of their
land, flattening and trimming a large plain on the central island into a long, perfect
rectangle of impossible dimensions. There is a place in Bolivia that contains such a
Page 129

rectangle, the Altiplano. The Altiplano is high above sea level in the Andes. The area
also contains a wealth of minerals including the mysterious Orichalcum, an alloy of
gold and copper that is only found in the Andes. There is also evidence of manmade
canals, which were used for irrigation purposes as Plato described.
According to Jim, Platos description exactly fits South America because he
describes a level rectangular-shaped plain which he said lay in the centre of the
continent, next to the sea and midway along the longest side of the continent. He also
described the capital city of Atlantis, which was built on a small volcanic island and
also called Atlantis. The city lay on the level rectangular plain, five miles from the sea
and according to Plato the whole region was high above the level of the Ocean sea,
rising sheer out of the ocean sea to a great height on that side of the continent. Thus,
we have both a lost city of Atlantis as well as a lost continent of Atlantis.
The Altiplano is the largest drainage basin in South America and spans 800 km from
north to south and around 120 km. from east to west. It is home to the largest body of
water in the South American highlands, Lake Titicaca. The lake formed where the two
mountain chains of the Andes are furthest apart and its water levels are known to have
fluctuated by as much as 50 metres in the past. Underwater archaeologists surveyed
Lake Titicaca in 2004 exploring the ruins of long forgotten city that is certainly preIncan in origin, but which is now hidden below its waters.
The site seems to fit every description that Plato mentioned; firstly, it is in the centre
of the level rectangular plain at a distance of 50 stades from the sea. It has the
required red, black and white stone and it also has underground hot and cold springs.
Most remarkable of all, both geology and local legend confirm that the site has been
sunk by earthquakes.
A Bolivian legend called the legend of the Desaguadero details how the gods decided
to punish a city on the edge of a lake by submerging it in a day of earthquakes and
floods. The principal god, Tunapa then sinks into the waters of Lake Poopo at Pampa
Aullagas, which even today, during times of heavy flooding, becomes an island. It
seems highly likely that the legend of Atlantis is based on the Bolivian legend of
Cuba lost Atlantean Port?
In July 2000, just off the western tip of Cuba two ocean engineers made an amazing
discovery, what they found appeared to be the remains of another sunken city. The
question people began to ask was, had the survey ship found the remnants of the lost
continent of Atlantis?
One theory that has been discussed is that Cuba acted as a staging post for some of the
survivors of Atlantis as they searched for new lands to colonise. Another possibility is
that Cuba was already part of Atlantis, possibly serving as a port and that most of its
inhabitants perished in the cataclysm. Many geologists who have studied the area
agree that Cuba was once connected to the mainland by a ninety mile-long land bridge
that connected present-day Cuba to Mesoamerica's Yucatan Peninsula. They speculate
that catastrophic events possibly a series of volcanic eruptions or earthquakes could
have caused the land to sink.
Page 130

Survivors of the Cataclysm

As early as the sixteenth century, at least one Spanish priest suggested that the Maya
and their counterparts originated from Atlantis, survivors from the highly advanced
civilisation that disappeared in a great earthquake and volcanic eruption many
thousands of years ago. If the Maya are indeed direct descendents of the Atlantean
people, this could account for their highly advanced understanding of astronomy,
engineering and maths.
It is also possible that the catastrophic event that led to the destruction of Atlantis
caused the dispossessed survivors to find new civilisations either elsewhere in their
own kingdom, or further afield in places such as Egypt.
Its interesting to consider for example that in Critias, Plato describes a ceremonial
capture of bulls already in captivity in Poseidons royal quarters. In Ancient Egypt,
bull cults appeared in ancient texts as far back as the First Dynasty. The most well
known of the Egyptian Bull cults worshipped the Apis Bull to such an extent that
bulls remains were buried in an underground chamber; known as the Serapeum. The
Apis bull was of course linked to Ptah and Osiris, gods of creation, death and rebirth.
The theoretical timeline between the destruction of Atlantis and the creation of Egypt
is also very close.
Although there is a huge amount of work to be done to fully document the site,
through Jim Allens painstaking research and expeditions to Bolivia, it seems that the
area is slowly revealing its secrets. It remains to be seen if those secrets will lead us to
conclusive proof as to the location of Atlantis but just as Troy was once considered
nothing but a myth, the possibility remains that Atlantis, long considered little more
than a philosophical metaphor, might just turn out to be a physical reality that has
been under our noses all along.
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Page 131

Ephesus A Lost Anatolian City, its Goddess and the Amazons

Written by Isis
The ruins of a remarkable marble city over three
thousand years old rests quietly in what was once
Asia Minor, but is now modern day Turkey. This
was a city constructed from gleaming white marble,
with mosaic covered pavements, fountains, statues,
temples, colonnaded walkways and shops selling
goods from all over the world.
A city that 2,000 years ago had sophisticated
plumbing, sewerage and even lighting systems and at its zenith, it had a population of
over 300,000 people. Not only did that city exist in antiquity, its vestiges tell a
remarkable story even today. This is the city of Ephesus, home to one of the seven
wonders of the ancient world; the Temple of Artemision and a city that legend says,
was founded by Amazon warriors.
Amazon Origins
The city was originally named Aphasa meaning city of the stream in the Estrucian
/ Luwian language, and was reputedly founded by
the Amazons on the banks of the river Minor
Menderes. Traditionally scholars have regarded the
Amazons as a purely mythical people, although
nowadays a growing number of historians claim that
there could actually be historical foundation for the
legends. Archaeological evidence suggests that there
may be a connection between the Amazons and the
nomadic Scythian tribe of Eurasia, where women
were known to have had high status and regularly fought in battle. In 1993, the
remains of a mummified, tattooed female warrior was discovered in a Kurgan (an
ancient burial mound) located on the Ukok Plateau, located on the borders of four
countries: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. The woman was 5 feet 7 inches
tall, which was well above average height at the time and had been given the
ceremonial burial of a warrior. Some archaeologists are starting to view the Kurgan
mummy as evidence that a race of female warriors did actually exist. This means that
what many scholars have supposed was a myth that Amazons founded one of the most
influential cities in the ancient world, Ephesus, might not be a myth after all.
Amazons, which were referred to as Antianeira (those who fight like men) in
Homers the Iliad, were said to have lived and fought in many parts of Asia Minor,
what is now modern day Turkey, where they reportedly formed independent
kingdoms under the governance of a warrior queen. According to legend, one of the
tasks imposed upon Heracles was to obtain possession of the girdle of the Amazonian
queen Hippolyte, a queen deeply enshrined in the history of Ephesus. The story of
Heracles itself is recorded in stone on the Heracles Gate in Ephesus even today.

Page 132

Another theory suggests that the citys name was derived from Apasas, meaning the
city of the mother goddess. Apasas was said to be the name of a city in the Kingdom
of Arzawa, which later became known as Lydia. Certainly, when Ephesus came under
the rule of the Lydian kings, the city became one of the wealthiest in the
Mediterranean world.
The oldest parts of Ephesus of which may further validate this theory have yet to be
excavated, however experts think that in its earliest days the city was also populated
by the Estrucians, who may have lived along side and even intermarried with the
Amazons. Writers of the time have chronicled how Estrucian men and women fought
side by side in battle with equal status, which supports this idea of the gradual
merging of cultures, as warrior females were certainly not the norm during this period,
hence the Greeks preoccupation and fascination with them. It seems that Ephesus
may hold the key to proving that the Amazon race existed once and for all, a race of
warrior women who worshiped the divine feminine.
The Egyptian Gods in Ephesus
In its time, Ephesus seems to have been home to several different goddess cults, one
of the very first temples found within the gates of the
city is the Temple of Isis, suggesting that followers
of the Egyptian cult had made Ephesus their home in
the early days of the city. The conquest of Egypt by
Alexander the Great had opened a new era for the
Isis cult. Ptolemy I realised the potential of nurturing
and promoting Isis worship to unite both his
Egyptian and Hellenic subjects. There were several
public festivals conducted in honour of the goddess
Isis. The first was conducted on March 5th, which honoured Isis sailing the seas to
find pieces of her lost husband. The festival included a colourful procession of
costumed people, including sailors, who walked through the streets to the harbour
where a boat would be ritually blessed. The second festival was held October 28th to
November 3rd. This was an ancient passion play where costumed enactors took to the
streets, to re-enact the death and resurrection of Serapis, her Hellenistic consort.
Ephesus was also home to the Temple of Serapis, an anthropomorphic god created by
Ptolemy I as consort to Isis. Serapis was intended to combine Egyptian deities such as
Osiris and the Apis bull with Greek gods such as Zeus, Helios, Dionysos, Hades and
Aesculapius and thus unite the Greek and Egyptian people. In Alexandria, Serapis and
Isis were worshiped with a reverence that was almost fanatical while in other parts of
Asia Minor, Serapis as a synthetic god was treated with great suspicion, Isis seems to
have been embraced by all but the Romans. Serapis was thought to appear to mortals
in dreams, as did Isis, his Hellenised bride in Ptolemys new scheme.
The Goddess of Ephesus
In the citys earliest days, Ephesus was home to the cult of
Cybele, the Estrucian mother-goddess. Cybele was the
goddess of nature and fertility who presided over mountains
and fortresses; she was often depicted wearing a crown that
Page 133

took the form of a city wall to reflect this role. The cult of Cybele was administered
by Corybantes; eunuch priests, who led the faithful in rituals that were accompanied
by wild cries and the frenzied music created by flutes, drums, and cymbals. When the
city was colonised by the Greeks, the cult of Cybele was assimilated into their culture
as the goddess Artemis: the goddess of nature, children and animals. When Artemis
and Cybele were combined at Ephesus, Artemis incorporated the fertility aspect of
Cybele into her governance. The earliest forms of Artemis statues have been found in
the city of Catalhoyuk where a matriarchal society and goddess worship existed that
dated back to Neolithic times. If the Amazons were a nomadic tribe of female
warriors then it is quite possible that they would have knowledge of such matriarchal
communities and may even have originated from them, as such, the goddess culture of
Ephesus is of vital importance to our understanding of the citys origins.
Several highly ornate statues of Artemis discovered in Ephesus show her torso
covered in eggs symbolising life, fertility and abundance - some people have
suggested that they are breasts, reflecting her nurturing aspect or even bulls testes
representing the lunar bull. The lower part of her body is decorated with mythological
animals showing that she is a link between the earth
and Gods, her head is crowned with a wall-like
headdress that Cybele would have worn. Perhaps
most interestingly her neck is adorned with a
necklace depicting the zodiac, which suggests that
astrology carried a significant influence in the daily
life of the citizens of Ephesus. The earliest known
depiction of the zodiac originates in Dendra in
Egypt, the true home of the Egyptian goddess Isis,
to whom the very first temple at Ephesus top city gate is dedicated. This suggests that
Ephesus may have been the result of at least two very powerful cultural influences
uniting and setting together, that of the Amazons and that of the followers of the Isis
cult, which originated in ancient Egypt.
The Beginning of the Temple of Artemis
It was of course the Amazons who were credited with building the first Temple of
Artemis, which was made from wood, around 800 B.C. This was extended greatly
around 550 B.C. when King Croesus commissioned a Greek named Chersiphron to
design the magnificent temple and adjoining altar court.
A stone tablet found in the upper portion of the city describes how ceremonial
precessions between the Temple of Artemis and other key part of the city were
conducted along the 2-3 mile ceremonial walkway. It was this tablet that led to the
rediscovery of the Temple of Artemis by 19th century architect and engineer John
Turtle-Wood who had searched for the temple tirelessly for over five years at the
request of the British Museum. Other celebrations featured the maidens of Ephesus
performing an annual circular dance created by the Amazon Queen Hippolyte, using
weapons and shields.
Although the temple was primarily a site of religious worship and sacrificial
ceremonies, it was also used to display art and provide a centre for the annual festival
of Artemis as well as being a place of asylum. The temple faced east - west, which
Page 134

was a unique feature for Greek Temples, the sacrificial altar was placed to the west of
the temple. On the day of the festival of Artemis, the goddesss birthday, people from
all over the city would carry the statue of the goddess out from her temple and along
the Harbour Street to the Great Theatre, which had a seating capacity of 25,000. From
this vantage point, she could observe the proceedings, and then return her to the
temple to preside over the sacrificial rites conducted in her name.
Such was the citys longstanding devotion to Artemis, that when St. Paul attempted to
introduce Christianity to the Ephesians, the citys silver-smiths who resented Paul's
preaching of the new faith, rioted in her defence, shouting "Great is Artemis of the
Ephesians!" from the Great Theatre. Their protest quickly gained momentum and
resulted in St. Paul being thrown into prison (partly for his own safety) and then
driven from Ephesus for several years. (Acts 19:28 KJV)
The Seventh Wonder of the Ancient World
There were several aspects that made the Temple of Artemis one of the seven
wonders of the ancient world, the first was the temples sheer size. This was the first
Greek style temple to be built entirely from marble and may well have been one of the
largest Greek temples ever constructed. The main platform of the temple was 255 feet
wide by 425 feet long and contained 127 Ionic columns each of which were 60 feet
tall with many of the temples columns were gilded in gold and silver.
The Temple housed many fine works of art including frescos, friezes and sculptures.
All were commissioned from the most renowned and respected Greek sculptors of the
age including Polyclitus, Pheides and Cresilas. The sculptors were said to have
competed amongst themselves to create the finest statues, many of which were of the
Amazons, the legendary founders of Ephesus.
The Destruction of the temple
Writers such as Plinius and Strabo described how the temple was ransacked on seven
different occasions including being deliberately burnt
down by a madman named Herostratus in 356 B.C. It
seems that Herostratus only motivation for his
actions was the desire to be famous. Legend has it
that on the very night the Temple was destroyed,
Alexander the Great was born in Macedon. When
asked why Atremis had not saved her temple her
followers replied that their goddess enforced
absence had prevented her from saving it as she had
to be oversee Alexanders safe birth. Archaeological findings instead attest to at least
four rebuilding of the temple, starting in the 7th century B.C. The Temple was finally
destroyed by invading Goths around 262 A.D.
A column and a few fragments of marble strewn on the ground are all that remains of
the Seventh Wonder of the World in Ephesus. Although her Temple had been
destroyed and Christianity superseded the old pagan religions and goddess cultures, in
many ways the Temple of Artemis still lives on; eight of the pillars from the temple
where transported to Istanbul where they were used to construct the dome of the
Page 135

Church of Saint Sophia. The church was eventually converted into a mosque and then
a museum as the ever changing fortunes of the region dictated.
How long it will be before Ephesus finally reveals the mystery of her true founders
and her goddesses remains to be seen, but it could well be that Ephesus holds the key
that will transform the myth of the Amazons into a very real legend.
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Page 136

by Hypatia
Has your historical research been rather dry lately? Have you
ever wanted the chance to chat with a lovely ancient woman
about her life?
If this is true, come over here to this quiet place, and I will
introduce you to a woman who lived in ancient Greece in
circa 600 B.C. She is brimming with emotional intensity,
simplicity and directness, ready to tell you many things
about her life, loves, pet peeves, wishes, and descriptions of
her ancient setting.
I may introduce my acquaintance as a true ancient because
according to Whartons, Life of Sappho, the timeline is as follows:
"During her lifetime Jeremiah first began to prophesize (628 B.C.), Daniel was carried
away to Babylon (606 B.C.), Nebuchadnezzar besieged and captured Jerusalem (587
B.C.), Solon was legislating at Athens, and Tarquinius Priscus, the fifth king, is said
to have been reigning over Rome. She lived before the birth of Gautama, the founder
of Buddhism, the religion now professed by perhaps almost a third of the whole
population of the globe."
She is famous. Her home island even minted a coin with her likeness in her lifetime!
Towns erected statues to her. Renowned for thousands of years, even by subsequent
ancient civilizations, for her lyric poetry which was personal and evocative, allowing
the reader to identify with the poet's private despair and hopes. It's for this reason that
Sappho, even 2600 years later, can arouse our emotions. Sappho wrote about her
friends leaving, getting married, pleasing and disappointing her, and imagining them
remembering the old days.
Note: For the sake of our brief visit, during our conversation with her as a way of
presenting her poems to you, I have put these poems into italics, and our potential
response to them into regular text.
ListenShe approaches with a lyre and her few female students who study the
muses on the island of Lesbos in Greece, well noted for its song and excellent wine.
She begins by describing a setting in ancient Greece so you can visualize her
Come hither to me from Crete, to this holy
temple, where your lovely grove of
apple trees is, and the altars
smoke with frankincense.
Herein cold water rushes through
apple boughs, and the whole place is shaded
with roses, and sleep comes down
Page 137

from rustling leaves.

Herein a meadow where horses graze
blooms with spring flowers and the winds
blow gently.
Here, O Cyprian, taking these garlands
in golden cups; gently pour forth
nectar mingled together with our
Then she tells you of what an ancient Grecian festival was like:
Hector and his men are bringing a glancing girl.
Delicate Andromache
..on ships over the salt
sea. And many gold bracelets and purple
perfumed clothes, painted toys,
and silver cups innumerable and ivory
Then sons of Ilos led mules beneath,
fine running carts and up climbed a whole crowd
of women and maidens with tapering ankles..
and young men led horses under chariots
in great style with charioteers.
.the sweetflowing flute and kithara were mingled
with the clip of castanets and piercingly then the maidens
sang a holy song and straight up the air went
amazing sound.
.and everywhere in the roads
was bowls and cups ,
myrrh and cassia and frankincense were mingled.
And all the elder women shouted aloud
and all the men cried up in lovely song,
calling on Paon, farshooting god of the lyre,
and they were singing a hymn for Hector and Andromache like to gods.
Now that you are told first hand of her environment, she sings of her confusion at
I do not know what to do, two states of mind in me..
She tells you her interpretations of personal values
Some say that the most beautiful thing
Upon the black earth is an army of horsemen;
Others, of infantry, still others, of ships,
But I say it is what one loves."

Page 138

You respond, Thats interesting. Do you think everyone agrees with that? Tell me
She goes on,
Its completely easy to make this
Intelligible to everyone; for the woman
Who far surpassed all mortals in beauty, Helen, left her most brave husband,
And sailed off to Troy, nor did she remember at all her child
Or her dear parents, but [the Cyprian] led her away
..This has now reminded me
of Anaktoria, who is not here.
Her lovely walk and the bright sparkle of her face
I would rather look upon than
All the Lydian chariots
And full-armed infantry.
Then she confides in you about her most personal loves, the deep emotion is evident
in every word she chooses. She thrives in 610B.Cyou are fascinatedyou get
closer.and she whispers what she said at a wedding one time,
he seems to me to be like the gods
whatever man sits opposite you
and close by hears you talking sweetly
And laughing charmingly, which makes the heart within my breast take flight;
For the instant I look upon you,
I can not anymore
Speak one word.
But in silence my tongue is broken, a fine
Fire at once runs under my skin,
With my eyes I see not one thing, my ears
Cold sweat covers me, trembling
seizing my whole body, I am more moist than grass
I seem a little short of dying,
But, all must be ventured.
You say:OOOOOOkay.Thats what you said at a wedding??! .To the
Then she again picks up her lyre and strums a soft melody as she tells you morethis
time about one of her young students who did not want to leave her.

Page 139

I have not had one word from her

Frankly I wish I were dead
When she left, she wept
a great deal; she said to me, "This parting must be
endured, Sappho. I go unwillingly."
I said, "Go, and be happy
but remember (you know
well) whom you leave shackled by love
"If you forget me, think
of our gifts to Aphrodite
and all the loveliness that we shared
"all the violet tiaras,
braided rosebuds, dill and
crocus twined around your young neck
"myrrh poured on your head
and on soft mats girls with
all that they most wished for beside them
"while no voices chanted
choruses without ours,
no woodlot bloomed in spring without song..."
-- Translated by Mary Barnard
Background Information
Now that you are somewhat familiar with examples of the personal tone of Sapphos
verses, we must be a bit curious about the background of the woman herself.

Only a small fragment of her verses survive, but what we have is exquisite. Sappho
was married and had a daughter, named Cleis. She was aristocratic herself. This
Page 140

was evident by her education, word choice, and the ceremonial attendances she was
privy to. According to the Victorian translators of her work, she was a schoolmistress
to a boarding school for young girls who studied the muses and bettered themselves
for marriage and motherhood but this is not totally evident by modern translations of
her work Anyway, since we dont really know; generally, it is against this backdrop
that we must interpret her deep affection for these girls and the understandable sense
of loss she felt upon their departure get married.
Sapphos name has been conjoined with sexual lesbian love, but contemporary studies
realize that ninety percent of her writings are missing and as an instructor, she may
have assumed many voices (like a playwright inventing characters) as speakers in her
poems. In other words, not writing necessarily as herself, as a diarist would, but as a
lesson or other voice, even alter-ego. The fact is, we just dont know for sure, but she
would have been bi-sexual as the legend goes that she fell so deeply in love with a
handsome ferryman, who rebuffed her; that she committed suicide by jumping off a
cliff into the ocean. Since we just do not have enough material available because of
the destruction of the Alexandria Library and by Byzantine emperors, I think it would
be a very good idea to research what ancient Grecian society expected of an
aristocratic lady
According to this article:
"Most of the evidence about women in this time comes from Athens. Women were
needed to help run the oikos where she would cook, spin, weave, manage servants and
raise the children. Chores like fetching water and going to market were done by a
servant if the family could afford it. Higher class women were expected to have a
chaperone accompany them when they left the house.
If a family had a daughter, it needed to raise a substantial sum to pay the dowry to her
husband. If there was no son, the daughter passed her father's inheritance to her
spouse, for which reason she would be married to a close male relative: cousin or
uncle. Normally, she was married a few years after puberty to a man much older than
herself. Adultery was severely punished.
I dont feel I have enough evidence to believe she was unconventional from this
feminine role. She talks of ribbons and the distress of a war interfering with her
inability to get a hat; but she does not write of any sense of rebellion against society
nor being disrespected by her own peers. In fact, I dont think she committed suicide,
I think it is legend. She loved her daughter deeply and had her to live for. Other
historians believe Lesbos and the Aeolian woman had much more freedom in the
overt pursuit of beauty. (see Notes).
Why Was She Famous? What Made Her So Special?
Sappho wrote poetry at a time when Greek literature was dominated by the influence
of Homer and the expansive epic narrative. Most of Sapphos poems, however, are
monodies, songs composed for solo singers and intended to be sung to the
accompaniment of the lyre.

Page 141

Although this article provides the English translation of some of her work, there are
indeed varied translations for the same piece. However, all clearly exhibit her talent
for choosing and arranging words to actualize sensual experiences. The true impact of
Sapphos monodies, that which have rendered her famous in all ancient and modern
settings (from 2,600 years ago to today,) is her basic logistic construction of the words
of the melodic Aeolic dialect of the spoken ancient Greek. The development of the
graceful Sapphic syllables -- each and a fourth line of five syllables. This construction
dictates the use of three spondees (a foot composed of two accented syllables) in each
line with the final syllable of the fourth line. In other words, to her fellow
contemporary, her poems would have much more of a audible impact because of the
sounds formed by the ancient dialect when recited and the style of accompaniment of
the lyre. We can appreciate them for only one portion of their true dimension.
From Whartons Life of Sappho, description of Aeolian women
Aeolian women were not confined to the harem like Ionians, or subjected to the
rigorous discipline of the Spartans. While mixing freely with male society, they were
highly educated, and accustomed to express their sentiments to an extent unknown
elsewhere in history-until, indeed, the present time. The Lesbian ladies applied
themselves successfully to literature. They formed clubs for the cultivation of poetry
and music. They studied the art of beauty, and sought to refine metrical forms and
diction. Nor did they confine themselves to the scientific side of Art. Unrestrained by
public opinion, and passionate for the beautiful, they cultivated their senses and
emotions, and developed their wildest passions. All the luxuries and elegances of life
which that climate and the rich valleys of Lesbos could afford, were at their disposal:
exquisite gardens, in which the rose and hyacinth spread perfume; river-beds ablaze
with the oleander and wild pomegranate; olive-groves and fountains, where the
cyclamen and violet flowered with feathery maidenhair; pine-shadowed coves, where
they might bathe in the calm of a tide less sea; fruits such as only the southern sea and
sea-wind can mature; marble cliffs, starred with jonquil and anemone in spring,
aromatic with myrtle and lentisk and samphire and wild rosemary through all the
months; nightingales that sang in May; temples dim with dusky gold and bright with
ivory; statues and frescoes of heroic forms. In such scenes as these the Lesbian poets
lived, and thought of Love. When we read their poems, we seem to have the
perfumes, colors, sounds, and lights of that luxurious land distilled in verse. Nor was a
brief but biting winter wanting to give tone to their nerves, and, by contrast with the
summer, to prevent the palling of so much luxury on sated senses. The voluptuousness
of Aeolian poetry is not like that of Persian or Arabian art. It is Greek in its selfrestraint, proportion, tact. We find nothing burdensome in its sweetness. All is so
rhythmically and sublimely ordered in the poems of Sappho that supreme art lends
solemnity and grandeur to the expression of unmitigated passion.'
Page 142

If Not, Winter, Fragments of Sappho, translated Anne Carson, by Alfred A.

Knopf, 2002
Encyclopedia Britannica, Sappho.
Gay and Lesbian Poetry, edited by James J. Wilhelm, Garland Publishing Inc.
Womens History & Ancient History, edited by Sarah Pomeroy, University of
North Carolina Press, 1991.

Supplemental Poem for Parents:

Sleep, darling
I have a small
daughter called
Cleis, who is
like a golden
I wouldn't
take all Croesus'
kingdom with love
thrown in, for her
Don't ask me what to wear
I have no embroidered
headband from Sardis to
give you, Cleis, such as
I wore
and my mother
always said that in her
day a purple ribbon
looped in the hair was thought
to be high style indeed
but we were dark:
a girl
whose hair is yellower than
torchlight should wear no
headdress but fresh flowers
-- Translated by Mary Barnard

Page 143

Part Four
Egypt- Land of the Gods
Ancient texts offer us a unique window into the thoughts and
philosophies of many ancient cultures, none of which
fascinate us more than Ancient Egypt, a country that even
today is shrouded in mystery.

Maple Pyramid by Dhanishta

Page 144

The Alchemy of the Soul - 5,000 year old Egyptian text discovered
Translated from an original text by Seshat
ThothWeb has obtained an exclusive translation of one
of the rarest Egyptian Mystery School texts ever
This text has remained locked away in a private
collection for over 100 years since it was discovered
by a German explorer during the excavations of some
tunnels in Egypt. At the time of the discovery, the
papyrus scrolls, still in their original jars, were taken
by their finder to the British Museum for translation, but as word of the incredible
find got out, the owner came under mounting pressure to turn the texts over to the
Fearing that he was about to loose his amazing find, he never returned to the museum,
choosing instead to keep the manuscripts locked away but still in his possession.
Ownership of the manuscripts has since passed to the grandson of the original
discoverer. His curiosity finally getting the better of him, the grandson, who wishes to
remain anonymous, approached a Lisbon based translator of ancient texts for help in
revealing what the texts said.
Although no carbon dating has been carried out on the papyri, indications are that this
text dates back to the Old Kingdom, which gives us an approximate date of 2649
2150 B.C.
Experts have dated the text to the Old Kingdom due to the fact that the text wasn't
written in the Hieratic script used by scribes when recording magical and religious
texts from the early Middle Kingdom onwards. The fact that it is not employed in the
manuscript means that the text predates the Middle Kingdom.
The results of the translation were astounding, the two translators who worked on the
translations admitting that they had never, at any point in their careers, come across
such unusual texts. They are clearly texts from the Egyptian Mystery schools.
What makes them remarkable is that almost all of the texts from the Egyptian mystery
schools were destroyed towards the end of the fourth century when the Emperor
Theodosius ordered the destruction of pagan temples and writings. The Serapeum in
Alexandria and its library of ancient texts were raised to the ground, effectively
ending the mystery school tradition in Egypt. Hypatia, the last great female
alchemical philosopher, was able to save a small portion of the library and for a while
the tradition was kept alive but her murder in 415 CE effectively ended esoteric
learning in Egypt.
The translation that has been undertaken today reveals the true depth of the esoteric
teachings of the Egyptian Mystery schools almost 5,000 years ago. These are
teachings that mainstream Egyptology seek to deny and dismiss. To discover a fully
Page 145

intact document that deals with the Egyptian concept of the Alchemy of the Soul itself
will further our understanding of Egyptian Esoteric Wisdom ten fold and ensure that
the Egyptian mystery tradition, which provides the foundation of almost all Magical
and esoteric knowledge, is finally realised.
ThothWeb is pleased to announce that both the owner of the scrolls and the scholars
who have tirelessly worked on the translations have granted us full and exclusive
permission to publish the unabridged translation of this incredible text.
This alchemical text is one of the oldest surviving alchemical manuscripts from the
Egyptian Mystery schools and according to experts dates to around 26492150 B.C.
The Alchemy of the Soul
The water of skies can be used, for it as been through the highest purification there
can be. The one that stands above us where all things happen in a powerful and
infinite perfection that truly rises above earthly matters or even our own
understanding before we are purified and capable of seeing everything as it really is.
A few Blessed ones have been walking among us, complete, throughout the ages,
because the purified child coming out of their souls was considered wise enough to be
embraced as son or daughter of the skies, who will now provide them all the help and
answers they may need based upon the natural love between parents and children,
which will lead them into even higher ways of knowledge as a circle that never end or
truly begins.
To be a part of the highest circles the recipe shall be followed in detail, but be aware
the laws of the highest kingdoms won't look upon your fortune or those with whom
you are related. Be you a slave or a king, a musician or an artisan. Be naked before the
sacred fire that burns without burning, that exists without consuming.
Know your rules mean nothing to all the things that created themselves permanently,
because you are only a half of who you are. Until you are complete you will follow by
need, the rules of man, until you are complete and start to follow the rules of
everything else, that by its purity seems so simple to you although by its perfection is
far beyond your judgement.
You may seek those white lords, upon their white realms, that stand between your
world and the one of the gods, deciding by their own will when to stay, when to go.
And yes, let me tell you their privilege is a rare gift upon this earth that guides them
by the laws of the eternal creation. Their secret is no other than being children of the
rain, being that water coming down from the sky only to return to it after. The circle
that never breaks. No beginning. No end.
One step away from freedom though you shall be. Oh white lord, because among your
learning about the nature of true things you have learned that their infinite
permanence is nothing else but another stage of the way, the one that stands before
becoming everything.

Page 146

White Lords followers of the Supreme word of Amon who has chosen to be
everything after creating himself forever. The red essence shall remain unknown for
you until you become a follower of the form of Amon, for you shall know when
reaching the white state all the answers to take you forward, therefore it is forbidden
to speak of what you shall know when reaching the condition of knowing, or you
would never wish to reach there. Having the knowledge is not being. The wise shall
know it, the one who is not ready will turn back.
If you are looking for the White (word missing, presume it might be "realm or
kingdom" by the last and only symbol) Know that first you will find it in your mind
for the dwelling place of the shinning ones. It is not a door you can step in and out
The Journey starts, you cannot look back. If you look back you are not sure, if you not
sure you cannot choose. Know that when you became a White one, you will see things
on this earth that are not there to reach the eye of the ordinary man.
You will see what you thought it was not (missing word, but almost sure it is -"there"by the first symbol). Bind yourself with this illusion and you shall never cross the path
of light. Believe the heart, more than the eyes, for the eyes, they follow reason and
reason is based upon what ordinary men see; they do not see all that is there, so reason
is in part a lie.
If you follow a lie you will never get to a true place. Mark my words apprentice, I
have been there. In the dwelling-place of White Lords were the doors are opened to
the stars, when they chose to open them, for they have transcended death, though are
waiting still to be everything following the trace of the great Amon. Red shall be
known as the heart, and you shall know what lays in there, follow it, this map usually
never fails.
The circle of the water, of the rain, everything is hidden there and in the supreme
golden. You shall hold the never ending circle in your hands of the water, of the
water, let it be, the water knows what to do, it will give birth to the original blue that
you shall not see, let the white sand of the Gods stand in the middle. You shall find
the sand of the gods within the Supreme Golden, ask for it and wait, do not fear, do
not be unsure, change the red essence for the dark one of reason and nothing shall
come out of it.
The white sand is food for time, offer it to both, and you shall be immortal, time will
have is share, it will disappear and in return you shall see the door and it shall open
for you. In the dwelling place of the stars without a noise, without a sound.
Follow the Great Serpent of water, that you shall see from the sky, until you see the
three steps of the gods coming out of the water, there, in the middle there is the resting
place of the supreme Amon on earth, the awaken lord, the one that never sleeps,
whose mind never sleeps, whose heart shines forever. If you (missing word but
believe it is- step) inside the cave, the temple, the answer to your search, know that
you are far from the end, but the time you take to reach it, is a part of you. Be you the
Page 147

master of the change, time is a servant.

Know that for long, the golden lord has gone forward, left his shadow behind so that it
could follow him if it wanted, so that he could be followed if it wanted.
Sons and daughters of Nuit who carry the shadow, to pass beyond the shrine of Amon
the Supreme father. Hidden in the shadow there are the three gifts of Nuit the blessed
mother, the three gifts of Amon the shining father and the one which is of men, the
red of life.
Below the earth, inside the first temple of the first gift of Nuit, the blessed mother,
you shall find the fountain for the miracle.
Below the earth, inside the (second?) temple of the second (gift?) of Nuit, the blessed
mother, you shall find both serpent and egg and the precious gem for those who know
the secret of leading the source to the receptacle.
Below the earth, inside the third (temple of the?) third gift of Nuit, (the blessed
mother?) you (shall?) find and the strength to follow.
Above the earth, below the sky, inside the temple of men, the only one, the gift of
men, you shall find the wish to follow and the beauty of following.
Above the sky, inside the first temple of the first gift of Amon, the shinning father,
you shall find the word to heal and to put away all demons.
Above the sky, inside the second temple of the second gift of Amon, the shinning
father, you shall find the knowledge behind the word.
Above the sky, inside the third temple of the third gift of Amon, the shinning father,
you shall find the gate and the path after it.
When Re rises in the east, follow the path of the white lords, to the west.

Page 148

Hieroglyphs Introducing the sacred language of Ancient Egypt

Let us speak of the invisible
Let us speak of the things that cannot be seen or heard
Unless you step out of this our and become one with the Universe
(Spell scroll Middle kingdom)

For the people of ancient Egypt, all aspects concerning their

language and writing were considered to be sacred.
Mysterious Symbols represented in every surface through the old kingdom actually
carried a deeper meaning than one can think of when trying to decode them. The word
Hieroglyphs itself is the key to the deepest secret of this ancient system. Hieroglyphs
or the words of the God in their
true meaning were considered to
be much more than a simple way
for expression and communication;
actually there are a few references
in old scrolls where priests and
scribes warn those who read them
not to face those representations
just as one more writing method as
any other: The signs are sacred
and so are the sounds coming out
of them through your mouth/ the
one who cannot understand the meaning of this shall not speak-(papyrus from the
kingdom of Queen Hatsepsut; XVIII dynasty). In fact according to ancient Egyptians
their language had once been brought to Khemet (original name for Egypt) by Djuty
(the real name for the God Thoth) master of all knowledge, creator of writing,
literature, art, who was also considered the responsible for all teachings on
mathematics, engineering, astronomy, astrology, medicine, sacred geometry, time
measuring and magic. Main writings on wizardry like the Book of the Dead are
claimed to have been originally written by this Supreme Sorcerer who used to offer
his magical hand whenever the other Gods where in need and was the best player of
senet (Egyptian chess) in the world, who never lost a game.
The truth is that scholars are still divided when it comes to explain how this type of
writing emerged all of a sudden in the region. Although the hieroglyphs have gone
through a natural process of evolution from the Old Egyptian to Traditional
Middle Egyptian or even through forms of simplification of the symbol, like the
Hieratic script (comes from the similar Greek word that mean priest like and was
used almost exclusively on papyrus to make it easier and faster to write down
administration and law issues) or the Demotic script (turning out to be the Hieratic
system even more simplified became popular during VII B.C. and was only
abandoned in V A.D., when only 7 demotic signs survived through the Coptic
language), we find very few references of primary stages for this unique writing

Page 149

By the end of the Roman domination of Egypt in the late 5th century A.D. the
Traditional Middle Egyptian was coming to an end and so was the representation of
hieroglyphs, opening way to the new Coptic language. After the great fire that
consumed most of the scrolls at the library of Alexandria, no documents that could
allow understanding this mystical language were left.
By the Early 7th century A.D., there was no one who could read the hieroglyphs and
no sources of information were available at that moment. The mysterious words of the
ancients fell into a deep, apparently unbreakable, silence that would last for almost
2000 years. In admiration, all of those who stepped into through the temples or stood
before an old wall could only wonder what the voiceless lips of the ancients were
trying to whisper at them, until an apparently minor discovery (among those who
were thirsty for gold and treasures) revealed a key that would finally allow the silence
to be broken. During the French incursion in Egypt a 0.762 ton stone block was
found, exhibiting a large inscription written in 3 different scripts: Hieroglyphic,
Demotic and Greek. This archaeological discovery would become known as the
Rosetta Stone. The fact that the text mentioning Ptolemy V was the same in the
three different languages allowed French linguistic Jean Champolion to start decoding
the attributes of each hieroglyphic sign, starting by the name of the regent as a guiding
line. After years of research made by British, French, German and Italian
investigators, the path to the interpretation of the writings of ancient Egypt was
revealed and the authors of these texts would have their voices back, once again.
The way of the Scribe
If you know how to read and write,

And you are pure in your intentions

You shall never be hunger in the land
Of the mighty Pharaoh

The scribe or sesh was one of the fundamental hands

of the Egyptian Kingdom, responsible for all kinds of
writings: law, treaties, taxes, philosophy, medicine,
mathematics, judgment verdicts, magical, religious or
fictional literature
The social rank of a scribe could go from a simple
copy maker to someone with high political,
governmental, military or religious functions. One way
or another, the knowledge related with the art of
reading and writing was an open door to a world of
many possibilities.
The education of the scribe would start at the age of seven in one of the three main
types of schools available at the time: Schools at the palaces (For children of the
upper classes only), Schools at the temples these were usually opened to all the
community children and teachings were free of any charge. The reason why this was
possible had to do with the fact that being a teacher was not a full time work like it
is nowadays. Lessons were provided by the priests of the temple that would choose to
dedicate some of their time to teaching as a way of serving their community. Once
Page 150

they were already being paid by the state as full time priests responsible for rituals,
caring and cleaning the temple, they were strictly forbidden to charge for their service
to the community, which was also one of the functions of priests were already being
paid for.
Sometimes there was a third kind of school supported by the city governor if he had
available funds.
All that the young pupil needed
would be two goblets for paints
black and red (the first was used to
write down the texts, while the
second one indicated the beginning
of a sentence, a paragraph, the result
for mathematical problems and was
also used to sign malefic beings in
religious/ magical texts) and a long
thin reed. In the world of a
professional scribe, goblets and
reeds could even be a matter of
fashion. Everyone had their
personal ones and different styles
were used in different periods. In
fact, a few good examples have
prevailed until nowadays like the
beautiful gemstone made box with
two goblets, found inside the tomb
of a scribe with his name, Amed,
carved at the bottom.
Papyrus was actually an expensive
material and was considered to be wasted at the hands of an apprentice scribe. Instead
apprentices used to practice on stone tablets, clay, wood or linen; papyrus was usually
left for professional use only.
The priests provided the scrolls with the texts addressing a variety of subjects from
morality, philosophy of life, religion, to texts exalting the greatness of Pharaoh and
his kingdom or even encouraging words for young pupils about the beauty of writing
and the happiness of being a scribe in the future. Apart from this, the student would
also receive education on mathematics, astronomy, astrology, medicine, art and
music, under the constant supervision of the teacher. Readings used to be conducted
in groups; students repeated the teachings in a loud voice or practiced copy when not
reading. For seven years this would be the method used for learning. Around the age
of 14 the young scribe could choose between applying for working as copyist and
writer in public and governmental institutions or becoming an expert in one single
subject like healing, music, sculpture, architecture, astrology or astronomy. If he
chose to specialise he would probably need a private tutor to teach him the deepest
knowledge about the chosen area. Another alternative was to ask to be taken on as an
apprentice at the place where he wished to work in the future. One way or another this
practical part of the learning process would take him 7 more years and, by the age

Page 151

of 21, he would probably be a professional in most of the cases unless the priesthood
had been his choice then it could even take longer still..
How the hieroglyphic system works
Although many may think that hieroglyphs are
a purely pictographic system, this is not quite
Hieroglyphs can be grouped into three
different categories:
Phonograms According to the word itself,
these always have a phonetic sound and there
can be three types of phonograms: Uniliteral
(representing one consonant) Biliteral
(representing two consonants) and Triliteral
(representing three consonants)
Here are some examples of uniliteral (1), biliteral (2), and triliteral (3) phonograms:
-A -I

- Aw
- Ab
- iw
- im
- in
- ir
- is

- Ank
- wAs
- nfr
- ntr
- htp
- mAa
- aHa
Ideograms These are signs that mean what they represent, one symbol can mean
more than one word, although they have phonetic value, they dont represent
sounds, but words instead:

Page 152

- Man

- woman

- night, darkness

- star, night, time


Determinatives When a symbol was added to a phonetic word with the intention of
helping to determinate the meaning of the word, then we would probably be looking
at a determinative. These words didnt have a phonetic representation their purpose
was only to make a word more understandable. Here is an example:

- Hm Ntr (one reads it Hem Netjer) which means priest could also be

written using the determinative of authority

in the end of the word and we
would still read it exactly the same, but we would also understand that priests were
people of authority:

There were no spaces left between words or sentences so, one would simple have to
understand where a word ended and the next one started:

This would be: Osiris, Lord of Abydos, the good God blessed
with eternal life.
Art and writing as one
Emptiness and void were two concepts that the average ancient
Egyptian preferred not to consider. Everything should have its
own identity: stone walls, columns, ceilings, corridors,
thresholdsfrom tombs to temples, from palaces to public
buildings and ordinary houses; writings were everywhere;
nothing should be left with an empty look. This tendency was
part of the Egyptian cultural background that we still can find
today, with pottery, furniture objects, small home statues or
even amulets filled up with spells and prayers. In no other place of the ancient world,
was writing considered to be an artistic expression on such a large scale as it was in
Page 153

Combined with many different colours, these symbols were a reflection of harmony
and balance; therefore they could be written in horizontal or vertical imaginary lines,
from left to write or right to left, the direction the images were facing denoted the
direction of the text. In case there were two figures confronting each other like the
picture of the Pharaoh making offerings to a certain God, the texts illustrating the
scene would also confront each other. Words in ancient Egypt were also one of the
highest kinds of visual art.
The magic within the writing
It was not just the sound that was considered to possess magical properties; signs were
believed to carry special meanings that could affect people both in a positive or
negative way, depending on the symbol that was being used. Some of them were said
to bring many benefits and were used as popular amulets and lucky or protective

charms, like the famous scarab Kepher

or the eye of Horus.
Equally, some others could attract negative forces, and because of this scribes would
mutilate these symbols or choose not to represent them entirely.
Words, art and magic, all and one were the ultimate expression of Maat on earth
harmony and wisdom, the Universal balance, the key to the gate of eternal Life.
Step inside stranger, and know that life is just a step away from eternity, you shall
decide the size of the step Wall writing Middle kingdom-Temple of Luxor.

Bibliography for those who wish to know more on hieroglyphs:

Page 154

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translate hieroglyphs I truly recommend it, its a little expensive but its really worthy,
the book has hundreds of lessons and exercises for those who are learning for
themselves, it wont disappoint you!)
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(This one is excellent as well, along with the grammar, because the first one will
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children will love it!)
Page 155

Other resources:
(Here you will find lessons on hieroglyphs for beginners)
(If you wish to read some quotes from ancient Egypt)

Page 156

The Isis Thesis

Written by Judy Kay King, The Isis Thesis is a book that promises to turn the worlds
of Science and Egyptology on their respective heads, uniting the two in a way that a
few years ago, nobody could have predicted.
Ms King has spent several years using a technique called
biosemiotics the biological science of signs and messages
in living systems, to study every facet of Egyptology. After
years of intensive research, she has arrived at an astonishing
conclusion, that there is an undeniable interrelationship
between the mythology of ancient Egypt and molecular
biology. The Ancient Egyptians were aware of not only
bacterial genetics but also molecular biology, cosmology
related to string theory, back hole theory and even dark
To put it simply, Egyptian cosmology is mirrored by
microbiology to such an extent that it cannot be considered coincidence. The Ancient
Egyptians had a deep understanding of science and encoded their scientific knowledge
in the Egyptian language; five thousand years later, we have clear evidence that this is
the case. Judy King's research has decoded a complex scientific sign system which
maps the pathway of a chemical reaction, and provides the key to symbols found in
the ancient myths of Sumer, Babylonia, India, and Greece.
Most scholars would agree that the ancient Egyptian texts are written without
chronology or storyline essentially, they are dual-signified i.e. they invite a
multiplicity of meanings in the same way that biblical texts do.
For a long time, conventional understanding of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs has
considered them as being strictly funerary in nature. However, The Isis Thesis
suggests that while accepting their funerary guise, encoded in the hieroglyphic
symbols themselves is a fully developed science that rivals and in some cases
surpasses modern science.
Judy Kay King puts forward the remarkable assertion that the Ancient Egyptians had
quite a detailed working knowledge of molecular biology, astrophysics, molecular
chemistry, and quantum physics. The Isis Thesis shows how such disciplines were
hidden for thousands of years, waiting for their secrets to be unlocked.
The book takes areas such as microbiology and genetics and uses semiotics (the
theoretical framework for the study of the meaning of language, signs and symbols) to
explore these areas from a modern standpoint and then through the perspective of the
Ancient Egyptians, explaining how these areas were incorporated into the ancient
Ms King covers a wide range of scientific understanding in her research. One element
she looks at is the force fields that celestial and solar magnetism create, examining
how charged particles (ions) that magnetism attracts were understood in ancient
Page 157

Egypt. Symbolically, she reveals, these forces represented the ultimate form of
transportation, the solar boat that carried the dead Pharaoh's eternal being to the
afterlife. The magnetic fields performed in a manner not unlike those of the
interactions between a unique virus called Phage Lambda and its carrier host, the
bacteria E. coli.
The study suggests that the semiotics of the ancient texts illustrate that the Egyptians
were not only aware of the similarity between apparently disparate natural phenomena
such as solar magnetic fields and Phage Lambda, but that they used then as metaphors
in their own mythology.
The methodology employed in The Isis Thesis, is itself unique. The author establishes
a demonstrative template of thirty different themes to outline her hypothesis. The
point Judy Kay King makes is both startling and fascinating. The contention she puts
forward is that the ritual and mythology of the Egyptian understanding of the journey
to the afterlife incorporated all natural sciences. This scientific knowledge was
encoded in the ancient Texts in such a way that it was in plain sight, yet would only
have been known to a select few; as time went by the original knowledge may well
have been lost to the Egyptians themselves.
Passages from nine well-known ancient texts including: The Pyramid Texts, the
Coffin Texts and The Book of Gates have been carefully studied during the course of
the research. The book identifies the sections, words and themes that illustrate how
this scientific knowledge was woven into the fabric of the texts themselves. By any
standard, this was a formidable undertaking. The author presents as evidence 870
decoded signs that define not only the protein path of Phage Lambda and its carrier
host E. coli, but demonstrates how the deceased symbolically followed that path on
their journey to the afterlife.
To paraphrase Judy Kay King, It is obvious that according to Egyptian cosmology
and from Egyptian science that after death the human consciousness resides in our
immortal body, i.e., our genetic essence. The desire of the deceased to merge with the
Sun-god in the afterlife is mirrored by the evolutionary merge that operates at
molecular level such as with Phage Lambda, and results in the recombinant species
Homo Sapiens Lambda.
If the ideas put forward in The Isis Thesis are borne out, it offers clear evidence that
religious and scientific understanding of the Ancient Egyptians was based on the
structure of a simple protein, Phage Lambda and its relationship with a simple
bacteria, E Colei. Not only is that structure imprinted on our Universe as a whole, it
suggests that the Egyptian concept of the microcosm and macrocosm was
underpinned not by mythology, but by science.

Page 158

Gold and Death - The Secret Curses of the Tomb of Tutankhamun

By Seshat
I heard his call and I will follow him after speaking this
words, Lord Carnarvon perished in the city of Aswan at 1:50
a.m., on the 5th of April 1923. At the same time, his dog, Susie
was also dying at Highclere Castle, the family estate in
The city of Cairo fell into complete darkness after an energy
shortage that lasted for five minutes, nobody at the power
station knew how to explain the return of electricity after the
short breakdown as no one had time to fix the fault; its cause
was also unknown, and so it remains until
todayCoincidence?! For some perhaps, but for many others
this was the beginning of several unfortunate events known as The curse of the
When Marie Corelli wrote in one of her romances the most horrible punishment will
fall upon the trespassers of a sealed tomb she probably never thought that this
passage of her book would fill many newspapers so soon after its publication.
The world was only a few days away from getting to know about one of the biggest
archaeological discoveries of all times.
Two days before entering the tomb of Tutankhamun, Egyptologist Howard Carter had
received a painful scorpion bite to one of his hands. Unbeknown to him, the infection
from the bite would trouble him considerably while opening the tomb. During the
same night, an even stranger event took place; a snake entered the tent and ate
Carters canary.
As dawn broke on the morning that the tomb was to be opened, a majestic hawk was
seen flying around the area, disappearing into the west. This sighting was considered a
bad omen, a warning that left the fellahs (the Egyptian workers) fearful and
whispering amongst themselves that very soon the foreign explorers would find gold
and death.
When the first pictures of King Tuts tomb were published in the London Times, the
world was astonished with the richness and beauty that Carter had found. Among the
hundreds of pieces recovered, some of them were simply breathtaking. Dozens of
vessels were recovered as were plates originally laden with fruits and flowers, Senet
boards (an ancient Egyptian chess game), the pharaohs toys and weapons, war
chariots, necklaces, bracelets, amulets all made with precious stones.
Two life sized statues that had stood guarding the entrance of the chamber for 3,000
years were also revealed to the world as was Tutankhamens magnificent
sarcophagus. The sarcophagus consisted of four gilded wooden shrines, one inside the
other, the outer one measuring 5,20m x 3,35m x 2,75m. Inside the fourth, lay the
stone sarcophagus weighing 1.25 tonnes and three mummiform coffins, the inner one
which contained the mummified remains of the boy king being crafted from solid
Page 159

Despite the surprise and astonishment of the entire crew, the greatest treasure of all
time was still hidden. Lying beneath the heavy sarcophagus cover, a perfect replica of
the young kings body could be seen, decorated with gold, lapis-lazuli, aragonite and
obsidian. A silent prayer had been carved in its surface, not to be read by the living
but by the gods themselves:
Oh mother Nut spread thy wings over me as the Imperishable stars
But there was more yet to come
At the back of the mummys chamber, the explorers noticed a small opening,
untouched like the previous ones. Slowly, the second sarcophagus was removed and
its secret revealed: a third sarcophagus measuring 1.85m in length and entirely made
of solid gold. Nothing similar has ever been found beneath the sand of the Valley of
the Kings. Without a doubt, the skills of the artisans responsible for the creation of the
royal mask were unrivalled when compared to other funerary pieces found during
other excavations.
After so many failures, Carter had finally found glory with the discovery of
Tutankhamuns tomb. It was time for celebration, the press were taken on expeditions
to the tomb to take photographs and document the occasion.
One by one, the pieces were removed from their underground resting place. The
pharaohs mummy was taken away to be studied and analysed, while members of
Great Britains upper classes were organising dinner parties at the entrance of the
tomb, in the middle of the Valley of the Kings.
The peaceful rest of the Pharaoh had been disturbed and would never be the same
again. Some believe that it was this fact that made his angry spirit want to claim
revenge. Others believe it drove the ancient curses that were designed to protect the
dead king to strike those who showed a lack of respect for that sacred place.
Soon, the legend of the Egyptian spells started to take shape, gaining momentum after
the death of Lord Carnarvon, who died of pneumonia after a mosquito bite on his
cheek became infected. Before long, a series of dark and unexplained happenings
would lead, even the more sceptical, to think twice before sleeping at night.
At the age of 48, Aubrey Herbert, Carnarvons younger brother, taken by a glimpse of
madness killed himself while in Egypt. The nurse who had taken care of his brother
during his final days was also dying.
No explanation was found as to why Richard Bethell, Lord Carnaverons private
secretary, a healthy man of 35 and one of the first to enter the tomb was found dead in
his bedroom in 1929. When the hearse that was carrying Richard Bethells remains
accidentally knocked down and killed an 8-year-old child, very few people considered
it a simple coincidence.
A short time after, Lord Westbury, Bethells father, jumped to his death from the 7th
floor apartment where he lived. By now, some of his close relatives couldnt avoid
Page 160

referring to a jar decorating his bedroom at the time of his suicide, the jar had been
found in King Tuts tomb.
Strange and unexplained circumstances lay behind an increasing number of deaths of
people linked to the excavation.
Sarah Ben Hamdy who analysed the mummy died too. The Egyptologist Arthur
Weigall died, as did Professor La Fleur, a close friend of Howard Carter, who died in
Luxor after returning from visiting the tomb. The American railway millionaire
George Jay Gould died the day after he paid a visit to the cursed place; his personal
physician spoke of bubonic plague as a possible diagnosis. Arthur C. Mace from the
Metropolitan Museum of New York took a boat back to America after falling sick
when he visited the tomb as did James Henry Breasted, one of the few people to be
present on the official opening of the tomb, Mace never arrived home, dying en route.
Ali Kemel Fahmy Bey, who had visited the tomb was accidentally shot and killed by
his wife at the Savoy Hotel in London. The French Egyptologist Georges Benedite
fell at the entrance of the tomb and died immediately, his death was followed by that
of Mario Passanova, the Italian archaeologist who also died suddenly. Joel Woolf, a
British industrialist was another visitor of the tomb died of an unexplained fever, like
that of Lady Almina Carnarvon, the wife of Lord Carnarvon, who died in 1929
curiously having suffered from a mosquito bite, like her husband, a short time before
her death. One of the most unnerving deaths was that of Hugh Evelyn White. The
Egyptologist fell into a deep depression after examining the tomb; refusing medical
treatment, he finally killed himself, leaving a terrifying message behind: The curse
that fell upon me is so strong that I have no other choice but to submit myself to it.
Inconclusive explanations
Many investigators tried to find rational explanations to these strange happenings. The
most common was simple coincidence: If there was really a curse why werent the
Fellahs, who worked directly with the artefacts, dying as well? What about the scholar
Sir Allan H Gardiner who also visited the tomb? Harry Burton, the photographer from
Carters team, Douglas Derry, the professor from the University of Cairo that directed
the autopsy of the mummy and G. Lefbvre, director of the Cairos Museum were all
unaffected, as was the explorer W.B. Emery who also helped with the opening of the
sarcophagus. What about Howard Carter himself, he lived for seventeen years after
the discovery?
For many people, these examples offered the best evidence that there was no such
thing as the Curse of the Pharaoh.
Other investigators suggested the hypothesis that a bacteria or virus that had remained
locked inside the chambers since the ancient times may have caused some of the
deaths. The investigations conducted by the English chemist, Alfred Lucas did not
find any evidence of bacteria inside the tomb of Tutankhamun or other tombs of the
Valley of the Kings.
In 1962, the biologist Ezz Eldin Taha claimed to have found the explanation for all
the events, and attributed the curse to the presence of a fungus named Aspergillus
Niger in the mummies found in Egypt. Archaeologists were familiar with the skin
Page 161

eczemas and throat infections caused by the fungus, but almost none of the victims of
the curse developed any of these symptoms and many of those deaths had been
purely accidental.
A new theory was tested when hieroglyphs were
discovered deep underground, in an Egyptian mine
where the presence of radioactive material was
detected. The translation of these symbols remains a
mystery; even today nobody knows their meaning.
For some atomic scientists like Professor Bulgarini,
it suggests that the Egyptian priests knew about the
effects of radiation and had access to the radioactive
materials found in the mines that were (and still are)
explored in the region. This would explain not only the physical illness of some
victims but also the mental afflictions of many others. However, this proposal was
also considered inconclusive after tests were carried out in the tomb. There was no
radioactive material detected in the sarcophagus either.
Later, the researcher Dr Auer Gohed, having read the results of Professor Luis
Alvarezs (University of California) study of the royal chamber in the Great Pyramid
told the New York Times that there seemed to be some kind of an occult force inside
the Pyramid that contradicted the laws of science.
According to Dr. Gohed, something similar to a force could be detected in the
chamber and could also be acting inside the tomb, although this possibility was never
tested. Dr. Gohed refers to the experience of British philosopher and mystic, Paul
Bronton who, after spending a night in the Pyramids chamber suffered from apathy,
hallucinations and nervous problems for a period of several days following his stay
there. According to Dr. Gohed, this could explain the sudden nervous problems
revealed by some of the victims, but his theory doesnt offer an origin for the physical
Still the legend remains
Those who believe in the curse often mention the fact that when Howard Carter
started to catalogue the artefacts found in the tomb, he discovered an ostrakon board,
used by the Egyptian scribes to take notes. It is said that despite its harmless looks it
had a warning written on it saying: Death will strike those who disturb the sleep of
the Pharaoh.
Afraid that most of his superstitious Egyptian workers would refuse to work on the
tomb if they knew of this, Carter didnt mention his discovery and didnt take any
pictures of this particular artefact. It only became known much later when Alan
Gardiner, a specialist translator, finally translated the inscription. Later, another
amulet was found with the words: I am the one that keeps away the trespassers of
Tutankhamuns tomb.
Another strange coincidence related to Egyptian curses has to do with the tragic
event of the once considered unsinkable Titanic. On board the ship during her maiden
voyage was a mummy of an Egyptian priestess from the time of Amenofis IV that had
Page 162

been found in Tell-el-Amarna. Its owner, a rich English businessman had decided to
sell it to an American archaeologist, after being advised by Helena Blavatsky that
there was an evil energy connected with it and that he should get rid of it.
Workers of the British Museum claimed to suffer from headaches and chills all over
their bodies when working with some pieces brought from Egyptian tombs, although
most of them refused to believe in curses.
It is also know that during his last hours, as his fever worsened, Lord Carnarvon
would cry that a bird was scratching his face and hurting him. This did not make
much sense to his family who attributed it to his worsening condition but it is
interesting to consider that nowadays we know there was a well-known curse that
dates back to the first intermediate period. The curse reads: The Goddess Nekhbet in
her vulture form will destroy the face of those who disturb the eternal rest of a
Often depicted as a bird, this Goddess was one of the main deities of Upper Egypt and
a protector of the sacred kings.
Curses were common in ancient Egypt, and some of them have survived in papyrus
texts and wall writings. The power to do evil was considered as strong as the power to
do good and both of them were part of a Universe in balance, presided by the spirit
of Maat, the concept of balance and connection between men and the cosmos.
The Curse of the Pharaohs is a legend for some and a fact for others; it will always fill
the pages of books and the secret corners of our imagination. As we gaze upon the
magical inscriptions carved in stone or painted on walls, we are left wondering about
the secrets hidden behind their silence. Those magical inscriptions remain a source of
mystery to modern spiritualists, as Ra gives birth to another new day above the
whispering sands of the Valley of the Kings.

Page 163

The Power of Symbolism in Ancient Egypt Secret Meanings,

Hidden Truth
By Seshat
Symbolism has always walked hand in hand with the human mind. It seems that our
mind is hardwired into using symbols to express archetypes,
wisdom, and knowledge about the world. That expression is
deeply rooted in our dreams, spiritual experiences or
journeys through higher mental states. From the Shaman to
the priest, from the warrior to the alchemist, each esoteric
tradition has its own understanding of the symbols that they
each encounter and use. Indeed, some symbols may have as
many interpretations as the number of years they have been
among mankind. But, is there one key to understanding the
true meaning, of these ancient symbols? And who keeps it, if
we consider that it exists?
Perhaps an old Egyptian quote can bring some light to these questions:
Be aware of what you seek when you mention the truth, for it is not the payment for
the worker, the gold for the treasure hunter, or the honourable offering to the king. It
is instead the vision for a blind man, the song of the gods for one who wasnt able to
In fact, the need to keep some knowledge veiled from the eyes of those who were not
initiated in the Mysteries is the reason why we find so many metaphors and allegories
expressed in many Egyptian texts, especially those with a religious / esoteric nature.
Incorrect interpretations are not confined to the past; nowadays even experienced
Egyptologists continue to interpret ancient texts literally, leaving the possible esoteric
and philosophical meaning obscured; similar to the way it been since the beginning of
the Old Kingdom.
When we delve into what remains of the ancient Egyptian culture by studying the
surviving myths, the books of wisdom and magic, or even by reading the innocent
tales like the story of Sinueh, we are constantly trying to rationalize an ancient nature
lost to modern men. Whispering from the silence of the ages is the voice of Mystery,
but all too often this voice falls on deaf ears.
Hidden in Plain Sight
The astonishing medu netjer, the original name
given to the Hieroglyphic system, was actually
known to only to 2% of the Egyptian population.
This was one of the ways that the Egyptian elite
ensured that the most vital aspects of knowledge
were available only to small groups of people:
scribes, priests and royalty. However, the ability to
read and write was but one element that separated
the initiated from the populace; there was a need to lift the veils and find the heart of
Page 164

pure meaning hidden behind each character - every individual animal or object. Only
the bearer of the right key, the initiated, could unlock the hidden messages. Each text
communicated several different levels of information depending on the ability of the
individual to read and understand the message contained in the glyphs.
The symbols carved in the walls of temples were not simply fulfilling a decorative
role or conveying mundane information concerning the cults that used the building or
ceremonies that used to take place there. They were part of the essence and meaning
of the structure, having a specific function in the same way as the buildings columns,
ceilings and statues did. When you consider these facts it starts to become clear that
the unity of a sacred place involved more than just the sum of its components. The
ultimate purpose of any sacred building was to communicate with the Cosmos in
balance with the divine law Mahat, as a manifestation of mans divine nature.
The expression of a sacred order that underpinned the nature of life was not always
illustrated by secret philosophical words. Instead it was sometimes captured in the
silence of stone walls and pillars enshrined in the concept of number and proportion,
geometry and shape. The heavens, the sun and the moon were symbolically sealed by
the measuring of time, season, solstice and equinox; astrology and the energies of the
Earth were all encoded within the structure.
A pyramid was not simply the best geometrical shape to build a mausoleum in which
to place the body of a dead king as a symbol of his power. Neither was it simply, as
some theories (still to be accepted by the orthodox branch of modern Egyptology)
suggest, to initiate a disciple into the greatest mysteries. Pyramids were also the
materialized symbol of the Egyptian society. At the base we find the farmers and the
builders, followed by the craftsmen and the merchants who are right bellow the
architects and the administrators. These were succeeded by scribes and priests. At the
top stands the pharaoh, like a source of divine light, unifying all the levels of the
pyramid. The force of the Great Law and Justice living in the meaning of his power
a king, a judge, a priest; the pharaoh was the top of the pyramid and the spine that
kept it together and alive.
When looking at Ancient Egypt, we cannot separate architecture from symbolism or
sacred geometry. Magic numbers such as pi and complex notions of mathematical
proportions can be found in every structure found in the Luxor complex. These were
studied by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and became
the main theme of his written masterpiece The
Temple of Men. Complex geometric figures such as
the Flower of Life, or the geographical alignment of
monuments reproducing the night sky as we see it
from earth, all carry the seal of mystery, reminding
us of the existence of a code that we are still trying
to break.
Cosmic Connections
The connection between the pyramids and the stars of Orions belt was deeply
investigated by archaeo-astronomer Robert Bauval, who suggests that the pyramids
may be older than Egyptologists state. The alignment of these buildings with the three
Page 165

stars they represent dates back to around 10 450 BC. Even the great Sphinx, already a
complex symbol to interpret, remains an enigma that keeps the mystery alive.
Scientific research has already proved that the erosion that has shaped the body of the
Sphinx into what we see today was caused by water, specifically, rain water. The
study made by geologist Robert Schoch from Boston University directs us once again
to a period of time when an advanced civilization with the ability to create the Sphinx
didnt officially exist - around 10 000 BC or earlier, when heavy rains could have
caused the erosion we observe today.
Often, we can only guess at what the positions of these monuments be telling us, as
the original intention behind their creation has been long forgotton. Likewise the true
motivation of the astrologers and astronomers that used to work at the temple of
Hathor in Dendera is unknown.
Hidden Symbolism of the Goddesses
These ancient scientists used to follow the
movements of the stars and planets from the upper
terrace of the temple, embraced by the soft night of
the desert. Evidence of their work survives in their
carved ceiling, which recorded constellations in a
specific moment in time. There is one thing we can
be sure of: pictorial representations had very specific
meanings for ancient Egyptians. No figure or word
was carved by chance; no stone was ever placed
without a purpose. The Hathoric columns found in Dendera, for example, do not just
represent the divinity of the temple; they also show the goddess in each face of the
squared pillars, looking in the four directions of space. She is therefore able to see
everything under the heavens, suggesting her constant presence watching over the
earthly dimensions. If the symbolism seems to be simple and understandable when
considered in relation to a myth about the creation of man, then re-examining the
same set of symbols using an astronomical, alchemical or metaphysical keys, in other
words from an entirely different metaphysical perspective, may reveal a different
symbolism. Gaining true understanding of any sysbolism can only be achived if you
possess the key to that aspect of hidden knowledge.
Sisters Isis and Nephtis often appear together like twins, and seem to be just a mother
goddess and her sister. Studies into Egyptian astronomy conclude they could also
represent the beloved star Sirius A (eternal home of the gods) and Sirius B, one
orbiting the other and switching places every 50 years, just like these two goddesses
in some paintings. They can also be seen as the Earth and the sister-shadow of the
Moon, or even as the two minds of men the conscious connected with Isis always
aware and responsible, and the unknown unconscious related to Nephtis, the hidden
The Journey of the Initiate
The papyrus and the lotus, two plants deeply connected with the Egyptian
iconography were known as the symbols of lower and upper Egypt. This is usually the
Page 166

main reason used to explain the use of these plants in the architecture of columns at
the temples. Yet the lotus was also a symbol of illumination and wisdom. In some
sacred buildings we find an interesting pattern: the lotus appears closed in the outer
areas of the temple but inside the buildings the petals start to open.
Inside many temples, the corridors that lead into the interior rooms begins to narrow
as you journey inside and it gets darker. The ceiling gets progressively lower and the
chambers smaller until you arrive at the most sacred place, the bottom of the temple
where the divinity was kept. This architectural design is thought to represent the
meeting of men with his divine self.
More than just being a temple complex, the temples were a representation of the
initiates journey of entering the path of wisdom, crossing the shadows of the lower
ego to meet his higher self, where the mind was one with all things, open to the
intelligible and shining like an open lotus. Not everyone would understand these
meanings, nor were they intended to. Interpretations such as these would have been
obvious to a priest, but a commoner would just see these two plants representing the
symbols for his unified country.
The hidden esoteric meanings behind these symbols were only available to those who
had been given the keys to unlock them; the initiated elite. Mystery schools, the
hidden per-ankh (houses of life) were the heart of this esoteric system of which so
little remains.
The Three Basic Levels of Enlightenment contained in the Temples
We can define at least three levels of information from the structure of a temple.
The first level would have been obvious to even the common people, and would have
been the images of the pharaoh or their gods. To the uninitiated, these symbols would
have a moral meaning and would represent different aspects of human nature. It was
not necessary for these people to be able to read the words that were written in the
walls to know what they meant, but that knowledge represented only one aspect of
the symbolism.
A second and deeper level of information would be seen by the disciples looking at
the same glyphs. The same gods would assume the symbolism of deeper and more
meaningful forces that average people would never understand. For example, Horus
was the father of Egypt, representing protection; but his being depicted as a hawk
would also represent the capacity to see all things both above and below. The open
Eye reflects the awareness of the disciple.
The third level was also the most mysterious and esoteric and could only be
understood by great masters, senior priests who after decades of study were connected
with the energies behind the principles of nature. Although much of this secret
knowledge would only be passed on as an oral tradition, the mysterious hieroglyphs
might also contain deeper meanings, meanings locked in the silence of the imaginary
square, where they were kept in perfect order and proportion so as to fill the chaos of
In many ways you could say that cryptography was a born in ancient Egypt, despite
Page 167

the fact that very few were able to read. It seems there was a secret knowledge
dedicated to an even smaller group of people, something suggested by the texts carved
in some secondary and apparently irrelevant parts of the Temple of Esna.
The colours used to paint certain hieroglyphic symbols also seem to have a relevant
purpose, but we lack deeper studies on the subject. The implications and hidden
esoteric meanings contained in the colouring of hieroglyphs remains a particularly
mysterious chapter of the study of Ancient Egypt. The unchanging and rigid
principles of shape and proportion were also meaningful to the art, architecture and
writing that formed a system of communication with the Cosmos.
It was generally believed that if these rules that governed and united art and religion
were adandoned that a dark shadow would be caste over Egypt, however there was a
man who dared to break with tradition.
The Light and Shadow Akhenaton
Akhenaton, often considered the heretic pharaoh, was not just unpopular for moving
the capital city into the middle of the desert, closing the temples, and for forbidding
cult worship of deities - except those in honour of the one and only sun-god, Aton. If
we could see into a room during the Amarna period such as the one recreated in the
Cairo museum, we can easily see the start of a revolution in art and iconography. The
long disproportional bodies depicting the king and his family are in stark visual
contrast to the secular unchanging cannons of traditional Egyptian art.
This perspective helps us to understand why it was so important after Akhentaons
death for priests to restore the ancient cults and rules governing art, sculpture and
architecture. Their opposition was not borne from hostility to evolution and natural
changes, but they knew that the sacred knowledge, mathematical and exoteric
principles encoded within the writings and architecture could not change; otherwise,
the wisdom of the ancients would be lost and the balance of the divine Law, Maat,
would be broken. The priesthood believed the fall of Egypt would be connected with
the abandonment of the old laws of living, working, creating, representing and in
fact, that was what happened during the late Greek and Roman periods of Egyptian
The sacred laws had been broken, and with them the concept of a unified kingdom
where each man, woman and child was seen as a stone in a perfect pyramid. This is
the dichotomy that is always present when we interpret the social and religious
changes of the Amarna period; Akhenaton was a visionary but also a heretic. He had
new perspectives and ideas concerning politics but he forgot the sacred duties of a
pharaoh. He became associated with peoples fear of a time when Maat would be
forgotten and chaos would return; to remedy this, his memory was erased from
Egypts history by his own people.
Understanding these facts helps us to develop a deeper understanding of the Amarnian
period in Egyptian history. It also helps explain the reason why so many people
resisted Akhenatons policies while others admired his philosophy, and it clarifies
why the elite believed this era and the radical ideas associated with it had to be erased
Page 168

from the collective memory.

While many consider Akhenaton to be a visionary because he brought the concept of
a single god to a country full of different cults and divinities, the esoteric
interpretation of the pyramid texts, another religious work, suggests that monotheism
was not unknown as a concept by the traditional religion. Instead of standing alone, it
was part of a complete system where a unifying energy or force had different
expressions or archetypes in the material world. When you consider from this
perspective, the Egyptian polytheistic system can be seen as symbols of different
natures that were represented different facets of one cosmic principle of everything. In
essence, this is still a monotheist depiction of nature but it highlights the many aspects
or energies of the whole: action, contemplation, goodness, beauty, justice,
punishment, life and death.
If researchers were to seriously consider some of the non-orthodox theories that have
been developed by a few pioneers of esoteric Egyptology, they might guide the whole
field of Egyptology into a whole new sphere of understanding. This might even offer
the possibility of finding answers to questions that have plagued the whole discipline
and perhaps lead us to a new chapter in the history of ancient Egypt.
Perhaps these are some of the reasons why Egypt still fills the imagination of so
many; it is almost as if it has somehow retained the lost memory of our collective
past, a memory, indeed a truth represented by the timeless pyramids and the mystery
of their construction. The way the Ancient Egyptians viewed existence and the
universe around them is still enshrined in the language and land that carries the
ingredients of an eternal enigma.
What we must now do is aspire to discover and use the keys to unlock it and make the
ancient esoteric secrets of the elite our own.

Page 169

The Egyptian Medical Texts

By Paula Veiga
Health in Ancient Egypt - Seneb
A brief introduction to the Nile and its myths
itrw (river)
The ancient Nile River was as much as a source for disease as it was for life; the
parasite contaminated waters being the main source of infectious diseases. As soon as
the water was contaminated so too was all the food was because this water was used
to cook, clean and of course, to drink...
Ancient Egyptians assumed that people were born healthy and that all diseases had
their causes. These causes they reasoned could be visible or occult, internal or
- External causes included things such as over eating and drinking, bad air, worms and
- Internal: (endogenous), whdw was originated through a putrid process in the
intestine which circulated through the rest of the body. Thorough purging was thought
to be vital for treatment and prevention of this. It was known that this condition could
be related to external causes or food poisoning.
Ankh (life)
Daily life in ancient Egypt incorporated the preparation for a much better life to be
enjoyed after death. Each Egyptian god related to an aspect of health or disease.
The body itself belonged to Ra and each part was thought to have its protector.
The Egyptians considered that the body as a whole had a network of channels or
Metuthese included blood vessels, the respiratory tract, tear ducts, glandular
channels of all kinds, sperm channel, muscles, nerves and ligaments.
It was thought that air was taken in through the nose and ears.
The Metu (channels) also caused the blood to circulate and carried urine, faeces, tears
and sperm. They were thought to converge at the anus and if that was thought to be
blocked then diseases would soon follow.
There were also bad or malevolent substances (wehedu), which were the transmitting
agents of pain and disease.
The anus was the centre of most treatments. Each pharaoh had a specialist doctor just
for this part of his body. It was thought necessary to clean the intestine with regular
Below are listed the main sources of information on ancient Egyptian medicine that
have so far been discovered.

Page 170


Period Location Condition
1900 BC London
Edwin-Smith 1600 BC New York Unfinished
1550 BC Leipzig
1550 BC Berkeley Incomplete
1550 BC Berlin
9 cols
1350 BC London
1350 BC Berlin
21 cols
Chester-Beatty 1200 BC London

Women's diseases
Surgical (48 cases)
Medical (108 cols)
Practioner's (18 cols) recipe book
Charms for childcare/infants
Recipe book (19 cols)
Oral diseases

Kahun Medical Papyrus

This Papyrus was discovered by Flinders Petrie in 1889 at the Fayoum site of Lahun,
a town that was very active in the middle Kingdom. The papyrus is kept at University
College of London today. Dating from 1825 AC, the reign of Amenhemhat III, the
text is very fragmented. It was published with facsimile, hieroglyphic transliteration
and English translation by Griffith in 1898.
The Kahun Medical Papyrus deals essentially with
gynaecological matters.
Paragraph 19 is concerned with the recognition of
those who will give birth; paragraph 20 is concerned
with the fumigation procedure, which causes
conception to occur; and paragraphs 20-22 are
concerned with contraception. Among those materials prescribed for contraception are
crocodile dung, 45ml of honey, and sour milk.
The third section (paragraphs 26-32) is concerned with the testing for pregnancy.
Methods for this included the placing of an onion bulb deep in the patients flesh, a
positive outcome being determined by the odour appearing in the patients nose.
The fourth and final section contains two paragraphs that do not fall into any of the
previous categories. The first prescribes treatment for toothaches during pregnancy.
The second describes what appears to be a fistula between bladder and vagina with
incontinence of urine "in an irksome place."
Edwin Smith Papyrus
The Edwin Smith papyrus is 17 pages in length and was extracted from the tomb of a
doctor; it is thought to date from 1550 AC. The
text deals with the examination of patients
conducted by the doctor; most of it being examples
of head trauma. The text maybe a daily manual for
treatment as it contains no magical potions.
As early as 3,000 B.C. evidence of brain surgery
can be found in papyrus writings in Egypt; the
actual word 'brain', is used here for the first time in
any language.
... The membrane enveloping his brain, so that it
Page 171

breaks open his fluid in the interior of his head.

The Edwin Smith papyrus, case 6
Magic was considered an effective part of medicine.
The Ebers Papyrus contains writings on
ophthalmology, diseases of the digestive system, the
head, the skin and specific diseases like aaa, which
some think may be a precursor of aids.
The papyrus has 110 pages in total and dates from the reign of Amenhotep I, around
1534 AC. It contains spells, a section on stomach diseases, intestinal parasites, skin
diseases, anus diseases, a small treatise on the heart, and medicines with a reputation
of having been used by gods. It continues with migraines, urinary tract disorders,
several types of cough, hair conditions, treatment for burns and various injuries
including extremities diseases (toes, fingers, legs), tongue diseases, skin diseases,
teeth, ears, nose, throat and gynaecological problems. It refers to several medicines to
treat skin diseases, abdominal diseases and other parts of the body. Surgical
procedures, ulcers and tumours are also mentioned.
In parts the text is hard to follow and it has some doubtful parts, as the scribe
apparently didnt put everything in the correct order. As with the former papyrus it
has some written notes on the back of its pages.
One portion of the papyrus suggests a much earlier origin. Paragraph 856a states that:
"the book of driving wekhedu from all the limbs of a man was found in writings under
the two feet of Anubis in Letopolis and was brought to the majesty of the king of
Upper and Lower Egypt Den."(Nunn 1996: 31)
The reference to the Lower Egyptian Den is a historic anachronism which suggesting
an origin closer to the First Dynasty (c. 3000 B.C.E.)
Paragraphs 1-3 contain magical spells designed to protect from supernatural
intervention during diagnosis and treatment. A large section follows this on diseases
of the stomach (khet), with an emphasis on intestinal parasites in paragraphs 50-85.
(Bryan 1930:50)
Skin diseases were placed in the three categories of irritative, exfoliative, and
ulcerative, with the remedies prescribed featured in paragraphs 90-95 and 104-118.
Diseases of the anus, included in a section of the digestive section, are covered in
paragraphs 132-164. (Ibid. 50).
Up to paragraph 187, the papyrus follows a relatively standardized format of listing
prescriptions which are to relieve medical ailments. However, the diseases themselves
are often more difficult to translate. Sometimes they take the form of recognizable
symptoms such as an obstruction, but often may be a specific disease term such as
wekhedu or aaa, the meaning of both remain quite obscure.
Paragraphs 242-247 contain remedies that were thought to have been made and used
personally by various gods. Only in paragraph 247, contained within the abovePage 172

mentioned section and relating to Isis' creation of a remedy for an illness in Ra's head,
is a specific diagnosis mentioned. (Bryan 1930:45)
The section that follows continues with diseases of the head, but without reference to
use of remedies by the gods. Paragraph 250 continues a famous passage concerning
the treatment of migraines.
The sequence is interrupted in paragraph 251 with the focus placed on a drug rather
than an illness. Most likely an extract from pharmacopoeia, the paragraph begins:
"Knowledge of what is made from degem (most likely a resinous plant yielding a
form of castor oil), as something found in ancient writings and as something useful to
man."(Nunn 1996: 33)
Paragraphs 261-283 are concerned with the regular flow of urine and are followed by
remedies "to cause the heart to receive bread."(Bryan 1930:80). Paragraphs 305-335
contain remedies for various forms of coughs as well as the genew disease.
The remainder of the text goes on to discuss medical conditions concerning hair
(paragraphs 437-476), traumatic injuries such as burns and flesh wounds (paragraphs
482-529), and diseases of the extremities such as toes, fingers, and legs.
Paragraphs 627-696 are concerned with the relaxation or strengthening of the Metu.
The exact meaning of Metu is confusing and could be alternatively translated as either
meaning hollow vessels or muscles tissue. (Ibid.52)
The papyrus continues by featuring diseases of the tongue (paragraphs 697-704),
dermatological conditions (paragraphs 708-721), dental conditions (paragraphs 739750), diseases of the ear, nose, and throat (paragraphs 761-781), and gynaecological
conditions (paragraphs 783-839)
Other sections contain information and treatment on digestive diseases and worms,
sections on the treatment of eye diseases, on the care of the skin and hair, on fractures
and burns. The text very much resembles the Edwin Smith papyrus and includes
passages on the treatment of stiffened and painful limbs, on gynaecological disease
which often is also repeated in the Kahun papyrus, a treatise on the heart and vessels
which is the only one dealing with anatomy and physiology, and finally a surgical
section limited to tumours and abscesses.
The Hearst papyrus is 19 long and concentrates on treatments from the urinary
system, blood, hair and bites from snakes and scorpions. The papyrus dates to the first
half of the second millennium BC. It contains eighteen columns recording medical
prescriptions in hieratic writing (a cursive form of hieroglyphic writing).
The ailments for which cures are offered range from a tooth which falls out (Col. I,
l. 7) and remedy for treatment of the lung (Col. IV, l. 8) to bites inflicted by human
beings (Col. II, ll. 67), pigs and hippopotami (Col. XVI, ll. 57).
The papyrus is in surprisingly good condition, its 19 pages describe 260 medical cases
of which 96 are also found in the Ebers Papyrus. It also contains a chapter on bone
afflictions. On the whole though, it is considered inferior to the Ebers Papyrus,
although it improves certain of the Ebers passages.

Page 173

The London Medical Papyrus lies midway between a medical papyri and a nonmedical work of pure magic.
It contains a total of 61 recipes of which only 25 of which are medical. The rest of the
passages are of foreign origin or is purely magical. The London Papyrus is claimed to
be discovered by the priests of the temple of Tebmut in the sanctuary of the goddess.
Behold! The darkness of the night enveloped the Earth but the moon cast her beams
upon all pages of this book and it was brought to the treasury of His Majesty King

This text comprises of 24 pages (21 to the front and 3
on the reverse) and bears a great similarity to the
Ebers papyrus.
The Berlin Papyrus was found during the time of
Usaphais in an old chest containing antique writings.
According to the legend it was found in a chest with
scribes tools, beneath the feet of a statue of Anubis
at Letopolis. It was written during the reign of
Usaphais, the 3rd Pharaoh of the 1st dynasty. The
text contains 240 recipes, which have been written in
three different handwritings.
A large part of its contents consists of a word-for-word repetition and contains many
examples of errors due to careless copying of certain paragraphs of the Ebers and
Hearst documents.
The texts include sections on rheumatism, a treatise on vessels similar to the second
book on the heart in the Ebers papyrus, providing a gloss that completes the latter.
It also contains a note on its origin which is more detailed than that which is found in
Chester Beatty
This text contains many magical spells to fight headaches. In addition, part of the text
is dedicated to rectal problems. Experts are still unsure as to the purpose of some of
the medicines and spells documented in the text
This text heralds from the XIX and XX Dynasty and now belongs to the Carlsberg
Foundation, at University of Copenhagens Egyptology Institute. It deals with eye
disease, pregnancy and is similar in nature to the Kahun and Berlin papyri.
The Brooklyn papyrus deals exclusively with snakebites, from the XXX Dynasty
(beginning of Ptolemaic period), and is housed in the Brooklyn Museum. It details
medicine used to extract poison from snakebites, and also from scorpions and
tarantula. The Medicines detailed are similar to the ones in Ebers papyrus.
Other papyri
Page 174

The texts name originates from the place where it was found. Gardiner thinks they
came from the XIII Dynasty (beginning of second intermediate period). In total there
are 17 papyri written in vertical columns, a new order.
The text includes sections on eye disease, gynaecology, child illnesses, muscles and
The Ramesseum IV and V papyri were probably written about 1900 B.C., i.e. at
around the same epoch as the Kahun Papyrus.
Papyrus IV is very similar to the Kahun Papyrus; it contains many identical
prescriptions and also is concerned with labour, the protection of the newborn child
on the day of its birth and the prognostication of its viability.
It contains one formula for contraception that was made from crocodile dung, which
complements a similar one in the Kahoun papyrus.
Papyrus V is purely medical. Even though its beginning and end have been lost it still
contains 20 prescriptions which deal issues such as relaxing stiffened limbs.
This papyrus is written in hieroglyphic script, and not in hieratic.
The Turin Papyrus contains various pictures of sexual activity, perhaps focused on
Ramses II and his many wives. There are theories that it probably records the
fantasies of an ancient Egyptian scribe who happened to sketch them out on papyrus,
or just makes fun of the sexual habits in the Egyptian lifestyle.
The demotic Insinger Papyrus mentions a number of problems that might arise
because of bad diet or lifestyles. For instance the long-term effects of alcohol - if
ancient depictions are to be believed - obesity was not widespread.
Papyrus Insinger contains the following maxim:
Cedar oil, incense, natron, and salt are [small (?)] remedy for healing his wounds.
Westcar Papyrus
In the Westcar Papyrus, which originates from The Middle Kingdom, we find the
story of the woman named Reddjedet. This is the most detailed account we have of
childbirth. It relates an account of the woman miraculously giving birth to triplets,
fathered by Re. It explains how a portable birthing-stool, with a hole in it for the baby
to pass through was used to facilitate the birth. There were also five deities; Aset
(Isis), Nebt-Het (Nephtys), Heqet, Meskhenet and Khnum, all disguised as female
musicians, arriving to assist her during the birth. The papyrus says that they 'sealed'
the room with her (and them) in it and that:
"Aset placed herself before of her, Nebt-Het behind her, Heqat hastened the birth."
The papyrus further reports that Aset said:
"Be not strong (user) in her womb, in this your name as a powerful man (user) indeed
(word play on the name Userkaf). The child rushed forth into her two arms as a child
of one cubit (i.e. 52 cm)..."
Then it goes on to say that the goddesses cut the navel cord, washed the child and laid
it on a pillow of cloth. Meskhenet then told the fortune of the newborn and Reddjedet
purified herself with a purification of 14 days.

Page 175

According to Clemens from Alexandria, a catholic priest who lived there around the
year 200, the priests from Ancient Kingdom recorded all their wisdom in 42 sacred
books, which were kept in the temples and taken out in religious processions. Six of
them were exclusively dedicated to medicine. It was said they were written by
Athothis, second pharaoh from the 1st Dynasty but were hidden or lost, never to be
found again.
The largest of these medicinal compendiums was compiled by Hermes (a healer of
Greek origin who studied in Egypt), and consisted of six books. The first of these six
books was directly related to anatomy, the rest served as books for physicians and
apothecaries. Hermes was not the first to compile information about Egyptian medical
practices, the pharaoh Athothes (the second king of Egypt) and the early Egyptians
are credited with being the first to use and record advanced medical practices.

Page 176

Does the Tulli Papyrus offer proof of UFOs?

For those unfamiliar with the Tulli papyrus, this is
reputedly an ancient text dating back to the reign of
Thutmose III that disappeared after the death of its
owner, Alberto Tulli, the former director of the
Egyptian section of the Vatican museum. A second
story which may be closer to the truth recounts how
Tulli and his brother, Monsignor Augusto Tulli,
discovered the papyrus in a Cairo antique shop in
Because of its high price tag, Professor Tulli could not afford to purchase the papyrus,
but the owner of the shop allowed him to copy the text which was then transcribed
from hieratic to hieroglyphics with the help of the Director of the Cairo Museum,
Abbot E. Drioton.
Since then it has established itself as the Holy Grail of Ufology. The reason for the
huge amount of interest in the text is that the Tulli papyrus is often cited as evidence
of UFOs appearing in Egypt around 3,000 years ago.
A translation of the text was made by Boris de Rachewiltz, who is probably best
known as the author of An Introduction to Egyptian Art and Maxims of the Ancient
Egyptians - a collaborative effort with Guy Davenport. Rachewiltzs translation has
been widely circulated for years and greeted with equal amounts of cynicism and
excitement. What can be said without a shadow of a doubt is that he had the
knowledge to undertake the translation, being not only a respected translator of
Egyptian texts, but an authority on Greek texts and African Art as well.
Boris de Rachewiltzs credentials appear to be far more impressive than some sceptics
would have people believe. In fact, he authored several specialised publications that
are still used by universities today. Without the actual Tulli papyrus itself being
rediscovered, it is impossible to verify the accuracy of the translation or the claims
made regarding the strange aerial phenomena it records. But there is enough
circumstantial evidence to keep the papyrus in the public eye, as at least one person,
author R. Cedric Leonard, claims to have uncovered a copy of the original text.
When Egyptologists work on translating ancient texts, it is common practice to copy
the document by hand before they commence their work to avoid unnecessary contact
with the often fragile papyri. There would be a good chance that any translator
working on the original would have taken a copy of the papyrus as standard practice
before undertaking the work. Of course, as weve already mentioned, it is quite
possible that Tulli himself only ever had a copy. It is one such copy that Leonard
claims to have found in a U.S. library.
According to many Egyptologists, judging by the style of the language and grammar
it uses, the papyrus is either genuine, or has been forged by someone very
knowledgeable in hieratic script and vocabulary. The Tulli text also exhibits
numerous parallels to other documents of the Thutmoses III era. It would require a
considerable amount of skill on the part of the hoaxer to replicate the language and
Page 177

writing style with such precision.

Whether it is a clever hoax or a genuine text, no one can say for sure. Accusatory
fingers have inevitably been pointed at Rachewiltz, but why would he risk his
academic reputation in such a way? If the working copy R.C. Leonard found is what it
purports to be, then it certainly lends a huge amount of credence to the authenticity of
the Tulli legend and de Racewiltzs translation.

The Tulli Papyrus

One of the reasons the Tulli papyrus is so controversial and what makes it so
remarkable is that it records a strange aerial phenomena that occurred around
1000BC. Ufologists often cite this as documented proof of a UFO sighting and the
translations below certainly make interesting reading.
"In the year 22, in the third month of winter, in the sixth hour of the day, the
scribes of the House of Life noticed a circle of fire that was coming from the sky
[...] From the mouth it emitted a foul breath. It had no head. Its body was one
rod long and one rod wide. It had no voice. And from that the hearts of the
scribes became confused and they threw themselves down on their bellies [...]
then they reported the thing to the Pharaoh [...] His Majesty ordered [...] has
been examined [...] and he was meditating on what had happened, that it was
recorded in the scrolls of the House of the Life. Now after some days had passed,
these things became more and more numerous in the skies. Their splendour
exceeded that of the sun and extended to the limits of the four angles of the sky
[...] High and wide in the sky was the position from which these fire circles came
and went. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst. It was
after supper. Then these fire circles ascended higher into the sky and they
Page 178

headed toward the south. Fish and birds then fell from the sky. A marvel never
before known since the foundation of their land [...] And Pharaoh caused incense
to be brought to make peace with Earth [...] and what happened was ordered to
be written in the Annals of the House of Life so that it be remembered for all
time forward."
1. One rod, or "rod of cord," equals 100 cubits. (or approximately 46 metres)
2. I.e., the altar sacred to Amon-Ra.
Or was it an unusual meteorological occurrence?
Even if authentic, it is possible that the text is describing a very rare natural
phenomenon. One alternative theory has suggested that the papyrus could be
recording a plasma discharge created by electrical instability in the Earths
atmosphere. This hypothesis is given some credence by the fact that the symbols that
mean circle of fire can also be translated as circular object producing heat.
The symbol used for fire was often used for heat or even energy, and the symbol that
is used for circle is usually translated as circular object.
According to Egyptologists, the rest of the translation is perfect and could only be
translated in the way it has been.
Secret History
Did something exceptional happen in the skies over Egypt at that time? There are no
supporting texts in the public domain to help us reach an absolute conclusion as to
what the Tulli papyrus relates to. What the text does make clear is the fact that
whatever it was, it was quite out of the ordinary and left those that witnessed it struck
with both awe and fear.
If this enigmatic text is genuine, it certainly leaves many unanswered questions
There are of course many thousands of texts that have never been released into the
public domain, and instead lie in the vaults of various institutions around the world. If
efforts were made, the contents of these texts would be available to all and as a result,
the mystery of the Tulli papyrus might finally be answered once and for all.
Without the original papyrus, we can never say with absolute certainty what truth lies
in the Tulli papyrus legend, but if the copy unearthed by Leonard is genuine then its
certainly time to stop and think.

Page 179

Part Five
Extraterrestrials and UFOs
Unidentified Flying Objects are an enigma that has spanned
the millennia, which begs the question; has humanity really
had off-world interaction with alien beings since the dawn of

Ascension by Isis

Page 180

Mysticism and UFO Sightings

By Isis

A series of UFO sightings on Tenerife, in the Canary

Isles, has UFO investigators scratching their heads
and wondering if the Islands history holds clues to
the current spate of activity. In the last 18 months, at
least three different disc shaped UFOs have been
photographed on this small Island off the coast of
Many in the UFO community will remember
Tenerife from the high profile arrests in the late 90s involving members of what
authorities claimed was a semi mystic UFO group. It was falsely claimed that the
group went by the names Centro Sagrado de Isis (Sacred Centre of Isis) and Orden del
Santuario Solar (Order of the Solar Shrine).
The group was lead by German psychologist Dr. Heide Fittkau-Garthe, a divorcee in
her late 50s who had no previous involvement with cults but who had studied eastern
mysticism in some depth and through that study seems to have become interested in
communication with extraterrestrial life forms and their ability to visit Earth.
According to official reports, the group had allegedly been planning a trip to the
summit of Tenerifes Mount Teide, where they planned to make contact with a
visiting spacecraft.
If the planned meeting with extraterrestrial visitors failed, police claimed that a
suicide pact had been drawn up along the lines of that undertaken by the infamous
Heavens Gate cult. It was an easy parallel to draw and one that would ensure public
opinion was hostile towards the groups leader. The police claimed that the groups 32
members had been brainwashed by the psychologist and used this to explain why
none of them would confirm their suspicions or implicate Dr. Fittkau-Garthe in any
wrong doing.
One police officer claimed that each member would have to be deprogrammed
before they could provide the police with evidence to substantiate the allegations!
Despite this lack of evidence, the psychologist was charged with incitement of suicide
and attempted murder and the group was dissolved. There were murmurs throughout
both the UFO and esoteric community that the groups motives has been either
misunderstood or sexed up in a bid to discredit them; even anti cult groups seemed
dubious about the validity of the authorities claims.
Dr. Fittkau-Garthe maintained her innocence, claiming that the authorities had
concocted the links to The Sacred Centre of Isis and Order of the Solar Shrine. Her
claims were later borne out by experts familiar with the workings of the two groups.
Many feared that Dr Fittkau-Garthe would become another John Ford, an innocent
Page 181

person locked up because of the threat they posed to the establishment.

Exactly what happened to Dr. Fittkau-Gathe remains a
mystery to the present day. Eight years later, its as
though she disappeared off the face of the Earth. There
is scant evidence of an actual trial having taken place,
neither is there anything to say that she was released
from custody. The strange case of the UFO group
attempting to rendezvous with a UFO went from
making world headlines to a complete news blackout
in the space of seven days. Dr Fittkau-Garthe, psychologist, mystic and ufologist, last
seen in the custody of Spanish police simply vanished, leaving many unanswered
questions, one of which must be: Is there a link between mysticism and extraterrestrial
life? It certainly leaves many of us wondering if it is possible to use our sixth sense to
make some form of contact with alien life and whether there are specific areas on
Earth that act as inter-dimensional star gates.
Fast forwarding to the present day, three photographs have emerged between August
2004 and December 2005, each revealing disc shaped objects in flight in close
proximity to Mount Teide, the mountain that was of so much interest to Dr FittkauGarthe. All three photographs have one thing in common; the UFOs were only spotted
when the images were later reviewed, they were not observed by the photographer.
For disc-like anomalies to appear in three separate photographs of the area in the
space of 18 months is a little beyond coincidence.
The most recent photograph, below, was taken in December 2005 at Los Gigantes; the
cliffs that border one side of Mount Teide.

The picture itself is in focus but the disc shaped object is blurred and out of focus,
suggesting that whatever it was, it was moving at high speed and banking sharply as it
approached the cliffs. There was no indication of birds, gliders or anything remotely
Page 182

like a flying saucer in the area the skies were clear. Likewise, the windscreen of the
vehicle from where the shot was taken was clean and the dark object didnt appear on
any other photograph suggesting that the camera was not at fault.
Sceptics will argue that if it wasnt visible with the naked eye then more than likely it
is a photographic anomaly. If this was the only anomalous photograph of UFOs in
Tenerife it might have been written off as such, but as weve said, it isnt the only
example of this phenomenon.
In August 2004, Teresa Badesa Codina, a Managing Director from Barcelona, was on
holiday in Tenerife when she took some photographs of Mount Teide. It was only on
her return home that she discovered one of the photographs (below) clearly showed a
disc shaped UFO. Whats interesting is that this is the second UFO photograph to
feature Mount Teide. Whether Dr Fittkau-Garthes interest in Mount Teide was based
on esoteric understanding or through analysis or contact with extraterrestrials is
impossible to say, but there does seem to be a link between the mountain and UFO

Source / Credit: UFO Evidence / Teresa Badesa Codina

The third report came to our attention via Coast to Coast, one of their readers, Mark
Paterson, submitted a photograph (below) that he had taken when he was visiting the
Canary Isles. This photograph clearly shows what appears to be a pair of disc shaped
UFOs. Again, one of the things that Mr Paterson said was that hed never seen the
UFOs when taking the photograph.

Page 183

Quite what makes the Canary Isles and Tenerife an area that warrants so much UFO
activity is uncertain. The Islands are devoid of military bases and nuclear installations
- although Tenerife does boast one of the largest alternative / natural energy
installations in Europe.
Its possible that the attraction is a little less obvious but strangely enough adds
another twist to the story of Dr. Heide Fittkau-Garthe. Tenerife has a long forgotten
and quite extensive pyramid complex, emphasising the possible link between
sacred/ceremonial or mystic sites and UFO activity.
Pyramids and UFOs
Archaeologists know very little about the six step pyramids that make up the Guimar
complex in Tenerife. The pyramids are orientated to the east and were constructed by
an unknown people who built them from local black volcanic rock, presumably in
order to worship a sun god.
Dr Fittkau-Garthe was accused of running a sect dedicated to the sun god and as a
resident of Tenerife, she would have been aware of the existence of these structures as
they were in the news in their own right around that time. It would be logical to
assume that if she really was running a sect dedicated to a mystic order that
worshipped the sun, as was claimed, the pyramids would have played a significant
role in her plans. The fact that the pyramids were not mentioned, suggests that Dr.
Fittkau-Garthe was telling the truth when she denied had nothing to do with a cult that
worshipped the sun but that her interest lay in Mount Teide being a meeting point
where contact with extraterrestrial craft could be established.
The pyramid complex on Tenerife seems to be closely related to the step pyramids of
South America. In the past, researchers have suggested that many ancient people who
worshipped Gods in the sky actually worshipped extraterrestrial visitors. Another
suggestion that has been made over the years is that pyramids and other sacred sites
Page 184

act as geographical markers that can be clearly seen from the air. The theory is that
the network of pyramids that span the globe from across Europe, China and America
create a unique aerial road map - a navigational aid that contains hidden messages or
signposts for certain extraterrestrial visitors.
Dimensions of Time and Space
Whatever all three photographers captured, it was there for only a fleeting second.
This has led researchers to wonder if what these photographers have filmed is the
entry or exit point for extraterrestrial craft and whether Dr Fittkau-Garthe understood
about this dimensional stargate.
In the past, witnesses have often likened UFO sightings to them disappearing into
other dimensions. This extract is from a sighting reported by Jon Mays of Landing,
NJ in February 10, 2000
The turning of the object was bizarre in its movement. It did not turn the way aircraft
Then it did only what I can describe as left and went back from whence it
came. It didn't shoot away or left. It was more like it enveloped itself
into another dimension. It was gone.
The relationship or gateways between dimensions is certainly something that Dr.
Fittkau-Garthe would have been familiar with, as she had studied esoteric and mystic
religion. The borders between the scientific communities understanding of string
theory and a multi-dimensional universe are very close to the mystics understanding
of a multi-dimensional reality. Ufologists often cite inter-dimensional travel as the
method by which UFOs reach the Earth. Could it be that Dr Fittkau-Garthes applied
knowledge of mysticism gave her an understanding of the UFO field, of star gates or
dimensional portals that made her a threat to the powers that be? There are many
people out there that claim to have made psychic rather than physical contact with
beings from other worlds. Maybe the time has come to realise that the study of
mysticism could be a valuable tool of the UFO researcher and not something that is
confined to the realm of the spiritual or pseudo religious.
The alternative that we shouldn't overlook is that like Mount Shastna, Mount Teide
itself is the main point of focus, is there an alien base deep with the mountain itself?
Or is it the geology of the dormant volcano that is of interest to them?
Often, the key to the future lies in understanding the past, the mystery of the cult that
never was could help us understand why we can photograph UFOs in Tenerife today.

UFO Photo at Mt Teide from
UFO Sighting Quotation source
Mark Paterson's UFO sighting report on Coast to Coast
Page 185

Other Worlds: Eight Amazing Alien Encounters

By Isis
To the sceptic, encounters with extraterrestrials can usually
be dismissed as the result of fantastic claims by unreliable
witnesses. All too often the media in general dismisses
these reports as hoaxes, delusion, or the result of
suggestion through hypnotic regression.
When cases are looked at individually, it is perhaps easy
for people to dismiss unexplainable irregularities detailed
in these reports because society dictates that there is no
clear evidence for there being life outside of our planet.
For those prepared to question whether we are really alone,
the number of cases speak for themselves, as does the credibility the witnesses
concerned. In this article, we take an objective look at eight of the best cases of close
encounters taken from a cross section of society all over the world, from Africa to
America, and leave you to make up your own mind.
Often reports from witnesses are confused, contradictory, fragmented or simply
bizarre, leaving critics ample opportunity to discredit them. These discrepancies
should not be taken as evidence of a lack of honesty on the part of the witness. What
we have to bear in mind is that these are ordinary people, sometimes just children,
who without warning have found themselves in quite extraordinary situations. Often
these witnesses are attempting to describe events and relate communications that have
been made telepathically rather than verbally, they are in unfamiliar environments and
being faced with situations that a lifetime of conditioning has taught them should not
The Dutch Millionaire
Not all witness accounts offer vague and indecipherable
facts; there are some contactees that are able to provide an
enormous amount of detail concerning their experiences.
One of the most interesting and least reported cases is that of
a Dutch millionaire who received telepathic communications
from an extraterrestrial race named the Iargans from a planet
called Iarga in the 1960s. The witness has never revealed
his true identity for fear of compromising his standing in the
business community; instead he uses a pseudonym given
him by the Iargans. They referred to him as "Stef van den
Earde" (Stef of the Earth) from which the name Stefan
Denaerde was derived.
Researchers describe Denaerde as being a very well educated and highly articulate
master mechanical engineer and an architectural artist. Most of his communications
were made through telepathic communication. What is interesting is that at the time
the witness claimed to be receiving these telepathic communications, a NATO
Page 186

installation in The Netherlands recorded a strange, unidentified radio frequency being

directed to the area. Whether this represents coincidence or evidence is a matter for
the individual reader. In the case of the Iarga contacts, the message was clear: that the
earth did not exist in splendid isolation and that to evolve humanity, the Earth had to
become a peaceful, non-violent planet. The experience proved so powerful and he felt
the message was so important, that he eventually wrote a book, Planet Iarga
detailing much of what he knew. The book, which has long since gone out of print,
talked about his experiences and repeated the message of the Iargans. A PDF version
of the book can be found in our e-book library for those interested in learning more.
The Australian Author
Another contactee who reported his contact with
extraterrestrials as being a very positive and rewarding
encounter is Michel Desmarquet from Cairns, Australia.
Desmarquet claimed extraterrestrials physically abducted
him in June 1987. These highly evolved extraterrestrial
visitors, who, Desmarquet stated, were millions of years
ahead of us in terms of conscious and technological
evolution took him to the planet Thiaoouba in Pleiades. He
states They took me physically to their planet on a journey
that had a time lapse of nine Earthly days. It was not an
astral travel, nor an astral contact - I was there with my
Physical Body, incredible as it may seem. He describes his journey thus By
transubstantiation, we travelled through the light barrier, moving in and out of space
and time, instead of moving through it.
The Thiaoouba explained that they had made contact with Michel Desmarquet
because their studies of civilizations all over our galaxy had led them to recognize that
we are at a critical turning point in human evolution.
Like with the Iargans, the message of the Thiaooubians was one that emphasised
spiritual enlightenment and philosophy as the way for humanity to evolve.
Interestingly both Michel Desmarquet and Stefan Denaerde were specifically asked to
write books detailing their experiences so as to pass on the messages they had been
given and both were treated with the utmost respect during their contact with these
beings. Neither appears to have written their accounts for commercial gain, indeed
Michel Desmarquets book, Abduction to the Ninth Planet or The Thiaoouba
Prophecies as it was renamed is available in PDF format for free for those who cant
afford to pay for it or at a low cost for those who can.
The US Military
One of the most fantastic and controversial contacts
is that surrounding Project Serpo. There is still much
speculation as to whether this is a genuine Top
Secret project or an elaborate hoax, however its
supporters point to the authenticity of the data
provided by the anonymous source, by validating
many facts that are not in the public domain. If the
Page 187

source, a retired senior official within the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) is to
be believed, following the 1947 Roswell incident, in 1964, the US military sent a team
of twelve scientists to a far away planet in the Zeta-Reticuli system at the invitation of
its inhabitants: The Eben.
According to the anonymous source, one of the aliens, from the Roswell crash
survived and was taken to Sandia Army Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico before
being moved to Los Alamos. In time, the US military permitted the Eben visitor to
communicate with his home planet and this developed into a dialogue between the
two planets. The surviving Eban apparently died in 1952 but communications
continued and in 1965, an exchange program was established between Earth and the
Ebans home planet.
It took the team nine months, travelling in the alien craft to reach the Eban planet,
which the US Military named Serpo. Although they had problems acclimatising to
their new environment, the team actually remained there for much longer than the ten
years the mission was originally scheduled for, finally returning in 1978. The team
consisted of two doctors; three scientists; two linguists; two security personnel; two
pilots and was lead by an air force colonel. Only four of the team actually returned to
Earth when the mission was completed, two members of the team actually died during
the mission and four of the team elected to remain on the planet when their mission
was over.
The Couple on Vacation
Project Serpos alleged communication being from a planet in the Zeta-Reticuli
system is not actually unique. In September 1961, Betty Hill, a 41 year-old social
worker and her husband Barney Hill, a postal worker, also encountered extraterrestrial
visitors from this star system after witnessing a UFO close up at Indian Head, north of
Woodstock. Having observed a strange light as they
travelled home from vacation, they were perplexed
by its erratic movement and kept track of it as they
drove. Eventually Barney stopped the car and they
got out to let their dog stretch its legs, still watching
the approaching light. As it got closer, Barney
realised that the object, which now seemed to be
moving toward him was saucer shaped and had
multicoloured lights, and rows of windows. The
object moved to within a hundred feet of him, at which point he could see occupants
inside, presumably watching him. Frightened, he ran back to his car where Betty
waited and they hurriedly continued the journey home. Calculating the time and the
mileage from the area where Barney stopped the car to home it was obvious that it
had taken two hours longer than it should have, but neither of them could account for
the missing time. The following day, Betty called her sister Janet and told her about
their experience. Janet urged her to report the UFO sighting to nearby Pease Air Force
Base. Despite Barney's objections, Betty did so; Major Paul W. Henderson of the
100th Bomb Wing took the report but it was not considered significant at the time and
the incident appeared closed.

Page 188

It was only a year later after suffering from flashbacks and terrifying dreams that the
truth about what had happened that night was finally revealed. After undergoing a
series of hypnotic regression treatments conducted by psychiatrist Dr Benjamin
Simon, it was discovered that Betty and Barney had been taken aboard an alien vessel
and subjected to a series of invasive tests, Betty was given a pregnancy test and had
skin, hair and nail samples taken and Barney had semen extracted and his dentures
examined. Although they were treated well, they were clearly regarded as specimens
by the humanoid beings on the ship. An odd fact that came out during the regressions
was that the aliens seemed to have no concept of time, or of colours. When Betty
asked where the alien visitors were from she was shown a star map by one alien,
which she described as being three-dimensional, like looking through a window.
Afterwards Betty, who had no prior knowledge of astronomy, was able to reproduce
an accurate map showing exactly where the Zeta-Reticuli system was located in
relation to Earth. Interestingly, there were features on her map that even astronomers
couldnt confirm existed until 1969.
Eager to avoid unnecessary attention, the Hills who were a middle-aged mixed race
couple a rarity in the 1960s, tried to keep their story out of the press, but when an
inaccurate version was leaked, they were forced to step into the spotlight and clarify
what had happened. The result is of course history as the abduction phenomena made
media headlines around the world.
The Farmer in Brazil
Betty and Barney Hill certainly werent the first to
experience being abducted by extraterrestrials because in
1957, a 23 year-old Brazilian farmer named Antonio Villas
Boas and his brother observed a strange red light in the night
sky. The brothers thought it unusual but dismissed it as
something and nothing. The following night they noticed it
again but again they thought it was interesting but nothing
It was a few days later when working in the fields on his
tractor that Jose was to discover first hand the origin of the
strange red light. To his amazement, a saucer shaped craft
landed close to the field where he was working. Terrified, Boas tried to drive away,
but as the craft touched down the engine on his tractor mysteriously failed. Boas
attempted to run but found himself unable to, the aliens seemingly exerting some kind
of control over him. He was apprehended by a group of humanoid aliens, which he
describes as being about 4 feet tall. Despite their stature they were easily able to
subdue the terrified man and take him aboard their ship.
Once on board, he was stripped naked and his whole body covered with a gel of some
kind. Two of the aliens took a blood sample from his chin and left. He noticed puffs
of smoke or vapour that made him sick to his stomach, coming from vents in the wall,
which caused him to vomit. After a while what he describes as a beautiful female
alien came into the examination room and made it clear that she wanted to have sex
with him. Boas had little choice but to comply although he described the alien as
being very clinical, without any feeling or emotion. Once she had been successfully
Page 189

impregnated, she pointed to her abdomen and then the sky, which Boas interpreted as
meaning that she would give birth to the hybrid child in space.
Boas was then given a tour of the ship, but said that the aliens were generally
emotionless and not forthcoming or particularly friendly, before being released. Still
in a state of shock, he watched as the craft shot off skyward. Reports of Boas
encounter was generally kept out of the press due to the explicit sexual nature of the
contact, which wasnt considered suitable for publication at the time. In time Boas
married, had a family of his own and became a lawyer, right up until his death in
1992, he maintained that his abduction experience was genuine and that somewhere
out there is a hybrid child that he fathered.
The Child from Arkansas
In 1953, Riley Martin was just seven years old when
he states that he was abducted by an extraterrestrial
race called the Biaviians and kept for three days
aboard their ship. While there, he claims he was
shown a number of humans living on the aliens
home planet. He also claims to have seen domed
gardens aboard an egg shaped alien mother ship that
he said contained other humans or possibly hybrid
humans and several other species of aliens.
In many ways, Riley Martin represents the kind of stereotypical witness that gives
critics a field day; however Martin is honest about his shortcomings and lack of
formal education as an adult and leaves it up to the individual to decide what to make
of his story. People who have spoken to Martin describe how he has a deep and broad
knowledge of science considering his less than privileged background and are at a loss
to explain the eloquence and consistency with which he speaks. Martin is a perfect
example of the diversity of the type of people who have been contacted by
extraterrestrial beings.
From Martins accounts, the Biaviians seem to be at an earlier stage of development
both technologically and spiritually than the Thiaooubians or the Iargans, although
they are still far more advanced than us. According to Martin they have a limited
capacity to understand mankind and are perceived in many different ways by
contactees, some see them as angelic beings while others see them as terrifying, cold
and clinical. Martins experiences are in the main positive and his primary physical
contacts, a male named Tan and a female named Nela seem prepared to answer his
questions, but as Martin himself admits he lacks the education to always understand
the scientific and revelatory nature of the contact. He is however quite sure that the
Biaviians seem to view humanity as kindred spirits albeit inferior ones and as such
their hope is to somehow prevent us from facilitating our own extinction, even if this
involves evacuating the most enlightened humans off the planet should our self
destruction appear imminent.
Whats interesting about his account is that not only does he have continued contact
with the Biaviians who originally abducted him, but he also speaks of a second alien
Page 190

race of reptilian origins called Targzissians, who he says are keen to suppress
knowledge concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life.
Martins book, The Coming of Tan, a sample chapter of which can be read on his
website offers a fascinating account of his experience as an abductee and the past,
present and future of humanity and the Earth.
A School in Zimbabwe
Children it appears are just as likely to be contacted
by extraterrestrials as adults are. On 14th September
1994, a cigar shaped UFO was observed moving
across the sky over the town of Ruwa, Zimbabwe. It
was seen by a number of people, but at the time it
was assumed that the witnesses had spotted the nose
cone from a Russian satellite.
Two days later during morning, a group of children attending Ariel Primary School in
Ruwa watched in fascination as three silver balls hovered in the sky over the school,
before disappearing and reappearing several times. One of the UFOs slowly landed
on an area of rough ground next to the school. While some children ran off in terror, a
number of curious children ran over to the school boundary fence to investigate from
a safe distance. Sixty two of the children, most of which were ten and eleven, later
gave a variety of descriptions to investigators but the common report was of a large,
glowing, saucer shaped craft with three legs.
To the childrens amazement, three beings had emerged from the craft, all dressed in
one piece suits. The children described them as moving in slow motion and as having
large black eyes. According to the children, when they looked into the creatures eyes,
they received telepathic messages from them. The message they received was one
expressing the need for humanity to take action to stop further environmental damage
from occurring to the planet, as if we didnt, we would be doomed as a species.
The whole encounter lasted less than five minutes and by the time teaching staff had
been alerted, the UFO had disappeared. At first the teachers believed that the children
had simply imagined the event, but soon began to realise that something out of the
ordinary had happened that recess; some of the children were hysterical with fear,
while others were overcome with excitement at what they had witnessed. Although
there were discrepancies, researchers point to the fact that under the circumstances
this was understandable. What stood out werent the differences, but the obvious
similarities between the accounts and honesty of the children concerned.

Page 191

A Canadian Engineer gets burned

Getting too close to a UFO can have serious drawbacks as one Canadian engineer and
amateur geologist discovered to his cost in 1960.
Much criticism surrounds the so-called lack of
physical evidence that surrounds abductees. As
weve already demonstrated, there are reports of
close encounters out there which offer an amazing
amount of information for those interested enough to
study it. Physical evidence is often much harder to
come by, however in this last case there is physical
evidence of unexplained injuries to support the
witness account of what he experienced.
On May 20th 1960, a 52 year-old Stephen Michalak was out looking for minerals near
Falcon Lake, eighty miles east of Winnipeg when he spotted two disc shaped craft
overhead. One flew away, but the other landed. Curious, Michalak approached the
craft and got close enough to touch it. This was obviously a huge mistake as it was so
hot it immediately melted his glove. At that point, the craft took off with a blast of
light from an exhaust panel hitting him in the chest. Dazed, burned and in shock, he
managed to make it back to the road some two miles away where he was picked up by
a police officer. A police report written at the time by the police officer that picked
him up highlights his clearly distressed state.
Over the following months, Michalak suffered from all kinds of illnesses associated
with radiation sickness from low blood lymphocyte count to infections, nausea, ulcers
and blackouts. A total of 27 doctors examined Michalak, most of which did so at his
own expense. Fifteen months after the incident, a grid like burn appeared on his chest
where hed said the beam of light from the craft had hit him. Michalak wrote a book
detailing his experience, the purpose of which was to detail his experience and search
for an explanation as to what he saw and what he was suffering from. Michalak
showed himself to be consistent, intelligent and sincere, and not the kind of person
who is prone to irrational acts or publicity seeking. After going public with his
experience, he was subjected to both ridicule and criticism from many sources. While
annoyed at his unexpected notoriety, Michalak never wavered in his story, although
many say that he regretted ever making the incident public.
What many of these reports highlight is the reluctance of the witness to come forward
for fear of ridicule but the need for answers and closure of some kind means that they
are forced to make a choice between keeping their identity a secret and letting the
world know the message they have to tell.
One of the most interesting points to arise from this section is the apparent difference
in these extraterrestrial visitors. The fact that some people report tall humanoids and
others describe far shorter beings such as greys leads many to conclude that we are
not being visited by one alien civilization, but by many races with a variety of
intentions. One thing that does stand out is the fact that all these extraterrestrial
Page 192

visitors seem to view us as primitive aggressors that need to be studied but kept at
arms length.

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Page 193

Alien Skulls: The Great Debate

By Isis
Nothing evokes such a strange mixture of fear and
curiosity, or forces us to confront our own mortality,
more than human skulls. When skulls are discovered
that are physically very different from how we
expect human skulls to look - often unique in their
shape, structure and bone composition - we find
ourselves in the curious position of trying to
understand how and why these extraordinary
artefacts exist.
Of course it's possible that there are rational explanations for these anomalous
discoveries. Some researchers for example have proposed that the skulls may be
illustrations of ancient cultural traditions, while others suggest that some can be
attributed to specific medical conditions.
However, a growing number of researchers support the theory that man's evolution
could be the result of genetic engineering by extraterrestrial cultures (alien
intervention theory), and believe that at least some of the skulls could offer DNA
evidence of such alien contact.
These alternative theories, along with related research into the origins of these skulls,
are slowly beginning to challenge the mainstream scientific paradigm regarding
human evolution, and are drawing attention to our lack of knowledge about what
occurred in humanity's distant past.
The Star Child
Without doubt one of the most famous of these
anomalous skulls is the so-called Star Child skull,
which was given to researcher Lloyd Pye by a couple
from Texas in 2001. According to many legends in
Central America, Star People would sometimes
visit the earth and mate with certain women, who
would subsequently give birth to a hybrid child; a
Star Child. Such a child would be considered a
great blessing and was raised and nurtured by the whole community. When the child
reached between five and eight years of age the Star People would return to collect it
and take it to their own world.
The story behind the discovery of the Star Child skull was not officially documented
at the time but according to Pye, a teenager vacationing with her parents in Mexico
discovered it. The body of what was clearly a young child was unearthed from a
shallow grave in a cave where it had been buried with its mother. The girl took the
remains home where she kept the two skulls for the next fifty or so years. How much
of that history is true and how much is urban legend will never be known for sure, but
from these uncertain origins has grown an enigma that has baffled science. Extensive
tests have proved that this is a genuine skull, and not a hoax. Further analysis has also
Page 194

yielded some amazing results which suggest that that the skull is very unique indeed.
Commentators who are predisposed to be defensive of mainstream science and of the
established paradigm naturally accuse Pye of quackery and pseudoscience but in
reality nothing could be further from the truth. Pye has worked with tireless
determination to encourage independent analysis of the skull, which has been
examined by eleven different experts in laboratories across the world. Tests carried
out on it by these independent scientists on the DNA and x-rays of the skull
consistently point to it being very much out of the ordinary.
One immediately obvious characteristic is the skull's incredible volume. The average
volume for a human skull is 1400 cubic centimetres (cc). In contrast, the volume of
the Star Child's skull is 1600 cc, far greater than the average for adult humans. If this
Star Child had survived to adulthood, its brain capacity would have grown to over
1800 cc - far beyond the expected human average. Analysis of the skull has revealed
that the bone is 50% thicker and stronger than a normal human skull, and that it
contains as yet unidentified microscopic fibres as well as traces of aluminium, which
is toxic to humans.
A Rational Explanation?
The fact that the Star Child skull is extremely abnormal is
undisputed. Critics of the alien-human hybrid theory put
forward the suggestion that congenital defects are the likely
cause of the peculiar development of the childs skull.
Amongst the medical explanations proposed are craniofacial
disorders such as Crouzon syndrome, Apert syndrome and
Hydrocephalus (water on the brain), with most critics citing
the latter as being the most likely diagnosis. According to
doctors, infants suffering from Crouzon or Apert syndrome
are more likely to also suffer from hydrocephalus.
So in theory the Star Child could have suffered from a combination of these defects.
When the physical effects of hydrocephalus are compared to the Star Child skull,
there's certainly a strong visual similarity between the two. However, supporters of
the hydrocephalus theory have yet to replicate the results of the Star Child laboratory
tests with comparable tests on a skull with Hydrocephalus. A similarity in these test
results would have lent credence to the Hydrocephalus theory by showing that the
microbiological anomalies found in the Star Childs bone are likely the result of a
known condition. But since this wasn't the case, its fair to say that, while critics
continue to accuse Pye of pseudoscience, their own theory remains speculative at best.
Whether further analysis of the Star Child skull will eventually provide us with
evidence of genetic manipulation by an extraterrestrial culture, or will simply confirm
another example of the genetic abnormalities that Mother Nature can randomly throw
our way, remains to be seen. Until then, we have to be open minded to any and all
possibilities, including the alien human hybrid one.

Page 195

The Second Star Child

While many people are aware of the Star Child skull, few
people realise that a second anomalous skull was discovered
a few years ago in Uberaba, Brazil. The mummified remains
of the second Star Child are housed in the Wilson Estanovic
Museum of Natural History in Uberaba. Physically, there are
clearly differences between the two skulls. Like Pye's
specimen, the skull is clearly that of an infant, yet it is about
twice the size of a normal adult human skull. As the
photograph illustrates, the size of the head is completely out
of proportion in relation to the rest of the small body, which
only measures about 50 centimetres (20 inches) in length.
Another interesting thing about this child is that it has six toes. A recurring
observation made by abductees is that the aliens they encountered had six fingers.
Polydactily (having an extra toe or finger) is not so unusual in itself, but if this child is
indeed an alien human hybrid then we have to at least consider the interventionists'
theory that polydactily could be a genetic throwback to DNA manipulation that
occurred in Earth's ancient past. Could past DNA manipulation account for the fact
that this gene surfaces from time to time in humans today? Incidentally, it is also quite
common for giants to have six fingers or toes.
The Horned Skull
The existence of what appears to be a horned
human skull is probably one of the most
controversial artefacts in existence, and certainly
not one that medical science can easily explain
away. The skull is said to have been discovered in
France between 1920 and 1940, but its current
whereabouts are unknown. Surnateum, The
Museum of Supernatural History, however, claims
to have analysed the skull. Their analysis
demonstrated that the horns were genuinely part of the skull. The analysis concluded:
An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is not a
It appears that this horned skull was not the only one of its kind. Giant skeletons of
horned men over seven feet tall are reported to have been exhumed from an ancient
burial mound in the USA in the 1880s. It was estimated that the bodies were buried
around 1200 AD. Like the horned skull in the photo, the horns of the Pennsylvanian
giants were reported to begin above the eye sockets.
The find was made by a reputable group of antiquarians, including the Pennsylvania
state historian Dr. G.P Donehoo, a Presbyterian Church official and two professors;
A.B. Skinner, of the American Investigating Museum, and W. K. Morehead, of
Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. After the discovery which was made in
the town of Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania the remains were sent to the
American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, where Skinner was based. The
Page 196

Museum later claimed that the remains had been stolen, and they were never
Is it simply coincidence that horned giants, which could easily be likened to the
mythological Satyr or Pan, were discovered in a town called Sayre? Without the
remains, there is little to go on except the testimony of witnesses, legends and
mythology. Horned creatures have been associated with Gods across the world, from
Norse mythology to esoteric philosophy. Baphomet, for example, was worshipped by
the Knights Templar; and the Vikings wore symbolic horns on their helmets. Giants,
in the form of alien-human hybrids known as the Nephilim, also form an important
element of the Old Testament. Its certainly interesting to ponder a possible
connection between aliens, mythological gods, and these horned giants.
Evidence of Genetic Engineering
Researcher Robert Connolly photographed this strange
elongated skull, which is estimated to be tens of thousands of
years old, in South America in 1995. According to
anthropologists, what makes this skull so amazing besides
its unusual shape - is that it exhibits characteristics of both
Neanderthals and humans. Its jaw for example is very heavy
and its brow is pronounced, both typical Neanderthal
characteristics. Further analysis of this skull could shed light
on another possible aspect of man's evolution by providing
evidence of the mating of two species of early humans.
Anthropologists state that this suggestion is impossible,
since Neanderthals didn't exist in South America. If they're right about that, then this
Homo sapien Neanderthal skull is all the more interesting simply because it exists
when, according to experts, it shouldnt.
In the absence of a scientific explanation that accounts for this skull's existence, some
researchers have quite understandably begun to wonder if this apparently hybrid skull
might also be evidence of genetic engineering. To them, the evidence suggests that
extraterrestrial visitors may have deliberately cross-breed different species of human
in an ongoing series of experiments to develop mankind. The idea that mankind was
created or genetically engineered, and that Homo sapiens is simply the latest model in
a long line of genetic experiments conducted by extraterrestrials gains momentum
every day. We dont yet know if this skull supports the theory or not, but we do know
that anthropologists don't have an explanation of why this skull exists.
Cultural Traditions
The anomalous shape of many skulls are attributed to ancient practices such as cranial
binding - the deliberate reshaping of the skull - and many researchers also attribute the
appearance of this particular skull to this ancient custom. Cranial binding is begun
when a child is very young, usually an infant, and carried on through adulthood. The
skull is wrapped with rope or cloth, either by itself or against a wooden board, which
results in the misshaping, flattening or elongation of the skull. The elongated effect
created by binding is thought to represent a physiological demonstration of social
status. Skull binding was practiced in many South American and African cultures and
Page 197

is thought to be the first example of deliberate body modification. Skull binding dates
back at least 9,000 years, although some specimens suggest the custom has existed for
at least 20,000 years.

Re-evaluating the facts

The problem with the skull binding theory in relation to this particular skull is that
although the skull is elongated with a sloping back and flattened forehead, as one
would expect to find in a boarded skull, experts state that this example has greater
cubic capacity than a bound skull should have. Binding can change the shape but not
the overall volume of a skull. Another problem with this theory is that the huge, heavy
jaw is much bigger than the jaws of Peruvian natives who practiced skull binding.
And the protruding brow, as we said, is a feature that's decidedly Neanderthal in
nature. According to anthropologists, no evidence of Neanderthals practicing head
binding has ever been found. So if the skull does prove to be that of a Homo sapien Neanderthal hybrid, this would further rule out binding as a possible explanation.
We can only conclude that while at first glance the skull appears to be a great example
of a bound skull, closer examination of its jaw size, capacity and overall Neanderthal
characteristics has caused many researchers to re-evaluate their initial impressions.
Judging by its unique physical characteristics, what we have here could easily be a
hybrid skull - part human, part Neanderthal, and quite possibly, part something else.
To suggest that the skull is a candidate for being an example of genetic engineering
doesnt seem outrageous under the circumstances.
In Gods Image
Some people have speculated that ancient cultures practiced the art of skull binding to
emulate their gods; to make themselves appear as their gods appeared to them. It's
difficult to imagine what else could have prompted this widespread cultural need for
ancient people to spend decades in pain to deform their skulls other than the
possibility that they wanted to look like beings that they considered more perfect than

Page 198

The Skulls of Egypt

Ancient Egypt is another land where unusual shaped skulls
have been unearthed. Akhenaton, his wife, Nefertiti, and their
children were all portrayed as being unusually tall and having
very elongated skulls. Egyptologists suggest that this is a
result of the stylised way that the pharaohs, as living gods,
were portrayed, but not everyone agrees with that assumption.
Egyptologists were left uncomfortably silent when a forensic
reconstruction of Tutankhamens head demonstrated that
statues and artwork of the boy king that showed his skull to be
elongated were actually a fairly accurate representation of
him. Tutankhamens skull is nowhere near as elongated as Akhenaton and Nefertitis
heads appear to be, but as their remains have never been located we cant know for
sure whether it was a stylised representation of the royal
family, a result of skull binding or yet another anomaly that
conventional understanding cannot account for.
Egypt is often classified as a stair step civilisation, in that it
developed from a relatively unstructured rural society to a
wealthy, governed society, capable of amazing feats of
engineering and of developing the written word, in an
unfeasibly short period of time. This development, coupled
with the fact that some of Egypts pharaohs considered by
their people to be living gods - possessed these strange
elongated skulls, is cited by some as evidence that
extraterrestrials may have also influenced the cultural development of ancient Egypt.
There's much in the construction of ancient Egypts civilization to suggest such a
surprising conclusion. Judy Kay Kings' research, for example, has demonstrated how
the mythology and iconography of the era demonstrates a complex understanding of
molecular biology, an understanding that simply should not have existed at the time.
The Truth Is Out There
In all honestly no one knows for sure where the truth lies with regards to any of the
anomalous skulls weve mentioned in this article. And there are many others we
havent considered yet. All we know is that there are many unanswered questions
which contribute to the mystery of mankinds origins. Having looked at three different
genres of skull, the hybrid child, the horned skull and finally the elongated skulls, all
we can say for sure is that these skulls sit outside of our established paradigms.
Science is renowned for demanding evidence to substantiate claims. However, when
anomalous evidence presents itself, all too often, science appears to be reluctant to
fully investigate that which might conceivably force it to re-evaluate its paradigms.
Rather than following the evidence regardless of where it leads, it seems that
mainstream scientists frequently opt for the wall of silence approach, in hopes of
preserving the status quo. In many ways the truth is already here, indelibly recorded in
artefacts that we possess but dont yet fully understand. Whether that truth will be
suppressed or ignored indefinitely, or will one day be revealed to the world, remains
to be seen.
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Alien Bases The Mystery of the Moon

By Isis
For tens of thousands of years mankind has looked to
the Moon as a source of superstition and wonderment.
When Neil Armstrong took that historical first step on
the moon on July 21st 1969, it seemed that mankind
had finally conquered our enigmatic satellite. But did
we, or did we simply scratch the surface and beat a
hasty retreat?
There are dozens of anomalous facts concerning the
moon that science is at a loss to explain, not least of which is how it is that according
to the analysis of moon rocks, the moon, is at least a billion years older than the Earth
itself. This fact alone seems to defy logic, and is something that modern cosmology is
unable to explain, if the moon isnt a fragment of the Earth, what is it, and how did it
get here?
When you couple that with the fact that an awful lot of people believe the moon to be
an alien base of some kind, we begin to realise that we no nearer understand the moon
now, than our ancestors did thousands of years ago.
Moon base
The Apollo Moon landings heralded a new era in mankinds technological
development, man had finally left our own planet, travelled around 385,000 km and
was walking on a new and unfamiliar territory. It seemed to all that we had the perfect
opportunity to further our understanding of how our universe was created and our
knowledge of the moon itself. During the next three years, six missions to the moon
were made and a total of twelve astronauts walked on the moon.
The US has been victorious in the space race between them and what was then the
Soviet Union and it seemed natural that they would formalise that victory and claim
their territory with something more substantial than planting the American flag. At the
very least, it was expected that NASA would create a long term strategy for rock and
mineral sampling and exploring the surface of the moon.
Each of the six lunar expeditions NASA had
committed itself to were completed, although the
Apollo 13 mission was unsuccessful. However, after
Apollo 17, no new missions were scheduled.
According to the space agency, there was nothing
else that could be learned from visiting the moon
and the program was shelved. Likewise the former
Soviet Union carried out its scheduled lunar
exploration and then quietly sidelined its projects. Some commentators have
suggested that both superpowers realised that the idea of creating moon bases or long
term missions was cost prohibitive.

Page 201

A growing number of people however, are convinced that both superpowers were
warned off by an extraterrestrial race that had already established a base on the far
side of the moon. In any case, shortly after its discovery, the moon was abandoned
by both superpowers that chose instead to invest tens of billions of dollars doing little
more than flying around in circles; for the next thirty years the continuous orbiting of
our own planet took priority to the scientific exploration of the moon. It is only
recently that plans have been announced for a new expedition and a base to be
constructed on the moon, even so, most of the work will be done with robots and
humans will not actually return to the moon until 2018.
An Alien Base on the Moon
Creating a base on the moon has been a dream for many people over the years, but is
there actually a base on the moon already one thats not of our making?
To many people the idea that the moon could be an alien base sounds preposterous; a
fanciful claim straight out of comic books, but there are many strange facts about the
moon and the Apollo landing itself that do suggest that our knowledge is far from
complete. In fact there is sufficient evidence for us to consider the idea that the moon
itself is an artificial construct, a massive extraterrestrial base
One of the most notable pieces to support the alien
base theory are several radio transmissions between
the Apollo crew and mission control. Part of the
transmission where Armstrong mentioned strange
lights was apparently broadcast live as was
Armstrongs comment We have company before
NASA officials hurriedly pulled the plug. A variety
of sources claim that radio hams picked up the
following communication before the crew switched
to a secure channel.
These babies are huge, sir...enormous....Oh, God, you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling
you there are other spacecraft out there...lined up on the far side of the crater
edge...they're on the moon watching us...
Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP)
Transient Lunar Phenomenon is the term used to describe the inexplicable change of
colour or shape that occurs on the surface of the moon. Could this account for what
the Apollo 11 astronauts witnessed? It is thought that some of these phenomena which
appear as red or white hazes are caused by gas escaping from underground cavities
after moonquakes, so it cant be ruled out as natural phenomena. The question is,
would two highly trained astronauts mistake escaping gas for alien craft? Its certainly
possible but if that was the case surely NASA would have been quick to tell us this?
Its not just strange coloured lights that appear on the moon. In 1953, John J. ONeill
and Dr H. Wilkens both independently observed a 12-mile-long bridge straddling
the crater Mare Crisium. The bridge later disappeared!

Page 202

Telling Transcripts and the NASA Officials who spoke out

Ten years after the moon landings, Maurice Chatelain, the former chief of NASA
Communications Systems, confirmed that Armstrong did report seeing two UFOs on
the rim of a crater. "The encounter was common knowledge in NASA," he revealed,
"but nobody has talked about it until now."
Another NASA official, Christopher Kraft, who was director of the NASA tracking
base in Houston during the Apollo Moon missions, revealed the following
conversation between Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mission Control after he left
Apollo 11: "Those are giant things. No, no, no .... this is not an optical illusion. No
one is going to believe this!"
Mission Control (Houston Center): "What...what...what? What the hell is
happening? What's wrong with you?"
Apollo 11: They're here under the surface.
Mission Control: "What's there? Emission interrupted...interference control calling
Apollo II."
Apollo 11: "We saw some visitors. They were there for awhile, observing the
Mission Control: "Repeat your last information."
Apollo 11: "I say that there were other spaceships. They're lined up on the other side
of the crater."
Mission Control: "Repeat...repeat!"
Apollo 11: "Let us sound this orbit a ..... In 625 to5...automatic relay connected...My
hands are shaking so badly I can't do anything. Film it? God, if these damned cameras
have picked up anything. What then?"
Mission Control: "Have you picked up anything?"
Apollo 11: "I didn't have any film at hand. Three shots of the saucers or whatever
they were that were ruining the film."
Mission Control: "Control, control here. Are you on your way? Is the uproar with the
U.F.O's. over?
Apollo 11: "They've landed there. There they are and they are watching us."
Mission Control: "The mirrors, the mirrors...have you set them up?"
Apollo 11: "Yes, they're in the right place. But whoever made those space ships
surely can come tomorrow and remove them. Over and out."
If the Apollo report was a one off, we could maybe put it down to the effects of space
or some unknown anomalous lunar phenomena. However, there have been several
other contacts between NASA craft and UFOs, notably in the early 90s when
according to author William Kliner the following conversation between David
Walker, Endeavours shuttle and mission control was recorded.
Walker: "Bogey at 3 o'clock . . . God . . . what is it? My God - it's coming right at us .
. ."
NASA: What's there?
Walker: THERE'S NO WAY! Oh God! Get back. MOVE!"
NASA: Endeavour! Endeavour! What . . . explain . . .
Walker: What the . . . where are we? Where is it? Where . . . it's gone IT'S GONE.
Page 203

Not (unintelligible) . . . UFO. Spacecraft . . . huge . . . intelligent . . . OVER THERE!

NASA: Endeavour. Switch . . . NOW!
The tape ends abruptly with what would appear to be a NASA order for Walker to
change radio frequency.
According to Kilner, "the spacecraft was the size of a small city and glowed bright
green as it approached the shuttle. At some point during the encounter, the UFO
veered off course to avoid a collision.
If this really was an alien spaceship, where was it coming from or going to we
wonder? Could it be that sitting there on the far side of the moon is an alien base?
The Far Side of the Moon
The moon is the only moon in the solar system that
has a stationary, near-perfect circular orbit. Over the
eons, the gravitational forces of the Earth have slowed
down the moon's rotation about its axis until the
rotational period exactly matches the revolution
period of the Earth. This means that there is one side
of the moon that we never see from Earth. In theory,
the far side of the moon, often referred to as the dark
side of the moon could easily contain an alien base, as
this is the side of the moon that we never ever see, even radio signals are blocked in
that area.
There is another theory about alien bases being on the moon which states that the
whole of the moon is a completely artificial construct that was put there by an alien
race when life on Earth began.
Our Unnatural Satellite
One of the strange facts about the moon is that it appears to be hollow. As the Earths
natural satellite the moon has always been assumed to be a homogenous sphere that
was created at the same time as the Earth, but there are various indications that this is
not the case, as weve already mentioned, the moon is older than the Earth.
Evidence for the moon being hollow comes from a variety of experts and in some
cases predates the lunar landings. In 1962, Dr. Gordon MacDonald, one of NASAs
own scientists reviewed data relating to the density of the Earth, which calculated that
the moons mean density was 3.34 gm/cm3 (3.34 times an equal volume of water), in
comparison the Earths density is 5.5 gm/cm3. This led him to observe, "If the
astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data requires that the interior of the
moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere."
The Nobel award winning chemist Dr. Harold Urey, has also suggested that the moon
contains a cavity and MITs Dr. Sean C. Solomon is on record as saying, "the Lunar
Orbiter experiments vastly improved our knowledge of the moons gravitational field
. . . indicating the frightening possibility that the moon might be hollow."
Page 204

According to Dr Carl Sagan in his treatise, Intelligent Life in the Universe, "A
natural satellite cannot be a hollow object. If this is true and the moon is indeed
hollow then that suggests that there is something very strange about our satellite.
There is further evidence from NASA missions that suggests the moon is hollow.
When the crews of Apollo 12 and Apollo 13 jettisoned modules onto the moons
surface, they found that they created artificial moon quakes. The impact from the
Apollo 12 jettison caused the moon to reverberate like a bell for over an hour. This
phenomenon was repeated with Apollo 13 with even more amazing results; in all the
reverberation lasted for three hours and twenty minutes and travelled to a depth of
twenty-five miles. Analysis of this data led to the conclusion that the moon has no
substantial core. If the moon is indeed artificial, it could have been put into place at
any time during Earths history.
Since the Dawn of Time
Texts from as far a field as Europe and South
America speak of ancient people who lived on Earth
before the Earth had a moon In Greece they were
called Proselene, meaning before the moon.
Apparently, in South America, symbols found on the
wall of the Courtyard of Kalasasaya, near the city of
Tiahuanaco (in Bolivia), record that the moon first
appeared around 12,000 years ago. The appearance
of the moon was said to have caused great disruption
to the Earth in the form of earthquakes, massive flooding and climate changes.
Interestingly, this remote site has been suggested by some scholars as being the actual
location of Platos legendary Atlantis and this great planetary upheaval as being the
cataclysmic event that destroyed Atlantis.
The idea of a world without a moon also survives in oral tradition among the Indians
of the Bogota highlands in the eastern Cordilleras of Colombia. In the earliest times,
when the moon was not yet in the heavens, say the tribesmen of Chibchas, when
relating to ancient times. Whether this method of story telling relates to an actual
physical absence of the moon or is simply used as a metaphor to say a very long time
ago is open to debate. The truth is we just dont know whether it is yet another
tantalising piece of the puzzle.
The moon governs our tides and seasons so perhaps the easiest way of verifying the
data is to look at geological records showing the tides. In ancient times many
calendars were lunar based and evidence of Paleolithic knowledge of lunar phases
dates back to around 23,000BC as is evidenced by the Perigordian bas-relief known as
the "Goddess of Laussel", where the crescent moon is depicted as a horn. There are 13
clearly engraved vertical strokes thought to represent the number of moons in a lunar
year. Early evidence of mans interest in the moon is surprisingly scarce which is
surprising given that it should have played such a big part in their every day life, after
all the moon would be looking over them every night.

Page 205

Isaac Asimov once commented that: There is no astronomical reason why the moon
and the sun should fit so well. It is the sheerest of coincidences, and only the Earth
among all the planets is blessed in this fashion. This "coincidence" means that the
moon is just the right size and distance, to completely block the sun during an eclipse.
Eclipses are infrequent events but are often linked to quite serious earthquakes. Was
the moon placed in a very specific orbit by a higher intelligence from another world
who wanted to either monitor us as a species or exert an element of control over our
All we can say for sure is that despite our supposed advanced technology, NASA
seems to be able to offer very few answers to our questions about the moon. The veil
of secrecy that surrounds the truth means that the facts are often suppressed because it
is not deemed in the publics interest for them to be made known. Sooner or later
though, it is inevitable that the moon will reveal its secrets and a whole new chapter in
our understanding of the universe might well be opened when that happens.
The moon is the Rosetta stone of the planets."
- Robert Jastrow, First Chairman, NASA Lunar Exploration Committee
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Page 206

Secret Flying Saucers - The Gateway to the Stars

By Isis
One of the most controversial and tantalising areas of
ufology is that of the flying saucer phenomena. Over
the last sixty years there have been literally
thousands of reports of sightings of these craft, many
of which are accompanied with photographic
evidence. Despite the abundance of sightings, the
origin and indeed authenticity of these craft remains
In addition, there have been numerous reports from as far as Siberia, Greece and the
US of flying saucers having crash-landed. Although information concerning the
crashes is slowly being filtered into the public domain, researchers have yet to obtain
any physical evidence to validate what has happened; as soon as an event occurs a
well-rehearsed operation is launched to remove any and all traces of the incident.
Often witnesses are threatened and any photographs of the crash site confiscated,
ensuring that the event can never be verified as having occurred but more importantly,
no analysis of the craft can take place.
There is never any proof that a crash happened; all that remains is rumour and
speculation, but is that underground rumour mill what the powers that be want to
Lines of thought
We naturally imagine that these crash sites involve
crafts of extraterrestrial origin. Taken at face value
this is a logical assumption considering we are
talking about flying saucers and our conventional
aircraft tend to be winged. Of course, this theory
works on the understanding that we humans dont
have flying saucers of our own. The theory also
relies on the unlikely scenario that extraterrestrials
can manage to safely navigate their craft across the
vastness of the solar system yet experience serious difficulty controlling their vehicle
in our atmosphere.
An alternative theory suggests that rather than being of extraterrestrial origin, these
crash sites may by linked to top-secret military projects, funded by a black budget and
known about by only a tight circle of research personnel based in the US. The fact is,
flying saucers have been a military reality for the last sixty years, and the only way to
test them is to fly them, so when we see a photograph of a flying saucer or hear about
a crash site maybe the first thing to wonder is, is it one of ours or not?

Page 207

Weighing up the Facts - Roswell

A combination of photographic records and research papers provide solid evidence
that military research into flying saucers has been ongoing since the 1940s. This
research was first conducted by the German government, which allocated extensive
resources to their flying saucer program and was transferred to the US after World
War II.
Is it coincidence that within two years of Germanys
research being seized by the US that the Roswell
crash occurred in New Mexico? It certainly seems
plausible that Roswell may have been the result of
the disastrous test flight conducted by the US Air
Force on a prototype based on Germanys scientific
research into flying saucers. In many ways this
makes much more sense than it being an
extraterrestrial craft that had experienced a catastrophic technical failure. This
explanation would account for the mixed response from the military investigators at
the time. Major Jesse Marcel first announced that it was a flying saucer that had
crashed based on the information he had been given (Marcel would have had no way
of knowing about this top secret project to make our own flying saucers). This official
story quickly changed, with military spokesmen soon claiming it was simply a
weather balloon that had come down. Its very difficult to imagine any circumstances
where a weather balloon could be confused with a crashed flying saucer, yet if we
believe the US military, thats what happened. Understandably, very few researchers
accepted the revised official explanation and the myth and legend of Roswell was
Bodies of evidence and Evidence of bodies
One of the claims that surround Roswell is that
several alien bodies were recovered from the crash
site and taken to a nearby air force base. This is a
claim that has never been completely substantiated, it
may be true or it could just be part of the urban
legend that surrounds Roswell. If the crash was the
result of a failed test flight, then its possible that the
small alien bodies that some witnesses claimed to
have seen were in fact primates that had either been sedated or had died during the
test flight. While the idea might sound far fetched, primates were often used by the
military to test the conditions encountered in flight, particularly in relation to the
space programme. If the primates had been wearing protective suits then
misidentification could easily have occurred under the circumstances.
There is certainly testimony from both expert witnesses and eyewitnesses to suggest
that the wreckage from Roswell is of military origin rather than extraterrestrial.
Physics Professor Charles Moore for example claimed that the debris was from a 600
foot long balloon that he had launched several days earlier. Other witnesses recall
Page 208

seeing crash debris in a dumper on the base that they said appeared to be terrestrial in
origin, some even stating that it did indeed look like a damaged weather balloon.
Exactly what was in the dumper is unknown, but we can safely assume that an alien or
military craft wouldnt have ended up there. Its impossible to prove or disprove
Moores claim now, but if it was a relatively innocent experiment then one wonders
why more details werent made public at the time. Its also possible that either the
witnesses were mistaken, or the debris was planted there by the military in a
deliberate attempt to cause confusion, and thus divert attention from what really
crashed that day.
Whether the Roswell incident was caused by a failed flying saucer test flight or by a
downed alien craft, no one can say for certain, but if either theory is true it is
something that the military would want to conceal from the public. By introducing the
possibility of a logical explanation in the weather balloon response, investigators
suddenly became torn between two possibilities, that it was a crashed alien flying
saucer or that it was a perfectly normal weather balloon. The third possibility, that of
it being a crashed military flying saucer simply didnt factor as an option for many
The Disinformation Machine
By cultivating a climate of secrecy and disinformation, the worlds governments give
credence to the scenario of crashed flying saucers being UFOs, which they then go to
great lengths to deny. These mixed messages are a mechanism designed to create
confusion, and as we know, it usually succeeds. It
seems increasingly likely that the military often uses
UFOs as a smokescreen to disguise their covert
research into anti gravity and flying saucer
technology. There are obvious advantages of hiding
behind a UFO scenario: the media circus, heated
debates between sceptics and believers, additional
input from hoaxers who want their five minutes of
fame and the fallibility of peoples memories, not to
mention witnesses tendency to exaggerate or elaborate, filling in the blanks with their
own assumptions. At times, the UFO community can offer a unique distraction that
the military are only too keen to exploit; it enables them to hide the truth in plain
We know without any shadow of a doubt that scientists
began developing flying saucers in the 1930s and 40s.
Witnesses such as physicist Bob Lazar (left) who worked at
a facility called Area S-4 at Papoose Dry Lake which is just
south of the infamous Area 51, in late 1988 and early 1989,
state that the complex houses nine disc shaped craft. These
two facts suggest a continued development programme that
has spanned six decades, but why? What drives our
governments to invest billions in black budget projects to
develop this technology? After more than 60 years of topPage 209

secret development, we still dont know why so much time and money is being
invested in this anti gravity technology the way it is, in fact, officially, we dont even
know that we have flying saucers.
Flying saucers are unlikely to offer the military an obvious strategic advantage that
would justify such a long-term investment but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that
this ambitious project is very real. If Bob Lazar was correct when he stated that there
were several different types of flying saucers being worked on in Area 51, that
suggests that base houses a series of prototypes. These craft could be of
extraterrestrial origin but it is highly unlikely that so many different UFOs would
travel across the solar system only to crash land on Earth, especially in such a way
that the craft remained intact. That leaves us with two possibilities, either we are in
possession of extraterrestrial craft that may have been provided to us as working
models by beings from another world who are cooperating with certain factions of
the world government, or that we are developing our own craft based on either
reversed engineered alien technology or a knowledge base from our own scientific
minds. The question really, isnt do we have flying saucers? rather what we should
be asking is Where did the technology to build them come from?
A Shadow Space Programme
Many are beginning to question if there are actually two space programmes that run
parallel to each other, one, a public relations front
that we know as NASA and the other a covert project
intended to develop a technology that will one day
take us into deep space. This technology could
potentially harness theoretical physics concepts such
as inter dimensional travel and wormholes. If the
motivation behind such a venture is genuine then why
is it such a huge secret after all this time? The public
face of the space program, NASA, is apparently open
about its ambitions with regard to space exploration, so why would there be a need for
a shadow organisation that is not?
The only logical explanation for the continued secrecy lies in the fact that these
ventures could be either joint projects undertaken with extraterrestrial cooperation or
that they are based on extraterrestrial technology that has been reverse engineered.
Our governments and the military may well have had a helping hand in developing
the technology that they work with behind closed doors. NASA appears to be at the
forefront of space research, but is NASA itself yet another diversion; a front designed
to divert our attention from the covert activities of the ultra top secret, shadow space
program, one that may well be working with extraterrestrials.

Page 210

Star Fleet
The flying saucers that have been photographed
across the world for the last 60 years, some of which
we know have crashed and have been recovered by
the military, may well be evidence of our attempts to
visit other worlds as much as they are other worlds
attempting to visit us.
According to unverified reports from the Project
Serpo website, Earth already has a space fleet which
consists of eight mother ships and over forty space planes which protect the fleet. This
project, codenamed Solar Warden is said to be a multi-national initiative that involves
many of the worlds governments. The scenario sounds like something from a science
fiction movie until you consider our efforts to develop flying saucers, the thousands of
sightings and the occasional report of a crash landing, at which point you begin to
wonder if the fiction is actually based on science fact. In the absence of any absolute
evidence, it seems that only time will reveal the answers.
Additional Resources:
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Image Galleries:
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All images copyright by their respective photographers.

Page 211

Part Six
When it comes to experimental flight and top secret projects
it becomes clear that the government and its security
agencies are involved in many projects that never become
official public knowledge.

Historys Thief by Taboodada

Page 212

UFOs or Top Secret Spy Planes the Aurora Mystery

By Isis
A recent investigation has taken a look at one
particular type of anomalous aerial phenomena with
the hope of piecing together a modern day mystery.
Around about fifteen years ago ufologists noticed a
change in the sightings that were being reported.
Alongside the usual assortment of disc shaped
objects and unexplained lights, there were increasing
numbers of reports of black triangles in the sky; triangles that could perform
manoeuvres and achieve speeds that conventional aircraft couldnt match. By all
accounts and purposes, these objects were unidentified flying objects but were they
terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin and if they were terrestrial could they have been
a result of reverse engineering alien craft?
The prime suspect in the black triangle phenomena is Aurora, the highly classified
surveillance aircraft that according to the Pentagon does not exist.
In mythology, Aurora was the Roman Goddess of the dawn who rode her chariot
across the sky, the supreme vantage point from where she could observe the world.
Aurora is perhaps a fitting name for a surveillance craft that travels through the sky at
a cruising speed of 5,300 miles per hour, can be anywhere in the world in under 3
hours and is officially a myth.
The first question we must ask is, does Aurora really exist? Aurora is not a new
project by any stretch of the imagination, first coming to the publics attention twenty
years ago in 1985 when it was accidentally listed in the U.S. Department of Defences
budget request for the following year (1986) listed under the heading of Air
Breathing Reconnaissance.
Despite the strenuous denial of the air force and Lockheed, the defence contractor
responsible for the construction and development of
Auroras predecessors, the U-2 spy plane, SR-71
(Blackbird) and the F-117 Stealth fighter, there is an
overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that
Aurora is an operational reality. Certainly according
to Janes Defence Weekly, Lockheed's accounts have
indicated that much of their income is derived from
classified and special mission aircraft.
Chris Gibson, who was an engineer on a North Sea Oil rig, made one of the most
credible sightings of the aircraft in August 1989. What makes Gibsons report
particularly sound is the fact that not only was there independent witness by the name
of Graeme Winton but Chris Gibson was a fully trained member of the Royal
Observer Corps, aircraft recognition team, for twelve years. He was considered an
expert in this field and had himself written an aircraft recognition manual for the
Page 213

Corps. What Chris Gibson saw that day was four aircraft flying in formation, the
largest of the four was a KC-135 Stratotanker, on its left flank were two F-111s and
on the right was a mysterious black triangle that despite being an expert in aircraft
identification, Gibson could not identify. Gibson states that this remains the only
aircraft he has never been able to identify.
According to a tentative analysis by Janes Defence Weekly, Aurora has been
airborne since around 1985. The 75-degree swept triangle design of the aircraft, which
was described by Mr. Gibson, corresponded to designs of hypersonic aircraft designed
to travel at speeds in excess of Mach 5. The aircraft, which Janes Defence Weekly
estimates cost around $1 billion each and first flew in about 1985, certainly they were
thought to be fully operational by 1990 when the U.S. retired its last SR-71 spy plane.
Officially the retirement of the SR-71is was said to be due to intelligence from
satellites making it redundant, however most defence analysts suggest Aurora
replaced the SR-71. Aerospace analyst Wolfgang Demisch has put the number of
aircraft at between 24 and 30 but given that Aurora is a so-called black budget
project that officially doesnt exist, it is impossible to say with any certainty.
Is it possible that Auroras clandestine operations could account for the thousands of
sightings of black triangular shaped craft that have been seen all over the world? If it
does, then the sighting suggests that Aurora has a massive degree of manoeuvrability
and speed variation.
A sighting report filed in April of this year by a witness who stated that he is both a
physicist and a licensed pilot makes interesting reading. The person concerned was
camping out while hunting in the wilderness when he saw a big black triangular
shaped object which he estimated to be about 80 feet long and 60 feet wide moving
about 800 feet above him. It had an estimated airspeed of 30 mph. Not knowing what
it was and being somewhat unnerved to find himself alone in the wilderness with what
appeared to be an alien spacecraft above him, he took aim at it with his rifle, in so
doing he obtained a clearer view through his gun site; he could clearly read the words
Emergency release on the underside of the craft. At this point, he realised that what
he was seeing wasnt an alien spacecraft as hed first imagined but a military aircraft.
Through his sight he could see that the planes outer casing appeared to be covered
with well-fitted tiles, much like the ceramic tiles used on the Space Shuttle.
Certain elements of Aurora are rumoured to utilise similar technology to the space
shuttle, which enables it to fly between 50 and 80 miles above the earth. Flying at that
altitude and speed the protective tiles would be an important feature of the aircraft, but
if it was Aurora, on that day in April, it wasnt travelling at 5,300 miles an hour 80
miles above the earth it was travelling at 30 miles an hour 800 meters above the
earth! The fact that it did have the protective tiles suggests that this vehicle not only
had the capability to operate in that extreme environment, but also that is capable of
extremely slow low-level recognisance operations.
Scotlands Machrihanish airbase at the tip of the Kintyre Peninsula, which is the most
remote airbase in Britain, has been thought to be playing host to the Aurora since at
least 1992. Despite its isolation, the base is reputedly guarded by a detachment of US
Navy Seals, unprecedented security for a little used military base. Like Groom Lake
in Nevada, where the Aurora is said to be based, Machrihanish also boasts an
Page 214

exceptionally long runway, thought to be one of the aircraft's main requirements.

Strategically Britain is doubly important to the operational requirements of the
aircraft, if necessary, specially modified tanker aircraft flying from Britain refuel
Aurora in midair with the liquid methane fuel it uses, avoiding the need for daylight
landings; this would presumably tie in with Chris Gibsons sighting.
Like the US, Scotland has experienced a surge of Black triangle sightings amongst the
UFO community. RAF radar stations have been reported as tracking hypersonic
targets over Scotland travelling at speeds between Mach 3 and Mach 6. Are these
sightings really extraterrestrial craft, or simply sightings of an ultra secret
recognisance plane? Once Aurora has refuelled in Scotland, it is said to return to the
U.S. across the North Pole under the cover of darkness. It would appear that the
aircraft's frequent nighttime visits could account for the numerous sightings of
mysterious black triangular craft documented in Scotland.
One of the most perplexing elements of the black triangle phenomena is the sound.
Over the last ten years or so, hundreds of witnesses have reported enormous, totally
silent, black triangular craft hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over them,
often making no effort to avoid detection by using bright white lights or flashing
coloured lights. This seems to be completely at odds with what aviation experts know
about Aurora, which is associated with sonic booms, pulsating roars and earthquake
like rumbles that one witness described as a noise you feel in your chest.
Aurora's distinctive noise pattern and bead like
contrails are said to be due to the fact that it uses
advanced Pulse Detonation Wave Engines for
propulsion, which produces the telltale "string of
beads" contrail. USGS seismologists have analysed
the rumbles, say the aircraft's (Auroras) turbulence
creates a distinctive signature, or wave pattern, on the
seismograph unlike that of any known aircraft.
A well-documented black triangle sighting dating
back to 1988 offers further insight into the issue of the black triangle phenomena. A
large triangular shaped craft appeared over a frozen lake where it was said by
witnesses to hover silently before it began to rumble so loudly that witnesses had to
shout to make themselves heard, a series of smaller Cessna sized triangular crafts
then left the main craft performing a series of recognisance flights before returning to
the main craft. This of course sounds like a classic mother ship UFO sighting, and
that may well be the case. Certainly the incident was investigated by both MUFON
and the U.S. Coast guard before the US Military stepped in when it seems that the
Army and NASA had instructed them not to investigate the matter further or go out on
the lake in their cutter to observe the ice in the area of the landing, since the matter
was "out of their league and out of their hands."
Assuming that the report is genuine, which isn't unreasonable, given that the coast
guards were summoned to the scene and witnessed the craft for themselves, there are
three immediately obvious possibilities to consider here:

Page 215

1) This is a very good example of a sighting of a triangular UFO and that NASA and
the military are aware of the existence of these craft. If the craft was of extraterrestrial
origin then it appears that the military are aware of their existence and may have
based Aurora on similar technology either through a collaborative effort or reverse
engineering technology.
2) That the US military has more than one ultra-classified surveillance aircraft that is
triangular in design. This would of course explain how these triangular craft seem to
operate at such diverse altitudes and speeds.
3) That the witnesses saw Aurora, or an adaptation of Aurora undergoing a low level
night time exercise using remotely operated drones. Certainly we have to, at least,
consider at this point if Aurora could potentially have stealth technology that
incorporated a silent mode for undertaking low-level recognisance work and be
capable of hypersonic flight.
This is an idea that hasnt really been given much prominence; after all, the Aurora is
known for its speed and high altitude capabilities, not being slow, low and silent, but
there are too many sightings of black triangular UFOs meeting this specification for
us not to ask questions. As weve said, it is possible that there is more then one type
of secret black triangular aircraft in use by the Air Force. However, if the first report
we cited is correct, and the craft they observed had space shuttle like tiles then that
does suggest that the one craft can operate in very diverse modes. Something that flies
low and slow doesnt need heat resistant tiles; those would be reserved for a craft that
flew on the edge of space itself.
What is clear is that there does seem to be clear evidence of a connection between
reports of the notorious black triangles and the military. Sightings of the black
triangles are often made in the remotest of areas where witnesses are few and far
between. Not the kind of place where an alien visitor could gather much information
about mankind who they had supposedly come to study or contact, but perfect
locations for the military to carry out their own exercises without being disturbed.
To see a drawing of the Aurora and the Mothership, click here.
Click here to read the UFO sightings reports referred to in this article.

Page 216

Concerns grow as Chemtrails begin to increase in England and

By Isis
One clear Monday afternoon, a lone jet files a perfect
circle in the skies above northern England. When it
has finished the full circle, it completes a second
circle and a third and a fourth and so on.
This isnt a holding pattern for a passenger jet
waiting to land; the aircraft moves way too quickly
and purposely for that, its a military jet that cuts
through the sky drawing the same massive circle
over and over again in its own fingerprint. After being observed for 40 minutes
undertaking this activity, it disengages from the circle it has firmly etched into the
What is immediately noticeable besides the fact that is has left this huge calling card
above the town is that when it separates from the circle it no longer leaves anything
but a short and very standard contrail in its wake. We watch as it heads for home in a
very straight line in the opposite direction to the nearest airport.
In fact it heads north to Scotland, where the US air force have a series of top secret
military bases, leaving a mysterious puffy white circle that will be hidden by the dusk
in another hour. There can be little doubt that its strange activities were quite
deliberate, after releasing its mysterious spray in a prescribed pattern, the aircraft
simply left and headed for home.
If this event was a one off, it could be quickly forgotten about but the same circles
have been observed several times before in this area, always created by a single jet.
The weather conditions are always the same when these circles appear, clear and
bright with no wind. They also tend to appear late in the afternoon.
The circles appear directly over a densely populated urban area right next to the coast.
If it were a military training exercise, logic would have said carry the exercise out
over the sea, but instead, this activity appears to target a specific populated area.
Although it was very clear to observers on the ground, the circle was too big to allow
it to be photographed as a whole by observers inside its ring. This is one quick
example of the chemtrail conspiracy, a global issue that quite literally clouds our skies
and which government sources and even environmental agencies refuse to
Although not as densely saturated as America has been with this alarming
phenomenon, Europe and England in particular is no stranger to chemtrails, with the
south of England tending to bear the worst of them. It would appear that the North of
England and the south of the country experience different patterns with grid
formations being more common in the South. This suggests that they are perhaps
being saturated with different chemicals that are intended to serve different purposes.

Page 217

Europe as a whole seems to be suffering from the chemtrail blight with increasing
regularity, with chemtrails being reported across the continent from Scotland to
The characteristic that differentiates chemtrails from the innocuous contrails is the
duration they remain in the atmosphere, whereas a contrail is essentially water vapour
that will disperse after about 20 minutes, chemtrails last for several hours, spreading
out across the sky and creating a thick layer of smog-like cloud that obliterates the
sun. For this reason many have pondered upon the possibility that the chemtrails may
form part of some kind of weather modification experiment to reduce global warming
and save us from an environmental catastrophe.
Its fair to assume that if chemtrails served any purpose that would benefit mankind,
then the worlds governments would normally be quick to promote the fact, but in this
case they remain alarmingly silent. Meanwhile speculation rises as to whether these
things really are part of a plot to control the weather, reduce the worlds population,
inoculate people en mass or research the effect of biological weapons. It has to be said
that much of the evidence points to less humanitarian goals than saving the world
from uncertain weather patterns.
Secret Government Experiments
The British government was forced to admit
recently that in the past it HAD released harmful
viruses into the atmosphere, using the populations
of different areas of Britain to test the spread and
effect of potentially harmful viruses in a natural
environment. These experiments allegedly stopped
in the 1970s but the evidence is mounting that
those programs were part of a joint initiative
between the US and Britain that both countries have
simply shifted their clandestine distribution methods slightly.
In Britain, the information that has been released does not make for comfortable
reading, for instance in 'The Fluorescent Particle Trials', between 1955 and 1963
planes flew from north-east England to the south west tip of Britain, dispersing huge
amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide over the unsuspecting population. The chemical
drifted miles inland, its fluorescence allowing the spread to be monitored by scientists
conducting the experiments. In another trial using zinc cadmium sulphide, a generator
was towed along a road in the English town of Frome, in southern England where it
discharged the chemical though the countryside for an hour.
In England, 'Large Area Coverage Trials', the Ministry of Defence described them
involved over a million people being exposed to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus
globigii, which mimics anthrax. These agents were released from a military ship, the
Ice Whale, anchored off the Dorset coast, which sprayed the micro-organisms in a
five to 10-mile radius during a seven year period from 1961-1968.

Page 218

Similar chemical tests continued into the 1970s when a joint operation known as the
DICE trials involving both US and UK were carried out. The Dice trials involved
military scientists spraying massive quantities of the anthrax simulant, serratia
marcescens bacteria and phenol into the air. Similar bacteria had been released in 'The
Sabotage Trials' between 1952 and 1964.
Modern day chemtrails have been linked with epidemics of flu-like symptoms and
analysis of chemtrail residue indicates the presence of genetically engineered viruses
and bacteria.
What this suggests of course is that the programmes that were started forty or fifty
years ago have been developed even further rather than shelved as our governments
claim and that our governments are as happy to use its people as guinea pigs now as
they were then. By refusing to acknowledge the chemtrails issue, they have succeeded
in relegating it to the fringes of conspiracy theorists, keeping it out of the news and
out of peoples minds, but thats not where it belongs, the chemtrails issue needs to hit
the streets of suburbia to alert people to the activities that occur above their heads day
after day.
Chemtrails are by no means a new phenomena theyre simply a more common one
than they used to be. In the US, the Pentagon has admitted that it also conducted
secret tests on the American population during the 1960s and 1970s. The first
chemtrails tests occurred around 40 years ago during the 1960s. The San Diego based
Navy destroyer, The Herbert J Thomas is one vessel known to be involved in tests
whereby trails of mist where dispersed by another ship sailing in front of the Herbert
J Thomas for her to sail through.
The crew was ordered to undergo basic decontamination procedures after each trial
but many of the crew subsequently suffered respiratory problems and law suits were
launched against the US government as a result. It was only in 2002 that the Pentagon
finally admitted that the vessel and several others like it had been used in biological
and chemical weapon tests during that period, some involving nerve agents and
potentially harmful bacteria. The Pentagon has subsequently given details of similar
chemical tests that were carried out in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland and Utah, as
well as in Britain and Canada using toxic agents such as sarin and VX.
When we see the tic tac toe patterns in the sky or the pretty white halos that hover
above our towns what we should be asking ourselves is why we continue to allow
ourselves to be poisoned by our own governments
All images copyright by their respective photographers.

Page 219

Games without Frontiers: The Shadow World of the CIA

By Isis
Americas Central Intelligence Agency operates
throughout the world, seemingly with and without
presidential remit as the sensitivity of their
operations demands. As more information emerges
as to the nature of their activities, many observers are
beginning to question whether it has become a
renegade organisation, one that operates so far
outside of the law and with such limited
accountability, that it is a threat to world security.
History shows that the organisation, which celebrates its 60th birthday this year, has
left a trail of horror and destruction throughout its shady history.
During the last six decades, the agency quietly set about shaping the world, it
achieved this by sponsoring coups, destabilising governments, suppressing
democracy, engaging in drug and arms dealing, mind control experiments and all
manner of illegal or morally questionable activity.
The CIA has left a trail of unimaginable global destruction in its wake and repeatedly
abdicates responsibility for the repercussions that arise from its operations. Yet,
despite its $5 billion dollar budget, the catastrophic events of 911 demonstrated that
the eyes of America ultimately failed in its remit to protect America, and in the case
of 911 that attack happened on its own soil. Was this failure a one-off event or does
the CIA really have a less than impressive track record that should have rang alarm
bells a long time ago? To mark the organisations sixtieth birthday, we thought wed
take a closer look at the CIA.
The CIA and the Nazis
Shortly after its formation in 1947, Reinhard Gehlen,
Hitlers former spy chief, made secret deals with the
CIA, turning over his agencies files to the agency.
In return, he received a guarantee that he wouldnt be
tried for war crimes. The fledgling organisation then
scrambled to recruit as many former Nazi
intelligence officers into their ranks as they could.
These men, many of who should have been tried at
Nuremburg, were instead retrained as CIA
operatives, and given immunity from prosecution. It
wasnt just field operatives that were recruited from the Nazi ranks, almost 800
former Nazi scientists were recruited in this manner also. The staff were debriefed and
then employed in covert CIA programmes such as MKULTRA, a horrific program to
develop and test mind warfare initiatives. The experiments they conducted included
brainwashing thousands of individuals, most of which were American citizens,
using techniques such as electric shock therapy, sleep deprivation and a cocktail of
synthetic drugs. The plan was to create sleeping agents that could be called upon if
Page 220

needed and other times just because they needed human guinea pigs to test the
effectiveness of their product. Some of the techniques developed by the MKULTRA
project are still used in interrogation techniques used in Guantanamo Bay today.
Communism The Enemy at the Door
The Central intelligence Agency was born into a post war climate of suspicion and
fear as the political ideologies of East and West polarised as capitalism and
communism. Any nation caught between America and the Soviet Union, even neutral
ones such as Cambodia, posed a threat to democracy and was a legitimate target in the
CIA mindset. While its intention of protecting America may have been legitimate, its
methodology was anything but that.
The CIAs interest in the Middle East started in the early 1950s when Irans
President Mohammad Mossadeq made the mistake of starting talks with the Soviets.
Mossadeqs government was immediately flagged up as a threat. In response to the
threat, the CIA spent millions of dollars organising and hiring rent-a-mobs to create
instability in the country. Their tactic paid off and the CIA was successful in
orchestrating the overthrow of Prime Minister Mosaddeqs government. Mossadeq
was replaced with a puppet president of Americas choosing, rather than the peoples;
the pro-American, Shah of Iran. In 1979, the religious opposition, lead by Ayatollah
Ruhollah Khomeini, drove the shah into exile. Khomeini sought the capture of the
shah, and when it was learned that he had been admitted into the United States for
medical treatment, Iran's response was the start of the hostage crisis at the U.S.
embassy in Tehran.
Installing their own government approved leader to bring pro-soviet nations into the
American fold swiftly became part of CIA modus operandi. In 1960 when the African
republic of Congo approached the Soviets for help, the CIA mechanism sprung into
life once more. The agency financed the relatively unknown Colonel Mobutu,
enabling him to overthrow and later assassinate the deposed Patrice Emery Lumumba.
The CIA installed Colonel Mobutu as the leader of their (the CIAs) choice. Mobutu
turned out to be a sociopath who committed appalling human rights violations and
stole over half the nations GDP in the course of his rule. Despite knowing what
Mobutu was up to, the CIA continued to support him until the 1990s. Today the
Congo is still considered one of the most unstable countries in the world after the
CIAs involvement in its politics, but the CIAs remit of preventing the spread of
communism was seen as justification for their actions.
The CIA consistently acts without conscious when it comes to getting the job done,
but their operations have often caused not only grief for other nations, but
embarrassment for their own administration.
The infamous Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba is a perfect example of a CIA plan that
failed abysmally. Having a communist country on Americas doorstep was
considered a huge threat, not to mention embarrassment for the Kennedy
administration. The agency devised a covert paramilitary operation to overthrow Fidel
Castro (below), using tried and tested methods of funding rent-a-mobs, mercenaries

Page 221

and in this case 1,500 anti-communist Cuban exiles to do the job for them.
Castro was popular with the Cuban people and despite
gaining the approval of JFK, the plan was ill thought out and
destined to fail. The agency made eight further attempts in
the following ten years to assassinate Castro, not only did
they fail but there are some who believe that Castro was
actually behind the assassination of JFK. Its also interesting
to note that a few days prior to his assassination in 1963,
there were secret communications between President
Kennedy and the Castro government. Whether Castro had
Kennedy assassinated as revenge for the repeated attempts
on his own life by the CIA or whether the CIA were worried
that Kennedy himself was becoming a problem will probably
never be known but either scenario, if true puts an alarming spin on the CIA
See the article "JFK assassination 'was Cuba plot'" for more details.
One of the hallmarks of the CIA is their inability to consider the repercussions of the
actions. Many consider the current drugs epidemic to have been created as a result of
the CIA. This is often illustrated by their involvement in places such as Indonesia and
Laos during the Vietnam War.
Laos was of strategic importance to the US during the war, so the CIA signed up
30,000 Hmong tribesman to fight for them. To ensure their continued support, the
CIA set up the notorious Air America to assist the tribesmen in distributing the
opium they grew. This in turn created an immense source of black money for the CIA.
Most of the drugs made their way to the troops in Vietnam or back to America itself,
so while the CIA funded their operations, America began its descent into the sordid
reality of the drugs culture, courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency.
This entry into the drugs trade created new possibilities for the CIA when it came to
funding their operations and was used again in Nicaragua in 1983 to fund the Contra
rebels war. This time the press got hold of the story, resulting in the scandal known
as the Iran-contra affair, which revealed how the CIA provided funds to the
Nicaraguan contra rebels from profits gained by selling arms to Iran. Incidentally,
George Bush Snr subsequently pardoned those found guilty in the Iran-contra affair.
During the past sixty years, the CIA has intervened in politics in many countries that
have become highly unstable or suffered greatly as a result. In Chile, they replaced
Salvadore Iande with Augustas Pinochet with disastrous results for Chile. In
Cambodia, they engineered a coup against Prince Norodom Sihanouck in 1970 which
ultimately led to the CIAs puppet leader Lon Nol being deposed by the Marxist
Polpot. 1.7 million Cambodians were executed under Polpots regime.

Page 222

The CIA also has a knack of creating martyrs that live on long after their own demise,
and as theyve learned to their cost, the legend lives on far
longer than the man; Che Guevara (left) being a perfect
example. Desperate to halt the spread of communism in
Bolivia, the CIA under the command of Felix Rodriguez,
ordered the assassination of the young freedom fighter.
Guevara was undoubtedly popular with the Bolivian people,
but realistically he was never a threat to democracy. As it
was the CIA turned him into a legend and a symbol of those
who fight oppression and Bolivia is still a troubled country
that causes the United States a great deal of concern.
The CIAs ability to interfere in domestic politics on an
international scale resulted in their funding of the Mujahadin in Afghanistan in 1979.
It was through the ranks of the Mujahadin that Osama Bin Laden rose to prominence.
When the Soviets finally left Afghanistan, the Americans left too, leaving the Taliban
to take control of Afghanistan and for Osama Bin Laden to create Al Qaeda from the
ranks of the Mujahadin.
Osama Bin Laden, the CIAs lasting legacy
On September 11th 2001, 2991 people died when Al
Qaeda launched their attack on the World Trade
Centre. It was clear that the CIA knew who was
responsible but they had missed the planning of the
attack completely. It was a catastrophic failure of
intelligence that left America reeling. The cold war
threat of communism was now replaced by a new
and more deadly threat, the Islamic terrorists, in
many ways a threat cultivated by decades of CIA covert operations.
The CIA responded to this new threat by failing to capture Bin Laden. Instead, they
focussed their attention on Iraq and another former associate of the CIA, Saddam
Hussein. The CIA claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, knowing that
they had supplied him with them twenty years earlier. George Tenant, the CIAs
director is said to have personally ordered the sexing up of the intelligence reports to
support George Bushs case for war. What no one banked on was the embarrassing
fact that the WMDs had all been disposed of before Americas invasion, leaving Bush
and his allies without any justification for the war other than to save the Iraqi people
from a dictator that once again, the CIA had financed.
Sixty years of CIA activity have led to millions of deaths and a growing culture of
hostility directed against America, but still the American taxpayer throws its tax
dollars into the CIA money pit. For its entire billion dollar funding, international
agents, private airlines and lack of accountability, the CIA admits that it is highly
unlikely that it can stop the next terrorist attack on the US; its only a matter of time.
After sixty years of CIA involvement in world politics, America herself is suffering
the blowback from the CIAs covert operations.
All images copyright by their respective photographers.
Page 223

The political gamesmanship and sanitized media reporting of events lead to the real
horrors of war being glossed over and left unnoticed by the man in the street. It is
only those on the frontlines who see, know and do. These are the frontline troops who
not only put their lives on the line, but who witness unimaginable horrors in a lawless
environment where they are charged with winning a war, doing right and keeping
themselves alive. Whereas our Games Without Frontiers article addressed the issue
of covert activity from the outside, this next article tackles it head on, with a
disturbing true account of just one incident in Vietnam.

We Were Only Nineteen

By Mabung
It was about 1000hrs in the morning, as we were
heading back from a 14 day patrol along the trail, we
still had 3 days to get back to the forward fire base,
where we would be safe behind the wire, and could
report what we found.
We were coming of the trail into the delta country;
Titch was up front with me pulling drag and covering
the rear.
As we slowly moved through the underbrush, being as quiet as possible, the acrid
smell of shell smoke, and the unmistakable smell of burnt flesh assailed our nostrils.
We stopped and went to ground, trying to determine the direction it was coming from,
as we couldnt see Jack, but the breeze was steady from the ESE, so it was off to our
right a tad, and reasonably close.
The closeness of the jungle afforded us cover, and stealthy movement made us almost
completely silent, this was after all what we were trained for.
Blood pumping so hard you could hear it in your ears, all senses fully alert for the
slightest sound, or thing out of place, breathing slowed to a steady deep rhythm, and
the senses being projected forward, to where we wish to see.
We feel the dead, and the dying, along with the cries of the tortured souls.
After using our extend techniques we moved quicker, and reached the remains of the
village in about 10 minutes, the sight that greeted us was a surrealistic nightmare.
The remains of a small village all but destroyed by mortars and fire, with the whole
place in disarray, dead people, men, women, and children, not even the dogs or
poultry survived. People, young old, any gender, with limbs hacked off, bayoneted, or
just straight out shot. Young girls who had literally been raped to death, pregnant
women with their abdomens ripped open, and the foetuses spilled to the ground,
mothers clutching their children, who were bayoneted together, and died in each
others arms.
What had been an inoffensive village, at the foothills, was no more, all because they
accepted help in the way of medical care, from us; for that, they were exterminated,
though not all were quite dead yet.
Children who had been inoculated, not only killed, but the inoculated arm, hacked off
above the elbow, the stench of blood, urine and faeces, everywhere, mixed in with the
stench of burnt flesh, and shell smoke.
Page 224

The raw anger and hatred just welled up in us at the unmitigated, brutal, and senseless
carnage we saw, with the deep desire for retribution.
The monster had awakened, and was about to become incarnate.
First, we tended to the dying; easing their passing with what morphine we had, we
then buried the dead. Our last act was to raze the entire place to the ground, by
finishing off the village with the fire others had started.
Mother earth could reclaim it now, and cleanse the place of the evil done there that
After we completed the task, we determined to hunt down and kill those responsible,
for by now the anger was no longer hot, but the cold, calculating anger of the
vindicator, with only one objective in mind.
It wasnt hard to track them, and they were only a few hours ahead of us, but unaware
of our presence, or that we, were now hunting them. We made good speed, as those
we were hunting felt at ease, in what they considered their territory, and were lax in
their precautionary measures. By late afternoon we were so close we could hear them
talking ahead of us, so we slowed down to keep pace with them, waiting for the light
to start failing, when they would harbor up for the night.
As it started to get dark, they created a small clearing, and feeling secure in their
territory, started a fire, without any regard to limiting the noise they were making.
This noise facilitated our incursion into their harbor area, so we could clearly see the
disposition and number, of the targets. Fourteen men in all gathered in a rough circle
around the fire, with their cooking pots being prepared for the evening meal.
Titch and I backed out slowly, and proceeded to set claymores at the cardinal points,
so that they overlapped each other, allowing no escape from them, we moved back to
an area that offered some protection from the back blast, but still gave us a view of
what was transpiring around the campfire.
As the last of the light faded, the only light source was the flickering flames of the
fire, which they had just completed cooking their rice on; as they were preparing to
fill their bowls, they had to rise from the squat they assumed, and bend slightly to fill
their bowls.
It was at this point that we detonated the claymores, which almost deafened us, but
did what they were designed to do, kill or maim. It took out all fourteen of them, some
died immediately, some were not to be long behind them, but none of them, would
live by the end of this day.
We walked in to survey the situation, and ensure we had them all; the look of surprise
on the faces of those soon to be dead, was priceless. The shock that registered when
Titch told them why we had done this was remarkable, as they thought nothing of it,
besides, no one would ever know; they were carrying the arms cut off from the
children for some reason. We then cursed them for the foul beings they were,
consigned their miserable souls to hell, and left.
Page 225

None survived.
There was no feeling of elation, satisfaction, not even the feeling of a job well done,
just that cold, unmitigated anger, and loathing, part of which I think, was for us, and
our failure to protect the innocent.
The monster had now tasted blood and retribution, which did not sit easy with either
of us, as we now realised that the dark force was also in us, which we had to now
control, forever.
Though we could justify our actions, and really felt no remorse about it, we both
thereafter, went cold, hard, and suspicious of the motives, and actions of others, which
made us better at out jobs, but at the cost of our ability to relate to the rest of the
mainstream, as we can never let our guard down.
So then this account leaves three unanswered questions;
Where and when, does one start to forgive, if ever, the evil acts of others?
Does the end justify the means, when the end is retribution?
What is the measure of a man?

Page 226

Complicity and Conspiracy: The Life and Death of Princess Diana

By Terrence Stokes
The August 31st 2005, is the eighth anniversary of the
tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Eight years
later, major questions surrounding her death still remain
unanswered. Public opinion now overwhelmingly
questions if her death was accidental or in fact, murder.
Was she the victim of a plot by the British establishment
or of an international one? The death of Diana looks to
remain one of the biggest conspiracies of all time. This
fresh appraisal of her death by her former palmist,
Terrence Stokes, asks questions such as:
Was it murder? If so, who was responsible and what was to be gained by her death?
Queen Victoria was a big believer in the idea that the British were one of the lost
tribes of Israel, and that the royal family was descended from the royal Jewish house
of David. Evidence from The College of Heralds suggests that Queen Victoria was
correct in her belief and having investigated Prince Charles ancestry they have
determined that he is in fact the 145th in direct descent from King David. Dianas
bloodline can also be traced to this royal house.
Poet and mystic William Blake covered Englands connection to the house of David
in his work, particularly in his well known poem Jerusalem which alludes to the
belief that London was to be the New Jerusalem, as predicted in the Book of
Blakes words of 100 years ago still ring with a deep resonance,
"Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
till we have built Jerusalem,
in Englands green and pleasant land.
One of the major prophecies covers the rebuilding of the temple in the New
Jerusalem. It has been suggested that Londons Millennium Dome could be viewed by
occultists as the temple of this New Jerusalem, which would herald in the new age.
Sources close to Tony Blair indicate that he is a big believer and supporter of this
prophecy and this is partly why he agreed to funding the unpopular Dome project and
the war on Iraq, even before becoming Prime Minister. In fact intercepted intelligence
traffic suggests he actually became Prime Minister to bring this about.
In whose interests? A British Prime Minister with a hidden agenda
Remember the word minister means priest and prime minister means chief priest,
which is the role he sees for himself. One of Tony Blairs first challenges as British
PM was to lead the country and the world in mourning for their lost princess.

Page 227

Eight years later, with Britain now clouded by war, terrorism, complicity and
conspiracy the country can no longer be viewed as a green and pleasant land, the
climate is very different, but does the agenda remain?
Tellingly, Blair has no British nationals among his main financial supporters causing
many to question if the British Prime minister is really the one making the decisions
or if those that funded him are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Does Blair have a
debt to repay to the backers that catapulted him to power or did they really invest
millions in backing a British PM out of the goodness of their hearts?
Incidentally, one aspect of the hidden agenda could be that Charles will never be
The Royal Family and Zion
As weve already seen, there has always been a Jewish connection to the British
Royal family. The British monarch is also head of the Church of England. As heir to
the throne, Prince Charles, will one day assume this role as the religious leader of
Britain. Why then did the Queen have Charles circumcised by the London Jewish
communities Mohel, Dr. Jacob Snowman? It seems somewhat peculiar for the Royal
family to engage in this very Jewish religious custom.
Princess Diana found herself on a collision course with vested control interests when
she refused to have her sons similarly sexually mutilated. The Queen at one point
said, There are powers at work in this country of which we know nothing.
What and who were those powers and of what agenda?
The Spying game
Sorting the miles of often deliberate disinformation in the public realm is a difficult
task, but in any crime, and this was a crime, always ask, Who gained from this?
Publisher Robert Maxwell, who himself fell victim to an untimely yet convenient
death that has never been explained, told me of his contacts in the Jewish underground
at his beautiful home at Headingham Hall. Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard has recently
confirmed the information Maxwell gave me. Essentially both said that the British
and American spy ware computer system installations, are penetrated from top to
bottom, and these were Maxwells very words said to me on the subject.
Ariel Sharon is on record as saying, we the Jews control America and of course
Britain is in the shadow of both. It is a well known fact that British and American
spymasters were carrying out massive electronic surveillance operations of Diana.
But do individual governments have much choice when it comes to participating
in the global agenda?
Not according to double agent, society osteopath and occult healer Stephen Ward,
who helped Winston Churchill with both his painting and his alcoholism. Many
believe that his murder was necessary to silence him because of what he knew of
Churchills role in the agenda, the real reasons for Britains involvement in W.W. II,
and details of the untold story behind the Profumo affair.
Page 228

The father of Dianas new love, Mohammed Al-fayed was said to have gained his
money with through arms dealing to Arab countries along with Adnam Kashoggi and
by conspiring with U.S agent Oliver North. This alone, apart from his intimate
relationship with Diana, would make his son Dodi, a Zionist target, particularly as he
was part of the Saudi royal family.
Tiny Rowland, Al Fayeds archrival, had been due to buy Harrods store when he was
pipped at the post by Al-fayed; Rowland had been listed as an M.I.6 asset. Remember
Harrods was bombed in 1983 by a two man communist cell working with the I.R.A.
The Kremlin links to Irish republicans is a fact that was long hidden from American Irish sympathisers, who were in the main very anti-communist.
According to Mossad agents, the Semtex H explosives used had been specially
prepared without the customary smell to fool sniffer dogs. At the time only Russian
and Polish operatives had access to such supplies.
When an intelligence body carries out an assassination, the training received by its
operatives leaves characteristic hallmarks called tells. The tells present in Dianas
case are definitely not consistent with a British establishment killing, although, with
someone so prominent, this would theoretically be farmed out to foreign nationals
A history of complicity
In any investigation we have to look for a pattern. There are many similarities
between Dianas fate and the car crash that resulted in the death of Princess Grace of
Monaco. This could be deemed the first incident in the pattern. It is also interesting to
consider the motor crash killing of Prince Sultan Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah.
In actual fact, three members of the same Saudi royal family died in one week.
Rather than put him on trial, M.I.6 were known to have drawn up a proposal strategy
for the sanctioned motor crash method for killing Serb leader Slobadan Milosovic.
Internal sources say no officially sanctioned killings have been issued since the failed
attempt on Colonel Gaddafi in 1995.
Going back to the early sixties, private money was offered to finance the killing of
Kim Philby in Moscow, by a well-known British patriot circus owner. In a covert
black bag job, he was threatened with prosecution, and with the revocation of his
circus licence, yet it is known that Israel has killed many British citizens in Britain
since W.W.II, as confirmed by Menachin Begin.
Part of this list supplied by intelligence contacts is as follows:
Lawrence of Arabia, who like Dr. David Kelly was used as a conduit for
sending false information to the Arabs, [and incidentally both knew they
would be killed,]
Gerald Bull of supergun fame who dealt with Arabs,
Jonathan Moyes who was in a deal to convert U.S civilian helicopters from
Chile to armed copters for Iraq.
Page 229

Armaments expert M.P. Stephen Milligan,

W.P.C Yvonne Fletcher is also on the list.
and a much loved British actress, (see testimonies of Ethel Rosenberg, Mossad
operatives Ari-Ben Manashe, Jonathan Pollard and Soviet naval attach
Yevgeny Ivanov).
Those in the establishment who claim the death of Diana and Dodi were just down to
mass incompetence on a huge scale are stretching the limits of credibility too far.

So who gained from Dianas death? There is only one group who would not like to
see Diana with a Muslim, and the future kings of Britain brought up as Muslims.
Occult Influences
One of the things that have emerged in the past few years is the symbolism and
metaphysical significance of occult systems such as numerology and astrology and the
use of these systems by secret societies such as the freemasons and Illuminati.
If the death of Diana was part of a greater agenda of the Illuminate, then we need to
examine not only the political background but also the metaphysical clues.
Diana is of course, the name of the goddess of the moon. In numerology, the
theological number science behind the Bible, Koran and Upanishads, the name Diana
adds to the moons number, which is a 2. Likewise her informal title of Lady Di
was also a 2.
Diana was born in the astrological sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. In fact,
a close study of her life reveals the moon playing a major role in all her big life
events, particularly the lunar eclipses at her marriage, birth of William, divorce and
By strange coincidence, the underpass where the car crash happened, The Pont de
Lalma also reduces to a 2 vibration and is itself on the same site as an ancient Diana
temple, where human sacrifices occurred.
Dangerous Liaisons
Was Dianas growing involvement in international politics a problem that threatened
to cause political embarrassment to the wrong people?
Her death was on the eve of the Oslo Conference, in which 100 countries would
discuss a land mine ban. Diana had already brought the horror of these devices, which
the west was selling to poor war torn countries, to the attention of the worlds media.
Not only did this cause considerable embarrassment to the countries concerned but if
a landmine ban were agreed there would be financial implications as well. The US
government was known to be very much against her campaign. She was also about to
appear in a documentary concerning a drugs embargo, which had resulted in the
deaths of thousands of Iraqi children. Dianas success in highlighting the horrors and
terrible problems that the use of land-mines had created, meant her next cause,
highlighting Israels criminal acts especially in Palestine, with a personal visit for
Page 230

peace, would seal her fate.

Numerology at Play
Diana was age 20 at her marriage, again emphasising the 2 influence.
It was rumoured that the match between Charles and Diana had been instigated and
steered by the late Queen mother and Lady Fermoy, for their own purposes. I have
held back from providing too much information here as much of it has been supplied
from soviet bloc sources, and Israeli contacts.
The name Diana Spencer has12 letters in her name, and carries the same vibration as
the 12 of the hanged man in the tarot pack, showing the ultimate self-sacrifice. Only
one of the numbers that make up her name is an even number, 11 are odd numbers,
showing her fate itself to be odd. Westminster Abbey is also a 2 vibration, and 2000
mourners were invited inside the Abbey for her funeral.
The number 11 reduces to Dianas signature 2 vibration, as does the House of
Windsor, H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh and H.R.H Queen Elizabeth, Sir
Winston Churchill and William Blake also reduce to a 2. The metaphysical
implication is that all share a definite karmic linkage for a common agenda; the New
There are indications that Tony Blair or his advisors must have been aware of this as
those occultists around him ensured he chose his re-election date as 5-5-05. Strangely
the date of the reprisal bombings carried out by Muslim extremists in London was
July 7th 2005 or 7-7-7. This is very telling, as the difference between 5 and 7 is 2.
The future in Dianas hand

Page 231

This is the first time I have shown this print of Dianas hand because the
confidentiality of the psychic is no different to that of the confessional box or the
psychiatrists couch. In it we see an intuitive and anxious personality, yet one that is
ambitious and focused. The big question is: Did it hold any indication of her death?
With any forensic examination of a hand-print there is the danger of fitting things in
retrospectively. To amplify the secrets encoded in her palm we can superimpose her
horoscope chart at the time of her death onto the crossing lines of fate and head. We
can then use this as a traditional mandala for focus, meditation and concentration.
This is particularly effective if we dowse the central cross, using for her, a moonstone
on an 11-inch new thread, for information gathering. The central pole must align with
the hands fate line, under the Saturn finger, her Saturn signs are very strong indeed,
and remember Saturn and Pluto are the signposts of death.
The handprint shows Dianas intuition to be remarkable. She was aware of the moons
effect on her destiny, and she knew she would not have a long life. She said she lived
each day as if it was her last, she had a deep need to love and be loved, but for herself,
not as a trophy. She knew time was running out for her goal achievement.
Because Diana had such a powerful lunar connection, it was perhaps predicable that it
would be during a high risk moon period she would meet her end. Using the date of
her death, 31 Aug. 1997, the hidden numbers contained within it translate to 4+8+8,
which finally reduces to the moons vibration number - 2. It is also intriguing that the
astrological chart generated on 23 January 1997, contains a rare planetary alignment
that forms the symbol of the Star of David.

Page 232

More questions than answers.

Does this symbol of Zion point to an ongoing conspiracy to establish The New
Jerusalem in London? Was Diana by virtue of her status as mother of the future king,
political spokesperson and international celebrity someone who was destined to fulfil
a role that would lead to her own murder? It certainly seems that Diana was a victim
of her own success in a way she could never have anticipated.
Was her commitment to understanding the Palestinian cause and possibly becoming a
voice for them combined with her own personal involvement with Dodi Fayed enough
to seal her fate? Its clear that her involvement with the Muslim culture would be
counter productive to any attempts by the Illumunati to strengthen the Zionist cause.
Incidentally, in numerology, Palestine also reduces to a 2, the same lunar vibration as
Diana, showing goal compatibility and a potential for partnership and success. That
was a success that English rose or not, could never be allowed to blossom.
Written by Terrence Stokes. All rights reserved.

Page 233

Lord Kitchener: The Truth at last.

By T. Stokes
I am perhaps the only man alive who knows the secret of his death.
The sudden death of Lord Kitchener on June 5th 1916 caused as big an international
stir as that of President Kennedy and Princess Diana; just as every one remembers
where they were when the news was announced of their deaths, so it was with
At the start of W.W.I Horatio Herbert Kitchener was recalled home to England from
Cairo, to become Secretary of State for War. Kitchener was seen as a hero, the victor
of great battles in the Sudan, India and the Boer war. Small boys would sing out in the
street Come home Kitchener of Khartoum In his time, he was more popular than the
King of England himself.
In the lead up to W.W.I Britains huge naval fleet, was coal fired which meant it was
slow to warm up and get going. The German Inventor Rudolph Diesel had invented an
engine which still bears his name and which was demonstrated to run on vegetable oil.
The British government was so impressed with his invention that he was invited
across to Britain to sell us his engines. This meant the British Navy would have better
ships and it would give badly needed work and prosperity to Britains farmers, and
land workers, producing vegetables for fuel.
According to the history books, Rudolph Diesel jumped overboard during the crossing
and thus drowned on his way to Britain. This seems a strange course of action for a
man who was about to become filthy rich. Was it really suicide, or something more
Lord Rothschild, an international banker who had made his fortune loaning Britain
money to fund its wars put his agent, Winston Churchill into the admiralty as first sea
lord. Churchill was to lobby for the new Middle East oil based engines, which would
run on oil Rothschild supplied. The new engines for the naval fleet would be also
bought with Rothschild loans.
Rothschilds bank would also take over vast chunks of Germany after the war and
influence the treaty of Versailles; this would later create a major problem for all Jews
in Germany.
In researching the newspapers of the day, it is clear that Kitchener was immensely
popular. It was he who attempted to oppose Churchills disastrous Gallipoli campaign,
only to be overruled, but subsequently proved right.
On June 5th 1916 in a force 8 gale the armoured cruiser, H.M.S Hampshire with two
escort ships, Unity and Victor suddenly and hurriedly left for Russia, with Kitchener
and 655 men on board. Some short time out to sea, the escort ships were ordered by
the Admiralty to return home from the West Orkneys, leaving the Hampshire to find
its way through the minefield alone on its journey to the port of Archangel, in Russia.
The Admiralty was aware there was a minefield in this location, and that the weather
conditions were appalling - the gale had increased in severity and was now force 9.
Page 234

The Laurel Crown had already been sunk in that minefield on June 2nd by mines laid
on 29th May by U75 U-Boat. The Admiralty knew this because this was confirmed by
intercepted radio traffic at the time.
Witness statements from the time confirm that the Hampshire hit one mine, but
several explosions then sunk the ship. The lifeboats were said to have been
unlaunchable. Twelve survivors who did make it to the shore were shot by the Home
Guard who were acting on orders they had received from the war office. The war
office later claimed that it thought the ship was German and wanted no prisoners.
Now was this a case of mass incompetence on a colossal scale, or something else?
Lord Kitchener was a cult figure and an icon of his day. In spite of his reputation for
being a great military strategist, some of his decisions were highly questionable. He
refused to heed his mens advice to bring in high explosive shells and mistakenly
ordered shrapnel shells, which in the closeness of the trenches, killed as many of his
own men as the enemy.
He also through war office recruitment saw to it that bully boy press gang tactics,
ensured that boys as young as 14 joined up, despite the fact that the legal age to fight
in France was 19. To ensure as many men volunteered as possible he instigated plans
where women would give white feathers of cowardice to lads outside schools. In
preparation for this article, I discovered one boy soldier was just twelve years old.
This situation would have been avoided if recruits and volunteers were obliged to
produce their birth certificates, but instead a policy of asking no questions was
practiced. The war office also shot soldiers who they knew were under age, for
Although no government figures are available for the number of child soldiers, the
Red Cross and other organisations say approx 80,000 wartime casualties were under
Importantly Kitchener died a few days after the biggest naval battle ever, the Battle of
Jutland, and some days before the Bolshevik revolution.
Some 50 years ago, a senior intelligence man on his deathbed told me and another
witness the following story, and this is what he said almost word for word.
"Myself and my C.O. went on board the Hampshire, I was told to keep watch outside
while he went into Kitchener's cabin, I put my ear to the door, and heard the C.O say,
'I am going to leave you my pistol with one bullet, I will wait outside and you will do
the honourable thing.'
We heard a shot, the C.O went in and retrieved the pistol, and we hurriedly left the
He also claimed the sinking of the Hampshire with the loss of 643 men was a British
cover up operation, and Kitchener had been directly approached for peace discussions.
Recent dives to the sunken ship have said it is possible that the several explosions
were from inside the ship, as the fragments appear to be outwards not inwards,
however not all agree with this fact.
Page 235

If this sounds far-fetched, look up Operation Northwood where the Americans had
planned to blow up one of their own planes with U.S youngsters on board.
The helicopter crash that lead to the deaths of 29 intelligence experts on the Northern
Irish situation is another example of sacrificing a few good men for the greater good
of the powers that be.
Rothschild, who financed both the first and Second World Wars and the Napoleonic
war, and probably other wars, was instrumental in the start of W. W. I. It was
Rothschild who was instrumental in the break up of the Ottoman Empire. Palestine
was too close to the Suez Canal, and Arabs made up 88% of the Palestinian
population, the remainders were a few Jews and Christians, yet this land was
demanded by Rothschild as part settlement of the debt.
In 1917, Britains war effort was not going well, and hope of victory was not
optimistic. The Jewish influence worldwide was pushing for the Balfour agreement
and Britain needed the wealthy American Jews to back its war effort, by bringing
America into the war. The Zionist influence meant President Woodrow Wilson had to
support Britain, and the influential Russian Jews who masterminded the Bolshevik
revolution, use its influence to keep Russia in the war.
Alfred Lord Douglas who wrote for the weekly Plain English and Morning Post
had sources in the Jewish underground, one member Benjamin Friedman claimed that
Jewish financiers manipulated Churchill to make false statements after Jutland
whereby the stock exchange dropped. The next day a further statement was more
optimistic and caused a rise in stock prices. Sir Ernest Cassel, the head of the Jewish
financial syndicate concerned paid Churchill a cheque for 40,000, a vast amount f
money in those days. One of Churchills speechwriters told of Churchill having an
account in the name of Colonel Arden for such payments.
Rothschild had previously employed this same manipulation of the Stock Exchange
after the Napoleonic war.
I asked Winston Churchill about this episode in his constituency office in Woodford
many years ago, he replied; See yourself out.
In the book written by the society palmist and mystic Cheiro entitled Palmistry for
all the frontispiece (below) shows the palm-print of Lord Kitchener, taken on July
21st 1894. Cheiro himself says, there will be some mystery attached to his death, the
palm-print confirms the suddenness of his death with the suggestion of murder,
interestingly the hand tells of waters involvement.

Page 236

Palmistry has fascinated me since childhood, and as a child I studied Kitcheners handprint. Some palmists claim the hand cannot foretell the future, because the hand
changes, but some aspects do not change, and his hand clearly shows Cheiros
analysis to be absolutely correct, as a crisis to occur at age 66, his exact when he died.
Cheiro says of the 66 that when reduced in numerology to the primary 12 that;
This number speaks of suffering and anxiety and is an indicator of the suffering of
the victim, and depicts someone sacrificed for the plans and intrigues of others.
This number gives us the occult indicators behind the death.
From Kitcheners birth date, 24 June 1850 Cheiro states,
These people are extremely magnetic, obstinate and unyielding, they attract others
to them and are often loved and worshipped by those under them.
Herbert Kitchener's name in numerology reduces from an 88 to a 16,
Cheiro says of this;
This number is represented by the tarot card of a tower struck by lightning, from
which a man falls, it is a warning of some strange fatality. Interestingly his name
also contains 16 letters which reinforces the influence."
The H.M.S.Hampshires numbers are 56 which reduce to an 11.
Lord Herbert Kitchener (his full title) also reduces to a 56 indicating karmic linkage.
Cheiro says again; Ominous warnings of hidden dangers, trial and treachery of
others. that about sums up the ship.
Nietzche has this statement in his book thus spoke Zarasthustra:
The state lies in all the tongues of good and evil, and whatever it says is lies and
Page 237

whatever it has, it has stolen, everything it is, is false, it bites with stolen teeth, and it
bites often, it is false down to its bowels.
So here we have it, the mechanism of fate and karma, government lies and deception,
Kitchener murdered by agents of his own government and the Hampshire sunk with
all hands to cover it up.
T Stokes lecture in paranormal studies copyright 2005

Page 238

Part Seven
Unexplained Mysteries
Unsolved and unexplained mysteries affect many aspects of
our live, from current affairs to the more enigmatic aspects
of the unknown

Rama by Dhanishta

Page 239

The Origins of the Crystal Skulls

By Isis
Few of South Americas mysterious artifacts have
generated as much interest as the legendary crystal
skulls. In all, thirteen of these skulls have been
discovered, each carved from various types of quartz
crystal including clear quartz, amethyst, smoky
quartz and rose quartz and each now bearing its own
Most of the skulls were discovered within or near
ancient ruins in Mexico or South America suggesting that they formed an integral part
of the belief system of the indigenous cultures such as the Maya and the Aztecs.
The Mayans are most often associated with these skulls, although some commentators
have expressed doubt that they possessed the technical abilities to make the skulls.
One school of thought points to the Aztecs as a more likely candidate to have created
Skull imagery figures prominently in Aztec art and religious symbols, far more so
than that of the Maya. Archaeologists also argue that the Aztecs were more highly
skilled in sculpting with crystals. It could be that the skulls found in Mayan ruins are
actually displaced Aztec relics or it could be that both cultures shared a common need
for the mysterious objects.
In fairness, there is much claim and counter claim surrounding the crystal skulls. In
fact experts disagree so widely as to the authenticity and purpose of these amazing
artifacts that their ages are estimated as being anything from a hundred years old to a
hundred thousand years old. Likewise their origins are hotly debated with some
claiming that they are genuine Mesoamerican artifacts, while others assert they are
nothing but nineteenth or twentieth century fakes. Yet more people are convinced that
these skulls are evidence of extraterrestrial interaction with humanity or are relics
from lost civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria or even from the inner earth. It seems
the more we investigate these skulls, the more the mystery deepens.
The Skull of Doom
The most famous and possibly the most controversial
of the crystal skulls is the Mitchell Hedges skull,
rather dramatically nicknamed The Skull of Doom.
This beautiful clear quartz skull was allegedly
discovered amongst Mayan ruins in Belize, in 1924
by the daughter of British explorer F.A Mitchell
Hedges. There is some dispute over exactly how the
skull came to be in Mitchell Hedges possession, one
claim being that rather than finding the skull in the
ruins of a Mayan temple, Mitchell Hedges actually bought the skull in an auction at
Sotheby in 1943 for 400.
Page 240

Whilst there is some dispute as to how Mitchell Hedges came by the skull, the unique
nature of the skull and quality of the workmanship is undisputed and it is this, rather
than how the skull came into the public arena that the real mystery rightly focuses on.
The skull weighs 11.7 pounds and measures about five inches in height and seven
inches in length. It is anatomically very similar to a human skull featuring a fitted and
removable jawbone and rendering without superciliary ridges (the ridges above the
eye socket). This fact, along with its size, has led to the Mitchell Hedges skull as
being thought of as female, which is itself highly unusual as most skulls are assumed
to be males. According to F.A Mitchell Hedges, the mandible was discovered
separately to the cranium but both are believed to have been carved from one huge
quartz crystal.
The skulls refractory properties are equally amazing and suggest that the skull would
have been intended to be used in conjunction with a light source of some description.
The zygomatic arches which extend along the front and sides of the cranium are
accurately separated from the skull and use principles similar to modern optics, to
channel light from the base of the skull to the eye sockets.
The eye sockets in turn are miniature concave lenses that also serve to transfer light
into the upper cranium. Finally, in the interior of the skull, is a ribbon prism and tiny
light tunnels, by which objects held beneath the skull are magnified and brightened.
Validating the Skulls' Authenticity
In the 1970s, the skull underwent a series of
exhaustive tests at the Hewlett-Packard laboratories
under the supervision of art restorer Frank Dorland.
One of the findings of the investigation was that the
skull had been carved against the natural axis of the
crystal. Modern crystal sculptors always take into
account the axis, or orientation of the crystal's
molecular symmetry, because carving against the
natural axis causes crystals to shatter. There was also
a complete absence of microscopic scratches on the surface of the quartz crystal,
suggesting that metal tools had not been used to carve it. In some respects this is not
surprising as the skull has a specific gravity of 2.65, and like most quartz crystals is a
7 using Mohs hardness scale, making it one of the hardest crystals there is. Dorland's
best hypothesis for the skull's construction is that it was roughly hewn out with
diamonds, and then the detailed work was meticulously carried out using a gentle
solution of silicon sand and water. The problem with this theory is that it would have
taken about 300 years of painstaking work for a craftsman to achieve that kind of
flawless finish.
The Shadow of Doubt
Thats not to say that all investigation into the authenticity of the crystal skulls has
yielded quite so favourable findings. In 1996, the BBC in conjunction with the British
Museum and the Smithsonian Institute conducted a series of tests using electron
microscopes to examine several of the thirteen skulls. This examination determined
Page 241

that several of them were fakes, including the museums own exhibits. Crucially the
Mitchell Hedges skull, without doubt the finest example of all the skulls was not
tested, as by that time, eighty-eight year old Anna Mitchell Hedges had grown weary
of the controversy that followed the skull throughout her life and declined to
participate in the tests, stating that the skull had been tested enough. In some ways the
absence of the Mitchell Hedges skull from the tests is a missed opportunity for those
who believe it is authentic. While the tests revealed that several skulls were nineteenth
century fakes, they also revealed that others had been crafted using techniques dating
back at least five thousand years. None of these skulls came close to the craftsmanship
of the Mitchell Hedges skull.
Shamanic Communications
If the Mitchell Hedges skull and some of the other crystal
skulls are genuine, then we need to consider what their
purpose might have been. Commentators tend to agree that
the most likely use for these amazing artifacts would have
been as part of Shamanic rituals conducted by the priests in
their worship and communication with the gods.
Richard Noll in his essay, 'The Presence of Spirits in Magic
and Madness' states that:
'Humankind has traditionally consulted extra-mundane
entities for expanded knowledge and empowerment, for they are traditionally
considered "sources of wisdom" that are transpersonal and able to convey crucial
information beyond the normal constraints of space and time ...The practitioner
usually initiates dialogues with spiritual entities by first inducing an altered state of
consciousness, which allows these "invisible guests" to be seen and heard.
It is easy to see how these crystal skulls; physical copies of the human mind could be
considered a means for the priest to connect with or tap into sources of higher
wisdom. The skulls may well have offered symbolic potential for transformation on
many levels. For the Shaman or priest, the skull represented the vehicle through which
they could transcend the limitations of the physical world. On a day to day level, this
vehicle offered a means through which the fortunes of the people could be influenced,
or to encourage desired changes in the physical environment such as changes in
weather patterns or harvests.
Magical Incantations
It is interesting to consider the connection between the
crystal skulls and the well documented acoustic qualities of
the Mayan temples. El Castillo, the pyramid at Chichen Itza,
has acoustical properties that are too effective to be
accidental. A person standing at the top of the pyramid can
speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly by people at
ground level. This would have been an effective tool for
priests performing rituals, as anyone standing at the base
would have heard them perfectly as they participated in their
Page 242

ceremonies. While sounds from the top carry downward at a normal tone, a shout at
the bottom of the pyramid becomes a piercing shriek when echoed. The pyramid at
another Mayan site, Tikal, is said to have the same acoustic properties. Whilst
Chichen Itza is Mayan not Aztec in origin, its interesting to note that the
Mesoamerican cultures did posses awareness of the science of sound; the Aztec
language itself had a phonetic element to it.
Dedicated rituals would have been used to empower or activate a skull, by intoning
magical incantations in special ceremonies. This process of using what are effectively
sonic frequencies or tones as a means of activating magical tools is a practice that has
been used for thousands of years by many different cultures. The intention may have
been to use the properties of sound to connect the shaman to the universal energies
through the skull, enabling him to interact with other realms. Sceptics of course
dismiss this as nothing more than superstition; however quartz crystal is widely
regarded as having memory and thus being programmable. We know through
experience that this is true; quartz certainly has proven ability to act as a conductor
which is why most watches are quartz watches; however scientific research has
demonstrated that this might just be the tip of the iceberg.
Infinite Possibilities
Marcel Vogel, the Nobel prize-winning scientist and
one of the early pioneers of silicon chip technology
conducted extensive studies on the measurement of
energy fields around crystals. He also carried out
some interesting research for IBM which
demonstrated that crystals could not only be
programmed electronically as silicon chips are, but
could be programmed by using nothing more than
Whether a quartz skull could be used as a medium to interact with other levels of
existence is of course debatable, but is not beyond possibility. The natural qualities of
quartz have been repeatedly demonstrated by both science and metaphysics. Healers
and psychics have traditionally valued quartz for its clarity and metaphysical powers.
We know too that string theory and quantum physics point to the existence of multiple
dimensions besides our own. This gives some credence to the theory that these skulls
may have been programmed to interact with the human consciousness in some way.
Under the circumstances, to dismiss the possibilities
surrounding skulls without serious investigation
would seem an unwise and unscientific course of
One researcher has suggested that scenes from the
Codex Nuttall depicting the points of the compass
and its magnetic axis being used in ceremonies
involving skulls points to the priests or shaman charging and magnetising the skull. If
this theory is correct, given that Vogels research validates the programmability of
quartz, this could demonstrate the intention of the priests to program the skull with
Page 243

what is essentially a magnetic field that generates an artificial intelligence system.

The Involvement of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Investigation has revealed that both the Mitchell Hedges skull and the Amethyst skull
were crafted with amazing precision. Another explanation for this is that the skulls
could be the remnant of an anatomical model used by an alien race who was studying
mankind, possibly even manipulating our DNA. This has caused some researchers to
speculate that the skulls may be some kind of calling card left by the extraterrestrial
race that became the gods that the ancients worshipped.
All images copyright by their respective photographers.

Page 244

The Cousin we dont talk about: What is Bigfoot?

By FyreSpirit
From the Cascade Mountains of North Americas Pacific
Coast to Central Asia to Australia, people have reported
sightings of large, unknown hominid creatures since long
before stories were written down. These creatures have been
known by names such as Bigfoot, Almas, Yowies, Yeren,
Sasquatch, Yeti, Swamp Ape, and Mawas to name but a few.
The size of these creatures seems to range from somewhat
smaller than humans to a massive 10 feet and sometimes
beyond. Often these sightings are written off as a
misidentified bear, or an overactive imagination. But the
sightings persist from so many parts of the world that they
cannot be dismissed outright.
What if Bigfoot and his relatives are real animals? What could they be? Are they only
bears, or could they be a species of animal as yet unidentified by science? Or, could
Bigfoot be a species believed to have lived in the past but extinct today, like a species
of ape or an archaic form of human?
There have been examples of animals once thought to be extinct turning up very much
alive. The coelacanth was known only from the fossil record, and was believed to
have died out with the dinosaurs. It was identified by accident however after being
found in a fishing net in the Indian Ocean in the 1930s. Also, a species of rodent
thought to have disappeared from the planet 8 million years ago, the Laotian Rock
Rat, was found very recently in a market in Laos, destined for the stew pot. Some
large mammal species were thought to be hoaxes and tall tales until seen by
Europeans; explorers had heard tales of the mountain gorilla for centuries, but they
were not recognized by Western science until a specimen was seen in 1901.
In the rainforests of Southeast Asia, researchers are hot on the trail of a possible
Bigfoot. In Vietnam, the creatures are called Nguoi Rung, which simply means forest
people. In some areas of Vietnam it is interesting to note that these creatures are said
to use fire, and to sometimes try to interact with people. In areas closer to Laos, it is
sometimes known as khi trau, which translates as big monkey.
In Malaysia, this creature is known as either the
mawas, a name which is also used to indicate the
orangutan, or the Hantu Jarang Gigi, the snaggletoothed ghost. Most of Malaysia is heavily forested,
and has remained relatively undeveloped until
recently, although humans of one type or another
have lived here for about 1 million years. Legends
about these creatures and reported sightings date far
back into the regions history. One local people, the
Orang Asli, have a legend of a creature called the Serjarang Gigi, or Hairy Giant.
These creatures were said to be eight feet tall with huge arms and large, widelyspaced teeth.
Page 245

In the reports of mawas sightings, the creatures are invariably bipedal, and range from
dark golden brown to black in color. The mawas are described as being powerfully
built creatures, and range in size from about 6 to well over 10 feet in height. The
mawas hair is not said to be as long over the whole body as that of Bigfoot-type
creatures in other parts of the world, nor is it as dense. The mawas sightings occur in
forested areas, and seem to focus around water or around fruit trees. They seem to
travel either singly or in small family groups. From the eyewitness descriptions, the
mawas are said to eat fruit and have a fondness for fish.
The Malaysian sightings have made news around the world lately, and have become
the focus of heated debate among researchers as to what these animals could really be.
Plaster casts of footprints have been presented as proof along with a supposed hair
sample. A group called the Johor Wildlife Protection Society has made statements that
they know of the existence of a colony of the animals, which they call orang lenggor
(Lenggor People). This group claims a member of their society has researched and
interacted with this colony for six years now. Another researcher, a respected
conservationist named Vincent Chow, has co-authored a book based on 11 years of
researching the mawas. Mr. Chow says the book contains detailed photographs of the
mawas, photos with enough detail to show individual features. In this book, Mr.
Chow and his co-authors will reportedly make the startling claim that the mawas are
actually a previously unknown group of survivors from an ancient era, our own
ancestor, Homo erectus. The book is not available as yet, but will hopefully be in print
What could these mystery creatures be?
One possible Bigfoot candidate is a huge ape known from
fossils from Southeast Asia, and has been proposed as
Bigfoot by many researchers. The ape is Gigantopithecus
blacki, an enormous vegetarian ape who lived during the
Pleistocene era.
Gigantopithecus was discovered in 1935 by G.H.R. Von
Koenigswald when he was browsing through a box of socalled dragon bones in an apothecarys shop in Hong
Kong. Von Koenigswald realized that several large,
yellowed molars were actually fossilized teeth. Eventually,
over one thousand teeth and three separate jaw bones were discovered at various sites
in China and South East Asia. Although no other remains for
G. blacki have ever been found, the apes size has been
estimated based on the size of the jaws. Using living apes as
a comparison, Gigantopithecus size has been put at around
10 feet in height with a weight of 1,200 pounds. G. blacki
was a vegetarian who ate mostly bamboo, much like the
giant panda with whom it shared territory. This huge ape
also probably lived alongside early humans, since it is
generally believed to have died out some 100,000 years ago.
It is possible that competition with pandas and being hunted
by early humans caused the extinction of Gigantopithecus.
Page 246

Although Gigantopithecus seems a likely candidate for Bigfoot, there are several
problems with that idea. The physical proof for Gigantopithecus itself is scant, limited
to some one thousand teeth and three jawbones. These few remains were found only
in Southeast Asia also, so theres no proof this ape would have been present in all of
the areas where we have reports of wildmen today. However, if other animals,
possibly including humans, could have passed over a Bering land bridge into North
America from Asia, its certainly not a stretch of the imagination for Gigantopithecus
to have done the same.
Also, we dont know if Gigantopithecus walked on two legs or on four. Almost every
sighting of a Bigfoot-type animal has been of a bipedal animal; that is, one who walks
on two.
Another candidate for Bigfoots true identity has been proposed from our own family
tree. Our direct ancestor Homo erectus was first identified from fossils found in the
late 1800s and early 1900s. The first remains were found in China and Indonesia
originally, then also in eastern Africa. Homo erectus fossils have been found from
Africa and the Middle East to East Asia, and possibly Europe, making Homo erectus
our best-traveled early ancestor. Homo erectus used tools like modern peoples, which
probably allowed him to spread over such a huge area.
Homo erectus first appeared some 1.8 million years
ago. They are believed to have died out around
400,000 years ago, although the recent discovery of
small human remains in Indonesia could prove
otherwise. Dubbed Hobbits by the press, these
small remains named Homo florensensis were found
on Flores Island, and are strikingly similar to Homo
erectus although smaller. The Homo florensensis
remains are believed to date to just about 12,000 to
18,000 years ago, which means they would have lived alongside modern humans. It is
possible they were still living in even more recent times, as the local peoples there
have stories about creatures they call Ebu Gogo, or the grandmother who eats
everything. This hominid was a small creature, only standing about 3 feet high when
fully grown.
Even though it is probably not the source of local Bigfoot stories, the existence of
Homo florensensis shows that other species of human could and most likely did live
alongside modern humans in some parts of the world. However, it could very well be
the basis of sightings of another mystery hominid called the orang pendek, or short
fellow. The orang pendek is believed to live in the forests of Malaysia, and there are
tales of similar creatures called nittaewo in Sri Lanka, along with others from many
other islands in Indonesia and the Philippines.
The mawas of Malaysia
Though sightings of large, manlike animals in Southeast Asia are not new, and in fact
date far back into the past, recent developments in that region of the world could shed
light on the mystery of Bigfoot. Researchers in Malaysia have been documenting
Page 247

possible sightings and tracks from these creatures, called mawas by the local peoples.
There have been rumors of a possible captured creature, a claim which has been
vehemently denied by the Malaysian officials.
The speculation about the mawas existence could be
answered later this year, when Vincent Chow releases a book
he has co-authored on the subject. Mr. Chow claims to be
using photographs in this book of the mawas which will
definitively prove not only their existence, but also what they
are. Mr. Chows ideas on these creatures are surprising, and
will be discussed further in this article.
So, of the two candidates discussed above, which is the
better match for the mawas? Both are believed to have
roamed southeastern Asia during the same time period, and
undoubtedly lived side by side. Open-minded scientists who
have considered the existence of Bigfoot often give Gigantopithecus as the possible
culprit, and although this large ape does match some descriptions of mystery
hominids, what we know of it does not completely match the Malaysian sightings.
Gigantopithecus would certainly have been large enough to fit the descriptions of the
mawas from eyewitnesses. Gigantopithecus would have been enormously strong, with
the heavily muscled body and limbs Bigfoot-type animals are said to have. But
researchers are certain it was vegetarian after thorough examination of its teeth, where
the mawas are said to have a fondness for fish also.
Our other candidate, Homo erectus, was slightly
smaller than the eyewitness accounts of the mawas,
although a person coming across an unexpected large
animal in a dense forest could well make errors in
judging that animals size. Researchers are fairly
certain that H. erectus was omnivorous, and have
found crude stone tools they think were used by H.
erectus. Some of the local traditions in southeastern
Asia tell of the mystery hominids using tools like
humans, such as the Nguoi Rung of Vietnam. Since researchers have found much
more of the remains of H. erectus than Gigantopithecus, they have been able to
reconstruct with confidence what our ancestor would have looked like. H. erectus was
fully bipedal, though with a sloping forehead and heavy brow ridges. We know that
H. erectus was strongly built, like the mawas and other Bigfoot-type creatures.
Is there a third candidate?
While Vincent Chow and his associates are prepared
to present their proof that the mawas are a surviving
population of H. erectus, another group of
researchers in the area has already released their
report, and have stated that the mawas are an
unknown population of an animal already wellknown to science, the orangutan.

Page 248

A group called the Asia Paranormal Investigators has released an extensive report of
their own investigation into the mawas, including field research and interviewing
eyewitnesses in Malaysia. API published their report on Feb. 6, 2006, and it details
their own research into the area, its peoples and history. API came to the conclusion
that the mawas were orangutans based not only on their interpretation of the sightings,
but on a news article from China:
I found a Chinese newspaper published on the 25th Feb 2006 revealing that a former
Sultan of Johor once reared and later released 40 Orang Utans to either the zoos or
the forest. Could this be the Colony of 40 Bigfoot mentioned by the Johor Wildlife
Protection Society? Could it account for some of the sightings of Bigfoot prints being
Also from the same report:
The Sin Min Daily published an article on the 25th February that said a former Johor
Sultan once reared forty Orang Utans, but released them sometimes in the early
1970s. The Royalty being interviewed called the Orang Utan a gorilla, but the actual
animal could be clearly discerned from the attached photograph in the article.
Could this be where the claim of the colony of Bigfoot originated from? Perhaps there
really was seventeen Orang Utans released into the Forest at one time.
The report from API also points out that the word mawas is another name for
orangutan in some parts of nearby Sumatra.
Although orangutans still roam the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, they were known
to live also in the nearby area we now call Malaysia in the past. During the last Ice
Age, sea levels were much lower and most of the large islands of what is now
Indonesia were still connected to the mainland, so any orangutans in Malaysia today
could be left from this time.
Orangutans can range in color from red to a very dark golden brown, and the large
males can sometimes be close to five feet in height. Orangutans are bulky animals,
with heavy shoulders and wide chests, much like the mawas. Though the largest male
orangs usually travel on the ground because they are so heavy, orangutans are
arboreal or tree-living creatures. But it is important to note that orangutans as we
know them do not walk upright unless they have been trained to, and they are almost
exclusively vegetarian. Also, orangutans do not match the facial description given by
people who claim to have seen the mawas.
Is a different species of human living in the forests of Southeast Asia today?
If Mr. Chow and his associates are correct, there could be groups of an archaic human
still living today. This is a startling idea to modern humans, as the last other type of
human, the Neanderthals, is thought to have died out some 29,000 years ago. If we did
live side by side with the Neanderthals, it is believed that our contact with them was
rare, and that the overlapping periods were very short. We arent sure why this close
cousin went extinct, but we modern humans firmly believe that we are the only
species of human alive today.
Page 249

But with the discovery of the tiny H. florensensis, this attitude has been challenged.
Our small cousins lived on the islands of Indonesia while we were there, perhaps
scavenging from our gardens or middens and hiding from the tall cousin with the
more advanced tools. We know these small humans were hunters, and they were
believed to have hunted the large Komodo dragons and similar lizards along with a
species of now-extinct elephant and other fairly large mammals. But how similar were
they to us, and how similar would a surviving H. erectus be?
To answer this, lets look at another ape, the chimpanzee. These animals live in the
forests of equatorial Africa, where they have existed alongside humans for millennia.
Even though our last common ancestor with the chimpanzee is believed to have lived
some seven million years ago, recent DNA tests have shown that we share a
surprising 96 to 98 percent of our genes with this distant relative. In fact, because we
are so alike, when scientists first classified the chimpanzee in 1775, they were
originally placed with us under the genus Homo. But because of controversy over
placing what was considered a mere animal in the same group as man, the chimpanzee
was reclassified sometime around 1816 into its own genus, Pan. If we share so much
with an ape not in our direct ancestry, how close would Homo erectus be?
The implications of finding a living but more primitive human in the forests of
Southeast Asia are staggering. Would these creatures be considered humans, or
animals? Would we feel obligated to extend protection to them if they were found to
be extremely closely related to us? Indeed, many indigenous peoples around the world
thought of these mysterious forest roamers as another type of people, and the names
given to them mean simply, forest people. Finding a close cousin of ours living in
what we consider our own back yards would force us to redefine who and what
human beings are.
Bigfoot Sighting Video: A 5-minute documentary chronicles a compelling but littleknown bigfoot encounter near Oxford Mountain in southeast Idaho.

Closer to Man than Ape, Ian Sample, science correspondent The Guardian
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
From the Teeth of the Dragon: Gigantopithecus Blacki, by Eric Pettifor
The Malaysian Bigfoot Enigma by the Asia Paranormal Society, 1st released
on 6th February 2006, Last Updated on 23rd April 2006

To visit the homepage of the API, please follow this link:

This article was written by FyreSpirit.

All images copyright by their respective photographers

Page 250

Interview with a Werewolf

By FyreSpirit
Werewolf legends have been terrorizing us for
centuries. From folk tales told in quiet villages after
sundown to the big screen monsters of Hollywood,
the werewolf remains one of our most terrifying
nightmares. Not as stylish as the vampire, and more
intelligent and dangerous than the flesh-eating ghoul,
werewolves have a reputation as vicious bloodthirsty
killers, stalking mankind through the dark forests on
moonlit nights.
But is this image accurate? When did this idea of the shapeshifting werewolf become
common? Although the classic Western idea of the werewolf could be mostly derived
from the Greek legend of Lycaeon, there are Werebeast legends from all parts of the
world. In other cultures, instead of werewolves, shapeshifters could transform into
bears, foxes, cats of all sizes but especially jaguars or tigers, or birds of prey. Shamans
were often believed to possess the ability to transform themselves into animals. The
berserker legends of Scandinavia no doubt contributed to the Western European were
legends, as the berserker warriors often wore bear skins during battle, and must have
been terrifying when the heat of battle was upon them.
Legend and Lore
Yet there have been people who have claimed the ability to become werewolves.
In the past, many self-proclaimed werewolves were insane individuals, and sometimes
violent psychopaths. Two well-known examples of criminally insane Weres include
Stubbe Peeter of Germany and Jacques Roulet of France. Stubbe Peeter was a German
man who went on trial in 1589 for the murders of 25 people, including his own son.
Peeter claimed he became a werewolf after making a pact with Satan, and also
claimed acts of cannibalism and mutilation. Accusations of being a werewolf were
used as political weapons; King John of England was rumored to be a werewolf, as
was the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.
During the Middle Ages, many of the people accused of witchcraft were also accused
of being werewolves. It was believed that entering into a pact with the Devil could
cause one to become a werewolf, and some of the people who admitted to being
werewolves told tales of meeting a stranger on a dark horse who helped them to either
enter the pact or to become the werewolf. According to traditional werewolf lore, a
person could become a werewolf through the use of a wolf skin or a belt made from
one, an ointment, or though being bitten by a wolf.
Infants born with body hair, a caul, or an unusual
birthmark were viewed as potential werewolves.
There are many stories of beasts believed to be
werewolves attacking and killing people. The Beast
of Gevaudan (left) terrorized the countryside of
southern France between June 1764 and June 1767,
and was called a werewolf at the time. The panic
Page 251

created by the attacks attributed to this beast prompted King Louis XV to send two
separate expeditions to the area to hunt the creature down and restore order. Two
exceptionally large wolves were eventually shot and killed in the area, but researchers
of the creature have theorized it to have been anything from a wolf that developed a
taste for human flesh to a hyena escaped from a private menagerie. In more recent
times, in Wisconsin a creature known as the Beast of Bray Road was spotted many
times by people considered reliable witnesses. The Bray Road creature was described
as having a muscular fur-covered body about six feet in height, with the face and
snout of a dog or wolf. This particular beast has inspired several books and movies.
Lycanthropy and Modern Werewolves
In modern times, some people have embraced the idea of
being a werewolf while casting off the stereotype of the
bloodthirsty beast. These people call themselves Weres or
Therians, and consider themselves linked to wolves or other
animals. There is also a medical condition known as
lycanthropy, a mental disorder which causes its sufferers to
behave like animals.
People suffering from lycanthropy will often go about on all
fours, growling and barking. They refuse to wear clothing or
eat cooked foods, preferring to eat raw meat. Since they
neglect their personal hygiene, their hair becomes wild and dirty, and with their long
nails and wild faces it is easy to imagine the fear they might have provoked.
Lycanthropy is believed to have a physiological basis and is not merely a psychosis.
One of the earliest medical descriptions of lycanthropy was written by Paulus
Aegineta. Paulus was a well-traveled Greek physician who is best known for
compiling a seven volume tome on the extent of Roman medical knowledge, written
sometime around the year 660AD.
The people who call themselves Therians or Weres are real people who feel that their
personality is entwined with that of the animal they feel connected to. These people
have very little in common with the werewolf image portrayed by movies and horror
literature. Some of these people prefer the term spiritual theriomorphs, implying that
their soul can transform between that of a human and that of an animal. Most of these
people are deeply involved with environmental causes, and believe that their animal
nature acts as a balancing point between the natural world and their human nature.
But despite the similarity in believing themselves to be animals in some form, there is
a world of difference between people who suffer from clinical lycanthropy and those
who call themselves therians. In clinical lycanthropy, the sufferer undergoes a
complete change of personality. Therians do not loose their human personality, it
exists alongside that of the Were persona. Some Therians claim they can switch to the
animal personality or instincts at will, but this switch is not the physical
transformation we see in movies. This is merely a mental or spiritual switch, where
the person keeps their human form. When a Therian goes through a shift, the
experience is not unpleasant or frightening to them, because they view this as just
another aspect of themselves. Also, the lycanthrope cannot control the personality
Page 252

shift, it merely happens. Some Therians can not only control the shift from human to
animal, but can stop it if the shift happens at a time they feel is inappropriate. The
lycanthrope is often dangerous to the people around them because they are reacting
like a frightened animal, where the therian is no danger, unless they have to defend
Modern Ideas on Therians and the Link to Psychology
Modern psychology has made efforts to define and understand Therians. There are
many ideas about how and why some people feel they have the animal personality
that exists along with their human side. Researchers have suggested that Therians
could be a form of multiple personality disorder. Sometimes when abused children are
trying to cope with the horrors of what they have experienced, they will create a
separate personality or personalities which believe that they are separate people from
the core personality. It has been suggested in some literature that some therians could
be survivors of abuse who, instead of creating a different human personality, created
an animal to help them express their feelings. This again has links to the theory of
Walk-Ins in that it has been theorized that a soul under duress may choose to leave,
and another might step in to the body and mind left vacant.
There is a theoretical link to the amygdala section of
the brain, which is sometimes called the reptilian or
primitive brain. The amygdala is a small almondshaped structure in the brain which is believed to
control in some way our emotions and mental state. It
has been suggested that this structure is biologically
very old, and was developed to help early organisms to
sense and move away from danger. The feelings
produced by a frightening event are stored in the amygdala. The amygdala also seems
to play a role in the flight or fight instinct, which could be related to the shifts therians
seem to undergo. Some researchers, such as Dr. Neil Slade, believe that understanding
how to switch on the amygdala could hold the key to understanding how mystics are
able to reach higher states of awareness.
Shifting from Human to Animal
There is more than one type of shift in personality and awareness experienced by
Therians. While the definitions of the shifts will be different from person to person,
and the nature of the shifts will vary too, there are four main types. Mental shifts may
involve the amygdala section of the brain, the part nicknamed the reptilian brain'
because it involves deep instinctual behavior. In a mental shift, a Therians dominant
personality changes from human to the animal side, so any actions and reactions
become more that of the animal than the human. This can happen when the person is
under stress, and could be an extreme fight or flight reaction. Some Therians claim
that during a mental shift, their senses sharpen and they sometimes display behaviors
like those of their animal nature.
Dream shifts occur when, during a dream, the Therian experiences a change from
human to that of their animal side. In dreams, some therians undergo a complete shift
to animal, and experience things not as a human mind observing an animal, but as the

Page 253

actual animal would. Smells and sounds become sharper, and animal instincts control
the whole persona.
Spirit shifts could be related to spirit guides or totems, in that the totem spirit takes
over the Therians physical body. This is perhaps related to the Walk-In phenomena,
which some people have described as being when one soul leaves a body either
voluntarily or involuntarily. After the first soul leaves, another soul chooses to move
in to the vacant space, and assumes the life and memories of the individual to whom
the body belongs. People who believe they are walk-ins often feel disconnected from
their own pasts; although they can recall events, they have a clinical detachment from
it. This is referred to by some as phantom shifting also.
Physical shifts are the dreaded transformation so loved by horror movies, where under
the full moon the werewolf rips off his or her clothing and becomes a wolf in body
and mind. Not all Therians believe this shift is possible, and in fact this could be a
memory of people suffering from lycanthropy in an age where the disorder was not
understood. In a physical shift, a person would transform themselves totally into their
animal persona. The human brain might be aware and directing, but the person would
be to all outer purposes an animal. There are an extremely small number of people
who claim to have accomplished this transformation, and when someone does step
forward, they are met with ridicule and disbelief. Many Therians themselves have
discredited the idea that the physical shift is possible
Seeing Things from a Therians Point of View
In order to best understand who these people who
call themselves Therians are, I sought out and
interviewed several people. These folks are not
roleplayers; this is who they believe themselves to
be. They are average-seeming people, the kind you
pass on the street every day, who hold jobs and go to
school. But they are different in that they consider
themselves Weres, and merely human. After talking
to these people, I found several common threads
running through their lives; a deep love of and connection to animals and nature, a
desire for tolerance from other people, and a desire for privacy. The people I
interviewed are not criminally insane, nor are they bloodthirsty beasts. Because of the
negative image connected to Weres, like many other subcultures they have embraced
the Internet as a way to socialize with other Weres while not sacrificing privacy.
I would like to present here the interview questions and the answers I received from
four Therians. I will not give their real names, because they value their privacy, so
well call them Steven, Brad, Cyrus, and Nicole. They are of different ages and
backgrounds; Brad is deeply involved with martial arts, while Nicole is still a student.
Steven, Brad, and Cyrus are male, while Nicole is female. Brad is not a wolf Therian
but a feline one, while the others feel a connection to wolves. But they have much in
common in that they all are Weres, and would like for the rest of us to know about
who they truly are.

Page 254

Caroline Asher: When did you first suspect you might be a Were or Therian?
Cyrus: Lets put it this way, there are things that happen in life that nobody but you
will ever know about or experience. I guess this would be THE defining question and
for some people there is no definite answer, but for me I suspected that I might be a
therian about 1 ½ to 2 years ago.
Nicole: It first hit me when I started thinking; I love running, hiking, (being) outside.
My ears go up when Im happy, I love having my head touched, I play rough with my
dogs.I also have a great sense of smell, I can smell something and tell you
what it is and where it is.
C.A.: When you think back over past events in your life, do you feel now that
there were signs or clues you might have missed?
Brad: Most definitely. There have been many clues in the past..My attraction to
animals and theirs to mebeing able to understand what they are thinking. For my
Cat side.the fact that all my workouts on martial arts were cat oriented, that my
favorite car was the Cougar, that my hair curled over my ears like an angry Cat with
its ears lowered back..that I moved catlike, had a catlike attitude..I felt uneasy on
two legs and thought I could get around better if I had four..and probably more that
I havent mentioned. All this came before my own awakening.
C.A.: When you define yourself as a Were or Therian, what does that mean to
you personally?
Steven: It means that I am both human and wolf. Im not sure what else to say. Its
simply an innate part of who I am.
Brad: A deep connection/closeness to nature and animalsmore so that regular
humans.and the fact that we can access the primal brain more easily than regular
humans. That there seems to be the shadow of an animal over our lives, guiding us
and influencing our thoughts to the point of giving us animal characteristics and
C.A.: How many people in your life know, and how have they handled the
Steven: Offline, only three. One seemed a little confused at first, but had no other
reaction. The other two reacted with mild curiosity and continued mild interest.
Brad: Many know, and their reactions are different. Ive lost many good jobs by
telling the wrong peopleresulting in the usual scorn and ridicule, laughter behind
my back and even jerks who like to make howling noises while I work on machines. I
do, however, have a wife who is sympathetic to the cause, and very tolerant about it.
One has to be careful which Outsiders get this information about you.the wrong
ones can make you feel miserable and do much damage.
Cyrus: No one, but a few people online and I will probably never meet them, so what
does it matter?
C.A.: How did you become a Were, or how did you discover that you were one?

Page 255

Brad: From what I understand, I always was one, I just needed to be awakened..I
feel that any and all humans can be Therian, they just need to be awakened to that fact
and find their true nature within themselves.
Cyrus: You know, I dont know, I cant say that people are changed or transformed, if
they are I dont know about it, I feel I have always had the connection but perhaps it
was just dormant until I realized that maybe this was indeed a part of me.
C.A.: How does being a Were affect your daily life, i.e. jobs, relationships, etc.?
Steven: No more or less than any other aspects of my personality or characteristics.
Its just part of who I am, and it isnt a single, simple issue. It doesnt get in the way
of my life in any way. Its just something that I cant exactly reveal to the world
without causing problems.
Brad: In my particular case, its had an adverse effect. My personality is Catlike, and
that independence doesnt go well in regular Human social order. It often makes me
an outcast, and the fact that I have animal speed, power, and coordination creates fear
among them as well. And what Humans fear, they hate.and what they hate, they
want to destroy. Like I said.I lost everything because of this about three times,
including good Union jobs, and working in Aerospace.
Cyrus: All in all, it doesnt, I am still a little distant from people. I have never been
able to connect with others as well as I have wanted to, I dont let go of the fact that
there is a part of me (that is) different go to my head to where I might have a complex
about it.
C.A.: What aspects of yourself do you feel make you a Were?
Steven: Being a Were isnt something based on any sort of symptoms or anything
external. It is a matter of being both human and animal (in my case wolf) at the
deepest level, which generally manifests itself to some degree or another in an
individuals personality, behavior, and traits etc. A werewolf simply thinks and acts
more like a wolf based on their inner nature, and the same is true for other types of
Brad: (Being able to access) the primal brain almost at will and in times of stress and
danger, according to the work of Dr. Neil Slade. My deep connection to animals and
nature. The way I move, the way I act, the way I thinkall with an animal flavor to
it. Also Dreamshifting, Mentalshifting, and Phantomshifting.
Nicole: My wanting to live in the woods, my sense, smell, sight, hearing. When Im
happy my ears go up. My wanting to be alone, being up all night, growling, jumping,
tackling, biting.
C.A.: Do you associate with other Weres in real life? And if no, why not?
Steven:No. I simply do not know any others offline.
Brad: I did on my last job, and I must say I enjoyed the fellowship and having at least
one person around with views similar to my own. Off work and offline, I have none
that I hang around with.
Nicole: No, because no one is near me. But I would love to.
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C.A.: How does being a Were affect aspects of your life such as spirituality, or
any religious feelings you might have?
Steven: As a Were, I certainly feel more of a connection to nature than most people,
but that is not new since my awakening. I also feel a deeper connection to animals,
especially though not limited to the wolf. As for religion, I am a Christian, and that
has not changed. Knowing what I am has only further opened my eyes to the variety
that exists within Gods Creation.
Brad: Ive expanded my own spirituality from just between walls in a church to
becoming a Seeker. I feel there is more out there that I havent been exposed to
yethigher realms, the Spirit World, energy working, Psionics, the power of the
brain and mind. Im still a bornagain Christian, and this is just another aspect of it, not
affecting my faith in any way.
Cyrus: I do feel connected to wolves a lot and I have always liked animalsI want to
make something very clear, I am considered a Christian, however many people use
the term way too broadly. I will let you know I am Pentacostal and I am ChristianI
say this because being a Christian to me is a way of life and the Therian does not
conflict my soul.
Nicole: I am more open to myself. I do what I want and I am not scared to do it.
C.A.: Have you ever experienced a physical transformation, either in the flesh or
in dreams? Are you able to make either a physical or mental shift at will, or is it
more of a reflex reaction?
Steven: I myself have not pshifted. In the eyes of many, its very existence is still
theory and open to debate. I have however become a wolf in my dreams before.
Mshifting can be either willed or reflexive, depending upon the situation, and it can
vary in intensity.
Brad: I have not physically shifted yet. It requires more energy than is present in the
human body. Those who know how to access Earth energy or energy from another
source can Pshift with the proper guidance by flooding their phantom limbs with it.
Im currently working on opening my Chakras to aid me in this. I have dream shifted
many times though, and have run around in animal bodies as well as being in the
classic werewolf formI can Mshift at will, and used it daily to handle the
excessive workload I had at work. I can also Mshift in times of stress or danger, and
that part is automatic and not controlled by me.
C.A.: What is one thing you would like other people to know about Weres?
Steven: That we are not vicious beasts, crazy people, or followers of some strange
religion. We are regular people of various faiths and backgrounds, who attend jobs
and school, vote and have political opinions, and normally have otherwise very
normal lives. We just happen to believe that we have a unique internal connection
with some sort of animal.

Page 257

Cyrus: One major thing is that we arent some monster that changes on the full moon
or will strip clothes and eat you alive; we are humans just like everybody else and we
can fit in anywhere.
Nicole: That they are real, and mean no harm like the ones in movies. We walk
around, have jobs, go to school, all that stuff. We mean no harm and only want to live
a life without hate or threats or killing.
Brad: We only want peaceful coexistencenot to be spurned because of our different
way of thinking. They are actually safer around us themselves, because we mind our
own business and never attack unless attacked first. We have the capacity to be their
best friends, if they would only accept us, being full of compassion, kind, considerate
and usually polite and well-mannered. We are pack oriented and therefore social
creatures. Mankind is our pack also, and we want to be accepted by them as well.
I would very much like to express my gratitude to the people who took the time to
answer my questions. I personally found these people to be genuinely kind, and
interested in sharing their own experiences in the interest of changing how Therians
are perceived. I learned much more than I expected too, and I feel I have come to
understand these people more through their own words than I ever could have through
mere descriptions of their psychology.
Society and attitudes have changed drastically since the days when the howl of a wolf
in the forest could send chills of terror down the spines of humans. With the rise of
science over superstition, many old ideas are being reexamined, and tolerance for
different lifestyles and beliefs has made it safe for people to express views that five
hundred years ago might have gotten them killed. Perhaps when we have learned even
more about how the human mind works, we will find that there was a basis in fact for
the existence of the Werewolf.
Copyright: Caroline Asher (

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Crop Circles: A product of the collective consciousness, a calling card

from ET or something else?
By Isis
Crop circles are mysterious phenomena that
practically everyone in the western world has
become familiar with over the last thirty years,
stimulating our imagination, our curiosity and our
desire to find the truth as to their origins.
Due to the wider publicity they receive, many
people have the misconception that these
formations are confined to America, Canada and
Europe, but they have actually appeared in dozens of countries. Even countries like
Nigeria and Kenya have seen their fair share. The earliest reports of these strange
formations actually date back as far as 815AD when one was documented in Lyon,
France. In the 17th Century a legend called the 'Mowing of the Devil', tells how an
entity visited a farmer's field in England and created a circle in the crops.
The phenomena began in earnest though in Warminster, England in 1972 when Bryce
Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood became the first modern crop circles witnesses.
One of the gentlemen was quoted as saying:
Suddenly, I heard a noise. It seemed as if something pushed down the wheat. That
night the air was completely still. I looked around. The moon had just appeared,
shining brightly. In front of my eyes I could see a great imprint taking shape. The
wheat was forced down in a clockwise direction."
This renewed interest in the crop circle mystery seemed to be brought crashing to its
knees in 1993 when Englands Today newspaper revealed that two UFO enthusiasts,
Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, claimed that they were responsible for many of
Britains crop circles, saying they had been inspired by strange flattened circles which
had appeared in reed beds in Tully, Queensland, Australia in 1966.
As the media hysteria subsided and the sceptics gleefully clung onto their 'prize', it
became clear that, while Doug and Dave certainly had been busy, the phenomena was
so widespread that it was physically impossible for them to have done everything they
claimed. So the question on many people's minds suddenly became, if Doug and Dave
hadn't made all the circles, who - or what - was making the rest? Could they be natural
phenomena? Was it possible they were being created by extraterrestrials? With circle
designs becoming increasingly complex, ranging from the bizarre to the mundane to
the truly awe-inspiring, people had also begun to question the source of their
inspiration. Was it really just the reed beds of Australia? And if these complex designs
weren't being derived from nature, then whose mind was creating them?

Page 259

Are our thoughts really our own?

German existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger is one
of many philosophers who postulated that we dont actually
create thoughts, rather, they come to us. This theory implies
that despite what we may believe, our thoughts arent our
own; rather, they are attracted to us by some as yet unknown
universal mechanism. Many metaphysical philosophers
believe that in effect, beyond our own awareness, there may
be a pool of conscious thought that we all draw upon. We
exist under the illusion that our thoughts are our own, but
there is no tangible evidence to support that assumption.
How do we know that those thoughts dont already exist in
the Aether?
Scientists are aware that as an organ, the brains primary function is to act as a
receiver. If that is the case, we could simply be a tool for the transportation of thought
to the physical environment we live in. This possibility alarms or confuses a good
many people because it would mean that it was possible that every work of art, every
invention and every idea we've ever had as a species, came from outside ourselves.
Who amongst us can describe where our ideas actually come from? Like Doug and
Dave, we might be able to point to a specific stimulus, (in their case, the reed beds),
but every single crop circle design had to be imagined in the mind prior to its creation.
But where does this imagination originate?
In truth there is no answer to that question. We cant pinpoint exactly how ideas
originate they just do. Thus it seems reasonable to wonder, when people create
fake crop circles, where the original inspiration comes from. The designers assume
the ideas which inspire their creations are their own; the same applies to all our
thoughts. We merely assume that they are our own; that there is no greater power than
the power of our own minds.
We also assume that we have ownership of our own thoughts. But do we truly own
our thoughts? Or could it be that we simply tap into a greater power that is external to
ourselves; a universal well of thought for want of a better expression? If we dont
have ownership of our own thoughts, then its quite possible that the hoaxer is just a
tool in the divine plan of the universe which would mean that there is no such thing as
a fake crop circle, but rather that crop circles may actually originate in a univeral
mind, which sometimes expresses itself through the human mind, and sometimes
through less obvious means.
Crop circles A Nocturnal Phenomena
As most people will be aware, crop circles invariably appear at night. From a practical
point of view, this is the only way hoaxers can create their circles without risking
detection. But another important consideration is that, during sleep, our subconscious
minds are in control. Sleep and the subconscious could well be a key factor, because it
is our subconscious that interacts with symbols and mandalas. This has led some

Page 260

researchers to wonder if our subconscious could be responsible for somehow

projecting symbols from this well of thought, such as crop formations.
The crop circle phenomena has increased steadily
since the 1970's, in concert with our increased
interest in (and active participation in) meditation,
magick, and yoga, as well as belief in metaphysics in
general. Interestingly, many crop circle formations
reflect key metaphysical pathways, with mystical,
magical and spiritual formations such as the tree of
life, cube of space, magickal stars and sacred
geometry playing prominent roles. The more the people can recognise and relate to
these symbols, the more they can subconsciously make a deeper connection to the
phenomena itself through them. As a result the new age movement continues to
expand and grow, delving ever further into the esoteric (i.e. symbolic) side of our
nature. Many people view crop circles as 'signs'. We
should consider the possibility that the circles and
the new age community feed on other - with both
being outward expressions of an expanding
collective consciousness.
People are very aware of the non-physical
experiences that meditation and energy work can
bring, but as this develops, is it possible that, in
addition to these more subtle energies, meditation
may also manifest physical signs that show in our environment as crop circles? We
often find that crop circles appear in the same places year in year out, a classic
example of this is Avebury in Wiltshire, England. Avebury is home to the largest
Neolithic stone circle in the world, making it a so-called sacred site. Like
Stonehenge, Avebury is situated on two of Englands most important ley lines, the
Michael and Mary Leys. Ley lines carry energy across the surface of the earth and
much of this is psychic energy. Orbs, spheres of energy that manifest when psychic
activity is high are often photographed in crop formations. People who have dowsed
crop circles, report unusual energetic differences between circles which turn out to
have been 'hoaxed', and those of unknown origin.
Fields of thoughts . Or thought fields?
Gene Roddenberry imagined a future in which Star Trek's Spock could mind meld
with others, but what we think of as science fiction might be science fact. Cultures
such as the Australian Aborigines have long held a belief in the validity and necessity
of the collective consciousness.
The field of quantum physics has been aware of the existence of gravitational,
electric, and magnetic fields for a long time. Scientific research in the field of
parapsychology indicates that other types of fields, including so called thought
fields, may also exist. Research carried out by Roger Nelson's Global Consciousness
Project using RNG (Random Number Generators) for example has suggested that
groups of people produce far stronger results than either individuals or couples, even
when the group members are unaware of their participation in a group activity. The
Page 261

classic example for this is the universal outpouring of grief experienced when
Princess Diana was killed. The question is, whether this same kind of group conscious
could be used to create crop circles and if ley lines could provide the channel for these
According to Robert Kenny of the Fetzer Institute, the results of current research
suggest that millions of minds, when united with a specific focus, can have a powerful
effect on the material world, mysteriously influencing normally random physical
systems toward higher degrees of order.
Any martial artist or healer will tell you that energy follows thought. If witness
testimony is to be believed it seems to be the energy that physically creates crop
circles as many report observing balls of energy creating the formations. Science has
proved that sound waves of specific frequencies create geometric patterns in sand. It
would be foolish to discount out of hand the possibility that thought patterns under
certain conditions might work in a similar way.
If some crop circles are the work of human beings that have connected to specific
thought forms in a universal well of thought, and others are the result of the
manifestation of group conscious or field of thought, the third option we need to
consider takes us back to the work of Gene Roddenberry. Its reasonable to consider
that we really arent alone and that at least some formation could be the work of
extraterrestrials who want to either make contact or observe our reaction to the crop
circle phenomena.
There does seem to be a definite connection between UFO
sightings and the appearance of crop circles. Of course, this
could be simply coincidence but it could also be an
indication that at least a percentage of these circles are clear
evidence of extraterrestrial contact. Careful analysis of the
Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' formation discovered in
Chilbolton in England in 2001 revealed binary code
embedded in the formation that appeared to reply to a radio
transmission that SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial
Intelligence) sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.
Likewise there have been numerous sightings of UFOs
around crop circles, whether these UFOs are responsible for
their creation or are sometimes just as curious as us about
where crop circles come from, we may never know.
Often what we see in crop formations is based on mathematical models. According to
holographic theory and quantum physics, the universe is a mathematical construct,
geometrical and fractal imagery factors very highly in these formations and there must
be a reason for that. These are not cases of random doodling. Regardless of how they
are created, crop circles reflect the signature of the universe mathematics, structure
and order coming out of the chaos, in the same way, as a species we attempt to
establish an understanding of the still uncertain message of the circles.

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The Crop Circle Gallery
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All images copyright by their respective photographers.

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Imaginal Perception - A Window to the Unexplained

By Isis
For a period of 18 months starting in 2002, I had a series of
strange, almost mystical experiences with four beings that to
all intents and purposes, came from another world. Words
can never fully do justice to the experience however Ill try
to briefly outline events here for the purposes of this essay.
As someone who has always had a certain amount of
interaction with both off world and earth based energies, Im
no stranger to supernatural experiences, but these three
encounters were quite different from the run of the mill
shadow person type of visitor that many of us see.
In each case I was woken from my sleep to find four luminous blue beings that
seemed to be made entirely of light, standing two on each side of me. The only way I
can describe these beings is that they were ethereal; they werent physically there in
the same way that you and I are there and yet nevertheless they were there!
Far from being alarmed by their presence, I was perfectly accepting of the situation at
all times. These beings neither touched me nor spoke verbally, instead they left me
with a profound sense of knowing that they were from a place far away and that if I
ever needed them I could ask them to return. They seemed to use two distinct types
of energy, the first one of which caused me to levitate me a foot or two above the
place I had been resting. The second current of energy was a pulsating one, this
energy was what they used to systematically work on me although to this day I dont
know quite what they did other than whatever it was it seemed to activate a series of
energy centres in my body.
To me, this was undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences Ive ever had in
my life and although I was at a loss to explain it, it could in no way be dismissed as a
dream or a product of an over active imagination as sceptics may be inclined to
suggest. The longest of these sessions lasted around two and a half hours, and the
shortest, which was the first, maybe half an hour. Whats interesting is that my level
of awareness was such that I was able to watch a clock and therefore monitor the time
as it happened. I was also able to differentiate between the types of energy being used
and even stop the proceedings when I needed the bathroom and have it resume when I
returned. The level of conscious interaction I experienced went far beyond that of
lucid dreaming, this was very real.
After spending over two hours with me, they simply lowered me back onto the bed
and faded away.
Besides the high degree of awareness that I had maintained throughout the experience
there was a strange after effect that also suggests that these three experiences were
more than just dreams. For the three days that followed I cannot begin to describe the
feeling of complete connectedness to everything that I experienced. Whatever
happened created a surreal combination of euphoria and elation, it established a
connection between my mind, my body and my entire being that lasted for three full
Page 264

days before gradually fading.

But if this remarkable experience wasnt a dream, and Im convinced that it wasnt,
then what was it?
Imaginal Perception The Real Twilight Zone
One possible explanation is that it was an example of what
French esotericist Henri Corbin described as Imaginal
Perception. Corbins theory, which at the time he related
solely to the world of the mystic, was simple; that a third state
exists between physical reality and our imagination. This state
is every bit as corporeal as our physical environment and can
have a measurable effect on us, which is just as real as
anything we would experience in our normal world. Those
who are able to directly experience this third state witness the
fusion of the real world and the dream world. According to
Corbin, this third reality is one that is effectively sculpted by
our own belief systems, drawing on archetypal imagery and
symbolism. He contends that what we experience in this state is not our imagination,
nor is it representative of concrete reality; it is a unique middle ground that interacts
with both realms while existing independently and affecting us as if it was part of the
physical world.
Henri Corbin is not alone in his thinking, in fact several notable scholars including
quantum physicist Michael Talbot, author of the Holographic Universe, and
psychologist Carl Jung support very similar theories. Rather than restrict imaginal
perceptions application to the mystical world, observation has demonstrated that the
same state can be found in aspects of quantum physics and also in psychology. Not
only does imaginal perception seem to share a common bond with science, mysticism
and psychology, researchers have observed that it can also be used to further our
understanding of many aspects of the paranormal world.
Corbin describes imaginal perception by explaining that:
Between the universe that can be apprehended by pure intellectual perception and the
universe perceptible to the senses, there is an intermediate world, the world of IdeaImages, of archetypal figures, of subtle substances, of "immaterial matter". This world
is as real and objective, as consistent and subsistent as the intelligible and sensible
worlds; it is an intermediate universe 'where the spiritual takes body and the body
becomes spiritual,' a world consisting of real matter and real extension, though by
comparison to sensible, corruptible matter these are subtle and immaterial. The organ
of this universe is the active Imagination; it is the place of theophantic visions, the
scene on which visionary events and symbolic histories appear in their true reality."
Corbin paints the picture of a realm where the quantum universe that science knows
exists, interacts with the immeasurable world of the mystic, a world where we might
begin to understand the supernatural and the paranormal. It could be argued that what
Henri Corbin is describing is a previously unacknowledged law of nature, one that if
we could understand, would change our perception of reality itself.
Page 265

If Corbin, Jung and Talbot are correct, then our understanding of reality only offers us
a limited comprehension of our potential in the quantum world. To understand the
implications of the theory and begin to work with it, it becomes necessary to fuse
logic, a state that society tends to gravitate towards, with
intuition, something that often takes a back seat. The mystic
or shaman can shift their consciousness to interact with the
dimensional frequencies of the universe, creating
connections to otherwise inaccessible universes that are
every bit as real as our physical world. Some of those new
worlds will emerge from the consciousness of the individual,
but others will originate from the global sea of emotional and
spiritual energy that we call the collective consciousness or
group mind. The Shaman visits worlds and has direct
interaction with beings that are created as a result of the
collective consciousness.
Imaginal Perception, the Shaman and Ufology
Rational thought is the only thing that controls the world of illusion. Shamanic
tradition is a natural illustration of how this control mechanism is suspended during
altered states of consciousness. Practitioners who work with altered states of
consciousness draw on an extensive range of archetypal imagery and symbolism to
access these heightened states of consciousness, however the experience of the
shaman may not be exclusive to the mystical community. It is quite possible that the
skills required to achieve this interaction are innate in all of us, but are simply better
developed in the mystic.
UFO researchers such as Australian Bill Chalker, believe that this ancient tradition
has a modern expression in the field of ufology. A ufologist with a degree in science,
Chalker is better placed than most to understand the implications and potential of
imaginal perception. Chalker cites Whitley Striebers well documented abduction
experience as an example of the way that archetypal symbolism and the group mind
can create a physical reality that is every bit as authentic as everyday life for those
who experience it. This is not imagination, it is something very different; it is a
thought (or collective thought) that has been given form. If Chalker is correct in his
assumption, then it may open up many new avenues of study and lead to a new
understanding of ufology, validating what many witnesses have reported as having
seen and experienced.
Chalker observed that in one magazine interview,
Whitley Strieber went some way towards validating
the link between the world of the mystic and the
experience of the abductee, when he was quoted as
saying that, shamanism is the shattered remnants of
mankind's early attempts to control this (visitor)
While Strieber and many others like him may not
have initiated their abduction experiences or purposely created the other world
Page 266

connections in the same way that a Shaman sets out to, its possible that they may
have unwittingly found themselves sucked into a manifestation of the collective
consciousness, a reality created by an aspect of imaginal perception. Abductees and
those who witness sightings may have experienced something real that was created by
our collective consciousness.
Many highly respected researchers from fields as diverse as Physics, Philosopy and
Psychology think that mankind is capable of subconsciously creating and projecting
our own realities. Philosopher Michael Grosso states in The Final Choice:
The image of being visited by a majestic power from the sky and lifted out of this
world has been incubating in our collective psyche for close to 2,000 years. Given the
structural analogies between UFO contact... and near-death contact, I... believe we are
dealing with a single mass reorientation in the global mind.
Its interesting of course that not everyone has access to this expression of the group
mind, otherwise wed all be seeing UFOs and witnessing paranormal events, which is
clearly not the case. The phenomenon does appear to be gaining momentum though
and those who can tune into this third reality seem to be able to do it more than once.
Perhaps this explains why some people report multiple UFO sightings or abductions
throughout their life and others see nothing at all; much depends on our ability to
perceive this third level of reality.
World-renowned UFO researcher Jacques Vallee has long
courted controversy amongst his fellow ufologists by
suggesting that UFOs are a product of the collective
consciousness. Some of Vallees ideas centre around the
premise that the UFO phenomenon is both physical and nonphysical at the same time, suggesting that many, maybe even
all, UFOs are a result of interaction with the collective
psyche. These events can still have a physical effect on our
environment even though they are a manifestation of the
group mind; hence we have crop circles, indentations where
craft have landed, scoop marks on abductees and a variety of
other kinds of physical evidence that validates the
authenticity of the UFO phenomenon and the experience of the witness.
Controversy that we have to consider
Last year Ramon Watkins, the self styled Prophet Yahweh
not only announced that he could summon UFOs - he
actually managed to have a news station film an aerial
phenomena appear live on TV, much to the astonishment of
the news reporter sent to interview him. A highly sceptical
UFO community reacted first with curiosity and then horror,
with many doing their best to debunk the publicity hungry
prophet; after all, logic tells us that we cannot simply
summon UFOs. But does the control mechanism of logic
prevent us from seeing reality as it actually is?

Page 267

Ignoring the individual himself and the media machine he was feeding for a moment,
the fundamental question we are left with is, was Ramon Watkins able to plug into the
collective consciousness to access this very real phenomena (a link to the video is
provided at the end of this article) or was it really an elaborate hoax? Thats a
question that no one, can answer with any certainty at this moment in time. Until we
know more all we can do is remain open minded to the idea that it is possible for any
of us to become a shaman, but one who interacts with all otherworldly realms not just
the spirit world. Instead of debunking Watkins, the UFO community would be better
served by studying him a little closer, he may be a fake - but equally, he may not. We
need only watch the video to see something did appear in the sky, dismissing Watkins
for his unquestionable showmanship may result in our missing an opportunity to learn
more about how the group mind might be accessed and experienced, particularly as
whatever he claimed to have summoned was filmed.
Mass sightings that have been televised have
happened before, the most famous one taking place
in Phoenix, Arizona, home of the worlds famous
Phoenix lights. Worldwide film crews filmed these
lights over a period of many hours and thousands of
witnesses watched them as they simply hung in silent
formation over Phoenix in 1997. Military
explanations of the lights being confused with flares
have been proven to be incorrect by expert analysis
of the film footage, leaving everyone at a loss to explain what they saw. Could it be
that they witnessed a physical manifestation of the collective consciousness in the
form of these mysterious lights?
The Unified Theory of the Paranormal
For years, quantum physics has searched for the unified theory, the holy grail of
physics that attempts to reconcile Einsteins general theory of relativity with
electromagnetism. In many ways, imaginal perception is the paranormals very own
unified theory, one that unites the physical experience with the supernatural one.
As I said at the beginning of this article, the world of imaginal consciousness or the
Omnijective universe as Michael Talbot describes it, can be applied to more than just
the field of ufology. This same state can be used to understand a range of other
phenomena such as magical practices. Occultist Aleister Crowley often explained
magick by describing it as the process (the science and art)
of effecting change on the universe; in other words using
the personal consciousness to change collective reality.
Crowley regularly worked with the collective conscious in
many of his magical workings, including the Amalantrah
working he conducted in Paris in 1918. During this
operation Crowley made contact with a non-human
intelligence that he named Lam. Crowley made a detailed
sketch of Lam, which bears a remarkable resemblance to
the creatures we know today as the Greys. Once the thought
form of Lam was effectively embedded in Omniverse (or
Page 268

the imaginal consciousness) by Crowleys activities it remains there forever as a

reality that some of us then encounter, in our case as Greys that many witnesses have
reported as having encountered.
Other paranormal phenomena such as the sightings of strange creatures that elude
capture despite our best efforts also seem to fit well into the imaginal perception
model proposed by these scholars. In many ways, whether we label it imaginal
perception, the omniverse or paranormal phenomena may be irrelevant. All simply
describe an alternate state of reality that generates physical phenomena. The theories
behind imaginal perception offer us a tantalizing possibility; that imaginal conscious
may just be the unifying theory that will forever validate the paranormal.
A Fresh Perspective
Certainly this idea opens up many new avenues of thought. For many years we have
sought to understand the world of the mystic and their interaction with the spirit world
but mysticism and the paranormal have often been kept apart from each other, maybe
this is why our quest to understand each one has always been so hard fought.
Richard Noll in his essay, The Presence of Spirits in Magic and Madness states that:
Humankind has traditionally consulted extra-mundane entities for expanded
knowledge and empowerment, for they are traditionally considered "sources of
wisdom" that are transpersonal and able to convey crucial information beyond the
normal constraints of space and time ...The practitioner usually initiates dialogues
with spiritual entities by first inducing an altered state of consciousness, which allows
these "invisible guests" to be seen and heard. However, in some instances it is they
who knock first on the doors of imaginal perception. Called or not called, they offer
symbolic potential for transformation, whether for oneself, for others, or for desired
changes in the physical environment...
Can we understand phenomena such as ghosts and spirits
through imaginal perception? If this third level of reality
exists then its entirely possible that we can. Many
researchers are becoming convinced that imaginal or
omnijective perception; the physical expression of the
collective consciousness offers the paranormal community
the most promising foundation it has ever had from which to
explore the mysteries of the universe. Finally we might be at
a point where we can begin to find the answers we seek,
even though we know that those answers will inevitably lead
to a new set of questions.
The idea that we might live in a multidimensional universe which is nothing but a
projection of the conscious mind is very interesting indeed, if that is the case, what
does 2012 hold for us, what will the collective conscious manifest then?
Thoughts and Theories - UFO Quotes that make you think
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Prophet Yahweh (Ramon Watkins) summons UFOs on TV

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Floating Cities, Phantom Armies and Ghost Ships

By Isis
One of the strangest spectacles that man has documented
is that of Phantom army. History records many instances
of whole battalions of soldiers that simply appeared
unexpectedly from nowhere to the amazement of
witnesses, or floating cities that hover above water for
hours at a time, cities that are so real you can see children
and dogs playing in the street.
Witness reports suggest that these phenomena appear to
have a reality of their own, so what are they?
In the past, this mysterious phenomenon has been
attributed to everything from the light of God to rips in the space-time continuum.
Many thought them to be a supernatural event that forewarned of trouble ahead, while
those of a more scientific bent have suggested they might simply be an example of
mass hysteria or a trick of the light. Its worth looking to see if there is a rational
explanation for these supernatural events, because whether they can be explained or
not, they are fantastic events worthy of investigation.
The Armies from Nowhere
Reports of phantom armies that have marched through countries have been recorded
from as early as the seventeenth century, so this is not a modern day puzzle; it is one
that has been witnessed many times.
Scotland has a particularly well-documented history of phantom armies dating back to
at least 1719. In January of that year, the Laird of Kingswells, Alexander Jaffray, and
his riding companion both reported witnessing an army of some 7,000 soldiers west of
Aberdeen. It was early in the morning, and a clear sunny day. What he saw was so
real that he could make out the battalions colours, see the drums carried by the
drummers and clearly identify the commanding officer, who was riding a white horse.
The two men watched the army for two hours until it eventually disappeared behind a
The same army, led by the same commander was sighted in October of the same year.
Then it was said that smoke could clearly be seen from the muskets they had fired but
no sound was heard to indicate shots had been fired.
In 1774, another phantom army appeared, seemingly floating above a mountain in
Scotland, it was witnessed by a man named D. Stricket - Stricket had witnessed a lone
phantom horseman the previous year in the same area. Like the 1719 sighting, the
apparition lasted for a couple of hours until again, the army disappeared behind a hill.
In October 1812, another phantom army, this time in battle was reported, in the
English town of Leeds. The town newspaper reported the incident stating:
These phantoms were four deep, extending over thirty acres, and performed many
Page 271

evolutions. Other bodies, in dark uniforms now appeared, and smoke, as if from
artillery, rolled over the grass of the park
It seems that there are many consistencies in the eye-witness accounts of the phantom
army sighting, all appear in great detail, enough to make witnesses think they are
seeing the real thing, but in all cases the armies are silent, neither drum nor gun
making a sound. The duration of the sightings are always of a sustained period of time
and occur during good visibility, clear skies and sunshine.
Floating cities
Phantom armies arent the only anomalous optical phenomena to have puzzled people
over the years; phantom cities that appear from nowhere have also been reported. Is
there a connection or are the cities something different?
There are many reports of sailors seeing these floating cities, even though there was
no land in sight at the time.
One of the best documented cases is the account that occurred in the Mediterranean
Sea, east of Malta, in July 1943, when an entire ship's crew of 93 US Navy sailors
witnessed a floating city in the sky. It was a nice sunny day and the ship was well out
at sea, with no land in sight.
An eyewitness account from a crew member describes the city as follows:
The city was positioned on the clouds with the rear of the city higher than the front
so the whole was in elevation. Now the hard part: how to explain in ordinary words
how fantastically beautiful the whole city was. There were buildings the very, the
very name an insult, these were glistening white palaces with turrets and castellated
walls in white marble, sat in fantastic gardens and tree studded parkland, bordered
with lawns, flower beds, fountains and pools all in fantastic colour.
Walking, playing, sitting on the lawns and fountains were many people and families,
even children and dogs. Although the ship was out of sight of land, it seems strange,
we could see people, let alone identify children and dogs, but as previously stated, we
were looking at a city one mile away.
The people although very small could be identified as men, women, and children. The
ladies were wearing long black skirts, which reached the floor like those in Victorian
times. On my original report, I have made two drawings, one of the city and another
of the size of the people. The dog was running all over the place.
Through the centre of the city ran a beautiful wide thoroughfare with side roads on
each side. Each side road was fringed with fantastic lawns, vivid flowerbeds, flowers
and wonderful palaces. The wide thoroughfare was aligned exactly with the starboard
side of the ship; we were all looking along it as it tapered to nothing in the distance.
(Even the name thoroughfare or roads are crude in trying to explain how wonderful
everything looked).

Page 272

Along the side roads and main thoroughfare, ran a constant stream of traffic, fine
looking cabs drawn by a horse, an open coach, drawn by two horses. A type of
London scene, but like a Victorian scene. These would stop at the side of the roads or
thoroughfare, passengers would disembark, others would enter and the cab or coach
would join the main stream.
Whatever this amazing city was, the crew seems to have witnessed it in great detail
and at such a close range that they could see people in the streets. Interestingly, it was
also commented that the city kept pace with the speed of the ship and as with the
phantom armies, the sightings occurred not in the space of a few short minutes, but
over several hours.
The Arctic

The Arctic too has tales of mysterious cites. In 1906, Arctic explorer Robert E. Peary
observed what would turn out to be a phantom city. According to his own account
from the summit of Cape Colgate on the north coast of Canada, he could see a strange
city on the horizon, stating, "North stretched the well-known ragged surface of the
polar pack and northwest it was with a thrill that my glasses revealed the white
summits of a distant land." Peary called the land Crocker Land, after one of his
financial backers and such was his reputation, it remained marked on some maps for
several years until subsequent Arctic expeditions failed to find a trace of it.
In the 1880s, a North American Indian legend of a floating city, that appeared every
summer near Mount Fairweather on the Alaska-Yukon border, attracted the interest of
an American prospector, Mr. Willoughby. By 1887, Willoughby had succeeded in
photographing the miraculous floating city, which was later identified as Bristol, a
city on the North West coast of England.
Bad Omens?
Although considered by many to be amazing experiences, some sightings of phantom
apparitions, due to their unknown nature, tend to evoke fear and superstition in
people. The Flying Dutchman, a phantom ship said to have been sailing in the waters
around the Cape of Good Hope, was feared by mariners as an omen of disaster.
Page 273

Unlike the phantom armies and cities, the Flying Dutchman is said to appear when the
weather is about to turn bad. Likewise, when a phantom army was seen in Durham,
England, on the 27th of September 1703, it was considered a bad omen as it was
subsequently followed by an unrelated battle.
The Laws of Optics
According to science, phenomena such as phantom armies, floating cities and even
phantom ships could actually be strange optical effects called mirages. An optical
mirage is a phenomenon associated with the refraction of light in the gaseous (cloudfree) atmosphere. During a mirage, a visible image of some distant object is made to
appear displaced from the true position of the object, the mirage can either be
distorted or a perfect mirror image. Light rays travelling from an object to the eye
through the atmosphere are bent up or down depending upon whether the density of
air increases upward or downward. This results in one of three specific phenomena, a
desert mirage, an arctic mirage or a fata morgana which is a combination of both

Fata Morganas are most likely to show up after dawn, before dusk or as a storm is
building up. They tend to form when the sea is much colder than the atmosphere, as
the water cools the air directly above it, a boundary layer is formed. Fata Morgana
tend to occur when temperature inversions and complex air layering are present and
may consist of a double image of an object, one image inverted, the other right side
up. Fata Morganas are often cited as the cause of apparitions such as the legendary
phantom ships that sail the sky, which it has been said could simply be the reflection
of a distant vessel.
That of course doesnt explain why the reports often comment that the Flying
Dutchman is an old-fashioned masted ship, not a modern one, neither does it explain
the absence of an inverted image. Nevertheless, the hypothesis does warrant some
Page 274

serious consideration.
T Neil Davis of the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, explains
the difference between desert mirages and artic mirages:
Just as cold snow differs from hot sand, arctic mirages differ from those of desert
Desert mirages result from the heating of air overlying a warm surface; the hot sand.
In a desert mirage objects appear to be lower than they actually are. In addition, the
image is inverted top for bottom.
Just the opposite happens in an arctic mirage because it results from the existence of
relatively cold air next to the ground surface. That cold layer exists because the cold
snow, ice or water surface extracts heat from the air just above. In the arctic mirage, a
distant object appears right way up but higher up than the actual location.
Though arctic and desert mirages seem to be quite different, they share a common
fundamental cause. It is that light rays passing from an object through air to an
observer always refract (bend) in the direction of increasing air density."
Appreciate the Miracle whatever it is.
Could it be then, that reports of phantom armies are really mirages; a reflection of
actual people and places thousands of miles away? Certainly, the absence of noise
would support the theory as would the duration of the sightings all of which last for a
couple of hours.
Whether an optical anomaly or something more mysterious, this incredible
phenomena has never really been fully explained, which may be due to the fact that
they are so incredibly rare to start with. As it stands, science may have the upper hand
in solving this enigma, but no one has all the answers it has to be said. What the
witnesses in all the cases maintain, is that what they saw was as real as everything else
around them - whatever they witnessed was clearly amazing.

Page 275

Da Vinci and the Secret of the Mona Lisa

By Isis
Researcher and author Michael W. Domoretsky recently
announced a remarkable discovery that reveals a unique
element to the masterpieces created by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Until now, despite the many clues that Da Vinci left behind,
art historians appear to have overlooked an amazing aspect
of Da Vincis work, one that is in plain view and that could
perhaps be used to unlock the key to the Master himself.
Domoretskys discovery centres around his most famous
creation; the Mona Lisa.
For centuries, people have wondered about the Mona Lisas enigmatic smile and what
lies behind it. She is a woman who is unmistakably alluring, yet somehow aloof, as if
she was painted to be an enigmatic mystery that was never to be fully understood.
Much has been made of who the mystery lady really was; experts suggest she was the
wife of Florentine nobleman Francesco del Giocondo.
Dressed in the Florentine fashion of her day and seated before the visionary,
mountainous landscape of the Arno Valley, the Mona Lisa is cited as a remarkable
example of Leonardo's sfumato technique of soft, heavily shaded modeling. Sfumato
in Italian means vanished or evaporated and was a technique that Da Vinci pioneered.
Such was Da Vincis attachment to the Mona Lisa, which
was commissioned between 1503 and 1506, the painting was
never delivered to the Gioconda family. Instead, it remained
with Da Vinci who carried with him on his travels
throughout Italy and Europe, until his death in Amboise,
France in 1519. Quite why Da Vinci was so reluctant to let
the painting go has never been fully understood.
Through his research, Domoretsky reveals that there is more
to Da Vincis Sfumato masterpiece than most people have
ever imagined possible and which no other master who
followed in Da Vincis footsteps seems to have been aware of. Encoded within the
painting carefully hidden in plain sight, is a hologram.
Da Vinci once said "Who would believe that so small a
space could contain the images of the universe?"
Measuring just 77 x 53 cm (30 x 20 7/8 in) the Mona Lisa is
certainly small, but does it contain the images of the
universe? Domoretsky thinks that it may well do.
Even taken at face value, Domoretskys discovery is an
exciting one. By his own admission, it is something easiest
for those accustomed to thinking outside of the box to
comprehend, as it seems to blend esoteric tradition with
Page 276

science in a way that demands our attention. The art world however often appears a
little reluctant to investigate his ideas, however those ideas can be demonstrated; they
are not without substance. According to Domoretsky, Da Vinci used his extensive
understanding of science, nature, life, shade and light to create a holographic image of
the Holy Grail, which he then embedded in the Mona Lisa. Domoretsky contends that
Da Vincis well documented fascination with mirrors and mirror imaging lead him to
conceal a series of these images in not only the Mona Lisa but in many of his works
of art. These hidden images are only revealed through the mirror imaging of Da
Vincis masterpieces.
Probably the most stunning hologram so far discovered can be found in Da Vincis
treasured painting and constant companion in his twilight years; the Mona Lisa. Here,
Domoretsky first reveals the image of the Holy Grail and additionally puts forward
the contention that the Mona Lisa is in fact Mary.
After reading and contemplating over comments made in Da Vincis surviving
manuscripts discussing light and shade, his notes on the theory of colours, along with
his various observations relating to perspective of colour, Domoretsky realised that
there was an undiscovered subtlety contained in the work. That subtlety was not only
revealed when the Mona Lisa was viewed as a mirror image but on a lesser level can
be seen when the painting is examined in minute detail.
In addition to his grail discovery, on the Mona Lisas sleeve concealed within the
delicate folds of material and interplay of variations of light and shade, Domoretsky
postulates that the name Mary can be deciphered. This is by no means as obvious as
his grail hologram but is bound to be an element of his research that Da Vinci code
enthusiasts will pursue with some enthusiasm as they ponder how deep Da Vincis
knowledge of the divine feminine might have been.
We know that Da Vinci designed detailed plans for
many inventions that were centuries ahead of their
time from flying machines to tanks and battle
chariots (many of these surviving images can be
found in ThothWebs Gallery). We also know that he
had advanced knowledge of anatomy and biology,
but is it possible that Da Vinci used his knowledge of
science to encode an arcane esoteric understanding
of the mechanism of the universe within his art? The
simple answer is, yes.
Da Vincis studies often blended science, engineering and mathematics with his
artwork. For Da Vinci, these were not mutually exclusive disciplines but
complementary ones that could and should be fused together in the act of creation and
observation of the world.
Da Vinci kept notebooks throughout his life, around 4,000 pages of which still
survive. Many of these entries were made in reverse or mirror writing. There are two
possible reasons for this, one is that he used this method of writing naturally because
he was lefthanded and mirror writing was easier for a left handed person using a quill
this way without smudging (although one can hardly imagine an artist of Da Vincis
Page 277

calibre smudging his writing no matter which hand he wrote with). The second reason
was that it allowed him to keep his writing relatively secret, this is borne out by the
fact that he often used strange abbreviations in his journals in addition to writing
Da Vincis own words, translated from the Italian by Richard Hooker highlight his
deep fascination and understanding of the complexities and potential of the mirror and
some would say the universal kaleidoscope; the holographic nature of reality.
The air is filled with an infinite number of images of all the
objects in it. All these images are represented everywhere,
all these images combine together: if you place two mirrors
in such a way that they face each other perfectly, the first
mirror will reflect into the second mirror and the second
mirror will reflect into the first mirror. So: the first mirror
takes the image of the second mirror and the second mirror
takes the image of the first mirror, and each mirror takes the
image of the other on to infinity, each mirror having within it
a smaller mirror. This proves, by experience, that every
object sends its image to every spot where that object can be
seen. The reverse is also true: that very same object sending
its image to every spot can also receive the images of all objects placed in front of it.
Therefore, the human eye sends out its image through the air to all objects placed in
front of it, including other eyes, and it also receives all the images of all the objects
placed in front of it; it receives these images on its surface, communicates them to the
common sense, which judges them, and if pleased with them, communicates them to
the memory. As a result of this, I believe that the invisible images in the eye are also
communicated to the object, as the image of the object is communicated to the eye.
The images of objects are communicated throughout the atmosphere. Here's the proof:
if you place several mirrors in a circle, they will reflect on each other to infinity.
When one image reaches another, it will be returned to the object that produced it in
the first place, and, now being a smaller image, it will return again to the object and
then come back again, on and on to infinity. Here's another proof: if you put a light
between two flat mirrors placed exactly apart, you will see in the mirrors an infinite
number of lights, each smaller than the other. Here's another proof: if you put a light
between the walls of a room, all parts of those walls will be illuminated in some way,
if there is nothing to block the course of the image of the light.
Domoretskys work covers not only the holographic makeup of the Mona Lisa,
indeed, he is piecing together a complex and detailed jigsaw puzzle that encompasses
every detail of Da Vincis work. This labour of love is a slow and time-consuming
endeavor but one Domoretsky is convinced will yield yet more secrets of the Master.
If Da Vinci actually saw the universe as a hologram that was concealed by the
physical aspect of reality, then it seems that we have so far only touched upon the
genius of the man himself and the meaning of the Mona Lisa. There is a huge amount
of investigation still to be undertaken into full extent of Da Vincis genius but it seems
that new insights are destined to take us into the heart and mind of Da Vinci himself.

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Note: Images reproduced here with the kind permission of the author.
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Michael W. Domoretsky's website:
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Part Eight
Mysticism and the Occult
Da Vincis legendary involvement with the occult has given
rise to much speculation as to the hidden meaning of his
work and his involvement or knowledge of secret societies,
which themselves are shrouded in mystery.

Grave Concerns by Grimalkin

Page 280

The Knights Templar, Baphomet & the Horned Skull

By Isis

700 years ago, an esoteric order of warrior monks,

originally created to protect pilgrims travelling to the
Holy Land were brutally wiped out by the French king,
Philippe the Fair. In a bloody coup, most of the order
including its grand master James of Morlay, were
Over the next seven years, the Templars were tortured
by the inquisition into making false confessions of heresy, blasphemy and idolatry.
This allowed the monarchy and papacy to unite in denouncing the order as devilworshiping Satanists. One claim that seems to have been made repeatedly about the
Templars is that they venerated a mysterious idol named Baphomet, but who, or what
was Baphomet?
For two hundred years this highly secretive military group had operated from an
extensive network of castles throughout Europe and the Middle East. They had both
supported and been supported by a succession of Popes and monarchs, and held a
unique position in medieval Europe, having been declared exempt from paying taxes
and seemingly operating above the law.
During their relatively short existence, the Templars were said to have amassed
immense wealth, possessing considerable assets in gold, land and property, which
made them a popular source of financing amongst European nobility. Quite by
accident they had become the worlds first international bankers; until that is, their
organisation was destroyed by a greedy French king who thought that by destroying
the Templars as an organisation, he would take possession of their wealth and the
mysterious secret they were known to guard so closely.
As it was, at least some of the Templars were tipped off of the impending coup, one,
Gerard de Villiers arranged for several galleons to be loaded with the Templars
assets. Days before the fateful raid on Friday the thirteenth, 1307, the Templar fleet
sailed from La Rochelle in Western France, half the ships allegedly heading for
Scotland and the other for Portugal. Phillip was left empty handed and de Villiers, the
highest ranking Templar to escape the witch hunt, simply vanished, as did the
treasure, leaving Philippe nothing to seize but a handful of Knights in the Paris
headquarters who had seemingly sacrificed themselves for what they must have
considered to be the greater good.
By a strange twist of fate, nearly five hundred years later the French monarchy would
meet its own end in that same Templar building, as the Paris Temple was where Louis
XVI and his family were held prior to their execution.

Page 281

A secret that has never been broken

In addition to their wealth, the Templars were also said to
possess hidden knowledge; a powerful secret that had been
discovered during the nine years the founding members
spent excavating Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
There has been much speculation since their demise as to
whether the mysterious secret that the Templars were said to
possess was the source of their riches or something
completely unrelated to their wealth. It is quite possible that
the reason the Templar fleet sailed in two directions was a
strategic one, separating the Templar wealth from the
Templars mysterious secret.
Many commentators have pointed out that the Templars wealth came from donations,
tax exemptions, spoils of war and money lending enterprises. Popular legends lean
towards more exotic explanations as to what they had found, such as their having
discovered the Holy Grail, Solomons treasure or the Ark of the Covenant, however
there is little evidence to support those claims.
The Head of God
Author Keith Laidler suggests in his book The Head of
God that the Templars actually found the embalmed head of
Christ. It was this head that according to Laidler, the
Templars supposedly worshipped as Baphomet. Indeed one
of the admissions extracted under torture was that they did
indeed worship a head that they considered sacred.
Considered in isolation that claim has little merit, however at
Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, the location many believe
houses the Templars treasure, an inscription on the so-called
apprentice pillar reads, Here beneath this pillar lies the head
of God. What exactly is this head of God? The public
location of the inscription suggests that it is not physical wealth that is buried beneath
Rossyln, but something with no tangible monetary value possibly a unique artefact
of some description, something very special that had to be preserved.
There are two theories as to what exactly Baphomet was; the first is that Baphomet
was the mysterious head that the Templars were said to
worship, and the second is that Baphomet was a horned
creature, loosely described as part man part goat, evidence of
this creature can be found on several Templar buildings.
Carvings found on several medieval churches clearly show a
horned creature with wings and a beard, which is a strange
form of decoration for the self-proclaimed protectors of
Christianity to use. Some researchers have suggested that
rather than representing a demon the creature appears to be
part man, part angel and that the horns may be symbolic of
Page 282

divinity and of a connection to God.

Furthermore, the carving suggest that the two theories, first that the Templars
worshiped a head named Baphomet, and second that Baphomet was the horned
creature depicted on so many of their churches, are two parts of the same truth. The
Knights Templar worshipped a horned skull and that skull was Baphomet.
Is it possible that the founding Templars venerated a horned skull that they had
discovered beneath Temple Mount? This horned skull was to all intents and purposes
the head of God.
Whilst the idea of a horned skull might sound far-fetched, at least one such skull is
known to exist in France, the home of the Templars. The precise origins of the skull
are unknown, however those who have had the opportunity to examine it, state that it
is authentic. There are also written accounts of other horned skulls, some allegedly
belonging to a tall race of people that we would class as giants, being discovered in
the US. This evidence from the US goes some way to validating the existence of the
French skull. (See the resources list for more details) A similar horned figure, thought
to be Asmodeus the demon of lust who helped Solomon build his temple, can be
found in the church at Rennes le Chateau, in France. Rennes le Chateau is itself a
location steeped in traditions of secret societies, occult symbolism, unexplained
wealth and pentagonal geometry.
Clues in the Old Testament
Historians know that when the nine founding members undertook their excavation of
Temple Mount they sought the assistance of Jewish Rabbis to translate Hebrew
versions of the Old Testament rather than relying on their own Latin translations. In
addition, the Templars were said to have studied many other ancient Hebrew texts.
The popular explanation for this is that the Templars believed that the Hebrew texts
contained hidden clues as to the whereabouts of the
treasure concealed below Temple Mount; they
obviously wanted to ensure that no fine details had
been lost in the translation to Latin.
The Old Testament and texts such as the Book of
Enoch do of course make several references to
creatures such as the Nephilim, fallen angels and
even horned men. According to some biblical
legends, God marked his chosen followers with horns. Lamech for example realised
he had killed his ancestor Cain, when his son told him his victim was a horned man.
The horn or horns were said to be the mark of God. If the Templars did indeed find a
horned skull buried beneath Temple Mount it is easy to see how they would reach the
conclusion that they had discovered the remains of one of Gods original chosen men,
one that predated Christ himself. Clearly this is something that the all powerful
Catholic church would have been very unhappy with to say the least; it was a find that
was too precious to ignore, but one that would put them at odds with the Catholic
church itself and endanger their very existence.

Page 283

Solomons Seal
Another symbol that features prominently in the
Templar architecture and acts as a core symbol for
the order is the pentagram; the symbol used as the
seal of Jerusalem. The pentagram is often found on
Templar gravestones like the one on the left. The
facade of the Church of Santa Maria do Olival which
houses the famous pantheon where 22 Master
Templars were buried is marked by a pentagram
balanced with an enormous rosette. In a guidebook,
this symbol is referred to as the "Signum Salmonis, the true mark of the Knights
Templars". Whether the fact that there are 22 Templar masters buried in Portugal is
simply coincidence or whether there is an esoteric correlation between that and the 22
letters of the Hebrew letters, which according to the Kabbalistic text, the Sepher
Yetzirah, were the origins of creation, and the 22 Master Templars is unknown; but
might hint at the importance of the site and explain why when one fleet sailed to
Scotland, the other was said to have headed for Portugal.
Dangerous Knowledge
The connections between the Templars and the
number 22 also reveal themselves in the Atbrash
Cipher. This is a common cabbalistic substitution
cipher, where the 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet are
laid out twice in opposite directions, each letter from
the top row substituting for one on the lower.
According to Dr. Hugh Schonfield, a respected Dead
Sea Scrolls scholar, using this system the name
Baphomet when written in Hebrew yields the name Sophia, the Gnostic goddess of
The etymology Baphomet is uncertain; some sources suggest that in Arabic, Aramaic
and Hebrew it translates as bet' amet, or place of truth. The root ba or bet is
also very interesting as it is the same as the ba in Baal, meaning Lord. It is also
likely to be linked to the meaning of Baal Shem the Masters of the Divine name.
Additionally, according to legend, Bat Khol was the daughter of the Divine voice
essentially the oracle of the Divine.
It seems possible that the Templars may have chosen the name Baphomet for the
mysterious head that they worshipped because it represented a hidden and ancient
source of divine knowledge. It was this knowledge that the Catholic Church may have
struggled to integrate into their worldview and quite likely it would have been
information that would have been suppressed by the church. In many ways Baphomet
was a bitter sweet knowledge, one that promised the Templars a unique connection
with God, a potential understanding of the truth but which would have placed them on
a direct collision course with the Vatican, because no organisation could be closer to
God than the Vatican and in particular, the pope.

Page 284

Did the Templars really find a horned skull beneath Temple Mount? If they did it
would certainly explain the horned symbolism of Baphomet that was incorporated
into so many of their religious or semi-religious buildings. Baphomet may have
represented physical proof of the legitimacy of the Old Testament and of Divine
intervention in the affairs of man. A horned skull, something concealed within
ancient biblical texts would represent the ultimate prize for an order such as the
Templars, it would unite their dual quests for spiritual enlightenment and their duty as
defenders of Christianity, but it is unlikely to have been accepted by the church;
perhaps that explains why Baphomet is shrouded in such secrecy.
Note: The Apprentice Pillar photo is used with the kind permission of Mark Oxbrow.
Mark Oxbrow is the co-author of the book "Rosslyn and the Grail"
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Crowley, Aliens and The Book of Thoth

By Isis
The Book of Thoth & Liber Al the method and wisdom to
finding enlightenment?
In our previous article we looked at Aleister Crowleys
interaction with a being called Lam, which bore a startling
resemblance to a Grey. Now in the second part of The Book of
Thoths signature series we delve a little deeper into Crowleys
work and take a new look at The Book of Thoth.
The idea of this essay is to give people an overview of what
our future articles will cover. While we only touch on them
briefly here, we hope that it will make people stop and ask questions. The occult
connection to the UFO Phenomena is a subject that we at ThothWeb think deserves to
be explored in some detail; if the suppositions of this series are founded then the
implications are quite amazing. Is The Book of Thoth, long thought of as a source of
hidden knowledge, a key to understanding the past, present and future by acting as
portal to other dimensions and other universes?
Crowleys first documented encounter with an inter-dimensional being
During an extended visit to Cairo with Rose Kelly (nee Crowley) in 1903, Crowley
was fortunate enough to be able to spend a night in the Great pyramid with the
specific intention of carrying out certain magical workings. There are several
interesting theories about the King's chamber that we will look at another time but for
now the most relevant is that according to many in the field of sacred geometry, the
King's chamber is the gateway to an inter dimensional portal that uses sound (i.e.
intoning an incantation) to activate the golden mean. The King's chamber is said by
many to be a portal to the unity consciousness - the reality that makes all things
visible and invisible throughout space, time and dimension. Essentially it is said by
those versed in Sacred Geometry that it was used to initiate a person into the unity
conscious, allowing connection with what many in the 'new age movement' term the
Christ Consciousness. We can only speculate as to whether it was design or
providence that led Crowley to conduct his night time working in that particular place
but in doing so, he set in motion a chain of events that would have a far reaching
One of the things he reported during this process was the fact that he was bathed in a
lilac coloured light; suggesting that whatever Crowley experienced was a highly
spiritual event. Indeed his experience in the great pyramid that night seems to have
provided him with an unmistakable direction that would steer his entire path through
It was during the invocations that an interdimensional being known as Aiwass made
contact with Crowley. This is thought by many to be the first alien intelligence that
Crowley was in contact with. It's certainly one of the most significant and best
documented. Some months later, in the spring of 1904, Aiwass dictated the Law of
Thelema to Crowley and through him to the rest of the world. If Aiwass was an inter
Page 286

dimensional being, as Crowley suggested, then that effectively means that Liber Al is
not only a sacred text, but one communicated to us by an alien intelligence. This is
interesting because if we accept that Aiwass was a being that is not of this world then
that makes Liber Al, The Book of Law, not just an occult classic, but something that
is of interest to anyone who acknowledges the reality of extraterrestrial activity.
Heres something for everyone to ponder if nothing else; Thelema generally means
will but what if Thelema is also corruption of The Lema plural of Lam? The Law
of Thelema could essentially be the Law of the Lam.. or to use modern terms of
reference, the Law of the Grey. People might step back in horror
at this point and say No, this cannot be, but my reply to that
would simple be How do you know? Why do you think The
Cult of Lam was formed as a subdivision of O.T.O? (See our
first article) Its intention is to use the individual and collective
will to summon the Lam, the beings we know as greys.
According to Crowley, Aiwass led him to the Boulack Museum
and specifically to a certain stele called Stele of Revealing
(right) which was the stele of Ankh-af-na-khonsu, a Theban
Egyptian priest. It was through this artefact that Aiwass dictated
the sacred text to Crowley called Liber Al vel Legis or the Book
of the Law thus revealing the Law of Thelema to Crowley and inaugurating the New
Aeon of Horus.
From this text originated the phrase
do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, love under will.
The meaning of this axiom, while obscure to the masses, is clear to occultists; that we
must align ourselves with our true will, the will of the higher self in order to make the
necessary steps to elevate the human soul both in its spiritual aspirations as well in its
physical limitations. Crowley seems to have realised that the intentional cultivation of
contact with inter dimensional beings was a mechanism to achieve this. His work
centred on furthering his own evolution and also that of humanity as a whole, as the
age of Horus (the son of Isis) was ushered in by Aiwass.
The phrase also reminds us that the means for achieving this is via the feminine
current of love and devotion - the Isis current. Isis, in mythology, embodies both love
and willpower throughout mythology. The phrase highlights the inseparability of
focused intent and wisdom in order to realise our true calling. An inscription in her
temple at Sais begins:
"I am that which is, which hath been, and which shall be
Two deities that are inextricably linked in a supportive but platonic way throughout
Egyptian mythology are Thoth and Isis. It is said that Isis was a magician, who was
taught her craft by Thoth, the god who enabled her birth. Crowley undoubtedly used
her as the archetype for the high priestess of the tarot. Both Isis and Thoth have been
long associated with hidden wisdom and knowledge. Isis, it seems, represents the
feminine current that carries the true will of the universe while Thoth represents the
Page 287

means to enable the current. Thoth, the enabling force of wisdom, is embedded in the
true meaning of the Book of Thoth, the key to reading the book lies with the feminine
force of love, willpower and devotion.
It was many years after Liber Al when Crowley penned the Book of Thoth. By then
he had been working with inter dimensional beings for many years as his contacts
with Aiwass and Lam clearly illustrate. The Book of Thoth is essentially the key to
what Crowley called the great work which is the conscious development of our true
will in accordance with the universal laws. As we mentioned in the first essay, this
involved deliberately establishing and cultivating links with inter dimensional beings
The Books of Thoth of legend were reputed to contain all the wisdom and knowledge
pertaining to the origins and destiny of humanity. According to legend, the key to our
past, present and future existence is enshrined in the knowledge contained in The
Book of Thoth, an interesting statement that mirrors the Inscription found in the Isis
temple. "I am that which is, which hath been, and which shall be."
It follows that when Crowley wrote his version of The Book of Thoth, after decades
of occult study, he named it not after a myth, but rather as a manual.
Were the Gods of Ancient Egypt really myths or were they themselves visitors
from another world?
The Thoth of legend is the Ibis headed god of wisdom credited with inventing the
written word in the form of Hieroglyphics. It seems a little strange, out of character
even, that Crowley would name a book with reflected much of his lifes work and
which would serve as a guide to others who followed in his path, after a myth. This
makes you wonder if he understood the legend of the gods in an entirely different
Let's suppose for a moment that the Gods of legend were based on something very
real the deliberate interaction of inter dimensional beings with the indigenous
population of the earth at a certain point in our evolution. Egypt is often classed as a
stair step civilisation that suddenly appeared from nowhere with amazing
mathematical knowledge, sophisticated social and economic structure and incredible
architectural skills.
Biblical accounts contained in the bible mention a race called the Watchers who
descended from the heavens and interbred with mankind. Whether this refers to
conjugal relations or the manipulation of DNA remains up for debate but the message
is clear that a hybrid race was created from mankinds exposure to beings that were not
of this earth. The bible is clear that the result of this interference was a hybrid race
known as the Gibborim. These were said to be, as recorded in Genesis Chapter 6:4 of
the Old Testament, Mighty men of renown. This hybrid race was said to have
powerful psychic abilities
The Gibborim were said to have had highly advanced psychic abilities such as the
ability to levitate, use mind control, travel through time, remote view, cure disease
and much more. They could also predict the future. There seems to be a great deal of
similarity between the abilities of the Egyptian Gods that Crowley took such a deep
Page 288

interest in and the Gibborim mentioned in the bible. Crowley was extremely well
versed in the bible so its interesting to ponder if he did indeed make that connection.
All that we really know is that Crowley named The Book of Thoth after the Egyptian
god, his exact motives for doing so will probably only be known to him.
The Connection between Isis and The Book of Thoth
Crowley was born in 1875, the year that the renowned occultist
Eliphas Levi (left) died and Crowley always considered himself
to be the reincarnation of Levi. Levi took a great interest in an
object called the Bembine Table of Isis, known as the Isaic
Table which first came into the public domain in 1524 during
the sacking of Rome. This is a small tablet inscribed with
hieroglyphs detailing various spells and incantations and is thought to originate from
an altar. Eliphas Levi was convinced that the mystical knowledge encoded in the
Bembine Table of Isis was the key to understanding the Book of Thoth. It was said, in
a manuscript by Thomas Taylor, that both Plato and Pythagoras were initiated into the
secret doctrines at the altar that houses the Table of Isis.
"The Isiac Tablet, writes Levi, is a Key to the Ancient Book of Thoth, which has
survived to some extent the lapse of centuries and is pictured to us in the still
comparatively ancient set of Tarocchi Cards. To him the Book of Thoth was a rsum
of the esoteric learning of the Egyptians, after the decadence of their civilization, this
lore became crystallized in a hieroglyphic form as the Tarot (See Wm Westcott's
The Isiac Tablet.)
It is widely accepted that Crowleys work was greatly influenced by inter dimensional
beings that some of us would consider as being extraterrestrial in origin. It is
interesting to consider the mechanism that is used to facilitate the personal and
spiritual growth that Crowley sought not only for himself, but for humanity as a
whole. It seems that the key to our evolution lies in our ability to embrace the
guidance of beings from worlds outside of our current sphere of understanding,
extraterrestrial beings perhaps?
If youd like to discuss or comment on any part of either this or the previous essay
then feel free to post your questions or comments in ThothWeb forums.
Webmasters please note that this article may be freely used and distributed as long as is credited as the source.

Page 289

Extraterrestrials and the Occult Connection

By Isis
This is the first in a series of exclusive articles by ThothWeb
in which we look at the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena
from a slightly different perspective. We hope you enjoy it.
Feel free to distribute it as you wish.
The purpose of this article is to examine the suggestion that
the current wave of UFO activity that began in 1947 with
Kenneth Arnolds sighting over the Cascade Mountains was
deliberately caused by a series of magickal workings carried
out by occultists. Over fifty years later, the UFO wave is still
being actively encouraged by certain secret societies intent on
using extraterrestrial knowledge to steer the course of human evolution.
The Amalantrah Workings
The name Aleister Crowley (right) is synonymous with secret societies and occult
workings. Revered in occult circles as the master of occult
matters his name still evokes vehement horror in the minds
of some, who regard him as the anti Christ personified. A
master self-publicist and anti-establishmentarian, he
adopted the magical number 666 as his own and positively
embraced The Beast label the largely ignorant British
press gave him in response to this.
What has a Hermetic magician and high ranking member
of several secret societies (The Freemasons, Golden Dawn,
Order of the Silver Star, Thelma and O.T.O) have to do
with extra terrestrials you may ask.
The answer lies in the rather interesting drawing shown above that Crowley made in
1918. It shows an alien intelligence that he came into contact with during a series of
invocations called the Amalantrah workings that he carried out in New York over a
three month period in 1918. Crowley was in the practice of sketching the beings that
he encountered during his evocations to add to the detailed written records that he
kept of all his magickal workings.
The Amalantrah working was part of what Crowley termed The Great Work; the
intentional cultivation of spiritual growth. According to Crowley part of the great
work involved the establishment of contact with non-human intelligences" - in other
word, beings that were not of this world or what we would term extraterrestrials.
The purpose of the Amalantrah invocations, by Crowleys own admission was to open
an interdimensional portal that would allow him access to beings from other
dimensions. One of the beings that came through this portal, the one Crowley
sketched was named Lam. Lam it should be noted is regarded by occultists as a
generic entity rather than an individual being. The drawing seems to bear a startling
resemblance to the popular conception of a Grey.
Page 290

The picture of Lam itself can certainly be considered genuine as it has a verifiable
history. Crowley actually included the portrait of Lam in his Dead Souls exhibition
held in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1919. It was also used as an illustration to
H.P Blavatskys book The Voice of the Silence around the same time.
Beneath the picture Blavatsky wrote: Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and
LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the
Path, in Buddhistic phraseology."
When the Amalantrah workings were complete Crowley ensured that the portal he
had used to grant Lam access to our world was sealed.
The original drawing of Lam was given to Kenneth Grant
(left), one of Crowleys brightest students and eventual
successor as head of O.T.O in 1945. Grants interest in CETI
(Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) phenomena is
long-standing and his position as head of O.T.O has enabled
him to pursue and develop this interest amongst he
membership of his organisation.
In 1955 Grant announced the discovery of a trans-plutonian
planet called Isis. It was at this time that he established an
order called the New Isis Lodge OTO for the purpose
(amongst others) of contacting higher intelligences.
The story goes that in the late 1980s, Grant allegedly received messages that led to
him conclude that Crowleys portrait of Lam could be used to provide a focus point
for the extraterrestrial energy that had originally invoked in 1918. Why it took Grant
so long to realise this is unclear as using such objects as a point of focus is not
uncommon in occult circles. Possibly it was the scale of the activity that Grant
realised needed to be increased to allow the potential of Lam was to be fully realised.
To promote and regulate use of the portrait amongst his societys members Grant
wrote a text called the Lam Statement. The purpose of the Lam statement was
"regularise the mode of rapport and construct a magical formula for establishing
communication with Lam." This coincided with Grants creation of a second
subdivision of the O.T.O - The Cult of Lam. The invocation of Lam or the beings
we know as Greys was thus officially endorsed by O.T.O. Despite the fact that
Crowley had been meticulous in his sealing of the portal I 1918 when occultists
invoke Lam, Lam enters through the portal that he created. How is this possible? To
answer that question we have to examine the activities of two other well known

Page 291

The Babalon Workings

Two of Crowleys unofficial students during his final years were L Ron Hubbard
who later founded the Scientology movement and the charismatic Jack Parsons who
founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. The pair of them
studied Crowleys work at length especially in relation to
the interdimensional portal that Crowley had created using
his extensive occult knowledge.
Crowley was concerned at what he saw as the pairs
recklessness when dealing with higher energies. Having
spent a lifetime mastering his interaction with supernatural
forces he considered them over confident and
inexperienced and told them as much, finally ceasing all
communication with them. Neither man would not be
deterred, and Hubbard and Parsons proceeded to work with the dormant portal that
Crowley had left almost 30 years earlier.
Thus in 1946 they began what is known in occult circles as the Babalon workings.
The intention was to use sex magick to create a child in the spiritual realms. They
would then call down the spiritual baby and direct it into the womb of a female
volunteer (thought to be Marjorie Cameron who Parsons later married) where it would
manifest as human after the usuall nine month period of gestation. When born, this
child would incarnate the forces of Babalon - the Scarlet woman of Revelations which
in occult circles symbolises the dawning of the Age of Horus, the new age. The
Babalon working not only reopened the portal, it also increased its intensity and made
it highly unstable. The Babalon workings were well documented and many say seem
to highlight Parsons and Hubbards inability to close the portal that they had reopened
and which seemed to have slipped from their control.
Its interesting to consider the time frame between Hubbard & Parsons reopening the
interdimensional portal or what we could easily term a stargate and the wave of
extraterrestrial activity and UFO sightings that began with the Kenneth Arnolds
sighting of nine flying silver discs over the cascade Mountains in June 1947 and not
long after the Roswell incident were it is alleged that aliens quite possibly greys and
had crashed in a flying saucer. UFO activity has been steady since then. It could well
be (although we cant say for sure) that these extraterrestrial visitors are accessing the
planet through this reopened and highly unstable portal.
An interesting point is that both the Amalantrah workings and the Babalon workings
were conducted in America which seems to be the place that attracts the most interest
from the Greys suggesting that the site of the workings themselves provide a focus
point or a marker of some description for the Greys.
The Cult of Lam
The Cult of Lam still continues to encourage its members to invoke Lam.
Kenneth Grant has been quoted as saying "Lam is a Great Old One whose archetype
is recognizable in accounts of UFO occupants." The Lam (or Greys) continue to be
Page 292

invoked by the cult of Lam and encouraged to interact with humanity in order to
further the spiritual and conscious development of mankind. On the subject of
invoking Lam, Grant is quoted as saying "To gaze into the eyes of this entity is to
invite potent contact. One feels an immediate sensation of lightness, of
weightlessness, and then a sensation of falling... of being sucked into a vortex...." This
sounds very similar to witness testimony provided by contactees who have
encountered Greys.
Grant has also been quoted as making the following statements
Lam is known to be a link between the star systems of Sirius and Andromeda
Lam is the gateway to the Void. Its number, 71, is that of "NoThing", an apparition
Lam is the occult energy beaming the vibrations of Maat and may proceed from that
future aeon
Lam, as a Great Old One, whose archetype is recognizable in accounts of UFO
"...therein am I as a babe in an egg" AL.II.49
Lam has been invoked to fulfil the work set afoot by Aiwass; as a reflex of Aiwass
Lam as the transmitter to AL of the vibrations of LA via MA, the key to the Aeon of
Crowley considered Lam to be the soul of a dead lama of Lng, between China and
note: Crowley gave to Grant his original drawing of Lam in 1945
The Stargate or stellar rift between time and space, created by Crowleys Amalantrah
Working, created a portal through which Lam and other extra-cosmic influences can
enter the known universe. Although Crowley himself was careful to seal this portal on
the completion of the working, subsequent magical operations have served to reopen
the portal and leave it in a state whereby extraterrestrial beings can use it to access our
world. Whether or not this is actually true, it is clear that many in occult circles do
believe that this to be the case and that the being known as Lam is in fact a Grey. It is
the intention of a certain occultists to encourage the Greys interaction with mankind,
anticipating that they hold the key to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Page 293

The Secrets of the Circles, the Serpent and the Goddess

By Isis
The remnants of long gone prehistoric civilisations cover the length and breadth of the
British Isles and Europe. Despite the fact that evidence of their culture is everywhere
surprisingly little is known about these supposedly primitive Neolithic people, or their
architectural legacies, the standing stones and stone circles that still remain thousands
of years after their builders have gone. Generally, these megalithic monuments date
from the mid-Neolithic Period to the late Bronze Age, roughly 3500 to 1000 BC, and
are some of the British Isles most impressive prehistoric treasures. The exact purpose
and construction methods behind these enigmatic circles remains a mystery, but many
of those who have studied them are beginning to form the opinion that the individual
circles form part of a chain of sacred sites. One hypothesis that is being considered is
that rather than simply being centres for local worship, each circle was part of a
processional route that was hundreds of miles long and which attracted pilgrims from
all over Ancient Britain. These people would undertake a carefully timed pilgrimage
dedicated to the goddess and the serpent. The evidence that lead to this conclusion can
be found in the circles themselves, and the religious traditions that survived them.
Many of Britains stone circles have become incorporated into local folklore and
superstition, which has actually been their saving. Others have not been so lucky and
have been destroyed or damaged through fear, necessity or deliberately by the church
in an effort to remove all traces of the old pagan religions. It is estimated there are
over 1000 stone circles and over 10,000 round barrows in the United Kingdom alone,
so the importance of these structures in terms of our ancestors day to day existence
and spiritual practices is highly significant, granting us a unique window into the past.
Some sacred sites, such as Stonehenge appear to have been built to specific
astronomical alignments, while others appear to be natural landmarks that have been
adapted for the peoples needs. Most sacred sites seem to be found on powerful ley
lines that travel the length of the British Isles. There is still a great deal of conjecture
as to how these ancient peoples managed to create such precise arrangements, moving
stones weighing up to sixty tonnes with only the most basic of tools and often no local
resources, the best known mystery is of course that of Stonehenge.
Stonehenge is a prehistoric temple of immense
significance that enjoys worldwide fame. According
to archaeologists the first phase of Stonehenge dates
back to 3050BC, predating official estimates of the
age of the pyramids by around a thousand years. The
site was actually constructed in three phases over a
period of around 1,500 years and appears to have
been modeled on a smaller wooden henge (now
known simply as Woodhenge) that stood just a few
miles away. The final phase of Stonehenges construction represented a huge
engineering project even by todays standards, let alone for a people who had not yet
discovered the wheel. The thirty Sarsen stones, each weighing around 25 tonnes had
to be transported 25 miles from the Marlborough Downs to the site, before being
Page 294

positioned with absolute precision within the circle. Quite why this monumental task
was undertaken remains a mystery although it is likely to have been necessitated by
the function of the henge.
Astronomical alignments at Stonehenge
It was the 18th century the British antiquarian
William Stuckley who first noticed that Stonehenge
was aligned in such a way that on the summer
solstice, the horseshoe of great trilithons and the
horseshoe of 19 bluestones opened up in the
direction of the midsummer sunrise. During most of
the year, the sunrise can't be observed from the
centre of the monument, however on the longest day
of the year; the June 21st summer solstice, it can.
The rising sun appears behind one of the main stones, creating the illusion that it is
balancing on the Healstone; the stone that stands just outside the henge itself and
marks the processional entrance to the henge.
This alignment implied a ritualistic connection with sun worship and it was generally
concluded that Stonehenge was constructed as a temple to the sun. More recently,
though, the astronomer Gerald Hawkins has been one of many who have voiced the
contention that Stonehenge is not merely aligned with solar events such as solstices
but that it was also used to follow and predict astronomical events such as eclipses.
According to Hawkins, Stonehenge was more than a temple and an observatory, it
was an astronomical calculator. What makes this fact even more curious is that the
ancient peoples of the British Isles were not known for having any advanced
knowledge or use for mathematics and astronomy; their farming calendar for example
would have been governed by the observation of nature, and day to day religion by
the phases of the moon. Whatever Stonehenge was, it had to far exceed the
requirements of everyday living. The theory being put forward is that Stonehenge was
the scientific and ceremonial intermediary between the people and the gods. Rather
than being the end of the story, it is just the beginning. Given that Stonehenge is just
one of many stone circles on what appears to be a ceremonial route it seems that its
function may have been just one element (albeit an important one) of a greater whole.
The Serpent and the Moon
It seems that Stonehenge and many of Britains major, and indeed, minor sacred
Neolithic sites may have been part of a complex religious and spiritual relationship
that might be understood by examining another of William Stukeley's observations.
According to Stukeley, Stonehenge and similar stone circles had been serpent
temples, which he called 'Dracontia'. Investigations suggest that there may be a link
between this serpent symbolism and the eclipses that Stonehenge. The key to
predicting eclipses is observing the position of the Moon and the lunar nodes, a
function that Stonehenge is said to undertake. The length of time for the Moon to
return to a node is around 27.2 days which astronomers refer to as a draconic month.
Draco is of course the Latin word for serpent or dragon. This opens up the possibility
that the myth of the serpent or dragon who temporarily consumes the sun may have
Page 295

been a fundamental aspect of the religion of the time, especially when we look at the
more obvious serpent symbolism found at nearby Avebury, as we will do shortly.
Its probably important to note at this point that the construction of Stonehenge and
many of the other Neolithic monuments that we will look at in this article predates the
Druids the religious sect most commonly associated with Stonehenge. This theory
was first promoted by John Aubrey, however the Druids were a Celtic priesthood that
flourished during the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, Stonehenge and Britains
other Stone circles predate the Druids by at least 2,000 years. That is not to say that
clues as to the religious, spiritual and cosmological beliefs cannot be found in later
religions, there is certainly much in Celtic tradition, which dates back to around
1,000BC. That may have had its roots in the far earlier pagan beliefs of this Neolithic
society. To delve more deeply into those beliefs it is necessary to look at
Stonehenges neighbour, Avebury.
Avebury Henge
Avebury Henge near Marlborough in Wiltshire is
probably the biggest and most spectacular Neolithic
temple complex in the world being equalled only by
the Megalith complex found at Carnac in Brittany. In
many ways Avebury easily rivals the pyramids
themselves when it comes to size and mystery and
yet remains one of Britains best kept ancient secrets.
The sheer size and scale of the Avebury development
means that it dwarfs its far more famous neighbour,
Stonehenge, which is situated just twenty miles further south. The fact that an
astronomical observatory was built just twenty miles from Avebury indicates that
there must have been a close relationship between them. It is entirely possibly that
ceremonies started at one temple and finished at the other.
The size and scale of Avebury in relation to Stonehenge is hard to comprehend, it
comprises of a chalk bank, which is 1,400 feet in diameter and encloses 28 acres of
flat ground; it's perimeter measures a distance of one mile. In comparison, Stonehenge
is surrounded by a bank with a diameter of just 320 feet. What this suggests is that at
the time, it was Avebury not Stonehenge that was the centre of ritual and ceremony in
Neolithic Britain. The quarried ditch that surrounds Aveburys stone circle is now 15
feet deep, but originally it is thought to have been at least double that, there is
evidence to suggest it was filed with water. Because it was constructed on a chalk
bank, Aveburys stone circle would have appeared as a gleaming white island that
would have been visible for many miles, in the same way that that ancient hill
carvings such as the Cerne giant and the numerous White Horses are.
Within the henge is a circle that originally consisted of approximately a hundred
Sarsen stones of varying sizes, the heaviest weighing as much as 60 tonnes. Only
around 27 of these stones currently remain in place. This is commonly thought to be
the largest stone circle erected by the Neolithic people in Britain; even today Avebury
is absolutely breathtaking. If you imagine this monument in its full splendour 4,000
years ago Avebury would have easily been on par with the pyramid complex in Giza
in terms of its physical presence and engineering effort, though the design is very
Page 296

different. As an interesting aside, the pyramids at Giza were originally encased in

polished white limestone and would also have stood out for many miles in the same
way that the Avebury complex would in ancient Briton.
The most striking aspect of the Avebury complex is that is carves out what would
have been a massive white serpent on the landscape, suggesting that even more than
Stonehenge the serpent played an integral part of the religion of the day and the
purpose of the site.

Within the vast stone circle were erected two other large stone circles (See sketch
above). These two circles within the great ring were probably the heart of the ritual or
ceremony. Of the northern circle, only few stones are visible out of a total of 27
original Sarsens, at the centre of this circle was a three stone feature named 'The
Cove'. The Northern circle was originally 320 feet in diameter and the Southern circle
340 feet. The southern circle now contains only five of its original 29 Sarsens and had
a giant stone known as the Obelisk at its centre point.
The henge itself had four entrances aligned to the cardinal points of the compass. Two
vast ceremonial avenues, the Kennet Avenue and the Beckhampton Avenue accessed
the south and west entrances of the henge. (See sketch). Only Kennet Avenue, which
was originally 2.5km (1.5 miles) in length, still remains today. This avenue connected
the Avebury stones to the small stone circle called The Sanctuary on nearby Overton
Hill which can be seen at the bottom right of the sketch. William Stukeley, who
researched Avebury extensively during the 18th century, called Avebury the Serpent
Temple. The two Avenues delineate the body of a serpent and the sanctuary
represented the head of the serpent. The sanctuary itself is set over a complex fissure
system which radiates from the centre of the sanctuary. This system is easily detected
by dowsing and suggests that Avebury was constructed in line with ancient
understanding of the Earth's energy lines, sometimes called ley lines, or simply
dragon lines.
The Demise of the Serpent Temple
Like Stonehenge, Avebury is a composite construction that was added to and altered
over several periods and just as it grew gradually, its demise mirrors its creation.
The stones that form Avebury Henge were erected between 4,500 and 5,000 years ago
however archaeologists are aware that over time many of these stones have been
demolished and lost forever. Some of the stones that remain standing have been
damaged by failed attempts to destroy them, while others have been buried, perhaps in
an effort to 'break the circle'. It is thought many megaliths were used in the
construction of Avebury village itself, which actually sits within the Neolithic site,
whilst this sounds appalling to us now; they represented a rare source of local and
ready quarried material a thousand or so years ago, in some respects its a miracle that
Page 297

Avebury survived at all.

The oral tradition and myth of serpent and the Goddess were all but destroyed by
Christianity having declared Eve and the serpent responsible for the downfall of man,
and the church was equally keen to see an end to any physical reminders of the old
Recent geological surveys have discovered that at least fifteen megaliths lay buried
beneath the ground next to their original locations. It is quite likely that the buried
stones have lain there since the 13th and 14th centuries, pushed over into shallow
graves and buried by the community who may have been encouraged to see the stones
as evil. As pagan symbols many would have seen them as a threat to the established
Christian church. During the period when most of the deliberate destruction occurred,
a man was killed by one of the stones toppling prematurely into the pit which was
being prepared for its burial. Amazingly, no attempt was made to recover his body
from below the toppled sarsen; he was simply buried with the stone. Archaeologists
excavating the stone found a pair of scissors, a lancet, and three silver coins beside his
skeleton which prompted locals to name the stone 'the Barber's Stone'.
Silbury Hill: the Pyramid of the Avebury Complex?
Set slightly away from the main Avebury complex,
Silbury Hill was the largest tumulus (artificial mound
of earth) created during the Neolithic period and
forms part of the site. Radiocarbon dating suggests
that the hill dates back to at least 2,800 BC.
The conical mound which forms the hill is 130 feet
tall and has a diameter of 550 feet, in all it covers 5
acres and although it represents only a small part of the Avebury complex. The Hill is
situated to the south of Avebury Henge (it can be seen bottom centre on the Avebury
sketch) the hill forms an integral part of the Avebury complex.
Interestingly, although it looks like nothing more than a mound of
earth, excavations conducted in 1777, 1849 and 1970 revealed that it
actually hides a six stepped conical pyramid built from blocks of
white chalk that in time has been grassed over and thus hidden from
view much the same as many of Aveburys stones were. According
to estimates it contains approximately 340,000 cubic metres of chalk
and earth. To all intents and purposes there is a step pyramid in Great
Britain, although it may not be of classical pyramid design, it is there. The exact
purpose of the hill has yet to be ascertained but clearly when considered with the
vastness of the henge itself, it alludes to importance of the Avebury complex as a
Studies of seeds discovered during excavations determined that construction of the
mound commenced sometime in the month of August, which implies a possible
association with a harvest festival. Thereafter work appears to have been carried out
each autumn, (presumably after the crops had been successfully harvested) with the
entire construction taking around 50 years to complete.
Page 298

English Heritage who is responsible for the monument has carried out an analytical
earthwork survey and investigation of Silbury Hill and its surrounding landscape.
Digital modeling of the surrounding valley floor not only serves to emphasise the
enormous size of the mound, but also its lowland setting, bordering dry chalk and
immediately adjacent to water. It is not known whether this water flowed freely or
intermittently and its use can only be speculated upon. The importance of the drainage
system to the hill and symbolic meaning of Silbury is undeniable; particularly when
you bear in mind that Avebury Henge itself was surrounded by a water filled ditch.
The water filled ditch that surrounds Silbury Hill would have reflected the brilliance
of the white chalk pyramid that towered above it, creating an image of a brilliant
white pyramid emerging from the symbolic waters of life, where the people could
communicate with their Goddess.
There are two major energy currents
or Dragon Lines; the Michael and
Mary leys, which travel through the
Avebury complex. These two
leylines are probably the most
famous leylines in Briton and start in
the South West of the country, in
Cornwall before traveling 300 miles
up to the North of the country.
Experienced dowsers have
determined that each current makes
its own course independently until
they meet, and partly converge at the
Obelisk, they then flow together under the stone known as the Ringstone, and across
to another nodal point between the so called Devil's Chair stone and it's un-named
The Michael and Mary currents split at this point, Mary breaks away and heads
towards Silbury Hill itself and Michael continues across the earthen banks, then
crosses the road, and follows the West Kennet Avenue. The Map (see image) charts
the course of these twin currents through the Avebury complex. One school of
thought is that the ancients built their sacred temples on these leylines deliberately and
followed them as part of an established pilgrimage every year. Another theory is that
the leylines were created by the network of sacred sites themselves. Whether its
coincidence or not we can't say, but its interesting to note that the shape of the
Avebury Serpent seems to mimic the path that the female (Mary) current takes.
Glastonbury Tor
On the same ceremonial route that the Michael and
Mary leys seems to carve, sixty-six km away from
the man-made Silbury Hill stands Glastonbury Tor
(Tor means rocky hill or peak), a natural landmark
which was forged into Megalithic monument nearly
four thousand years ago. The Tor stands some 159
metres or 522 feet above the surrounding
Page 299

countryside, making it significantly taller than Silbury Hill. Glastonbury Tor forms an
important triangle of monuments, linking directly with Stonehenge and Avebury.
Although the Tor itself is a natural phenomenon over the last thirty or forty years
there has been much attention directed towards the Neolithic terracing that surrounds
the Tor. It was Geoffrey Russell who first proposed that the ringed terracing on the
slopes of Glastonbury Tor represents the remains of a great three-dimensional
Neolithic labyrinth, a ceremonial pathway dedicated to the ancient Goddess. If
Avebury was the temple of the snake then Glastonbury Tor was the womb of the
goddess herself.
Following Russell's discovery a survey of the Tor was made and a model was
constructed which highlighted seven distinct rings that joined up in such as way as to
form a continuous pathway towards the top of the Tor. The model proved that the
Neolithic terraces accurately reproduce the twists and turns of the seven-layered
labyrinth which symbolised in classical Mysteries, in particular the pattern traced by
the Tor labyrinth is said to be very similar to that of the Kretan Labyrinth. Kathy
Jones, author of 'The Goddess in Glastonbury' describes the pattern thus;
"On Krete the pattern of this maze was received by the
priestess in ritual communion with Ariadne as the Snake
Goddess, source of inspiration and creative sexual energy.
The Labyrinth was laid out as a ritual dance floor and was
sacred to the Moon Goddess in Her three aspects. The sacred
Bull horns shaped like the Moon and symbol of the Taurean
epoch were to be found at the centre. The ancient Crane
dance which uses combinations of nine steps, representing
the Ninefold Goddess, was danced into and out of this
maze." Kathy Jones also notes that depictions of lunar
goddess such as the Egyptian lunar goddess Isis incorporate
the snake into their symbolism; in the case of Isis, her headdress is often adorned with a snake. When we consider that Stonehenge would have
been used to calculate lunar phases and eclipses it takes on added significance in
relation to the mother Goddess of Glastonbury.
Since the labyrinth was rediscovered many thousands of modern day pilgrims have
followed its winding course, in a ritual manner akin to how the ancient pilgrims may
have done 4,000 years ago. This is no mean feat since it can take several hours to
follow the overgrown path in and out of the labyrinth.
The subject of Labyrinths is notoriously gripping, as the symbolism they incorporate
is powerful upon a variety of levels. It is generally agreed that they represent a plan of
a journey, a pilgrimage to a 'world centre' sanctuary, such as Jerusalem, and on a
deeper level they depict the pilgrimage of the soul through life, death and rebirth. The
Glastonbury labyrinth is a significant fertility symbol in its own right representing the
creative serpent power of the kundalini and thus has with a strong connection to
goddess worship. In early rites of initiation the moon was the goddess mother and the
serpent the divine, embodying the cycles not just of nature, but of the universe itself.

Page 300

Although Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury are probably the most significant
sites there are scores of other sites that form part of the ceremonial journey that offer
us an even deeper insight into the Neolithic worldview.
The Cheesewring and the Nine Maidens
Sitting directly on this energy line and thus on the
pilgrimage route of the ancients, is the Cheesewring another natural landmark, albeit on that looks to be
The Cheesewring is situated at the south edge of Bodmin
Moor and although most people assume that it is manmade,
it is actually a naturally occurring formation caused by
erosion. For thousands of years it acted as a marker on the
path that our Neolithic ancestors followed as part of their
sacred pilgrimage. This prehistoric granite sculpture sits on a
Tor and is formed from a series of giant flat boulders, some
over 30 feet in circumference, with the largest ones sitting on the smaller ones. It is
often referred to as a "holy centre" of the ley system which may account for why it
seems to have formed part of the ritual activities of the Neolithic people. Another
reason why it may have been considered important is that the Cheesewring closely
resembles Neolithic sculptures of the mother goddess herself. Many of the very
earliest of goddess figurine artifacts that have been discovered depict a fecund
goddess with large belly and pendulous breasts, all of which are indicate fertility
connotations. Because these ancient people saw the landscape as a whole of being part
of the goddess natural landmarks that resembled her would take on heightened
The Nine Maidens
Also on Bodmin Moor and undoubtedly part of the sacred pathway can be found a
Neolithic site known as the Nine Maidens; the symbolic priestesses of the Mother
Goddess. The Nine maidens also represent the nine fold nature of the goddess which
is revealed in the labyrinth. There are actually several Neolithic sites in the British
Isles named the nine maidens, which suggests that
their symbolism was well established.
It is interesting that several medieval Germanic
sources associate serpents with the number nine
which may be a tradition that has its roots in the
Neolithic religion of the ancients. The Old English
Nine Herbs Charm says that 'Woden took nine glorytwigs and struck the adder so that it flew into nine
parts'. The nine glory twigs can be understood to represent the axis mundi, the
notional centre of the earth, which is analogous to the celestial axis, the point about
which the sky rotates. What this suggests is the old English and Celtic world views
may have been based on the religion of a far earlier tradition that survived in a
modified form, hence the tradition of the nine maidens.
Page 301

The number nine emphasises the threefold nature of the goddess. According to
researcher, Ably Stone, The association of the cosmic centre with groups of nine or
with nine fold structures appears to have arisen partly because that number is three
multiplied by itself. The cosmos has three main levels - sky, earth, and underworld and Indo-European societies have, from a very early period, been divided into three
social strata, based upon a division of society into priests, warriors, and
farmers/artisans, a division that is reflected by and codified in sociogonic myth and
religious organisation.
The Hurlers of St. Cleer
A short distance from the Cheesewring can be found
an impressive set of three Stone circles known as the
Hurlers of St Cleer. These three Bronze-Age stone
circles, arranged in a line, are some of the best
examples of ceremonial standing stones in Cornwall
and were undoubtedly of significance to the
Neolithic pilgrims of the day although they are
nowhere near as complex in their size and
construction as Avebury or even Stonehenge.
The circles range in diameter from 108 feet to 140 feet, and are thought to date from
between 2000BC to 1500 BC., suggesting that they were constructed near the end of
the great circle building era. The Three circles were all erected close together in a line
running NNE to SSW suggesting that their alignment was important in some way. If
we consider the Glastonbury landscape as a whole it is said to represent the crone
(part of the lunar triple goddess aspect) riding South West on the back of a swan. In
the Celtic and Siberian culture, stories existed of swans removing their plumage and
turning into maidens, which suggests the transformation of the crone into the virgin
goddess, the swan was also known as the feminine symbol of the moon.
Its also interesting to consider that Avebury itself comprises three stone circles. In
the case of Avebury, there are two within one, rather than three in a row, this might
reflect a development or progression of the earth energy or different aspects of the
triple goddess.
Originally, each of the three circles would originally have contained between 25 and
30 dressed stones, additionally there are two standing stones, called the Pipers, close
by, although they obviously played a part in the ceremonial function of the circles, it
is not clear what their true purpose was.
The Snake and the Water
If our ancient ancestors did worship the snake, the obvious question must be why?
Perhaps the answer can be found by examining ancient Celtic lore in an effort to see if
their traditions could have its roots in the Neolithic world view. According to Celtic
legend, the World Serpent dwells in the water, either below or surrounding the cosmic
axis, which contains within itself the image and structure of the cosmos at large where
it guards the centre and the wealth it produces. Its interesting to note that some of the
Page 302

key sacred sites in ancient Britain were also surrounded by water, in some cases,
deliberately, suggesting that water, the source of life, played an integral part of the
religious process. Aveburys stone circle and Silbury Hill would have been
surrounded by water, so too was Glastonbury Tor. Serpents are also often associated
with the underworld, signifying death and then rebirth, this is often seen as a return to
the womb of the Earth, and the mother goddess, the source of all life.
Written in Stone
For thousands of years religions across the world, on every continent have worshiped
the Serpent as a deity. Likewise the mother goddess, the divine feminine has played
equally important roles across the world. Under the circumstances it should come as
no surprise that the ancient people of the British Isles also shared this knowledge, a
knowledge that is enshrined in the stone circles they left behind.

Page 303

Aleister Crowleys The Book of Thoth - A Treasury of Truth and

By Isis
According to ancient tradition, The Book of Thoth was
the legendary repository of the Egyptian mysteries; as
such it is forever connected with occult knowledge,
mystery schools and the esoteric secrets and magical
systems that these schools taught. The Book of Thoth has
long been associated with the tarot, which is said by
many to be the embodiment of its teachings.
Crowley was undoubtedly one of the finest occult minds
of our time and soon realised that despite the historical
interest in the tarot that occultists harboured, there was a
distinct lack of authentic texts that explored the cards, let
alone develop them. He resolved to rectify that omission
by creating one definitive text that would make the Tarot
accessible to everyone who had the desire to learn.
Guided by the intelligences that had directed him
throughout his life, Crowley penned a legend, an extensive treatise on the tarot, which
he named The Book of Thoth, after the tradition of wisdom itself.
Crowleys Book of Thoth incorporates the wisdom, philosophy, science and magick
of Egypt, melding eastern and western mystery traditions to create the most complete
method of studying the tarot and finding self-knowledge that there is in existence.
Occultists such as A.E. Waite have written their own studies of the tarot, but none of
the succeeded in imparting the occult wisdom of Crowleys classic text. It has to be
said that the Book of Thoth is not usually recommended for newcomers to the tarot
and to the occult. It unites Cabbalistic tradition, Tarot, philosophy, science and
magick to create a complete yet multi-faceted tradition creating a tool that can be used
to explore the magickal and mystical elements of both microcosm and macrocosm. To
many modern occultists The Book of Thoth remains without parallel. It represents the
entire sum of not only Crowleys knowledge but also the knowledge of the masters
The Art of the Tarot
Crowley commissioned the surrealist artist, Lady Frieda Harris to undertake the
artwork for the tarot deck that was to accompany the treatise. The Thoth deck itself
was a labour of love, an undertaking that took over five years of painstaking work,
with many of the 78 cards being redesigned up to eight times before Crowley was
satisfied with the design. Lady Harris became both a student and in many ways a
teacher to Crowley. In order to create a visual representation of Crowleys knowledge,
she first had to understand it herself. This meant she also had to coerce him to
crystallise fifty years of accumulated knowledge and enter into her own exhaustive
study of his teaching. From the first moment of its creation, the Thoth deck was and
remains the deck that must be absorbed and lived. It cannot be understood from the
outside; those using the deck must always look within.
Page 304

The fractal deck

The Thoth Tarot is one of the most symbol-rich decks in existence. Every single card
contains a wealth of esoteric symbolism, which Crowley and Harris incorporated not
only into the images, but also into the colours used in the artwork. The myriad of
images, each of which represents a symbolic path to a complex thought form, must be
considered both individually and then in relation to the other symbols on the card.
Essentially each symbol stands on its own as a complete idea and yet contributes to
the greater intention of the meaning of the card. Each of the 78 cards reveals a key to
a specific area of esoteric knowledge. Together the symbols and the cards combine
forming a complex inter-relationship that creates a symbolic picture of the universe.
Even the most innocuous symbol of each card is part of the whole, so that the spirit of
the microcosm and macrocosm is reflected in Crowleys deck. It is this fractal model
of the universe that many mathematicians and physicists often use to study cosmology
from a scientific point of view, Crowley uses the tarot to validate that understanding
of the universe. Esoteric cosmology and scientific understanding of cosmology are not
as far removed from each other as Science would have us believe.
Together Crowleys deck of cards contained the keys to the long forgotten esoteric
knowledge known only to a selected few in the Egyptian priesthood. It is this secret
knowledge, the knowledge contained in The Book of Thoth, that many feel that
mankind has lost and needs to rediscover. The Book of Thoth was and still is the
roadmap to the new aeon. It allows the initiate to become a master of his fate by
embracing his true will and surrendering himself to the universe so that he
symbolically takes his place as part of the whole in the same way that each pictorial
symbol does.
Method and Wisdom ~ the path to enlightenment
The numbering of the Thoth Deck is based on the idea that each number (to
paraphrase Crowley) is not simply one greater or less than its neighbour; it is an
independent and individual idea, a concept in its own right, basically in the same way
that every symbol and colour is. Crowley elaborated on this by commenting, like all
concepts, it has a spiritual, moral and intellectual identity. As weve already
discussed, any physicist will tell you that mathematics is the key to understanding the
mechanism of the universe; likewise, any cabbalist will tell you that Cabbala is an
esoteric exploration that incorporates both spirituality and science. Hence the
mathematics of the Thoth deck, from the simple numbering of the cards to the more
complex system of Gematria that cabbalists employ, needs to be understood. The tarot
is essentially a pictorial representation of the tree of life with each tarot card
representing a specific path on the tree of life and the cube of space.
Tzaddi and the transposition of the Star and the Emperor attributions
One of the major differences between the Thoth tarot and traditional decks is the
sequencing of the cards. It was in 1904, when Aleister Crowley received the
legendary Liber Al vel Legis or the Book of the Law as it is commonly known, that it
came to his attention that Tzaddi had been incorrectly attributed to The Star for
Page 305

centuries. The Book of the Law was to form the basis of the doctrine of Thelema but
at that time the correct attribution for Tzzadi eluded him, and his energies were
naturally directed towards his work with Aiwass, the praterhuman intelligence that
guided him in his work and which first made contact with him in Egypt. It was many
more years later that he found the correct attribution. Tzaddi should have been
attributed to the Emperor. Crowley realised that it was a fundamental error that had to
be corrected.
By changing the attributions of the Star and the Emperor, The Star became aligned
with Aquarius in the zodiac and The Emperor to Aries. This change allowed the tarot
to exist in a much more balanced and symmetrical form as can be seen in the table
To briefly explain for those unfamiliar with these attributions, the cabbalistic
teachings associate the 22 Hebrew letters with the 3 elements (fire, water and air), 7
planets and the 12 signs of the zodiac. Looking at it now, its obvious that they needed
to be transposed, to allow the zodiac to appear in its natural order. If you look at the
Attribution column of the table on the following page, this illustrates the fact. Even
today, most tarot decks still use the original but incorrect attributes.

Page 306

Page 307

The Three Magi of the Thoth Tarot

Besides its reworking of the order of the Tarot, one of the things the Thoth Deck is
famous for is the fact that is has three Magus cards. If we include the unicursal
hexagram card, this brings the total number of cards in the deck to 81 and facilitates a
numerical arrangement of 9x9, a complex arrangement that aligns the cards directly to
the energies of the universe.
There are two versions of the Thoth deck, one with normal sized cards and one with
larger cards. It is the smaller of the two that contains the three magus cards, the larger
just carry one as a standard deck would. For those who want to use the Thoth deck for
readings, the deck with just one Magus card is usually recommended, but for those
who want to use the tarot as a tool for self development, path working and spiritual
evolution, the tarot deck containing the three Magus cards offer a more in-depth
appreciation of the journey.
In many ways, these three Magus cards represent a subsystem of spiritual
development that runs a parallel course to the journey detailed by the 22 cards of the
Major Arcana or Atu (keys) as they are known. Where as the 22 Atu represent the
complete universal scheme, with each individual card representing a facet of that
scheme as weve already said, the three magus cards represent three distinct phases
that the initiate himself must go through.
The fact that the god Thoth represents the Magus, the deck itself is called the Thoth
deck and the accompanying treatise The Book of Thoth adds to the triple
representation of the card underlines the importance of the Magus. The book of Thoth
is essentially the key to all knowledge and wisdom. That key resides in this card (or
This first Magus card (the card that all decks contain) shows Mercury, otherwise
known as Hermes or Thoth, three Gods in one. The message we get from this is that
reality is an illusion through which we can access true knowledge and wisdom.
In this version of the Magus, he is a naked boy, in awe of the power before him. His
tools float in the ether around him, and he guides or feels them out rather than
physically using them. His body is one of light, but the colour is the yellow-green of
spring, indicating youth. The fact that the boy is naked represents his vulnerabilities.
At this point in the journey, the Fool has become the Magus; he has shed his clothing
(connection to the material plain) and evolved to a higher state. But this is only the
first stage of the transformation of the Magus.
In the second of the three Magus cards, Crowley depicts a more mature, confident
Magus, representing perfected wisdom. He stands on tiptoes, feet slightly apart, arms
outstretched. On his face is an expression of concentration mixed with excitement.
Rays of light shoot out around him, a hand on the end of each one. He holds his
magickal tools firmly, reflecting a far higher, some would say, new degree of control
and more mature will. This Magus shows a more advanced state of intellect, he
controls his art at this point. Youthful wonder has been replaced with expertise and
good judgment.

Page 308

The third card reveals the final glorious and enlightened stage of the Magus, the
completion of the transformation. The card depicts a youthful and unclothed Magus,
with a tranquil expression reminiscent of a Hindu God, dancing in the air. His tools,
now made of more primitive materials, float around him once again. However, this
time there is an order to their suspension, unlike the tools in the first Magus card. This
card is considered by many to show the final goal of the initiate. Here the Magus has
moved beyond the procedures and principals of regimented magick. He is as one with
the work and as one with the universe. He represents the unification of the macrocosm
and the microcosm, the final transformation of man.
Crowley never specifically detailed how the three Magus cards should be used, indeed
only one card is mentioned in his treatise suggesting that it was only later when the
cards were being created that it occurred to him to take the highly unusual step of
using three Magus cards. Crowleys lack of explanation could be put down to the line
of reasoning that says, if you need to ask youre not ready to know, alternatively it
may simply have been that his death in 1947 meant that the time was not there to
elaborate. Most occult practitioners who have undertaken any in-depth path working
and study of the Thoth deck will find their purpose clear.
The undoubted strength of the Book of Thoth, besides its technical brilliance, is that it
reflects Crowley's legacy of Thelema. In essence the message of the treatise and the
cards is to discover and follow your own way and create a lifestyle that is in harmony
with the energy of the universe. The Thoth deck is the tool, which allows you to do
just that. In many ways, The Book of Thoth represents an instruction manual that will
guide the initiate on their journey of self-knowledge and enlightenment if you have
the commitment to walk the path of the initiate.
Crowley believed that we are all individuals, just like the symbols and therefore we
each have a unique path to walk, in the worlds of his Thelemic doctrine, "Every man
and every woman is a star."

Page 309

How the Mutt Covenant came to be

By Hashay
The Mutt Covenant, which you will find in the pages following this introduction, is a
philosophy that everyone should read and consider; it has evolved over almost fifty
years to become the document you now have in your possession. What you do with it,
how deeply you read and understand it depends on you. The Mutt Covenant can open
the door, but it is up the individual to choose walk through it.
The development of this philosophy has evolved over many years. As a child I read
the entire set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, cover to cover and then used specialist
books to learn more about the subjects that had interested me most.
At the age twelve, I discovered Philosophy in the guise of Plato, Socrates and many
more. I read and studied all of the writings of every philosopher I could find and
soaked their knowledge up like a sponge. After that I started studying all of the
worlds religions and forms of government. I discovered that the one constant thread
running through all religions was how people were trained from birth to behave and
think in ways that the religions and rulers found acceptable.
I found this troubling; the common denominator in all religions and forms of
government is the necessity to control people, and stopping people from being
individuals. The result of this is having a very easy herd to deal with, one which is
submissive to its rulers and causes no problems.
People with ideas and who consider themselves as having self-worth are not going to
be easily maintained as a herd animal. They would not accept such a situation and
they would not be easily pushed around.
So, governments and religions discovered a long time ago it was in their best interests
to keep their subjects ignorant and filled with no sense of self-worth. It was illegal in
the past for anyone to know how to read or write, from kings on down to the lowliest
peasants. Then, when reading and writing was permitted, the governments and
religions set the parameters of what could be learned. The school systems in all
countries are designed to keep people locked into set patterns of thinking that are
intended to maintain the students in a mindset based upon low self-worth, and a
dependence upon religion and the state to protect and care for them.
If a person believes they have value, they are not going to accept being told otherwise
by any government or religion. Instead, they will smile and say no thanks and go on in
their own individuality. However, individuality is not a good thing for governments
and religions. They need everyone thinking as a herd animal so they can utilize their
herds as they see fit. Everything possible is done to eliminate individuality and
independent thought.
After I understood these principles and thought of how people are treated to maintain
these dysfunctional living process, I felt I had to do something to offset it. I was torn
to pieces inside and had to act to change what I saw as a great injustice. The only
thing that made any sense to me was an alternative government/philosophy that
Page 310

treated people as individuals, and did everything in its power to ensure that all of its
citizens were taught to be functional individuals with a complete understanding of
their own self-worth.
So, I created a nation, a philosophy that says each person has self-worth and value,
and that this cannot be taken away. A belief that says a person is obligated to raise
themselves to their highest levels possible, and that encouraged each citizen to seek
knowledge without limits on what could be learned. A nation and philosophy that
said, Learn and share what you learn with others, and that held as its core value the
belief that its citizens are all intelligent beings who are capable of self-rule. A nation
and philosophy that said to each of its members Be who you are with pride!
This nation, this philosophy would treat its citizens as beings capable of looking after
themselves; this would be no herd of sheep huddled together in fear of predators, but a
nation of independent beings who could think for themselves and who expected to be
treated as equals, not as chattel.
The Nation of Mutts is based on this premise.

Page 311

The Covenant and Philosophy of Mutts

By Hashay
Section One Rights and Responsibilities
This is the Covenant of the legal Nation of Mutts as founded by High Law and under
High Law. Everything in the universe has at its core a mathematical equation. The
nation is based on correct mathematical equations and by living the Gray Way. The
Gray Way is neither all light nor all dark, but holds a balance, an acceptance of both.
The gray way is being willing to walk the razors edge no matter what.
The Nation of Mutts is a functional nation with functional Sovereign Beings as its
citizens. A Mutt (or Sovereign Being) is someone who meets the following criteria
and has these rights and responsibilities:
1. A person who accepts full and sole responsibility for his or her every thought, every
word, and every action.
2. A person who accepts full and sole responsibility for correcting any and all
erroneous thought processes.
3. A person who knows the difference between right and wrong and will always do
what is right. A Mutt will not knowingly do anything that is wrong.
4. A person who does not believe anything; instead, they hold beliefs they know to be
true. There is no such thing as an ignorant Mutt.
5. A person who constantly works on improving his or her knowledge, psychic
abilities, and themselves.
6. A person who constantly works on mastering a minimum of 42 sciences and 32
psychic abilities.
7. A person who must be skilled in at least one form of the martial arts. There is no
such thing as a defenseless Mutt.
8. A person who is solely responsible for the management of his or her own energy,
knowledge or wealth.
There is no such thing as an ignorant Sovereign Being. Being a Sovereign Being
implies knowledge and self control, and an obligation to use those qualities.
A Sovereign Being is a citizen of a legal High Law nation, which is a legal nation in
all realms, and one where every citizen is recognized as an evolving Sovereign Being
capable of self rule and who will be treated as such by all realms. The law of a
Sovereign Being is High Law. This Nation of Mutts expects its each of citizens to live
to his or her highest potential under High Law. High Law and the Nation of Mutts
mutually agree to provide a legal high law nation for all Sovereign Beings where they
may evolve naturally in a safe and compatible environment. High Law is the only law
of the Nation of Mutts and will be used to guide and protect the Nation and its
Page 312

citizens. The Sovereign Being recognizes High Law as the only law of the land, and
the Sovereign Being agrees to live by High Law and under High Law and by the
citizenship criteria as stated in this document.
A Sovereign Being does not need or use any permits or licenses because a Sovereign
Being knows precisely what he or she can or cannot do. Hence, we create and use a
Mutt passport. A Mutt passport is a guaranteed legal High Law right to pass where
and how a Sovereign Being sees fit.
Section Two - Environment
Each Sovereign Being is an evolving being capable of self rule and will be treated as
such by all realms. Each Mutt is born with a natural value that grows as a person
Each Sovereign Being is entitled to free and full access of all available knowledge in
all realms, and has the right and obligation to search for, find, and pass along to others
all new forms of knowledge.
Each Sovereign Being has the right to live in a safe, pollution-free environment.
Every Mutt is expected to work on maintaining a save, pollution-free environment.
Every citizen of the Nation of Mutts is expected to create an environment physically,
mentally, and emotionally that encourages and supports the positive evolution of all
Sovereign Beings.
Each Mutt is entitled to free, safe, and natural energy for all of their needs.
Each Mutt is entitled to complete protection from all hostile forces that threaten their
life, body, mind, property or the natural evolution. Every Mutt is obligated to fight all
hostile forces that threaten the planet, the inhabitants of the planet and the life, mind,
property or natural evolution of all sovereign beings.
Each Sovereign Being has the right to live in an environment free from fear and
Section Three A Statement of Being
The Sovereign Beings of the Nation of Mutts assume full and exclusive responsibility
for managing his or her own wealth, energy, and welfare. By using an energy
management and investment system, a Mutt is creating a Statement of Being. In each
Statement of Being, a Sovereign Being is stating that he or she is a being capable of
self-rule and that he or she expects to be treated as such by all realms.
A Mutts Statement of Being is also his or her personal covenant with the high realms,
and is a statement of who a Mutt is. All of a Sovereign Beings knowledge, feelings,
habits, thought, hopes and dreams are included in a Statement of Being. It is what is
shown in High Law court as documentation of the work you have done on yourself.
The Statement of Being is what you use to prove to yourself your own sense

Page 313

of self-worth. The Statement of Being is changeable, and as a Mutt grows his or her
Statement of Being grows, and allows all weaknesses to become fixable.
There are two systems of yemi or energy management and investment:
One is the Chits version where a person is maintained as a non-sovereign being that
is an animated container of uncontrolled dysfunctional action that resists the life
pulse. This being has no rights, no authority and no mind. These are the Macode.
The other system is the one described in this covenant. A Sovereign Being is a being
of universal life condensed into a personal form that creates limitless possibilities and
works to achieve them with perfectly structured energy that is in tune with the life
A Sovereign Being is also a being of perfect knowing and freedom. This person has
the authority and the ability to create any reality they chose with no limits and perfect
passion. These beings are the beings we call the Mutts.
Section Four Self-Worth
The starting point is a complete list of a Sovereign Beings worth. Each person has
been conditioned since birth to consider him or herself as worthless. By making a list
of all of ones personal abilities and talents, a Mutt can see precisely what he or she is
Even the simplest of things is knowledge, and all skills, talents, and knowledge have a
lasting and real value. Making a list of your personal talents and abilities proves to
yourself that you have an actual value. Abilities can be learned and acquired
throughout your entire lifespan, and because abilities can be learned there is no limit
to the amount of abilities that a person can acquire. Therefore, as your knowledge
expands, so will your value increase.
Before a person can advance they have to know themselves and know they have
value. To do this, one must dissect his or her own psyche; examine every aspect of it
completely, honestly and without any presumptions. Always remember; a fault
can be changed. It is only permanent if you decide to not change the fault.
The worth of a Sovereign Being is also determined by the amount of effort they put
into themselves. A persons skills are valued and permanent, and make them a being
of infinite worth. However, a person must know his or her own self-worth and
consider themselves worthy of aid before beings from the higher realms will intervene
on their behalf.
Section Five - Energy expenditures
By returning everything to its basic energy value, a Mutt can see how much energy
value, or real value, they possess. Once this amount is known, energy expenditures
can be managed and invested. If you do not know how much energy you possess, then
there is no effective way to manage your energy expenditure.
Create a ledger, and record all of your energy expenditures in it. Write out a check for
Page 314

each transaction, and keep it in a file of used energy checks. Each time you learn a
new skill or acquire knowledge, your store of energy increases. The ledger allows you
to monitor your energy expenditures; it creates the habit of watching where your
energy is going, and allows a person to evaluate the worth of his or her expenditures.
Each time a person gives someone else control over them there is an energy transfer.
Asking permission is a negative energy transfer; using the ledger and check system
allows a person to see exactly how much they are controlled by others. Once this is
known, a person can work to change the amount of control held over them.
When the mind and body are in agreement and are working together seamlessly, then
the process of infinite learning can begin. The brain is like a muscle and must be
exercised like any other muscle; if it is not used it will atrophy. When the brain
receives regular exercise it will gain in strength. The mind has to be warmed up like a
muscle before exercise; if a person exercises without a proper warm-up, muscles can
be injured.
The learning process always has to be comfortable and satisfying.
No matter where your starting point was, there is always more to learn, and a persons
level of formal education does not determine their worth. New skills and knowledge
can be attained at any age. Formal education is but a small part of knowledge; lessons
learned from life must not be considered as having less value as those learned in a
classroom or from a book.
The mind of a Sovereign Being is a processor, and like a processor it must have the
necessary information to make the best decisions. It is the responsibility of the
individual to obtain and use that information in a way that assists the mind in making
quality decisions. With the correct information, a Mutt can handle any situation they
encounter comfortably and intelligently.
To function capably a Mutt needs to know the basics of forty-two sciences. There is
no excuse for not seeking this knowledge; it happens so naturally a person is not even
aware they have learned acquired it. A person starts with the level of a science they
are comfortable with and uses it as a base on which higher levels of knowledge can be
placed. The level a person begins on is not important; what matters is the process of
learning and acquiring more knowledge and skills. The mind must be taught to seek
out new knowledge and skills, even if this takes time; it is the process that matters
most. Mental discipline is needed to keep the mind from becoming set in old ways
that do not allow the Sovereign Being to grow as a person.
When you are serious about improving yourself, perform a ritual to inform all realms
that you have begun the process of becoming who you truly are. This allows other
realms to be aware and formally involved in the process. A Sovereign Being should
perform a ritual every time a change is made, and should also keep a scrapbook or
binder of all the documents and rituals they have prepared. This helps the Sovereign
Being track their own progress over time, and allows them to see how their own worth
has increased.

Page 315

Section Six The Main Frame Mind

In many respects the Mutts true mind is like a mainframe computer; it is a
centralized, self-contained mind that is driven from within rather than directed by
external factors.
It is another name for the super conscious mind.
The main frame mind is the mind we need to use on a daily level; however to do so
requires a shift in the way we think. Essentially, we need to learn to think, and we
have to be driven to acquire knowledge. Ignorance and a simple lack of knowledge
prevent the use of this crucial aspect of the mind. It is only by acquiring knowledge
that we consciously make the shift to using this higher and more refined thought
When we learn to use the mainframe mind, we find that the everyday mind and super
consciousness minds become completely unified.
The mainframe mind works by referencing specific sequences of information that
might appear unrelated to the untrained eye; facts which are normally so far apart they
would not usually be connected. The mind is designed to discover and interpret
hidden code sequences; mathematical logic and structure, is the key to understanding
our interaction with the universe. These structures and sequences are encoded in our
One of the things that keep us anchored in the herd mentality is the subtle coding that
resides in the lower primal part of the brain. It is so simple it is very easy to miss. Our
DNA carries our genetic legacies from our family; it also contains the markers that
create own personality. This, combined with our cultural upbringing, is the deciding
factor in how a person reacts to any situation. While we dont realize it, we are preprogrammed to respond in a way that is deemed appropriate by our herd. It takes a
great deal of self awareness and strong personal resolve to break this pattern of
Section Seven - Number System
Aleph - Number One. This is the intangible life-or-death abstract principle of all that
is and all that is not. Never become too attached to one form of thinking; always be
willing to change. As soon as Aleph is discovered it changes.
Bet - Number Two. This is the archetype of all 'dwellings', of all containers; the
physical support without which nothing has shape. My body is my Bet, and the body
has to have a support system or it will break down. My house is my Bet; it must
represent me as I am inside, clean and pure.
Ghimel - Number Three. This is the organic movement of every Bet animated by
Aleph, and as such is the natural occurrence of allowing life to exist. Joy and pure
Dallet - Number Four. It is physical existence, as response to life, of all that, in nature,
is organically active with Ghimel. Where the structure is inorganic Dallet is its own
Page 316

resistance to destruction. Cause and effect; as much effort is put into ones life is how
much effort is given by the other realms. The more work a person does on them the
more knowledge and wonder are granted to them.
Hay - Number Five. This is the archetype of universal life. When it is conferred upon
Dallet, it allows it to play the game of existence, in partnership with the intermittent
life-death process. This is the number and principle that allows a person to live!
Vav - Number Six. This expresses the fertilizing agent, that which impregnates. It is
the direct result of Hay upon Dallet. Vav is the binding agent of God, and goes handin-glove with the principle of God. Vav allows this connection, and the stronger the
connection the more pure the input.
Zayn - Number Seven. This is the achievement of every vital impregnation; this
number opens the field of every conceivable possibility. This is what is achieved by a
person, and is determined by a persons level of Life.
Chet - Number Eight. This is the sphere of storage of all undifferentiated energy, or
unstructured substance. It expresses the most unevolved state of energy, as opposed to
its achieved freedom in Zayn. Here is where we draw our limitless supply of
energy/substance to create our world.
Tet / Tayt - Number Nine. As the archetype of the primeval female energy, it draws its
life from Chet and builds it gradually into formal structures. This is the womb from
which all things are born.
The following nine numbers, Yod, (Number Ten), to Tsadde, (Number Ninety),
describe the process of the nine archetypes in their factual, conditioned existence;
their projections in manifestation are always multiples of ten.
The nine multiples of 100 express the exalted archetypes in their cosmic states.
Each number has its own color or color combination.
One = Gray
Two = Black, White
Three = Gray, Black, White OR Red, Blue, Yellow
Four = Orange, Green, Violet, Indigo
Five = Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
Six = Gray, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
Seven = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo
Eight = Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo
Nine = Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo
Ten = Gray, Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo
The color spectrum colors Red through Indigo are reversible. Red to Indigo is used to
go from physical to higher realms. Indigo to Red brings energy down into the physical

Page 317

The Mutt alphabet and number values

Each Mutt letter/number has eight levels of use. Mutts function on a minimum of
eight dimensions; another way of stating this is Mutts are eight-dimensional beings
and must live accordingly, and a Sovereign Being always thinks multidimensionally.
For ease of use only the number and definition are shown.
This number incorporates the different levels of numbers so different numbers will
have almost the same meaning only at a higher octave.
One The Beginning, solitary force, prime mover, alive, all that is and all that is not,
explosive, light, joy, planning, fatherhood, creative action, dynamic power, root
cause, wealth, gold.
Two Duality, the form, receptivity, co-operation, teamwork, couples, archetype of
all containers, containment unit, non-explosive, fertilizing essence, fertility,
motherhood, devoted service, growth in the dark.
Three Uncontrolled action, birth pains, confusion, movement, force filling a form,
activation, subconscious control, functioning process, evolutionary power, breaker of
resistance, will to action, details.
Four Holder of power, solid and waiting, ancestral force, proud, secure, confident,
sovereign force, breath, power of the Word, natural resistance to change or
Five Archetype of Universal Life, force, rightness, primal law, advice, rescue, food,
ordered time and space, vapor, mist, powerful invocation, top, pit, vehicle of path of
cosmic power, waiting, conservation of energy, and calculated inaction.
Six That which impregnates, the fertilizer, vibrant life and strength, ability, the male
fertilizing agent, controlled energy, power to create or destroy, generation, power,
magical fire or projection, dispersion.
Seven Exchanged force, gift, protectiveness, the accomplishment of the fertilization,
every possible possibility, harmony, all-enclosing, discipline, arming your forces,
truth, joy, friendship.
Eight Dedication, love, united action, storage container of all unstructured energy or
structures, harmony of like forces, joy, pleasure, breast, primordial substance in all its
forms, complete manifestation of wholeness and perfect symmetry, a compatible
group, the entrance, the threshold, to will, intend, pleasures of love.
Nine Archetype of primeval female energy, life eternal, restraint, restrictions,
gathers formless substance and forms it into structures, seed form, ego, will,
transformer of all it touches but in itself is always the same, the Eternal Virgin,
activity, personal power, control, consciousness of spiritual power, banishing,
wandering, seeking, primal union.

Page 318

Ten Blooming forth into manifestation, physical existence, need fire, abundance,
resistance, deliverance, wisdom, fulfillment, sun, virtue, good harvest, beauty,
leadership, fame, window, enchanter, wolf, a hidden place.
Eleven Gold, golden, feast, magic, island, air, matter, antimatter, realization,
victory, willingness to receive, male force, power to actualize, success, knowledge,
contraction, protection, safety, peace, sun, solar, crystallized light, warmth, sun wheel,
prosperity, firebrand, sacred magic of light, life and love, a circularity of form or
Twelve A regulator, the controlled connecting agent, nail, orbit, power, success,
wisdom, generation, awakening, rebirth in spirit, sovereign heavenly order.
Thirteen Maternal waters of life, axis, becoming, love, union, stillness, song,
welcome, birth, concealment, glory, splendor, legend, beloved one, unity, alliance,
spiritual silence, comradeship, life, the Void.
Fourteen An individualized form of Universal Life, gold, great possessions, fertility,
human order of divine ancestry, primal law, experience of life, evolutionary force.
Fifteen Sea, waterfall, life energy, fertility, female fertilizing agent, organic growth,
magic, spirit, god, man, cauldron of emotion, increase, fullness, health, day
consciousness, steam, vapor, overflowing.
Sixteen Perception, sight, sun wheel, instinct, hook, crystallized water, matter,
capturing others, ring, woman, enthusiasm, night consciences.
Seventeen Substance that is formless, unstructured Man in movement, masculine
unity, law, hope, justice, sovereign order, following, leading, thirst, refreshment.
Eighteen Giver and the gift, sacred marriage, cosmic consciousness, fulfillment,
wedding together of powers, living, retainer, releaser, generative, receptive, God all,
restoring oneself.
Nineteen - State of deathlessness, destroyer of illusions, trust, power, great fertility,
preparation, ascending, transcending.
Twenty Golden, hand, cosmic container of the universe, contemplation, man,
a gathering
Twenty-one Divine Wind, breath, basis of life, cosmic motion of all that is.
I AM, Aleph Hay Yod Hay, being carried away, life energy, organic growth, an
invitation, existence, being.
Twenty-two Universal life polarities, seeking beauty, gestation, container, resolute,
Twenty-three Cosmic achievement of fruitfulness, blending of mind and body, life,
living, being, expansion, enrichment, increase, gain, growth, paradox, twilight, dawn.

Page 319

Twenty-four Self-contained power, bucket, vessel, he whom I love, he who loves

Twenty-five original substance, integrity, honor, relief, liberation, higher octave of
Twenty-six To have, building power up, iron, accomplished transmutation of the
female, self-restraint.
Twenty-seven Pure, clear, transparent, innocent, universal resistance that allows life
to exist, gold, seeking nourishment, providing nourishment.
Twenty-eight Invisible universe, strength, weight, one beloved, clay, pressure.
Twenty-nine Serpent, magic, force, dark/light, blended realities, darkness.
Thirty Shape shifter, fire, twirl, radiance, warmth, affection, beauty.
Thirty-one Chalice, transmutation, chalk, attraction, influence, action, the power of
right action.
Thirty two Glory, glorious, heart, center, wholeness, stone, alive, stability, loyalty,
perseverance, macrocosm and microcosm combined, mind/heart, forked lightening.
Section Eight - Conclusion
This statement of rights as stated in this covenant is the full and legal contract
between High Law and the Nation of Mutts. As stated, it is sealed under High Law
and by High Law, the Nation of Mutts and its citizens.
If you are willing to follow these criteria and be a Mutt, sign your passport and live as
a Mutt who lives under High Law and by High Law.

Passport signature___________________________________

Page 320

The MUTT Cabalistic Tree

By Hashay (Jannice Fadely)
This is a very simple and easy to use cabalistic system which ties in with all other
systems of magic and science. The symbolism and information it contains might be
different from what is traditionally used, but I have never been a traditionalist. I am a
Mutt and this is a Mutts Tree. For simplicity I am using only thirteen spheres,
however in theory there are an infinite number spheres; as a person progresses along
this system more and more spheres will become available. There is always more to
learn, each attainment is itself a sphere.
For those not familiar with cabbala, the spheres can have other names. You can think
of them as files, as bubbles, whatever works for you; they can have any name you
The simplistic pattern the thirteen spheres make is only a tiny part of an intricate
larger pattern.
The pattern of the thirteen spheres is not a stand alone model; it forms part of an eight
sided pattern. The eight sided pattern is only part of a larger pattern. As a person
grows the pattern grows, but like all systems of personal development you must start
at the beginning.
The spheres and lines that connect them together are a path and record of your mental
attainments; a blue print of self discovery. The model allows you to take an analytical
look at yourself; the spheres represent milestones to be attained.
Using the Tree
Attainment is the key word when it comes to understanding and using this system. All
that you have attained is shown in the spheres and the paths connecting them. All that
you have not attained is shown in the spheres and lines between them. The spheres
and lines are a very precise analytical tool for examining yourself.
Dissect the pattern the spheres and lines create and look for the weak points and the
strong points. Question the pattern. Write down all of your findings. Realize all that
you are, will be or will not be is mirrored in the pattern. You are looking at yourself.
The pattern can grow, decay or stagnate depending on how you develop yourself.
What are you attainments? Every attainment counts, nothing is too trivial.
Examine the pattern of spheres and lines and see what catches your eye? Write down
in your journal everything that catches your eye. Write down everything you discover.
The aspects of the tree that catches your eye first are the things that you are naturally
drawn to at this point in your life, things that have strong significance to you. Theses
are the things that need to be closely examined.

Page 321

Each sphere and path has to be earned and some will be easier than others. Each
sphere and path contains the documentation of your attainments. You may claim a
sphere or paths as yours as long as you do the work to earn it. By claiming a sphere or
path first you are using a place holder.
A place holder states that you may not consciously know the place/sphere claimed but
by claiming the place/sphere you are claiming what is there as your own.
Key words, symbols and concepts for the first sphere
The starting point for your journey is the bottom sphere. This sphere represents the
basic you with no added frills. Just like buying a car, the basic components are
included and then the extras are added on. The first sphere is you minus all acquired
Dedication is the key word here; dedication to the creation of you. Here you decide to
stay as you are or to start the long journey to become that which you truly are. Once
the decision is made there is no turning back. It is in this sphere you show the High
Realms you are worth assisting on your journey, hence its attribution to the crown
chakra which runs contrary to conventional tree of life models.
Key words, symbols and concepts for Sphere Two:
Key words, symbols and concepts for Sphere Three:
Pen and Ink
The second and third spheres represent the things we need to learn. These spheres
represent intelligence and intuition and the study of sciences and philosophies. These
Page 322

are very important spheres; without these a person can not progress at all.
These spheres are not normally drawn onto the Cabalistic Tree, which is a major
problem. How can a person attain what is not there? A person has to search for them.
The most basic knowledge is sometimes the hardest to find.
Sphere two represents intuition and the study of all religions and philosophies, rather
than the believing of any of them. Dogma in all its forms has to be understood as
something that is detrimental to a persons growth.
Sphere three represents intelligence and the study of all the sciences - not at PHD
level or anything unattainable, rather it requires a solid working knowledge of their
The study of religions, philosophies and sciences accomplishes two objectives, firstly,
by having this wide base of knowledge you make sounder decisions. Secondly and
just as importantly, the more you use your mind the more neural networks are formed
which in turn creates a brain that is extremely functional.
There is a wide variety of knowledge available and it comes in many forms.
Knowledge can come from a book, a flower, a story being told by a person, a song
sung by the sea, a flash of intuition or a roll of thunder. It is up to each person to be
watching and listening for knowledge when it shows itself.
Vigilance is the key word here. They journey has begun; now constant vigilance is
needed to ensure that nothing causes you to falter.
Hermes told his students to master forty two sciences, this is because knowledge is the
building block of a functional mind. A mind is only as efficient and accurate as the
information stored in it.
Never believe anything. Believing in something is the same thing as saying I hope
this is right but I really do not know. It is each persons responsibility to fill their
own minds with functional knowledge not dysfunctional beliefs.
Learn the forty two sciences. There is no real excuse not to. Always remember that if
you do not take the time to work on yourself no other higher being will think your
worth it either. If you accept living as a herd animal you will be treated as a herd
animal by all realms; there will be no one to blame except yourself. If you accept
living as a herd animal you will be in fact a herd animal because that is what you
choose to be.
It is not an excuse that you were raised in a horrible environment or you never had a
chance or any other excuse you can find. Any excuse is just saying you do not think
you are worth the effort, not that others screamed at you whether from the pulpit,
government, family or friends. Their opinion does not count. It is your life and you
are in full control of everything that happens to you, like it or not.
A mutt accepts full and sole responsibility for their every thought, every word, and
every action.
Page 323

A mutt accepts full and sole responsibility for correcting any and all of their own
erroneous thought processes.
If you say it is too time consuming to learn forty two sciences, you are not smart
enough, or are too old. Sorry, but that is a false reality. If you are ninety nine, blind
and can not read or write you are still alive, which means you have all the time you
need. It all goes back to the effort you are willing to put into yourself. If you are
willing to put the necessary effort into yourself then under High Law, the high beings
can interfere on your behalf; they can and will aid you on your journey. If you do not
think you are worth the effort they will accept your decision and let you remain as you
are, because you choose to knowingly.
Everyone does know the choice they have made. Saying I did not know is not true.
A mutt knows what is right or wrong and follows the law of right. If it is right- do it.
If it is wrong- do not.
Everyone, even none Mutts know what is right or wrong. Some people have the
mistaken belief as long as they do not admit it to themselves they are not held
accountable for knowing the difference between right and wrong. They are dead dead
There are different levels of being dead which is why I use the term dead dead. If
someone is dead dead they are dead to the point of no continuing existence on any
level of reality; it is a complete ceasing of being. It is not a nice thought.
Key words, symbols and concepts for the Fourth Sphere:
Sub consciousness
Reflection is the key word here. The things you have created in all levels are reflected
back to you. This is the place of images; it is also the sub consciousness.
Knowledge in. Wisdom out.
Garbage in. Garbage out.
What you have put into yourself comes back in this sphere.
It is the first gate a person has to pass through to go higher on. If a person has not put
the correct images here they can not progress past this point. This is the second level
of Mind that has to be mastered before a person can advance to the third level of the
To attain this second level of Mind a person must learn to evaluate everything they
think, say or do. Anything that is wrong must be discarded if a person wishes to
Page 324

Even the simple things must be evaluated. How do you dress yourself?
What foods do you eat and how do you prepare them? What causes you to smile?
What causes you to frown? What books do you read or own and why do you read or
own them?
Remember one day you will have to stand before the High Law Court and be
evaluated. The more you have worked on yourself the better the judgment will be for
you. If you fail the evaluation it is death- dead dead. It is not simple betterment of
yourself that you are working towards. You are working towards having your Soul
Rights and a Mind. You are working on being considered a Sovereign Being by the
High Realms.
Key words, symbols and concepts for the fifth Sphere:
Sister of the moon
Sphere Six
Great Initiator
Magical Consciousness is developed here. From the Magical Consciousness a
Magical System is created that is personally yours. It is not Wicca Ceremonial Magic
or Cabala; it is how you perceive and create your magical world.
It is your Magical System. You create it. You name it. You see it. You maintain it.
Here you start the writing of your book of life. With the attainment of these spheres
you are now considered a living being with a basic mind. You show up on the radar of
the Higher Realms as a Magical entity. Here you work on your psychic self. You are
creating a Magical Entity, this must be done with great care.
It is here you learn all of the magical systems - not join a magical system, but learn all
of the magical systems. If you join a magical system you can not advance any further,
instead you become locked into these spheres.
Ripples is the key word here. As ripples move through water so do you move
through these spheres.
You become a ripple that affects everything around you. You are a cause. You create

Page 325

Key words, symbols and concepts for the seventh Sphere:
Polish is another key word here. It is the sphere where the third level of Mind is
attained. The Mind is polished here until it shines. In the first level of Mind the Mind
was dedicated to becoming. In the second level of Mind the Mind became a clear
reflection of all that is true. The third level of mind polishes and rounds out the minds
The mind has a magical self besides an ordinary self. You now live in two worlds.
Everything you have learned is gone over. Every part of your life is gone over.
Your Book of Life is your documentation. All missing documentation is added. The
book is gone over and adjusted as needed. Always remember the better the polishing
the better the Evolution in High Law Court.
Key words, symbols and concepts for the eighth Sphere:
Key words, symbols and concepts for the ninth Sphere:
Maturity is the key word in the ninth sphere. You wear the Three Crowns attained
from attaining the first three levels of mind. You have acquired the ability to think and
you are recognized as a living entity. You have acquired a magical self.
Here you learn when and how to be a breeze . or a hurricane as circumstance
Key words, symbols and concepts for the tenth Sphere:
Super Consciousness
Page 326

Wonderment is the key word here. The fourth level of Mind is attained here. It is
totally unlike the other levels of mind attained. Where the other levels of mind are
development of thinking abilities this sphere fills the Mind with knowledge.
Here the world shows itself as a wondrous crystalline being of rainbow colors
Brilliance. The joy from this experience never leaves you. The world we see here is
our world; this is what our goal is; to live always in the crystalline rainbow world. The
Nation of Mutt is a Crystalline Rainbow World Nation.
This is the sphere of Mind. This is your true mind; memories and knowledge that you
possess but are not aware of reside here.
As you can see intelligence, intuition and mind are missing from the traditional
Cabalistic Tree. If you want intelligence, intuition or mind of your own you have to
draw them in on the traditional tree. If you dont draw them in then you have a model
with no intelligence, no intuition and no mind. Remember, the tree is a representation
of you.
Key words, symbols and concepts for Sphere Eleven
Sphere Twelve
I know is the key to these spheres. There are no doubts in the mind. Wisdom and
Understanding are our natural way of being. Here a natural way of wisdom and
understanding are acquired; it is so far beyond the ordinary it is difficult to describe.
This sphere is so far beyond our reality it is hard for those who have not experienced
it themselves to comprehend.
The Divine Being shows itself.

Page 327

Key words, symbols and concepts for the thirteenth Sphere:
No clues about this one yet Im afraid. A fifth level of Mind is attained, but I can only
wonder myself what else is attained here. When I know I will tell you.
It is the sphere of divine magic!

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Part Nine
Divination The Key to the Future
The Tarot is of course one of the best known forms of
divination there is, however it should be noted that all forms
of divination are designed to tap into our subconscious self,
and thus all are worthy of exploration.

Oriental Witch by Dhanishta

Page 329

Tarot Basics An Introduction to Divination and the Tarot

By Isis
The Divine Connection
The practice of divination is as old as mankind himself.
Corrupted by the unscrupulous, demonised by the church and mocked by the
skeptical, the art of divination nevertheless rises above the negativity of
our culture to offer advice, inspiration and enlightenment to those who are willing to
accept the guidance of universal wisdom. The art of divination
existed long before its critics and will exist long after, because the art of divination is
the art of connecting to divine wisdom itself. The potential to use this 'divine'
connection is something we are all born with, some of us choose to use this skill only
at a subconscious level, and would happily denounce the very idea that there is much
validity in this art. For those who make a conscious effort to develop their skills the
rewards in terms of personal and spiritual development are quickly apparent.
There are many different types of divination and it is important to recognise the one
that works for you. The three methods we are going to look at on these pages are the
Runes, the Tarot and the i-ching. These are the ones that I have worked with most
extensively, so I can at least add a little personal insight to the topic. Divination is
often inaccurately described as 'fortune telling' but that is not what true divination is
really about. Divination is a way to emotionally detach from events in order to see
them more clearly. It is a method of connecting with a higher source of guidance,
undertaking a voyage of self discovery and finding wisdom and enlightenment on the
way. Divination allows us to examine how past, present, and future situations can be
best sorted out and dealt with from a more advantageous perspective. Divination does
not necessarily require tools such as cards, stones, crystals and do on, any psychic
reading is technically divination as is an astrology or numerology reading. It is simply
the art of connecting our sub consciousness with a guiding power and then actually
allowing that power to guide us. With many Divination techniques, the more time the
diviner spends studying their aims and objectives, the more information is revealed
and the clearer the outcome.
Caring for your divinatory tools
All divinatory tools whether tarot cards, yarrow sticks, runes, crystals, pendulums and
so on need to be wrapped in black silk or cotton when not being used. Black prevents
negative external energy from attaching itself to the item in question and corrupting
any future readings with unrelated energy patterns. Silk or cotton is used because
these are natural fibres and so more in harmony with Gaia.
It is important to cleanse any divinatory tool you use regularly, ideally both before
and after use as many tools store' the energy patterns they come into contact with,
leading to less reliable readings.
There are many ways to cleanse these items, the quickest all purpose method is to use
an incense stick, ideally this should be one that avoids synthetic scents and uses only
Page 330

pure ingredients. Other methods include using Reiki (or any similar channeled
energy) to cleanse the item. Using the light of a full moon is also very useful for this
purpose and can be used in addition to the incense method. Other people use sunlight
as a cleansing method, personally I don't because sunlight is a male energising
element, and the moon on the other hand is feminine and deeply connected to the
subconscious. Divination links into the subconscious so personally I would always
recommend lunar energy over sunlight, but please, follow your own intuition!
Cards, whether angel cards, tarot cards or i-ching cards should be stored (wrapped in
their cloth) in a wooden box.
Tarot Myths
There are lots of myths surrounding Tarot cards, which are absolute rubbish. The two
most common ones are that it is unlucky to buy your own deck and that it is unlucky
to read your own cards.
First of all, not only is there nothing wrong with buying your own deck, in fact I
would positively recommend it!
The most important thing about owning a set of tarot is to use a deck that you are
comfortable with; you need to resonate with the deck regardless of whether you use it
for divination or path working. If someone buys you a deck it might be the right one
for you, but it could be completely wrong. I was lucky. I was bought my first deck as
a gift some twenty years ago, that deck worked great for me and I still use
occasionally today. Looking at the other side of the coin I have a friend who was
bought a Celtic tarot deck as her first deck, because she's not familiar with Celtic
mythology she has great problems trying to use her own cards, simply because that
deck is not right for her. Novelty' decks in general should be approached with
caution, some of them are great but others are created more for the collectors market
rather than mass use. If you find a deck that you like and understand the symbolism
of, then great that's the one for you, but if you just like it for its novelty value, my
advice, give it a miss.
Reading your own cards is the best way to get to know them, in fact it's the only way
to get to know them. You can't expect to learn the art of tarot and learn to identify
with the cards simply by reading a few books and practicing on friends. The tarot are
for me personally one of the most powerful divinatory tools available but to truly
understand them you need to work with them constantly. If you do have an issue with
reading your own cards then what my teachers used to say was to ask the cards to tell
you a story'. Create a simple spread a three card spread is plenty for a beginner and
write down your thoughts as to what kind of picture the three cards are creating. Look
at how the cards relate to each other and the symbolism contained on each card. Once
you are comfortable with a three card spread then move on to a slightly more complex
one such as the Celtic cross.
Another myth in tarot reading is that there are good cards and bad cards. There is
good and bad in every card, certainly some cards indicate more favourable situations
than others, but the cards are simply metaphors that highlight energy patterns in out
lives. If there are energy patterns we wish to avoid the tarot will show us the path to
Page 331

do so, we need only ask. Nothing in the tarot is written in stone, they are simply
indicators of the energies that lie in our current path, enabling us to make the
conscious decision as to whether we want to continue on that path or change the
direction of our lives.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Each card of the 78 cards in a deck has a generic meaning that remains pretty constant
in tarot reading. Equally each deck contains a rich source of symbolism that is unique
to that deck, hence the importance of owning the right deck for you. When you look at
the symbolism on a card it triggers your own subconscious processes enabling you to
connect the card to the individual or situation. The symbolism of all the cards dealt in
a spread interacts thus creating a unique picture for each reading.
Below is an example of differing symbolism, the first card is from the Thoth Deck
and the second from the Rider Waite Deck. Both cards are Atu 0 The Fool but the
symbolism in the Thoth deck is far more complex that that of the Rider Waite Deck.
Both cards serve their purpose equally well, and one is by no means better than the
other. In my opinion the Rider Waite is more of a beginners deck because it keeps
things simple, if however you understand the symbolism Crowley employed when he
created the Thoth deck, then that deck may well be right for you.
Lets briefly examine the symbolism in both cards...

Looking at the Thoth version of The Fool (the first card) this is a quick idea of some
of the symbolism contained in the card:
The Fool Atu 0. (Primum mobile to the idea of force.) 0 does not mean 'zero' rather it
represents 'nothing' in the kabbalistic sense ie the three veils of negative existence
(Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur).
This card completes the cycle for the major arcana, and begins the next. Nothing lasts
forever! (literally) It is placed between Atu XXI and Atu I to symbolise this
continuous cycle of existence.

Page 332

The Fool is the child of the universe; accordingly the universe will protect and guide
him as long as he remains innocent and without prejudice. He is guided by a higher
power and connected to his 'inner child'. Because his physical body is unimportant he
does not worry about the tiger cub playfully biting his leg.
The Fool represents creation; hence he is dressed in green symbolising spring and
fertility. Both the vulture and the crocodile represent the fertility aspect. The vulture
reproduces in the air and also, has a curved neck which (according to Crowley)
symbolises the spiral of the universe. According to legend and the crocodile is Sebeck
the Egyptian crocodile god who represents creative energy.
The Fire symbolises Aries (the Ram) is the first sign of the zodiac (the Fool carries a
bag containing the zodiac.) The ram also ties in with the myth of Jason and the golden
fleece. The grapes on the right hand side of the card represent Bacchus, God of the
vine who was insane with enthusiasm. He also represents fertility as the basis of
ecstasy. Other symbolism includes the dove (top left) which is the bird of Venus and
the Holy ghost. The butterfly, symbolising metamorphosis is also present and the
three loops representing the three Kabbalistic veils. There is also a pyramid of white
light on his crown chakra and two more in his right hand, alluding to sacred geometry,
the key to the universe. The Hebrew letter associated with the card is Aleph (the first
of the three mother letters) meaning ox (note the fools horns). The Fool is both man
and woman. He is adventurous and energetic, a free spirit who accepts a challenge
and goes where life takes him, which is why people think him a fool, they see only his
disconnection from society rather than looking beyond to his connection with a higher
Those notes above represent just a tiny amount of the symbolism on Crowley's
version of the Fool, if you compare that to the simplicity of the Rider Waite version...
The mountains in the Rider Waite card (the second of the two cards) allude to the
mystical journey, and the fool of course stands on the edge of a precipice, innocent
and optimistic. The white sun refers to Kether and to the warmth of the sun which
bathes a beautiful day. The youth gazes upwards to the sky unafraid of falling and
judging by the dogs stance, they seem to be moving forward.
The interpretation of both cards is pretty much the same, as they are both based on the
same archetypal premise but their deeper meaning to the reader will differ depending
on how they connect to the symbolism
Always remember there is not one symbolic definition ascribed to these cards, the
process of divination is very much an organic experience and is subject to the intuitive
process of the reader at any given time. I believe that we see what we need to see
when we need to see it. The best way to learn the tarot is by working out the
symbolism of each card for yourself, that way it means something to you - and keep
your notes in a notebook, otherwise twenty cards down the line you'll have no idea
what you said about the first card.

Page 333

The cards and you

One way of working is to have two identical decks, one for other peoples reading and
the second for your own personal readings and path working exercises. The two
decks, though identical will soon develop very different vibrations. A couple of years
ago I made the mistake of removing both decks from their respective boxes at the
same time and then, having been distracted, forgot which deck was mine'. Once the
initial oh my god' moment had subsided I picked up my pendulum and asked' for my
deck to be identified. It was amazing how clearly the pendulum was able to decisively
pinpoint which deck was my personal deck. (Pendulums incidentally are great for
these yes' or no' energy based questions.) What this shows though is that it is
important to work with your own cards, because as you do so the cards pick up and
store your intuitive energy. This is one of the reasons why some Tarot readers refuse
to let their clients touch the cards because the clients energy would 'muddy the waters'
for not just their own readings but for subsequent ones. Other readers take the
opposite approach and let the client handle the cards as much as possible because they
consider that it creates a better reading for the client, if you do allow your clients to
handle the cards then it is essential to cleanse them thoroughly between readings to
avoid energies remaining from the first reading, but provided you do this then all will
be well.
Everything happens as it is supposed to; it happens for a reason, the tarot simply
reminds us of that.

Page 334

The I-Ching in the Modern World

By Jack G. Langrell Jr.
Spiritually speaking, have we really come a long way
to get to where modern society is today, or could it
be argued that in many respects we are still as
primitive as our ancestors?
It does seem that over the ages, society, government
and religion have done everything they can to control
people so that most of us accept certain belief
systems as the only answer to our questions. What
would our world be like today if these organisations
did not exercise the rigid control over our spiritual
journey and if religion did not censor our beliefs?
For eight years I have fought and tried to understand the reasons behind religions that
say you are born in sin, to go to Heaven, you need to kill to defend your faith, the
ethos of organised religion seems to often translate as We are the truth, and anyone
that does not believe as we believe and follow our way, will be condemned.
Every one of those statements is a subliminal message to close your mind, do not
think on your own, we will do the thinking for you.
Imagine now, an ancient book of philosophy and wisdom, a book that does not belong
to any religion but can be used to connect us to our inner-selves and teach us the way
to harmonise ourselves with the universe in which we live. This book, a book of
divination, of timeless wisdom and non-judgemental guidance, is the I-Ching.
A little background
The I-Ching is one of the oldest known texts that humanity possesses. Also known
as "The Book of Changes", the text is both an ancient Chinese divinatory oracle and a
book of philosophy and wisdom. The authors of the I-Ching are thought to be
numerous, as the original text was gradually developed, not only by Confucius in the
5th century but many other great sages of ancient China.
The Emperor Fui Hsi (2953 B.C.) is said to be responsible for the earliest part; the
eight basic trigrams. It is from these that the 64 hexagrams were created by King
Wen. Wen is also said to have written an explanation (judgemental) for each one.
King Wen's son added to these commentaries; however it was Confucius that made
these texts available to scholars in the 5th century. It would be another 1,500 years
before the text was translated into English.
"What's the big deal with the I-Ching?" you might ask.
The basis of the I-Ching is that our world is a constant interaction between two forces,
two fundamental energies; yin, the passive, weak, dark female energy and yang, the
active, strong, bright male energy. The two energies complement each other perfectly;
without yin there would be no yang and without yang there would be no yin. The two
Page 335

are inseparable and together form the Tai Chi symbol seen in the picture above. The IChing tells us that change is constant, nothing, whether good or bad stays the same,
everything must change. All phenomena are the result of the interaction between yin
and yang, symbolised in the I-Ching as solid Yang (positive) lines and broken Yin (or
negative lines.)
It is from these two lines that the 8 trigrams were formed. The 64 hexagrams were
then created by permuting pairs of trigrams.
The I-Ching in the modern world.
Interestingly the I-Ching, created 5000 years ago, is the first recorded binary system
of counting in history.
The computers we all use nowadays are based on the binary system (0 represents off,
1 represents on), this is the most basic of all the systems, like when you have an on/off
switch. Encoded in the I-Ching 5,000 years ago lay the foundations for
communications of the future.
Bar codes are another item that you see everyday on things that you buy that have
their origins in the binary system of the I-Ching.
Your DNA was found confirmed and shown through the study of the I-Ching. Some
scientists have also found out that the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching can be shown to
be completely analogous of DNA patterns, which may be an indication of its solidly
"universal" nature.
The i-ching has been used as a basis for divination and philosophy by a great many
people; Gottfried Leibniz, Carl Jung, David Bohm, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr and
Werner Heisenberg. Let us also include Edward Lorenz the man that discovered
chaos theory.
Since 1923 the I-Ching has steadily become increasingly available to the western
public, well maybe the world, thanks to scholars such as Stephen Karcher, Richard
Wilhelm, Cary Baynes, who have studied and translated the original texts.
Looking at the big picture
What I am trying to announce to the world is that there is help to understanding the
rhythms and reason of the universe. An ancient wisdom that is as applicable now as it
was thousands of years ago, wisdom that can empower each of us to solve our
problems no matter how big, small, or complicated they may be. This help loves you,
respects you, and it only got one goal; your happiness and success. The I-Ching is
non-judgemental, it does not consider you sinful, inferior, or demand obedience; it
simply offers advice as to the correct course of action given a set of circumstances. Its
strength lies in its simplicity and its ability to translate the universal energies into an
intelligent and all knowing philosophy that can be applied to all circumstances.

Page 336

There are people who have dedicated their lives studying this sacred book to further
understand the truth that lies hidden in the I Ching.
There are many now who make a living from conducting I-Ching readings. That is a
contentious issue that this article attempts to judge. In the true spirit of duality, there
are a few individuals who study the I-Ching in the belief that teaching, counselling,
helping others is a sacred calling or task, and they do not charge anything. They walk
through life with you if you want, they listen, they guide, and they are there for you.
They do not take advantage of you, they do not ask anything in return, and they just
share their growing knowledge with their fellow human beings, to make the world a
better place one person at a time. Aleister Crowley was himself a great student of the
I-Ching, so it seems fitting that ThothWeb is one place where that spirit of sharing
knowledge of the I-Ching lives on. At ThothWeb all I-ching readings are free,
personal and private. The only thing we ask is that you take the time to become a
member of this growing community.
Does it work?
There are countless success stories about people who have found inner peace,
understanding and balance through their use of the I-Ching. The time the I-Ching fails
the individual is when the individual fails the I-Ching; they fail because they do not
build virtue and strong character within themselves. They do not build the foundation
that is needed to succeed. Following the council of the I-Ching will create in you the
best possible human being you can be, simply by following its guidance. It is in that
spirit, the spirit of unconditional giving that this article is written.
I think for myself, I respect all religions and know that all are as good as the goodness
they produce. I respect all people and want all people to have peace, happiness, and
financial security. Like most people, I want the pain to stop and the conflict to cease.
Therefore, as I tread my own path I try with one person at a time to offer a window of
enlightenment into the treasures the I-Ching holds. The wisdom of the I-Ching is as
relevant today as it was 5,000 years ago, only perhaps now, we need its guidance that
little bit more. I am married, have a comfortable home, great family, food in my belly
and all that I could have ever wished for. Now that I am retired it is my hope that I can
use my knowledge and understanding to help those who want it. To change the world
one person at a time; to help create a future that can be full of happiness, joy, security,
and lack of want. I ask nothing in return, I expect nothing in return, and I hope for a
greater future to all human beings.
Think of this article as a path leading to the awakening of the essence within us. Think
of it as a cry on the internet for people to awaken to new possibilities, fantastic futures
by embracing a philosophy that has lasted 5000 years.
An I-Ching reading
An I-Ching reading is carried out using either yarrow sticks, marbles or coins, there
are further resources at the end of this document for those interested in doing their
own readings. The three coins (the quicker of the two methods) would be cast six
times in total, one for each line of the hexagram. Once the hexagram has been created,
the I-Ching (The Book of Changes) is consulted for the commentary to the relevant
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Here at this website, at ThothWeb, there are many different people that will share
their knowledge on all kinds of spiritual matters with you. They look for truth and I
suppose you could say that they want you to know that which others do NOT want
you to know. In reality, every student is a scholar and every scholar is a student. At
ThothWeb that fact is never forgotten.
This article is written by: Jack G. Langrell Jr. Retired

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I-Ching - How to cast the coins

By Isis

The i-ching is cast using either three coins or fifty

yarrow sticks. Each coin has a yin side and a yang
side, rather like heads and tails.
Before asking the i-ching for guidance the querant
should sit quietly holding the coins and
contemplating their question for a few moments.

The YANG side of the coin (left) has a value of 3 Yang is

represented by a single unbroken line like so ________

The YIN side of the coin has a value of 2. Yin is represented by a

broken line like this ____ ____
The coins are thrown by the querant a total of six times thus
generating the six lines of the hexagram.
Each time the value of the three coins in total will be 6, 7, 8 or 9. Make a note of each
result and keep them in the correct order.
6 Represents Old Yin........ An Old Yin line changes to a Young Yang Line
When constructing a hexagram you always start from the bottom, this is because all
organic life starts on the ground and grows upwards.
7 Represents Young Yang...........This line remains the same.
8 Represents Young Yin.............This line remains the same.
9 Represents Old Yang............This line changes to Young Yin.
The significance of the old lines is the underlying philosophy of the Tai Chi or
Yin/Yang symbol which says that when a force reaches the height of its potential it
becomes 'old' and is then reborn as its opposite which is young. Hence 6 and 9 which
are 'old' numbers (or lines) change to their exact opposite, old to young, yin to yang.

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After throwing the coins six times you would have something like this: 9, 6, 7, 8, 7, 6
which would then create two hexagrams, an original and a changed version.
6 Old Yin

___ ___ Changes to Young Yang _______

7 Young Yang _______ Stays the same

___ ___

8 Young Yin ___ ___ Stays the same

___ ___

7 Young Yang _______ Stays the same

___ ___

6 Old Yin

___ ___ Changes to Young Yang _______

9 Old Yang

_______ Changes to Young Yin ___ ___

Look up the meaning of the first hexagram (most books will provide a reference table
for this purpose) In this case The first hexagram created is Hexagram 63 Chi Chi
meaning 'After Completion'.
For greater insight now read the corresponding text for any changing lines, in this case
we would read the text for hexagram 63 and then the text for the changed lines which
will be found in the commentary for Hexagram 63. Finally for further illumination we
would look up the second hexagram which in this case is Hexagram number 4 Meng 'Youthful Folly' and read the commentary from that, thus the i-ching is consulted to its
fullest extent.
Remember it is perfectly acceptable to work solely with the guidance derived from the
first hexagram that was thrown, the changed lines and resulting second hexagram
serve only to expand upon the commentary of the first in relation to your situation.

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Introduction to the Runes

By Isis
The word rune' can be traced back to
the old Nordic and Anglo Saxon run',
early Icelandic runar' and old German
runa'. These in turn are derived from
the Indi-European root word ru' which
means mystery' or secret'. The Anglo
Saxon slang word rown, roon or round
in the ear' was widely used to refer to
the whispering of a secret and appears
to be a derivative of the word rune'. It
is possible that the runes were
originally a secret or semi secret
alphabet used by tribal shaman for occult purposes.
In mythology, the creation of the runes is attributed to the Norse god Odin. Odin's
name is reportedly derived from the Norse word Od meaning wind or spirit. Odin is
said to have the power to raise the dead, divine for the future and shapeshifters.
There is speculation that there may be a link between Odin and the Celtic Genii
Cucullati (hooded spirits), a pagan horse cult - horse whisperers, who could tame wild
horses by whispering magical incantations into their ears. The Genii Cucullati were
known to use runes for magical purposes.
It is said that Odin gained his runic knowledge by a supreme act of self sacrifice. He
hung for nine days and nine nights impaled upside down from the Yggdrasil tree (The
World Tree). This act parallels the physical extremes that Shaman have been known
to go through as part of a shamanic initiation. The practice of subjecting ones body to
extremes of deprevation and suffering is well known to promote visions. The
suspension from the tree also parallels the hanged man in the tarot.
Caring for your runes
All runes should be cleansed regularly to ensure they are spiritually pure. This can be
done using a smudge stick, natural running water such as a stream or the light from
the full moon. It is also possi