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1.Presidential decree No. 907 grants eligibility appropriate for what level positions?





2. In what issuances you can read the Performance-Based Bonus details?

DepEd Order

DepEd Memorandum


DepEd Gazette

3. What is shown when the principal issues a memorandum towards a teacher who always absent without
notice to the principals office?

Expert Power

Referent Power

Legitimate Power

Coercive Power

4. It is a document focused in learning composed of Professional development Plan of school head,

professional development plan of teachers and student development activities.

National Competency Based Teaching Standards

Progress Monitoring Program

Human Resource Development

Learning Management Plan

5. Hypothetically, the Speaker of the House died, how many days should the Philippine Flag is on a halfmast?

10 days

7 days

15 days

5 days

6. This enables the leader to reward followers who serve the purpose; as such he derives instrumental

Referent Power

Rewards Power

Coercive Power

Expert Power

7. This is based on the formal rights one receives as a result of holding an authoritative position or role in
an organization.

Legitimate Power

Reward Power

Expert Power

Coercive Power

8. This is based on the leaders cutting edge in some fields.

Expert Power

Legitimate Power

Referent Power

Coercive Power

9. The TSNA is composed of how many competency items?

170 items

270 items

370 items

470 items

10. Principal Y is greatly admired by the teachers. What power influence is being shown?

Legitimate Power

Expert Power

Referent Power

Coercive Power

11. The Brightest for the Bureaucracy Program (BBP) of the CSC, who are NOT qualified join the

Topnotchers of CSC and Board/Bar Examinations

PD 907 Eligibility Holder

Individuals of exceptional qualifications

Civil Service Eligibles who come from the Top 15% of the graduating class.

12. Which of the following is the LAST STEP in the SIP Planning Cycle?

Determining the schools goals and objectives.

Implementation start-up.

Communicating the plan.

Organizing for Implementation.

13. It is when the appointment is co-existent with the duration of a particular projects for which purpose
employment was made or subject to the availability of funds for the same.

Co-terminous with the project

Co-terminous with the appointing authority

Co-terminous with the incumbent

Co-terminous with a specific period

14. What is the purpose of the CB-PAST?

To evaluate teachers.

To assess the teachers.

To appraise the teachers.

To praise the teachers.

15. Principal Y has low emphasis on performance but show high emphasis on people. What leadership
style is being shown?

Human Relations Leader

Democratic Leader

Laissez Fair Leader

Autocratic Leader

16. This refers to the process of searching for and identifying job candidates in sufficient quality and





17. Principal M wants everything to be in order in the school at all cost. He wants always want to set his
best foot forward. He puts over emphasis on performance but low emphasis on people. What leadership
style is being shown?

Democratic Leader

Autocratic Leader

Laissez Faire Leader

Human Relations Leader

18. Who is exempted from the rule on nepotism?

Teachers and physicians

Members of the AFP

Persons employed in a special capacity

All of the choices.

19. Which of the following institution in which the Philippine Flag should NOT be hoisted day and night?

Rizal Monument

Barasaoin Church

Supreme Court and other Courts

Senate of the Philippines Building

20. In the Pledge of Allegiance to the National Flag, which of the following is the third order being





21. Principal T strives for a well-organized and challenging work environment with clear objectives and
responsibilities and gets the job to be done by motivating and managing individuals and groups to use
their full potential. What leadership style is being shown?

Laissez Faire Leader

Democratic Leader

Autocratic Leader

Human Relations Leader

22. It is aimed at enabling the acquisition of Basic Education competencies for all Filipinos.

Alternative Learning System

Schools First Initiatives

Education for All

School Improvement Plan

23. Teacher X met all the qualifications except that of eligibility. What should be issued to Teacher X?


Regular Permanent



24. Which of the following is a prohibited act on the use of the National Flag?
I. To dip the National Flag to any person or object by way of compliment or salute.
II. To display the National Flag horizontally.
III. To print, paint or attach representation of the National Flag on handkerchiefs, napkins, cushions and
articles of merchandise.
IV. To use or display or be a part of any advertisements or informercial.

I and II

III and IV

I II and III only

I, II, III and IV

25. Who is tasked to develop a summary of the teachers accomplishments and their implications to the
schools priority improvement areas as indicated in the AIP?

School IT Coordinator

School Records Coordinator

School NCBTS Coordinator

Assistant Principal

26. Mathematics Department wants to hold a Math Fair on December 18, 2014. What issuance should be

DepEd Memorandum

DepEd Order


Unnumbered Memorandum

27. Mark graduated as Magna cum Laude in one of the prestigious university in the country. Under what law
allows him to teach in the public school?

PD 907

PD 997

RA 6850

PD 1408

28. When was Every-Child-a-Reader-Program (ECARP) launched?





29. In what level in the SBM scale of practice when the school intensifies mobilization resources?

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

30. Regular publications of existing vacant positions in government offices are required for how many

5 days

10 days

15 days

20 days

31. Which of the following words best describes the School Improvement Plan?
I. It is a roadmap.
II. A comprehensive overview of major priorities.
III. It is a document which embodies the school.
IV. It is an instrument by which the community can hold a certain school accountable for students

I and IV only.

I, II, and IV only.

I, III and IV only.

I, II, III and IV

32. A Public School Teacher is classified under what level of position?

4th level position

3rd level position

2nd level position

1st level position

33. Principal Q puts low emphasis on performance and on people. What leadership style is being shown?

Autocratic Leader

Human Relations Leader

Laissez Faire Leader

Democratic Leader

34. Which of the following statement the IPPD is NOT based upon?

The mandated functions and competency standards for profession.

Results of training needs assessment.

Priority development goals of the school, division and region.

The philosophy, vision and mission of the school.

35. Which of the following is least attributed to discipline?

Effective and efficient performance.

Attainment of goals and objectives

Development of self-control.

Absolute exercise.

36. Which of the following is a group of internal members of the school in the community?

Barangay Officials




37. Mr. O assumes a more active attitude assisting the parties to reach acceptable solutions and/or helps
the disputing parties develop or come out with an acceptable solution. What mode of settling dispute is
being shown?




All of the choices.

38. How many days does a receipt of request by the school to the issuance of official school documents?

15 days from receipt of request

20 days from receipt of request

not exceeding 20 days

not exceeding 30 days

39. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the Philippine flag?

The Philippine Flag could be knotted to signal that assistance is badly needed.

The flagpole could be equal in height or higher than the Independence Flagpole.

The blue color should be on the left if in a hanging position in time of peace.

It is hanged day and night at the Congress of the Philippines Buidling.

40. The career service is characterized by the following EXCEPT what?

Security of tenure.

Opportunity for advancement to higher positions.

Entrance based on qualifications alone.

Entrance based on merit and fitness or on highly technical qualification.

41. Permanent laborers, whether skilled, semi-skilled or under skilled are grouped under what category?

Clerical Service

Non-career Service

Custodial Service

Career Service

42. Publication of vacant position is required under what law?

RA 6850

PD 807

RA 6713

RA 7041

43. Which of the following is NOT the core principle in school improvement?

It is based on standards.

It is systematic.

It is continuous.

It is exclusive and integrative.

44. It is a tool that serves as a guide for the professionals learning and development?





45. A process whereby a third party brings the parties together, encourages them to discuss their
differences and assists them in developing their own proposed solutions.




All of the choices.

46. A program wherein its primary objective is to assist qualified eligible for possible employment in the
public service.

Job Placement Program

Examination/Recruitment Program

Human Resource Program

Labor Education program

47. The passing grade for all CSC written examinations except for examinations covered by special laws
is at least?





48. The tool considered most objective for measuring merit and fitness for employment.

Screening employees

Recruitment of employees

Examination of employees

Placement of employees

49. Mr. Po is a school head in Quezon. He is very businesslike in handling his role. He is known for having
clear, long range policies and goals for his school and he works hard to translate the goals to reality. He
makes decision in terms of what is best for students, not necessary the easiest or what will make teachers
happy. Mr. Po has strong expectations of both students and teachers. He is always prepared to assume
leadership and will make things happen if they were in the best interest of the school. If you were to
describe Mr. Po, his leadership style would be that of.

A Manager

An Initiator

A Responder

A Facilitator

A Critic

50. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

DOST-SEI teacher applicants are not given priority in the hiring.

Identification cards should be given to all students at no cost.

Teachers teaching multi-grade class should be given service credits as incentive.

One (1) position of a Guidance Counselor is allowed to secondary schools for every 1,500

51. Pre-school education funded by PTA and other organization is now called ______________.

Pre-school Contracting Scheme

DepEd Special Program

DepEd Subsidized Program

Locally Funded Program

52. What law is otherwise known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines?

RA 8491

RA 8525

RA 10157

RA 4760

53. Mr. Mo is a principal in primary school in Alupihan. He makes a list of five things for him to do that
day. Which of them directly affecting the instructional process?

Meet with the PTA about the construction of basketball court

Observe Mrs. Sadili, Mathematics G7 at 10:00 AM

Send out solicitation letters to alumni for school feeding

Inspect school grounds

Announce the upcoming visit of Educational Program Supervisor

54. There are four basic tasks in curriculum leadership EXCEPT

Ensuring curriculum quality and applicability

Integrating and aligning the curriculum

Implementing the curriculum effectively

Formulating educational philosophy to align the curriculum

Regularly evaluating, enriching, and updating the curriculum

55. Who can cancel the recognition of a school PTA?

School Head/Principal

Schools Division Superintendent

Division PTA Affairs Committee

Municipal School Board

56. What position in the school PTA can be held by a teacher-member?





57. Married male employees are entitle paternity leave for the first ___ deliveries of his legal spouse.

58. A teacher is accused of sexual harassment. How many days will he be suspended?

Not exceeding 70 days.

Not exceeding 80 days.

Not exceeding 90 days.

Not exceeding 100 days.

59. The minimum penalty for disgraceful and immoral conduct is __________.


Suspension not exceeding 30 days.

Suspension not exceeding 6 months to 1 year


60. Which of the following is NOT a part of the computer system?





61. Which of the following is known as an output process?

A document being encoded.

A document being printed.

A Microsoft excel program


62. Preventive suspension covers how many days?

30 days

60 days

90 days

120 days

63. An offense punishable by the penalty of reprimand for its first offense is classified as ______.

Light offense

Less grave offense

grave offense

very grave offense

64. Final resolutions of the Civil Service Commission shall be appealable to the ______________.

Court of Appeals

Merit System Board

Office of the Ombudsman

Supreme Court

65. Decision of the head of agency is final, if the penalty imposed is suspension for _________.

40 days

60 days

not more than 30 days

fine of 2 months salary

66. Will a certain teacher be disqualified to be promoted due to pendency of his/her administrative case?




None of the choices

67. Known as the absence of integrity, a disposition to betray, cheat, deceive or defraud bad faith.

Gross neglect of duty

Moral turpitude



68. Refusal to perform official duty is penalized with what in the 1st offense?


Suspension for 6 months and 1 day to 1 year


Suspension for 1 1/2years

69. What DepEd Order underscores the guidelines on the preparation of daily lesson logs?

DepEd Order No. 70, s. 2012

DepEd Order No. 80, s. 2012

DepEd Order No. 90, s. 2012

DepEd Order No. 100, s. 2012

70. What law paved the way for a teacher to join his/her spouse in the same school?

RA 9155

RA 1082

RA 4670

RA 8190

71. What is the start of the term of office of the Board of Directors and its officers?

Date of election.

First day of the school year.

Starts on the 1st day of July.

Every July 15

72. Which of the following actions could be a ground for an administrative complaint?

I. Inefficiency and incompetence in the performance of official duties.

II. Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude.
III. Borrowing money by superior officers from subordinates.
IV. Lending by subordinates to superior officers.

I and II only

II and IV only

I II and III only

I, II, III and IV

73. Miss Vergara, a Biology teacher wants to teach the parts of a cell but cannot do so effectively because
her school does not have microscope for this purpose. What curriculum is involve?

Political perspective

Technical perspective

Cultural perspective

Aesthetic perspective

Aesthetic perspective

74. Which is the following grounds is an impeachable offense of the officers of the SSG?
I. Culpable violation of the Constitutions and By-laws.
II. Cross misconduct, violence to person in authority, negligence and disloyalty to the cause of all the SSG
and the school.
III. Non-attendance in regular meetings for six (6) consecutive times.
IV. Abuse and misuse of power and authority.

I and III only

II and IV only

I and IV only

I, II, III and IV only

75. The enriched curriculum is really about enriching the learning environment learning experiences
and teaching approaches (Renzulli and Reis, 2007) in the school. Enrichment learning and teaching are
based on the following four principles. EXCEPT:

Each learner is unique

Learning is a one way process

Learning is more effective when students enjoy what they are doing.

Learning is more meaningful and enjoyable when content and process are learned in the context of a

real and present problem.

The acquisition of knowledge and skills are enhanced when students construct their own meaning

through knowledge and skills application