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My brief at first was informal and to meet this brief I will use stop motion (with plastercine models)

to create a music video. This will show a character finding a mysterious house, in this house he will
consume a drug, which will cause him to hallucinate about a new character and mysterious land. The
video will use a mixture of archived footage, stop motion techniques and content to link the visuals
to the song. The whole video will last for over four minutes and will consists and would operate at a
frame rate of 9 frames per second.
I used inspiration from both traditional music videos and stop motion productions such as Pingu and
morph, I juxtaposed the tradition rap music videos as they rarely feature animation techniques. The
factors of my music video all work in parallel to create a trippy feel commonly found in travis
scotts work. I met the brief in certain points which allowed it to on the whole very successful in this
evaluation I will address issues I found and factors I missed out for various reasons
My stop motion was created using plastcine for a music video I aimed to show a small narrative
linking the lyrics to the visuals showing a small figure consuming a drug which would cause a series
of hallucinations in two separate locations. I chose to have a creative feel to the music video to link
to the soundtrack to visuals however, from feedback I learnt that the genre of the soundtrack was
actually rap music normally rap videos would relate to real life and would
defiantly feature the artist. As a comparison when you look at a common
rap song, the lyrics link to the videos. Showing the artist recreating real life
events, they usually are shown in their songs or in the Travis Scott example;
they use the Travis Scott doll to link to the song. Even though I used
archived footage of the artist, making the model resemble Travis Scott
would be more effective. This would add another way to link the soundtrack
to visuals helping viewers to understand the relation between the two and
understand the
relevance of the video.
when you look at
feedback though the majority of people
thought that the visuals linked to the
soundtrack, I believe the reason for this was
that the soundtrack chosen had a
psychedelic feel (from lyrics and beats)
which created a link between the two. So I
do believe my video links to the
genre of music video, due to the correlation of where
there is the change in music this will
create a change in music video.
For content, you have to look at the
small details, which might not be
apparent at first, each scene linking
directly to the song even without

including the narrative. For inspiration I looked at the successful

stop motion series pingu which used simplistic sets which
helped viewers to understand what each set was. In this screen
shot you can see Otmar Gutmann (creator) uses a minimal

amount of props to explain the sets however there is enough to create an impact on viewers, doing
this keeps the models as the centre of attention. This is a verified example as pingu won a BAFTA for
its visual content. In this screen shot of my video there is a clear example of set being used
effectively, I used dolls house furniture to set this scene as being house and used the prop which
resembles a smoke able drug to link to the drug abuse mentioned throughout the song.

From this question based on content, I received

feedback that directly linked to the usage of
props and sets saying that this helped viewers
to understand what was going on in scenes. I
think my usage of props and sets worked well
and was one factor of my content that was
effective. Actions taken place in the scenes also helped to build on the content showing direct links
between the song and visuals. In scenes such as the drug consumption which is can be found in lyrics
in the song such as H-Town, you got one and
you Bun B like a number one
It's late night, got a late show
If you wanna roll, I got a place where these are
intentional hidden phrases linked to the
consumption of marijuana. The feedback bellow
also agrees that the usage of the smoking action was
another successful way to use content to link visuals
with audio.

For style of the video some aspects was entirely my idea such as
camera angles shot types actions and technical ideas such as using
a flashing lights to symbolize the effect of the drugs on people,
however the chosen motions were pastiches of work of Aardman
Animations which showed simplistic motions such as walking a and
engaging characters with surroundings. I tried to replicate this
however found it hard to do it as effectively as I filmed this on my
own so had to simplify movements. I tried to edit the video in time
with the song even adding ad-libs with other characters all; the
editing helped to add to the feel of the music video with the
incorporation of archived footages, change in colors in scenes and shot changes. As a whole I think the style of
my stop motion video suited the soundtrack well and met the brief, even though certain things wasnt as
affective all aspects worked well together to join the video

These two examples both agree that aspects of the style of

the stop motion
video worked well with examples such as angles and editing
being the subject of their comments.
To improve and a suggestion for change in genre, content and style I would do the following

For genre I should of made the model look like the artist (travis
scott ) to link to conventions commonly used in rap videos, this
would help to have a clear link between the audio and visuals. To
take a step further I could of invested in a travis scott figurine
($130), which would change the whole video to copy the 90210
music video.

For content, I could improve on the scenes linking to the lyrics

showing other drugs mentioned in the song. To change I could
follow the usage of plasticine props used in the production of Pingu.

For style I would take longer on the movement of models completing more complicated
actions which would be more effective, in certain scenes I could of improved the movement
of models as its not clear what they are doing.

The issue with the narrative was that the structure wasnt linear however I was aiming to show
psychedelic example of the consumption of drugs with the change from normal life (driving a car) to
the dream world, I can gather from feedback that this narrative idea was clear at the start however
was unclear when showing the hallucination.
These are all example of rap videos, which include the usage of
drug abuse as the main topic of narrative structure, they use
differing ways to display this which I tried to include in my
production in some ways it worked well. However in some
sections the completion of these techniques wasnt as effective
for example scenes which show the character on the drugs would
be unclear to views as there isnt really any visual distortions apart
from the change of colour. Scenes, which show the consumption of
drugs, work well as he completes slurred relaxed actions, which would
be associated with drug consumption to improve on this section I
would include slow motion to show the impact of the drug on the
character. Scenes, which show the process of the drugs affecting the
character work well however the execution was poor with shots removing
him from the centre of attention.

These key scenes would finish

of the narrative showing that
the character is
dreaming/hallucinating so
would be the key sections to
improve for the narrative. The
feedback I received was shown
in this image they agreed there
was a narrative each specifying
why they thought there was a
narrative however they also believed issues I covered could also be
changed .

For character I will focus on the main model, it would be clear that he
initially didnt look like the model I intended to make however he still
fitted the music video well. From responses I believe they also agreed

with me, it is obviously apparent that I didnt meet my brief exactly when it comes to the design and
outcome of the work