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Haley Sousa

Tasche Bryant
Writing 104
December 6, 2016
Why does everybody love Patti Tib?
Patricia Tibman comes into work at 5pm. As she struts across the red and white
checkered floor streaked with grey shoe marks, a parade of young people wave
passionately from their customer infused registers. As she makes her way down the
checkerboard tiles, she eagerly waves back yelling spontaneous Hello my love! or
Hey lovely! in their direction. When Patti finally approaches the bus teller located in the
center of the front end with a exceptionally large American Flag hanging above it, she is
greeted by even more youngsters. This time around, they are all wearing blue smocks
and most of them lovingly shout Hi Mama P! After individually greeting each of the
blue coats, Patti grabs the board from the top of the teller. The clipboard containing
mounds of folded papers striped horizontally with yellow highlighter and tiny notes
written all over it in pencil with led smudges surrounding the remarks, dictates what time
each front end personnel comes in, leaves and takes their break. Patricia explains that
running the board is the hardest part of the job. Immediately, she takes charge and
everybody does as she says, even despite the fact that there are more assistant
managers on other than her. What is it about Patti that makes every single young
person love and respect her so much?

Market Basket is a popular grocery store located in South Attleboro,

Massachusetts. It is also the place where Patti gets all of this love and attention.

Patricia Tibman stands at approximately 53. She is almost 50 years old and has been
married for 26 years of her life. When asked about her marriage, Patti says while
smiling and turning red, that they are very happy. Patti and her husband have two kids
together. She may come across as the perfect American family, but that is not true
whatsoever. Patti worked at company doing clerical work. Clerical workers work in
offices doing jobs such as answering phones, filing papers, scheduling appointments
and computer related documents (records, documents, photocopying, etc). In
September of 2014, Patti was told that she was going to be laid off. When asked why
she believes the company laid her off, Patti shifts uncomfortably in her seat and clarifies
that her company needed to save money and thought that her job did not have much
significance. Soon after the layoff, she found out Market Basket was hiring and she
needed a job so she applied. Patti admits to hating the stress of Market Basket but does
not regret working there as she has formed lots of memories with the people who work
with her.
One of Pattis favorite memories takes place last Mothers Day. She explains how
most of the young people who work there, refer to her as the mom of Market Basket or
Mama P for short. After the store had closed, a bunch of employees ran up to Patti,
showering her with gifts such as candy, flowers, bakery goods and her favorite, jelly

She shared this picture with me and said it captures the beautiful
moment perfectly. Tearing up, Patti expressed, I have never felt more loved than

I have in that moment. It made me feel like the

exhaustion of the job was worth it because in the end, I
will always have my kids. Patti goes on to explain how
tiring and time consuming being an assistant manager
is, but somehow she always finds time to participate in
the activities that she loves.

When not at work, Patti enjoys photography. She explains

how she loves going down to the beach to take photos. I just
love the natural beauty. In the world today, so many people are just focused on their
phones, they dont look outside and realize how truly beautiful it is she adds. In addition
to photography, Patti enjoys going to concerts, country concerts specifically. As she
started going on about her meet and greet experiences, Patti once again, began to tear
up. These artists just mean so much to me. Its exceptionally special once they begin to
know who you are, I guess that just means I go to their shows way too often she
chuckles. Although, these recording artists may know Patti by face, nobody truly knows
her like her Market Basket kids know her.
One of these kids is Cassandra Cabral. Cassie used to work in the front end
alongside with Patti until she was moved to the customer service booth. When asked
about her experiences with Patti, Cassie recounts the time Patti met her at Capron Park
the night of her prom to take pictures. Cassie goes on to say, This proves that she is
not only a mother figure inside of work, but outside as well. Patti is one of the best
people in my life and Im so thankful that I met her. She was the first person who ever

really, truly cared about me. Cassandra uses these powerful words to describe Patti:
hardworking, outgoing and warm. Her welcoming personality and kind heart makes it
quite simple to take on the mother role.
Another one of Pattis kids is a cashier named, Jalixa Agudelo. Jalixa has
frequently worked with Patti for two years. She describes her as honest, kind, selfless,
wise and hardworking. When asked why she thinks everybody loves Patti, Jalixa
smilingly claims, She sets a great example. Shes almost like a mother figure and is a
special person who shows me guidance. Shes honestly my role model. Patti is like a
breath of heaven in a hell known as Market Basket. Jalixa clearly respects Patti just as
all of the young people who work with her at Market Basket do.
The young people who work at Market Basket speak incredibly highly of Patti.
They portray her as a role model and a second mom. Why her? Pattis warm personality
and kind heart opens the opportunity for the mother role to become existent. Patti takes
on this role inside and outside of work as well. Taking pictures at a prom is just one of
the countless moments Patti has shared with her young co-workers. Pattis charismatic
attitude is the reason why everybody loves her.