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1 The process of using disruptive technologies
to innovate and increase business success.
2 The means to reinvent business value, open
new economies, expand into new markets, and
provide new levels of customer satisfaction.
1 The process of converting data to digital for
use in a computer.
Another term for automation.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

Digitalize! Dont Just Automate.
To stay competitive in todays era of disruptive trends and technologies like Fast
Data, mobility, and the Internet of Things, organizations must do more than just
automate their existing business processes: they must digitalize them.
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM offers enterprise strength in a business-friendly
solution. With flexible processes able to react to the right business events
in real time, it meets all of an organizations business process needs. TIBCO
ActiveMatrix BPM prepares you to transform to digitalization.

The Effects of Digitalization

Digitalization will affect the focus, scope, available resources, and
purpose of your business and its processes. Business process
initiatives will need to shift their focus from work standardization
and operational efficiency to accommodating changing business
goals and maximizing business success.
Digitalization will require modern BPM solutions to move beyond
just automating human effort and replacing paper-based systems,
to augmenting and supporting better human thinking and
decision-making. ActiveMatrix BPM facilitates valuable business
insights and actions by presenting your organizations Fast Data
in a consumable fashion, at the right time.
The scope of a business process will no longer be limited to
transactions and cases. They will become much more situational
and interaction-based in their approach. Digitalization generates
new resourcesapart from the usual systems and peoplefor
a business to manage and take advantage of, such as smart
machines, and robotic technology.

Process styles

Human Workflow:
Simple processes that have a prescribed
path require very little external data.
They are mainly used to produce an
audit trail of work or handle service level
agreements (SLAs) and escalations.

Case Management:
A specialized process style. There is
a central business object (the case)
that is independent from a collection
of business processes and external
applications that interact with it.

Human and System Interaction:

These processes manage the access
and manipulation of data and external
systems, just as much as the people and
the process flows.

Process-based Apps:
These are solutions built on top of
processes to promote business agility
and collaboration, present relative
and contextual information, as well as
provide document management and
smart analytics. These process-based
apps tend to be specialized for achieving
a particular business use case.

Approval Processes:
These processes can range in
sophisticationfrom a simple approval
situation like an expense report, to far
more sophisticated requests such as
access to highly secure or classified
systems that require several layers of
approvals and some automation.
To Do Lists:
A very simplistic form of process, which
just tracks, and possibly assigns, tasks to
individuals or groups. These processes
are mainly used for work prioritization,
producing audit trails, and SLA tracking.

ActiveMatrix BPM is a Single Solution that

Supports Every Style of Business Process
Businesses and their processes have evolved to span a wide variety of use
cases. Different process styles have developed to address these business use
cases. ActiveMatrix BPM introduces new capabilities that provide unparalleled
flexibility and implementation of the complete spectrum of process styles.

Dynamic Processes:
These processes react to the conditions
of the business at runtime. The exact
process path that is followed is based
on the business data at runtime. Small
portions of a process, or the entire
process from start to finish, can be
dynamically assembled.

Event-Driven Processes:
Similar to dynamic processes in that
they are assembled at runtime, these
processes do not rely just on business
data. They are flexible enough to react to
real-time events (internal or external to
the process) to adjust the course of the
process, give next-best suggestions, or
add additional tasks or activities.
Predictive Operations:
These processes let you operate on a
rapid measure-predict-optimize cycle.
This requires an intelligent analytics
dashboard to spark actionable insights
that can directly affect how processes
are executing.

Rules-Based Processes:
These processes utilize the capabilities of
a business rules engine to bring complex
decision-making and intelligence to the
human and system interaction processes.

Mission-critical applications are vital to

the functioning of your business.
Why wouldnt your core business process solutions meet the same stringent
security, performance, reliability, scalability, and availability requirements of any
other mission-critical application?
From its inception, ActiveMatrix BPM was designed to be business friendly, but
with enterprise strength. It intuitively handles all of the organizations needs
and reduces dependency on IT, all while meeting the demanding technical
standards associated with mission-critical enterprise applications.

ActiveMatrix BPM does all these things and more. With several new features
and capabilities, ActiveMatrix BPM is stronger and easier to use than ever
before. It can handle departmental processes as easily as enterprise missioncritical processes and span human workflows to case management. It is now
the single business process platform that can handle all of an enterprises
business process needs, and when we say all of them, we mean all of them.

Business Friendly
What You See is What You Get:
ActiveMatrix BPM is 100 percent model-driven. Organizations, user
forms, data definitions, rules, and three distinct process types can
be modeled and implemented without a single line of code.
Reduced Time to Market:
Common business process patterns, such as Separation of Duties
(a.k.a. 4-eyes or maker-checker), are model-driven and pre-built
into ActiveMatrix BPM. You can apply these common patterns to
your processes without any code.
One Size Processes Do Not Fit All Businesses:
Your process should conform to your business requirements
and not to your BPMS. ActiveMatrix BPM provides three distinct
process types so the solution does not dictate the requirements of
an evolving business.

Your Organization Is Not Your Reporting Structure:

Organizations rarely operate in a strictly hierarchical
manner, but that is how they are typically
described in a corporate directory. In the real
world, most companies operate with an everchanging set of complex relationships between
departments, people, systems, roles, virtual teams,
A powerful and unique feature of ActiveMatrix BPM
is its independent and flexible organizational model,
which visualizes and defines your organizations
complex relationships. This empowers business
managers to change their organizations structure
along with the roles, groups, skills, and privileges
of their people, creating an immediate effect on
active process instances and work availability.
This independence allows the business to avoid IT
involvement in day-to-day changes.

Managers have the ability to control

Employee skills for skills-based routing
For example, I need someone who speaks French.
Employee Privileges/Authorization levels
For example, I need someone who can approve
expenses over $13,000.
Teams, virtual teams, and ad-hoc teams
Multiple holiday calendars and working hour sets
for international organizations

Unleash Your Workforces Full Potential:

ActiveMatrix BPMs Intelligent Work and Resource
Management (IWRM), one of several unique
intelligent business capabilities, combines
organizational transparency and flexibility with
dynamic calendars, model-driven process patterns,
diverse work delivery methods, skills-based routing,
and interactive analytics. These capabilities can be
mixed and matched to achieve varying business
goals and introduce entirely new ways to drive
innovation and business transformation.

What ActiveMatrix BPM

Does for Your Business
Act on Your Insights:
Knowing the status of your business
at all times is important, but you
also need the ability to quickly take
action on your insights. The latest
TIBCO Spotfire analytics dashboards
for ActiveMatrix BPM help business
users quickly explore data and
generate actionable insights from the
dashboards, without IT intervention.
This ease-of-use allows the business
to immediately change how its core
business processes operate, and align
them with changing goals or available
capacity, load, and resources.
Singular Inbox:
Many workers in an enterprise
participate in more than one process.
ActiveMatrix BPM provides built-in
support to supply the different views
and information they need to work
across many processes.

Elastic Organization Support:

ActiveMatrix BPM introduces the
concept of elastic organizational
models to accommodate parts of an
organization that expand and contract
regularly, like retail stores or bank
branches. Branches can be opened or
closed without affecting implemented
processes. Employees would only see
items that were relevant to the branch
where they work.
In real time, ActiveMatrix BPM will
resolve who the current manager
is at Branch 109, whether that
branch existed when the process
was implemented or not. It does not
matter if Branch 109 was opened 4
days or 10 years ago.
If an employee is assigned to Branch
212, they will only see items relevant
to Branch 212. If they move to Branch
109, they will immediately only see
items relevant to Branch 109.

Case Management:
With the addition of case
management, ActiveMatrix BPM can
now span the complete spectrum of
process styles in a single solution.
This allows business objects, like a
claim, customer, or policy to be the
centralized focus, rather than the
processes. These business objects
have a completely separate lifecycle
from the processes that interact
Dynamic Business Logic:
ActiveMatrix BPM provides several
additional methods of dynamic work
delivery to ensure the processes
conform to the business requirements,
and not the BPMS. You can now
dynamically deliver work to groups,
roles, positions, individuals, or
lists (both groups and positions)
based on business data from the

Enterprise Strength
Processes that Harness the Power of Integration:
ActiveMatrix BPM is built on TIBCOs leading messaging technology, which
provides unprecedented scalability and performance. Your business processes
can be made available as enterprise-wide web services to support easy
bidirectional integration. The biggest benefit of our approach is that your
business processes gain all the benefits associated with SOA and integration
like a faster time to market, reusable components, easy change management,
and the ability to access your information from anywhere, at any time.
Mission-Critical Standards for Your Processes:
ActiveMatrix BPM provides true active-active clustering, horizontal and
vertical scaling, as well as enterprise level reliability. It can easily scale from
departmental to enterprise installations, with thousands of users running
hundreds of thousands of processes. It also provides five nines uptime, which
translates to 99.999 percent availability, or 5 minutes of downtime per year.
ActiveMatrix BPM provides processing isolation, resource isolation,
and data isolation for tenants. Multiple versions of ActiveMatrix BPM
can be accommodated simultaneously, which allows tenants to be

Enterprise Strength
Leverage Flexible UI and API Options:
ActiveMatrix BPM offers a broad range of UI and API options to adjust to your
environment and accommodate your requirements, not the other way around.
Multiple out-of-the-box clients are provided to cover a wide range of UI
An embeddable forms renderer is also available, allowing ActiveMatrix BPM to
render flexible user forms that are embedded in your custom client or portal.
The custom control option allows you to use the form control library of your
choosing (Vaadin, for example).
Completely custom UI solutions can be built into your preferred technology
and interact with ActiveMatrix BPM through its REST API, Web services API,
or Java Service Connector.

Accommodate New Employees and LDAP Stores Instantly:

Mergers and acquisitions can leave an organization with several LDAP stores
and formats. With ActiveMatrix BPM, you can easily bring in users from
multiple LDAP sources. There is no synchronization involved, and custom LDAP
attributes are not necessary.
Reduce the Impact of Process Change:
Rules and migration points can be defined to control when and where an
active business process will migrate from one version of a process definition

What ActiveMatrix BPM

Does for the Enterprise
Global and Case Data for Case Management:
A global data repository is modeled, then created
and administered by ActiveMatrix BPM. This allows
business objects like a claim, customer, or policy
to be the central focus, rather than the processes.
These business objects have a completely separate
lifecycle than the processes that interact with them
and are stored separately from ActiveMatrix BPMs
transactional data.
ActiveMatrix BPMs global and case data:
Supports easy reporting by avoiding BLOB or
CLOB data types
Supports easy discovery because it can contain
many searchable attributes
Has its own audited history
Can be externally accessed using a CRUD and
search API
Automatically generates CRUD and search UI
components for out-of-the-box clients or for
embedding in custom clients

Enterprise Size Me:

ActiveMatrix BPM has added additional capabilities
that allow for tens of thousands of users to be
managed and maintained very efficiently while still
meeting enterprise performancestandards.
Strategically Purge Your Processes:
ActiveMatrix BPM allows you to purge your
completed process instances in a number of ways:
immediately, delayed, in bulk, by duration, or during
scheduled maintenance windows.
Siteminder Single Sign-On:
Siteminder is now supported for SSO for the
ActiveMatrix BPM REST API, Process as a Service
interface, and out-of-the-box clients.
Supported Environments:
ActiveMatrix BPM now supports IPv6, SOAP 1.2,
and several additional language localizations,
operating systems, databases, and browsers (see
the ActiveMatrix BPM datasheet for full details).


Compose Your Processes For Change

The goal of digitalization is to supply the means to reinvent business value,
open new economies, expand into new markets, and provide differentiated
customer service and experience.
This is a business transformation, as well as a mindset transformation.
ActiveMatrix BPM allows your business to compose for change. This innovation
allows resources (people, systems, and smart machines) to select from a
library of applicable mini-processes to compose the best possible solution

for the situation at hand, on the fly. There is no pre-designed, cast in concrete,
prescriptive process path.
The library of mini-processes allows for rapid change. New mini-processes can
be seamlessly added to the mix to roll out new products or business actions.
They can also be changed independently from each other. Updates can be
applied quickly with only localized regression testing required.
Why wait for a quarterly release to change an optional field into a required one?


Empower Your
Knowledge Workers
In 2009, the management legend Peter Drucker
defined the change that has become the catalyst for
business digitalization.
The most important, and indeed the truly unique,
contribution of management in the 20th century
was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the
manual worker in manufacturing.
The most important contribution management
needs to make in the 21st century is similarly to
increase the productivity of knowledge work and
the knowledge worker.
The most valuable assets of a 20th century company
were its production equipment. The most valuable
asset of a 21st century institution, whether business
or nonbusiness, will be its knowledge workers and
their productivity.

Knowledge workers are the key to building your

companys differentiating qualitieswhether the
offering, services, or customer experience.
Knowledge workers think for a living; they perform
non-routine work then decide what to do, and
then do it (or have it done). They are the leaders,
problem solvers, researchers, developers, and
innovators that create a companys differentiating
qualities. To support and empower them, the right
information and options need to be easily locatable
and accessible without confining them. This requires
the ability for them to compose for change.


The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts.

BPM + CEP + Analytics + Integration = Your path to business digitalization

Unleash your workforces full potential with
ActiveMatrix BPMs intelligent work and resource
Act on your insights with interactive TIBCO
ActiveMatrix BPM Spotfire analytics dashboards.
Seize opportunities with contextual, interactive,
real-time guidance, instructions, and offers.

Enable innovation by supporting your knowledge

workers with the ability to compose for change.
Empower your workers with TIBCO Nimbus
business how-to guides and communicate the
proper procedures, policies, and processes to get
things done, and done right.

Transform your business by providing the missing

connection between the business and IT, allowing
business users to describe their needs in a way that
is meaningful to them, but still useful to IT.
Promote business independence by removing
the dependence on IT for day-to-day operations,
changes, or adjustments.


Demand More Value from

Your Business Processes
Value Classically Derived from BPMS:
Cost Cutting (Operational Efficiency)
Business Agility
Regulatory and Compliance
Additional Values Provided by ActiveMatrix BPM and
Process Digitalization:
Revenue Generation
Enhanced Customer Experience and Satisfaction
Support for Active Innovation


Dont Just Automate.
Stay Competitive.
Embrace Innovation.
Differentiate Your Business.
TIBCO and ActiveMatrix BPM are here to enable
you to truly digitalize your business.


TIBCO offers a strong set of traditional BPM features. It also

provides forward-thinking capabilities around work management,
work analytics, events, the ability to dynamically generate tasks,
and a contextualized user interface delivered to a mobile app
or PC browser. For those reasons, along with its comprehensive
set of capabilities, TIBCO is the only Leader also designated as a
disruptive innovator.
IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Process Platforms 2014 Vendor Assessment, April 2014.

See why IDC considers TIBCO a Leader and Disruptive Innovator.

Visit to learn more about TIBCOs leading
business process platform, ActiveMatrix BPM, and discover what
business digitalization can do for you.
Integration + Big Data + Actions = Fast Data
To explore why integration is the key to building insights from Big
Data get the ebook, Solving Your Big Data Problems with Fast Data.

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