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@ Shell Oil Products US Martinez Refinery PO Box 711 Martinez, CA 94553-0071 January 3, 2017 CERTIFIED MAIL-RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Contra Costa Health Services Department ATTENTION: Randall L. Sawyer Hazardous Materials Programs Director 4585 Pacheco Boulevard, Suite 100 Martinez, CA 94563 ATTENTION: Section 304 Reports Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission (CEPRC) Hazardous Materials Unit 3850 Schriever Avenue Mather, CA 95655 REPORTED SULFUR DIOXIDE RELEASE ON DEC 19 2016 As required by section 2706(b} of Title 19 of the Califomia Code of Regulations, the Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission and Contra Costa County's Hazardous Material Notification Policy, this is the written follow-up report regarding flaring at the Shell Oil Products US Martinez Refinery (Shell) on December 49 2016, The CR-ERNS Number that was provided by the National Response Center (NRC) was 116676 and the California Emergency Management Agency number was 16-7670. Flaring occurred at the Light Oi Processing (LOP) flare when a partial power loss caused multiple process units to shut down and vent to the flare to relieve pressure. Flaring began at 1:19 PM on Dec.19th and continued until 3:34 PM on the same day. When the flaring began a reportable quantity (RQ) for sulfur dioxide was reported. Based on engineering judgment, measured flare volume and the flare gas H2S content, the actual $2 released in this event was approximately 2209.31Ibs. ‘On December20th some processes were still recovering from the power outage and flaring occurred again on the LOP flare. Since the flaring was related to the same cause and occurred during the same24 hour period the $02 emissions from Dec 20 were combined with the existing RQ report for a total of 4742.46 Ibs. of S02, ‘The Emergency Release Follow-up Notice Reporting Form is attached. Sincerely NSLSZ Gordon Johnson Manager, Environmental Affairs Shell Oil Products US ~ Martinez Refinery