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Joint Statement expressing our understanding of what is required

for the ICT integration project:

Incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in students education can
be very beneficial to both the children and the teachers educating them. ICT can help greatly
improve the quality of learning and teaching, teacher development, enjoyment of the
lessons, and the concentration and the attendance rates of students. As ICT continues to
expand and develop, it changes the way in which teachers operate in order to effectively
educate and expand the minds of their students. Using technological-based education
exercises, we can help prepare students to effectively use technology in their lives, which is
paramount in their educational development due to the current technological era and the
technological changes that are occurring around us. As these rapid changes are also taking
place in education, it means that the current generation of students is experiencing an
enormous transformation in how they receive, process and respond to ICT learning
Different forms and applications of ICT can be used in any given classroom situation. For
example, a teacher can set tasks that are based online, where students can use websites
such as KidBlog, which enables students to share each others notes for group projects. An
alternative method is personal teacher use, where for example the teacher can use websites
and apps that can be used to store students records, attendance and class lists. It is
therefore also important that teachers understand how to use ICT, as it is crucial for the
students to have a successful ICT program that has been properly understood, planned,
created and implemented by the teacher.
The aim of this ICT Integration Project is to ensure that the future teachers understand the
reasoning behind the different ICT methods so they can set appropriate technology-based
activities for students, and for the students to be able to successfully take part in all of these
activities to improve their learning experience. It is important to be able to teach the students
how to use each ICT tool, so they can get the most out of each activity, by utilising the
technology as much as they can, which will benefit their education.
The ICT Integration Project should:

Integrate ICT into the curriculum

Encourage ICT to be used collaboratively as tools to solve problems
Engage students in content in an interesting, novel and exciting way

To achieve our three lesson plans on learning about animals from different continents, we
will make sure that we include a variety of different ICT materials and tools by following our
strand selection from the Western Australia curriculum framework. The student ICT
incorporated with our biological sciences strand will expand the students general knowledge
of ICT and at the same time make the lessons engaging and informative.