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Education to Build a Better Future for All

Some people think that education is not so important in our lives and others believe that the idea
of progress goes in hand with education
While progress of a particular kind is actually taking place around us and is becoming apparent
through education. So, education is the most powerful weapon to build a better future for all.
Many brilliant educationalists emphasis on education and no doubt through education we can
build a better future for all. Kristen says:
Without a solid understanding of the fundamentals, it is nearly impossible to make substantial
progress, making any future trend, difficult to become a reality.
Then, how can we build strong basics? I think all of us can become inquisitive, clever and
shrewd but these great qualities may be not possible to be developed or used in an appropriate
way if we have not received education from someone who teaches us to learn by ourselves.
Professionals involved in education should realize that it is not enough to educate students but
also themselves to become good counselors/ real architects of students future! I have always
thought we cannot educate if we do not teach ourselves and learn from our errors. This applies in
every aspect of our lives.
Education does not only have a big impact on our educational lives however it additionally
influences our lives in different ways as well. Education permits us to discover ourselves, our
environment and our world; and to make good choices and sound judgment about our future.
Educated male and female have plays vital aptitudes, information and self-confidence to become
better parents, workers and citizens. People that are educated tends to have better paying
employments, be more law abiding, healthier and educate their own kids better then who are
not .Understanding the long haul effects education compulsory not only for an individual but also
on our nation as well as whole world and future eras is extremely important in helping us put the
proper emphasis needed on education.. Subsequently how imperative education is!

In this time of unemployment and other social shades of malice; just through education one can
guarantee himself/herself an occupation, moral qualities and an open to living.

Nowadays fundamentals about education are rarely present in students' curricula and are
sometimes completely absent. How can teachers imagine navigating the future of education if
students, who represent the future, are not educated? Educators should be not only ready to
improve their way of teaching and its quality, but also ready to consider new topics when needed.
In order to make the world a better place to live; first, we need to make sure that all children are

educated well. Being educated well means being able to use the best of their own abilities,
having good attitude, being willing to help others, being polite, not being racist, etc. We have to
start fixing this world by nurturing the children first since the children of today will be the next
generation that will take care of this world. If the children have been educated well, they will
surely be able to solve complex problems such as discrimination based on social status, skin
color, religion, etc. Every country needs to have schools that focus on the particular talents of all
children. For example; if a child has a strong talent in art, her/his subject need to be art-related
subject. Such as painting, drawing, editing videos, etc. And the rests are the main subjects like
math, science, and history. So every child will not be confused about what they will do in their
own future. Another serious problem many students face in schools is bullying. It can be
eradicated if children are taught well. For instance, if children are taught to respect other people,
regardless their economic situation, physical appearance, etc, they will certainly help those
victims instead of bullying them. And those who suffer from bullying, if they are taught to be
strong, not to listen to bad words that people throw, to have a strong mental resistance/ threshold,
they of course / surely will just see the bullies as distraction that should be ignored/ not be taken
In my humble opinion, if we want to improve our future better, we need to start making the
efforts. We have to expose students to education fundamentals from their school life to the most
advance stages of university education. If we need to shape the future, we need to begin working
at this point. So members of education societies, what about seriously considering working
altogether to promote schools all over the world?
To conclude, the only answer/solution to the above situation is to establish more and more
educational institutions. We should dependably in mind that progress is possible only through
Education since it has played a major role in the life of all people and helps us to have a better
place to live, provides us with knowledge for future, paves the way for a good career and leads to
enlightenment. My father always tells me that education is an investment in the future.
If we want to make the world a better place to live, we should promote and implement the
concept of Education for All and we have to work for it passionately. A great educationalist has
Education is not only ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future
Ed, Markey (American Politician)